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Last revised: 27 March 2013

Predictions for the Year 2015

From April 2015

We say that throughout this year [2015] you will see the pace and number of significant occurrences increase as vibrations heighten. (Matthew's Message, January 11, 2015, at http://www.matthewbooks.com/january-11-2015/)

Predictions for the Year 2012

From April 2012

So after looking for some signs that things were moving forward, there is an abundance of evidence to show it is. (SaLuSa, April 4, 2012.)

If you could see this brilliance from our vantage point, you would be astounded. But you cannot see the abundance of light from those myriad sources on the planet or beaming to Earth from far distant worlds. Instead, you see that many still are suffering and saber rattling by war mongers, random acts of violence, crushing economic woes. We see this too, and in our unconditional love for all souls, the continuance of those situations even at this late hour is undeniably sad for us. However, we do understand this in its higher context: During these waning days of duality, individuals are rushing to complete third density karmic experiences and attain the balance necessary for soul evolvement. (Matthew's Message, April 1, 2012.)

From March 2012

Changes that are taking place as we communicate are reaching their pinnacle status. The turnaround of events that you hear of shall be phenomenally large in size compared to that which you have considered huge in past days. For that which is to be revealed to you on so many levels of your existence ... is of a magnitude far greater than even those who think they know what we are speaking of ... imagine.

That which is to be revealed will be the uprising of the consciousness. When many hear what has been going on secretly behind the scenes ... their Awakening will recognise Truth. Although 'new' to the ear ... much will ring a bell ... and once processes of thought have settled down and been comforted then acceptance for TRUTH shall allow the next phase to commence. (Galactic Federation through Blossom Goodchild, March 26, 2012, at http://www.blossomgoodchild.com/index.html?page=BG135march26.html.)

Let us begin by saying that your world will shortly be undergoing changes that will bring it into alignment with the Ascension process. Gaia has sent her message to the Creator that she is ready. She, and all of us, are anxiously awaiting the response. It is no small matter. The response from the Creator could be the "green light" which allows us to move forward with disclosure. Therefore, our hearts are turned towards the Creator at this time as we await word of how and when to proceed.

This message from Gaia is her assurance that she is prepared for the next step and is willing to proceed. It is also her "assessment" that all living beings which take sustenance from her are reasonably prepared for the next phase. This assessment is very important, for without it Creator would not consider such a position viable. Therefore, we have moved collectively into a very important phase of the process and one which brings us no end to the excitement of the prospects before us.

There has been a turning away of many who see this process dragging on and use this as proof that is was never meant to be in the first place. This will change upon the Creator's response and we are reasonably excited to believe that the time has come. The call has gone out from the Federation to all systems in the cosmos and an even greater number of visitors are now heading this way to observe this next phase in activities. In that respect, you can expect that another "Norway spiral" will occur as more dimensional beings arrive over the next several weeks.

Many exciting things are now planned in the days and weeks ahead. As changes continue with your world governments and your media, with emphasis on your financial institutions, you will see more and more a willingness to openly discuss what has, until now, been the 800 pound gorilla in the room. You will hear statements as politicians and media personality begin to openly talk about the Illuminati and their role in your world and what must be done to take back the world for your people. (Wanderer of the Skies, March 25, 2012.)

Things are shifting and changing on your Earth, and the first new energies of the New Wave of Light for 2012 are beginning to be felt on the Earth.

Many of you may be feeling a little low, as you wait for the new wave of energy, and may be feeling a little down when you consider events on the Earth right now, especially in the Middle East. You may seem no closer to the ideals of Peace and Harmony that you seek. Beloveds, know that all is in Divine Order and in the flow of creation, the energies of change are moving forward.

The Earth is making herself ready to reconnect with the 8th and 9th Dimensions of Light, and the Earth Keeper Councils and the Councils of Elders who will be responsible for the New Earth are now being formed and brought into existence. (Archangel Michael, "The Multidimensional New Earth Takes Shape," through Celia Fenn, March 2012, http://www.starchildglobal.com/.)

With all these change and reconnections and recalibrations, it is probable that you will be feeling some of the effects of these waves in the different dimensions. Firstly, Beloved Ones, it is possible that you may be feeling a sense of disconnection, as though what was important before no longer is.

Or projects that seemed to be going smoothly might suddenly come to a halt. Also, you might find that relationships and friendships also suffer from a similar hiatus and disconnection. This is simply an aspect of the huge changes that are being put in place. You can be assured that in a few weeks things will flow smoothly once again.

The Equinox itself will be a point of balance for you and your life. It will represent a moment when you will be able to find inner balance and peace and reconnect to the new flow of your lives.

Many of you will find new directions and new paths as you enter into your new roles, especially those of you who will be working with the Earth Keeper Councils and the Councils of Elders.

In terms of the physical body, there may also be some symptoms. In the past, the symptoms were felt mainly as a result of the change of center and balance from the Solar Plexus to the Heart. Now, as you enter into this new phase, you will find that the physical body is actually becoming lighter, that is more filled with light and lighter in weight.

In this phase, you may feel very heavy in your body, you may feel exhausted, and you may have difficulty sleeping. You may also have difficulty with food and finding food that aligns with your new sense of your physical body. These too will pass, Beloved Ones, as you become more accustomed to the lighter nature of your multi-dimensional body.

Soon, you will feel filled with energy and ready for the new opportunities and challenges that will present themselves towards the middle of the year as you move towards the Lion's Gate at the end of July! (Archangel Michael, "The Multidimensional New Earth Takes Shape," through Celia Fenn, March 2012, http://www.starchildglobal.com/.)

There are going to be a lot of huge waves in 2012 that we will be surfing together. This is a good time to gather with like-minded soul family that live in a place that is centered in the heart and not from fear. Surround yourself with FEARLESS beings. We love the logo "NO FEAR" that you wear, because this is what we are asking you to BE now; FEARLESS and full of LOVE, TRUST, and a deep knowing that the big celebration is nearly upon you all.

The following are some of the energy waves that, at this point in our no time perspective, we expect may come to you. This does not mean that it will happen as we say here. The future is not real and can change at any moment as you evolve. There may be other waves that are coming as well that we do not see today as Aluna transcribes this for you.

The first wave will be on your Equinox. GATHER TOGETHER and celebrate this beginning wave of your great transformation. Equinox will bring a much needed balance in your world that will be necessary for what comes after this date. Balance yourselves in preparation as you will need this later. We can't say this strong enough. Please hear this, and do as your heart calls. This ballance will be essential in the days to come.

From Aluna . . . On March 21st, we will enter the Maya year of 2 KAN (Kiche long count) and 10 EB (Yucatan Haab count). 2 KAN is about balancing duality, but Kan can also bring up survival issues. I think this is why the Star Elders are speaking strongly about gathering together with like-minded souls, so your collective positive intent will soften the duality and the body issues that might raise survival issues. Negative and fearful friends and family, etc... will be toxic to you now.

The year of 10 EB is about the awakened human finally arriving and anchoring. We are finally going to put our feet down on a new foundation to a new world. 10 is all about manifesting in a real physical dimension. EB is about exuding outer peace, but inside there can be inner turmoil. The outer peace is our heart knowing and truth. The inner turmoil, fear, etc... that we have inside is the last of the old programming fading away. If we do not feed it, it will starve. Feed the Love, starve the fear. ...

The next large wave we see that you might experience profoundly is a total solar eclipse on May 20th. In the path of this total solar eclipse, your dimension will begin an entire reboot of its operating system on your Earth. As the sun is blocked so perfectly by your moon, in this very still, no-time place, a new operation system will be created and uploaded into your body as well as your world, solar system and universe.

Remember that this is a universal shift and recalibration . . . not just a planetary one. We are shifting with you, as well as Ascended Masters and Angelic Realms. We are all transforming together as ONE in unity. If you are in the path of the shadow of this eclipse, the download will be quicker, more complete and graceful. You will become the living messengers for this new download for the rest of the world that did not have the luxury to travel into the eclipse path.

This new operating system will begin to spread across the Earth over some time (a month or two). Again we strongly say, gather with fearless ones on the days surrounding this reboot. Gather with ones that come from the inner knowledge of Love, trust and truth that this transformation of our reality is already victorious.

We will be in Mt. Shasta in the path of the eclipse. Join us if you are called to do so.

Another large wave we see that you might experience profoundly is the June 6th Venus transit. For the last 8 years, your collective consciousness has been building a model for a unified, universal heart. This process began on the last Venus transit on June 8th, 2004. This new unified, universal heart model will be downloaded into the new operating system. The collective unified heart will be anchored. Any place where there is not love expressed, it will be shaken to its core.

This will cover everything including your personal relationships all the way to global governmental systems. This new down load will make selfish acts nearly impossible to achieve. In other words, we will begin to think, act and live in the knowing that there is no separation and all life is connected. We will not be able to make a choice without considering the whole and future generations.

This new heart model will take several weeks before it is fully anchored. The universe is loving and kind and will allow this heart transformation download slowly so you can readjust with each daily heart pulse. Breathe . . . surround yourself with loving, positive, like-minded souls. This will make your heart transformation a joyful experience instead of a painful one. But we see that this will be somewhat uncomfortable for everyone to a certain extent, as this new heart program has never been experienced in a human form before. This program has been long awaited by so many of you that already consider your actions and the future reproductions of these actions. Thank you for holding this space open for this program to down load. You are and will be successful.

The next big wave we see will be on November 13th . . . the second total solar eclipse. Now that the heart model has been fully anchored into your new heart, as well as into your world and our universe, this eclipse will be quite important and very potent as it makes necessary adjustments based on our collective consciousness. This will make the universe self-justifying. What we are saying here is that anything that is still not in alignment with unified love will be reprogrammed to make adjustments for human error. This is not a judgment on humanity. But we know that holding a perfect love space in your wobbling world will be hard to accomplish 100% of the time.

So the universe is giving you a break for any mis-qualified energy you may have anchored. We also tell you this to be easy on yourself. It is difficult to hold perfect space in a radically morphing world. Relax and just be your truth as much as you can. The universe will clean up anything you might have done that came from anything but love. In this eclipse path, there will be a temporary no-time space in which to reboot all the upgrades. This eclipse will be quite intense, and we are glad that most of the passage of this eclipse is over the ocean to soften its impact. During this time, we can see that there is going to be a lot of upgrading. Stay in a place of peace and neutrality as the reboot washes across the Earth. Now you are running on a fully upgraded and re-calibrated system. It is time to give this new world a test run. You have been ready for this for eons.

The next wave will come in mid-December on 12/12/12 which also falls on an important celebration day for the Maya 8 BATZ. For the Maya, this day is a recalibration of their sacred calendar, and it will set off an explosion that will light the fire under the new programming that we have helped download this entire year. Essentially the Maya Elders will be plugging it ALL in. This comes almost 2 weeks before the December 21, 2012 date that so many of you are aware of....

The last wave of the year comes on December 21, 2012. All you old souls will be celebrating in love and peace. Any that have not allowed this recalibration to take place, and were strong enough to hold it off, will hit an extreme crisis point. Your job is to anchor love and positive intent in celebration, and THIS ACTION will bring these last hold outs into alignment with the new program. This is not a judgment for these souls. They were the last hold outs to keep the old world running up to the very last second, and they did this for us. This was a very hard job for them. ALL souls on your Earth are pieces of God. So don't forget this.

So, with this said, we suggest and hope that you will gather in HUGE numbers on December 21, 2012 around the Earth to celebrate no matter what the outer world is doing. Remember that you are living in the no-fear all-love zone. You are opening portals to your heart, the Earth and the universe. Be out on Mother Earth and under Father Sun. Go to your sacred sites, celebrate and be in love with all your soul family. This is your time. You have waited and prepared for a long time. So allow yourself to celebrate this victory and revel in the glory of the shining God that is in YOU and now anchored in the world and universe. ("Aluna Joy: Star Elders 2012 - Rebooting The System," Feb. 29, 2012, at http://www.alunajoy.com/2012-feb29.html.)

From January 2012

Various desired changes are moving along together, and we can see that there may well be a quick series of revelations that will carry you forward very quickly. It will be sensational to many people and cause shock to those who are unprepared, but through our allies we shall ensure that the necessity for them is understood. (SaLuSa, Jan. 23, 2012.)

Trust in us and God that events are going to proceed as promised, and do not worry as to the timing as it will occur in a way that is exactly correct for the desired outcome. Also be assured that the end times will work out as planned, and that responsibility is ours and everything is totally prepared.

There is no need to be concerned about your individual role and what will happen to you, as each of you will experience precisely what you have planned. Some of you have elected to leave the Earth early, and others will see the final year through to the end. Either way it will have been your choice, and all will ultimately leave the old Earth as you presently know it.

To ride out any rough patches of experience simply keep your mind and focus on Ascension, because as the year progresses and the higher vibrations are dominant peace will descend upon Earth. Already there are noticeable changes in the mass consciousness levels that can be registered by us, and more souls than ever are being lifted up. (SaLuSa, Jan. 18, 2012.)

The tasks ahead for us are quite formidable, but we will affirm again that we have no problems whatsoever in making new technologies quickly available to you. Our allies move cautiously before breaking out as the timing has to be right, and we do not want to see them run into trouble. Once they commence it will herald a series of events that will lift you up, and you will know beyond doubt that the New Age has started. (SaLuSa, Jan. 16, 2012.)

You may have noticed that as your bodies - mental, emotional and physical, transform as you daily walk upon your Planet, that even though you still experience challenges of the opposing forces within you, that there exists also a lightening of your spirit, a lifting of the denseness that has kept you chained to the old paradigm patterns. It will seem much easier to step around the pothole of repeating thoughts and patterns rather than falling into it again, and you will realize that you are gaining in Mastery of these.

Life will seem more joyful and good humor will surface and want to be expressed in many delightful ways. Allow this, Dear Ones, for it is time to feel the release of the heaviness of Being and to seize the joyful moment as they spontaneously rise up from within you.

This is the lightness of your Soul, newly cleansed and purified that now comes forth to lead you into a new adventure into uncharted realms. You have done the work and are now aligning with your highest aspects and this will become more clear to you as you move into the year of 2012. (Hilarion through Marlene Swetlishoff, Jan. 8-15, 2012.)

Nothing will be able to stand in the way of the changes that are about to commence, as they are essential to bring the end-times into being. It is all change as you step up into the higher vibrations, and quickly move through the Ascension process. (SaLuSa, Jan. 6, 2011.)

Our beloved brothers and sisters, look forward with exaltation to this dynamic year when truths and changes will be coming lickety-split. You are surrounded by unseen helpers, and other lighted souls throughout the universe also are showering you with love and respect - never before in this universe has anything been as momentous as the world you are co-creating! (Matthew's Message, Jan. 4, 2011.)

There is keen interest in what is transpiring within the Republican party, who will become the party's candidate, who will win the presidential election, and what will happen with the country's economy in the intervening months. By November so much will have taken place throughout the world that the current political scenario in the United States will be as insignificant as a speck of dust in a whirlwind and the economy globally will be stabilized. (Matthew's Message, Jan. 4, 2012.)

The intensity of the drama unfolding on your world will increase exponentially in the coming months. What you thought was an incredible revelation today will be "peanuts" compared to what occurs tomorrow, both in magnitude of event and the intensity of the consequences. Things are unraveling at an unrivaled pace and all according to plan. (Wanderer of the Skies, Jan. 4, 2012.)

From 2011 of 2012

Faith can really move mountains if sufficient of you get together, and as you progress through the final year to Ascension, it will become more powerful and way beyond you present ability. Yes, Dear Ones you are in for quite a ride, but one that is very desirable and will fulfil your wishes to ascend. There will be a total mix of surprises, so be prepared to reconsider any long held beliefs. (SaLuSa, Dec. 16, 2011.)

So it is first the organization, and then the framework for implementing the changes. That will lead to what you may call the "nuts and bolts" period to enable the physical changes to commence. By then we shall be in 2012 that is clearly going to be one of great activity, which you shall play a major part in as it was never visualized that it would be other than a joint venture, or should we say adventure. We are naturally eager to commence the last stages leading to Ascension, as now the path is almost clear of the past obstructions. (SaLuSa, Nov. 4, 2011.)

The New Paradigm is Rising

The Old Paradigm is Falling; the New Arising

From 2012

There will be coming changes, but they must be initiated by you. You are the ones who must change the world through ceasing the blind acceptance of everything you are told by those who stand to benefit through your ignorance. Your neighbors from surrounding galaxies stand ready to help, to offer suggestions and to give you new technologies beyond what you now have.

However, it is you the people who must be open to receive and have the courage to say "enough is enough" and mean it with regard to ideas you have grown accustomed to in spite of their being old and obsolete. Any belief that has at its basis duality or separation is of the old energy. As you empower yourselves with truth and begin to live out from it, others also seeking, will follow suit and begin to recognize the stupidity of so much the world still takes for granted as reality. ...

You no longer need to drag along this obsolete baggage and in reality, cannot bring it with you. (The Arcturian Group, Dec. 16, 2012.)

It is at the point where many lightholders will have to say, I am sorry. This is not acceptable. And you cannot try and hold me to the old paradigm. I simply refuse. (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Nov. 12, 2012.)

You are about to witness the real beginning of the end as the old system falls into chaos. No attempts to restore it will work as it is destined to complete its time in its present dimension. It has well served its purpose where you and Mother Earth are concerned, and the new paradigm is moving into place. You will not miss the final outcome as the changes are so far reaching that everyone will be affected. (SaLuSa, Oct. 22, 2012.)

Think for yourselves and be prepared to change your views to those that you can comfortably live with. In time you will be confronted with irrefutable facts and information that will leave you in no doubt as to the truth about you and your civilization. (SaLuSa, Sept. 10, 2012.)

All is proceeding according to plan. All is moving quickly forward into new ways of seeing and being. That which is finished is finished, however remember that it is you who are creating your new world, not us. Many tend to await the arrival of others to change things. It is your enlightened awareness that is manifesting as your outer world. You are the creators. That is why we often cannot answer questions asked about what is going to happen, because we do not know what you are choosing to create. We too are watching and waiting as you create a new enlightened world.

This is a time of strife, loss, and suffering for many but these experiences have been necessary in order to shift humanity out of their comfort zones, so to speak. There are still many, who unless forced, will choose to simply remain steadfast in what is old and finished regardless of how unsatisfying it may have become for them. (Arcturian Group, April 22, 2012.)

Now you that are already in physical form are having to deal with your rapidly morphing DNA and beyond that, adjust to the actual laws of nature that are changing right under your feet. You will feel like the carpet has been ripped out from under your feet.

But remember . . . this is your time, and you came here for this time. SO MANY have come to experience this rapid evolution and rebooting of an entire system. Your body IS going with you. This has been the plan for eons. ("Aluna Joy: Star Elders 2012 - Rebooting The System," Feb. 29, 2012, at http://www.alunajoy.com/2012-feb29.html.)

Be assured that as the old is being dismantled, so its replacements are ready to fill the vacuum. It has been planned so that the inconvenience to you is kept to a minimum. There will be short periods of difficulty, as the changes are massive and something of a challenge even for us. However, as with every other aspect of our mission the object is to quickly introduce you to the new technologies, and provide you with the necessary means to become self sufficient.

We want to make you as free as possible to enjoy what we have brought you, that will lift you up into the next level of experience. By then we will have made full contact with you, and we shall have established a good working relationship together. Life will change for the better in such a short time, and waves of happiness will sweep across the world. (SaLuSa, Feb. 29, 2012.)

The old paradigm is now defunct, and will draw no more energy to sustain it any longer. A new day has commenced that will bloom into its magnificence with Ascension. (SaLuSa, Feb. 20, 2012.)

The collapse of the old is not a pretty sight or a pleasant experience, but it has to be done. As best as possible the changes are planned to be quick and precise, but there will always be difficulties as some will oppose what we do. (SaLuSa, Feb. 17, 2012.)

From 2011

Much is unraveling of the old paradigm although you cannot yet see it. We see this coming to a head very shortly and you are being called upon to make a choice. Do you wish to stay in what is familiar, no matter how discordant, or do you choose receptivity to something different although as of yet you do not know what that is? Those who live in fear usually choose whatever they already know or are being told by others, not realizing that they have the power within to choose for themselves . This is fine, as all are free to proceed according to their free will choice. However, those of you who know that there are higher and better ways than what has been the norm up to this point, are choosing to be open to new ways of seeing, being, and doing. (Arcturian Group, Dec. 12, 2011.)

You are creating an energy in which the new can be born in more powerful ways, a new energy in which those who will be here to help can enter and be listened to. Much is about to change on Earth. Much that you have believed could never change is indeed changing, for all is energy and you have changed the energy needed in order for these old issues to function.

We see you embracing the new ideas with love for you are beginning to see that there are indeed better and higher ways of doing things. Ways which include all, and not just a select group deemed worthy by the false standards of old energy beliefs.   Those who still continue to hold to what is finished, will have a difficult time of it, for they are "beating a dead horse" as you say in your vernacular. (The Arcturian Group, Sept. 18, 2011.)

You are currently witnessing a complete turn around in the earth's dynamic ... an edifice of human thought that is no longer in alignment with the old paradigm of separation, but one of greater fortitude and of a higher vibrational constitution. What we mean is this ... the soil of your earth has become fertile enough for your pure-hearted intentions to take root. (Seven Sisters of the Pleiades through Lauren Gorgo, "Changing of the Guard: Failing Systems of the Old Paradigm," August 30, 2011, at http://consciousco-creationalcoaching.blogspot.com/.)

Once again we greet you with love and an understanding of the chaos that you are experiencing all over your dear planet. We understand those issues that seem to be so daunting to all at this time. There seem to be no solutions, and you are right about this as there are no solutions on the level that they are being sought by those who do not understand that the energy is quickly changing.

Solutions are being sought in that which is finished and is leaving. New solutions much be employed; solutions that work from the new and higher frequencies now pouring in-new ways of seeing and doing. Let go of all that is old and finished, and open yourselves to new and better ways of doing those things that you need to do as a society. These will be presenting if you allow yourselves to be open to change. (The Arcturian Group, Aug. 16, 2011.)

There are still many who function wholly from a standpoint of fear. The universal human mind presents to you that which is known and contains every three dimensional belief ever believed. You must move beyond the human mind into the vast "no-thing ness" of the Divine Mind. This is the function of meditation; not for you to have psychic experiences or manifest more human "stuff" (although these things can be an outer expression), but to bring you to a point of inner silence in which you simply rest in your Oneness.

Begin to accept and claim this oneness with the Divine and from that Infinite Source will flow the new ideas, for Source knows no limitation. Mind, in its true function as an avenue of awareness, then interprets and forms this Divine activity in the outer as new ways of doing, new forms, the new earth. You see you are not losing anything real. You will simply experience these things now on a higher and better level.

