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Advice on Contact with the Company of Heaven

Advice for Making Spiritual/Intergalactic Contact

From 2014

As your eyes are opened to the Truth of your Being, even more questions arise as your level of consciousness expands and there are always more knowledgeable Beings around you to give the answers. Even now if you can put yourself in a meditative state and clear your mind so that you are receptive, you can communicate with Higher Beings. Let them know what information you need, and you may get an immediate response, or it may come to you later at a time when you are not expecting it. (SaLuSa, Oct. 10, 2014.)

Learn to follow the inner beacon of your own intuition. Many of you wonder how to contact to your Higher Self. Simply still yourself long enough to hear the inner voice. It speaks to you through your intuition and what some people call their conscience. However, it is NOT a voice that cajoles and judges, but one that encourages and assists you in understanding things without having been taught.

Understand that once you start responding to the spirit that works through your body in the form of intuition, then you will begin to open up to connecting to your guides and mentors. Be open to listening within, always being [sure] to challenge the spirits, “Are you of the Light? (3x)? If not, then be gone!” ("The Angels: From the Heart of the Mother We Come," channeled by Eliza Ayres ((aka Tazjima Amariah Kumara)), August 10, 2014 at

Once again it is important for me to stress to you the vital importance of taking time out daily, alone, and safe from interruption, so that you can access your intuition which is always calling to you gently, offering guidance and comfort. It is the Voice of your true Self, the Holy Spirit, or your favorite saint or angel, in fact anyone in the spiritual realms with whom you commune regularly.

You may even have no conscious idea of someone in the spiritual realms answering your calls for assistance – you may not even be aware that you make such calls – or calling to you or responding to you, nevertheless, when you receive an inspired insight, or when something important comes to mind that you had forgotten and could not afford to forget, that is guidance from your friends and loved ones in the spiritual realms. Remember to thank them!

But you can only access that intuition, that loving guidance when you temporarily quiet your chattering minds. Hence the need to take time out at least once every single day. And when you do you receive unlimited encouragement and assistance, all that you have to do is accept it, and enjoy the sense of peace that it brings you. (Saul, July 13, 2014.)

In connecting with us, it’s important to understand that the mind and ego must be completely subdued to make the greater connection you seek. If they aren’t, they’ll do everything in their power to block the deeper connection and keep you distracted with surface thoughts and feelings that don’t serve one nearly as much as the deepening perception you’re beginning to find.

If the ego maintains control of one’s perception, it’ll easily block one from discovering their mission and the amazing things that exist within and all around them, excitedly awaiting their chance to be noticed and acted on.

Finding a clear and pure higher-dimensional connection requires little more than subduing the influence of the ego and simply sitting and waiting in a comfortable, relaxed frame of mind/heart to receive the flowing, glittered energies that can herald the connection one seeks.

Of course, some momentum is required to pick up on the energies and impressions of the higher realms, but it isn’t ego-centered and after so much of it is shown, it becomes unnecessary. Momentum is required because it provides the ‘push’ one needs to connect with spirit in a real and pure way as opposed to a shallow, mind-centered way.

That little extra ‘push’ takes you out of the confines of your mental comfort zone, and once you’re free of these shackles, spirit can use your physical temples as conduits for the expression of your higher selves, your guides, and various other higher-dimensional souls who desire to speak with and through humanity. ("Oversoul Teachings: Keep the Strength, Part 1," channeled through Wes Annac, July 11, 2014 at

Your intuition is your strongest link to your higher self and the higher realms in general, and the seekers who’ve begun channeling us have sharpened their ability to access and expand on the sacred teachings of their intuition, seeking a full-on connection with their higher selves and the rest of the Company of Heaven in the process. ("Oversoul Teachings: Your Beliefs Aren’t Permanent," channeled through Wes Annac, July 9, 2014 at

It doesn’t matter if one wants to connect with the elementals; the galactics; the angels, archangels or ascended masters – every group or entity one would connect with first connects with one’s higher self.

You can each communicate with the Company of Heaven and all who reside in our infinite and harmonious realms, and if you do, you’re encouraged to connect with your higher selves and absorb the energy and guidance they give you before you make your other connections. ("Oversoul Teachings: Energetic Breezes," channeled through Wes Annac, July 4, 2014 at

Your higher-dimensional connections are sacred and infallible, and no matter how much you cut yourselves off from Source, this will always remain an everlasting fact. However difficult connecting with Source might seem right now, it’ll become far easier when you realize that the connection is instantaneous and constantly waits to be utilized.

Your connection with the divine can never burn out – you can only convince yourselves it has.

This connection is never truly gone, but if you let yourselves believe it is, you could have a lot of difficulty finding it and using it to help others. If you aren’t in a deep or willing enough state to receive the constant, free-flowing energy you’re being given, it’ll be much harder to receive and you may wonder why you can’t seem to make the sacred connections you strive so hard to make. ("Oversoul Teachings: A Vast Treasure of Information," channeled through Wes Annac, June 26, 2014 at

It might be hard for some developing channels to believe that they can constantly connect with us, but indeed, they can. Even if you’ve channeled a lengthy communication, a few short moments of rest will see you able to reconnect with us and strengthen the already strong connection you had before.

Connection in the higher realms is instantaneous, and in every moment, you can connect with us and reap the flowing rewards of such a connection. One of the problems many earthly souls have is that their physical and etheric bodies are too blocked up with negativity or toxins to be able to connect with us in a clear and pure way.

If you eat a big, unhealthy meal, for example, connecting with spirit or doing anything else that requires livelihood will be more difficult. Your channels will be muddied, and you higher connections will be much harder to find and act on. ("Spiritual Guidance: The Divine is Instantaneously Accessible," conveyed through Wes Annac, June 20, 2014 at

We encourage eating light and giving your developing temples the proper nutrition they require to soar, and with exercise and the general livelihood that helps you enjoy your existence, you’ll quickly become sensitive receptors for the divine and your creative pursuits will reflect this sensitivity.

The problem many seekers have is that they don’t give themselves a chance to really pick up on the divine and become sensitive to our energy. Many seekers who are interested in channeling try it out once or twice, find very shallow connections, and feel as if they’ve failed. Many of them then set channeling aside, convinced that it just isn’t for them.

The very idea is illusory from our perspective, because you’re in the driver’s seat and you’re fully capable of deciding what is and isn’t right for you. Certain souls tend to have certain talents that they can unlock and use for the betterment of others, but for the most part, you’re infinite and capable of any creative venture you decide to take up.

If the souls who initially give up could pursue their connections a little more and allow themselves to push through the mental chatter and everything else that distorts their greater reception of the higher-dimensional energy you’re all being given, they’d find that their flow is smoothed out.

They’d find a greater ease in picking up on the divine energy, and with practice and patience, they’d be able to develop and, eventually, enjoy their channeling ability like never before. The same can obviously be said for the development of any creative ability, and opening up to the divine will strengthen every creative connection one makes.

A lot of patience is involved with the channeling process, and if you enter into it expecting words and impressions to automatically flow in a strong and pure way, you might be in for some disappointment. This is where patience becomes important, and sometimes, even the flow of an experienced seeker will be shallow.

One of the most important factors in the channeling process is if the aspiring channel approaches the sessions with enthusiasm and patience, as well as the full understanding that what they’re doing is real.

Another problem many seekers have is that they’re quick to judge the connections they make as false, and some tend to convince themselves they aren’t skilled or worthy enough to perform certain spiritual practices, such as channeling or meditation.

This too is a false notion, and one’s only incapable of what one’s unwilling to pursue. Nothing, including channeling, is easy at first, and it’s necessary that an aspiring channel experience temporarily blocked connections and other similar difficulties that, in the long run, help them refine their abilities to pick up on us and our impressions.

Seeming failures will pop up when one hones any ability, and if you want to pursue and develop your abilities, you’ll have to be willing to deal with what you perceive as ‘failure’ and the misconnection that lowers the self-esteem of so many aspiring seekers.

It’s also important to understand that you’re divine souls who are infinitely worthy of God’s love and the sacred, universal rights you’ve always possessed. This is an inalienable fact, and nothing can change it. We say this to remind you that even if you run into perceived creative failures, you’re in no way less of a soul because of them. ("Spiritual Guidance: Remember Your Divine, Sacred Nature,” conveyed through Wes Annac, June 16, 2014 at

Listen to the whispers of the angels and watch for signs of the hidden realms, for it is now becoming easier to discern. Interact with delight in the beings that surround you. Observe life opening to new perspectives and a closer connection with All That Is. Find the wonder and magic in nature, and know that you are an integral part of all that is unfolding. (Hilarion, June 9, 2014.)

You get what you put out, dearest souls, and if you just aren’t able to believe you’re capable of connecting with the higher realms, then you won’t.

If, however, you’re able to believe in your abilities as increasingly sensitive instruments for higher-dimensional expression, the flow you seek to attain will come to you naturally and effortlessly and you’ll be able to pick up on our energies and impressions in any and every moment you seek to.

We’ll make our final expressions for this communication with love and support for your developing abilities and the connections you’re beginning to be able to make.

Even though we understand that it’s easy to convince yourselves you’re unable to make the greater connections you seek, we’re here to remind you that you’re capable of anything and everything you put your evolving minds and hearts to. Understand this, dearest souls, because you’re truly limitless. ("Spiritual Guidance: You Are Divine Souls," as conveyed to Wes Annac, May 4, 2014 at

Source is here for each of you, and we’re also here to light up the otherwise dim path that seems so difficult to traverse. In truth, traversing your ascension path doesn’t have to be difficult, but you can make it much harder on yourselves by refusing to exit the confines of the striving mind.

The heart space will breed any and every bit of work you do from here on out to help awaken others and introduce spirit to a collective of previously unaware souls, and with the love of your heart by your side, everything you seek to do will be successful.

We don’t encourage you to look at the things you do in terms of ‘successes’ and ‘failures’, but nevertheless, the heart space will make every endeavor you set out to complete much easier and more free-flowing.

A lot of higher-dimensional sources have been talking about the importance of attaining a heart-centered flow, and we’ll add our voice to the fray by reminding you that the heart provides every bit of divine inspiration you could hope to receive.

The mind acts as a translator for this inspiration, and with a brimming, open heart, you can connect with any and every ascended being and collective you desire...

Source is here for each of you, and we’re also here to light up the otherwise dim path that seems so difficult to traverse. In truth, traversing your ascension path doesn’t have to be difficult, but you can make it much harder on yourselves by refusing to exit the confines of the striving mind.

The heart space will breed any and every bit of work you do from here on out to help awaken others and introduce spirit to a collective of previously unaware souls, and with the love of your heart by your side, everything you seek to do will be successful.

We don’t encourage you to look at the things you do in terms of ‘successes’ and ‘failures’, but nevertheless, the heart space will make every endeavor you set out to complete much easier and more free-flowing.

A lot of higher-dimensional sources have been talking about the importance of attaining a heart-centered flow, and we’ll add our voice to the fray by reminding you that the heart provides every bit of divine inspiration you could hope to receive.

The mind acts as a translator for this inspiration, and with a brimming, open heart, you can connect with any and every ascended being and collective you desire...

You’re connecting with us in every moment, but your connection is much stronger when you go out of your way to make it. You can connect with us at any ‘time’, and the largest factor is your belief in whether or not the communications could possibly be genuine. ("Spiritual Guidance: Source is Here For Each of You," conveyed through Wes Annac, May 1, 2014 at

Spirit has to be sought to be attained, but one can’t successfully seek it in the confines of the physical mind. One must look beyond their mental perception and limitation to embrace spirit and everything it has to offer, and you’re learning to do this now as you ready yourselves to step into the fullness of your multidimensional forms.

Allowing yourselves to connect with your sacred center will enable you to experience the numerous, endless benefits of a higher state of consciousness, and an essential aspect of reaching a greater perception is moving beyond the otherwise strong and unbreakable influence the ego has kept over so many unknowing souls.

Part of our mission in helping you is to bring awareness of the necessity to see beyond the ego, and to that extent, we work very hard to remind you of the uncountable things the open heart space will do for you when you’re rooted in it in a real and pure way.

The open heart space offers more benefits than we could hope to outline through any scribe, and along with it, we encourage you to access and open up to your myriad other chakras as you allow them to come online and bring through the greater energy you’re feeling. ("Spiritual Guidance: Spirit is Becoming a Reality," channeled by Wes Annac, April 22, 2014, at

Now, the names that come to you may be sounding very foreign because our traditions, our cultures, our names, there are some similarities but there are many differences. And very often when we give you the name – and there are many mentors lined up – is that they will give it to you phonetically so that in every language around the world, it can be understood in your language. So we are willing to do that much.

So sit, receive the name, immediately write it down. And why am I saying this? Because you are bringing it into your physical reality. You have mentioned ‘like a pen-pal’. Well, it is much more than that. And then begin the conversation. It will be primarily telepathic. You say “Well, what if I am not telepathic?” My dear friends, you are all telepathic. ("Transcript: Heavenly Blessings with Ashira ~ 5th in a Series," channeled by Linda Dillon, April 22, 2014, at

Today we would like to focus your attention upon the topic of intuition. It is a sense that each and every one of you are born with, though it often goes unnoticed because it is not a physical sense. It is our intention in this message to further explain what each of the 3 paths to receiving guidance from the higher realms are and to furthermore help you to determine which one is the path of least resistance for you.

As we were saying, each one of you has the innate ability to connect with the higher realms, in fact you have never actually been disconnected, but rather the connection has become weakened for many but never lost. All children are born with the inner knowing of how to connect to the higher realms because they have not yet fully emerged themselves within the physical yet. But as you rely more heavily on the physical senses to determine what to trust and what is “real” the intuitive ability lessens as it is no longer being used.

It is much like an atrophied muscle that weakens over time from not being stimulated or strengthened, however just like every other muscle within your body when it is used more regularly it strengthens. You each have the ability to regain the strong intuitive ability that many call channeling.

Energy will always take the path of least resistance. When we send our messages to our channel, we are not speaking words or any particular language, but rather we are sharing energy which is then being channeled and then translated by the brain using the vocabulary available to her in which you refer to it as the English language.

There are three most common forms of channeling information; we are not speaking about other forms which include many artistic and creative outlets, in this message we are specifically speaking about channeling information from the higher realms. The three most common paths are Clairvoyance, Clairaudience and Clairsentience. You may very well find that you are a combination of 1, 2 or even all 3; however it is very common to find that one in particular seems to be the most predominant of all.

We will begin with clairvoyance, which can be described as the ability to receive messages through visions. This can be in the form of physical or non-physical visions. It is much more common that those who are predominantly clairvoyant will see pictures, textures and colors in their mind’s eye, or imagination rather than with their physical eyes. Many find this to be difficult to decipher between the imagination and a vision from the higher realms. Visions will often be direct answers to questions you had just asked of the higher realms. Learning or we should really say remembering how to consciously direct your channeling ability is well within everyones ability.

Clairaudience can be described as the ability to hear the guidance of the higher realms. This again can be with either your physical or spiritual ears, though it again is far more common that it is received through your spiritual ear. This is how our channel most regularly receives and translates our messages; through her spiritual ear. Those who are clairaudient can usually detect even a subtle difference in the “voice” or dialect that they hear when receiving guidance.

Clairsentience can be described as the ability to perceive messages from the higher realms through feelings, downloads and energetic fields. Those who are clairsentient often will perceive even the most subtle of changes in the energy around them. Often they know the moods and feelings of those around them with out anyone having to say a word. Those who are clairsentient also regularly receive messages through strong gut feelings or a sudden inner knowing to a question they had consciously asked. Some like to refer to these sudden inner knowing as an instant download of energy. All energy is encoded with packets of information, but how you interpret that information is unique to each of you.

As we so very often say, channeling is very easy, yet trusting what you receive seems to be the most difficult part for most. It requires no effort on your behalf; in fact many of you channel quite regularly. It comes through effortlessly and naturally when you don’t try so hard. Trying creates blocks, only by allowing can you receive the messages that we send. ("Angelic Guides: Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Clairaudient- Which One Are You?", channeled through Taryn Crimi, February 19, 2014 at

As you move through the next cycle of days, remember to praise and reward yourselves often for staying on task and for walking this Earth. Each of you has a very important part to play in the unfolding of the Divine Plan and your presence is necessary. Each of you is loved and surrounded by more guides and angels than ever before. We speak to you and are delighted when you hear us and respond.

This will be a more common occurrence as this year unfolds. You will be in clear communication with more of your higher aspects also and this will be a definite boon for you, your loved ones and the world around you. The guidance you receive comes to help you and those who are in your sphere of influence and activity with the next step forward as they become ready.

Do not feel reticent to repeat what you receive from us if it is words of guidance and advice for those in your vicinity. The words you speak to them may be just what the recipients need to know to help them along their path of unfoldment and what you tell them could be the very answer, guidance or clue that they have been seeking.

As you do this, let it be in a detached manner so that you do not become emotionally attached to the outcome and import of the message you share. Remember that you are simply the conduit, the messenger, and as you say the words, your part in that moment is accomplished. If the recipients of your words seem to not hear what you tell them, just be in trust that they are receiving what they need and leave it at that...

The multidimensional aspects of your being have always been at work, for there is no requirement for the need to rest as people on Earth require it. Because of this, you can ask each day to receive assistance in your ascension process in whatever way is most desired and needed by you. Your higher aspects and God sanctioned guides will immediately begin to bring the guidance and answers to you but you must be open to receive the answers in whatever way they come to you and act on what you are given.

This might require patience and perseverance on your part to become more observant of the time lag between your request and the appearance of the guidance you have sought but if you are diligent, you will become increasingly aware of and grateful for, the understanding that you truly never walk alone. (Hilarion, January 19, 2014.)

We enjoy watching you excel to new heights and break the bonds of illusion that have held you back from obtaining a greater perception, and we’re here to help make the difficult process of awakening from the dense reality around you much easier.

Your guides walk hand in hand with you in an effort to help you realize the divinity of spirit. We seek to help you understand your reality in in the greatest way possible, and we watch you go about your trials with love as we offer our assistance when and where we can.

We feel so much love for humanity, and this love drive us to offer as much of ourselves as possible to the awakening of your planet. A growing number of seekers desire to connect with our energy in the purest way they can, and we’re here to tell you that nothing stops you from connecting with us in an undistorted way.

Allow the mind to be swept aside, and open yourselves up to a brimming and pure connection with our energy. We’ve always been here for you, and we’ve always wanted you to remember our existence around you.

We’ve always wanted you to remember that everything is conscious energy experiencing itself in a divine manifestation of love, because we note that the reality you experience can be anything but loving.

We note that the lower vibrations can weigh you down enormously and make it difficult for you to feel any sort of brimming or pure vibration, but if you can remember that spirit is always with you and that we wait for you to pick up on this knowledge and connect with us, you’ll do just that.

Connecting with us seems undoable for many of you, and this baffles us, though we understand the thickness of the veils some of you have instated. What we don’t understand is how the desire to connect with us in a deep way doesn’t soften the mind’s concern that the connection won’t be “real” or “genuine”.

We note that you spend a lot of time conceptualizing and judging matters such as this. We note that many of you are worried about who we are; whether or not our connection is genuine; whether or not what we say is “real”. All the while, we wait for you to pick up on the greater perception that’ll remind you of the reality of everything we discuss. ("Spiritual Guidance: The Light of a Brand New Day," channeled by Wes Annac, January 13, 2014 at

Archangel Michael: Let us speak of how we communicate with you. There is much discussion – and yes, Ashira will also speak to this – but there is much discussion of adjustment or attunement, the raising, the lowering of vibrations. And that has been accurate and a good barometer for you to consider, particularly in the past, the past as in last week. But there is also a melding of our hearts, of our Beings.

When we come together, whether it is in this form of communication or simply in your meditation or your nature walks or your quiet moments – it matters not. Now, how does this happen? Yes. We adjust our vibratory rate so that it can actually come out as sound, as whispers, as intuition, as inspiration, as a thought. Adjustment – do not take this necessarily as lowering, but what also occurs, Dear Hearts, because as you agree, passively or not, to this level of communication, you are also adjusting you vibration.

If we did not do or attend to the adjustment in vibration, you would either hear a very high… like a shrill buzzing sound or static or nothing at all. So in using, for example, a channel’s mechanism, their physical mechanism, then what we do is adjust so that their electromagnetic vehicle can transmit to you.

Now, if you did not agree to hear – and this is very important – to hear and to listen, then you would not receive the communication. There are still many on Earth who say, “Well, no, I don’t hear that,” whether it is the high ringing sound or the angelic chorus. Similarly, they say, “I did not see that. I did not perceive that. I have no idea what you are talking about.” And it is because they have not, in their own wisdom, have not agreed to adjust their frequencies...

You say to me, “Well, Michael, Lord, what do I have to do to hear you, to hear my Star brothers and sisters, to even hear my beloved more clearly?” Be still. Enter into the silence in your very busy societies with a multitude of distractions. Too many have forgotten the blessing and the virtue of silence.

You have grown and you know of the precept of not speaking over one another, of truly listening to each other, and that alone is wondrous. But you have need to be in greater stillness and to listen in the silence. The silence, my beloved friends, does not need to be hours or days – although that is a valuable practice. But what you need to do, what we encourage you to do – let us put it this way – what we beg you to do is to perfect the practice of entering into the silence in the blink of an eye. Because that is exactly what we do and what your Galactic friends do.

So, in the silence you set the stage, you make your adjustments, you open your heart, you adjust your frequency and you prepare not only to listen and to hear but to speak. We do not want… it is not part of the plan – the Mother is very clear on this – it is not intended that you simply listen. Now, when we say “Listen and hear,” we also mean receive. There is an acceptance in the very act of listening, of truly hearing....

Now, having said that – or us, as well – we can do a great deal to assist you, not override you, but assist you in adjusting your frequency to let go of that fear. Nervousness is that concern, that anxiety about being judged, about being found wanting. And that is important for you to understand, that the higher realm of communication simply does not have that element of judgment.

So, can you be excited? Yes. Can you be nervous? Yes. But set aside this feeling that somehow you won’t measure up.

Now, one of the reasons why communication between the realms – and this has been spoken of at length, so I will not dwell on it – but why the difficulty between the realms has existed is because when you are in a state of lack of self-love, lack of worth, high anxiety, fear, that vibration is not compatible to a higher dimension. So all you are ever going to get is static....

...understand, my beloved friends, this level of communication, this jump that we are speaking of, this preparation that you are involved in right now is not just with your Star brothers and sisters; it is with each other, and it is with us. And we welcome the conversation.

Ashira of Neptune: So there have been many things that needed to be put in place. But now, here we are. And so you say to me, “Ashira,” and might I say to you – my dear friends often call me “Ash”, and so I invite you to do that – “how do you communicate?” With a heart smile, not masking how you feel, because we know it anyway. And so it is not honoring if you try and mask how you feel. It is not trusting. It is not even engaging.

So you begin by saying hello. You begin by extending your heart, your eyes, your smile. You begin by saying, “I’m a little nervous, but I welcome you.” Because we welcome you. Many of you are frequent visitors and have very important positions – critical positions – on board ship. ("An Hour with an Angell with Archangel Michael and Ashira of Neptune," channeled by Linda Dillon, January 2, 2014, at

From 2013

The first and most important technology which we will present to you is a healing chamber which the channel has experienced before in a meditation with us. We invite you to connect in with us of the Pleiadian Council at any time to experience this for yourselves. We are able to assist you to heal in one of these light chambers in your own home as we will bring the technology to you.

Keep in mind this will take place initially with your light body and in meditation. The method to connect in with us is to first connect in with your higher self. This is done by closing your eyes, breathing deeply, and being in a quiet space, then saying in your mind “I connect with my Higher Self, please connect with me.” Your higher self is the part of your being that lives in the higher dimensions which is very close to the Creator Source of All.

Your new multidimensional self is a new facet of yourself that is being created from the “merging” of your higher self with your lower self on earth. This, then, forms into your multidimensional being. This is the being that is a part of this ascension process that many of you are going through on earth at this time. So after connecting in with your higher self, it is always a good idea to also connect in with your Multidimensional self which you are in the process of creating in the NOW moment.

To connect with your Multidimensional self is a similar process to connecting in with your higher self. You may get a vision of your Multidimensional self which lives outside of time, living in a new environment. The channel has a vision of this every time she connects in with her higher self she can see things from the viewpoint of her multidimensional self and she is then able to establish a connection between her current “lower self”, her “higher self” and this new Multidimensional Being that she is creating.

You can visit with your multidimensional self at any time and you will find that this is quite beneficial to learning to live outside of time as this is the realm in which your multidimensional self lives, in the higher dimensions outside of time. It is a very freeing feeling to be living outside of time. We, The Pleiadians and all of the other higher dimensional star nations live outside of time as well. This is how we are able to see things that may not yet have occurred in your present “timeline”. We have access to all that is happening simultaneously. You, too, will be able to access this as you continue to grow into your multidimensional self.

