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The Pause

From 2020

The lockdowns are giving people time to re-access where their lives are going and for what purpose. Depending on the outcome, it will go a long way to setting them on a path that will either end in their Ascension, or a continuance of life in the lower vibrations for further experiences that are aimed at lifting their vibrations. A successful outcome would ensure that they are ready to ascend at the very next opportunity. Naturally, such souls would get every help to succeed and are never left alone to face the challenges set before them. ...

We tell you in broad terms what is to come and as you work through the next period of change, it will all be in anticipation of being able to put all that is no further use behind you to welcome the new opportunities that will come. The future is very bright and welcoming so do not despair because of the unusual time you are in now, it will not last too long and will gradually settle down. Stay strong and resolute knowing the present period will slowly come to an end, and the new will take over. (Mike Quinsey's Higher Self Message, Nov. 20, 2020.)

We are watching and waiting for the right opportunities to bring you even more of the downloads, upgrades & activations that you have been asking for and that we know you need to thrive there on Earth.

But if you continue to disempower yourselves by exploring the latest conspiracy theory, then you are going to be closed off to what could ultimately help you and everyone else on Earth avoid that scenario that someone is blogging about.("The 9D Arcturian Council: Downloads, Upgrades & Activations Leading to Dec. 21st," November 15, 2020, at

One of the reasons why we tell you to tune out from all that is being speculated about on the Internet is because when you are in your heads and out of your bodies, you are not very receptive.

When you are tense, or even afraid, you are not very receptive.

When you are angry about something that may or may not happen, you are not very receptive.

When you are angry about something that isn’t even true in your reality, you are also not very receptive.

That is why we will continuously invite you to do what brings you the most joy, what lights you up and turns you on.

We will continue to invite you to look within yourselves, to connect with nature and Mother Earth, and we will do so because we know that when you are in a more relaxed or more joyous state, you are far more receptive to what you want and what we want to give you. ("The 9D Arcturian Council: Downloads, Upgrades & Activations Leading to Dec. 21st," November 15, 2020, at

They are, of course, aspects of the collective ‘stuff’ that is arising to be released, as humanity moves through the awakening process, as is also the chaos, uncertainty, confusion, disagreement, and vociferous divisive argumentation that you see reported in the news, and which is also constantly being repeated on all the social media channels.

Do not spend time there because it drains your own energy fields and adds to the collective and damaging divisiveness. Instead, go within – even if you do not get any sense that it is meaningful or worthwhile for you to do so – because when you do you strengthen and intensify your individual energy fields so that they can integrate more fully and effectively with the Tsunami of Love.

You are all extremely powerful beings, even though you probably do not feel this, and when you individually set the intention to be only loving, whatever may arise in your own individual lives, or worldwide, it is exceedingly effective, and, of course, you incarnated to be in form precisely to do this at this moment in humanity’s evolution or, more accurately, its return to knowing itself as Reality. ("Saul Through John: Not one of you is here by chance, by force of circumstance," November 14, 2020, at

This Pause gives you the time, the critical time, to go deeply within your heart and truly examine what lies there. This Pause that I give you, gives the time to be the observer. You have done the participant; now be the observer and look to behaviours, look to attitudes, look to kindness, to sweetness, to fairness. Do not delude yourself on one side or the other with conspiracy theories. You are living in the country of St Germaine based on freedom and equality and a democratic process that allows for the expression of choice…of your freewill choice – that has not been interfered with…and it will not be!

So this is your time to come into yourself and forgive yourself for righteous attitudes, for blame and shame and guilt…and then to forgive everyone involved. Then to turn the page, not through violence, not through disinformation or misinformation but claiming your co-creative, human, Gaian, angelic, star-being creative power, to bring forth worlds that work. (The Divine Mother through Linda Dillon, “Universal Mother Mary – My Divine Pause and the American Elections,” Nov. 8, 2020 at

I come this day to speak about change, to speak about constancy, and to speak about how I am using my Divine Pause… and I use and I am using the example of the American elections, the presidential elections, to speak to you of this, to use this example so that you will begin to comprehend what is transpiring. And how I am embracing you, and welcoming you, and giving you the time and space to be in the sacred vessel of your heart, to be in the center of your divine knowing, of your divine authority, and the truth, the beauty, the grace of who you are.

So, let us begin, and simply know that I am using my Pause all over this planet. So, I merely choose this situation for purposes of demonstration… but we will cover that as well.

Sweet angels, if you had had a victor, a winner, of this particular election, at this particular time, what would you have done… regardless of your leanings, your political beliefs, not truths… what would you have done? Well, I will tell you: The collective on this side or that side of the great divide would claim victory, ascendency, and they would say, “We were right!” And the divide, this fission in the collective heart of humanity would merely continue.

When I have said to you, when we have last visited, that I am in creation mode… and I do not create illusion, or separation, isolation, pain, suffering… what did you think I was talking about? For decades, indeed, for eons, we have explained to you… not tried to explain… explained to you that we do not work, we do not exist, in a framework of hierarchy. There are not humans, and then angels, and then archangels and seraphim, and then the glorious One. We are completely united… in heart, in mind, in will, in essence.

So, upon your planet as you emerge from the birthing canal, as you emerge as Nova Gaian and Nova Being, building, creating, co-creating with us Nova Earth, there can be no separation, there can be no hierarchy, there can be no control over… and that includes the desire to have control over… that is as grievous an atrocity as you can imagine. There have been many missteps, much misinformation on all sides of this undertaking, and the illusions, the lies, and the truth is and will be revealed.

It is time for you, not only as Gaians but as inter-galactic, galactic citizens, to claim that truth… not with judgment, not with a sense of ascendency, of unbalanced righteousness, but with a deep, profound sense of collective love. Hatred, yes, I speak of hatred, this is the abomination. Hatred does not create… it simply tears down, deconstructs, separates, and creates veils of illusion. We have removed these veils of your old third-dimensional reality some time ago. Why, on Gaia or anywhere else, would you wish to reconstruct them?

This Pause gives you the time, the critical time, to go deeply within your heart and truly examine what lies there. This Pause that I give you gives you the time to be the observer… you have done the participant, now be the observer and look to behaviors, look to attitudes, look to kindness, to sweetness, to fairness.

Do not delude yourself again on one side or the other with conspiracy theories. You are living in the country of St. Germaine based on freedom, and equality, and a democratic process that allows for the expression of choice… of your free will choice. That has not been interfered with… and it will not be!

So, this is your time to come into yourself and forgive yourself for righteous attitudes, for blame, and shame, and guilt… and then, to forgive everyone involved. And then, to turn the page, not through violence, not through dis- or misinformation but claiming your co-creative, human, Gaian, angelic, star-being, your creative power to bring forth worlds that work. (“Linda Dillon: Universal Mother Mary – My Divine Pause and the American Elections,” November 7, 2020, at

You know, one of the ways in which the Mother is utilising the various phases of the Pause… well, She did not release the Covid, but She is certainly using the situations that have been created by humans – as error, not as Plan – to make sure that people are calm, that they are staying home, that they are evaluating, re-evaluating, and then re-evaluating again: “What is truth? What anchors the feeling of peace within your heart?”

Now, does peace come from a feeling that you are right? ...

Peace comes from the alignment, yes, with truth – but the ultimate Truth, not truth as in a belief system – and that truth and the only truth is love. So it will never come from conflict – healthy discussion by all means – conflict, never! Armed conflict, never! War, never!

J: No, it comes from staying in my heart, in the middle. I realise I don’t have a clue as to all that’s going on. It’s about trusting the Company of Heaven, you all.

AAM: And that is the correct answer. It is not about entrenchment. Peace comes from the alignment, yes, with truth – but the ultimate Truth, not truth as in a belief system – and that truth and the only truth is love. So it will never come from conflict – healthy discussion by all means – conflict, never! Armed conflict, never! War, never! ...

So stand back and know, sweet angel of light and all angels of light: You are protected!

Now, when I say “stand back”, I do not mean “disengage”. Yes, you are detaching… let me be very clear… you are detaching from the drama, from this ‘viciousness’ because that is what it is. So you are detaching from that. You are repulsing that which is not of love, that which is not promoting unity and community and Nova Earth and Cities of Light.

You are the builders of tomorrow, in the Mother’s Infinite Currents of Time, and tomorrow is now! (“Linda Dillon: Archangel Michael – Peace Comes from Alignment with Truth,” September 25, 2020, at

Now, why do I speak of this, this day? Because there is much discussion, beloved, about the Pause and about my use of the Pause.

I have declared, I have informed, I have shared, I have given wide broadcast and preview that this is the time, the year, and the decade of rebirth, of reconstitution, of reconstruction, yes, of the human psyche, the human heart, of societies. I’m not just targeting one small, minute area.

I have chosen that my children and this planet will be brought back to the love – the only reality that stands alone.

And so, in the Pause, you have been given, yes, the golden opportunity, in the consciousness of your heart, to decide if you choose love. And yes, there are many that have said, “Well, I choose love, and I choose it so quickly and so deeply, I’m coming home right now.” And they have been heartily welcomed and they continue to work with this unfoldment of Nova Earth and Nova Gaians. Very few of them have taken time for respite. They have been diligent in their work to fulfil this element of my Plan.

And then the Pause has begun to lessen and people have begun to return to what they think is new normal – and I use that word “think” – and yet, they have not judiciously and consistently chosen to begin truly the implementation of what their heart desires. And in that case, they will be brought back, either globally or sectionally or even individually.

They will be brought back into the Pause because obviously they have not had time to truly make the translation, and the translation not just into action but into life, into relationships, into daily activities, into words, and communication, and expression at the wonder. So that is the second. I come this day to speak about change, to speak about constancy, and to speak about how I am using my Divine Pause…

So, let us begin, and simply know that I am using my Pause all over this planet. So, I merely choose this situation for purposes of demonstration… but we will cover that as well.

Sweet angels, if you had had a victor, a winner, of this particular election, at this particular time, what would you have done… regardless of your leanings, your political beliefs, not truths… what would you have done? Well, I will tell you: The collective on this side or that side of the great divide would claim victory, ascendency, and they would say, “We were right!” And the divide, this fission in the collective heart of humanity would merely continue. (“Linda Dillon: Universal Mother Mary – My Divine Pause and the American Elections,” November 7, 2020, at

You are at the point in the Mother’s Pause… which comes in waves… of deciding, not only beloveds what you value for you, for your beloveds, for your family, for your community, but what do you value for Nova Earth? It cannot work if some are cold and hungry. It cannot work if there are those that feel entitled to more. That is why I used to manifest precious gems, to share them, to throw them, to give them away. Because it is not meaningful to own what cannot be shared graciously and with the deepest gratitude of knowing there is more. The Mother is not a stingy Quartermaster. Gaia is not reservedly hoarding her precious supplies. All are meant as angels, and humans, and star-seed, and earth-keepers, are meant to come to express and experience love. And that cannot fully happen if there is not divine authority freedom. ("Linda Dillon: St. Germaine – Sign Your Declaration of Freedom," July 9, 2020, at

Humanity is going through a period of reassessment… yes, the Pause… in which to determine, to choose, their future course, and the best thing you can do to assist them is to be this conduit of love. ("Linda Dillon: Christianna – The Importance of Imagination," June 30, 2020, at

Your world, this beautiful planet, this Archangel Gianna, this world has not gone dark, it is being illuminated, it is being transformed, it is awakening into the dimensional reality of Christ Consciousness, into the dimensional reality of love, into the dimensional reality of grace, of ideation. ...

Yes, you are in her Pause and this is intended to be the time of silence, the time of the in-breath, what is truly important, valuable… not in the esoteric sense or in the physical sense… but in the combination of what makes your life rich – not only tolerable, but rich and profound – and, yes, sweet one, joyful. (“Linda Dillon: Archangel Michael – The Mother’s Plan of Rebirth: The Bigger Picture,” June 12, 2020, at

The idea of most of life’s activities coming to a halt has stretched each person.

It is in that stretching that your new awareness is being brought forth. The familiar routines that each one has called normal have been totally disrupted. This has revealed your strengths and your weaknesses, both as individuals and as the collective. There is a dismantling of all that you hold as normal.

There is a pressure building in the collective consciousness that is cracking everyone open to awaken to a new reality. This is a dark night for the soul of humanity. Since nothing is the same, nothing is solid, dependable or stable. A huge cleansing is taking place and this process is causing many to feel unbalanced, fearful, lost, depressed, confused and angry.

There are those who are riding this wave of energy, surfing this energy so to speak, aware that there is more to be revealed. There are those like yourself who have been asking for changes to come to this reality, those who are aware of the other higher dimensions and realities. Many realize that this is an extreme metamorphosis for the collective.

Realize that distorted beliefs and the limitations of the old paradigms are dissolving. This action is causing much confusion, dismay, and anger. Leaders are sharing many untruths, frightening everyone because they do not know how to deal with what is occurring at this time.

Having all your social activities stopped has removed any distraction you might have used to avoid looking at any personal and emotional issues. What a wonderful situation you have been offered – to be with yourself and your loved ones coming into the space of awareness.

Many are consciously moving into the next dimension. You are becoming aware of what is important and valued. Experiencing more time alone or isolated has triggered many old issues and patterns, which you can now consciously release.

We are observing the increase of light offered by humanity at this time. You are doing the work. People are reaching out to comfort one another in simple and amazing ways. Hearts are being opened and the level of love is flowing. Staying in a heart centered place is the safest and most powerful place you can be.

It is this coherent vibration that is welcoming the energy of the higher dimension. Individuals are sensing this shift. It is subtle and yet when recognized and felt it is profound. Many people are resolving to bring new answers to the old world problems. Many people are waking up to their true multidimensional self.

They are watching this matrix begin to crumble. Many will wonder when the madness and confusion will end. They are becoming aware of how out of balance their lives and the collective have become. They are beginning to understand that they are truly creators and are stepping into their power to create a reality that is life sustaining.

There is an awareness of the oneness of all. The internet has offered this connection for some time, however now it is more obvious just how it serves as a link. You as divine beings are meant to communicate telepathically. This is an ability that is coming forth to many out of this personal isolation. There are other high quality abilities and gifts that many of you are experiencing. ...

The global pause, this stop of activities, has given humanity the opportunity to allow a healing of the distortions, the lies that have been told since the beginning of time, especially that you are powerless. You are not powerless, you are powerful behind measure. You have been living in an energy field of unconscious limitation. However we celebrate that you are waking up and stepping out of that unconsciousness into a field of all possibilities.

Hold that truth close to your heart and begin to act from your place of personal power. Spend time envisioning a new reality. Use your imagination and imprint the energy field with a reality that enlivens others to thrive. ("Peggy Black and the Team’ ~ Light Offered by Humanity," May 19, 2020, at

So the change that is in the air and in the soil and in the water are the changes, sweet one, that we have assisted in creating, that you have assisted in creating, and that set the stage for the re-emergence not only of Gaia but of this collective we call humans, regardless of where they’re from. They are on planet so they are Gaian, for, as you well know, we do not distinguish between nations other than to be aware of the cultural or historic differentiations.

Your time of service as beacon and as transmitter in this golden state comes to an end, and all of your heartfelt pleas to all of us have been heard and heeded. You have opened your heart and you have even opened your hearth, your home, to those that are disenfranchised and somewhat confused and lost, and you have mentored and very subtly taught many who have passed through these doors – or who have even just walked by! (“Grener of Ashira of Neptune – The Awakening is Happening Rather Quickly,” May 14, 2020, at

I welcome you and I gather you into my arms and around me, around us, around all, to have this quiet conversation in what some of you have thought of as in the midst of chaos. …

In this eternal moment of my infinite now, I am suggesting to you, I am requesting of thee … do not look back!

There are times for the contemplation of what has gone before, and you have had such a period of time, and you will have that again. But in this day, in this moment, I ask you to gaze forward and to gaze forward with clear intent and the acuity of your inner vision and knowing. (“Universal Mother Mary – You are the Fulfillment of The Promise,” May 8, 2020, at Mother Mary was an incarnation of the Divine Mother.)

You are entering a new phase of the evolutionary process. Present “down times” are allowing a quietness during which many for the first time are pondering, questioning, evaluating their lives, and the right way of doing things.

Every day more are allowing themselves to honestly examine aspects of their personal life as well as the world in general such as business, farming, religion, health, education, environment, and politics etc.

Much that has always been considered correct and appropriate is being recognized as inefficient, obsolete, and unfair to many and based in convenience and a resistance to change by those who benefit from the status quo. This period of quiet is also allowing nature a respite from the ongoing barrage of pollution and degradation she suffers.

All is proceeding according to plan. You have been hoping, praying, and waiting for a world that more closely resonated with truth and it is coming but will be an unfolding process over the next few years because the third dimension functions in time and space.

Know that things will never go back to exactly as they were because consciousness is changing, and as we have said many times, the substance of the outer is the inner (consciousness). Do not put effort and energy toward attempting to return everything to exactly as it was but rather be open to new and higher expressions of these same things. (The Arcturian Group via Marilyn Raffaele, May 17, 2020, at

I welcome you and I gather you into my arms and around me, around us, around all, to have this quiet conversation in what some of you have thought of as in the midst of chaos, and what I would say to thee is in the realm of new existence, in the realm of higher octave, in the realm of new beginnings of new cycles of existence. ...

As I come to you on behalf of this entire Council of Love, as I come to you on behalf of the Mother/Father One, as I come to you, yes, in my golden radiance and the deepest humility, respect, honoring, adoration of each of you, of who you are. That is the entire purpose, what the Mother has implemented for using this time of pause. It is for you, and if we can assist, we are, and that is what we are doing right now.

We wish to remind you of who you are… mighty angels, masters, mountains, mountain ranges, oceans, fairies, all of the above in form! You have traveled throughout the galaxies, and you have gathered and garnered the wisdom… sometimes through tragedy, often through victory, and often turning tragedy into victory. You are alchemists and that is partially what you are doing right now… you are using this alchemical moment to transmute, transform, transubstantiate energy into love. ...

So, are you in the time, dearest heart, of confinement? Yes, you are because you need it. You need, particularly, to step back from the chaos. You have been ardent, stellar in your work. Now you step back… you’re allowing the painting to dry; you’re stretching the tapestry on the frame. You may feel, at moments, empty… like ‘now what? I’m not clear.’

When that occurs, do not reengage. We will tell you when the time of re-engagement is upon you… and let me be clear about that… I do not mean do not engage with one another. This is your family. This is your support. This is your reinforcements, in form. I mean, do not reengage with fear or chaos, lack or mayhem. ...

But remember, when you say to me, “Gabrielle, what is this about?” Know it is about love, it is about trust in these times when there is a lack of, shall we say, public certitude. You know but you also trust. And it is about forgiveness. Beloveds, this is not about punishment or revenge. It is about embracing each other and yourself, in the deepest level of acceptance that you have want for thousands, for many of you millions of years. But you’ve never given up, you are here. It is about unity with your beloved, sacred self and the collective.("Archangel Gabrielle: In This Time of Pause," April 10, 2020, at

The rebirth, the reset – the pause – is and has been absolutely necessary in order for people, human beings of all sorts, to truly decide what is in value, what is in integrity, what is in love.

I simply step forward to embrace you, to nurture you, to comfort you – not that you require comfort, but who does not require comfort? Whether it is a cosy blanket or a cup of tea, a beautiful sunrise or sunset, whether it is the sound of the dog moving about or running on the beach ~ who does not require, yearn, need comfort!

While you are in the comfort of your own sweet self, of your own divinity, of your own situation, of your own place not only upon the planet but within the Cosmos… when you are not comfortable with who you are, then you are in a place not of positive questioning but in the abeyance of connectedness.

Even if you are in the midst of massive turmoil, of phenomenal upheaval – whether it is on current planet or in ancient Atlantis – if you do not find the comfort within your own skin, within your own realm, within your own expanded body, etc, then you are not feeling capable and competent of truly proceeding, of truly finding not only this or that, but the bigger totality of what you are capable of. ‘Comfort’ and ‘capable’ go together. ...

One of the things that happened in ancient Atlantis was that there was no pause until it was too late. There was so much [sigh] intrigue, jockeying for power, not in alignment with the Truth but with personal truth which is the inconsistency. People did not stop long enough to see, and to acknowledge, and to choose what was truly important to their hearts. They simply kept going full tilt until it was too late. (“Divine Mother ~ I Do Not Call It a “Virus”, I Call It ‘the Pause,’” April 5, 2020, at

There are turning points in the history of every planet and collective – and this is a turning point. And the gift in this pause – and I do not call it “virus”, I call it “the pause” – the gift is to pause long enough to truly decide, individually and collectively, how you wish to live, how you choose to live – and how you will choose to implement what you choose!

It requires radical choice, radical restructuring, not as a riptide in my Infinite Ocean but in the gentle tides, the gentle currents, the currents of change. (“Divine Mother ~ I Do Not Call It a “Virus”, I Call It ‘the Pause,’” April 5, 2020, at

Archangel Michael: What is occurring in the global situation is that you have been put on pause. The Mother has spoken through this channel about “the pause” for a long time, and various individuals have certainly been through the pause and have benefitted from being in that state – no, not of inertia; pause and inertia are very different things; pause and ‘being stuck’ are very different things.

So your planet – and this is significant [in terms of] what the coronavirus is about – the entire planet is being put on pause for the reset, for the rebirth, that the Mother has talked about.

So will there be many significant events in the upcoming weeks and months? The answer is “yes”. And as we have repeatedly said, it is not a singular event – it is a domino effect. And we are not talking, let us be very clear, about the collapse of that which is valuable such as societies and communities, but it most certainly is a reset.

So,yes, sweet one, the financial situation that you and I and Valdar have spoken of often is going to be prepared… let us leave it at that.

Andrew: Any update on the Delegations and whether they might come out into the open during this year of 2020?

AAM: Oh, it is most likely that they will be revealed simultaneously, as you know, during the year of 2020. But it most certainly will be, shall we say, post-pause… but engaged in the pause as well… because one of the things that is being done is that much is being put in place during this time of quiet, you see, so that things are ready to go.

A: That’s great! … I wonder, do you have any other particular message for general sharing?

AAM: Sweet angel of light, it is extremely important that you – and I mean you, all Gaians – take this time, yes, to inner and outer reflect upon what it is you are not only desiring to create but are creating.

And it is insufficient to say that you are creating Nova Earth, that you are anchoring new societies, new communities, new ways of being, because unless it is up close and personal – a reflection of the innermost desire and plan of action for the unique, individualised sacred self – it is meaningless.

And so the creation, the taking time in this pause to truly bring forth in the clarity of one’s hopes and dreams what you truly wish to birth, is a pivotal element – a critical piece – of what you are doing individually and collectively.

So it is necessary during this time to take the time, to take the moments – not to live in fear – but to catch one’s breath and say, “Now… what do I really want? What is true and valuable to me? And then, how does that reflect out into the broader community? What are the gifts that perhaps I have kept hidden, that I have kept under a bushel basket, that I wish to bring to the forefront to share not only for my own joy and glory, but for the collective?”

And so these are the questions that, all beings, we encourage you to focus on at this time. Take the pause and breathe, sweet one. Go into the stillness – the stillpoint – of your heart and get ready for the actions.

Now, the purpose – the bigger purpose – of the pause is for people to simply stop, take a breath, make some fundamental choices and stay still. But for those who are coming at this in a state of high alert for survival, it will take more for them to get the benefit of what this pause is really about. ...

Will there be many significant events in the upcoming weeks and months? The answer is “yes.” And as we have repeatedly said, it is not a singular event – it is a domino effect. And we are not talking, let us be very clear, about the collapse of that which is valuable such as societies and communities, but it most certainly is a reset. ("Archangel Michael ~ The Tide Has Turned (Part 2/2)," April 3, 2020, at

From 2019

Right now in your experience there seems to be the speeding up of time. That feeling is an illusion; you are really in a pause as there is a resetting of the internal as well as the universal clock. What was, is no longer. As you rest in the pause between what was and what will be, breathe deeply several times, place your awareness in your heart and begin to radiate from this place.

Welcome the insights that come to you. Be gentle with yourself as you slowly allow the timeless aspect of yourself to come forth and show you the way into this new portal of time that has emerged from your dedicated work and service to the light of transformation. ("Peggy Black and the ‘Team’ ~ One Flow of Circular Energy," November 14, 2019, at

From 2013

Now, throughout the universe, we work with what you think of as creative chaos, to call in all the energy at our disposal. And this is what we have done, directly from the Mother/Father One, to the archangels, to the seraphim, to the angelic realm, to your star brothers and sisters, the entire Company of Heaven. Everybody has been sending the higher vibrations, the higher frequencies to the planet and to each and every one of you. Whether it has been acknowledged or not, it doesn’t matter, because it has still been anchored within.

Some of you who are obviously more enlightened and aware have been very clear about these upgrades, upgrades, upgrades and downloads, and it has created chaos in the air, planetarily, in this time — yes, time — where the collective of humanity has said, “We will do this as one.”

It has also created a great deal of chaos, and even planetarily there has been a bit of a wobble. It is the only way we can describe it. So that simultaneously things have sped up and things have slowed down. And that is the definition of a chaotic node. It is what appears to be, certainly in your reference, discordant energy — and we don’t mean conflicting — but discordant energy — faster, slower — coming together at the same time.

Now, within that is the impulse and the point of creation and also the point where the pause ends, where the pause button, if you can think of it, for humanity is turned off and where the plan continues in its unfoldment.

So this has been a chaotic node in many, many ways, but it has been a positive thing, it has been a positive frame. But you are coming out of this time that you think of as the chaotic node. ("Sanat Kumara: Silence is Golden Part 2/2," channeled by Linda Dillon, September 9, 2013, at

Planetary Heart Opening/Heart Openings in General

From 2019

Steve: Is the heart opening that the Divine Mother and the Federation of Light are talking about a fourth-chakra event or Sahaj Samadhi?

Archangel Michael: It is all over the map.

Steve: For some it might be a fourth chakra event and for some it might be a Sahaja Samadhi?

AAM: That is correct. But one precedes the other. (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Aug. 2, 2019.)

Steve: Could you give us an update on the progress of the planetary heart opening?

AAM: Yes. Well, of course it is global and in fact it is a bigger event than even you will assume on planetary systems.

But the global opening of the heart, the activations, the awakening and the activation, shall we say, of heart intelligence, of being anchored in that area of the heart is progressing phenomenally well.

Now have you ever noticed, in the gardens of your paradise, that there are flowers that open to the daylight sun and close at sunset?

There are some (not most, let us be clear about that) but there are some in their reticence, their resistance, even in their reluctance to admit that they are expanding in this way, that are attempting to restrict and close off what they are feeling because this heart opening is not merely a feeling of bliss, euphoria, love, and expansion.

As you well know, and as you’ve had many conversations with friends and allies, for some it is experienced as a physical sensation and at times a physical sensation that causes alarm. This is particularly true in those that are not fully anchored or familiar with the esoteric mechanics of their chakras or of their hearts.

But for some (who are well aware), it still proceeds or presents as a physical pain, almost like an anxiety attack. So these are the ones (not because they are not prepared to go forward; let me be clear about that), that, because they are having the sensations, are saying, “Oh wait a minute, I am not sure if this is a heart opening or a heart malfunction.”

Now we are not suggesting that the human race abandon their reliance upon Western or Eastern or any form of energy healing. But this is a sensation that often occurs.

So we would say that the success of the heart opening is going forward very rapidly. It is almost as if it is a (from your perspective) domino effect. Because when one is also in contact or in community with those with an open heart, it has that catalytic effect on others as well.

Now there is a wait factor here which you have also spoken of in that that wait factor is for those that are strongly, not only reluctant, but still resistant or recalcitrant to such a shift in what the very definition of what it means to be human.

But we would say you are well past the halfway mark, dear hearts. (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Aug. 2, 2019.)

Energies rolling in shall continue to flow, filtering through now … to lift you up … build you up … and pave the way. ...

Our words to you would be PREPARE! PREPARE! PREPARE! ...

For THE CHANGE … [is] just around the corner. ...

The Force of Great Light shall be with Each One as you prepare your Beings for that which you have been waiting for, for so long. (The Federation of Light through Blossom Goodchild, July 7, 2019, at

We cannot explain what to expect … because more than anything, it is going to be THE FEELING within you that will leave you awestruck.









We could continue on, yet we feel you know that which we speak of. ...

Blossom: Which leads anyone to surmise something will happen before the year is out!

It does indeed. (The Federation of Light through Blossom Goodchild, July 7, 2019, at

Federation of Light: shall we talk of the weather?

Blossom: Lol! Yet that wouldn’t be a bad idea. It is behaving very strangely and of course, you will say it is the Energies.

FoL: For this is so. The weather patterns are evening out the weather energies. All strange behaviour is occurring due to bringing about ‘balance,’ in order to even levels out.

B: Levels of what?

FoL: Levels of and within your biosphere. So it is, in a sense, ‘preparing’ for what is to come and equalizing Energies in order to be able to receive the WAVE OF LIGHT that is to change all.

The more prepared EVERYTHING IS … the more easily this Wave is accepted and received.


B: So, what else besides us and the weather?

FoL: The very Core of your Planet is grounding herself in preparation. All nature is communicating with one another in order to prepare.

As too … the very CORE OF YOUR BEING is preparing itself for this that is on its way.



It shall arrive at the Divine moment … when it is most poignantly in position to do so and be released.

Many ask if this is the solar flare that is widely spoken of?

It is part and parcel.

We have spoken before of your Sun (that you are aware of) being the gateway to the Divine Source. Therefore, THIS DIVINE WAVE OF LOVE HAS TO COME FROM WITHIN IT.

So, Yes. We confirm it is ‘tied up within’ the solar flare that is to come.

Tied up within, meaning?

Exactly that … A Part of … All that is involved. For once this wave begins to flow … there shall be more to follow.

Oh. I haven’t heard of that before.

More so, in the sense that once ‘The Wave’ has been sent out … it shall be like a ripple effect upon the Planet and also, as if releasing the initial Wave allows then … the ‘breakthrough’ … the Freedom … for the Energy stored up behind it, to flow through, also.


Forgotten what it FEELS like.

Yet, instantly shall you remember … the moment it touches you … and indeed …

BE HOME. (The Federation of Light through Blossom Goodchild, July 7, 2019, at

When the boards are being swept clean, then changes such as the revaluation of currency can be rolled out, this further increases the vibration bringing the start of the heart opening event much closer, in both vibration and time.

So all is in readiness. ("Cmdr Ashian: The Quest of the Ages is at an End. These are the Moments before the Summit is Reached," May 18, 2019, at

Let me tell you a secret. And it is a secret that I wish for you to share, far and wide. With the opening of your heart, of any person’s heart, (and even when they believe that they have opened their heart) there is always room for greater and greater, and grander and bigger openings. …

When one is daily, moment to moment, practising the opening of their heart, acting, behaving, receiving, sending love, that is a very good precursor and can even act as a catalyst, to heart opening. (AAM, April 30, 2019.)

I know you say to me, beloved one, that so many particularly of this Light worker community are tired and terrified, exhausted but when you are mirroring the highest reality - no, not the dream… the reality - to one another, it assists in this level not only of upliftment but also of completion.

Because you are bringing that energy to such a level, to such a vibratory rate of frequency that it matters not what you call it. It is all the same thing. You’re bringing it to such a level where it has no choice except to explode and expand. It is the nature of creation. (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Feb. 14, 2019.)

Your ascension is not being postponed. You have had your initial heart opening. You have been doing your work. You have been looking at the chaos and understanding. Not engaging with the chaos with anger, fear, and outrage but simply observing, understanding that this has been part of the human tragedy but not fully engaged in it. So yes, you are ready, Sweet One. (The Divine Mother in a personal reading with Bright Star through Linda Dillon on Jan. 29, 2019.)

Love is a miracle and when we finally stop resisting its power and allow ourselves to be swept away with its force that miracles happen.

It is when we allow our hearts to open, our mind to synchronize with the heart, that the soul blossoms forth and genius, vision, insight, wisdom soars and flies. We step into co-creatorship, we start using our manifesting powers wisely, and love steeps our creations, our actions, our every word and deed. ...

The cosmic forces are sweeping in. The greatest clearing and cleansing, disintegration has begun now with full force. The cosmic gale force winds are sweeping away the old, followed by the fires which transmute and bring new life and new beginnings in all forms. It is a powerful regenerative force and it is here for the next hundred years. A total rebirth is occurring – and it is immensely powerful!

The regenerative force will sweep through our relationships with self and others and in the most intimate ones. The power of love will sweep through our illusions, our fantasies as we return to the ultimate truth. We stand naked, stripped to the core of our souls, where we cannot hide anymore. We cannot lie to ourselves and we cannot lie to others. The truth ultimately sets free – and how! The regenerative force teaches us that only Love is real and all else is illusion.

The deepening of love occurs when we finally come home to ourselves and in coming home to ourselves, we can find the ultimate deepest love the Divine Other.

To see the Divinity – the perfection, the beauty within – and we are then profoundly, sublimely touched. It is true love which ever renews itself, and ever draws closer to the Beloved for it can do and be no other. True love is the greatest gift of this time, for those who are prepared to open the heart and soul to ever greater levels of love and being loved and not shrink away from it.

The Power of Love is a regenerative force as much as it is a force of expansion, of rebirth and ever greater levels of soul growth. (Judith Kusel,"The Age of Miracles," January 21, 2019, at

Steve: So we’re being reborn. Is that the same as the planetary heart opening?

AAM: They are occurring simultaneously. When I have said to you it is as if Gaia herself is being reborn because of the collective being reborn, the answer is yes. (AAM, Jan. 4, 2019.)

From 2017

And this has been a year of enormous expansion – and yes, explosion – and the blessings that you receive and the blessings that you give to one another are monumental! ...

Because what is the fulfilment? It is the full embrace, not only of our connection but of the truth and the might and the wonder of who you are, bright angels, birthed from my core, carrying my essence. ...

My DNA is your DNA. Do not let science sidetrack you. Your DNA, both mental/physical/spiritual, carries so much more than what you are told. And it is bundled and re-bundled, and it is activated and reactivated, and you are ready to shed those limitations and fly! ...

No, I do not spoil surprises because I want you to discover what’s under that Christmas tree! ...

I want you to experience the birth a("nd rebirth that comes at this time of Hanukkah and Solstice and Christmas and Kwanzaa, and so much more – a bright new beginning of a bright New Year! Transcript ~ Mother Mary & Archangel Gabrielle Further Discuss The New Grid, New Cycle, New Beginnings… & So Much More! Dec 21, 2017," December 24, 2017, at

Allow this expansion, sweet angels of my heart, allow this expansion to take place. ... Allow me to open your hearts. Allow this heart awakening to occur today, on the solstice of the winter light and the time of new beginnings.

Allow my love to flood you. Allow it to join with your love and to dance and express across the universe, in service to the Mother, in fulfillment of Her Dream. And Her Dream is our dream, is our purpose. (“Winter Solstice 2017 – Yeshi’s Christmas Message," December 21, 2017, at

My beloved ones, I have told you almost a year ago that this is the time of fulfillment…fulfillment of My Plan, fulfillment of your plan, because they are one in the same.(" Video & Transcript ~ Universal Mother Mary: You are Here Because You Carry the Love," December 23, 2017, at

Steve: Which was the Divine Mother referring to - either abundance or a planetary heart opening - in her Christmas message on Heavenly Blessings this week? She didn’t really specify. Well, she specified that the laying of the new golden grid was part of this time.

But was she also referring to other events?

AAM: She was referring to what you would translate as, the multitude of events, of [heart] openings, of transitions, of rebirth. Yes, she was giving a preview, literally, of what lies ahead. (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Dec. 20, 2017.)

Now, in many ways the heart opening that we have spoken of, is [for] the entire collective to a greater or lesser degree, but all at once having that ignition. And because it is simultaneous it will be of a profound nature. (“Transcript ~ Archangel Michael: On the Apparent Chaos in Our World, AHWAA, October 19, 2017,” October 26, 2017, at

Divine Mother: I come this day to say that I am increasing the frequency of my Tsunami of Love. Yes, it has been intense. But this is a period of fulfillment. And, sweet angels of light, fulfillment is intense! Your hearts, your love, your ecstasy, your minds, your physical bodies. You feel – because you are sensitives – that you in many ways are exploding. Do not try. Do not even think or consider tamping it down. …

Go with my love.

Steve Beckow: Mother, wait a minute. Do not depart please, just yet.

DM: All right.

SB: May I please ask you a question?

DM: Yes.

SB: Have you described a heart opening and, if you have described a heart opening, is that what’s in store for us during this time of the Emerald Gateway – specifically the solar eclipse?

DM: You have it backwards, son.

SB: Thank you, Mother. Please correct me.

DM: You all love your signs and you pray and you beg and you plead for signs. And you are most certainly being given tangible signs. Now let me suggest to you, as your Mother, that the solar eclipse, all of these gateways – which I am very fond of, by the way – are reflections. A solar eclipse does not create a heart opening. It is a symbol of the heart opening. So the heart opening is already underway.

So many think of this time of summer as a quiet, lazy, “breathe in, breathe out” time. And you are correct, and because you are doing that we can effect greater change more rapidly. We can ignite not only your heart opening, but your free will – the truth of your free will – which most of you are only exercising in a very small percentage. And those who are creating mayhem, they are not in alignment with Divine Free Will. They are simply nurturing their own petty interests. I speak frankly because it is a time for truth speaking.

So is there a massive heart opening occurring on this planet? And can you point, as you have for millions of years, to the moon and the stars and say, “Now this is a sign”? I say, yes!

SB: But Mother, you use the word exploding. That is why I am commenting. 

Because, of course, the heart opening that I had March 2015, was explosive. And so…

DM: It is explosive. It is implosive.

SB: Yes. Should I be writing on what to expect? That your heart could feel like it is exploding.

DM: Yes.

SB: Yes. Ok, thank you.

DM: Now let me tell you…you have asked me to remain and so I will say more! (Laughter)

SB: Oh, please. And we will give Michael some time too. [We extended the program.]

DM: That is why I have begun by saying you may feel physically – because this is a physical embodiment ascension – you may feel as if you are exploding. You may wonder, “Should I call 911?”

Now if you feel this, then go ahead and do so because it will reassure you that what I say to you – it is going to feel, and some of you are already feeling this – that you can’t contain it. That your very skin is imploding and exploding and that your heart and the conscious knowing of love is so big that you just don’t know what to do with that.

So, this is my guidance. Accept, surrender and breathe. That is what you do with it. And as your body attunes and adjusts, in a full, calm, organized way, jump into action. Do not feel that this is not possible or “I don’t know how this would ever work.”

Now will you, in your opinion, make some missteps? But understand, in the new realm, there is no such thing as mistakes. And, understand, there is no guilt, no shame, no blame. Those are what have controlled you for so long. And it is like vapors in the air.

Ask the channel about the scent in the air. The very air of earth is filled with my essence. And you are going forward and I am flooding you. And when I say that I speak on behalf of all – that is all, in my terms. So, will you feel like you are exploding? The answer is yes.

SB: Well, but now you have introduced a second element to it, Mother. And, I have to ask you about that as well. After the explosion I had March 2015 I felt a torrent of love. It swept away everything. It was your Tsunami of Love, was it not?

DM: Yes.

SB: And, will others be experiencing this torrent of love as well?

DM: Most certainly.

SB: Ok, well, thank you! Oh boy! Then I need to discuss this with readers, because we need to prepare for this, so to speak.

DM: Think of it in this way – and that is why I have begun by my indication that I know that some of you, sweet angels, you are my forward thrust. Yes, you experience forward thrust, but you are my forward thrust.

And you have felt, at times, completely disassembled and discombobulated. And at other times you have felt disheartened and you say, “Well, nothing is happening. I might as well just go get a job at the Five and Dime”. Allow yourself to receive. 

Now, many may feel, in the collective, that they have not welcomed this. And that is why they will turn to you. And they will say many things like, “I feel like I can’t breathe. Maybe this is the end of the world. I don’t know what is happening. I think I am sick.” And you will say no and lovingly support them and share the dream, which is the new reality. This is the time.

Share the good news. That is why I have come – to literally broadcast this to all of Gaia and Gaians. And I tell you, the trees and the stones are listening to me and they know.

And, they are ready and they are supporting you. The entire planet, solar system, universe, multiverse is supporting you. You are not alone, in either the literal, practical or esoteric sense. We are with you. (“The Mother Promises a Massive Heart Opening – Part 2/2," Sept. 6, 2017, at

"Your heart opening has been given to you, yes, and I see some of you who shake your head and say, 'Well, I don’t feel anything.'” ("Transcript ~ Mary Magdalene: Birthing The New, Heavenly Blessings, August 24, 2017," at

You, sweet angels, know. Now there is a tendency in most of my implementation team – what you think of as lightworkers, loveholders – to be a little obsessive, compulsive – and that is a good thing – that is the way you are designed because you are always surging ahead. You are the first and second and third and final waves. And so, of course, you know. And you want to know more. And if you take a moment, you do know.

I and this Council have given you literally thousands of gifts. We do not in any way object or feel ignored that you simply pick up a few. But that is my request today, this day. Pick up a few. Never has there been a more critical, important time in your time and ours– in my infinite time. Never has there been a more important juncture to truly adhere to, practice, to embrace the Universal Laws, the rule of humankind that you are governed with – and it does not matter whether it is in Somalia or Venezuela or Canada or Russia. The rules of man based on the false paradigms are evaporating. And they need to. That is part of My Plan. (The Divine Mother in “Transcript ~ A Mass Heart Opening on This Planet," Aug. 21, 2017, at

From 2016

Steve Beckow: The precipitate, the big question that presents itself to me and I would hope to others - but I don’t know about that - is how to open the heart because for me, when my heart opened some time ago, life completely changed. It was a total shift. I was, well certainly in a higher state; I don’t know if I was in a higher dimension.

And how can others open their hearts and how can it be discussed because people, when you talk about this they think “I’m close hearted. I’m not compassionate” and of course I’m not saying anything of the sort. So can you help me with that whole question? How does a person open their heart?

Archangel Michael: Yes, it is not a matter of being, in your current terminology, “close hearted.” What it is is heart opening and expansion into heart awareness, into the love. Let us make it very simple.

Heart opening is simply an expansion or a shift into the deeper, broader, higher connection with love. It is the connection, and the participation in that connection, to all.

Now, I wish, yes I do wish, that I could give you the two-minute answer. Do A, B, C and D and you will be there. But it is not like that and one of the reasons…

And by the way you are in a higher state of consciousness, higher state of being in yes … in a higher dimensionality as well. They are very interconnected, not completely aligned but interconnected.

But it doesn’t matter because what happens is people become obsessed with both the mechanics, the layers (I am in the Fifth, I am in the Eighth…). It matters not. (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Nov. 5, 2016.)

From 2014

Staying connected with nature is most important, and standing barefoot on the ground several times a day is helpful to keep one grounded and balanced. As given before, immersing oneself in water each day is very beneficial during these times.

Focusing on the joy that the exquisite detail in nature provides is the key for heart openings. Joy is a state of being that uplifts, inspires and transcends the happenings of the past. (Hilarion, Aug. 10, 2014.)

So you are so busy reflecting on what has happened, you are recreating it in what you think of as your present and your Now. The other thing that is occurring which is heart opening, is that there is greater clearing. So what you are seeing is that some of the old debris – what you would have thought of as old debris, and yes, we can hear you swearing all the way up to the Neptune! – that you thought was over and done with has been re-emerging. Well we understand that sometimes in your culture, swearing and screaming helps – we find it peculiar! But we understand it … so that is what is going on.

For you are indeed the cogs and the wheels that are driving this whole process forwards, and you are doing so at an ever increasing speed, and so we have come to remind you that once again you are in the process of speeding of this process even more. For as the day of the Equinox dawns, you will all in some way participate in a huge quickening of the incoming tide of light, and even if it for some will seem to be almost too much, it will only serve to lift you all to even higher realms, and through that, your speed of manifesting will once again increase exponentially. ("The Constant Companions: The Manuscript of Survival – Part 404," channeled by Aisha North, March 19, 2014 at

Suzanne Maresca: Ah, lovely. It seems like a shift of epic proportions has taken place over this past Equinox week – would you please speak to what may be different from when we last spoke on the air a week ago?

Ashira: There is a huge heart opening and in that heart opening there is a greater flow of rebirth – not of Love, but of the willingness to embrace Love, the willingness to utilize Universal Law, the willingness to create and co-create, the willingness to go forward – so this has been a true opening to do with your center of choice and decision and will. So that is one thing that has happened.

With the heart opening, what is also occurring with the willingness, with the readiness, is also the preparedness to go forward so that there is very little – what we are observing – very little looking back. Because part of the collective human tendency has been to truly dwell – and in many situations, simply live – in the past, so that you are continually caught on a wheel, or in a situation or a cycle, of living in the past rather than creating your now or creating the future. ("Transcript: Heavenly Blessings ~ Commander Ashira Returns for a Further Discussion on Galactic Life," channeled by Linda Dillon, March 25, 2014, at

From 2013

Understand that much is being balanced by various souls. Some souls have chosen short lifetimes. Their lives, cut short by violence, in turn act as a catalyst in order to awaken others; to create the opportunity for large numbers of individuals to experience a spontaneous heart opening that otherwise would not present itself. Honor these braves ones for their seeming sacrifice for many times they are balancing acts of violence that they, themselves, have committed in other “lifetimes”. ("A Message from the Light Collective," channeled by Tazjima, August 10, 2013 at

Now, you ask about the human beings. There are human beings, and we are not about to divulge their names, who have been positioned — and they know pretty clearly who they are — and they have been positioned to assist with this heart opening, with the restoration of consciousness, with the return to love, to act as bridges between universes and planets, species, cultures.

And they are all in position. And they have been in position, most of them, for quite some time. That is not to say that there are not new arrivals, but that tends to be the new species rather than those who have come already in their mastery.

Now, we have said to you before — all of you — you came because of your mastery, not as trainees; not as beings in service to work off karmic debt; not because you simply yearn for adventure. ("Sanat Kumara: Many of You Have Already Ascended and Straddle Dimensions," May 28, 2013,

Continue to make your attempts to feel the opening of your heart taking place. (The Pleiadian Council of Nine through Wes Annac, April 29, 2013 at

Yes, there has been love that has been sent to your planet from above, from your galactic brothers and sisters, from the inter-galactics, from below, from Gaia, but all of this has been dependent upon you, upon your heart, your heart opening, the shift to heart consciousness, and the willingness to go forward. Do not deny or in any way minimize what you, what each of you, my beloved brothers and sisters, have accomplished, what you have integrated, what you have welcomed into your life. Do not deny or minimize what you are creating, what you are bringing forth. ("Archangel Michael: You're Building the New Reality of Gaia," Jan. 22, 2013, at

From 2011

So, yes, it is something that is one of the events that is intended to open the heart further. Many have said, for example, when you have had such devastation in Japan, yes, it is Gaia shifting, but it is also a Soul Group that has volunteered to create compassion and heart opening. So you are having these events where the human collective is becoming more unified and realizing they are One. ("Archangel Michael to Susan S. on Why Different Accounts of Ascension Disagree," Oct. 30, 2011, at

The Tsunami of Love - See "The Tsunanmi of Love from 2017" at and following.

Planetary Rebirth

From 2019

Steve: So we’re being reborn. Is that the same as the planetary heart opening?

AAM: They are occurring simultaneously. When I have said to you it is as if Gaia herself is being reborn because of the collective being reborn, the answer is yes. (AAM, Jan. 4, 2019.)

When last we spoke, just prior to this time you think of as Christmas, I have offered you a gift and it has been the gift of being reborn – in every sense of the word. No, not like dying but crawling back into my womb, into the Essence of One, the Essence of All, and reemerging refreshed, renewed, reborn…there are many ‘re’s’…reconstituted, rejuvenated.

Many of you have said “yes” and you have come to me and surprisingly, confusingly, and understandably, some have said “no” and some have not answered at all! And they have said “no”, or not answered because they did not believe in resurrection, they did not believe in rebirth, they did not believe in the potential of miracles, and they did not value themselves deeply and wholly enough to say “yes”.

Now, does this mean, in any way, shape, form, reality, dimension, or realm, that these ones are ignored or released? Of course not! We never do that. But what I wish to speak of is this new beginning that has confused some of you. Now, for some of you, this has become a major event and you have woken up on Christmas morning feeling bright and shiny and reborn.

But for the majority of each and every one of you, dear hearts, even though you have a long-standing love affair with events, you have embraced and entered into the process of rebirth. You have literally crawled back into my womb, settled upon my lap, cradled within my arms, and you have said, “Mother, I have yearned to be back with you. And I am tired, I am worn out, I am exhausted, so let me be home for a while.”

It is not that you have, in any way, shunned or abandoned your beautiful mission of fulfilling My Plan, and yours, upon this beautiful planet Gaia. But, you have come back, and I have welcomed you because you needed a break. So, for some of you, it has been a time of confusion… you’ve said, “Mother, I’ve said ‘yes’, and yet I am more tired, more exhausted, more immobile, more confused than ever.” And that, sweet ones, is because you have chosen and I have chosen to have this period of reconstruction…the brushing away the troubles and woes, the disappoint"ments, and yes, even in some cases, the despair…and the renewal, the reintegration, the elevation of you. ...

And yes, this year, this brand new year of 2019, yes, is a year of resolution and completion, but it is also a year of rebirth…of rebirth of you, of rebirth of humanity, a rebirth of ideation, of values, of societies, of institutions. The old is being swept away by my final waves of my Tsunami of Love…and this is My Plan. It does not mean that we abandon those who have said no, or maybe, or thanks but no thanks, but what it means, regardless of those who ignore, is the new paradigm emerges, anchors, is fully present. And it is not merely fully present because of our input, energies, downloads, teachings…it is fully present, beloved ones, because of you, because of your choices, your decisions, your actions, your interactions, your creations. (Universal Mother Mary’s New Year’s Message, Jan. 5, 2019," January 6, 2019 at

Steve Beckow: I was tired from Boxing Day to Jan. 2. Other people complained about being tired as well. Other people were sick. Did something happen that I was wasn’t aware of?

Archangel Michael: This is the time of rebirth. This is part of the gift that the Mother has extended to many. And so when you are being reborn, think of it - there are aspects that have not been fully explored. One is there is what you might think of as a transition.

And of course it is not the gift of the Mother that you would think you’re going to die. It is the feeling that you are going into the cocoon. And so tiredness and sleep are parts of this process.

And yes, the channel has been sleeping as well. So the feeling is as if you are literally swimming within the amniotic fluid, that you are suspended and that you are between worlds.

And so to feel sleepy and tired – as you are tired of the old and letting the old pass away – yes, that is exactly what has been going on.

Steve: So I had it pegged wrong. The Divine Mother said would you like to be reborn by this Xmas and I said, OK, by Dec. 25, I am going to be reborn in an “event.” And you’re saying, no, no, no, it’s a process.

AAM: That is correct. …

Steve: Is being reborn the same as the planetary heart opening?

AAM: They are occurring simultaneously. ("Report on the Rebirth," January 5, 2019, at

Galactic Federation of Light: You were aware of upheaval within yourselves and indeed, perhaps your very nature. The force in which the Higher Energies filtered through was the bringer of such ‘confusion’ … and NOW it is settling down into position and apart from occasional ‘planned’ surges/bursts of necessary Energy, at given and premeditated ‘times’ … you will find that the flow ‘entering’ is of a much more compatible software!

Indeed, as always … that which is being presented on the outside is very different from that which is actually going on (On the inside).

Blossom: What do you mean by ‘On the inside’?

GFL: In that … outwardly the farce will be ‘seen’ to continue and indeed, present itself as almost impossible to comprehend at times. Yet, KNOW that on the inside … i.e. that which is taking place on a more structural foundation of Truth within … is building now into such strength of KNOWING … that the very core of your Beings will notice a vast contrast to the way one used to ‘feel’ … as opposed to the way one NOW feels.

Your Energy took a ‘shift’ upwards over the ending of the last year and allowed a transition into the New Year to present an inner dialogue of self-awareness to arise from within.

One will find over this period of time that the ‘self’ will no longer tolerate misgivings of old. There will be a fresher approach to the understanding of purpose. A clearer clarification of reasoning of Being upon the Planet. ...

The BAND OF LIGHT surrounding your Planet is encouraging you to merge with it … allowing you to feel the core Energy of Light streaming from it … and becoming in sync with its Vibrational pull ‘up’! (The Galactic Federation of Light through Blossom Goodchild, Jan. 5, 2019, at

From 2018

I come this day, as your Mother, to make an offer to you. My offer, my offering to each and every one of you, my beloveds, is this… Do you wish to be reborn? If you wish to be reborn in this time…I do not mean soon, I do not mean distant future, I mean between this time and the time that you celebrate as Christmas…if you wish to be reborn, to be renewed, to have what so many of you would term “a fresh start,” say “Yes!”

Turn to me, the sensation may well be of literally crawling and placing yourself back within my womb, which is infinite and spacious, back within the void, back upon my lap, back upon my arms, back within my heart, and being, starting over…not without memory, not without talents, capacities, capabilities, memories, knowing, Divine Knowing, Divine Authority, inspiration, and stamina. If you wish this, this is My Christmas gift to you.

You have been so extraordinary, so true, so trusting. You have practiced consistency and persistence and you seek the truth. And the truth is always within you, not without, and it is within Me.

And as we reunite in this birth, I will give you peace, and I will give you truth, and I will give you love, reborn, reignited. And so, your extinguished parts of yourself will rise up and burst again upon the planet in this New Age of Love.

This is My offering. Turn to me, sweet ones, I am waiting. And go, go in the beauty, the might, the sweetness, the gentleness of the silence of this time. ("Video & Transcript ~ Universal Mother Mary: If You Wish to be Reborn, say “Yes”!" December 22, 2018, at

From 2017

Steve: Which was the Divine Mother referring to - either abundance or a planetary heart opening - in her Christmas message on Heavenly Blessings this week? She didn’t really specify. Well, she specified that the laying of the new golden grid was part of this time.

But was she also referring to other events?

AAM: She was referring to what you would translate as, a multitude of events, of openings, of transitions, of rebirth. Yes, she was giving a preview, literally, of what lies ahead. (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Dec. 20, 2017.)

Waves of Ascension

From 2016

An acceleration is occurring regardless of our choice. Evolution is evolution. We are receiving a third wave of photonic light in September, the third in a series of waves intended to prepare us for the global intense shift in 2017. The first wave was in December/January, the second in April/May, and the third arrives in September. All of these waves are focused on amplifying the shift in consciousness and Ascension. This is a natural force of evolution in progress. (“Acceleration and the Solar Eclipse: Making the Choice,” by Sandra Walter, August 29, 2016, at

Have there been attunements and are there attunements? Yes. But they are coming forth because you are saying, “I am ready. I am Nova Being, I am Gaian, and I do not wish to live according to an old paradigm that is no longer acceptable or even in existence.” ("Transcript: Archangel Michael Returns to AHWAA: What’s It Like to be an Archangel? March 17, 2016," at

From 2015

Let us begin this conversation in a very controversial manner…something that puzzles us upon this side. The portal to ascension has been open for some time and we have said - whether it is the Divine Mother herself, Michael or Metatron, Gabrielle or Yeshua – we have been saying to you, you are flying in and out and through the ascension portal.

And yet so many of you resist the acceptance or the admission that in fact you have shifted, that you have flown, crawled, walked through and that you have begun to implement, to integrate, to anchor the qualities of these numerically higher dimensions into your very being, into your life, into your personality as you think of it, which is different than ego. So stop denying the progress that you are making for it is to be celebrated collectively.

Years ago now you have made the collective decision to ascend as one. That does not mean, my beloved friends, that when you have scurried forth, flown through the portal, anchored the energy and brought it back to share with the collective, that there is any need to be timid or even in denial about this. It is a quality of joy that you are bringing back to the collective to help them, to assist them, to share with them what lies ahead, that in the true meaning of the word is leadership. ("Transcript: Sanat Kumara ~ Ascension: Your New Tomorrow, Right Now ~ September 17, 2015," at

Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! Lord Michael stated to Heaven that this time is when a great Light energy is to envelop Earth and lead us back to true Joy! We have been specially preparing for this time, since it is when miracles are to come forth and vanquish the dark.

Much of this is blessedly happening as events appear that are leading you back to the Light. (The Spiritual Hierarchy and Galactic Federation through Shedlan Nidle, Feb. Feb. 17, 2015.)

From 2011

Archangel Michael: We have also spoken of the waves of ascension.

Steve Beckow: Yes.

AAM: So there will be a period of time when there will be a window, shall we say, that those who have already gone through the door can peek back or reach back, or what we call "exhibit," so that they are also helping those who are in preparation for the next wave.

SB: Is that what is meant by the Return of the Masters?

AAM: Yes. Only you always think of the masters as the ascended ones. But, of course they will be. [Laughter] So, yes. Think of them as Gatekeepers. ("Archangel Michael on NESARA, Opposing the Cabal, and Ascension - Part 2/3," Oct. 3, 2011, at

Steve Beckow: Will there be waves of ascension?

Archangel Michael: Yes, that is what I have called "steps."

S: Steps. Could you tell me when the first wave occurred?

AAM: It has already taken place.

S: Yes, that's what I think I understand from Sananda. Do you know when it took place?

AAM: There have been various waves, with the very first one taking place in 1991. There was also a slight wave in 1987. There will be another one this year, ... or there will actually be three. So there have been various waves, and then there have been tiny waves here and there.

S: All right. Is there a wave connected to 11-11-11?

AAM: Yes.

S: And 12-12-11? Is that the other wave you mentioned?

AAM: It is Oct 28, November 11, December 12 and December 12, 2012.

S: All right. Now, if I were to mention ... I'm sure there will be a lot of questions, so ...

AAM: Do not mention dates! (laughter)

S: I'm sorry. Pardon?

AAM: Humans become attached.

S: Yes. (laughter)

[I subsequently told Archangel Michael that I had mentioned these dates in error and he informed me that mentioning them was acceptable.]

AAM: We know that to be very, very true! It is like the choice when you were in high school or college ... what dance you wanted to go to. Now some were ready to dance much earlier than others ... more ready to engage than others. The portal of what people are thinking of as 11-11-11 is a portal of human awakening, so it isn't even so much a divinely orchestrated event in that it has captured and started to build energy in the human community. They'll say, "That's our day, let's go!" And so they will. But it could be December 24th. It could be December 25th. But they are building this energy.

S: I see.

AAM: And we are cooperating fully so everything is in alignment. ("Archangel Michael: Creating a World of Peace," Sept. 15, 2011, at

S: Another point of disagreement among people who are talking about this, is whether ascension will be sudden or gradual. Matthew says 'not sudden,' ... people will not disappear, but then Sananda in The Celestial Stair says, 'no, people will disappear. They will be sitting together, and one will disappear.' Is ascension sudden or is it gradual?

AAM: It is incremental. But let us be very clear, people will disappear. Now, in conjunction with that, they will also become a dim memory. You've had situations like this where you have had a pain or a bad habit or something that used to bother you very deeply, and you let it go. And then a year or two later, this situation will arise again and in a very vague way, you will say, "Oh, ... yeah, that used to bother me," and then you will continue with your day.

The shifting can be incremental. It can also be, ... and this is going to depend on the readiness of the population, but what we are seeing right now, is that it will be in shifts. And there will be steps and doorways where some will simply go through and anchor for the whole, and then more will go through and anchor for the whole, until the entire process is completed.

Now there still will be those unfortunately, (or fortunately for they are doing what they wish, although it is not my desire), that will choose to continue on in this type of a reality, of the Third as you could think of it as ... and they will be shifted to an alternate situation. The people, ... say who are sitting there, may blink and not even remember ... or have dim sense, 'I wonder where so and so went?'

People will disappear. It will not be cause for trauma or mayhem. It will not be the same grieving as someone in the physical realm dying. It will just be a slight shift in the case of friends. But, in the case of husbands and wives, parents and children, there would be a knowing. (Archangel Michael, Personal Reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon on Sept. 13, 2011.)

From 2010

Those who are activated and aligned with 5th dimensional frequencies and higher are settling into position, preparing on a cellular level to transcend the limitations of earthly form. The cells of the human body, which are mostly water, contain the genetic blueprint for biological ascension. This blueprint is activated when enough of the cell mass is bathed in the light of higher consciousness and the energy vortices have opened sufficiently enough to sustain it. (Lauren Gorgo, "Arrival of the Universal Timekeepers," March 14, 2010, at

"All We Need to Do"

From 2019

Dear ones, you have been helping to manifest progress every step of the way. All you need to do is continue BEing who you are—the personification of love and light—and radiating your essence! (Matthew's Message, Nov. 12, 2019.)

The Situation of the Unawakened

Most People are Unaware of Higher Dimensionality

From 2019

Most humans are as of yet unaware of the higher dimensions. This is because three dimensional energy cannot align with the higher frequencies. ...

Once a certain level of spiritual awareness is attained and becomes a state of consciousness, the person can never revert back to their previous or outgrown state. (Arcturian Group, Nov. 3, 2019, at

The Old Third is Slipping Away

From 2019

We want to dispel the apprehensive outlook of this dear soul and others who have expressed their feelings about world affairs in terms that include unconscionable, frightening, ominous, dangerous, alarming, and insane. What you are seeing is the revolution aspect of evolution—awakening peoples are revolting against long-prevailing injustices—and this revolution does not include more wars.

The ever-intensifying light is pushing to the forefront of the world stage all activity based in dark intentions so the individuals involved are placed squarely in the light’s high vibrations. If they continue to refuse the light being beamed in abundance, neither they nor their activity can be long sustained. The same principle applies to both—without sufficient light, the intention of an activity and the bodies of humankind cannot survive in the high vibratory levels of the astral planes into which Earth is steadily ascending.

Because those individuals with dark hearts and minds have used almost all of their bargaining chips to no avail, they are struggling mightily to keep a toehold on their greatly diminished power, so upheaval will continue for a while. We know that you would like “a while” put into a specific timeframe, but that cannot be done with any accuracy. It is not only the difficulty of assessing linear time in the timelessness of the continuum; much more so, it is the countless free will decisions that are shooting into the collective consciousness every second and moving the “time” yardstick in the energy field of potential to sooner or later.

What we can tell you is, the dark ones are gently accepting that their time of controlling life on Earth is over. But it is! ...

“Exactly what is going on ‘behind closed doors’ that gives us any reason to feel hopeful about the world our kids will inherit?” It is behind closed doors where progress is undeniably apparent, not yet to the world, but to us and to the international group of individuals who have been designing resolutions to complex issues that are global in scope. They are acting in concert to remove the last pockets of Illuminati influence, reconcile conflicts, fairly allot the vast wealth of the world, and establish a governance that serves all peoples equally. In short, the group is setting in motion the structural foundation of the transformed world that the light is enabling the society to manifest.(Matthew's Message, June 14, 2019.)

The outer scene is manifesting a “changing of the guard” so to speak. Many third dimensional creations are beginning to dissolve as increasingly more people awaken out of the third dimensional dream and stop feeding them with their energy. If allowed, the higher frequencies of Light replacing them will begin to form better versions of whatever it is–health, government, spirituality etc. (Arcturian Group, May 5, 2019.)

Beloved masters, the God Rays of creation for the Piscean Age, which contained the specific aspects, qualities, virtues, designs and formulas for the creative process of that ERA, were beamed down upon the Earth and humanity for over 2,000 years. Those Creator Rays are now in the process of being withdrawn and shut down.

That is why the masses, those who are still stuck in the illusion and the vibrational frequencies of the imbalanced Third- and lower-Fourth Dimensions, are feeling as if they have lost their way. Nothing is working the way it did in the past, and there seems to be no hope for the future. Old regulations, guidelines, as well as many well-established institutions and religious organizations are no longer dependable, and many are falling by the wayside. Fragmentation of almost all racial, cultural, social and political boundaries within the Third/Fourth-Dimensional paradigm are crumbling or are being challenged.

The consciousness of humanity is on the rise, and nothing can stop the forward momentum. HUMANITY IS COMING OF AGE, and all must follow the flow of expanded awareness or fall into the trap of inertia and chaos."Fortunately, more and more people are awakening to the process of turning inward in order to gain a heightened sense of Self-awareness, which ultimately leads to a desire for higher Soul-consciousness via the energies of Divine discontent. Every cultural group, every race and every country on Earth are seeking direction or a higher philosophical path to follow. ("THE NEW AGE OF SPIRITUAL/HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS," April 30, 2019, MESSAGE FROM ARCHANGEL MICHAEL * LM-5-2019, at

From 2017

AAM: Now you keep going back but most of humanity is actually in the hallway right now. There are still some, and you have witnessed them, outside that initial doorway but they are hanging around and they are waiting. They are off the fence, so to speak.

When you get to the end of that hallway then what occurs, is there is that sudden bump. It’s as if you break through. So that is how it occurs.

Steve: So, “break-through” not to the vestibule, sort of the sub plane of the fifth dimension but to a higher sub plane right? Where our residence in the fifth dimension becomes permanent?

AAM: … And far beyond the fifth dimension, my friend.

Steve: So until that time, we are in the third and fourth, so to speak and then…

AAM: Well actually in the fifth and sixth as well.

Think of the doorway as being leaving the old third. Now you’ve left the old third and in this hallway is the fourth, the fifth, the sixth and the beginnings of the seventh. When you ask it through that final portal you are firmly anchored in the seventh which means that you have access at will, at delight, in any of the dimensions.

Steve: Access to the seventh means you have access at will to any of the other dimensions…

AAM: You always have. You just don’t know it.

