From First Sightings to First Contact

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Last revised: 4 Dec. 2012

From Sightings to First Contact


From 2010

Freedom of the people will be the object of First Contact, and the establishment of a system where the wealth of the world can be fairly distributed. The next step will be to banish poverty and we are well prepared to ensure it is quickly carried out. (SaLuSa, June 23, 2010.)

Time marches on gathering speed, and it is bringing the changes ever nearer. No time has in fact been lost, although we would have liked to commence First Contact earlier. (SaLuSa, March 15, 2010.)

Dear Ones the Galactic Federation is fully prepared for First Contact, and soon the hard proof that we exist will be set before you. The believers do not need it but we come to help those who are not, so that they overcome whatever blocks their acceptance of us. You will find that anyone who has stood in our presence will tell you of our energies that are of love and make you feel bound in them. We come to make you our friends, and invite you to join us in the marvelous adventure that is about to begin. (SaLuSa, Feb. 1, 2010.)

From 2008

To say these are interesting times is an understatement, as they are the most important ones you will have experienced for many thousands of years. (Diane of Sirius, Nov. 10, 2008.)

It is difficult to convey the truth of what is happening, to those who do not wish to acknowledge our existence. However, as time goes by there will be a more informed public about our activities and why we are here.

You can perhaps understand why we concentrate on making our presence obvious in your skies, rather than open contacts at this important time. There is a perception amongst you that accepts our peaceful intentions, and that has taken a long time to achieve.

Actual contact has to be carefully planned and involve those who have agreed to it, even although they think otherwise. As you are so often informed, nothing that has a major bearing on your life happens by chance. Even what you may see as unwelcome forms part of your life plan. (Ag-Agria, Oct. 31, 2008.)

From 2006

This is a team effort. No one will stop you from achieving your destination and destiny, either. Each of us is one player in the larger drama. We have our script, too. Everyone has their script, and we can't tell you details about your individual scripts. All we can tell you is that we are with you and working on you around the clock to enable you to make the rest of the journey successfully.

The drama that is playing out will become even more dramatic in the days, months, and years ahead. Observe it if you feel to, but allow it to play out without resistance from your end or contributing to it by becoming involved in it. It is going to play out, no matter how you respond to it. It isn't going to be stopped, and it isn't supposed to be stopped.

Everyone is playing their individual part perfectly. This is the grand summing up of the human experience on 3D planet Earth. Some of it will continue on other future Earths, which have no connection to you or your individual journey. (Heavenly Hosts, "Let it Be," Nov. 10, 2006, at

The Neptune Expedition and Others

From 2014

Now, Suzi my sister, I am telling you this, all of you, frankly and honestly, perhaps more frankly than we ever have, so that you do know what’s required. We have said time and time again we won’t come in a situation that is going to evoke fear. And as you – well, some of you – know, that is exactly what went awry with the proposed trip for some of you to the Neptune is that it was couched in the threat of violence and we could never allow that – we will not engage in violence. ("Transcript: Heavenly Blessings ~ Commander Ashira with an Update," channeled by Linda Dillon, March 11, 2014, at

From 2012

It has been a very interesting time for sure, these past few weeks. With the debate of 'joy-rides' and channeling in general your High Self and I felt it was best let the fur lay down a bit.

The truth is this; the event that Steve (Beckow) manifested was truly beneficial on many levels. It allowed others to open their minds to possibilities they wouldn't have otherwise. It created a movement of hope. And although it didn't produce the results that Steve sought, in many dimensions it laid the foundation that is necessary. (Allendale to Tots, Kauilapele's Blog, Feb. 17, 2012, at

When you see a date dropped or hear of a miraculous event said to manifest, allow the scenario presented to anchor itself into your personal energetic field, which will help make you a vessel for the scenario's energies of Creation to come through. Scenarios and predictions are presented before you in an effort to get you to Create the possibility of the scenario presented happening. We ask you to think and feel upon the miracles that events such as disclosure and our presence among you will bring, but you must Create these scenarios yourselves or they will never manifest.

Here in the higher realms, anything manifests instantly through thought and feeling, though of course it is not as easy to manifest things in the lower dimensions. The events you have been reading and hearing about that have been predicted to manifest, are very big events that will have far-reaching consequences and will take a lot of collective manifestation effort to happen.

The problem with this has been that when predictions are given to you, instead of you uniting to make the predictions manifest, we notice that you form back into your old ways of duality; splitting yourselves up between those who believe the prediction is 'real' and those who believe it is not genuine. This collective expression of separation is what has been holding you back in the avenue of manifesting predicted events.

Instead of uniting and putting your energies fully into a prediction occurring, you instead pour all of your energies into proving that the event is either legitimate or a fraud. Those who do not believe the event or prediction is real are in many cases the ones who can cause the most harm to the event's manifestation.

Remember dear souls, there is no such thing as concrete 'real or 'fake' dualities here in the higher realms. Everything just is, and everything one can ever think of or possibly imagine already exists. This is in fact true also with the lower dimensions. It is simply your beliefs in such concrete dualities that make them real. Even the most recent predictions that many dismissed as being illegitimate, are certainly real events that exist and that manifested in another reality on Earth.

In another reality, on another plane of existence the event that was said to transpire did in fact manifest, and this was because the souls inhabiting that plane of Earthly reality put all of their effort and all of their manifestation powers into the event manifesting and as such, disclosure has broken through in that reality quite a bit; more than it has in the reality you currently inhabit.

Those who believed the predictions were real could have also caused a bit of harm on their own, because while believing the scenario was going to manifest, many still did not pour much of their energies into it actually manifesting. There were others who 'sat on the fence' and thought to themselves that perhaps the prediction could be real and perhaps it would not be, and when doing so the possibility of the event manifesting shrunk, because not enough faithful and Creative energies were being put into its manifestation.

With a Loving yet detached perspective, one can know not to blindly hope that an event of such grand proportions would manifest, and rather than slandering the events possibility, one would instead do all they can to Create the event manifesting, as work must be done on your part for anything to happen on your world. Even with the endgames playing themselves out currently, your energies of Light and of Creation are desperately needed.

You have always decided the events that manifest on Earth. Wherever you find yourself at this very moment, you are there experiencing what you are because you intended and Created it to be so. No outside entity can be blamed for the current state you find yourselves in, collectively and individually; only you can. The reason so many are [seemingly] stuck in such difficult and painful situations, is because you have not realized how potent and powerful your energies of Creation really are, and you have let yourselves fall out of balance immensely, which serves to Create the unbalanced state that many of you find yourselves in.

Imbalanced energies are a very serious thing, and when you knowingly or unknowingly let yourselves fall out of balance, you are handing over you Creation abilities to those parts of yourselves based in the lower vibrations, who will use your imbalance to help you Create further imbalanced, stressful and frustrating situations. It is a vicious cycle as once you let yourselves fall out of balance, the unbalanced and stressful events will manifest in your Lives, which will cause further stress and imbalance in your being, which feeds the cycle and keeps you experiencing difficulty. ("The Pleiadian High Council: You have Always Decided the Events that Manifest on Earth," channeled through Wes Annac February 12 , 2012, at

Suddenly there is a great stirring and determination amongst you to exercise your freedom to achieve what it is you want in the way of changes.

Disclosure is something that you have continually pressed for yet as we have previously stated, the truth of our existence is known to many of you who have followed our activities over many, many years. It hardly needs verification in light of all the evidence there is about us, but the authorities cannot release what information they have without official recognition and approval.

However, with or without it you are now pressing for opportunities to contact us direct, and it is taking place. We find acceptance of us is at an all time high, and it enables us to deal direct with you. Whilst the cancellation of the Neptune trip was obviously disappointing, it has nevertheless brought about a great surge of interest in us. It has clearly surprised many people that we are prepared to invite you on board our ships, but it is time for such experiences. Your authorities do not like it, as they desire to be in total control of such matters and would prevent any publicity being given to such happenings.

We however believe it is time to make the facts known about us, and by drawing closer to you we are able to fill those gaps where you are lacking in information. We have found out a lot more about you because of the "Neptune trip" and, without doubt, there will be more opportunities to visit our ships and that was planned from the very beginning. As you must realise by now, our contact with you is not one of a casual nature but one that was always intended to grow and prepare you for full contact.

Be assured that before the end of this year, you will have come to know us well. The media is still a stumbling block where we are concerned, but when fear of repercussions for reporting the truth is no longer an issue the truth about us will travel worldwide. We will then be very welcome as we will bring the answers to your problems, and with our help will transform your civilisation into one that is prepared for Ascension. The ghost of ages past will be exorcized, and the Golden Age will begin bringing peace and happiness. (SaLuSa, Feb. 10, 2012.)

Each of you, each of you, my beloved ones, have declared yourself – some with trepidation, some in jubilation, excitement, eagerness, some in frustration and wondering what will happen. It does not matter, for there is a place and a clearing if you experience any of these old paradigms. We do not eliminate you or judge you in any way. Of course not. We are proud of each and everyone of you. So do not feel that this undertaking is at an end. It is not.

But there have also been many situations – let us put it that way – upon your planet. This has been a highly visible – far more visible than even we anticipated – this has been a highly visible undertaking. And yes, the intergalactics and the fleet commanders and their science officers have the ability to cloak each and every one of you. As you know, they have cloaked themselves for thousands of years. But they do not cloak those you leave behind. And they do not deal with some of the chaos fallout upon the planet. Yes, we will get into this. But simply know, from our perspective, this is not a cancellation, this is simply an alteration. (Archangel Michael in “Grener addresses questions about the ‘change in plans’” Feb. 9, 2012, at

Naturally we need to be aware of what Michael is doing, and have been following the events associated with the trip to Neptune. What we must however stress is that we have our own responsibilities, and would never interfere with the mission of another, in the same manner that we would not interfere with experiences that are your own creation. Look at it this way Dear Ones, it is no one else's place to deny you the experiences you need to advance your evolution.

On this subject, please remember that the Galactic Federation has quite clearly informed you that in the course of time, many "tourist" trips aboard our craft will be arranged. So there is no need to rush yourselves to be part of the first trips of this nature, there will be plenty of time to enjoy them once we are openly allowed to contact you. (SaLuSa, Feb. 8, 2012.)

MAN-KIND ... and this is what we are ... Loving, Kind souls of Light and that is what we shall continue to be ... no matter what we are confronted with. We will not succumb to the naysayers and those who wish us ill ... We WILL however shine our Light stronger and brighter than ever in the knowledge that there are souls on Earth such as Sir Steve Beckow ... who are prepared to take their honour and integrity to the very edge of the cliff and indeed then TRUST and jump off ... in the name of Love and Truth!