You are Divine beings in your real identity and therefore have infinite sources of ideas and ways of doing and being. The problem has been that you have not known this and most were not ready to know this until now. In your ignorance you have believed yourselves to be less that the lowest. Churches taught that you were worms in the dust until you performed certain rituals or believed certain doctrines. In your ignorance, you accepted this, freely giving your power to those who would then claim it for themselves, convincing you that only they knew what was best for you.

This scenario is still happening, and there are still many who follow false and often ego inspired teachings, believing that somehow only certain humans are able to know what is the truth. You who are reading this are coming out from this umbrella of falseness. You are awakening to the truth of your identity and are now ready to take back the power you in your ignorance gave to the many (not all) loud and ego driven voices of government, churches, media, etc. etc.. Trust your intuition on all matters.If any teaching rings of separation and duality, then know it is of the old energy. You are one, and that is a never changing truth.(The Arcturian Group, Aug. 16, 2011.)

There is nothing that you cannot achieve with your collective consciousness. However it must be directed and focussed on your intent, if it is to be manifested through your creative power. Currently you are raising your levels in seeking an end to the old systems of control. That is helping speed up the changes, and the energy for change cannot be denied. It means that you have taken a positive approach and risen above the fear laden prophecies that are being made about your future. (SaLuSa, Aug. 17, 2011.)

The door for change is opening wider and, as you are beginning to realize, there cannot be a return to the old ways. It is becoming even more apparent than ever that a civilization on the verge of Ascension must move into a new level of vibration. The Light beckons you to lift up and leave behind anything that no longer serves your purpose.

It is so obvious that the old ways have failed, but not because of you as individuals as you have not held the power. It failed because the system could not sustain a money set up which placed so much wealth in the hands of so few people. There are moves taking place that may soon enable the necessary steps to be taken that will put the situation right, and it will feature an entirely new financial system, one that is fair and just, and protects your money from unfair laws and taxes. Everything is ready to go ahead and its introduction cannot wait much longer. (SaLuSa, Aug. 1, 2011.)

Everywhere you look, people and groups of people in communities are all beginning to look at the concepts of uniting in love, in cooperation with each other, in finding a peaceful solution to the challenges that are before them and making a clear choice for peace, for working together in common purpose and for the higher good of all. This is a movement that is just starting to manifest but will grow stronger and more pronounced as this year progresses.

The Earth and everyone and everything upon Her is in a state of transition from one level of being to another and you have been traveling backwards and forwards on your Paths as you traverse the energetic impulses as they travel in waves upon your Planet, shifting many old paradigms as they pass in a way that leaves the old way of doing things firmly behind as a new way is embraced and accepted. The old simply falls away with barely any notice and those who cling to these former ways of being and doing will find it hard to adapt to all the changes that are taking place moment by moment. (Hilarion through Marlene Swetlishoff, Feb. 27-March 5, 2011, at http://www.therainbowscribe.com/hilarion2011.html.)

From 2010

As you know, because many channels have been telling you for quite some time, enormous changes in the way you live and experience life are shortly to occur. You have been doing lots of preparatory work below the level of your conscious human awareness, and a very large number of you are now ready to embrace enthusiastically these, in your terms, amazing changes. (Saul, Oct. 2, 2010.)

When the going becomes difficult, please do not lose sight of the fact that it will only last as long as it takes to move into a new paradigm. It will release you from the hold the dark Ones have had on you for hundreds of years.

It will be the biggest and most important change you will have experienced for many, many years. Freedom is knocking on your door, and you shall have it returned to you as part of the early changes.

Unnecessary controls and laws will be repealed, and life will take on a new look by granting you a say in your future. Sharing and caring will be very satisfying, and bring people together regardless of wealth, status or position. They will be recognized for what they really are as One Race, that all have a role to play in the Oneness of Humankind. (SaLuSa, June 11, 2010.)

Every country is in the grip of the changes that are re-modeling the old system, and a new way is essential if they are to completely overcome the old one. New ideas for technological innovations that have previously been held back, are gradually finding their way into the public domain. These are very much needed at this time to offset the damage to many industries, and not least of all to alleviate the difficulties being experienced by the people. (SaLuSa, May 5, 2010.)

You have stretched so far into polarity that you do not know where the middle is any more. It is very important to come back to a point where nobody is right and nobody is wrong. It is a time to start figuring out how you and your neighbors are alike, instead of how you are separate. It is time to start figuring out how you can empower your people instead of spending your energy trying to lead them. (The Group, "A New Spin to Earth," April 15, 2010, through Steve Rother, at http://www.lightworker.com/beacons/2010/2010_04-NewSpin.php.)

There are plenty of world events to occupy your mind, and if you follow the news you will surely admit to there being a lot of unrest. This is due to the higher energies that are moving people out of their old mindset, and are seeking a new way of life. Many have little idea of what they seek, but suffice to say that they are aware that a new approach must be taken.

Go confidently into the future knowing that God is All Love, and no matter how far you stray from the true path of understanding, it will always remain so. After your sojourn upon Earth you are always welcomed back with open arms, even if you have transgressed and carry guilt. That is in fact unnecessary as all is viewed as experience, and through further opportunities you can overcome your weaknesses without self-punishment.

On one level you are all equal, and it is only Man that chooses to see others as different or separate to himself. Duality of course encourages that view, but how to overcome it is the challenge that it presents. View all souls as from the same source and a part of God, and you will realize that they are as much a part of you, as you are them. (SaLuSa, April 9, 2010.)

Your present experience of life in a turbulent and unforgiving world has changed very little since the apparent separation from God occurred long, long ago. Technology and science seem to have made startling progress over the last few hundred years, with the pace of development accelerating enormously over the last fifty. Yet despite appearances to the contrary - wars, unconscionable weaponry, economic crises, greed, and other unloving behavior - the underlying attitudes that have driven human life styles for eons are most definitely changing.

Cooperation and assistance were offerings you made only to those "on your side" - family, friends, religious organizations, political parties, nations - while attempting to disadvantage, disrupt, or destroy those on "the opposing sides." This way of living in arrogant and thoughtless self-centeredness is starting to show its inadequacies more and more noticeably as you see the results of planetary despoliation and the never-ending succession of wars.

The effects of your selfish behavior, on a personal as well as on a global scale, are finally getting your serious attention. It is impossible for you to be able to remain unaware for very much longer that all are one, and that what one thinks, decides, and does affects all. This is an absolutely essential opening of your awareness that is occurring planetwide, and causing you to reassess your life styles and your basic attitudes and concepts about who you are and why you exist. (Saul, March 3, 2010.)

From 2009

Mel Fabrigas asked crop circle research Colin Andrew what motivated him to disclose personal infomaition about himself at the Rio Rica Conference in October 2009 for the first time and Colin Andrews answered:

I've been motivated by an inner sense, an inner feeling that if one's expecting others to reveal truths, those that are unpalatable perhaps, that we also have our own secrets that are useful in the general public domain.

In the past I feared credibility problems, reactions of the engineered social scene that has been set for us by just the term "UFO." Immediately you are filtered out of society.

This is the time. We have to be brave, always. This is a time not to sit on the fence. This is a time to hold firm, to have true representation, to step forward, and to help us with the knowledge that we need to save our planet, save our species, all other life forms on the Earth.

We have reached a very important, critical point and we need the cooperation of all levels of structure, and institutions and government. There is no more time. No more lies, no more spin. It cannot work. It simply cannot work in the new paradigm. So there's where we're headed. So I felt it was the time to state my truth. (Crop circle researcher Colin Andrews at Rio Rica Conference, Oct. 24, 2009, at http://www.colinandrews.net/UFO-CSETI-Greer-ObamaBriefingPapers.html.)

Maybe you have noticed the first signs of Light shining in the darkness, and it will start with small beginnings that shall reverberate around your planet. The people have moved on and demand a new way of life, and those who stand in their way shall be brushed aside. We have often spoken of "people power" and it is becoming more powerful by bringing the Light to Earth, and will change the war path to one of seeking peace.

Look at your leaders and see who speaks this way and is heading the call for change, and for bringing nations together. Not all desire to move out of their present paradigm, but it can no longer support the old ways which are beginning to crumble. The phoenix is rising out of the chaos, and will bring the means and opportunity to move onto another path, and it is one that leads to Ascension. (Diane of Sirius, Sept. 25, 2009.)

Life is a mixture of the old and new competing for your attention, and the two cannot exist together for much longer. We of the Galactic Federation understand the continual bombardment of news and information that besets you. Providing you are discerning and only allow your attention to be drawn to that intended for the good of all, the lower vibrations will pass you by. (SaLuSa, Sept. 14, 2009.)

On Earth because of separation you have largely lost that closeness and caring for each other. The "system" has concentrated on individual achievements and success at the expense of others, when by nature you are compassionate and caring. It has brought misery and pain and created a lopsided society that glorifies in material wealth, instead of spiritual wealth. However, that is now changing as people are drawn more together and seek fairness and justice for all. You are beginning to understand that you cannot make progress unless it includes everyone. You are after all Brothers and Sisters experiencing as you have chosen, and no one should be excluded from your help. (SaLuSa, Sept. 9, 2009.)

The old paradigm is in any event breaking up, and will feed the desire of the dark ones to create chaos until it loses its power. Simply allow the old ways to serve people as they see fit, and trust that they too may realize the time has come to change their evolutionary pattern. (SaLuSa, Sept. 7, 2009.)

Keep your sights ever on your upliftment, and know that what is around you will have little effect unless you allow it to be so. The world is slipping into two realities, and the division will take place in accordance with the Law of Attraction. (SaLuSa, Sept. 7, 2009.)

You have now groups of people springing up to focus their light upon the inequities that have been in the old paradigm. Every day you will find news of a new focal point where there can be new energy brought to bear, new light upon situations that have been swept under the carpet for a long, long time. (Jeshua, Sept. 2009, through Judith Coates, at http://www.lightworkers.org/channeling/79583/what-are-you-waiting-by-jeshua-ben-joseph-through-judith-coates.)

It is now the time when you will learn to co-operate with each other. You will learn to share and abide by new codes for living. You will live differently, eat differently, and be healthier, happier and think differently in your newly awakened brains. Truly there is massive change going on with your bodies now. You are feeling it by needing different kinds of foods, more sleep, feeling increased sensitivity, and a lot of love from each other.

The floodgates of creativity are opening. You are now beginning to see more possibilities than ever before. You are beginning to sense that you can adapt and do almost anything. You can almost touch the amazing gifts and abilities that you have been waiting to restore and activate within. You are much more in your crystalline bodies now than in the carbon-based bodies that you were born into. The complete realm of all possibilities awaits you." (Mira the Pleiadian, Aug. 10, 2009.)

The things that have seemed so important to those on Earth, their values and how they spend their time, are about to change. (Mira the Pleiadian, Aug. 10, 2009.)

For many people your reality seems quite solid and dependable, and you feel bound by its parameters. Yet it is in actuality fluid and changeable being subject to your mass consciousness. This is in part why you have suddenly been plunged into chaotic conditions, and all semblance of order seems to have disappeared.

However, with your upliftment in consciousness there has come change, and it is reflected everywhere you go. It is the sweeping away of the old paradigm that no longer reflects your true desires to move on to a new path. Therefore, you find yourselves all at sea without any apparent direction in which to go. There seem to be no markers that you can follow, and little evidence of how you are to overcome the problems. However, you have yet to see the President Elect in action, and there are encouraging signs that indicate he has a new approach as to how they should be handled.

However, your expectations have been raised for some time now, because of our contact with you along with many other Beings of Light. (Diane of Sirius, Aug. 5, 2009.)

Life - the way you live on Earth - is about to change most dramatically, and for the better. The insane, confrontationally competitive attitudes that humanity has espoused for so long will fall rapidly away, as you suddenly become aware of their total ineffectiveness.

Finally, all will see for the first time that judgment and retribution cause only pain and suffering for everyone and can never satisfy those righteously seeking compensation. (Saul, June 21, 2009.)

What is required is a change of attitude and a growth in awareness - a realization that striving for personal gain is self-defeating. ...

There is nothing to gain; and what is apparently gained will be lost. There is only life and love. Everything else passes, turns to ash, and blows away with the wind. To live is to love. If you are not loving, you are not living life but living distracted from life.

Most of your cultures teach you to strive for material advantages and encourage you to believe that this is the path to peace and security. Fight! Defeat the opposition; then enjoy life. But to fight is to be defeated, because the cost of winning is just as high as the cost of losing. In fighting, all are damaged, because fighting is about power and manipulation, judgment and blame, crime and punishment. It feeds on itself, leading to more fighting and more pain.

Your sports, your entertainments, your businesses, and your politics are all concerned with taking sides, winning and losing, distracting you from life and dividing you into warring factions. Your celebrations are nearly all celebrations of someone else's loss!

These are the attitudes that need changing. They are insidious and frequently unseen by those who hold them. People cooperate to solve a joint problem and experience great satisfaction when they succeed in doing so. Then a further problem occurs that divides them, as the solution is apparently more advantageous for some than for others, and the lessons learned in the previous, cooperative, problem-solving experience are ignored and forgotten.

When there is a problem, it truly is everyone's problem and requires a cooperative solution that addresses everyone's needs fairly and lovingly. Otherwise, any apparent solution will be temporary and divisive. If you take care of yourself at someone else's expense, you are not truly taking care of yourself. You are effectively valuing another as worth less than yourself, and it follows that there are others that you value more than yourself. And you resent them all!

To treat everyone, including yourself, fairly, lovingly, and honestly is the only philosophy that works.

Open your awareness; inspect and inquire into your motives, your emotions, and your reactions in every moment; then move forward into unconditional love so that you respond always from your heart with wisdom, integrity, honesty, and compassion for all.

Then when the changes come, you will be ready to move with them into a place, an environment of safety, trust, love, and bliss - that place you have been attempting to find through the accumulation of material gains.

It is your own attitude, your own mode of living, your own way of relating to yourself and to others that defines and provides your experiences of life. You are what you choose to be - so be very aware of what you choose. And be very aware that every moment you are making choices. (Saul, June 3, 2009.)

The Illuminati play on the fears and dark thoughts of souls who are caught up in the lower vibrations. Without realising it, such ones are contributing to the chaos that takes place, but the Light is beginning to penetrate their darkness and awaken them to what is happening.

The present changes are far reaching, and it is the only way to show people that the old controls and methods are no longer acceptable or adequate for the new Man that is emerging. There is a need to draw the whole world into a new way of looking at life, where everyone works in the best interests of each other.

Let there be pride in being one Race, and serving each other so that all may share in the fruits of their labour. Greed and corruption would soon disappear in such a civilisation, as there would be no "lack" such as now exists. (Atmos, May 18, 2009.)

Some of you may recall a message that was given some time ago where we said that each of you have already moved beyond the paradigm of 2012 - you are living post-2012. How can that be you might ask? It is very simple, your consciousness has moved beyond the paradigm of the old way of interacting with the dynamic of Earth. You have worked with raising that frequency and that vibration within yourself. Therefore the consciousness that you are now working with has already gone beyond that point. (Mary Magdelene, "Canada 2009," through Michelle Eloff, May 13, 2009, at http://spiritlibrary.com/the-lightweaver/canada-2009-opening-channelling.)

As we open these deeper levels of awareness and consciousness of self and that which is beyond self so new paradigms manifest, not because they have never existed before and it is something new. It is simply your ability to be able to perceive something that has existed beyond your past level of consciousness and awareness and now this new level of awareness reveals to you a world of completely different opportunities, different ways of experiencing life. This in turn results in a shift in perception. Therefore you will be dealing with these challenges and situations in completely different ways. (Kuthumi, "Special Message from Kuthumi," April 26, 2009, at http://spiritlibrary.com/the-lightweaver/special-message-from-kuthumi.)

The problems on Earth are creating chaos, and will continue to do so for many months. However, do not despair, as the cleansing is essential to putting in place a foundation that will allow for a new paradigm. (Diane of Sirius, Apr. 10, 2009.)

The old ways are not in alignment with the vision you have created for a better world. (SaLuSa, March 11, 2009.)

It is written that you shall bring into manifestation the new paradigm. It shall be vastly different from the old one. (SaLuSa, March 11, 2009.)

The old paradigm has proved inadequate for your needs, and has shown the extent to which you have been deceived. There is now a shaking out of the old, and it will inevitably result in hardships to many people. Your predicament has within it, the vision of something greater that will solve your problems. It means that you will emerge to greet the outworking of abundance, and it will more than make good your losses. (Ker-On, Mar. 4, 2009.)

Be assured as always that all proceeds well in spite of the apparent chaos. Give it time to settle, and you will see the positive signs of a new paradigm emerging. One that will fulfill all of the requirements to restore your sovereignty and freedom. (SaLuSa, Feb. 20, 2009.)

Look for the emergence of the new approaches to your problems. Many useful ideas are surfacing.... The old ideas are generally outworn, and for the new enlightened Man that is emerging there can be nothing less than a complete change. (Ag-agria, Feb. 16, 2009.)

From 2008

The current economic system is based upon greed, lies, control, and manipulation, and these thought forms, these cultural paradigms, are not in alignment with the new consciousness that is arising. What you are witnessing is the dissolution of that which needs to pass away, but that which will take its place has not arisen, and so it is a very frightening passage for those marooned in 3Dimensional reality. (The Hathors, Oct. 1, 2008, at http://tomkenyon.com/birthing-the-new-world/.)

Collective humanity is at a pivotal point for it is at the cusp of new cultural paradigms - a shifting from fixation on 3Dimensional reality into a realization of higher dimensions and the possibilities that will be open to all as a result.

While such a shift of cultural awareness sounds inviting, the actual process is extremely chaotic, which is what you are now in the midst of. (The Hathors, Oct. 1, 2008, at http://tomkenyon.com/birthing-the-new-world/.)

As chaos increases, over the next several years, you can expect to see radical increases in what could be described as factors of novelty. By novelty, we are referring to a concept borrowed from your physics. We are not using the term as it is used in your mainstream culture, which is essentially the mindless pursuit of that which is new and different to fill in the void created by emotional desperation and emptiness.

Novelty, as we are using the term, refers to unintentional and unanticipated changes within a system. These changes can be positive, negative or both.

The term, factors of novelty, refers to the phenomenon that incidents of novelty exponentially increase as systems enter into a state of chaos. And the probability for chaos increases when you have many different systems interacting at accelerated rates.

Unexpected results and situations, that were never anticipated or intended, can and will arise. As novelty increases worldwide, it will create mental and emotional strain for many individuals - primarily due to the fact that the paradigms that they have used to navigate through life will be (and are) dissolving right before them.

As difficult as these times are, and as difficult as they will be in the near future, there is an evolutionary catalyst within all of this.

New ways of thinking and new ways of generating resources have to be created if humanity is to survive. The old ways simply cannot continue. This is because they are not self-sustaining; they are intrinsically damaging to life; they are based upon lies and manipulation, and they are out of alignment with the new spiritual energies that are entering the scene. Nevertheless, those who have created and sustained the lies are doing everything in their power to keep the House of Cards intact.

Your evolutionary opportunity in all of this is to pass through the storm by living (metaphorically speaking) in the center of the hurricane - the eye of the storm - where it is calm. (The Hathors, Oct. 1, 2008, at http://tomkenyon.com/birthing-the-new-world/.)

We wish to give you information with regard to your current financial situation. It is a matter of the old being brought down in order for the new to arise. It is the birth, so to speak, of a higher resonating energy of commerce and love. It is an exchange of the old for the new. ...

Business will not cease, but it will be on a higher level. A level of love and gratitude, an exchange so to speak, not a one-sided effort to get, get, get. Those who have this concept of money and business are finding that it will no longer work. The new energy is not supportive of this old way of doing business.

Many read about the changes and the shifting into a higher vibrational way, but few have taken it seriously. What you are seeing now is the incoming light of those higher energies settling into place on earth. The "Shift" is not simply a nice story to read about as business goes on as usual, but is an energy of change.

This is what is happening and it cannot be resolved on the same level that it was created. It will not do to simply prop up the old and crumbling financial energy with more of the same. It is change, and change is coming whether or not it is wanted by those on Wall Street. ...

This is a new time. You are graduating into an energy of love and gratitude, an energy where everyone is receiving and giving, not just those few at the top who live off of their "golden parachutes," as you call them. All are entitled to a "golden parachute" of abundance. It is the law of the Divine within you - abundance. ...

This is your work, to realize that you are one with the Divine and therefore you have already within you the energy of the law of completeness. I am that which I need, translated by mind into that which in the outer that appears material, but is not. It is actually the spiritual made manifest by mind as what I need.

Let go, dear ones, of those old beliefs of have and have-nots, of the belief that only some have this Divine abundance but others do not. This is the law for all, and you have not yet known this. This fact has been used by the dark and powerful for eons to keep you in darkness about your innate perfection and completeness. It has been used by the churches as well as your governments to keep you under the thumb of domination. (The Arcturian Group, Sept. 26, 2008.)

The collapse of the global economy is making way for the new foundation based in fairness, honesty and integrity. (Matthew's Message, Sept. 24, 2008.)

You have the great advantage of knowing that what is occurring is reformation - the current global system is imploding and a new system based in honesty and established on a sound foundation will replace it. (Matthew's Message, July 27, 2008.)

From 2004

Consider the millennia of your world’s history when darkness reigned almost without opposition as compared to how rapidly the light has been exposing this control during just your past half century.  It is the speed of this progress that underlies both your impatience and your incentive to get rid of all darkness right now, and that same speed is motivating that desperate force to make what it knows is its do-or-die stand.  

That stand is the LAST and it is steadily crumbling, and now I return to speaking of the light’s progress being made without the announcement of NESARA.  Evident on one front are the fervent activities of those publicizing its intent; the expanding awareness of its detailed reforms; and confirmations that banking establishments are ready for imminent new policies.  In this way NESARA can be considered a catalyst, as this heightened interest in it is generating light to manifest its benefits for your world.

Conditions long, long ago perpetrated and ever since perpetuated by dark influences are coming to light.  The dark hold on the media is cracking as news reports and commentaries are giving forth some of the truth that heretofore has been suppressed or denied.  Governments are being pressured to accept accountability for actions, just as pressure is being brought to bear on voter eligibility rights and verifiable vote count in national elections.  Indictments of corrupt corporate personnel are happening, and there is movement to end injustices within legal systems.

The numbers of people working individually and within the multitude of large groups with protective and restorative aims are growing daily.  Organizations of both local and global nature are working toward human rights and humane treatment in many areas: for women in cultures that consider them property; prisoners taken in wars, those who are falsely imprisoned, those with death sentences; and toward ending slavery in its many forms.

Others are working toward respecting animal life, protecting the environment from further destruction, fair allocation of resources, improved means of health care. Technologies that will enhance, not endanger life, already are available and more are being developed.  All of this is generating light to bring to full fruition the changes you want.

Worldwide the momentum for peace is circulating with greater intensity than ever before in any civilization on Earth, some of them so long before your recorded history that your current consciousness cannot imagine it.  The spirit of wanting to live in harmony with mutual respect and to assist all who are in need, to seek new avenues of cooperation—this is the spirit that is emerging with heartfelt intent.