Steve: At that point in the seventh, we have the degree and quality of love that allows us to see that we can access the others, is that correct?

AAM: Yes. (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, March 10, 2017.)

There is basically this very large group of what we would call the freedom people – and I am talking not just in one nation or another, I am talking globally – and in that there is some variation, obviously. And, then, there is this other group that is still clinging and believing and hoping and, yes, even praying, that they can maintain the old third dimension even though it no longer exists. So, they are looking for a bygone time or energy or situation or planet that is no longer in reality. So, they are going to be brought into the fold and we will be talking about that along the way, as well. So that is basically the state of your planet at the moment in its simplest terms. ("Transcript: Sanat Kumara on the Changes Happening to Us, An Hour With an Angel," January 26, 2017, at

There are those upon your planet who wish to reclaim, reconstruct, recreate the old third and that is what they are attempting to do. But, sweet angel of love, you know and those who are the loveholders know that this simply will not occur. The old third no longer exists. It is that simple. (“Archangel Michael on Current Chaos and Joy” at

From 2016

Yes, there is great chaos upon your planet and it has come to the surface for recognition, for elimination, for reworking, regridding, reformation. It matters not what you call it, sweet one. It is simply a matter of change of form and it is a necessary change of form, change of energy, change of substance so that humanity goes forth in heart, as love, as One....

There are those upon your planet who wish to reclaim, reconstruct, recreate the old third and that is what they are attempting to do. But, sweet angel of love, you know and those who are the loveholders know that this simply will not occur. The old third no longer exists. It is that simple.

So while there are efforts to reclaim what they view as a lost kingdom. It is a time, in many ways, where you are stepping back and becoming more the observer then the participant then the observer? Yes, but that is alright. There are billions upon billions upon billions of variables, adjustments, attunements to and within our Divine Mother’s Plan. But let us be clear – the broader Plan, and the broader Plan of the restoration of love upon this planet of sweet Gaia, has never changed and it is not about to.

Now, is the Mother infinitely patient? Yes. And is our reference of time and space very different than yours? Yes. But let us suggest to you… no, let us just flat out tell you – the Mother’s Plan is in unfoldment. The restoration of peace on Earth is in unfoldment.

So while it may look messy and chaotic, the Mother has not backed away from her Plan and neither have we. It will be done, and it will be done timely. And when I say “timely”, I do not mean the infamous “soon”. What I mean, sweet angel, is within a very near framework in your time and ours. (“Archangel Michael on Current Chaos & Joy,” December 13, 2016, at

Planetary vibrations will strengthen and advance only endeavors that best serve Earth and all her life forms; anything to the contrary cannot be long-lasting.

Hard-won rights and progress in social justice cannot be dismantled. It is not the destiny of Earth’s peoples to go backward, but to move ever forward toward peace, mutual respect, cooperation and life in harmony with Nature.

The world where life is like that and the planet is restored to health and pristine beauty—the world you are helping to create in linear time—already vibrantly exists in the continuum. (Matthew's Message, Dec. 9, 2016.)

We would strongly advise you to... back away from the chaos and the drama. Do not be the active participant. It can only distract you. This is massive distraction and so many are engaging in the blame-fault-shame-guilt game and that is of the old third.

If there is a conspiracy, and there are many, the greatest conspiracy is to have the human race reengage, re-energize the old false paradigms of the old third of which fault and blame and shame and guilt are primary. (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Nov. 5, 2016.)

The barriers that have been constructed by the old Third, by false grids, by core issues, by vasanas, by societal structures, etc., etc. – I could go on with the list – are falling away. As that falls away, usually – usually meaning 100% of the time – there is a blossoming of the joy, of what you are calling the bliss, the ecstasy. But in tandem with that, in partnership with that, displacement, elimination, transmutation of the old, comes the knowing of a broader spectrum.

For some of you it means, as you would identify it, a greater experience of multi/interdimensional reality. For some of you it is that deeper knowing, what you may call intuitive knowing. But it is just knowing of what is occurring, what has occurred, what is about to occur in the grander plan of both your unfoldment and the unfoldment. (“Archangel Michael: I Come to Touch Your Hearts,” Oct. 20, 2016, at

You cannot proceed in an egoic way that is reflective of the old pitfalls of ‘I have the answer. I am the leader. I am right, you are wrong’. Nothing will destroy your forward thrust faster than that. So, the memories, which are important, of the history of the pitfalls, are present in order that that reversion to the old Third does not occur. ("Transcript ~ Archangel Michael: Understand the Divine Gift of Will, AHWAA, September 22, 2016," at

The [current, everyday] physical realm ... is not the old Third but is a manifestation into physicality. (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Aug. 12, 2016.)

Now, you are vigilant and you are absent at the same time. Now this is difficult for many of you to get your head around, and yes, I am not just talking about your heart consciousness, I am talking about your mental, emotional body and even addressing your egos as we speak, because this part of you, the mental, emotional, ego, wants to not only understand, but still be in charge. And in the new realm of existence that is simply not the way to proceed; you can’t do it, otherwise you are thrusting yourself back into the non-existent realm of the old third dimension. ("Surrender: The Next Step to Ascension with St. Germaine and Steve Beckow," July 23, 2016 at

From 2015

So the Divine Plan, let me be very concrete with all of you, is to leave the old Third behind. You are making peace with this and therefore with yourself, your families, your community, your planet. Even as we speak, it is leaving that behind as if you would leave a cloak or an old skin behind, activating as you do different markers of your DNA, becoming more capable of holding the higher frequencies — and most of you are well underway; some of you are completely done — new form, but still looking as you do, or how you choose to appear, because that is part of interdimensional reality.

As you activate different markers within your DNA, within your crystalline form, you may restore yourself to 22 or be 75 — it matters not. And in that form, you will be the embodiment of love.

Yes, this channel has joked about this transition from carbon to crystalline. (1) Why do you think we have been so emphatic with her about working with the diamond energy, asking each of you? It is part of this transformation. (“The Divine Mother on the Divine Plan” from 2012, reported Nov. 11, 2015, at

From 2014

Often I have been known as the rather silent archangel, the bringer of the future. That time of silence is over and yes, I am overjoyed to accompany you in your mission and purpose, in this elimination of the old quality, of the old paradigm, of the false grid of the old third dimension, of lack and limitation. (Archangel Uriel, “Attention All Rainmakers: Calling for a Meditation This Saturday at 15:15,” at

Let us be specific to the experience of Gaia and the density of Gaia and what you have thought of as and what we have termed the “old Third Dimension.” And this was a long process, but it had a very rapid start.

Gaia, when she assumed this form, was a planetary being. The Mother wished for her angels to be able to come to to play here and have a different experience of physicality and expression of love. This was intended to be one of the planets (because there have been several) of physicality ― of play, of joy and of love in form. So there were many angels who were very eager to try it on.

Now, the plan, the mechanics, if you wish, of how this was organized was that you could come and assume form, be it human or other reality. So there are some of you who have had the experience, while you were angelic, of being a mountain range, or part of a mountain range, or part of an ocean, or an animal, or a bird, or a mineral, or human. (“Archangel Michael: You are God Having an Experience of You,” June 27, 2014, at

The false grid, the false belief system [in ageing], that evolved as an exercise in control in the old third dimension that you have – and are – leaving behind, that death and degeneration was inevitable and it was a ploy to keep you under control. So that if you were tended to – and this a rich/poor, healthy/non-healthy issue – if you were tended to you got to live longer. If you were tended to it also meant that you ‘toed the line’, that you were not against the systems that were in place. So that is being dissolved, first and foremost. ("Transcript: Heavenly Blessings ~ Commander Ashira, 4th in a Series, channeled by Linda Dillon, April 1, 2014, at

What has happened, in the old Third — and you are seeing this more and more clearly — is that these false grids, these cement walls, thicker than the Great Wall of China, were erected and you were made to believe that you could only be there.

In many ways you have been held prisoner by the collective illusions and beliefs. But those walls are coming down. They are but vapors, truly. And each of you, my sweet friends, my family, are seeing and feeling, experiencing elements of the Fourth, of the Fifth, of the Sixth, of the Seventh.

So you are beginning to sense, and you are beginning to flow and to move like we do. So if, for example, you send me an invitation — as you have this day, and in this moment — for me to visit you in what we would call the old Third, which simply means you are having a physical experience of my presence, of my voice, of my energy field, I would hope, we can do that, and we will ground this so that you will have greater and greater experience of dimensionality and being transdimensional beings. ("St. Germaine on Allowing Love to Transform Us," channeled by Linda Dillon, January 16, 2014, at

From 2013

For the older human bodies which consisted of carbon-based materials could not and can not exist in these higher dimensions. And as many of you know and as we and the Council of Angels have mentioned, all of the old third dimension is now vanishing, including all of the old structures of your earthen society. That includes all structures in your earthen society. And think upon what this may mean. This includes governments, it includes schools … everything in your societies are changing now. ("Pleiadian Council: Transformation to Crystalline Bodies and Telepathic Communication During our Visits," channeled by Goldenlight, November 9, 2013 at

You, my beloved friends, are the repatterners, you are the wayshowers, you are the re-gridders and you give this gratitude to Gaia, this acknowledgment of her beauty, or her might or her love and support and she receives it with a glad heart and enormous gratitude.

And then what does she do with it? She returns it to you as energy, as bounty, as support. You see the flow of give and receive is unending. It is in accordance with the Law of Movement and the Law of Change. There is a never-ending flow but it is the balance between the give and the receive. And as Gaia receives your gratitude, your love, your expressions of love, then she receives that energy. The fuel for the universe is love. So you refuel her and then she refuels you. And so it goes.

Now, what can you do in this particular cycle? Because do not forget as planetary logos I see the unfoldment of the Mother’s plan on Earth. Not just with humans, but with all. Gaia has anchored now very fully and firmly in the fifth dimension. It is her new home. And of course you are there with her.

So what can you give her in this time of change and the dissolution and elimination of the old third? What can you give her? It is your willingness to release all the old, all the old false grids, the old ways, the illusions of separation, of lack, of self-worth, of fear. Let this be your gift to her. And then receive from her the conscious, heart-knowing of being with her fully and completely in the fifth dimension and therefore all dimensions and realities.

This is the biggest gift, and you would give it not only to Gaia but to all of us. This is part and parcel of your ascension and I am asking you, give us your illusions. It is the most precious gift that we could possibly receive at this juncture. And at this time of your jump in consciousness. In the expansion of your heart and the realization that you are love and nothing else. You may think that you are skin and bones and a bit of hair, but even that dear heart, the fibers of that creation are love.

Gaia, this mighty Archangel, lives in accordance with the Law. And hence, she is a powerful transmuter. So do not think that if you are giving her your illusions, your vasanas, your issues and every false grid that has ever existed within humanity that you are somehow burdening her. It is transmuted back to light and love – faster than the blink of an eye.

This flow is at the speed of love. The give and receive is at the speed of love. And that is the speed of light squared. You do not yet have measurements on Earth for this. But certainly your star brothers and sisters do. And while you are at it, what do you choose to give your star brothers and sisters? Perhaps you could give away the residue that makes your fields incompatible and perhaps you could receive from them the upgrades, the love, the attunement in the vibrations so that you can have the fullness of your meet and greet.

What can you give each other is the most important, beloveds, what can and what will you give to yourself? You cannot give away your energy and not replenish yourself. So as you give, it is the law that you must receive. And even though you are inadvertent law breakers, it matters not. Now is the time for this course correction. (“Transcript: Sanat Kumara on the Law of Give and Receive, September 10, 2013, Part 1/2,” at

And what that means, both in terms of financial situations — and we know the stress that money and lack of money causes on your plane; it is not that we are insensitive — but whether it is about finances or war, civil unrest, what appears to be like high drama — and you touch upon it — is this a drama of the cabal? Is this dark forces interfering? Is this the alphabet agencies?

When you are going there, you are not holding the highest vision. And that vision — and reality, by the way — has need to be held. We are not suggesting to you to be blind, to be naïve, to not be cognizant of what is transpiring upon your planet. But when you look, as the first line of defense, to the drama, then what you are doing is reinforcing the old third. So you are actually contributing to an energy that is evaporating and dissipating even as we speak.

So let us say this: What if it was an interference of a particular agency or government, or groups of power mongers? You can be aware of that, but be in the observer position, holding the higher truth, holding the higher vibration of the fifth dimension and observing it, sending it light that will diffuse the energy but maintaining the truth of what is real. Because none of that drama, none of that war-mongering is real unless you give it the energy to make it real. ("Archangel Michael: Violence and War Cannot Continue, part 1/2," channeled by Linda Dillon, September 3, 2013, at

You are not a puppet of the collective consciousness. You are free. Those strings have just been cut, each and every one of them. All of the fears have been erased, because you have the power to change everything and anything, to make your future what which you want it to be.

If you will accept it, you are only here in memory. That which you do, or have done up to this point, has been done out of memory of what you have imagined had to be; old memories of other lifetimes, old memories of punishment of other lifetimes. You are only here in memory. That which you have been up to this point has been lived from the point of memory, old memory.

From this point on, you live anew. You live as the Christ which you are. You live as the power of the Christ which you are, no longer held by the strings and fears of collective consciousness. You live as the Christ and the power of the Christ, in freedom and in joy.

So be it. ("Jeshua: You Are The Power Of The Future," as channeled by Judith Coates, August 2013, at

The entire purpose of what you are all going through — whether you acknowledge it or believe it, doesn’t matter; it is still underway. And you are shifting from a position of, “I believe this; I don’t believe that,” to a simpler place — a place of simple knowing and being. And that is the beauty. That is the gift of letting go of the old Third realm. ("Archangel Michael: The First Form You Assumed was Angelic," July 7, 2013, at

When you do not choose love, what you are truly doing is making your life more difficult than it needs to be. In your old Third reality, so much effort, so much energy went into the maintaining of these false grids and illusions. And what did this do? What did this accomplish? Well, it accomplished a great deal.

It accomplished false institutions, false understandings of how relationships work or don’t work, false understandings about what you are capable of or not capable of; the most destructive from my perspective is the belief that you would have to earn love. And that is not so. So when you choose to simply be who you are, then what you are doing is simplifying your life because in that choice you are choosing love. And you are eliminating the drama, the chaos, the uncertainty, and everything that is not of wholeness. (Heavenly Blessings: Jesus Sananda, May 28, 2013.)

You are all acting in accordance with and receiving energies from Gaia’s grid of Light when performing your collective and individual blessings, and the Light that you receive is being increasingly purified as you find yourselves better able to absorb purer encodements of it. This Light energy will be instrumental in exposing to you and clearing out all of the old third dimensional dross and drama that has kept you in shackles of illusory limitation for so very long, and the awareness being spread at present is garnering a widespread collective awakening to and understanding of not just the injustice that has been wrought on your world for far too long, but of the metaphysical realms that lay beyond your conscious perspective as well as your abilities to interact with them. ("Wes Annac: The Ascended Masters - Revelation after Revelation Awaits Humanity,", April 20, 2013, at

From 2012

Let us also say that the old Third you are looking into is a hologram, it is a memory. It is not to say that it does not exist. Holograms exist. Everything if you decide to look at it that was exists. But it is not the hologram you are occupying. (Personal Reading between Mother Mary and Jessikaya through Linda Dillon, Dec. 24, 2012.)

So, understand this. The greatest gift not only to you but to us, to all of us, is that our connection, our unified being will be more closely aligned. Now, you have done a wonderful job. And when I say that I say that with full understanding that there is still much debris upon your planet to be cleansed. But I say this to you who are listening this night. My beloved ones, children of my heart, of my being, you have done a wondrous job of letting go of the old Third-dimensional paradigm.

You have cleansed at levels that have been unknown in thousands and thousands and thousands of years. And often you will turn to me and you say, “Mother, this is not happening fast enough.” And I look at you, I observe you, I smile. And I think, and I say unto thee, “You have done work of thousands of years in a very brief period of time.”

So, are you anxious to move forward? Yes. But do not underestimate what you have already accomplished. ("The Divine Mother: Come to Me as I Come to You – Part 1/2," Oct. 17, 2012, at

your emotional longing for something that seems impossible by the standards of your physical brain makes you lonely and forgetful. Thus you are beginning to forget, but it is the third dimension that you are forgetting, while your yearning for something new is growing stronger.

Things, activities, people, foods and interest that were once very important are beginning to mean less and less to you. The time-bound thinking that has driven you to do a certain thing, be a at certain place or finish a certain task by a given time is falling away. You are literally forgetting that which you do NOT want to do. Instead, you are choosing to follow the urges of the New You. ("The Arcturians - We Are You," by Dr Suzan Caroll / Suzanne Lie, August 22, 2012, at

Now, you look at many of your situations, and let us look for a moment even at the economics of many countries that are failing - their financial systems have been proving that they need recalibration, that they do not work. And there are beings that are withdrawing, say, from the EEC.

But that is a movement forward, because what it is doing, it is creating the reconstruction, the realignment with ways that work for countries, for people. Because we are not talking any longer simply about power structures. That is of the old. That is of the old third dimension. And you have an expression on your Earth about no one saying that the emperor has no clothes. But what I suggest to you, the emperor died, and no one has been saying it.

But now what is coming forth is a willingness, because of the new shift, the paradigm shift, the consciousness-heart shift. In these meetings, what you are going to see - and I am not simply talking about an air of cooperation; I am not simply talking about a mood, a new mood of cooperation; I am talking about concrete actions beginning to flow, decisions that are inter-dependent, cooperative ventures to begin to shift monetary systems, financial systems, social systems, intergalactic and galactic systems. (Archangel Michael on An Hour with an Angel, May 14, 2012 at

The frequency of duality and conflict belongs to the old third-dimensional world, and it is fading away. The new fifth-dimensional Earth is based on flow and harmony, and the shifting of polarities into unity. (Archangel Michael, "The Multidimensional New Earth Takes Shape," through Celia Fenn, March 2012,

Some Relationships will End

From 2013

Beloveds, you must be willing to let go of those things in your life, which include relationships as well as material things that are no longer compatible with your new State of Being. You will find, as you move swiftly forward and upward on the path of Ascension, that whatever you are leaving behind will be replaced with people and things of a more refined level, which will be much more meaningful and important in your future existence. ("Archangel Michael: The Path of Ascension is the Path to Freedom," channelled by Ronna Herman, August 29, 2013, at

Everything is energy and when your relationship with something or someone works, it means you are vibrating at the same rate. When an individual’s energy level changes, he often no longer resonates with those same people, foods, entertainments, news, etc. and is no longer on the same “wavelength” so to speak. Spiritual growth is the process of evolving out from under the dense and heavy energies of separation and duality consciousness and into the higher lighter frequencies of truth.

Some, in ignorance of what is happening, struggle to restore what they no longer resonate with, thinking that there must be a problem within causing them to no longer enjoy or believe the way they used to. This is not a problem, but a graduation Dear Ones, and simply reflects a shift in the energy from what you are used to (3D concepts and beliefs) to what is now awakening (truth of who and what you are).

This is what you have been asking for Dear Ones, so please do not be afraid to let go of anything and everything that no longer resonates with you, no matter how much it has been a part of your life up to this point.

We hear many say; “What, my marriage, my family, just let them go?” No, letting go means letting go of your concepts about these things. It means a conscious choice to remove any energetic cords still holding you in bondage to concepts of persons, places or situations – it is spiritual awareness, and then a living out from that awareness.

This may or may not result in the ending of some relationships because awareness brings with it a sense of detachment, even within ones family. Issues that seemed very important simply no longer resonate, and this is often difficult to accept for those who have always known you in a certain way.

When there is no longer anger or related ego issues with regard to some person or situation, but simply the realization that the whole thing is now old and has been completed through truth and Love, then whatever it is can be let go of and left. (The Arcturian Group, June 30, 2013.)

From 2012

For those who ascend, the memory and the presence, if you can think of it that way... because what you are really doing is looking at an energetic imprint. The memory and the presence of those who have been left behind or who have chosen a slower lifetime of unfoldment is clear and perfect and ever-present, because you have passed that point where the veil that has always been an illusion anyway and does not exist any longer, although humans cling to it as though it is the precious pearls. But they will always have that fullness of knowing of who is present, who is not present, who is in the third and who is even elsewhere. ("Archangel Michael: This Election Clears the Way for Obama to Step into the Truth of His Being," Nov. 8, 2012, at .)

It is within families that the most difficult problems are likely to occur, because where they are close knit they like to stay together. The chances are that they will have already planned to go into the future together. However, there will be instances where perhaps one member will be adamant about following their own feelings, that may be the opposite of what the others have accepted.

In those circumstances you must allow that person to exercise their own freewill choice. Subconsciously every soul instinctively knows what is right for them, and clearly they must feel at ease with their decision. In general families with young children will find that they do progress together as one unit.

As we often remind you, the love bond where families or friends are concerned will ensure that there is always a link between them. So do not worry that you face permanent separation when one of you takes a different path. In the higher vibrations you can locate each other by thought, and at some point you will be able to travel anywhere instantaneously. (SaLuSa, Oct. 15, 2012.)

It is quite something to grasp and accept, particularly as the idea of the end of time has a connotation of losing everything you own and are familiar with. It can be a frightening thought, but is acceptable once it is understood that it is but a new beginning, one that propels you into a wonderful realm of peace and harmony, where you can forget all of your worries. In truth you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. (SaLuSa, Aug. 27, 2012.)

Some people ask what shall they do when they have to make decisions that will take them beyond the 21st December. The answer will always be: to follow your intuition, as whatever you do, it will not affect your Ascension.

What is however important is to settle any differences you have with friends and relations. It can be done if you accept the need to start the New Age with a clean slate, and realize that some old relationships will end and new ones begin.

There will be more partnerships rather than marriages, as you will come into groups that will work together for each other's benefit. You will, in fact, have more freedom than previously; having reached a higher level of consciousness. You will be able to travel freely and reach out to the Galaxy to go wherever your desires take you. (SaLuSa, Aug. 27, 2012.)

Many of you are now experiencing painful endings; the leaving behind of people, places, and things that no longer resonate with you. These things as you have known them, are not held in place by Divine law but were the expressions of your state of consciousness at the time they were important to you.

Do not be afraid to lovingly let go of all that is finished, because this paves the way for new and higher forms of that which you love to appear in your experience--new friends, new activities, new joys, for nothing real can ever be lost and your new and higher resonance will draw that which is completeness for you, to you. (The Arcturian Group, Aug. 26, 2012.)

There is no time like the present to review your relationships with friends or family. Often when you incarnate you are placed with souls you have known in previous lives, and it is for the reason that you are likely to have issues between you that need facing again. Because there is a block between you it carries forward to each life until it is resolved. When you are placed together again in a family you do not know why, but you may have antagonism for each other. Because family members are expected to try and get on with each other, it would be hoped that differences could be more easily overcome. However, that is not always the case and they can become worse.

So if you recognise yourself as being in such a situation, realise how it has come about and make a move to repair the damage to your relationship. Sometimes the hardest part is being able to forgive and it is not a sign of weakness on your part. Be the first one to offer the olive branch and it will release the negative emotions that you hold within. It will be better to have addressed the problem now rather than let it fester and remain with you. Those who hold on to the idea that they are the victim, should understand that karma is the outworking of problems between two people and both are equally involved. (SaLuSa, July 11, 2012.)

You are your first responsibility. This is not selfishness or egotism, nor is it lack of love and caring for others. It is that only you can make decisions that are in line with your instincts and intuition, your soul's guidance to your consciousness that nudges you into avenues that in your soul contract you chose to experience during this lifetime. This may include changes in relationships, employment, location, group affiliation or other interests and activities. (Matthew's Message, July 4, 2012.)

Whatever happens around you or directly to you, stay strong and any problems should be quickly resolved as you are now clearly on the upward curve and leaving the lower energies behind. In fact so many of you are drawing a clear line between yourselves and the old energies that no longer satisfy your desire for the pure things in life.

It can cause difficulties between family and friends but you have to follow your own needs. You are in a time of self-realization and discovering who you really are, and no longer beholden to the opinions of others. If necessary make your own pathway to Ascension and allow others to do the same. Loved ones may also be involved but they too must follow their intuition, and we reiterate that the love link will always be there.

In the near future you will, if so desired, travel by thought and that is instantaneous. So your loved ones will never be totally out of your reach. With each life you have spent on Earth your close relationships have been extremely limited, particularly as you tend to incarnate with the same group of souls.

However, you do in fact have many great relationships formed over a very long period of time, and once you have ascended you will remember them again. Many await your upliftment so that friendships can be renewed and not least of all your real family, who you will instantly know. You can understand that there will be much to celebrate in grand style. (SaLuSa, June 20, 2012.)

How can I hold fast to the light when members of my family are in deepest darkness? Your thoughts, beliefs and heartfelt feelings are known only to you, and therein you can hold your light steady. It may help significantly to silently "endow" darkly-inclined family members with light qualities you wish they had. "Seeing" them in the light can negate your feelings of being held back by their dark aspects.

Please remember that a family agreement is made with all souls' unconditional love for each other. Because the agreement is designed to benefit every participant, some are the "heavies" for their own balancing, which enables the others to experience what they need to achieve balance, and all can move forward in soul growth.

None of the participants consciously knows the role he or she chose and all are responsible only for their personal decisions and actions. You cannot control the actions of the family members you feel are in darkness, but you can control your reactions - reacting within the light lets lightheartedness flow within and radiate outward to all around you. (Matthew's Message, Mar. 1, 2012.)

Since we are on the subject of your succession of lives we will state what should be obvious, that you come into them with nothing and you leave with nothing, that is apart from your experience which is all that matters. As part of an evolutionary plan you take on all types of lives, and in some you may be one who has great wealth and power, but it will all be gone when that life is finished.

As you cannot take it with you perhaps the pursuit of wealth may be seen as rather pointless. In time you may well learn that having sufficient is all you need, and that greed is simply taking away an opportunity from someone else. If you aspire to ascend you will no doubt have already come to the conclusion, that sharing is the best way to keep a happy and balanced society. It also encourages an approach where all work for the good of all, and not individuals. (SaLuSa, Feb. 1, 2012.)

From 2011

You may have fond memories of the Earth, but do not forgot that the majority of you will be ascending with her to enjoy the beauty and harmony of the higher dimensions. You will not have any regrets for leaving the present Earth, and in fact you will feel quite privileged to have shared her journey. You will have moved from the unreal to the Creator's expression of what life should really be like. Duality was given to you to experience exactly as you wished, and you had total freewill. Now, you are stepping into the heavenly realms where the Creator's Laws are manifest, and powers of creation are given to you. By then you will have become Cosmic Beings without any limitation whatsoever. (SaLuSa, Oct. 31, 2011.)

Therefore as sad as it seems to be losing that which is so familiar to you, it is but a passing phase in your evolution. We think you will agree and understand that if you want a clean sheet, then all that is of the old times will have to be cleared away. (SaLuSa, Aug. 5, 2011.)

Regardless of what some people learn about the future, they do not want to give up their earthly enjoyments. The point is that some of them cannot be taken beyond this dimension anyway. (SaLuSa, July 29, 2011.)

Many of you are having, or have friends or relatives who are having, severe personal relationship difficulties in which it seems impossible to find any meeting point between the myriad differing perceptions you have of one another.

At this time all the issues that you individually need to address in your lives, so that love and forgiveness can replace the many negative and damaging attitudes to which you have been so attached for so long, are coming to the surface of your conscious awareness in a very emphatic manner, as part of these necessary changes in perspective and behavior. This is, to say the least, very unsettling for you, especially if they are issues with which you thought you had already dealt satisfactorily, or even issues which may seem to you not to be your issues at all! (Saul, July 20, 2011.)

The old creations of yours are unable to be carried forward, so consequently there is much to do by way of transmutation. Nothing is totally destroyed, but simply changes its form to be used again. Matter is created and re-created over and over again and never wasted. As creators yourselves you will take greater responsibility for your creations, but at the same time you will rise in consciousness and will exercise good sense and wisdom in your work. (SaLuSa, April 4, 2011.)

Not one person can take their wealth or possessions with them into the higher dimensions. Firstly it is unnecessary as everything you need is provided for, and secondly you can create whatever you desire for your personal pleasure and enjoyment. For example if on Earth you have a cherished painting, you will only have to visualize it to re-produce it.

It will be of light energy and be more alluring and "alive", just as the original artist tried to interpret and paint what was in his vision. Enjoy what you have and realize that you have much more to gain through rising up into the higher dimensions. (SaLuSa, Jan. 5, 2011.)

From 2010 Nothing that you currently own will have any value or need to travel with you. All that you require is yours for the asking, and you will eventually exercise your power of thought to create exactly what you want. (SaLuSa, Oct. 29, 2010.)

You cannot take anything with you and it is totally unnecessary, as all that you will need will be provided. In fact your needs will be considerably less, as you will experience the joys of having a new body. It will be lighter and more of energy rather than physicality. Consequently much of your bodily input will come directly from the energy around you. Also with an ever-healthy body you will not need to replenish it as you do now. Since you will eventually create through the power of thought, you will not be wanting for anything at all. (SaLuSa, Oct. 8, 2010.)

When we progressed to the point where many, many earthquakes were occurring all over the globe (around the first week of April), much was dislodged and moved out of its previous space. First, the darkness moved up and out, and could be felt as anxiety, panic, depression, or even a feeling of being "spooked." The energies then progressed into the next stage, resulting in many "endings" and many changes. As much was moved up and out and dislodged from its old groove, many manifestations resulted relating to endings, losses, and a great emptiness.

We are also beginning our residency in all ways, in a new state of more light. So then, this means that things were dislodged that no longer fit us, and also means that the light brought to the forefront and revealed anything and everything that no longer fit as well. In addition, things are being "dismantled" and taken apart, only to be put back together again in new ways at a later time.

Endings to relationships, discovering what was really and truly occurring with many relationships (as the light will always reveal what is really there), more endings with careers and geographical residencies, and endings with many connections may suddenly have become the norm. At this time as well, exit points are always created for souls (human and animal) to depart, as this is as well, another severed connection or rather, a departure from an old space that no longer fits.

And if experiences of endings were not there for some, at best, a feeling that we perhaps no longer knew where we belonged, a feeling of not wanting to go or do what we usually did, or even just feeling "off" for no particular reason, seemed to run rampant as well. Nothing around us may have felt right, good, normal, secure, or remotely comfortable. ...

Yes, doors are closing, things are ending, losses are occurring, and separations are evident as at the same time, those things that match our heart energy are what will remain or begin to manifest anew. This is how we navigate in the higher realms...through our hearts. Following our hearts will naturally take us to our new residencies and spaces, while departing from places that have no heart, or even where our own hearts are no longer, can only occur now, as the heart energy is running the show. ...

Much will begin to fall away now, as it can no longer exist in these new and higher vibrations. As the earth changes continue on, we will experience more and more crashing, endings, and closing doors as the old prepares for its impending demise. Like dominoes of extinction, things will begin to fall very rapidly in times to come. But this is what we knew would eventually occur. We knew at some level that the process would unfold this way. We are now experiencing the end stages of "endings" in order that we may start anew. So as we gain new strength through our new connection to the new earth, we are preparing to stand tall as we ready ourselves for bringing in the new...a very new earth that will replace the old when the time is right. (Karen Bishop, "The Dismantling of the Old," April 20, 2010, at

We know that some of you in partnerships feel little in common, but be assured that nothing happens by chance and there will be a good reason for it. (SaLuSa, March 8, 2010.)

Personal loss of your belongings will result in some grief, and where family and friends are concerned it is inevitably an occasion of sorrow. However, you will meet up again with them, as they can also ascend from the higher levels. In the ultimate process of Ascension when you take your place in the higher dimension, you will have a different outlook where ownership is concerned, as material possessions are no longer necessary. You create exactly what you want and re-create again if desired.

That means that you can create from memory anything that existed previously. You can therefore allow matters to follow their path on Earth, knowing that in real terms you cannot lose anything at all. As a result of Ascension the quality of your life will increase a hundredfold, and you will be surrounded by beauty and perfection. Not least of all you will be at One with everything, and enjoy a happy and fulfilling life. (SaLuSa, March 8, 2010.)

We know there will be some sadness felt at the prospect of leaving all of your possessions behind, but it is but a small price to pay knowing that your every desire will be fulfilled in the higher dimensions. When you can create exactly what you need for your comfort and happiness, what more would you want.

The Creator provides for your every desire and freewill is your greatest gift, and we know that you will use it wisely. (SaLuSa, Feb. 8, 2010.)

If it can be said that duality has a middle ground, perhaps it can be this: A reader who enjoys violent kinds of entertainment asked: Is it necessary to abolish that in the world of 2012 and beyond and What would the many people like me do for entertainment then?

To answer his first question in brief: Yes. To answer in fullness, we say that violence of any kind toward any life form has been a scourge for Earth to deal with since long, long before your recorded history - this is what caused your planet to spiral from fifth density into deep third density, where duality pervaded the collective consciousness.

Seventy or so years ago, when distant civilizations started intensely beaming light to save Earth's planetary life, light-receptive peoples' thoughts, feelings and actions became in attunement with the light. A violent world became intolerable, and as people began advocating for an end to violence, the collective consciousness changed accordingly. The eradication of violence is yet to be realized in your linear time, but in the continuum it is fait accompli; thus we can say that the abolishment of violent kinds of entertainment will not come as an edict, but by unified desire.

As you continue to absorb light, respect for all life will naturally eliminate the killing of animals for sport, and pitting animals against each other and bullfighting will cease for the same reason. Joy in peaceful and harmonious living will naturally end interest in violence in any form, including the games in popular electronic entertainment devices.

As to entertainment in 2012 and beyond, all non-violent sports now enjoyed still will be, but the current win at any cost and kill `em attitudes will not be part of any individual or team competition. Hikers, campers, mountain climbers and divers will have even more beautiful areas to explore than now. The prevailing vibrations will heighten brain usage, and many will be attracted to games requiring mental acuity.

Reading, which in recent years gave way to television viewing, will return to its former appeal; history books will be what actually took place and science books will contain universal knowledge. Even without today's violence, films in theaters and on television will be excellent, and the games on handheld instruments will be just as exciting.

Whatever creative hobbies are currently enjoyed will continue, and many will find great pleasure in flower and vegetable gardening. With greater appreciation of all the arts than now, cultural offerings will be popular recreational choices. The means to travel throughout the world will be available to all, and many will choose to do that. You will be so attuned to Nature that most will treasure solitude in a favorite spot. Have no concerns about what you violent entertainment devotees will find to fill leisure time in Earth's Golden Age!

Readers have asked if enjoyment of pornography occasionally, gambling, sex parties, social drugs, an extramarital relationship, and dabbling in black magic can delay spiritual evolution or prevent physical ascension with Earth. When you put those activities into the context of everything we have offered as guidance for spiritual growth, you will know that the answer is yes. Regardless of your reasons for indulging in those kinds of diversion, they all generate very low vibrations that form a barrier between the consciousness and the soul, and that dims the light within. (Matthew's Message, Jan. 11, 2010.)

From 2009

So many are losing jobs just to be moved into more meaningful and respectful positions. Relationships are in a state of flux, either growing together or growing apart. Within yourselves you are finding deeper understandings of who you are and what you want in life, not only at the spiritual level, but as human beings. Truth is emerging. (Message from the Angels, May 9, 2009 at

Moving forward it is important to remember (no matter how it appears externally) your authority is that of your Inner God Light and that will serve and protect you in ways that your linear mind will not comprehend.

As an example, a painful completion or ending of relationship is later revealed to be protecting you from an obstacle that is not of your highest evolutionary expression. Or upon ending that circumstance you are given a completely new level of personal clarity, freedom and fulfillment.

We have been twisting and turning so many times lately that it is like our God parent has been consistently moving us out of harm's way. Our experience is like we are driving bumper cars on Mr. Toad's wild ride, and yet the intelligence of the Universe is at work! With collapsing time fields and new dimensional energies flooding in, we are consistently making micro adjustments to balance and calibrate ourselves every nanosecond! (Lisa Renee, "The Entry Point," Energetic Synthesis, Feb. 2009, at

We are at the Entry Point leading us into a new platform of energetic architecture that supports our new consciousness reality. (Dismantling the old energy structure and completing old relationship patterns was like a construction demolition crew over last 60 days or so! Bombs were going off quite regularly). (Lisa Renee, "The Entry Point," Energetic Synthesis, Feb. 2009, at

From 2008

Even so as you now understand, no one is forced to move into the higher realms if they feel that they are not yet ready to do so. It may mean cutting yourself off from the many links formed with other souls, but in reality there is no separation at all. Those Dear Ones who ascend will always be connected with all other souls, and in remembering them they will link with their essence wherever they are.

Allow for each to follow their chosen path of evolution, knowing that there will always be a coming together as you achieve a more expanded consciousness. As you make your way into the realms of Light you will become more aware of the Oneness of All That Is. (SaLuSa, Dec. 22, 2008.)

Relationships that do not lead to higher good are ending. (Archangel Metatron, Dec. 21, 2008, through John Tyberron, at

You may be stuck in superficial patterns, in spiritual ego, or in relationships that do not allow growth. You may be required to sever a tie that causes pain, yet ultimately serves the growth of all parties by allowing the experience and review of revelation that could not be seen while within the impatterned relationship. ((Archangel Metatron, Dec. 21, 2008, through John Tyberron, at

Your own powers of creation [will] provide all that you need. Whatever you leave behind when you rise up, you will have absolutely no regrets, as nothing can compare with the beauty and perfection of the higher realms. (SaLuSa, Dec. 1, 2008.)

From 2006

Sisters, in this time of immense change, people are finding themselves in situations that appear to be contradicting the original plans and teachings presented by beings of the past, the beings we refer to are those of an incarnate nature, such as priests, ministers, reverends, teachers within the educational system, including parents and society, all of which have been influenced by texts written some time ago.

This cycle of accelerated growth is as a result of the ascension waves being presented to humanity. This means one has to be aware of when a cycle of energy ends and when a learning experience is still to continue for a time to come. One of the greatest lessons for humanity during this ascension stage of evolution is to let go. Relationships are where one learns one's most important lessons in interacting with other souls. It is also where one plays out one's addictions and co-dependant relationships can keep one in a cycle of pain and suffering for lifetimes.

This is aggravated by certain strictures of religion which condemn those who choose to leave a relationship. The belief system is that no man can pull apart that which God has brought together and blessed. God blesses relationships of light and no person is required by Mother/Father God to remain in a destructive relationship. Mother/Father God would never insist anyone be subjected to years or lifetimes of physical, mental, verbal, emotional or sexual abuse. In this time of empowerment, it becomes your responsibility to learn when to let go, in other words to recognize the end of the road.

In the past humanity was taught to "stand by your man" or "stand by your woman", more so though to stand by your man, for it is in general, women who stay in abusive situations rather than men. Let me repeat "in general".

Now as the Goddess energy becomes more empowered, it is coming to light that people are realizing that any destructive habit can be healed. Let us look at intimate relationships - romantic relationships, which result in marriage sometimes, but in your modern time, marriage is not as trendy as it used to be. A person believes the person they are with is a lifelong commitment.

However within the relationship there are problems, and one party takes it upon himself or herself to do everything within his or her power to rectify the problem, yet the other partner makes no effort, but will continue to aggravate the situation by blaming, by behaviour that brings down the energy of the relationship.

Eventually the time comes when a person must make a choice> Either they will continue to invest energy in a one sided relationship, a relationship that is filled with abuse, because the partner choosing not to do anything about the problem is abusing the other partner. If the person decides to remain within the relationship and make it work, the other partner must then make a choice, either to change or to leave. If both parties choose, consciously or unconsciously to live as they have been, then they can expect the same results to continue for the duration of their relationship and their lifetime, unless their souls manifest a situation that will cause both parties to address their lives more seriously.

Sometimes the lesson is for the souls within the relationship to make the choice to end the pain, to address issues revolving around self-worth and deservability, and to look at issues around their belief systems regarding commitments to relationships. Self-worth can be a great factor in keeping one involved in an abusive or destructive relationship. Many times individuals believe they will not do any better than what they have done, because they don't deserve any better. This belief system is often amplified by their partner, especially if their partner is the abuser. (Kuthumi, "The End of the Road," June 6, 2005, at

From 2005

Sisters, in this time of immense change, people are finding themselves in situations that appear to be contradicting the original plans and teachings presented by beings of the past, the beings we refer to are those of an incarnate nature, such as priests, ministers, reverends, teachers within the educational system, including parents and society, all of which have been influenced by texts written some time ago.

This cycle of accelerated growth is as a result of the ascension waves being presented to humanity. This means one has to be aware of when a cycle of energy ends and when a learning experience is still to continue for a time to come. One of the greatest lessons for humanity during this ascension stage of evolution is to let go. Relationships are where one learns one's most important lessons in interacting with other souls. It is also where one plays out one's addictions and co-dependant relationships can keep one in a cycle of pain and suffering for lifetimes.

This is aggravated by certain strictures of religion which condemn those who choose to leave a relationship. The belief system is that no man can pull apart that which God has brought together and blessed. God blesses relationships of light and no person is required by Mother/Father God to remain in a destructive relationship. Mother/Father God would never insist anyone be subjected to years or lifetimes of physical, mental, verbal, emotional or sexual abuse. In this time of empowerment, it becomes your responsibility to learn when to let go, in other words to recognize the end of the road.

In the past humanity was taught to "stand by your man" or "stand by your woman", more so though to stand by your man, for it is in general, women who stay in abusive situations rather than men. Let me repeat "in general".

Now as the Goddess energy becomes more empowered, it is coming to light that people are realizing that any destructive habit can be healed. Let us look at intimate relationships - romantic relationships, which result in marriage sometimes, but in your modern time, marriage is not as trendy as it used to be. A person believes the person they are with is a lifelong commitment.

However within the relationship there are problems, and one party takes it upon himself or herself to do everything within his or her power to rectify the problem, yet the other partner makes no effort, but will continue to aggravate the situation by blaming, by behaviour that brings down the energy of the relationship.

Eventually the time comes when a person must make a choice> Either they will continue to invest energy in a one sided relationship, a relationship that is filled with abuse, because the partner choosing not to do anything about the problem is abusing the other partner. If the person decides to remain within the relationship and make it work, the other partner must then make a choice, either to change or to leave. If both parties choose, consciously or unconsciously to live as they have been, then they can expect the same results to continue for the duration of their relationship and their lifetime, unless their souls manifest a situation that will cause both parties to address their lives more seriously.

Sometimes the lesson is for the souls within the relationship to make the choice to end the pain, to address issues revolving around self-worth and deservability, and to look at issues around their belief systems regarding commitments to relationships. Self-worth can be a great factor in keeping one involved in an abusive or destructive relationship. Many times individuals believe they will not do any better than what they have done, because they don't deserve any better. This belief system is often amplified by their partner, especially if their partner is the abuser. (Kuthumi, "The End of the Road," June 6, 2005, at

From 2004

The triteness of possessions and fame will give way to the treasure of knowing the godself. (Matthew's Message, March 1, 2004.)

Some will not Ascend/Many will Leave

From 2020

The energies are rising and there will inevitably come a point where they will no longer support the lower ones.

That also applies to all souls and only those that are ready will ascend. Providing you keep your eyes on your goal and avoid being involved in negative actions, you will certainly be successful. In the midst of all of the upheaval you clearly have to keep a level head by keeping calm and not have your attention taken away from your plan for Ascension. (Mike Quinsey's Higher Self Message, Dec. 4, 2020.)

No one can doubt that we are truly in remarkable times the likes of which could not have been imagined. Every soul has to make up their own mind as to which path they wish to follow, and to many the Path of Light is too demanding and they are simply not ready for it but hopefully will realise that they are always given another opportunity to ascend. It is not a matter of having to start all over again from the beginning, from a spiritual point of view lessons learned are carried forward. ("Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self Message, Nov. 20, 2020," November 21, 2020, at

Some may choose to leave the Planet through their own means, or through their physical body not being able to attend, or want to attend to the shock of that which their Awakening presents to them. (The Federation of Light through Blossom Goodchild, Sept. 20, 2020, at

There are many that are and will choose, as you are saying, to depart and that is a choice; whether it is conscious or unconscious, it matters not. But the point that I am making is that there is room for everybody. ("Yeshua – The Human Heart Will Seek The Peaceful Way," May 29, 2020, at

From 2018

We the Arcturians, as well as the Pleiadians and Antarians, are presently orbiting Earth to assist the planet. We will NOT become involved in any manner with humanity’s squabbles, which are far too many, but we will not allow humanity to damage Gaia any more than they already have.

Therefore, we have created a fourth dimensional “mockup planet Earth” where those who are intent on harming Gaia are being sent. You, the members of the real Earth, will hear of the many problems, pollutions and wars that humanity has caused, but Gaia is becoming two planets.

One is the Real Gaia, who is in the process of ascending, and the other is an illusionary version of Gaia. Those who live within the illusions of “Power Over Others,” as well as “Power Over Earth,” will reside on the illusionary Gaia. This version of Gaia actually resides in the Lower to Mid-Astral Plane.

Therefore, this reality, as well as those who resonate to that frequency, will not ascend into the fifth dimension and beyond until they, too, have gone through their personal purification. After their “personal purification,” which is simply that they release ALL need to have Power Over Others—including Planet Earth, who is a living being.

Those who are unable to release their need to experience “power over others,” will need to go through a process of finding their own “power within.” The reason for this is that once one has gained their “power within,” they will have no need to have “power over others.”

In fact, those who have remembered their innate Galactic Power Within, will remember that they are actually fifth dimensional beings who have chosen to take a third dimensional earth body, so that they can better assist Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension.

It is well known by all the higher dimensional beings that Gaia, and Her beloved planet Earth, is innately a multidimensional reality. In fact, Gaia is a Multidimensional School with “kindergarten” being the third dimension.

Once one’s third dimensional “unfinished business,” which is the same as unbalanced karma, is balanced and cleared, they will be given the choice to either ascend into the higher frequencies of reality, or to remain on Earth to assist with Gaia’s Planetary Ascension.

Some will choose to “take a vacation” on their Homeworld and/or Starship, some will choose to leave Gaia completely and go Home, and others will choose to stay on the body of Gaia to assist the humans to realize their true, multidimensional nature.

The plant and animal kingdom does not need to be assisted, as they are ONE with all life. However, they do need to be PROTECTED, as many humans are still wrapped in greed and will continue with their selfish destruction of Gaia.

It is because of the many lost and extremely greedy ones on Earth that many of our Galactic Family are still wearing an Earth Vessel. They have lovingly volunteered to maintain their earth vessel so that they can blend into humanity. In this manner, they can find the best way for each of them to assist Gaia and awaken humans.

We are proud and happy to say that many of our Galactic Family, and even humans who are still unaware of their own higher dimensional SELF and higher dimensional FAMILY, have been able to remember their love for dear Gaia.

It is because of their love for Gaia, that they chose to complete before they took their earth vessel. It was a great sacrifice for these Multidimensional Galactic Beings to take an earth vessel on Gaia’s surface, or Gaia’s core.

However, they chose this mission so that they could rescue the planet Earth from destruction form the dark ones. Their unselfish “rescue mission” will greatly assist Gaia to finally complete Her ascension.

Gaia could have ascended before if She was willing to send the dark ones back to their Ships or places of origin. However, Gaia has a great Heart Chakra within Her crystal core. Therefore, she has chosen assist the humans of light, as well as give the humans of darkness more “time” to return to their true, Multidimensional SELF.

Yes, even the darkest human has, what we would call, “The Heart of Ascension.” However, through their incarnations on a troubled, war-bound, third dimensional reality, they forgot the higher dimensional expressions of their OWN Multidimensional SELF. Therefore, they became trapped in the third/lower fourth dimensional illusions of separation, power over, greed and separation from Gaia’s Core. ("ReBalance the Earth with Planetary Healing – The Arcturians Through Suzanne Lie 2-2-17," February 16, 2018, at

From 2017

Universal Mother Mary: The dark Ones’ attempts to cause delays are clearly a major factor in the developments that are soon going to take place, but nothing will stop progress in the right direction. The outcome is governed by rules that ensure that the only souls that can advance to Ascension are those whose vibrations have been lifted up.

It would not be in the interests of those whose vibrations have not been lifted to try and find a place in Ascension as, even if they could somehow do so, it would be a very uncomfortable experience. Their timeline will continue to progress in a new cycle in another direction that will eventually offer them a further opportunity to achieve Ascension. A soul’s evolution is ongoing and planned to eventually ensure success. (Mike Quinsey's Higher-Self Message, Sept. 1, 2017.)

Now those people – and think of it: you are working yourself with 144,000,000 of mine – but those people who just simply say “no, I don’t want to do this” will be gathered up in mercy, in compassion, gentleness and kindness – not brought to somewhere else, let me be very clear about that – they will be brought home for reconstitution.

Karen2: Okay, so they will not necessarily stay in form, in body, on the planet and ascend in body with the rest of us; they’ll come home to you to reconstitute?

UMM: That is correct. ... [Those who choose not to ascend] will either die beforehand or die during, because they cannot incorporate the level of the love energy – because that is what Ascension is – they cannot incorporate that and it literally… you have heard of situations, especially you… have heard of situations where people’s hearts simply stop or explode for no explained reason.

It is simply because they cannot continue on, and the merciful thing to do is to simply, gently and kindly, bring them home. We do not know the meaning of punishment, of what has in the so many different religious pursuits been called “hell”. “Hell” is when you are in that place – the depth of despair.

So that is the separation that some are incompletely understanding. So it is not that I am spinning-off a certain proportion of the population to go and live on another planet or something. That is not my Plan. And I tell you why: because this Ascension pattern – the process, the paradigm, the pattern – is to be replicated on many other planets. So we don’t want to take those who are recalcitrant and then make a situation worse elsewhere. That would not be kind!

So it is far better – and I use that word specifically – it is far kinder to bring them home, let them refresh and then decide where they wish to begin over. And most of them, sweet angel – although I do not decree it so – most of them will choose to come back and live on Nova Earth because they will want to see and be part of what they missed!

K: So they will be healed of whatever they could not heal during the Ascension process or else the Tsunami of Love, the Tsunami of One, and then they will be where they could have gotten to here before the planet ascended?

UMM: That is correct. And so they will have a hiatus. It is not a matter of judgment, but it is also from their perspective when they are home, so to speak… there will be a sadness that needs healing because they will realise what they missed. But in that sadness comes the healing and the reinvigoration to come back, begin again, and do better than ever!

K: Oh, fabulous! Thank you so much for explaining that because it’s been swirling around in my head… since I was a child I’ve had that fear, ever since Christian Camp, that thing about people all of a sudden disappearing and some left behind terrified me. I think I’ve had vestiges of that still for me and/or for others, so I’m really grateful to you for explaining that.

UMM: We don’t leave anybody behind. All are attended to – and it is curious, is it not? – all are attended to in ways that they, unwittingly or fully aware, choose to be attended to. The sense that lightworkers and my beloved warriors of peace and my sweet angels of blue and all the lovebearers will feel, the exuberance, the sense of victory – not in an egoic sense but a sense of “we did it!” – for all of you who have truly persisted will be enormous. ("The Divine Mother on Ascension," June 1, 2017, at

So let me say what you are doing is you are anchoring the peace, the knowingness, the truth of who you are in that substantial, Natural Self in physicality, not so you can leave, but so that you can stay. Those who are not anchoring the divine qualities, who are literally saying “No, thanks. I’m not interested” can’t stay. They will not have enough substantiality, materiality, wisdom to hold the vibration to be able to physically exist on Nova Earth. So this is a very important part of what you are doing. (Archangel Michael in “Transcript ~ Archangel Michael: Peace is Love, May 11, 2017," Channeled by Linda Dillon, at

Yes, there are many choosing to leave at this time, and each and every one of them are escorted and joyfully received, welcomed back into my arms, and they are nurtured and they are healed and they are attended to. (“Video and Transcript: Universal Mother Mary’s Mother’s Day 2017 Message: Resurgence of the Tsunami of Love,” May 14, 2017,

So let me say what you are doing is you are anchoring the peace, the knowingness, the truth of who you are in that substantial, Natural Self in physicality, not so you can leave, but so that you can stay. Those who are not anchoring the divine qualities, who are literally saying “No, thanks. I’m not interested” can’t stay. They will not have enough substantiality, materiality, wisdom to hold the vibration to be able to physically exist on Nova Earth. So this is a very important part of what you are doing. (Archangel Michael in “Transcript ~ Archangel Michael: Peace is Love, May 11, 2017," Channeled by Linda Dillon, at

The forces of darkness must remain on the 3D matrix, as they cannot tolerate the fifth-dimensional Light. The resonance of the fifth dimension makes the dark one’s minds work too fast and their hearts beat too fast.

When this occurs, their thinking becomes erratic and their emotions become so fearful that they begin to fall out of alignment with even the third-dimensional matrix to which their resonance has trapped them.

Hence, they are stuck in the third-dimension because their minds cannot understand of the fifth-dimension, and their emotions cannot tolerate the frequency of Unconditional Love.

We realize that, to many of you on Earth, it appears as though the darkness is in control. However, since, what one cannot perceive, one cannot experience, these dark ones have come to the very end of their perceptual abilities.

Because their choice to live via “Power Over Others,” they are unable to perceive the fifth dimensional reality that many of our Awakening Ones are enjoying. Furthermore, since one cannot consciously experience what they cannot perceive, the Dark Ones are not aware that a higher dimensional reality exists just beyond their perceptions. ("Finding the Calm in the Midst of Chaos--Galactic Family through Sue Lie,1- 11-17," at

From 2016

Those of the lower vibrations will also move on and continue their evolution as before. (Mike Quinsey, Sept. 30, 2016.)

Many souls are reluctant to release that which is familiar to them and if that is their choice it will be upheld. It means however that they cannot continue to remain on Earth as the vibrations lift up. So they will at a suitable time move to another “Earth” where they can continue their chosen experiences.

They would not in fact feel at home in levels that were too high for their comfort or desire to continue experiencing the lower dimensions. Be assured that they would still be given every help to assist them to evolve at the speed that suited them. You are never alon in your desire to evolve and help is but a call away. (“Mike Quinsey: A Message from My Higher Self,” April 15, 2016, at

Naturally there will be a degree of waking up, but to go forward at this time requires that souls have made suitable preparations. ("A Message from my Higher Self," channelled by Mike Quinsey. April 8, 2016, at

From 2015

If you have any concerns regarding your place in the future, have no fear as each soul will find itself exactly at the right level. Not even one can elevate themselves to a higher level than their vibrations allow. It means that all of those who have imprisoned you upon the Earth for millennia of time will also go to a level that is consistent with their lower vibrations. They will no longer be able to interfere with your soul progress, and will face lessons that they need to return to the Light. All works out in an absolutely fair manner, as God still holds all souls in his loving embrace. ("A Message from my Higher Self," channelled by Mike Quinsey. December 11, 2015, at

Some of you are concerned about family or friends who seem to be unaware of the significance of the end times. We would ask you in the kindest way not to be concerned as all souls will be exactly where they are meant to be by the beginning of Ascension. You cannot change their future for them, as they have already made their decision even if they cannot recall it.

By your vibrations you will find yourselves on a path that is correct for your continued evolution, as you find your way back to the Light. Be assured that those souls who have difficulty in lifting themselves up are given every help to awaken to the Truth. They are treated with love and kindness as all souls are. For those of you who know that you are ready to ascend, we ask that you give help where it is needed, as you will be able to judge which level to use. ...

If you feel unready to ascend do not admonish yourselves as you have as long as you like to progress, as in reality there is no such thing as time. All is in the Now meaning you can eventually go backwards or forwards in time. You will understand more easily when you have moved into the higher dimensions. Indeed it will answer many questions that you now have. (SaLuSa, Aug. 21, 2015.)

The dark Ones intentionally concealed the truth of your true heritage, but that time is now coming to a close and those souls that are enlightened are leading the way forward.

It means that those who cannot release themselves from their old belief system will gradually become more isolated. There is no shame or retribution where they are concerned, but it does mean that their next experience will be a continuation of what they have already chosen.

Be assured that many helpers are with such souls, encouraging them to have the desire to lift themselves up. Since time is an illusion it does not matter how long it takes for them to awaken. (SaLuSa, Feb. 27, 2015.)

Your new cycle will quickly move you into the higher vibrations and peace and contentment will soon come to all of you. It will be a time when you will no longer be held back by the dark Ones who will have been removed from the Earth. Indeed, no soul will be able to move into the higher dimensions unless they are of the higher vibrations. (SaLuSa, Feb. 27, 2015.)

From 2014

Is it guaranteed? Yes. That everyone will receive? Yes. Will some choose to say, “Oh, no, thank you”? Yes. But that decision, that choice also has the ramification — and we’re not talking five minutes here — but it has the ramification of consequently not being able to live on Nova Earth, renewed Gaia, because it is in a vibration of this higher realm of love. So if you do not want that within or without, it is not that we are going to alter the universal law.(“Archangel Michael: Swept Away in a Tsunami of Love -- Part 2/2," channeled by Linda Dillon, January 9, 2014 at

From 2013

Now we speak again about the dark ones. On Earth they are the individuals who about ten years ago refused to honor their soul level agreements to join the light forces after providing the masses the opportunity to complete third density karma. They continued to wreak havoc throughout your world by such means as controlling governments and the global economy, releasing laboratory-designed viruses, manipulating weather and initiating earthquakes, starting wars or reigning over tyrannical regimes.

During the in-pouring of love-light energy, those few individuals who still are among you absorbed little more light than they had, which is only the spark that is their life force. But it was enough extra for their bodies to physically survive in the first wisps of fourth density where Earth is at this moment. If they do not absorb more of the light's brilliance that will keep intensifying along the planet's ascension course, their bodies will not be viable much longer. (Matthew's Message: January 19, 2013.)

From 2012

It is not of course that God does not Love all other souls, as they will continue their lives at the level best for them and their continued evolution. God's Unconditional Love is with you at all times and given without any judgment at all. (SaLuSa, Dec. 14, 2012.)

Some souls turn down point blank any approach made to acquaint them with Ascension. In those circumstances they are provided for, so that they can continue on their chosen path that will give them further opportunities to ascend.

There is no pressure put upon such souls, as life is infinite and you have as much time as you like to evolve. (SaLuSa, Nov. 14, 2012.)

Those who are in the, shall we say, the slow lane of Ascension will also have full memory of who has gone before and who has chosen not to go. Will those memories eventually fade with a feeling of love? Yes, of course they will. The few - and I emphasize, because our plan, and we do not give up, is that everybody goes, everybody - but if there are a few who, by free will, free choice, choose to relocate elsewhere, they will feel and think that nothing much has changed.

There will be an explanation of where you have gone or not gone. There will be a sense of that imprint of who you are. But they will continue in an illusion which has been very dense and very thick for them regardless. So it will not be heart-breaking; it will be taken care of. For this is not in any of these scenarios a cruel, unfeeling, punishing process. This is an upliftment. This is the miraculous unfoldment.

So even for those who choose not to engage at all, it will not be painful and harmful. And they will be given their opportunity also to progress as they choose. And the only thing we say, there is a window there. So we are not talking about 20,000 years. We are talking a window for them to decide to come and join in this miraculous process. ("Archangel Michael: This Election Clears the Way for Obama to Step into the Truth of His Being," Nov. 8, 2012, at .)

Life on your present Earth is coming to an end and of necessity, because the cycle of duality has all but completed its course. Nothing stands still and all is in motion and change to take up a new position according to its vibration. Separation of the souls on Earth is therefore quite a natural occurrence, as the Law of Attraction is always in action.

Do not worry about anyone's path as all are destined to follow one that has already been planned. You will all find yourselves in the right place to continue your evolution. Think not of losing your contact with those you love, as [you] will always be one with them wherever they are. In the higher dimensions, time and distance are no barrier to travel or communication. (SaLuSa, Nov. 5, 2012.)

The Light as ever continues to grow exponentially, and is carrying you forward faster than ever. It will meet its optimum level on the 21st. December 2012 and will trigger the Ascension of Mother Earth and all those souls that are ready to go with her. By then you will have been re-assured about the safety and future of those who take a different path, and all happens as it should according to Universal Law.

Put simply it states that no soul can move upwards until they have reached a similar vibration. All are cared for and by the time Ascension comes round, each one will be aware of what is to take place. As a cycle ends there are natural changes, that open up the next phase of your journey that endeavors to take you higher. The opportunities are always there for every soul. (SaLuSa, Oct. 19, 2012.)

In fact you will never stop seeking and learning. Evolving is a slow progress but your Guides will gently lead you on to a greater understanding when you are ready. That is why it is accepted that not everyone will be ready to ascend, and that will be by their choice. You are not looked upon as being any the less successful than any other soul, and you will eventually reach the same level as any other one.

Many souls have identified with the earthly vibrations and become separated from their real self. That was expected and is seen as an essential part of your experiences, and represented the real challenge that you elected to face. ...

We do not forget those who are not ready or choose not to go, and they also shall receive our protection until they leave Mother Earth. We love you all, and see your Light beaming out even if in some it has not fully developed. To us you are all One and we make no exceptions whatsoever. (SaLuSa, Sept. 21, 2012.)

By acquiring a strong defense you have survived against the dark Ones and their attempts to pull you down to their level. They have in fact sunk so low that they have all but cut themselves off from the Light. Yet the Love of God for his creations only sees the Light however diminished it has become. Hope for their growth back into the Light is such that every help will be given to them to fully return to it.

As we have intimated previously, we ask that as a Being of Light you feel compassion for those who have gone astray. There will be others who do not understand that the greatest service you can give to another soul is to send them your love.

See their Light however dim it may be as the Godspark is immutable and will always remain in some form or another. Show that you have evolved beyond judgment, and allow the course of natural justice of the higher laws to look after those who are yet to answer for their crimes against Humanity. You have enough to occupy your minds with as your wonderful future unfolds. (SaLuSa, Sept. 21, 2012.)

In the final reckoning whatever is believed will be down to free choice, and such souls will continue their experiences in a vibration that is the same as theirs. There is no point in trying to force people to accept what they are unprepared for, and that is not our way. (SaLuSa, Sept. 12, 2012.)

When you reach that stage after Ascension and realize that some people known to you have not ascended, it should not be a time of sadness. In some cases, you may later choose to work with them by acting as a Guide, so your link with them will still be quite strong. (SaLuSa, Aug. 27, 2012.)

All of God's children are being nudged towards awakening, and they are for the most part responding very positively. ...

And that is why amazing reversals of attitude and behavior are occurring everywhere. Nowhere and no-one is immune to or shielded from this powerful and divine energy transmission. It is totally invasive, irresistible, and all-consuming. It is in fact the most wonderfully inclusive and indiscriminating of mantles and it subsumes all gloriously within it.

Your unawareness of this magnificent truth will not last for very much longer, unless you make an intensely powerful intent to remain unaware. And why would you? Yes, a few who have demonstrably shown that they will not surrender to God's Love will remain unaware, because they have chosen for the time being to dissociate themselves from the truth as they attempt to maintain and even strengthen the illusory environment that has seemed to hold you enslaved for so long.

Eventually, the realization of the insanity of attempting to maintain this enclosed, shut down, incredibly limiting and hostile environment will seep into their consciousness, and then they too will seek out God's loving embrace. Until they make that choice they will be able to continue as if nothing had changed - unaware of the joy into which the vast majority of humanity has surrendered. (Saul, Aug. 26, 2012.)

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and know that all of you have had so many lives on Earth, you should by now be able to benefit from your experiences. Go within and listen to your Higher Self and you will get good advice, but it needs to be heeded if you are to lift yourself up. On the one hand time is short, but you still have sufficient time to make a resolution to change and become what you really are - a beautiful soul of unlimited love. We wish you well. (SaLuSa, Aug 22, 2012.)

Provisions will be made for all souls and they will eventually find themselves progressing to the correct level. Bear in mind that your present Earth is also ascending, and only the souls that are ready can go with her. For all others their future is also assured and not one soul will be neglected, as all have their place in the Universe. (SaLuSa, July 13, 2012.)

The choice is as ever yours, but do not be concerned if you are one desiring to remain in your present dimension. It will make no difference to your evolution in the long run, as opportunities to ascend will still come periodically. Indeed, if you set your mind on it, by sheer willpower and intent you could ascend anytime as an individual. (SaLuSa, May 23, 2012.)

All is planned to ensure that as many souls as possible are ready to ascend. However no pressure whatsoever is placed upon those who choose to remain in the third dimension, but to continue that experience they will move elsewhere.

Neither is it considered a failure not to have reached Ascension, as you have infinite life and absolute freedom to take as long as you wish in the lower vibrations. Eventually every soul will rise up, as it is impossible to continue resisting the higher vibrations for any great length of time. (SaLuSa, April 18, 2012.)

Few of you are under any illusions as to what is taking place, although some are still unconvinced that it is in the interests of the Human Race. Such people are normally not in touch with reliable sources of information, and thus lack sufficient information from which to make an informed judgment.

Rarely do they have the levels of consciousness required to see beyond the physical changes, and some have little or no knowledge of Ascension. However, they along with everyone else will before the end of the year is reached, have the opportunity to learn the facts and how it will affect them.

After all, regardless of what is believed, the end times will alter peoples' lives whether or not they are prepared. A new cycle means a new beginning and there are no ways that the old one can be perpetuated. Indeed, it is in everyone's interest to move on to a new experience, that is consistent with their present level of evolution. (SaLuSa, April 18, 2012.)

Lightworkers are coming into their own now because they will soon be needed, to help pass the word around as to what is happening and why. If some souls reject it, then accept it as their choice and allow them to experience what they have chosen. It is all taking place with a purpose, that the end of time as you know it will have served its purpose. (SaLuSa, March 9, 2012.)