Did he fly? Yes, in the eyes of those who understand. For it is not in the 'happening' or the 'non happening' it is in the 'doing of' and recognising the energy that the event caused. Look around you folks ... did we Lighten up the planet with excitement once again? YES WE DID. Because of the KNOWING in our very hearts that IT WAS POSSIBLE!

Oct 14th did the same. So many consider it to be a failure ... a no show ... not me ... Knowing what I know ... it changed the vibration of the planet and woke many ... as indeed news of this trip did ... so should it be anyone's Truth that this was all 'the darks 'doing ... whoo hoo , THE LIGHT won again!!

How many of us had bags packed and waiting ... I did! PROUD TO ADMIT IT! I had such fun as I 'lightly packed' ... yet oh! ... How would I survive ten days without my hairdryer, especially with that press call at the end of it!

LIGHTEN UP ... LIGHTEN UP ... LIGHTEN UP!!! (Blossom Goodchild. "Sir Steve Beckow!," February 6, 2012, at

After plans to have members of our planet's citizenry embark on a 10 day field trip to the stars as guests of the mother ship Neptune have fallen through, many people have aligned our Earthen organizer Steve Beckow within their sights, either prepared to pull the trigger that he was duped, or that this was all somehow his fault that this trip did not materialize. To blame Steve Beckow in any way, shape or form for the postponement of this trip is akin to holding Moses accountable for the 10 Commandments.

There are the naysayers who will point to certain aspects of these communications which to them appear questionable, but even some parts of the tablets Moses crated down from the top of Mount Sinai do not appear to make much sense either. Does anyone else feel the parts about not coveting thy neighbors goods or wife sound more to you like a couple of rich guys wanting you to keep your mind off their money and your eyes off their honey? This sounds more like something my Greek neighbor who owns the local diner would say. "Hey, you looka' my wife, I breaka' you face!" And in the immortal words of our departed brother George Carlin, "Our entire economy is based on coveting thy neighbors goods!" But I digress, as I so often do.

Mr. Beckow deserves no blame at all for the disappointment some feel today. Instead, he deserves all the credit in the world for proposing such a brilliant idea that I have not heard proposed by anyone else to this point. He also presented a very simple and well conceived process that would not only open the door to disclosure, but rush it through and slam the door behind. Is it Steve's fault that this perfectly simple plan became more complex than the building of the Roman aqueduct? To his credit, this was a groundbreaking and very plausible idea with a massive upside. The only downside would be a few disappointed souls, but there is no tangible downside to this, as even the most disheartened Lightworker will bounce back in no time. After all, we are humans, and we can take everything the universe can dish out. That's what makes us so uniquely human.

In answer to those who doubt the veracity of Steve's channeler Linda Dillon, I will tell you, even though I have no cause to at this point, but only because it is the truth, my Star Family within the Ashtar Command has shared with me their thoughts on these proceedings. After I received confirmation that I was successfully added to this trip's flight list, my Star Family sent me a communication on a day that we do not usually make contact and requested of me all the information I have been able to ascertain about this trip so they may do an investigation of this proposal. I, of course, supplied them with all the details that I knew and I waited for their reply. I received further word from my Star Family during the early morning hours of Saturday, even as it began to appear likely this trip would be at least postponed for now.

Personal message to Greg from his Star Family

I would like to clarify some things with you about today's trip. We have communicated with your hosts and we have come to the conclusion that your trip is a very real possibility and not a fabrication. We wish you to know we always look out for your safety, and this trip will be no different. It will not be as you have a chaperon, but we will watch over you and make sure no harm comes to you. We will take all precautions and notify you if we feel you are headed for any danger at all.

We see this trip as a very good means to begin disclosure announcements and we salute your efforts to participate in this potentially historic event. Please be the best representative of your people and our people that you can be. We are sure you already have this clearly in mind. We are very excited at the potential of this endeavor to have vast sweeping effects over your world. You will be meeting beings from many different corners of the universe during your ten days 'at sea', and we are excited for you as we know you will enjoy meeting all these unique individuals very much. We know you have not socialized with others in a very long time, and we see this event as a wonderful opportunity for you to get out of the house, as well of course, take part in what could be one of the most important events in the history of your planet.

We see this as a tremendous opportunity to become involved in an even greater way then you have already been with the disclosure process, and we see you making many new friends and important contacts in this regard. Remember to always be on your best behavior, not that we have to remind you of this. There will be many influential members of various commands you may meet and speak with, and we know you'll do your best to honor your people as an ambassador of both Earth and your home world.

There is a chance you may get to visit your home planet during this trip, and we are so very excited for you at this possibility. The site of all that is familiar to you may begin to open the floodgates of memories of your past. We know you will be quite surprised at what you will rediscover about yourself and your history, and we feel you may begin to remember us, your old friends as well.

We wish you a safe trip Greg. Have a wonderful time and learn as much as you can so you could bring back wonderful stories to share with your brothers and sisters of your world upon your return. Be well, enjoy yourself. We will speak to you again soon, and remember, we are always watching out for you and your safety.

We are your Star Family.

As much often becomes clearer after a good night's sleep, so to have I just awakened with a new thought on the subject after I had already published an article outlining many possibilities for the reason for the unsuccessful nature of the original plan. I cannot say for sure if this was not my ego mind conceiving this notion, or it was a message from my guides, but in either case, this possibility is worth presenting here as it is as plausible as any other explanation offered thus far.

In the dream state a portrait was painted for me suggesting this entire affair was a creation of our collective consciousness, and that we were creating by, and for, ourselves each proceeding step throughout the entire process and it was our creation that led us to the experience of disappointment. In my dream, I was reminded that the idea of this endeavor was not presented to humanity, but it was humanity who conceived it and offered it into possibility. The universe answered back 'Yes', your request is granted. Is this not the way the universe must answer us? Ask and you shall receive. This is a universal law that we all should understand by this point. Steve then asked if we may bring a clearly defined number of individuals to rendezvous with the mother ship. Again this request was granted, as it must. We are now successfully creating together as a collective consciousness each step of the way to the manifestation of our desire. 'Can we do this on Saturday' Steve asked again, and again we were answered in the only way the higher realms can answer. Yes, this is possible.

I was shown in my dream that this is the point that our collective consciousness became unfocused and began to break down, scattering our thoughts and our powers of collective manifestation. The parameters originally agreed upon were that a certain number of individuals will be picked up at one time and delivered to the mother ship where they will spend 10 days, no more no less, then be returned to our mother soil. Simple, clear, focused. Even for novices like us we could easily manifest such a reality with this mindset.

But it was here that as one collective consciousness 'I' began to ask 'Is this a fraud, is this a hoax, is this a trap set by the cabal? 'I', as one collective consciousness then asked if I could not travel back and forth to the ship according to the schedule of everyone else, but instead be picked up later or returned earlier?' I then asked 'Since I am not a believer, could I wait here on earth until I see that everyone else went and at that point can I call you and you come back down to earth and pick me up?' Not understanding that it is our conviction that creates this event, it is not the event that creates our conviction. Then 'I' asked questions about bringing our children and our pets, losing focus on the fact that there is limited availability and the purpose of this mission is to bring back evidence and our descriptions to share with the world. On and on my consciousness scattered. 'Could I bring my 700 pound gorilla and two tons of bananas, as I cannot find a babysitter? And since you know how bananas won't keep for 10 days, is it possible that we travel back down to earth for fresh bananas? And can we go to the Farmer's Market in Los Angeles because I heard Lindsay Lohan shops there?

I mean no offense to anyone that may have made these requests as I do understand how everyone wished so to participate in this event, and I also wish to make it clear that Steve did nothing but his best to see to it that so many who had done so much for the light be rewarded for their efforts. I wholeheartedly agree with this heartfelt gesture, even if someone needed an early lift home or have to bring along their gorilla. I am also not stating as fact it was our unfocused collective consciousness that curtailed our adventure, I am only suggesting that perhaps we examine closely the words of Archangel Michael who advised through channel Fran Zapeda "Whether it happens this Saturday is also dependent on the mindset of everyone..." I ask that we alleviate this possibility of determent if ever we are to attempt such an endeavor again. As my father always said "Sure can't hurt".

There is no call to try to point fingers here, as I, as one collective consciousness, can only point a finger at me. I am merely illustrating just where our collective focus began to crumble like a house of cards with a 700 pound gorilla sitting on it. I believe in all experience there is a lesson to be learned, and when the virtue of a lesson is failed to be recognized, history is destined to repeat. Let us not experience this failure to launch again, but by all means let us not fail because we did not again try, but let us not fail because we learned from our mistakes. (The Galactic Federation and Greg Giles, "The Postponed Trip and the Seven Hundred Pound Gorilla." Feb. 5, 2012, at

I am Grener of Ashira of Neptune. I am Grener. And I have been your friend and ally for thousands and thousands and thousands of years. And that will never change, for it took us a long time to reach this point. If we are masters of anything, it is not intergalactic travel, it is patience. So that is what we ask of you this day, is to participate with us in a little patience.

Let us speak to your hearts. Each of you - starseed, human, intergalactic transmitters, anchors, beacons, holders of cities of light, earth-keepers, angels - you are all welcome aboard. But this has turned into a little bit of a three-ring circus, which was exactly what we were seeking to avoid. When Steve has asked for a small group to come on board, we have thrown open the doors and our hearts and said, "Bring it on!" because we have waited, and been as eager and excited as you - for a much longer time. And if you think that you have been impatient for Disclosure, dear hearts, so have we! And when I say this I include my brothers and sisters of the Galactic Federation as well. I include all commands.

So. Yes, you have been under close observation by many. No, we are not talking above, for that is not a problem, ever. I am talking below. And there has been a great deal of trepidation and some fear and some mighty interference. Are we able to counteract that? Of course. As you know we have been working overtime to deflect a lot of influence of what you would think of as...military or protective forces.

But this was intended, and is still intended, to be a homecoming, a family reunion. Yes, to show you, to share with you our goods and wares, to share our food, our companionship. For you are sorely missed. Yes, we observe you, we watch you - far more than you know. But we are just as anxious as you to have you come home - not permanently, not ever. For that would in the early days and early stages result in accusations of abduction and wrongdoing, and that would not serve your cause or ours.

What you have already done in declaring yourselves has pushed the energy of Disclosure very far along. So you need to know that a great deal of what you had wished to accomplish is already been done. But that does not negate what we think of as a visit. So this is what we are going to do, and yes, you are free to ask your questions. We are going to take you in small groups. Sometimes it will just be one of you. Other times it will be three or four, depending if you and your best friend have bonded and promised to go together.