It is coming forth within families, communities, states and provinces, countries, and the unified sentiments are based in LOVE.  Love and light are the same, the essence of Creator and of God, by whatever name given, and it is the most powerful force in the universe. (Matthew's Message, May 7, 2004.)

We are Forming Up in our Soul Groups

From 2010

The call of reunification is beginning for many of you, whereby your refined Soul Song is reaching various members of your God Self. As you refine your vibrational patterns and your Energetic Signature reaches a certain level of harmony, your Soul Song will begin to reverberate out into and through the fourth, into the fifth and for some of you, possibly even into the sixth dimensions, and very gradually into the auric fields of some of the Soul Fragments of your Higher Self. Slowly, as these blessed facets of your Self become aware of you, they will begin the process of moving into alignment with you. Those whose resonance is lower than yours will fall into line below you, and those who are on the Path ahead of you will slowly move into the column of Light above you. You will also be moving laterally, as well as higher, into the refined realms as all of the fragments of your I AM Presence gradually begin the process of moving closer and closer to your central column of Divine Light. (Archangel Michael, Apr. 1, 2010, through Ronna Herman, at http://www.ronnastar.com/latest.html.)

Hurricane Sandy

From 2012

Dear ones, again we lovingly greet you in these times of much seeming chaos. It is the clearing of old and dense energies that present as the storms and weather related issues you are seeing on dear Gaia. Gaia is a living soul, not a piece of dirt to be used as a dumping ground and endless resource.

She has chosen to ascend out of these dense and debilitating energies. Like you, she too must release and clear that which is still held within her energy field in order to bring in the higher dimensional light. These events are also serving to bring people out of the dense hypnotism of their current addictions to technology. When these events happen, people begin to once again interact and speak to each other in caring and loving ways, instead of allowing themselves to be isolated within technology which only serves to separate. (The Arcturian Group, Nov. 18, 2012.)

Archangel Michael: The storm that you are thinking of, Sandy, was not a human creation. It was a natural phenomenon that was very clearly guided and targeted for the removal of negativity, for the clean-up of the people and the planet. Can we talk about this just for a minute?

Yes, it was very clearly directed. But it was not directed by what you would think of as negative human forces. And please understand that Gaia - and her ability to direct energies is much stronger than any of the humans, and that is particularly true when a clearing is done with express intent.

Now, you say that the clean-up is underway, and of course you are right. And of course it is so that Gaia would never wish to create massive devastation if it were not part of the energy of Ascension, of the culmination of what has need to be removed from the planet at this time. But let me also suggest to you that the impact of the storm and the true clean-up, cleansing, rebirth, resurrection, is occurring now.

So yes, there was physical sweeping away, cleansing away, washing away of a great deal of negativity, but truly it is the outcome and the out-pouring of empathy, of support, of love, of compassion, of camaraderie, of unity. That is truly the purpose of Sandy, and that is what you are witnessing in most of the areas and with most of the people who have been affected by this dramatic event.

The human beings - and there are many within this quadrant - that are still, or were, very addicted to drama, well, they have received an event of monumental dramatic proportions. And what is occurring is they are saying, "You know? We don't really like all this drama." But what you are witnessing is neighbor helping neighbor, community helping community, government helping government.

Now, within that, are there still some seeds of drama and chaos? Are there those that are acting out on a very negative vibration or trying to take advantage? Yes. But what we would suggest to you is that in terms of the balance, or, shall we say, the re-balancing of the energies in this area, it has been tremendous, and a great deal has been accomplished, is being accomplished, and will be accomplished.

Geoff West: Would it be fair to say that this particular storm had divine timing as well, right ahead of the election?

AAM: Yes. That is correct. As Gaia has indicated in other situations or channelings, is that there were many layers that were in effect in terms of the phenomena of this storm. Now, one of the things that has occurred, to answer your question about the election, is that it gave the people the opportunity to actually see the President of the United States acting in a way that was very caring, compassionate; in a leadership responsibility rather than simply day-to-day politics. So it brought him back to front and center and gave people yet another opportunity to witness who he truly is.

GW: Okay. Thank you for that. Now, I was going to ask this question earlier, but since it appears to be tied into what you have just shared, Michael, I think I'll go to this question.

One of the states that was hit hard was the state of New Jersey. The governor of that state, Chris Christie, is a Republican and has historically been a very strong and very vocal critic of Obama. Yet in the last week he has been showering praise to no end upon Obama, and doing it publicly.

I don't wish to spend much time on this, but is this merely two humans demonstrating their true humanity ahead of politics, or is this potentially a sign connected to a larger change that will unfold within the political structures?

AAM: It is actually both. It is a governor seeing and moving away from simple rhetoric and the rhetoric of party politics, of alignment in terms of self-interest and the desire for power, to a place of actually entering into his own humanitarian heart and seeing that the reason that he got involved in the political arena in the first place wasn't for reasons of power or greed or control.

It brought him back to his own first principles, which was he really cared about people. He really cared about people within his geographic area, the state. And then what he has witnessed and what he has seen is that there is a camaraderie with the President and that in fact there is no difference and, the rhetoric aside, that they both care about the same things.

But in the bigger picture, as you have asked, what you are also seeing is that people are going to put away many of the labels. There has been a huge emphasis on labels, rather, "I am this," "I am that," whether it is political power or not. The shift is to, "I am a human. I am a galactic human. I am part of my community. I am part of this family," and the need for the labels is dissipating.

Because when you see someone drowning, whether it is emotionally, physically or mentally, you do not call out and say, "What is your political affiliation?" Do you? No, from the core of your heart and from your physical body you reach out your hand and you assist however you can. And that in fact is exactly what the gate-keepers, the showers of the way, are doing. They are reaching out their hands and helping others to a higher realm, to a different understanding.

So what you are seeing is a catalyst, yes, a very dramatic - what one would say - very devastating catalyst that is opening people's hearts. ("Archangel Michael: This Election Clears the Way for Obama to Step into the Truth of His Being," Nov. 8, 2012, at http://the2012scenario.com/2012/11/archangel-michael-this-election-clears-the-way-for-obama-to-step-into-the-truth-of-his-being/#more-151450 .)

Geoff West: There are some rumors that have been circulating as far as the storm is concerned, but perhaps, maybe we could seek some clarification upon.... Some, or at least one source in particular, has indicated that the storm may have been a cover for the take-over of the Federal Reserve, or perhaps even a full shutting down of that institution. Can we look at this particular rumor first?

Archangel Michael: No, the storm was not a cover for a coup or a taking over of the Federal Reserve. That would be incorrect information. Now, that would be either a human-directed storm or an imbalance. But what this was was truly Gaia conducting part of her balancing and the cleansing of east and west that had need to happen.

You know, my friend, there is no need - oh, there is always human greed and there are always forces that wish to interfere or influence, or simply garner wealth - but there is really no need to do absolutely anything with the Federal Reserve. That is not really the source of abundance that any of you are looking to.

GW: Umm. Very true. So that pretty much answers the question of the next two, about the possibility of a stock market reset during the storm, or perhaps that alterations have been made to the records systems of the New York Police Department, for example,. Those would be rumors as well, then.

AAM: No, that is not so. Not necessarily so. And let me tell you why.

There was a reset, as you have said, not in the way of drama, not in the way of subterfuge, but there was a shut-down of Wall Street for a number of reasons. And yes, during that cleansing, do you really think that they were exempt? Of course not.

If anything, there was a concentration of a great deal of energy into not just - and we use Wall Street as a generic term; let us be very clear about that - but the investing and the trading and the financial institutions and the stock market have been fraught not only with dishonesty but with disregard. There have been a great number of thefts, of manipulations that were to the advantage of what we would call power holders and to the disadvantage of those who have been basically trying to protect or to earn money.

Yes, it is all a game. But it is a game that you have all agreed to as well. And it is a way in which values have been assigned, and it has been helpful in some ways. But during this time of shut-down the first criteria - and we have said this has worked on many levels - is that many people came to realize, first of all, that the world does not end if the stock market is closed for a couple of days. So that was an important realization and awakening. So in many ways that alone was a reset.

Then, secondly, during this downtime as you would put it, there was a massive infusion - not a manipulation, because we do not wish to give that impression - but there was a massive infusion of light and of love into that entire sector or environment, including every single person all over the globe that is involved in this type of activity. So think of the massive nature of that.

This was an infusion directly from the heart of my legions, from the heart of Mother/Father/One, and a great deal of clean-up and infusion of light by your star brothers and sisters. Now, did we fiddle with the stock market? No. But it was infused with light, and which is why it opened, and re-opened, on a very vibrant note, shall we say.

Now, the other issue there is that while the stock market was closed it also helped people to realize that what was important was not just the markets, but those in the streets, those trapped in their homes trying to take care of their children and stay warm and find food for them. So again it brought the focus back to what is truly important in the re-balancing and the re-establishment of that rheostat of humanity.

So that is what happened with the stock market. It was also protected from what you sometimes think of as dark forces taking advantage. That was not permitted, number one.

Number two, about the records of the New York Police Department. Now, you know I am an archangel of justice, of balance. And so let me also tell you that there are many beings that are in that database, or who have been arrested or accused or processed by these forces, that are completely innocent. So there was some readjustment done - nothing major, nothing harmful, but there was some readjustment done. ("Archangel Michael: This Election Clears the Way for Obama to Step into the Truth of His Being," Nov. 8, 2012, at http://the2012scenario.com/2012/11/archangel-michael-this-election-clears-the-way-for-obama-to-step-into-the-truth-of-his-being/#more-151450 .)

The Storm Sandy was a natural occurrence needed by Mother Earth to prepare for her Ascension, and will take place wherever there are deep-rooted negative energies. On another level you are aware that this type of cleansing is going to happen, and when as a result people pass on it is not accidental in the way you normally perceive it. We say again that nothing happens by chance but all is pre-ordained. The raising of the collective consciousness has overcome the need for a more drastic cleansing, so you are to be congratulated for bringing it about. What you now understand is a clear example of your power to create your own reality. (SaLuSa, Nov. 5, 2012.)

Love of Violence Has to be Taught

From 2012

If you could see this brilliance from our vantage point, you would be astounded. But you cannot see the abundance of light from those myriad sources on the planet or beaming to Earth from far distant worlds. Instead, you see that many still are suffering and saber rattling by war mongers, random acts of violence, crushing economic woes.

We see this too, and in our unconditional love for all souls, the continuance of those situations even at this late hour is undeniably sad for us. However, we do understand this in its higher context: During these waning days of duality, individuals are rushing to complete third density karmic experiences and attain the balance necessary for soul evolvement. (Matthew's Message, April 1, 2012.)

Let us speak about some incidents during the past few weeks that are receiving significant international attention. While these are seen as tragedies, which indeed they are to the affected families, all the occurrences we shall mention happened for a higher purpose.

The shooting in France of seven Jews, including children, by a young non-Jewish Frenchman has touched hearts around the world, and it is a poignant example of how religious prejudice has caused agony and death to countless souls throughout your history.

In the United States, a black teenager was fatally shot by an older man of a different race. It is not for us to say if racial prejudice was the motivating factor in either the shooter or the police who didn't arrest him, but the boy's death has brought the world's attention to the pervasive harm inherent in "racial profiling."

That incident also is highlighting the "stand your ground" law, which could substantiate that the killing was legal so the shooter cannot be held accountable. This controversy is coming in tandem with airing the plight of individuals released from prison after proof of their innocence came to light, yet laws are preventing just compensation to them for their years of unjust incarceration. Both of these legal situations are increasing the awareness that unfair and cruel laws anywhere in your world must be struck down.

The shooting rampage by a US soldier resulted in the death of 17 Afghani civilians, and again, children were among them. What underlies the sergeant's action is by no means an isolated reaction to the psychological effects of war - the stress of causing death and seeing comrades and strangers dying runs deep. Killing when preservation of self or the life of loved ones is not at stake is not the make-up of humankind. It is the opposite - the composition of every soul is love-light.

Killing has to be thoroughly taught, and it has been. Some countries' citizenry have been conditioned by their leaders to regard war as patriotic, the defense of democracy and freedom, and this orientation has been relentlessly reinforced not only by the media and entertainment venues, but even children's games. Some segments of the populace are taught from childhood that it is their responsibility to avenge the genocidal massacres of their ancestors, and in some countries, children are forced into soldiering.

Troops have to bypass soul make-up and suppress survival instinct to achieve the mindset that lets them willingly surge onto battlefields where they may die themselves while ending the lives of others. However, the psyche cannot reconcile mental pummeling in preparation for combat with the innate being, and as the troops follow orders to kill "the enemy," their psyches incur profound damage. A situation as dramatic as the one we cited forces international attention on the immediate and residual effects of warring, effects that have permeated your entire society.

Everyone who was directly affected by all of those happenings we mentioned agreed to participate as they did. This doesn't mean that prior to birth they all knew exactly what they would encounter and when, but each had chosen to be a "perpetrator" or a "victim" or one within a sorrowing family to fulfill third density karma.

Soul contracts provide for flexibility in circumstances and timing when the same results will be accomplished, and in all those cases, the participants wanted to exemplify to your world the horrors of war or the tragic effects of racial, ethnic or religious prejudice, or the cruelty of unfair laws. Many, many others chose the same kinds of roles in generations long before these recent incidents, but the succession of dark ones in power kept the peoples living and dying in situations born of intimidation and ignorance born of deception. (Matthew's Message, April 1, 2012.)

From 2011

We have never condoned violence of any kind, and that includes the barbaric practices that are meted out as lawful punishment. Violence of any kind breeds more violence, whereas love is not in any way forceful but gently permeates all other energies and uplifts them to higher levels. It is the answer to so many problems, yet some people find it difficult to express their love. Sometimes it is because they have been shown little love during their formative years. It also comes from rejection and the fear of it happening again, yet all souls have the potential to express their godselves.

As you grow in consciousness so it becomes a most natural aspect of life, and is easy to apply in your everyday activities. True love asks for nothing in return but is normally reciprocated because like attracts like, and it is how you uplift people without imposing upon their freewill. In these present times there is a wonderful thought form of great size moving around the Earth. It represents Universal Love that calls for peace and goodwill, to end the rule of the dark Ones. Its energy is so powerful that it cannot be denied for much longer. ...

What you see on Earth of the coarseness and vulgarity comes from a lack of respect for each other, and is a state of being resulting from the gradual erosion of caring and love for all souls. However, as you desire to instead bring beauty and harmony into your lives, those lower vibrations will be shaken off.

You are continually assessing your approach and attitude to what is considered normal and acceptable, and as you become more discerning so you discard those things that do not harmonise with you. The result is that your vibrations are continually rising, and the feel good factor becomes a major part of your life. You will have noticed that the mass media including television and films spend a disproportionate time highlighting crime and war, until it possible to become saturated by such energies. That is how the dark Ones draw you into their vibrations so that nothing no longer shocks you or sickens your feelings, and you become in danger of losing your sense of what is right or wrong. (SaLuSa, Jan. 31, 2011.)

Religious Beliefs Will Need to be Reformed

From 2015

The Arcturian Group wishes to speak of Resurrection--a term heavily imbued with the Christian teachings of Jesus being crucified and then arising from the dead and leaving the tomb. The hidden, deeper message is that only through the death of the old, can come new beginnings. It has been taught and believed by many that the resurrection story is about one person alone--Jesus. It is time to understand that the birth, death, and resurrection events were all profound teachings given to the world with unconditional love by Jesus, not meant to be pinned on him alone.

Death and resurrections have been experienced by all with varying intensity throughout lifetimes. You have all had them. Death and resurrection has been ongoing, serving to lift the soul to new levels of spiritual awareness through physical, emotional, and mental experiences until at last there comes a final and profound death and resurrection in which the soul finally remembers Itself.

The idea of this experience as belonging to one alone, has resulted in mankind missing many of the vital and powerful lessons that were given through a great sacrifice by the illumined teacher.

All are in and of One Divine Consciousness. Jesus, an evolved being and master of Light, incarnated to be the example, showing mankind that the Way is within, but the consciousness of most were not able to accept this and instead chose to make him into a God as many still do. The same is true of Siddhartha who become the Buddha, and all the great spiritual Lights through out time.

Over and over again, un-awakened individuals have interpreted mystical teachings according to their less evolved state of consciousness. Then in their enthusiasm, they proceed to organize their interpretations, and deify the original messenger as being separate and more special than everyone else. They worship the messenger, and thus miss the message entirely. (The Arcturian Group March 20, 2015 via Marilyn Rafaelle, https://madmimi.com/p/f8fd06?fe=1&pact=29263362439)

From 2012

As the truth is revealed it will also bring people together as far as their understanding of what God is, or is not. The truth will no longer be able stand side by side with that which is false, and you will find that many teachers have had their words changed to suit the ambitions of those who desired to control you. Indeed, they have also made additions to support their own interpretations. No one teaching is really better than another, although some have a more accurate explanation for God. He/She is not in the image of Man, or an individual as you would understand it. God is the very essence, the energy that everything has its existence within. God is Love and all powerful and is the Father/Mother of all life. We acknowledge the Source and give due gratitude for all that we have, the most precious being life itself.

Where you have as you might say, gone astray do not worry about the consequences. Duality is for experiencing and spiritual growth, and having lost touch with God you have gone your own way and relied on your conscience to guide you. Unfortunately Man has always had a herd instinct and has usually followed the leader, and been led far from the Light and Truth.

Now you have risen up again and thrown off the shackles of the dark Ones, and are returning to the Light. That has attracted the attention of those who guide you as you are now responsive to their presence and "hear" their advice and respond to their promptings. If you have not been aware of it, try sitting quietly and relaxing, and you will most likely start a conversation with your Guides or Higher Self. (SaLuSa, Aug. 17, 2012.)

You help each other and once it is accepted that you are All One, and you remove religious differences and beliefs that are not aligned to the truth, you will blossom and find your true path. (SaLuSa, May 18, 2012.)

It will not be quite like religions being "totally discarded and replaced by universal laws in the Golden Age." When the truths come forth that science and spirit are one and the same and that religious dogmas were originated by early leaders of church and state to control the masses, people whose consciousness has risen beyond the constraints of third density will adhere to the spiritual aspects of their respective religions and the devised, controlling aspects will fall by the wayside. (Matthew's Message, Mar. 1, 2012.)

The Galactic Federation has made contacts all over the world, and some countries respond more readily than others. Our major challenge is in those dominated by religious beliefs, particularly of the Catholic faith who believe that we are in league with the Devil. It was however helped by the announcement from the Vatican acknowledging that we do exist. In fact our representative has visited them on more than one occasion, and our hope was that it would improve their understanding of us as they were made aware of Ascension. The different religions will have to bring their teachings into line with the truth about your origin, and the true purpose of life. They will however, continue to exist all of the time that they are needed, by those who are unable to accept changes. (SaLuSa, Feb. 13, 2012.)

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and will tell you that the members of the Galactic Federation are God loving and not God fearing. We have long accepted that God is All Love, and that we are all an aspect of that pure Light. With that in mind, religious teachings will have to be changed accordingly. It is a delicate situation as we must allow for free expression, but at the same time the truth must be laid before the people. You must be able to make an informed choice, and before the end of this cycle you will be in that position. Once you are aware, we see that as another step towards complete harmony between you all. (SaLuSa, Feb. 8, 2012.)

From 2011

Given that you have had such a hard time finding the truth about yourself and history, you have nevertheless progressed. The starting point is a belief in God whatever name you use and acceptance that God is All That Is, and is the fountain of Love and Light. Nothing can exist except that it has its existence within the energy of God, which is why you should respect all life forms.

Remember that even non-sentient forms still have a level of consciousness, and like everything else deserve your love and respect. Man was meant to look after the other Kingdoms, but hitherto has treated them with disdain and lack of caring. Indeed Man has used them for his own advantage with little understanding of their needs. In future you will come to understand your true relationship, and will bond together.

At heart all Humans are loving individuals, and it is just that you have been hurt so many times and taught to see others as your potential enemies. If you accept that you are All One, why indeed would you treat others than how you would wish to be treated yourselves? Compassion will go long way towards resurrecting the Oneness that once existed between you all else. Does the criminal who has strayed from the Light deserve it, or is he/she a lost cause? We would say that you cannot discriminate when being compassionate, and that challenge will come up time and again through the rest of your life in duality. You cannot perhaps be all things to all people, but what does it cost you to show compassion which is an aspect of Unconditional Love. (SaLuSa, July 25, 2011.)

What the Prime Minister of Ireland, Mr Enda Kenny, did last week, was the first step towards complete disclosure. In time, he will understand that his courage in standing up for his people has opened a door that can never again be closed. Other countries are now joining the Irish. They are questioning the Vatican's rule and control. The Vatican is skilled at saying all the right words but their actions do not change. They rule through fear. ...

All human life is manipulated from cradle to grave. Of course, there are good Catholics and good Catholic clergy, but what we draw your attention to is the Vatican. There we see criminal conspiracy involving a few thousand people who consider themselves the Elite who rule the world. This is why they ensure that they control the schools, so that they can control children's minds and fill them with fear. The children are taught that they must obey the priest who is God's representative on Earth. Think of the effect on those children when these priests rape and abuse them and rob them of their innocence. This has got to stop now. It is time to step into the Light.

Without your support, this abuse would not be possible. You have allowed yourselves to be controlled from cradle to grave. One of the many things they have kept hidden from you is Tesla's work, which would have provided Free Energy for all. They have hidden all the ancient knowledge that would have brought people together in love and harmony. War is their sacrifice to MOLOCH. This is what keeps them in power and control. (Montague Keen, July 24, 2011, at http://www.montaguekeen.com.)

From 2010

Because the religious teachings of old cannot provide satisfying answers to today's questions, church people are starting to listen to their inner voice. In resisting the long-held view that homosexuals have no place in church leadership, women and men of that orientation are being welcomed into those positions. Increasingly "You are your brother's keeper" is going well beyond church doors, establishing new or enlarging community outreach services. Individuals are holding onto the godly aspects and discarding the dogmatic rules of their respective faiths as hearts and minds are transitioning from religion to spirituality. (Matthew's Message, May 19, 2010.)

Some will deny God, but often that comes from learning of an angry and revengeful God that is to be feared. That is the image of a false God and has no place where you are concerned. God is and always will be the totality of all Love, because Love Is. If you follow spiritual messages, there are few that depict God and the Higher Beings in anyway except as full of Love and Light. At their levels in the higher dimensions it cannot be any other way as only the Truth can exist. God gets the blame for so many things, and that can only arise from a misunderstanding as to what God is. Regrettably some teachings play upon the idea of an angry God that metes out punishment, and it is used as a way to keep people in a continual state of fear and obedience. (SaLuSa, April 9, 2010.)