It can be no other way - simply, this is the physics that governs life in this universe. As Earth continues apace into successively higher planes, nothing with low vibrations in any form - physical bodies, subversive plans, theft, dishonesty, unjust laws and imprisonment, bigotry, cruel customs and deeds - can survive. (Matthew's Message, Mar. 1, 2012.)

When you think of what is planned for you, we hope it lifts up your hearts and you spread the feeling of happiness it should bring you. Naturally those souls that have remained with closed eyes and ears where Ascension is concerned, will be the ones confused and even frightened of the changes for which they have not made preparations. They deserve the same attention and help as anyone else, so that they may also leave duality on Earth in the knowledge of where their future lies.

This experience will achieve much in time, as it will remain in their subconscious memory until it can serve them again. They certainly will not have to start at the bottom of the ladder again. Like any other soul they will progress because it is impossible to stand still, as even if it is not perceptible, everything is in state of change and is the one constant in the Universe. (SaLuSa, Feb. 24, 2012.)

Know that every soul will end up exactly where they are meant to be, which is at a level that will allow for the next stage of their evolution. That Dear Ones is what it is all about, and it is the same for everyone even if they are unaware of it. No path is walked alone, and the Creator is ever sending out the Love and Light that is the milk of life. (SaLuSa, Feb. 22, 2012.)

The Laws of the Universe are sacred and apply all through it, and we are those who will make certain that they are carried out. It is why that with Ascension no souls can go forward with it unless their vibrations are compatible with it. The choice is still yours, but you must have reached a certain vibratory level to ascend. All souls will have known about it before they came into incarnation, and some of them have no desire to ascend, but wish to add this period in duality to their experience. (SaLuSa, Feb. 20, 2012.)

All of the time there is a continual stream of energy increasing your consciousness levels that are rapidly rising up, and so the grand awakening spreads. We wish that ultimately every single soul would reach the point of being able to ascend. However, it is your choice and you may be assured that any soul that is ready will naturally desire to ascend.

If there is concern about loved ones that do not ascend, some may want to immediately return to the lower dimension in service to them. That is quite acceptable as you have a free choice where you future is concerned. Naturally that path and alternative ones will be explained to you, but in the end you choose your destiny. God gave you freewill, and would not take it away from you. You can go ahead as might be termed "for better or worse" and it will be what you make of it. (SaLuSa, Feb. 15, 2012.)

Naturally in short time there will come an avalanche of information and advice about Ascension, and for those who are open to the truth it will give the opportunity to take a quantum leap forward. It is a matter of whether people are ready to see beyond their existing beliefs, and become part of the new paradigm.

If not there is no problem and they will be able to stay on their own path and continue to experience in the lower dimensions. It cannot be fairer than that by allowing you your choice, and all will be treated as any other soul with loving care and given every help possible. No one is beyond help and it is always there ready to be given at the slightest indication that it is requested. (SaLuSa, Jan. 23, 2012.)

There is no need to be concerned about your individual role and what will happen to you, as each of you will experience precisely what you have planned. Some of you have elected to leave the Earth early, and others will see the final year through to the end. Either way it will have been your choice, and all will ultimately leave the old Earth as you presently know it. (SaLuSa, Jan. 18, 2012.)

The awakening is accelerating and will touch all souls before the final days of this cycle. Whether all respond is their choice, but not one soul will leave this Earth without having understood the opportunity of ascending. It clearly will not appeal to everyone, as some souls would feel out of place in the higher dimensions. (SaLuSa, Jan. 18, 2012.)

You have had many lives and opportunities to push on with your spiritual evolution, and now you have reached the very last chance to join all of those who have already prepared for Ascension.

Of course some will continue to have little or no interest, having made their decision to have further experience in the 3rd. dimension. Allow for such souls who are entitled as much as anyone else to follow their own path. (SaLuSa, Jan. 11, 2012.)

It matters little whether you ascend or not, inasmuch that all souls will continue to make progress. All happens in its own good time, and you have no need to feel pressurized to do other than what you personally desire. You have an infinite amount of time to make your way back through the higher dimensions, and at all times help will always be there for the asking. (SaLuSa, Jan. 9, 2012.)

It is Earth's destiny to leave third density when a universal cycle opens an astral window at the end of this year, and by then no one with a dark mind and heart will be left on the planet. That may seem unduly harsh, as if some arbitrary judgment process simply will eliminate them, and that is not so. There are persons who have amassed fortunes dishonestly, achieved power ruthlessly, and consistently have refused the light constantly available to them, and both their souls and their bodies will "pay the price," you could say. (Matthew's Message, Jan. 4, 2012.)

The infusion of light that enabled Earth to survive death throes some seventy years ago is restoring the "stolen" DNA in light-receptive individuals, and not everyone is. A body without any light except the spark that is its life force cannot live in the vibrations prevailing on Earth - it will die from any one of the reasons that death has long come to Earth's residents, and some influential individuals you see in TV film clips are clones of the persons who have died. Bodies with a small degree of light beyond the spark can last a bit longer, but they too will give out as vibrations become increasingly more powerful the closer Earth approaches fourth density's doorstep.

What happens to the souls who fashioned those bodies to serve them in this lifetime is another matter. As long as Nirvana has been Earth's spirit world, the lifetime energy registration of persons who chose dark ways automatically drew them to the corresponding energy in the lowest of Nirvana's flexible layers. The darkest beings have gone to the tiny orb near your moon - this is what some religions call hell - where the density matches that of the souls' lifetimes. Because they fear light, only a pinpoint is constantly beamed to them. If they receive it, they move to Nirvana's lowest layer, where the light is stronger, and if they choose to receive it, they take the next step back up the ladder of intelligence and spiritual awareness. And so on.

However, Nirvana is ascending with the planet and her light-filled residents, and soon those low layers and that tiny dense orb no longer will be needed as part of your spirit world. Through divine grace, souls in those low placements are being given extraordinary opportunities to absorb light so they can embody in civilizations in consonance with the degree of light each soul accepts. Souls in the tiny orb will be energetically transferred to equally dense placements that serve as spirit worlds to low density civilizations. After the orb is relieved of its former inhabitants' density, it can begin a new orbiting pattern or dematerialize itself.

Souls - perhaps billions - who do NOT have dark proclivity also will be leaving during the months ahead. Some chose in soul contracts to actively participate in the transitional stages of Earth's ascension and to view from Nirvana the entire panorama of the planet's triumphal entry into fourth density. Others embodied to take advantage of this unique opportunity to achieve balance by completing third density karmic lessons, and when they do so, they'll eagerly leave to start spirit lifetime as higher evolved souls.

Many millions, like the millions before them, will be requesting soul contract amendments so this lifetime can be over sooner than their contract's longevity provision. Their requests will be honored to end suffering that exceeds what they had chosen to experience and to reduce the planet of the negativity their suffering causes. They will beam light to the planet from Nirvana, where they will receive full credit for contract completion and continue progressing in soul evolvement.

Many whose religious or scientific beliefs are the foundation of their lives will choose to depart rather than accept the forthcoming truths that differ profoundly from what they were taught. People whose wealth came under the old systems may be so fearful of losing everything when the global economy collapses that they will leave before they could know that new systems will function smoothly and fairly under knowledgeable managers with moral and spiritual integrity. (Matthew's Message, Jan. 4, 2012.)

There will be no mass exodus, but rather throughout the year greater numbers of people will be dying than heretofore, and it is likely that among them will be members of your family, friends, colleagues or neighbors. If they are especially dear to you, be comforted in knowing that along the ascension pathway through fourth density into fifth, there will be joyful physical reunions between souls on the planet and those in Nirvana. (Matthew's Message, Jan. 4, 2012.)

From 2011

Every soul will equally have that chance to change their lives and set their sights higher, if they wish. There is never going to be pressure put upon them, but every help is there for them if they commence to seek the truth. (SaLuSa, Dec. 9, 2011.)

As we have said there are many paths to Ascension, but also some that simply take souls on a continuing journey in this present dimension as they have no desire to do otherwise. Leave them to follow their chosen path, as it will provide exactly what they need to progress. It is no one else's place to convince them otherwise, but be assured that they cannot have been on Earth without learning many useful lessons. These will serve them well at some future time, and if they are souls that you relate to now, you may wish to stay linked with them as a Guide. (SaLuSa, Nov. 30, 2011.)

As we have mentioned previously not everyone of a higher vibration desires to ascend. Some of you will be identified by your Space family, and find that you arranged to return with them to your home planet after your Earth journey was completed. Many different civilizations are waiting to benefit from your experiences, such are the magnificent achievements that you have made. Perhaps now you will understand why you are so important them, as not very soul will have entered duality or has necessarily desired to do so. You are indeed extra special souls with so much to offer to others. (SaLuSa, Oct. 28, 2011.)

Some people wish to hang onto what they are familiar with, and if that be their choice it will be so. We and others lay out before you the benefits of Ascension without trying to force it upon any of you, and at no time will you be able to truthfully say that you did not know. We have no concern about people who decline the opportunity to ascend, and we give of our love to them as we would anyone.

Their future is as well assured as anyone else's, and in any event there will come a time when they will join those who have gone ahead. You have all the time you desire to stay in the lower dimensions, and we know that when you have fulfilled your experiences you will look to the higher dimensions for your next ones. ...

Remember that you have everything to gain, and you will have absolutely no regrets at making your decision to ascend. If you still cannot bring yourself to follow this path, have no fear, as your needs have been catered for as well as anyone else's. (SaLuSa, Oct, 21, 2011.)

There will be some who will refuse to accept any changes within or without. Do not try to change anyone who chooses to stay in the old energy for it is their free will choice to evolve as slowly or quickly as they wish. Many are not yet ready to embrace the higher frequencies. They first need more experiences of the third-dimensional energy. Many are choosing to leave Earth in order to come back into the higher frequencies of the new Earth at a later time. These choices are made on a deeper and usually unconscious level with the help of the Higher Self. (Arcturian Group, Oct. 16, 2011.)

Steve Beckow: Has a parent who chooses to remain behind when ascension occurs for the sake of a spouse or a child forfeited their chance to ascend for the next 26,000 years, or will they ascend upon the death of the physical body?

Archangel Michael: Of course they will ascend on the death of the body.

SB: All right. So it's not the case that there's a window that briefly opens and then shuts and these people have lost out altogether?

AAM: Why would we ever punish? We are not in the punishing business. And we would certainly never punish for love. When one stays because their love and their caring is so intense, their commitment is so intense - that is always taken into account. They will have their chance.

SB: That's very reassuring. ("Archangel Michael on NESARA, Opposing the Cabal, and Ascension - Part 3/3," Oct. 3, 2011, at

Now there still will be those unfortunately, (or fortunately for they are doing what they wish, although it is not my desire), that will choose to continue on in this type of a reality, of the third as you could think of it as ... and they will be shifted to an alternate situation. ("Archangel Michael: Creating a World of Peace," Sept. 15, 2011, at

Every soul is being given every encouragement to break out of the rigid set of beliefs that hold them back.

However, if they choose to remain in the lower vibrations, one may assume that they are not ready to grasp the lifeline being thrown to them. (SaLuSa, Sept. 2, 2011.)

Whether or not you choose to drag your awakening out for many more lifetimes, is your choice. there is never condemnation or judgement as all are moving forward at the pace they choose.

You have been given an opportunity to be on earth at this most powerful time and to shift into the higher fifth dimensional energies with Gaia should you choose. Those of you reading this have chosen already, but do not expect your friends and family to make the same choice. Never try to force others into believing as you do, for they may not yet be ready. Force is a tool of the dark, an ego expression; the belief that you are right and the other is wrong.

Many are leaving the earth by choice (a choice made on a deeper level), choosing to come back later into the new and higher energy. It is the job of enlightened beings not to interfere with another's journey, but to simply stay centered and present, throwing out seeds of truth now and then to those receptive and teaching when asked. Those perceived to be unawakened may have lessons yet to learn that you know nothing about. Allow each and every person to make their own choices with regard to ascension and spend your energy on your own deepening realization of who and what you are. (The Arcturian Group, Aug. 16, 2011.)

Individuals whose rigid beliefs are founded on false religious dogma and flawed science will be the most resistant - their beliefs are the very foundation of their lives or their livelihoods. And when the facts about "9/11" and the reasons for wars in Afghanistan and Iran - ALL wars! - are revealed, families and friends of all who died may be disbelievers because knowing why their loved ones died could be overwhelming. All of these people need compassion and understanding - they will be able to accept the truth after they transition to Nirvana.

Please do not feel sad if persons dearest to you are among the non-receptive. Spiritual evolvement comes at a pace that is as unique as each soul itself is - when the time is right for your beloved people to have conscious awareness of universal knowledge and grow spiritually, they will. (Matthew's Message, Aug. 11, 2011.)

Those who are not of the Light but lean towards the dark side are in fear as they see the world falling apart, unlike you of the Light who have everything to look forward to. They are likely to drop further into the mire, seeking solace in drink and drugs. Hopefully when the truth about us and the coming Ascension is known, many can be encouraged to look to the Light for a path back to normality. They may not do enough to sufficiently raise their vibrations to ascend, but any progress made now will be of value when they start their next cycle. There is no question of any soul losing any gains made in raising their consciousness levels. As long as you are progressing, you will never be looked upon as a failure as it can be as slow or fast as you decide. (SaLuSa, Aug. 3, 2011.)

In that moment [of Ascension], what we are calling a moment, there is a choice. Do you want -- and it can happen instantaneously, because so many of you have laid the foundation -- do you want to be in the heart of one of love? Do you wish to be in the higher frequency? In the very last second, all they need to say is yes, and allow themselves to be flooded by what you can think of as a tidal wave of energy that will sweep the planet. That is why we say all are invited. (Steve Beckow, "Reading with Archangel Michael, August 1, 2011" through Linda Dillon, at

For some people who are aware of the pending changes, their understanding does not embrace the idea of Ascension. That will therefore limit the extent of their experiences, but their level of consciousness can still expand. For them that is important, as they will continue their next lives at a similar level in duality. They will still have subconscious memories of the past, that will enable them to aspire to higher levels than before. When the cycles change, you do not lose the benefit of your experiences, and you will commence a new one with that advantage. (SaLuSa, July 29, 2011.)

We will have time to explain what we are doing, but so to say cannot spend over long with those who are unable to grasp the significance of it all. We will have educational programs to enlighten them, and opportunities given to cover any questions that may arise. (SaLuSa, July 15, 2011.)

We ask you, right here and right now to choose your destination where you want to go during this great shift. You do not need to be concerned about how you will get there, how much it will cost or how much time you have. You have only to choose where you want to go. Do you want to choose a beautiful and peaceful destination or something completely the opposite? You have a choice. We recommend that you choose the destination of the fifth dimensional reality of the New Earth. (The Arcturian Circle, "Anchoring Your Energy to the Reality of the New Earth," June 5th, 2011, at

Earth is nearing vibratory levels where the light is so intense that all who have refused the light - the ones we speak of as dark simply to indicate their lack of light - will die. That may sound unduly harsh, but it is not a matter of some "divine" judgment or punishment - it is simply the physics governing life in this universe that bodies bereft of light cannot survive in those higher vibrations. In short, all those who have been causing fearful conditions will be disappearing. (Matthew's Message, April 23, 2011.)

You may wonder who would knowingly say no to a new life in the higher dimensions. Yet some souls are unsure of themselves and cling to what they know, being reluctant to make a commitment at this time. It comes in part from a lack of understanding, because they cannot perceive what life off Earth can be like. Certainly at times your Earth life has its pleasant experiences, but they pale into insignificance compared to what lays ahead for you. If only you could glimpse it then your worries would seem of so little concern, plus the fact that your future is assured as nothing can change your destiny. (SaLuSa, April 6, 2011.)

Regardless of individuals' choices to accept or reject these truths, the forthcoming revelations and ensuing changes will propel Earth into her era of love, peace and harmony. (Matthew's Message, Jan. 15, 2011.)

From 2010

Not every one that rejects the plan for Ascension is being negative, and your freewill choice is still the most important decision you will make regarding the end times. Clearly those of you who have an open mind are more likely to see the benefits, of putting in the effort required to take that quantum leap into the future. However, it is your divine right to evolve at a speed that suits you and there is no forcing of Ascension upon anyone. Yet you need to know what it means and be able to make an informed decision. (SaLuSa, Dec. 17, 2010.)

If persons especially dear to you cannot accept the truths, honor their free will choice without sadness or regret. Not only will they have other opportunities to overcome third density's limitations and move forward in soul evolvement, but your love bonds are eternal and will reunite you at soul level in all compatible energy planes. (Matthew's Message, Dec. 5, 2010.)

As for the claim stated in those questioning emails, that bodies will perish at the end of 2012 if no clearings or rejuvenation commands are completed, we say that perhaps with the exception of a scheduled execution, nothing external can guarantee the time of physical demise. That is solely the province of the soul itself in accordance with its longevity choice prior to birth or by its request for an amended contract during the physical lifetime. While it is true that bodies that have not absorbed light cannot survive in higher frequencies, the degrees of light differ and bodies with the least amount will not last as long as those that have somewhat more. Furthermore, prior to the end of 2012, many millions of bodies, among them many that are light-filled, will die in accordance with soul contract choices. (Matthew's Message, Oct. 10, 2010.)

The dark Ones will still be around and they too will learn something from you. One day they will find the Light that still shines within, even if it is now veiled by the darkness they have created.

Our presence is to help all souls, and we do not choose one soul over another where our help is concerned. It is up to each individual to decide in which direction their future is going, and regardless of their choice they will be treated with kindness and love. That is the only way to penetrate the darkness, and help those souls who are trapped. (SaLuSa, Sept. 13, 2010.)

Although Ascension is an ongoing process, it is not forced upon anyone. God will not take away your freewill to choose your own pathway, and other options exist. So those who are unready for Ascension will proceed onto a different path, to continue their experiences according to their preference. Many will stay in this present dimension, but not in this Universe which is ascending in its totality. Your soul journey is thought of in linear terms, but in reality all experiences take place in the Now. So you can easily switch from one path to another, but only in the same vibrational level. No souls are lost or destined to remain in the lowest dimensions, as evolution is a continual process. (SaLuSa, Aug. 27, 2010.)

Not all light-filled people will go all the way to the Golden Age - it depends on the longevity clause in soul contracts. Prior to birth many of today's populace chose to enter spirit life before Earth reaches that era, and among them are highly evolved souls whose light is as bright as noonday sun. Those who came from higher civilizations to assist Earth in special ways during her ascension may quickly pass through Nirvana on their way to a higher density spirit world, most likely the one serving their original homeland, or they may manifest new bodies and incarnate in another civilization for different kinds of growth experiencing.

Others will stay for a time in Nirvana, which will remain Earth's spirit world and ascend in tandem with the planet. Souls who have completed third density karmic lessons may choose another Earth lifetime or join a civilization in a different fourth density world.

A large number of people who have lived in godly ways will choose not to ascend with Earth after the truth about the origin of religions emerges: They were designed in darkness to deceive and control the peoples, by the most divisive element of life on Earth, and reap wealth for the heads of churches. Although everyone on Earth knows that truth at soul level and it is a contract choice to consciously remember it, many of the devoutly religious will be unable or unwilling to accept that their deep-seated faith is founded on false teachings.

By so doing, these individuals deny the light within truth, that they are god and goddess selves, eternally inseparable from God and all other souls in this universe. Their next pre-birth contract will again include the provision to become consciously aware of that truth during their next physical lifetime, which will be in a third density world.

Regardless of the reason a soul leaves this lifetime, physical death will come from any of the many causes that exist now. There will be no mass departure of darkly inclined persons when Earth reaches some specific vibratory level because the amount of light within bodies varies.

And there is no way for you to distinguish between light-filled individuals who leave Earth lifetimes in accordance with soul contracts, those who choose to leave rather than accept the truth about religions, and persons whose bodies' viability is snuffed out because they lack the light to survive in the vibratory level Earth entered. (Matthew's Message, Aug. 13, 2010.)

In most cases there can be reunions of souls who live in physical or spirit worlds of differing densities. Those who have evolved into a higher density can astrally travel to a lower density that has sufficient light to assure the visitors' departure.

Reunions are not possible with the souls that are consigned by their lifetime energy to first or second density worlds, where intelligence is almost nonexistent and no memories or feelings exist. That is not punishment - it offers those souls a new beginning free of the negativity they created that automatically led them to those lowest levels of existence. (Matthew's Message, Aug. 13, 2010.)

Since you are infinite souls and in reality there is no such thing as time because it is all in the Now, you can spend as much time as you desire at any one level. So, Dear Ones, do not be too concerned if those souls close to you appear to be content where they stand at present. Certainly if their lessons have not yet been completed, they will want to do so before they move on.(SaLuSa, Aug. 9, 2010.)

Our beloved Earth is right on target on her ascension pathway, that we can assure you, but we don't know who will choose to see the light of universal truths and who will not. ...

Those who choose the light will physically accompany Earth and those who do not will go to other worlds where they will have as many opportunities as they need "to see the light." (Matthew's Message, May 19, 2010.)

The dark Ones have had their opportunities to have a change of heart and move towards the Light. It is their choice as to where their future lies. (SaLuSa, Apr. 14, 2010.)

It does not matter if you do not succeed this time round, as any progress you make will place your feet firmly on the next path to Ascension. The cycles of life continually give you the opportunity to evolve as no experience is ever wasted. (SaLuSa, Apr. 5, 2010.)

In the long term the energies cannot be rejected, as their function is upliftment of the lower energies. However, where an individual soul is not ready to receive them, arrangements are made for their placement where they can continue as they wish.

This normally means lifting them off Earth and allowing them to continue their experiences at a similar level. Freewill operates at all times, and is essential to give you freedom of choice where your own evolution is concerned. (SaLuSa, March 31, 2010.)

All souls will make a freewill choice as to where their journeys will take them next. Your subconscious memories of having come from the higher dimensions will draw you back to them. You will instinctively feel that it is where your real home lies. (SaLuSa, March 29, 2010.)

Nothing would please us more than if you all had a turn of heart, and every soul made the transition. However, at present there are less than half of you that are consciously making changes in your lives to do so. Yet as the energy levels increase, more of you are awakening and seeking your own path to understanding. The truth is there to be found, but not until you are prepared to move beyond the mindset you already have.

You cannot accommodate new ideas if your belief system is rigidly held in place. Unfortunately, generations upon generations of families or institutions have passed on their own misguided knowledge in all good faith, but their understanding has been tainted by false teachings. Humans have a way of believing that a majority opinion makes it correct, whereas in spiritual matters it is often quite the opposite. ...

What is at stake is the destiny of her consciously and spiritually slumbering residents: Will they heed their intuition, the messages from their souls, to waken in time to physically accompany Earth? Many of you have family or friends who are stuck in third density thinking and beliefs. By all means offer to share your awareness with those who are interested, but please do not try to impose it upon those who are not - just as you would feel uncomfortable being force-fed opinions that conflict with your innate knowingness, so would be those who are committed to their beliefs that differ from yours.

And please do not feel sad if persons dear to your heart choose not to awaken in this lifetime. Respect their goodness and honesty in the knowing that it is neither your responsibility nor right to try to change their choice to slumber on. After a lifetime in spirit, they will reincarnate in a third density world with another opportunity to see the light and evolve spiritually; and, as the independent yet inseparable souls you all are, during bodies' sleep time you will have reunions with your beloved people in places where your and their vibrations permit.

When and how will people who commit dark actions die? Wouldn't it be helpful to know who they are so we can distinguish them from people in the light who die because they fulfilled their soul contracts? There is no way that you can distinguish between the dark action persons and those in the light who completed their contracts, and there is no need to do so.

Since there are varying light frequencies in individuals, there can be no mass exodus of those who are darkly-inclined at some specific point in Earth's ascension. Each such person will transition from this lifetime when Earth reaches an energy plane that exceeds that individual's frequency and physical death will come from any of the same causes that exist now. Where will the souls of all the various densities now living on the planet go if they do not accompany Earth, and will they remember why they did not or will the veil of forgetting fall?

The souls whose lifetime energy registration was of the basest density - what some would call pure evil - automatically will be drawn to the only part of Nirvana that is separate from the flexible layers, the tiny orb near your moon where the density is so great that it holds those souls captive. They are aware of where they are and what they did that led them to that densest part of Earth's spirit world because it is there that they review their entire past lifetime moment by moment and feel their every emotion along with the emotions of everyone whose lives they touched in any way. This review process is the hell of some religious concepts.

Light is constantly beamed to those souls, and if they choose to accept the light, they will embody in a first density placement in primitive forms that have no memories or intelligence, but only an instinctive existence. This allows those souls to start with a clean slate, unencumbered by memories of the dark behavior that led them to that densest of placements in your part of this universe.Persons whose lifetime energy was of very low density - those who ignored their soul contracts and whose deliberately ruthless actions prevented others from fulfilling their own contracts, but were not as tyrannical or diabolical as the souls consigned to that tiny orb - automatically are drawn to a first density world and start over from scratch.

When they accept the light that is beamed continuously into the placement, they can incarnate in a second density world where they will have no memory of other lifetimes but do gain a conscience, a capacity for reasoning, and free will choices. With this greater degree of innate abilities comes the option to act within the light or the darkness, thus they can have many lifetimes in second density, relapse into first, or progress into a third density world.As for the veil of forgetting falling on residents of a third density world - how many of you remember why you are where you are?!

Souls now on Earth who are at fourth or higher density spiritual evolvement who do not continue their physical journey with Earth may choose to spend a lifetime in Nirvana, return to their original homeland, move on to another civilization that is compatible with their evolvement station, or return to Earth and enjoy life in her Golden Age.

In all those planes of spiritual awareness there is a great deal of remembering by comparison to the level in any third density world. However, the eternal life of the soul includes the return to The Beginnings in Creator, so there are eons of layers of forgetfulness to uncover in the unequalled adventure called Life. Light, the pure love essence of Creator Source and the most powerful energy in the cosmos, is available to every soul in every instant, and by accepting the light, each continues evolving by consciously remembering what is known at soul level. (Matthew's Message, March 29, 2010.)

Given the choice made with the full knowledge of what Ascension means, it would be surprising if many souls rejected the opportunity to ascend. However, the lower vibrations dull the senses and diminish your Light, and making your way back is not at all easy. It is not for the lack of trying to convey the truth to you; as for at least the last century there have been progressive attempts to bring about enlightenment.

As you often say, "you can take a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink" and so it is with many people who are not yet ready for it. However, like anyone else they do have subconscious memories of their past experiences, and until they can tap into them will remain dormant. (Salusa, March 17, 2010.)

Dear Ones, understandably you are focused on your own problems, as survival is still very much your instinct. Sure, there are threats around you and necessary changes lead you ever onwards, but understand that those that leave the Earth before Ascension planned to do so. Intuitively you may sense where you stand in such matters, but in general if you have set your sights on Ascension and are working towards it, you will see out the last days of the old dimension. ...

No individual can be left behind as there is no such thing, as each soul determines there own path and is always progressing. You move in the direction that fits your needs and provides the required experience to continue evolving. (Salusa, March 8, 2010.)

Understandably, there is a great deal of speculation about what will happen to whom at the end of 2012. There is no definitive answer because what happens to each soul will be in accordance with the uniqueness of each soul. However, we can say with certainty that the theory of a celestial body appearing as a "second Earth" and becoming the third density home for souls who do not physically accompany the "first Earth" into fourth density is erroneous. You are a soul in a human body. Earth is a soul in a planetary body.

Her soul remained in its fifth density origin while her body spiraled into deep third density during the millennia that her human residents were shedding each others' blood, mass-slaughtering her animals and severely damaging her body. She could have chosen to let her assaulted body die, but instead she chose to have its health restored so all of her residents in their myriad life forms could continue.

Moreover the "two Earths" theory accommodates only the people whose lifetime choices would place them in a different third density world. There will be souls whose lifetime choices automatically will take them to first or second density placements; and at the other end of the spectrum are the souls who came from fourth, fifth and higher density worlds specifically to assist Earth in her ascension - when their mission is completed, they will return to their homelands. (Matthew's Message, Feb. 14, 2010.)

Your future is tied in with that of the whole Universe and millions of other souls. It is not going to be held back or delayed by the antics of the dark cabal, and their future will continue in their chosen level of experience. Bear in mind Dear Ones, that there are other Universes that souls can move to it if is beneficial to their evolution. (Salusa, Feb. 8, 2010.)

Ascension will come and you will sail through the process that will achieve your final upliftment. It is a state of mind with the strong intent to reach your goal, regardless of what crosses your path. We know you can do it, but alas not everyone is ready to make that commitment. However, as we frequently remind you, freewill operates so that you decide your future. Yet in time you will inevitably move onto the path of Light. So Dear Ones please do not worry about those souls who are perhaps close to you, who do not share your vision of the future. (Salusa, Jan. 27, 2010.)

Not everyone will need to ascend and some of you will be introduced to their Space families, and return home with them. (Salusa, Jan. 20, 2010.)

We return for a moment to duality to expound upon Hatonn's comment: Understand that Earth's course is set, it's her people who have a timetable to meet or get left behind. The universal alignment window for Earth to totally leave third density is narrowing, and individuals who want to go with her physically must have enough light to meet that exit timetable.

Earth's passage to her ultimate destination is assured. It is the destination of her human residents that is at issue: Will they absorb the light that changes carbon-based cells to the crystalline that enable physical survival in fourth density vibrations?

Absorbing light requires ones at the negative end of duality to change from violence to peacefulness, from greed to generosity, corruption to honor, unjustness to fairness, anger to reason, oppression to freedom. The bodies of those who refuse to stop the negative behavior that boosted them into powerful positions will die, and the souls will go to worlds where the energy is the same as those persons generated during their physical lifetime.

But please do not think that all who leave the planet from now on will do so for that reason! Souls who came from advanced civilizations, some as walk-ins and others born into Earth families, to assist you in this tumultuous time will return to their own worlds when they complete their missions.

Many Earth residents will fulfill their soul contracts wherein they chose to complete third-density karmic experiences, and after a lifetime in spirit, they will reincarnate in fourth density, if not back on Earth, then another advanced world. Others will petition at soul level to leave early because life circumstances are far harsher than their contract selections; after completing their contracts in spirit life, their next physical lifetime also will be in a fourth-density world.

When the truth about religious dogmas emerges, many will choose at soul level to leave; later they will embody in a third-density world where their beliefs can remain intact until once again the truth emerges about religions' false teachings, and they will have another opportunity to open their minds and accept that truth. (Matthew's Message, Jan. 11, 2010.)

[Following the change of governmental leaders] you will have been informed of the meaning of the end times, and will be under no illusion as to where your future lies. The falsehoods and lies that have kept you in the dark as to your real purpose in life will have been disclosed.

Some souls will still refuse to acknowledge the truth, but their denials will mean that their future will be in accordance with their beliefs. God does not impose the Creator's Plan upon anyone who chooses a different experience, because it is known that eventually they will find the path to the higher dimensions and the Light. (Salusa, Jan. 2, 2010.)

From 2009

If you cannot grasp or understand the need for Ascension, then you are most likely ill prepared or insufficiently illumined to accept it into your life. Have no fear about making such a decision as you are not abandoned or held in lower esteem. You will evolve exactly according to your own pace, and one day you too will take a great leap forward having finished your education in duality.(SaLuSa, Dec, 21, 2009.)

Changes will take you nearer to completion, and gradually there will be a clear line between those who desire to ascend, and those who have declined the opportunity. This is inevitable and therefore fully expected, and the consequences of the incoming higher vibrations that lift those of the Light even higher. (SaLuSa, Nov. 4, 2009.)

When Earth reaches a specific frequency, will all the dark ones and any others who don't accept the light die at the same time? There is a frequency, or vibratory level, wherein carbon-based bodies cannot survive, and the bodies of the puppets of darkness will die within a very short period. In some cases, this simply means that no new clones will replace the ones that degenerated. But the majority of people who will leave are the devoutly religious whose very lives would be meaningless without their beliefs; their bodies will die at various times, depending on each one's ability to deal with formidable mental and emotional stress after the truths about religions emerge. Once in Nirvana, all those dear souls will be aware of the truths, and will choose to consciously remember them in their next incarnation. (Matthew's Message, Oct. 19, 2009.)

Ascension is simply upliftment into the higher vibrations of the Universe, and it means that you will be part of it unless through choice you decide not to participate. (SaLuSa, Oct. 10, 2009.)

In reality no one actually fails, because although many are as yet unready to ascend they will have repeated opportunities until they also do so. (SaLuSa, Sept. 21, 2009.)

As Earth rises into higher densities where the light is more intense, the dark ones - puppets of the dark forces - will embrace the light or their physical bodies will die and the souls automatically will be drawn to worlds where the energy density matches the energy of the physical lifetime. (Matthew's Message, Sept. 21, 2009.)

We do not fault these souls and we love them no less, but it is sad to see the ones who chose to complete third density karmic lessons now choosing to be stuck in that density instead of joyously accompanying Earth on her journey. (Matthew's Message, Sept. 21, 2009.)

The beauty of the Light is available to everyone and as always it remains your choice whether to accept it or not. ...

Every soul has assistance even though they may move away from the Light. There is no such thing as giving up on people, and even those you may term as the most evil Beings are helped by Light Beings. Your Godspark centered within your heart may be diminished by the lower vibrations, but it will always exist. However far you fall into the darkness, it will still shine out and is ready to be fully ignited again. (SaLuSa, Sept. 14, 2009.)

What is occurring here is the separation of the worlds. The vast chasm between the rungs of the ascension ladder is most certainly at hand now. Around the window of time of September 9, we were asked to choose. We were asked if we wanted to move forward into the new reality, stay behind and experience the suffering, or leave the planet altogether.

Enough time had passed for each and every soul on this planet to get on board, to open to source, to examine his/her patterns and beliefs, to make changes, and to be willing to grow. The time was up. The decisions were made, and now, the results of those decisions are now beginning to manifest.

The separation of the worlds will not be pleasant in many ways, but it is all relevant to how we choose to perceive things. Those who stayed behind, or who chose to remain in the old world and old reality, unwilling to make changes and to open, will now experience a massive amount of suffering and destruction. I am normally not a gloom and doom writer, but I must stay true to what is occurring, and unfortunately, this will be the new scenario.

Wake up calls almost always occur through suffering, or hitting rock bottom, or through desperation. Thus, this will be the scenario for those existing on the "other side" from where we now are. But for those who chose to move forward, a vastly different scenario will be present.

Those who chose to stay on the earth, and who chose to be willing to trust and open to a very new beginning and new experience, who were willing to let go of much of everything, and who were very ready, are now finally beginning the first stages of creating their own heaven on earth.

If we can become very clear and detailed about what it is that we want to create for ourselves, and what exactly that will look like, then it is now finally time to experience it. Miracles will occur, we well be safe and secure, we will be in a new world and new land, and most assuredly, have a very new beginning without the struggling, pain, negativity, loss, and much else that we may have encountered in times past.

For me, this is a painful process in regard to who has been left behind. I have lost my father, my mother, and now my daughter and grandchildren. These severing energies cut so deep and strong, that it feels like a terrible death has occurred, but the worst part for me, is in watching my loved ones suffer so. But I know as well, that they are all on their own individual journeys...and these journeys can be beautiful to watch at soul levels.

Everyone has had enough time to align themselves with the new, right up until this point of completion. There had to be a breaking point at some point, and this is the time.

But all, of course, is not lost. There is always room for change, growth, and different decisions to be made. It is never too late. Everything is not lost for the old world. What is occurring, is a separation of the worlds, a large chasm in between them that will grow ever wider in times to come, and a distinct removal from any kind of interaction from one world to another. This is a massive separation, with a very tight boundary.

Thus, we will be very removed and unable to connect to the "other side" vibrating below the old world. We can no longer reside there as we are now fully living and breathing on what was the "other side" for us for so very long. So how do we now connect to the old world if we choose, especially if we are no longer allowed there? ...

As time goes on, the separation will become ever more severe. Currently, there is more of a chance for souls right on the border to cross over, as this separation has just occurred and the line is still a bit grey. Right on this edge or border, there are many still making up their minds. All new places cannot be filled and new connections made, until each and every soul determines what they now want to do, be, and what they want their reality to look like. When these final decisions are made, then souls will begin connecting, and also begin severing the cords to other souls. (Karen Bishop, "The Separation of the Worlds," Sept. 15, 2009, at

There is no judgement of those who choose to remain in the 3rd. Dimension, because they have not failed in any way or are lesser Beings than any other soul. Their freewill choice will never be interfered by those who have moved into the Light and Love. (SaLuSa, Sept. 14, 2009.)

Now, you have had it foretold that in a certain number of years, very few now, in a certain time called 2012, there is going to be another harvesting, another age of enlightenment, another time when there is going to be peace and harmony, all good upon the Earth.

This will be true for some. It will be true for those who are in their soul knowing that plan. Others will still be working through their issues, because that is what they have decreed that they will experience. And others will be somewhere in between. (Jeshua, Sept. 2009, through Judith Coates, at

Some souls are so unaware that they may reject the opportunity to move out of your existing dimension. As much as you may place the benefits in front of them, there is a reluctance to move out of the reality they are used to. (Atmos, Aug. 28, 2009.)

Some individuals will be unable to be in the new frequencies may have challenges in stabilizing their emotions. This will happen on a planetary scale. It could be upsetting to others. For various reasons they will have to adjust and adapt or as you know they will go elsewhere. (Mira the Pleiadian, Aug. 8, 2009.)

If you should wonder about those souls "left behind" be assured their lives will continue with every support and loving attention. The Creator lovingly nurtures and cares for all life, and love abounds wherever the Creator is - All That Is. (SaLuSa, Aug. 7, 2009.)

It is in some ways a sad time as a division of the people based on their Light quotient is inevitable. Ideally it would be wonderful if every single soul were able to raise their consciousness, enabling all of you to ascend together. However, freewill has been exercised by you all, and obviously not everyone feels ready to commit themselves to entering the process of Ascension. (SaLuSa, Aug. 3, 2009.)

Millions ... have been choosing to leave Earth lifetimes, and many millions more will do so before the Golden Age is fully established. While some will have completed their soul contracts, others will amend their contracts so they can move out of the heavy negativity in their surroundings and, from the spirit world, help to reduce its effects on the planet by adding their light from above. So please do not feel these "lives are cut short," but rather, know that they joyfully returned to spirit life and feel gratitude for their love-filled service to Earth and all her life forms. (Matthew's Messages, July 18, 2009.)

Those who are ready to make the change will move quickly and effortlessly into full consciousness. However, many who have not yet awakened will need a period of time, after they come to an awareness of what is happening, to adjust to this stunning realization; then when they are ready they, too, will embrace full consciousness. (Saul, June 17, 2009.)

Many teachers and guides in human form will be required to assist them to understand the exciting changes that are occurring, and to help them, gently and lovingly, to adjust their attitudes and perceptions so that they can prepare themselves swiftly and easily to move into this magnificent state. (Saul, June 17, 2009.)

Everyone longs [to ascend], even if the longing is deeply buried and hidden, except for a very small number who have chosen at this stage to reject it. (Saul, June 17, 2009.)

If you are meant to be here to see the cycle through to its end, then that is what you will experience. Others who desired to experience this dimension in its closing stages, but not ascend will leave according to their life plan, and that will be right for them. (SaLuSa, June 15, 2009.)

There is no place on the path to Ascension for those who will not relinquish their attachment to the lower vibrations. At the appropriate time they will be removed elsewhere to continue life to their choosing. You need not therefore be unduly concerned with their last attempts to hold power as [they] will be unsuccessful. (SaLuSa, June 15, 2009.)

Naturally you are at varying stages of evolution, and some of you do not feel at all attracted to the idea of Ascension. (SaLuSa, May 15, 2009.)

There will be many who choose to leave the Earth plane at this time and in the months ahead but that is through the choices that they made. Each who is upon the Earth plane at this time has chosen to be here, to be a part of this Great Awakening and the great change that is happening and those who are leaving and will continue to leave, are those Souls who have chosen not to experience the days ahead. All is as was chosen by each Soul. (Hilarion, May 10-16, 2009, through Marlene Swetlishoff, at

There are of course souls who have slipped so low in their vibrations, that it is difficult to turn their attention to the Light and all it has to offer. Yet at any time they can turn their lives around, and when they do many Beings of Light accompany them for the rest of their journey.

You can always call upon the Beings of Light to assist you, as they look for signs that a soul has become aware and show you the way forward. At all stages the choice is yours as to which direction you head for, and no pressure is placed upon you to go other than the way desire. (SaLuSa, April 6, 2009.)

Those who by choice will decline the chance to ascend will continue in the lower dimension. Some of you will follow their progress because of your links with them, and may also act as guides to aid their spiritual advancement. (SaLuSa, March 11, 2009.)

Individuals who do not absorb sufficient light to ascend with Earth will not leave en masse. The time of physical death will be in accordance with the amount of light in each body, and dying can be the result of any of the current causes such as disease, drowning, vehicle crashes, suicide, fires, and earthquakes. No one in your world can consciously know which souls departed because of insufficient light and which transitioned in accordance with their soul contracts. (Matthew's Message, March 10, 2009.)

The decision about who ascends and who does not is the province of each individual. It is not an arbitrary decision - it is a matter of the energy within the individual and that is determined by the free-will choices within either the light or the dark. Light-filled people will ascend. ...

That violence is still a fact of life in your world is related to the destiny of people who will not ascend with Earth. At this juncture, the collective consciousness includes the elements associated with the tentacles of darkness that still are lurking about the planet. Persons who refused to relinquish their "heavy" roles that once were components of karmic balancing became captives of the darkness.

As Earth enters higher and still higher frequencies along her ascension pathway, individuals with dark proclivity - the unconscionably brutal, greedy and abusive of power, some in ruling positions but many others controlling behind the public scene - will leave the planet.

Without light except the spark that is the soul's very life force, those persons' bodies will die and their souls automatically will go to the very dense energy planes that correspond with their lifetime energy registration. In those placements, they will be offered a constant beam of light, and if they respond, their consciousness levels will rise.

Now then, quite a different matter but still within the collective consciousness, are individuals who can be called "fence-straddlers." However unwittingly, they are wavering about opening their minds to the higher consciousness that the higher frequencies of Earth's ascension pathway are offering. If they waver too long, they will remain rutted in third density's greatly limited spiritual and intellectual awareness. Please understand that these people are not "bad," to state that most simply, but rather they are choosing to have a closed instead of an open mind. Souls at all light stations are "pulling for" all those individuals to respond to the light and awaken in time to accompany Earth into the Golden Age.

The "final exam," if you will, is whether they can accept the truths that shortly will start emerging about the darkness that for so long has kept your world "in the dark," especially control of the masses through religious dogma. Individuals who cannot accept the truths - enLIGHTenment - will choose at soul level to physically leave the planet. After a suitable time in Nirvana, where they will see how they veered from their soul contracts wherein they had chosen to awaken, they will welcome the opportunity to embody in other third-density placements and resume learning at the level where it left off. (Matthew's Message, Feb. 7, 2009.)

It is important for those ascending to understand why some souls are unable to join them. Clearly those that are ready cannot be held back any longer, and must be allowed to find the level that their energies entitle them to be in.

It is the Laws of the Universe that determine where every soul is to be found, but they can move lower if it is their desire. However, none can move beyond their correct level, except that a Higher Being accompanies them. This sometimes takes place in the interests of allowing knowledge of the higher dimensions, and possibly to meet some of the great souls that reside in them. (Atmos, Jan. 28, 2009.)

From 2008

The Light is reaching into people's heart centers and awakening them to greater possibilities than they have previously considered. Some hide away from the possible outcome of recent financial turmoil, as it is an emotional issue for which they have not been prepared. (Atmos, Oct. 13, 2008.)

Everyone has the same opportunity as this cycle reaches its end, but it is more than simply a matter of choice. The idea of Ascension may sound attractive but unless you have already been moving in that direction, it suggests that you are unprepared for it. (SaLuSa, Dec. 22, 2008.)

Clearly many amongst you are totally unprepared for a quantum leap forward, and their interests will not embrace the idea of Ascension. However, everyone is looked after and each will find themselves exactly where their levels of consciousness are comfortable, and able to continue evolving. (SaLuSa, Dec. 19, 2008.)

Those who are experiencing [i.e., living] at this time will gain some progress resulting in an expanded consciousness, even if they prefer not to move out of the 3D level. What is happening cannot be totally ignored by those who have a fixed mindset, as the outer happenings impinge upon their consciousness and will affect their understanding. (Atmos, Dec. 17, 2008.)

The higher vibrations are having a calming affect on all forms of life, which includes you. However there are always exceptions, and that includes those Dear Ones who find them difficult to handle. When your vibrations are somewhat lower than average, the new energies can be disturbing as they pull you into the direction of change. The more you resist them the more they affect your life, as they seek to bring harmony where the lower vibrations are concerned.

There is of course an overall plan for your upliftment, and those who cannot respond to them in a positive manner will continue to feel uncomfortable. That is unavoidable, and eventually such souls will move off Earth to a more suitable dimension. (Ela, Nov. 28, 2008.)

Everyone stands at the crossroads of evolution and either you choose to go forward and move to a new timeline or remain in your present dimension.

You cannot fail to be touched by the higher energies, but if you cannot assimilate them into your being you will eventually leave the new Earth that is emerging. (Diane, Nov. 10, 2008.)

Even those souls who have already made the choice to remain in the 3rd dimension are nevertheless aware that they will gain by having been present at such a time. They will carry with them subconscious memories of this period, and it will assist their awakening on a later occasion. No experiences are without their value and particularly at such an important time. Everyone is touched by the higher energies that are descending upon Earth. (SaLuSa, Nov. 5, 2008.)

We do not forget those that choose differently, and their progress into a new cycle will be handled with equal love and care.

You must know by now that it is you who do the choosing where Ascension is concerned. We together with your Guides or Teachers can lead you to the truth, but you decide what you take out of it. If we see you move away from the true path, there is no intention to move you away from it. You can experience exactly what you desire, and we respect your choice as part of your evolutionary experience. However, we are here to ensure equal opportunity and that all is carried out as divinely decreed. We carry out the Will of God and that is with great love and understanding, as there is no other way. (Ker-On of Venus, Nov. 3, 2008.)

The future awaits your presence with its promise of a Utopian existence with unparalleled beauty and a peace beyond your imagination, one that brings utter joy and happiness. Who would turn down such an opportunity, yet some dear souls are simply not ready for such a great leap forward. They have their ties to Earth and its lower energies, and prefer to continue experiencing what it has to offer. For them there will not seem to be a change at all, and they shall go their own way to experience another cycle of opportunity to grow spiritually.

Since in reality there is no time as you understand it, Heaven can await the coming of such souls and its doors are always open. Our message is that you should not be concerned for your friends or loved ones who cannot rise up with you now, but know that in the energy of love you are forever linked. You will come together again, and it may well be your choice to act as their Guide such as others have done for you. (Ag-Agria, Oct. 31, 2008.)

The glories of the Golden Age will be available only to the souls who absorb the light that will enable physical survival along Earth's ascension journey into the high frequencies of fifth density. When the bodies of those who refuse the light no longer can sustain viability, the souls will go to worlds where the energy matches their lifetime energy and where they will have other opportunities to raise their consciousness and evolve spiritually. (Matthew's Messages, Oct. 22, 2008.)

The darkworker Alliance have plans in place yet these are no longer calmly orchestrated as they once were in the sheer knowing that they would manifest with ease. These are hastily grabbed plans that have not been thought through and they vibrate within old energies, long gone and currently leaving and these plans have fallen before they even start.

The dark ones have had their reign and now is the time their crown shall fall as the ones who have been predicted, the ones you have prayed for and have known in your hearts were coming are now here, the starseeded humans are opening their eyes and are taking their place within this new circular energy that is vast and abundant enough to hold all within its protection.

As this circle grows and embodies more and more individuals into its collective vibration those living within fear and darkness shall have to make their choice, they either join the circle of service-to-others light or continue their existence elsewhere on a place that can no longer be called Earth, for Earth has Ascended into a higher vibration and she shall not lower her quotient of Light now but shall go forward and embody more and more as the culmination of the Consciousness shift draws ever closer and Earth and all Humanity return to Zero Point. (The White-Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine, "What does Earth Ascension really mean?" through Magenta Pixie, Oct. 4, 2008, at

As you progress, you will attract even higher energies to yourself, and in so doing will help others also awaken. Your presence is all that is required to perform this service, on behalf of those who still dwell in the lower vibrations. Some will remain rooted in them and unable to break out. They will not be deserted, but allowed to continue through their freewill choice. (SaLuSa, Sept. 24, 2008.)

Since the changes are bringing about Ascension, clearly there will be those who by choice elect to stay in this dimension. (Ker-On of Venus, Sept. 8, 2008.)

It is natural to wonder why you are on Earth and about the purpose of life. Those who have not chosen to be uplifted have as it were stopped in mid-stream, and to release them from their confusion means continuing their experiences within conditions that make them feel comfortable. (Ker-On of Venus, Sept. 8, 2008.)

This acceleration means that there is very little time left for choosing to live in the light, which is necessary for the spiritual clarity and cellular restructuring that enables physical survival in the higher frequencies along Earth's ascension course, or choosing to keep on slumbering unawares. As much as you want family and friends to make the journey with Earth, none can persuade another to choose that.

The slumberers will have another opportunity to awaken, so let your heart be at peace in this respect. And the light you radiate touches others in ways that words cannot, so let that be your light worker or weaver or warrior gift to those whom you love. (Matthew's Message, Aug. 30, 2008.)

We cannot say how many souls will accompany Earth all the way to her destination because there are many unknown variables: provisions of original soul contracts, uncompleted contracts, amended contracts, free will choices that affect only Self, and choices that profoundly affect many others. (Matthew's Message, Aug. 30, 2008.)

Some souls will not even contemplate the idea of Ascension, as their psyche does not allow for the changes that must take place within Self. Since you still have your freedom of choice, that is a decision that is accepted by your Higher Self. No one will ever get left behind in any true sense of the meaning, as many, many paths lead back to source. ...

For those who cannot move with the changes, there will come a time when it will no longer be in their interests to remain on the new emerging Earth. Like everything else that is handled in a loving and caring way, they will continue to experience as before but elsewhere on a newly prepared Earth. The continuity of life is always ongoing and progress will take place regardless of choices that are made. God has a great caring and love for every soul, and the Hierarchy carry out God's Plan for this Universe. (St. Germain, Aug. 15, 2008, through Mike Quinsey.)

For some souls the challenge to make ready for Ascension is too much for them to contemplate, and they feel unprepared and unable to move out of the lower dimensions. It is not that they have been denied their chance, as all souls entering duality knew what the closing of that cycle would bring. Also, their many lives would have been guided to prepare them for Ascension, but they have strayed from the path.

That is not meant to be a judgment against them, as they have been allowed the same degree of choice as anyone else, but have chosen a longer path to completion. They will gain in the long run, as the experience will present them with wisdom that will carry them far. They are no less than any other soul, and indeed you presently have little if any knowledge of your own path that has led you thus far. (St. Germain, Aug. 15, 2008, through Mike Quinsey.)

Some souls have become so engrossed in the lower vibrations that they have become trapped and have difficulty in moving on. Have no fear about them and their future as they are not forgotten, and are accompanied on their journey with many Lighted Beings, as you are at present. Their time shall come to break out of their self-imposed limitations, and God patiently awaits their return to the Light. (St. Germain, Aug. 1, 2008, through Mike Quinsey.)

The spiritual renewal within humankind is transforming Earth into a world of pristine beauty where all peoples will live in peace, abundance, health and harmony with all of Nature. Persons who choose to stick with their deceitful, controlling, greedy, violent ways will not be in that world. Their energy levels are too dense to absorb the light that bodies require to survive in those lighter frequencies, and the souls will automatically be drawn to dense areas that are compatible with their lifetime energy registration and where remedial lessons will be offered along with light continuously beamed to them. (Matthew's Message, July 27, 2008.)

As the earth positions herself to transit into her next level of evolution, mankind and all the living creatures that live on her surface will either ride on Her back to higher vibrations or get off. (Sanctus Germanus Foundation, "Who is in Charge?" at

From 2007

Prior to peace and harmony prevailing throughout Earth, many, many souls will leave due to the same causes as now - disease, starvation, injuries in wars and other types of violence, geophysical events - so the population will continue to decrease from those means.

As sorrowful as these deaths may seem, the adversity that the souls experience beyond their pre-birth agreements gives them leaps forward in soul growth. They will greet their return to Nirvana (1) knowing that if they choose another Earth lifetime, it will be in the splendor and glory of a revitalized world and the abiding love among its inhabitants. (Matthew, "Essay on 2012," Dec. 31, 2007.)

(1) I.e., the spirit world.

From 2006

Those who refuse the light cannot make this trip and will not be around to impede progress of the transition process. (Matthew's Message, June 19, 2006.)

From 2004

Those who choose to refuse the light - that is, ignore intuition and conscience or cling to their current greed, control, deceit or fear, will start to leave as the planet keeps ascending into the higher vibrations where their bodies cannot survive. Many souls will be leaving in accordance with their soul contracts, some by the geophysical upheavals and wars that will continue for a while longer. (Matthew's Message, Dec. 30, 2004.)

S: Is there a specific vibrational point where all the embodied dark forces will die en masse?

MATTHEW: There is a vibration wherein no longer can they physically survive, but of course that doesn't mean that by other causes none will die prior to Earth's reaching that point. There is no way to predict how many dark souls will still be incarnated then or how many may embrace the light prior to that time, and at this juncture, the "time" itself cannot be determined because the field of potential is "going crazy," if I may say so.

S: After Earth reaches that point and only light-receptive souls are living on the planet, will the basest part of Nirvana still exist?

MATTHEW: No. There will no longer be a need in your spirit realm for it. Like all others, the souls there have the choice of responding to the light constantly being beamed to them or continuing to refuse it. Those who refuse will be taken to another world of the same dense energy registration, but unlike where they are now, the intelligence level in that new world will be rudimentary and those souls will be starting from scratch in their evolution. (Matthew's Message, May 28, 2004.)

The profound changes on the planet that were set in motion by the in-beaming of light are assisting Earth to rise above the third-density negativity that almost caused her planetary body to die. As many of you as receive the light will accompany her physically and those who refuse the light, will not.

The souls who choose to remain dark will be led automatically to energy realms aligned with their lifetime energetic registration, and those will be areas of primitive intelligence with opportunities to learn anew the need for balanced experiencing. For Earth and her people who are journeying into higher vibrations there will be the joy of spiritual, moral, intellectual, environmental and technological renewal. These two situations are not in the nature of punishment and reward, respectively - it is simply the impartial laws of the universe in motion.

Mother, I know you would like me to give you at least a general timeframe for the darkness to exit completely, and I cannot. It is a misconception that "destiny" is carved in granite. Free will embodies the choice to behave throughout the gray spectrum between "good" and "bad," simplistically speaking, and even though Eden WILL return to Earth, until the existing duality is reconciled and balance attained, violence and greed and betrayal will continue, albeit in ever-lessening measure.

The boulders of the darkness will continue to be reduced to rocks and then pebbles and then dust as the light evolves from its recent collective dimness to its former brilliance, where darkness cannot hid or survive. (Matthew's Message, Feb. 8, 2004.)

From 2003

It would be good to also mention again that the light that is absorbed by receptive souls is changing their cells into a crystalline structure for physical survival in the higher vibrational levels as well as increasing spiritual clarity and thus soul evolution. Those who refuse the light will not have survival capability, and when Earth reaches the higher levels, their bodies will die and their souls automatically will go to stations where their lifetime free will choices have energetically registered them. (Matthew's Message, Dec. 31, 2003.)

The light that is absorbed by receptive souls is changing their cells into a crystalline structure for physical survival in the higher vibrational levels as well as increasing spiritual clarity and thus soul evolution. Those who refuse the light will not have survival capability, and when Earth reaches the higher levels, their bodies will die and their souls automatically will go to stations where their lifetime free will choices have energetically registered them. (Matthew's Message, Dec. 31, 2003.)

Ascension will be Different for Each

From 2012

The future is yours and, in this lifetime in particular, you have worked towards the ideal level that is consistent with your state of consciousness. You will all end up exactly where you are best suited to continue your experiences. Lightworkers will naturally find themselves with their own kind, in the most uplifting vibrations. (SaLuSa, Dec. 14, 2012.)

For each one it shall be different ... yet we suggest that there shall be a 'common ground' in which ALL shall recognise a change. (Blossom Goodchild, Nov. 26, 2012Blossom Goodchild, Nov. 26, 2012, at

If you consider that you will be moving into a new frequency, you will understand that there are various levels within each dimension. You will not therefore all be within the same one, and some people will disappear from your view. We would therefore stress once again, that each soul will find itself exactly in the right level. It will be one that is in harmony with their own vibrations, where they will feel comfortable and at ease. (SaLuSa, Nov. 26, 2012.)

As you can see, there are two main schools of thought that people follow, one supposes that life will carry on as usual and somehow get past the present problems, and the other sees immense change and the restoration of people's rights. Both will to a large extent continue to follow their own path, and it will determine which one that they step upon when this cycle ends. The fact remains that you are all creating your own reality, using your freewill as a God-given right to determine your own future. (SaLuSa, Jan. 23, 2012.)

From 2011

Do not concern yourself if your path is different to others, as there is more than one way to reach Ascension. Indeed there are time lines that cover every possible combination of possibilities. If you have exercised your choice there can be no wrong way, otherwise freedom of choice would be pointless. You are the creators of your own future whether you realise it or not, which is why you are told that you have created your present reality. That does not mean it cannot be changed, because you have done just that by standing on your own two feet and refusing to bow down any longer to the dark Ones. It is true that we and many other Beings of Light are helping you, but we only do so when you have taken the first steps yourselves. You point the way, and we will place more signposts along it so that you do not loose your sense of direction. (SaLuSa, Nov. 30, 2011.)

From 2010

There will be souls whose lifetime choices automatically will take them to first or second density placements; and at the other end of the spectrum are the souls who came from fourth, fifth and higher density worlds specifically to assist Earth in her ascension - when their mission is completed, they will return to their homelands. (Matthew's Message, Feb. 14, 2010.)

From 2008

Ascension will place you in the fifth dimension or higher, which is far removed from the limiting vibrations you are now in. (SaLuSa, Oct. 10, 2008.)

Be Compassionate Towards Those Slow to Awaken

From 2015

Do what you can each day to awaken others but never in a preaching or proselytizing way. It must be done with love and kindness and respect for the other’s belief system. Often it is not words, but simply your energy field filled with Light that helps to awaken another who is receptive. Speak the deeper truths only when guided to, when a person is ready to hear or is seeking truth, always trusting your intuition. (The Arcturian Group. Channelled by Marilyn Raffaele. January 18, 2015.

From 2009

The emotions of anger and greed are at the forefront for many people who are resisting the new energies of the Earth. These energies will need to be cleared for unity consciousness to be fully anchored on the planet. We will assist as much as possible from our place in the process. We cannot interfere with free will though, as you know. (Mira the Pleiadian, Sept. 9, 2009.)

The fact is that all of your experiences are invaluable as far as your evolution is concerned. Nothing is ever lost, but nevertheless you do not have to carry forward the precise circumstances of them. Each of you has had lives where you have dropped into the lower energies. There are times that you would rather put down to experience and will erase the actual memory of them.

There is no judgement of times where you have gone astray, and that is reserved for your consideration. Thus allowing such experiences to benefit you, so that you can lift yourselves up and put those periods behind you. Duality has been all about the battle between the Light and dark, and therefore you will have touched both sides many times.

Some Dear Ones still struggle to rise up from the lower vibrations, and rather than condemnation they need help to see beyond what they are experiencing. Sometimes they look outside of themselves for guidance, but they cannot always find the right solution to move out of the mindset they are in. They are held in old beliefs that were deliberately put out to achieve that very purpose.

Be sympathetic and compassionate, remembering that you too have passed through a similar period. Nothing can take away the God spark that resides within each soul, and that Light can be rekindled. The awakening of their awareness may be slow but once it opens up their mind to new concepts, a true understanding of the purpose of life will emerge. (SaLuSa, Mar. 13, 2009.)

Allow for those who are unaware of their potential. By example you will draw others to you, who seek your secret to life drawn from your higher understanding. The energy of love will shine out in whatever you do, and comfort those who cannot yet release from the fear that has kept them down. Your sweet words and compassion will heal the wounds that are still carried around by them.

Some souls find if difficult to express themselves as they would wish, still being grounded in the old matrix. The dark forces have created for them a false identity, and it is one that has gradually taken them over so that they have come to believe it is real. The Light is now breaking it down, and that is a blow to their ego self that has been in control. They feel suddenly lost without direction, and this is where you of the Light can be of help. Lift them up with words of comfort and let them know that many Beings care about them, and that a future of happiness is assured. (Ker-On of Venus, Jan. 21, 2009.)

From 2008

Others who expect a different scenario will cling to what they believe, until it becomes apparent that there is a New Age coming into existence. Fear will be replaced by faith in the Plan of God that is destined to bring you joy and happiness. It will be clear that your future is to lift up out of the darkness, and that a pathway has been created to the higher realms. Gone are the prophecies that told of vast physical changes and the death of millions of souls, as you are stepping onto the path of Light that ensures the minimum effect upon you. You have created the opportunity for such changes, and Heaven has responded by moving you out of the lower vibrations. (SaLuSa, Dec. 15, 2008.)

Do not decry those who are still searching and sometimes lose their way. It is necessary for some to experience that which is not totally wholesome or within the Light. Be sure however that each and every one will eventually find their correct path. It matters not how long it takes, although the end of this cycle cannot wait much longer for those who are undecided. (Atmos, Nov, 21, 2008.)

Some souls have little interest in our presence and lack the understanding of our purpose for being here at this time. We represent an intrusion into their lives when they would rather continue as they are at present. That is fine and we do nothing to directly convince them otherwise.

Our presence will eventually move people to reconsider their position where we are concerned, and their needs will not be ignored. We are here for everyone and it is up to you whether you accept us as your brothers and sisters from Space.

Once we are able to come within your midst, it will not be long before our intentions and actions are seen to be honorable and with your well being in mind. Announcements made about us and supported by your leaders, will be sufficient to put you at ease and demonstrate that we come to you in total love and peace. (Diane of Sirius, Nov. 10, 2008.)

The New Third

The "New" Third

From 2016

But I do wish to remind you at the beginning of this phase of extraordinary change by extraordinary people that you are about to exhale. Now, what does this mean? When you are inhaling, you are bringing in life force; you are literally claiming and ingesting into your very core the energy of that Divine Pattern of Love, of the Mother.

And humanity has been inhaling it mixed with much illusion for a long time. But you cannot inhale without also inhaling the Divine Pattern of the Mother. So even with the mayhem, the chaos, the dissonance, the resistance, the reluctance, you have all been inhaling the Divine Mother. Is that not extraordinary? Even to an old man who thinks he has seen much, it is extraordinary!

But even more extraordinary is when you exhale, when that energy has merged and conjoined with your sacred self. In the exhale is the blended expression of the creation that you bring forth of you with the pattern of the Mother into the reality that you exist in. And it is certainly no longer that old third.

Now, when you exhale, you exhale not only into the renewed third dimension of physicality. You are exhaling to the fullness of your planet, of your Universe, of the galaxies, of the Multiverse, of the Omniverse, but you are also exhaling your expression of Divinity. And in that, you are sending the Mother/Father’s Love out throughout, but you are also sending yours. In the exhale, you are sharing the essence of who you are all over this planet. ("Transcript: Heavenly Blessings ~ Albert Einstein: The Patterning of The Universe, Part 2," Jan. 15, 2016, at

From 2015

In third dimensional consciousness, the outer is most often formed through human effort--matter manipulated to make it work. However, because there is no law supporting man made forms, there is nothing to hold them in place-- a lesson many are painfully learning at this time. (The Archturian Group, channeled by Marilyn Raffaele, March 1, 2015,

From 2014 the experience of what you are thinking of as physicality is in the 3rd, the new 3rd. Actually it is in all dimensions but you’re anchored, your feet, for now as you adjust your bodies, but yes, in the higher dimensions, and that is why…

In the higher dimensions there is a purity, so there is no pollution, there is no war, there is no hunger, there is no poverty. Now take each of those and think of the opposite on the spectrum. There is sharing of resources. There is the glowing beauty of Gaia and of human beings in the fullness of their health. That is why we’re asking you to bring in your new body.

There is no war. There is Community and Unity. The more you live in the acceptance of that reality…this is not about denial, this is about you declaring and choosing to live elsewhere. There is no hunger. There is plenty for all. There is shelter for all. There is financial support if that’s the way you want to look at it, for all. My trust fund can supply money for everybody. ("Transcript: Heavenly Blessings - St. Germaine on Where to Look for Results," channeled by Linda Dillon, July 15, 2014.)

So think of it as the ‘clean third dimension’. I have no other way except to express it that way. The body of the ‘clean third dimension’ had a cancerous, poisonous cyst called ‘the old third ’ and so that had need, and is being cleansed, repaired, renewed, rejuvenated and from that reality you have jumped into the clean third , you have already moved up to the fifth and you are continuing to move up. ("Transcript: Heavenly Blessings with Ashira ~ 5th in a Series," channeled by Linda Dillon, April 22, 2014, at

From 2013

Now why is it that some of you are ready to simply let go of that cord? Because you have decided, in your own journey, that you are ready to, that you can work and be in the fullness of your capacity in the higher realms. Now you may on occasion be reaching back. But even as you reach back, what I suggest today is that you will be reaching back into the pure 3rd that I have recently created, not the distorted old 3rd.