So back to connecting with us to assist you in our healing chamber, after you have connected in with your higher self and your multidimensional self, you can then just relax into a space of light and then connect in with us. Or, you may wish to connect in with your original star family which you are all in the process of connecting into and becoming aware of now, as many of the other star nations have healing technology as well. But for now we will speak of connecting in with us if you feel drawn to our energy.

To connect in with us, is the same process as connecting in with your higher self and multidimensional self, simply say “I connect with the Pleiadian Council, please connect with me.” We will then introduce ourselves, those of us who have chosen to show up at that moment for you. We speak from a collective because our higher dimensional societies have a certain protocol of Unity and Oneness in which we function together for the higher good of the whole, for the Good of All. This is why much of your earth world is so foreign to us, for those of us who have never incarnated there; because we cannot conceive of a society that does not function for the Good of All...

So, then, after connecting in with us, you will meet those of us who choose to show up for this gathering and you may then ask that we assist you with healing a particular issue that you may have whether it is physical, mental, emotional, or any type of issue that needs to be healed. We will then bring our higher dimensional ships to you; into your etheric space so to speak (you will see us in your mind’s eye in this meditative state you are in but will most likely not “see” us with your physical eyes until your vibrations are raised to a much higher frequency and until first contact has been made with your societies.)

Remember we have also spoken in the past of the method in which we communicate, is telepathy; so therefore this will be how we communicate with you during this meditative healing session. After connecting with us, being introduced to us, and then asking us for assistance with healing, you will then sense or see in your minds eye that we have come into your space. You will feel our unconditional love and harmony surrounding you, and may “see” our ship in a sort of translucent way integrating into the room you are in.

We will then help you to “be” in our light chamber at which time you will feel a sense of loving, caring energy, golden light, and a deep sense of peace, calm and well-being. You may relax now into your healing session. You are in control of this experience. The only way we will come to assist you with this is if you ask, for we cannot and will not interfere with your free will at any time; and come only when asked. Keep in mind this is generally true on the larger scale of things as well, and our Grand Reunion will occur when enough of the earth’s population has asked for this Grand Reunion with your star families; you may connect in with your star families at any time and ask for this reunion to occur. ("Council of Angels, Archangel Michael and the Pleiadian Council via Goldenlight: Higher Dimensional Technologies Part I – Pleiadian Healing Technologies," channeled by Goldenlight, December 29, 2013 at

As you open to your inner guidance, you will come into conscious awareness of the presence of your own guides. You can and do communicate to these beings during dreamtime. You can learn to communicate to them during your waking hours, as well. The gift of telepathy exists within all human beings; it is your birthright, granted to you by your stellar parent races. Those who channel energies are no more special than any other human being, for all who live upon this planet channel energies in some fashion or another, especially those who actively utilize their creative energies through writing, art, music, dance and other creative endeavors. ("The Sirians: We Welcome You Home!," channeled by Tazjima, December 8, 2013 at

Remember as we have said in the past we are “outside of time” – we exist in a dimension beyond time. We communicate with telepathy not spoken words. This is how we are able to communicate among our intergalactic star brethren. We will be communicating telepathically with you as well when we do finally intersect our energy fields, so begin now to practice this higher dimensional method of communication. ("Pleiadian Council, Archangel Michael, and Source Creator via Goldenlight: COMET ISON is an Intergalactic Mothership and A Gift from Source Creator," channeled by Goldenlight, December 3, 2013 at

Now we also wish to address the issue of our interactions, and particularly our FIRST interactions with you. We wish for you to be free of fear, and we also wish for you to know that you may communicate with us even before you meet us. You may communicate with us telepathically. Now, as part of your spiritual journey and growth process, we wish for you to be able to… tune into your soul… and tune into your soul origins, and discover for yourself of which star system you resonate.

This is the star system with which you will have the best communication. You may be able to communicate with all the other star systems as well, for we all communicate telepathically, but we are speaking of right “now”, before you actually have the first contact. Begin to try to tune in. The best way to do this, as the channel and the Council of Angels has mentioned many times, is to first tune into your higher self. Your higher self is that aspect of yourself which is…not separated (or has the illusion of being separated) from Source Creator in any way. It’s the higher frequency, higher dimensional part of yourself that does not exist in a human body.

And this process of ascension, part of this process for many of you, if you so wish, is to bring in your higher self into your daily life, into all aspects of your daily life. We wis to note to continue to do this as a daily process, as part of your daily meditation, to bring in your higher self. The simple way to connect in with your higher self is to state, “I connect with my Higher Self, please connect with me.” And to do this in a quiet, meditative state where you are really tuned into your deepest self. And to connect in like this every morning, just as you may wish to connect in with Source every morning. You are Source anyway….you are a part of Source….but this helps you then to remember that you are part of Source. It helps you to feel more “a part of”…helps your brain so to speak to get on board as well. And thought processes are indeed a part of the brain.

So we wish for you to know that you can tune into your higher self first. Then you can begin to tune into your… family of origin on a star/galactic level. You have your family of origin on earth; you also have a family of origins on a galactic level. For the channel it is the Pleiadian family which is a group of us now speaking through her that are her Pleiadian family. She has spent many lifetimes with us. We of the higher dimensions do not physically age, we can transform our bodies at will. Most of us take on a form of someone that you would say would be in their 20′s, who is healthy with beautiful skin and hair and such. and many of us do take on these beautiful forms as we can change our form at will with our minds, with our powers of creation. You, too, will learn (or “re-learn”) how to do this. ("Pleiadian Council: Transformation to Crystalline Bodies and Telepathic Communication During our Visits," channeled by Goldenlight, November 9, 2013 at

Our scribe seeks deeper, and what he perceives as realer, ways of connecting with us than he has thus far, and we can say that every scribe who begins channeling our energies first undergoes a process of working with/subduing the ego to produce communications that are unfiltered by mind or by one’s own expectation or perspective.

Channeled communications from us that are brought about in this manner (automatic writing) are poised to come from us and from parts of the mind of the scribe we speak through, and the process of bringing a channeled communication through in this manner is one of working with our scribe to produce a communication rather than solely speaking to you ourselves.

Make no mistake – when we speak through scribes and have them feel in their heart and mentally dictate the impressions we give by writing or typing them out, they’re just as much a part of the communication as we are.

The method of channeling our scribe seeks is one where his mental painting of the communication ceases, and this potential is available for him and every aspiring channel. ("Our Universal Family: Every Facet of Consciousness is Inexplicably Connected," channeled by Wes Annac, October 28, 2013 at

I say to you that many of you are in this place of turmoil, of pain, of chaos. And you say, “Mother, I am trying. And it seems no matter how hard I try, and no matter how much I open and say, ‘Bring clarity,’ that I am not breaking through.”

So this is what I mean. In meditation, come home to me, not through death, but through will and intent. Come and sit in my heart. I have said to you on many, many occasions, that I will come to your living room, your bedroom, your front door, if that is what it takes. Dear heart, if you feel you cannot come to me, then beckon to me, and I will come to you and lift you and place you in my heart so that you may heal this confusion. ("The Divine Mother: The Role of Clarity," channeled by Linda Dillon, October 7, 2013, at

Another practice that I wish to share with you concerns the awakening of the mind. Light holds the power of activating, dissolving darkness into positivity, disconnection into connection as well as amplifying and enthusing. Light symbolises the Creator’s consciousness and love. When you imagine light within your being, you are imagining, recognising and amplifying the presence of the Creator within you.

With this in your awareness I wish for you to focus upon your heart chakra, imagining that light of any colour holding the consciousness of connection is flowing down your arms and emerging out through your hands and palm chakras.

Place one or both hands on your head, starting at the back of your head, imagine, feel or acknowledge simultaneously with your breathing that the light flows into your head, brain and mind awakening appropriate aspects of your brain and mind to bring forth higher vibrational consciousness and perspectives linked to higher dimensions.

When you feel guided gradually move your hands to the front of your head, until you have touched with your hands every part of your head experiencing the light seeping into your head, brain and mind.

You can end the practice by repeating this affirmation for as long as you wish, ‘I now awaken a new perspective of myself, soul, body, experiences and the Earth that is born from the light of my connection with the Creator.’ Then imagine, sense or acknowledge the light flowing down your spine from your head into the Earth. ("Mary Magdalene: Accessing Higher Dimensional Perspectives," channeled by Natalie Glasson, October 4, 2013 at

It’s important to be opened up to the idea of our existence if you wish for an uninhibited connection to be found with us, because we’ll only funnel our impressions to those who willingly ask for them. ("The Hathors: Karmic Acceleration, Exposure of Tyranny and Understanding Channels," channeled by Wes Annac, August 30, 2013 at

You must learn to enter the silence of Self in order to connect with Spirit. Your Higher Self and God Self are waiting for you to tap into the magical Light stream of Divine consciousness. We sense the yearnings of so many millions of dear Souls who wish to communicate with their Higher Self and with us. We tell you it is not nearly as difficult as most of you believe. All you have to do is state your intention and then practice going into the silence and stillness within so we can clear the pathways and strengthen the connection that is already there – a connection which has atrophied from mis-use or non-use. ("Archangel Michael: The Path of Ascension is the Path to Freedom," channelled by Ronna Herman, August 29, 2013, at

At this time in ascension we also wish for you to dissolve all confusion, stress and the state of mind that dictated to you that you are not in control, that you do not know what to do and that you are unable to access your inner guidance. The truth is that you can access your inner truth and guidance and there is no need for you to be confused or uncertain any more within your reality and especially when making choices.

Your heart and soul know the answer to every situation, circumstance and decision that arises instantly. Within the past era the energies of the Creator were predominantly flowing into your being, fuelling and awakening you with the abundant flow of the Creator. In this new era the energies are flowing predominantly from within your being, projecting outwards so that you may experience the energies of the Creator in your physical reality.

With the flow and projection of energy flowing from within outwards this makes it easier for you to access your own divine inner guidance due to everything flowing naturally from within your being. This symbolises that you are experiencing a constant flow from within your being and simply are required to tune into this flow in order to exist in balance and harmony with yourself, experiencing your divine knowledge and knowingness always. One of the tools needed to access your inner knowledge and knowingness is to;

Access your ability to let go of all that is bothering or occupying the mind instantly.

This is to recognise that the mind holds attachments to over-thinking about certain situations, circumstances or issues in your reality. You are then drawn deeper into your mind and further away from your heart knowingness. It is often that the cycles of thought process that your mind leads you into do not serve you but only create further stress, tension and suffering within your being, you also can become bound in the process of illusion. ("The Celestial White Beings: Tips for Navigating the New Era," channeled by Natalie Glasson, August 17, 2013 at

This is the situation of surrender. And of allowing it to emerge. And so it is also a matter of allowing it to emerge not only from your subconscious and unconscious but into your conscious. You are only thinking that this cannot happen. It most certainly can and you are receiving messages, insights, direction, guidance, and every now and then a very strong nudge, all the time.

No, I am not urging you to practice patience. I am urging you to sit down and allow these presences to make themselves known. It is not only possible, it is what not only what you desire, but that we desire as well. We are meeting in the middle...

Surrender is the complete opening of your heart. Now very often the human being and particularly because the references has been used in terms of war or conflict, surrender tends to be linked with defeat and in fact surrender is victory.

Now, who or what are you surrendering to. You are surrendering first and foremost to your beloved sacred self, to your sacred purpose. So surrender. I will give you a visual: it is lying on the floor or on your bed arms and legs akimbo and saying “I give up. I surrender.” Now you have all, every one of you, had moments where you have felt this way. But what it has been attached to has been this feeling of defeat; I can’t go on anymore.

Try this in terms of simply surrendering the way you would do in an incredible love relationship, the kind you either have or that you dream of. And you are creating in this very moment by the way. Lie on your bed, and say “I surrender and I will hear and I will allow.” Do not even try the automatic writing or the verbal channeling. Surrender and let the voices come, or the understandings speaking to your heart come. ("Transcript: Sanat Kumara Discusses the Sacred Law of Purpose, Part 2/2," channeled by Linda Dillon, August 13, 2013, at

There are plenty of ways in which you can improve your contact with us. The following technique is just an example. Use this as your starting point and find your own individual way – let your heart guide you and you will not be disappointed.

  • Find a quiet moment and relax.
  • Stand with your feet firmly on the ground.
  • Take some deep breaths.
  • Imagine a ball of Light emanating from your heart and surrounding you. This is your own protection.
  • Enhance this protection by asking your Guides, the Ascended Masters, Angels or Archangels to protect you and set your intention firmly on connecting only with Beings of Light.
  • Imagine a ball of Light above your crown chakra and pull this ball of Light into your heart. This ball of Light represents the Light of All That Is.
  • Let the ball run through your body down into the heart of Gaia.
  • Imagine how the heart of Gaia expands due to your Light and pull this Light up through your body into your crown chakra.
  • Activate your crown chakra with this Light: Visualize your crown chakra as a plain plate which starts to spin. Imagine how the spinning plate enhances the bright Light that you pulled up from Gaia’s heart in your crown chakra, and pull this bright Light into your heart.
  • Now call a certain contact who you would like to speak to, or simply ask us to come forward to have a chat with you.

You can use this technique for all kinds of communication and please be assured that all Light Beings are eager to answer your call...

The possibilities are endless – and feel free to just play like a child. Have fun by exploring your new way of communication, but don’t set your expectations too high – you will need some practice. And by this we mean that you have to practice to trust yourself.

Each and every one of you can establish contact with us and All That Is in this manner – you just have to try and to accept the result. Maybe we will ask some of you to spread our words but this is not the primary target of this exercise. What this is all about is that you will have fun by consciously connecting with your family.

We will answer each and every call individually and in the way that is best for each of you – just trust the procedure. If you only knew how much we are looking forward to your contact calls!

Finally, don’t forget that our contact goes primarily through your heart and not by spotting our spacecrafts in your skies. ("Ashtar Speaks: Communication in the New Age," channelled by Philipp, July 24, 2013 at

How We Will Communicate After Disclosure

From 2016

We are excited about the great times that are ahead. We are excited for you and we are excited for us. Very soon we will be coming together. Those of you who have been listening to the many messages from the different sources will very shortly have those messages coming directly to you. Whether it is in person or in this type of manner telepathically. Many more of you will be tuning into these messages. You will be tuning into your own Higher Godself and making that connection or re-connecting again. ("St. Germaine: All Is Leading To A Great Cresendo," Channeled by James McConnell, Sept. 13, 2016, at

From 2012

We view your present position as one that enables you to cope quite easily and we look to you to carry other people forward who are less aware or are uninformed. The preparations that we have made will, at some stage, take over the responsibility of keeping people up to date with what is happening. That is viewed as very important as we must be seen to be operating in your best interests at all times.

It is, in fact, very easy for us to superimpose our messages upon your television sets, even when they are not switched on. However, once we are allowed to openly meet you, the circumstances will change, as we can then appear live and operate our own channels. (SaLuSa, June 1, 2012.)

We have a plan to provide our own news outlets, and once we are introduced to you it will become a necessity. Be assured that we have the means of providing whatever is needed to make sure every soul is aware of what is coming, and that each one is offered the chance to ascend and what it requires. (SaLuSa, April 16, 2012.)

All we ask of you is further patience which most of you have exhibited for many years now, as we put the final touches to our work. Then you shall see an explosion of events that will be hard to keep up with.

However, for those who have little prior knowledge of what has been happening, we hope to be able to make broadcasts that will be enlightening. Certainly they will be arranged once disclosure has been made, and all of our activities will be carried out as openly as possible. The flyovers will be spectacular and lift your spirits, as we are to accompany you for the rest of your journey to Ascension. Whatever you need to know will be given, unlike now when your scientists have kept knowledge from you. (SaLuSa, April 2, 2012.)

How We are Known to You

From 2014

The process of building your relationship with your intuition is an ongoing journey, the more trust you place in your intuition the more fruitful, abundant, and joyous your manifestations and experiences. It is important to allow your intuition to grow, because however strongly you experience your intuition it can develop a thousand times more.

We can imagine your intuition in alignment with a child’s growth. When you first begin to connect with your intuition, its voice, influence, and inspiration is subtle, gentle, soft, maybe even unrecognizable, almost like a baby, in the fact that you cannot truly recognize the character of your intuition or what it is capable of.

With trust, faith, belief, and focus, gently nurturing and getting to know your intuition, it grows as if into a small child, where you recognize the presence and guidance of your intuition, but at this stage, like a small child, there is so much growth and many journeys of experience to follow, you are still finding your feet and learning to explore, trust, and communicate with your intuition, in the same way a small child learns to interact with the world.

Gradually your intuition grows to a teenager and adult, meaning that it feels more fully integrated within your being, with you and your intuition working in oneness and ease. Your intuition becomes who you are, so there is no separation, and you are more readily able to accept the full expanse of your intuition as a sacred aspect and guidance of the Creator.

This denotes a relationship that has formed through gradual acceptance of the power, knowingness, and sacred wisdom of your intuition. Every person is moving through this process of embodiment of their intuition, whether your intuition is just arising or maturing, it is an all-knowing source of wisdom in which you can place your complete trust.

Your intuition is an expression of your soul and the Creator; it is a manifestation of your divine self, connected to all that is the Creator and all the magical sacred qualities of the Creator. It is a guiding light that personally directs you along the most appropriate pathway for you to achieve your greatest potential...

If the mind is preoccupied, for example, with judgment, then the subtleness of your intuition can be lost. This is why dissolving judgment is essential to truly unlocking your intuition and inner space of love, because it encourages you to examine the habits of your mind, creating spaces of peace and greater stillness within your mind. ("Archangel Metatron: The Dawning of the Intuitive World," channeled by Natalie Glasson, July 23, 2014 at

Archangel Michael: I will make it very simple.  Choose your favorite archangel.  I hope you choose me.  (Both laughing) It is a good thing that we are allowed to tease and play with each other.

I would not be chastised for such a statement because we see it as a joke and that is one of the things we want you to do with us and more as well.  Play with us.  Joke with us.  Treat us as your allies, as your best friends.  Every day, simply say to me, Michael, from your heart, always from your heart,  “Michael, what would you wish me to do today?”...

And it will be one word or a vision or a picture or an inclination, “I have never been to the zoo and I have to go to the zoo today; the people need me.” “The animals need me.” ” I need to be in nature today.” ” I need to go swimming today.”  “I need to pray today.” “I need to be quiet today.  That is what Michael is asking me.”  And do it! ("Archangel Michael on the Angelic Kingdom," channeled by Linda Dillon, June 7, 2014, at

The Angelic realm in its many expressions was created by the Creator to assist, guide, nurture and instruct you, the bold Ones, who agreed to diminish yourselves into lesser beings in order to experience God consciousness in its most fragmented forms. Originally, you embodied all the aspects and attributes of the God Mind, but gradually as you journeyed down through the ages and the higher dimensions, you left your higher consciousness in the care of your I AM Presence.

The Elohim, the mental radiance of the Creator, the great builders of form, and the wondrous Devic and Elemental Kingdoms, who helped create and now oversee the entire nature kingdom on Earth and in other worlds, are also standing by to assist you in these turbulent times of transition.

We hope you have accepted as your truth that you all have Guardian Angelic Beings who were assigned to you at the time of your birth, who will guard and serve you faithfully within the limits of Universal Law, and to the degree that you will allow. There are other wondrous Angelic Beings ready and willing to serve you, but you must ask, for they are not allowed to infringe upon your free will.

Love and joy attract Angels like a magnet, for their greatest desire is to be of service to humanity. Begging is not the way to gain their favor, but asking them to assist you in your endeavors will assure their co-operation. They will help you to manifest your dreams, if what you desire is for the highest good of all; however, you must understand that it will happen in their time and in their way.

The concept of money is confusing to them; instead, ask them to assist you in manifesting abundance, joy, love and peace – this they understand. But you must also do your part by taking the necessary steps, as well as eliminating any self-sabotaging beliefs that you still harbor in your subconscious mind.

There are loving, Angelic Beings to help you with affairs of the heart, and your mental or creative endeavors – they will help you firm your resolve and work with your Body Elemental to bring about good health and well-being in your physical form.

The wonderful, playful Cherubic Angels are waiting to bring you joy and a sense of lightheartedness. These precious, little Beings of God Light love to be near you and to surprise you with little miracles or coincidences. Ask them to help you find things that are lost, and you can learn to communicate with them as well, but their language is a language of feelings and thoughts rather than words.

They will cause “Angel bumps” to rise on your skin when a truth has been stated, and they will buzz you with an Angel kiss or sometimes surround you in a lovely fragrance. The Angelic realm brings the love and radiance of God to humanity, and the Angels’ greatest desire is to be of service.

The Essence of Angels comes to Earth in embodiment through people like you and you and you – they come to be the representatives of the great Archangels and to walk amongst humanity to share the virtues and attributes of God consciousness. Yes, they are just like you, and you may be one, my precious friends, making your way through human evolution as you grow from the lower rungs of the evolutionary ladder through study, work and service.

There are representatives of every level of God consciousness on Earth at this time, embodied in the physical expression in order to anchor the most lofty, rarified aspects of the Creator. Have we not told you that you are more magnificent and precious than you could ever imagine? ("Archangel Michael: Angels of Mercy, channelled through Ronna Herman, April 1, 2014, at

We are anxious to move forward. Will we rush this? No. But we hear your plea, your very human desire for “Show me.” So we ask of thee, every day, not only to ignite your beautiful tri-flame, not only to open your hearts and then to ignite either my blue flame, the violet flame, the magenta flame — add a flame a day — but then go into your heart [and] listen, receive.

Allow yourselves, please, to be shown by us, by your guides, your guardians, the answer to your prayers. Some will hear; some will know. But allow the showing, the demonstration in a wide variety of ways to come forth. And let that showing [of] that sign be what is significant to you. We are with you. ("Archangel Michael on Obama, Valentine's day, and the Clean-up in the Human Realm," channeled by Linda Dillon, February 13, 2014, at

From 2013

The bubble is a sphere, it is an orb, and it is the form in which you most often perceive us. Many of you have said to us, “Gabriel, Gabrielle, Michael, St. Germaine, when am I going to see you?” And the thing is is that what you are doing, and we do not chastise thee, we are just saying, what you are doing is you are looking for a human form to appear somewhat before you.

Now, that is not that this will not eventually happen. But what you tend to see in terms of the general population, the form that we take, that we show up in your photographs by leaps and bounds is as orbs, is as these beautiful bubbles.

If you look more closely you see the colors, but not only do you see the colors and our rays, you see and you’ll notice in your pictures that this has changed recently, that you begin to see the patterns within the orbs and that is our soul design, it is our eternal essence and we are beginning now to share that with you more clearly. Look at your pictures.

But the reason that we are in orbs is that they are self-contained, they are spherical, they are impenetrable. Now you are having a clearer understanding when we say, “Stay in your bubble.” They are impenetrable and we can float throughout the multiverse and visit wherever we wish. So that is a form that is very common and that you can see at any given time. You also often see us as a beam of light, but I do not wish as yet to get off the topic of my beautiful bubbles.

They are round, they are circular, they are spherical and what does that mean dear heart? It is a reminder to you that there is no beginning and there is no end. It is all united. And when you stand or sit or lie in a bed of bubbles, of millions of bubbles of every size, with every shade of gold, you will be reminded…you are a bubble, you are a sphere. ("Go and Play with Gabrielle's Gift of Golden Bubbles," channeled by Linda Dillon, December 23, 2013 at

Often guides ask and remind you to connect with the light of the Creator, to imagine the light of the Creator flowing through your being or to ask for your energy vibration to quicken. There are a number of ways that we encourage you to connect with the Creator especially focusing and recognising light as the Creator. You may understand why we ask this of you or you may constantly wonder the reasoning for our guidance. It is my wish to bring forth some illumination with the purpose of developing your basic spiritual knowledge.

The Creator to us whether we are on the Earth or the inner planes is very difficult to explain, describe and define, this makes it challenging we believe to recognise the Creator. The Creator is present within everything and so when we look with eyes beyond the Earthly plane, with feeling or with an open mind we are able to notice certain manifestations that are results of the presence of the Creator.

These manifestations can be feelings of joy, bliss, love, peace, freedom or contentment, maybe they are visions of coloured or white light, synchronicities that feel like miracles or inspired thoughts of understanding. We begin to realise that there are many ways, forms and experiences in which we can recognise the Creator more fully around and within our beings.

The ultimate goal of your existence upon the Earth is to experience the Creator in every given and present moment of your reality. You may perceive this as being a person emanating love, or a person existing as a beacon of light, maybe a wise enlightened being or a person embodying all of these things and more. If your ultimate goal is to experience the Creator in your reality then there is a need for you to focus upon yourself, reality and the Creator with continued conscious awareness throughout each and every day.

This is not to become obsessed by the Creator but more so to consciously enjoy the presence of the Creator and how it creatively intertwines within your reality, thoughts and emotions. Each time we remind you to connect with the Creator, the light or to quicken your energy vibration we are refocusing your being upon the presence of the Creator that is with you, within you and flows through you, encouraging you to seek a greater acceptance of the Creator within your being and reality.