Throughout your history religious battles have been at the root of many wars, but when you are given the full truth of your spiritual heritage there will be an appraisal of your beliefs. Much that is false will fall away and thus allow for a coming together as there is but the One Creator, and not the many Gods you have envisaged. You will recognize the Light within all souls, and that will lead you towards Ascension as the one great civilization that you are. Seek to know the common ground between each other's beliefs, and you will begin the process of re-integration and comradeship. You have been separated for far too long and it is time to bring everyone back into the fold. (SaLuSa, Feb. 15, 2010.)

There are events unfolding on Earth we wish to address. I addressed this in my message at Fatima yet the message was withheld. It was a strong warning to the churches to stop amassing wealth at the expense of their flocks, to end all dark and deviant behavior as well as move in the direction for which they were founded. The churches were founded to aid the sick, the homeless, and to assist each individual in making their own personal God connection. I also issued a strong warning as to what would happen if they and others do not take a more spiritual path living in harmony with each other and their environment. These messages were not delivered. (Mother Mary through James Gilliland, Feb. 11, 20111, at http://lightworkers.org/channeling/124585/mother-marys-urgent-message.)

New Technology is Being Revealed

From 2011

The Illuminati's long-time suppression of free energy developments will end within months and so will their use of HAARP to the detriment of humankind and the planet. (Matthew's Message, Aug. 11, 2011.)

From 2010

Jesus came to show by example, that it was possible to live a life dedicated to the most complete showing of Unconditional Love. He illustrated that when you can find it within your heart to love all life including those who oppose you, it is possible to create balance and harmony.

Jesus came not to create Christianity, and his teachings were for all people regardless of their personal beliefs. That his powerful energy of love still remains on Earth, is a credit to his ability to manifest such a high level of vibration when there was so much darkness around. He spoke of the One God that every soul is connected to and conveyed the idea that all were One within that energy.

Of necessity when we can openly speak with you, matters such as religious understanding will have to be addressed. It is so important that you shed those beliefs that have infiltrated the true teachings that are of Love and Light. There can only be the One Truth even although it can be expressed in a number of different ways. In the past the Priesthood have jealously guarded their power, and tried to make their followers captive to their own teachings and interpretations of the scriptures. To counteract such ways there have been further teachings that have promoted the idea of finding the true self within.

Each of you carries the truth with you, but because of the struggle to make headway in situations where you are continually facing duality, you are more often than not confused and unable to progress. That Dear Ones is the challenge you have undertaken to enhance your understanding, and still evolve through discovering the Light within. Many paths have led you to your present level of understanding, and with the benefit of being able to incarnate into the different cultures, you have experienced their beliefs first hand. What you have learnt still remains with you at a subconsciousness level, even although you cannot recall it in detail. (SaLuSa, Dec. 22, 2010.)

The ideas for many useful inventions have been given to you by us, and will help fill the gap left through years and years of little real progress. Those that have been developed have not necessarily benefited you in general, but covertly used for military superiority. They were given so as to benefit all of you, and with our help they will eventually do so. Man will learn many deep spiritual lessons from these experiences, and draw closer to his fellow man. (SaLuSa, May 5, 2010.)

There are numerous new energy devices that are being held back, because of the current situation that makes any progress very difficult. In fact, there are major companies in the West who will do everything in their power to prevent them from being released. (SaLuSa, March 22, 2010.)

The ever-intensifying light ... is exposing the self-serving interests that have long-suppressed your developments in free energy sources and other technologies. Soon those will "come to light," and along with your space family's advanced technologies, they will be used to cleanse and purify soil, water and air; and transform your methods of transportation, medical care, food production, construction, manufacturing and communication. In short, life as you know it will change radically and marvelously when Earth is completely out of third density. (Matthew's Message, Jan. 11, 2010.)

The 2012 Scenario Conference in Sedona

From 2012

We still require that your Military are ordered not to fire upon us, if we are to move more freely in your skies. Although we can avoid danger we wish to be able to move closer to you and make contact without any risk of harm to you. Those of you who are psychic will have noted that we appear more often where there are gatherings of those spreading the Light, and so it shall continue. It is our way of not only protecting you, but also enfolding you in more Light so that all involved are lifted up even further.

This was your experience at the Sedona Conference, and some of you were overwhelmed by it. Just imagine if each day was the same, because very soon that will become your normal day to day experience. You have touched the higher vibrations and realize what a wonderful feeling it is. (SaLuSa, Nov. 9, 2012.)

Dear Ones what a grand assembly of people took place in Sedona, with the coming of the 2012 Scenario Conference. With no hesitation hundreds took off to meet for 3 days, to listen to speakers well known for their dedication to spreading the Light. They were treated to a feast that brought out the love and Light of all concerned, and created a focus for it that spread out all around. It remains as a beacon that calls out to other souls, and signals the intent of raising the vibrations even higher than they were before.

It also increases the chance of the first City of Light emerging very shortly. Those dear souls who were involved are true Lightworkers who answered the call to join arms, and bring Ascension to the notice of more people than before.

 We watched the Light growing not just from above, and our representatives with Angels were also present to witness first hand the beauty and joy of your gathering. We also ensured your Conference was not interfered with, because such an explosion of Light attracts the dark Ones who would wish to extinguish it.

It is as well all of you who are of the Light take care to protect yourselves, and a simple visualization of placing a cocoon of Light around you will keep you safe. What you learnt was that where there are many of a like mind and intent, there is an instant bonding and a freedom of expression that is uninhibited by social custom or practices. You felt unrestrained and able to accept other souls without question. In your future that kind of acceptance will be the normal way that you will interact with others. (SaLuSa, Nov. 5, 2012.)

It is my joy to be with you and of course this is a time of joy and that has been one of the major accomplishments of this coming together, this what you have called the 2012 Scenario conference, the InLight gathering which will occur in all likelihood again and again, not because it is necessary to simply raise your vibrations. That has been done. But because you come together as family, as friends, as soul mates, as one unit, to embrace each other in joy and laughter, in play and fun.

Yes, I know this has been a lot of work, dear friends. But you have no idea how much this has accomplished. So, yes, let me share with you what exactly has gone on. Of course there has been what you think of as having gone on with the wonderful presentations from your speakers and the participation of your audience.

But the quotient of light, if I may use that term, the quotient of light that has been collected and gathered and brought to this time and space is acting like a beam, a catalyst, a transmission that is sending forth all over the world the radiation of love.

This, my friends, is unity in action. This is heart consciousness. This is the coming together as observers to be in action. You have accomplished - and this energy continues by the way to grow and to expand - so it has accomplished, not simply something in your time and space continuum that has occurred over three days and is magnificent.

But this also continues to grow and grow and grow and grow and with this second infusion, with the second conference coming up very rapidly - because the lightworkers, lightholders are already pouring in to the Sedona portal - what is occurring is the implosion/explosion that Albert Einstein has spoken of to you so often. And it is the implosion/explosion of creation.

We have spoken to you, my beloved brother and friends, of how we are in sacred partnership. We are in the unity and connectedness, of heart and soul, of mission. And you have stepped forward.

Now I also do not wish for any listener or reader who has not had the opportunity to physically be with you in Sedona, to physically be with you in the opening of the gates of the New Jerusalem, to feel in any way, shape or form that you have not been part of this because you have. Yes, I spoke of how you would participate from home. This channel scolded me because she felt that I was breaking news that she thought would be a surprise.

But I am not just doing that. What I was saying and what I say to each of you again, to those of you who have gathered and will gather in Sedona and those of you who gather in the comfort of your own home, you are holding the space. Your hearts are connected. You are holding the energy. You are building the light.

And what you do not fully realize, in our sacred construction, our geometry, our engineering, is that you are receiving the gift of much of this light and this elevation of frequency and vibration. So you are giving, you are holding, and you are receiving. Dear hearts, that is what balance is all about. And that is what you are doing. And it is beyond comprehension.

And if you were to see us, with your Third Eye, or with your heart, or your Fourth Eye, you would see that throughout heaven and on the cliffs of the rocks of Sedona, there are angels and masters dancing with joy.

You were given an assignment and you picked it up and you ran with that. And there was not one being, among the speakers or the organizers or the participants, that did not pick up the energy and run with it.

This energy I have spoken of has created an implosion/explosion, and you say what does that mean? Many of you have a very negative vision of what it means to have a mushroom cloud and the spreading of radiation.

But this, dear hearts, is a mushroom cloud of light and love, of joy, of gratitude. And it is not just yours but is expanded. It is ours. It is your brothers and sisters of the stars, who by the way were in full attendance and will be again.

And our countdown is the size of your hearts, of your love. You are there. Does this give you even an inkling of what has been accomplished, my friend? (Archangel Michael on An Hour with an Angel, Oct. 29, 2012, at http://the2012scenario.com/0-the-sedona-conference/archangel-michael-on-the-first-sedona-conference-the-east-coast-storm-and-the-west-coast-earthquake/.)

The Sedona Conference represents the opportunity of like-minded and like-hearted individuals to come together to explore the truth and to be the love, to raise the individual and the collective vibration to such a level that you simply have liftoff. That is the purpose of the conference. ...

I will make my presence very known and very clear so that there will not be involvement in fiasco, in drama, in misinformation, in trying to create disharmony. ... As you go through the portal, and we have already created one, ... don't be worrying about anything. ...

So do not be broken-hearted, dear ones, do not be discouraged if your circumstances are such that you are sitting in India, or China, or New Zealand, or Canada. Do not be discouraged that you could not come because you are holding the energy and you are also receiving the energy.

Will you know all the various pieces of what is being said and what is being presented? Well, eventually you will. But know that you can focus and receive the energies and participate in that way and get the information, the transcripts, etc., at a later date. ...

There are millions of you that will assist in the work of those who are coming together in Sedona, helping them to do this undertaking. And each of the persons that are arriving in Sedona those who are attending in physicality, are representing sometimes thousands and millions of people; So they have their work cut out for them too. (Archangel Michael in An Hour with an Angel, Oct, 22, 2012, at http://the2012scenario.com/0-the-sedona-conference/archangel-michaels-charge-to-those-participating-in-the-sedona-conference-in-person-and-from-their-homes/.)

We Are Becoming Conscious Co-Creators

From 2012

Ascension is to be your total release from the lower vibrations and lift you into a level that is your true state of being where your creative powers become more evident. Your power of thought is still creating in your present dimension but it rarely provides you with an instant result. (SaLuSa, Sept. 10, 2012.)

From 2010

Members of the lighted way, today is a special day! Today we greet you in the netherworld, the place between dimensions that allows us to fully participate with those in the earth realms. We gather with you here and welcome you to the dawning of a new galactic day.

Recently, you participated in a diagnostic event that took precedence over the physical outworkings of your daily life...this event was called forth by the celestial heavens and those who work within the realms of oneness to prepare and ensure that each of you are fully ready to walk steadily and unencumbered between worlds, to anchor yourselves in the higher dimensions, but with the ability to stand with your feet solidly on the physical ground.

As a result, we are now fully participating with you in the fields of oneness for the first time and simultaneously as each of you complete the anchoring (grounding) of your physical bodies into the new grid of human, divine and galactic consciousness. You are being called forth this day to join in union with the band of souls who work within these realms of physical and ethereal co-creation. (The Spiritual Hierarchy, November 02, 2010, through Lauren Gorgo, at http://transmissionsfromhome.blogspot.com/.)

Divine warriors, we cannot begin to express the joy and gratitude that we feel for your earthbound journeys, your selfless sacrifice and the amount of love that you carry within the earth plane. We want to thank you for your divine missions of service, for your absolute dedication to the light and to the future of this planet that you call home. We are like proud parents, awe-inspired as we watch your wings unfold in preparation for flight.

To you we say, your salvation draws nigh.

We regard you as the lighted ones, for surely you kept alive the inner light of your three-fold flame, burning even through the darkest of nights. As you incarnated into the dimensions of separation you held the awareness that your only role, your only true mission of service toward personal and planetary ascension, was to keep that light alive.

The 7th day of the galactic underworld will be a time of fostering new beginnings, a time of releasing the past so completely that you are able to participate within the new fields of oneness without karmic restrictions. From this "day" forward, your past will be sealed off and you will be walking among us, the makers of worlds and overseers of planetary ascension.

As we work with you in this new level reality, we will come together as one in thought, merging in consciousness to create the new earth.

The most important aspect of this new day is that it entails the full activation of your multi-sensory perceptions. As you begin to walk forward into the higher dimensions of human experience, you will begin to understand how the mind can operate in more than one reality at a time. In fact, many of you are already beginning to experiment with your new processing & mental capabilities.

Come the new day, each of you who are fully reconnected to the new light grid will begin your exploration and creations in the new world. You will simultaneously have access to more than one time/space reality as you bring forth your many multidimensional gifts, and your point of perception will be shifting to a greater understanding of life as an integrated whole.

We would like to offer the acknowledgment that this transition to the new world will be more impacting than anything you have experienced thus far in human form. (The Spiritual Hierarchy, November 02, 2010, through Lauren Gorgo, at http://transmissionsfromhome.blogspot.com/.)

When you are referred to as Co-Creators it is no trivial comment, as within your own dimension you have collectively created your world. Hence Dear Ones on your pathway to the end-times you are responsible for what you are experiencing now. It is also why you have more than one option that will lead you onto Ascension.

Note that in the end all who are ready to ascend will do so regardless of which path they take, and it can be as easy or as hard as you make it. Our encouragement is for you to take the responsibility for yourself and create a peaceful path. Others can help you, but it is very much a personal matter for each one of you. If you doubt yourself, please remember that the powerful incoming energies are lifting up your consciousness levels, and in time you will understand considerably more than you do now. (SaLuSa, Oct. 29, 2010.)

I am hearing that these next six weeks will be actively potent as we undergo the changes needed to make the transition into the material phase of conscious co-creation through divine transfiguration ... the process of dying to the past so as to be reborn into a higher expression of consciousness. ... Know that those who are not yet ready to move forward will simply...and temporarily... be void of the desire to activate (work with) the newly embedded mathematical codes and algorithms that are a requirement for the divine human template to function...and those ready to work with the magnetic scalar potential of conscious co-creation will feel as tho this next step is indeed a very natural one. (Lauren Gorgo, "Morphogenetic Resonance: From Causal to Conscious Creation," Oct. 6, 2010, at http://tinyurl.com/2alwbg7.)

We tell you something you have known for a long time, but it will become increasingly important in the days ahead. Matter is floating freely throughout the Universe at every moment, but when you have an energy form matter finds its way to that energy form and creates things in your world.

Everything you thought and everything that exists in your world started first as a thought form. You create energy out here, and matter will arrive and stick to it. This is no secret, for it has been known throughout the Universe for some time. However, humans are now taking the next step with this, which means that you will become conscious creators instead of unconscious creators. The first thing that will happen is that a lot of the restrictions on your own creations will be removed. Many people will move into fear over this, meaning people will try to use it and abuse it - that is typically human.

Once you get past those ups and downs, you are going to find that your own thoughts create that energy form much faster than you ever thought possible. Many of your thought processes are now happening more quickly. The energy fields on planet Earth are clarifying. Because you are working to clarify much of the chatter, the innate energy that is all around you, you are learning to take control of a whole new body. You are learning how to do something differently, and to have an experience as a fully-empowered human while still in a physical body. There are certainly challenges that come with this. Most of you will deal with ego adjustments somewhere along the path. (The Group, "The Secret of the Expanding Universe," through Steve Rother, at http://www.lightworkers.org.)

From 2009

Remember, you were brought forth from the Sacred Heart Core of the Supreme Creator as a White Fire Being, from which comes the saying, "Made in the image and likeness of God." The Light of the Creator contains energy, intelligence and everything necessary to create worlds without end and to fulfill the Divine plan.

You are being given an opportunity to become a cocreator of the highest order; however, you must step out of your comfort zone and reclaim your birthright. Follow the path of Light, beloveds; the time of the grand reunion is at hand. You are loved profoundly. (Archangel Michael, January 2009, through Ronna Herman, at http://www.ronnastar.com/latest.html.)


The great adventure of true self-discovery is about to begin and I can tell you, as self-conscious beings probing the true inner sanctums of your individual temples, there is only the most blissful of journeys ahead of you, for we already know the outcome. You will discover that you are essentially God, but the road to that discovery is the ultimate road to fulfillment. (Kuthumi, "On the Continuance of Freewill in the New Era," at http://tinyurl.com/2bdlcau.)

Fire the Grid

From 2007

The events known as "Fire the Grid" and "7-7-7" so successfully accomplished their purpose that Earth is glowing brilliantly in the profusion of light that you generated jointly with our benevolent space family. (Matthew's Message, Aug. 1, 2007.)

Now then, the July 17th event that has become known as "Fire the Grid" - and is ideally named! - is supremely deserving of my first ever PS to a message. It surely doesn't need my endorsement, and that is not what I am doing. Rather I am urging all who are unaware to read about this window of opportunity to join a dynamic worldwide throng whose energy outreach will blend with the in-surging light. The remarkable story of a young woman and her little son that led to her receiving organizing instructions for this unique global effort is at www.firethegrid.org, and I hope you will feel inspired to read it.

But briefly, Tuesday, July 17th, starting at 11:11 a.m. Greenwich time, an off-planet energy surge will activate the light grid surrounding Earth, and as your collective light mingles with that incoming energy, the unprecedented light intensity not only will "fire the grid," but it will be anchored within selves and your planet. Each soul participating will spend one hour, starting in the respective time zone, in contemplative BEing. This can be whatever is most comfortable and familiar to you - meditation; prayer; envisioning Earth in golden white light; focusing on peace, harmony and cooperation among all humankind; feeling gratitude for life's blessings and the natural beauty of your homeland planet; listening to quiet inspirational music; feeling connected with God and all other life throughout the universe; or any combination of those or whatever else fills your heart with light and your mind with peacefulness.

The healing love energy of lighted souls throughout the universe will be with you throughout that time of major importance in the transformation of your world. (Matthew's Message, July 9, 2007.)

Role of China Today

From 2011

Notice how the Chinese leaders are making concessions to the West, and that they are using their power to prevent the Illuminati from making further footholds in the East. They are a part of a growing movement to stabilise the world, and root out the influences that have tried to lead you into another war scenario. (SaLuSa, Jan. 21, 2011.)

Growing Unrest Around the World

From 2014

Beloved Ones, as these new 6th Dimensional Portals open, they raise the vibrational frequency of the Earth, and this intensifies what is perceived as "chaos" on the Earth. As you may know, the higher the frequency, the more harmonious and peaceful the energy. But, when lower frequencies encounter higher frequencies, then there is turmoil and imbalance for a while as the energies find a balance. So it is, right now, that the increasing turmoil is an indication of the raising of frequency on the Earth and the tumult that occurs as each of the interconnected Dimensions of Light comes into balance with the others.

So, in this next month, between the 11:11 and the Solstice on the 21st December, you can expect that the chaos and tumult will intensify, but that at the same time you will begin to see the Magic arising in your lives, you will see and feel the Earth Magic once again, and at the same time you will begin to perceive the changes in your Light Body and your Physical Body as you align with 6th Dimensional Frequency and Light. (“Archangel Michael: The Magic Rises and the Butterfly Emerges Opening the Portals of the 6th Dimension to Earth Reality” Channeled by Celia Fenn November 24, 2014 via email)

From 2011

The energy for change is unstoppable and we will ensure that it flows uninterrupted by those who oppose it. (SaLuSa, Sept. 28, 2011.)

From the rioting and other acts of defiance against the authorities, you are seeing how unsettling the changing times can be. There is a sense of knowing that the fabric of society is collapsing, but very few understand that it must happen if you are to go forward. The future therefore looks bleak, whereas it is full of promise that will establish a new society that will be reflect the Love and Light growing upon Earth. You are the Children Of God, so how else could it be as you are fully capable of bringing your real self that is your Godself into being. You are not your body but a glorious Being of Light seeking the pathway back to the higher realms, your true home. (SaLuSa, Aug. 17, 2011.)

As you see civil disturbances occurring around the world, be aware that they are a part of the ongoing changes leading up to humanity's awakening. Dissatisfaction with the illusion is intensifying and encouraging people to wake up. Without dissatisfaction, waking up is difficult. During your life experiences, being awake, being deeply asleep, and dreaming, you have all had nightmares that were horrifying enough to startle you into wakefulness.

When you awoke you realized that you had only been asleep and dreaming, and were now awake and quite safe. So the collective dream you are all dreaming is now getting to the stage where you all want to awaken from it into the peace and joy of your Father's divine Reality, leaving behind the misery and suffering that it brought you. And because that is your will, and God's, you will awaken. (Saul, Aug. 10, 2011.)

As more unrest grows around your world, worry and fear will become the dominant mode of thought for many. This dominant thought will overtake your planet unless you, who have been prepared for so long, undo these emotions with Love and Compassion. It is your responsibility to bring these truths to as many as you can. We suggest you talk naturally of these issues as if everyone already knew about them. In that way, the ice is broken and a deeper discussion on these issues can commence as a way in which to overcome fear with knowledge. (Wanderer of the Skies, Aug. 10, 2011.)

By now you should be getting a feel for what is taking place in your world. If ever you wanted proof that the mass consciousness is a powerful tool, you only have to register how many countries are under pressure for change. It seems to make no difference as to how powerful the rulers are; eventually the people get their way. Sometimes it is not achieved without violence, but even although they are often ill equipped the people still succeed. (SaLuSa, March 30, 2011.)

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and if I have given you hope and assurance that a beautiful future lies ahead of you, I will have succeeded in giving you a help line to assist you through these troubled times on Earth. Already you are seeing what people can do when there focus is concentrated upon their goal. The result may not be instantaneous but can bring about changes that lead to it. If you did not think the changes would ever come, you know different now and they will continue to escalate. With your knowledge you can help others who only see the outer happenings, and help them avoid a fearful reaction.(SaLuSa, Feb. 18, 2011.)

So although it is not apparent exactly where it is all leading, you will eventually see that the people are getting attention and their demands being met. It proves that people power is real, and that when sufficient people direct their energies in unison and for the same purpose, it brings results. (SaLuSa, Feb. 4, 2011.)

You are in the beginning stages of many changes that will take place throughout the world. It is a time of what appears to be rebellion, but what is actually the awakening of the masses to their entitled freedom.

Now is the time when unknown to themselves, people are feeling an opening to their higher energies which is causing them to feel the need and desire for the experience of freedom. That is, freedom from the tyranny of those who would dictate, freedom from those who would have you believe that you need them, and freedom from those who would condemn you for not believing as they do.

It is a powerful energy, dear ones, that is now awakening many to the realization that they have been kept in bondage by the few. Be aware of false prophets. We speak of those who would speak to you in tongues gentle with what seems to be truth, and yet is simply another way of keeping you in bondage. (The Arcturian Group, Feb. 5, 2011.)

Like you we wait and hold our breathe, knowing that the old system is creaking at the joints and cannot hold together much longer. We can see the domino effect taking place once the first part falls. Once it commences we can see quite clearly that there will be no shortage of people coming forward to support the Light. You are spread across the globe, and your persistence in pushing for change is about to pay off. Clearly it cannot all happen at once, and some will by the nature of what is involved take many months to complete. The important thing is that you the people see the beginning of real action, and know that it cannot be interfered with. (SaLuSa, Jan. 5, 2011.)