So can there be an experience of physicality … We are not eliminating the 3rd dimension; that would be contrary to my Creation. The circle of life that you and Linda have referred to includes the fullness of the clock. We are not taking 3 off the clock. We are cleaning it up.

So can you have an experience of physicality in and out as you choose? Yes. But it is from a different place of existence and knowing. When I created the 3rd in the very beginning, it was a place of play where you could assume being a tree, a butterfly, a mountain range, a goat, and you could do it for five minutes or five years or five millennia – it matters not.

But you were free to pop in and out. And what happened with the distorted 3rd was you forgot that. And everything became a struggle. Well, that is not the Creation that I have put in place. So, yes, some of you are already ready to let go of that cord. Some of you are bi-locating fully and, might I say, quite lovely. Very well. Holding the energy for those who are in the process of decision.

And then there are those that are still caught in the quagmire of the 3rd, the old distorted 3rd. But all are being prepared. Some resist. That is the option of free will. But it is really kind of absurd when you think of it, my daughter. This is something that the solidity of the old 3rd has always been a conundrum. Why would anyone choose fear, pain, misery, mayhem? Yes, the addiction is strong. But all of it is but an illusion. That is why we are going to speak to you about false grids as well. ("Transcript: Universal Mother Mary Discusses the Law of Completion and Continuity on Heavenly Blessings," channeled by Linda Dillon, December 3, 2013 at

To be on Earth means that you have the availability within the realm of human experience of twelve dimensions, including the third. Now, during this time of illusion and during this time of change many have divorced themselves from the third dimension and said “I never want to go there again” but of course they are referring to the false third, to the false illusions that grew up in the third dimension.

The third dimension as it is being cleaned up is where you can experience not only free choice but physicality. And in physicality have the experience of all the various dimensions. So there is a push/pull and, dear heart, and you are not alone in this. This is not unique to your situation and it is exactly what has been experienced in the past as well.

So the part of you that is saying “I don’t want to be in the old third. I know that it is fading. I know that it is not real. Oh and by the way I go to work there because that is where the work is but I hate it.” That is why Archangel Michael has been so clear with all of you that part of your ascension process is making peace not only with the old third but also coming to embrace what we would call and refer to as the new cleaned-up third.

When you close your eyes and you think of beauty and this is particularly true of you, sweet Jillena, do you not see the fairies resting on the flower petals? These wonderful sparks of light flying free? Do you not see and feel and smell the pine forests and the dampness of earth near the creek? The richness of the soil in spring? The sweetness of a baby’s giggle? Of their first steps and first words?

These are of the third dimension. You do not wish to eradicate those joys. They are a gift directly from the heart of the Mother. So you are allowing the old third; you are a systems buster and I say that as one myself and all of you are in this boat with me. You are breaking the systems and the illusions of the old third, but you are not eliminating the experience of the beauty of Gaia which is the clean third-dimensional experience.

And from that place, in body, then you really operate anchored in the fifth but still are having a physical experience being able to embrace the magic, the alchemy of the fourth, the beauty elsewhere, the creativity of the eighth, the mastery of the eleventh, so do not think that you aren’t on track. ("Transcript: Sanat Kumara Discusses the Sacred Law of Purpose, August 13, 2013, Part 2/2," August 17, 2013, at

The third dimension as it is being cleaned up is where you can experience not only free choice but physicality. And in physicality have the experience of all the various dimensions. So there is a push/pull and, dear heart, and you are not alone in this. This is not unique to your situation and it is exactly what has been experienced in the past as well.

So the part of you that is saying “I don’t want to be in the old third. I know that it is fading. I know that it is not real. Oh and by the way I go to work there because that is where the work is but I hate it.” That is why Archangel Michael has been so clear with all of you that part of your ascension process is making peace not only with the old third but also coming to embrace what we would call and refer to as the new cleaned-up third.

When you close your eyes and you think of beauty and this is particularly true of you, sweet Jillena, do you not see the fairies resting on the flower petals? These wonderful sparks of light flying free? Do you not see and feel and smell the pine forests and the dampness of earth near the creek? The richness of the soil in spring? The sweetness of a baby’s giggle? Of their first steps and first words?

These are of the third dimension. You do not wish to eradicate those joys. They are a gift directly from the heart of the Mother. So you are allowing the old third; you are a systems buster and I say that as one myself and all of you are in this boat with me. You are breaking the systems and the illusions of the old third, but you are not eliminating the experience of the beauty of Gaia which is the clean third-dimensional experience. ("Transcript: Sanat Kumara Discusses the Sacred Law of Purpose, Part 2/2," channeled by Linda Dillon, August 13, 2013, at

Steve Beckow: There has been a document published recently that says that the members of the cabal will be taken to prisons with zero contact with the outer world whatsoever and be isolated from each other, and that eventually most of the cabal’s leaders will be taken to the central sun to be recycled. Is that true, Lord?

Archangel Michael: No. Now, I do not wish to be ever harsh, or be perceived as harsh in my discussions and conversation with you, but I have need to be exceedingly clear.

Now, all things, all communication serves a purpose. So what is the purpose of such articles that you are referring to? Well, first of all, it is a mirror to be held up that is a very clear reflection of the old third — of punishment, of hatred, of getting even.

And that is why I have said, in regard to the financial situation, send love. Do you really think that we go around beheading or slaying beings? Where in the Mother’s design could that be, and how could it ever be considered of love?

No, this is a mirror to look at and say, “No, that would be a return and a continuation of the old and the old way of doing things, and that is not where I desire to live. It is not where I choose to live. It is not where I will live.”

It is an opportunity for you to declare your intent, as Nova beings, and it is an opportunity for each of you, my beloved ones, to practice discernment, to see through the illusion to the choices that you are making that are open fully and made fully from your heart, not from history of oppression. ("Archangel Michael: It is Time to Awaken Fully Now – Part 2/2," June 11, 2013, at

From 2012

The [current, everyday] physical realm ... is not the old Third but is a manifestation into physicality. (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Aug. 12, 2016.)

Now, think of it: think of it, my beloved friends: everybody, all your world leaders are being penetrated with this universal core love that can penetrate anything. It is the energy from the heart and source of One. It is the creative force of the universe. It changes how world leaders think, how they feel, how they approach issues, how they represent the honor that they represent people.

It is a shift away from trying to control and yield, or wield - because it is either/or in that duality - power, shifting to an understanding of cooperation. Now, you look at many of your situations, and let us look for a moment even at the economics of many countries that are failing - their financial systems have been proving that they need recalibration, that they do not work. And there are beings that are withdrawing, say, from the EEC.

But that is a movement forward, because what it is doing, it is creating the reconstruction, the realignment with ways that work for countries, for people. Because we are not talking any longer simply about power structures. That is of the old. That is of the old third dimension. And you have an expression on your Earth about no one saying that the emperor has no clothes. But what I suggest to you, the emperor died, and no one has been saying it.

But now what is coming forth is a willingness, because of the new shift, the paradigm shift, the consciousness-heart shift. In these meetings, what you are going to see - and I am not simply talking about an air of cooperation; I am not simply talking about a mood, a new mood of cooperation; I am talking about concrete actions beginning to flow, decisions that are inter-dependent, cooperative ventures to begin to shift monetary systems, financial systems, social systems, intergalactic and galactic systems. (Archangel Michael on An Hour with an Angel, May 14, 2012 at

You have to be willing to surrender, or to think of as your old third dimensional self.

Stop looking for hard, concrete proof. Go with the flow. And stop trying to nail it down and say, "Well, this feels like magic, so now I'm in the fourth." "This feels like love and Christ consciousness; now I am in the seventh." "Now, this feels like the ability to create: I am in the eighth." "Now, I am sitting with my beloved Jesus Sananda: I am in the eleventh."

No. It is fluid. Air moves. Wind moves. You move. So allow this ebb and flow, and some days you will feel, "Oh, I am definitely in the third!" And when you feel that, sit and let the expansion that is being flooded through you to fill your heart, your soul, your being, your body, and float away. And claim, and relish, enjoy, luxuriate.

You are learning, my beloved friends, a new way of being. It is not difficult. But it does require your cooperation. The energy has already started, it is already within you. Yes, it will get stronger. But we are not saying, "Here it is," and abandoning you, and saying, "Do with it as you will"; we are standing right next to you, as are your brothers and sisters of the stars of every dimension and reality. And we are holding you, we are helping you, we are tutoring, we are coaching, we are protecting - and we are excited.

This is what we have waited for. (Archangel Michael, April 30, 2012, An Hour with an Angel, at

It is really only in your density, because we would not even call the third dimension that you are experiencing the real third dimension experience. So, you are in the density of a construct, an illusion, that you think is the third dimension. So, you are not even fully in the third dimension. You are gaining ground, yes, and you are experiencing moments when you are in the fourth or the fifth.

But no, once you have gained access to the higher dimensions, you are not stuck there. It is not like a brick wall or a veil is dropped in between dimensions. Because, for us, that would be unbearable. It would. You, of Earth, who are breaking free of the old third, you have the toughest job. You have the hardest line to toe, and yes, of course, the greatest opportunity of service. ("Transcript of Ashtar on An Hour with an Angel, April 23, 2012," at

What are the Higher Dimensions Like?

From 2013

In this reality (of the 5th) there is enormous joy; there is infinite and eternal. (Archangel Gabrielle in Linda Dillon, The New You. Emerging into the Brilliance of Humanity’s Heart Consciousness. Port St. Lucie: Council of Love, 2013.)

The foundation of peace is within; love is within. And when you have love there is peace within your heart no matter what is happening externally. (Mary Magdalene in Linda Dillon, The New You. Emerging into the Brilliance of Humanity’s Heart Consciousness. Port St. Lucie: Council of Love, 2013.)

An Entirely New Realm

From 2017

As I have said to thee before, beloveds, you are entering into a new realm of existence. When I have said to you that love is winning and that love always wins, this is what I have referred to. When I have suggested to you, "Why would you ever choose anything but the luminous glory of love?", what do you think I am talking about? (Sanat Kumara on Hour with an Angel, June 8, 2017.)

From 2016

Now is a new, more evolved, never before experienced energetic time on earth. (The Arcturian Group. Channelled by Marilyn Raffaele. January 10, 2016.

From 2015

Steve Beckow: Is this new? Is the realm that we’re building and taking our physical bodies with us to altogether new?

Archangel Michael: Yes, it is brand new.

Steve: … Brand new, and the rules have changed?

AAM: That is correct. (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Sept. 16, 2015.)

From 2014

Your physical body needs time to readjust itself so that it too can start to relax a little bit more in this brand new energetic atmosphere that is being put into place around you.

For remember, even if you have all shifted into this brand new environment already and you have started to take the first deep breaths of this new and far more sustainable atmosphere, this atmosphere is far from stable.

And when we say that, it is not to imply that it is fragile or out of balance. It is simply to signal that this new energetic environment is still very much in its infancy, and it will continue to grow, evolve and expand at an increasing rate. Again, you are not capable of managing to ingest the full spectrum of these energetic potentials just yet, and therefore, these particles will be coming at you in ever increasing increments, the better to allow your already hard-pressed bodies to absorb and interact with them. ("The Constant Companions: A Short Update on the Energies – April 12, 2014," channeled by Aisha North, April 12, 2014 at

View from the Continuum

From 2013

We have seen paradise return to the Earth as we live in the eternal Now and can see all things as they play out simultaneously. ("The Great Divine Director: Climbing up the Spiral Staircase," channeled through Tazjima, July 4, 2013 at

In the continuum, that glorious world is fait accompli; but in linear time your mission goes on. (Matthew's Message, Feb. 18, 2013.)

Life in the New World

From 2014

The time has come for you to truly live free and follow your bliss. When the interminable stress and anxiety of survival as presently experienced by the vast majority of humanity is removed people will start to uncover an amazing array of creative talents, talents that most of them were totally unaware that they possessed.

That is what the Golden Age is all about – living in perpetual peace and security because the energy field in which you are all totally and eternally enveloped is Love, which always provides for you abundantly. In that state of utter and unrestricted freedom to be yourselves your talents will blossom as you discard the masks you felt you had to present to the world to be acceptable to it.

You will realize that you are acceptable, infinitely acceptable, and that that has always been the case, and your joy will be boundless as you interact freely and creatively with all your brothers and sisters in a grand and ongoing extremely creative celebration of life.(Jesus via JohnSmallman, Nov. 22, 2014 at

Our role is to lead you safely to a peaceful conclusion, and then circumstances will allow us to openly come to Earth. It will be a great time of rejoicing and revelations that will clear up the mysteries of your past history. You have been deliberately kept in the dark, and held back from advancements that would have immensely improved your quality of life. It is as if you have been locked in a time capsule where time has stood still. This will all change in the near future and you will be amazed at how quickly you will make up for lost time.

Think big where your future is concerned, as you will find your consciousness expanding more quickly as you enter the higher vibratory rate. You will be astonished at the extent of changes that will see you enter a New Age of peace and prosperity. The fruits of the Earth will be more than ample for your needs, and sharing will become normal and there will be sufficient for everyone’s needs.

New inventions that are being held back will be released, and the drudgery and hard work to survive will become a thing of the past. The world will open up to you and travel will become quite normal, where distant places can be easily reached in next to no time. It will of course mean that new forms of travel will have been introduced, and much of your present means will have become obsolete. It is going to be an exciting time for everyone and the changes will happen quite quickly with our help.

At a time when it is difficult to comprehend where events are leading to, we hope we have lifted you up by giving you an insight into the future. Nothing can stop the plan for your future and we are as you might say, raring to go and looking forward to bringing you into the New Age. (SaLuSa, Oct. 17, 2014.)

Your life on Earth is such a contrast to the one you are going to experience once you have ascended. Be open to many changes that you will find very welcome, and do not think in terms of life as you know it now.

You will not be encumbered by the restrictions imposed upon you by the lower vibrations. You will be a free soul able to transport yourself to wherever you wish, and it will be in your Lightbody. You will “feed” off the energies all around you, although it is possible to partake of certain light “foods” that are extremely beneficial to the body.

You may well have read or heard of the Astral Regions through souls that have passed into this region immediately after death. These will be your first experience of the higher levels of vibration, and are similar to the ones we have mentioned except that you are still thinking and acting as previously on Earth. You will soon learn how to use your power of thought and adjust to the new level of Being.

Even now you have a certain degree of power to create, but it is more effective when you get together in groups. In the higher levels they can create buildings in this way and understand that what you will see in the astral levels is a result of using such creative energies.

There will come a time in the not too distant future when you too will have the power to create whatever is required for your well being. Can you now begin to see how much your thinking and use of your abilities will begin to change? I do not want to overwhelm you with too much information, but what we refer to is simply the commencement of a new way of life for you. It is one that you familiar with as you passed through the different levels when you dropped down through the vibrations. (SaLuSa, July 11, 2014.)

As more people become governed by spirit, they begin to release and let go of all that has been holding them back from pursuing their dreams with passion. Their desires will be in alignment with their soul’s natural inclinations, and they will begin to move into their best role in the new world that is being created.

Each person will live each day by following their natural passions and that which brings them joy, and this will help in creating a synchronistic and harmonious lifestyle for each. There are as many paths to the new world as there are souls upon it, and all are needed in their communities as these come into manifestation. They must be open to sharing with others and helping each other share their particular gifts, as each is needed to contribute in the best way for all.

As people in the new world are unfolding their inner capabilities, they are beginning to have a greater ability to discern the intentions of others, and are able to more easily deflect these frequencies and energies from interfering with the direction they have set for themselves and their world. (Hilarion, June 22, 2014.)

Suzanne Maresca: If I may ask a question about higher dimensions, like when we’re able to finally leave the old 3rd behind. For those of us that are reaching higher dimensions there will be a clean 3rd for us to interact with, and I’m just wondering about parasites and bugs and things like that. My daughter just showed up with a bulls-eye rash and I’m thinking that it’s Lyme disease and an infection. Of course I don’t want that but I’m just wondering about parasites and things like that.

Ashira: The evolution of what you have come to experience on Gaia as a friction and dis-ease between kingdoms will come to cease.

And let us tell you why. The role of such things as the parasites have become a very powerful tool to reflect in the physical reality back to the human beings that they are out of balance with their environment. So they have, in fact, performed a diligent service. Now, painful? Yes. Necessary? Not anymore.

And it is the belief system that there are creatures, whether it is a snake or a scorpion or a mosquito, it doesn’t matter, or just an airborne parasite or bacteria that can harm you or kill you, begins the germination of that idea is in the idea, the belief system, that you don’t live on a safe planet, that you are not safe. And so, that will disappear...

So, by using the Divine Qualities of the ability to clear addiction to pain or to live in peace or compassion and then invoking the Law of Instantaneous Transmission or Transmutation if you want to take a while longer, then what happens is the need for those insects to do harm begins to dissipate. ("Transcript: Heavenly Blessings with Ashira - 7th In a Series aired May 20, 2014," channeled by Linda Dillon, at

When your planet finally resides fully within the fifth dimension and you walk upon her surface you will know the difference. The air will be clean and fresh, colors will be more brilliant and numerous than before, plants and animals will seem more alive… and you, dear ones, will be walking within your glorious light bodies. Still, to get from where you are now to where you wish to be is still a process to undertaken, first individual by individual. And then, as enlightened ones begin to recognize each other, you will come together, first in small groups and then in expanding circles of light, until your whole planet responds to the increase in frequency and there is a shift in the consciousness that connects all of you together as a human collective. ("The Council of Nine: True Change Starts From Within Self," channeled by Eliza Ayres ((aka Tazjima Amariah Kumara)), June 4, 2014 at

A new day is a-coming in every sense of the word new. New world, new you, new pleasures of experience, new life for you and new life for everyone. Old ways cannot sustain themselves in a new world. All this, of course, will be without effort.

Chemicals will fall away. Natural will reign. Good earth will be sustained by the good sun and water and the loving hearts of all. Peace will reign. Negativity will not have its place any longer. No one will want it, and it will no longer serve anyone. You will see further and closer at the same time. You will serve further and closer at the same time. You, beloveds, will be the culmination of all your desires and Mine. ("Heavenletter #4934 All God’s Desires," May 29, 2014 at

You will become unfettered from any sense of lack whatsoever and you will live in a state of never-ending prosperity. All that you require will be provided and you will no longer experience a desire to possess that which does not serve your highest self.

When you experience that level of freedom from lack, you will no longer have the need to fill your cupboards, your refrigerators, your garages, basements, attics, and storage spaces with things that do not contribute to your highest good in any way. Know that all will be readily available as you need it.

If you are a music lover, trust that music will always be abundantly available and so there is no reason to hold onto all you currently own. If it is books that you love, you will all have access to every book you would want to read easily and effortlessly and so there is no reason to hold onto them.

Every type of collectible will be available in some way or another and there will no longer be any cache or prestige in owning collectibles at all whatsoever. Supplies of food, clothing, medicine, or anything else will not be needed as you are able to manifest anything and everything you desire through thought. Your way of living will become much more stream-lined as you realize how much energy you expend on maintaining things that do not serve your highest good energetically or otherwise.

All is becoming much more streamlined on every level of existence. Things that waste energy will become obsolete including most of your sources of energy – coal, gas, oil, ethanol, and electricity will all be replaced by much more efficient energy that does not pollute or use finite resources in any way.

Your lifestyles will change dramatically so that you will no longer require as much fuel in your bodies so you will eat much lighter. You will no longer eat canned goods, flesh foods, or many of what your food manufacturing companies call food. You will eat very sparingly and be able to live very healthfully on less caloric intake of high vibrational organic foods grown in pristine soil, with pristine water.

Much of your sustenance will come from simply absorbing the energy of the sun and breathing pure, pristine air. We have spoken before about the beneficial effects of deep breathing and we would like to reiterate that at this time. Deep breathing will help you immensely through the transitions. ("Collective of Guides: Letting Go of the Old to Manifest the New," channeled by Selena Migeot, February 21, 2014, at

From 2013

Humanity will rise in unison with the Earth as they become uplifted in the energies that are pervading all life upon the Earth and there will be a huge effort to rectify all harm done to the Earth and her kingdoms in the pursuit of wealth above all else. There will be better ways sought to provide the essentials to all humanity that will be in harmony with all life upon the Earth.

This will facilitate the implementation of new technology which was suppressed in times past and this will make life upon your planet much simpler and easier than previously experienced. All who receive this new knowledge are those who have agreed to share it freely in order to bring the transformation into the higher dimensions of consciousness more quickly into effect. This is a most exciting development in the process of ascension upon your planet. (Hilarion, December 16, 2013.)

In “A Course In Miracles” I talked of moving from the nightmare into a happy dream, and that is what is about to occur. Very many of you have been extremely dissatisfied with your Earthly lives, and to move into a “Happy Dream” is the next stage on your journey back to Reality. You cannot move fully into Reality while holding on to any energies, attitudes, or beliefs that are not in complete alignment with our Source, God, our heavenly Father, Love.

The Happy Dream is a state where all that you could desire is there for you. There is no need or possibility to compete or to fight to obtain your “just deserts,” all your needs and wants are met without in the least inconveniencing or “short changing” anyone else. It is an environment in which you can learn to relax, release your fears and anxieties, and realize that you have no need of those negative aspects of yourselves. You will live there in joy, happily developing your infinite creative abilities thus giving pleasure to all.

It is very hard for you to imagine a world in which there is no conflict, no mistrust, no disappointment, only harmonious co-operation for the good of all – a “good” with which all can identify irrespective of their race, color, culture, or creed. From that joyful state, when you feel ready, you can move all the way Home to join us in the spiritual realms.

But the state of being in this Happy Dream is very soothing, relaxing, even enchanting, and many of you will be in no hurry to move on. And that is just fine. God wants only your complete happiness, and seeing you in the Happy Dream enjoying yourselves gives Him enormous joy too.

This may sound to some of you like a change of plan, but I assure you that it is not. To describe in words the new environment into which you are about to be ushered is impossible. There is a very great difference between the Happy Dream and Reality, but from your human perspective or vantage point it is almost impossible for you differentiate between them purely because of the perspective limitations that your humanity imposes upon you. Consequently the Happy Dream will, for all of you, be a heavenly experience.

You will have no worries, no fears, no lack, in fact anything that you could imagine you might need to make you happy will be instantly at your disposal. But of course, because of your varied and harsh experiences in the illusion, it will take some time for you to adjust into a state of complete confidence in your safety and security.

You have all experienced abandonment and the intense pain it caused you, to a greater or lesser extent, and so it will take time for you to release all the ingrained suspicion that suggests to you that it could happen again. I assure you that it will not, in fact it cannot, but you will need time to accept that this is true, that abandonment, suffering, or betrayal can never, ever happen to you again. (Jesus via John Smallman, December 7, 2013.)

You signed up to participate in the experiment of transitioning from a carbon-based to a crystalline-based human. You will be living in an incredible world of your own creation, in fact you are already living there now as time is an illusion. Your homes will be crystalline homes, you will create instantly, you will communicate with telepathy, you will be able to levitate… this is how the pyramids of Egypt were built by the way is the beings from other star systems who lived on the earth at that time had the ability to levitate objects. The pyramids were transmitters of higher dimensional energy and powered many many cities. Their energy collapsed during the fall of man. ("Council of Angels, Archangel Michael and Source Creator: Upgrading to a Multidimensional Operating System," channeled by Goldenlight, October 4, 2013 at

Selamat Balik! We come today with much to tell you. As you know, various events are underway which will lead to your grand victory. The requisite paperwork and signatures that were mentioned last week have been attended to. Our allies are managing the diverse situations on the world stage, and we have asked our observation fleet to stop the dark’s attempts to force a large conflagration from breaking out. Accomplishing anything significant on your world is very challenging because of the obstacles thrown up by your cultural beliefs and administrative customs placed there by the dark, in addition to the curious complications created by your diverse global societies.

Nonetheless, these potential obstacles were overcome with the help of a very detailed plan worked out between our allies and our consular liaisons, and these creative solutions are now being implemented and are fully expected to result in an all-out success. In the meantime, your present economic system is passing through a transition which includes the completion of the financial collapse set in motion by the dark cabal some ten years ago. In fact, this will now be more in the nature of a ‘flip’ of your systems, and will usher in a new economic age for all.This new economic age is to see the end of your self-perpetuating debt slavery. In its place will come global debt forgiveness that some in the West are calling an economic jubilee. Money will then be based on a true-value scale. The price of goods and services will be deflated to pre-hyperinflation levels to more accurately reflect their true worth in your society. However, these set values are to be only temporary because, as the new technologies take hold, they, together with the new abundance, are eventually to make such values meaningless.

Each household will be in receipt of an ‘in-house Light processor’ which will be able to create just about anything that you require, putting an abrupt end to the dictates of production costs and consumer demand which presently undergird your global economic system. At this point, your economic theories and concepts become obsolete; the disfiguring infrastructure of your industrial base can be removed; and, most importantly, the devastation wrought by an economy based on fossil fuels upon the ecosystems of Gaia can cease.

Once you no longer need to worry about essential goods and services, you are free to turn your attention fully to the creation and running of your society. You will be liberated from the stressful exigencies of survival which the dark milked to the full in order to control you by reducing you to the apathy of slavery. Apathy is a product of the old order and will vanish from your mindset as the new reality takes hold. Your new reality, which is appearing around you, needs your enthusiastic engagement and input. It is to be the fertile ground out of which your galactic society will form, and where each member creatively contributes to the whole...

This new reality is of course a fully conscious one. It is to be made up of individuals who accept the wonders of full consciousness and understand the social etiquette implicit in such an amazing state of Beingness. You are entering a reality that is so very different from the one you reside in. Everywhere, it reflects its unique form of Oneness and impresses its individual stamp on the way it functions. Once we can make open contact with you, we can prepare you for what you are to receive.

Everything you presently know will shift upwards and be completely redone. In a galactic society, each one is completely known and their uniqueness celebrated; secrets are impossible. We enjoy being open with each other and learning about life from each other, and we rejoice in the wonders of our grand collective. We chant, sing, and dance to express this. We can truly see how our Love affects each one of us and can understand how it affects the entire magnificent universe. It is this indescribable world that you will shortly graduate into, with all that that so gloriously implies. ("Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation Update," as received by Sheldan Nidle, September 3, 2013, at

Learning to live consciously will require much discipline in the beginning phase; however, as time passes, you will find that your mind-set has expanded into a more in-depth awareness of what is going on around you and within as well. Leaving the old world behind can be bitter sweet. Remember, you are not coming to a dead end – you are stepping through a portal into a new beginning. You must decide what you wish to take with you into your new world, and you must discern lovingly, but firmly, what you must leave behind. ("Archangel Michael:The Path of Ascension is the Path to Freedom," channelled by Ronna Herman, August 29, 2013, at

These potentials are now emerging in the dawning of new beginnings for all. As humanity continues to let go of all that no longer serves them and which has created great unhappiness and unrest, and begins to trust in their own wisdom and innate intelligence and that of their human counterparts, more moments of tranquility within each heart will prevail. There will be a concerted effort to eradicate senseless noise intrusions from the environment so that everyone has a more serene and peaceful daily existence.

This in itself will create healthier and less stressful effects overall. This will give all an opportunity to reconnect to the Earth and the natural kingdoms and elements. Each person will strive to create and maintain a harmonious environment for themselves and for all in their own communities. The natural cycles of the movement of the planets and the seasons will become the focus and observance of ceremonies and rituals which many will embrace and take part in.

Humanity’s connection with Source will naturally take place within these new structures and when once again experienced within each soul will be the impetus for ever greater evolution upon your planet. (Hilarion, August 24, 2013.)

It is not a matter of leaving the old behind, for that slips away like skin from the lizard or snake - and you simply become. It is in the allowing and it is in the embrace of the possible even when you do not know what the possible is, because it is infinite and it is eternal.

So much transpires upon the planet, and it is becoming increasingly apparent, even to those who choose to look the other way. There is a new breeze and it is the breeze of change, and it is the refreshing breeze of spring. (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Feb. 19, 2013.)

There is much that we would like to see improved that will affect you in a material way. It would make your lives easier and you have asked for this abundance. You deserve it. I have desired this for you too. I would like to see the floodgates of prosperity opened for you so that all will have everything they need or want. One way or the other this is part of the implementation plan to restore balance and justice upon a parched planet. ("Straight from the Heart & A Message from the Master St. Germaine," channelled by Valerie Donner, July 11, 2013, at

Total abundance and prosperity are everywhere and enjoyed by everyone.. All beings have their needs met…This frees up much time for creating harmonious and loving interactions and relationships, or simply just time to relax and enjoy life. Communication is done by telepathy, with respect for privacy adhered to by all.. There must be mutual consent for telepathic communications to ensue although one can “call” another to request a communication.. Free energy propels all. Pollution is a thing of the past. Healthy organic non-GMO, plant-based diets have replace poisonous food.

Natural well-being and good health is enjoyed by everyone… Hospitals per se don't exist but there are healing centers of light for all types of physical healing and rejuvenation. Aging is also a thing of the past .. With higher dimensional bodies, 12 chakras and 12 strands of DNA activated on everyone as well as bodies that have transitioned to a crystalline base instead of a carbon base, there is no aging or disease. Teleportation is developed and taught in special learning centers, otherwise there are free energy transports to take travelers whatever they wish to go on a silent smooth ride. “Work” has a whole new meaning as people begin to practice their god-given talents in Service and Love to All, rather than the former paradigm of service-to-self. Art, music, and all creative endeavors are encouraged and begin to flourish in an atmosphere of acceptance love and spiritual nourishment. School curriculum consists of:

- Ethics of Telepathy

- The Golden Rule

- Teleportation

- Yoga

- Organic Gardening

- Caring For Your Multidimensional Body

- Honoring Your Higher Self and Group Dimensional Oversoul

- Bathing in Source Light

- Caring For Your Temple of Light

- Intergalactic History

- Interacting With Star Nations

- Communicating Telepathically with Pets and Children

- Holographic Art and Music

- The Connection of All to Source

- Crystal Geomancy

- Preparing for Intergalactic Travel

- Sacred Symbols, Music, Art and Dance

- Sacred Earth Journeys

- Earth Council Service and Equanimity

- Training to Become an Earth Representative on Intergalactic Councils

- Higher Dimensional Exploration

- Levitation

- The Essence of the Angelic Realms

- The Ascended Masters

- The 12 Dimensions of Creation

- Shapeshifting

- Keys to Sacred Partnership and Parenting

These are just a few of the courses that are now taught in schools. Close your eyes… imagine being in one of these cities and feel the breeze of higher dimensional harmony, unconditional love, oneness, and serenity pervading your entire being… Your Christed light body, mind and soul …

And relax in the knowing that all is perfect and harmonious in this higher dimensional Now time which you have entered and touched upon while reading this (and the channel experienced through bringing in the visual light information and downloads via this transmission of Light. (Council of Angels, Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael via Goldenlight: 5th Dimensional Frequencies and the Cities of Light, April 24, 2013, at

Flow as the Way of Being in the Higher Dimensions

From 2014

Steve Beckow: The passage [from Nov 8, 2013 AHWAA] is:

“The key to the success of sacred unions is freedom, complete liberation, and the acknowledgment, not lip service but on the deepest soul level, of the freedom of the person that you are joining with the sanctity — yes, the sanctity — of their path, of their choices, of their desires, of their decisions. So there is no push and pull. It is the ebb and flow; it is the infinity” — and by that I think you mean the infinity sign, the figure-eight of love that flows between people — “it is the tide.” Now, the question I have is, those last words, “ebb and flow, infinity, the tide,” they invoke in me thoughts of flow, Lord. And I want to know if flow is the paradigm of the new Fifth Dimension, the new way of life and love, the way to the kingdom of heaven. That is my question.

Archangel Michael: It is a very good question. Flow is one of the ways, and the aspects, the elements, of which you may consider and experience, because it is not just to be observed; it is to be lived and experienced in the Fifth Dimension.

Now, one of the qualities of the Fifth Dimension is also the ability to manage and experience, to embrace change. Now, how can you do this in a loving, flowing way if you are not in the ebb and flow, if you are not like the tide, if you are not like the seasons?

You have many sayings — for the coming of spring or the leaving of winter or the coming of summer — but do you really think that spring pushes out either summer or winter? No. They interconnect. And in that joining of moisture and sun, of earth and air, of all the elements, the new is born. ("Archangel Michael: Go with the Ebb and the Flow of Love," channeled by Linda Dillon, April 3, 2014, at

From 2013

Our scribe can feel a sensation of being carried along by a strong river current if she closes her eyes for a moment. It is a strong, calm, smooth current moving her forward and upward. In letting go of expectations and plans, she is allowing the process to unfold organically, in the timing of her Soul’s desires for her. ("The Sirians: In One Door and Out Another," channeled by Eliza Ayres (aka Tazjima Amariah Kumara), December 12, 2013 at

Yet when we arrive at still point it will be (and perhaps has been) noticed that we cannot not remain there at all times; there is a give and take, a fluidity of movement, an ability to adapt and flow that exists in the more refined frequency levels of consciousness. Nothing remains the same or rigidly in place. For this reason, we are being eased gently and gradually into higher frequency levels, each at our own pace, set by our soul and monad (I AM Presence) as well as our guides and mentors, seen and unseen. ("Higher Self and the Light Collective: On Integration," channeled through Tazjima, November 9, 2013 at

At the center of your being you have always known that this was to be the lifetime in which your awakening would come to pass; consequently, many of you are now feeling itchy, impatient, fretful, even agitated, as you await the completion of your awakening process.

These feelings do drive and guide your steadfast determination to awaken, and although uncomfortable for you, they tend to keep you on course for your destination, so instead of getting upset give thanks for them because they open you up to accepting the need for major changes in your understanding of how to live in harmony with each other and your beautiful planet, and they help you to engage in bringing them about.

It is a little like being shaken out of your old familiar ruts when new bumps and obstacles make the going rough, and so you do the necessary road repairs to make the way smooth once more. Do not fight your fretful feelings or attempt to suppress them; just let them flow and they will pass. Otherwise they engage your attention unduly, and the intent to be loving – your energy engine – slips out of gear and progress ceases, as you engage instead with anger or frustration, allowing the engine to race and over-heat. (Jesus through John Smallman, July 12, 2013.)

With your intent and permission, energy change first flows into your energy field and begins to dissolve that which is old and untrue – the shadow energy that you carry with you in the form of any false beliefs regarding yourselves and others. The shadows are dissolved in the presence of the Light – higher frequency energies.

Gradually, the individual then begins to experience change within his thinking patterns as well as within all facets of his life and this is often where the “problems” start. He finds that he no longer resonates with people, places, or things as he used to and the evolving student may find himself with some difficult personal choices to make.

These subtle changes usually unfold gradually and lead the initiate into the new as they are ready or able to handle the higher frequencies. This may appear to the student as though nothing is happening. Understand that as you allow and gradually begin to hold more Light, you are changing the energy of the whole planet. All there is to shadow energy is an unawareness of Self – some carry more, some carry less. As each new awareness of truth deepens within you, its Light becomes a part of your energy field. (Arcturian Group Message. Channeled by Marilyn Raffaele, June 2, 2013 at

When you are in the flow of Spirit, you will exist very lightly in your body, often with no pain or discomfort. You may experience some diminished bodily sensations, except within the Solar Power Center and especially within the deep Sacred Heart area, where you will gradually begin to feel loving bliss and joy as they blaze forth from our Mother/Father God. ("Archangel Michael – The Essence of Who You Are," transmitted through Ronna Herman, Sacred Scribe, April 30, 2013, at

Finding the center flow in your brain assists you to find the Center Flow of the Galactic Center, into which you are now moving. Within this Center Flow is a tunnel of protection, much like our Arcturian Corridor. This protective Center Flow emanates the FEEL of Unconditional Love into your High Heart and is perceived by your Third Eye as Multidimensional Light. ("The Arcturians and Symptoms of Transformation," by Suzanne Lie, Feb. 26, 2013," at

From 2012

Be aware that there is an ebb and flow to the process of Ascension. There are great pulsations of new higher Cosmic Ray vibrational patterns bombarding the Earth, with quiet times in-between so as not to create an overload situation. Ascension is not a steady, forward-motion process. It is an insurgence of energy and new information, and then a time of assimilation, integration and manifestation. Many of the sensations seem more pronounced to you at this time. You may feel as though you have taken a great leap into the unknown at times or taken a step backward into uncertainty. At other times you may feel an intensified sense of vulnerability.

By now, you should be somewhat accustomed to the ebb and flow of magnified, accelerated frequencies; however, when you are pushed to the next level of awareness, it often sets off an alarm of varying degrees in your physical/mental/emotional bodies. ("Archangel Michael - Assuming Your New Galactic Mission," transmitted through Ronna Herman, Sacred Scribe - December 28, 2012, at

Like all other sources of negativity, the low vibrations of greed and control are incompatible with the high vibrations of love that are flowing ever more abundantly throughout the world and bringing Earth back into a healthful state of balance. The energy within balance is love-light, and nothing with low vibrations can co-exist with this most powerful of all energies in the Universe. (Matthew's Message, Nov. 20, 2012.)

Ascenders Will be Drawn to Each Other by the Law of Attraction

From 2010

Everyone will eventually reach an advanced level of understanding, and be naturally drawn to those souls that are of a similar vibration. (SaLuSa, March 19, 2010.)

It is a very personal journey and no two are alike, but you will normally gravitate towards those who have a similar level of consciousness. In duality that is not necessarily the case, as sometimes you learn more from working with those of a lower vibration. They often present a greater challenge that will serve your interests. (SaLuSa, March 8, 2010.)

From 2009

The Creator has made the Universal Laws and they allow for help to come to you from all over the Universe. Your success in grounding the Light upon Earth, has led to higher vibrations attracting the attention of other Beings of Light.

There is a wonderful feeling amongst them of the Oneness of all life, and it is quite natural to want to join up with you. For too long you have lived in a state of separation, and you have lost that natural feeling that desires to recognize the soul within each other regardless of outer appearances. (SaLuSa, Oct. 26, 2009.)

You attract all situations to yourself, and that goes for friends and family who become part of your life plan. In small groups you act out your karmic responsibilities, and it relates to what you call both good and bad experiences. (SaLuSa, Oct. 26, 2009.)

The Law of Attraction will always lead you to those souls that resonate as you do. It also happens to some degree on Earth now, but it is not so noticeable as you give little thought as to why you are attracted to certain people more than others. (SaLuSa, Sept. 28, 2009.)

Since you will always find your own kind, it becomes easier the higher you get. (SaLuSa, Sept. 28, 2009.)

From 2008

Your Lightworkers are vital to your success in maintaining consciousness levels that will carry you forward into a new era, leading to Ascension. Support them whenever you can and remember that those that are against them and their work are under the influence of the dark forces.

Their presence is always around you, and unless you attract them they cannot enter into your mind or attach themselves to you. You have been continually encouraged to create a reality that suits the design of the dark, yet you are able to alter everything around you, and it commences with your power of thought. It is strengthened by your ability not to be pulled into the dark energies, and by being aware without being emotionally involved. (Ker-On of Venus, Oct. 22, 2008.)

First Bleedthroughs of the Fifth Dimension

From 2016

Because of the merging of the third and fourth dimensional perceptions, and thus realities, the octave jump into fifth dimension and beyond is bleeding into your daily life. The challenge is that this octave jump represents a different operating system.

Whereas the third/fourth dimensions resonate to time and space, the fifth dimension resonates to the NOW of the ONE. You may still appear as an “individual” on the third and fourth dimensions, but on the fifth dimension you areunified with the ONE of all life.

Within the resonance of the fifth dimension, reality is based on unity with all life. We, on the Ships, resonate to the fifth dimensional ONE and beyond, but we also have a strong sense of our personal expressions of self.

One concept that is difficult to understand during your pivotal shift between your 3D physical/4D astral self and into your 5D Lightbody self is that in the higher dimensions there is UNITY within diversity. We are all ONE within our fifth dimensional reality. However, we enjoy many different experiences of that ONE by wearing different versions of our multidimensional vessels.

When we are within our fifth dimensional Lightbody, we can choose to create a “space” between ourselves, and others, or we can merge into an ever-expanding light of multidimensional unity. It is the ever-expanding light of unity consciousness that is necessary for humanity to be of their greatest assistance to Gaia.

The reality is that ALL of you, whether or not you are aware of it, are moving into a slightly different and slightly higher frequency of reality. Many of you are feeling as though some thing, or some one, is flying around in your head.

NOW is the time to “brainstorm” with your friends and/or family. By “brainstorm”, we mean that you talk to others with whom you are totally safe to say, release, feel and express the myriad new feelings, thoughts, perceptions, dreams, ideas and concepts that seem to suddenly be arriving within your consciousness.(Suzanne Lie, "PREPARING FOR FIRST CONTACT," by email, June 29, 2016.)

"The New Earth Being":

From 2016

The Qualities of the Emerging New Earth Being

  1. This New Earth Being has a Total Focus in the Present Moment and in Present Time awareness. This means being fully aware of what is happening inside of you and around you, and how these are linked. The Present moment is always an indicator of the strength and power of your connection to the Divine Light and to how you are flowing with this energy and manifesting with this energy. Whatever is before you, and within you, is showing you how you are creating and experiencing with the Divine Light. When you are overly concerned with the past and past experience, or with the future and what might happen, then you lose your focus in the “eye” of the Present and your ability to manifest and weave from the loom of consciousness. Staying in positive focus in the Present Moment is always the key to manifesting on the Flow of Divine Love.
  1. The New Earth Being also has evolved into Spiral Consciousness and away from Linear Consciousness. While still able to function in the 3D Linear consciousness as necessary, they are also fully aware that “natural” organic time spirals into higher levels of conscious expression and experience. They understand that their Light Body is always open to and receiving waves of Cosmic Light and information that is gently moving them forwards and upwards on the Spirals of Divine Love and Creation. This is a natural process, once you align with the flow of Divine Love, and there is no need to “force” evolution, it happens on and in the flow of Cosmic Light.
  1. There is an intense desire to be Creative and to be involved in Creative activity as an expression of the Soul and Spirit on Earth. Understanding that Creativity is the strongest expression of Divine Love (in the beginning God created Heaven and Earth), the emerging New Earth Being strives to create Heaven on Earth and to fill their lives with Beauty and Creative Energy. This can be experienced in whatever form draws your soul to expression, whether art, paining, music, singing, dance, journal writing or poetry….. Whatever form makes your Heart and Soul sing and allows you to experience the movement of your Soul as it brings Divine Light and Love into Creative Expression and Manifestation on Earth. This assists in understanding the principles of Creating Reality and Creating Abundance with the Flow of Divine Light and Love.
  1. The Emerging New Earth Being is a Heart centered being rather than a Mind or Ego based being. This means that they follow their Heart and their Intuition rather than the Mind and Rational judgment. This is the biggest shift that the Emerging Being makes, in learning to trust the flow of Energy in the Heart as the focal point or “eye” of consciousness and allowing the Mind/Ego and its rational and linear way of being to simply recede into the background and to become what it was always meant to be, a supportive energy to the life of the Soul on Earth. When the Mind understands that its role is not to lead and to “survive”, but simply to support the Soul in its expressions on Earth, then it becomes less anxious and despairing and ceases to try to achieve something that it was not designed to achieve. The New Earth being relaxes into life knowing that the Soul and Spirit has everything in hand, and that what is needed in life will be manifested at the right time.
  1. The Diamond Emerald Heart Being has a close and real connection to Soul, Spirit and the Angelic Realms. The emerging New Earth Being has fully accepted their role as an ambassador of Higher Light and Energy on the Earth, and lives with a close connection to their own Soul and its experiences in the Higher Dimensions. There is a deep trust of the Soul and the Higher Self/Oversoul, as well as those Spiritual Beings that form the Soul Family and Soul Clans, as well as the Galactic and Cosmic Families of Divine Love. The New Earth Being is able to “channel” these energies and connect with them to assist them to walk their path on their Earth in Harmony and Resonance with Divine Energy and the Codes of Divine Light that are transmitted to the Earth in the Cosmic Waves and as the Diamond Light.
  1. The Emerging Being has a close and real connection to the Earth, to Animals, Birds, Fish, Insects, Dolphins, Whales, Mammals and Primates, Humanity, the Plant Kingdoms and the Mineral Kingdoms. There is also a deep sympathy for the Indigenous peoples of the Earth, and a feeling of honouring them for their Shamanic wisdom and their ability to live closely with Nature and the Earth. Many emerging New Earth humans choose to follow the path of the Shaman as a way of expressing their need to honour the Spirit and the Divinity of the Earth as expressed through the Emerald Codes.
  1. The New Earth Human has a close and deep relationship with their own Soul, which they see as a manifestation of “Sacred Union”, the marriage of Heaven and Earth and Masculine and Feminine energies within their own Sacred Heart. This includes an awareness of the reason for their Soul’s incarnation in this lifetime, and an awareness of the mission of the Soul in this incarnation. They are aware of their own inner evolution on the Spirals of Light and feel the need to fully embody Divine Light to the best of their ability.
  1. Diamond Emerald Hearts have no need to follow any particular Religion, Spiritual Path or Spiritual Leader. They follow their own Hearts and Intuition and are drawn to others in their Soul Group or Soul Clans who they feel resonate with what they feel and the path that they are drawn to follow. They are open to all approaches that raise consciousness and lead to higher expressions of life on Earth, and they are non judgmental of the choices of others even if they do not align with what they choose.
  1. There is also a deep love of Beauty, Harmony, Tranquility and Peace. They strive to create “Home” in their earthly environment, where “home” is an expression of their Spiritual origin in Divine Love. However, they are also aware that Chaos is an aspect of Energy and Creation, and that it can be very creative as a state of being. When surrounded by Chaos they will always seek to hold their own “center” in a state of balance and so create a pattern of order even within the chaos. This in turn creates a template for the Peace, Harmony and Beauty that they seek to create on Earth.
  1. They have a great Love of “Home” here on Earth and a great enjoyment of life on Earth. They are not seeking to go “home” because they understand that home is within them and that it manifests all around them. They enjoy nature, people, relationships, creativity, passion, laughter and expressing who they are and how they are evolving and growing. With open hearts they pass through life without expectations, knowing that what they need will flow to them as they need it. They value their life on Earth and strive to make every day an expression of Divine Love.
  1. The Flow of Abundance moves in them and through them as Divine Love. They always have what they need, and often more than they need as they allow their Soul and Spirit to provide for them on the Spirals of life. They are generous in sharing what they have and who they are, as they know that lack is an illusion and that there is always enough to share with others. They do not live in fear of not having enough or in financial stress and anxiety. They simply trust in the flow, and act accordingly in their daily lives to create and manifest what they need at any given time.
  1. They understand that all life is experience and creation, and that in this ongoing process they are learning and refining their skills. They see life as an opportunity to explore all aspects of themselves and their essence as Souls in Human Form on Earth. They see relationships, family, work and friendships as opportunities to expand and grow and learn more about who they are in this lifetime on Earth.

Some of the Feelings and Experiences that are “Symptoms” of the Emergence into the Diamond Emerald Heart

  1. Difficulty in staying “in balance” when waves of new Light Codes and Light Radiation sweep over the planet. These waves create the equivalent of a “light storm” in the Light Body, and it can be very hard to hold your center and not to be swept up in the chaos of the storm around you. These waves may “bounce” you between different realities and dimensions, so you may often feel that you have no idea where you are at times. The key to dealing with these periods is simply to rest, stay peaceful and try to hold your center. Know that these periods are “upgrades” of the informational energy fields, and that they will subside once you have integrated the energies.
  1. You may feel intense emotions such as anger, irritation, anxiety and despair. Often these emotions are present in large quantities in the collective energy field, as those still wired to the old energy way of life try to cope with the new energies. These fear based energies may become overwhelming, unless you can recognise that they are not yours and that you do not need to hold onto them and to feel them for others. Do not resonate with them. Simply release them and let them go. Return to the peaceful and harmonious center in your own Heart which represents your Soul Essence and who you are.
  1. You may also find that you are taking on these fear based emotions when you have to enter into and deal with reality fields with which you have little resonance. For example, in a working environment or in a social environment, you may often “catch” free floating anger and anxiety. Again try not to take it on or to allow it to determine your reactions and responses. Try to stay centered in your own essence of who you are.
  1. In Physical terms, these experiences will have impact on the Gastric system and the Nervous System. The Gastric system represents the way in which you handle or “digest” experience, and also as you detach from your intense Solar Plexus focus, you may find that you experience pain coming up in this area or discomfort when you eat. The Nervous system has to carry the light impulses of information, and when there is so much dissonant information it can place a great deal of stress on the Nervous System, so that you may find it hard to sleep at times, or have bad dreams, or you may become very tired to the point of exhaustion but still unable to sleep for long periods of time. Your body may feel uncomfortable as you seek to balance these energies.
  1. Extreme exhaustion may be experienced around times of intense Light activity, such as Equinoxes and Solstices, Full Moons and Eclipses, or other moments when Cosmic transmissions are at their height. Again, simply allow your self to rest and integrate these energies. As soon as the light transmissions are integrated, you will start to feel better.
  1. You may experience the loss of friendships and relationships, and even family ties, as you move into Spiral evolution and these others remain on the Linear path of evolution. This produces a tension that is so extreme that these relationships cannot survive. It is best to just release them in love and allow the other person/s to continue on their own path of growth in the way that seems best for them.
  1. You may experience an overwhelming need to change your life and find a life path that resonates with your Soul and Spirit, as well as your Soul Mission and your life path. In some cases this may lead you to take a great leap of faith and change your life in ways that may not be understood by others. In this case you simply need to follow your heart and your intuition and allow yourself to be guided forward, knowing that your Soul will support your choices if you are in alignment.
  1. You may feel a strong distaste for anything that is linked to the old energy paradigm, and a need to change aspects of your life such as work, diet, friends, and the way that you live on and relate to the Earth. Old Energy interactions based on power, greed and manipulation will be very distressing for you, and you will seek rather to connect with those who share your desire for peace and harmony and mutual support as a way of life.
  1. You will have a strong need for Clarity, Integrity and Openness in all interactions and relationships. You will seek to flow with heart based energies and will not want to struggle and conflict with others. Because of the deep changes in your Physical and Light bodies, you will be able to perceive very clearly when people are not in integrity with you or with themselves. (“Celia Fenn: Diamond Emerald Heart ~ The New Human Emerges,” June 2, 2016, at

The Ascension of Children

From 2016

Amongst you are many young children who have come to lead the way out of the confusion created by your education system. It cramps the style and growth of those who would otherwise help show the way to a full understanding of your true selves. (Mike Quinsey, Sept. 9, 2016.)

From 2012

Steve Beckow: Two questions on children. I'm under the impression that children below a certain age are regarded as innocent and will automatically ascend with their parents. Is that a true statement?

Archangel Michael: Yes. Most children are of pure heart. They are of love. And that is particularly true of the children that have come in in the last 20 years. That is why so many of them are completely disillusioned and feel disenfranchised. They don't understand what on earth they are doing here and how they got here. Because they still have that core of innocence and of love. There may be some confusion, but they are still in that state of innocence. They are like little cherubs. ... So, under eleven.

SB: Under eleven. Okay. Will children who appear not to understand ascension or issues dealing with ascension still ascend?

AAM: Yes. The issue isn't intellectual. It is a heart decision. It is a heart knowing. Each of you on Earth have had situations where your guide or guardian angel has nudged you and you say, I'd better get out of here, this doesn't feel right. And so you leave a place where, perhaps, danger is lurking. That is the sensation many of the children will have: "I don't think I'm going to stay here; I think I'm going to go." And it will be that simple. ("Archangel Michael on NESARA, Opposing the Cabal, and Ascension - Part 3/3," Oct. 3, 2011, at

We know that with Ascension approaching some parents express concern about their children, and that is understandable. Let us explain that they are as every other soul at this time, following their life plan. They chose who to be with and they would have known about their future as well as yours. Look upon them as souls simply becoming acclimatised to Earth life, with as much potential if not more than yours.

Certainly over the last 30 years or more, many souls have been chosen to join you at this special time because of their highly evolved state. They are needed to bring out their Light, and help the awakening of other souls whose consciousness levels need lifting up. The whole process of Ascension has required an army of Lightworkers to put it on a firm footing.

There is in reality no need to worry about any other soul whether they be young or old, and about their place in Ascension. All of you came to Earth knowing fully well what the challenges would be, and what your karmic lessons would entail. You are all fully equipped to deal with your life plan, and you have a number of Guides who help ensure it all works out successfully for you. (SaLuSa, April 20, 2012.)

From 2011

Steve Beckow: There are parents who are worried that they will ascend against their will and leave their children or spouse behind when they don't want to. Is it possible to ascend against one's will?

Archangel Michael: It is absolutely impossible.

SB: So that, so the simple thing then is just to say, I don't wish to ascend at this point?

AAM: You see, this is the power of no.

SB: [Laughter] Right

AAM: No, because part of the ascension process is the act of will. It is the alignment of your heart, your mind, your spirit with your will, not just the will of all, but with your will. We are not going to override that.

SB: Okay, so that's the brake.

AAM: That's the brake.

SB: Right, all right. Well, I'm sure that will reassure them. Two questions on children. I'm under the impression that children below a certain age are regarded as innocent and will automatically ascend with their parents. Is that a true statement?

AAM: Yes. Most children are of pure heart. They are of love. And that is particularly true of the children that have come in in the last 20 years. That is why so many of them are completely disillusioned and feel disenfranchised. They don't understand what on earth they are doing here and how they got here. Because they still have that core of innocence and of love. There may be some confusion, but they are still in that state of innocence. They are like little cherubs.

SB: All right. Another -

AAM: So, under eleven.

SB: Under eleven. Okay. Will children who appear not to understand ascension or issues dealing with ascension still ascend?

AAM: Yes. The issue isn't intellectual. It is a heart decision. It is a heart knowing. Each of you on Earth have had situations where your guide or guardian angel has nudged you and you say, I'd better get out of here, this doesn't feel right. And so you leave a place where, perhaps, danger is lurking. That is the sensation many of the children will have: "I don't think I'm going to stay here; I think I'm going to go." And it will be that simple. ("Archangel Michael on NESARA, Opposing the Cabal, and Ascension - Part 3/3," Oct. 3, 2011, at

From 2010

How can we help our children clear their karma? Children who have not been programmed by "authority figures" act upon instinct and intuition, which is in consonance with their soul contracts, and the "clearing of karma" naturally follows. It is adults who devise unnecessary complexities for themselves by overly analyzing and calculating the very things that children innately know are simple. (Matthew's Message, Oct. 11, 2010.)

Descriptions of the Fifth Dimension - See

Add on, Add on, Add on/Don't Eliminate; Expand!

From 2016

Never is it the intention of the Mother to eliminate but rather to expand. ("Maree & Archangel Michael ~ Sabbatical & Reconstitution," July 15, 2016 at

From 2015

Linda Dillon: The cleaned up third dimension is simply this experience – the joy of having a physical body. And of course that’s what has made this ascension process so different than other planetary systems or even galaxies that have ascended, because it always meant releasing the body – even releasing the planetary form.

But, in our new realm, because all the rules have changed, we’re adding on, we’re adding on so that when we go to the fourth into our physical body we’re adding on the ability to work with alchemy or magic to have relationships with what we have previously thought of as the unseen realms like the elementals or the fairies, et cetera.

And, it grows and it grows but it doesn’t mean that we’re not flowing like that infinity sign that we keep talking about: that we flow in between the dimensions and we bring it back to the third and we flow out and we bring it back because we’re carrying all of the twelve dimensions and having experiences with all twelve dimensions.

So what we’re talking about in terms of this ascension process is an anchoring in the higher realms whether it’s the fifth of change, the sixth of creative chaos, the seventh of Christ Consciousness and Love. We’re changing who we are. We’re expanding who we are, but we’re still having the experience of being in physical form. Does that make sense to you Steve?

Steve Beckow: Well, it does but just for the listeners to really appreciate what you’re saying here, let me repeat what I said earlier at this point – that the old paradigm – well it’s not an old paradigm, it’s a way of being, a way of living – was that we would die and leave the third-dimensional body behind and we’d then be in the astral body. We would in a sense die within the astral body and go into the mental plane and so on. We would divest ourselves of bodies as we evolved on that side of life. So now it is all different.

LD: It’s completely different.

SB: It’s completely different and that’s just one illustration in our conversation earlier, Linda, of how our very ways of seeing things are going to be challenged. We are going to have to let go and not hold on to things.

LD: And it’s funny because all of us, as you and Suzi and I were talking about before the show, have these expectations and excitement about what ascension looks like but we also know at the same time that as we progress around the circle – rather than the ladder – it’s going to be so much more than what we can possibility imagine.

But the rules have changed. Rather than losing your body, it’s expanding, expanding, expanding, expanding – because the Mother has given us this incredible gift as modeled by Gaia, who is an Archangel taking on a physical form as a planet and she’s saying: “I’m giving you this gift of physicality to know what joy and love and beauty look and feel like in the physical reality.” So it wouldn’t make sense within her expanded plan for us to lose that joy of being in form. So, it’s not about escaping. It’s about expanding. ("Transcript: Sanat Kumara ~ Ascension: Your New Tomorrow, Right Now ~ September 17, 2015," at

Now is it a continual expansion, what the channel and I and many on this side have said in terms of creation – add on, add on, add on, add on? Yes. But you do not leave. It was the free choice decision of your collective, which I am in admiration of, that you would do this together. So if a third of your population leaves and is not available in form to assist with the remaining two-thirds, then that promise that the collective has made is broken. I do not see that occurring. ("Transcript: Sanat Kumara ~ Ascension: Your New Tomorrow, Right Now ~ September 17, 2015," at

SB: Let me tell you the difficulty that I’m having with the notion of add on, add on, add on. We have to choose metaphors to talk about these processes. It wouldn’t be possible otherwise. And this by the way illustrates that we are going to have to drop our old ideas. I know that’s the case but I’m having trouble here. The Self, there is nothing that can be added on to the Self. It’s always been about revealing the Self or the Self emerging. When you say add on, add on I have great difficulty. What’s being added on?

SK: There is nothing that is added on. What you are doing is emergence but it is the concept that people have. Not that they are leaving something behind but that they are expanding to incorporate. What it truly is, is a return to the truth of how you were created in the first place. ("Transcript: Sanat Kumara ~ Ascension: Your New Tomorrow, Right Now ~ September 17, 2015," at

SK: Now we have just suggested to you that in fact we are using the analogy of “add on” to overcome this concept that you are losing something and that your true self is emerging or being revealed or expanding. Think of it that you have only been using a portion of yourself. ("Transcript: Sanat Kumara ~ Ascension: Your New Tomorrow, Right Now ~ September 17, 2015," at

From 2013

Divine Mother: And add on, add on, add on. Because what it does is it builds. Just like joy. You do not say “Now I have joy and I’m in a state of joy” because it is infinite. My nature, my beloved ones, is infinite. It does not have beginning or end or what you think of as boundaries or edges. It is infinite. So your joy, your grace, also has the capacity, the innate capacity to be infinite because you are born of me. ("Transcript: The Divine Mother on Grace on Heavenly Blessings, April 30, 2013," May 13, 2013, at

From 2012

Now let us be very clear about this as well, Truth Seeker. We do not wish in any way...because there is also this amorphous energy that has begun to emerge amongst many lightworkers, lightholders, that somehow the 3rd dimension is less than; it is not. It is simply a form of reality, of the joy of physicality...yes, other dimensions add on, add on. ("Archangel Michael to Susan S. on Why Different Accounts of Ascension Disagree," at

From 2011

Now let us be very clear about this as well, Truth Seeker. We do not wish in any way...because there is also this amorphous energy that has begun to emerge amongst many lightworkers, lightholders, that somehow the 3rd dimension is less than; it is not. It is simply a form of reality, of the joy of physicality...yes, other dimensions add on, add on.

But, it was never intended that the function of the 3rd dimension be the density that is appearing today...that has been the false belief systems of human that have been built until they have assumed form and function. ("Archangel Michael to Susan S. on Why Different Accounts of Ascension Disagree," at

Preparing for Ascension

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

From 2019

Ashian: We would recommend that all of you begin (if you have not done so already) to prepare in earnest for the great changes about to come. ...

Jennifer Crokaert: While that’s very exciting, what exactly do you suggest we do to prepare? More than the constant clearing of our core issues, projections, fears and distortions?

A: We would suggest that you search for forgiveness within; is there anyone you still need to forgive? Is there any event that you still need to reconcile yourself to in order to free yourself of energy that is bound up in that event? This would be our first suggestion.

J: And your second?

A: Our second is to come into a state of love, an attitude of love, an expression of love, as a conscious, living meditation; minute by minute, day by day.

While we emphasize this we understand that it is hard for you to grasp the extreme importance of holding this vibration of love consistently. You, the Light holders, are about to be called upon to demonstrate love beyond the 3D boundaries of love in the coming times.

By this we mean, there will be an unprecedented outpouring of sludge that has been hidden from you, which will spark others to hate, shame, pain and anger. It will be for you, the Light holders, to stand forth in your leadership – hard earned after years of apprenticeship – to show a higher path. ("Commander Ashian ~ Light Holders Called to Demonstrate Love Beyond 3D Love," via Jennifer Crokaert, July 16, 2019, at

We would recommend that all of you begin (if you have not done so already) to prepare in earnest for the great changes about to come. ("Commander Ashian ~ Light Holders Called to Demonstrate Love Beyond 3D Love," July 16, 2019 , at,)

Energies rolling in shall continue to flow, filtering through now … to lift you up … build you up 
… and pave the way. ... Our words to you would be PREPARE! PREPARE! PREPARE! ...

For THE CHANGE … [is] just around the corner. ...

The Force of Great Light shall be with Each One as you prepare your Beings for that which you have been waiting for, for so long. (The Federation of Light through Blossom Goodchild, July 7, 2019, at

Federation of Light: THE WAITING IS OVER. ...


It shall arrive at the Divine moment … when it is most poignantly in position to do so and be released.

BG: Many ask if this is the solar flare that is widely spoken of?

FoL: It is part and parcel.

We have spoken before of your Sun (that you are aware of) being the gateway to the Divine Source. Therefore, THIS DIVINE WAVE OF LOVE HAS TO COME FROM WITHIN IT.

So, Yes. We confirm it is ‘tied up within’ the solar flare that is to come.

BG: Tied up within, meaning?

FoL: Exactly that … A Part of … All that is involved. For once this wave begins to flow … there shall be more to follow.

BG: Oh. I haven’t heard of that before.

FoL: More so, in the sense that once ‘The Wave’ has been sent out … it shall be like a ripple effect upon the Planet and also, as if releasing the initial Wave allows then … the ‘breakthrough’ … the Freedom … for the Energy stored up behind it, to flow through, also.


Forgotten what it FEELS like.

Yet, instantly shall you remember … the moment it touches you … and indeed …

BE HOME. (The Federation of Light through Blossom Goodchild, July 7, 2019, at

Third-dimensional ideas are beginning to shift into higher form as increasingly more people awaken. This is causing those who have chosen to remain locked in “power over” consciousness to resist and fight any change as best they know how. There is a global rift beginning to take place between those opening to higher consciousness and those refusing to or who are simply not spiritually prepared.

You are going to witness this deepening divide as chaos, but it is part of the ascension process. Trust that all is proceeding according to plan. Much that heretofore has never been questioned, especially in politics and religion, is increasingly being examined and questioned by those seeing with “new” eyes.

The outer always reflects the inner. Consciousness is the substance of all form because nothing else exists but Divine Consciousness. However, the qualities embodied in the One Divine consciousness can only be experienced personally when there is alignment. Every person’s consciousness expresses what it is in alignment with. (The Arcturian Group through Marilyn Raffaelle, Jan. 25, 2019.)

From 2018

The whole system is going to rock and be shaken to the core. You will begin to see what you have never thought possible. Those who wish death and destruction upon you, will find it happening to them. It is the natural reversal of a very dark cycle on the earth. Prepare for shock and change. Keep yourselves removed from the chaos and rest in knowing that the old way of living and merely surviving is nearly complete. Watch the old go. Hold your head high for much good is coming to you. (Apollo through Valerie Donner, Dec. 4, 2018, by email.)

From 2012

We notice a great upturn in the amount of Light upon the Earth, and that is to your credit and dedication to have brought so much to it. To some the energies are proving to be too powerful and disorientating. However, as they learn what is actually taking place, they may be able to flow with the energies and experience a higher degree of consciousness.

They may otherwise experience feelings of impending change, without being able to determine what is happening. Whatever happens to them be assured that, like everyone else, they will take something positive away with them. As we have often stated, every experience is of value to you where your evolution is concerned. (SaLuSa, Nov. 16, 2012.)

One of the main insights that I wish to share with you is that this time has been long awaited and is a most beautifully glorious time but it is not the end, nor is it the beginning, it is simply a transition of light, consciousness and vibration within your being and upon the Earth. There will be many more shifts such as this which will be even more magnificent and greater than the current shift that is occurring, which will carry and propel you forward.

The shifts will become easier because you are being asked to let go of so much of the past at this time that in future shifts you will be no longer existing in or holding onto. You will be existing in your present making the transitions smoother and less challenging. The reason for this time of 2012 being so anticipated is because it is akin to the final transition within and holding onto old energies, egos and thought patterns.

It is a great release of the past; there will be nothing in the future experienced like this upon the Earth. You will continue to release and let go of old energies beyond this time but it will not have such importance or influence upon your being as it does now.