But we will take all of you, one by one. And we will not do it while you are sleeping, we will not do it as an astral travel, we will not do it as a non-human experience. And you will still bring your cameras and your running shoes. And you will still have the opportunity - but we are not publicizing this! Because it puts too many at risk, it creates too much chaos, and our one commitment at the Intergalactic Council is to not create chaos and to not create fear. We are sorry. We are more sorry than you can believe, if this is disappointing to you, because it is disappointing to us. But we are not cancelling, we are simply staggering. (Grener of Ashira in Council of Love, Feb. 4, 2012, published on Feb. 9, 2012, at

Yes, there is a slight shift in plan. And I wish to emphasize that, a slight shift. And Grener will address this very clearly, and he will do so and answer questions, as will I. But let us talk also about before you go to the feeling of failure, which is absurd, let us also go to the feeling of success.

Each of you, each of you, my beloved ones, have declared yourself - some with trepidation, some in jubilation, excitement, eagerness, some in frustration and wondering what will happen. It does not matter, for there is a place and a clearing if you experience any of these old paradigms. We do not eliminate you or judge you in any way. Of course not. We are proud of each and everyone of you. So do not feel that this undertaking is at an end. It is not.

But there have also been many situations - let us put it that way - upon your planet. This has been a highly visible - far more visible than even we anticipated - this has been a highly visible undertaking. And yes, the intergalactics and the fleet commanders and their science officers have the ability to cloak each and every one of you. As you know, they have cloaked themselves for thousands of years. But they do not cloak those you leave behind. And they do not deal with some of the chaos fallout upon the planet. Yes, we will get into this. But simply know, from our perspective, this is not a cancellation, this is simply an alteration.

And another thing. We are with you. I step aside for Grener of Ashira of Neptune, our beloved President of Intergalactic Council. And then we will answer questions. But first, we wished for you to hear - in your heart, your mind, and your soul - what we have to communicate today.

Before I step aside. I tell you the most important thing that I ever have to communicate to you. I have given you my essence. I have given you my blue flame of truth. Discern for yourselves, my beloved ones. Let this flame of truth burn brightly in your heart, your third eye, your crown - everywhere. I have given you my sword and shield. They are not decorations on a wall. They are tools to be used every day, and particularly during this of magnificent change. Do not forget, our primary focus is the Ascension, is the Shift into the higher reality. And what you are doing, whether it is going on a joy ride or holding space at home, is about creating this shift amongst the collective. You are the gatekeepers, you are the showers of the way, and you are doing a magnificent job. (Archangel Michael in Council of Love, Feb. 4, 2012, published on Feb. 9, 2012, at

You have stepped forward with joy and laughter, eager to go on a joy ride, but let us also say there has been much clearing going on - of chaos, of turmoil, of many of the old paradigms, of angst, of anger, of anxiety, of fear, of trepidation, of desperation of being left behind.

Dear heart, it is impossible that any one of you could ever be left behind! It is inconceivable than any of you are ever forgotten, overlooked, or abandoned. You are the children and the child of my heart. You have been birthed from my very essence. I have given you the gift of my blue diamond, your pink diamond, to heal and to step forward in the wholeness, the divinity of who you are. Do not underestimate the truth of your own being, your own power, and do not underestimate the power of your collective. Never before have so many stepped forward in a unity of heart, not in many, many, many thousands of years. And for this we thank and bless you.

So turn to me as you let go, as you clear, as you create, as you wish to receive, for there is still much for you to learn and understand. We live, beloved ones, in an infinite universe, and the creation is eternal, never-ending, and that means you are infinite and eternal and never-ending. Do not limit yourselves in any way, shape or form. (The Divine Mother in Council of Love, Feb. 4, 2012, published on Feb. 9, 2012, at

Today's scheduled and much talked about field trip through this galaxy and even beyond aboard the Starship Neptune has been altered to now be a smaller and much more private affair that will tentatively see a few selected persons picked up and escorted to this mother ship for a future scheduled event. The reasons issued of this change to the original plan are primarily of safety concerns regarding families of those scheduled to take part in this mission.

There will be many who react in great disappointment at this news, and there will be, as there always are, those detractors who jump on today's postponement and hold it aloft as if it were O.J. Simpsons bloody glove. In everything there is a lesson, and in every lesson progress. I truly believe there were concealed always behind these discussions ulterior motives, a test of the resolve of the workers of light and those clinging to the title of believer, and an opportunity to conduct a reading of humanity's consciousness throughout the planning stages of this event. I believe far more was gained from this experiment than was lost in Lightworker moral and the rearming of those naysayers that were running desperately low on ammunition. In due time these reloaded detractors will spend their bullets firing wildly into the dark, and we can continue on in our work for the light under the silence of ceasefire.

Perhaps this experiment was a weeding out of those of pure faith and those of less conviction. It's strange, but I promise you all I am sincere when I boast my resolve is much stronger now than it was just yesterday. Is it also possible that much intelligence could have been gathered by the forces of light as they monitored the response of the cabal to this scheduled event?

Whichever reason you may resonate with as to the alteration of the original plan, the important thing to remember is that our mission in service to this planet and her people has been set back not one inch, one second, one iota. Instead, I believe we have already succeeded in gaining what was clearly outlined as the most important goal of this entire event, and that is that so many of us who were just a few days ago mere strangers connected only by similar cause, are now friends, bonded by something manifested only through such experience. And I for one, as I know there are many, are truly grateful for this gift.

Keep the faith dear ones, as it is only a matter of time until our efforts bear fruit and humanity is warmly greeted at the gate of the greater galactic community. Keep the faith all you Lightworkers who have been separated from Star Family and friend, as our day will come when we dance in blissful reunion under canopy of star. Keep the faith. (Greg Giles, "Keep the faith," Feb. 4, 2012, at

By now you may have heard about the possibility of a Saturday rendezvous that may see over one hundred Earth citizens board the Starship Neptune for a ten day field trip through this galaxy and even beyond, leaving behind the confines of our 3rd dimension and rocketing into the 5th, 6th, and even 7th dimensions.

You may have even taken sides in the online chat room debates as to whether this channeled message was authentic and whether this trip, which possesses undeniable disclose power, will actually manifest.

Popular channel Fran Zepeda, who I have great professional respect for, has received communications from Archangel Michael further discussing Saturday's possibility. Through Miss Zepeda, Archangel Michael advises us that Saturday's `Joy Ride', as it has become known, does have the potential to manifest dependent on our collective, as well as individual consciousness. So of what are the variables in regards to our individual, as well as collective, consciousness, and how can we better manifest the new reality so many wish to experience?

Humanity has for so long relied on left- brained thinking and the left side of our brain has served us well throughout our long evolution. This is the survival side of our brain. This is the logical side, the practical side, the analytical portion of our minds. This is the side of our brain that requires facts and demands proof before we cater to any new idea or concept.

This side of our brain, though a constant, yet many times over bearing companion, must be left behind like a childhood midsummer romance as the powers of this side of our brain can no longer compute the answers of higher dimensional question. We are required now to seek a new romance with a partner of unlimited imagination, creativity and intuition, an eternal optimist, a true dreamer who sees nothing but endless possibilities and knows not the meaning of the word fear.

This is the right hemisphere of our brain, and when we bridge the gap between these two opposing sides of our brain we create what is known as the Rainbow Bridge, the Antahkarana, which is also our bridge to the higher realms. As above-so below.

So many today are now debating on whether or not Saturday's joyride will actually take place. There are those that want a clear answer to this question and require proof that this event will happen. They try to analyze and calculate any evidence that may lead them to the answer to this question, though again, their left brains will surely disappoint. There are others, the dreamers, the intuits, who believe this event will take place, they feel it, and are already making plans to be a part of the next cosmic field trip.

Archangel Michael urges us to end our debating between ourselves and unite as one. To come together and join these two seemingly opposing sides of our collective and strengthen our bond as the one we truly are. One living organism- one brain. We must bridge the gap between these two seemingly opposing sides of ourselves just as we must bridge the gap between the left and right hemispheres of our brain. As above-so below.

We must now come together as one and focus our divine powers of manifestation and create this event, not bicker and argue about whether it will happen or not. We have the ability to make Saturday one of the most significant days in the history of our planet. We have the power to do this. By bridging the gap between us and pooling our individual powers of manifestation into our one powerful collective consciousness, we can literally move mountains. We can easily make Saturday happen, disclosure happen, and ascension happen.

This is the true lesson at the core of all that we have been experiencing since our awakening from our long slumber. It is not about waiting for something to happen and wondering if any of these changes will ever take place, it is only about reclaiming our divine powers of unlimited manifestation.

We mustn't squander our energy by debating the many scattered views and opinions concerning ascension and its many related areas, and instead focus on only one. We are that one. We are a powerful Creator being of unimaginable ability, and we have the power to easily manifest any reality we choose to experience.

Do we now all see that Saturday's joyride is not dependent on any outside forces? Do we all now understand that the only variable is us? Do we now understand that as one collective mind, if it is the Saturday joyride we wish to experience, than that is precisely what Saturday will bring? Is this what we, as one powerful collective mind desire? If it is, then let us come together and make it so. (Greg Giles, "Saturday's Joyride," Feb. 3, 2012, at

It is unfortunate that the emphasis on that one statement about the veracity of the trip Saturday being a hoax or not, turned out to be a dividing factor amongst you. I urge you to take my full message to heart, dear ones. As I stated in my earlier message, the choice is yours whether you are united in your collective thoughts to manifest Disclosure and to lift yourselves out of the duality and judgment to which you are still clinging. (Archangel Michael through Fran Zepeda, Feb. 2, 2012, at

(Hello Archangel Michael) Hello, dear one, I understand you would like to know, on behalf of many, about the veracity of the channeling last night with Grener and Steve Beckow. (Yes, please give us information about that).

Well, as you know, there is much controversy about the subject, about Disclosure, and about the credibility of the radio show, an Hour with an Angel, especially the show last night about the "joy ride", as it was termed. I am here to tell you that it is not a hoax. There is much need right now for all to come together, and to not be divided. All of you on this earth are in the throes of such a huge shift, and I am here to tell you, dear ones, do not be deceived by naysayers. Look to your hearts, as I always say. The truth is in your hearts, after you extract the beliefs and the fears that have held you under for so long.