We are refocusing you into your true presence and ultimate goal. As you remember the Creator, your divine self and your truth in multiple moments, this encourages you to build an understanding of the Creator that you can fully experience in your physical reality, thus encouraging more experiences of the Creator. When existing upon the Earth your habit can be to forget, ignore or distract yourself from the Creator and so every moment that you feel and recognise the Creator is special as it brings you back to your original awareness allowing you to remember your deep connection and oneness with the Creator.

With every practice, meditation, tool and insight we share with you we are in fact offering to you a moment of divine connection and unity with the Creator, akin to a moment of union and remembrance. Whether the moment is short or long, the experience insignificant or influential, the process of merging your energy with the energy of the Creator empowers your divine essence, fuels and inspires you further. Can you imagine a droplet of water falling into a vast flowing river realising that it is part of this vast expanse, life force and
powerful creation.

The droplet of water may feel fortified. You are akin to a droplet of water entering into a vast flowing river. Each time you make a connection with the Creator or more importantly accept the perspective that you are always as one with the Creator, truly believing it if only for a second you allow yourself to access a vast bank of remembrance...

My explanation is to remind you when you are achieving practices such as connecting with guides, sending healing, achieve affirmations, loving yourself unconditionally or focusing upon your breathing these are all to bring your focus back to your unity and integration with the Creator as well as allowing you to remember yourself as deeply connected to the Creator, experiencing an awareness which allows you to exist in harmony with yourself and all upon the Earth and the inner planes...

When we begin to know the purpose of our existence, not what we have to achieve or how we can be of service but more so our purpose of integration with the Creator, we then begin to realise that every moment of life upon the Earth is sacred. Life itself and the Earth are treasured and valued experiences that allow you to know yourself as your truth which is to be in complete harmony and oneness with the Creator with every moment of your awareness. ("Master Kuthumi: Why Do We Connect with the Light?", channeled by Natalie Glasson, November 21, 2013 at

Earthly words don’t do justice to the expression of just how joyful your experiences in the higher dimensions are going to be. Constant bliss and ecstasy surround every facet of consciousness in these wonderful higher dimensions, and as you absorb this communication, you’re being given slightly distorted doses of higher-dimensional energy.

You’re absorbing the energy our communications arrive on the back of as you read the words we’re giving, and many of you who feel yourselves especially attracted to reading channeled messages are more attracted to feeling the energy that comes with them.

Each of you can open up to a connection with us and channel us if you wish, and the energy we’ll impart unto your evolving temples when doing so can help remind you of the reality of everything you’ve come to know and feel within regarding heaven and the higher dimensions.

You’re growing back toward heaven as you embrace physical and spiritual evolution, and you’re being given a higher-dimensional perspective with each attempt you make to attune. ("Our Universal Family: Rivers of Energy are Pouring into your Chakras," channeled by Wes Annac, November 1, 2013 at

You are all doing very well, and many are experiencing many inspirations and validations of their true divine selves. And this is wonderful to see as you all, at your own pace, let the “light bulbs” go off in the form of “ahas” and sweet subtle knowings of what you know deep down inside to be true and pure. You are experimenting now with staying in that mode, of always connecting to your highest aspects with complete confidence that what you are getting is true and pure.

You will know this by the simple affirmation you receive from your guides and higher aspects that you are on the right path in the form of a calm certainty and gentle clear perspective on things that has nothing to do with rationalization and misgivings coming from old fears and old beliefs. It is a quiet knowing that you are receiving clear information, and it is accompanied by a loving, exalted excitement, yet peaceful sense of being centered in your hearts. It is accompanied with that feeling of wanting the best outcome for all, no matter what, and it is accompanied by your acknowledgment of yourself as part of One Source. ("Mary Magdalene: You Are All Exalted Beings of the Light," channeled by Fran Zepeda, September 29, 2013 at

Archangel Michael: So when you see something like that [rumors of a U.S. military coup] — and I am not saying that there are not such actions taking place; there are — but when you see something like that and you know immediately, “Well, this can be a false flag, because it is a distraction,” then discern in your heart. Simply call me. I will give you a yes or no.

And then proceed.

SB:  How about something a little more tangible than that? Like, for instance, you once said that you would give me a signal of a sneeze in a certain circumstance. Is there a signal that you could give that would say yes?

AAM:  How about a cough rather than a sneeze?

SB:  Sure. I need the sneeze for the other circumstance, so a cough would be fine.

AAM:  That is correct.

SB:  Okay. Thank you for that.

AAM:  So, all of a sudden, you feel like you are coughing. You do not have a cold, you do not have phlegm.

SB:  Right.

AAM:  So yes, you just start coughing.

SB:  Thank you.

AAM:  And I say this to all of you! If you want a signal, whether it is someone blowing in your ear or touching your arm or the sensation of assent, then tell us what you want, and we will comply.

SB:  Oh, that’s wonderful.

AAM:  But then, when we comply, you have need, please, to trust it! ("Archangel Michael: A Global Reset of Values, Part 2/2, " channeled by Linda Dillon, September 16, 2013, at

It is important to note that the inspirations you receive and that you act upon are direct messages from on high and these come through the atmosphere as ‘seeds of thought’ which are then received within receptive humanity, and as you know, seeds must be planted and nurtured in order to grow into beautiful manifestations of the Creator’s Light. (Hilarion, August 18, 2013.)

If you are able to consciously link into our vibrations of truth transmitting into the general consciousness of humanity, you may find yourself being deeply inspired with vibrant information and new exciting insights allowing you to gaze upon yourself and reality with fresh eyes. Never before has so much wisdom from the Angelic Kingdom been shared so openly and poured into the consciousness of humanity. ("Archangel Michael: Your Personal Sacred Geometry," channeled by Natalie Glasson, August 7, 2013 at

We so enjoy directly interacting with you, and in the time ahead when your ability and that of every other channel actively involved in bringing our energies through will have expanded, we’ll be able to speak to humanity very, very directly; not just through scribes but in person as well.

We say this in this manner because we’ll be able to be with you directly on your world, and at the same time, we could come through channels still if we wished and speak to you directly.

The telepathic abilities of each of you will grow much stronger than they are now in the immediate time ahead, as telepathy will become the main form of communication once you reach a certain precedent along your growth.

You’ll largely grow out of the near-ancient method of speaking and attempting to communicate and convey things that simply cannot be expressed with Earthly language, and you’ll find yourselves vastly uninhibited in your ability to express yourselves.

You’re going to enjoy expressing yourselves so very much when doing so from a telepathic perspective, as you’re able to express so much more than simple words, sentences and phrases. ("Pleiadian Interview: Contact Protocol, Glimpsing the New Earth and Increased Telepathic Ability," channeled by Wes Annac, July 30, 2013 at

When you suddenly “remember” where you put your keys, your cheque book, or where you parked, one of them was probably nudging you. Give thanks. They love to be recognized, appreciated, and thanked. Giving thanks is a very effective way to raise your energy frequency more into alignment with the field of Divine Love surrounding you. (Jesus through John Smallman, July 26, 2013.)

Your spiritual guides do also communicate with you through other humans, so never dismiss anything that occurs as meaningless. Life in the illusion, whatever else it may be, is never meaningless. And you can uncover the ongoing meaning, moment to moment, by accepting what comes up without judgment, and then responding with Love. (Jesus through John Smallman, July 14, 2013.)

For trust us when we say that you have all visited the unknown many a time already, as you are no stranger there, nor are we strangers to you, but it has been conducted in a very discrete way.

But now, this kind of activity will start to amplify in all sorts of ways. And no, we hasten to add, this will not entail so called flying saucers being paraded on your news. We talk of more individual encounters, where you each will start to feel the closeness of ”someone else” in a more profound way than before. We say this in order to prepare you all for a slight increase in odd dreamtime activity, and to help you to get ready for this by consciously starting to open yourself more to these ”nightly encounters”. And do not think you will be inundated with unwanted visitors at all hours, this is not a form of Hollywood production in any way, full of drama and disclosure. No, this is a much more intimate kind of reunion, where you will each be set up to meet your tutors.

For that is really what this is all about, a chance to start to interact on a one on one basis in a way that will bring about many an interesting ”discussion”, and we think you will all start to have quite a few aha-moments in the time ahead. So prepare to be taken for a trip behind the scenes as it were, and know that it will manifest itself in all sorts of ways, and perhaps not as easy to interpret or even remember at first. Again, we will do this in increments, and you will all be guided closely throughout it all. Thank you, that will be all from us at this stage, but we are all looking forward to a more personal interaction with you all. ("The Manuscript of Survival – Part 335," channeled by Aisha North, July 11, 2013 at

Those who read our communications and those of various other ascended beings and collectives are actively channeling our energies through themselves when doing so, which is why we’ve long said that you can find a connection with us and act upon that connection if you truly wish to.

Souls who read our communications are left with our lingering energies, which hang around within them and help to purify their chakras.

Energy stays where it’s fed into and as such, our energies and impressions remain within each of you who absorb our communications. Quite honestly, you could never have to absorb a communication from us again, through this scribe or any others, after reading our messages only once.

By the end of your reading of that communication and your absorbing of our energies for that particular frame of time, our impressions will be able to stick with you in ways that’ll see you able to actively pick-up on them and channel us yourselves if you wish to, without ever having to read another channeled communication. ("The Ascended Masters and the Pleiadians: Addressing Disbelief," channeled by Wes Annac, July 11, 2013 at

We encourage all those who are currently wrestling with decisions and temptations to actively listen to what emerges from the center of your being. Is your “gut” twisted into knots; is your sleep less than satisfying? Are the temptations dancing through your head distracting your attention from what is really important in your life today… your personal Ascension and that of the planet? ... Learn to trust that silent voice or feeling that emanates from your center, from the wisdom of the Heart and the calm clarity of the Higher Mind. It is your Self speaking to you. And it contains all the love, forgiveness and understanding you require to feel centered and whole, again. You may have felt that you have left the Path but you have never left your Self behind. It has your back.("The Angels via Tazjima: When You Need Reassurance," channeled through Tazjima, 18 May, 2013 at

Blossom: Is there any possibility that our GFL friends may reach and communicate with certain individuals during their dreams or visions? GFL: Without question. It is happening far more than you realise. Many, many of you have your own ‘private’ conversation with us. Yet it is not always the case by any means … that all these communications can be shared. Many prefer to keep them private. Some share only with small groups. Some find themselves questioning whether they are actually in touch with us or their own imagination. So many of you on the other hand … have a deep desire to have a chat with us … yet feel you are not worthy … thoughts of ‘Why would they contact me?’ etc. Why wouldn’t we? Of course we speak with you in your dreams. Sometimes you may see a flash of Light before ‘drifting off’… You would be surprised what a long conversation you have just had! (The Galactic Federation of Light through Blossom Goodchild, May 10, 2013.)

What can you do for yourself and in preparation for your continued work here? Learn to listen to the still voice within. Take up channeling if you feel comfortable. Certainly journaling, artwork and music are useful in soothing whatever agitation is stirred up during this period.

Remember that you are always channeling your higher self, soul and monad (soul family) in ways that are not always obvious. As you begin to “tune in” more the subtle messages of spirit will become more apparent. And if you don’t listen, there are ways that spirit can and will reach you, eventually. Dreams, intuitive understandings, unusual sights and occurrences, repeating patterns and number sequences – keep your eyes and ears open for the signs that spirit is
attempting to communicate and then be open to what comes.  (“Metaphorosis – All is in a State of Flux,” 26 Feb 2013, by Tazjima  at

From 2012

Your Soul Song is composed of mid-fourth and higher-dimensional vibrational patterns of unconditional love, wisdom, balance and harmony. As a Self-master, your Energetic Signature and your Soul Song will merge into a Celestial Mandala of Light, sound and color by which you will be identified in the higher Realms. You are recognized by the brilliance of your inner Light. The more Light Essence you incorporate into your physical vessel, the more brilliantly your aura will glow. ("Archangel Michael - Assuming Your New Galactic Mission," transmitted through Ronna Herman, Sacred Scribe - December 28, 2012, at

How We Work with Lightworkers

From 2014

Our chief concern is whether or not our scribe (and every other scribe) is properly transmitting our energy, and as long as one seeks to connect with us and is clear in mind and heart, we’ll always be here to help them process the energy they’re being given.

Some souls have agreed to be mass transmitters of this energy, and even though some of them don’t yet realize the significance of the role they’ll soon assume in channeling it, it was their choice nevertheless and it’s one we plan to honor by nudging them in the right directions.

You’re all energy transmitters, and you’re all capable of making a greater connection. It’s simply that some souls have chosen beforehand to orient to this ability more than others, and in time, you’ll find that everyone was led to the role that suited them best.

There’s no special skill or ability required to channel our energy, beyond the faith that what one’s doing is actually real. It can be easy to convince yourselves that your minds have crafted some type of fantasy and that the greater connection you’re making couldn’t possibly be real, but with everlasting and unbroken faith, all things are possible.

You empower what you believe in, and you create your lower and higher-dimensional experiences based on the things you do and don’t expect to be real. ("Spiritual Guidance: Telepathic Seas of Information," channeled by Wes Annac, April 1, 2014 at

From 2013

We encourage all those who are currently wrestling with decisions and temptations to actively listen to what emerges from the center of your being. Is your “gut” twisted into knots; is your sleep less than satisfying? Are the temptations dancing through your head distracting your attention from what is really important in your life today… your personal Ascension and that of the planet? ...

Learn to trust that silent voice or feeling that emanates from your center, from the wisdom of the Heart and the calm clarity of the Higher Mind. It is your Self speaking to you. And it contains all the love, forgiveness and understanding you require to feel centered and whole, again. You may have felt that you have left the Path but you have never left your Self behind. It has your back. ("The Angels via Tazjima: When You Need Reassurance," channeled through Tazjima, 18 May, 2013 at

From 2012

I ... would be delighted to fulfil your wishes but all in good time, and as always timing is so important. We are used to being adaptable and adjusting to the latest situation on Earth. In that way we are totally successful in our objectives when we can finally go ahead. (SaLuSa, Feb. 5, 2012.)

From 2011

You are surrounded by so much support from so many layers of consciousness and planetary groups. Every energy source is cheering you on as individuals and as a world culture. The ascension of your world is of such importance that it will influence other planetary systems in ways you are not yet capable of grasping. Reach out when you need help. We are always near and will provide energy support. (Oceanna, Pleiadian priestess, through Hannah Beaconsfield, Sept. 21, 2011, at

Naturally within the construct of duality you would expect situations to offer opportunity to those who exploit other people. It runs from the petty criminal to the highly organised gangs that have almost unlimited power. However with the growth of Light and the awakening that is taking place that is continually increasing, the dark energies are being diluted and not as effective as they were. This gives you of the Light greater opportunities to forge ahead with your important work, and you will be boosted by other Lightworkers from the unseen realms. We sometimes arrange help by what you often call those useful coincidences, and you would not know that we have been involved. Of course for us these are relatively minor matters, and we do focus on much more important events.

We can inspire people, or plant ideas or information into their subconscious mind which when they surface seem to be their own. The dark also try to affect your minds, but it is not normally direct unless they are dealing with you in person. Mind altering drugs and mind control are used to take you over, and only the most strong-minded can resist or overcome them. They use subliminal methods of which you are unaware, and you are primed to think and act in a certain way that benefits their plans. The answer is to lift up your consciousness levels as quick as you can, and hold firm to your beliefs so that your Light becomes your protection. Chemtrails are more an attack on your health but are not without their affect on your mind. As we recently mentioned, these are being cleared away so that now they have little affect upon you. (SaLuSa, July 15, 2011.)

The Credibility of Channels

From 2016

Steve: Now X's column about Y. I don’t know how much is true and how much is not true. I tended to turn my back on it altogether because of some of the things that she said in the column.

AAM: We would suggest you not use this column.

Steve: Is Z [her source] actually real?

AAM: No.

Steve: … And what about W [another alleged source]?

AAM: No.  Can you see how I can be very economizing? You have often wondered if I was capable of yes or no!

Steve: Yes, and you are.

AAM: Well, I have proved the point.

But, let us talk a little about these flights of fancy that some who truly wish to be the voices of transformation are taking. And you are discerning very well.

It is not that these channels are voices of darkness or plants or anything of that nature. It is simply that they are allowing their own internal understandings or scripts to be brought forth as universal truth.

When you are feeling that there is something awry, my beloved friend, there is something awry. So understand that. This is going to increase, not decrease.

So one of the things that your team/our team, will expand into is the vetting of some of these channels to understand whether it feels and [you] sense [it to be] the truth, leading to peace.

And if it does not, then it is simply, “thank you and we’ll get back to you”.

Not everything, as you well know, that is submitted is necessarily positive or good for public consumption. And you are doing well in this regard.

Steve: Okay, that’s very handy to know that.

AAM: And many who are true channels and, now we are not distinguishing because all of these wish to be and are of the light so it is a matter of degree and discernment. And you are also being sent and/or publishing many who are good and pure and clear channels.

So, let it be and simply allow others as well to assist you in this chore of separating what is desirable from that which does not fit at the moment. (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Aug. 22, 2016.)

From 2012

It is difficult — well, I will use that word — it is difficult enough to step down our vibrations and holding that in the fifth dimension. So, we certainly do not want to go really much lower than that. And in that reality, in that place, some of these other channels are very clearly not of that vibrational frequency. (“Transcript of Ashtar on An Hour with an Angel, April 23, 2012,” at

We Are Here to Help You

From 2014

All of you have Guides and Helpers who will “arrange” events so that you meet the right people, and also have enlightening experiences. These are all carried out with your knowledge and acceptance, although you may not have any waking memory of them. You are never left alone to seek without help, and even those souls who wallow in the darkness have help on hand as soon as they respond to the Light.

Sometimes in the depth of depression you can feel as though you do not have a single friend in the world, yet help is always just a thought away. In these emotional states you are very difficult to reach, but you are showered with Love that will eventually lift you up. (SaLuSa, Oct. 10, 2014.)

The main thing for you to remember and focus your attention on when you are fearful, anxious, or depressed is that you are always fully supported by your heavenly Father and by those whom He guides to watch over you personally as you go through your earthly lives.

You are never alone; you are always fully supported.  The sense of aloneness or abandonment that you sometimes experience is a part of the illusion whose purpose is to hide from you your true nature of being at One with your loving Father.

When you are feeling down, hopeless, or depressed turn to Him, or to any of the guides, angels, and ascended masters who surround you, and tell them of your plight. They will respond, instantly. Intend to realize that you are never alone. (Saul, October 1, 2014.)

There is a translation factor here. And sometimes you do not ask us. So you say to me, “All right,Mother. Show me. I will go with you through that door, through that portal. I have waited forever. So let it be so. And by the way, in the meantime, can you please make sure my family has a roof over their head and food on the table?”

Do you think I do not know this? Of course I do. There are two things. When you surrender, and truly embrace you, and all, as love, the physical is and will be taken care of. You can break that paradigm, and many of you are, already.

But the second piece to that, my sweet angels, is so often, you say, “All right, I will walk the spiritual path, because that is where my joy is,” but you continue to, of course, be concerned about feeding your family and all the earthly challenges. Ask me how, not merely to do it for you, for that is the old way, when we parted seas and rained down [manna] from heaven. But when you ask in the way of partnership, of co-creation of this new world, “How? What? When?” we understand these words.

So part of what you are creating in this new reality, and what you have called, dear Steve, the new environment, is not merely requesting me or heaven to take care of it. It is proceeding in partnership, in co-creation. Because you are my mighty children, and you know how to do this.

Will I help? I have never stopped helping. Will I do it all for you? No, because you are learning. You are learning and remembering this power of creation. ("The Divine Mother: The Table is Set; You are Ready for the Dance," channeled by Linda Dillon, Sep. 18, 2014, at

In that darkness you are holding His Light, Your Light, on high, but you are also prone to doubting yourselves and your faith in Him, and His infinite Love for you. This, needless to say, is very confusing and disconcerting for you, which is why you need all the assistance that we – here in the spiritual realms, which is your Real and eternal Home – can offer you.

That assistance, although constantly offered to you in every moment, disappears from your sight when you allow yourselves to be drawn down into the chaos and confusion of the illusion. In the illusion there seems to be constant, in fact endless conflict, disagreement, and deceit as different factions of humanity take sides against one another and attempt to prove that they alone are right and all others are wrong. When each believes this there is no meeting place, no possibility for discussion because each just shouts louder and louder to drown out the voice of the other. (Saul, Sept. 1, 2014.)

When you contact your intuition, your higher Self, your favorite ascended Master, Archangel, the Holy Mother, or the Holy Spirit what you “hear,” “sense,” “feel,” or even “see” is always wisdom of the highest order, wisdom that you can trust and depend upon. Within the spiritual realms all are aware of and engaged with their Oneness in a cooperative and harmonious outpouring of Love to heal you all, but can and do still respond to you individually as the One you choose to address or call on. The advice that you receive is always wise and loving, it never judges, blames, or condemns, and that is how you can be sure that it is truthful guidance that will assist you in the moment as you ask.

Keep on asking because you do need our support, and by asking for it you open yourselves to receive it. As we keep telling you: All are One. Therefore what you do as One, by asking for and accepting assistance from us, is to follow your chosen spiritual path, and that changes the world. There are always, in every moment, many of you calling on us, and those calls are all constantly amalgamating into a most powerful request for assistance to which we are constantly and lovingly responding. However, when you allow yourselves to be overwhelmed by the fears and worries of the illusion you drift off your path, your spiritual energy field then weakens and you become far less effective in the work that you incarnated to do, because you are effectively buying back into the illusion of separation.

This is not a judgment, it is just an observation, we do fully understand how difficult it is for you to maintain your focus in a world where conflict, competition, and disingenuous agendas appear to be the normal and necessary modes of behavior in order to survive. You do get dragged down, your spiritual energy field does weaken, and it seems that you are alone and abandoned in a very unsafe and threatening environment. And when you ask us for help it maybe seems to you that you have not been heard or that we have not responded to your call. (Saul, Aug. 19, 2014.)

When doubts arise, as they surely do for everyone, go within, to your quiet and holy inner sanctuary, and intentionally and determinedly ask your spiritual friends, guides, mentors, angels, me, in fact anyone here in the spiritual realms whom you feel at home with and comfortable addressing, for a powerful and loving hug or squeeze, and allow yourself to feel it, because it will be given instantly. (Jesus via John Smallman, Aug. 10, 2014.)

We are inundating you with spiritual help and assistance but the many alarming events happening across the world are distracting you and drawing you down into the illusion where you tend to enter into the pain and suffering that you see there. See the pain and suffering, send Love and compassion to those involved, but stay removed from it – “be in the world but not of it.” Doing this will make it far easier for you to connect with your intuition, your higher Self, and those in the spiritual realms who are always standing by to answer your calls . . . I promise you that there will be no muzak while you wait for the next available associate! (Saul, July 27, 2014.)

But, dear hearts, my beloveds of Earth, of Gaia, this is a collective action. It is as a collective ascension. The action, the movement, is every realm, all of us, yourself included. You are the bravest of the brave, the most determined, the most committed, the most stalwart, and you have faced challenges that are legendary. But we do this together. I do not do it for you. I do it with you.

The archangels, the masters, as a group, have come forth to assist me, to mentor you in this shift. Your guides, the kingdoms, your star brothers and sisters, there is not one element or one group that you can even dream of, let alone know of, that is not standing right here with you.

And if you wish to think of it this way, all of our hands are on the ignition key. You who are the most committed and faithful — and this is not judgment, it is a reflection of how you have been committed and driven and focused in your lives — you are ready to go, not merely flying through and back the portal. ("The Divine Mother: Beloveds, You are at a Critical Juncture - Part 2," channeled by Linda Dillon, July 24, 2014, at

Many of you say to me, “But Mother, I am tired.” Even those of you who are most vigorous. And I say, rest in the waves, rest in my arms, rest in the arms of Gaia, rest by the Council fire, rest on ship, rest in the wild places, or the inner cities. We will replenish you.

We have not asked of you to give up your life or your life-force for this ascension, for this shift. That was never the Plan. Not yours, and not ours.

So of course we will heal you and replenish you, particularly my beloved Raphael. What do you think he’s doing? So few of you call on him! And so few of you are taking the actions that in fact make you feel stronger in every meaning of the word daily! And so few of you are taking the actions that will make you feel more gentle, more loving, more alive every day! And yes, we give you the lift every day!...

And the Ascension, which is at mid-point, can not be completed without this elimination. So often you say to me, “Mother, where is the Company of Heaven in helping us?” Well, this is something we are helping with. We are answering your prayers and your pleas in ways that are larger than you think. And very specific.

So I am not saying, sweet angels who are experiencing such physical discomfort, dis-ease, imbalance — it matters not what you call it — I am not saying, “Can you please just continue to suffer until I raise the entire vibration of the planet?” That is not what I say to you. I am your Mother.