I wish to say that if you are experiencing bliss at this time, enjoy it because it will only enhance and magnify, if you are experiencing challenges and the process of release at this time then enjoy it because you will never feel it so strongly again as you do now, because beyond this point you will become far more centred and so emotions and thoughts will no longer have an intense influence upon your being. It is my view that whatever you are experiencing in your reality is a process of release and letting go.

If you are experiencing pain, fear, anger, insecurity and so forth you are recognising and releasing these now in order to free yourself. If you are experiencing joy, abundance, bliss and happiness you are still releasing because you are allowing these aspects of yourself to flow freely from your being therefore creating freedom. This time is most glorious and I hope that you are able to thank yourself for choosing to be on the Earth now with the most wonderful gift of experiencing.

An additional purpose of coming forward to you today was to share ideas, insights or advice about preparing yourself for this time of growth, accepting tremendous energies, freedom, dissolving separation, greater unity, acceptance of love and the release of the past, which is often entitled ascension. Please remember that these are only thoughts from my heart which I feel may be of benefit at this time.

1. Relaxation for the Mind - There is a need to give more time to relaxing the mind. With so many shifts occurring within and around your being, the mind can go wild trying to understand and interpret everything that is happening. The mind may become confused or begin to focus upon energies that are being released which need to be let go of by the mind quickly. This is not the time for the mind to be working or analysing, it is a time for the mind to take more periods of relaxation and to rest within the heart.

This can be achieved through meditation, by imagining the mind as a light, energy ball or object melting and drifting to rest in the heart chakra. If the heart chakra is not completely open then this may feel very neutral and almost empty,but this is fine as with greater focus on the heart chakra a more blissful vibration will be experienced. So please do not try to think too much and by allowing times of peace you are creating a greater sensitivity to what is occurring around and within your being.

2. Attune Your Crystals - Many of you have crystals in your reality or homes which you may use on a regular basis or you may not. It is my belief that now is the time to cleanse your crystals and to ask for Archangel Metatron to attune your crystals to the channel of light, love and consciousness that is ever flowing from the Creator's heart chakra onto the Earth. Ask Archangel Metatron to ensure that your crystals receive all the new energies being anchored and flowing from the Creator's heart chakra so that each crystal may vibrate, radiate and anchor these energies into your being and reality.

This means that the energies are not only flowing into your being through your soul and attunement with the Creator but are also flowing into your reality as a magnification through your crystals. This makes your sacred space extremely abundant in the Creator's present energies, allowing for a greater experience of the shifts occurring at this time.

3. Love Yourself More Each Day - Your unconditional love for yourself is paramount at this time because it is your security, your safe haven, your healing balm and your ability to recognise the truth of the Creator. Even if you are unable to currently feel or sense your unconditional love for yourself by simply believing and affirming in your mind that you love yourself unconditionally will allow for the activation of your ever flowing unconditional love from within your being.

4. Sharing with Self-Understanding - We are currently moving through a process of dissolving separation and accepting unity, whether it is unity between each part of our being, unity with the Creator or unity with other beings/humanity. It is wonderful to share and radiate our energies, light and consciousness while also sharing verbally and energetically the truth of our beings. With challenges and the need for releasing old energies this process can be achieved at a quicker rate by sharing your thoughts or feelings with another, a guide or even with yourself as you say it out loud to yourself.

While this is extremely beneficial as it allows everyone to be of service in numerous ways there is a need to be conscious of what you are sharing. My meaning is that if you are experiencing suffering and you share your suffering with another person, there is a need for you to be observant of your sharing, being aware that the suffering is coming from your ego.

I wish for you to share and I do not wish for you to control or limit your sharing but be alert as to the entire process and what you are feeling, where it is coming from. Even in your sharing acknowledge that it is your ego speaking or your truth speaking, be aware what part of your being you are feeling and experiencing as you will find that this allows you to detach and bring greater enlightenment forward.

5. Ensure You Are Supported By Your Guides - Your guides have a powerful role to play in your ascension at this time, they have much to share with you and much energy to support you. They will not assist you in this way unless you ask them to so please allow yourself to ask for the support and divine intervention of your guides to advance your ascension daily.

6. Enjoy and Be Grateful - Now is the time to enjoy every moment and to be grateful for every moment, remember that you chose to be on the Earth now so enjoy even the hardest of experiences and be grateful for everything that you choose, create and experience. Express your gratitude daily in order to awaken humanity's consciousness to the divine quality of gratitude and the state of awareness that gratitude moves you into.

7. Let Go Of All That You Can - To let go is to dissolve attachment, this doesn't mean that an object, friendship or mind state needs to be discarded but that it no longer has an emotional or mental hold upon you, you are able to love what was the attachment which can sometimes mean that you feel a greater connection but also a greater freedom between you and that which you let go of. In truth you are setting yourself free. By simply exhaling deeply and stating or holding the intention of letting go of whatever you are focused upon, a greater freedom can be experienced. (Master Kuthumi through Natalie Glasson, "Preparation for ascension Shifts," Nov. 4, 2012, at

With each breath you take, on this your fortuitous journey into your Ascension, abide by your beginnings as magnificent Beings of Light, that you have always been. You have tapped a great deal of that potential so far. What remains is for you to step up the pace, my dear ones.

Your potential is limitless to absorb the Light as it is pouring in in increasing amounts and no one is immune to or incapable of accepting the increasing amounts of Light as is being readied for your acceptance and sensitivities.

Your acceptance is key as you receive the next portal of energy, building as we speak. To be prepared, I offer you my contribution for your advancement, which is:

Begin each day with a prayer and a visualization of your being in a vast arena of Light. Imagine it to extend out for miles. Feel the vacuum as the Light swirls in ever-increasing circles and waves of penetrating bands of Light particles as you reach deeper with each breath you take.

Feel yourself sinking deeper and deeper with each breath, as you feel and visualize a vast column of Light forming all around you. Take it one step further and imagine that you are glowing brighter with each breath. Get adjusted to the brightness, and then take it one step further and allow yourself to breathe in even more Light as you feel your cells and body light up even more, and suddenly there is no boundary between your body and the vast column of Light you are within.

Now, try to hold this image and feeling for as long as you can, basking in the radiant white Christ Light that you were so used to being within, and in, many eons ago. Repeat this daily if you will, for it will speed along your ascension and benefit not only your own ascension but the ascension of all Beings and of planet Earth. (Ascended Master Lanto through Fran Zepeda, "Awakening to Oneness," Nov. 3, 2012, at .)

Michael has spoken on my behalf many times and asked you to dream big. You're not there yet. So let me infuse you, let me gift you that as you expand your creations expand. Your being expands. And the feeling, the knowing, the anchoring of my essence within reach and every one of you expands. Let it be dear hearts, let it be. (The Divine Mother through Linda Dillon at Sedona Conference II, Oct. 31, 2012, at .)

Understand, as we approach these times of change, that there is also the release of a great deal of what we call excess energy, of chaos. Be the observer, and in many ways disengage from the Earth even while you make peace with it. Disengage from the third dimension. Anchor within the heart of Gaia, but do not be part of the boiling pot of misinformation. ...

So much of what has and is occurring upon this beautiful planet is based in the chaos, in the drama, and in the shades of information and misinformation. So you understand that. And the interest in participating in that simmering or boiling pot becomes less and less, because what you are interested in and what truly speaks to your being, as it is shifting as well. It is simply being on the path of Ascension - your path of opening, of heart, of love, of enlightenment, of attunement.

So the day-to-day events, as you think of them, as you have thought of them for many hundreds and thousands of years, almost become incidental. It is part of your shift from the old 3rd dimensional human being, to, can we say, a global, interdimensional, transdimensional galactic human. ("Archangel Michael: It's Time to Let Go of the Old," Oct. 22, 2012, at

My beloved ones, children of my heart, children of my being, showers of the way, hybrids and angels, starseeds and humans: Do not allow yourselves to be distracted. Hold your focus and be your faith, and know that you are in the unfoldment, and you are the unfoldment, and that all goes forward according to plan, according to my plan and according to yours.

Yes, the changes are rapid at this juncture. And that is why I ask of you: do not be distracted, and focus on the truth that Michael instills in your heart and the clarity that I give each of you, in each of your bodies and in your core. Prepare and be the final event, and simply know I am with you. Do not turn away, for this is the time for you to go straight forward - no, not with blinkers, but with full vision and open hearts, with compassion and joy and the fulfillment of love. (The Divine Mother in "Archangel Michael: It's Time to Let Go of the Old," Oct. 22, 2012, at

The delays have shown how much you have learnt, by keeping your focus upon the more important matters concerning your own evolution. It is not selfish to think about Self, as no one else can prepare you for Ascension, although you can find plenty of advice.

The outer happenings are not essential to your progress, but present to you an opportunity to understand what the future holds for you. It is your entitlement that you have earned by raising your vibrations and reflects your greater upliftment into the Light.

You cannot just decide you would like to Ascend and be successful without first putting in the needed effort. It is unnecessary to absorb reams of information, although there is much available that will help your understanding. What is important is how you are inside and whether you have been able to look outwards and accept that you are All One. That will go a long way forward to helping you create a higher consciousness level. (SaLuSa, Oct. 1, 2012.)

You do of course have to make friends with your ego, that will still try to maintain the "old you" lest you forget how you used to be. That is where your big changes occur as you are lifting out of the lower vibrations, and all that is part of it.

It may even mean carefully choosing new friends, who are more compatible and understanding of the changes in you. Those souls of the lower vibrations are often very coarse, indulge in negative actions and can be uncomfortable to be with. However, as you rise up you will also learn how to protect yourself against them.

Through the Law of Attraction you will naturally find yourselves gravitating towards souls of a similar vibration. These are friendships where you will help each other progress and that will most likely continue through Ascension and afterwards. Sometimes such attachments can be very strong and may indicate that you have been together many times before, and come from the same Star Family. (SaLuSa, Oct. 1, 2012.)

For the present your time and thoughts are being taken up by preparing for Ascension. Some still seek the answers as to what they need to do in this respect, and we would say work towards a level where you can be one who can express yourself in Unconditional Love. It is not easy when you have so many distractions around you, yet it is a state of being that is possible.

See all as part of yourself because you are all connected, and what one does affects every other soul. It means being non-judgmental and perhaps for Humans that is the hardest bit. You are used to expressing your opinions about everything, and sometimes it is done without knowing the full facts. Just move in the energy of love all of the time, and make allowances for others who are still playing the game of duality. (SaLuSa, May 4, 2012.)

We confirm again that it is your intent to ascend that will carry you through, because having made that decision you are immediately helped to achieve it. It is about following a path that lifts your vibrations, so that when the time comes you are ready. (SaLuSa, March 9, 2012.)

The point at which you started to realize the insanity of behaving unlovingly was the moment when it became possible for you to consider letting go of the illusion, because it became immediately apparent that what you were experiencing so vividly could only be unreal. Nevertheless, you were reluctant to disengage from the behaviors that had become endemic as you sought safety, acceptance, and love in that strange illusory environment from which they had been excluded.

Those very behaviors that you thought would protect you were, and continue to be, the ties that bind you to the illusion, because, as you have often been reminded, anything unloving cannot be present in the state of Love. You have been reluctant to release them because of the intense sense of insecurity with which the illusion presents you, and because as you look around you you see intense suffering from which you wish to be separated. But separation is suffering, it is the delusion that separation from others provides you with safety and security from attack, and enables you to attack others to keep yourselves safe. As all are one to attack anyone is to attack yourselves.

Your awakening process continues to move rapidly forwards because your awareness of this truth is intensifying and spreading, and more and more of you are intending to cooperate in loving behaviors that will enable you to release that fearful need to be separate. It seems to many of you that you have one foot in Reality and one in the illusion - you believe that there is only oneness, that separation is an illusion, and yet you are still experiencing separation. However, this concept is in itself a great step forwards.

And with each step forwards you increase your acceleration towards your inevitable arrival at your heavenly destination. Just continue holding your Light on high; doing so reminds you of your divine heritage and strengthens your intent to awaken, and this will assist and encourage others to do the same. It is an acceptance of the reality of your oneness and it helps to further dissipate the sense of separation that binds you to the illusion. The bindings that remain are far fewer then ever before, and are now close to breaking. You know this, so relax into the certainty of your impending awakening. (Saul, through John Smallman, Feb. 26, 2012.)

We say to you dear ones, that there is still much work to be done. Many do not realize that this is a process that must take place within the consciousness of each individual choosing to move forward and is not something that is going to simply drop into your laps as a gift from the Galactics. As each truth unfolds through personal inner work, it must then be put into practice. It must become your way of life, your way of thinking, your way of understanding the world--your state of consciousness.

Truth cannot simply be interesting dinner party conversation for new age thinkers, who in turn the next day go back to playing the game of "life as usual". If you want to change yourself and your world, truth must be taken seriously. "Are these ideas that I am becoming aware of, truth or not? Do I really believe or am I just spouting words for my own ego gratification? If what I am now discovering about myself and the world is truth, than why do I continue to revert back to living that which is not truth?" These are the questions each and everyone must ask themselves for the time has come to stop procrastinating and choose. (Arcturian Group, Jan. 8, 2012.)

Obstacles to Ascension

From 2017

The dark Ones’ attempts to cause delays are clearly a major factor in the developments that are soon going to take place, but nothing will stop progress in the right direction. The outcome is governed by rules that ensure that the only souls that can advance to Ascension are those whose vibrations have been lifted up.

It would not be in the interests of those whose vibrations have not been lifted to try and find a place in Ascension as, even if they could somehow do so, it would be a very uncomfortable experience. Their timeline will continue to progress in a new cycle in another direction that will eventually offer them a further opportunity to achieve Ascension. A soul’s evolution is ongoing and planned to eventually ensure success. (Mike Quinsey's Higher-Self Message, Sept. 1, 2017.)

This planet will not and cannot ascend until the dense misqualified energies have been transformed. ("‘The Team’ via Peggy Black: Transform The Shadow of the Collective," February 24, 2017, at

From 2016

Transmute all of the imbalances which are keeping you from stepping through the gateway into your new Fifth-Dimensional reality. ("Latest Message from Archangel Michael," July 31, 2016, at

From 2013

[We are already there and just haven't realized it.]

Yes, I have been beckoning to all of you because, my beloved angels, you are ready. Oh, you are ready for many things, many undertakings within your realm which I designate as the Fifth Dimension, although you are free to travel wherever you wish. But, my beloved ones, you are anchored in the Fifth reality, so I would suggest that you stop this practice of denial and accept that you are shifted and that you are going to continue to shift and to expand. ...

You are already having these subtle upgrades. And you have been for some time. And now of course you are used to them, even though you do not understand the fullness of those upgrades and you are the anxious child that says “What’s next? What’s next!” So, I do not chastise you for this question. But what I say is the subtle upgrades will continue and then there will be the “blink of an eye.” And I say to you all, get on with it. The time is now. ("Universal Mother: Your Family is the Legions of Light, June 18, 2013, Part 1/2," at

Ascension is Within Your Grasp; Every Effort is Worthwhile

From 2010

You may have already identified with a number of advanced souls, and their role has been to prepare the way. For those who take the time to search for illumination it can be found, and there has never been a better time than now. The spiritual plan has long set out to provide you with so many chances to find out the truth. Seekers have so much choice now to take a path that leads them to Light and Love. True teachers demand nothing from you, and encourage you to seek within where all knowledge is held. It is a matter of stirring your subconscious memories, so that you awaken now and can understand what is happening around you. (SaLuSa, Jan. 22, 2010.)

From 2009

You have come a long way over many, many years and your progress has been slow but sure. Keep going now that you are so near to completion of your souls journey in the lower vibrations. (SaLuSa, Dec. 16, 2009.)

We will tell you again; that every effort you put in to ascend will be more than rewarded. Your gains will be vastly more than your expectations. (SaLuSa, Sept. 9, 2009.)

[Ascension] is a natural step in your evolution, without which you could not move out of the lower vibrations. We see it as only a matter of time before more souls reach a point of true awareness of their higher purpose in life. (Diane of Sirius, Feb. 2, 2009.)

Minimum Requirement for Ascension/What will Ascension Take?

From 2016

A lack of memory of the divine/Creator, in truth who you really are, occurs when disconnection with the Universal Mind occurs. There is a need to be in 90% connection and conscious connection with the Universal Mind in order to be able to access the truth of your being. This is because the knowledge, wisdom and remembrance of your soul concerning your current and other lifetimes on the Earth and the inner planes extend from the Universal Mind. ("Celestial White Beings: Accessing the Universal Mind," Channeled by Natalie Glasson, May 27, 2016, at [Minimum requirement for enlightenment, not our Ascension.]

I do not do this for you. I do not take you and simply flip you through the Ascension process. I will not do that.

There is an awakening of your will, the elimination of ego, the opening of heart, the alignment with divine mind and heart and will. And all of these aspects are necessary for Ascension. ("Transcript ~ Master of the Ascension Ray Serapis Bey on AHWAA: A Tsunami of One, May 31, 2016," at

Now, one can certainly ascend without having ever even heard or considered either Disclosure or financial or societal reorganisation or Cities of Light. That is a ‘heart and soul’ matter that is not dependant upon the full knowing of interdimensional reality (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Andrew Eardsley through Linda Dillon on April 15, 2016.)

Most of you who have followed our teachings are aware that you must clear 51% of your negative frequency patterns and attune to your Soul Song to at least a portion of the lower sub-level frequencies of the Fifth Dimension in order to begin to receive the Adamantine Particles of Creator Light. (Ronna Herman, "MESSAGE FROM ARCHANGEL MICHAEL - LM-03-2016," at

From 2013

Release your fear of the past and future, eliminate the emotional and mental controls others have over you, and become the free Spirit you were meant to be. When the Infinity loop and the time line of your past are balanced, and the major portions of your discordant energies have been transmuted, you will step into the Infinity loop of your future. ("Archangel Michael - Traversing the Upward Passageway into the Future, through Ronna Herman, April 1, 2013, at

From 2012

Knowledge of the Ascension process is not necessary to be assured of rising up with it. There are many, many souls that are kind, loving and compassionate who are also ready for such an upliftment. In fact they may have quite a different view of the future, but that does not matter as they will soon adapt to the coming changes. (SaLuSa, Nov. 13, 2012.)

The harshness and confrontation you experience now will disappear for good, as those beings who cause such problems are not ready to ascend. Ascension is for those of you who have awakened to their true selves, and aspire to lift themselves up. When you can accept all others as One with you, and live your life in the manner of giving out Unconditional Love you are a perfect example of one who is ready.

If you do not consider yourself to be ready but nevertheless wish to ascend, focus on raising yourself up by doing your best to succeed. You will almost certainly do so as at this time. There are massive inputs of energy to your world and you will attract them to yourself. You will know it is happening as few souls can receive the energy without feeling the effects. It can be felt as a slight dizziness and a general feeling of lightness within your body.

There are other conditions that may lead you to believe that you are about to fall ill, but will soon pass without any effect. You will certainly find yourself able to remain controlled when faced with disruptive forces, and it is the taming of the emotions that will enable you to reach such a level. At the same time you will be a model example to others who will benefit from your presence. (SaLuSa, Oct. 19, 2012.)

A lack of belief in God is not necessarily preventing people from ascending, as many of them are at heart very kind and decent people. It is what you are inside that counts, but we always come back to the need to treat others as yourself. (SaLuSa, Oct. 3, 2012.)

You cannot ascend if you are tied down or you are corded or you are cording anybody. So even the very thick cords that come out of your heart, let them go so that you may all fly free, so that you can rise up unencumbered by choice. Because this is the rule of your planet. It is a zone of free will. (Archangel Michael, Heavenly Blessings, through Linda Dillon, March 8, 2012.)

Your job is to keep practicing, which means living each truth you become aware of, centering within, and connecting with your higher selves through meditation. This process begins to bring all parts together as one-the higher self, soul, and individuality and this comprises your journey to becoming an enlightened being. (The Arcturian Group, Mar. 11, 2012.)

Do not make the mistake of judging yourself unsuitable to ascend, as whatever your life so far you can always step onto a new path. (SaLuSa, March 9, 2012.)

With Ascension no souls can go forward with it unless their vibrations are compatible with it. The choice is still yours, but you must have reached a certain vibratory level to ascend. All souls will have known about it before they came into incarnation, and some of them have no desire to ascend, but wish to add this period in duality to their experience. (SaLuSa, Feb. 20, 2012.)

From 2011

However, it must be understood that Ascension is so near that if you desire to seize this opportunity to get out of the 3rd. dimension, you do need to ensure you know what is needed of you. As we have so often mentioned it is your intent that is so important, because as soon as you send out that energy it attracts similar energy, and strengthens yours that opens up the pathway to Ascension. It is about raising your vibration by bringing more Light into your life, and sharing it through positive thoughts and actions.

Do not concern yourself if your path is different to others, as there is more than one way to reach Ascension. Indeed there are time lines that cover every possible combination of possibilities. If you have exercised your choice there can be no wrong way, otherwise freedom of choice would be pointless. (SaLuSa, Dec. 2, 2011.)

The process, or the elongation, the period of time that this process takes can be slightly different for different people. ("Archangel Michael on NESARA, Opposing the Cabal, and Ascension - Oct. 1, 2011 - Part 2/3," at

In that moment [of Ascension], what we are calling a moment, there is a choice. Do you want -- and it can happen instantaneously, because so many of you have laid the foundation -- do you want to be in the heart of one of love? Do you wish to be in the higher frequency? In the very last second, all they need to say is yes, and allow themselves to be flooded by what you can think of as a tidal wave of energy that will sweep the planet. That is why we say all are invited. (Steve Beckow, "Reading with Archangel Michael, August 1, 2011" through Linda Dillon, at

From 2010

Long ago, we have told you that the keys to heaven are trust and forgiveness, the doorway is Love. ("Mother Mary ~ The Creation of Nova Earth," Council of, Nov. 6, 2010 at

From 2009

Most of you who have followed our teachings are aware that you must clear 51% of your negative frequency patterns and attune to your Soul Song to at least a portion of the lower sub-level frequencies of the Fifth Dimension in order to begin to receive the Adamantine Particles of Creator Light. (Ronna Herman, "MESSAGE FROM ARCHANGEL MICHAEL - LM-03-2016," at

From 2008

Your destiny is absolutely guaranteed and nothing can stop your Ascension. You will understand why regardless of what is yet to happen on Earth, it is not going to prevent the outworking of all that has been planned for you. (Ag-agria of Sirius, Sept. 1, 2008.)

From 1990

Is it necessary to be one-hundred percent healed and whole to ascend? No, says Sananda. "You do not need to be one hundred percent healed and whole emotionally and spiritually in order to ascend. ... We can work miracles with each of you. This is our intention." (Sananda in Eric Klein, The Crystal Stair. Livermore: Oughten Hosue Publications, 1992; c1990, 34.)

Appropriate Ascension Behavior

From 2017

Steve Beckow: What you are describing comes very close to intention too. We set our intention and it is to achieve whatever the object of our hope is.

Archangel Michael: That is correct. And that is where you are doing it. It is in the creation formula in alignment with Universal Law. When you set your intention - whether it is a chant or a prayer or thought or a deeply-held belief - what you are doing is setting your intention. Even when you are screaming at God, you are setting your intention.

And what is that based on? The hope. The intention is actually heard and responded to. So it is in the expression of intention and hope that the beginning of the co-creation – the conjoining of the sacred partnership - begins.

SB: Well, if that’s the case Lord, then talk to us more, please, about how we do this. In our morning meditation do we set our intention? How do we work this Divine process?

AAM: Morning, noon and night and in between. (Archangel Michael in “Transcript ~ Archangel Michael: Peace is Love, May 11, 2017," Channeled by Linda Dillon, at

AAM: Let us break [intention] down into, shall we say, big intention and smaller intention, personal intention and global intention.

Now there is also a - I was going to say habit but I am saying - addiction, because it has really reached that point and this is a flashing yellow caution light for lightworkers and loveholders. So please heed what I have to say.

Global intentions, collective intentions are beautiful and sacred and holy and when you come together in global intention miracles happen. We have seen this. And you will certainly see more of it.

But do not ever think, feel or believe, my family and friends, that somehow global intentions are more important, more valid, more worthy than the personal whispers of your heart.

That is why I have started today by talking about the peace within you and the anchoring of that ‘truly knowing’ within you.

So when you are setting intentions, we do recommend every morning. There needs to be time. And if you think you do not have the time, you are deceiving yourself, you are fooling yourself and you are robbing yourself. You take the time, whether it is an hour or ten minutes or five minutes, to set your intention, not only for your family, the planet and the galaxy and the universe, but also for your sweet self - for your day, for what you are working on.

So, from that sense of peace comes the expression of hope, of what you intend. Not only to draw in. Attraction and repulsion is but one Universal Law. But you express - not only to all of us, not only to your circle of guardians, but to your Sacred Self - what you intend to experience.

So, it can be small, “I am going to work today and I have a big meeting. And, I wish to be heard and seen for the brilliance of my ideas, for what I have to contribute. I wish to be seen for who I am. And I wish to be a cooperative team player.”

And then you intend, “Things have been rocky with my children and I know in accordance with the Mother’s Plan and unfoldment that we are intended to see each other, to be in peace relationships. So I intend that that will be harmonious. And in accordance with that, my intention is that I will behave kind and loving. Not permissive, but accepting and expansive today in relationship with my children. So help me do that.”

You see there is the joining of forces when you are expressing that intention. And then we would love to see you, of course, express world peace. But it starts with the personal. You cannot be praying and intending and hoping for world peace and have your home front a battleground or have your internal self out of harmony, out of balance, having an internal battleground. It will never work.

So, it starts with you. And then, yes, by all means, move to the grander intentions. And do it in conjunction with your community - whatever your community is. Whether it is a temple or a community center or a coffee klatch. Intend it and do it.

And, know that we are joining with you to do this. That is what intention is. It is setting out. It is sending the spiritual, telepathic, electronic, light wave communication to say, “This is what I want. This is how I choose to express and experience love.”

And, it is very proactive. It is not simply sitting in a chair or on the sofa watching TV saying, “I intend to win the lottery.” No, you have need to take action that is in alignment with your intention. And sometimes, sweet angels, the action is sitting on the couch perfectly still. So, you have to pay attention to the guidance. But it is in accordance with what you want.

And then we would love to see you take action and to again express intention at a midpoint in your day. So sometimes you would set your little watches or your phones that have such remarkable capabilities these days, and you would say, you know, at twelve o’clock or one o’clock or two o’clock or whatever the middle of your day is, take a few moments, not only to visit with us, not only to visit with your intentions – to check in. How is it going? But to check in with your Sacred Self, because sometimes there is need for a little reset or an expansion.

So your business meeting is completed and you are feeling pretty good. And you think, “Well, I’ve done it.” When you go to the middle of the day and reset, it gives you a chance to expand what just happened, so that the rest of your day is not simply in time out or not being fully present and aware, but expanding that energy of that intention - of being seen, of having harmonious conversations, of being a team player.

And then at the end of the day, and particularly - we will take ‘thank you’ whenever we get it - but particularly at the end of the day. (Archangel Michael in “Transcript ~ Archangel Michael: Peace is Love, May 11, 2017," Channeled by Linda Dillon, at

Steve Beckow: Aren’t you simply describing the ways that the Natural Self, what you call the Sacred Self, acts or operates - hope, intention? We talk about peace or we talk about intention and it sometimes can be a little disembodied. We’re really talking about the unveiled Self. Can you talk a little more about that from an overview perspective?

AAM: Yes. And it does not matter whether you call it your Sacred Self or your Natural Self or the truth of who you are. [Having realized it] it is as if you have read, studied, ingested, digested the entire owner’s manual and you know exactly how and why you operate.

And you are fueling yourself correctly. You are not revving the engine or idling the engine. You are simply moving forward. And when you do that, when you add your intention – we are talking in action now - so, you’ve gotten up out of your chair and you’ve gotten up off the couch and the radio or TV is off, or your computer.

And it is important, dear ones, to turn off your electronic computers, etc., from time to time to really be in the silence and the still point and the spaciousness – to really feel the energy waves, particularly the Mother’s Tsunami - so that you can differentiate what is the collective, what is yours, what is ours, without any other interference.

So, yes, there are many opinions on this and it is constantly discussed. We see your conversations so we are throwing that in gratuitously.

But back to the Natural Self, you take action – can I make it this simple - that is pleasing, that is joyful, that is pleasurable, that is fulfilling to you. And in that, it is because of that alignment, it is pleasurable, and enjoyable and loving and kind to everyone. That is how peace outside, without, occurs.

It is you expressing that peace, that true knowing. So you don’t do things for yourself that you know are harmful. You don’t attach or reattach to old patterns or paradigms of behavior that you know are going to hurt. It is not that the knowing and the wisdom isn’t there, it is. And it is already ignited in you. It may not have been 10 years ago, but it most certainly is now.

So when you do something, when you feel that you are in step, when you reattach even for a moment and you know - that’s not me, I’m not behaving like who I truly am - then correct. That is why we suggest that reset during the middle of the day. And when you misstep, do not just apologize to the person that you may or may not have offended, or to us or to Source. Apologize to your Sacred Self and then with clear determination, not just determination – but with the clarity of the Mother - continue on.

You see, often you think that there is expectation on our side, on the part of the Mother. And expectation is a dangerous thing and it does relate to hope. But there is not an expectation that you are already saints, let alone martyrs, in body. Now do you have that full capacity? Yes. And do you behave saintly? Yes. For what is that delineation anyway? It is absurd.

It means a kind and loving, gentle, determined, clear person in alignment with the Mother. We are right back to peace. And there is no expectation on any of you ever to be martyrs. That time has come and gone. Do not engage it! “Oh, I will do this, I will sacrifice myself because something else is needed.” No. There is plenty of whatever it is you are thinking of to go around.

We live both tangibly and etherically and esoterically and intangibly in an infinite universe. There is no so such thing as shortage. And that is where your Natural Self, with a little help from your friends, will take you. (Archangel Michael in “Transcript ~ Archangel Michael: Peace is Love, May 11, 2017," Channeled by Linda Dillon, at

Let Go of the Issues of the Old Third / Wake up from the Illusion

From 2019

And what human beings are being brought to is the re-realisation that all that counts, all that is yearned for, all that is valued is love. So they are going – to use an old human analogy – they are going through the wringer washer, but they are passing through this time of crisis to the time of decision, to the time of choice, to the time of resurrection.

You do not ascend to a higher octave, to a higher dimensional frequency, when you are clinging to the old. So it quite literally is being shaken loose, rolled out, so that the collective may proceed – because proceed they will. And yes, if it is with several million people less, that is fine; they simply return home to the light.

But it is proceeding, make no mistake about that! So we come this day, beloved one, to fortify you – and through you to fortify millions – and we thank you. We know the price of perseverance, and we know the price of service, for we have done this for a very long time. So we are with you in every way. ("Zalishia of the Pleiades: Never has your Planet been in Such Upheaval," May 9, 2019, at

From 2014

There is a well-known saying, “a problem cannot be resolved at the same level of thinking that created it,” and attempting to solve the insoluble within the illusion – war, disease, poverty, etc. – does not work, because all attempts, however well-intended, remain at the level of the illusion. (Saul: Go with Your Intuition Which Is Always Divinely Guided,” channeled by John Smallman, December 17, 2014, at

Do not embrace the gloom and doom that so much of the mainstream media dishes out, because that just drains your energy. Focus on the vast quantity of loving occurrences that are happening daily all across the planet; the stuff the mainstream ignores because it is so boring, YAWN. They want explosions and crashes, kidnappings, and other disasters. The more the better; and when you focus your attention there, you help to bring them about!

You also add energy to maintain the illusion, and you really do not want to do that. You are in physical form at present to dissolve it, not to support it. Its time is past and you are on Earth to bring the insane game-playing to a terminal conclusion, because that is the collective will. (Saul via John Smallman, Nov. 23, 2014 at

But you developed the “teenage syndrome”, the intense desire to demonstrate to your heavenly Father your independence from Him and your ability to live happily and freely without his guidance, interference, or oversight, and so you chose to build and enter into the illusion. It was like drawing a very detailed picture that tells a story, and then imagining yourself within it, altering the plot as your interests and desires changed. Finally you became so absorbed in this unreal world that you could no longer see that it was unreal and illusory, and you forgot that you could adjust the story line. You forgot that the Reality in which you had been created as children of God, and in which you were sublimely happy, was your true and eternal Home and heritage. In fact to make the illusion seem even more real you erased all your memories of your heavenly Home. (Saul, July 19, 2014.)

...Now the point of my discussing this today is that because you are clinging to that illusion that “I am of the old 3rd and when is it going to happen?” – the party is half over! And the party is just beginning. So, I am begging you with me this day, this moment to simply accept what you have always been which is a Multidimensional Interdimensional Being. I can hear the cries of denials from Vancouver to Shanghai.

St G: Please listen to me: The new 3rd is not restrictive. Now Gaia is already well into the 5th, headed for the 7th, brushing the 8th. She is already interdimensional, multidimensional. You cannot have your feet on this planet and not be multidimensional. I do not care if you are the most dense energy, a terrorist in Somalia or a saint in the Vatican; all of you are interdimensional. And each of you in various ways, some continually, because you’re accepting it more and more are having interdimensional experiences. Things with your clocks, with your sense of time, time slipping, moving from one room to the next and feeling that you walked through a portal, and although you know that you are still in your office or your house, that somehow everything feels and appears differently. And then you go back in the other room and you feel that you are somewhere different again. ("Transcript: Heavenly Blessings - St. Germaine on Where to Look for Results," channeled by Linda Dillon, July 15, 2014.)

One of the difficulties with the tsunami is that so many of you are expecting high drama. Yes, the human addiction of the old realm. I tell you right now, you cannot be in grace, in love, being love and engender or embody drama. They do not, and they cannot, coexist. I do not contain the drama. So the humans who are saying, “I don’t feel anything,” are expecting high drama. That is not the way that we work.

We have had quite enough drama to last until the end of time, which is never going to happen, by the way. So shed the addiction to drama. Give it to Raphael or Raj. Let us eliminate this silly addiction once and for all. Because drama is created only to serve lower vibration — control, greed, lust, hatred, fear — and that will never create anything, except stall, freezing, being stuck, as you put it.

So, let this go. And when you are witnessing the drama — and you have many, many fine examples at the moment; you do not need to create it personally; simply look to the Middle East — but this is where it started and where it will finish. It is the process that we do not speak of very often but of elimination and dis-creation. In the creation of Nova Earth, yes, there will be emotions. That is the delight of being human. And the cities of light will radiate with diversity. But the drama that tears down the human heart and mind, there is no place for it. ("The Divine Mother: We are Creating a New Species of Humans," channeled by Linda Dillon, July 10, 2014, at

It is the bigger picture that is important and from your perspective, you cannot really see it all. God has decreed that all shall go ahead as planned, and it is therefore a “fait accompli”. So we ask you to accept that we are wholly committed to bringing the truth into being, and helping you advance as quickly as possible into the New Age. What has been ordained by God must come into being, and no matter what takes place to prevent it, it will not and cannot succeed.

You can therefore make your plans to contribute to the efforts being made to bring a conclusion to the old Age energies, by breaking the hold it has upon you. Do not be in fear of them as you will otherwise continue to be linked to them. You can protect yourself at all times by focussing on the Light that will ensure that you are safe at all times. (SaLuSa, July 11, 2014.)

The problem for all of you is that the illusion that you built and maintain by your belief in it seems extraordinarily real, and so you keep on falling back into unloving experiences when you react egoically to some situation or issue instead of allowing Love to guide and direct you.

If no one took offense or reacted violently or angrily there would be no conflicts. But eons in the dangerous illusory environment that you built has trained you either to be defensive or to pre-emptively attack for your own safety and that of your loved ones, tribe, or nation.

Your history shows you quite clearly that that does not work, the world is not at peace, and yet humanity persists in attempting to bring peace and order to the world by violent and forceful means, thus adding to the endemic suffering worldwide.

You have an aphorism “when you are in a hole don’t keep digging!” And most of you are very good at noticing when others are doing just that, but almost totally incapable of recognizing when you are doing it yourselves! Reacting violently or angrily in threatening situations is to keep digging, so don’t, choose instead to remain calm and focused.

Choose not be offended. Mostly when you choose to be offended (it is always a choice that you make) it is due to misunderstanding the intention or meaning of the one who has seemingly offended you. Also, because so many have been so badly hurt at various times in various lifetimes, they live expecting attack, and so are spring-loaded, already tightly wound up and ready to react violently, instantly.

So we keep reminding you that Love is the way forward, that Love is the solution to all issues and problems, and, we are glad to tell you, more and more of you are hearing us and are learning to put Love effectively into action...

For most of you in your daily lives violent physical attack is not generally an issue, but verbal abuse or offense often occurs. Do not react! It is really that simple. Many during their youth were encouraged or even made to feel unworthy and so, expecting to be judged at almost any moment, are ready to react in apparent self-defence.

But, you are all utterly and totally worthy! Any negative judgment or offensive remark you experience directed at you is unfounded. It is possible that you have made a mistake and are being called on it, so, if that is the case, accept that you have made a mistake, discuss it and remedy it.

You yourself, regardless of anything you have ever done, will always remain an infinitely worthy and beloved child of God. There is never any need to take offense, even if the one addressing you would like to see you offended. The need to see you offended is his own sense of inadequacy needing shoring up.

By calmly dealing with the issue to resolve it, instead of angrily reacting to an unfair and possibly wounding judgment or comment, you allow the other with whom you are dealing to lower his defences so that the issue can be dealt with creatively and thus resolved. (Jesus via John Smallman, June 13, 2014.)

All on Earth are soul extensions of your true and higher Selves. It is as though you dipped your higher Self’s index finger (if it had such an appendage!), which possessed all your physical senses, into the illusory environment that humanity appears to inhabit to test it and found the experience enthralling, indeed captivating.

So much so that it forgot Itself and became totally engrossed in the tiny – and I assure you that it is indeed tiny! – environment into which it had dipped that finger. So engrossed, it altogether forgot Its own magnificence and the joy that Its eternal existence at One with Source, in Reality, in Heaven, brought It in every moment.Of course that finger dipping lasted but an instant, nevertheless, it still seems to be ongoing.

The initial state of enthrallment has long since passed, and you, the soul extensions, are not at all happy with the situation in which you find yourselves. You want to return to your natural state at One with God, and that desire and intent is leading you to wakefulness, to complete the necessary preparations that will allow the withdrawing of that finger from the illusory environment in which it seems to have become permanently ensnared – perhaps you could say that it has become frozen in the icy pond of time.

It is your illusion, that you imagined and built, and that you support by the power of your intent to maintain its apparent reality. You are very conflicted about it because you have made it seem so real. The idea of letting it dissolve into the nothingness from which you imagined it into being frightens you because, naturally, due to the severe limitations it seemingly imposes on you – within it you are beings of limited consciousness, limited awareness, limited intelligence, and limited creative abilities – you imagine that if it dissolves then so will you.

It appears to be the only reality, and you do not want to lose it and therefore, yourselves. You do not want to cease to exist, as you imagine might, could, or even, most definitely would happen in those circumstances. The very thought of the void, of nothingness, terrifies you, but such a state does not and could not exist because all existence is within God and is consequently eternal and everlasting.

You are all, to a greater or lesser degree, depending on your chosen life paths, self-aware, and therefore you believe that you exist because you experience and feel alive through your bodily senses, and that aspect of you that is aware, that believes, that witnesses is the eternal You created by God.

On an altogether different level your real Self knows that what it is experiencing with that “index finger” is unreal, and that It will return to a state of utter joy when It withdraws it from the illusion. Your awakening is the process of withdrawing that digit from the dark, frightening, murky, and freezing waters into which the illusion changed as the sense of separation, abandonment, and aloneness with which it provided you overwhelmed you.

Your strong imaginative powers enabled you to make the instant during which you dipped your fingers into the illusory reality that you had built stretch out over eons, time being a powerful and essential aspect of the illusion.

It was through the use of your own God-given powers, given to you by your Father at the moment of your creation, that you built and developed the illusion, and now you are in the process of dismantling it so that you can return Home by withdrawing your support from it and allowing it to dissolve like melting snow, or to fade away like morning mist in the heat of the sun.

The heat is on, and the illusion is melting, dissolving, and about to fade away because nothing unreal can exist in the Presence of God. It never has existed, and all that has seemingly occurred within it is as illusory and as unreal as the illusion. You did a good job inventing and imagining it into being, but its moment is over, and wakefulness beckons.

You are a little like children totally absorbed and caught up in your games, so that they seem extremely real, and then you are called to supper and reminded that there is ice-cream and strawberries, and instantly the game is forgotten as you race indoors to wash your hands in preparation. (Saul, June 1, 2014.)

Truly, Love does enfold you in every moment, because there is only Love, all else is unreal! When you surrender to Love, peace envelops you and you can feel it, but then all those nagging little ego thoughts – thoughts of being picked on, unappreciated, betrayed, or just ignored – come rushing in to disturb that peace, and you make the mistake of attending to them. However, you are all perfect aspects of the divine, created in Love and from Love, and so any egoic judgments that you experience – your own, or another’s – are meaningless distractions whose only purpose is to interfere with your spiritual evolution as humans.(Saul, April 14, 2014.)

So many of you want to believe that the world is dangerous, unsafe, unjust, a place in which fear and caution are essential to your well-being; and by believing and wanting it that is what you experience! And you do want it, otherwise you would not experience it. You do create your own reality within the illusory world that you have built. That is the whole point of it!

However, finally, enough of you have collectively decided that enough is enough. You have realized that conflict always leads to further conflict, and that peace cannot be enforced, let alone achieved by forcefully destroying those whom you see as being against it, or enemies of it. You are turning towards Love, frequently in desperation because it is obvious that nothing else works, but with grave doubts about Its efficacy. And it is those doubts that are effectively and seemingly slowing down or delaying your awakening.

In truth that is not the case, because it is all illusory! An unreal experience that will just dissolve as Reality embraces you when you choose to let go and fall into Its ever-loving arms. You have spent eons trying to find God by searching for Him throughout the illusion which you have succeeded in convincing yourselves was created by Him. But you are eternally One with Him, inseparable from Him, and within the illusion all that you will find are smoke and mirrors. Blow away the smoke, destroy the mirrors, and awaken into Reality your eternal Home! (Jesus via John Smallman, March 31, 2014.)

I ask that you understand that at a SOUL level you are shifting and the resonance that you are now achieving is spiraling outwards in order to move the human life experience OUT of the old 3d earth created reality in order to dissolve it fully. At this moment you are asked to align with the HEART space for the HEART KNOWS TRUTH and to focus on the LOVE that IS.

The storms that now rage around you (symbolically and energetically) seek to release you from the tight bondage of the old 3d earth paradigms. You have been TAUGHT that you cannot exist without them and this is not TRUTH. Allow your SOUL to show TRUTH to new levels of your BEing and BREATHE and BE as you now step out of the storm and into the calm of a NEW EARTH. As you do this allow the NOISE of the storm to dissipate, allow yourself to acclimatize to the SILENCE for there is much power in the SILENCE. Then begin to tune to the NEW sounds of the New Earth, it is a place of peace and tranquility, it is the POLAR opposite of what you have been TAUGHT is life upon this planet. ("God: Message to the children of the New Earth," channeled by Karen Doonan, March 16, 2014 at

We know we use simple metaphors for this, and it may sound like we think we are talking to children, but again, what we are trying to make clear to you, is the simplicity that has been hiding behind the ever so complex construction you have been so deeply immersed in. For in your minds, you feel as if you are grappling with layer upon layer of confusion, where one thing seems to stand in the way of another, and where one road will lead you to a dead end, and if you turn around, you will find the same dead end staring you in the face.

But all of this is simply an illusion, created to keep mankind forever searching in vain to find a way to endure this imprisonment inside a frail body, and ensconced within a world that seems to be literally crumbling more and more even as we speak. Well, this old world of your is indeed falling apart, and rightly so, for it is not anything more than a make believe, a set of props constructed to keep you going in an eternal cycle of slavery under your own beliefs of not being good enough, not being powerful enough nor being deserving enough to attain your own freedom.

These prison walls have been pressing in on you for such a long time, and as we have talked about earlier, even if these self-imposed and indeed superimposed limitations are no longer valid, you will still in your mind seem to feel their presence very much governing your every day business. And so, you will automatically try to fall back into the same pattern as before. We know we have delved into this subject many times already, but again we need to repeat it, as you need to be reminded of your freedom.

For even if you have attained it, you have not yet given it to yourself, and so, you have yet to fully experience it. That is, expect for a few brave individuals who have already started to take the first deep inhalations of the pure, clean air that is now available to you all. And we know they can testify to the clarity it brings, both to body, mind and spirit, and as such, we can only implore you all to try to do the same as these pioneers have already shown you. ("The CCs: The Manuscript of Survival – Part 395," channeled by Aisha North, February 8, 2014 at

And when we say crutches, we refer of course to that old and dare we say inbred notion of the need to be rescued by an outside rescue mission, in the form of some gung- ho troops sweeping in to sweep you off your feet and put everything back into order again, while you watch timidly from a corner somewhere, like a shy maiden at a tournament. Well, this is not a game, nor a tournament, this is simply a lesson in growing back to your former glory, and as such, this is not a spectator sport in any way.

We know our words will be irksome and annoying to some, as they do go against the grain at times, but we are simply trying to remind you of your former glory, the better to make you ready and eager to regain that glory by opening yourself up to the knowledge that lies behind those seemingly water-tight compartments put up by your human mind. And yes, they may seem unbreakable and unassailable, but they are no more real than the rest of the illusion you see around you.

And yes, just like that illusion seems to be the only reality you can rely on, the fact that you are an all-knowing and wise soul deeply connected to the vastness of creation will seem to be no more real than the illusion presented in your films. But in fact the opposite is the real truth, but this switch between what is perceived as real and what is perceived as mere illusion or even delusion is a hard one to make, and that is why we will keep pushing and prodding you with our words and with the energy that these messages contain, and that is why the light is keeping up doing the same. ("The Manuscript of Survival – Part 392," channeled by Aisha North, January 28, 2014 at

From 2013

We do not speak of detachment being not compassionate about others or about separation, what we do speak of is the unity consciousness where one becomes and IS the All within and where the need for duality dramas and such reflections is being dissolved and no longer needed to be experienced as you will know that all is within anyway, no matter what reflection is upon you, the answer and source is found within. ("The Pleiadians: New Resonance Fields of Interaction and Teleportation," channeled by Méline Lafont, January 20, 2013 at

All your human cultures, races, philosophies, religions, and other organizations – political, business, or social – hold divisive beliefs and values which they then uphold, encourage, persuade, and indeed attempt to enforce upon you, demanding that you embrace attitudes and behaviors that “supposedly” are for the ultimate good of all.

They are not, purely because they are divisive. You are all only too well aware of the maxim “divide and conquer,” and yet, when it is used for that specific purpose, no one seems to notice . . . until it is too late. It is an insidious form of betrayal that has been used time and time again on a basically unsuspecting or unaware majority by an unelected elite whose constant and unchanging intent is to maintain or increase their power over humanity.

No more. Collectively you have chosen to awaken from the illusion, and that is terrifying those who would control you, hence the ever-increasing attempts to introduce more new laws to further restrict the rights of the individual (“divide and conquer”) in the interests of maintaining the security of the nation from terrorist attacks which, unless forcefully prevented, are about to destroy it. And fear has been so enthusiastically encouraged by all forms of advertising that many do feel threatened, unsafe, and would support almost any measure that is proclaimed to protect them from these intensely perceived but unreal threats. (Jesus via John Smallman, January 21, 2014.)

For we know fully well what that old programming has done to your spirits, and as such, we also know that you need assistance if you are to become those free spirits yet again. For you must un-create yourself in order to re-create not only you, but also everything else that you are to be the creators of, and as such, you can in many ways be likened to that old concept of Shiva, the destructor and the creator, in one and the same physical manifestation. So too will you dis-create the old in order to emerge renewed from the old rubble, just like the phoenix we have talked about earlier.

We know that this will sound overly dramatic to some, and it IS dramatic, for it entails dismantling all of the old scaffolding that has been erected around your core in order to make you into that old version of a human. For all of this old scaffolding has hidden the real you, and so, it needs to be removed completely for you to stand there out in the open, unfettered by anything standing in your way. But the process for removing all of these old obstacles need not be dramatic at all, for what it truly entails, is for you to see the full extent of them, so you can understand what it is that needs to be removed. This may sound complicated, but it need not be so, for all it takes from you, is a complete lack of self illusion.

You see, being human is in many ways adhering to a very set pattern, and now you need to lay all of that aside for you to step into your true role as creator. So learning to truly create means learning to un-create at first, and the processes are indeed two sides of the same coin. Remember, EVERYTHING is energy, and what is manifest, no matter if it is a stone or a flower, a chair or a human being, is simply the result of consciousness interacting with energy. You are already doing this 24/7, but you are simply not yet aware of this. For what you see on all sides, is there because YOU created it.

Because you are a creator, but so far, you have yet to be a conscious creator, and as such, that is what needs to be fully awakened within you. And in order to do so, you need to sit up and take notice. For it takes a lot of effort for a human to understand that what we need you to understand, is that this process in itself is effortless. This again will sound like another one of our riddles, but what we are trying to make you understand is this: you can step into this process of becoming a conscious creator literally in the blink of an eye, for all you have to do, is to stop doing what you have been doing, seemingly forever. And that is to use all of your effort to try to keep up the illusion you are currently being suspended within.

For that is just an illusion, co-created by you and your fellow men, and you have agreed to uphold that illusion at any cost. And so, you are siphoning off almost all of your energy daily in order to keep up this old and outworn illusion. So no wonder you all feel exhausted. But the moment you withdraw your energy from recreating this same illusion over and over again, you will also reclaim ALL of your own energy, and you will erase all of those old patterns of illusion, and begin anew. And so, you will simply become a creator from free will, not one that is a part of a superimposed plan, wherein each and every member of the human race have played their unwitting part. (Aisha North, "The Manuscript of Survival - Part 389," Jan. 21, 2014, at

Dropping Our Baggage like Drugs

From 2013

Raj: The intent of being drunk and it doesn’t matter whether it is alcohol or drugs or ego, because they are all the same; well, they are variations on a theme. When you are using excess of alcohol, or drugs, what you are doing is you are trying to escape from your intention and your sacred purpose. You are depressing yourself and you are repressing the truth of who you are. So while there is this ego statement of “I’m in the process of discovering myself, I am allowing the artist, the philosopher within to explore themselves,” in fact what you are doing is you are putting yourself, and this is true of college students, seniors, middle-aged people as well, you are putting yourself in a position where you are limiting your scope, your imagination, your inspiration, you are shutting yourself down. You are shrinking yourself.

So how do you reach a place where you are finding, where you are enjoying the experience of college, and not engaging in behaviors that are basically self-defeating? Dear heart, it is a matter of finding the balance and the middle way. I am not suggesting to you that you never imbibe a beer or a glass of wine. But it is a matter of finding the middle way.

And it is the matter of invoking the Law of Transmutation so that when you are sipping that beer it is not giving you deleterious effects as well. You have not learned this enough yet, so you’re not quite there. But you are getting there.

We want you to enjoy and to celebrate the experience of - and we use the word “college”, not education - because in college there are many factors. There is the education. There is the learning. There is the expansion, new ideas, new experiences, new feelings, new environments, new friends, new enemies.

What you are learning is the microcosm of how you wish your life and your creations to proceed. So do you want it to proceed in a drunken haze where you don’t even remember and you aren’t really having fun because you feel sick the next day? Or are you proceeding in a way that you are partaking of the fun, the friendship, the new ideas, but it is in a way that is serving you and therefore serving every person on that campus. Find the balance. Be the leader instead of the follower. (“Transcript: Sanat Kumara Discusses the Law of Intent, August 20, 2013, Part 2/2,” August 26, 2013 at

From 2012

If you are well along the path of Light you will have determined what "baggage" you are carrying, that is best released to fully prepare you for Ascension. You are often tied to habitual practices that you attribute to the needs of your physical body. It could be addictive substances such as nicotine or drugs in general. Be assured that once you put your mind to giving them up, you will find it easier than you might have expected. Such pleasures of the body have no place in the higher dimensions, and the higher your own vibrations the less dependent you will be on them. So know that the answer is in your own hands, although you will get assistance from our side of the veil. You are never alone in your endeavors to lift yourselves up, so call upon your helpers to work with you. (SaLuSa, Nov. 13, 2012.)

From 2008

Can addicts ascend with Earth? Persons who are dealing positively with their addictive nature to substances or behaviors can benefit from the higher frequencies that are magnifying strengths and, just as other types of physical and emotional infirmities and debilitations cannot exist in the higher density of Earth's destination, neither can third-density addictions. In light receptive people, healing happens along Earth's ascension pathway. (Matthew's Message, August 30, 2008.)

Ascensionitis/Ascension Symptoms

From 2019

Detach from the chaos when you feel the need, even if it means simply going to a restroom for a few moments. Center frequently throughout the day and eliminate the “must get this done” programming that pushes you to do, do, do, when your body is tired.

Do not identify with the ascension symptoms you may be experiencing but rather simply recognize and allow them. You are moving into an integration phase now.

Many believe they are sick or that something is physically wrong as their physical body integrates higher frequencies and forms new pathways with which to carry them. The ascension process affects every person differently depending upon what is clearing and what is integrating according to their individual state of consciousness.

Mind, which is an avenue of awareness, will always jump in with solutions according to what it knows. Honor the mind and evaluate its suggestions, but never forget that there is a deeper and higher process going on that the human mind in and of itself, cannot explain to you. Information that flows from within comes to you through the mind, but never from it. ("The Arcturian Group Through Marilyn Raffaele, Sept. 22, 2019," September 22, 2019, at

From 2017

Have you been wondering lately why you seem so tired – almost to the point of exhaustion, or feeling irritable, angry, lonely, sad, frustrated, or all of the above, and you can’t figure out why? Have you been asking yourself why you’re behaving in ways, or feeling things, that don’t seem to fit with who you know yourself to be, or that just don’t make any sense? Or wondering why the people in your life seem to be reacting differently to you? Either they’re more excited than ever to be with you, or the complete opposite, they’re picking fights with you or being upset with you for no apparent reason? Or perhaps in going through what you consider to be a normal day, at times you feel as if you simply cannot keep your eyes open, like sleep is simply begging you to come and be with it? Does life at times seem empty and without meaning, even when you’re doing things that you used to love?

Welcome to the ascension process, and the symptoms that many experience along that path. The primary thing to know is that you are not alone, and things will get better. For those folks who’ve been aware of and consciously involved with ascension, these physical and emotional experiences are all too familiar. Some of these folks have been experiencing the changes for some time, or may have even passed through them by now. For some this may go back a decade or two or even more. When confronted with these unusual and often unwanted experiences, the first thing we typically want to know is why? Why are these things happening?

You may have heard it said that we’re shifting from carbon-based beings to crystalline-based beings. Perhaps you’ve heard that there’s more to our DNA than we have thought or that science has thus far been able to discover; that what we were told were the junk parts of our DNA are being reactivated. Maybe you’ve heard people talking about Pineal Activations and similar things.

These concepts are all very real, and even our physical sciences are beginning to be aware of them. It all has to do with the light energy that’s penetrating us, our world, and everything on it, easing us into the new world and a new way of being. So you could say that it isn’t just Nova Earth we’re building, it’s Nova Human as well.

List of Common Ascension Symptoms:

Feeling as though you are in a pressure cooker or intense energy or stress. This is one of the first ascension feelings that a person usually feels. In the beginning, when the energy shifts arrive, they bring with them a new and higher vibration. Old patterns and behaviors are being pushed to the surface for release.

Feeling all this pressure going on inside of you can feel like great stress or that you are on overload. If you are still in a conventional life with mainstream pressures, this New energy can really add to your pile. You will eventually adjust to this higher vibration and much will be activated for release within you as well. More room inside for more of the higher energy!

Depression. This symptom is most definitely in the top three and very widely experienced. The ascension process purges so much of the darker and denser energies from us, that we find ourselves in them for quite some time. We may feel like things are simply never going to get better. And to add insult to injury, the outer world is no longer in alignment with the new, higher vibrating you.

Anxiety, panic, and feelings of hysteria. When our egos begin to depart, they literally freak out as they do not want to cease to exist. It may feel as if everything is ending (most of everything is!). Your system is also on overload and you may feel as if you are hyperventilating. Things are happening that you may not understand.

You are also losing behavior patterns of a lower vibration that you developed for survival in 3D. This may make you feel vulnerable and powerless. These patterns and behaviors you are losing are not needed in the higher realms. When we experience death in a 3D world we can panic and have anxiety as we do not know where we are going.

A need to eat often along with what feels like attacks of low blood sugar. A craving for protein. This is another of the first symptoms that is felt by many. Our bodies are using up an incredible amount of fuel for this process.

As we are literally being turned inside-out, every ounce of energy that we have is being utilized. I have found it best to eat the protein along with being still during this time. These low blood sugar periods come and go for several years, but get much better as our bodies begin adjusting.

Unusual aches and pains throughout different parts of your body. This is another of the most common symptoms. Manifesting just about anywhere, this is a sign of purifying and releasing blocked energy that is vibrating at a 3D level while other parts of us are vibrating higher. You may feel pain in various parts of your body for several weeks and then it will simply vanish with no explanation.

Continual neck and upper back stiffness and pain. Our spines are vibrating differently and also connecting to a higher form of light. This area of our body is where it all happens.

Skin eruptions and diarrhea. Acne, rashes, and hives, etc. usually arrive when we are in the purging process and adjusting to a higher energy. Rashes are fairly common and diarrhea can last for weeks and even months. Be mindful of what you eat. Your body is going through intense change and cannot handle heavy foods that are difficult to digest. Use your discernment and consult your Higher Self if you are unsure of what to eat.

Heart pain and palpitations. These symptoms are common for many. Our hearts are trying to accommodate a new and higher frequency. At times you can feel as though you are having a heart attack. When this happens it is important to rest as any exertion can make the symptoms seem much worse. Know that you are not dying! At times it may even feel like your heart has stopped beating, and you may feel fear. Stay calm! Keep in contact with your Higher Self for reassurance.

Periods of very deep sleeping. When the energy is not moving and we are done for awhile, we get to rest. While we are integrating and preparing for the next phase of intense moving energy, we become very lethargic. It can become near impossible to keep your eyelids open in the daylight hours and daytime napping can become a regular and necessary habit.

Even if you think you can exercise your way back into some energy, you will usually find yourself dropping dead on the sofa at every effort.

Experiencing emotional ups and downs; weeping. Our emotions are what carries the energy. When we are falling apart (and we are doing just that), we can get pretty emotional.

When we are releasing, we can cry at the drop of a hat. A sad movie can make us cry, or even a sad commercial. We can cry when we experience kindness. We can cry when we feel relief. We can cry when we see any kind of suffering.

These tears are a great cleanser and releaser. I always know when some New energy has arrived because I can simply cry while I am driving along in the car. This seems to be an on-going symptom that is here to stay for awhile. But at least it is fairly painless!

Night sweats and hot flashes. At certain times you will become very hot for no reason. This happens when your Higher Self moves into close proximity to you for some reason. Their energy is much more dense than yours and when they are close to you, you will feel intense heat.

Feeling cold with an inability to get warm. As your body adjusts to the higher frequency of energy, you may find that you have periods of intense cold. It is normal. Add an extra blanket to your bed and take hot showers or a hot bath when this happens.

Vivid, wild and sometimes violent dreams. We are releasing many lifetimes of lower vibrational energy through our dreams. If you are one who receives their higher information through dreams, you will likely do a lot of releasing at night. I consider you to be lucky, as some are doing much of their releasing when they are awake.

These dreams usually do not make sense, but if you are good at dream analysis you can usually figure them out. These acid-trip-like dreams are up and visible because they contain energy that’s on its way out, never to return. Through this process we are releasing all of the negative energy we accumulated during our past lives.

Dizziness, loss of balance, vertigo, and spinning. This happens when our Merkabah is forming. The Merkabah is the transportation vehicle of the light body. It is a 6th dimensional cube that rotates and spins. During its formation you may feel periods of dizziness and vertigo as the cube calibrates itself with your energy. When this happens, sit down and take a break for a little while. It usually doesn’t last for long.

Overall body pain and days of extreme fatigue. Our bodies are taking in higher density energy and this is the reason you will experience these symptoms. High density energy can make you feel as if your bones are crushing and your muscles ache as if you have just sprinted in a major marathon. You may suddenly feel as if you are 100 years old and can barely walk across the room.

Gritty, itchy eyes and blurred vision. Very simply, our eyes are adjusting to see in a new and higher density of energy. When this adjustment has been completed your vision will be sharp and clear, and colors will stand out for you as they never have before.

Memory loss and difficulty accessing words. So many are having this symptom that we can only laugh as we try to converse with each other. “I was having a glass of…you know what I mean…that white stuff…uh…what’s it called?” “Did you watch the…er…that event where everyone competes from around the world?”

At times we cannot talk at all because we are simply unable to access much of anything. When this occurs you are going back and forth between dimensions and experiencing disconnect.

Another somewhat related occurrence is trying to type words and having the letters become jumbled in the wrong order. In this case, we are not in alignment with time and our flow is disconnected, as part of our energy is here and another part is further ahead.

Difficulty remembering what you did or who you talked to a day or sometimes just an hour before. In the higher realms, reality is very much in the moment. If we do not hold something in our consciousness, it simply ceases to exist. We have no attachments. We are creating our own world around us through our beliefs and thoughts and what we do not hold onto does not exist.

Everything is brand new as we are starting completely over, moment to moment. We can tap into whatever we choose to at any moment and create and experience just that. This state comes and goes, but is practice for living in the higher realms. It can feel a bit creepy when it occurs. In addition, at times we are neither here nor there, as we are in between dimensions.

A feeling of disorientation; not knowing where you are; a loss of a sense of place. “Where in the world am I? I do not fit anywhere and nothing seems to fit or feel remotely right! And I do not know where I belong or where I am going or what I am supposed to be doing either!” Ever had this conversation with the Universe!?

You have been knocked out of your old grooves by an energy shift and are in between realities. You have successfully left much behind and are in a very new space but have not integrated yet.

A loss of identity. You look in the mirror and have a strange feeling of disconnect as you no longer recognize that once familiar image. You almost feel out of body. Once this phenomenon occurs it never ends. You have released so much of your ego self, that you are no longer the same person, and do not have that attachment or connection to your physical vessel.

As you begin to access much more of your soul or higher self, you are not in your body much. You may still use your voice to communicate and other bodily aspects, but you are slowly beginning the process of disappearing and releasing the human form. In addition, you have cleared much of your old patterns and are embodying much more light and a simpler, more purified divine you.

All is in order…you are OK.

Feeling ‘out of body’. The same explanation as above. The physical body is the last to catch up. Much of us is now in a higher dimension and residing outside of our bodies, as our physical bodies are not there yet.

‘Seeing’ and ‘hearing’ things. As we can now access different dimensions fairly easily, it is common for many to see things out of the corner of their eyes or hear things when nothing is there. Many also experience ringing in the ears, which is common when we are going through “the tunnel” and accessing a higher dimension.

Depending upon how sensitive you are and how you are wired, this can be a common experience. Many are seeing orbs and vibrating blobs of color as well.

Feeling you are going insane, or must be developing a mental illness of some sort. We are rapidly experiencing several dimensions and greatly opening. Much is available to us now. You are just not used to it.

Your awareness has been heightened and your barriers are gone.

This will pass and you will eventually feel very at Home like you have never felt before, as Home is now here.

Intolerance An intolerance for lower vibrational things (of the 3D), reflected in conversations, attitudes, societal structures, healing modalities, etc. They literally make you feel ‘sick’ inside.

When we begin arriving in the higher realms and in a higher vibration, our energies are no longer in alignment with the old, outside 3D world. Through a severe intolerance to the old, we are being “pushed” to move forward…to and create the New.

In addition, you may feel like staying home or just being alone, as much of everything “out there” no longer matches the higher vibration of YOU. This is simply a very common experience of evolution. We are moving forward before the outside manifestations are. Being in the old can feel downright awful.

It is similar to having to “go back” after you have had a near death experience. As the ascension process continues, going back to the lower dimensions will not feel good nor will it be possible for long, as it is difficult to drop our vibration down in order to reside there.

You don’t feel like doing anything. You are in a rest period, ‘rebooting’. Your body knows what it needs. During this time you may feel as though you have lost your passion and joy and don’t know what in the world you want to do with your life and don’t really care! This phase occurs when we are realigning.

At higher levels much is realigning as well. Things are being put into position so that all will be ready when you move forward again. In addition, when we begin reaching the higher realms, doing and making things happen becomes obsolete as the New energies support the feminine of basking, receiving, creating, self-care and nurturing.

Ask the Universe to bring you what you want while you cannot do it for yourself. And know that you are always being taken care of during the ascension process, even if it does not feel like it at times. Those in the physical going through this process are very highly revered by all the cosmos. We are most certainly being watched over.

A longing to go Home, as if everything is OVER and you don’t belong here anymore. We are basically done with our incarnation that involved raising the frequency of the planet with a goal of reaching critical mass. We achieved a lot of this through transmuting the darker and denser energies through ourselves. Now we don’t have to do that anymore and may feel like we simply want out of here and away from that experience.

What is coming next is simply divine and does not remotely resemble the first phase. (1)

Sudden changes of friends, activities, habits, jobs and residences. One of the most basic and prevalent experiences in the higher realms involves the Law of Attraction. Like energies always attract like and similar energies. This relates to the dimensional hierarchies as well. We will always be matched with what and how we are vibrating.

