The Mental Plane - The Seventh Heaven

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Last revised: 6 August 2008

The Seventh Heaven

Little is Known of the Seventh Heaven

The glorious ... Masters, ... for the most part ... reside on the highest level of the "formless" division of the mental plane. (Annie Besant, AW, 128.) On the seventh level of the upper region of the mental plane dwell the Egos of the Masters, and of the Initiates who are Their Chelâs, the Thinkers having here a preponderance of the matter of this region in their bodies. From this world of subtlest mental forces the Masters carry on Their beneficent work for humanity, raining down noble ideals, inspiring thoughts, devotional aspirations, streams of spiritual and intellectual help for men.

Every force there generated, rays out in myriad directions, and the noblest, purest souls catch most readily these helpful influences. A discovery flashes into the mind of the patient searcher into Nature's secrets; a new melody entrances the ear of the great musician; the answer to a long studied problem illumines the intellect of a lofty philosopher; (1) a new energy of hope and love suffuses the heart of an unwearied philanthropist. Yet men think that they are left uncared for, although the very phrases they use; "the thought occurred to me; the idea came to me; the discovery flashed on me" unconsciously testify to the truth known to their inner selves though the outer eyes be blind. (Annie Besant, AW, 131-2.) Yet higher, lovelier, gleams the seventh heaven, where Masters and Initiates have their intellectual home. No soul can dwell there ere yet is has passed while on earth through the narrow gateway of Initiation, the strait gate that "leadeth unto life" unending. (See Chapter XI, on "Man's Ascent." The Initiate has stepped out of the ordinary line of evolution, and is treading a shorter and steeper road to human perfection).

That world is the source of the strongest intellectual and moral impulses that flow down to earth; thence are poured forth the invigorating streams of the loftiest energy. The intellectual life of the world has there its root; thence genius receives its purest inspirations. To the souls that dwell there it matters little whether, at the time, they be or be not connected with the lower vehicles; they ever enjoy their lofty self-consciousness and their communion with those around them; whether, when "embodied" they suffuse their lower vehicles with as much of this consciousness as they can contain is a matter for their own choice - they can give or withhold as they will.

And more and more their volitions are guided by the will of the Great Ones, whose will is one with the will of the LOGOS, the will which seeks ever the good of the worlds. For here are being eliminated the last vestiges of separateness - (Ahamkâra, the "I" making principle, necessary in order that self consciousness may be evolved, but transcended when its work is over) - in all who have not yet reached final emancipation - all, that is, who are not yet Masters - and, as these perish, the will becomes more and more harmonised with the will that guides the worlds. (Annie Besant, AW, 172-3.)