So, again, let me tend to you. Let me wipe your brow and heal your ailments. And yes, my legions assist. So the home health care is at your door. Again, please, let us in. "The Divine Mother: We are Creating a New Species of Humans," channeled by Linda Dillon, July 10, 2014, at

The end times are a big challenge to some souls yet all along the path they have chosen, help is never far away. We reiterate that you must ask for help when it is needed but do not assume that it will come as you have envisaged it. Circumstances may dictate that it is quite different to your idea of it, and be assured it will be the best way that fulfils your needs. (SaLuSa, July 4, 2014.)

As we have previously mentioned, the opportunity to ascend is so important that if it is not taken it can actually set back your progress. However, do not be dismayed or affected by what we have told you, as you have many advanced civilisations that are giving you their full support. You do in fact have much more help than you imagine, and it is to give you every opportunity to achieve your goals. (SaLuSa, May 9, 2014.)

Steve Beckow: Probably the first thing that suffers when we experience challenging situations is the bliss that we feel. You’ve talked about the love that we feel. How do we remain in the bliss above and beyond what you’ve said? You’ve talked about Perro and things like that.

But individually, within ourselves, how do we stay in the bliss when we face matters that challenge us?

Archangel Michael: You connect with us. And I do not say this in a facile way. Each of you is surrounded not only by your guides buy by legions at this time. Now, let me share something with you that we haven’t really spoken of before.

We talk a great deal about the core issues of humanity being self-worth and breaking through that separation and isolation and feeling of abandonment and loneliness to knowing that you are divine, you are worthy, you are loved, and you are the essence of love.
The anchoring factor of your capacity ― and I do not mean individually; and of course it fluctuates; but I’m speaking of the collective ― your capacity for acknowledging and holding and being in your worth and in the fullness of your love is about 30 percent.

Now, considering the advances you have made with that low percentage, you are doing phenomenally ― what you have broken through with just that ― but think about it! ― 30 percent. No wonder you are saying to me, “Michael, how do I hang on to the bliss?”

So you are always asking, “What is the Company of Heaven doing to help?” Well, here is a very practical thing that we can do. When you are in these trying situations, this is when the cords work. Attach to us. Let us attach to you. Let us fill you, reassure you, love you. Let us fill you and your field with the love so that you can keep the absolute focus on feeling loved, lovable, worthy, and remain in that behavior and communication of what would love do...

Now, this issue of partnership is something that we have addressed time and again. The time has passed where there is such a wide gulf, shall we say, between the Company of Heaven and Gaia and the human collective.

When we say we are in partnership and co-creating, you are learning, we are adjusting, you are adjusting. If there was anything that we would ask you to do more of, it would be to engage, as if we are right there in physical form with you in this partnership. Take me to work. Take me out to eat. I might even pay the bill. ("Archangel Michael: What Would Love Do?", channeled by Linda Dillon, May 1, 2014, at

Remember, all the experiences undergone in your physical bodies are aspects of the illusion; the suffering that is undergone is illusory because you are all asleep and dreaming. When you awaken into Reality all pain, all suffering, all injustice, all betrayal will have dissolved because they are part of that illusory dream. Clarity will show you this now by reminding you of your true nature – you are a being of Love who is One with God – and you will be able to relax into forgiveness, whereupon you will find an inner peace that maybe you have never before experienced or have long since forgotten.

In the spiritual realms we are constantly at your service, you have only to call on us with sincerity and we will show you the way to embrace forgiveness with love and compassion for the one you wish or need to forgive – yourself or others – thus leading you into a state where the stress of resentment that was confining and controlling you just dissolves. We are here for you in every moment, and we want only to see you awaken into the eternal joy that is your natural state. We know that forgiveness is the quickest way for you to release your hold on the illusion because it cuts through all the other ties and bindings so that there is nothing else to prevent you from sinking happily into God’s loving Embrace.

So call on us and tell us that you sincerely want to embrace forgiveness, and instantly you will feel the warmth and acceptance of the field of Love that at all times envelops you. It will confirm for you that you are indeed a being of Love who was momentarily lost in the fog of the illusion, a fog that is now dispersing and allowing you glimpses of the brilliance that awaits your inevitable awakening. (Saul, April 25, 2014.)

You’re being given more assistance than you realize with the transmutation of density and the welcoming of a new way of life, and if you could see how much help we’re giving from these realms, you’d understand that no force is looking upon your planet with complacency.

We’re very driven to help your planet and civilization evolve, and we’re here for you as an answer to the clarion call Gaia made when she was in an immensely unhealthy state. Since the days when Gaia made her call, fearing for her life as a planet, consciousness on her surface has risen extraordinarily and we couldn’t be happier with our and your efforts thus far.

As long as you continue your diligent missions and never give up on your quest to leave the woes of the mind behind in preparation for your complete and full entrance into a higher state of consciousness, your evolution and service alike will continue to flow smoothly. ("Spiritual Guidance: Out of Darkness Comes Light," channeled by Wes Annac, April 20, 2014, at

Often, you have to face a terrible dragon. This horror-filled illusion can cause grief, ill health and a massive fear to appear suddenly. Be strong and realize that you are not alone. Supporters and a grand Love of the Divine Light surround you. Take this time to go inward and feel your inner strengths. Take succor from Heaven and know in your heart that this realm is indeed changing. The events of this day are to bring in a new Light that is to shine and expose the dark. Their time is ending. A new era for humanity is well underway. (Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation via Sheldon Nidle, March 26, 2014.)

Ashira: Yes. Now Gaia, and we – the ‘collective we’ as you put it – have already been working diligently for a long time. Now, one of the major things that we are doing right now, as you know we have spoken of, once again, for the first time in over fifty years, we are bathing the planet in ‘pink’. And so, not only Gaia herself, but all of humanity. It is our contribution to the preparation for the fullness of the Tsunami, and it is a very gentle pink but if you allow your eyes to go a little out of focus and you look at the air around you, you will notice that there is a pink tinge to it – that is us and that is part of our partnership, so yes, we are in conscious partnership.

But let us also throw something into the mix. We are in service to you. So often, and because of the history of the human Collective and the way that control and so-called leadership has been historically experienced, you tend to think of yourself in service too … to a cause, to the Mother, to a leader, to a country etc. And then you tend to think you are in service to the Masters, you are in service to the Archangels, and you are in service to us.

So let us be very clear on this: we are as much – and in the beginning of our interactions, face to face, hand to hand, heart to heart – we are far more in service to you, and we are thrilled, we are excited about it, because there is a lot to do and we know how to do it. So you don’t have to try, for example, and fix the plumbing if you have a plumber in the house! Well, we know how to fix many of the ailing of what is wrong and what you would like to rectify. So yes, we will be tangibly, physically face to face, not in dream time, not in bilocation to be on board ship, but on Gaia, in form.

Suzanne Maresca: Surely you feel how so many of the collective – all of the people that I know want that so very much.

Ashira: Can we say this … for we’ve talked a lot – and I thank you for allowing me to talk a lot … about this frequency business, about the vibration business, and when you – and all of you who are listening, and far beyond – when you are holding that anxiousness, that excitement, that yearning in your heart for us to be with you, it raises the frequency, it raises the vibrations, it gives us full permission and it matches our vibration, our yearning, our excitement, our readiness. So please – don’t stop! ("Transcript: Heavenly Blessings ~ Commander Ashira with an Update," channeled by Linda Dillon, March 11, 2014, at

You are in the midst of change, and for many, that is bringing up confusion or questions. We will do our best to alleviate your anxiety as the lines of longitudinal movement shift and settle. Some already ask, and some already have found ways to arrive at a balance point within as the scenery changes around them. We are working with a great many of you on various levels of awareness, as are others who are appearing as your personal crew.

There is no need to be alarmed at our presence, or at dreams or other modes of communication. New insights will flow as you open to the direct influence of the galactic nature of your own transformation. You are changing, and as you do, you will come across more and more to be in awe of, from a standpoint of your matrix-based historical perspective. The dimensions are loosening up, so to speak, and with that comes a whole lot of new information. Let in the new information that comes from truth and put to rest what comes from the chaotic realms of nonsense and deceit. If you are tuned in to your core truth in absolute fearlessness, you will not be deceived. ("The Pleiadians: Lock Was Broken on the Time Machine – Now Is Here," channeled by Maryann Rada, March 13, 2014, at

From 2013

We are very rapidly approaching the moment for which you have all been praying while strongly holding the intent to bring it about, and your prayers and intent have been and continue to be extremely powerful. You will not be disappointed. God has promised and He always delivers.

Many of you are feeling the stress of waiting very intensely, and it is causing you anxiety. Therefore you need to relax daily into your quiet inner space and allow your guides, mentors, and guardian angels to talk to you, and uplift you and inspire you as they embrace you in a loving hug. (Jesus via John Smallman, December 20, 2013.)

Never be too shy to ask for assistance, and remember assistance cannot be given unless you ask for it yourself. So remember, you are surrounded by so many, both in a human form and others, all standing ready and eager to come to your support, day and night, 24/7. So stay alert to any signs that you are closing yourself off from this help, for it is indeed imperative that you do not go off into the underbrush like a wounded animal to hide if you feel that this last stage of this liberation process is simply too much.

The more you are able to open up and admit that you are struggling, the more light will be allowed to come to your aid. We are here, and so are so many of your brothers and sisters on both side of the veils, and we want nothing more than to give you all the help we can on this, the final stretch of your long, long journey home to YOU. ("A Short Update on the Energies – December 18," channeled by Aisha North, December 18, 2013 at

Your Guardian Angel has been given the duty to help you to live in alignment with your goals and intentions for this life. Through your personal guardian angel you can learn to live in greater peace with yourself as a prerequisite for Peace on Earth. This Angel is also offering to you the ability to feel Oneness and Union with your most Divine Self.

As you have grown into adulthood your Guardian Angel waits for you to ask for help. Consider that it is now time to ask. Your Guardian Angel has been with your soul since its incarnation, offering guidance and protection so you may find your Divinity and fulfill your spiritual destiny. This beloved angel has intervened on your behalf to relieve your karma and wants nothing more than the fulfillment of your soul’s imperatives.

Take time to feel gratitude for this Divine Messenger who has such care for you. ("Archangel Gabriel: Can You Hear What I Hear?," channeled by Shanta Gabriel, December 17, 2013 at

Those who have already progressed are also helping others who follow in their footsteps, in the same way that you are being helped now. In your Solar System you are the last ones who wait to achieve Ascension, and you will continue to receive immense help until every soul has done so...

Be assured many souls travel with you on your journeys and you are never alone. They are your Helpers and Guides to give you every assistance and enable you to successfully reach your goals. You will find that it is always the more evolved Beings that reach down to help those following in their footsteps. However, they do not impose themselves upon you, but will always respond to your calls for help.

It is necessary to bear in mind that you do not always get what you call for, as your life plan is known to them and in accordance with it the most appropriate action is taken. They will gently and wisely point you in the right direction and celebrate with you when you have achieved your life’s plan.

Other kingdoms on Earth are helping to balance the energies in a way that is harmonious to the people and the planet. There are the elemental beings who work industriously to give all in their jurisdiction the best of their efforts and they perform this service with renewed dedication, diligence, joy and laughter.

Try to give gratitude to them for their untiring efforts on behalf of all. Like you, they also falter at times and acknowledgement of their input uplifts their spirits so that they desire to keep on keeping on their own path of evolvement as they serve the All. As more of this acknowledgement occurs, unification with the Earth and all her inhabitants is becoming a viable reality, for many dimensions are now merging together. They speak and understand the language of the heart and so this is where the connections will be made. ("Kuthumi: You Hold the Role of Beacon of Light for Many Others," channeled by Marlene Swetlishoff, December 5, 2013 at

Keep your eyes straight ahead and know that in real terms there is little time left to complete your life plan, but many souls are doing their best to ensure you are successful. They are always with you and share your hopes and aspirations, and help you on your journey back to the Light. Your freewill is most valued and important, and must be handled with care if you are one who is destined to ascend at the end of this cycle. (SaLuSa, December 4, 2013.)

We wish for you to know that we are of the Light, we wish for you to know that we wish to assist you in your spiritual growth, and to assist you with YOUR assistance to humanity in this great transformation. We are all in this together. We want you all to know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE IN THIS PROCESS. Please take a moment to really let this sink in. ("Pleiadian Council: Transformation to Crystalline Bodies and Telepathic Communication During our Visits," channeled by Goldenlight, November 9, 2013 at

Because of the unstable flux of changes that are felt by energy and vibrations, often your emotions become intense and at times you will feel it’s not possible to be positive about anything and all that enters your mind frame are negative thoughts and your self-talk degenerates. During times like these dear ones, what is needed is God’s Healing Presence. Ask for God, speak to Him with an open heart and open mind, seek healing through His Light and know His Love will heal you from the depths of your soul and mend all the pain and sadness you have been carrying...

The divine light that is an accepted part of love begins to melt any shadows of despair and discord. The presence of God’s Love is always available dear ones, you simply have to reach for Him and allow His Light to be the anchor of love you have always been seeking. God’s love has the power of transforming the worst pain if you simply allow His Presence to enter each area of your life. It is through this allowance that your Hope and Faith in God and in yourself returns and His return is felt deeply within your heart, and your mind and body becomes lighter and clearer. As you allow yourself to feel God’s Presence into each area of your life you will literally feel all the new that is aiding to the rise of your consciousness that will propel new blessings that are beyond imagination and these blessings that are to come dear ones will be gifts from God and of the Love that He has bestowed upon each of you. ("The Song of Your Heart, Ascended Master, El Morya’s Weekly Message," received by Julie Miller November 5, 2013.)

As we make our final impressions for this communication, we express that rivers of energy are pouring into your opening and expanding chakras at this time.

Feel the whooshing and rushing of this energy as it comes through your chakras and helps you adjust to purer states of consciousness, and remember that we’re always and forever with you, offering guidance, advice or a shoulder to cry on when you require it.

We’re here to serve you, dearest souls, and upon evolving you’ll find your desire to serve increase dramatically. ("Our Universal Family: Rivers of Energy are Pouring into your Chakras," channeled by Wes Annac, November 1, 2013 at

There are deeper aspects of yourselves comprising your higher self who assist you along your path in every moment, and our efforts are coordinated with theirs to put you on the paths you’ve chosen for yourselves.

We can’t and won’t make any decision for you, and even if we wanted to we don’t have the perceived “control” doing such a thing would require, nor do we wish for such control.

We seek to let you go about your Earthly experience and make the choices you feel are best to make while in your bodies, but at the same time we work to help keep you on the paths that work for you or to help you discover new paths that could assist you greatly in your personal growth and development.

We do much in every moment to help you ascend and Create the greatest changes you’ve heard so much about, and with everything we do for your planet and collective we have the ultimate goal of seeing you ascend in mind. ("Our Universal Family: Every Facet of Consciousness is Inexplicably Connected," channeled by Wes Annac, October 28, 2013 at

There is a mighty flow to this river of Divine Light. It is a flow of Love, Intelligence and pure Abundance. It is the River of All Creation. You can fill your life with all you need from this pure flow of the Divine. You step into this river with your choices and intentions. When you focus clearly on what you need to be fulfilled in your life, the River of All Creation will carry you gracefully toward the world of your dreams.

Ask for a demonstration of the miraculous Divine Flow working in your life. Open to the assistance of the Angelic Dimensions and invite your soul to show you how to participate in this great awakening of new life on Earth. You will not be left behind. There is no hurry in Divine Timing but great opportunities exist when you can open to the new frequencies of Light and let them nourish you. Know that you are being offered a creative, expanded perspective of what is possible. ("Archangel Gabriel: The River of All Creation," channeled by Shanta Gabriel, October 5, 2013 at

We go now into the spaces between the molecules that make up your bodies. Call upon the angelic hosts to assist you if you feel congested or challenged; they are at your beck and call, in service to you out of love and devotion. Each one of you has an angelic light body in the higher worlds so you are calling on your friends and loved ones to assist. There is no need to feel embarrassed or to fear the consequences of requesting assistance.

Call also upon the ascended masters and archangels to assist you, during your sleep time, to instruct, to heal, to guide and inspire. And do not forgot those hard-working beings who maintain the earth, air, water and fire energies that create the world you walk through… the beloved elementals. Some of you will soon see these beings around you, especially in wild places, but also in unexpected places. They are the little workers who cooperate with the grand architects behind the scenes, like set builders on the stage, to create the worlds you walk through every day. Change your thoughts, free your heart and your world will change in response for you are the creator gods who work with the elementals, although in a mostly unconscious manner. Soon, however, you will be fully conscious and more alive than you have ever been in all the lives spent on this planet. ("Sanat Kumara: Go Gently into that Good Light," channeled through Tazjima, October 3, 2013 at

We find as this month progresses that many of you are experiencing the release of many patterns of thinking that have been holding you back from moving forward into new perspectives and new beginnings. Call upon us to assist you in releasing these from your consciousness and from the cells of your body.

Make this request a daily habit until your goal of freedom from these is accomplished and know that we are ever at your side helping to bring balance and equilibrium and the ceasing of these discordant energies, for in truth, these are simply old energies that need to be dissolved. We want you to ask us to help you with these challenges, for the sooner you are freed from them the sooner you can accept and fully integrate the higher energies and your greater light. (Hilarion, September 16, 2013.)

Many of the Angels carry within their energy sacred Angelic symbols which can act as keys of awakening for your being. Different Angels work with different and diverse aspects and qualities of the Creator. Depending on the qualities they recognise within themselves the Angels can hold powerful symbols which act as keys and codes for your ascension process and integration with the Creator. Whether you wish for healing, upliftment, magnification or any kind of support you can first become aware of exactly what you require, for example, you may wish to experience or embody more joy.

With your intention, call upon the most appropriate Angel to join you in your meditation as you breathe deeply, an Angel which holds the quality that you desire. Then ask the Angel to share with you a symbol of the quality, such as a symbol of joy, allow yourself to hold the intention of receiving. The symbol will be a simple pattern that you can draw upon your body; it may be as simple as a circle or a spiral. Place your left hand or a finger on your right arm and with flow imprint or draw the symbol imagining the light of the Angel flowing through you and into your left hand into your right arm. ("Archangel Michael: Support from the Angelic Kingdom," channeled by Natalie Glasson, August 29, 2013 at

So those are the starting points. Do not assume you cannot see, because even in the darkest room you begin to see shadows, etc. And also know that in what people assume is darkness is still the presence of all the rays. The energy does not disappear simply because, in your human belief system, your human eyes think that you cannot see. That’s a thought process.

Open your fourth, your third and your new eye, (1) but let us also be practical. What do you do when you are in that dark room? Because what you are really referring to is that dark night of the soul.
What do I do when I am in that place of desolation and I see no light at the end of the tunnel or at the bottom of the well, other than calling for us? And we will respond.

Embrace yourself. Embrace yourself, hug yourself, literally, as you have never hugged yourself before. Appreciate, love, regard, honor yourself as you never have...

What I suggest to you, and this for most of you is the point of breakthrough, you put yourself into the dark room — yes, sometimes with great help — so that you would break through this illusion of isolation, of separation, of being alone, because it simply is not so.

If nothing else, your guardians, your guides never leave your side. The difficulty comes is that you do not extend your hand and say to your guide, “Take my hand and show me the way out of here.” This is an issue of believing you are alone. It’s doubt instead of trust. It’s fear instead of hope.

Why you are in that dark room is to say “I am fed up, and I won’t do this anymore!” And it doesn’t mean that you are getting rid of or throwing out your entire spiritual journey! You are saying, “I am done with this illusion, and I want the totality of my integrated self. I’ve had enough!”

And to this, we say, thank God! Thank Mother/Father/One. Let it go. (“Archangel Gabrielle on the New Golden Grid, the Process of Ascension, and the Advent of Global Prosperity – Part 2/2," channeled by Linda Dillon, August 26, 2013, at

As the increased energies pour down upon the Earth, people all over your world awaken and begin to realize their potential for the creation of good on their planet. Many are participating in global focuses for the healing and empowerment of the Earth’s inhabitants.

These focuses have more power for good than is currently realized by those who take part and is cumulatively energized by the higher realms. Truly we say to you, that where two or more are gathered, there we are also, assisting and magnifying your efforts. Your loving intentions as forces for good on this world never miss their mark. Everything that each of you do is noted and supported from on high and puts the unemployed Angels which surround you to work for the highest good of all, which they do with the greatest of joy. (Hilarion, August 18, 2013.)

We of the Arcturian Group along with many others watch and bless you at all times. Many are assisting you in this transition and soon you will become more aware of us. We cannot step on your planet and say; “Hi, here we are”, for the present state of your world would not welcome us, but soon enough of you will be ready. There are many from other systems among you now but you do not recognize them for they are so much like you. (Arcturian Group Message, August 17, 2013.)

I, Archangel Raphael, am the angel of divine cleansing, purification and healing, and I am here to assist you in releasing all your karmic contracts, all of your negative emotions, and all that hinders you on your path to harmonizing with the higher dimensional frequencies of light. And I can assist you in the integration with your higher self...("Archangel Raphael: Healing Across All Time and Space and Integration with Your Higher Self," channeled by Goldenlight, August 13, 2013 at

Your guides, mentors, and channels in the spiritual realms have been keeping you up-to-date on the aspects that affect you directly. So pay attention, listen to their advice and guidance, take it to heart and act on it. (Jesus via John Smallman, August 11, 2013.)

Enormous assistance from the spiritual realms, way more than has been available in previous ages, is now on hand for the asking, so ask, and ask, and ask! Let go of your doubts as best you can. We know it is difficult for you when the daily activities that the embodied have to undertake seem so demanding and at odds with the spiritual Reality to which you are in the process of returning, but we are here, holding your hands and reassuring you. You are never alone, you can never be alone, because you are one with each other, with us, and with God – you are just having difficulty accessing awareness of it. (Saul, August 7, 2013.)

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! We come to you with new tidings! The energies being sent to this blessed realm by the Light are nearing their peak, and the numerous effects of this vast increase in Light are becoming apparent. The dark has lost its battle to survive and we are preparing the many teachings that we will be giving you. Each of us will show you the wisdom you will need to continue raising your levels of consciousness.

These moral compasses will guide you as you approach ever closer to the day when you are finally ready for your individual Living Light Chamber. We will be beside you each step of the way as you make this miraculous transformation, and after your full-consciousness etiquette training, it will be our ongoing mission to supervise and guide you on the nature of your divine service to Heaven. In fact, these aspects we are describing are merely part of our service to Gaia and to each of you as a whole new epoch for humanity is then to come into being. Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Our role in this mission is to watch over humanity and provide moral guidance. We answer the calls for help given out by the human collective. We alleviate your grievous wounds and transmit messages for humanity’s salvation. Now our tasks include moving all of you successfully to a realm of rising consciousness where you can become aware of your spiritual heart center. We are joyously watching the benefits of these activities come into being, and as Heaven now applies her immense energies to transforming your reality into Light, it gives our messages and assistance to you more credibility. ("Update for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation," as received by Sheldan Nidle, August 6, 2013, at

Walk with care and caution and use your discernment and inner guidance to help keep you on your path. Ask the Angels to give you assistance with that which you are finding difficult to work through. There are many unemployed Angels surrounding every place and space who would love to be of service to humanity during these changing times. All you need do is ASK and speak your request from the heart. When times seem tough, ask the Angels to uplift your spirit and you will be surprised at the feeling of renewal and hope that you experience. Each human being upon the planet is worthy in the eyes of the Angels and there is no judgment within their consciousness to the experiences each person is encountering in their daily lives, there is only unconditional love at work.

Talk to the unseen beings that surround you, even if you are not able to visually see or sense their presence. Rest assured that your communications with them are honored and acted upon. You are always seen and heard by them. You would be amazed at the sheer numbers of loving beings who willingly and lovingly serve humanity and your planet. They cannot solve all your problems for you, for that would be a violation of your free will right to own your experiences in order to fulfill your soul’s growth and expansion, but they can and do assist individual’s who request the highest outcome for the highest good of all in all their daily challenges. (Hilarion, August 4, 2013.)

Walk with care and caution and use your discernment and inner guidance to help keep you on your path. Ask the Angels to give you assistance with that which you are finding difficult to work through. There are many unemployed Angels surrounding every place and space who would love to be of service to humanity during these changing times. All you need do is ASK and speak your request from the heart. When times seem tough, ask the Angels to uplift your spirit and you will be surprised at the feeling of renewal and hope that you experience. Each human being upon the planet is worthy in the eyes of the Angels and there is no judgment within their consciousness to the experiences each person is encountering in their daily lives, there is only unconditional love at work.