As we go higher and higher, this phenomenon becomes much more magnified and also becomes one of the basic cores of our reality and existence. Through the ascension process we evolving beyond what we used to be, and therefore the people and surroundings that no longer match our vibration simply leave our space.

This can sometimes occur rather dramatically or at times through a simple desire resulting from the inability to relate to them like we used to.

You absolutely cannot do certain things anymore. When you try to do your usual routine and activities, it feels downright awful. Same as above. You’re no longer a fit and it’s time to move on to a much higher vibrating way of living, being, and creating. (2)

Waking at night between 2 and 4 a.m. Much is going on in your dream state. You can’t be there for long lengths of time and need a break. This is also the ‘cleansing and releasing’ hour.

When we awaken in the middle of the night we’re not only in enhanced awareness, but we’re also in an enhanced state of creation. In this state, our ability to transform our thoughts into reality is greatly increased. The challenge is to become conscious of what we are thinking about, and therefore what we are creating. Instead many simply allow their thoughts to flow from them by default, thereby creating realities that are not really to their liking.

Meaning ... if you worry about not being able to sleep, and worry during this period that you are going to be tired in the morning because you can’t get enough rest, you’ll only be adding to the likelihood that you are going to be tired in the morning.

A much more useful plan is to enjoy the enhanced creativity and tell yourself instead that you’re going to be invigorated and energized by this period of heightened awareness and creativity. Then be amazed at the result!

Heightened sensitivities to your surroundings. Bright light, crowds, noise, foods, TV, other human voices and various other stimulation are barely tolerable. You also overwhelm very easily and become easily overstimulated. Know that this will eventually pass and you will be able to ‘tune out’ and be in control of what you wish to experience.

Humming and/or ringing in the ears. This is not Tinnitus, though it feels like it might be. (3)

The other thing that will be happening very soon as a result of all the things that you are moving through, is that your ears will take another step into change. Some of you will hear ringing that will go on and on and on and on. Take it as a vibrational imprint for it simply means that you are vibrating in harmonics with a new alternate reality which is very close to yours.

From Archangel Michael:

"Oh, do not think that you cannot hear the sound of your collective or of your planet! You are always hearing the sound of the universe, that high-pitched ringing in your ears."

So what does all this mean? Simply that we all evolving, and doing so at unprecedented rates. These changes are interpreted by our physical senses and can have the appearance of coming out of nowhere for no reason. There will be commonalities and also differences in how these changes are interpreted by our physical senses.

The difficulty arises because we are so tuned, so programmed, that whenever anything out of the ordinary occurs in our body, we worry about it. When we notice something out of the ordinary we have a learned drive to know what it is, why it is, and how to be rid of it so that we can get on to being normal again. What we’re beginning to realize is that even what constitutes normal is changing. Indeed there may never be a normal again.

But perhaps the most important thing to remember from all of this information is to stay out of fear. Seek advice and reassurance from your Higher Self. You are always supported and unconditionally loved. ("Celia Fenn: Shift Symptoms While Going From a Carbon Base to a Crystalline Silicon Body," Reprinted July 12, 2019, from April 3, 2017 at; originally at; taken from her book, The Diamond Codes : Light Information For The New Reality.)

From 2009

I have also found that people's ascension symptoms are intensifying too as a result of the current energies - intense fatigue and tiredness is the number one symptom so far. The reason for this is that when you are asleep your lower ego is out the way and your Soul and Higher Self have an easier time working with the subconscious aspects that your lower ego generally resists and tries to ignore.

Other symptoms are headaches, odd muscular and joint pains, nausea, vertigo, loss of short term memory, irregular or heavier menstruation, increased ringing in the ears, skin eruptions, heart palpitations, either a noticeable increase or decrease in appetite, increased sugar cravings for some, blurred vision, increased witnessing of flashes of light in one's line of site and no longer just on the periphery, heightened sensitivity to people's negativity as well as the presence of unseen friends, intense anger eruptions and short lived emotional outbursts.

The list goes on, but these are the most common. It has been suggested that we increase our intake of Iron, Zinc, Vitamin C and Vitamin B complex to assist with the fatigue and tiredness. Rescue Remedy is a good remedy too if it's impossible for you to avoid stressful or heavy environments. (Michelle Eloff, Equinox News, March 2009, at [Link no longer operable].)


Symptoms of Ascensionitis

From 2015

That is the Ascension. Many of you are having the experience of being completely out of body, looking down at the shell of who you are, then coming back with completely new paradigm. (An Hour With An Angel – TheDivine Mother: Welcome To ‘New Time’, 'From 2013

We feel that for many of the lightworkers there has been a growing sense of loss, perhaps some disappointment and no little frustration when it was realized that many of the ascension symptoms thought to have been dealt with before last December have returned.

These symptoms are a sign that you are, indeed, undergoing a profound period of change, a metaphoric process where you are becoming a new being, one who can anchor and carry the high frequency energies within a physical body and still function in the world.

By bringing the light into your body, you are making it possible for your world to ascend, again, into the Christed frequency from which she descended long ago.  (“Metaphorosis – All is in a State of Flux,” 26 Feb 2013, by Tazjima  at

As you continue to experience the various symptoms of ascension, understand that it does require patience. Both you and your planet are as pregnant women, dealing with the aches and pains, the discomforts and changes in body structure, the emotions and heat flashes, moodiness and whatnot, all for the purpose of creating something new together, a new world.
Feel into what gives you a feeling of peace and relaxation. It is hard enough for a pregnant woman to be comfortable during the nine months of gestation; many of you have been dealing with these changes on a daily basis for years. They will continue for as long as is necessary, so learn patience and be kind to yourself.  (“Metaphorosis – All is in a State of Flux,” 26 Feb 2013, by Tazjima  at

Listen to what your body requires at the moment to make itself comfortable, give it the needed rest and pamper yourself a little. Above all, be gentle with yourself and those around you. Many are also undergoing changes that they understand very little. In your greater awareness and calm presence, others can take heart and come to understand that the process is a natural one. The process is one that has been foreseen and planned for a long time, ever since the world first fell into the lower densities and even before. This long cycle was preordained and now the return to the light is nearly complete. (“Metaphorosis – All is in a State of Flux,” 26 Feb 2013, by Tazjima  at

From 2012

From each soul's perspective ... depending on where that perspective lies ... there shall be a wave of exhaustion prior to The Event ... we simply state this as to recognise. This has a secondary outcome as it is preparing the self for the Higher energy that is to come. (Blossom Goodchild, Nov. 26, 2012.)

On a different front but also due to increasingly high vibrations, many are experiencing conditions such as weakness, disorientation, forgetfulness, fatigue, sudden mood swings and other uncustomary sensations. In healthy bodies that have absorbed light, the anomalies are few and brief as these bodies' crystalline cells adjust more easily to energy fluctuations than can the carbon-based cells of bodies with less light.

Please do not use any of those symptoms as a barometer for assessing how much light is within you! Chronic maladies and forms of mental illness still affect bodies in Earth's atmosphere, and souls who are radiant with light may continue to experience those discomforts until they're well within fourth density's strong healing vibrations.

To lessen the severity and duration of the temporary anomalies, get sufficient sleep, avoid stressful encounters, drink a lot of water, have solitary serene time as often as possible and eat wisely. Vegetables and fruits are especially beneficial and less meat, sugar, starchy foods and fats in the diet also will help to lift energy levels, reduce fatigue and stabilize a positive outlook.

We strongly suggest that you not resort to antidepressants or other prescription drugs or the many that are lining store shelves. Particularly in the prevailing energies, the chemicals in drugs can suppress or destroy the body's own healing mechanisms. If you are on a medically-prescribed regimen, consult with your healthcare giver about safely reducing dosage. (Matthew's Message, Nov. 20, 2012.)

There is a return of the cosmic flu, a feeling that you have that you don't have the flu but that you are coming down with something. So there is an achey feeling. Many of your joints are hurting. There is a feeling of lethargy or tiredness and again part of this is the attunement to your body, that you are holding so much more energy than you are used to, even though we have been increasing the waves of energy substantially for the last several of your years but never has it been this strong or this profuse.

So if you are having aches and pains in your joints, in your legs, in your shoulders, in your necks ... know that it is simply energetic attunements. You are also shifting, you know, from your carbon-based bodies to a more crystalline body. And that as well is taking place. And there are parts of your DNA that are being activated. So there is a physical component to this.

When you are feeling tired, when you are feeling you don't really give a darn whether you are doing the tasks of the day or not, that you would really like to simply lie on your couch or sit on your chair and stare at the walls or the sky, I would encourage you to do so because the action that you are taking is allowing the energy to find its perfection, to find the flow within you.

It is not about leaving your body, let us be very clear about that, and because of that you are having physical symptoms. (Archangel Michael on An Hour with an Angel, May 14, 2012 at

There is a great deal of anger and frustration that we are also witnessing coming to the surface of the human beings. And this is coming from those who have not, shall we say, travelled on a straight path. They are feeling disenchanted. They are letting go of the false grids of disillusion, disappointment, despair. So that anger is simply being let off as a kettle would let off steam.

So what we would suggest to you is that, if you are in that position or whether you are working with those who are in that position, again it is to be in the place of compassion but it is also to be in the place of standing back to be the observer.

So we would ask you to send them the light and love and simply let them know that they are being penetrated to such a strong extent that this has to come up. If there is anything remaining within, it is at the surface right now. It is not going to be at the surface two months from now. We mean in your time, in your reality, it is at the surface right now. (Archangel Michael on An Hour with an Angel, May 14, 2012 at

The feeling of disconnection from reality, of what you have known as third-dimensional reality. And it is important and that is why we continue to say both through this channel and through every single time we speak to you is that it is vitally important that during this time of change, of shift, of Ascension, that you are anchored firmly in the heart of Gaia. You cannot do this too often. It is keeping your feet firmly on the ground. (Archangel Michael on An Hour with an Angel, May 14, 2012 at

So, be the clear frequency, and receive with wide open arms. And if you feel it is too intense, then lie down. Do not try or ask to turn it down, because that is not going to happen. We are not going to slow down at this point. We will help you manage it. Simply ask. But we are not going to turn it down. (Archangel Michael on An Hour with an Angel, May 14, 2012 at

If you are experiencing anomalies that you know are not symptoms of disease, very likely they are the effects of adjusting to the increasingly high energy planes Earth is passing through as well as your cells transitioning from carbon to crystalline. Soon those anomalies will fade away. (Matthew's Message, July 4, 2012.)

Dear Ones, we greet you in this new month of June which will prove to be a month of many intense energies. You may feel many more symptoms physically , emotionally, and mentally as the powerful new frequencies come into your experience--uplifting and changing all that is finished. Be not afraid as you experience these new energies. We cannot emphasize that enough, dear ones, for many still fear the unknown which then in turn holds them in bondage to that which they have always known regardless of how unpleasant it may be. (The Arcturian Group, June 3, 2012.)

Ascension has been ongoing for many years so as not to overpower you. It has gently been increased, and now you are recognizing the difference it is making to you. It is in many ways a delicate process of raising your vibrations, so that you can gradually absorb more and more.

Too much energy too soon could have been detrimental to your progress, upsetting those who are slow to respond. It affects all souls in one way or another, which is why some get symptoms that might otherwise be attributed to malfunctioning bodily systems. (SaLuSa, May 23, 2012.)

Now that you have resolved many of the external imbalances around you, the healing/harmonizing challenges are now of a more personal nature. So many of you are experiencing bodily distress, strange symptoms and illnesses that vary from mild disturbances to sudden chronic or critical conditions.

Your OverSoul senses the level and mode of experience you are ready for at each stage of transformation. These conditions were/are not created as a punishment but are what was determined was or is needed for you to clear and release the deep-seated imperfections which are keeping you from moving forward to the next level or state of Being.

Minor accidents, sudden chronic conditions which are difficult to heal, fevers, congestion and so on seem to be rampant among the "budding masters of the world." (Archangel Michael, "Accessing Your Personal Source of Creator Light," through Ronna Herman, May 2012, at

All who are ready, are now in the process of clearing physical cellular memory as well as any dormant energies still within the emotional and mental bodies. This is necessary in order to assimilate the new and higher frequencies of ONE-frequencies of Light and unconditional love.

These clearings can at times be uncomfortable. Your job is to allow the process, rest more if you need it, but do not claim that which is leaving, back in. This is often inadvertently done through saying; "I am so depressed, I am so this or that..." which occurs because you are re-experiencing some of these old frequencies as they release. Often you feel them as physical or emotional discomfort, but as spiritually aware individuals your job is to simply allow the process. If an issue keeps presenting itself to your thought, then look at it, for it may be something needing to be released in a more conscious way through an honest examination of your belief system.(Arcturian Group, April 22, 2012.)

The layers of the subconscious patterns that have been carried within you are now beginning to be dissolved and dissipated.

All that disempowered you before is now leaving your auric field and is being replaced by more Light which in turn brings up more layers that have been deeply hidden within you.

This is the way that the Light works its magic, Dear Ones, and being willing to experience the uncomfortable feelings and pain involved in this process says much about your inner strength and resolve to see this process through to the victory celebration that comes when entering the higher dimensions of thinking and doing.

The layers are now very thin and are easily dissipated with the tools that you have learnt work best for you. (Hilarion, April 22-29, 2012.)

Steve Beckow: Saul said the other day that a lot of people were cycling through negative emotion ...

AAM: Yes.

S: ... that is being brought and released. Do you care to comment for our readers about the situation we're facing right now and what we need to do to meet it, based on what Saul said.

AAM: What Saul has said is absolutely correct and it's what I was referring to with the release of emotion from those who are on your forum or in your chat rooms.

What happens is that situations from this life, past lives, even some from the collective, although most [people] are not strong enough to really be dealing with collective release, but situations that have bothered them, negative situations, what you would call vasanas, are coming up for freedom, and they cannot be trapped in any field of the body.

So for example, many people have what you would call the core of the personality, or what you see on the surface looks very clear, very bright, very shiny, but what they have done is that they have stored in their outer bodies many of these traumas, injuries, sabotages, programs.

So what is happening is that everything is coming within and it is coming into the personal field, into the physical body. Some are exhibiting as illnesses or as what we would call a cosmic flu. So depression, abandonment, disillusionment - all of these are coming forward. Anger, angst - all the old paradigms that have been trapped in humanity for thousands and thousands of years are up for expelling.

So, if you find yourself feeling out of sorts, to put it mildly, disillusioned, fed up, then take a moment. We have given you so many, many tools and when I say we, I do mean to the Council of Love, but each of you have many tools, because each of you has been on this path for a very long time. Use those tools to let out what is bothering you and if it means, yes, going to the desert to sing, or screaming in a pillow, or crying on your friend's shoulder, or even shouting at me. The best way this could be done is simply by taking it out of your heart and giving it to the Universal Mother and then replacing it with what you desire, what you have always desired.

So for example, if you are giving away outrage, disillusionment, lack, then you have a tendency that, if you leave that empty space, to grab it back so, instead of doing that, fill yourself with light, fill yourself with courage, fill yourself with confidence, enthusiasm, and let it go.

And simply understand, this is part of making peace with the Third Dimension, with the Third Reality, so that you can leave it in peace, so that there is no dust that is clinging to you as you go through your Ascension process. (Reading with Archangel Michael and Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Jan. 10, 2012.)

From 2011

As the moment of humanity's awakening approaches, many of you are feeling stressed, wiped out, exhausted, doubtful, and anxious. This is partly due to the conflicting energy frequencies that you are experiencing: the old negative and defensive ones that have been with you for eons, and the new ones of love, compassion, and acceptance.

One moment it seems that you are completely enveloped by a dark cloud of the negative ones, and the next, they are swept away by the new ones. It is very unsettling and tiring for you. When you feel the old ones enveloping you, remind yourselves that they are coming to the end of their reign, and soon their influence will fade away. Intend to be embraced by the new ones and open your hearts in loving acceptance. (Saul, Aug. 14, 2011.)

On Earth your minds are cluttered with so many concerns and problems, that you have little opportunity for those quite moments that are so important to you. Do try to rest, especially now when there are so many pressures upon you, as even the high energies that you are taking in can produce tiredness. (SaLuSa, July 15, 2011.)

In closing we wish to remind you that all is proceeding according to plan. Light is increasing on earth in such a way as to allow the openings of many new portals and energy centers. Many are experiencing the energy changes within themselves as exhaustion, buzzing in the head, and feeling nauseous. Some are preparing to leave, choosing to come back into the new energy.

This is huge dear ones. You are experiencing a massive shift in the energies around you with changes heretofore not dreamed of in third-dimensional energy. Do not immediately think that something is wrong with you, but instead understand that your physical, emotional, and mental bodies are in the process of experiencing these massive energy changes right now.

This clearing out the old and integrating the new is resulting in symptoms that are often confused for disease. Pamper yourselves, rest more, relax, and trust. Have fun, do those things that make your heart sing. Put your intentions out to the Universe, then stand back and watch the show while being open to any and all change and always holding the realization of your oneness with all living things. (The Arcturian Group, April 3, 2011.)

You will begin to experience greater periods of perceiving yourselves as Light. Many of you have had at least one experience of having your physical eyes closed but seeing this Light as though it was the sun shining in your blue sky on a summer day. This will become a more common experience for all. 

The more the density that has held you immobile within your daily lives is cleared and cleansed, the greater this ability to perceive the Light that you are will begin to manifest. We now caution each of you to always discipline yourselves in your thoughts, words and deeds, for you are becoming once again the Creators of your realities in a more conscious manner and so great care and caution must be observed in these beginning stages, for the manifestation of all that you want, need and desire will start to take place in record speed.

We want you to know, Beloved Ones, that the greatest cleansing of all is now taking place and this will probably not be a happy experience for most. However, this process although unavoidable, is absolutely necessary in order to clear the last of the dross from your physicals bodies, minds, and emotions, for entry into the higher dimensions is not possible until you clear all that does not resonate from your systems. Take heart, Dear Ones, for we attend to each of you and help you to move through this period as quickly as your consciousness and physical vehicle allows in the greatest safety, grace, ease and protection.

You have all entered the final phase of the Great Cleansing that must take place Planet wide and so it is vitally important that you keep firmly grounded and anchored into the crystalline core of the Earth at this time. The grounding will help in keeping balance within you as you take in greater and greater amounts of Cosmic energy that is now coming in ever increasing waves. Realize that this is a most wondrous opportunity for you to transform into the glorious Beings of Light that you have always been and if you can hold that vision each day, success is assured.

When you feel overwhelmed by all the energy and information that is coming to you, take time out and rest, sleep often if you must, for this allows the transformation to take place in a benevolent manner. Most of you will be experiencing more and more periods of sleepiness and this is why. Allow this when possible; if it is not, then breathe deeply and deliberately into the root chakra and hold for a few counts before releasing all that is not resonating with your new state of being vigorously in an outbreath and do this for a count of at least three times. This practice will bring in the new pranic energies and help to vitalize you. (Melchizedek, Feb. 15, 2011, at http:/

Many of us will have Ascension symptoms around the heart-brain functions, such as heart beat changes, sensing constriction and then expansion around the chest and lungs, as well as cranium, brain processing and neurological changes. We also have been alerted to dormant brain wiring activation creating a detoxification impact in the body. As always when feeling "toxic", supporting liver, kidneys and lymph to help detoxify the blood and body as it runs through parasitic waste and is releasing trauma is supportive.

In some cases this recreates traumatic memory experiences being resurfaced through the brain and nervous system memory, and our Indigo family has been clearing a lot of these cellular memory imbeds from the brain wiring. Sometimes when our body "feels sick" we get scared and think it is something it is not. Learning how to communicate with your body from a place of understanding nothing is random and you have the power to heal yourself is very important. (Lisa Renee, "The Diamond Heart," Feb. 9, 2011, at

From 2010

Now then, many Earth residents perceive your world as tumultuous as ever. Wars continue and so do poverty, corruption, oppression and other ills, so it is understandable that people who have long lived in such conditions often feel hopeless. You know that changes of unprecedented magnitude are afoot, yet you may be encountering unsettling feelings too, perhaps depression, discontentment, undue impatience, fatigue or physical discomfort. You may feel restless, "rudderless," floating without clear purpose or direction, or feel that nothing of significance is happening in your life or even anywhere on Earth.

It may be because world transformation is so far underway that many are having one or another of those sensations - as microcosms of Earth, you naturally are affected by the magnitude of changes she is undergoing. Everything in your world is in acceleration mode and there are frequent rises in the vibratory level along Earth's pathway - you still may be adjusting to the most recent level while she is moving into the next. Vibrations in the energy planes your planet has reached make maintaining balance in body, mind and spirit a greater effort than previously. When you are in a state of imbalance, your energy flow is jolted or blocked, causing your electromagnetic system to malfunction and produce a variety of unsettling physical, mental and emotional sensations. (Matthew's Message, Aug. 13, 2010.)

Let's see how many ways I can describe what you might be feeling or experiencing these days - tapped out on all levels, unable to sleep through the night or unable to go back to sleep if you awaken, unexplained physical pain or other physical symptoms that have no medical origin, fatigue, imbalance, craziness, anger at the government the financial and other systems, upheaval, friends and family getting life threatening diseases or dying unexpectedly, etc. This list is not inclusive however we are all going through the same things. (Valerie Donner, May 20, 2010, at

Many of you are already feeling the effects of these energy changes inside of you as if you have been plugged into a cosmic socket. In a way, you have. The energies are heightened in this now. Very heightened and moving through you faster than you have words to say.

The particulates which you are comprised of are receiving information from the new energies and in response are changing their arrangements in order to both respond and adapt. While your particulates are in motion such as this, you are generating and utilizing more energy than normal.

It is easy to become dehydrated in this now as more heat is generated in your bodies and energy systems as your particulates reorganize. You will also notice in your dream times that your dreams are strange and active, with symbolism that is powerful and at times disturbing. Not to worry. This is your consciousness working with your logical brain in order to assimilate the changes. It is not particularly necessary for you to interpret these dreams because they will be of mixed circumstances and meanings. The most important aspect of self to interpret in this now is how you feel. Are you of balance? What do you need and what will it take to satisfy that need? (Dr. Meg Blackburn Losey, Message from the Masters, May 17, 2010, at

As your vibrations speed up so the growing pains have to be withstood, as they will cause you ups and downs in the way you feel. However, once you have integrated the new energies you will begin to feel on top of the world. Keep this feeling going once you experience it, and you will go through the last days without any problems. You will recognize such a time, as you will feel happy and joyful and able to ward off the negativity that surrounds you. (SaLuSa, May 5, 2010.)

Let us describe some of the physical and emotional effects that this seismic-related subtle energy produces. Remember that when an earthquake or volcanic eruption is imminent there is a flow of subtle energy through the meridians or ley lines of Earth in the vicinity of the seismic event. There are, simultaneously, resonant responses in your physical body, especially in those who are sensitive to such things. When there is a movement of this subtle energy through your personal meridian system, all types of strange phenomena can take place.

These include, but certainly are not limited to, an increase in temporary short term memory challenges, episodes of sudden bodily heat and cold, inexplicable physical discomfort, and even pain that seemingly appears for no reason and then dissipates.

You might also experience brief moments of what might be called thinking and sequencing challenges. And episodes of sudden decreased energy will be on the rise. In these odd energy states it will appear as if you suddenly have no energy available to you. We have spoken about this in previous messages, but more and more persons will be complaining about fatigue, exhaustion, and at the same time an inability to obtain restful sleep.

There will also be increased episodes of feeling like you are falling asleep while awake. If you are in an environment where you can lie down, or at least close your eyes, this is the best way to deal with this particular phenomenon. When this occurs it is often, though not always, an effect of the seismic flows of subtle energy through Earth's energy system or ley lines. (The Hathors, April 15, 2010, at

These are times when Earth herself is shifting levels of planetary consciousness, and you can ride on her coattails, so to speak. Since the planet is shifting consciousness herself, you can enter into deeply profound states of consciousness in these moments. Our advice is to let the world go and surrender to the experience of falling into yourself. Some of you will enter inner worlds of reality that have immense healing and nourishing effects. Others will simply feel like they "blacked out" and have no recollection of what occurred. But if, in these moments, you can allow yourself to rest, even in the midst of your daily activities, you will benefit greatly. With all this activity occurring, many of us are experiencing wide and varied symptoms. As always, it is best to consult a healthcare professional for symptoms, as not every symptom can be attributed to the ascension process.

So then, what are some of the symptoms that we may feel during these times of massive energy movement?

  • Difficulty breathing or lung soreness due to the [new light's] arrival.
  • Heart pain, palpitations, chest pain, and upper back pain from the heart opening energies.
  • Having the sensation of a lump in the throat, from the opening of the heart.
  • Leg pain and foot pain from the earth movements and new grounding.
  • Over-all body pain, headaches, bladder or kidney pain, and muscle aches from detoxing in order to align with the new energies.
  • Feeling as if you are hyper-ventilating as the higher vibrating energies hit our systems.
  • Acute fear and anxiety.
  • Depression and low energy for some, heightened energy for others.
  • Feeling very "off," as if nothing fits or is familiar, and feeling jittery and frazzled, almost as if a trauma has occurred.
  • Becoming very emotional and crying about everything....when love and caring is experienced, and when it is not when it should have been (the heart energy again.)
  • Sleeplessness and stress, even if there is really none present in our lives at the moment.

When we experience massive movements with the energies and a new positioning, the darker and denser energies almost always show up somehow, as they are on their way out and have been dis-lodged. In this way, we may feel corresponding feelings, i.e. darkness, depression, fear, and anxiety, as these denser energies are surrounding us for a brief time.

If we can remember that these feelings are only temporary, and result from something quite amazing and truly holy occurring, it can sometimes make the process a bit easier to digest. When we stay focused on positive and happy things, and stay in the company of loving and caring individuals, these things will then be what are magnified, when these new energies arrive and rev things up. For sensitive individuals, these massive movements of energy can really stir things up. For me, being on a near i.v. of Rescue Remedy during these times is what is needed! (Karen Bishop, "The Next Wave of the Cosmic Tsunami Arrives," April 8, 2010, at

As the Light moves in to your planet it directly affects your brain and the power of the brain. Some of the sluggishness that you might feel is the pressure points within the brain (the pineal, pituitary and thalamus) as they are impacted by the Light. There is a tendency from the old way of being in the third dimension to want to remain sluggish, to postpone decision making, even though you might know that something needs to be done. You will see that this procrastination will not serve you much longer. (Mira the Pleiadian, March 18, 2010.)

It is with the fifth dimension and beyond, as well as the zero point, energies that humanity is challenged. You are challenged because these energies are new to your five physical senses. The expanded perceptions of your Multidimensional Soul/SELF can easily perceive the cosmic waves of torsion energy streaming from the Black Hole in the center of the Milky Way and out the now open portal of the Galactic Center. On the other hand, these waves are a unique experience for your ego/self who is struggling to receive, translate and integrate these frequencies of light/information, even when your Soul/SELF gives it the green light.

The reason for this struggle between your self and your SELF is that you ego has been assigned to protect your earth vessel. These waves of torsion energy, are turning ON old codes in your Junk DNA that have been shut off since the fall of Atlantis, and turning OFF certain codes in human genome DNA. For over 12,000 years, your earth vessel has been limited to 3% of your DNA and not had access to this new genetic information. Therefore, your earth vessel cannot recognize it, perceives it as an intruder and tries to attack it.

Because of this struggle, you are having an antibody war in your earth vessel, which creates great exhaustion. Fortunately, when your consciousness extends into the fifth dimension, you are so distracted by the feelings of unconditional love, gratitude, peace and calm, that you can easily ignore the conflict in your earth vessel. Normally, one would begin their ascension process at this time. In fact, many of the members of the Planetary Ascension Team have had the experience of ascension in one or more of their parallel realities. (The Arcturians, Awaken Now Newsletter, from [email protected], Feb. 16, 2010.)

Those of you who are more sensitive to the subtleties of energetics may find yourself "hard hit" by the dimensional and physical shifts that will occur during this time of chaos. To a greater or lesser degree, depending upon their vibratory levels, more and more individuals will experience sleep disturbances, and strange dreams-some of them prophetic in nature.

There will also most likely be an increase in strange physical ailments that have no logical explanation. These will often arise early in the morning hours as your energy body shifts from its inner journeys back to orientation to your physical form. These types of physical discomforts are a reaction from the organs within your body and the various bodily systems to the accelerating changes taking place. In other words, your physical bodies are challenged by the rapid escalation of planetary change.

You may experience sudden and unexpected periods of extreme fatigue, weakness, and even the very odd state of being both awake and asleep at the same time. Again, all of these challenges are a result of the rapid changes taking place upon your earth. If you have the luxury of time, and you feel one of these energetic drops, the sudden onset of fatigue, it is best to rest if you are able-to literally lie down. If you are unable to do so we urge you to be vigilant if you are driving or making critical decisions or choices, especially when engaged with technology. There may be-and we expect this to be true-a general increase in irritability throughout the population; small negative encounters can easily amplify into something much larger. (The Hathors, Jan. 13, 2010, at

Colds, flu and illnesses are all a symptom of clearing and cleansing for the physical body. The Earth is a physical plane and so holds slow and low vibrations of light which can affect the natural wellbeing and high vibration of your soul and inner energies. Physical energies have the ability of manifesting and amplifying your own energies, emotions, thoughts and experiences so that they become your reality.

If you are predominantly surrounded in negative or even neutral energies then this will influence your aura, creating stagnant energy within your aura. As humans you are mostly focused on your physical body and so do not feel the alterations and changes that occur in your aura or the energetic field around you. As blockages and stagnant energy builds it becomes closer to the surface of your physical body. Your physical body is affected the most out of all your energy bodies because when the blockage reaches your physical body it is at its strongest therefore influencing your physical body in numerous ways. When you have a cold, flu or an illness it is an alert from your soul and aura that you have a blockage which may be caused by issues, fears or emotions that need to be addressed or released.

Many illnesses are seen as contagious but this is merely because of years of humans accepting this consciousness and [these] beliefs. If many people in a similar area become ill it is more likely that they are holding onto a similar blockage, belief or vibration that is harmful or depleting to their energy. While scientists are able to find origins that prove the source of illnesses, the physical body at its highest vibration has the ability of being healthy even when exposed to illness. Of course, we have no proof of this and would always suggest that you deal with illness in your own way whether it is through medication or visiting a doctor but we ask that you remain open minded to the wisdom that we share with you.

As you grow into a physical adult on the Earth, your body becomes a manifestation of your mind and thoughts. This means that all you believe in and understand is held within every aspect of your physical body. So by changing the way that you view yourself and illnesses would actually eliminate illness and allow you to exist in perfect health every moment of your day and every day of your existence on the Earth.

If everyone was to believe that they are healthy, that illness is a myth and that they are pure light, then this could in fact change the world that you currently perceive. (Archangel Michael and St. Germain, Jan. 10, 2010, through Natalie Glasson at


I know what you're thinking... June 21st came and went, and things feel...if anything...worse.

What the?

Tho technically I am reporting to you from a new timeline, like many of you, my body has not quite had the full pleasure of catching up to please bear with me as I try to type between naps.

Based on the high-speed inter-connectivity of the new energy grid, I know that many of you are feeling the same sluggishness coupled with fatigue, aching muscles and bones, sleepiness/lessness, toxicity, irritability with a dash of resentment, and overall low for those of you who can barely make it out of bed to the computer, I hear you... and this message is for you. What happened?

We are adjusting to the new frequencies and for many... it flat-out hurts. ...

Only in my metaphor, we are both the birth-er and the birth to ourselves in some morphological and oddly understandable way ...which really means that we get to experience both the labor pains AND the physical (and shocking) transition into a new space. (Kids: don't try this at home)

Where are we? We have officially landed. What now?

Choose to rest as though you had a choice in the matter.

Collectively, we just (willingly?) ventured through an ass-kicking portal that served up quite an assortment of non-pleasures. And unless you are uber-sensitive, where we are now does not feel much different than where we were all-May-long...the only real discernible difference is that the discomfort has intensified.

Please realize that this experience is totally not a blanket statement, just an explanation of my connection to, and assessment of energy as I perceive the majority of starseeds/lightworkers experiencing it. In opposition to this, I have also heard from some, though few, who said that June 1st actually marked the beginning of the new for them, and from others that forward movement and manifestation has finally returned and that things are falling perfectly into place.

You are certainly not an outcaste if you DO NOT feel like a total misery-magnet right now...we all have different and perfect timing and in the grand scheme of things, the solstice served as a general marker, an energetic gateway to walk through, integrate and experience new lands.

That said, things will balance out shortly for the rest of us slowpokes and manifestation will soon become effortless again... right after these bulky flesh-suits complete the final extraction of those cellular memories that have been trapped in 3D, and that shaped our past realities through polarity.

Keep in mind, as with the entire climb in consciousness thus far, that each time we ascend to a higher vibration our physical bodies must re-calibrate, restructure and balance-out based on new and higher dimensional commands. Each and every cell is in constant communication with our consciousness, so as we release fear-based energies and cellular memories of discordance, our bodies must adapt and reform to match the new & higher vibration of self.

The physical symptoms from squeezing through the solstice vary, as always, but the most intense (for me) and widely reported seem to be flu-like fatigue and overall aching/soreness...and I mean everywhere... like...even my hair hurts.

This is completely normal with the dumping of so many energetic and physical toxins (healing crisis), so if you are feeling like you just had major surgery, know that in some ways you have successfully excised the final physical impressions of a life outworn.

Other symptoms to note are greatly related to the electrical rewiring and grounding process: muscle twitches, sore/tight/stiff neck and shoulders, 3d eye openings/clearings (dizziness/unsteadiness/sinus discomfort/popping in and out of dimensions/timelines...aka disorientation), heart/thymus openings (palpitations/middle back soreness/heartburn/indigestion), root chakra openings/clearings (lower back aching/soreness/pain, intestinal clearings, bloating/weight gain, skin eruptions/itching, menstrual-type cramps, sciatica, leg pains/soreness), etc. (Lauren C. Gorgo, June 25, 2009, at .)

In prior weeks, many had experienced the flu or an illness, when it seemed strange or perhaps unusual to be sick at all. And for all our attempts at getting well, there was no success. Several weeks ago, I had a bad cold I got from my grandchildren and that I could not shake like I normally would, for an entire week, and many of you have reported the same. We were "down" for sure.

But this was just part of the process of being still while we were re-wiring or making massive internal changes in order to be in alignment with the new energies. We were being given the opportunity to find our center and stay in it. We needed to be "separate" from the old world for awhile, and took any vehicle we thought might work. (Karen Bishop, "Coming Home ... Re-Connecting to the Earth," June 3, 2009, at

Humanity is in the midst of an unprecedented shift of energy, vibration, and consciousness. Planetary and celestial events are causing the frequency of vibration to be greatly accelerated within every atomic and subatomic particle and wave of Life on Earth. This shift of vibration is tangibly affecting every man, woman, and child at a cellular level. Even if people do not understand exactly what is happening to them, everyone seems to be aware that something very unusual is taking place in their physical bodies, their emotions, and their thinking processes.

People around the world are experiencing all kinds of unusual things due to this accelerated vibration. Millions of people feel like they are in a blender or riding an emotional roller coaster as they go about their daily activities. People are having dramatic mood swings, which are very out of character from their usual behavior patterns. Other people are having abnormal bouts with fear, anxiety, stress, and even panic attacks. I know there are a lot of stressful things taking place in people's lives due to the collapse of the economy, the housing debacle, and the loss of jobs, et cetera, but at some level, this phenomenon is happening to everyone regardless of whether or not they are personally affected by outer-world circumstances.

People are experiencing all kinds of unusual physical symptoms, which they have not suffered in the past. Many are having headaches for the first time or painful back problems. Others may not be able to focus their thoughts or their short-term memory may seem to be failing. People are experiencing unexplained flu-like symptoms, allergies, excessive fatigue, sleepiness or insomnia, joint and muscle pain, digestive problems, dizziness or lightheadedness, and every other physical, mental, and emotional malady under the Sun.

It is important for all of us to realize that the acceleration process we are going through is a necessary part of the purging and rebirth that needs to take place in order for us to physically manifest the patterns of perfection for the New Earth. Fortunately, the Company of Heaven has revealed important information and given us very powerful tools that will assist us to complete this process quickly with fewer painful symptoms.

There are a few very easy things we can do in addition to using the tools and techniques that have been given to us by our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven. We can raise our vibrations by eating more organic raw fruits and vegetables and by drinking pure water. We can also raise our vibrations by listening to uplifting music, thinking positive thoughts, walking in nature, relaxing in water, reading inspirational books, playing, loving, laughing, and anything else that opens our hearts and fills us with joy.

As we move through this Ascension process, we must KNOW that it is not the intent of our Father-Mother God for us to stay stuck in the pain and suffering that is being pushed to the surface to be transmuted and transformed into Light. Quite the contrary. It is Their desire that we utilize the precious tools and techniques that They have given to us, so that we can Ascend quickly into the 5th-Dimensional frequencies of harmony and balance. In the higher frequencies into which we are Ascending, we will gratefully experience the vibrant health, eternal youth, abundance, peace, love, and abounding joy that is awaiting each of us. (Patricia Diane Cota-Robles, "How to Handle All of This Energy," May 31, 2009, at

Sometimes your God self is utilizing a "disease" state to shift your body beyond old energetic patterns. Your God self will also choose to isolate you from others if you need to be alone to undergo this deep level of transmutation work.

The 5D symptoms have been intense and more so for those of us that have required an extremely fast shift in the cellular/molecular structure in order to handle the new energetic platform your God self has chosen for you. It can actually feel like you have been "mowed down" or flattened out. This is an extremely important time that you realize when your spirit has actually taken over many of the bodily functions. What you "think" is disease or trauma is not actually what is going on for you in your spiritual body development. And for some of us depending how quick we had to get up to speed, this looked really severe and extreme at the physical/3D level.

This extreme physical shift looked like a severe "dysfunction" and many of us may have appeared to be a complete mystery to the medical system. Those of us that choose (or have chosen) that fast transmutation path appear to be anomalies and medical miracles all at the same time. Our current 3D medical system is not equipped to comprehend or handle many of these strange "symptomologies". The medical system in these ascension cases are unable to answer the question - What is going on with the body? These abrupt physical symptoms are appearing now and will continue to accelerate in the human population as the ascension energies continue. Be absolutely clear - Do not panic, do not go into fear. Communicate with your guidance and your bodies and use this time allotted to rest and recover. Know that this is a time of rebirth and sometimes in order for us to rebirth ourselves it may feel like a "death". ...

Common "Symptomologies"

Since the bloodline is clearing and the umbilicus is moving upwards, the symptoms prevalent are: intestinal and stomach distresses, gallbladder issues, herniated tissues in and around the stomach and lower abdomen, sometimes bloodletting or bleeding tissues. Common are nausea and digestive upsets and intestinal complaints. The spleen is also coming online and activated, so spleen flutters or energies on the left ribcage area also may be experienced. The Throat area as well as the back of the neck have been active, swollen or a bit painful. Kundalini flu and viral symptoms are also a way that your physical body transmutes and burns out old DNA patterns. Microorganisms such as virus and bacteria also play their role with shifting the cellular consciousness and at times honoring this as a process within your body is extremely helpful.

We have been reminded several times that the physical body is an "alchemical container of polarity synthesis". As we transmute lower density patterns, as we transmute carbon based biology into higher silica states, we undergo (at times) huge purges or events that are purposed to shift the cellular consciousness. This is required in order for the physical body to actually "embody" more of its soul intelligences, more of its divinity. Literally we are carving a space inside our bodies to carry more and more of the descending consciousness of our God Self.

(Which is the literal process of Ascension) This requires lower density patterns, including emotional conflicts or old traumas to be moved out, and sometimes in order to accomplish that quickly the spirit decides to physically flatten out the body. Even though it is not pleasant try to trust your higher intelligence knows the best path and cooperate with the process.

Do not resist! This is requiring the highest levels of surrender, adaptability and flexibility in TRUSTING YOUR SPIRIT! (Lisa Renee, "Rebirth," May 2009, Energetic Synthesis, at

On a physical level we are still reeling from so many downloads and according to the Pleiadians, we will be integrating this energy for the rest of April. This has been especially challenging this time around, personally I haven't felt such intense ascension symptoms...or as others call it, ascensionitis, or Global Acceleration Syndrome (G.A.S.)

... for many years.

These symptoms vary per person, but the most notable this time around seemed to be sinus related...congestion, sinus headaches/pressure/soreness, spinning/vertigo/dizziness, etc. (Lauren C. Gorgo, Apr. 19, 2009, at

Lately has been a time of challenge for many people, whether it has been financially, emotionally, mentally or spiritually. I am seeing a trend toward people drawing into themselves for lack of any idea of what else to do. I want to say that if you are feeling this, don't go there. Live largely, live with a positive spirit that will carry you into every now. In each of those now's you will have everything that you need and then some, if only you are willing to let it happen.

Don't let external influences control your lives. Be creative, even if you don't know what that looks like. Set out the intention that the possibility exists that all is perfection. It is true. We have the power to change whatever we intend if only we believe in those changes with a passion that those changes are already so.

I have had reports of many symptoms that are being experienced during the current shift. One of them, for lack of better words is air headedness. The inability to think straight, to find the words we want to say, to remember what we are doing, and more. This is due to the influences of shifting harmonic frequencies in the electromagnetic field. The field is a unified set of harmonics which are continually changing and reharmonizing. In this now there is a great harmonization occurring that is beyond our comprehension on a mental level. We are literally being attuned to higher harmonics as we move toward our galactic center.

Some people are experiencing minor headaches, loss of sleep or interrupted sleep patterns. Others are finding that their perceptions are completely changing as a natural course of events, and that they are not seeing life or the world in the same way. There is some tendency toward depression of varying degrees. This too shall pass. If you are experiencing this, get up and act. It doesn't matter what you do, just get motivated. This will help the energies pass through you. There are also tendencies toward indefinite back and or neck pain that does not seem to be in exactly a specific place, but is there nonetheless.

New signals are moving through our electrical systems that are causing our bodies to adjust. Generally speaking there is no need to be concerned about this unless it becomes specific or chronic. Our bodies will continue the need for adjustment to the new energies in an escalated way over the next years. The key is not to become emotionally attached to the changes. If you can let them move through you and harmonize easily, the symptoms will pass quickly and you will feel terrific. (Dr. Meg Blackburn, "Online Messages from Dr. Meg," April 6, 2009, at

Whatever you call the changes that are taking place now in our bodies, the information that was coded into the DNA of your structure is now being activated. The most concise repository of information in your personal blueprint of your species is found in the cellular DNA of your bodies. Your DNA will evolve from two helixes to twelve helixes or even fourteen strands which correspond to energy centers, or chakras, inside and outside your body. The new type twelve-strand DNA was originally in bodies 300,000 years ago.

Within human body cells are light-encoded filaments, fine gossamer threads of energy that carry information. When these gossamer threads are working together like a fiber optic type of cable, they form the helix of your DNA. Imagine that your frequencies are starting to detach from each other and that where they are still connected, they are just threaded together.

They are not so congealed that they create that much matter any more. What is going to happen then is that the energy that is coming into you is going to start to come in more easily. It is as if the cells have to break apart a bit. This is why so many people are now waking up and remembering. It was predetermined that you would do so at this time! Beings who have been living in dense physical bodies, now have the option of living in wondrous bodies of Light. The effects are very jarring in some ways. On the one hand, you'll get physical vibrations that are strange and sometime feel uncomfortable.

Your endocrine system may speed up or slow down, causing various effects on your hormones. You may have a sudden strong feeling and then it'll be gone. You may have an overwhelming memory and you will not be certain whether it is a dream or a reality. You are high-energy transformers, like sponges in the energy sea around you. As more and more Light becomes available to you, the intensity of electromagnetic energy around you also increases. Any changes in the surrounding energetic field are picked up by your subtle (etheric) body. This body acts as a receiver and as a transmitter of these energies. These changes directly affect your physical body, which is the outward manifestation of the etheric level.

These changes be gradual and will go on over the seven-year tribulation period. They have definitely started. The changes depend on, for many, the level of openness, the level of flow in an individual's life. The orientation for many has been from a linear or mental perspective. This is shifting for many and a lot of people are experiencing confusion as they begin to reorient themselves into a physical and more holistic perspective. For many people this has been going on for quite some time. As far as a time period of when it begins and when it ends, it really depends on the individual, their level of openness and willingness and the clarification that has already taken place in their energy field. By this we mean, are they coming into alignment in their physical energy system? Are they coming into alignment with their emotions and the emotional body? And are they creating more of an openness and a flow in the mental body so that they can consciously receive the energies and the frequencies that create the shifts, the transformation.

Bear in mind also that all who are on the planet at this time, all forms of life, not just human life but all forms of life, are and will continue to be effected by what we call an increase in intensity of Light that comes directly into and around the field of this planet. So even, though those who we may look upon or you may look upon as less conscious or perhaps even totally unconscious of the changes are definitely effected and will continue to be effected. They don't have the understanding that many have who are searching on the path of what is going on for them. Why they are experiencing greater agitation, why they are experiencing that parts of their life are no longer working? Why are they experiencing less control in the mental body than they are used to?

There is a great deal of confusion among the masses because until now there has not been a large enough body of clear information to explain in a way that can be understood by the masses what exactly is exactly taking place in this time in history. For there is nothing in your past that can compare to what is currently going on and what will continue to accelerate. What is happening to many of you right now is that due to the increased energies present, the etheric body is vibrating at a higher frequency.

The physical body is then trying to catch up but it hasn't quite yet done so. This results in a speeding up of your molecular structure. Many people are now experiencing this as a quickening taking place within your own bodies. This stepping up of energies is affecting every system in your body--nerves, muscles, vessels, skin, organs and glans as they try to adapt to the new frequencies.

The nervous system, which carries those energies throughout the body in the form of nerve impulses, and the endocrine system, which regulates much of your physiological functioning through the secretion of various chemical substances (hormones), may be experiencing tremendous energy overloads as they constantly attempt to maintain a state of homeostasis and balance in the body.

This kind of expansion in consciousness during cellular transformation is literally pulling you into worlds that are beyond potential and are becoming real. Things about your world are changing in front of your very eyes. Perhaps the most profound noticeable change is the need that many people have noticed lately for more rest. Is anybody feeling tired lately? If so, you need to continue reading this material. Your body systems are overloaded and Mother Earth's systems are also overloaded. Her body, the mass of herself, functions very much like your own body. Most people do not realize that your Mother Earth actually breathes in and out? People that have been in caves or have been near openings inside the Earth can actually hear air whistling in and out of the Mother Earth. In surrendering to the change process going on in the Earth and in your bodies, you are releasing your own limited existence, your own limited desires, all that you have held close to you for security and a feeling of nurturing and safety.

So much is happening on very deep levels of yourselves and it is usually occurring in the subconscious. You may feel overcome with sorrow, feeling you have lost something, or that you are leaving something without even having an idea of what it is you are sorry or crying about. As you approach closer and closer to the final experience (called Ascension), you will feel yourselves more and more of letting go of more things. (House of David Teaching Center, "Body Changes during the Transformation," April 4, 2009, URL unknown.)

As the process of leaving the old behind and settling in to a very new experience continues on for a while, we can rest assured knowing that our anchors are lowering more and more, if ever so slowly, and a new horizon is making itself visible in small, yet incremental ways.

Most of us are going through a massive transformation within... and it is massive indeed. In order that we be in alignment with this very new space, we needed to make adjustments to ensure a good, proper, and more pleasant fit.

Most of the transitional and transformative experiences we are having, all have to do with letting go of holding the old space. We are letting go of any and all energies we placed in the old world in order to bring it up in vibration before we could make our recent departure. Thus, there is a lot of disconnecting going on until we can completely make our exit into a very new reality. Any parts of ourselves that we had injected into the old reality now have to be reclaimed and brought home.

These transformations can be felt in a variety of ways, as the ascension process continues to create many different scenarios for all of us, even though their end result is the same. Intestinal distress, nightmares, unpleasant or strange dreams, fatigue, dizziness, brain fog, feeling as if one is floating, becoming emotional for no apparent reason, being cold with an inability to get warm, seeing more light in our surroundings (or having things look brighter, literally) and the like, are some possible experiences of transitioning from one reality to another. One of my least favorite experiences in regard to ascension is the need to eat extremely often, as our structures are so rapidly changing and we need all the fuel we can get to support this "morphing" process. Having to eat so often can be frustrating when one is trying to lose those added pounds that our evolutionary process continues to put on!

We are right at the edge of the cliff right now...just ready to jump off completely. This means that we have made enormous progress since late summer of 2008 when our dis-connecting really began in earnest. We have made great progress is setting up new foundations, in realizing that most of us will be doing something entirely new and different, or perhaps even making our same contribution with our same role, but with a very new slant.

We have let go of much, have removed ourselves from much, and thus, are more prepared than ever for this exciting new reality on our exciting new horizon. Currently, we are poised then, at the very edge of this cliff. When I see where we are and where we are going, I have to say, that I become extremely emotional and teary eyed. What a journey this has been!

We are just teetering now, as the final pieces are oh so close. Waiting for that very important thing to arrive in the mail, waiting for word on something that will make such a difference for us, and waiting for that dam to break oh so very soon, allowing the flow to begin that will take us along the river and move us more fully into our new reality, are some of the current energies we are experiencing. We are this close! And believe me, things will absolutely and most assuredly occur as they were intended. Everything is finally ready!

The flow will begin, the tide will turn, and we will begin progressing forward more fully beginning in mid-April. Smiles, joy, relief, gratitude, and high emotions will fill us up, as we will then wonder why we ever doubted anything in the first place. Much light will arrive, or so it will seem, and we will notice our feet stepping upon something very new, something very sweet, and something very pristine that has been waiting for our arrival for so very long.

Being willing to let go of the old is vitally important to our arrival in this new space. (Karen Bishop, "Poised on the Edge of the New...Setting Foot on a New Shore," April 3, 2009, at

It is a tumultuous time of great change, and because the change is great, the stress can also appear great at times. (Archangel Michael, April 3, 2009, through Celia Fenn, at

But cellular changes - as well as the higher frequencies that are affecting all peoples - also give signals such as fatigue, headaches, nervousness, mood swings, body aches and nausea. However, since those also are symptoms of illness, if they persist, always it is advisable to consult a trusted health care professional, and we strongly recommend one who uses holistic healing therapies and natural remedies rather than one who resorts to prescription drugs. Your bodies' immune systems have more than enough toxins to contend with without adding the chemicals in pharmaceutical products.

To answer readers who want to know if there are ways to ease or hasten the adjustment process, yes indeed: Relieve stress, the root cause of disease and dis-ease. You can do this by changing a negative thought to one of positive nature and feeling genuinely grateful for the blessings in your life. Find optimistic aspects in a situation that is worrisome.

Either avoid encounters you expect to be unpleasant or calmly meet them head-on with a smile and self-confidence. Practice patience and see a situation from another's perspective. Call or visit the person you have been intending to "when you have time." Get six to eight hours of sleep each day, eat nutritional food and drink pure water, exercise your body and mind.

A variety of other ways to relieve stress also are well known, but reminders may be helpful: deep breathing exercises; yoga; stroll in a park or forest or on the seashore; aromatherapy; put your hands in Earth's soil to plant vegetables, flowers or bushes; volunteer for a community service; adopt a needy animal; listen to soothing music; watch comedy and other light-hearted films; read poetry or write your own; put your home in order; visit art galleries and museums - do whatever it is that you thoroughly enjoy and that imparts a sense of deep satisfaction. And remember that smiling lightens the heart and time alone is not selfishness - it is self-preservation, self-restoration! (Matthew's Message, March 10, 2009.)

I have also found that people's ascension symptoms are intensifying too as a result of the current energies - intense fatigue and tiredness is the number one symptom so far. The reason for this is that when you are asleep your lower ego is out the way and your Soul and Higher Self have an easier time working with the subconscious aspects that your lower ego generally resists and tries to ignore.

Other symptoms are headaches, odd muscular and joint pains, nausea, vertigo, loss of short term memory, irregular or heavier menstruation, increased ringing in the ears, skin eruptions, heart palpitations, either a noticeable increase or decrease in appetite, increased sugar cravings for some, blurred vision, increased witnessing of flashes of light in one's line of site and no longer just on the periphery, heightened sensitivity to people's negativity as well as the presence of unseen friends, intense anger eruptions and short lived emotional outbursts.

The list goes on, but these are the most common. It has been suggested that we increase our intake of Iron, Zinc, Vitamin C and Vitamin B complex to assist with the fatigue and tiredness. Rescue Remedy is a good remedy too if it's impossible for you to avoid stressful or heavy environments. (Michelle Eloff, Equinox News, March 2009, at

From 2008

As it is now time to begin arriving in the new, this holding on or transmuting of the most recent energies of the old that we had found ourselves embroiled in, can manifest as severe muscle stiffness and pain, or even severe sinus headaches, nerve disorders, nausea, rashes, sleeplessness, and the like. We can find ourselves creaking around as if we are 110 years old! We need to let it all go. In this way, many of us are currently purging and releasing all the energy of the past year and a half. Symptoms of detoxing and purging can now be present, but only for a brief period of time. (Karen Bishop, Wings, Dec. 22, 2008 at

We are well aware that a lot of you are feeling lonely, and some are going through uncomfortable ascension symptoms, the 'Dark Night of the Soul' and depression, digestive symptoms, lethargy, apathy, anger, doubt, fear. But we assure you that all is in line with what you came here to do. You are filling those shoes and your fit for those shoes is perfect. Your fit for your roles is perfect. You are being all that you have come to be. You are becoming all that you were meant to be, and you are the masters that were born to be. (Archangel Michael, Dec. 10, 2008, through Elanthra, at

In your current times, the electromagnetics of the ascending earth are being amplified in potent surges, pressurized surges that can stretch and micro-fracture the flow and symmetry of your auric fields. This is a fundamental necessity of the Ascension as you morph into a larger EMF and achieve merkabic fields.

However, in your age of cell phones, computers, televisions and electronic devices, your offices and homes are a constant barrage of opposing electromagnetic energy fields. The result is a temporary 'short circuit' effect that can lead to imbalance by means of energy loss through fissure cracks. In essence this may be termed 'auric bleeding'. Some of the effects are short-termed, but others can become chronic. ...

As your earth draws closer to the Ascension of 2012, many major changes are occurring around you that have a profound effect on your physical, emotional and mental well being. Many of you find that you become somewhat 'vulnerable', feeling overwhelmed at times, as if you can't seem to get things done, as if there are not enough hours in the day. Some of you are going though periods of depression, you feel as though you are sinking into a funk, and it seems like you are moving through molasses. Emotions go from ecstatic highs to deep lows shadowed in dark despair.

Dear Ones, you are not alone, literally millions of you are experiencing this stretching and building of the 'new auric skin', and we say to you that by understanding the process and maintaining the integrity of your auric field, the process becomes much easier. ...

You see, your entire planet is beginning to quicken, to increase in frequency, and you must ready yourselves to contain that frequency. Many of you are dealing with this, somewhat in the dark. You are now or will soon experience this and an understanding of the process will serve to make it much easier.

Auric Metamorphosis: Changing the Etheric Skin:

The reverse process is also occurring within many of the more enlightened souls. There are many of you who are already tapping into your expansive multidimensionality as the 144-Crystalline grid enables greater dimensional access. The result is that your inner EMF is pulling in great surges of energy, energy levels that are somewhat greater than the parameters of your auric capacitors. In these cases, the result is that a stretching, an overload occurs resulting in temporary fissure cracks, and energy loss. You are changing your skin.

Part of this metamorphic stretching, requires a cleansing process. The very multidimensionality of powernodes and of the Ascension itself are 'crucibles' and will force one's issues to the surface, and thus allow the entity an important opportunity to confront and release any imbedded obstacles. Better now than later. This is why these are popping up for so many of you. Attempts to rebury them, ignore them will simply cause the issue to grow and fester.

These issues themselves, unresolved, will generate stress, and lead to the reactive fields of polar reversal and auric bleeding.

Dear Ones, truly there is a meta-science around auric integrity. This is not a new science, rather a forgotten one, but one that must be understood, relearned, by all who seek to grow, all who seek balance, wisdom and knowledge. An intact EMF allows one to build the Cosmic Lattice, and achieve multidimensionality through the crystalline merkaba.

A fractured field loses energy and the energy loss stresses the physical circuitry. If the loss is not recognized and reconciled, it can lead to chronic polarity reversal, emotional lows, depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, insomnia, migraines, weight gain, anxiety and panic disorders to list but a few. These can be reconciled. ...

What you must understand however is that there are many diverse sources of detrimental EMF impacts that can slow the 'metamorphosis' creating varying degrees of temporary circuitry damage to the field, and these must be dealt with. Imagine these as slow leaks to the tires on your vehicle. If ignored the tire will go flat, and the vehicle cannot move forward. So it is with your auric field. (Archangel Metatron, "Ascension Metamorphosis and Auric Maintenance 101," Nov. 30, 2008, through James Tyberron, at

As each dear soul awakens to the truth of their spirituality and their Oneness to all life, a wave of Light has spread out across the Earth.

Light is now the dominant energy, and is changing everything around you. Matter is becoming less dense, and your bodies are gradually changing to accommodate it. With it comes a change in your cells, which will effectively cleanse your body and restore it to good health. It reaches a point where the lower vibrations cannot exist, and you may note that those souls who aspire to live in the Light are not ravaged by illness.

This is not to be confused with symptoms that arise from your integration of the higher energies, as you will experience some discomfort that will leave you depleted. Flu like symptoms are not unusual and all manner of mild upsets are being experienced. This will not last long, and eventually you will find that your body has been prepared for Ascension. (Ker-On of Venus, Dec. 12, 2008.)

Every soul's first responsibility is to Self, and in these tumultuous times of wild energy fluctuations, that is a handful. Patience may be more difficult to muster; increasing instances of forgetfulness frustrating; irregularities in vision and hearing annoying; and mood swings and bouts of depression may occur. There are many types of physical and emotional challenges to deal with as bodies' electrical systems keep adjusting to the progressively higher frequencies.

Fretting about these natural changes, or worse, feeling anxious about them, adds stress and exacerbates the conditions. Changing your thoughts to optimism and trusting that what seems abnormal actually now is normal will ease anxiety and allow the energy to flow more smoothly through your body. However, not all emotional and physical discomfort is rooted in energetic adjustment, so if symptoms of disease appear or depression deepens, please consult a trusted health care professional. Avoid prescription medications as the chemicals in those drugs will interfere with the body's self-healing mechanisms; natural substances can reinforce those mechanisms that have become sluggish and need a good jolt back into proper functioning. (Matthew's Message, Aug. 30, 2008.)

The changes are affecting all of you, and those with any degree of sensitivity are noticing what is taking place within. The feelings of being disoriented and out of balance are all signs of personal changes, that will only be a passing phase. Soon you will feel rested and energised as your physical body adjusts to the higher vibrations.

The old patterns of life are making place for a new approach that is centred upon Self. This is a quite natural development, and the result of your body cells changing to the higher vibrations. With it shall come harmony and a feeling of well being regardless of what is happening around you. It is a gentle process cleansing your body, and clearing out all that is unable to lift up to the levels of vibration that you are entering. (St. Germain, Aug. 15, 2008, at

A Sick Body is Not a Barrier to Ascension

From 2014

The idea, the plan is that your vessels are as vibrant as possible. Now let me be clear about this because I can feel several of you who are out there saying, “But I am still feeling crippled. I’m still feeling overwhelmed and depressed. I still have heart palpitations. I still have arthritis, My back still hurts.” I speak to you as your brother, as truth. Your Ascension is not dependent upon your body being fully recovered. It is a benchmark that we are working on achieving.

Will there be healing as you pass through the portal? There most certainly will be. Is there magnificent healing in the Tsunami? Yes, but do not think, especially those of you who have suffered and cleansed for so many, do not think for one moment that I am going to leave you behind. Our legions will lift you up and carry you through.

It is your heart, and the love, and the purity, and the grace that is your passport, your ticket. We simply want your body to be as full and as vibrant as possible, as you decide, as you have originally designed, because do not forget my sweet friends, that this is a return to your true design.

And your true design, your soul design, your original architecture did not include dis-ease. And that is also true for Gaia. The ailments, shall we say, that she has endured or suffered as a result of the illusions, and the false grids and paradigms, vasanas of humans, the pollution, the debris, the garbage, the despoiling, this will be healed as well. (“Archangel Michael: The Mother’s Essence Within and Without are Colliding – Part 2/2,” channeled by Linda Dillon, June 12, 2014, at

Why are We Feeling More Pain?

From 2014

You do not have the existence of dis-ease, pain, limitation, in the higher dimension. So, why are we concerned about addressing this while in the, shall we say, cleaned-up 3rd?

Because when you are more dis­-ease-stronger, more vital, more in your root chakra, then you are fully capable of taking that quantum leap.

Additionally, it is a mission of mercy, of compassion, to heal humanity because in that demonstration of the clearing or the lessening of pain, emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual, they are all in the same bandwidth. In that demonstration, what you are receiving is the message, “I am worthy, I am loved” and that is also part of the cleansing and the raising of your vibration, your frequency, your trust factor, your faith factor. So it is complex.

Now, your next question would be, “Then why am I hearing from so many lightworkers that they are feeling more pain than ever, of one sort or another?” And it is because the pain, the injuries, mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, old ailments, even past life ailments, are coming to the surface to be washed away, to be removed, from the Tsunami, from the Mother, from Raphael, from St. Germaine, from your star brothers and sisters. Everybody is working on this.

The idea, the plan is that your vessels are as vibrant as possible. Now let me be clear about this because I can feel several of you who are out there saying, “But I am still feeling crippled. I’m still feeling overwhelmed and depressed. I still have heart palpitations. I still have arthritis, My back still hurts.” I speak to you as your brother, as truth. Your Ascension is not dependent upon your body being fully recovered. It is a benchmark that we are working on achieving.

Will there be healing as you pass through the portal? There most certainly will be. Is there magnificent healing in the Tsunami? Yes, but do not think, especially those of you who have suffered and cleansed for so many, do not think for one moment that I am going to leave you behind. Our legions will lift you up and carry you through. (“Archangel Michael: The Mother’s Essence Within and Without are Colliding – Part 2/2,” channeled by Linda Dillon, June 12, 2014, at

Raising Our Vibration/Purification Continues

From 2019

Steve Beckow: Sometimes I look at the shape of the world and I think how are we going to get out of this? Only by raising the vibration. Correct?

Archangel Michael: That is the key, Sweet One. It has always been about the re-anchoring of the love and the desire, the deep, passionate desire, for peace, for truth. (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Nov. 26, 2019.)

Humanity has reached her crossroads, her tipping point. The ascension process will not stop now. The energetic frequencies have been raised sufficiently to liberate Earth from the clanging jaws of matrix machinery. Freedom has come at a price. The next stage is here. Phase 4 begins. ...

The rescue operation on the material plane has accelerated recently. Healers, clear all who cross your path. Lower vibratory attachments require no consent, their presence compromises the hosts free will. Draw a sacred circle of light around yourself. Send negative attachments to the light. Free the material plane of its astral plagues.

Celestial events will continue to raise the frequencies on planet Earth. The process has sped up. If you resonate as a healer, bathed in light, joy, happiness and love, with a great aversion to the darkness, heed our words. Stay in your happy bubble. Be cautious and canny, listen to your angels and guides, but honor the instinct to stay cloaked in zen bliss vibes. You are anchoring light to the material plane.

Trust instincts and stay happy, even if it means disconnecting somewhat from the material plane.

Lightworkers, givers, empaths ~ nothing is coincidence anymore. Take heed of all that occurs, read synchronicities, follow clues. Heal in angelic light. With pineal gland activation comes the ability to see what others can’t. Do not disregard dream state, in the fourth realm dream state is very real. Trigger consciousness awareness to take control of dream state with the Mantras, I am here, warrior and healer. I can change anything I want to in any realm. My will is my weapon, my light my shield, my higher self, my protection. ("The Great Clearing. Message From the Arcturian Council for January, 2019," Jan. 11, 2019, at

The time has long arrived when you should be giving more of your attention to your own needs, and understand that every soul has had an equal opportunity to rise up. Many have been unable to do so, having ill prepared themselves for what is coming.

Even at your lowest points of experience you are still helped, and often more help and guidance is given in an attempt to help you onto a path that will lead to your enlightenment. It is not a question of intelligence, but the inner response to understanding that you need to firmly place your feet onto your spiritual path if you are to raise your vibrations.

Some might ask how they would know if they were progressing, and the answer is through a greater peace of mind and a distinct feeling of purpose in your life. So many souls feel lost and without direction and wonder what the purpose of their life is, and know that first and foremost it is to clear karmic responsibilities. It is to give you more time for uplifting activities that will bring more Light and understanding into your life. (Mike Quinsey, Jan. 4, 2019.)

From 2016

Steve: Given that the major events depend on vibration, what can I, the blog, and light workers in general do to raise the vibration?

AAM: Keep bringing [lightworkers] back to the love.

Hold up the mirror. As you express your own journey ,what you are truly doing and part of the magnificent service, beloved one, that you offer is you are holding up the mirror and saying, “What about you? Where are you in this process? How are you proceeding? What are you doing to contribute to the Light?”

So, yes, it is all about vibration and it is about raising the individual and the collective vibration. But the collective vibration, as you well understand, does not get raised other than when we do a great deal of things.

But it also does not get raised unless the internal free-will mechanism to progress and rise is present. So it is not something that is being given or activated entirely externally. It is also that internal mechanism.