It is crucial right now that you listen and adhere to the Truth in your hearts. This is a true test of whether Ascension and even Disclosure will happen. And yes, beliefs and adherence to old ways of thinking, and yes, of course, fear can even deter this event that has been promised to you on the radio show last night with Steve and Grener. By this I refer to the power of the Collective Consciousness as well as the individual hearts and minds of the participants for this proposed event. I have always said that Disclosure is truly up to you. You have an opportunity here to go forward and let this be a huge forerunner of Disclosure, or not.

Whether it happens this Saturday is also dependent on the mindset of everyone, and their opinions; yes, all this can sway it. So I ask of you, pool all your dreams of Disclosure and Ascension and go within your hearts and manifest the world you have all been waiting to see; no more waiting - No more waiting for Disclosure to happen! It is time to start Disclosure on your own, individually, and as a collective, and it is time to stop the in-fighting amongst all you Lightworkers. If you are not United, there is no hope for the millions who are on the fence or completely in denial of Disclosure and Ascension.

The turning point is now - Grasp it, dear ones! Muster your courage and prayers, and continue to adhere to and disseminate the Light and Love you have all been receiving and storing up. Unleash it now, dear ones, and come together and fight for the Earth you so richly deserve, the New Earth you can almost taste. Take this moment to reach out to all your Galactic family and to all your Earth family, Lightworkers or not, agreeing with you, or not. You, each and all of you have a common denominator - your humanity - and more so, your very important piece of the Wholeness, of Oneness. (Archangel Michael through Fran Zepeda, "Message from Archangel Michael ~ 1.31.12 ~ The Time to Unite is Now," February 1, 2012, at

Increasing our Visibility

From 2009

We are deliberately allowing our craft to be seen more frequently. It is part of a gentle process of bringing people out of their state of denial where we are concerned. It is far better to accept our presence as benign Beings now, than to suffer the shock of having to undo beliefs that are to be shattered when we arrive on Earth. We are your family and it is time that we came to know each other, and it is not a forcing of the issue as we have been quietly making ourselves known to you for some 60 years.

The waiting is nearly over for us and if your leaders do not agree to our landing, there is an ultimate date when we shall have to come regardless. You have made it clear that you welcome us, and it is your wishes that are paramount and we will not allow others to stand in our way. (SaLuSa, Oct. 7, 2009.)

One way we get you used to the idea of such contact, is by increasing the degree to which we allow our craft to be seen in your skies. It has resulted in a greater acceptance of us, and a realisation that we pose no threat to you. (Diane of Sirius, Jan. 16, 2009.)

The Overall Plan for First Contact

From 2010

The scene has to be set before we arrive which will make our mission so much easier. As you might know, we have been contacting many people over the recent years, and not necessarily always those in authority. Getting you used to our craft and seeing us as Beings much like your self, has been a very important prelude to our full landing. Since millions have now seen our craft we consider that we have been very successful in that respect. Yet even now some are in denial of us, and have set beliefs that prevent them from acknowledging our presence on or around Earth. (SaLuSa, Jan. 25, 2010.)

From 2009

We see a sequence of events that need to follow each other, if there is to be a smooth transition from the old to the new. (SaLuSa, Mar. 20, 2009.)

From 2008

The appearance of our great starships will be a shock to almost everyone on your planet. It will be a first time for most people to see a fully materialized ship from another planet. Heretofore, many appearances have been holographic images transmitted from our ships in orbit. Our arrival will cause many changes to your previously held beliefs.

Our current plan is to make appearances in a number of locations simultaneously. This will heighten the value of our debut. As we have stated many of your systems and institutions will be shocked by our arrival. Many people will continue to deny the reality of what they see with their own eyes; many will fear. So this will not be a momentary appearance and then we depart; no, we will stay awhile.

There will be some interchange of communications from our ships to you via your radio and television. We will also be transmitting telepathically. The basic message will be as follows:

  • We are here at the request of many of this planet. We come in peace. We do not wish to overwhelm you, or to be treated as superior. Only our technology sets us apart from you.
  • This is the end of an era for the people of this planet. The darkness that has overwhelmed you for many thousands of years is lifted. You may now see yourselves as the beautiful beings whom you are. You are our sisters and brothers. Welcome back into the family.
  • We would like to help you correct your presence on this planet, so that you will no longer assault Earth. We wish to help you live at peace with each other and with your home.
  • To that end, we will help you develop technology that will enable you to do this. Also we are making certain adjustments to the planet to return her full function to her. She is a beautiful sphere that has been chained these many years.
  • There will be a period of transition to the new. We will work to minimize its impact on all of you. Please join with us in a spirit of friendship and mutual assistance.

This is a preview of the message you will receive when we make our appearance. Please broadcast it so that many will know.

Conditions on your planet are quite fragile, much more than you are being led to believe. Your economy and governments are stressed. Your environment is stretched to the limit. You are unable to continue on this path. Major changes will be required. Are you ready to undertake these changes? Are you ready to step up to become citizens of the cosmos? Are you ready to fulfill your destiny?

The most obvious group who will be forced to openly recognize our existence is your military. They will come to see that they have no place in peaceful interaction between civilizations from different planets. Sophisticated weapons of your military were designed with the assistance of those who came here under the guidance of the dark energy. We wish them to be turned off before we make our appearance so that there will be no injuries to those on your planet or to our ships.

Next will be governments, who will be forced to admit that they are part of a larger whole. They will send emissaries to meet with us, to speak for the people, however our mission is to speak to the people directly; we will do that. Many will "hear" us speaking to them directly. All will be startled. Those who are awake will accept us as their brothers and sisters. Those who are less awake will be dismayed, but they too can see us as non-threatening, if they will change their perspective.

And, yes, many will fear us and reject us. Those who cling to old religious notions will fear us the most. Religious leaders can do much to ease the fears of those who look up to them. Will they do that? We will see.

Scientists will change their views of what is possible and what is not. Some of their physics will be outdated. Again, some will resist. We anticipate that most will eagerly accept.

Those who deal with the environment will see us as a way to cleanse the Earth. That we will do, as well as changing attitudes about your planet. Many of our transmissions will be made to help people to understand Earth as a living organism.

All institutions set up by the agents of the dark energy will be impacted. We will not impose our ways on you; only show you at there are other ways. Showing ourselves will assist you to rethink your priorities.

We come here not to destroy Earth or her people, rather we wish to jolt humankind with the realization that there is more to living than leading a self-centered life. Those who are caught up in that mode will fail to accept us.

Your methods of transportation will be seen as outmoded. This will lead to demands for radical change. We will show you the way; you must implement it for yourselves.

Communications will be altered as you see that you can communicate without the need for electronics. This will change the shape of your telecommunications.

We have previously spoken of the energy sources that we have installed. These will ease your burden during this time of transition.

Yes, the impact of our showing ourselves in this density will be overwhelming, particularly to those who cling to the old ways. This may produce a few weeks of painful adjustment. Be prepared for dislocations of the conventional.

It is only after we make ourselves know that we will make certain adjustments to your planet. We have previously spoken of these. These too will cause some temporary adaptations. Be prepared and help those who do not yet understand. Earth is returning to her pristine, beautiful state. Humankind is returning to its state before the dark energy invaded your planet and modified you. Some will be see this as ascension; in reality it is a returning and new grounding. From there you will advance to be a planet of the cosmos.

All facets of your current context will be affected. Look to each other in preparation for our time of arrival. Examine for yourself how it would change your life. Do a little homework in anticipation of our arrival. Discuss it with others. (Bren Ton of Andromeda through Mark Kimmel, Nov. 20, 2008, at

With First Contact there will be clear and open discussions with you, using your conventional systems of communication. You will be left in no doubt as to our reason for being with you, and the plan for the remaining years of this cycle.

In us you will see your own future, as before long you will have elevated yourselves to our levels and your consciousness will have expanded accordingly. It is so essential that you let go of the old ways of thinking, as they are so rigid and holding you back. (Diane of Sirius, Nov. 10, 2008.)

This is a good time to mention something I have been thinking about. Readers who are familiar with my messages and the books know that I don't ever use the term "First Contact," and since it is in popular usage, you may have wondered why I don't. It's because it implies that there has been no contact between Earth humankind and other civilizations, and the truth is, only when no life at all existed on the planet have souls from other civilizations not been there.

When the planet was populated in ancient times, the peoples recognized those in their midst who were from other worlds, just as all who were knew their origins and heritage. In more recent times, most of Earth's peoples had lost the awareness that always some souls from higher civilizations were in the planetary population, and today only a comparative few know that a number of highly evolved souls have come from outer space to live and work alongside you.

For eons spaceships have traveled to your homeland planet, and for well over sixty years, thousands have been nearby, including mother ships whose occupants have been assisting Earth - without their help, her planetary body would have died and none of you would be there today. Although not reported in US media, elsewhere reported sightings of small craft have become almost ho-hum; and those kinds of crafts have long been landing in isolated areas where safety is certain, most often in the Far East and Latin America. Frequently the crews mingle with the residents, who intuitively know they are from distant homelands and welcome them. However, the visitors who met with your government leaders fifty or so years ago were not received in the peaceful spirit in which they came. Those who weren't killed were soundly rebuffed when they offered to share their technology in exchange for those heads of state halting all warfare and destroying instead of increasing their arsenals. (Matthew's Message, Oct. 22, 2008.)

So I don't know how the term "First Contact" was coined, and I must confess that I don't know exactly what it means to those who use it. However, I surmise that it refers to the day when greetings with handshakes and hugs can occur around the world and the long "cover-up" ends with thunderous shouts of Hooray! And that will indeed be momentous contact - it will be the first in most Earth humans' conscious memory. (Matthew's Messages, Oct. 22, 2008.)

The cleansing of the Earth means removing the lower energies and their manifestations, and as you have already seen, it cannot occur overnight.

Having said that we will instigate the changes in a series of projects that shall run along side each other. In that way it shall seem to you that progress is made very quickly. Dear Ones, we have planned for this particular period for a long time, and once we have established our presence, shall move on to the next announcement of open contact. (Atmos, Oct. 13, 2008.)

What is in store for you now bears little resemblance to life under the old Laws, and its restraints that have eroded your rights little by little until you have very few left. You seek fairness and justice, and conditions that take away the worries that plague decent people trying to make a comfortable life for themselves and their families. You should not be in poverty or lack the fundamental rights of access to assistance in such areas as housing and health. All of this will be placed on a new level through the fair distribution of wealth, and our assistance to enable your needs to be met very quickly.

Almost at a stroke our coming will release so much anxiety over your future. You will soon learn of our plan and understand how it will change your lives, and give you what you should have had many years ago. You have been deliberately kept down, and subjected to all manner of events intended to make you reliant upon your Government. They have far from alleviated any condition that was causing you concern, but rather exacerbated the situation for their own ends.