Talk to the unseen beings that surround you, even if you are not able to visually see or sense their presence. Rest assured that your communications with them are honored and acted upon. You are always seen and heard by them. You would be amazed at the sheer numbers of loving beings who willingly and lovingly serve humanity and your planet. They cannot solve all your problems for you, for that would be a violation of your free will right to own your experiences in order to fulfill your soul’s growth and expansion, but they can and do assist individual’s who request the highest outcome for the highest good of all in all their daily challenges. ("Hilarion: Humanity is in the Process of Re-discovering its Own Greatness and Magnificence," channeled by Marlene Swetlishoff, August 4, 2013 at

There are plenty of souls in the higher dimensions who haven’t had a taste of the Earth or the extreme and intense energies passed around your collective consciousness, but seek nonetheless to offer themselves to your ascension and have worked with much of themselves from their various positions to help achieve it. ("The Ascended Masters and the Pleiadians: Ascension is Being Pioneered by Each of You," channeled by Wes Annac, August 2, 2013 at

You all know that you are on a holy path home to Reality, but the myriad enticements with which the illusion constantly presents you frequently succeed in distracting and disturbing you. Make a point of noticing this when it happens so that you can return your focus and attention all the more quickly to the work you chose to do.

We are always available to help you with this, so please, do call on us – often – and we shall delight in assisting you to, as it were, regain your spiritual balance. That is our duty, our task, our vocation, and it gives us enormous satisfaction to be able to respond to your requests for assistance. We are never too busy doing other things: we are always available and we will never put you on hold! When you feel you need our help, call us at once, and we will answer.

Each one of you has your own personal guides in the spiritual realms; they are aspects of your soul family and are always watching over you, rooting for you, and protecting you. They are always aware of you, and always conscious of your hopes and desires. Make a point of asking them for a sense of their presence, an intuitive indication of their presence, and they will provide it, because they want you to know that they are always with you. (Jesus through John Smallman, July 26, 2013.)

As you have been told so often, that limitless assistance has always been there for you; it is just that for eons you thought you knew better than Him and had no need of it. Finally that insane assumption – an assumption in this context is the belief in the truth of something without any knowledge or understanding whatsoever of what the assumption actually means or where it leads – is being seen by humanity for what it is: a grave error. And the decision to allow it to be divinely corrected has now been willingly and thankfully and collectively taken. (Saul, July 24, 2013.)

Do not forget to ask, and keep asking us, your spiritual guides and mentors, to assist you as you determinedly intend to release your doubts and engage enthusiastically with the field of Love that supports you in every moment of your eternal existence (Jesus via John Smallman, July 19, 2013.)

And I have been not alone, but I Am one of the many Divine Beings who are servants in this great task, including many of the other archangels who are right now incarnated as well on this earth for similar reasons, and with the intent, to create a strong angelic presence. ("Archangel Sandalphon: You are Changing Your Destiny at a Large Scale," channeled by Ute Posegga-Rudel, July 17, 2013 at

We watch with wonder the amazing tenacity of the human soul as it struggles to overcome the conditioning of generations of beliefs that has been stored in their very cells which no longer serves the path of Light that they are on. The effects of the battle within each heart of opposing forces will begin to subside and a lightness of being will prevail. Do not falter on the path that you have chosen for it is the right one for you and those whom you love. You are never alone, for the legions of angels stand at your side in support and camaraderie. They try to lighten your load by using humor so that you can move forward over any seeming obstacles upon your individual path. (Hilarion, July 14, 2013.)

We will indeed be on your world when the veils of suppression and secrecy surrounding our existence have been seen-through by all of humanity, but for the time being, we seek to assist you in your growth by helping you expand your channels, in the form of offering you our energies and impressions.

We do indeed see our communication with humanity as important to our overall mission, and the largest facet of the giving of our energies to you for you to absorb, is just that; an energy exchange. We seek to help you reach purer states of consciousness and to that extent, the energies we give, which our impressions and communications are embedded unto, give you an energetic “helping hand” of sorts.

In an energetic sense, the impressions we’re giving-off as our scribe receives such impressions through the heart and makes a mental interpretation of them, are brimming with massive amounts of pure Source energy for you to absorb, that’ll help you seek and find the higher dimensions in yourselves exponentially. ("The Ascended Masters and the Pleiadians: Addressing Disbelief," channeled by Wes Annac, July 11, 2013 at

There is no problem so insurmountable that the loving hands of God cannot overcome. Too often you forget to call upon your mother and your father during times of crisis, and instead you choose to work alone. Why do you do this, dear hearts? Why must you make things harder on yourselves than they need be? For nowhere was it ever decreed that when you breathe your first breath of life in human form then you must sever all ties with us. It is part of the Human condition to forget and then, ideally, to remember once again.

Through subtle reminders, and of late not so subtle, we nudge at you to let you know that we are here. We are guiding you, protecting you and on occasion barraging you with ingenious ideas. It is our job to speak and it is yours to listen and to act. Hear the voices of the universe and heed the signs. They have been erected everywhere, to guide you in the proper direction...

Do not fall victim to the temptation to give in or to quit. So many of you vacillate back and forth, as you hear voices in your head which tell you that it is too hard to continue on. But know this: in this case it is the ego speaking. True Divine guidance is always encouraging and never discouraging, so use this as a simple guideline in determining the difference. Be of the knowing that sweeter times lie ahead for all of God’s mighty warriors. You are loved. ("Archangel Indriel: The World Is A Stage," channeled by Bella Capozzi, July 1, 2013 at

As you progress determinedly and purposefully homewards the support and assistance that you are receiving is increasing because you are remembering to ask for it, again and again and again. You have to keep asking because if you do not the limitations in which the illusion has enveloped you swamp you in forgetfulness and draw you into the petty arguments and disagreements going on around you – physically, or just in your minds – and distract you from your purpose. (Jesus via John Smallman, June 30, 2013.)

You’ll find that the topic of assisting you along your growth is repeated fruitfully in many higher-dimensional communications, and this is because the sole mission of quite a few Angels and guides at present is to help the Earthly souls they’re guiding, to find the higher realms and ascend with the rest of your collective.

Our goal is indeed for your entire collective to be able to ascend, and we and you alike will work to help educate the public in the time ahead about your evolution and about the manner in which it’s to be brought about. ("The Ascended Masters: You All Carry the Purest Signatures of Light," channeled by Wes Annac, June 21, 2013 at

Upon accessing your connection with spirit, some of you will find brimming and excited beings from the higher dimensions, such as us and your spiritual guides, who’ll eagerly step-in to connect with you. We wholeheartedly encourage anyone who’s just beginning to open-up to their channels, to practice daily affirmations to the extent of only allowing beings of the purest consciousness and intent to be with you in any and every moment.

Your daily affirmations are important if you wish to maintain active and real links with our energies and impressions, because while their influence is fading, lower-inclined entities will still attempt to come through and masquerade as a plethora of different beings, while funneling-though false and misleading information and lower impressions disguised to be of the Light.

We trust that you can begin to recognize if a lower entity is attempting to pose as an entity of the higher dimensions, and call upon any one of your guides or Archangels Michael and Raphael for their specific healing and cleansing energies....

We note that the “average daily Living” on Earth tends to feel arduous or dragged-out at times, and we hope to be able to offer salvation from the difficulties of the Earth experience, in every moment you can find yourselves connected with our energies and impressions.

This goes back to the fact that you deserve to be able to find and radiate the impressions of the higher dimensions, and many of you have reached an advanced stage along your growth wherein you’re now able to call-upon the higher realms for assistance in all endeavors.

You are truly able to do this, and we’ll be here for every one of you who actively seeks our communications, guidance and advice. ("SanJAsKa: Become the Pioneers of the New Revolution," through Wes Annac, June 17, 2013 at

Everything that’s happening to you is Divinely-ordained and is happening for a necessary reason, and every last bit of difficulty and accompanying lower emotion you may feel, can be sent to our healers who we have aboard our ships, or to dearest Gaia or a guide you feel close to.

Upon growing into the fifth dimension and into some purer rungs of the fourth, souls begin to learn and understand alchemy and specifically, transmutation.

So many of you dear awakening souls upon the Earth are already beginning to understand transmutation and its importance when you find yourselves meeting with lower energies and the resulting perspective they would attempt to sew unto you, and transmutation and energetic and emotional alchemy can truly be your aide when you feel as if difficulty is piling-up too much.

You have the sacred violet flame on your side, and the Love of your heart, which is the Love of our Creator, will aid and heal you in any and all endeavors. Simply funnel any last bit of negativity or difficulty you’re feeling into the realms of spirit, and one of the infinite amounts of souls in these realms will delightfully take care of it for you.

We ask you to fathom the fact you have more than billions of souls from the higher dimensions and from various higher-dimensional planets, actively fixated upon your evolution and upon everything you’re doing on the Earth at this time.

Every action you perform and every bit of good you do is noted and celebrated by billions (and more) of souls in these brimming higher dimensions, and when you make your ways back to these realms as triumphantly as you will, you’ll be heralded as the true heroes that each and every one of you are. ("Channeled Pleiadian Interview: Awakening to Pollution, Increasing Disclosures and Understanding Energetic Alchemy," by Wes Annac, June 11, 2013 at

We ... wish to inform you of the assistance we’re to be giving (and have given); for it is grand assistance indeed.

We’ve been giving you assistance throughout every aspect of your Earthly journeys and specifically, our efforts were stepped-up in what was only a moment ago in our non-concept of time, but what for you was nearly a century ago; when dearest Gaia made the call for as many beings of pure intent as possible to make their ways toward Her surface to help awaken Her collective. ("SanJAsKa and the Pleiadian Council of Nine: A Magnificent Revolution of Individual Sparks Uniting," channeled by Wes Annac, June 7, 2013 at

We are here to assist any and all wishing to ascend into the higher dimensional energy now available.  (Arcturian Group Message. Channeled by Marilyn Raffaele, June 2, 2013 at

We act as your guides and mentors, as your cheerleaders, but you must walk the path on your own. ("The Great Divine Director: Be True to One’s Self," channeled through Tazjima, 1 June, 2013 at

All will evolve and all are being guided in this process if they choose. Remember you are not alone, Dear Ones. There are many of us on this side and your side guiding, assisting, and teaching at this powerful time. All you need do is ask, but without concepts of how the assistance must appear for concepts are based in old beliefs. Allow yourselves to open to the new – to subtle energies of knowledge and awareness now flowing more easily in the higher energies. (Arcturian Group Message. Channeled by Marilyn Raffaele, June 2, 2013 at

For eons, humanity has been burying feelings, denying them, and making themselves insensitive to them in order to avoid feeling the pain. And the result has been that the denied pain is then inflicted on others as a form of release. You cannot do that any longer; you have to allow it into your conscious awareness, feel it, and release it. It sounds simple, but many of you are finding it hard and exhausting work, so ask your Guides for help in clearing away the anxiety and discomfort, and for a love-squeeze! (Jesus through John Smallman, June 2, 2013.)

We understand that these are times of great challenge, beloveds, and many of you are wondering what you are doing to deserve such painful and trying tests when you have so faithfully stayed the course. We tell you, do not falter now, for as you face these latest tests with love and compassion, you will find that the Angel at the Portal will assist you to clear the way. With every challenge faced head-on, there will be miracles and blessings to encourage you to clear the remaining obstacles on the Path before you. (Archangel Michael via Ronna Herman: Limitation or Liberation – Which Do You Choose? channelled through Ronna Herman, June 1, 2013, at

We ask you to make your attempts to feel the energies of we Masters speaking before you, for we are truly here for every one of you to tap-in to our energies and bring forth fruitful communications and guidance as a result.

We’ve always been with every one of you and while souls steeped in various religions feel themselves unworthy of a solid and constant connection with us, we’re truly here, with and for every one of you and we’ve long been waiting for you to tap-into this realization and bring-forth a resulting contact with us.

We have always been here for every one of you and when this can be understood, the loneliness and detachment from the Divine that so many souls have felt will itself be understood as illusory and unnecessary.

We say that loneliness and feelings of abandonment are unnecessary, because the Love of our Creator can be felt and accessed within the minds and hearts of each one of you. We hold the impressions and energies of our Creator in everything that we do and in every interaction we are blessed with having. ("The Ascended Masters – You’ll find the Mastery We’re Known For," channeled through Wes Annac, 30 May, 2013 at

Sanat Kumara: Now you say, “But Raj, you have not mentioned our star brothers and sisters.” And I say that because they are in, can we say, a different category. Are they helping?

Again, more than you can imagine.

And you say, “Well, why do you say that? We can’t see them. They haven’t landed. There hasn’t been full Disclosure.” And I am saying to you that that does not in any way alter the fact that your beloved star friends, your family, are working with you diligently around your clock and around theirs.

And they are assisting also with the attunements of energies with vibratory rates and frequencies, so that that coming together is not difficult; that it is possible to meet on an even playing field so that you are not disrupted and they are not disrupted.

In the meantime, many of your star brothers and sisters populate the planet. They daily give what you would think of in the human realm as inspiration for new technology or a different understanding of how things work, science-wise. So of course, they are part of this.

It would be remiss of me to also say to you that there are many who are even in different planetary systems who are still on-planet who are also sending their energy, their healing, their love, their support. So the question is not, “Who is involved?” The question is, “Who is not involved?” But this is in accordance, yes, with the plans that have been devised by the human collective heart and mind in alignment with divine plan. ("Sanat Kumara: Many of You Have Already Ascended and Straddle Dimensions," May 28, 2013,

Psychic attacks are indeed real, but we do not want for you dear souls to fear any type of malevolent entity coming through and “attacking” you. Rather; psychic attacks will come in the form of being sent discordant energies and impressions, and negative or low emotions are usually attached to such discord as the entity sending them attempts to get the soul receiving them to feed such negativity.

If an attempted psychic attack comes your way, there is truly nothing to fear as you can call upon dear Archangels Michael, Raphael or any one of us to help you with the full and clear (stopping) of such attacks. Your and our blessing energies will go to the entity attempting to send them to you. (SanJAsKa and the Pleiadian High Council, Pure Love Creates and Sustains your Realities, channeled by Wes Annac, May 27, 2013 at

The constant assistance offered to you from the spiritual realms and from the depths of your own hearts will strengthen your courage, your invincible courage to embrace Love, to engage with Love so that you can awaken from the nightmare that has held you in its thrall for far too long. Allow Love, the wisdom of your hearts, to guide and motivate you as you enter into the final stages of the awakening process – because you know it is the way Home. (Saul via John Smallman, May 27, 2013.)

Separation is a dream, an imaginary state of fear in which you have become embroiled, by your own choice, and from which you are in the process of disentangling yourselves. I offer you loving guidance to assist you in that task, as do many others in the spiritual realms. Be assured that to fail in the task is not possible, is not an option; you will awaken! (Saul, May 22, 2013.)

The sense that you have with your guides, your guardians, is they are external to you. Now, are they felt within? Do they speak to your heart, to your head, to your ears? Yes. But there is a sense of differentiation. So it is the feeling that your grid, even though it is all one huge massive grid of the multiverse, so your plot of grid ends and there at the edges, which is as close as your skin sometimes, do not think that your grid does not expand and contract as it does constantly just like breathing in your lungs. But outside that grid you will feel and sense your guides. The sensation is differentiation and that is how you discern it. (“Transcript: Saint Teresa on Our Guides on Heavenly Blessings, May 14, 2013 – Part 2/2,” May 18, 2013, at

Let all that distracts fade away as you maintain the certainty that inside each human heart is a wellspring of goodness and innocence that is uniting into a power that is greater than can be told; it is something that can only be experienced. As this certainty is maintained in a holding pattern, mighty but elusive changes are occurring within every system in every aspect of life on Earth. These are the grass roots movements to establish a new paradigm based on Universal law and truth. All that has held power over the unawakened souls in every corner of the world is being gently dissolved and dissipated. Sometimes each heart bleeds at the injustices that are brought to light, sometimes the inner warrior comes stridently to the forefront. In each instance, those of you who have been taking a stand for the truth in your corner of the world are being uplifted and supported as you daily labor. (Hilarion, April 29, 2013.)

You’re suddenly finding that you’re remembering little bits and pieces of your Divine Mission. These can come in during meditation, or at the most unexpected of times! They are the brilliant “light-bulb” moments, the sudden inspirations and ideas. “Wow-how did I ever think of that,” you wonder? As we go deeper and deeper into 2013, these flashes of brilliance are going to become more and more frequent until they eventually become the normal way of doing things! Your Angels and Guides are spoon-feeding you little increments of your mission and your history, chapter by chapter so that you don’t become overwhelmed. ("A Mini-Reading Via Bella Capozzi: Strength and Perseverance," as Received by Bella Capozzi, April 26, 2013, at

You are all divine beings rediscovering that you are in essence One, even though your present experience is as an individual coping with the problems with which separation presents you – confusion, misunderstanding, conflict, nonacceptance, judgment. And rediscovery of your Oneness occurs when you spend time quietly listening to your intuition, to your spiritual nature, to your true self, lovingly assisted by those in the spiritual realms whom you call on for guidance. You are always enveloped in the field of divine Love, but the busyness of your daily lives distracts you from it, leading you away towards situations of stress and conflict, and other unloving states that hide Reality from you. When you follow the news, whether through the mainstream media or through alternate sites and networks, much of it is depressing, frightening, and seemingly very real. That is why it is essential that you spend time daily, quietly communicating with your friends in the spiritual realms, and seeking their support and guidance. What they offer you will raise your spirits and reassure you that you are one with them, with God, and that Love is the answer, the only answer in every situation. (Jesus, "How Could You Possibly be Unworthy of the Substance of Your Being," April 12-19, 2013, at

I am St. Germaine. I am here to help you. You are trying to do too much entirely on your own without the assistance of the Light Realms. This includes the Masters and the Archangels and Angels. It is important that you maintain contact with us for we are present to guide you and protect you along the Ascension pathway. ... I am the Master of Alchemy. You can call upon me to make the alchemical changes you need in your life to move forward with ease and peace. There is too much going on right now for you to ignore or avoid what is placed in front of you for Divine resolution. It is a joint process. We work with you and you work with us. The Ascension process is all around you, within you, and is occurring in all of creation. The Earth is not singled out as a place of change. You just happen to be in the hot spot where the Light is most needed. That is why you are being given the utmost assistance to change your consciousness. ("Valerie Donner: Straight from the Heart – St Germaine," April 18, 2013, at

We can communicate with you and the Earth most effectively when you are quiet within and listening to us. We can supplement your thoughts and emotions with positive language if you will listen and let us come through. We are always in your skies giving you a wink or directing Love your way. Either way we are attentive to you and ask that you do the same. This is how we can assist you the most. (Mira, April 14, 2013.) For every soul that decides to follow through on the Ascension pathway, there are numerous helpers that work incessantly to ensure your intent is fulfilled. We would emphasize that you are never alone on your journey, and our presence is never imposing to the point of intruding in your private moments. It is more a matter of us simply "knowing" when our help or presence is needed. It is not just the Galactic Federation of Light that is in service to others, as all ascended souls serve in one capacity or another and eventually so shall you.(SaLuSa, Feb. 1, 2013.)

Ask for Our Help

From 2012

If you are well along the path of Light you will have determined what "baggage" you are carrying that is best released to fully prepare you for Ascension. You are often tied to habitual practices that you attribute to the needs of your physical body.

It could be addictive substances such as nicotine or drugs in general. Be assured that once you put your mind to giving them up, you will find it easier than you might have expected. Such pleasures of the body have no place in the higher dimensions, and the higher your own vibrations the less dependent you will be on them.

So know that the answer is in your own hands, although you will get assistance from our side of the veil. You are never alone in your endeavors to lift yourselves up, so call upon your helpers to work with you. (SaLuSa, Nov. 14, 2012.)

It is true that you have always had help, but that has been in response to your pleas and never placed upon you without it. Our role is not one where we are forcing changes upon you, as they are taking place as a natural result of the upliftment of your vibrations. (SaLuSa, Sept. 10, 2012.)

The help that you will receive and that you are receiving is far more enormous than you think, far more substantial. When I say to you that you are receiving directly into your core, into your fields, into your physical being the energy of love directly from the heart of One, so I would pose the question to you, what greater help can there be? Archangel Michael on An Hour with an Angel, May 14, 2012 at

We know that some souls just do not seem to care what happens to them, and clearly they need a lot of help. As we have often reminded you, no matter what circumstances you are in there is always help nearby. So please ask for it and it will come to you in some form or another, but do not necessarily expect it immediately. (SaLuSa, Aug. 22, 2012.)

I ... would be delighted to fulfil your wishes but all in good time, and as always timing is so important. We are used to being adaptable and adjusting to the latest situation on Earth. In that way we are totally successful in our objectives when we can finally go ahead. (SaLuSa, Feb. 5, 2012.)

You have had immense help and the plan to awaken you has been successful beyond expectations. (SaLuSa, Feb. 1, 2012.)

We of the Galactic Federation cannot help but admire and applaud your tenacity and determination, to ride out the remaining months of this year to bring about the changes you desire to claim back your sovereignty. In doing that you have our support for everything you do that is intended to restore the Light. We are like your referees making sure all is played to the rules, which is why we can intervene to protect those who are of the Light. (SaLuSa, Feb. 1, 2012.)

From 2011

It is not that you will be unprepared for Ascension, as it has been happening for a very long time. Also once we can openly communicate with you, we will make the details clearly known to you. As it stands, those of you who have elected to ascend have diligently followed the advice that has been given. You have found your own path, and many already live their lives as one who walks in the Light. (SaLuSa, Oct. 31, 2011.)

We of the Galactic Federation can say that we have done all this before, and it means we know what we are talking about. Mass Ascension does not come up often, but even so we have helped others achieve it as we do for you now. It is such a wonderful occasion and we look forward to enjoying it every bit as much as you will. (SaLuSa, Oct. 21, 2011.)

In actual fact, you already have all knowledge within. It sometimes means setting aside what you have been brought up to believe, to allow an opportunity for the truth to be understood. Better still start your quest for the truth by starting with a clean sheet. This way your Guides will be able to reach you and help point you in the right direction. Be assured that for each soul many Higher Beings are working to enlighten them. (SaLuSa, Apr. 13, 2011.)

As we have often informed you, once you express the intent to ascend you will achieve it. You will become motivated and attract the higher energies to yourself, and your decisions will be spiritually inspired and your knowledge will grow quite quickly. Also well before the end of the cycle we will have arrived on Earth, and you will have every assistance to help you succeed. (SaLuSa, March 30, 2011.)

From 2009

Help is always there when you make a commitment to work towards the Light, and from that point on you will find your path becomes much clearer and easier. Your Guides are chosen so as to set you in the direction that suits your experience and stage of evolution. (SaLuSa, May 4, 2009.)

From 2008

You have never been left to the uncertainty of life without direction from above. That is why you have reached this point of choice and opportunity to leave this cycle, and move back into the Light and leave the dark energies behind. (SaLuSa, Dec. 10, 2008.)

Remember that you have an abundance of unseen helpers awaiting your invitation for their assistance. (Matthew's Message, Aug. 30, 2008.)

From 2004

You have the unflagging assistance of the light brotherhood in this progress as individual souls and as Earth's collective soul population. It is up to each of you to recognize first that their help is available for the asking and then ASK! The light brotherhood observe the laws of the universe which include that only if a soul requests help, may another civilization provide it.

Earth herself asked and is receiving accordingly. With or without each and all of you, she is rising into the promised era. The innocence of her animal souls automatically lets them journey with her, but your free will gives you the choice. What is immensely heartening to us is that in each moment more souls are using their free will to accept the truth of their godselves, thereby generating light and adding it to the light of others on Earth and to that beamed there by your benevolent universal family. (Matthew's Message, Feb. 8, 2004, at

We Will Not Interfere

From 2014

What is being shown to you in these closing stages of the old Age is the extremes of those who still cannot release beliefs that are holding them back. Yet the simple answer is to recognise and acknowledge that all souls are One.

In such circumstances what you do to another you also do to yourself, because you cannot be disassociated from anything that happens. The “Oneness” is complete and as a Collective you determine the path that Humanity takes. The only exception is when powers greater than those on Earth decide to step in and decide your future.

This has often occurred at the end of a cycle when it is brought to a close. However, it does not interfere with your freewill, which you exercise at all times. Naturally there are always influences that will attract you one way or the other, allowing you to make your freewill choice. As an individual you make your own choice as to the path you take, yet there are certain stipulations that apply depending upon your ultimate goal. (SaLuSa, Oct. 10, 2014.)

You can set your sights as high as you wish, and in time you will get the opportunity to realise them. Some souls are trapped in the lower vibrations of Earth, but are given every help once they express the desire to uplift themselves. No one is left entirely on their own, but we are bound by Universal Law to only give help when it is requested.

This may sound harsh, but an individual soul’s Freewill must be acknowledged and accepted. In this way their evolution can proceed in a way that is best suited to their needs, and in reality give them all the time they might need. Time such as you understand it is not the true reality in the higher dimensions. However, you have recognised that it is not constant throughout your Universe. (SaLuSa, Aug. 8, 2014.)