And that is what you are addressing primarily on the blog: Are you working with your internal free will and desire to raise the vibration? What are you doing? Are you looking externally for someone to do it for you.(Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Jan. 4, 2019.)

The many changes that are waiting to be announced will soon be upon you, and will not be allowed to be interfered with by anyone. The mold has been set and all is ready to go ahead. However minor changes can take place by way of adjustment. What is going to occur now you are in the time of what has been called the “Harvest of the Souls” is your ascension into the higher vibrations. You have travelled far and experienced many lives, as you have awoken from your long sleep in the Dark Night of the Soul. As you stand today you are one who has lifted yourself up and able to discern that which is of the Light, from that which has remained in the dark. (Mike Quinsey, Sept. 16, 2016.)

From 2015

The chaos which is arising from within your being is beautiful, you may have already experience it in the past few weeks, be experiencing it now or about to identify it within your being. It may feel all-consuming, familiar or simply a mild frustration and yet if you are willing to recognise the chaos with awareness and love you will accept and ignite an explosion of light within your being. ...

You may have experienced these issues even as a child such as unworthiness, lack, being manipulated, fear, inability to manifest, inability to recognise or accept the support of the Creator, disappointment, loneliness, anxiety, lack of self-love, self- harm or suffering, distrust, failure, stagnation and such alike. Any feelings which seemingly are disconnected from the Creator which are present within you now are directing you towards your life lessons and also your pathway to life fulfilment.

These energies may choose to manifest physically or be projected from your being as quarrels with loved one, any form of lack within your reality or a disappointment. Know that these experiences are important, they are connected to the light explosion about to take place and it is essential for you to take notice as you can create soul shifts which you have been waiting lifetimes to experience, this can now take place and be fulfilled in this very moment.

The closer the light waves move into your awareness the deeper the purification process taking place will manifest. (“The Andromedans: Explosion of Light Within,” Channeled by Natalie Glasson, November 27, 2015, at

As the frequencies rise in your Light Body and your Physical Body, you may find that you will need to live in a “lighter” way, and that includes your lifestyle and your diet. Let your Heart and Soul be your Guide at this time. The Solar Eclipse will also anchor in the New Solar Frequencies of the Divine Feminine and the presence of the Goddess and the Magdalene will be felt very strongly at this time. Allow her to be a part of your Being and embrace the Inner Goddess that you are! (“The Tsunami of Luminous Light and the Return of the Divine Masculine Frequency,” by Celia Fenn, September 5, 2015,

All of these energies were activated from within your being as a reaction to a circumstance outside of your body or a thought within your mind. The crucifixion energy is such a deep cleansing vibration. It draws all cycles connected to negative interpretations, understandings or experiences of self, so these energies may be accepted by you as your own creation, thus released and let go of, with the recognition they are no longer needed.

Even a small thought of doubt can be a form of self-imposed torture. The word describing this period of ascension demonstrates its importance, and also that one is unable to escape or dodge this purification process as it is essential for moving into a space of love upon the Earth.

It is true that when habits of self-imposed torture, punishment, limitations, and so forth, are released and let go of, one will be able to see, sense, and acknowledge the abundance of love already present upon the Earth and within all beings.

The vibration of energy known as the crucifixion is supporting the release and erasing of self-imposed suffering within each person so the soul may step forth more fully; thus suffering, torture, and pain will begin to dissolve from the general consciousness of humanity.

This would result in humanity unifying in love; respecting and honoring each other, and moving away from violence and cruelty of all forms. ("Master Kuthumi: New Beginnings Continued," channeled by Natalie Glasson, January 23, 2015, at

What is the true meaning of service? Service is a way of making deeper contact with the spiritual interconnectedness of the world one lives in. Every time an individual helps another, they come closer to their essential divinity. As they serve others, they must forget self and concentrate upon the given task, to do what is called for to the best of their ability until they bring it into a successful completion. Reaching for one’s higher self through service to others is a sublime sacrificial act of purification, allowing an individual to utilize their most powerful asset: love, without desire for reciprocation. True service carries great joy, great love and compassion and by this sharing, one’s soul conveys the blessings it carries to another.

Selfless service is based on identification with the soul instead of with the lower aspect of the self, which is external. This enables one’s service to others to be more loving, creative, and effective; and expands their view of the world they live in. Being of service attracts to them great measures of grace, love, help, and assistance from all who serve God. The spiritual values of integrity, honesty, and humility must be an integral part of service to others as well as treating others with respect, kindness, and fairness. Service is essential for one’s transformation, personal growth, and for tapping into their creativity. (Archangel Gabriel: Service,” channeled by Marlene Swetlishoff, January 15, 2015, at

From 2014

Nearly all of you, due to the suffering and betrayal you have experienced over the eons – suffering and betrayal that has been far too painful to acknowledge and remember – have issues to address that you have been in denial about for a very long time.

And for many of you, those issues are making their presence very intensely felt right now.  You burst into tears suddenly, and often for no reason that you can identify.  Let the tears flow!  It is a necessary and very effective form of release.

Do not expend time and intellectual energy attempting to uncover the situations or issues that may be the cause, because mostly they are from previous lives. All you need to do is let the emotions flow while you watch them, accept them; and then offer love and compassion to yourselves.  Nothing else is necessary.

Seeking and identifying causes is a distraction that can seriously mislead you, and might lead you into judgment and resentment, which are at best very unhelpful, and at worst may even be damaging for you.  As we keep telling you, the answer to every issue or problem is Love; and Love includes compassion, forgiveness, and acceptance.

What apparently happened to cause you pain and suffering did not really happen.  You are seemingly ensnared in a reality of betrayal and distrust, an unreal system of beliefs, and in the concomitant suffering that result from those beliefs.(Saul via John Smallman at

Outside influences have less of an impact upon your reality. The presence of karma from the distant past is so small upon the Earth now, that it is almost nonexistence, and a deep purification process is occurring which clears your energies, as if planting your seeds of creation upon new soil.

Everything is now fertile for you to create, as this is what the Creator asks you to achieve; to create within your being and reality, the Creator, your divine self, and truth. When you create from your heart and pure space of truth within you, then you are creating the Era of Love upon the Earth. ("Archangel Raphael and Archangel Metatron: The Laws of Creation in this Time," channeled by Natalie Glasson, Jul. 2, 2014 at

Although many people may be becoming preoccupied with the purification process and preparing their realities and beings, there are also numerous [ones] who are shaping their realities according to their connection with and experience of the Creator. This means there are many who are bringing forth the supreme light of the Creator through their beings and creations, to be anchored and experienced upon the Earth. ("Archangel Michael: The Transitions of This Time," channelled through Natalie Glasson, June 18, 2014 at

The Arcturians: It’s about the frequency of consciousness. That is the protection against the dark ones getting just as much [as lightworkers] and having the same thing happen. The players change but the light and dark still exist. This is a leg-up out of polarity.

Steve: So really we should be concentrating on our frequency. That’s how important it is.

A: Whatever anyone believes about anything, our grounded ones [ground crew] are best served by concentrating on their frequency.

Because as they expand their frequency, they contribute that to the Earth. And then the Earth expands the frequency. And as the Earth expands her frequency, those of a very dense frequency will not be able to tolerate this Earth. They will get diseased. They will die. They will not be able to live. It will be too high of a light for them to tolerate.

They [the off-planet controllers of the dark] will have to pull their members up and take them off to a darker planet. (The Arcturtians through Sue Lie, "Did the Illuminati Bring Down Both Malaysian Planes?" July 24, 2014, at

Along with raising your society’s consciousness, the prevailing vibrations are producing other effects. Persons who endure trauma of one kind or another, perhaps prolonged combat, sexual molestation or other physical abuse, or mental aberrations, are especially vulnerable. When those experiences lead to uncontrollable anger or overwhelming despair, the individuals’ minimal stability snaps and often they kill others or themselves. Persons who are trained from childhood to avenge what was done to their ancestors are feeling intensified urgency to annihilate the designated enemy—that will run its course as the will to kill ebbs around your world. (Matthew's Message, May 2, 2014.)

All mental and emotional patterns that hold your consciousness in the lower vibrations must be purged and cleansed in the sacred fires of purification. Daily use and assimilation of the Violet Flame is imperative for this process. Cleansing your chakras daily is also a must and this takes only a few moments of your time and intention. This spiritual hygiene is needed in order to come into mastery of your lower human tendencies so that you can manifest as the expanded version of yourselves as the divine human with expanded multi-dimensional capabilities. (Hilarion, April 20, 2014.)

There will be the interim discomforts that must be patiently endured during this process and there is no way around them except to go through them. There are so many of you who have the ability to match the frequencies as they come into the atmosphere and this is a great help to you, as you are able to more easily integrate and assimilate these energies and to also act as conduits for these energies to flow into the crystalline diamond core of the Earth.

As you do this, you are anchoring Heaven on Earth and holding this thought will help you to persist in your efforts. It is important to spend at least twenty minutes each day in your individual spiritual practices in whatever way works best for you so that you can align yourself with your divine essence and make a strong connection. For those who have come to the Earth to ascend while embodying their physical vehicles, the goal is to fully integrate with your divine self.

This of course, means that you must be ready and willing to release and let go of ALL that does not serve this higher purpose. All mental and emotional patterns that hold your consciousness in the lower vibrations must be purged and cleansed in the sacred fires of purification.

Daily use and assimilation of the Violet Flame is imperative for this process. Cleansing your chakras daily is also a must and this takes only a few moments of your time and intention. This spiritual hygiene is needed in order to come into mastery of your lower human tendencies so that you can manifest as the expanded version of yourselves as the divine human with expanded multi-dimensional capabilities.

There will be moments where your frustrations and tensions will be expressed in expletives that are not of the highest vibration and when this happens it is important to understand that it is the extreme effects of the energies that your physical body has to contend with as the kundalini energies rise within you. It is important that you take the time to recalibrate when you experience these outbursts and be kind to yourselves.

Rest, rebalance and relax, drink plenty of water, and spend time outdoors in nature absorbing at least 20 minutes of direct sunlight. Call upon your family of light and ask for guidance and assistance when needed. We are here beside you and you never walk alone. (Hilarion, April 20, 2014.)

The dark night of the soul is the final cleansing that must occur before you can live within the NOW of Ascension. This dark night of the soul is when you go through your daily life being fully aware of what you are doing wrong, aware of your fear, aware of your anger, aware of your pain.

You move through your life knowing that YOU are the creator of your life. You have created the situations that make you unhappy and pull you from the NOW. You are the creator of the situations that take you out of the ONE and trap you into the 3D hologram.

The dark night of the soul is quite uncomfortable but very informational. This dark night is a transition through which all of our Away Team, all of our wondrous Multidimensional Beings, who are logged into the 3D hologram have volunteered to enter.

Yes, you all volunteered, applied and wrote life plans to have the honor of logging into the 3D Game during this extremely challenging era of personal and planetary Ascension. There have definitely been times that have been more challenging, as there were times of war, times of starvation and times of plague.

But these times are challenging in a different manner. This “time” is challenging in that you must see yourself. You must be aware of what you are thinking, what you are saying, what you are doing and WHY. Why are you thinking that? Why are you saying that? Why are you doing that?

Are you living your every breath within the NOW of the ONE? Or, have you become distracted by the myriad challenges of the third-dimensional matrix of reality? As long as you hold an Earth vessel, these distractions are unavoidable. However, in order to complete the process of Ascension you must go through the dark night of the soul.

For through the dark night of the soul there is no one else you can blame. It was no one’s fault. No one and nothing did it to you. You created your reality. Through creating your reality, you first needed to bring to the surface the parts of you that could not participate in the creation of the reality of planetary Ascension.

There are many components of your Earth vessel that have come into your present incarnation so that you can love them free and send them off to Venus to be completely healed. This process of releasing the components of your Self that cannot ascend refines your Beingness into that which you can transmute.

When you look at the processes of the flowering of a tree you see that there are many small deaths. Before the bud can bloom, the leaves that protected that bud must open and fall away. The bud opens to create the flower and those outer petals fall away. The flower opens to create the fruit, and the flower falls away. The fruit then falls from the tree to go in to the earth to create another tree. That is what our beloved Grounded Ones are doing while walking in the NOW.

You are falling away from the “Tree of Life” as you have known it, to go deeply into the core of Gaia to create another tree, another life. You are going into the core of Gaia within your conscious mind to create the fifth-dimensional expression of New Earth.

How will you do that? Each and every one of you will need to remember the life plan that YOU wrote while resonating to your higher expression of SELF. You have brought this life plan with you. It is stored in your High Heart and can be read with your opened Third Eye. If you need our assistance to translate the light language in which this plan is written, please call upon us, the Arcturians. ("Message from the Arcturians: Walking The NOW," channelled by Suzanne Lie. March 27, 2014, at

While your heart chakra is experiencing and is guiding a deep cleansing, it is true that your entire being is evolving therefore moving through tremendous shifts, activation and healing processes. You may recognise this more vividly within your reality and also within your emotional body. The love that is growing upon the Earth and more importantly within your beings is causing a tremendously strong and intense purification, where everything you have not yet noticed within yourself will come to the surface as if a light is shone upon your entire being and gradually you must sort through all your energies to understand what you wish to release and what you wish to retain within your being.

It may also be that energies in the past you believed you had healed may remerge for further healing. As more and more love manifests and activates within your being it is as if the light shone upon you widens or penetrates deeper demonstrating to you more of yourself. Sometimes energies can be so embedded within your being they require many levels of healing before they are uprooted completely from your being. While energies are rising to be healed so are your emotions and mental states, these are so familiar to you, akin to old friends that sometimes you can link back into them without realising.

The purpose of the old emotions and mental states emerging is to strengthen your state of love and inner peace. The old emotions and mental states ask you if you can recognise them and not be tempted by their presence, but instead enter into a deeper state of peace and love where you lovingly disregard the old emotional and mental states.("Lord Maitreya: Supporting Souls in the Era of Love," channeled by Natalie Glasson, March 11, 2014 at

It is also important to realise that you can assist many people who may be experiencing what seems like to them a hell upon the Earth as so many negative energies emerge and they are unsure how to heal them, it is to hold these souls in your heart with tremendous compassion and love. Not because you are following your ascension path way and are therefore more evolved but because you have the awareness to do so, the awareness to make a difference.

The Christ consciousness has a purpose in this present moment of holding all beings who are struggling with the love purification process in the deep healing, nourishing and supportive energies of the Christ consciousness. I wish to ask you to assist in this process of healing and freeing many from their negative emotional and mental states of the past. It is a simple process that will assist you in supporting a world healing and shift process as well as activating the greater presence of love within your being. ("Lord Maitreya: Supporting Souls in the Era of Love," channeled by Natalie Glasson, March 11, 2014 at

Your cells are akin to sponges to the light, love and consciousness of the Creator, they are ready to receive, to magnify and project. Living in a sacred ashram constantly focused upon the light of the Creator or within nature with no outside contact or influence your cells would flourish with the light and consciousness of the Creator, creating only perfection because that is all that is available...

The intention of purifying and cleansing your cells can be practiced daily as a process of raising the vibration of your body to commune with your soul and the Creator, creating harmony, unity and love. It can be as important as washing your physical body but can also offer a tremendous sensation of freedom as you tap into the magnificence of the Creator. ("Lady Quan Yin: Cell Purification and Cleansing," channeled by Natalie Glasson, February 6, 2014 at

From 2013

For you will feel the oncoming of something so magnificent, it can almost seem to be too much, and along with the anticipation, you might also feel the stirring of anxiety setting in. Let us just assure you that this is only to be expected, for what you are feeling into, is a change so fundamental, it will indeed wipe the slate clean in so many ways, you will not be the same after you have been under this deluge of energetic purification.

And remember, you are still very much identifying with the old you, the one you used to be, but are not any longer. Still, the memories have not been wiped completely from your very being, and as such, you will still have a hard time envisioning yourself as you are to become. And so the old instinct of shunning change will automatically be triggered in so many of you, and even if you do not have a conscious image of what you have in store, your inner being knows all too well what a major transformation this will be, and so it will be a mixture of longing and fearfulness. ("The Manuscript of Survival – Part 378," channeled by Aisha North, December 12, 2013 at

Fears could be recognised as a cry for help and love from aspects of your being. When a child or person cries in suffering your greatest urge is to embrace them, to let them know that they are supported and loved, therefore helping them connect back into their divinity and to see the core strength within their beings. Your fears require the same treatment. When a fear comes to the surface it is the most common practice to join the fear, to listen to it and to accompany the fear on its journey, embodying all that it represents.

With this practice you are exaggerating the fear. As if a friend was suffering, it is important to listen to the fear, embrace it in your love so that the part of you that is crying out for help and love is attended to and soothed. The fear will naturally start to dissolve as the part of you holding or creating the fear has been recognised by the Creator (you) and bathed in a light of purification.

Know that your fears and even suffering are only a part of yourself crying out for help and love from the Creator, allow yourself to be the one that attunes your entire being to the Creator’s vibrations. ("Saint Germain: Essential Guidance," channeled by Natalie Glasson, September 19, 2013 at

At this present moment I am overseeing a shift in the molecular structure of the Earth and your bodies, this is to defuse all energetic ingrained habits especially connected to the third dimension which can be carried forth without realising. They are no longer needed and remain as debris and an unneeded attachment back to the third dimension. I am achieving a deep purification process within the molecular structure of the Earth and your being to create an alchemical activation which will open your being to greater volumes of light. ("Saint Germain: Essential Guidance," channeled by Natalie Glasson, September 19, 2013 at

Each time you raise your energy vibration or grasp a moment of enlightenment you are encouraging purification within your being. It could be likened to a scan that takes place with each step of enhanced awareness, which erases all that doesn’t resonate or align with the new awareness. This scan of the entire being purifies you and allows you to completely embody the new awareness. At this time of ascension you may not even value the new awareness you obtain, the guidance you follow and the sparks of remembrance or familiarity but each, whether large or small, has a strong and powerful impact upon the overall awareness of your being. ("Archangel Michael: Support from the Angelic Kingdom," channeled by Natalie Glasson, August 29, 2013 at

Many people ask me if their efforts as a light worker upon the Earth really make a difference to the ascension of humanity and Mother Earth. In light of the wisdom I have just shared, my answer to you is that each time you support, heal, love or have an inspired divine awareness you are encouraging a deep purification for the entire Earth and all of humanity. In the same way that we could imagine a whole body scan to dissolve impurities and align everything with the new awareness, you are encouraging all that is not of a similar energetic frequency and vibration to be raised into a more enlightened consciousness.

The light you share, the healing and release processes you move through, encourage all around you to align to a similar or higher frequency and so you are a part of a major network of light working to align all to the source, soul and essence of the Creator whatever form the Creator may take. We wish for you to know that everything you do when connected into , bathing and radiating the light of the Creator will always be of service to the Creator, however small or large. You constantly have the love and support of the Angelic Kingdom. Whatever you achieve even if it is just to sit in peace, you can ask us to magnify and enhance the influence that your moment of sacred connection with the Creator has upon the Earth and humanity, spreading and sharing further light. ("Archangel Michael: Support from the Angelic Kingdom," channeled by Natalie Glasson, August 29, 2013 at

What you are really referring to is that dark night of the soul.

What do I do when I am in that place of desolation and I see no light at the end of the tunnel or at the bottom of the well, other than calling for us? And we will respond.

Embrace yourself. Embrace yourself, hug yourself, literally, as you have never hugged yourself before. Appreciate, love, regard, honor yourself as you never have...

What I suggest to you, and this for most of you is the point of breakthrough, you put yourself into the dark room — yes, sometimes with great help — so that you would break through this illusion of isolation, of separation, of being alone, because it simply is not so.

If nothing else, your guardians, your guides never leave your side. The difficulty comes is that you do not extend your hand and say to your guide, “Take my hand and show me the way out of here.” This is an issue of believing you are alone. It’s doubt instead of trust. It’s fear instead of hope.

Why you are in that dark room is to say “I am fed up, and I won’t do this anymore!” And it doesn’t mean that you are getting rid of or throwing out your entire spiritual journey! You are saying, “I am done with this illusion, and I want the totality of my integrated self. I’ve had enough!”

And to this, we say, thank God! Thank Mother/Father/One. Let it go. (“Archangel Gabrielle on the New Golden Grid, the Process of Ascension, and the Advent of Global Prosperity – Part 2/2," channeled by Linda Dillon, August 26, 2013, at

I, Archangel Raphael, am the angel of divine cleansing, purification and healing, and I am here to assist you in releasing all your karmic contracts, all of your negative emotions, and all that hinders you on your path to harmonizing with the higher dimensional frequencies of light. And I can assist you in the integration with your higher self...("Archangel Raphael: Healing Across All Time and Space and Integration with Your Higher Self," channeled by Goldenlight, August 13, 2013 at

What I would say to all about this is, if you are to live your life in the way that is desired — and that is by living every moment that you can in joy — working with that, concentrating only that, focusing only on the joy of your life, then it is that you are raising the vibration.

And the more the vibration is raised, the more quickly these things shall come about, that you are desiring...

But what I wish to say again is that it will happen by you concentrating on the joy of your life. When you stop wondering when, with all due respect, and take the focus away from that and focus on the moment of “Do I feel happy right now?”

I spoke yesterday as well of ‘the Event’ that many speak of; and many thought it was to be after December last year. But I am saying to you, this Event has not gone away. This Event will be taking place. And it is a showering of love that will descend, if you like, upon your planet in a way that has not been done before. But that Event can take place, for simple terms, depending upon the happiness of those souls on Earth. ("White Cloud: A Showering of Love Upon Your Planet Is Close," channeled by Blossom Goodchild, July 29, 2013, at

Before a New Earth can be constructed, the land must be cleared. It must be purified of ages upon ages of darkness and toxicity, and now is the time of that purification. It is why you feel happy one day, then sad the next. Your Human vessel is still subject to these ups and downs of emotion, regardless of how far along you are on your ascension journey. It matters not a whit, for as long as you continue to occupy a Human body, you shall not be immune to affects of Gaia’s cleansing. It is in the way you choose to handle such emotion which clearly distinguishes the leader from the follower. ("Archangel Indriel: Nothing Is as It Seems," channeled by Bella Capozzi, July 25, 2013 at

There’s a lot more still to come by whatever designation it’s given—cleansing, purification, increasing the light, lightening Earth’s burdens of negativity, ascension process—but it all adds up to the very same thing—a lot of geological activity with pretty heavy damage is still in store. (Grace in Matthew's Message, May 12, 2013.)

This is the most difficult, arduous undertaking. And that is what some of you have been experiencing and saying, “I give up.” We plead with you. You may feel, some of you, my lightworkers, love-holders, you may feel battered and bruised. You may feel that you are in that place of the dark night of the soul.

I plead with you on behalf of all, do not turn away. Do not give up. Reach out your hand. Reach out your heart, in purity of who you are. Reach out to us and reach out to each other. Because this way is what creates the catalytic movement in space, in dimensions, for the shift. (Archangel Michael: You’re Now Ready to Know Who is Here,” April 10, 2013, at

From 2012

So this I ask of you. Do not become entrenched in what you think is going to be a third-dimensional quasi-military maneuver to go to people's homes and put people in jail or in contained environments. The containment is on a whole, completely different level. ...

Think of a box, think of a storage box. Think of a box that you see coming off the large ships, containers. Only these are containers of light, these are containers of pure energy, these are containers of love. And the individual - or the group, by the way, because there are several where we have simply put an entire group; it is easier that way, and more rapid, by the way - we are placing these beings in containers of light and love.

Their energies that may be disruptive or based on the old paradigms of hatred or greed, control, cruelty, just plain nastiness, my brother - they're placed in these containers and that energy has no way, because they are sealed, and they are sealed by the mighty ones - myself, Michael, Raphael, Uriel, Jophiel and Gabriel. They are sealed. And in that sealing, their negative actions, emotions, et cetera, cannot escape.

They remain there, continually and constantly penetrated by love and light. Now, the reason we tell you, ask you, guide you not to do this - first of all, you are not strong enough, and this is something that is done only in very extreme cases. If you look closely at one of these who are contained, sometimes you will hear screams, cries for mercy, false promises of good behavior, but they remain there until such time as the purification is absolutely complete. And that decision of removal lies in the hands of the Mother and Father.

This is a method of bringing peace that has not been utilized - well, it has been utilized by a few select people, human beings that we have given this to, but it has not been used as a strategy, let us put it that way, since the time of intergalactic wars. Even when we removed what you have thought of as the, hmm, negative forces of the ETs, those who were abductors and slave masters, even when they were removed to a different universe about a decade ago, we did not utilize this method. (Archangel Michael on the Containment of the Cabal, July 3, 2012, at

From 2011

As you continue this process of release it is a little as though you had lived enclosed in a house with extremely dirty windows, and relied on just one or two candles to enable you to see anything. Now you have started to clean the windows, allowing the daylight to pour in unrestrictedly, and what you can see as a result amazes you.

You are surrounded by the most beautiful selection of priceless treasures - love, compassion, acceptance, forgiveness, understanding, light, and peace - leading you to permanently discard what you had valued inordinately until you started cleaning your windows, namely: darkness, fear, anger, skepticism, and distrust. The sense of freedom you experience as you go through this process is uplifting and inspiring, and to see everything in the brilliant light of day exhilarates you.

This process of release, acceptance, and clarification will lead you inevitably towards your awakening, as you become increasingly aware of the power of Love which is at the core of your being, and which will strengthen and intensify as you release and discard attitudes, beliefs, and habits of behavior that no longer serve you.

Truly the paths you are each following towards your awakening are marvels of divine planning, and each of you were intensely involved in their creation because they needed to be precisely tailored to your individual requirements. Remind yourselves of this frequently: "The path that I am following was created just for me and no one else, and is absolutely perfect. All that I need do is accept it wholeheartedly, and ask for guidance to understand and learn the lessons that it provides." (Saul, Nov. 13, 2011.)

Knowing what lies ahead let nothing put you off your path, and let the lower vibrations pass you by as they no longer have any power over you. Let go of links to them that you know cannot travel with you, and refine your energies so that you become a Being of Light. That will be your protection as you enter the Ascension stage and take your place with us. (SaLuSa, Oct. 21, 2011.)

We wish to bring special support to those who have been integrating the new frequencies through their bodies in the form of symptoms, both physical and emotional, that have been regarded as purging toxins from all levels. Many of these ascenders have taken on the changes through body symptoms to the point that they have become nonfunctional.

They have curtailed their participation in social interactions, some to the point of reclusiveness. They find that in this way they minimize stressors and allow for some comfort. Stress is both the source/impulse for transformational changes and the painful result of these processes. It is important to stay grounded and integrate the energy as quickly as possible.

We address those who have taken on this type of debilitating transformation and, in many cases, have felt very much alone. We are communicating from a particular urgency because there are shifting probabilities at work that are increasing the stress on these very people who have already taken on so much.

There are very powerful energies that will be increasing the speed and intensity of transformation during the last part of this year (2011). Although these surges of energy are neutral in nature, highly integrated, they play out in many different ways through the lightworkers who are processing them. (Oceanna, Pleiadian priestess, through Hannah Beaconsfield, Sept. 21, 2011, at

Everyone will be dealing, to one degree or another, with the symptoms of detoxification from all your bodies of consciousness. As the transformation progresses many will feel an altered sense of identity, which is disorienting. Your species is dealing with changing genetic patterns. It is handling alterations in time.

Humans have many genetically programmed and evolutionarily acquired skills for handling stress. Shocking levels of trauma as well as relentless repeated stress can create life-threatening changes in physical functioning. Ascenders who are processing repeated accumulative stress could be just as debilitated as those who are damaged by violent traumas such as war. The ascenders, who have been processing accumulative stress for years have been experiencing something like a thousand little crucifixions.

You brave souls have entered into an open-ended contract to assist with the planetary transformation. Because you are human you had a sense of the project having an ending. This is a reasonable expectation and is given confirming validity through Earth's patterns of natural cycles: beginnings have endings in linear time. You first ascenders have repeatedly projected the end of the transformational sickness, emotional pain, and instabilities. But it just seems to go on and on. In addition the transformational energy has been coming in waves or surges, which means you feel assaulted, then you have a respite, followed by another assault.

The symptoms of change are hard enough, but being repeatedly slapped down just when you are starting to feel better, would be debilitating for anyone. It is often in the slap-down phase that you are most in danger. Like many who endure prolonged stress such as soldiers, convicts, the tortured and those beaten down by the struggle for survival, you are always teetering on the edge of overwhelm. The slightest stressor can push you over the edge.

We have concern for the burden some of you are carrying. There have been lightworkers who have lost the body through which they worked. Understand, nothing is really lost in these cases. In the higher scheme of things all is perfectly balanced. The spirit that transitions begins working from the astral plane soon after death. However, the work the entity did on the Earth plane helped in an immediate and more integrated way when they were still in a body.

Each of you, who are incarnate on Earth, is in a power position. We can only serve by guidance and support, but you, who take on physical life, are right in the thick of things. You are holding the light and transforming your world by direct contact. We are sending our assistance and support now to keep you valuable workers functioning on your living plane. (Oceanna, Pleiadian priestess, through Hannah Beaconsfield, Sept. 21, 2011, at

AAM: When I have said, "great strides are being made," I do not necessarily mean in what you are thinking of as the places of decisions and power. I am talking about in the quiet of peoples' hearts and peoples' homes. There is a growing intensity. Now you well know, that the energy that has flooded your planet now for some time - and that is beginning to lessen - that is why you are feeling slightly better, but this energy has been penetrating the entire field of each and every person on your earth, ... on your planet.

Now that energy is transformative. And it has the ability to, ... yes, in some, create chaos and further turmoil, but in many, it has broken through to their hearts, and in many ways it has re-opened or re-activated their hearts. It is brought them back to what is really important in their lives, in their values, and in what they want to see and accomplish during this life, yes in a whole variety of ways - and a whole variety of belief systems as well.

The belief systems, as long as they are anchored in love, do not concern us, really. It is the belief systems that have been rooted in the old human ways that have caused difficulties in the past, so when I say that great strides are being made, I mean that the fear, the anxiety, the sense of hopelessness, the sense of being completely detached from the rest of humanity, ... that is changing. And it is changing rapidly. (Archangel Michael, personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Sept. 13, 2012.)

Regardless of what some people learn about the future, they do not want to give up their earthly enjoyments. The point is that some of them cannot be taken beyond this dimension anyway. However, they can be replaced by something that is much more satisfying, but it is for you to discover this through your own experiences.

Man's pleasures are often the very things that cause disease and distress, but some people cannot see the connection. You who are more enlightened will know of what we speak, and because you do have found no difficulty in giving them up. Your body is your temple, and it is your responsibility to look after it if it is to serve you well. Smoking and the taking of drugs are most damaging, and sometimes it is irreversible. Indeed, most pursuits of this nature are leading you onto the path of ruin. (SaLuSa, July 29, 2011.)

You will be downloaded the information you need to make your final approach into full consciousness. Once you embark on your final run the final vestiges of any left-over imbalance will be cleared from your system. As you approach your destination you will be fine-tuning and balancing your energy centers. Within this final tuning is purification of the heart. At this point you will see the Master, and the Master is you! You will then embark in full consciousness on the next leg of your infinite journey! (Inspired Messages through Mylightwarrior," A simple Roadmap of Ascension," July 24, 2011, at

Divine Mother: The transition is a time of awakening, yes, which we have had this channel call the Great Awakening. And it is a time of restoration and the fulfillment of my Plan. You have been recently at a crossroads, my beloved ones. And you have asked, dear Steve, in other presentations and shows about the fulfillment of the Divine Plan. I tease you and say, I think I am qualified to speak to this matter.

You are at a place, yes, certainly, of the tipping point, but you are also at a place of still, great heaviness, what you often refer to — and when I say you I mean the humans — as darkness. Now, I do not say this to frighten or to worry, and certainly never in judgment. But the drama and the choice to engage in drama — well, you know this history of your planet and the illusions that have been adopted, and you are at a crossroads

Now, we did not talk about this because we did not wish to discourage any. But I have need, if you are individually going forward, and collectively, to ask you to heed yet again my request — might I say, my directive? — to not only clear, let go, but to eliminate this darkness and drama.

Now, you have reached over the hump, and that is the brilliant news, that is the good news that Michael has delivered on our behalf. It is the glad tidings of enormous, pure joy! Because had you not, it would have resulted, can we say, in a very long, long, long, prolonged period of continuation in the darkness. But you collectively, with your hearts of purity, have remembered, and you have chosen love. You have chosen to shift.

This is the most significant exercise of free will that has ever occurred on Earth. And the “word in flesh” has been made known and has been declared throughout the multiverse. There is celebration, jubilation, in so many realms! Now, we flood you directly: whether you acknowledge it or not, I flood you with my energy, with my movement, with my love, with birthing, with rebirthing your sweet selves, with rebirthing yourselves into, back to, the original patterning — which was always multidimensional; which was always aware and awake; which was always participating with and in my creative energy. ("Transcript of the Divine Mother on An Hour with an Angel, May 7, 2011," at

From 2010

This is a very challenging time for people everywhere. It is a time when Humanity is being purged, and the negative behavior patterns of our lower human egos are being pushed to the surface to be healed and transmuted. This is a necessary part of our transformation, and a cleansing that must occur in order for Humanity to complete our Ascension into the 5th Dimension. This purification is happening for each of us individually and for all of us collectively. (Patricia Diane Cota-Robles, "Heal the Polarization," March 17, 2010, at

I wish to speak with you in regards to the diverse energies and the expression of these energies at this time. As the Light intensifies as it pours down upon the Earth from the Cosmos and enters the atmosphere of the Earth, it enters into the auras of all living things and begins its great work of purification and alignment to the higher frequencies of consciousness. For those who have been working with intent to raise their frequency levels, this will translate into feelings of joy and expansiveness.

For those who are just Awakening to these concepts, this is translating in expression at the levels of human ego, as the newly Awakened Ones take on their newly acquired knowledge and in this new awareness, feel that they must teach and change others around them. This can sometimes require great patience from those who have been at this work for many, many decades. (Master Hilarion, Weekly Message, through Marlene Swetlishoff, March 17-21, 2010, at

From 2009

The higher vibrations beaming to you are raising your levels of consciousness. (SaLuSa, Sept. 23, 2009.)

From 2008

Systems are breaking down on the individual and planetary levels of Consciousness. That which no longer serves you is being melted down in the crucible of purification.

Relationships that do not lead to higher good are ending. Systems that do not serve the higher good are collapsing, rebooting in order to reform in the new paradigm. (Archangel Metatron, "The Alchemy of the Solstice," Dec. 21, 2008, through John Tyberron, at

We are well aware that a lot of you are feeling lonely, and some are going through uncomfortable ascension symptoms, the 'Dark Night of the Soul' and depression, digestive symptoms, lethargy, apathy, anger, doubt, fear. But we assure you that all is in line with what you came here to do. You are filling those shoes and your fit for those shoes is perfect. Your fit for your roles is perfect. You are being all that you have come to be. You are becoming all that you were meant to be, and you are the masters that were born to be. (Archangel Michael, Dec. 10, 2008, through Elanthra, at

There is not much time left for those who still are sleeping behind the veil, so to say, to waken from the conditioning that has kept them so long asleep and unaware of their god and goddess selves. They must become consciously aware so they can separate the wheat from the chaff in their lives, in your world, and become spiritually prepared to accompany Earth into the higher planes of energy. It is not Earth who decides which of her beloved children will make the trip with her—she wants ALL to go!—and it is not an arbitrary basis that determines who goes and who doesn’t; it is just plain physics.

The light of raised consciousness and spiritual clarity—the knowing that all life in this universe is inseparably connected with God and all other souls, and living accordingly—carries a frequency that enables physical survival in the energy planes where Earth is heading. Those who ignore the urging of their souls and instead choose to stay oblivious to this universal truth, do not have that light; and without it, they remain in their lower frequency that prevents bodies from surviving in higher energy planes. Although once back in spirit life they can plan the next incarnation with the same circumstances and another opportunity to “see the light,” they will realize that they defaulted in their pre-birth choice to do that in this lifetime.

A part of “seeing the light” is honing discernment ability and trusting intuition, the messages from your soul, wherein the truth for each of you lies. (Mathew's Message, Feb. 24, 2008.)


The secret of immortality is to be found in purification of the heart, in meditation, in realization of the identification of the Self within and Brahman without. For immortality is union with God. (Swami Prabhavananda and Frederick Manchester, trans., The Upanishads. Breath of the Eternal. New York and Scarborough: New American Library, 1957; c1948, 13.)

Whatever be our spiritual path, Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, or Sufi, the three stages we all have to follow are purification, meditation, and experience of the divine reality or Godhead. (Swami Yatiswarananda in Christopher Isherwood, ed., Vedanta for Modern Man. New York: Collier Books, 1962; c1945, 133-4.)

The chakra system and the philosophy it implied demanded a conscious, intentional purification and ascent toward concentration in the highest center and in the subtlest vehicle of being, the supra-causal body. Thus, spiritual life seemed ultimately determined by this goal of ascent. (Da Free John,The Knee of Listening. Original Edition. Clearlake, CA; Dawn Horse Press, 1984; c1973, Original Edition, 117.)

Desire is the root of all sorrow, disappointment, affliction, for though it has a feverish joy of pursuit and satisfaction, yet because it is always a straining of the being, it carries into its pursuit and its getting a labour, hunger, struggle, a rapid subjection to fatigue, a sense of limitation, dissatisfaction and early disappointment with all its gains, a ceaseless morbid stimulation, trouble, disquiet, asanti. To get rid of desire is the one firm indispensable purification of the psychical Prana, - for so we can replace the soul of desire with its pervading immiscience in all our instruments by a mental soul of calm delight and its clear and limpid possession of ourselves and world and Nature which is the crystal basis of the mental life and its perfection. (Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis of Yoga. Pondicherry: Sri Aurobindo Ashram, 1983, 628-30.)

I [said to] Bhagavan ... that I had already been staying with him for some months, and yet I did not feel any change in myself. It is the look that purifies, he told me, but it is not a visible purification. Coal takes time to ignite, but charcoal is proportionately quicker, while gunpowder ignites immediately. So it is with men under the powerful glance of a Jnani. (Sadhu Arunachala [A.W. Chadwick], A Sadhu’s Reminiscences of Ramana Maharshi. Tiruvannamalai: Sri Ramanasramam, 1961, 41.)

This purification of the soul ... we can call the dark night..., whether it is the purification of the sense or of the spirit. (St. John of the Cross in Kieran Kavanaugh and Otilio Rodriguez, trans. Complete Works of St. John of the Cross. Washington: Institute of Carmelite Studies, 1973, 71-2.)

A soul must ordinarily pass through two principal kinds of night (which spiritual persons call purgations or purifications of the soul) in order to reach the state of perfection. Here we shall term these purgations nights, because in both of them the soul journeys in darkness as though by night.

The first night, or purgation ... concerns the sensory part of man's nature. The second [night is] the night of the spiritual part of man's soul. [The third night is] the passive purgation.

[The] first night is the lot of beginners, at the time God commences to introduce them into the state of contemplation.... The second night or purification takes place in those who are already proficients, at the time God desires to lead them into the state of divine union. This purgation, of course, is more obscure, dark, and dreadful. (St. John of the Cross in Kieran Kavanaugh and Otilio Rodriguez, trans. Complete Works of St. John of the Cross. Washington: Institute of Carmelite Studies, 1973, 73.)

Acts of sacrifice, almsgiving and austerity should not be given up: their performance is necessary. For sacrifice, almsgiving and austerity are means of purification to those who rightly understand them. But even these acts must be performed without attachment or regard for their fruits. Such is my final and considered judgment. (Sri Krishna in Swami Prabhavananda and Christopher Isherwood, trans., Bhagavad-Gita. The Song of God. New York and Scarborough: New American Library, 1972; c1944, 120.)

[The first] dark night is a privation and purgation of all sensible appetites for external things of the world, the delights of the flesh, and the gratifications of the will. All this deprivation is wrought in the purgation of sense. ... One is not freed from the sufferings and anguish of the appetites until they are tempered and put to sleep. ... The first [reason we call this journey toward union with God a night] has to do with the point of departure, because the individual must deprive himself of his appetite for worldly possessions. This denial and privation is like a night for all his senses. (St. John of the Cross in CWSJC, 74.)

After the purification of the heart one obtains divine love. Then one sees God, through His grace. (Paramahansa Ramakrishna in Swami Nikhilananda, trans., The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna. New York: Ramakrishna-Vivekananda Center, 1978; c1942, 158.)

Changes to the Body/Love the Body

From 2017

All of your creations of machinery, anything that uses power, is designed… the inspiration has been the human form, the understanding that in order to bring forth energy, it needs fuel. Sometimes that fuel is simply air and water, but in most instances it is also substance.

Make a daily ritual, my friends, to hear and to love your body, to hear what it is saying to you, what it is offering to you. And if it is saying to you, “Please don’t eat that; please take me for a walk; please let me sit on the ground and look at the sky” – then honor it. Your body is your creation!

As you move into this level of love association with your body, it will transform. I know because I have done it. (“Transcript ~ St. Germaine: Love & Converse With Your Body Daily! March 14, 2017,” at

The last thing I wish to say though is that it is vitally important not to be discouraged. So often, my beloved friends, my brothers and sisters, my fellow journeyers, you feel like your body has betrayed you, that you have been betrayed or abandoned or that we have forgotten you, that you are stuck in a form that is not really of your choice or decision or your making. You say, “That is all very well and good to talk about saying a prayer, but I can barely get to the stove.”

Beloveds, do not be discouraged if you have any description of malady, of illness or un-ease or dis-ease. I am pleading with you. Yes, there are many keys and help is on the way. But the first step: love your disease, love your unease, love your malady.

You say, “Well, why would I do that? I don’t want it to stay.” Love it so that it no longer has to get your attention and say, “Please pay attention to me.” Love it, love it, love it for everything it is showing you and then give it to me. We will torch it. We will send it into the Violet Flame and we will disintegrate it so that you will be like the phoenix rising from the ashes. But first – love it! (“Transcript ~ St. Germaine: Love & Converse With Your Body Daily! March 14, 2017,” at

From 2015

As you invite the Golden Pillar of Light frequencies to flood your being, you are activating the presence of Divine Love into every cell. These filaments of Divine Light are changing your DNA by building a body with new crystalline structures that resonate at the higher vibrations.

These qualities are living frequencies of energy that can be used to activate those energies within your body. As you purposely bring the Golden Light into your being, it activates the cellular structures as it transforms your DNA.

You are literally changing into one who can activate these very frequencies into a world of chaos and confusion, and hold the frequencies of Light in your energy field. (“Archangel Gabriel: Activate the Pillar of Golden Light,” channeled by Shanta Gabriel, February 24, 2015, at

When you invoke the Pillar of Golden Light, you become one who receives these golden frequencies into the empty chalice of your heart space, inviting the Christed Light into your being and anchoring pure Love within you into the Earth.

As you allow Golden Light to activate within your body, your nervous system begins to resonate at a higher frequency and you can hold more and more light in your physical being.

The sensitivity level in your feeling nature becomes your intuitive awareness, heightened to receive the gifts your soul remembers.

Living in this light allows you to create the frequencies in your life that bring your gifts forward so you can use them to fulfill your soul destiny in this lifetime, in total Joy of Being.

As a spiritual practice, using the Pillar of Golden Light will attract to you that which you intend to receive. The radiance of a person who has brought Divine Light and Love through every cell of their body, repeatedly, is both transformational and magnetic.

Through all that you do, there is a level of Grace that can be invited to work within you. The Pillar of Golden Light could even be the Fountain of Youth, totally free for everyone that fills the inner cup with the Golden Light of Love. These qualities are living frequencies of energy that can be used to activate those energies within your being. (“Archangel Gabriel: Activate the Pillar of Golden Light,” channeled by Shanta Gabriel, February 24, 2015, at

Belief in that which you cannot see immediately is a key that opens many doors. The most empowering belief is remembering how precious you are and how much you are loved. You are being uplifted and guided through the fire of this time by a Love that never ends.

When you can allow this truth to permeate the lower chakras and anchor guidance within your being, the Pillar of Golden Light is activated. This will gift you with the ability to expand and enfold the higher frequencies while directing them into your world to attract the qualities of consciousness you are asking to receive in your life.

It is these lower centers that are working to sustain the higher frequencies and ground the expansive energy. You are then able to receive more Light in your body without feeling that your nervous system is so over-stimulated that you have a sense of being electrocuted. It is just an intensity of energy and not a place for fear. (“Archangel Gabriel: Activate the Pillar of Golden Light,” channeled by Shanta Gabriel, February 24, 2015, at

From 2014

As Divine Sparks of the Creator, you were given a great gift, a treasure chest of Creator Essence to use in any way you desired. You began this lifetime with a portion of Adamantine Particles of Light (the Essence of the Supreme Creator) stored within your Sacred Heart, and also a reserve tucked away within your Root Chakra–the Sacred Fire Seed Atom sometimes called Kundalini and portrayed as a coiled serpent.

You have always had access to the Sacred Fire stored within your heart; however, you have to remember how to use your “Keys to the Kingdom” in order to ignite and effectively use this power source of Divine Light.

The Kundalini or Serpent Fire is a different matter, for you must clear 51% of the distorted energy you have created in the past in order to tap into this potent reservoir of Divine Creator Light. In order to reach this state, you must harmonize the vibrational patterns of your physical, emotional, mental and etheric bodies to the degree that your Energetic signature is resonating to the harmonics of the mid-fourth dimensions and higher.

Higher-consciousness awakening begins when the Kundalini Fire ignites within the root chakra, and begins to move up the spinal column through the etheric chakra system, thereby activating the process of opening the Seven Seals of Higher Consciousness.

The Medulla Oblongata or the Ascension Chakra, which is sometimes called the Mouth of God, is activated, and the pineal gland begins to pulsate and function as it was originally designed to do. This in turn opens the crown chakra or the lotus of en-Lighten-ment at the top of the head, thereby connecting with the shining column of Light, which ultimately leads to your God-Seed Atom or I Am Presence.

Once you make this connection, you are forever changed. The empowerment of Spirit begins to flow through you as you begin to reclaim your mastery of Self along with the godly gifts of your Divine heritage.

It is time for you and other Lightworkers to understand where you fit into this great cosmic event of expansion and evolution. Now is the time you have been preparing for in this and many past lifetimes.

You, the Faithful Ones, who are striving to attain Self-mastery so that you may become World Servers of the Light, are needed now more than ever. It is now the time to declare, “I will strive to become a BOLD BEARER of LIGHT so that I may magnetize to me and radiate from me the maximum amount of Creator Light out into the world, to humanity and all Creation.”

New pathways in the brain are opened as you begin to unlock the Light packets of wisdom and your history stored within the higher-dimensional levels of your Sacred Mind. The old pathways and painful memories of your third- and fourth-dimensional past begin to fade, and you will find that it becomes more and more difficult to remember the failures and suffering of your past lives.

Have we not told you that you are healing the past as you spiral into the future? You will remember who you are and your history, but only the positive, harmonious events.

As an en-Lighten-ed Being, you have begun to build a bridge of consciousness back into the higher realms of this Sub-universe. It is called the Antakarana in ancient, esoteric teachings and the Rainbow Bridge currently.

In order to return to mastery, you must learn to use the three aspects of your mental nature: the brain–mind–Soul. You must also clear the distortions of the subconscious mind and attune the conscious mind to your Soul Self so that the wisdom of your Soul and Higher Self can begin to flow throughout your four lower-bodily systems.

Remember, every atom and all your physical Being have consciousness, and they must be en-Lighten-ed and attuned to the higher frequency patterns of Ascension. You are made of Divine Essence. You are a Spark/Fragment of the Supreme Creator. You have latent powers that must be developed. There is a great need for humanity to refresh its Spiritual memory and to develop the powers of a Master of Light.

The Antakarana is composed of sub-tributaries or streams of Light, which will ultimately strengthen and magnify the connections between the many facets of your Higher Self and your God-Seed Atom. These streams of Light have consciousness, and they contain the intelligence of your multiple levels of Self which reside in the higher realms.

As we have told you, your subconscious mind is becoming conscious, and your conscious mind is opening up to the wisdom of your Superconscious mind, which contains the mysteries of this Sub-universe.

You are in the final stages of a most wondrous experiment: perfecting and merging Spirit with matter in its highest form. The ego desire body, the will of the physical personality, must merge with the Will of Spirit into one fused unit of consciousness.

In order to evolve/ascend into the next higher frequency levels of consciousness, you must endeavor to stand firmly mid-way on the path of Light and shadow as you traverse the realms of duality. It is vitally important that you access the Seed Atoms of hope, inspiration and intuition, which are stored within your Sacred Mind and Sacred Heart.

As you remove the fog of negativity from your etheric body, your mind and emotional body, gradually, these precious Seed Atoms will begin to pulsate and release the potent, cosmic virtues, talents and wisdom stored therein. You must strive to disengage yourself from the glamour of the material world and from the restrictive forces of matter.

The Soul is forever seeking unity. You are learning to be a practical mystic – to stand firmly anchored in the refined levels of the third- and fourth-dimensional environment as you gradually merge the multiple facets of your Beingness into the entry levels of the fifth dimension.

You are well on your way to taming the human intellectual mind in order to access and use the intuitive, higher mind. The inner life of a Self-master is lived and ruled from a mental state of consciousness. Emotions, thoughts and actions are all filtered through the mental faculty of the Soul.

As a result, illusion gives way to intuition, whereby higher frequency knowledge gradually becomes available. The lure of the material world will slowly fade as the ego desire body loses its dominant hold and the personality becomes Soul-infused. As a Self-master, you will learn to efficiently function within the combined fields of dynamic, physical force and cosmic energy.

The Earth and humanity are on the verge of the greatest awakening and transformation since the fall of human consciousness into the lower realms of density. (Archangel Michael: Decision Time – the Future is Now. Channelled by Ronna Herman, December 1, 2014, at:

Self-healing will continue but as time passes it will become less and less necessary. You will find that your body will “rejuvenate” itself in the course of time, and indeed we know that some of you already feel that your bodies are becoming more in balance regardless of your age. (SaLuSa, Oct. 10, 2014.)

your new body is anchored in the 7th. This is where you have stored it. This is where you have been working on it. This is where you have been formulating the beauty of who you’re stepping into. And I use this as an example simply because it is true of most Beings and if you think, Dear Hearts who listen and who will listen that this is not true of you, well, you are wrong. So start; find where you have built your New You.

Now we are not going to leave it at that because part of Nova Earth, these are the tools you have asked for, part of Nova Earth and the building of Terra Gaia, is not this fragmentation and that is part of the fear factor of what you are looking at. You are thinking “Well, if I’m in the 3rd, the 4th, the 5th, the 6th, the 7th, I feel fragmented”. The truth is that that is the unified grid, that you can be in all of these places because you are not a limited Being. You are these phenomenal Beings, the Creator Race that has come to fulfill and close the circle for Creation. Now you know how magnets work. I’m going to be very practical in this.

Take your physical form that you are feeling in the renewed 3rd, shall we say? Now the old body, and I do not mean to say you are old Dear Heart, for I am very old! You are a spring chicken! (Both laughing).

But the old body is highly magnetic. The new body, the New You, is more electrical. Feel your magnetic body pulling from whatever dimension you are in, whether it is the 6th, the 7th, the 12th, the 1st, pull that body in. Feel it traveling across the grid into your grid, into your sacred space and feel it connecting, overlaying, feel the connection and click it in.

And do this, I would suggest, absolutely every day if not several times a day. (“Transcript: Heavenly Blessings ~ St. Germaine on Where to Look for Results, aired July 15, 2014,” July 30, 12014, at

Steve Beckow: Well lord, a question for you. One of the big new developments in this Ascension is going with the human body. What have you found, and when I say you I mean the team that is staging Ascension, what are the considerations that are facing you with regard to the human body’s frailty, with regard to not going too fast, burning out the circuits. What are you finding in that area?

Archangel Michael: This is a very good question and it is a question that many of you have posed to me in prayer or even in pain. I will be very frank. The human body has required a lot of work. It is not in great shape.

I don’t say that critically but you have asked a very important question. It [physical Ascension] is unique. It is the first. We are taking this form, you, each of you are taking this form and not merely abandoning it, but bringing it forth inter-dimensionally, to a higher vibration, to what you can think of as a reconstitution.

This is also part of the recovery that I have referred to earlier. It is not simply the infusion of the love. It is also the recovery, the strengthening of the body and many are reporting that. The channel forgot to mention that part, but I will help her out.

So, for decades you know that your body has been shifting and for some of you that began as far back as the Harmonic Convergence, through all these shifts, the 11:11’s, the 12:12’s, the Grand Crosses, the solar flares.

But this has been magnified and intensified in the past couple of years; well, actually about three and a half to four years. You’re shifting from what you think of as the carbon-based form to a crystalline form which is simply meaning that the structure of your being is more able to not only to hold the higher frequency and vibration but also act as a transmitter.

And there are many side benefits in terms of healing and in terms of telepathic communications and simply clarity of downloads. So that has been one thing.

The thing that we have been most focused on – and I truly speak for my brother Archangel Raphael, oh yes, and St. Germaine, he is giving me the nod as well – has been the strengthening of the body as we eliminate what you think of as dis-ease, maladies, weaknesses in the human body.

You have asked about the Ascension team. Now I’m telling you, the priority is the elimination of pain because it is very difficult to be in the upliftment, in the elevation, in the bliss when you were in pain. You have moments of bliss and then your body calls you back.

That is one of the reason why also for the last while so many healing ships have been positioned so close to Gaia and have been working completely non-stop. That is an aside that I make.

You do not have the existence of dis-ease, pain, limitation, in the higher dimension. So, why are we concerned about addressing this while in the, shall we say, the cleaned-up 3rd?

Because when you are more dis­-ease-stronger, more vital, more in your root chakra, then you are fully capable of taking that quantum leap.

Additionally, it is a mission of mercy, of compassion, to heal humanity because in that demonstration of the clearing or the lessening of pain, emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual, they are all in the same bandwidth. In that demonstration what you are receiving is the message, “I am worthy, I am loved” and that is also part of the cleansing and the raising of your vibration, your frequency, your trust factor, your faith factor. So it is complex.

Now, your next question would be, “Then why am I hearing from so many lightworkers that they are feeling more pain than ever, of one sort or another?” And it is because the pain, the injuries, mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, old ailments, even past life ailments, are coming to the surface to be washed away, to be removed, from the Tsunami, from the Mother, from Raphael, from St. Germaine, from your star brothers and sisters. Everybody is working on this.

The idea, the plan is that your vessels are as vibrant as possible. Now let me be clear about this because I can feel several of you who are out there saying, “But I am still feeling crippled. I’m still feeling overwhelmed and depressed. I still have heart palpitations. I still have arthritis, My back still hurts.” I speak to you as your brother, as truth. Your Ascension is not dependent upon your body being fully recovered. It is a benchmark that we are working on achieving.

Will there be healing as you pass through the portal? There most certainly will be. Is there magnificent healing in the Tsunami? Yes, but do not think, especially those of you who have suffered and cleansed for so many, do not think for one moment that I am going to leave you behind. Our legions will lift you up and carry you through.

It is your heart, and the love, and the purity, and the grace that is your passport, your ticket. We simply want your body to be as full and as vibrant as possible, as you decide, as you have originally designed, because do not forget my sweet friends, that this is a return to your true design.

And your true design, your soul design, your original architecture did not include dis-ease. And that is also true for Gaia. The ailments, shall we say, that she has endured or suffered as a result of the illusions, and the false grids and paradigms, vasanas of humans, the pollution, the debris, the garbage, the despoiling, this will be healed as well. ("Archangel Michael: The Mother's Essence Within and Without are Colliding - Part 2/2," channeled by Linda Dillon, June 12, 2014, at

Ashira: What is primarily changing your molecular structure – as you know, you’re transferring to a crystalline structure – but it is more your vibration and frequency. (“Transcript: Heavenly Blessings ~ Commander Ashira on Galactic Life, March 18, 2014," at

As we are the keepers of peace and serenity, truth and balance, coming from a high intelligence and system of Light, we bring you the magic of your ascension phase. Namely: Transcendence! Transcendence is our policy and specialty as we are pure consciousness in the embodiment of a non humanoid form, which is pure consciousness in a light body.

This phase has been activated by you and for you all and we wish for you to accomplish this in the Now. The more your consciousness is merging into one collective species, the more your Universe in the Alpha quadrant is merging into one group of collectives and one consciousness. So too do the 4 quadrants of the Cosmos start to merge into Oneness again, back to the point where we and all existence started from in the first place.

We are here to serve you with the infrared spectrum to be able and become the “seer” of all other civilizations. We canalize the activation of this infrared spectrum to have more tangible meetings with some Galactics and this for those who are ready and balanced enough to keep the connection manifested into their own reality.

This may require a lot of re-structuring of the brain system, DNA upgrades and re-structures, which in itself are all movements of switches and changes on a cellular base and content. This will physically not hurt you or anything to that effect, but it will require a lot of change and adaptation from your body to adjust. This in order to keep up with the frequencies of the remodulations and shifts so that the DNA strands and the infrared spectrum may function properly again to bring you the visual contact with other civilizations.

Some may address and activate those spectrums by themselves through telepathic agreements and activations as the telepathic transmissions are the actual activations of these infrared spectrums. The more you are in tune with yourSelf by heart, the more your telepathic skills will arise and will activate. Telepathic communications do bring a rush of energies into your bodily system, which in itself will bring forth more kundalini awakening in the body and in the chakras.

From that moment on the DNA strands start to function as a remodulation program that starts to activate and mingle with the energies that come forth and so some strands and spectrums are being activated. Telepathic communication is all about the inner trust and confidence that you are speaking to God and all existence because it is a pure reflection of you. ("The Tsolian Civilization: Transcendence and the Infrared Spectrum," channeled by Méline Lafont, February 6, 2013 at

The several realignments that still need to be done are currently underway. The first of these is to finish off the awakening of your new diaphragm chakra. Many of you are feeling slight to severe symptoms that appear at first glance to be some type of stomach flu. In fact, this is no more than the opening up of your diaphragm and altering its present relationship to your stomach and to your breathing process. This can cause breathing problems, general weakness and some pain in the chest area. As to the stomach, you can feel queasy and out of sorts,

This is simply a temporary effect caused by the different types of energies being introduced, and the cleansing of a number of much older energies long stored in your diaphragm. This set of symptoms can come on suddenly and last from a few days to a week!

Finally, there is the matter of changes now going on in your throat and upper chest. This is caused by the bringing in of a higher set of energies for your throat chakra. This can seem like a sore throat or even a strange form of laryngitis. This is also a temporary condition. It is often coupled with the next step in bringing in the final foundations for your new thymus chakra.

This set of symptoms can include severe pains in your upper chest, odd-feeling palpitations in the same region and some blurred vision and minor pulsing in your lower head and neck. Like the other symptoms, these are temporary and can last from a few days to a week. These alterations are part of a general acceleration now being blessedly completed by your body Angels and your assigned medical teams. These are harbingers of how close you are to your grand transformation! (Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation Update, as received by Sheldan Nidle, February 4, 2014, at

Suzanne Maresca: ...Could you tell us where we are in terms of our transformation into crystalline form with possibly an explanation of what that even means?

Archangel Raphael: Yes, because there are two forms, or words shall we say, that get bandied about with a great deal of authority, and people not knowing what on Earth they are talking about. And that is the crystalline form and the Lightbody, and sometimes these are used interchangeably.

Over the past, oh, now it is several decades, the human form, think of it as evolution, physical, spiritual, mental evolution which has been speeding up; think of the ages that you went through before, how the Agrarian Age was very long, how the Industrial Age was quite long, then it has been speeding up, well, from your perspective of time and space.

For several decades your body, your physical form that is your Ascension vehicle, has been transmuting from what you think of as a carbon-based vessel to a crystalline vessel. Now, you have contributed to that by holding the higher vibrations, by doing your work, by eating properly, by meditating, by being kind and generous and humble and compassionate. All of these things are not separated; they all contribute to your body transforming.

The density of what we have called, not density in terms of negative, that is not what we mean, but simply the density as in heavier, the density of the carbon body as opposed to the crystalline body is significantly different. The crystalline body is being brought in and this transformation taking place so that the circuitry of your energy fields, of who you are, of the brilliance of who you are, of your ability to transmit, convey, hold energy, light, is increased.

So it is the ‘new model’.

Now, within that is your Lightbody and your Lightbody is also within and without and I know that can be confusing to you but your Lightbody is not necessarily limited to being inside your crystalline body. So, your physical structure has been changing and many of you are 90-99% in your crystalline form and that is why you are able to be in the 5th, 6th, 7th dimensions because you are able to hold those frequencies, you are able to transmit.

When we have said to you, when all this Council of Love has been saying to you that you are transmitting more and more and more through your crystalline body it is because your field has grown to such an extent and the clarity of that crystalline has grown to such an extent that the transmission features work. So, the transmission of the love, of the compassion, of the passion, of the prudence, they have a clear channel to work on, they won’t get stuck in the sludge. So, you are at about, generally, and I’m speaking now to you who are listening, you are about 80-90%.

SM: So that does not manifest in a physical way that we can really perceive, it’s just beyond our perceptions at this time, correct?

AAR: Yes and no. If you truly look at yourself, really look at yourself, until such point as your skin disappears, you can see your crystalline form, you can see it. And how you know it’s there is by this ability to hold and transmit.

Now, we have held – and your Star brothers and sisters have been exceptionally helpful on this – they have monkeyed, jerry-rigged, some of what you think of as technology. So, for example, if you go to have an x-ray, they still see what they believe is the old form, but what they are really seeing is the new form, it’s just not reached full consciousness yet. That is already underway and you have seen more technicians or radiologists who would look at something and say, “This looks strange; this looks different, I wonder what this is?” And then, of course, they want to repeat the test twenty times. You don’t have to. ("Transcript: Archangel Raphael Discusses Healing in the Higher Realms on Heavenly Blessings," channeled by Linda Dillon, January 21, 2014, at

From 2013

There is a time lapse a pause, between thought and when the message reaches the body. The body runs on programs from the past – it holds the instructions that you gave it years ago. The time- space sequence in-between thought and receiving is shortening. Your body will listen to the instructions of the higher mind as you come into more awareness of this contractual agreement that you have..

Your body will not be picture perfect, but it will be what suits you’re thinking, what suits your needs. You will be pleased with what you have sculpted. For sculpting best describes what happens as intentions of the mind are manifested with clarity and are received by the body with no lagging time in-between. You will become purified and fine-lined like a beautiful ice-sculpture at a celebration, defining and re-defining your lines of light. ("You Belong to All Worlds," channeled by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan, July, 2013 at

From 2012

The Plan was for you to inhabit a form and to know and be love and joy, diverse, unique, flexible. The Plan was for you to be inter- and trans-dimensional. Did you wander and take some of those scenic by-ways, those detours that I have referred to this night? Yes. And that free will, with all the elements of what you think of as evil and darkness, drama, intrigue — you have excelled at this! And you are also very tired and sick of it, aren’t you?

So, now, you return to that alignment of beauty, of truth in form. And this is what is unique about this element of the Divine Plan, that you are holding on to these magnificent forms, what you think of as bodies. And part of that, beloved ones, is admiring and cherishing and loving your body, because you designed it, you chose it. Yes, you were part of the architectural team. (“The Divine Mother on the Divine Plan” from 2012, reported Nov. 11, 2015, at'

Now is the restoration of the Divine Plan. And it is for you to be the embodiment of love. It is you, each of you, bright angels, starseeds, gatekeepers, humans, Earth-keepers, to have a physical experience of being that embodiment of love. (“The Divine Mother on the Divine Plan” from 2012, reported Nov. 11, 2015, at

Pay attention to issues or qualities that you have been wanting to bring forth over a long period of time suddenly feeling like you are having a breakthrough.
I give you an example of weight. Many of you talk to me every day - you talk to all of us! - about losing a few pounds, or about gaining a few pounds. And what you will notice is the ease at which your body begins to adjust to what is the perfect construction for you, dear heart. So that is a physical situation that you can anticipate. Now, the Ascension process is collective, and it is inclusive, and all are equally welcome. But because of where you are in the time-frame, some of you have jump-started; others of you are still in the resistant factor behind the fence, let alone not on the fence. So, of course, each of these processes - the mental, the physical, the emotional - is going to be progressing at the same time. ("Archangel Michael: The Passport to Ascension is Love," Dec. 4, 2012.)

All who are ready, are now in the process of clearing physical cellular memory as well as any dormant energies still within the emotional and mental bodies. This is necessary in order to assimilate the new and higher frequencies of ONE-frequencies of Light and unconditional love.

These clearings can at times be uncomfortable. Your job is to allow the process, rest more if you need it, but do not claim that which is leaving, back in. This is often inadvertently done through saying; "I am so depressed, I am so this or that..." which occurs because you are re-experiencing some of these old frequencies as they release. Often you feel them as physical or emotional discomfort, but as spiritually aware individuals your job is to simply allow the process. If an issue keeps presenting itself to your thought, then look at it, for it may be something needing to be released in a more conscious way through an honest examination of your belief system.(Arcturian Group, April 22, 2012.)

The expansion of your energy has contributed to this [awakening] and you are just beginning to see the ramifications of it. Your bravery in opening up to consciousness that you have not perceived for eons is applauded and cherished by all of the Company of Heaven. We thank you for this.