Your country is now bankrupt yet at one time it was extremely wealthy, but your wealth has been channelled into the families who have controlled your lives. Through manipulation and covert actions they have kept you in need, and at the same time spent your hard-earned dollars on war and politics to gain world control. Their actions are no longer secret but even so you will be shocked to learn the extent of their power, and the draconian and fearful measures they have used.

Some people have been easily fooled, and there remains a difficult period during which we will have to provide much evidence of what has been taking place in your name. That will not tax our ability to do so, and we shall make the truth known on a world-wide basis. Your media will be unable to stifle or hide the truth, and they have been as a guilty as anyone at hiding it.

In the future your leaders will be chosen for their honesty and integrity, and their spiritual awareness. They will speak openly and truthfully and shall intuitively know what is needed. Our presence will be as ones who assist in ensuring the new plan eventually works for all people wherever they are, and equality will be our byword as the standards of your lives are raised up. So many problems will be overcome in the first few months of our contact with you. (Diane of Sirius, Oct. 8, 2008, at .)

We of the Pleiadian civilisation are one of many races of beings that are space-bound. That is we have ships that can traverse the vast distances of space. The other space-bound races that we meet with that agree to a charter of Service to Other and non-intervention and so forth are invited to join an organisation called the Galactic Federation of Light.

The Galactic Federation has been quite directly involved in your planet in many, many ways for your planet's whole history. Of late we have been bringing a great many ships into the environment of your planet in order to assist with numerous subtle duties.

I can list a few: assisting with the balancing of your magnetosphere, working against your destructive tendencies by disallowing nuclear explosions and similar [events], beaming in and balancing frequencies of light that assist in the ascension process, severely curtailing the negative activities of other self-serving space races and so on and so on. The list is long.

The point is we have been here in the environs of your planet for a long time working very hard to assist in your welfare though you have not known about it. You see, we can work across different densities of existence and we confine ourselves to densities other than your own so that we are not observed. This has been important as our non-interventionist policies dictate that we do not force ourselves upon a population that does not ask, and is not ready, for our arrival. But now, in the last number of years, consciousness has been shifting on your planet. For many reasons.

One is that there have been appearances by other self-serving space-bound races on your planet. They are not party to our Galactic Federation charter and so they behave with impunity. They managed to arrange an agreement with the American government many years ago which basically gave them access to your planet in exchange for militarily-useful secrets. This has now backfired on them. They attempted to be stealthy in their interactions with earth humans but they made many errors. Your awareness of them and their ships picked up dramatically and caused your population to begin to ask questions.

Then, with the incoming light, consciousness on your planet has shifted radically. You are simply no longer willing to believe everything your governments tell you. You are no longer willing to be lead like lambs to the slaughter of the gods of fear and war. You think for yourselves and you ask questions.

So, along this path you began to remember lives amongst us out in the stars. Or you reached out to us in your minds. Or in a heightened state of awareness you opened your perception to our ships in the neighbouring densities. Whatever the case might be you began to become aware of us. We were waiting. We eagerly engaged with any that would welcome it. We encouraged such engagement with subtle inputs like the crop circle phenomenon.

And slowly the mind-set of earth inhabitants shifted. And now we are here at point where a significant number of earth's population are ready to know about our existence and are available to the possibility that we might be peaceful, loving and of positive intent. Despite all the power cabals efforts to paint us as bad and to be feared your people are ready to hear that we are of good intent. And so the time comes. We are ready to make a showing. We will do so soon. (Adamu, "Adamu Speaks," Aug. 11, 2008, in Jean Hudon e-mail, "The Writing on the Wall Series #59 (PART 6)," 24 Sept. 2008.)

First Peace Must Prevail

From 2009

We wish to openly come and visit you, but there has to be a certain level of peace already achieved. So we carefully watch the developments, and where possible help you through our allies. We want to see you already at a level of higher understanding which will bring the people together, as that is where your power lies. You are a formidable force for good when you have the same objectives in mind, and particularly when the Light inspires you. (Ker-on of Venus, Aug. 5, 2009.)

There will be no mass landing or appearance of the ships of the armada in the United States until the military no longer wishes to engage them in battle. This is for the safety of the humans of the planet. (Adrial, "Transition Events," Mark's Corner, May 11, 2009, at

The conditions upon Earth must be conducive to receiving us and our plans for your upliftment, and that means having the right people in power that we can trust to work with us. Clearly that situation does not exist yet, but the people are becoming more aware that they need changes of leadership and are working to that end.

People power is becoming more evident, and we can assure you that politicians are treading more carefully because of it. The consciousness of the people is changing, and it is awakening them to their true potential. They are also beginning to realize that they have power beyond their understanding. They are projecting their visions of the future, with the realization that it will help them manifest, and are speeding up their upliftment. (SaLuSa, Feb. 23, 2009.)

Our safety is not the real issue but yours is as the dark will have no scruples about removing those who get in their way. Of course we offer you protection, but sometimes you put yourselves in harm's way.

We must reiterate that we cannot just appear on Earth en masse without permission. (Atmos, Jan. 28, 2009.)

From 2008

The creation of peace is one of our conditions that are to be fulfilled, before we can openly arrive on Earth. However, once it has commenced, we will if necessary monitor and disarm those who go against the edicts that have brought peace to your world. This is not really a new approach by us, as for the last few centuries we have been allowed to intervene to prevent a worldwide catastrophe. It is in accordance with the divine command that you would not be allowed to destroy your Earth, which you have come near to doing on more than one occasion. (SaLuSa, Dec. 30, 2008.)

One of our most difficult tasks will to be bringing about of the end of the war machine. The energies that have built such a monster have to be channelled into a more neutral avenue of expression. We foresee many personnel making the transition to a peaceful organisation that will care for Earth and its people, and will be pleased to contribute to the Light.

Not every soul drawn to the work of the military powers is tied to the negative energies. Many in fact have viewed their work as in the interests of the protection of their country. There are of course others who revel in death and destruction, and to them will be offered the chance to be re-educated and find their Light within. (SaLuSa Nov. 24, 2008.)

Problems Standing in the Way of First Contact

From 2009

We are well aware of the ongoing plans of the dark Ones to create an incident with our craft. We can easily avoid it and you may rest easy at the thought of such a happening. ...

Our coming is an important factor in your preparation for Ascension, and that is why we have a deadline by which to get started. We cannot do more than say that it is not too far away, but the path has to be cleared before we can openly contact you with our first official landings on Earth. (SaLuSa, Sept. 16, 2009.)

Preparing you for our contact has not been easy, as for quite some time you have been misinformed about our Space Craft that have been seen in your skies, on land, and in the seas. We can come and go as we please, but are careful to approach it with consideration to the effect on your lives. Too much too soon would disrupt them, and you presently have much to do in keeping your eyes on what is going on around you. (SaLuSa, July 1, 2009.)

Ascension is the goal and our arrival will speed up your upliftment, whilst at the same time dealing with the need to bring Mother Earth up with you, as you will ascend together. (SaLuSa, April 17, 2009.)

There are many factors that determine when we finally make the announcements that will precede our coming. However, your desire to meet with us is a most important one, as it constitutes an invitation to join you. Bear in mind that hitherto, our approaches have been made direct with your Government, but each time our peace proposals have been rejected. Indeed, in recent times we have contacted all of the major powers, and also the Vatican in an attempt to convince such influential institutions of our peaceful intentions. (Diane of Sirius, Apr. 10, 2009.)

Nothing would please us more than to bring our plan forward, but there is a need to ensure that such enormous changes and revelations do not overwhelm you. It has to be remembered that the vast majority of people have little or no idea of what lies ahead. We must therefore carefully choose our opportunity to make open contact with you. (Diane of Sirius, Jan. 16, 2009.)

Feelings about First Contact

From 2008

Members of your space family have been looking forward for centuries, some even for millennia, to greeting their relatives residing on Gaia, but previously the peoples remained unawares as universal windows of opportunity opened and closed. This time is different - your planet has ascended out of that morass of unawareness, her residents are seeking ever greater enlightenment, and the harmonious mingling with space family finally is on the horizon.

We know you are eager to meet these souls who live far beyond, on or within your homeland planet, and we know also your mixed feelings: a tad of trepidation about how to approach them, gratitude for their assistance, curiosity about their appearance, interest in the identities of those who are living among you. You wonder where they will live after they arrive, what kinds of technology they will bring, and how long they will stay to help you rejuvenate Earth.

Think of going to a large family reunion for the first time in two decades. You don't know what to expect except that many in-laws and young people will be strangers because they came into the family during the years you couldn't attend, and others will have changed considerably with aging - will you even recognize them? So, even though you are glad you came, you feel somewhat uneasy; but very soon you get caught up in the joy of the occasion and the love flowing throughout the family group. See yourselves and your space brotherhood in both "sides" of that picture and know with certainty that this unique reunion, not all that far off, will have even greater excitement and ecstasy than you can imagine. (Matthew's Message, July 27, 2008.)

What Star Nations are Here?

From 2011

Once we have permission to openly land on Earth, you will eventually see representatives of many types of civilizations. Many will be humanoid but there are also others that are quite different, and all originate from the Source of All That Is. (SaLuSa, April 13, 2011.)

From 2008

Will wrote: How many [star nations] are interacting on Terra at this time? And what are their agendas?

Adamu: Again, your perspective is not mine. From my view there is far too much going on to even begin to address this question. Some races are more active then others. Some have only a passing interest some have though their actions radically altered the whole direction of your planetary story. Also, what does "now" mean? You think linearly and that makes the question very hard to answer for one that sees a greater picture. You see we act through time. We go backwards and forwards as suits us. And sideways too - we also act in parallel time lines. All these things which are not apparent to you. And because we see how every action in every part of time impacts every other we are a little confounded by a question such as "who is here now".

But I do understand what you are trying to get at and I will endeavor to answer this in the way you are asking it. Firstly there are a great many races that are passively observing. Pure curiosity as what occurs here is very special and unique.

Secondly there are a great many races here adding their light. They give energy and love so that things may move forward correctly and to the benefit of All. Do not underestimate the impact that this has!

Thirdly there are a few races that stand ready to act physically in your presence but have not done so before in your recorded history. These are beings like us. The Galactic Federation beings.

We include many races and some of those races are very closely related - sort of brothers and sisters of the same original parent race. Some you might recognize are us Pleiadians, the Sirians, the Arcturans, the Antarians, the Andromedans and those from Procyon, Aldebaran and Deneb. These are names I can place in my young friend's mind at this time. There are others. Also others from outside of this galaxy are here. And ones who are far above such consideration as "galactic neighbourhood" or even which universe you are from.