From 2010

As you see the last days being acted out, it is causing a reaction of anger and protest amongst you. We ask, as we have done before, that you do not play into the hands of the dark Ones by becoming violent. You cannot win the battle that way and only give cause for a powerful response, and a further curtailing of your freedom.

Peaceful protests are the way forward and help attract more Light to Earth, and lift the people up. In fact you have been building the Light up for quite a long time, and as a result your consciousness levels have also risen. It has enabled us to respond to a greater degree than previously, and we now have the authority to intervene more directly. (SaLuSa, Nov. 29, 2010.)

Demonstrations and riots are becoming more frequent, as people reject a return to the past. They are awakening to the potential that exists to make a clean start, and have no desire to accept any form of compromise. Before matters can get out of hand, certain events that are near to happening will help calm matters.

The future is assured, and we will gradually have a greater role to play in your lives. We ask you all to be part of the movement for peace, and not engage in violence no matter how much you are incited. Live to your highest ideals and you will not go wrong, and in so doing will show the way for other people. (SaLuSa, Oct. 4, 2010.)

We would never condone violence, but Mankind sometimes resorts to it when his leaders fail to listen to them. So often elections are rigged, and the people are no longer prepared to accept such fraudulent behavior. However, their protestations rarely produce any changes, and if they demonstrate it is often put down with violent methods. Yet, the mood of the people is moving towards achieving true democracy, and you will find there is some degree of unrest in many countries.

The energy that is being created is having the desired affect, and changes for the better will come into being. Apart from this the plan for radical and far-reaching changes proceeds at a pace, as time continues to speed up. Together they will deliver your release from the clutches of the dark forces. (SaLuSa, May 21, 2010.)

From 2009

In most countries you are learning of unrest, and it is because of the awakening consciousness of the people. You no longer desire to be at the mercy of those who dictate how your lives are led. (SaLuSa, April 15, 2009.)

From 2008

Sympathy and compassion are required where you meet civil disobedience and some souls only know this way of expressing themselves. What they do know however is that society is breaking up, and that the old paradigm no longer serves your purpose. You who have moved into the Light have a different mindset and know that the spreading of Love and Light is the means by which you create opportunities for change.

There is much that is discordant and aggravates conditions that lead to unrest. Young people see no future ahead of them, and feel disempowered to do anything about it. Understandably they feel out of place, yet have an innate knowing that there are better ways of building a society that is a reflection of the harmony and happiness they seek. Until they see a new way of governing the people that is fair and just, they will continue to reject what your present society has to offer. (Ker-On of Venus, Dec. 12, 2008.)

It shall be increasingly difficult to perpetuate the old world in the same ways it has been perpetuated. And by this we mean both the old world of your civilization and the old world of your own personal lives. As the wave of spiritual evolution accelerates, those who insist upon living in the old paradigms will find it increasingly difficult.

Fear and paranoia will be the tone of the day, from the minutest aspects of personal life to international relations. This tug of war between that which wishes to remain locked in place, tugging against those forces that wish to open the world to new possibilities shall indeed become a surrealistic experience.

The evolutionary pressures upon individuals and society are extraordinary, and those individuals who are less centered (psychologically imbalanced) may experience an increase in irrational behaviors. Many countries around the world are already seeing a rise in irrational acts and unusual crimes. (The Hathors, Oct. 1, 2008, at http://tomkenyon.com/birthing-the-new-world/.)

Respond to Events Peacefully

From 2011

In previous lives your placement in different cultures and countries has been made for your advancement through selected experiences. It is therefore important that you are given absolute freedom to follow your desires. That is of course providing you do not hurt or interfere with another person in the process.(SaLuSa, Feb. 4, 2011.)

We have never condoned violence of any kind, and that includes the barbaric practices that are meted out as lawful punishment. Violence of any kind breeds more violence, whereas love is not in any way forceful but gently permeates all other energies and uplifts them to higher levels. It is the answer to so many problems, yet some people find it difficult to express their love. Sometimes it is because they have been shown little love during their formative years. It also comes from rejection and the fear of it happening again, yet all souls have the potential to express their godselves.

As you grow in consciousness so it becomes a most natural aspect of life, and is easy to apply in your everyday activities. True love asks for nothing in return but is normally reciprocated because like attracts like, and it is how you uplift people without imposing upon their freewill. In these present times there is a wonderful thought form of great size moving around the Earth. It represents Universal Love that calls for peace and goodwill, to end the rule of the dark Ones. Its energy is so powerful that it cannot be denied for much longer. ...

What you see on Earth of the coarseness and vulgarity comes from a lack of respect for each other, and is a state of being resulting from the gradual erosion of caring and love for all souls. However, as you desire to instead bring beauty and harmony into your lives, those lower vibrations will be shaken off.

You are continually assessing your approach and attitude to what is considered normal and acceptable, and as you become more discerning so you discard those things that do not harmonise with you. The result is that your vibrations are continually rising, and the feel good factor becomes a major part of your life. You will have noticed that the mass media including television and films spend a disproportionate time highlighting crime and war, until it possible to become saturated by such energies. That is how the dark Ones draw you into their vibrations so that nothing no longer shocks you or sickens your feelings, and you become in danger of losing your sense of what is right or wrong. (SaLuSa, Jan. 31, 2011.)

Your role at present is to be a calming affect on those around you, and do your best to eliminate the fear factor. In the long run nothing will really matter, or have the ability to deny you the opportunity to ascend. It is thus written and so it shall be as promised, as the dark Ones have failed to achieve their aims for world control. The chaotic conditions will be cleared up and total peace declared, by silencing the weapons of war.

With the consciousness levels increasing it will become much easier to lift people's minds, into a new way of thinking largely arising from a new found desire for peace. You are to witness a great wave of love and joy sweep over the world, and barriers between people will quickly come down. Most of you seek the same things out of life, and with the return of your freedom you will achieve success. (SaLuSa, Jan. 28, 2011.)

From 2010

However as you do learn more, it is essential that your reaction is one of a sensible and peaceful response. It will add power to your demands for changes, without bringing the authorities down upon you as in the case of violent reactions. (SaLuSa, Nov. 29, 2010.)

S510: The Food Safety Act

From 2005

This blatant effort to reduce or eliminate your access to these natural and effective treatments and remedies may come into law, but if so, like other unjust laws and practices devised by the dark forces, it will not last long. (Matthew's Message, April 5, 2005.)

Situation of Native Indians

From 2009

We were with those who attended the Return of the Ancestors. We have a commitment to the indigenous people of the Earth. We are most like them in our way of thinking and behaving on a planet. We are in harmony with your indigenous languages. We send an outpouring of love and congratulations to those who completed the ceremony to bring forth the specified prophecy at the specified time on Earth.

It took a lot of energy to set the energies for this shift that occurred. It was almost like moving a mountain because the resistance and build up of the old energies had to be removed. The winds needed to be strong and pure. Our ships from various star systems were needed to oversee the clearing, to protect all who attended, and to be on the lookout for whatever might have happened. We were pleased to participate. You have no idea how much from the past was removed. What was set in the present and future are profound.

As a result of this gathering a lot of extra Light was anchored into the Earth. If you will remember you came from the stars and the indigenous people know this. It is now permissible to move forward with the energies for the New Earth. What was transmuted is now where it should be and that is off the planet. Great changes will be forthcoming. The groundwork has been laid. The preparations for this time have been set in place for a long time. It is a celebration on a grand scale. (Mira the Pleiadian, May 8, 2009.)

From 2007

To the reader who asked me to comment on shamans' use of hallucinogens for healing purposes, while individuals not of native tribes also may be shamans, I am interpreting the request to mean tribal shamans. There are very strict guidelines regarding the quantity of natural hallucinogens for healing purposes as well as for ceremonial rituals, and there are severe penalties for anyone who does not observe these. The natives who survived dark attempts to eradicate them have had a far closer relationship with Nature and their Maker than almost all others in today's civilization, which gives them the ancient wisdom that has been lost to most. (Matthew Ward, Feb. 3, 2007.)

Situation of Mother Earth

From 2012

You are safe with us and we shall continue to fully monitor your Earth. (SaLuSa, Sept. 21, 2012.)

Many Corporations and controlling individuals within your government and within greedy Corporations, have taken to harming the Earth for their own profit but dear souls, it has been the instilled complacencies in all of humanity that has continued to allow the ravaging of the Earth in every form that it occurs in, every day.

In the immediate period ahead there will be much work for the collective to nullify and neutralize the pollution, both long term and short term, that has been caused on your world for so very long but rest assured knowing that we do indeed possess technology that will see you better able to clean up the messes you have made, in a much smaller time frame as such cleansing will be a very small part of the overall jobs that need to be done.

Even still, they will be important efforts and our technology will help you to greatly nullify the worst of what has been done, while the collective freewill of humanity must still ensure that you as a collective do much of the work yourselves.

We should say however, that by assisting with our technology we will be saving you dear beautiful souls perhaps decades of cleansing of the pollution and density that has been manifested on Gaia, so that She can be rid of such densities on Her surface and see Her surface and all on Her surface who are ready, able to ascend with her. (The Pleiaidan High Council through Wes Annac, July 7, 2012, at http://aquariuschannelings.com/.)

As you awaken you will find yourselves offered boundless assistance in the task of cleansing and renewing the planet by those who have watched over you for eons, and who will provide you with fantastic technologies, way beyond anything you have ever imagined, which will make the task of planetary repair and renewal swift, effective, and easy. And of course they will provide or demonstrate to you new ways to access the energy you need to run all your essential services without the collateral damage and pollution that has always seemed to be unavoidable with your present vast complex of industrial systems.

Pollution and toxic waste are not the inevitable side effects of industry! What has been occurring on Earth under your stewardship has been a complete disregard for the responsibilities that living on Earth involved. You have been operating a system of rape, pillage, and destruction, and when all of value had been extracted from a site you just moved on. No wonder the Earth is in such a parlous state.

This will all change. You are finally becoming ready to take on the responsibilities that living peacefully, abundantly, and joyfully on Earth rightfully demand of you. And when, ably assisted by those who have come to help you, you do so, you will find that it is not a task of time-consuming drudgery but a most creative and inspiring experience that will bring you inordinate satisfaction.

Yes, many of you have for a long time been very concerned about the constant despoliation of your beautiful planet, and yet it seemed that there was very little that you could do about it. However, your various movements to bring this knowledge out into the open have been most effective in bringing about alterations in people's attitudes, and an awareness of the great need for change in your industrial practices. And this enormous change in awareness is part of the awakening process that you have been undergoing. (Jesus through John Smallman, May 13, 2012, at http://wp.me/p1B8dY-42.)

You live on a beautiful Earth that it is an entity of high consciousness in its own right, spoilt by lack of understanding. Mother Earth has sacrificed much to allow your evolution to go forward, but you could say it is now payback time. By appreciating what she has done for you, and also respecting her needs to prepare for Ascension, you can work towards undoing and rectifying some of the damage that has been done.

Certainly you will be called upon to participate in the cleansing once we can safely land on your Earth. It is a mammoth task, yet for us will take no time to speak of because of our technologies. Already we are cleansing the atmosphere, and noting your concern about Chemtrails and are reducing their effects upon you. Indeed, we have for many years cleared the fall out from atomic explosions, and even now we deal with radiation coming from the damaged Nuclear Plant in Japan. As you must now know, we are also currently preventing the use of nuclear devices and will safely destroy them if necessary.

We will not stand by any longer and allow further deliberate destruction of the planet, and your authorities are aware of iiour position on this. (SaLuSa, May 7, 2012.)

We are more active now than ever before where your safety and well-being is concerned. Since a lot of our work is covertly carried out, you cannot know the extent to which we go, but we do lessen the effects of pollution whether air or seaborne. When we have fully stopped activities that cause pollution, then we can set to work and complete our projects to completely eliminate their effects. (SaLuSa, April 20, 2012).

I am the spirit of Gaia. I am the soul of Gaia. And my journey has been long. And I am pleased to begin my homeward bound journey. ...

Now, you ask, who am I? How does a planet speak? My question to each of you would be how could I remain quiet, particularly during this time of such great excitement? But you have heard my voice your entire life. You may not have heard it in this form, but you have heard it. You have heard my voice in the wind, in the ocean, in the tides. You have seen my face in the wheat fields, in the mountains. You have seen my hair in the Spanish moss on trees. Of course I can speak, and I speak in many languages, but mostly the universal language. ...

Let me take you back to the beginning, because seldom have I spoken of this; in fact, rarely - although when I have, it has been on the radio for many to hear. But it is amazing how often you can say something and it not be heard. So yes, let us go back long ago, because my beginning is rather unique, and I think that many of you will find it rather surprising.

Eons and eons ago, I emanated - was created - from the heart of One as an archangel. So, my birth into a planet was very unusual, for planets, galaxies, universes are birthed through the Mother in conjunction with the Father. But when this beautiful planet - that you call Earth, that we know as Terra Gaia - when it was time to create a planet of love, I offered my essence and my being, which has always been very large. ...

And so, I asked the Mother to allow me to incarnate, to change form into this planet. ("An Hour with an Angel, April 9, 2012, with Geoffrey West and Gaia," April 12, 2012, at http://the2012scenario.com/2012/04/an-hour-with-an-angel-april-9-2012-with-geoffrey-west-and-gaia/#more-111758.)

Let us begin by saying that your world will shortly be undergoing changes that will bring it into alignment with the Ascension process. Gaia has sent her message to the Creator that she is ready. She, and all of us, are anxiously awaiting the response. It is no small matter. The response from the Creator could be the "green light" which allows us to move forward with disclosure. Therefore, our hearts are turned towards the Creator at this time as we await word of how and when to proceed.

This message from Gaia is her assurance that she is prepared for the next step and is willing to proceed. It is also her "assessment" that all living beings which take sustenance from her are reasonably prepared for the next phase. This assessment is very important, for without it Creator would not consider such a position viable. Therefore, we have moved collectively into a very important phase of the process and one which brings us no end to the excitement of the prospects before us. (Wanderer of the Skies, March 25, 2012.)

The Earth is making herself ready to reconnect with the 8th and 9th Dimensions of Light, and the Earth Keeper Councils and the Councils of Elders who will be responsible for the New Earth are now being formed and brought into existence. (Archangel Michael, "The Multidimensional New Earth Takes Shape," through Celia Fenn, March 2012, http://www.starchildglobal.com/.)

The activity of anchoring your Light into the crystalline core of Mother Earth is helping her to adjust and recalibrate. She is ever so grateful to each Beloved Human who takes the time each day to set this intention and anchor in the Greater Light from the cosmos.

As with each Human, the changes begin within her and then spread across her entire energetic structures. Expect the unexpected and stay in equilibrium no matter what transpires. You are ready - you have great strength to stay balanced in every situation. (Hilarion, March 4, 2012.)

From where we are above you and looking down upon your beautiful Earth, we are saddened to see the extent of the damage that has taken place. Mother Earth was once the Garden of Eden and one of the most beautiful planets in the Universe. With your help, we can undo all of the damage and make good everything so that it is restored to how it was in the very beginning.

From there we will go further and add whatever resonates with you to make it into a wondrous planet that will be the jewel in the crown of God. Believe us Dear Ones, you will have no limitations placed upon you, and how happy and joyous we will all be. (SaLuSa, Jan. 13, 2012.)

From 2011

The Higher consciousness that embodies your Planet is a Being of the greatest Love, compassion and empathy. She loves all her inhabitants and has endured much, almost beyond endurance, in order to bring all Her inhabitants into a greater state of Unity with Her. (Melchizedek, Oct. 4, 2011, through Marlene Swetlishoff, at http://www.therainbowscribe.com.)

The Earth is the most diverse planet. This makes the ascension process complex. The levels of consciousness are compounded with various religious beliefs, cultures and ways of living. Some of humanity is connected to the Earth and others are quite separate. I will guarantee you that when these changes are over, all will have a new respect and deeper connection to your Earth Mother.

Your space family admires and adores the Earth. This is true of those of you who work for the Light. We relish the time when every one of you respects each other along with the Earth. (Mira the Pleiadian, Sept. 14, 2011.)

it is your planet, you are the guardians of it and responsible for its present condition. By karma you are therefore expected to play your part in helping Mother Earth to recover.

It will be a happy task as so much is owed to her, and she has so to say also been the Mother to the Human Race. She has not always had your respect or been treated as she should have been, but has never asked that you should be removed from her. Now you both prepare for the unique Ascension that shall be a most glorious occasion, welcomed throughout the Universe. Yes, Dear Ones, as we have mentioned previously, you may have been isolated on Mother Earth and at times seemed to be alone, but in fact your great acts of service in experiencing duality are well known. ...

In the end you will find out that all is energy in its various light forms, and that everything has levels of consciousness. That knowledge is perhaps what has been lacking on Earth, and resulted in so much lack of care where other life forms are concerned. It is not easy for example for you to comprehend that some animals are in fact more spiritual than humans. (SaLuSa, Jan. 19, 2011.)

From 2010

Respect for the Mother Earth must return, as there is much work to do to make good the damage caused to her. In this we will play a major role, as our technology will make short work of most problems. It will be the speed of recovery that will both please and astonish you. (SaLuSa, Oct. 4, 2010.)

Mother Earth still rumbles away, and is anxious to get her own evolution into full swing where the cleansing is concerned. Her destiny is the same as yours and it is therefore essential that you work together. Already powerful groups are urging that steps are taken, to counteract such disastrous industries as logging that is leading to de-forestation. The consequent result of such actions is being understood, and there must be a halt to them.

It also applies in general, to activities that damage the Earth when her resources are removed. The extraction of oil and fossil fuels has led to the decimation of it, but worse is the resultant pollution where land is left permanently destroyed. Naturally these problems are high on our list of projects, to reverse the damage that has occurred.

The introduction of alternative technologies will do away with the need for the continuation of such industries; so the quicker we can get started the sooner we can tackle the problems. Be assured that we shall have first put forward new ways of decreasing your dependence on the old forms of energy. The stands ready to speedily implement the new technologies, that will release your reliance upon them.

No matter how little you can personally do to reduce the damage to Earth, you can keep your focus on how you would like to see it. By visualizing a clean and beautiful Earth, you are helping manifest it. Indeed there will come a point in the Ascension process when the new Earth will emerge, and be seen as it originally was when in its pristine condition. Nothing that caused pollution or damage to the old Earth will continue to be used, and a new way of living will replace your existing needs. (SaLuSa, March 22, 2010.)

We ... continue with our program to minimise the effects of pollution both on and off Earth. This is something we have been involved in ever since the first experiments with nuclear devices. A considerable amount of our time has been cleansing your atmosphere of radioactive fallouts, and in more recent times the chemtrails. We have always kept watch on Mother Earth and her human population, and where allowed have often limited the effects of earthquakes. As you should know by now we only go as far as the higher Councils authorise us, and we would not do anything that could be seen as interference. You have created your reality, and it is not our place to prevent you experiencing the consequences. (SaLuSa, March 19, 2010.)

The Earth herself is adapting. If you look at your physical body as you re-wire and you consider what we are telling you in that much of your energetic system is now going to house much more of your spirit, the exact same thing is true of planet Earth. She is re-wiring as we speak and has been for some time in order to hold more of the energetics, in order to hold more of spirit from Home on planet Earth. If you were going to create heaven on Earth, you are going to need Earth's cooperation. That is what is happening. She is starting to evolve faster than you ever thought possible. (The Group, "The Re-Wire of Humanity," through Steve Rother, March 15, 2010, at http://lightworker.com/beacons/2010/2010_03-Birthpangs.php.)

From 2009

Ascension is the goal and our arrival will speed up your upliftment, whilst at the same time dealing with the need to bring Mother Earth up with you, as you will ascend together. (SaLuSa, April 17, 2009.)

The Earth is now closing this cycle and is also rising up with you, and before long you will move into even higher dimensions. As you see out the present period, know that life can only get better and will not go back to what it was, and the vibrations are already lifting you out of your dimension.

Hold onto whatever your vision of Ascension and help bring it into manifestation, and it will create a pathway ahead of you. Your world is clearly in a changing mode and the disruption to life will continue. However, out of it will emerge a totally new way of life more fitting for the new Man of Light that is emerging. (Atmos, June 24, 2009.)

Mother Earth has been your home for a long time, and served you well acquiescing to your demands upon her, providing you with all you have needed to survive. Yet at times she has been severely maltreated, and little consideration given to her needs. It is why she must now look to you to put right the damage that has been caused, and the pollution that has poisoned the Earth.

You cannot escape your responsibility in this connection but we are allowed to assist you, and you already know it is part of our plans. It pleases us immensely that there are those amongst you who recognise the problems. Not only that, they have given their time and knowledge to find ways to make reparation, and are motivated by their love for Mother Earth. These are the ones that are inspired by Higher Beings, and are intuitively guided to find the solutions. Often these are most advanced and similar to our technology, but the dark forces prevent them as far as possible from being used. (SaLuSa, Mar. 30, 2009.)

Absolutely Earth will NOT be destroyed! On the contrary, she is being restored to her former health, and along her ascension pathway, her Eden beauty will return. (Matthew's Message, Feb. 7, 2009.)

From 2008

Earth's desire to be the world she wants preceded yours. She asked for the assistance of other civilizations so she could leave the darkness of third density and their immediate and continuous help has assured her ascension into fifth density, where the low frequencies of darkness cannot exist. (Matthew's Message, Dec. 21, 2008.)

We monitor the Earth, a sentient Being to whom you owe much for your lives upon her. (Ker-On of Venus, Oct. 22, 2008.)

The Earth has been your home for a long, long time and you have come to love it. Fortunately Mother Earth is ascending with you, and will again show her true beauty and magnificence as she returns to her pristine condition. (Ag-agria, Sept. 1, 2008.)

From 2007

Everything in the universe is energy vibrating at one frequency or another, and when Earth was in prime health, in times you know but don't remember, all of her life forms were vibrating harmoniously. When she was near death more than six decades back, there was no harmony whatsoever, no balance of Nature - there was hardly sufficient light to sustain any kind of life, including Earth's own. What is happening now, with the help of stabilizing forces, is the transformation of your world - Earth's rejuvenation and return to balance - reaching completion in 2012. (Matthew, "Essay on 2012," Dec. 31, 2007.)

If I had to choose only one word to describe what is happening in Earth's energy field of potential, it would be turmoil, and turmoil is to be heartily welcomed as the forerunner of the masses' desire for peace being manifested. Reformation, or transformation, comes only when enough energy is put forth to move any situation from status quo into betterment. This is what you are doing, and we praise and admire your steadfastness in holding the light throughout the years when little change was evident. We know that you have been longing for tangible evidence of the light's progress beyond our assurance that we see it, and your patience and perseverance will be well rewarded this year. (Matthew's Message, Jan. 1, 2007.)