As much as we’d love to bring you back into a higher vibration ourselves, the work must be done by an aware and willing humanity or you’ll continue to be left in the dark. Fortunately, the rising awareness is enabling a growing number of seekers to start being the change they desire to see, and this is causing a ripple effect in the collective consciousness. ("Spiritual Guidance: Spirit is Becoming a Reality," channeled by Wes Annac, April 22, 2014, at

Many times that is why we do not interfere. You say, “Well we wish for sure you would interfere a little more.”  But understand, there is an element that you also know what you are doing. So often we have said we will not come in a way that can be translated by anyone – that we would not exhibit ways that could be thought of as ‘invasion’ – that we will not land in ways that would create fear. And there are still many fearmongers upon your planet.

But simply because we have not, as yet – and that is an emphasis – landed en masse it does not mean that we are not with you. And so, yes, look to your night skies, look to the Keepers of the Council Fire, and even look subtly or actually at the energies of who surrounds you interdimensionally. Your rooms, your cars, your living rooms, are full! ("Transcript: Heavenly Blessings ~ Commander Ashira Returns for a Further Discussion on Galactic Life," channeled by Linda Dillon, March 25, 2014, at

We come to help you understand who you are and to give you a collective wake-up call, but not to take control. You are more than capable of doing what you came to do without our direct involvement. We are available for support and guidance, and we are doing what we are able to behind the scenes, but we will not steal your glory from you.

The mastery of your quest as a planetary population is something you can do on your own and you would not be very happy if someone else did it for you, anyway. Know that we will keep an eye on everything as we have done and the dark forces which act on the Earth will deal with the remaining time they have as overseers of the world’s affairs as criminals who know the world is coming to justice. ("Semjase: When the Tough Get Going," channeled by Maryann Rada, March 8, 2014, at

What separates us is a matter of dimensional phasing, and that is a function of long-ago creation of portals and the ability to traverse them. We have that ability and you, as yet, do not. Understand that this will change, but first you have a more pressing situation at home. Before peace, you will have some chaos. Why do we warn and not prevent? Because, dear ones, you are the ones who will avert disaster. If that is not yet clear to you, it soon will be. ("Semjase of Temmer, Pleiadian: Dare to Be Human," channeled by Maryann Rada, March 3 , 2014, at

We are obviously aware that the dark Ones will fight to the bitter end, but we have matters under control and we will not allow them to get out of hand. For karmic reasons we cannot interfere in some matters that have to play themselves out to clear outstanding responsibilities. (SaLuSa, Feb 21, 2014.)

These are very testing times for you, but with your experience you should be able to move through them with ease. Follow your intuition if you feel any doubt and you surely will not go wrong. Remember that many souls are experiencing your journey through you, and at the same time helping you where they can. Remember also that your Guides do not interfere in your life unless asked to do so. They will however use their influence to point you in the right direction at all times. (SaLuSa, January 3, 2014.)

From 2013

Be assured many souls travel with you on your journeys and you are never alone. They are your Helpers and Guides to give you every assistance and enable you to successfully reach your goals. You will find that it is always the more evolved Beings that reach down to help those following in their footsteps. However, they do not impose themselves upon you, but will always respond to your calls for help.

It is necessary to bear in mind that you do not always get what you call for, as your life plan is known to them and in accordance with it the most appropriate action is taken. They will gently and wisely point you in the right direction and celebrate with you when you have achieved your life’s plan.

Keep your eyes straight ahead and know that in real terms there is little time left to complete your life plan, but many souls are doing their best to ensure you are successful. They are always with you and share your hopes and aspirations, and help you on your journey back to the Light. Your freewill is most valued and important, and must be handled with care if you are one who is destined to ascend at the end of this cycle. (SaLuSa, December 4, 2013.)

The gift of your realm, of your planet, of where you have been and even where you are going, is the continuity of free will. So the ability to choose this or that. All energy that has ever been created, if you wish to think of the core atoms, are Love. But they morph, they grow, they take form. And while they are guided by Source, by Mother, they are not continually controlled. Now, there are some things that you are not even aware of as human beings that are controlled and in fact on our side are eliminated if they are going too far afield.

But as a rule of thumb, and in terms of your chain of responsibility that you mention, generally they are not interfered with. So you have a growth, growth, growth, growth – say now you are a human being because this is an example you can all understand. And you, out of your free will and out of – can we suggest to you – a very, very distorted field. And it takes a number, a huge number, of variables and distortions – what we would call distortions and discordant energy – for one to reach the place where you do not choose Love because it is such a rarity. It is an endangered species. ("Heavenly Blessings: Sanat Kumara on the Sacred Law of Elimination," channeled by Linda Dillon, November 19, 2013, at

Economic woes and pollution concerns paint a bleak future for humanity, but the understanding that you’re being looked after and Divinely guided by Source and by us, your Family from the stars, will help you see that the future you’re heading into is both bright and will be built by humanity after your understanding of the need to come together is brought about.

Despite the work we have and continue to do, we don’t encourage looking toward us or any source other than yourselves to bring about the future you’ve heard so much about. We’ll continue to happily assist your planet and do everything we can from behind the scenes, but we’re unable to have a say in the most important decisions being made on your planet.

The responsibility lies in the awakening public to begin building your future, but we encourage the understanding that we’re indeed here for you and have much to offer you in the way of assistance along your evolution. ("Our Universal Family: Rivers of Energy are Pouring into your Chakras," channeled by Wes Annac, November 1, 2013 at

There are deeper aspects of yourselves comprising your higher self who assist you along your path in every moment, and our efforts are coordinated with theirs to put you on the paths you’ve chosen for yourselves.

We can’t and won’t make any decision for you, and even if we wanted to we don’t have the perceived “control” doing such a thing would require, nor do we wish for such control.

We seek to let you go about your Earthly experience and make the choices you feel are best to make while in your bodies, but at the same time we work to help keep you on the paths that work for you or to help you discover new paths that could assist you greatly in your personal growth and development.

We do much in every moment to help you ascend and Create the greatest changes you’ve heard so much about, and with everything we do for your planet and collective we have the ultimate goal of seeing you ascend in mind. ("Our Universal Family: Every Facet of Consciousness is Inexplicably Connected," channeled by Wes Annac, October 28, 2013 at

Because of your collective freewill measures which see you naturally experience at least a portion of what you manifest for yourselves, the Pleiadians and Sirians as well as we, who do occasionally take to assisting in the cleansing effort, can only cleanse so much pollution and see the results of humanity’s actions go un-experienced.

Again, this is because of your freewill measures and because we seek not to solely cleanse your Earth without the assistance of the awakening humanity.

We ask each of you to send your Lighted energies and intents toward the cleansing of your skies, especially when seeing chemtrails or other forms of pollution that are being mitigated and in some cases, cleansed altogether.

Chemtrails specifically are still being sprayed in many places on your world, and this is in part because your collective is intended to garner awareness of what’s being sprayed as your cabals step up their efforts to spray your skies in increasingly bold ways.

They’ve taken a great many measures to pollute your skies with chemtrails and chemical skies, and to an awakening soul who wouldn’t understand the presence of the Pleiadians, Sirians and the rest of us around your planet or the mitigation efforts we help perform which aren’t directly noticeable in the physical, this could seem to be a desperate or fear-inducing situation.

However, beyond the pollution we allow to be manifested because we seek not to “do the work” for you, we are indeed cleansing the bulk of what would otherwise come about because of chemtrails. ("Saan and the Arcturian Councils: You’re Spiritual Explorers by Nature," channeled by Wes Annac, August 13, 2013 at

God never overrides the will of his beloved children because He totally honors and respects their magnificence, regardless of any happenings that may occur as they play their strange and misguided games in the illusory environment that they built for just that purpose. He is fully aware that they have not found joy, bliss, or eternal happiness within it, and that each and every one of them, at the depths of their being, truly desires only to return Home. Consequently, He is offering them all the assistance they require to enable them to do so. (Saul, July 24, 2013.)

We’ve acted within humanity’s freewill measures, as we seek not to overwhelm your dear planet. At the same time, we do seek to assist you and despite the nature to which we’ve had to adhere to your collective freewill measures, we’re still happy to report that we’ve been able to do quite a bit for your dear planet indeed.

Like many of you, we’ve been working with the energies of the collective consciousness of humanity. We’ve been working to transmute the bulk of negative energy given out and manifested in your collective consciousness in every moment, though we haven’t done quite as much as you dear souls on the ground have in the way of transmuting such energies. ("The Pleiadian High Council: We’ll Help Expand Upon the Teachings of your Oneness," channeled by Wes Annac, July 23, 2013 at

You’re the citizens of the free and sovereign Earth, and this will become more than apparent when the bulk of work to repair your Earth begins to be performed by humanity.

We and so many others will be with you to lend helping-hands and to share our sentient technologies in an effort to help you perform much of what needs done, relatively easily. We will, for the most part, watch from the sidelines as you repair your dear Earth, as you’ve always been meant to do.

Some souls on your Earth, when thinking of the possibility of our existence around your world, may take to a mindset of assuming we’d attempt to steer your evolution ourselves or invade your collective freewill measures with an overwhelming presence, but truly, we do not seek to do such things.

We’ve worked for so very long under the freewill perimeters we’ve been allotted, as humanity is meant to experience everything you Create for yourselves and, in this very moment, actively recognize and purge the influence of darkness from your world. ("The Ascended Masters and the Pleiadians: Addressing Disbelief," channeled by Wes Annac, July 11, 2013 at

We act as your guides and mentors, as your cheerleaders, but you must walk the path on your own. ("The Great Divine Director: Be True to One’s Self," channeled through Tazjima, 1 June, 2013 at

Many have been expecting a magic wand to suddenly wave and make the world different. No one can do your evolving for you, Dear Ones. Even the belief that the Master Jesus came to do this for you is a false interpretation of his message. He lovingly seeded the consciousness of mankind with the way – the means to do it, but many did and still believe that he will do the work for them. It is your job, your choice, your journey and is why you are on Earth at this time.

We are here to assist if you want assistance. You are free-will Beings and can dilly-dally as long as you please. However, know that you all knew about this shift before entering into this lifetime and choose to be here. Right now is the most powerful time in eons for mankind to move forward and all is in place now. (Arcturian Group Message. Channeled by Marilyn Raffaele, June 2, 2013 at

We do not want for discussions of containment, disclosure or anything else to soften humanity’s personal drive to enact change on your world as while we are assisting you with so many facets of your evolution and this truth simply cannot be overstated; we can only work within the perimeters we are allotted and we must allow your experiences to largely play-out as you Create them. (SanJAsKa and the Pleiadian High Council, Pure Love Creates and Sustains your Realities, channeled by Wes Annac, May 27, 2013 at

We are more than aware of the ‘need’ … and we do not use that word Lightly … for our presence to be ‘concretely known’. Many of you wonder why we do not step in IMMEDIATELY in order to change the wrongs into rights. Yet there are laws that must be abided by … Universal Laws. It is not that we are waiting until the last minute … before we step in as super heroes! … Do you see? … That is not what this is all about. Yet many of you are expecting this and thinking that then everything will be alright and on you move into a better understanding … a better world.

Dearest one … yes, we have the technology that shall benefit so much in so many ways. Yes, we have means to ‘have a good spring clean’ … yet spiritual evolvement is not about that! We are not saying that we cannot assist. We can and we will. Yet it shall come at a time when souls of your Earth are ready to cooperate. We hear you think as we stated that Blossom … ‘but we are … aren’t we’? So many of you indeed are leading the way. You can FEEL the changes within and see evidence without. IT IS OF THE GREATEST IMPORTANCE TO US THAT THIS MASSIVE TRANSFORMATION IS HANDLED WITH DELICACY FOR THE BENEFIT OF ALL. There are so many complications that many are not even able to conceive. It is imperative that we ‘get it right’ and timing is everything.

Indeed there have been many ‘disappointments’ due to the ‘behaviour’ of those who have no agenda to assist … and many last minute changes have taken place. WE WILL NOT PUT YOU AT RISK. Consequences of actions that are not thoroughly thought through could ‘swing everything’ in the wrong direction. We say to you from the deepest place of KNOWING dear ones … YOU SHALL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED. You have concern that the plans are never going to leave the drawing board. Oh if you could only see … if you could only know! (The Galactic Federation of Light through Blossom Goodchild, May 10, 2013.)

We give you a little hint. We give you a little nudge. Sometimes we give you a very big nudge. But when it comes down to your decisions, the collective and the individual, we do not interfere. There were times, particularly in the density of the very dark times, when the illusions of humanity were so dark and so enmeshed that we were permitted more what you would think of as interference and what we would think of as protection and intervention.

But those paradigms, those false grids, those false belief systems are disintegrating even as we speak, as you begin — and you are already underway in your Ascension process.

So are we in greater partnership? Yes. Are we in less what you would think of as interference or intervention? Yes. So we proceed. (Archangel Michael: You’re Now Ready to Know Who is Here,” April 10, 2013, at

We see and embrace those of you who still suffer along in the dark and who cry to me and say, “Am I not worthy of support? Am I not worthy of your attention?” Of course you are. And this is why we are in partnership. And we do the Mother’s bidding — always, eternally, and infinitely.

And when you are in the full alignment with your interdimensional, higher self, your universal self, you also do the Mother’s bidding. And it is at that level of alignment that we wish to connect, because it is also on that level of alignment that the knowing is present, and the dates simply become inconsequential because the full knowing of the unfoldment is apparent.

I know I go on about this. But, my beloved friends, we want for you to understand how we work and play and serve with thee. We want your knowledge of us to be as full as our knowledge and understanding — and love! — of thee.

And you cannot have that understanding and love and trust of us if we do not take the time to explain and to find the meeting space for us to come together in this co-creation, not only of Ascension — that is well underway — but the co-creation of Nova Earth, Nova Gaia, Nova Being.

Many have gathered from throughout the multiverse to assist in this unfoldment. So, do not think for one moment that we are backing away. We are not. (Archangel Michael: You’re Now Ready to Know Who is Here,” April 10, 2013, at

Light Language is How We Communicate

From 2015

Basically, a light language message is one that arises in the fifth dimension and beyond. When YOU, meaning your higher dimensional expressions, observe that the you who is wearing an earth vessel are ready to receive higher dimensional information, a "Light Language Transmission" is sent into your multidimensional mind.

Once that message is sent into your multidimensional mind, it waits for your 3D consciousness to expand into the higher fourth and/or fifth dimension so that you can receive that transmission. There is a process of translation that occurs with the reception of a light language message, as it is NOT based on sequential time.

Therefore, to receive these messages you will need to meditate in some manner to expand your consciousness into your higher brainwaves, while you remain consciously connected to your 3D consciousness.
You all receive these messages while in your deepest sleep, but they often become forgotten or greatly distorted when you awake. Therefore, a manner in which you can remember how to consciously perceive and translate your light language messages is to write down your dreams as soon as you awake.

Because your symbolic language is based on memories and experiencing of your current physical incarnation, you all have a personal manner of translating your symbolic language into 3D language.
For example, water primarily means some type of emotion. However, if you love swimming, water would have a very different meaning than if you almost drowned and are afraid of swimming. 
In other words, the more you are conscious of your emotional reactions to your entire life, including "forgotten" childhood experience, the more easily you can translate your light language messages into third dimensional thinking.

Also, your third dimensional, sequential thinking is inadequate for effective translation of the Light Language messages that we are sending you on a regular basis. Then, because you are unable to consciously receive and translate these myriad messages, you may feel alone or even abandoned.

We do NOT want our brave emissaries to third dimensional Earth to feel abandoned. Hence, we are sending you this message. The changes in your physical reality are occurring faster and faster. That is "faster" to your third dimensional perception. (Sue Lie, "Arcturian Energetic Weather Report #5," by email.)

From 2014

We will begin our message by telling you a bit about light so that you can more easily translate our light language into the language of your current grounded expression.

Light exists in units called photons. Photons have no density and no charge and travel beyond the confines of "time." Hence, the primary component of light is, in fact, timeless since we speak to you via Light Language. Since your physical form has myriad photons, as well as protons, which also travel beyond the speed of light, you are innately beings of light hidden within an earthen shell. ("Arcturian Transmission to Earth - Part 1," channeled through Sue Lie, Dec. 17, 2014, by email.)

Dear Away Team, please remember that your fifth-dimensional mission will come to you via Light Language. Therefore, it will NOT come to you in the sequential order of your physical world. Since your Mission resonates to the fifth dimension and beyond, it is stored in your Multidimensional Mind.

Your Multidimensional Mind resonates to the fifth dimension and beyond and communicates with you via Light Language. Therefore, it will NOT communicate with you via sequential words. Light Language comes in packages of information. These packages can only be “opened” when you are in a higher state of consciousness...

Your Light Language message will enter your physical brain through your pineal gland. You physical brain will then inform you that you will need to calibrate your consciousness to the fifth dimension and beyond, as that was your state of consciousness when you chose your assignment. ("Arcturian Transmissions to Our Inter-Galactic Emissaries. Part 1 – The Power of Unified Creation," channelled by Suzanne Lie. October 22, 2014 at

Your god-sanctioned guides are working with you now to awaken those aspects of your authentic being by impressing words, thoughts and images into your mind. These are intended to help you, and to give clues and hints to guide you on your path.

Some of the promptings you receive may seem impossible to implement in your current situation; but if you record these carefully in your daily journal, you will have a record that will remind you later, when the time for these to manifest is upon you.

We, your guides, strive to work with you to further your spiritual progress. We are also able help in whatever situations you are currently trying to cope with by helping you to see alternate solutions, or by planting new ideas and perspectives into your consciousness so that you are enabled to make your life work.

We cannot do your spiritual, mental, emotional or physical work for you, for that is solely your responsibility and is the domain of your own soul guidance. But we can and do very often uplift, inspire and empower you to see your way through the challenges that befall you by being incarnate upon this planet.

During your times of stillness and silence, talk to us and ask for our assistance with your daily life. Without your conscious request, we cannot be of assistance – for we must adhere to the universal law of non-interference with your god-given free-will choice. We are here and we are ready. (Hilarion, Sep. 14, 2014.)

Serendipitous and synchronistic events are increased in peoples lives when they live their life with great expectations, holding elevated, loving, and higher thoughts of what they want, and staying conscious of all that is going on around and within them; observing messages or intuitions from their soul guidance.

They follow their heart, knowing that the Creator uses everything and everyone to communicate with them, and that they will know when serendipity happens because the truth of it will resonate in their heart and in every cell of their body.

By trusting their inner guidance, they live their lives insightfully, philosophically, and filled with love and passion; knowing that they will live their lives filled with serendipitous events. They will constantly experience synchronicities which bring many blessings to them. ("Archangel Gabriel: Serendipity," channeled by Marlene Swetlishoff, July 15, 2014, at

A single higher-dimensional impression can translate into an entire book’s worth of earthly information, and we hope you understand when we say that telepathic communication is very complex and very, very real in the realms beyond. ("Spiritual Guidance: The Divine is Instantaneously Accessible," conveyed through Wes Annac, June 20, 2014 at

We’re here for all of you, even those of you who don’t think you can connect with us, and we constantly send you energy and information that’s relevant to your ascension paths. We encode symbols into your physical reality for you to interpret and hopefully benefit from, and if you look out for these symbols with full allowance for the belief that they’re real, you’ll start noticing them in no time.

After so many signs that you can clearly discern are real, the reality of spirit and the connections you can make with us will set in and those of you who are particularly interested in this topic will start connecting with us much more directly.

Our communication won’t be extremely direct until you’re back in the states of consciousness we exist in, but from our perspective, we’re still able to maintain very strong and pure connections with the souls on earth who connect with us. ("Spiritual Guidance: “We Encode Symbols Into Your Physical Reality”, Conveyed through Wes Annac, June 15, 2014 at

There are many components of your Earth vessel that have come into your present incarnation so that you can love them free and send them off to Venus to be completely healed. This process of releasing the components of your Self that cannot ascend refines your Beingness into that which you can transmute.

When you look at the processes of the flowering of a tree you see that there are many small deaths. Before the bud can bloom, the leaves that protected that bud must open and fall away. The bud opens to create the flower and those outer petals fall away. The flower opens to create the fruit, and the flower falls away. The fruit then falls from the tree to go in to the earth to create another tree. That is what our beloved Grounded Ones are doing while walking in the NOW.

You are falling away from the “Tree of Life” as you have known it, to go deeply into the core of Gaia to create another tree, another life. You are going into the core of Gaia within your conscious mind to create the fifth-dimensional expression of New Earth.

How will you do that? Each and every one of you will need to remember the life plan that YOU wrote while resonating to your higher expression of SELF. You have brought this life plan with you. It is stored in your High Heart and can be read with your opened Third Eye. If you need our assistance to translate the light language in which this plan is written, please call upon us, the Arcturians. ("Message from the Arcturians: Walking The NOW," channelled by Suzanne Lie. March 27, 2014, at

Suzi Maresca: I have someone that wrote in and asked if the SETI programs are a waste of time and resources, as this listener, Kevin, feels that they’ve not gotten an answer to their attempts to communicate.

Ashira: Do not assume that they have not received answers to their various forms of communication, that would be incorrect. Are those communications always shared? No. But we are communicating – loud and clear! ("Transcript: Heavenly Blessings ~ Commander Ashira with an Update. March 11, 2014," at

From 2013

We are here to assist and guide. Know that all humans have the natural, inborn capacity of telepathy. You can listen and connect to your guides and mentors if you just allow some time to become accustomed to the fact that you are communicating with beings that you may not see. If you tune in, however, you can feel the connection through your heart, as a warmth and comforting energy. Use this feeling as verification that you have connected with beings of high frequency. And remember that you are sovereign; only those beings who you invite in can communicate with you. If you do not resonate with the message received, discontinue and ask that the beings depart. Cosmic law pertains to any being, seen or unseen. ("The Sirians: In One Door and Out Another," channeled by Eliza Ayres (aka Tazjima Amariah Kumara), December 12, 2013 at

Nothing about your existence on the Earth says you have to deny the higher dimensions or otherwise not perceive of them; only you allow yourselves to believe that the veils between your world and the higher dimensions are too thick.

Indeed they’re not, and at this stage they can be practically seen through as ever-more souls embrace the higher dimensions and all that comes with them.

The higher dimensions and the existence of us souls in these dimensions will be widely disclosed on your world in the time ahead, and the communications we’ve been offering for so long will come to be understood by your collective as aspects of the assistance we wish to give you along your ascension.

Messages from us and many others published to your internet that have only been viewed by a certain segment of the Lightworker public will be opened up to, as it’s understood that we very actively communicate with humanity in an effort to reach you and help you grow back toward our realms.

Previous ridicule or mock will give way to open-minded understandings about the reality of the assistance we’ve given for so long. ("The Hathors: Karmic Acceleration, Exposure of Tyranny and Understanding Channels," channeled by Wes Annac, August 30, 2013 at

My apologies to you—and to Julian Assange!— for typing Wikipedia. Of course it should have been Wikileaks. Everyone who understands the mechanics of telepathic communication knows that was my embarrassing mistake, not Matthew’s. (Suzy Ward, email, July 22, 2013.)

For a very long time myself and others have been addressing you as beloved, as friend, as ally; archangel Michael speaks – incessantly – about partnership. But to many of you in the human form, in this space of transition and ascension, you have thought and felt that we are simply speaking kindly; that we are being parental and trying to nourish and cherish and coddle you.

Well, in some ways that is true. But in other ways we are simply addressing you the way we see you and it is our belief that if we continue to address you in this way you will begin to understand, become comfortable, and anchor the knowing that that this is who you are. ("Transcript: St. Germaine Discusses Self-Esteem, July 16, 2013, Part 2/2," July 18, 2013, at

We speak in your terms in order to encourage you. ("Archangel Michael via Ron Head: On the Horizon," May 12, 2013 at

There are quite a few things said by us in the higher realms that we feel best repeating at times, for a plethora of different reasons. One of such reasons is that the readership of the communications given from the higher realms is constantly changing, as more and more souls are seeking answers to the great questions that have confounded humanity yet remained right in the open for you to begin to understand and know.

As such, the influence of the Light and of the higher realms is growing in every single moment, and as more souls are coming aboard who could use general instructions as to what is currently happening with your planet and the role we been playing in your evolution among so many other things, the necessity to repeat certain facts or impressions we have given in the past arises. (The Pleiadian Council of Nine through Wes Annac, April 29, 2013 at

We have not spoken of this before because it was not yet time. (“Transcript: Lao Tzu on Humility on Heavenly Blessings,” April 26, 2013, at

Do not despair, Beloveds, if you have been led to our current teachings and they prove to be too difficult to understand. Our many messengers of Light have labored tirelessly to bring forth our wisdom teachings that address the basics tenets of spirituality through the many intermediate levels, and now to the current advanced cosmic teachings. If you will seek out these past messages, you will find your own level of understanding and you may comfortably proceed from that level forward. (“Archangel Michael – ‘Hold Steady, Beloveds,’" transmitted through Ronna Herman, Feb. 28, 2013, at

So why did we not warn you that you might be disappointed? Because the energy, the forward thrust of what you were creating together with us, was so strong that we had no desire, particularly in the unfoldment of the Mother's plan, to say, "Wait a minute, and stop. Let us take time out and breathe." Because that would have ... hmm ... you have a saying, "put a wrench in the works."