I can say this of all of these: uniformly their agenda is the loving advancement of you as a race and your planet as a whole. We wish for you to awaken to your membership of the brotherhood of all star races. When this occurs this raising of consciousness will ripple out and this entire galaxy will be uplifted. Your planet is the lynch-pin in the whole story.

Finally there is a group which has been very active in your planetary story. They have been up and down your history and tweaked and played with your planetary story in ways that would shock you if you but knew. They are not a unified group but I group them together by their actions and their mindset. They are the Service To Self races spoken about above. They have no compunction about coming into your planetary sphere and seeing it as a resource for them to plunder. I dare say, if the Galactic Federation were not here to curtail their activities they would a long time ago have made their presence unambiguously felt. In unpleasant ways.

They are yet learning that such actions only harm themselves. I hesitate to characterize races in this group as there are elements in every race that are awakened. Just as there are even Pleiadians that are not awakened. Yes, it's true. You may hear of some Pleiadians that have done some negative things. There are some. But I will concur with what is known amongst you that the members of the Grey race, the ones from Zeta Reticulum that have intervened with you, have not been of the most loving always.

But do have some compassion for them. They are a race that is in turmoil. They do not know how to find their connection with the divine. They do not know how to find immortality - or the survival of the soul after death. These things are beyond their grasp. It has to do with how they were created. And they believe they must find a way to integrate their consciousness with a humans body. It's a long and complicated story.

Then there are the Orion Whites, as they are called. These are from, I suppose one might say, your own far future. They are that which becomes of the Service To Self elements of your own planetary culture. They eventually ruin their planet with their activities and badly corrupt their own DNA with all their tinkering. Now they reach back into their own mythological past... to a time before things had gone completely hay-wire. And they find you. Some of them wish to understand you and see how things went as they did. Some of them wish to simply use you for a genetic mine and to continue on their somewhat messy path.

Then there are the Reptoids. Now, this is confusing because there is a race from Alpha Draconis and then they have a sort of a child race which was created on earth a long time ago - in fact these are more earthlings that you are! This other race lives in vast caverns beneath the ground at another density. But either way, the reptoids are the least likely to be your friend if you should meet with one. The others will probably engage with you if you try. They may bargain with you, discuss things. The Reptoids are not likely to do this. They have a rather violent streak and if they are in your presence it is because they want something. And if they want something that you have they will take it. Your continued breathing not being a consideration to them.

Finally, again, please understand that it actually goes quite deeply against the grain for me to make such generalizations and categorizations. There are a great many beings of every race that are very different from that specified above. To give some context... if someone from another galaxy asked what the "Humans from Planet Earth" are like. How do you think you would be described? What would the generalization of your race be like? Think for a minute how you treat your own race... How you treat your planet... How you treat other races you come into contact with - like the planet's animals, like the spaceships that have for no apparent reason had missiles fired at them... I could go on. Your race would be given a very poor report card. You'd be labeled violent, destructive, traumatized and insane. So are you this? Is there not a single being of light and love amongst you? Of course there are! A great many. And so you see my point. There is a little light even in the darkest night and a little shadow even in the brightest day. (Adamu, "Adamu Speaks," 7 Sept. 2008, at

Will wrote: Could you give us the Pleaidean perspective on other Star Races ... and other Star cultures?

Adamu: [he smiles] Not without writing many, many encyclopaedias worth of data. Or even many libraries worth. I can tell you this: As my consciousness expands so I encounter more and more life. You on earth peer out to the stars and ponder "is there life out there?". I tell you there is nothing BUT life out there! You are in for a wonderful surprise very shortly. You are about to be introduced to your galactic family. In time you will meet more and more and more life-forms from all over the galaxy. And then you'll begin to gain the awareness that EVERYTHING in the galaxy is actually a life-form. Your planet, the stars... all of it is actually alive. The galaxy is alive. And wherever you go you find life. You reside in one density. So you think that your solar system is almost sterile but for the life on your planet. If you could see as we do you'd know that there is much life in your solar system. Truly. And your own planet? You think you are the only so-called intelligent life form? You are not. Firstly because you vastly underestimate the other life forms you are aware of and secondly because your planet has much more going on in the other dimensions than you are aware of.

So this is simply to let you know that there are a great many races and cultures in the galaxy. And our friendships and connections extend a great distance beyond this galaxy. In fact the Galactic Federation of Light to which we Pleiadians belong has made connections in other galaxies with beings that have similar ideals and have forged even wider alliances based upon a common understanding of the Oneness of All.

Given all that how shall I begin to characterize what is "out there"? Who shall I tell you of? Where shall I begin? Instead I will simply tell you this. We, the Pleiadian culture are, for the most part, of unity consciousness. That means we see all other beings as brothers or, more correctly, as another manifestation of a greater Self. So we say, no matter who you are, you are I and I am you. Some cultures we see in a state of pain. Sometimes they are so confused and traumatized that they attack and attempt to destroy themselves. Such as has often happened on your planet and continues to happen in many parts.

Sometimes the "self" they attack is another space race as has happened throughout galactic history. Our galaxy is littered with war zones, old and new. There are many races here that still do not know their oneness with all. And such races are, I'm afraid, prone to aggression. And that is how I would characterize the races and the cultures: to simply divide them into Unity Consciousness and Non-Unity Conscious races. You might have heard, we often speak in terms of Service To Other and Service To Self mindsets. Well these things correlate very well because if you are of Unity Consciousness then you cannot but have a Service To Other mindset. Can you see that?

So Unity Conscious races will always try to do the very best thing they can to the benefit of All, including you. Non-Unity Conscious ones will try to do the best for themselves no matter what that does to you.

There are some races that have had dealings with your planet that are of the Non-unity Conscious mindset. They have caused some damage to your view of your star brothers. But that is being turned to the good now. Soon all shall see. (Adamu, "Adamu Speaks," Sept. 7, 2008, at

The Pleiadians

From 2012

According to myth, the hunter Orion was in love with the SEVEN SISTERS and pursued them until the gods took them to safety, transforming them first into doves, and then into stars. Maia, the eldest of the seven Pleiades, gave birth to Hermes (Thoth). The Pleiades are a well-known sight in the Northern Hemisphere in winter and in the Southern Hemisphere in summer, and have been known since ancient times to cultures all around the world. Early Dakota stories speak of the ancestors as being the Pleiades. The Hopis called the Pleiadians the 'Chuhukon', meaning those who cling together.

They considered themselves direct descendents of the Pleiadians.

Navajos named the Pleiades the 'Sparkling Suns', the home of the 'Black God'. The Iroquois pray to them for happiness. The Cree claim to have come to Earth from the stars in spirit form first and then became flesh and blood. Some Native Americans believed that all tribes in North America came from the Pleiades. That they were actually descendents and had been given a task by the Pleiadians to keep the Earth safe. (The Pleiadians through Gillian MacBeth-Louthan, "Mirror Mirror - May 20th, 2012." April 2012, at )

The Purpose of Stargates

From 2010

Let us speak more of stargates, the various views about their purpose: Portals opened in antiquity by civilizations who came to Gaia; openings that motherships can pass through; areas where spacecraft crews observe happenings on the planet; channels through which our space family's technology operates successfully; safety zones for "walk-ins" from other civilizations to enter; energy vortexes through which light from far distant sources is beamed to raise the vibrations of lands or seas dense with negativity; locations of intensified light that help to anchor light on the planet. There is some validity in each of those views, and we also see stargates as parts of the protective light grid surrounding your planet that serve like beacons for the souls in free spirit and astral travelers between Earth and Nirvana. (Matthew's Message, Feb. 14, 2010,.)

What Contact will be Like

From 2010

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and when we can finally carry out open visits to Earth, you will meet many members of the Galactic Federation. The initial meetings will be with those who have the strongest links with you. Consider that you are all Space Beings in origin, and it is your families that wait their chance to be introduced to you again. (SaLuSa, Oct. 29, 2010.)

We know that with our coming and contact with you, it will also have an uplifting effect on you. You will see in us yourselves, and just being in our presence will allow you to experience the higher vibrations of love.

We say this in no way that is boasting; neither do we consider ourselves above you. We are simply souls who are coming to you from levels that are so different to what you are used to on Earth. It is very much like the times of Jesus, the Buddha and other Masters that have walked the Earth, with auras that gave out a powerful energy of love that enshrouded those around them.

You too are much the same, except your vibrations tend to be much lower and not so evident. Yet, when you meet someone who has developed a higher consciousness, you can feel the peace and love they carry with them.

Developing to that degree requires dedication to keep focused on your goal, and detach yourself from the lower vibrations. There has never been quite such a grand opportunity to do so as now, with the extremely high energies being received on Earth. (SaLuSa, June 11, 2010, at .)

We see the majority of you ready to respond positively to our presence, and many more will accept us because of the various problems that are besetting you and your Earth. You would clearly benefit from our help right now, but for the time being you will have to wrestle with them yourselves. However, as always we strive to keep a balance for you, so that matters do not get out of hand. (SaLuSa, May 5, 2010.)

From 2009

With sightings of spacecraft increasing, it is natural that prominent in many minds are questions about the civilizations surrounding your planet. The reply to When will they land? is the same as we have given before: When safety is assured for them and for all of you.

How can we be certain all of the aliens who come are friendly?

The light grid around Earth permits entry by light beings only; even if dark entities wanted to enter, they cannot approach the brilliance of that grid.

Will the human-looking ETs already on Earth keep that appearance after they identify themselves or will they shift into their original bodies?

If there was no change at all in their appearance, it is not very likely that you would believe they are from a different civilization simply on the basis of that claim; therefore we think they will choose to introduce themselves as they are in their homelands. Part of soul growth is accepting differences in peoples' physical appearances as naturally as you do the differences in flowers and animals. And you may be quite surprised to learn that in other lifetimes, you looked just like some of the helpful visitors because they are your ancestors. (Matthew's Message, June 24, 2009,.)

Contact ... has been pre-arranged prior to your birth on Earth. Behind each one is a special reason, and often it is associated with your relationship to them. You become their link with Earth, and meet many times through out of the body experiences - although you may not necessarily have a waking memory of them.

Your ancient history is littered with references to contact with extraterrestrials and their craft, and there are quite a number to be found that took place in the last few centuries. In days of old superstition was rife and contacts were misinterpreted, and sometimes attributed to the devil. Even now there are such beliefs, but with our coming they will be swept away.

Some of our non-human members may be odd looking to you, but they certainly do not look like your ideas of devils. Mankind has a long held fear of the unknown, and so often explains it away as the work of some evil entities. It is for this reason that our initial contact with you will be through civilisations like our own, who are very human looking.