Earth was depleting her own light by giving it to her residents time after time as still one more opportunity to complete the third-density experiencing cycle, and, because of this, sixty-some years ago her planetary body was near death. Rather than let her body die and her soul ascend, she chose to give her humankind one last chance to wind up their karmic lessons.

That is when she cried out for help and God authorized our space family to intervene with the infusion of light that kept Earth's body alive. She has had her fill of living in third density where darkness thrives, and during her ascension out of that station, her residents have the opportunity to accompany her.

Many who are experiencing painful mental, emotional or physical conditions are completing the balancing needed to make that journey with Earth. We know the suffering this is causing, and how we wish we could do more for you, whom we love beyond your comprehension. But all that is within our province to do is send intense light to relieve the anguish and sorrow and provide spiritual guidance for this lifetime and the next, in spirit. (Matthew's Message, Jan. 1, 2007.)

From 2004

What has changed is that Earth's new free will choice to ascend at her desired pace is taking precedence in being honored by God and by extension, the advanced civilizations that are helping your planet.

What has changed is Earth's free will choice. Her first choice was to have all of you "see the light" and accompany her, thus giving everyone the opportunity to turn from the greed, hatred, prejudice, lies, oppression and violence that interfere with the growth not only of one's own soul, but millions of others who did not choose this as their current experiencing. And of course all the light beings who have been helping Earth by beaming their light to each of you and judging none were honoring that choice. All along our messages through respected channels have been guidance along these lines because of our love for each and every one of you - indeed, Earth's love for each and every soul! - so you may say this truly has been and is a "labor of love."

It is not as correct to say "love's labor lost" even though Earth now is no longer willing to wait for her entire human population to accept the light required for physical survival in the higher densities where she is heading. Again, this NOT a judgment of those souls! When it became clear to Earth that they have no intention of joining the light, she relinquished her first choice to pace her ascension so all could make the journey with her. Consider the eons of beloved Earth's patience, which lasted until she was in her death throes from millennia of accumulating negativity, and you can understand why she no longer is willing to let the recalcitrant among her population lessen her momentum into the higher vibrations.

At this point, continuing to let the free will choices of the recalcitrant ones devastate other lives in any form as well as her planetary body would indeed cause a loss in her ascension progress, progress that is intended to uplift all light receptive souls.

Please realize that in no way is this abandoning the dark souls! On the contrary, it is giving them the opportunity to begin anew in another world as well as removing their influence that still is so damaging to Earth. The negativity of this damage could seriously impede her advancement if she waited longer for all souls to embrace the light that will enable them to accompany her. So there is no change in her ultimate aim - ascension - only in her new willingness to move forward to preserve the physical lives of more souls than if she continued to give more and then even more time in the hope that all dark ones will choose to get on board.

This means that there can be greatly more involvement by the other civilizations to assist your planet achieve her new objective. It doesn't mean that their light beamed to dark individuals will be lessened, but rather that they now have much more latitude in deflecting dark intentions. With or without NESARA's announcement, the aim of the darkness to keep their control by political and financial oppression will not be permitted to continue. (Matthew Ward, July 16, 2004. )

Suzy Ward: I've seen more references to two or more planets Earth during this period of great change. Are you still sticking with your idea of only one Earth and a separate journey for each soul?

Matthew: Mother, I can barely recognize myself in your question paraphrasing what I have said! But first, it is not "my idea" that Earth is one soul. She is who she is who she is! Remember, the body does not hold the soul - the soul creates a body for physical experiencing, and Earth or any other celestial body is no exception. A minor point here is that Earth is only a name.

Let me give you an imaginary scenario, going back about sixty or so years when beloved Earth/Gaia/Terra/Shan was in death throes. Had she chosen to abandon her damaged body and ascend into higher vibrations, no doubt she would have created another body as pristine and beautiful and bountiful as this planetary self once was, and her abandoned body would have revolved with its various life forms dying off and their energy reforming into other shapes consistent with their manifesting capabilities.

Everything is energy and energy cannot be destroyed, so who knows what would have happened eventually to Earth's "dead" body sixty years ago? A powerful celestial soul may have entered and revitalized it. It may have gravitated toward massive celestial bodies and one may have absorbed the wholeness into itself and nurtured it back to health.

Powerful universal energies may have disintegrated the planet and hurtled countless parts into space, where the larger parts may have gone into orbit each with a new soul, or all the parts may have been pulled into other living bodies - now how many "Earths" are there? None as previously, but the soul who had inhabited the planet in the 1940s is her inviolate, independent self just as she also is, and always has been, inseparable from all else in the universe.

Very well, none of that happened because Earth's soul decided to remain with her current planetary body, asked for help to restore the light she had used up to keep all her life forms alive to that point, and chose to ascend intact as one body and soul entity. (Matthew's Message, Feb. 8, 2004.)

Earth Changes

From 2015

Do not fear the outcome as unlike previous Ages when great floods, fire or catastrophes have occurred at the end times, as you are to experience a peaceful move into the New Age. (SaLuSa. Channelled via Mike Quinsey. January 16, 2015, http://www.treeofthegoldenlight.com/Mike%20Quinsey/channeled%20messages/January%202015/salusa_16_january_2015.htm)

From 2013

Skiers and other cold-weather sports enthusiasts need not fret that snow-capped mountains will disappear—most assuredly, they won’t! Earth’s majestic mountain ranges and awesome gorges formed by dynamic upheavals and mighty waters didn’t exist when the planet first came into being, but these spectacular aspects of her natural beauty that delight you delight her, too. (Matthew's Message, May 12, 2013.)

There’s a lot more still to come by whatever designation it’s given—cleansing, purification, increasing the light, lightening Earth’s burdens of negativity, ascension process—but it all adds up to the very same thing—a lot of geological activity with pretty heavy damage is still in store.

There’s no way out of this, you know. Energy is energy, and you can’t say, “Shoo, baby, go dissipate.” Actually, that’s what I’m working on, how to get to that status of being able to handle things so that if rain is needed, it comes, just enough of it. When it’s done, it goes away until it’s needed again. The rhythm, the pattern is set, you see. (Grace in Matthew's Message, May 12, 2013.)

From 2010

We are of course continually involved in helping Mother Gaia, and you will have noted that events connected with her and the physical changes have been calmly taking place. Indeed, the more you raise your conscious levels on Earth the easier it is going to be all round. (SaLuSa, March 22, 2013.)

From 2012

As you are realising, very few of the long-standing predictions for this year have come true and it has been very much a normal year. There is always much happening of a physical nature which goes largely unreported.

So it is nice to report that little has happened that could fulfil the expectations of those preparing for major upheavals and catastrophes.

You can take much credit for the outcome, as the vibrations of the Earth have been considerably lifted from what they were just a few years ago. The amount of Light attracted to the Earth has lessened the need for more energetic cleansing.

We of the Galactic Federation have also helped by taking part in the cleansing and generally preventing pollution from becoming worse. That also includes Chemtrails which had the potential to seriously affect all forms of life.

Now your path through the final few weeks of duality should pass quite peacefully, allowing you to concentrate on your preparations for Ascension. The best advice is to keep calm and peaceful, and do not let anything distract you from your focus on it. (SaLuSa, Nov. 28, 2012.)

The Storm Sandy was a natural occurrence needed by Mother Earth to prepare for her Ascension, and will take place wherever there are deep-rooted negative energies. On another level you are aware that this type of cleansing is going to happen, and when as a result people pass on it is not accidental in the way you normally perceive it. We say again that nothing happens by chance but all is pre-ordained. The raising of the collective consciousness has overcome the need for a more drastic cleansing, so you are to be congratulated for bringing it about. What you now understand is a clear example of your power to create your own reality.

Ascension is assured but do not sit back as your help is now as important as it ever was. There is still cleansing that is necessary as you are aware, and you can help keep its affects to a minimum by sending out your Light to Mother Earth. She has no desire to cause damage and death, but her Ascension is just as important as your own, if not more so. Think upon her need to be every bit as ready as you are, as Ascension is a time when you join together and ascend as One. (SaLuSa, Nov. 5, 2012.)

Rest assured that the cleansing of Earth is taking place even if you do not see or hear much evidence of it. There are joint actions occurring between us and our allies, and not only are we keeping the balance upon Earth but preventing damage from escalating. Soon progress will speed up immensely as new devices are making there way into the public domain, and will be even quicker once we arrive on your Earth. (SaLuSa, Oct. 1, 2012.)

As you are finding time is speeding by, and the prophesies of massive earthquakes and other physical happenings have in no way occurred quite as was envisioned. You can certainly take some credit for the outcome, as by bringing the Light to Earth, you have also brought calmness.

It does not however mean that there will not be physical changes, as some are inevitable. By keeping the vibrations high through the coming weeks, you can ensure that you have a fairly smooth finish to the cycle. We are of course part of the reason for the way it is working out, and are maintaining what can be called a peaceful time. (SaLuSa, Sept. 26, 2012.)

Mother Earth ... desires to carry out a cleansing as part of her preparations to ascend. The more you send out Love and Light to her, the more easily will the end times pass. (SaLuSa, Sept. 19, 2012.)

We are very busy on the Earth Council. Day after day we are making the most important decisions for the future of the Earth and all of life upon it. We have a specific charge from our Creator to perform the important task of taking care of crucial details and making arrangements to keep catastrophes and major events from happening. This is not to say that there won't be some large occurrences, for there will be, but due to the urgency of the hour and the importance of the Earth to all of life we are charged with making decisions for the highest good of all. (Mira the Pleiadian, Sept. 4, 2012.)

Earth still must release some negativity through geophysical events. Those situations, however, have been "just life" for so long that most people are inured to acceptance. (Matthew's Message, July 4, 2012.)

The cleansing will go on until Mother Earth is once again restored to her pristine condition. It will commence before Ascension and continue immediately after when the conditions will have already been improved. There is still a lot to do, but with our coming together the tasks will be quickly dealt with and it will not be long now before our arrival can be announced. (SaLuSa, June 18, 2012.)

It hardly needs us to tell you that the divine date for commencing all activities connected with the cleansing has been reached. We stand at the ready although in actuality we have already started, albeit in a relatively small way. We work as always behind the scenes, but look forward to being able to do our work more openly.

From our point of view it is important that you know what we are doing and why, as we want you to be involved. The more you can do will please us, as in many respects the problems are yours to rectify. However, with the best will in the world, you cannot overcome the dark Ones without help. We have never seen our tasks as saving you, but rather ones that fully support you. Clearly, without our advanced technologies, you could not be expected to complete the cleansing programs by yourselves in time for Ascension. (SaLuSa, May 25, 2012.)

Naturally physical changes are happening, but they will not be on such a scale as the biblical prophesies. At one time they were actual probabilities, but with your acceleration of consciousness the vibrations have been lifted up. That has allowed for a less chaotic end time, and we of the Galactic Federation are determined to help you through the period that remains before Ascension. There are many ways in which we can help, and where earthquakes are concerned the flow of energies can be directed in such a way that it minimises their effect. (SaLuSa, May 7, 2012.)

What may at first seem insurmountable problems, will present no difficulty to us bearing in mind the sources we have at our disposal. Remember, Dear Ones, that we have millions of craft involved in the changes within your solar system, and they can be with you in no time at all. We have the technology to keep your Earth in balance, and we have been doing so for quite a long time. It is the same where pollution is present, as we have been keeping that in check until it can be completely cleared. (SaLuSa, April 16, 2012.)

Can Gaia ascend alone? Yes. Would that be the fulfillment of the plan? Not even close. And let me also share with you, it would break her heart to ascend alone. That is why she has waited so patiently; it is why she has taught you so gently. Yes there have been times when she has shrugged and when there has been violent movement upon the planet, but even that has been within the plan. Even that brought the awakening to so many of you to realize the sacred nature of your partnership with her. So you have given and received healing with Gaia. ("Heavenly Blessings, April 5, 2012, with Archangel Jophiel," at http://the2012scenario.com/2012/04/heavenly-blessings-april-5-2012-with-archangel-jophiel/ .)

Mother Earth continues to take her own actions to cleanse the planet, and we are active on her behalf. It is fortunate that you have raised the vibrations, so that the levels of negativity have been substantially reduced. It has meant that the dark energies have been cleansed from many areas, making Mother Earth's work less liable to cause any major problems to the population. Also, we have the means to accurately predict when events may endanger you, and can act accordingly. You will not be left to cope with such happenings by yourselves. (SaLuSa, April 2, 2012.)

Mother Earth ... has not erupted as many were led to believe. So far there has not been any abnormal activity, but obviously by the very nature of the cleansing that is required there will some major happenings. (SaLuSa, Feb. 8, 2012.)

From 2011

Some of you will wonder why, in view of what we have said about ourselves, we do not save lives in any other circumstances such as catastrophes. That is an expected re-action and the answer is one we have given previously, and relates to a soul's life plan. The souls that leave in such circumstances have desired to leave, and chosen a situation that fulfils their needs. Understand that there no such thing as an accidental death, and what you call natural deaths are also planned. (SaLuSa, Dec. 2, 2011.)

Do not confuse the coming activities of Mother Earth with negative events, as the cleansing she is involved in is a series of positive actions that shall lead to the Earth being restored. When there are physical eruptions or movements of the Earth, some souls will leave but that is by choice. (SaLuSa, Nov. 30, 2011.)

You cannot help but have noticed that in spite of dire predictions of a physical nature, they have not been as far reaching or serious as you have been led to believe. We are responsible for keeping the outcome to a level that does not have serious results.

Our activities never cease, and we are involved in a constant monitoring of many occurrences whether natural or man-made. Mother Earth will however need to push on with her own cleansing, but again we are involved to ensure that all goes as smoothly as possible.

We would stress that the souls who find themselves in what prove to be dangerous areas, are where they planned to be as part of their life contract. Often these situations are a means to an end, so that they may exit the Earth before the end time comes. We know it is hard to understand the thinking in such circumstances, but moving out of your body and passing on from Earth is little more than falling asleep.

Clearly we know that where illness or accidental death are concerned, there can be pain before the end. However. immediately you are out of the body you are released from it, and any emotional affect is quickly overcome. You will feel free and elated as you will have thrown off the yoke of the physical body, and the burden of carrying it around with you. (SaLuSa, Nov. 14, 2011.)

Mother Earth must have her say in matters because she must get moving for her own benefit. However, her actions will be not be excessive, and we are helping to minimize the effects of physical changes. It has to be done just in the same way that you are preparing your body for life in the higher dimensions.

Where you are personally affected by the changes know that you will have undertaken such an experience, as by and large people are now exactly where they are meant to be. Try not to waste your energy working out why, as in time everything will be made clear as to the reason for your experience. Karma can crop up for clearing in any lifetime, and it never takes place unless you are ready to accept it. However, sometimes you will choose to experience simply as a learning curve, so there is not always a karmic reason for doing so. Whatever happens take it in your stride, because your future is assured and nothing will change it unless it is your freewill choice. (SaLuSa, Nov. 2, 2011.)

We are watching your Earth very carefully as she begins to rumble, as the cleansing slowly continues. As always we will try to limit the effects upon you, but we cannot stop the process going ahead. We will however continue to take part in the cleansing of your atmosphere, which is something we have done for a very long time. Our responsibility will really get under way when we are free to come and go, without any interference from the dark Ones. (SaLuSa, Oct. 26, 2011.)

There will shortly be another "correction" in Gaia's energy flow which will allow further energy to be redirected in her favor. You will not be able to ignore its impact but it is not of the man-made variety and there is no need for fear or panic. Also, keep a watchful eye on events in your media as to the treatment of the multiple sightings that are occurring across your world. There is a subtle shift in the way this news is presented. It will affect the way larger issues are discussed in the near future and ultimately acts as a beacon for change in these affairs. (Wanderer of the Skies, Oct. 14, 2011.)

As we monitor and survey the current situation on the Earth there are various places where our energy and attention is needed. We refer to these places as strongholds. From our ships and with our technology we direct energy to these places of imbalance and where there could be catastrophic conditions. This means that there is a high potential for earth changes that could erupt at any time. Right now there are more points than we have seen so we are quite busy. We suggest that you assist us too by meditating and focusing on your planet. Ask us to show you the points where your energy can help support the strongholds. Many of them are in your oceans. Feel into the energy of the Earth and let your inner guidance show you the way.

We are all in this process together. We use your love and Light. It is important that you focus your love and energy to the Earth and that you keep your hearts connected to each other. The situation is unstable. You will have many changes through 2012 and after. (Mira the Pleiadian, Aug. 17, 2011.)

You may have noted that you have not been beset with catastrophes of a physical nature, in spite of the ancient prophecies for this period of time. We have been able to control such issues, but certain Earth changes will have to take place as part of the cleansing. Whatever happens know that we are working behind the scenes to keep damage and death to a minimum, and we will do all we can to warn you in advance of any major event. However, where your waterways and seas have been polluted, cleansing is a relatively easy task for us and will be completed in next to no time. It is your land pollution that presents more of a problem, but even so it is well within our capabilities. Whatever inconvenience you have to experience, it will be short lived and we will use our vast knowledge of your needs to ensure you are looked after.

Dear Ones, the restless Earth and the restless population are feeling the changing energies, and they are unsettling. However, they will settle down as the lower energies are gradually transmuted, and you will find that you draw the calming higher energies to yourselves. (SaLuSa, Aug. 17, 2011.)

Not only national economies, but the global economy is headed toward collapse; honorable individuals will take the helm and keep disruption to a minimum. ...

Governments are not going to confiscate individuals' gold - it is the multi-trillions of dollars in gold illegally accumulated by the Illuminati that will change hands. (Matthew's Message, Aug. 11, 2011.)

With Ascension approaching very quickly you have no need to dwell upon what is happening on Earth now, as the cleansing gets underway and with our coming will be speeded up. One thing is for certain, and that is the Earth will not be largely destroyed as some predict. It will not be hit by a comet or any other missile, and we will deal with any such threat. Yes, there are the inevitable physical changes that have already been taking place for some time now, but we monitor them. (SaLuSa, Aug. 8, 2011.)

As the increasingly intense energies continue to flow, many Earth changes will take place upon your Planet and the people of the World will be challenged to keep track of them all. (Master Hilarion, through Marlene Swetlishoff, July 24-31, 2011, at http://www.therainbowscribe.com.)

It is true that the Earth must be cleansed and that physical changes will take place, but they will not be of the scale to destroy large areas. We monitor such changes and we use our technologies to lessen the impact upon you. If you are disturbed by recent happenings, bear in mind that the dark Ones have been behind most occurrences. We can only fully engage them when we are able to work openly with you, and can put a complete stop to their activities. (SaLuSa, July 4, 2011.)

Your civilisation continues to see how ineffective the efforts are that have been made to prevent Earth changes. The cleansing cannot be stopped as it is vitally necessary, but as we have informed you on many occasions we are allowed to lessen the affects upon you. In recent times we have been active where the Gulf Oil spill was concerned, and also the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. The only souls to leave as a result of any such events, will have arranged it as part of their life plan. We know that idea seems almost unbelievable, but the transition is quick and any fear experienced at the time is removed as soon as they arrive in Nirvana. Death is not as many envisage and you are quickly reunited with your loved ones. (SaLuSa, May 25, 2011.)

The areas of Australia, New Zealand, the Gulf of Mexico, all of the coastal areas around the planet, the ocean floor, China, the West coast and East Coast of the United States, and Mexico could use strengthening with your love and Light. We work with you to stabilize situations and you are the pivotal points of Light transcendence.

The climate and weather changes are also producing insecurity and unknown anxiety amongst the populace. We can tell you though that nature does take care of itself and will adjust and adapt accordingly. You may not like it but you will too. Every place on the Earth is going through this adaptation process. It is a necessary one that facilitates the Earth's cleansing. In the end, humanity will have greater respect of the Earth and nature. (Mira the Pleiadian, May 14, 2011.) We of the Arcturian Group say to you all that you are doing a fine job of the shift, in spite of the chaos many of you are experiencing and seeing. We tell you that although these experiences are very difficult, it is the only way in which consciousness is able to shift for many. There are those who would never shift their awareness from what they have always known; from that which is comfortable, and which still serves them.

The chaos of the storms is serving to break up energy that was stagnant and old. Energy that needed to be removed and transmuted. As a result, many are being forced to adjust rigid belief systems and ways of thinking. Although this may seem very harsh (and it is), we see those involved quickly moving into new states of consciousness. It is a "kick out of the box" so to speak. Gaia is using these methods to transmute and shift her energy, bringing herself into alignment with that which is new and higher in order for the coming changes to manifest.

Understand that the issues in the middle east as well as the weather related chaos are all about shifting energies. Many simply would not chose to shift. It is comfortable to remain in that which is familiar, however much of what is familiar in most instances has now been outgrown, is old, and is untrue.

All who are on earth at this time chose to be here and experience this shift while on earth; choosing to experience whatever lessons were necessary in order to evolve into a new state of consciousness. All have been given the choice as to whether to leave or stay for the shift. This was done on a deeper level, so many who are leaving at this time do not understand or remember that they chose to leave. This is usually because on a deeper level, they do not feel they can be where they need to be in time. They will come back into the new energy. There are no accidents, all is on track for you the people of earth and Gaia herself to move into a higher, lighter frequency energy. This is what is happening now, not the end of the world, but the end of the world as you have known it. ...

There will be more earth changes, there will be more chaos, and there will be more of that you wish not to have. However, keep in mind that this is serving Gaia to shift and clear as well as serving mankind to move out of third dimensional duality/separation consciousness and into Oneness. It is serving to move the world into a whole new way of seeing. It is pushing mankind to finally understand the futility of war and destruction in the face of a reality of Oneness. It is moving the current world view more deeply into truth, and those who move with it will find their way becomes easier. Those who do not, will find that living continues to be more and more difficult because the energy that would support the old is rapidly leaving. (The Arcturian Group, through Marilyn Raffaelle, May 1, 2011.)

Mother Earth is going to be doing some upheavals of her own. You have been seeing some of the volcanoes coming awake, and some of the land masses shifting. As the awakening happens on the inner, you will observe changes in the outer. Allow yourself the view of the Beholder, as much as is possible, and if there is guidance to be active, allow yourself to be active in helping others.

In this year of your timing you are going to see much of the upheavals, and you are going to see some of it coming to your shores, coming to your mountains, coming to your dwelling places. Sometimes you will recognize it by separated ego; in other words, you will feel some fear. But most of the time you will remember what I have said. (Jeshua through Judith Coates, 12 April 2011, at http://lightworkers.org/channeling/129130/jeshua-ascension-collective-consciousness.)

Up to now you have been allowed to use Mother Earth for your raw materials, but even so you have destroyed many locations with little thought for the environment. Lessons have since been learnt, and it has to be understood that she is a fully conscious Being that needs your love and full consideration for her well being. The previous lack of understanding has led to Mother Earth having to take her own action to cleanse the Earth, and restore it to its pristine condition. Consequently she rumbles and shakes, with the resultant changes arising from earthquakes and other happenings.