Does that mean that we set you up? No. What it means, actually, sweet angels, is that there are times when even we are surprised. Yes, I know. Yes, it is so. We know of the grander plan and the unfoldment of that plan on Earth and elsewhere. And let me tell you that the unfoldment and the Ascension of Gaia and everything upon her is a very big piece of the plan, which is infinite and eternal. So when I say that, within that context, please understand what I am telling you. ("Sanat Kumara: Our Heartfelt Apologies to the Disappointed,” Jan. 7, 2013, at

From 2012

I try to use language that is completely understandable, not only to you, my beloved Steve, my beloved Graham, and my beloved Linda, but to all of our listeners; I try to use language that will make common sense to each of you. ("Sanat Kumara on the Purpose of Life, the Universal Law, and the Longing for Liberation," June 6, 2012, at

We view your present position as one that enables you to cope quite easily and we look to you to carry other people forward who are less aware or are uninformed. The preparations that we have made will, at some stage, take over the responsibility of keeping people up to date with what is happening. That is viewed as very important as we must be seen to be operating in your best interests at all times.

It is, in fact, very easy for us to superimpose our messages upon your television sets, even when they are not switched on. However, once we are allowed to openly meet you, the circumstances will change, as we can then appear live and operate our own channels. (SaLuSa, June 1, 2012.)

Steve Beckow: When you use the word "the Father," are you referring to the conditioned Brahman? And if you are, could you tell us about your aspect as the transcendental Absolute?

Divine Mother: Many who listen do not understand ... these terms.

SB: Yes, I realize that.

DM: And part of my desire is to make [myself] very clear, [so] that people do understand. So, ensure, beloved, that you do make these terms very clear for your readers and listeners.

SB: I will. But if you would just confirm for me that you are speaking about the conditioned Brahman rather than the Transcendental Absolute, I can do the rest.

DM: Yes, that is exactly what I am speaking of.  ("Transcript of the Divine Mother on An Hour with an Angel, May 7, 2012," at

Many of you will be more than excited to begin to know and remember such things as us and our craft, and while we have begun such discussions of these things through our many channels we have not come to a full discussion of much of what we speak with you about.

This is because there is so very much intricate and detailed explanation to go into that would at present perplex you and boggle your minds, which is why we are and have been sticking to the more general and easy-to-understand discussions that can be absorbed in a more measured way by humanity.

You are all reading and absorbing these communications and taking your own measure of our energy from them, and this is a habitual process in humanity that we enjoy immensely having our part in.

It was agreed beforehand by many of you that the channeled communications you will be and now are reading at this time would give you the energies of us souls giving you the communications in the best ways that your spirit complexes could use, integrate and handle such energies.

It was also decided for many that the energies given by these communications would serve to uplift you into your own positions of helping out, and it has been noted by many of you that the channeled communications which are genuine that you started out on so to speak, served for you to lay a wonderful foundation for you to begin the Lightwork that many of you are performing at this time. (The Pleiadian High Council, "Consciousness of our Craft and our Earthly Lineage, channeled through Wes Annac, April 21, 2012, at

Jesus, I feel a little sad this week because I’ve lost one of my best friends who believes that this is a hoax, that I’m not speaking to Jesus or Archangel Michael, and that Linda is hoodwinking our listeners. I don’t believe that for a moment. But could you direct your attention to that and tell us whatever you can that would help listeners who are having difficulty with thinking that it is you speaking right now?

J: I wonder how long it will go on, Steve, that people will think that what I say or what I have to offer – as Yeshua, as Jesus, as Sananda, or as any of the Ascended Ones that speak through this channel – how long do people need to think of it as a hoax? What is this issue of doubt? What is this need to not believe?

This is not new. This even predates when I have walked the world. And it has predated many galaxies, even universes that have gone astray. Doubt is based in fear, and it is the fear of being led astray. It is the fear of being wrong or being thought of as foolish or thought of as incorrect.

What I say to you is not as important as what I would say to your beloved friend, and that would simply be, what does your heart tell you? What does your heart yearn for? Does it not yearn for friendship and trust? Does it not yearn for fellowship? Put your faith in me aside and look to the brother whom you have known for so long, and the times that you have cherished together.

Each of you who are listening this night – you, Steve, Graham, yes, the channel Linda – have all had times when you have lost those that you thought were very dear to you, whom you thought loved you and whom you certainly loved, and who have said, I cannot walk down that road with you. I cannot walk that path with you. And even I, in my lifetime, have certainly experienced that.

But I will say to them, and to each of you, what I said then: You do not always have to walk with me. You do not always have to agree with me, for as we have talked about last week, I am one that is interested in lively discussion. But do not give me your doubt. Do not try and place your doubt upon my shoulders or within my heart. But what I would ask of you, do not eradicate the love. Do not eradicate what is so precious and what needs to be, what each yearns to be, unconditional.

What I say to you, Steve, is be courageous as you have been, and accept the support of those who cherish you, myself included. And know a time will come when your friend will be back, and while many feel that they are going through separation right now, the time of union and of new community is truly at hand. It is not a bad thing to have doubt, but it is an obstacle when you let it stop you, when you let that fear interfere with what you wish to do with your life. So acknowledge the fear, acknowledge the doubt, embrace it, and then keep going.  ("Transcript of an Hour with an Angel, with Jesus, Jan. 16, 2012," at


Over a period of time we have just about covered most subjects that will have some bearing on your immediate future. You should therefore be well prepared for the remaining period up to the end of this cycle. (SaLuSa, July 15, 2011.)


What is given in this message is just a taste of what is to come. We hope it will lift you up, and put your focus on all that is good and wholesome that is coming your way. (SaLuSa, June 14, 2010.)

It has never been our wish that the truth is forced upon you, but we do want to feed you with information that will lessen the inevitable shock that some will experience. Not everyone is ready to have his or her beliefs shattered by learning too much, too quickly. (SaLuSa, April 19, 2010.)

We know that some of you question why we repeat a lot of the information, and we are pleased to clarify the situation. It is mainly because humans do not have a full memory recall, and it is therefore necessary to make frequent references to important information. In this way it permeates your subconscious memory, and you have a general understanding without knowing precisely how or why. At this time channeled messages are becoming very much in agreement, in the way they foresee the immediate future.

Of course there will always be some that disagree with the more generally-accepted beliefs, but that is healthy if it causes you to think more deeply about them. We will always recommend that you follow your own intuitive feelings, and that will be right for you. If later you change your beliefs that will suggest you have found a more acceptable understanding. Clearly as you keep evolving, you will expand your thinking to embrace a greater degree of truth. ...

There has never been a better time to expand your consciousness, with many channels and spiritually evolved beings incarnating on Earth. It is a special time that calls for intense attention to the information coming from so many different sources. How else will you grow sufficiently to reach those levels of consciousness required to see you achieve Ascension? ...

Each of you is quite unique and what suits one will not be the same for another. Yet in general there is something to be gained from the various sources that will help all of you. Once you find a reliable one, keep with it until the need arises to move on. (SaLuSa, March 3, 2010.)

Obviously with so much about to happen, there will be many times when you will look for guidance as to what it signifies. There are of course a considerable number of sources of information around at present, and they may not necessarily agree with each other. This is where your own ability comes in, and intuitively you should be able to receive guidance. Some people liken it to instinct, and that is a reasonable comparison except that your Higher Self has a complete overview of everything that is happening.(SaLuSa, Feb. 26, 2010.)

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and gradually we are getting through to you so that you realize how important these next few years are going to be. (SaLuSa, Feb. 19, 2010.)

An issue of great importance being considered by light-filled leaders is: How much shocking information can people assimilate before it starts wreaking havoc within the collective consciousness? You will greet each revelation with rejoicing, knowing that it is a step closer to world transformation and Earth's Golden Age.

But ignorance of that and many other truths - like the various kinds of mind control to "dumb down" your brain functions, and the vast underground laboratories and living accommodations for the "Little Grays" that are funded by the Illuminati's illegal drug industry - is the lot of most people.

Many may indeed be living in honorable ways, but they are asleep insofar as heightened consciousness and spiritual awakening, and those cannot come to traumatized psyches. So truths of startling nature must be an unfolding to the populace, not a bombardment.

We must tell you that it is with mixed feelings that we address these issues of most interest as indicated in emails sent to my mother. We do want to dispel the negativity generated by your concerns about information you have heard or read, but we do not want to sabotage one of the primary aims of these messages: That you learn to communicate with your soul-self; ask questions and be still and listen to the answers that come intuitively. Because hearing and heeding the messages from your soul to your consciousness is an essential step in soul evolution and the purpose of our messages is to offer enlightenment and guidance to assist you in evolving, once again we urge you: Seek answers within! (Matthew's Message, Feb. 14, 2010.)

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and with each message hope to have painted a little bit more of the picture that we call your future. (SaLuSa, Feb. 10, 2010.)


I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and on behalf of the Galactic Federation I am always pleased to present my views to you. They are measured for your enlightenment, as we do realize that they cannot meet each of you at your own level of understanding. (SaLuSa, Sept. 9, 2009.)

What we give you in our messages is for the gradual expansion of your knowledge, so as not to overwhelm you. ... Our main objective has been to give you assurances regarding your success, so that you can look ahead with confidence. (SaLuSa, Aug. 24, 2009.)

Some of the Starseed community have agreed to play the role of the `Evolutionary Pathcutter' and therefore are the Map-Makers of the New Earth and other alternative realities.

The Map-Maker is a highly specialized Starseed being accelerated now to consciously reconnect to their hidden light language and libraries of genetic code. It is this cellular alphabet (genetic code) that is needed to reconfigure the new timeline (realities) in order to build the bridge connecting between multiple dimensions. Many dimensional reality `spaces' have recently collapsed so that this portal bridging (portal jumping) is required.

This spiritual lineage has been the protector and `keeper of the code' for many race lines during the cycles of the Dark Age. (Dark Age is defined as separation from God and enemy patterning within the races.) They may hold a very specific star genetic race line configuration designed to rehabilitate only a portion of that DNA history recorded in the human race line. ...

This Mapmaker group is opening the pathway that leads the human race to the Ascended timeline reality for this planet. (The Mapmaker is working to rehabilitate the planetary mass consciousness fields and human body blueprint via ley-line or grid systems, Stargates, building the architecture and language to transmit code, circuiting energy reconnections, directing intelligence frequency and repairing DNA fire letters, etc.). (The Guardians through Lisa Renee, "Surpassing the Glass Ceiling," July 2009, at

We know that our messages reach far and wide, and some people do not take them seriously. We tell you it is no joke, but a very serious time in your evolution. Failure to comprehend the gravity of the situation you are facing, will leave you at the mercy of those who would enslave you for the rest of your life.

The opportunity you have to make a quantum leap forward comes very rarely, but it is there for all who are prepared to live the vision of Ascension. You have a once-in-many-lifetimes opportunity to completely leave the lower dimensions behind. We are aware that so many of you tire of the never-ending turmoil that the dark forces create on Earth. That is their way to stall your spiritual progress, and have you make believe that there is no way out of the dark. (SaLuSa, April 8, 2009.)

Do you know that your Guides and Angelic protectors have contact with you all of the time? Not in any intrusive way, but ready to come to your aid if you ask for it. They also join you when you have those quiet periods, when you are contemplating life and perhaps the problems that beset you. Michael is realising that we often talk to him, and pearls of wisdom that seem to come from out of nowhere are from us. We find that if you do not make a point of remembering them they are soon forgotten.

Often these take place shortly after you have risen in the morning, when your mind is free from the clutter that you normally collect during the course of the day. Our presence is one of continual contact with those who are our allies, or have a vibration that is sufficiently lifted to ours to make it possible. Think upon these points and perhaps you too may find it possible to link with us. (SaLuSa, March 23, 2009.)

From 2004

Messages from these dimensions of love must be in truth and not only a rosy illusion that actually would be a Delusion and not serve you well.  We wish to enlighten and advise you as well as comfort you so you are spiritually prepared not only to greet Earth's Eden self, but to contribute as you eagerly chose to do before your birth.  Please help in this by staying strongly committed to your soul contract and do not be disheartened by our words about the transition that may seem difficult to hear. (Matthew's Message, June 18, 2004.)

During this time of unprecedented changes on the planet—indeed, in the universe—many messengers such as I are giving forth the wisdom and knowledge inherent in the higher vibrations. (Matthew's Message, May 7, 2004.)

More Can be Translated Through the Voice than Through the Pen

From 2015

A great deal [more] can be transferred to voice than can be transferred to the pen, but not as easily as to the voice. And that unconditional quality can be transferred in that manner. ("Transcript ~ The Arcturians on AHWAA: Mastering What Jesus Knew, December 24, 2015," at [

Your Guides Always Attend You

From 2016

Nirvana is a much better place in myriad ways for people who lived in accordance with their soul contracts, but they don’t need spirit guides there. Guides, your guardian angel and others in the angelic realms, souls with whom you are bonded in love, and members of other civilizations are God’s emissaries who, unseen, help you during your Earth lifetime. Awaiting your arrival in Nirvana are persons you know and are dear to you.

Whatever you are doing there are always Beings of Light who are at your service if you need them. They do not otherwise interfere with your life and you are able to experience as you wish. However, if you make the wrong decisions you are responsible for them. Through them you grow spiritually, and adapt your thinking to the realisation that All are One. (Mike Quinsey: A Message from My Higher Self 6/17/16.)

Eventually you will learn the whole truth of your life when it is reviewed, and it can be a most revealing time. One thing for certain that may surprise you is that as a Being of Light you will have had many souls helping you through your life. They are chosen because they have the experience you are most likely to benefit from. You may also have what are sometimes called “doorkeepers” who stay close to you all of the time to stop unwanted interference or psychic attacks in your life.

Every soul will at least have a Guide to ensure that their life plan is met, so you can see that life is not just a series of random events as some believe. Every major event is carefully planned to ensure it is of the maximum value to you. Most of you will have Angelic Beings with you who carry out the Will of God, and they are extremely powerful and totally dedicated to their cause. ("A Message from my Higher Self. Channelled by Mike Quinsey." January 28, 2016, at

From 2015

[A]ll souls have Guides and no one, not even the dark Ones are excluded. (SaLuSa. Channelled by Mike Quinsey. January 30, 2015,

From 2012

Imagine how humbling it is to face yourself and see how you have really been, through the eyes of one who has stood by you trying to guide your life into the Light. It is not done to shame you, but to see how you have affected others often without any realization of it. You are All One, and what you do to one you do to all, and it does affect the level of the mass consciousness. (SaLuSa, Feb. 8, 2012.)

Please call upon your Family of Light, your Guides and Angelic teams to support you in everything that you do each day and open yourselves to our guidance. Many of you are seeing our presence amongst you as flashes of different colored lights and orbs. Know that it IS your Divine support teams who surround you. (Hilarion, Jan. 22-29, 2012.)

We and your Guides will back you up and if you need it help is never far away. You cannot however have everything you want, and it must fit in with your life plan that has first priority.  You should know by the feel of how your life is progressing, as to whether you are experiencing fulfilment. Just bear in mind that sometimes you will have chosen to go through traumatic experiences, and these are equally as important as any others. (SaLuSa, Jan. 20, 2012.)

Never before has so much help and guidance been available on the planet. This is because the moment of your awakening is fast approaching, and much work needs to be done to release the issues that are seemingly anchoring you in the illusion. You all have everything you need to set yourselves free, and all the assistance and guidance necessary to enable you to do so. (Jesus, through John Smallman, Jan. 15, 2012.)

From 2011

You are surrounded by so much support from so many layers of consciousness and planetary groups. Every energy source is cheering you on as individuals and as a world culture. The ascension of your world is of such importance that it will influence other planetary systems in ways you are not yet capable of grasping. Reach out when you need help. We are always near and will provide energy support. (Oceanna, Pleiadian priestess, through Hannah Beaconsfield, Sept. 21, 2011, at

In addition to the light steadfastly beamed from lighted souls in spirit worlds and physical civilizations, technological help from crews in thousands of ships in your skies, and the beneficial influence of your universal family members who are living among you, you are surrounded by unseen helpers: your guardian angels or gatekeepers and the angels who reinforce their efforts when needed; angels in lower realms who embody briefly to guide and protect; spirit guides, whose specialized experience often is the difference between your being stumped about something and later, suddenly "getting it"; and the Nature people - the various kinds of souls that you call the Devic kingdom - who may help you find misplaced car keys or earrings - that they mischievously hide things is a fallacy! - or nudge a reminder about something you had meant to do, but forgot. These myriad souls, all emissaries of God, are ever-present helpers. (Matthew's Message, Aug. 11, 2011.)

Each of you is accompanied by a number of Guides or Angelic Beings, and they are with you to protect you and ensure you make Ascension if that is your wish. Some of you are aware of their presence, and all of you can communicate with them and indeed should do so if they are to be fully aware of your needs.

Often the only time people call upon them is when they are in danger, and that is perfectly in order and they will "hear" your call. However, remember that they are also there as your spiritual mentors and helpers. They are pleased when you acknowledge their existence and engage in thought contact with them.

In time you will meet your Guides and teachers, as your evolution is ongoing and does not stop with Ascension. However, once ascended your consciousness levels will be such that you will need fewer helpers in attendance. To be fully conscious is something you have to experience to understand the extent of your knowing, as compared to your unawakened state at present. (SaLuSa, Aug. 8, 2011.)

At any time you feel doubts just remember how many Higher Beings walk alongside you, and call upon them if you need help. The most wonderful times beckon, and if you so desire you will be amongst those who are lifted up in the end time of this cycle. Live your life as one who is moving into a new level of consciousness, and let go of the old ways that do not fit in with your aspirations. Do not concern yourselves about others around you who are still bound by the pull of the lower vibrations, as they are not yet ready to give them up. (SaLuSa, Jan. 31, 2011.)

From 2010

Your spiritual guidance is always available, always with you, but most of the time you are distracted and fascinated by the complexity of your illusory reality, and are unaware of this powerful spiritual energy that envelops you in every moment of your existence. It is a little like being in a room that is dark and trying to feel your way about in it when you could just turn the lights on, or open the blinds and let the daylight in. ...

In the meantime, while you are moving ever closer to that divine state of existence, continue your regular quiet times or meditative periods during which you relax and watch your thoughts coming and going without engaging with them.  You will be aware of moments, or possibly longer periods, when no thoughts arise and you feel quiet and peaceful.  During those moments it is much easier to "hear" your guides or pick up on your intuition, and also to allow yourself to feel the abundance of unconditional Love that envelops you at all times. (Saul, Oct 31, 2010.)

We continually nudge you towards wakefulness by bringing to your attention coincidences and synchronicities that demonstrate to you that all is interconnected, that nothing is separate, even though it does not appear to you that this is so.  Most of the time you are skeptical and unaccepting of these incidents and convince yourselves they are just chance occurrences that are quite unrelated to each other and that have no meaning.  And yet you wonder . . . and find it hard to dismiss them out of hand. 

So instead, you recount them to friends, but with an air of tolerant skepticism.  You want to believe in your divine destiny, although you would not label it that clearly, but you are afraid that you will be disappointed because in the illusion disappointment is endemic.  And so we keep on drawing to your attention evidence of your true nature - your unbreakable spiritual connection to God.

You are coming to realize that there is more to life than your physical existence in the illusion seems to suggest.  And this intrigues you and gives rise to hope because you desperately want this to be the case, for if it is not, and existence is as meaningless as it often appears to be, then your loneliness overwhelms you.  If you did not manage to distract yourselves from these depressing thoughts, despair would set in.

We are with you to make sure that does not happen, and we shall continue to nudge you and bring to your attention events and occurrences that demonstrate to you that God, your loving Father, exists and wants you to experience the Love in which He embraces you and the absolute bliss that awareness of that Love will bring you.  You are going to awaken; there will be no disappointment, because your destiny has been assured since the moment of your creation, and all that you have hoped and prayed for will enfold you, dissolving the illusion permanently. (Saul, Oct 27, 2010.)

This particular period was planned a long time ago, and Heaven has sent its Light forces to assist you. Many High Beings are close to you, and giving of their energies to increase the amount of Light upon Earth. Failure is not contemplated or even possible, as the Universe is moving into a new vibration and you and your Earth are an integral part of it. The size of such a change is quite impossible to convey, and it affects all life, every Sun, planet, moons and satellites.

Although a small part of what is happening, you are especially important to the whole. As individuals you are most loved, and because you need help to ascend millions of souls from all over the Universe have a hand in your Ascension. You may feel neglected at times but believe us when we say that you are in our hearts, and revered for what you have undertaken and achieved in rising up again. (SaLuSa, April 21, 2010.)

You are not expected to necessarily know exactly what is the best path to take, and there are always greater Beings of wisdom and understanding that will guide you if you ask. (SaLuSa, April 16, 2010.)

Certainly you have freewill, but your Guides will do their best to influence your decisions so that they are in your best interests. (SaLuSa, March 29, 2010.)

Without His Love you are bereft and grieving.  The sensation is terrifying and heart-breaking, so you bury your pain in denial of His existence and in denial of your need for Him. No wonder you are suffering, fearful, anxious, and in pain.  This need not be.  Ask for help from Him, or from any of the guides, saints, or angels in the spiritual realms. They are waiting for your call. (Saul, March 17, 2010.)

Also remember that once you are on a spiritual path, you will attract Guides or Teachers to yourself who will help you make decisions. (SaLuSa, March 15, 2010.)

You have unlimited assistance from those in the spiritual realms - saints, angels, and guides - and from the many enlightened teachers and guides who have chosen to come into the illusion as humans to help you.  You are not abandoned or lost, but you are choosing to wallow in unreal sensations or moods that try to persuade you that you are. (Saul, March 14, 2010.)

There are so many souls standing at the crossroads right now, that can helped to move onto the path of Light. They do need guidance and their Guides will do all they can to make sure they take the right path. Bear in mind Dear Ones, your Guides know what you set as your targets, and they want you to be successful. Freedom of choice is very much observed, and you can be sure that in the end you will have been allowed to make your decisions. ...

If you are uncertain as to which direction you are going in, take time to find those peaceful periods when you can go within. Put out the thought that you need guidance, and surely somehow it will come to you. Do not however set lines as to how that may be, as they will be limiting your possibilities of direct help. Simply be aware as to what is happening around you, and hopefully you will not miss a chance intended for you. (SaLuSa, March 3, 2010.)

To help you Angels and Guides give their attention to you, and accompany each soul on their journey. That you may not be aware of them or acknowledge their presence does not matter. Obviously it would be better if you accepted them, as they would be delighted if you "spoke" with them and invited their help. If you do not yet feel comfortable with that idea, then call on God direct and help will be given in whatever way is in your best interests.

As your consciousness grows so you will become aware of the Spirit Helpers around you, you will see them and converse with them quite naturally. Some of you already do so, and it is a mark of higher vibration that attracts them to you. Like certainly attracts like, which is again why you need to be careful where you place your focus. Your Helpers are with you to ensure that you complete any experience in accordance with your life plan, and they carry out the Will of God. All that they do is with great love and understanding, as they know how important their part is in your growth. (SaLuSa, Feb. 5, 2010.)

You are never alone. As you open to this wisdom, you will find that there are many of the highest light of the higher realms, waiting for you to ask for their guidance. They are most grateful to assist you as this is their service they have chosen during this most hallowed time of the ascension of earth. Surround yourselves with these blessed beings and ask for their assistance. They will assist you in deepening your trust and faith in the Divine Love and Light. (Jeshua, Feb. 2010, through Rev. Michelle Coutant, at

From 2009

There is considerable help around you, and you have only to ask and it will come to you. Use names if you desire such as your favourite Angel or Master, as you may be assured they will receive your request. Allow for the answer to freely manifest and do not insist it happens in any particular way. You may not necessarily know exactly what is best for you. (SaLuSa, Dec. 21, 2009.)

Remember that those "coincidences" that help you are more planned than you realise. Your Guides work small miracles to get you where you need to be for the experiences you have chosen. For example you may feel that you met your partner by chance, well Dear Ones such an important step in your life is totally organised. There is much love felt for you and importance given to your life plan, and it is simply the out working of your choices by which to experience. (SaLuSa, Aug. 14, 2009.)

You ... attract teachers when you are ready to step into the Ascension process.

As far as possible the veils that hide the truth are removed, but you have long travelled believing the illusion to be real. (SaLuSa, Aug. 14, 2009.)

Trust in the many invisible arms that hold each of you knowing that there is not a moment that you are alone for we are all one and with you always in all ways, and know that all is and will continue to be well in your world. (Kuthumi, "Special Message from Kuthumi," April 26, 2009, at

Regardless of which stage of evolution you are currently at, you will always receive help and be accompanied by your Guides. Never feel that you are alone, particularly in your times of need as that is when they come closest. (SaLuSa, March 23, 2009.)

