The Dark Plane

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Last revised: 6 August 2008

"The Winterlands"

Suggestions of Hellfire

Yes, you deny the Last Judgement. Yet there are guardians watching over you, noble recorders who know all your actions.

The righteous shall surely dwell in bliss. But the wicked shall burn in Hell-fire upon the Judgement-day: they shall not escape. (Koran, 16.)

Living in Selfish Isolation

Very unpleasant conditions - what might be called the Winterland - which are also illusory, though in a different way, surround those whose life was one of coldly selfish feelings and of self-imposed isolation. ... In the lower areas - it is almost impossible to avoid these geographical concepts - men discover their actual self to which on earth they preferred to remain largely blind. Now they can no longer avoid their real selves; it is unpleasant where they are because they are unpleasant. ... A very selfish man is often depicted as finding himself in a rocky landscape, surrounded by a grey, dark mist. How, then, it may be asked, is this a representation of familiar places on earth, for many selfish men used their life to acquire a rich and splendid house and a staff to surround them. This former earth setting is not now reproduced because it does not represent the reality of such a man's internal state. ... What a selfish man built around him on earth and believed to be his is so different from what is real character now reflects in his surroundings that an extremely unpleasant shock faces him. (Paul Beard, LO, 85-6.)