We of the Galactic Federation constantly monitor such situations, and we do whatever is allowed to minimize the effects where you are at risk. We work largely unseen, but look forward to the day when we can do so quite openly and often with your co-operation. From a karmic point of view we can only go so far, as it is important that you realize the consequence of your actions. We speak here not just of direct damage, but where it has been triggered by the reaction to negative energies produced by Mankind. These have for example often resulted from wars, and gone deep into the Earth causing disturbances to the balance of natural energies. (SaLuSa, Apr. 11, 2011.)

Meantime we ask you to keep your focus on your personal goals, and do not be discouraged by the happenings outside of you. Certain events have to be played out, and the physical changes are necessary to assist Mother Earth's Ascension. You travel together as you have done so for millennia of time, and will do so in the future. The more you can bring the light to Earth, the more you will all be helping to bring the New Earth into being. (SaLuSa, April 4, 2011.)

Certainly in some areas where they catch the main thrust of Mother Earth's changes, we are allowed to lessen any effects. This will apply more so when we have made contact with you, and we can work together. There will be much earth surface work to do, and this is where you can be of great help. The seas and skies are more our domain, and in fact we already do quite a lot of cleaning up. (SaLuSa, Feb. 4, 2011.)

There has been a magnificent shift in the earth's balance extending from the western hemisphere to the east....an impact which will have global ramifications. (The Pleiaidian High Council in Lauren Gorgo, "On Digesting Calamity: a 5D View," Jan. 20, 2011, at http://galactic-times.blogspot.com/.)

It has recently come to my attention that we are beginning to mentally align with (become aware of) the great shift in perception that the unseens have been talking a lot about lately and this shift is apparently the result of some massive global (energetic) re-balancing that took place over the last 3-4 weeks in the form of a magnetic pole shift. These re-balancing energies started to aggressively bubble up on the winter solstice/lunar eclipse and are currently completing a round of physical aftereffects in the form of solar and geological activity...geomagnetic storms, solar flares/winds, coronal mass ejections, auroras, quakes and fissures, etc.

So much of what is currently happening around the world is related to this shift and the unseens would like to clarify some things to settle any fears that may be festering from the uncertainty of such dramatic forward movement.

First and foremost, we are being urged to realize...no matter what surrounds us...that nothing is "out of hand" in this evolutionary process and that all is well despite external appearances. We are constantly reminded that everything is perfectly in place...how could it be any other way?...and that the increasing calamities on earth serve a great purpose in the planetary ascension.

That being said, I realize how this may sound to, say, our fellow brothers and sisters in Queensland right now trying to "stay afloat" in a very literal sense...but the unseens are making it clear that the purpose behind calamity is not merely myopic mysticism from a secular spiritual society, nor is it some new age platitude. Its science. And tho to most this is still considered pseudo-science, that too is soon to shift because mainstream science, as we know it, is quickly running out of answers.

"For those who still cling to fear, we reprise: All is well, perfectly orchestrated and systemized, as are all things in a vibrational universe." - Pleiadian High Council (Lauren Gorgo, "On Digesting Calamity: a 5D View," Jan. 20, 2011, at http://galactic-times.blogspot.com/.)

Though these changes will ultimately result in the highest good for all, it will definitely not appear to be so from a lower dimensional perspective...which is ultimately why the courageous, and slightly crazy, way-shower group of souls chose to go first...to allay fears and provide an example of an alternative to the doom and gloom scenarios that inevitably abound.

We are being asked not to react to the fears that rise around us, but instead to realize that the earth's changes are only ascension symptoms (the release of stuck energies and collective memory imprints) and are no different than the biological symptoms that we have been experiencing for many years. Mostly, these changes are a necessary part of our planet's evolution.

From a higher perspective, these pockets of chaos are collective symptoms of (a lack of) symbiosis, and represent the contrast needed for harmonious relationships to form between all living things. And this is what the transition to harmony looks like....the shift IS happening...tho not always in a gentle or subtle way. Lauren Gorgo, "On Digesting Calamity: a 5D View," Jan. 20, 2011, at http://galactic-times.blogspot.com/.)

From 2010

However much some sources try to take your attention away from the future that is your destiny, it is becoming more obvious that you are in the midst of a great galactic change. The energies are changing on such a large scale, that they are being noticed because of their effect upon all forms of life. Some of what you may term as lower life is disappearing, and other forms are mutating. It is all part of the preparations to ensure that you are ready for the transition to a higher vibration. ... It is certainly a testing time, but when you are aware of why things are happening you are better equipped to deal with them, and of course we are never far away with our help.

We protect you and we will continue to monitor events to ensure there is no interference that severely delays disclosure. (SaLuSa, Nov. 29, 2010.)

If some areas should suffer major physical changes know that it is not a random occurrence. It is simply part of the cleansing that is necessary to help restore the Earth. It is going on all of the time, but occasionally there will be some very noticeable changes that will affect life in those areas. The sooner we can fully involve the Galactic Federation in your lives, the quicker we can make it a lot easier for you. You can be certain that we are working very hard with our allies to provide the circumstances that will get things going. (SaLuSa, Nov. 29, 2010.)

Your weather worldwide is changing and it is Mother Earth and your Sun adjusting to the new incoming energies. The outcome will eventually be a more temperate climate without the extremes that you are used to experiencing. This not only affects you but also all life forms that may disappear or move to new location where it is right for them. The fauna will also be affected and again the changes will encourage growth for some varieties, whilst others may no longer flourish as previously.

The outcome of all the changes is to uplift all life upon your planet, and that which is of the lower vibrations will disappear completely. Anything less cannot advance unless it too is of the higher vibrations. What is happening on the Earth is occurring throughout the solar system, but on planets that were already working on a slightly higher dimension, the changes are less extensive. (SaLuSa, Nov. 12, 2010.)

You must continue all your efforts and intensify them, to assist your dear earth as she releases the lower vibrations and the pain and suffering that she has so bravely allowed humanity to release into her very Being.

Your beloved mother earth has taken on much for you, dear ones, and now you must assist her in releasing it, and you must not continue, as a mass consciousness, to fill her with the destructive frequencies of the lower third dimension. Your earth is most gracious and most accommodating in assisting those of you with the sincere desire to release that which no longer serves you, and all humanity and creation. She will lovingly take on the lower vibrations that you release, as you ask for her assistance. With great love she will support you and transmute these vibrations for you.

You mother earth is well into fourth density and can no longer absorb the mass consciousness of third density. This is where you must assist her, as you send out the love light and the Violet Flame to transmute these lower densities so your earth does not have to take on this transmutation. This is the most great and joyous assistance you can provide to your earth at this time.

You will assist your earth in moving through her transition with more ease and grace and you will assist her to be able to move through earth changes which are necessity for her passage into the higher realms. The earth changes have been predicted to have been of great devastation, yet through your continued dedication to assist your earth, you have averted the tragedy of the destruction of your planet and you have averted the tragedy of great unnecessary devastations. (Sanat Kumara, "The Evolution of Earth and Humanity," Oct. 20, 2010, through Rev. Michelle Coutant, at www.transformingradiance.com/cosmicblog/)

You might reflect upon the fact that as a result, physical changes to the Earth have not been anywhere near as apocalyptic as some have predicted. Our abilities are such that we have already prevented you from destroying the Earth, and lessened the overall volcanic activity.

Furthermore, we have kept it stable and in balance, as at times its wobble has become too extreme. (SaLuSa, Oct. 6, 2010.)

Illuminati activists are trying to prevent official recognition of other civilizations' presence in every way, and from the earthquake in Haiti and last winter's uncommonly heavy snowfall in Washington DC to flooding in Pakistan and Hurricane Earl, their use of technology has achieved their dark purpose. However, those events also were great opportunities for millions of souls to advance toward karmic completion as well as releasing massive amounts of negativity from the planet. More negativity is yet to be released, and wherever your technology initiates "natural disasters," our universal family will use their technology to reduce the destruction and death toll.

26. The Illuminati do not confine their dark efforts to those events, though, and our light family's on- and off-planet intelligence units intently monitor everyone who has the means to set off a "false flag" operation to ignite widespread violence. By God's honoring Earth's free will decision that killing and destruction end, not escalate, the crews are authorized to intervene however necessary to prevent the free will of those who attempt to start another war or anything else to create chaos. However, the crews cannot interfere with Earth residents' free will decisions to be suicide-bombers or halt troops from obeying commanders' orders - those kinds of activities will end naturally as the higher vibrations touch people's hearts or physical death results from lack of light in the bodies. (Matthew's Message, Sept. 11, 2010.)

How much drastic weather and earthquakes and other 'natural' disasters are manmade?

It would not be much of an exaggeration to say "all." Just as in Nature, a technologically created earthquake, for example, cannot have isolated effects - the energy release initiates activity in similarly vulnerable areas around the globe and those trigger still more upheavals. It is the same with clouds and winds. Mother Nature, however, knows when to take a time-out so her lands and seas and skies can settle and she can regain balance, and she spares areas meant to be safe. The ones who are manipulating your weather and generating geophysical disasters don't care about healing respites for Earth or any exclusion from destruction, death toll and suffering. (Matthew's Message, Aug. 13, 2010.)

The cleansing of Earth moves on and inevitably there will be the passing of many souls as a result. They will be received in the higher dimensions with great love and understanding, and for their part it is something of a release from what is often a very poor standard of living. For those that remain in areas where the worst effects are felt, it is a cry to Humanity to find out whether they can find love and compassion for their own kind. Can you ignore their plight, or are you able to see in others yourself? It is not unusual that in the end times a civilization is tested to see how far they have traveled their spiritual paths. We see a great change for the better than even the early years following the Millennium, when your consciousness levels had already risen up. (SaLuSa, Aug. 9, 2010.)

Naturally Earth changes will impinge themselves upon you depending on where you live. Be assured however, we are fully aware of the likely results and are always present to lessen damage to life and limb. However, Mother Earth like you has a cleansing to carry out, and it is inevitable that some of you will get caught up in it. You will be found where it is intended that you be for the end-times, and you will have known this before you incarnated. (SaLuSa, Aug. 6, 2010.)

The coming changes that are going to uplift you will be welcome, but there are also others involving physical changes to the Earth. Depending on where you live they may have little effect if any upon you, and in addition our presence will ensure that they are directed in such a way, to avoid maximum damage. Whatever happens around you, your visualization to introduce a harmonious and balancing energy will help to lessen the effect. Also bear in mind that outside help such as ours is more readily available, when your prayers or supplications are received. (SaLuSa, May 26, 2010.)

In future the path will become smoother and easier for you but allow for some disturbances, as there is a lot more clearing up to do. These are all positive moves with Ascension in mind, and within the remaining period before it takes place momentous changes will occur.

These are unavoidable, having regard to the extent of the damage done to you and your Earth over millennia of time. It is not just a matter of restoring what you had previously, but replacing and advancing it to new levels that will lift everything up. It is all calculated to hasten the rise in your levels of consciousness, necessary for you to ascend. (SaLuSa, May 24, 2010.)

As you are all well aware, enormous Earth changes are in progress which seem quite alarming. They are all necessary to ensure and enable the continuing viability of Earth as a life-supporting ecosystem. Release your sense of alarm or fear, because these changes encourage and support humanity's move into full consciousness, which is programmed to occur quite soon. (Saul, May 12, 2010.)

Whilst there will still be incidents that cause damage and loss of life, it will not be allowed to engulf you. Cleansing is necessary anyway, but will be carried out in a planned manner that will take into consideration your well-being. Once we join forces you will be informed of the actions we are directing, and made aware of exactly what is to happen. Your safety will be paramount in our minds, and we have a number of options if it is necessary to move you. (SaLuSa, Apr. 23, 2010.)

Remember, Dear Ones, that you are party to the cleansing of Earth, and it is your responsibility to do all you can to reverse the damage that has occurred over many years. We are of course doing our part although you may not necessarily be aware of exactly what we are doing. Much of our work goes unannounced, and it will not take place openly with your knowledge until we are able to work in unison with each other.

Mother Earth continues to rumble away, and is waiting to finish her own preparations for Ascension. It is therefore becoming important that she is allowed to complete it very soon. There are reasons related to your safety that are holding back any increase in the cleansing operation, which must be completed in readiness for Ascension. (SaLuSa, Apr. 16, 2010.)

You are so near to major changes upon Earth, whilst the Sun and your solar system continue to move into a higher vibration. That is already being noted, but again such information is not readily made public but held back. There has been a policy of secrecy for many years, none more so than the findings of NASA who have deliberately set out to keep you from knowing about our activities and us. (SaLuSa, Apr. 14, 2010.)

The Earth is also continuing in her birthing process and her metamorphosis is proceeding in the same manner as for her inhabitants, with waves of movements and changes that are occurring on a consistent basis. There is much turmoil within the tectonic plates and there will likely be more upheavals taking place on the surface. This is part of a chain reaction that is inter-related under the surface of the Planet. All of this is taking place with the least amount of destruction to Humanity that can possibly occur. (Master Hilarion, March 21-28, 2010, through Marlene Swetishoff, at http://www.therainbowscribe.com/hilarionsweeklymessage.htm.)

Be in mind of the changes and be prepared, but do not allow any sense of foreboding to fill your mind. Although there will be some that affect your day-to-day lives, remember that these will only be of a temporary nature. They are a means to an end inasmuch that to cleanse Mother Earth, requires wide scale changes that will cause upheaval depending upon which area you live in. The changes have already started, and we are carrying out damage limitation exercises. Once we can openly work with you, preparations can be made in advance that will protect people from the outcome. Better still, we can quickly arrange for you to be transferred to another safe place. (SaLuSa, March 22, 2010.)

The Earth herself is adapting. If you look at your physical body as you re-wire and you consider what we are telling you in that much of your energetic system is now going to house much more of your spirit, the exact same thing is true of planet Earth. She is re-wiring as we speak and has been for some time in order to hold more of the energetics, in order to hold more of spirit from Home on planet Earth. If you were going to create heaven on Earth, you are going to need Earth's cooperation. That is what is happening. She is starting to evolve faster than you ever thought possible.

Watch the Pacific Ocean

We have mentioned many times that the Earth is not sick. She is pregnant and moving through a birthing process, and you are starting to see the labor pains begin. We made a prediction several years ago and we repeat it again today because it is on the verge of unfolding.

Watch the Pacific Ocean, for that is where the energetic openings will first happen on planet Earth. It may very well be in the form of seismic or volcanic activity, but watch the Pacific Ocean and the Ring of Fire which was actually the birthplace of planet Earth. Watch the evolution as the Earth starts going through her own birthing cycles. It will become more intense; it will be more difficult. There will be times when huge portions of the population will leave. You have seen this in recent weeks, and you will see it again.

It is not that anyone is doing anything right or wrong. It is not that those people who left were not of high enough vibration to stay here. In fact, many of them were of such high vibration they could not stay much longer and they simply took that opportunity for a way out. There will be a balancing on planet Earth of energetics in many different ways. All of those people who are leaving in order to make this happen are coming back as Crystal Children with some incredible attributes. (The Group, "The Re-Wire of Humanity," March 15, 2010, through Steve Rother, at http://lightworker.com/beacons/2010/2010_03-Birthpangs.php)

The Earth is going to continue to go through some changes. The Ring of Fire surrounding the Pacific Ocean will see more movement in the years 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 than ever before on this planet. You will see different anomalies take place. You will see the shifting of energy and all of it can be lessened and controlled - none of it needs to be negative, none of it needs to be catastrophic. (The Group, "The Re-Wire of Humanity," March 15, 2010, through Steve Rother, at http://lightworker.com/beacons/2010/2010_03-Birthpangs.php)

It will happen to every human on planet Earth. Every one of you is going to go through this evolutionary change that will be difficult, because humans perceive change as difficult. However, you can change your perception before it happens and when you see activity in the Pacific Ocean, the lungs of planet Earth. When you see activity around the Ring of Fire, know that her lungs are stretching and new pieces are being built.

This is not about the destruction of planet Earth any longer, instead it is about building a new environment for empowered humans. The Earth is doing her job. What are you doing? That is the question that she is asking you now for you are a part of each other. She needs your help. The connection between humans and Earth is much stronger than anyone ever thought possible but it is here, now. The effects of these shifts do not need to be negative. You can wipe these things out with your thought patterns and especially if you add one to the other. (The Group, "The Re-Wire of Humanity," March 15, 2010, through Steve Rother, at http://lightworker.com/beacons/2010/2010_03-Birthpangs.php)

As many have been telling you, your purpose as humans is to serve as planetary guardians, and to work with the planet and all the life forms she supports to ensure that she maintains the beauty and wonder with which she has been so generously blessed. Finally you are beginning to understand that in your insane race to embrace every new scientific and technological development as soon as it becomes possible, you have been forgetting your primary duties and allowing unconscionable damage to be inflicted on your charge - planet Earth and her immediate environment.

However, the tide has turned; your awareness is unfolding and expanding to encompass your responsibilities, and you are taking steps to repair the damage you have causesd and to restore Earth to her former state of beauty. There is enormous assistance available to help you with this daunting task when you choose to ask for it. And it does seem most likely that you will avail yourselves of it, as you learn once more how to cooperate intelligently and lovingly for the good of the planet and for all who rely on her for life support.

Never before has your planet been so inundated with and enveloped in such a powerful field of divine energy to ensure that you withdraw from the path of planetary pillage and destruction on which you seem to have been hell-bent for so long. You have turned round and you are beginning to make serious progress towards the full restoration of your beautiful planet to her shimmering jewel-like status in the cosmos.

Keep up the good work, strengthen your intent, and all will come to the magnificent conclusion that cannot and will not be prevented. Peace and abundance will indeed be yours. (Saul, March 3, 2010.)

As your planet moves into its energetic process more deeply, you can expect more volatility in weather patterns, as well as an increase in unpredictable earth changes. (The Hathors, Jan. 13, 2010, at http://tomkenyon.com/haiti-and-the-chaotic-node.)

The circumstances on the Earth are shaky now. The Earth is in a lot of pain. She needs to release the painful memories of war. She wants to feel lighter to make way for the higher dimensions. Like you she cannot take the old destructive energies with her into the higher dimensions. She does not want to bring pain to her beloved children and she needs to be able to breathe again. She needs to feel free. (Master Kuthumi Jan. 13, 2010, at http://thegroundcrew.com/channeled_messages.htm#main.)

From 2009

Your Earth is unstable, as you know. Many of you are sensitive and feel what the Earth is feeling. (Mira the Pleiadian, Oct. 15, 2009.)

Your beautiful Earth is preparing to cleanse away the pollution and rubbish, that Man has left as a legacy of his time upon it. It must come as the Solar System moves into the higher vibrations as part of the Ascension of the Universe. (SaLuSa, Sept. 18, 2009.)

Naturally there are dangers simply by being on Earth, but understand that you are protected and guided so that you will rise above them. Only karmic reasons would result in you being pulled off course, and if it happens know that it is part of your life contract that you have already agreed upon. (SaLuSa, Sept. 14, 2009.)

The Creator does not want you to suffer. The Creator wants you to live in the Light of harmony and peace. This is one of the reasons that we are on standby. We work with many other star systems and councils to do the work of assisting in ushering in the new energies. We also help to stabilize the planet. We do what we can to smooth out the rough edges of profound change. (Mira the Pleiadian, Sept. 8, 2009.)

Many changes ... will take you forward to another advanced level that comes with Ascension. There is also Mother Earth to be considered, as like you there are levels she needs to attain for her own evolutionary upliftment. You are ascending together and will experience changes together, and if there are dramatic cleansing activities needed you will not suffer in consequence. There are a number of options open to us to protect you, so you need not have any fear as to the outcome. (Atmos, Aug. 28, 2009.)

Physical changes are inevitable, but with our help the threats to you can be minimised. Also by raising your consciousness levels, you are lessening the likelihood of Mother Earth needing to make drastic changes to the land. Problems such as the pollution in your seas, in your soil and air can be largely left to us, as they present no problem. The bigger concern is with regards to the negative energy that is around you and also runs deep within the earth, and must be removed to enable an increase in its vibration.

That is however covered by the work of many of our allies, who are in groups and use their expertise to transmute such energies. You have Lightworkers all around you working quietly away at bringing the higher vibrations to Earth, and collectively they are doing wonderful work. Many of you have incarnated upon Earth specifically to be here for the end-times, and selflessly serve Humanity and Mother Earth to ensure a pathway of upliftment onto the path of Ascension. (Atmos, May 18, 2009.)

Mother Earth is getting closer to her time of great change. However, the change is more on the surface of her body than within her body. From the time-line of approximately 2018 to 2020 the inner shifts of her body will begin. (Kuthumi, "Special Message from Kuthumi," April 26, 2009, at http://spiritlibrary.com/the-lightweaver/special-message-from-kuthumi.)

Remember, Mother Earth is affected by what happens on her surface, and looks to you for help in making good centuries of damage and abuse. That will not fall on your shoulders alone because as we have repeatedly informed you, we are to be a team that tackles the problems together. (SaLuSa, April 15, 2009.)

We are well involved in keeping a watchful eye on your planet as it badly needs our help. The cleansing is well overdue, but once we start it will not take long to start seeing welcome results. Our technological knowledge can overcome any immediate problem, and there are times when we have to intervene where human lives are at risk. That does not mean that we can help out on every occasion, as Mother Earth carries out some changes herself. (SaLuSa, Mar. 23, 2009.)

Whatever else happens Ascension is the goal of Mankind, but at the same time cleansing the Earth is also to be part of your experiences. This comes from the fact that the Earth is moving towards Ascension with you, and also needs to be in readiness for such an opportunity to leave this dimension. (SaLuSa, Jan. 26, 2009.)

You certainly need to hold on to your vision of change for the better, and do not succumb to the beliefs that predict a finale of gloom and doom. Of course there are Earth changes yet to come, but they will be curtailed to ensure they result in as little damage and loss of life as possible. Likely events of any great threat to you are being monitored by us, and where necessary we shall give you due warning. However, we cannot truly work closely with you until First Contact has taken place. (Diane of Sirius, Jan. 16, 2009.)

From 2008

Your Earth is poisoned and dying but with our help and your will, together we shall reverse the process and it will be returned to one of beauty and harmony. It must be so as this is one cycle where the end times will not result in mass death and destruction. (Ker-On of Venus, Nov. 3, 2008.)

It is necessary to remind you that your Earth is a living Being of a Light, and of a wonderful disposition where you are concerned. She knew what it meant to offer her body as your abode, and now it is time to make good the damage that she has endured. You are to ascend as one and will find you are suddenly in the Golden age. (SaLuSa, Dec. 1, 2008.)

No one can continue for much longer on the Earth as it now, as it is in the course of changing in readiness for Ascension. (SaLuSa, October 20, 2008.)

Earth is a beautiful world that will leave you with many memories, but these will be surpassed once you see the restoration completed. Truly the Garden of Eden will rise from the ashes of many centuries of neglect and destruction. It will be befitting of the new Man that will emerge to accompany Earth on its Ascension pathway. (SaLuSa, Oct. 10, 2008.)