The Light has never been as plentiful as now, and will continue to be beamed to Earth in more powerful waves. It is your golden opportunity to draw it yourself, and speed up the level at which your evolution progresses. There is just so much being done for you all, so that no one shall be able to say in truth that they did not have the same chances as anyone else. Believe in your invisible helpers, as there are many with you on your journey just waiting for you to acknowledge their presence.

If you feel weighted down by the pressures of life always try to set aside time for yourself. It is in those moments of release from them that you can contact those who are around you. Note any change in the energies that may signal their presence, and see if you can sense any meaning to them. Sometimes you need lifting up, or perhaps are unwell and this will attract their attention. You could be carrying a problem around with you that is difficult to solve, and they will impress you with a likely solution if you are receptive to them.

In future times as your consciousness rises up the "invisible" will become visible to you, and you will glimpse those Beings who are close to you. Already some of you are beginning to see more clearly and not with your physical eyes but through the lifting up your levels of consciousness. (SaLuSa, March 11, 2009.)

You are always accompanied by your Guides and Angelic beings who are there to help you. You may wonder why the Higher Beings go to such lengths when you are exercising your own freedom of choice. We can tell you that the highest Orders and Councils are one in a Brotherhood of Light, and service to others is considered to be the highest act of love. (Diane of Sirius, Feb. 2, 2009.)

From 2008

We ask that you call on Sananda, Mother Mary, myself and Archangel Metatron whenever you feel alone, for some days it may be uncomfortable, and you might feel that you have extended your comfort zone. Call on us and we will be a comfort to you. As ever, we are with you on your journey.

And when you are going through 'The Dark Night of the Soul,' we ask that you re-member to look to your right and look to your left, and look before and behind and above and below you. We are there. We are there just waiting to be acknowledged. We are partners with you and we are one with you, for aren't we all one? (Archangel Michael, Dec. 10, 2008, through Elanthra, at

We of the Galactic Federation and other groups of Space Beings, along with advanced souls from even higher realms are with you even if unseen. We are guiding you towards an epic and unique opportunity to leave this cycle of duality for once and for all. It is carried out with Love and Light and great respect for you all, and we do mean "all", and we see your different vibrations and how low they are in some instances.

However we also see that each and every one carries a Spark of God within, even if its Light is diminished. We love you for what you really are and see beyond your physical body and know you have the strength to find your way back to the path of Light. It is our mission to help you achieve it and we ask you to follow our example by helping your fellow souls with love through their torment and troubles. (SaLuSa, Oct. 17, 2008.)

Once you are on the path to Ascension, many dear souls from the Light will accompany you for the remainder of your journey. You have never been alone, but as often as not have been mired in the dark energies and unable to fully respond to the Light. (SaLuSa, Sept. 24, 2008.)

Your Prayers are Always Answered

From 2014

Retraining and guiding the fearful thoughts that may plague your days are only a prayer away. Each prayer raises your vibrational frequencies and could be the one that unleashes the critical mass for Spontaneous Evolution within your life and on the planet. Imagine that your prayer is the turning point – the key that fits the doorway to your Crystalline Light Body. ("Archangel Gabriel: 11:11 - Gateway to Your Crystalline Light Body," channeled by Shanta Gabriel, November 5, 2014

From 2013

You pray and often beg in desperation for assistance; however, if it does not come in a form you are comfortable with, you deny and reject it. Prayers are always answered. Prayers asking for the greatest good manifest as miracles large and small, and open the path for a life of ease and grace. Prayers of the ego desire-body are answered by allowing you to seek your own solutions, which are manifested from your misconceptions and inappropriate actions.

The lessons of life are learned by experiencing what you have created. The ego attracts disharmony and dissatisfaction, and it causes the seeker to look outside of Self for solutions and gratification. You must learn to pray with the purity of your heart and with intentions of the highest order. As you raise your Light quotient, you will increase the magnetic attraction of the heart. You must learn to receive the abundance bestowed upon you with thanksgiving and a grateful heart. ("Archangel Michael: Taking Control of your Destiny," channelled through Ronna Herman, July 1, 2014, at

It is good to pray for the sake of those who have lost their way. Pray for them to find their way to Me. Choose to entertain thoughts of love. Invite the love of The Almighty into your heart by truly wishing those lost souls well. Your love matters. When you send love to them in this way it speaks to their heart. You may not always see the results, but you can know that the part of them which aches for the Light feels the love that you send their way and is empowered. When you pray for those who have lost their way you empower them to find their way back to Me.

Every prayer matters. Every bit of love matters. Your thoughts and the thoughts of others combine together and form a mighty wave of love that washes over the world. Your love and the love of others mixes together to bless the earth and awaken the hearts of all who sleep.

Wish blessings upon the earth.

Pray for blessings for those in need.

Invite Me in to your heart and pray with faith knowing that I am with you.

Allow yourself to believe that your heartfelt prayers matter. They do in fact matter. They help to make the world a brighter, more loving place.

Curse no one. Wish harm upon none of My Children. Simply bless. Simply love. That is how you work to heal the world and that is how you heal yourself. Through love you are healed. Through love the world is lifted up. Through love the darkness that you have known for so long will fade away. It will fade from the earth and in time it will fade from the memory of humanity.

My Children will one day know peace and your prayers are part of that process. Your love that you choose today is part of that process. ("God: There is No One Who Cannot be Redeemed," November 20, 2013 at

Do not allow a sense of false humility to persuade you that your efforts to assist others by your prayers alone are not very effective. They are effective, very effective, and the sense of humility that suggests otherwise is just another of the illusory distractions that attempt to break your focus from the task at hand, so that your effectiveness may be substantially reduced. (Jesus via John Smallman, November 11, 2013.)

We are asking the people of the world to pray each day for the world that they truly desire to live in. As these prayers go out into the atmosphere they amalgamate together with other prayers to create a powerful force to bring to the world the very things that are being prayerfully sought, for each prayer for good to happen contains much power and energy. Those who pray together in groups add even greater power and energy to the field of possibility and this is how the miraculous takes place. It is the people of the world who pray together who are the wielders and weavers of the destiny of their planet. (Hilarion, November 3, 2013.)

I remind you what the Mother has said. There is not one prayer, one plea, one request, one desire that goes unnoticed, but more importantly, unanswered.

Now, do we always answer in ways that you expect or anticipated? And I can hear you across the planet saying, “No!” But sometimes we do as well.

But do not think, because we do not respond in what you consider your understanding of what you have asked for or require, that we are not responding, because that would be, at best, an incomplete understanding. And I do not mean incomplete as wait until you are 90 years old. I simply mean that you do not always have the full range of variables or aspects of the plan that are already in motion. ("Archangel Michael: Being, Knowing, and Sharing the Love," channeled by Linda Dillon, October 24, 2013, at

It is lamentable but true that many practices and products that are injurious to you and your homeland planet still are there in abundance. Visualizing Earth within golden-white light and focusing your thoughts and feelings on that purity is prayer—you know the power of prayer! Actions such as signing petitions, donating to organizations working toward the ends you want, or actively participating in those efforts supports your intention to help create the world of your vision. (Matthew's Message, September 30, 2013.)

Prayer, particularly prayers to the Mother. We do not mean prayers of any particular religious sect; we mean the heart speaking. They are always, always heard and responded to. ("Archangel Michael: Violence and War Cannot Continue - Part 2/2," Sept. 4, 2013, at

When you pray or meditate just hold the intent to send love, compassion, healing, and forgiveness to those situations of which you are aware where people or the planet are in distress – because it is very effective. And, of course, as more and more people become aware of the power of their loving intentions and make it one of their daily tasks to open to, interact with, and share the wonderful benefits of their connection to the divine field of Love, then the awakening process accelerates. Never think that your loving intentions, from which you mostly receive very little feedback, are of little use, meaningless, or inadequate, because I can assure you that they are always extremely powerful and effective, they are changing the world. (Jesus through John Smallman, May 22, 2013.)

You, and I do not just mean you the collective, I mean each of you, beloved children of my heart, are magnificent and phenomenal. And you are the catalyst, in so many ways you are my continued inspiration because we continually create ways in which to assist you on your journey. And that is the way, in many instances, how Hope has come to be misconstrued. It is the plea that is heard in the dark of night, it is the prayer that is whispered over a sick child's bed, or when there is no food in the larder, it's "Mother help me and give me something tangible, give me a sign." So Hope is often thought of as request and receiving.

But what I say to thee is that Hope is the foundation upon which those requests, those prayers, those creations are based. Because if there was not the knowing, yes sometimes doubt creeps in, but it does not matter, if the knowing was not there of our existence and our presence always in each and every one of your lives, every life, then you would not pray, you would not ask, and in your terminology you would not have hope. So bring it back. No, I am not asking you in any way, shape, or form to limit your requests because they are always heard and always acted upon whether they are directly to me, to your guardian angels, to your guides, to the Archangels, to the Masters, they are always heard and acted upon. Now often you say "Mother, I do not think I have been praying for 'X' and I have not received it."

We are not suggesting that our actions and how we respond to your prayers is always as you wish or think we should respond, but it would be erroneous for you to think that we are not responding. It is the balance, it is our eternal partnership, it is the infinite agreement that we have formed when you agreed to assume form; it was actually quite straightforward "I will go but you have to promise to help." That promise has never been broken even in what you have thought of as the darkest days either of your planet or of your life. So my purpose in speaking with you this day is not merely to reassure you, it is to reconfirm that promise. I am your Mother. It is not possible within my realm, my essence, to not respond to you. It is what a mother does. (Divine Mother, "Mother Mary Discusses the Divine Quality of Hope - the Foundation, the Bedrock of Human Existence," February 21, 2013, at

Know You Are Loved

From 2014

We would like to point out before we leave that you are in a portal of incredibly powerful energies over this sacred holiday weekend. There is a massive influx of Christed energy that happens during this holy weekend that so many observe. Accept and allow those energies to flood you and to bring you everything you could ever wish for yourself, everything you could ever wish for your planet. Bask in those golden Christed energies.

Feel them wrap you up. Feel them permeate every single cell in your body, bringing beautiful health and resurrection in the form of rejuvenation. Resurrection in the form of moving you back into your divine blueprint of perfect health, wellness and wholeness in a way that you can consciously embrace and feel and allow to become your new state of Beingness. You are so loved. You are so, so loved. And that is what we wished to share with you today. As always, it has been our great pleasure. ("Archangel Gabriel: Acceptance, Allowing and the Easter Energies, channeled by Shelley Young, April 19, 2014 at

You are the wonder birthed from the heart of the Mother, birthed from the womb of One. In your essence, you are Divine Perfection, and you say to me, “Oh yes, but Yeshi, you wouldn’t believe the things I’ve done, the mistakes I’ve made, the missteps.” Do you really think that we do not know? Do you really think that we would ever judge you? Never. When there is a misstep, we run to assist you. Sometimes you say, stand back, this is a little detour I must take to learn X, Y or Z. And even if we do not full-heartedly agree, we will step back when ordered to. But we remain in observation, vigilant, and when you allow that opening, all of us, your Guides, your Guardian Angels, all of us who love you, rush in.

That is what Relationship is about. That is what Love is about. It is loving you and honoring you enough to heed your desires and wishes, to help in every which way we can or are capable of, to love you no matter what, to be vigilant and wait, and assist how, where, when, and in every way we can.

It is to love you enough to be in sacred partnership with you, with each of you. Your hearts have exploded. They have not merely expanded, they have doubled and quadrupled, and grown at the speed of Love. And you say to me, Yeshi what does that mean? And it means your capacity to be the Love, to engage in Love, to share in Love, has grown in ways that previously were simply not there. ("Transcript: Yeshua Discusses Relationships on Heavenly Blessings," channeled by Linda Dillon, February 4, 2014, at

So when you are feeling down, hard done by, alone, and unappreciated go within. Within you have instant access to your Guides and to the Love that our Father offers every one of us constantly. Focus your attention on the inner knowing that each one of you has confirming that you are an irreplaceable and absolutely essential aspect of your Source. (Jesus via John Smallman, Janary 26, 2014.)

The channel, Linda, has skipped something that I would like to add to this conversation about channeling and what it means. It is not only our opportunity, our joyous opportunity, to speak and to communicate with you, it is also a gift to us. It is a gift, a joy, a pleasure to be able to reach you in this way, during this time of transition, where perhaps you do not always hear us with your auditory or telepathic receptors as clearly as we would like you to. Because our desire, dear heart, is to communicate with you, clearly, concisely, and to touch your heart, to open your heart and to allow you to know, not in a general way but in a very deeply personal way, how much you are loved, how deeply you are valued. ("Archangel Michael: Swept Away in a Tsunami of Love -- Part 2/2, channeled by Linda Dillon, January 9, 2014 at

From 2013

But I wish today to speak of something slightly different. And that is about my love for you. And yes, I know, I am always speaking of my love for you.

I am not speaking this day simply to you, collectively, or to the collective of humanity. I am speaking to you, dear heart, the child of my womb, of my essence, and of my heart. I tell you I love you all the time,.

But the woundings of your life, of your past lives, of what you observe in your various societies and families often makes you dismissive or cautious or almost afraid to truly hear what I am saying to you, and the commitment, the eternal commitment, the energy of my being that rests behind these words that I speak to thee: I love you.

I do not simply love this or that particular piece of you, or this portion of you, how you manifest now into form. I am not even speaking only of this lifetime and this expression of your divinity.

I am speaking of all of you, since the very beginning — every expression, every form, every action, every victory, every triumph, every misstep that you have ever made or experienced, including the future yous, including all of your aspects, including your universal self, including your stranger. I love all of you.

You have been birthed from my very core. I did not expel you and say, “Well, I don’t need that energy. Let it go off and become a human.” No. That is not how I create. I take what I cherish and I nourish it, and I defend it and I protect it, and I allow it to grow.

And when that energy is at a place where it wishes to express in form, then I birth it — because I love it so much, not merely because it carries my essence, my seed, my expression, but because it has grown into something magnificent. And it is right, and it is just, that this energy be free, completely free, to explore the universe that I have created.

But it matters not how far away from home you have traveled, I am always right there next to you — yes, hovering, assisting, and loving you, loving you in ways that you have always yearned to be loved. Yearn no more! I am right here.

Now, you have turned to me, each one of you, and you have said to me, “Mother, I yearn to grow and explore, and become, and to be reborn yet again. I am ready for the next step in my journey.” I have observed you — never judged — and I agree with you. You are ready. Yes, that is what The New You is about.

And so I penetrate you with the energy. I give you expanded understanding, new tools, old tools and tools that have been there forever, for they are just toys for the children to play with! And I rebirth you. I rebirth you, and I set you even more free.

Freedom isn’t black or white. It isn’t either/or. That is your old construct. Now you are ready. And what does that freedom mean? All it means, dear heart, is a greater capacity to love — a greater capacity to be in partnership and sacred union with me, with your sacred self and with each other.

But none of this is possible unless you receive my words, my energy, and the knowing:  I love you and I am your Mother. I will guide you. ("The Divine Mother: I Love You and I am Your Mother," channeled by Linda Dillon, November 16, 2013 at

If you could see and feel the Love we have for you your anxieties and doubts would just fall away, so do not forget to ask for a loving hug whenever you go within to listen to us, then relax into it, and you will feel it because you intend to. So often skepticism and doubt block the sense, the feeling, the knowing awareness that you could be experiencing of our Love for you if you would only open your hearts to receive It and bathe in the soothing balm in which we have enfolded you.

We shall keep reminding you of our Love for you because we wish to make it clear, as we have told you so many times, that Love is the answer to every issue, in every situation, Love is always the answer, period. There is nothing else. Love is everything that exists because our divine Source is Love. True It has many forms but every one of them is unconditionally loving, accepting, compassionate and healing. All else, all that is not of Love, is illusory, which is why all else continually fails to deliver what you hope for and desire. (Saul, November 6, 2013.)

Learning life’s many lessons is all about surrendering to Love, God, the Source of all that exists. Love does not judge, blame, condemn, or deceive, It offers a wise and loving embrace that will solve all issues. Holding out for justice or restitution encourages a state of bitterness and resentment that burns – it is like holding your hand in a flame, the only remedy is to remove it. When you first feel the pain that another seems to have caused you, possibly with intent, it is difficult to stand back from the situation and maintain an awareness that that other is also in pain, and that the remedy is Love, because part of you wants to hate!  But you know from experience that clinging to a hurt, a mistreatment, a betrayal, or any other form of attack only ensures your own continuing pain.

When in pain, therefore, whatever the reason, go within to ask for help and for a loving embrace. Open your hearts as you do so to be ready to receive the incredibly powerful loving embrace that will be offered immediately, and let your intuitive knowing that you are indeed doing the right thing in that moment relieve the pain and stress that you are experiencing. At a deep level of your being you know this is so, because you know that all is Love. (Saul, November 1, 2013.)

Accept how much I love you, love you as you are. Accept how much I love you and how much My love is dependent upon nothing but My love for you and not upon qualifying standards that you may think you have to strive for. It behooves you not to wait for My love dependent upon your earning it. My love is sacrosanct. My love is not changeable.

My love for you is dependent upon My love for you which is a constant. It is not dependent upon your sense of peace or worth or anything. My love is not something that you have to qualify for. Judgment is not My way nor is judgment your way. My love is not a kind of fraternity in which you have to be selected. My love is not exclusive. My love is inclusive.

I award My love to all. My love is a given. It is the one thing you can count on. My love for you is a given, and it is a given never withdrawn from you. I do not give with one hand and take back with another. My love is a sure thing. My love is given freely. And you are to do the same. ("Heavenletter #4692 God Loves Beyond Measure," September 29, 2013 at

You are to awaken into the most marvelous sense, awareness, experience of being infinitely and eternally loved. Without exception all on Earth are seeking to be fully loved and fully accepted, and a Reality far greater than you could ever have imagined or hoped for is about to unfold around you, bringing you into a state of divine bliss. (Saul, September 1, 2013.)

Honour and love yourself in a humble and beautiful way for the service you are offering to yourself, all aspects of the Creator on the Earth and the inner planes, and the Creator. You are valued and loved unconditionally, so allow yourself to experience this completely. ("The Celestial White Beings: Tips for Navigating the New Era," channeled by Natalie Glasson, August 17, 2013 at

We love you immensely, dear ones, we in the Celestial and Galactic Realm. That has never subsided. It grows and flourishes with each further acceptance of it. Let this Love and Light now illuminate any remaining dark patches that may prevent you from fully accepting that you are a Full and Lighted Divine Being, here to spread it further out than you could have ever imagined. For the dark patches are merely beliefs and fears and doubts you have accumulated to sustain you in the times of separation. But that time is closing dear ones. And you merely have to light them up and move through them like wisps of fog lingering before you on your path to full freedom. ("Mother Mary: Claim Your Rightful Place Amongst the Masters In Your Ability to Love and to Create," channeled by Fran Zepeda, August 8, 2013 at

There can be no difficulty, heartbreak or hardship in these higher dimensions, because Love is understood and embraced as it spreads all throughout the vast planes of infinite, unlimited consciousness that are these higher dimensions.

We so dearly wish for you to feel the brimming Love that makes up the fabric of our and your realities, even if only for a moment, because you deserve to feel this Love in every bit of its purity.

You deserve the understanding that you were Created from and are Loved eternally by the spiritual and physical Source of all existence, and you deserve to know that humanity’s image of this Source has been muddied exponentially.

God’s Love is unbounded for you dearest souls, and as may go without saying, you cannot err in the eyes of our Creator. ("Archangel Indriel: Perfection Lives Within,"  channeled by Wes Annac, July 8, 2013 at

Do not fall victim to the temptation to give in or to quit. So many of you vacillate back and forth, as you hear voices in your head which tell you that it is too hard to continue on. But know this: in this case it is the ego speaking. True Divine guidance is always encouraging and never discouraging, so use this as a simple guideline in determining the difference. Be of the knowing that sweeter times lie ahead for all of God’s mighty warriors. You are loved. ("Archangel Indriel: The World Is A Stage," channeled by Bella Capozzi, July 1, 2013 at

The sheer Love of Source, which radiates-out to every last being of consciousness who sustains that aforementioned connection, is unbounded and will forever be expressed to every last aspect of Creation and consciousness funneled-down from Source’s grand and omnipotent structure.

It’s important for every soul in every realm of Creation to realize that Source’s Love is infinite, and when one taps-into it and finds the resulting unbridled connection, one will reap immense benefits. This has been displayed to every awakening soul who’s opened themselves up and found a miraculous and flowing connection to the higher dimensions as a result.

You can maintain the most active of connections to the realms of Source, and you’ll discover your ability to do so as you work to uncover and understand the greater mechanics at work with the Creation of your realities. ("The Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes: Decreasing Energetic Distortion, Your Sacred Connection and the Love of Source," channeled by Wes Annac, July 1, 2013 at

So this using the human part of the being to lay the foundation, to lay the groundwork, to do the work in subtle and unknown, or shall we say unperceived, ways have been very fruitful. And it doesn’t matter if you are thinking you are an emanation or you are simply who you have always been, because, let me assure you, there is not any being, human or otherwise, upon the planet, that is not loved and cherished and valued and nourished equally by us. ("The Divine Mother: Each and Every One of You Carries Divine Might, Part 2/2," June 17, 2013, at

So this using the human part of the being to lay the foundation, to lay the groundwork, to do the work in subtle and unknown, or shall we say unperceived, ways have been very fruitful. And it doesn’t matter if you are thinking you are an emanation or you are simply who you have always been, because, let me assure you, there is not any being, human or otherwise, upon the planet, that is not loved and cherished and valued and nourished equally by us.

Your Father’s greatest joy is to see His children happy. It is also His Will, and so this happiness will come into being, forever. Any fears, worries, or anxieties that may disturb you – such as feeling unworthy of His Love; of being a grave sinner whom He can never forgive; or just plain wondering why He should be interested in you or care for you at all – can be dismissed because each one of you is dearly loved. . . because you are you. You need do nothing to prepare yourselves or make yourselves acceptable to Him.

He created you perfect; all of creation is perfect; and there is no way that you can improve on that. Just let go of fear and all the unloving and fearful thoughts that pop into your minds. Focus on Love, His eternal Love for you, and remind yourselves whenever doubts or anxieties arise that His Will is for you to be eternally happy. (Saul, June 16, 2013.)

We ask you to fathom the fact you have more than billions of souls from the higher dimensions and from various higher-dimensional planets, actively fixated upon your evolution and upon everything you’re doing on the Earth at this time.

Every action you perform and every bit of good you do is noted and celebrated by billions (and more) of souls in these brimming higher dimensions, and when you make your ways back to these realms as triumphantly as you will, you’ll be heralded as the true heroes that each and every one of you are.

Every one of you absorbing this communication is a hero in the eyes of the higher dimensions, of us and of our Creator, because you’ve entered and come out of an experience that blinded billions of souls within its realms and perceptual constraints.

You did indeed know that your situation and the limitation you’d have imposed unto yourselves would be quite difficult, and the specific frustration and difficulty many of you experience currently were known about and understood before making your ways to the Earth from the higher dimensions.

You’ve been able to come out of your experience with flying colors, and it is for this reason that you’re truly heroes and that you’ll be treated as such upon making your ways back to these realms. ("Channeled Pleiadian Interview: Awakening to Pollution, Increasing Disclosures and Understanding Energetic Alchemy," by Wes Annac, June 11, 2013 at

Yes, there has been a wonderful wave of love that is sweeping your planet,  but it is not come and gone! Dear hearts, you are in the middle of it.

So let yourselves feel and know and receive and accept what it is like to be hugged by an archangel — not simply protected or recruited, or even taught, guided, but simply loved by one of your brothers from above.

It is important, and it important not simply for you but for the entire multiverse, that you come to know, to feel, as human beings, as inter-multi-dimensional beings, as galactic beings, what this sense of truly being loved, and being love, feels like, looks like; to allow all your senses to be engaged and embraced by this energy that I give you right now.

You have elected to go forward in change and transition and Ascension.  And while there are many details that your curious minds have wished to know about, and that we wish to share with you, what is the truth of Ascension?

It is moving out, abandoning lack, eliminating lack, and embracing love. And love has many faces. It has the face of joy, and the radiance of bliss. It has the serenity of hope and the depth of nurturing.

All of this I wish to give you, this night and always, so that you know, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that you are loved and that you do not walk alone. You never have. That has been such a pervasive, but in many ways ridiculous, illusion...

And as your vision, your knowing, is fully restored, you will really understand what I am saying to you this day. And that is why I have begun with a gift of love, because in the acceptance of this energy that I flow right to you in this moment, it awakens you.

And it is time to awaken, fully. No more delays. ("Archangel Michael: It is Time to Awaken Fully Now – Part 1/2," June 11, 2013, at


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