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If a man keeps following my teaching with faith in his heart, and does not make mental reservations, he will be released from the bondage of his karma. But those who scorn my teaching, and do not follow it, are lost. They are without spiritual discrimination. All their knowledge is a delusion. (Sri Krishna in BG, 48.)

And this is love, that we walk after his commandments. (II John 1:6.)


In order to wake up, you must commit all of your inner resources one-pointedly to the task at hand. You must be willing to suspend all other considerations and make awakening the top priority of this life. (Adyashanti, downloaded from http://www.thedailyinspiration.com/cgi/daily.php?id=574, 12 March 2006.)


All of us feel like we're not the chosen ones. Most of us feel pretty ordinary, and if we have this conscious or unconscious belief that enlightenment is rare - that it's for only very extraordinary people - it totally contradicts our experience because we're not extraordinary, most of us, and we feel very ordinary, and we don't feel like rare chosen people. And so this idea, it is one of the, if not the most powerful, impediments to awakening. We have images of the awake being, and they are all sort of halo-enshrouded, with long hair, wearing flowing gowns. And if they are doing anything in life they're always teaching, and they always have disciples, and people falling at their feet. These images are out there, and yet it's simply not so. It's very hard for our minds to get that enlightenment can look like your grandmother, or the grocer. Enlightenment doesn't need to look in any way extraordinary. (Adyashanti, "Spontaneous Awakening, an Interview," downloaded from http://store.yahoo.com/soundstruestore/interview-adyashanti.html, 12 March 2006.)