From 2007

Much of what we have said in our past communications has come true, and even more Earth changes, climatic alterations, geopolitical destabilization and threats to the ecosystem will unfold in the years to come. (The Hathors, "Transcend and Transform Your World," Nov. 17, 2007, through Tom Kenyon, at http://tomkenyon.org/transcend-and-transform-your-world/.)

The earth changes are upon you. You are in the midst of them, and as we have said previously, you can expect an increase in volatile weather patterns, earthquakes and volcanic activity. The stresses to your eco-systems are increasing. (The Hathors, "A Hathor Planetary Message," Jan. 18, 2007, through Tom Kenyon, at http://tomkenyon.com/a-hathor-planetary-message/.)

From 2006

Moving on to questions about melting icecaps, record-breaking temperatures, increasing severity of storms, prevalence of geophysical events: As mentioned in previous messages, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and storms are Earth's natural means of releasing negativity that is stored as kinetic energy. The other changes are a return to her original temperate climate globally; some low-lying areas will be affected, but there will be equalizing effects and no need for mass population relocation, much less evacuation by circling spacecraft as some channeled messages state is a possibility. Please do not go into fear when you read analyses with grave projections! (Matthew's Message, Aug. 13, 2006.)

From 2005

 But Mother Nature was not allowed to pursue her own course.  On-planet weather controllers, who intended even more death and destruction than is being discovered, saw and seized the opportunity to cause that.  By reducing the wind velocity, ET technology thwarted those intentions to the greatest extent possible, but their efforts to deflect the path of the storm were seriously hampered by the controllers' determined steering of the hurricane into their desired location.  Katrina became a battlefield of technologies, and even though the ET's is more advanced than that developed on-planet, it could not disperse the powerful momentum of that energy so as to prevent the sea inundating low-lying areas. 

 Some among you are wondering if the death toll and property loss is a matter of personal and/or planetary karma.  No. The intervention efforts of our space family could not have been put forth if that were the case.  A vital aspect of the planetary cleansing that started several decades past and is enabling Earth's ascension is the opportunity for souls to complete their third density karma so they can accompany Earth into the higher vibrations where darkness cannot exist.  From my current station outside your galaxy, I cannot easily monitor all the details of Katrina's aftermath so I can't tell you the number of souls whose karma was completed prior to transition, but I know from colleagues in Nirvana that many of the souls' contracts had not been fulfilled.  If the families and friends of those whose physical lives were lost could know that through divine grace, all who died have been given full credit for karmic completion and thus may reincarnate in a higher density, it could be some measure of comfort for those who understand how significant this spiritual evolutionary step is.  

 Since Earth's karma is tied to her residents', until all of them have achieved balanced experiencing - and that is the purpose of karma - she herself will be seeking balance.

 Mother, don't bother typing your recurring thought: "Was more negativity incurred by Katrina than gotten rid of?"  Thankfully, that answer also is "No."  Because the on-planet weather controllers don't understand Earth's need to free herself of negativity through release of kinetic energy, they can't see how disasters of that storm's proportions can possibly have any positive effects.  But there are.  A vast amount of kinetic energy was released, which propelled the planet more rapidly in her chosen direction, and the outpouring of light from a compassionate world is adding to the ever increasing in-beaming from well beyond Earth.  Take heart in knowing that the outcome of this diabolical plot to kill masses and destroy far more area than was affected is the opposite of what the planners intended.  Even with the personal tragedies affecting so many, Katrina is a severe setback for the darkness. 

 7. The release of that amount of negativity means that the need for severe natural geophysical events in your future has been lessened, although not yet eliminated, and ET technology can immediately counter manmade efforts.  While that certainly is good news, the primary positive outcome is that the fourth density, or maybe higher, status of those who physically perished means that no longer are they easy prey for the dark overlords' influence - that is the real battle between light and dark forces: Which will attract souls? And there is still another excellent result - I'll mention that in my reply to a question that I know is coming. (Matthew's Message, Aug. 31, 2005.) 

From 2004

In many messages I have mentioned that the extensive planetary cleansing thought necessary more than a decade ago no longer is required to rid Earth of the massive accumulation of negativity. Actually, it was a decade ago when I first told you that the former need was relieved by the combination of people awakening into the light and the additional light assistance of your space family.

I did not mean that your collective consciousness doesn't count! Absolutely it does! It was millennia of collective consciousness that led Earth to her death throes sixty-some years back. But no vast numbers of souls there are envisioning the flooding of huge land masses that would cause a billion deaths, so you are not putting out the energy that would create that kind of world. And the fact is, as you often have been told, Earth is moving right along into fourth density and beyond with her body intact, and with or without her human population. (Matthew's Message, May 28, 2004.)

Indonesian Tsunami

From 2004

S: Most people who asked specific questions want to know if this was a manmade quake, and a couple of people forwarded an article proposing that "tall white" and/or "little grey" ETs may have used scalar beams to cause the quake so they could rescue the children and take them to locations off-planet, but they did it with good intentions. Is there any credence to that?

MATTHEW: None whatsoever! The only ET hand in this otherwise totally natural disaster was using their technology to neutralize the force of the quake and lessen the size, or height, of the tsunami, and thus reduce destruction and death toll. Without their help, hundreds of thousands of people would have perished, and this was not Earth's intention.

In my last message and in several prior to that, I mentioned that geophysical events would continue as the planet releases the kinetic energy resulting from millennia of accumulating negativity, and not long ago I stated in a message that before your planet is completely out of third density, millions of people will die. As much as I wished it were not necessary to pass on that kind of information, it IS necessary that you to know what to anticipate and to prepare spiritually. (Matthew's Message, Dec. 30, 2004.)

Animal Die-offs and Species Extinction

From 2011

GW: I believe it does. You've addressed several key points there. Perhaps one question that comes quickly to mind with regards to the geophysical changes, many people have been reporting the strange sounds coming from all over the world. Is this you, or is this some work of our galactic families assisting in the disclosure process?

Gaia: It is both. It is energy that is being - it is me thinking of breaking the shackles to the lower, what we would call the lower, or the old, paradigms of the third dimension. So it is me creaking and cracking and breaking free. It is the collective of humanity breaking free. And yes, it is transmissions also accompanied from your star brothers and sisters to simply let people know of their presence. And then, thrown in for simple confusion purposes, have been some, what we would call 'sonic testing' by various governments. That is a distinct sound, and that is the sound that has caused death of animals. That does not come from either myself or your star brothers and sisters. ("An Hour with an Angel, April 9, 2012, with Geoffrey West and Gaia," April 12, 2012, at http://the2012scenario.com/2012/04/an-hour-with-an-angel-april-9-2012-with-geoffrey-west-and-gaia/#more-111758.)

Nature is a victim of the upheaval on Earth, and over a long period many species have become extinct. However, there is no total loss as we can transfer them to other planets to continue their evolution. Genetic modification can be carried out if necessary to suit the new planetary conditions they are introduced into. In some cases animals have completed their cycle on Earth, and are released such as happened with the Dinosaurs.

Although it is not often noticed, species come and go quite regularly according to needs of the Earth and Humankind. (SaLuSa, Feb. 28. 2011.)

The Birds & The Bees...(and the fish too)

I have definitely been getting my share of emails with questions and concerns about the recent bird and fish deaths, and tho there are many "speculations" and theories out there, I thought I'd share some of what our galactic family has to say...

What I have been hearing is that the recent magnetic pole shift...which incidentally caused a Florida airport to temporarily close down...created massive pockets of electromagnetic distortion which resulted in some freakish occurrences in specific geographic locations and planetary ley lines...in addition to the rerouting of our own internal GPS's. If you have recently been feeling lost in your world, unable to figure out which way to go or why, most likely its related. This magnetic shift is essentially responsible for reorienting us to the new timeline...translation: erasing our hard drives and rebooting our operating system now that we have all the latest updates.

(Keep in mind that just as our bodies are powered through a geometrically structured energy system, the earth is also powered through a grid system that forms geometric patterns which meet at various intersecting points creating a power grid or matrix. And just as meridians pulsate energy around our body, these grid points pulsate energy around our planet. Akin to acupressure points on the human body, these grid points are some of the most energetically potent on the planet. )

According to the unseens, ley lines form and connect these major intersections of geometric patterning and occupy physical space as powerful vortices of restorative energy, which animals, fish and insects...as well as some humans...are tuned into due to their highly sensitive navigation systems. As I understand it, certain groups (if not all) of animals, fish and insects cluster together in herds, flocks, schools and swarms to travel from power-point to power-point via the ley lines to nest, rest, mate, birth, heal and congregate due to the neutralized healing energies of these vortices.

When a significant shift occurs, it is possible and even likely for these creatures to become completely confused/disoriented and to lose their bearings...hence, fly into the ground, or wash up on shore. Though this can be unsettling, it is not the first that we are seeing of these phenomenons... we are just seeing more and more of them (with the help of the internet). There have been plenty of headlines in the last several years about unexplained bee deaths...dolphins/whales lost in strange waters and/or beaching themselves in greater and greater numbers...thousands of bats in the northeast United States dying of something unknown, etc...

Most likely, these natural events will continue to take place and maybe even increase as the earth sustains her transition into higher consciousness. As with all things, it is imperative that we claim our sovereignty through our ability to remain fearless, detached and neutral to these happenings by realizing that everyone and everything has their divine part to play in this game called "planetary ascension." (Lauren Gorgo, "On Digesting Calamity: a 5D View," Jan. 20, 2011, at http://galactic-times.blogspot.com/.)

In the last few weeks, fish have been washing up dead in certain lakes by the hundreds of thousands, if not millions. Birds have been falling from the sky. I'm going to make a statement way in advance of what science is going to tell you. All of it can be traced to the water cycle - all of it. It's always about the weather, a cycle of weather you've not seen before. Do you remember a few years ago when whales were beaching themselves? Did you notice that this attribute stopped? But while they were beaching themselves every year, many Human Beings were in fear, saying, "It's the end of the world. They're committing suicide."

The magnetics of the planet continue to shift and the birds are unaware. Like the whales, many of the birds have migrated themselves right into a high place in the atmosphere, which pummeled them to death by freezing rain and hail. Then they fall from the sky. It's the weather cycle. Will they continue to do this? Some will, for awhile, and then they will figure it out and recalibrate. That's what nature does.

You might say, "Well, nature's way is severe." It is not severe. It is a positive learning system that allows generations of birds to be around next time. The few deaths allow for the many to continue their life cycle and their lineage on the earth. ...

The life cycle itself is being altered by the temperature change of the ocean and much of what you have believed is the paradigm of life in the sea is slowly changing. A new system of life is appearing, as it has before, and is upon you in your lifetime. It will compliment what you know and expose you to a new concept: Gaia regularly refreshes the life cycle on Earth.

Within this process, there will be the extinction of certain plants and animals, birds and fish. My advice to you, especially to those environmentalists, is to understand the cycle of life so that you may relax with what nature has always done. It puts life on the planet to serve the planet for a time. When certain life no longer serves the planet in the ways it used to, it takes it away. The extinction of life, especially through weather change, is normal for Gaia. It is honored, appropriate and normal, even if you don't think so. Don't try to save all the disappearing animals, fish and birds! Some are supposed to go away. And, dear ones, don't assign all this activity to something you did to cause it! (Kryon, Live Channelling, Boulder, Colorado, Sunday, January 16, 2011, as channelled by Lee Carroll, at http://www.kryon.com/k_channel11_boulder.html.)

The other concern in many minds is the mysterious sudden deaths of millions of birds and fish in various locations around the globe. This was not from a single cause, but a "last straw." The small bodies of those animals are more vulnerable than human bodies to the many forms of toxic pollutants in your air, water and soil, so their immune systems were seriously weakened before they were hit by a blast of low vibrations from manmade electromagnetic grids.

9. If you are wondering why our space family did not use their technology to prevent such a blast, it is because doing so exceeds their authority. They are, however, permitted to deflect or neutralize harmful radio waves aimed at the peoples, and they did so; without their intervention, there would have been many human bodies sickened or killed along with the mass exodus of birds and fish. (Matthew's Message, Jan. 15, 2011.)

From 2010

Endings to relationships, discovering what was really and truly occurring with many relationships (as the light will always reveal what is really there), more endings with careers and geographical residencies, and endings with many connections may suddenly have become the norm. At this time as well, exit points are always created for souls (human and animal) to depart, as this is as well, another severed connection or rather, a departure from an old space that no longer fits. (Karen Bishop, "The Dismantling of the Old," April 20, 2010, at http://www.emergingearthangels.com/2010/wings4.20.2010.html.)

From 2009

As with the Human Race, the animal kingdom will also change and a number of species will completely disappear. They will be mainly those who normally live in the more extreme conditions, and are unable to adapt to the new Earth. They are not lost for all time but will find another planet where they can continue their evolution. All life is immortal and there are no exceptions, and changes take place all of the time as indeed you are now beginning to experience. (SaLuSa, Nov. 4, 2009.)

Whales are stranding themselves not because they no longer are needed to anchor light on the planet, but because US Navy testing in their habitat has damaged their sonar capability. The influence of the departed dark forces on their weak-willed puppets on the planet is responsible for the "national security" testing and the slaughter of whales for "scientific" purposes. However, even when the cetaceans, who species-wide are the most spiritually and intellectually evolved souls on Earth, physically die, they have agreed that their energy will remain and continue to anchor the light being beamed from distant civilizations. (Matthew's Message, Feb. 7, 2009.)

From 2007

S: OK dear, thank you. Global warming is another big topic. Most people are asking how the melting icecaps will affect marine life and coastal areas, but a few want to know if Al Gore is sincere in his work to halt global warming or if this is politically motivated. Here's a question I think is interesting: Are the scientists who say this is a naturally recurring episode "enlightened" people who know this is leading to a moderate climate globally, as Matthew said?

MATTHEW: Sadly, some marine populations and animal species living in frigid temperatures will not survive, but most can adapt far more readily to rising ocean and land temperatures than they can live in polluted waters or in sonar testing areas or in cages, much less evade slaughter for pelts or tusks, "scientific experiments," or delicacies such as caviar and fins. Some low-lying coastal areas and islands will be affected, as I mentioned before along with stating that residents will have time to move to higher areas and be compensated for relocation.

Mr. Gore's sincere interest in environmental issues is of long-standing, and whether he will use this to political advantage remains to be seen. I don't know if any of the scientists who say global warming is a naturally recurring episode are "enlightened"; what we do know is that scientists who are espousing that opinion are employed by governments or corporations, and the interest of both categories is financial, not environmental. (Matthew's Message, April 3, 2007.)

From 2005

Among some animal species, usually those most commonly considered pets, are highly evolved souls who have chosen to experience in animal bodies, thus they have far more wisdom and spiritual clarity than many within your human population. These animals have come specifically to enhance your relationship with all animal life because this is vital to your individual journeys into the higher vibrations where cruelty in any form cannot exist. Without the awakening that has come to those who are dedicated to improving the lives of animals, Earth could not have made the progress she has in ascending out of third density. (Matthew's Message, April 5, 2005.)

Will Animals Ascend?

From 2015

We would like to add a few comments about group souls, and – using birds as an example – will mention that they evolve. When you rise up you will find them gifted with more beauty, and – like flowers – they will respond more openly to the energies of the ascended Human. Colours will be more vivid and pronounced, and songbirds will have delightful songs to sing.

What will be most noticeable is the cleanliness and newness of everything. Animals that you now consider wild will become tame and no longer aggressive or carnivores. Domesticated animals such as horses will respond in a more intelligent manner and be able to converse with Man through the power of thought. In time this will also apply to your pet dogs and cats that shall remain with you, as it is only the wild species that merge into a group soul. (SaLuSa, Sept. 25, 2015.)

Steve Beckow: Just before we go, Raj could you just assure pet lovers that their pets will ascend?

Sanat Kumara: The animal kingdom, beloveds, is ahead of you.  Of course they will ascend.  They are waiting for you. You leave no one behind. ("Transcript: Sanat Kumara ~ Ascension: Your New Tomorrow, Right Now ~ September 17, 2015," at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2015/09/20/transcript-sanat-kumara-ascension-your-new-tomorrow-right-now-sept-17-2015/.)

From 2012

Steve Beckow:  What do you mean by “The kingdoms are ready”?

Archangel Michael: Everybody has been positioned — Gaia, the kingdoms, the plants, the animals, the elementals, the rivers, the streams, the mountains. They are all ready.

It is just human beings, the human collective that is doing some last-minute preparation. ("Archangel Michael: Let Us Ease This Flight to Freedom," Dec. 19, 2012, at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2012/12/19/archangel-michael-let-us-ease-this-flight-to-freedom/.)

Remember that you are to Ascend with Mother Earth, and that many other life forms are also ready to go forward. Not least of all are the animals, many of whom are your pets or have been domesticated to serve your needs. (SaLuSa, Oct. 1, 2012.)

From 2010

The innocence of animals, who act from instinct, never from malice, automatically qualifies all except a few species to ascend with Earth. Along the way those who now are wild will become tame, predators will become vegetarians, and all will live peaceably with each other and humankind. Already there is evidence of cross-species friendship, even mothers of one species nurturing infants of another, and instances of bonding between wild animals and humans.

Animal numbers will shrink in the next few years as instinctively they will breed less often and produce fewer offspring. While most species will be able to adapt to environmental and climate changes as Earth is restored to her Eden self, when there were no temperature extremes and all lands were arable, species living in polar regions will not survive. Their souls will go to Nirvana and continue evolving, and in time they will incarnate in a world where conditions are suitable for their new bodies and life purposes. (Matthew's Message, Aug. 13, 2010.)

From 2005

Animals' spiritual awareness, sensitivity to energy fluctuations, and extent of emotions and intelligence have long been underestimated or completely disregarded by unfeeling humans, the most brutal killers on Earth. Among some animal species, usually those most commonly considered pets, are highly evolved souls who have chosen to experience in animal bodies, thus they have far more wisdom and spiritual clarity than many within your human population. These animals have come specifically to enhance your relationship with all animal life because this is vital to your individual journeys into the higher vibrations where cruelty in any form cannot exist. Without the awakening that has come to those who are dedicated to improving the lives of animals, Earth could not have made the progress she has in ascending out of third density. (April 5, 2005.)

Earth's animal and plant life automatically will go along with the planet and as she ascends, the animal kingdom once again will become peaceable. (Matthew's Message, March 13, 2005.)

From 2004

Animals who are loved and cared for automatically will travel along with their families. (Matthew's Message, Feb. 8, 2004.)

Humane Treatment of Animals will Arise

From 2012

All life is Divine, and must be recognized as such. There is soon to come a time when the hunting and eating of animals will be obsolete and considered very primitive. (The Arcturian Group, Oct. 7, 2012.)

You have a growing respect for all animals. Hence you no longer feel that you are superior because you have two legs and they have four legs, or no legs. You now perceive animals, as well as plants, as living creatures that have the same rights as you. Being a human is no longer being the most evolved being when you realize that some animals, such as the cetaceans, are just as, if not more, evolved than humans. ("The Arcturians - We Are You," by Dr Suzan Caroll / Suzanne Lie, August 22, 2012, at http://suzanneliephd.blogspot.co.uk/.)

From 2011

If you watch nature programs on television, you see more and more incidents in which a wildlife biologist or other animal-centered career person describes surprising new behavior in your wild animals or companion animals, as well as the expansion of animal awareness of humans, their emotions, and their intentions.

At this time there is a definite opening in the capacity for interspecies communication. There is a range of levels of interaction from a simple expanded sensitivity by humans with regard to animals, all the way to complex relationships involving high levels of conscious and subconscious exchanges.

The expansion we are addressing is a phenomenon, which is part of the ascension of your world and all elements and species that are part of your world. The integrative elements, which are a part of the ascension process, include the closer interactions with and understandings of your animal species - a greater integration of all Earth's animals, including yourselves.

If you are one who can take or leave all the pet stuff (coddling the live stock), then it is time for you to brush up on your anicom (animal communication) skills! You will not be able to avoid situations in which you must deal more closely with animals any more than you can avoid interacting with other humans. (The Pleidian Light through Hannah Beaconsfield, Aug. 31, 2011. at http://stevebeckow.com/2011/09/hannah-beaconsfield-walk-ins-update-and-opening-contact/.)

We note that already there is much more compassion being shown to your animal world, and there are some wonderful groups doing excellent work. Animals will often move out of danger areas well before they are threatened, so Man is well advised to observe unusual movement patterns. You may be surprised to learn that animals are moved around between planets, and also kept on board our Mothercraft where we have created ideal conditions for them. (SaLuSa, Feb. 4, 2011.)

From 2004

Animals who are loved and cared for automatically will travel along with their families. The nature of predatory animals will revert to its original peaceable nature, and the current food chain will cease as the animals' cellular structure, just as humans', becomes crystalline-based.

As for the animals raised for food, this has been and will continue to be a transitional process all along the journey. The introduction of "mad cow disease" is not "bad luck" - it is a significant factor to reduce beef consumption and persuade people to withdraw from eating all kinds of meat. You will see changes in the animals' ability to reproduce, with fewer and fewer food animals being born, and far more humane treatment of those who are.

There are many avenues where proper stewardship of your animals is growing. Using animals for medical and product experimentation and testing has lessened greatly in corresponding response to people's increased pressure to end those practices. Globally groups have formed to protect species whose survival is threatened by one means or another, and other groups' efforts are aimed at ending those means: destruction of forests; soil, water and air pollution; killing for animal parts; testing that kills and damages marine life. Individuals are creating preserves for animals rescued from one dreadful circumstance or another.

Half a century past, few people were sensitive to the plight of Earth's animals, and today millions are actively working or financially supporting efforts to protect and preserve them. This change that is so gratifying for us to see is due to the ever-increasing abundance of light on the planet - realizing that animal life must be respected is an aspect of spiritual growth. You still have a long ways to go on this front, as it is just as imperative that you treat animals humanely as it is that you treat each other that way. (Matthew's Message, Feb. 8, 2004.)

Changes to the Solar System

From 2010

What is your sun doing? It is responding to the rapid changes going on throughout your solar system. If your astrophysicists were aware of Earth's ascension through the "universal time window," they would know that stepped-up solar activity is a natural effect and that Sol poses no danger to your planet. (Matthew's Message, Feb. 14, 2010.)

From 2009

The Light is growing exponentially and is creating changes of a solar nature that is affecting your whole system. It is a massive process involving many planets and millions of souls that extends throughout your Universe. It is carried out with great love at the Creator's request, and cannot therefore fail in any circumstances. (SaLuSa, June 29, 2009.)

As for a pole shift in 2010 - or any other of your calendar years - Earth's orbit has been changing gradually and there will be no dramatic geological effects. Your scientists do not understand that the planet has left the space from which they are accustomed to viewing the heavens, and they are puzzled about their observations of unfamiliar celestial activity. And please keep in mind that some information is skewed due to lack of universal knowledge and other information is intentionally distorted to create fear. (Matthew's Message, March 10, 2009.)


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