We understand your feelings, and have gone to great lengths to ensure that we approach you in an acceptable way. First Contact will largely comprise of civilisations that have been closely linked to you for eons of time. Ask your selves Dear Ones, why should you look so similar to us in your stature and general features? The answer is that many other Star civilisations have had a hand in your genetic evolution. Humans are not the result of some chance happening, but deliberate planning to raise your levels of consciousness. (SaLuSa, Mar. 27, 2009.)

From 2008

Know that when you walk amongst us as you will in time, you will experience exactly to what I have referred as you will be in the higher vibrations. This applies to all members of the Galactic Federation, as they have only gained membership through their proven allegiance to the Light. When you meet them you will forget the difference in their appearances, and "feel" their Love and Light and realise you are with enlightened souls. (SaLuSa, Dec. 8, 2008.)

Characteristics of our Ships and Bases

The Nature of Our Ships

From 2012

Our ships vary in size and structure, and each and very Light Ship and Mothership of course is constructed uniquely to fit the wants and needs of the souls inhabiting such ships.

Our ships [for many] are our personal homes, and while many of us take refuge and home on the many Motherships established throughout this beautiful Creation, we also take to personalizing our own small craft.

For the many of us who Live on the many Motherships which we perform all of our work on, we see these ships as our homes and our smaller craft as our cars, only of course these 'cars' can travel throughout Creation in the blink of an eye, and we are not limited to experiencing just one or just a few areas of your Cosmos, rather we are able to access any area of this beautiful Creation that is not blocked off for special reasons....

Each race of the Federation have their own Starships and Motherships, and being free and prosperous beings as we are, we are able to Create and use any type of ship that we wish to.

As such, we have taken to being quite creative with our many ships that many of you have begun to notice in your skies. While we have the cloaking feature on all of our ships as needed, we have also taken to purposefully constructing many ships that look exactly like the common clouds in your skies, and we have stationed many Motherships that are both cloaked to look like clouds and that have been built to look like clouds, and this goes with our smaller starships well.

We can truly take any and every form we wish to take whilst inhabiting your skies, and while the vast majority of all of us who are inhabiting your skies at this time are indeed cloaked and hidden, those of us who are showing ourselves are doing so in very careful yet direct way in many cases, so that it can be known that we are indeed in your skies and we are working for the ascension of Earth in direct ways, but not in ways that will interfere with the general freewill of humanity too directly and this is why we are again, careful about showing ourselves.

More recently we have taken to appearing in your skies in a bit more hidden yet out in the open manner, and with that admission we implore you to pay attention to the signs you are given in your skies of our presence, for there are many.

Those large, bulbous clouds in your sky that look oddly like ships, the smaller yet equally ship-like clouds in your sky, those bright 'stars' that remain stationary for the most part but that can be seen moving back and forth and up and down occasionally, these and many other forms we have been and are taking. ...

The technology that you will be given will be so personal to yourselves, to your hearts, and you will instantly feel a Loving bond with this technology as it is consciousness itself. Our Motherships and Starships are in fact consciousness, and are in many ways beings of their own who have simply taken a different form.

It is very similar to how your Earth who hosts your Lives is a Living, conscious being, as our Starships and Motherships willingly agree to host us and have us Live within them, and the Loving and happy bond that is sustained with our Starships and Motherships is that of a family type of bond.

When you will hear the term Pleiadian Mothership or Pleiadian Starship, you will know that we mean just that because the very essence and spirits of our many star and Motherships are indeed Pleiadian.

There are many souls from one of the many worlds in our star system who upon ascending into higher states of consciousness and becoming familiar with the advanced and Lighted technology accompanying our Councils, actually decided to 'birth' their spirits and consciousness into that of a fully functional Mothership or Starship.

There are souls whom some of us have known for so very long as dear friends and family, who have chosen to take the ascended form of a Pleiadian Starship or Mothership and this is so as well for many races in this beautiful Federation of worlds.

Daily and moment-by-moment Life on these ships are similar to the Lives that many you lead, as we are not limited in any way to any experience despite the fact that we are in your atmosphere or out in space on a Starship or Mothership.

In fact, the majority of the jobs that we perform on Earth would not be able to be done without the help and the aid of our ships, as they are so very crucial in getting us around and in helping us perform the cleansing work that is seeing the ascension of Gaia take off in marvelous ways.

These ships Love us and we Love them, and the bonds that are sustained between us and our ships are truly stronger than can be fathomed.

We do not see these ships as simple technology Created by us that we must use and dominate, rather this technology aboard our craft and our craft alike are beautiful beings just like us, simply inhabiting a different form than we are while assisting us tremendously in bringing about so very many endeavors for the Light.

Any soul on Earth can communicate directly with our ships through your mental and emotional channels, and many souls on your world have in fact already been doing so and we implore you all to continue on in such efforts as the sooner you are able to get to better know our craft and how our craft are not inanimate technology but are themselves consciousness, the sooner that you will be able to be expanded enough and better able to work with our craft. ...

You will be prepared to inhabit and fly around with not just our Starships, but with Starships of your own and you will become familiar and accompany yourselves with these beings who are these ships.

You will find great friends, allies and even guides in the spirits that are our ships. We have even in these times looked to our Motherships and the very essence that make up our Motherships for guidance and advice on many issues, be them localized to Earth or in relation to many other events occurring throughout the Universe at this time.

Think not of our craft as anything similar or near to the conventional airplanes and such that you have been used to in your current society, and think of them instead as great conscious beings whom you can ride all throughout Creation in.

This is why many of your ancient civilizations interpreted us as visiting your world on flying mythical dragons, birds and beasts, because we went to great lengths to explain to them and to show them that our craft are fully conscious beings who you can fly around inside and Live inside.

They of course took this interpretation and integrated it into their art, as your ancient civilizations were not 'stupid' and were rather very Creative and encoded the messages of our craft for the civilizations of your later history who would discover their drawings and writings about such things.

Such civilizations that have been contacted by us and by other races comprising the Galactic Federation were shown and had explained to them so very much about us and our ships, and with the many of you starting your own blogs, shows and other outlets of getting this information of us out and as well as with the various channels [we are speaking through] we have established the link of our energies to humanities at this time and the very knowledge [of us and our ships] is beginning to come back to you once again, and is beginning to reach the fore of your perception and memory. (The Pleiadian High Council, "Consciousness of our Craft and our Earthly Lineage, channeled through Wes Annac, April 21, 2012, at

The Galactic Federation has quite clearly informed you that in the course of time, many "tourist" trips aboard our craft will be arranged. So there is no need to rush yourselves to be part of the first trips of this nature, there will be plenty of time to enjoy them once we are openly allowed to contact you.

Some of our Motherships are like enormous cities, and will have no difficulty in dealing with the large numbers of you that would jump to the opportunity to visit one. It will all be part of our intention to bring us closer together, and dispel any fears about us that may still remain. It allows us to give you a look at what advanced technologies will do for you in the very near future. After all, we are your future selves, and you will need to quickly bridge the gap brought about by the deliberate suppression of technologies that would have long ago launched you into the 21st. Century. (SaLuSa, Feb. 8, 2012.)

Many options are open to you after Ascension, and many will join the Galactic Fleets. For some it will be where you will meet your true family, as most members stay on board the Motherships for hundreds of years and it becomes their natural home. In some sections of them there is little to show that you are on a Space Craft, and everything is created for you to feel at home.

It is not like military service, but more relaxing and designed for maximum comfort and happiness. In fact weaponry is used purely in a defensive nature, but is not for destructive purposes unless it is as last resort to repel attacks. Even so we remove life forms first as occurred when you lost a shuttle immediately after take-off. We respect all life and have many different means of protecting ours, and can place a protective shield around our craft if necessary or an invisibility cloak. In fact such a use is why you do not see all of the craft that fill your skies. (SaLuSa, Feb. 15, 2012.)

It is worth mentioning that our Motherships are what you might call airborne cities and able to remain stationed over your Earth for extremely long periods. They contain absolutely everything needed to exist normally, and it is an enjoyable and satisfying existence. (SaLuSa, Jan. 18, 2012.)

From 2011

At our level you will find that on board our ships the atmosphere is so restful and uplifting. We have nothing that will create discord and all operates with a continual feeling of joy and happiness. For example nothing we use gives off harmful energies, and that includes the natural lighting that comes from the ship. In fact all sources are clean, and operate with energy that is freely available.

Where outside sources are concerned, our ships are protected from what would otherwise be harmful rays. The ships also have a level of natural consciousness, and are able to automatically deal with these problems. Even you scientists understand such possibilities, having back engineered some of the captured or crashed craft. (SaLuSa, July 1, 2011.)

We continue to draw nearer to you, not that you may necessarily notice as we keep many of our craft shrouded in a cloak of invisibility. How exciting it will be when we can at last be open in our activities on and off your Earth. Our mission at present is one of a holding nature, until we have secured a safe environment and skies that are free of any threat against us. These matters cannot be dealt with very quickly, as it requires orders from people of the top echelons to ensure our safety.

It is not that we are really at risk, but we cannot operate in an atmosphere of tension and malice. We refrain at all times from confrontation, and take evading action when we are threatened. [Even though] we have advanced technologies we do not use them to overpower people, but to protect ourselves. The Galactic Federation is a peaceful organization that promotes peace and cooperation between civilizations. (SaLuSa, Feb. 18, 2011.)

Such craft [Motherships] are so large that they are in fact the cities of the skies, and you would hardly realize that you were on one. They are so complete and with technologies that supply all of our needs, so that we can travel for several years and be self-supporting. (SaLuSa, Feb. 4, 2011.)

From 2010

You might wonder about our ability to build Space craft of enormous size, and we can tell you that it is achieved with robotic or automated means. There is no wastage and the materials are selected for their high quality and reliability. As members of the Galactic Federation, we share our knowledge and technologies so that all can benefit.

It is not our way to try to outdo each other, and although we have to incorporate means of self-defense, our craft are not war machines. As we often inform you, our larger ships are like cities in Space, and we can replicate any type of environment within them. Coming on board, you would most likely fail to realize that you were indeed upon one of our ships. (SaLuSa, June 14, 2010.)

We are the silent and mostly invisible forces of Light that are so much closer to you than you realise. That will of course change when we can fully uncloak our craft, and you will be in awe at the size of some of our ships. The every largest will stay well outside of Earth, but you shall observe some that are many miles in diameter and carry many small scout craft, that are suited for use in your atmosphere.

The outer ring of ships are much in the way of a protective barrier, to ensure that unwelcome visitors are not allowed to interfere with your evolution. Apart from the Galactic Federation, very few Beings from other civilisations are given permission to enter your atmosphere or land on Earth. Usually they are crews on a scientific expedition, and sometimes from another Universe. (SaLuSa, May 21, 2010.)

Those of you that remember visiting our craft will agree that they contain all possible creature comforts, and in some instances such as the Large Motherships are self-contained cities. They are an example of what you can expect, and it will be a quantum leap into the future. (SaLuSa, March 8, 2010, at

From 2009

We are in possession of a fine fleet due to far-advanced intelligence and superior technology that derive from our fuller brain usage than your current civilization. This is not spoken egotistically, Mistress Suzy, only factually. Our power for fuel, heat, lighting - all needs - comes directly from sources provided by God. (Extraterrestrial Icarus in Matthew's Message," Aug. 21, 2009 at .

From 2008

Very soon many of you will be invited to meet us on board our Federation ships. There are many different types, and you will be amazed at the cities that are created on our Motherships. Some of you will also be overwhelmed by the tranquil energies and upliftment given by them. It is a taste of what you will find everywhere in the higher dimensions. (Atmos, Nov, 21, 2008, at

Clouds and Cloudships

From 2009

We are among these lighted beings and are the forefathers of some of your own human selves. We are from a planetary system in a constellation named Orion. There is no individual aspect of our civilization, but there is perfect harmony in the rhythmic motion of our searching ever toward the light.

We have evolved into the needlessness of physical bodies, and our advancements in intelligence and spiritual truth-knowing has enabled us to materialize in thin strata formations that represent the cumulative soul essence and minds of billions of souls.

We understand that it is difficult for you to think of intelligent beings as odd cloud formations, yet we are in this appearance of proximity to Earth to exert the force required for maximum assistance.

We are one of the civilizations working on behalf of your physical survival, which is one of the most important aspects of what you call "the cleansing."

Please remember that only a few such as yourself, who are anticipating otherworld helpers, will see anything other than frequent cloud formations in unusual configurations.

The clouds will be your stratus-cirrus variety with "puffs" where an energy vortex is required to lessen the intensity of pollution from the chemicals and other toxins in your soil, water and atmosphere. (Prometheus in Matthew's Message, Aug. 21, 2009, at

Our Bases

From 2012

We have bases upon Earth, and also our allies who are of the Inner Earth and will eventually emerge to meet you again.

There are also bases on the sea bed, some of which have operated for thousands of years. They have allowed us great seclusion and privacy away from prying eyes, by being sited out of reach of your submarines and robotic searchers. Some bases are extremely large and self supporting, and can house hundreds of personnel.

Some of our bases are deep within Mountains and quite safe from your probing. The entrances are not visible and that keeps out the curious. They were more active in past times when we met and helped local inhabitants, and such meetings have been recorded by them. So you see, Dear Ones, that whilst there are people pressing for disclosure, someone intent on finding the evidence of our visits to Earth would not have difficulty in doing so. (SaLuSa, Jan. 18, 2012.)


The Human Physical Form

From 2010

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and when we can finally carry out open visits to Earth, you will meet many members of the Galactic Federation. The initial meetings will be with those who have the strongest links with you. Consider that you are all Space Beings in origin, and it is your families that wait their chance to be introduced to you again. (SaLuSa, Oct. 29, 2010.)

You will find that Galactic Federation members are no strangers to your early evolution, and in fact have had more than a hand in it. There is more of a connection between us than you might imagine, and we have had a part to play in your genetic engineering resulting in what you are today. When you get to see the various types of Beings in our Federation, you will marvel at how many have a close resemblance to how you look now. (SaLuSa, May 5, 2010.)

From 2009

We stand amongst those who are most like the human form, and we could easily pass as one of you. (Ker-On of Venus, March 4, 2009, at

From 2008

I am SaLuSa of Sirius, and along with the Pleiadians and Venusians we are very much like you in appearance. After all, you are genetically linked with us and we have more in common than you might imagine. Many of you are aware of other humanoid forms, and these are simply variations that are more suited to the different planetary conditions.

Bodies are vehicles that house your soul for the duration of your time in any one environment. Soon yours will change again, as you move into the higher vibrations and indeed for some of you they have already begun. (SaLuSa, Oct. 27, 2008.)

There's a family here, there's an entourage here who came to see you sitting in the chairs. We're the ones right now who are going to pick up the bowls of tears that we've been using to wash your feet. You're not Humans, you know? You're family! ... That's why we love you the way we do. (Kryon, "The Shift is Here," Oct. 20, 2008, at


The human body shows up in the galaxy on every planet where life can form. It's a natural evolution. Some might get there by an insect; some might get there by a lizard; some might get there by mammals like we do; some might get there by cetaceans; some might get there even by vegetation, apparently. (David Wilcock, Project Camelot Interviews David Wilcock, Part 2 of 4, at

The Non-Human Physical Form

From 2011

Once we have permission to openly land on Earth, you will eventually see representatives of many types of civilizations. Many will be humanoid but there are also others that are quite different, and all originate from the Source of All That Is. (SaLuSa, April 13, 2011.)

From 2009

We are sending you our image. As you see, we are not humanoid in appearance, but only in our natural habitat do we appear tall, rangy, silver and very, very thin, with large eyes and long nimble fingers. We do not much care for the "spider" of your thought, but it is your comparison and so we accept it.

We can embody to look exactly like any form we imagine or wish to imitate, including just like you. That is how many of us are among you already and you are not the least bit aware of it! We are assisting in the cleansing by being in influential positions so we can make a difference in decisions that affect the environment, the pollution and industries, and in other ways that can reduce the negativity on Earth and therefore reduce the destruction of terra firma and seas.

We are part of a force in Earth human disguise that cannot openly declare its presence or purpose, which is the very salvation of your planet! We would like to be known as who we are naturally and no longer hide among you. However, it is not yet time according to our messages directly from God, who rules all major decisions in this universe and has His own timetable for optimum benefits to all concerned. (Icarus in Matthew's Message, Aug. 21, 2009.)

Our Bodies do not Age or Decay

From 2009

We do not have bodies that suffer in the way yours do, as we have ones of Light that maintain their condition, and we are quite safe in our ships from areas in Space that pose radiation dangers. (Ag-Agria, June 12, 2009, at

We live for hundreds of years in our bodies, because they do not "die" of old age as yours do. (Ag-Agria, June 12, 2009, at

From 2008

We have exceptionally long life spans which are normal within the higher dimensions. We have bodies that do not decay as yours, and can replace them as required should we desire to do so. It is because our matter vibrates at a much higher speed, and is not as heavy as yours. At our levels of existence the lower vibrations cannot exist, so we are not subject to the problems that beset you. (SaLuSa of Sirius, October 20, 2008, at

Conditions of Service

From 2009

Our lives are spent on board our Motherships that are sometimes as large as your cities, and you would not realise that such a complete existence was possible. There are times when you come to our ships, and have found that they replicate everything you could possibly find on land. In fact every possible amenity you could desire is there for your comfort.

The Universe is our playground that gives us many adventures, but it is all for a purpose so that we can serve others who like you are evolving in the lower vibrations. We act out of love for all life, and never tire of our responsibilities. (SaLuSa, Oct. 7, 2009, at

As members of the Galactic Federation we do not have jobs such as you would understand them. Of course we do occupy ourselves by doing what we are best at, and are members of teams that have a full understanding of their individual responsibilities. Unlike you, we do not have to work for a living as all of our needs are totally catered for on board our craft. However, like some of you on Earth we see our time as freely given in service to others.

We do specialise in our particular field of interest, and it is our choice as to what we do. We spend a comparatively short time reaching the standards required to fulfil our tasks, as our educational systems are far advanced. We are effectively programmed in whatever it is we wish to learn, very much like your computers. You spend many years studying and taking exams, but that is unnecessary the way that we operate. Our methods will also be yours at some stage in the future, and we can tell you that life is wonderful and very rewarding. (Ag-Agria, June 12, 2009, at

Automation and Robots

From 2012

We are entering what will be for us an extremely busy period, but we cannot be overwhelmed by any circumstances because we have fleets of millions of crafts and of course the personnel to operate them. In fact so many of our needs are automated, that we can spend our time doing the specialized work we are equipped for at this most important time.

Even functions such as maintenance are carried out by robotic Beings that have such a high level of consciousness, that they can reason and make decisions of their own. Naturally our sophisticated computers are heavily involved in the operation of our ships, and also the mission of the fleet as a whole. You are aware that everything on Earth also has a degree of consciousness, but in your much heavier vibrations it cannot fully function. So it is not a necessarily a big step forward to accept what we have told you. (SaLuSa, Feb. 8, 2012.)

We have computers with a level of consciousness that is so advanced, that you can have quite intelligent conversations with them. You have experience of automation, but we have taken it to a degree that would astound you, and you will enjoy your visits to our ships trying to work out how they operate. For some of you it will seem familiar, as you visit us during your sleep state but have a closed memory of it when you return to your body. (SaLuSa, Feb. 5, 2012.)

Life Aboard

From 2009

We can if required travel to the outer limits of space, and inter-dimensional journeys make it possible in the shortest time. We can spend the equivalent to many of your lifetimes aboard our ships, as we do not age and can retain our present body for 1000 years or so if necessary. It may sound strange, but the Motherships in the Galactic Federation are really like floating cities in Space. They can cater for all of our needs and we want for nothing.

What you would conceive as work is a pleasure, and in no way laborious such as many of your jobs are. We have ample time for personal pursuits, and what you would call entertainment. However, in no way does it promote war or such negative subjects, as nothing of a low vibration has any place with us. (Ker-On, July 3, 2009, at

Because we are Space Beings our interests are somewhat different to yours, although subjects such as Biology and Science are simply expanded to a Cosmic level. Some of our Mother Ships contain all that a small city would have, and special areas where you can carry out research and experiments. You can also tap into a pool of knowledge on any subject you can imagine, as "live" records exist in the holographic form. Talking books are available and printed ones are no longer necessary, as micro-chipped information has taken their place. (Ag-Agria, June 12, 2009, at

Knowledge is Shared

From 2009

Bear in mind we have the benefit of thousands upon thousands of years experience available to us from our Federation members. Sharing of knowledge is considered to be quite normal and essential to help others with their evolution. It is a lesson you still have to learn, as the Creator intended that it should be so. On Earth you seek monetary gain from holding knowledge but that approach must change, and when you take a different view even money itself will gradually become unnecessary. (Ag-Agria, June 12, 2009, at


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