Be prepared for even more widening of your energy fields. This may cause a discomfort in your physical bodies, a kind of opening that you may be unfamiliar with. All openings seem unfamiliar at first, dear ones, as you attempt to understand it from a point of reference from your third dimensional experience.

We ask you to let go of that urge or tendency to define it based on what you have experienced in your un-awakened state and be open to just being with it, without engaging your mind. With this, you will begin to activate the memories you all carry within you. Be aggressive with this to the degree of abandoning your tendency to control your frame of reference in attempting to understand.

Waking up your memories has begun with the new influx of golden energy from the Central Sun. Your DNA are becoming fully activated and you are making the rapid changeover from carbon-based structure of your physical bodies to crystalline substance.

To experience this in complete safety and confidence, it is necessary that you frequently ground yourselves into Mother Earth, with your beloved Gaia. She will hold you in Love as you share your Love with her. Becoming fully committed to ascending with Her will insure your development to a greater degree and increase your abilities to keep raising your vibration in your Ascension with Gaia to the 5th Dimension. (Sananda through Fran Zepeda, April 13, 2012, at

At any given time you may feel symptoms of change as your body cells absorb more Light, moving you towards completion of the changes from carbon to crystalline. Your new body will be of the higher vibrations and ensure that you can take your place in the higher dimension. Your present bodies because of the low vibrations, have always been prone to illness and disease and you have learnt much through it.

Perhaps you would therefore view the prospect of having a new body which does not age, or suffer disease or illness, as the most welcome change of all. Those of you who have already raised your vibrations, may have noticed how you enjoy a much more healthy life. That is a sure sign that you have discovered how to reach a level of life that is reflected in your body, that has uplifted vibrations. Stay calm, and do not allow negative emotions to rise up, as these are damaging to your psyche. Anger and similar emotions are very damaging to your bodily functions, whereas all positive ones such as Love, Compassion, Joy and Happiness maintain your Light levels and health. (SaLuSa, April 13, 2012.)

The higher light of the Galactic Center is creating a great awakening by activating your 97% Multidimensional DNA. With these DNA patterns finally active, you are remembering that which has been forgotten for millennia and returning to your true, Signature Frequency. Your crystalline-based Lightbody carries this Signature Frequency as your "name."

Your Signature Frequency is the collective harmonic of your Multidimensional DNA tones. Because this DNA exists dimensionally, as well as biologically, it connects you to the many frequencies of light and sound in which your Multidimensional SELF exists.

All of your expressions are unified into the Signature Frequency that serves as your name. The infinite frequencies of light and sound, which are united in the fifth dimension and beyond, connect you to the Universal Harmonic Signature of your local universe.

We wish to tell you that the Universal Harmonic Signature embraces the Signature Frequency of your life-stream and welcomes you into its great ONENESS. It is the breathing mode of the mind that inhales this multidimensional light and sound and integrates it into your DNA with each exhale. (Suzanne Carroll, "Harmonic Signature Frequency," March 18, 2012, at

Now you that are already in physical form are having to deal with your rapidly morphing DNA and beyond that, adjust to the actual laws of nature that are changing right under your feet. You will feel like the carpet has been ripped out from under your feet.

But remember . . . this is your time, and you came here for this time. SO MANY have come to experience this rapid evolution and rebooting of an entire system. Your body IS going with you. This has been the plan for eons.

There is no doubt that your body will feel rocked and surprised by this year's energies. But your heart and inner truths are unshakable now. Rely on this inner truth when your body is telling you differently. No one will be immune to this process. There are going to be a lot of mixed signals in the outer world. Don't listen to them.

There will be medical experts out there telling you to drug yourself with anti-anxiety and anti-depressants meds. This won't help you as you are going to reboot anyway. Fighting the process will only make it less joyful. There will be well-meaning alternative healers as well who will tell you to eat this, or do that. Again don't listen to them unless your heart is in full resonance with their suggestions.

Everyone has a unique past that comes from your spiritual ancestors. We are not talking about your genetics; like who are you parents or grandparents. We are talking about your spiritual past. This is an akashic past that is much more potent than that of your genetic past. Listen to your heart, your core, your inner constant. This is your orientation point in a world that is wobbling like an out of control gyroscope. Fighting the transformation at this point will only make it harder and less joyful. There is no escape. If you are in a body, you will re-boot and re-celebrate.

Remember . . . this is great fun for you, spirit and soul. This is why you came here.

In these coming waves, you are going to feel out of sorts and your body is going to give you weird issues that seem to come and go. You might feel like you need to hunker down and lay low for these shifts and changes; but we do not suggest this, although it is your free will to do whatever you want. Let us explain . . . You know when you sit in a chair too long, you get stiff. This is what will happen if you don't KEEP MOVING while these waves wash over you. You will not find the answers you need while hiding in your home praying for solutions. The world is moving into a unified field of collective manifesting. You cannot do this by yourself. Pieces of your solution to this transformation are out in the world with other like-minded souls. All the pieces to this transformation are spread out among all of you. This is why you need like-minded ones around you. These waves are too large to surf alone. You must do this together. ("Aluna Joy: Star Elders 2012 - Rebooting The System," Feb. 29, 2012, at

We have to shift from the mass consciousness of destruction into the mass consciousness of oneness and thus life enhancing and life building consciousness which at its core operates and vibrates at the higher frequencies of the love vibration.

How do we do this? To shift the consciousness of the whole, we need only change one-quarter of the mass consciousness!

So, if one-quarter of the world's population start to consciously adopt new patterns and start to vibrate at higher frequencies then the mass consciousness changes!

This is because, when Lady Gaia, in a dispensation to the Divine Source, asked to be assisted, as she is slowly dying, they agreed to assist, and to send in a mass of light workers and volunteer souls to assist, who would anchor in the higher cosmic rays and hold the light steady so that this shift in consciousness could occur!

The Good News is that we, who are the volunteer souls, are succeeding in this, as the old patterns start breaking up. However, our greatest task in the next few months will be to increase our own light levels and our own frequencies and vibrations, so that we anchor in even more cosmic energies.

How do we do this? First of all, it is work on self, and then work on family karma, and then work on social and mass karma. The next step, once this has been done, (and this will happen in 2013 - 2024), will be a mass clearing of the clogged energy centres of the tonal cord energy centres of this planet, so that natural energy resources can be returned to this planet.

It is most important now, that when your own life starts falling apart (or has already done so in the last few years, as most Lightworkers have been through an initiation to raise their consciousness and purify their souls for this work), and that of your family, and social structure, is to ask for clearing of personal and family karma. This is mainly because, in order to incarnate onto this planet you had to chose your family.

However, within your Family dna, certain patterns of behaviour have been programmed in. your task is to consciously break those patterns, or in other words, clear those karmic patterns, so that, with the changing dna, those patterns can be released and reprogrammed!

The best way to do this, is to, in meditation, ask to see the lords of karma. you will be introduced to them. then consciously ask them for the clearing of personal and family karma.

They will ask you to specify what it is you wished to have cleared. You may then ask for clearance one thing at a time. For example: - within your family there might be a tendency for suicide. Then ask for that pattern to be cleared and released.

You may have to do this once a month for some months, as this is a ongoing process, and as 2012 advances, more and more karmic patterns will start emerging. You might not even be aware that they are there, We have to shift from the mass consciousness of destruction into the mass consciousness of oneness and thus life enhancing and life building consciousness which at its core operates and vibrates at the higher frequencies of the love vibration.

How do we do this? To shift the consciousness of the whole, we need only change one-quarter of the mass consciousness!

So, if one-quarter of the world's population start to consciously adopt new patterns and start to vibrate at higher frequencies then the mass consciousness changes!

This is because, when Lady Gaia, in a dispensation to the Divine Source, asked to be assisted, as she is slowly dying, they agreed to assist, and to send in a mass of light workers and volunteer souls to assist, who would anchor in the higher cosmic rays and hold the light steady so that this shift in consciousness could occur! ...

This is the time of the greatest clearing in history of mankind and one of the reasons why you chose to be here at this time. your soul knows this, and that is why you are reading this.

This message has been given to me, directly from the Divine Director, Lord Rekovsky, who was the teacher of St. Germain. He is in charge of the Lords of Karma for this planet and thus is working closely with all of us, at this time.

Our DNA has to be cleared, so that the next generations, will be freed from the repeating patterns, and can truly anchor in the New Golden Age. (Judith Kusel, "DNA - Clearing of Karmic Family Residue," at /dna-clearing-of-karmic-family-residue/.)

It is the light within a body that transforms its carbon-based cellular structure into the crystalline form that enables the body to live in the high vibrations of energy planes beyond third density. In antiquity, strong civilizations with darkness at the core deliberately altered the DNA of weaker civilizations to reduce its people's capacity for intelligence and spiritual awareness. That affected their bodies as well - crystalline cells degraded into the carbon structure that can be, and was, programmed with vulnerability to all forms of illness and a much shorter life span than in eras long, long ago in your concept of time.

The infusion of light that enabled Earth to survive death throes some seventy years ago is restoring the "stolen" DNA in light-receptive individuals, and not everyone is. A body without any light except the spark that is its life force cannot live in the vibrations prevailing on Earth - it will die from any one of the reasons that death has long come to Earth's residents, and some influential individuals you see in TV film clips are clones of the persons who have died. Bodies with a small degree of light beyond the spark can last a bit longer, but they too will give out as vibrations become increasingly more powerful the closer Earth approaches fourth density's doorstep. (Matthew's Message, Jan. 4, 2012.)

From 2011

Beloved masters, as the Light Cells of God Consciousness infiltrate deeper and deeper into the physical structure, the membranes of Light surrounding the DNA begin to dissolve. As part of this Sub-Universal experience, this was programmed into the Adam/Eve Kadmon Light Body blueprint so that the activation of the DNA strands would take place two at a time.

The DNA strands are attuned to the different dimensional levels. The two strands which are now available and active in the physical vessel are attuned to the first-, second- and third- dimensional levels. As we have told you before, as you sank into the density of the lower dimensions, two by two, your DNA strands were encased in membranes of Light and placed in reserve until the time you were ready to begin your journey back into the higher dimensions of Light.

First, second and third dimensions: Two Strands of DNA

Fourth and fifth dimensions: Four Strands of DNA

Sixth and seventh dimensions: Six Strands of DNA

Eighth and ninth dimensions: Eight Strands of DNA

Tenth and eleventh dimensions: Ten Strands of DNA

Twelfth dimension: Twelve Strands of DNA. (Archangel Michael, "The Voice of Spirit is Calling," Sept. 2011, through Ronna Herman, at

At this time the way that the "planetary brain" receives and interprets messaging impulses is being reconfigured to receive "instruction sets" from more activated neural networks. This means previously dormant or damaged neural networks (i.e. disconnected planet gridwork) is starting to reconnect and "circulate" those energetic forces (Tri-wave fields or Trinitized Forms) to run through tributaries opening in the planetary brain. As human beings we are also undergoing that "re-wiring" and are experiencing many different ways that reflects changes in the function of our physical body and our mental body. As the planet's brain is changing, so does our human brain and its interrelationship to our nervous system.

As our brain and nervous system reconfigure to expand its "frequency broadband" (in order to receive impulses from more neural networks) dormant parts of our brain wiring are being activated. These parts of our brain are being reconfigured to perceive feeling and sensory intelligences that emanate from the heart complex center. Our Heart complex center is a "heart -brain" feeling intelligence. This sensory ability to experience and "feel" energy is a function the soul matrix. This event is impacting our thought processes, our self-conscious awareness and every function in response to operating our physical body. (Lisa Renee, "The Diamond Heart," Feb. 9, 2011, at

From 2010

Your physical bodies and your energetic bodies have also been expanding at an unbelievable rate. Part of the challenge is that you have managed to learn how to control your energy field and keep it in, in order for you to get along on this planet. It is very easy to see. If you go to a place where there is a lot of traffic, a lot of confusion - almost any airport or train station - you will see everybody pulling in their energy field as tightly as they can so they can get through without any problems. People are focused on where they are going and concentrating on pulling their energy field in so they do not have to interact or feel. It is how you have learned to survive energetically.

As a result of this over very long periods of time, humans have learned to contain their energy fields as part of being a human. . . it is expected. Now, as the direction begins anew, those restrictions must be lifted and your field must expand in order to let you release the body templates you have had for the duration of the Game.

You have specifically had one of 500 templates that you have chosen to house your energy inside of a human body. The templates have been serving you well because they gave you a base, or a jar to put your energy in so to speak. It worked because all humans are directly traceable to one of those 500 templates. Soon you will no longer be restricted by those templates and it will be due to this expansion.

It can work either to expand your energy field to release your template, or you can release your template to expand your energy field. You are going to learn how to walk in your full energy field while still in the physical body. You will learn how to use your energy field in ways you never thought possible. We tell you that this has never happened throughout the Universe.

There have been many games that have reached incredible levels of vibration, technical knowledge and what you would call advancement, yet none of them have gone from one level to the next consciously. That is what is now taking place.

It is exciting and scary at the same time for many of you, because that glass jar that has held your energy and given you shape and form is being released. Naturally this will hit many of you as a fear or an uncomfortable situation, because you will tend to lose some of your personality or form and energy. You will find some things that work and other things that do not work. Then, after a very short time, you will settle into a new template of your own design because you are no longer limited to only 500 templates. You can make up as many templates as you want, and can customize your own container for your energy.

Right away you are thinking of the physical body and saying, 'Good. I can finally get rid of this weight and look 20 years younger.' We are not talking about physical looks here, but rather harmonics you find within your body. We are talking about energetic structures which allow you to carry more of your spirit in your physical body and consciously work with that spirit. (The Group, "The Secret of the Expanding Universe," through Steve Rother, at

As you move deeper into the Essence of the Divine Love you truly are, your temporary earth bodies will actually become more timeless and your forms will start filling with much more love as the essence of your original encoding, and much more light as the power and wisdom of your Presence. You are moving into your greater lightbodies as surely as the planet is moving into hers. (Miriam and El Morya, "Golden Age Relationships - Part II," at

It is all part of the preparations to ensure that you are ready for the transition to a higher vibration. Within yourself it will gradually be noticed as a rejuvenation of your body, and your health will improve. Death and disease as you understand it cannot exist in the higher dimensions. If you allow for the changes Mother Earth needs to carry out to prepare for Ascension, then you will understand why certain physical changes are necessary. (SaLuSa, Nov. 29, 2010.)

The energies that are directed to Earth continue to lift up your vibrations, and are affecting your physical bodies in a beneficial way. It is too early for many of you to register the changes, but there will eventually be a regeneration of your body cells. You are beginning to move into your Ascension bodies, and these will not carry forward any existing imperfections. (SaLuSa, Sept. 13, 2010.)

Ascension is possible for all who have absorbed the light, and the souls who accompany Earth will do so in their physical bodies. If bodies lack organs or limbs or have physical, emotional or mental disorders, farther along the ascension pathway there will be healing of all disease and replacement of missing parts until the bodies are perfected and mental and emotional health is sound.

In fourth density the bodies of aged persons will become youthful and live healthfully much longer than your current life expectancy, and life spans in fifth density can be tenfold or more than yours are now. (Matthew's Message, Aug. 13, 2010.)

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and know that one day some of you will visit our bright star and you will find it teeming with life, and what will strike you immediately is that everything seems new. Because of the higher vibrations wear and decay does not take place, just as in the case of our physical bodies. You are in fact beginning to experience cellular changes, which are also destined to lift them up to that level.

You will see that colors are bright and pure, and permanently remain vibrant and give out pleasing energies. Light is emitted from everything that you see, and you will feel a strong sense communication with all life forms. Harmony and balance is felt everywhere, that somehow envelopes you in a feeling of being at One with everything around you. You will have much to learn and enjoy from these trips. (SaLuSa, July 12, 2010.)

This is the point where things are starting to change for your own physical bodies. We have spoken before about the re-wire of humanity. Each and every one of you is being re-wired energetically to carry more light on this planet than you ever have before. What we mean by that is simple: only a small portion of your real soul is in your physical body, though you have full attachment to all of it.

You have access to every part of it through your higher self. That is the connection point that opens up the tiny little piece of you called the physical being, to the enormous part of who you really are. That connection is starting to change. (The Group, "The New Human Template," email from Steve Rother, June 15, 2010.)

Understand, dear ones, you are at a similar point where the dinosaurs disappeared from planet Earth but that is not going to happen to humans. Two things are happening: the Earth is changing to house a higher vibration not only of herself, but of humans, animals and every other part of it. The entire game is changing to begin a new game at a higher vibration. Secondly, your physical re-wire - your own physical bodies - are changing so that you can carry more of your own light and your higher self.

Only a very small portion of your higher self is housed within the body for the temporary duration that you call a lifetime. Literally, only a small piece of it is easy for you to see that you have one higher self and 11 aspects on Earth. So, 11 parts of your higher self goes into each one.

However, the vast majority of your higher self does not fit into any of these aspects, including all of them together. That is about to change. You are now going to be able to carry more light than ever before in your physical body without having to go Home and without having to rid the Earth of the human race.

You will make this evolution while you are standing, walking, sleeping, playing, and loving on planet Earth. That has never been done before. That is the reason that all eyes in the universe are upon planet Earth right now. The six parental races that helped you form these physical bodies that you hold right now are back again to help. The interesting part is that they are fighting over who can help the most.

But they are all here to work with you, because you are no longer limited by the same 500 human templates that you had in the beginning. You are no longer limited to that, which is part of the reason that your physical bodies are changing and your emotional bodies are growing. (The Group, "A New Spin to Earth," April 15, 2010, through Steve Rother, at

The light brings spiritual clarity and changes cellular structure from carbon-based to the crystalline form that enables bodies to survive in the vibratory levels of the Golden Age. (Matthew's Message, May 19, 2010.)

In the realms of Light. Indeed your bodies are already changing at this very time, and your Light bodies are forming in readiness for Ascension. (SaLuSa, March 29, 2010.)

You are outgrowing the templates that originally housed your physical bodies and your energetics during this lifetime. Now they have the capabilities of new attributes, new properties, and new energetics in the same physical body you were born with. This is the opportunity for you to go through an evolutionary step and be re-born without going Home.

That is exactly what has been predicted by many on this planet for a very long time. Why would you doubt it? Of course, now it is happening to you and that is the beautiful part because now what takes place is that you are being birthed to a New Earth. (The Group, "The Re-Wire of Humanity," March 15, 2010, through Steve Rother, at

From 2009

The physical matter of your dimension is tenuous and cannot hold together in the higher realms. That is why the changes from carbon-based cells to crystalline, are necessary to enable your Ascension. (SaLuSa, Aug. 24, 2009.)

The energies that are directed to Earth continue to lift up your vibrations, and are affecting your physical bodies in a beneficial way. It is too early for many of you to register the changes, but there will eventually be a regeneration of your body cells. You are beginning to move into your Ascension bodies, and these will not carry forward any existing imperfections. (SaLuSa, Sept. 13, 2010.)

There is a point coming in the future when you will be in the most perfect body form. May we say that is why you have never seen an "old" Space Being, and when we speak of long past events it is because we often have first-hand experience of them. We live many hundreds of years and do not age as you do. (SaLuSa, Aug. 18, 2010.)

Ascension is possible for all who have absorbed the light, and the souls who accompany Earth will do so in their physical bodies. If bodies lack organs or limbs or have physical, emotional or mental disorders, farther along the ascension pathway there will be healing of all disease and replacement of missing parts until the bodies are perfected and mental and emotional health is sound.
In fourth density the bodies of aged persons will become youthful and live healthfully much longer than your current life expectancy, and life spans in fifth density can be tenfold or more than yours are now. (Matthew's Message, Aug. 13, 2010.)

Ascension is when the soul transforms its physical body into light and steps into the next level of consciousness; it is the aim of every soul on the earth. Ascension cannot be achieved unless we share the love and wisdom that we individually receive, with other souls on earth. (Archangel Michael, "Gifts to Humanity - Part 1," July 6, 2009,

Perhaps best of all from a personal point of view, is that you change to a perfect body composed of crystalline cells. One that is not affected by disease or ailments such as you experience on Earth. Also aging is no longer an issue, as you maintain a young and mature form for as long as you desire. (Ker-On, July 3, 2009.)

At the Full Moon festival of Easter, the weekend of April 12th, began the human embodiment prototype program of the "Resurrection Template". This is a project taken on by a smaller niche of the Starseeds that have agreed to be the first level of human ascension prototypes.

If you are a Starseed and noticed you were physically flattened out on Easter weekend, ask your God Self if you are a contributor to seeding this "template" into the planetary consciousness fields. In most cases this appeared as the archetypal "death", then after three days "resurrected" and then moving into the integration of the "seven days of creation" as a pattern to build the new energy reality structure within the holographic identity.

In many cases spirit uses archetypes (and mathematical code) to integrate itself into physical matter. The Christ archetype is one such pattern. The embodied Christ master number is 33. The higher octave of this pattern is 333. Many of us will be seeing these sets of numbers (and others) flashing in our consciousness awareness. 3333 also represents the higher octave of the Trinitized Form, the Embodied Christ. The Triad, Trinity, Triangle and all sets of threes are highly active in the holographic reprogramming of the fields and are a part of the shift happening right now.

The resurrection template is the base human model upgrade utilized to create the new energy architecture for the new platform moving us beyond the duality matrix. Also, it is a template of the Christ Intelligence designed to adjust the lightbody's time clock to the age of the Christ Avatar, which is the biological human age of 33. This was a part of the original divine human design that we would begin to embody our 12D Avatar consciousness at the biological age of 33.

It is not everybody's job to embody this process. However it is worth mentioning to our Starseed family who may be involved in this project and not clear what is happening to them. If this is your role, know you are on schedule and that you may have felt phantom death energy during this integration process.

Phantom death energy is a sensation of the feeling of the "death" of the physical body however it is not a literal death and should not be taken as such. (As our bodies are undergoing humungous shifts as designed by our God Self, the old physics governing our bodies are also changing. What may appear unresolvable or desperate will and can manifest a literal miracle. Miracles are a byproduct of God consciousness!) ...

The Resurrection template was aligned to be deployed to humanity with the First Festival, The Festival of Easter. (Lisa Renee, "Rebirth," May 2009, Energetic Synthesis, at

For now, as you make the final completions necessary to align fully with Source, you are noticing that your energy is waning and that it is becoming increasingly difficult to sustain yourself by outworn standards.

This is for good reason, beloved ones, for the old energy matrix cannot sustain your new blueprint... your new processor is finalizing a necessary upgrade to meet the requirements of the new cosmic database!

As you complete the switch you will find yourself sustained from a completely new source of energy, the energy from the source of All. This new energy carries new vibrations of vitality by which the source comes completely from within. You will know this energy by the way it feels for it will bring you great feelings of peace and balance, a feeling of homeostasis both within and without.

We would also like to share with you that though you are becoming more of an independent circuit in terms of energy, you are also becoming more firmly connected to others in your vibrational fields of awareness. Very soon you will experience new levels of relationships from both sides of the veil.

These new relationships of soul support will bring you unprecedented feelings of completeness as you work together with those from home to create your lives anew. (Lord Arcturus, April 20, 2009, through Lauren Gorgo, at

Because the cellular memory embedded in your DNA is constructed with the concept of linear time, that is your only frame of reference for what your history has recorded and what you have experienced to date, what is going on in your life and your world in this moment, and looking ahead to the outcome of plans.

In a recent message, we spoke about the altering of DNA to "dumb down" Earth humankind, and programming the cells with aging, death and linear time was part of that. Until your cellular memory is restored to its original state, which is being accomplished via light absorption, it has no capacity to comprehend the universal continuum, where everything that ever was, IS. (Matthew's Message, April 9, 2009.)

Within all creation there has been a shift of immense proportions. This in the form of the recent triangulation which has lightened all beings in such a way as a new and complete harmonization has occurred. That which was you has been restructured in such a way that you are no longer that which you were. You have been energetically rewired.

Because of this, truth is much more obvious and for many of you, your need for truth has become like the food that your bodies need. Your very souls crave that which is and has always been with little to no patience for that which is of the illusion.

For many of you, your paths have changed to a higher road. Your lives have taken turns for a different way of being. For some of you, it feels as if you have been shaken to your very cores, with change all around you that doesn't necessarily feel as if it is good because chaos is in appearance. Look beyond the chaos. But do not look outward, look to your interior. It is there that you will realize that the chaos truly doesn't exist at all and that it is just an external distraction.

With the new harmonics that you are experiencing there is a deep and great sense of peace filling your core. To find that peace, it is simple to look beyond that which distracts you. That which distracts you is merely emotion that has developed because part of you doesn't understand what is happening. That which is your essence, your soul of souls, however, knows full well that the time for great shifting has come and you are part of that by virtue of your very existence.

As you begin to embrace the changes within you they will be reflected outward into your world. If you allow yourselves to become the moment and to feel deeply you will find that the new harmonization brings to you the ability to manifest, to create instantly that which you seek, for that which you seek, also seeks you.

Your harmonic vibrations have been raised in recent weeks to a state of oscillation and vibration that has not been experienced in humanity for nearly 26,000 years. You are of greater light and more reflective than humanity has ever been in the entirety of its history.

Since you are created of the light of the source, you carry that light within your very structure. Beyond simple energetics, that light is within each and every cell, molecule, atom and even smaller parts of your being. As the shifting and changing occur, the light within you responds. You become a living reflection of your source, God, your Creator, whatever you wish to call it, it is you and you it.

Even though you cannot see this with your eyes, every aspect of your being knows this intrinsically. Literally, you weigh a tiny bit less. Literally, your energy fields are reaching far beyond you like searchlights seeking others like them. Never has the call to return to the source been greater or more profound. ("Message from the Masters" through Meg Blackburn Losey, April 6, 2009, at

In another sense what you might consider is that what is now in occurrence is a complete re-harmonization of all creation that brings forth a heightening of responsive light toward attunement of dysfunctional harmonics. Like a grand piano, all of creation is ridding itself of sour notes and retuning for perfection of harmonic resonance. ("Message from the Masters" through Meg Blackburn Losey, April 6, 2009, at

The measure of your development and upliftment can be gauged from the state of your chakra system. The average person only has the lower three chakras fully active, whereas those who have lifted their consciousness are most likely to have the seven main ones well opened. There are higher chakras that are also being opened up, and eventually you will reach a stage where there are 12 main centres fully opened.

In this magnificent state of full awareness you will have returned to super-consciousness. The charkas tell so much about you, and are also a positive indication of the state of your health. The onset of many diseases can be first identified by their healthy or otherwise condition. (SaLuSa, April 1, 2009, at .)

The absorption of light is restoring bodies' DNA to its state prior to the dark forces' altering Earth humankind's cellular structure to "dumb them down" intellectually, spiritually and physically. If anything can be called a "sin," it is interfering with the growth of a soul, and in violation of all universal laws, that is exactly what the dark forces did to an entire civilization. In higher densities, cells are crystalline and their composition encompasses purity of character, spiritual clarity, and a long physical life span free of all dis-ease. Conversely, the carbon cells of third density life forms invite the base characteristics associated with evil as well as greatly reduced mind power, severely weakened will, and a multitude of physical, emotional and mental infirmities. Lifetimes with those characteristics and weaknesses dominant in the peoples' bodies and reflected in their thoughts, feelings and behavior were stored in cellular memories and brought forward from one generation to the next.

It was that diabolical alteration of humankind's make-up eons ago that caused souls' personages to gradually spiral downward from the planes of light into deep third density, where the planetary puppets of the dark forces could easily keep the masses in ignorance about their origins in the light, their unlimited manifesting potential, and the inseparability of all souls with God and each other. Emerging from that level of limitations, where the dark forces reigned through their powerful tool and fuel - FEAR! - has required a heroic effort on the part of souls who time and again incarnated with the intention to overcome the dark influence, but failed. Most of you spent many hundreds of lifetimes in that try/fail cycle, and this time you succeeded in breaking out of it! By absorbing the light, you are reclaiming your god and goddess selves and taking your rightful place in our universal family.

Some of you are asking how to know if you are absorbing sufficient light for cells to change from carbon to crystalline. I would say that the best sign is your thoughts, feelings and choices: Are they aligned with godliness? Have you forgiven self and others for actual or imagined hurts; is your mind open to considering new information; are you exercising your powers of discernment and trusting your intuition? (Matthew's Message, March 10, 2009.)

This time [i.e., this Ascension] you ascend with your physical body. It is not therefore death of your old one, but simply a change that enables you to use it in a higher vibration. Look at us, as that is where you will eventually be as far as your evolution is concerned. We are always seen as an example of bodily perfection, and in our prime. In fact we can be 100's of years old without any visible signs of aging, because it is not part of our experience. (SaLuSa, Feb. 5, 2010.)

It is important for you understand that your physical vessel was encoded for the return to the higher vibrational, more rarified realms of Light from the inception of your earthly embodiment experiences. (Archangel Michael, January 2009, through Ronna Herman, at

From 2008

Before Ascension much will become clear to you that has been concealed by those who have taken control of your lives for eons of time. It may seem incredible to know that you have existed with only a partial consciousness, but that has been the work of the dark energies and Beings that are within your Universe.

You have been genetically altered by them to reduce your level of consciousness to one where you can be totally controlled. We are pleased to inform you that their influence has now been removed, and they are no longer allowed to interfere with the final stages of this cycle. Instead, it is the higher vibrations that are uplifting you, to a level that is consistent with your needs to prepare for Ascension. (SaLuSa, Dec. 30, 2008.)

Yes, in fifth density you will have bodies, you won't be 'light beings without form.' ... Souls that absorb the light, which is constantly available to all, are changing at cellular level from carbon-based third density bodies to crystalline-based bodies that can survive in the higher frequencies.

Eons back in your time, darkly-inclined souls altered human DNA to reduce the amount of light in bodies. That allowed them to install patterning for physical weakness, illness, aging, death, and severely decreased capacity for intelligence and spiritual clarity. Those limitations are being reversed by the ever-increasing intensity of light in bodies that are absorbing it. Actually, your "travel ticket" is the absorption of light that comes automatically with living in godly ways. (Matthew's Message, Dec. 21, 2008.)

The crystalline energies are now moving into your density or rather - your bodies are adjusting to their new crystalline patternings.

Many of you have moved beyond the two strand, double helix of your DNA and are existing now within upgraded chakra systems and are using far more of your brain capacity than before.

The electromagnetic energies of the connected ones now extend far beyond the human body - connecting and blending with others of like mind - of like vibration and connecting with the electro-magnetic frequencies of the planet.

The higher dimensional energies are being embraced wholeheartedly and many are existing now almost exclusively within the fifth dimensional reality. Clarity and oneness is embraced now by so many and is being anchored onto the planet's grid system so that others may access it.

Tangible action is being taken by those that form the telepathic groupings of souls that shall move the frequencies forward for the others to follow. (White-Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine, "The New Wave of Awakening," Dec. 8, 2008, through Magenta Pixie,

Now your galactic role is shifting as your genetic reconnection draws to completion. Many of you are experiencing the final phase of this biological shift, and each ache and pain is a reminder. Never before have so many enlightened souls gathered in service to link humanity to the genetic pathways of Christ consciousness. (The Andromedans, Nov. 1, 2008, at

Bodies are vehicles that house your soul for the duration of your time in any one environment. Soon yours will change again, as you move into the higher vibrations and indeed for some of you they have already begun. (SaLuSa, Oct. 27, 2008.)

Right now there is more information being delivered Oct. 20, 2008, at

From 2007

As more dark influence came into play, human DNA was manipulated downward from the crystalline-based structure that accommodates many strands to the carbon-based with only two strands in third density beings; and the most de-volved life forms were reduced to only primordial instinct. Throughout the ages of this de-evolution, love energy - the most powerful force in the cosmos - has been beamed as light rays to every soul in those low stations, and all who absorbed it have slowly made their way back along the scale of spiritual clarity and intelligence. (Matthew's Message, Jan. 1, 2007.)

From 2006

No matter what you might see taking place in the events playing out in the physical realm, there are also events taking place in the non-physical realm. Each of you that is part of the op carries hidden codes and programs in your DNA -- not just the portion of the DNA that is visible to your scientists with their physical instruments, but also the many layers of non-physical information that is also coded within you. We play on those codes like a musician plays music.

Each note is struck at a particular time in the overall song. We set off tones from our side of things and your built-in codes are set in motion (through the principle of resonance) in response to the tones we sound at precise moments in the entire process. We have spoken before of our use of the technologies of sound and light to accomplish the task of restoring you to your full estate.

The other side is also using technologies of sound and light for their purposes and will continue to do so. However, resonance works in both directions. If you DON'T resonate with a tone, nothing happens inside of you. It doesn't matter what your intellect believes. This is all taking place below the level of your conscious knowledge, in secret and in a very protected way. (Heavenly Hosts, "Let it Be," Nov. 10, 2006, at

From 2004

Newborns will have more DNA strands than their parents, increasing the numbers already there with what you could call stunning paranormal or extrasensory powers. Consciousness-raising will promote heartening cooperation, sharing and harmony starting within families and extending across international borders. The ever-intensifying light will continue to open telepathic connections and further magnify human traits - in simplest terms, the good will be better and the bad will be worse. Light-receptive people will experience physical and emotional symptoms related to the transformation of their cells from carbon to crystalline, a necessity for physically accompanying Earth into the higher vibrations where she is heading; also, by heeding their inner voice, these people will be motivated to make beneficial changes in attitudes, relationships, jobs, residences and spending. Those who choose to refuse the light - that is, ignore intuition and conscience or cling to their current greed, control, deceit or fear, will start to leave as the planet keeps ascending into the higher vibrations where their bodies cannot survive. Many souls will be leaving in accordance with their soul contracts, some by the geophysical upheavals and wars that will continue for a while longer. (Matthew's Message, Dec. 30, 2004.)

[Matthew Ward comments on a scientist's report on changes in DNA:] We enthusiastically greet this scientist’s explicit and articulate report of what many of us have been telling you about the light changing bodies at cellular level from carbon-based to crystalline, and especially we are delighted that the spiritual aspects are so clearly enunciated in this masterful explanation. The scientist was “inspired” to discover the changing DNA structure and align it with spiritual development— this is within the pre-birth agreement. For me to say anything else would be repetitious, so I add only that we fervently hope this information becomes widely disseminated and welcomed there. (Matthew's Message, June 18, 2004.)

Only light souls will be inhabiting Earth as only bodies that were transformed by the light into crystalline-based cellular structure can survive in those higher vibrations. (Matthew's Message, April 20, 2004.)

From 2003

It would be good to also mention again that the light that is absorbed by receptive souls is changing their cells into a crystalline structure for physical survival in the higher vibrational levels as well as increasing spiritual clarity and thus soul evolution. Those who refuse the light will not have survival capability, and when Earth reaches the higher levels, their bodies will die and their souls automatically will go to stations where their lifetime free will choices have energetically registered them. (Matthew's Message, Dec. 31, 2003.)

Memory Problems

From 2016

Many of you today have memory problems as humans and find this at the least unsettling and, sometimes, even terrifying. (Jesus through John Smallman, Oct. 30, 2016.)

From 2012

Attendant with this gift, ... is also the remembering, the reawakening, the restoring, the reclaiming of your original Self and imprint, of your original sense of innocence, of awe and wonder. Why? Because it is in divine timing but also because, my beloved ones, during these times of such intense magnification, such intense change, shift, of leaving what you think you have known behind, it is important that your memory in every particle and subatomic fiber of your being, remember the original part of who you are and that is innocence. It is beauty. It is love.It is absolute grace and glory. It is divinity.

So while you are pushing out and letting go and cleansing some of the illusions that you have had in this lifetime and other lifetimes as well we are pushing you back even further and at the same time catapulting you forward - yes, it is completely possible - so that you are in the place of embracing, remembering and loving your innocence, your purity and your gentle joy. ("Archangel Gabrielle: Beginning Your Ascension Travels," May 25, 2012, at

Many Families will Ascend Together

From 2012

It is within families that the most difficult problems are likely to occur, because where they are close knit they like to stay together. The chances are that they will have already planned to go into the future together. However, there will be instances where perhaps one member will be adamant about following their own feelings, that may be the opposite of what the others have accepted.

In those circumstances you must allow that person to exercise their own freewill choice. Subconsciously every soul instinctively knows what is right for them, and clearly they must feel at ease with their decision. In general families with young children will find that they do progress together as one unit.

As we often remind you, the love bond where families or friends are concerned will ensure that there is always a link between them. So do not worry that you face permanent separation when one of you takes a different path. In the higher vibrations you can locate each other by thought, and at some point you will be able to travel anywhere instantaneously. (SaLuSa, Oct. 15, 2012.)

From 2011

Steve Beckow: There are parents who are worried that they will ascend against their will and leave their children or spouse behind when they don't want to. Is it possible to ascend against one's will?

Archangel Michael: It is absolutely impossible.

SB: So that, so the simple thing then is just to say, I don't wish to ascend at this point?

AAM: You see, this is the power of no.

SB: [Laughter] Right.

AAM: No, because part of the ascension process is the act of will. It is the alignment of your heart, your mind, your spirit with your will, not just the will of all, but with your will. We are not going to override that.

SB: Okay, so that's the brake.

AAM: That's the brake. ...

Has a parent who chooses to remain behind when ascension occurs for the sake of a spouse or a child forfeited their chance to ascend for the next 26,000 years, or will they ascend upon the death of the physical body?

AAM: Of course they will ascend on the death of the body.

SB: All right. So it's not the case that there's a window that briefly opens and then shuts and these people have lost out altogether?

AAM: Why would we ever punish? We are not in the punishing business. And we would certainly never punish for love. When one stays because their love and their caring is so intense, their commitment is so intense - that is always taken into account. They will have their chance. ("Archangel Michael on NESARA, Opposing the Cabal, and Ascension - Oct. 1, 2011 - Part 3/3," at

What we have all wanted to see has taken a long time coming, but we would judge it has been well worth it. It is, was and still is a massive undertaking to shift a whole population onto a new path, while at the same time "moving house" as you might say. Not an easy ride by any means but you have us by your side ensuring it goes as smoothly as possible. Be assured that you will all be in the right place for the end times, and follow your prompting if you feel a strong urge to re-locate yourself. At such times it is quite likely that you will feel a desire to be close to your family, and if so follow it through if you can.

Many families will ascend together although it will not apply to everyone, as there must be allowance made for each soul's freewill choice. Bear in mind we are referring to groups of different souls, that come together for the purpose of furthering their evolution.

There will always be comings and goings within them, and very few souls will stay permanently for life after life. Be pleased for all those contacts you have made whether they were brief or otherwise, as they were intended as part of your experience, and each valuable in their own way. (SaLuSa, Aug. 5, 2011.)


Be Patient

From 2015

Do not restrict your vision of the future as this is a time when everything is possible. Open your heart to the Light and allow your Love to embrace all souls, as in reality you are all One. ...

The future will see the emergence of souls who have already evolved and will help others to rise up. You may therefore have complete faith in it and for what it holds, as the future is assured and destined to take you into the New Age.

Your new cycle will quickly move you into the higher vibrations and peace and contentment will soon come to all of you. It will be a time when you will no longer be held back by the dark Ones who will have been removed from the Earth. Indeed, no soul will be able to move into the higher dimensions unless they are of the higher vibrations.

All these advancements are planned for you, but be patient and allow time for them to manifest. We simply tell you the good news so as to lift your spirits, as we know that many of you are tired and most keen to move on. Your release from the lower vibrations is beyond doubt, so do not despair but keep going forward in a positive manner. (SaLuSa, Feb. 27, 2015.)

Remain Focused on Ascension

From 2012

As you enter the final weeks we will give you more details of how to prepare yourself for the changes that Ascension will bring. However there is nothing that will cause you any distress or inconvenience. It will be like stepping out of the Dark Ages into a dreamland where everything is set up for your enjoyment and happiness.

It will not be complete and some changes will still be required, but you will have had all aspects of life's present drudgery removed so that it becomes most enjoyable. There is so little time left and that is still speeding up, so try to keep your attention on the great future that awaits you. It will be well beyond anything you can imagine, and perhaps you will consider that your personal changes will be the most acceptable. (SaLuSa, Aug. 22, 2012.)

Over the last seven or eight decades, humanity's spiritual evolution has been accelerating very rapidly, bringing you forward to this point, where it appears to many that all that remains is for the military-industrial-corporate-insanity conglomerate to complete its destruction of all that enables life to exist on the planet as it continues to expand without let or hindrance.

However, it is also the point where you are about to awaken into the realization that you are all one with each other and with the divine Source of all consciousness - awareness, aliveness, sentience, intelligence - and into the wondrous state of euphoria that that realization will deliver.

Thus it is very difficult for you not to be hugely distracted by the extreme contrast between the enormous and apparently insoluble problems facing humanity and the world, which are being constantly discussed on the mainstream media, and what you know is about to happen.

Nevertheless, you are the Light-bearers - the ones who chose to come and assist humanity in its awakening process. And because of the task that you have taken on you have infinite help and assistance from all in the spiritual realms to ensure the success of this divine plan. (Saul, Aug. 19, 2012.)

Knowing what you are aiming for in life is going to give you self assurance, and a level of contentment that, regardless of what is happening around you, you will not be detracted from your goal. The thought of bringing your time in duality to an end should give you a wonderful boost, and the ability to keep steadfastly on your chosen path. (SaLuSa, March 9, 2012.)

Still keep going as strong as ever, and do not let up by holding firmly onto your focus of Ascension. Each of you that does so will be helping to ensure it comes about as intended, and you will not be alone as we are all accompanying you over these last few months even if you are unaware. (SaLuSa, Feb. 3, 2012.)

From 2011

Humanity's awakening process is gaining momentum as increasing numbers of you focus on adopting attitudes that are in alignment with the divine energy field enveloping you all. By doing this you allow your hearts to open and receive the abundance of divine Love that surrounds you at all times, like the air you breathe. Like the air you breathe, when you open your hearts to receive It, It flows through you, receives the imprint of your individual energy signatures, and moves on to continue melding and mingling with Itself and with all others who are open to receive It. It is always with you; you just have to open your hearts to allow It in. (Jesus through John Smallman, Oct. 23, 2011 at

You know that you are almost Home. Focus on that knowing and allow time to speed up and whisk you Home to a tumultuous welcome. (Saul, Oct. 5, 2011.)

The energies continue to reach you from many sources outside of Earth, and they are helping both you and Mother Earth to rise up much quicker than ever before. Always the object of whatever happens is to focus you upon Ascension, and ensure that the preparations are in line with your needs. In that respect we are more than happy, as in spite of the delaying tactics of the dark Ones everything is on course for completion as planned. (SaLuSa, May 25, 2011.)

All that matters now are your immediate efforts to hold your focus upon Ascension, as it is going to change you beyond your expectations. (SaLuSa, May 25, 2011.)

Everything comes to him who waits, and certainly you have needed much patience over the last few years. Yet for all of the frustration and waiting the process of Ascension has proceeded uninterrupted. At times it has seemed that progress was held back but in spite of all the delays, the original goal is still within our sights. Most importantly those of the Light have continued to keep focused on Ascension, and helped raise the consciousness levels on Earth. (SaLuSa, Jan. 19, 2011.)

If you set your sights upon Ascension, then continue to keep it in your sights without allowing anything to distract you. (SaLuSa, Jan. 10, 2011.)

Put your attention on your desire and intention to awaken. You know deep within yourselves - where you remain eternally at one with each other and with your infinitely loving Creator - that everyone is maintaining that same intention because no other is possible. As you intensify that focus you begin to catch glimpses, albeit brief ones, of the loving intent that others are holding, even though their actions and attitudes as humans living in the illusion may appear to be completely at variance with that intention. What you see and generally experience is not Reality. (Saul, Jan 2, 2011.)

From 2010

Focus on the inspiring events that are happening all over the world which demonstrate very clearly that humanity is moving determinedly towards awakening, and intend to be a cooperative and effective part of that awe-inspiring movement. (Saul, Dec. 24, 2011.)

To summarise my purpose of connecting with you, I wish for you to increase your focus on connecting with the light of your guides and the Creator, and as you are experiencing this connection allow yourself to comprehend the qualities, emotions or consciousness that you are feeling or receiving due to your connection. Remember these feelings or qualities and ask for them to be stored within your body and consciousness so that you can draw upon the energy and teachings that all beams of light holds for further use and integration into your reality. (Archangel Michael, March 22, 2010, through Natalie Glasson, at

From 2009

Some of you identify with the day-to-day happenings, being unable to see the greater picture. Others hold their visions of another path that leads you out of the chaos, into a new era of happiness and freedom from oppression. It is the latter who are birthing a new future for Humankind, one that leads to Ascension. (SaLuSa, March 30, 2009.)

Full Restoration Coming

From 2020

If you could but see the true potential you would have no worries about the future. It is wonderful beyond belief and appropriate for those who also have such positive views of it. (Mike Quinsey's Higher Self Message, Dec. 4, 2020.)

From 2014

You have served your time in the lower vibrations, and now you will not need to look back as your progress will be assured. (SaLuSa, Dec. 19, 2014.)

The time has come for you to truly live free and follow your bliss. When the interminable stress and anxiety of survival as presently experienced by the vast majority of humanity is removed people will start to uncover an amazing array of creative talents, talents that most of them were totally unaware that they possessed. That is what the Golden Age is all about – living in perpetual peace and security because the energy field in which you are all totally and eternally enveloped is Love, which always provides for you abundantly. In that state of utter and unrestricted freedom to be yourselves your talents will blossom as you discard the masks you felt you had to present to the world to be acceptable to it. You will realize that you are acceptable, infinitely acceptable, and that that has always been the case, and your joy will be boundless as you interact freely and creatively with all your brothers and sisters in a grand and ongoing extremely creative celebration of life. (Jesus via John Smallman at

When your journey commenced eons of time ago, you knew it would be long and arduous yet were ready for whatever experience you needed. In the near future you will regain full consciousness and fully understand the necessity for your various experiences. Once more you will be whole to never again need such demanding experiences... You would not be here at this time unless you were capable of handling the demands that it imposes. You are all brave and wonderful souls who have sacrificed much to be here, and you will reap the benefits very soon. The hard work is all but over so do not despair at what goes on around you. It is time to focus on your own needs, and ensure you are ready for the final days of the old energies and all that it embraces. The new energies are emerging and if yours are similar you will attract them and continue to rise up. (SaLuSa, Sep. 5, 2014.)

Your next step in your evolution will be when you acquire full consciousness, and it is not as far away as you might assume. Once you have reached this stage you are a totally free spirit and your creative powers will be limitless. It is however your choice as to which path you follow, and there will be no lack of guidance and opportunities. Your present life is far removed from what you can expect in times to come. You are in fact about to conclude your experiences in the lower dimension, and will leave them with a greatly expanded level of consciousness. (SaLuSa, Aug. 8, 2014.)

It is so, dear ones. You are leaving the “station of suffering” and embarking on complete and Full Love based on none other than your Source Template and this is now your destination and reality as you gather up all the incoming energies to feed the Source Spark within you, none other than your true divine template, meshing with Source because you are discovering that you are not separate from Source. The more you believe this and operate from this, and choose the vibrations conducive to your connection with Source, you will live there, and act from there. You will be none other than the same with all of us in the Celestial Realm as we feed upon and deliver Source energy to all. ("Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and Yeshua: Follow Your Bliss," channeled by Fran Zepeda, June 15, 2014 at

We are part of a special team sent now to prepare each of you for this new reality. Our aspect of this project is to prepare you for what is to be said by our divine space and spiritual families. The Anunnaki and their earthly minions produced tales which became the foundation for either religious or scientific myths that describe how you were left in limited consciousness and how the shock of death was used to control you. Each preceding golden age was, in reality, a source for stories that became how you were suddenly plunged into the horrors of limited consciousness. It is the major fears and traumas that followed which permit your rulers to treat you so shoddily. After nearly 13,000 years, you now readily and easily accept many of these tales. These half-truths need to be brought out into the light and explained in a most genuine and truthful manner. Originally, you were fully conscious Beings who refused to permit the dark to control the edicts of ancient Atlantis. In their rebellion, they were jointly deceived and sent to a process that turned your ancestors into amnesia-ridden, limited consciousness individuals. In doing so, your “angelic wings” were literally clipped. You were left on a torturous road filled with horrific obstacles to regaining your status as fully conscious Beings. Heaven decided to permit the Anunnaki to control you for a set time. The conditions for this were quite carefully set. Right now, the Anunnaki have a number of myths and legends left behind and given to their dark minions. Our brethren arrive with the sacred blessings of Heaven and the mission at the right divine time to release you from your bondage and return you to full consciousness. During the right lifetime, Heaven gave us the means to conquer these obstacles and reach heavenly ascension. In this full consciousness, we take up the need to guide, advise and teach each of you about what is happening. This time is one of a rapid transition. It is when you start to realize that what is the current “norm” is merely a continuation of how you were artfully deceived and controlled. This is now blessedly to end and, with its end, comes a great transformation and welcoming reunion with the rest of humanity. It is a time for freedom, prosperity and new governance! You are not alone! (Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation Update, as received by Sheldan Nidle, May 27, 2014 at

When the critical point is reached in the twinkling of an eye you will be uplifted into the higher vibrations, totally free from the lower energies. So rest assured that regardless of events that are taking place around you, in the greater picture all proceeds well. (SaLuSa, May 23, 2014.)

This transformation is something that is swiftly to require our physical presence. The last part of these alterations needs to be explained to you and you require a deep rapport with the one assigned to mentor you. Heaven has forged a process whereby we can easily interact with you and prepare you for the final series of transformations. Previously, we briefly described the changes being put into effect by your heavenly body guardians to prepare you physically for what is shortly to occur. As you become aware of the degree of these changes, you require someone who can appropriately explain what is going on. These alterations are not only physical. They involve as well your mental, emotional and spiritual aspects. Each of these elements needs to be fully integrated into a greater whole called full consciousness. We understand this as we live in this wholeness daily. Nonetheless, we are using a special program given us by Heaven to assist you in this most needed transformation. (Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation Update as received by Sheldan Nidle, May 13, 2014, at

No, the paradise you want, and indeed truly deserve, is the one you are already constructing yourselves, and even if it seems to be a very long way from completion yet, it is in actual fact already here for you to seek into and for you to enjoy. It is there, not under your very eyes, but within your very bones, within every breath you take and within every beat of your heart. For as you managed to dislodge yourselves from the old and detrimental grid of yesteryear, you also managed to connect to that brand new grid, the one literally filled with milk and honey, enough to sustain even the most ambitious of your dreams. For you have already made your dreams come true, by refusing to stick the old nightmare where so many of your fellow men still reside, but again, it takes time for a human mind to let go of all of the old patterns and programmings, the ones that limit your view in every way. ("The Constant Companions: A Short Update on the Energies – May 6, 2014," channeled by Aisha North, May 6, 2014 at

For just as some of those old masterpieces created by long ago geniuses will be restored back to their former glory by a steady hand and a skilled technician into becoming vibrant and alive once again, so too will this world reemerge from a sea of murkiness, darkness and despair and shine in all of its splendor once more. And this is not something that you will have to wait long for, for this is a process that is already well on its way. And for some of you, those first tantalizing signs of this vibrant newness have already become apparent, both within you, but also as you gaze around you, looking into the hearts and the eyes of your fellow men. For remember, this reappearance of glory comes from within you all, it is not something that will be applied on the outside, like a coat of varnish covering up some old dents and scratches, like people do to try to dress up something they are trying to sell off to a less suspecting person. For this change is not a superficial one, made up to make it look new. No, this is a profound change taking place from the inside out, changing every single molecule within your body into a brand new version of you, a new version vibrating at such a high frequency, it in turn will help to retune anything and anyone it comes into contact with. ("The Constant Companions: The Manuscript of Survival – Part 410," channeled by Aisha North, April 10, 2014 at

You have by now started to access some rather interesting layers within you, and even if you might not have any clear recollections of this yourself, you have already started to tap into that magnificent reservoir you all harbour within your very being. At first, it will be like tentatively dipping your toes into a huge, beckoning ocean, but as we have already told you before, it will not take long before you all start to venture deeper and further out into this brand new cosmos of intelligence. For to you, it is indeed brand new, that is, it is new in the way that you have no recollection of ever having been immersed in all of this information before, so to you, it will be like a child venturing forth into some great and to them, hitherto unknown hall. And just like a child, you will all delight in what you discover there. For remember, now there are no more locked doors or other hindrances standing in your way. That is, except for your own reluctance to venture forth into these cavernous and seemingly never ending halls of knowledge. For you all came into this world carrying this huge library within you, in the very core of your being, and it is not only a part of the more esoteric aspects of you. No, this is indeed information that is written into your very being, into your very flesh and bone. For this is in fact what is already stored within that vast repository your scientists have given the name of your DNA, and as such, you are truly walking, talking libraries, capable of delivering forth so much knowledge single-handedly it will far outnumber all of the information humanity as a species has collectively managed to put together already. In other words, not even that magnificent creation you are already staring at in order to absorb these words can match your ability to store and access information, for your brain and indeed every single cell of your body is capable of feats far, far surpassing anything any current man made electronic device can ever do... For remember, even if you have made choices in your lives that have enabled you to latch on to these incoming energies that have allowed you to step ever closer to that magnificent treasure you carry within you, you are no different from any human being you might encounter anywhere on your planet. For you all carry this same incredible knowledge deeply engraved into your very being, but the difference between you is simply this: your willingness to allow yourself to consciously access it all... For it is there to be taken into use by every single member of humanity, and at any given moment in time now that all of the old restrictions have been lifted. For it is there, ready and waiting for you all to come into the presence of it, and when you do, you will know that there are simply no limits to what mankind can accomplish. For then, you will for the very first time fully realize the untapped potential you all carry, and then, you will know beyond the shadow of a doubt that there is not one single troubling aspect anywhere on this planet that cannot cease to be a problem, no matter how complex or unsolvable it may seem. For these problems have all been created by you, and they have been created by that superficial intelligence you have been able to connect to so far in your development. But as you start to chart the depths of your true wisdom, you will understand that you can not help but to solve all of these crippling problems that plague mankind and indeed this beautiful but heavily scarred planet you all inhabit. For that is why you are here, to rectify what has gone wrong and to restore humanity and your home, your Mother, back into the brilliance you once were. ("The Constant Companions: The Manuscript of Survival – Part 406," channeled by Aisha North, March 25, 2014 at

Your progress during the planet’s ascension has astounded light forces throughout the universe! Your resilience, resourcefulness and determination to give future generations a better world already has made it so. You’re still working on this in your concept of time, but in the continuum, it’s a done deal, so let me sign off with HOORAH for your glorious victory! (Ashtar in Matthew's Message, March 20, 2014.)

Now there are things, that you have blocked, or denied, or simply haven’t opened as yet. So there are many rooms, many aspects within your design that perhaps you have stored away. And I am not merely speaking about memory – you say well, Atlantis was horrific, so I have stored that memory away, so I do not have to re-live that tragedy – but often what has happened, in that storage process, is you have often stored away some of the talents and abilities that you also had, at that time. Now we, Michael and I, and the Mother, have said to you, repeatedly, that in this lifetime, you have brought with you, the fullness of your portrait, your kaleidoscope, and that you have anchored this, because Dear Heart, for this lifetime, for this Ascension, you need, you want, you desire, but you knew that you would be using all of your talents, your abilities, your knowingness, so what does that mean? It means that Codes – what we would call Creation Codes – that have not been activated or looked at, perhaps for hundreds of lifetimes, are being reactivated, brought back to the surface, so that you may call upon these energies to go forward in our co-creative partnership. ("Transcript: Heavenly Blessings: The 12 Divine Rays with Archangel Gabrielle," channeled by Linda Dillon, February 18, 2014, at

And so, what you have learned as facts and as an endless list of limitations, will now become null and void for you all as you have already started to let all of those unseen states percolate into your very core again after eons of absence. So what you have been, you are no more, or rather, what you once was, has been relegated to a quiet little corner of you, while the rest of you is busy at work filling itself up again with all of that long lost knowledge, and like dried up sponges, you are soaking it up into literally every single particle of your being. For that gaping void you have all sensed so strongly within, that void where you have felt such a huge part of you have been missing, that void is now being replenished from that Source you were disconnected from as you entered the state of being human. For as you all know so well by now, becoming a human means leaving behind so much of YOU, and so, that calling from within that has been transmitted through that God-spark you all brought with you from home, that calling has been heard and so, you have made the choices you had to make in order to be right here right now. That call to become ONE again has been so strong, and in all of you, it has created a strong desire to become that single but yet fully connected being you used to be. And yes, that is also the reason all of you are here at this very moment in time. For you came in, fully acknowledging the fact that your memory would once again be erased, just like it has been every single time you acquiesced to the restrictions of being a human, but this time, you also knew that the task this time, would be to remember that you had forgotten. ("The Constant Companions: The Manuscript of Survival – Part 402," channeled by Aisha North, March 6, 2014 at

Events are now occurring that is the actual start of a process to give freedom, prosperity and new governance. This operation is to permit us to begin to explain a number of vital truths. You do not usually discover these correct perceptions until you pass on. Full consciousness is to alter this and allow you to connect directly with this globe’s Akashic records, and your own. (Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation Update, as received by Sheldan Nidle: March 5, 2014, at

And know that even if you do feel as if you are being shaken within an inch of falling apart, this process is also very much shoring up the bonds that are connecting you to the totality of your being. And as such, this is also a process that is very much about building up a connection that never before has been stronger than it is now. And whenever you get a chance to get a small respite from this rattling around in the energetic washing machine, we are certain that you will find this to be true. For then, you will find yourself in a space that will seem to be so much lighter, so much brighter and so much more level than that uneven ground you have been traversing for the last decade or so. ("The Constant Companions: A Short Update on the Energies – February 20, 2014," channeled by Aisha North, February 20, 2014 at

Many of you will feel heat within your body as your physical bodies begin to activate your DNA/RNA codes. This can be a rather uncomfortable period for you so it is important to stay well hydrated and well rested. Trust that all is well and that you are being cared for by your etheric guides as you go through this process. Listen to your guidance and do whatever is suggested. This process is the beginning of an accelerated transformation that will leave behind all former limitations. The past will fade away and dissolve as you learn to live in the present moment. This will facilitate a greater clarity of mind and an inner knowing that there has been a shift in your perceptions and you will start to regain your divine abilities in whatever way is unique to you. We, your guides and team members assist in many ways to help you on the next step of your journey. You are never alone, Dear Ones, for we walk with you during the intense and irreversible changes that are now beginning. You have come to this point because of your deep desire to fulfill the destiny that you have chosen as your contribution to the divine plan. This destiny is now beginning to unfold at greater speed and you will marvel at how far you have come in a short space of time. The cells of your being are being regenerated and rejuvenated and you will feel cyclic waves of energy come from within you which can cause periods of dizziness. Remain calm, breathe deeply and stay in a state of peaceful allowance to the new sensations that fill and surround you. There is much recalibration that is taking place within your human operating system and your morphogenic field. This will probably scramble your meridian flows of energy temporarily but will rebalance. You will have many episodes of sleepiness and drowsiness as you are attuned to ever higher frequencies as they come in. (Hilarion, January 26, 2014.)

The spiritual life is not to be separated from you by death. It is rather to be integrated in you by full consciousness. Your long inter-generational journey through the perilous realities of limited consciousness is to be transformed. This present revolution is a spiritual one and will bring you back to who you once were. It is to reunite you with other physical Angels and proceed with the unfolding of the Divine Plan! (Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation Update as received by Sheldan Nidle, January 21, 2014, at

But now, you will be going one large step further, for you have simply outgrown those old and worn out shoes of yesteryear, and you have slipped your feet into the brand new ones. Or rather, the shoes that you used to wear, when you were the one you have become once again, that multi-dimensional, multi-talented being, the Creator, the maker of miracles, and not just that humble human, too bogged down by all of the self-imposed and super-imposed limiting baggage you used to cart around. But as the fireworks marked the passage of the old year and into the new, so too it marked the passage from the old you and into the new. ("The Manuscript of Survival – Part 383," channeled by Aisha North, January 6, 2014 at

Your eyes are being opened to the understanding that you are great Beings, and are destined to regain all of your chakras and suppressed abilities. Only then will you understand the potential of a fully developed Being moving in the higher dimensions. At present you are being prepared for a great leap forward. It will return you to a state that you were in prior to your journey through the lower dimensions. (SaLuSa, January 3, 2014.)

God’s Will for you is that you reside in a state of complete and utter happiness upon which nothing can impinge, and, of course, your will is in complete alignment and harmony with His, so that supreme state will indeed be your eternal Home, the Home from which, in truth, you have never departed. And on your return you will recognize It as the state of bliss and completion that you have been seeking throughout all your Earthly incarnations. You have a saying: “Home is where the heart is.” You have never left Home because your Heart is One with God’s in every moment, and your apparent return there is but an awakening, a rubbing of your sleepy eyes, and a return to your natural and fully conscious state. (Jesus via John Smallman, January 1, 2014.)

From 2013

But hear us out when we say that your dream has not been torn to tatters, it is simply your human residue that is still overpowering you with is need to state its displeasure with all of these changes. For remember, beneath this layer of utter exhaustion, pain and displeasure lies not only a totally renewed physical body, therein lies also the brand new you, the you that will soon be allowed to come out and shine its true light for the very first time... No, your labour has been fruitful in so many ways, as you have used the time well. For you have managed to make yourself start to blossom in a way that was not possible before, and as you all start to stretch to your full height towards the light, that dormant seed of your dream within each and every one of you is also starting to sprout. So as you look back on this industrious year, know that the year you see ahead, the year that is about to begin, will be known as the prosperous one, the fruitful one, the one that will make millions of seeds grow. And what they will grow into, can simply be described like this: the garden of Eden. ("The Manuscript of Survival – Part 382," channeled by Aisha North, December 29, 2013 at

At this time you have difficulty in imagining or remembering your higher states of being, but soon you will be on the path to full recognition. It will happen by stages and first you will gain full consciousness. Of necessity you have lived out many lives in the lower vibrations with a limited consciousness. (SaLuSa, December 27, 2013.)

As I have said before it is impossible to remain asleep indefinitely, and your moment for awakening is approaching, very rapidly. Keep holding the intent to bring it about, because it is very effective and you will awaken, in fact many of you are stirring as you have had more than enough of the illusory dream and nightmare, and the energy of your stirring is nudging others into a similar state. The tipping point – the point at which the collective intent to maintain the illusion is changed to a collective intent to allow it to dissolve – is very close. Then you will move into the state that I refer to as “the happy dream” in my relatively recent book “A Course In Miracles.” (Jesus via John Smallman, December 20, 2013.)

For remember, this is all about reawakening the dormant codes within, the ones that will ensure that you are no longer run by that simple process of survival that has hitherto ruled the lives of mankind. For now, you are about to start to blossom into what will be labeled as the truest form of mankind, the one that is here to work miracles, the one that will let this whole planet be reborn in the same manner as they themselves have managed to resurrect themselves from the old ruins that used to be them. For you are as the phoenix dear ones, the shining one, emerging up from the ashes of the old and burned down remnants of the illusion of who you thought yourself to be. For now, you will start to see the limitless version of yourself, the one that has been waiting for so long to be let out from the old cage of superimposed limitations. And you would not want to miss that first glimpse of the real you, would you? ("A Short Update on the Solstice Energies," channeled by Aisha North, December 20, 2013 at

Yes, there is indeed an end to this transformation process, and even if that end may seem far, far off at the moment, know that there will come a day in the not too distant future when you will draw a deep breath and just know that “this is it, now I am the one I came here to be”. And then, you will finally be able to look back over your shoulder and contemplate the whole arduous journey you have taken to get you to that final and full version of you. We know that you will perhaps have a hard time even thinking about such a moment now, as we do know that many of you are still very much deep in the final throes of your own emergence, and so, this may seem no more than a distant dream. And rightly so, as these last and final gruelling contractions may seem to be more than you can bear. But you are made of strong stuff dear ones, and as we have told you again and again, nothing that happens now is happening because it is meant to break you down to just a heap of dust and bitter fragments. Everything that happens, does so for a reason, and that reason is simply this: to set you free from everything that has held you captive. And even if some of these events may seem to be nothing less than catastrophic to some of you, know that they have been set before you as a tool to aid you in this work of liberating yourself. ("A Short Update on the Energies – December 18," channeled by Aisha North, December 18, 2013 at

But now, as you have allowed yourself to be reconnected to Source, you will also be able to reconnect yourself with all of this important information that is essential for you to be able to fulfill your task of resurrecting not only yourselves, but also this planet. For this is indeed what this is all about, tapping into that hidden potential, potential that is not hidden anymore, and that is no longer off limits to any of you. Remember, there are no more limits now, and unless you choose to not receive what has been given to you from the very beginning, there will be no stopping you now. For you are made of the same stuff as the stars, and we do mean that in every sense of the word, so even if you may look upon your physical body as merely a lump of flesh, know that it is indeed indispensable to the work you have come here to do. For by YOU, we mean your consciousness, but without being in this physical body, you would have no way of releasing the potential that is stored within this body, this whole body of knowledge if you will, that has been put at your disposal so that you can utilize it to change everything. And yes, we do mean everything, for you are not here to simply step into your own greatness, you are also here to make this whole planet capable of doing the same. So again we say go within, for that is where this treasure is hidden, and it is waiting for you to acknowledge it by observing it. For when you do, it will come into being, and it will be activated by your consciousness and by this ceaseless bombardment of energy that is raining down upon you. For this is truly a heavenly cooperation between you, your physical body and these energies, as you need all three components in order to release all of this untapped potential. For without the one, the others would simply be a potential, but nothing more. But now, you are here to make it all come into BEing by adding your consciousness to this potent mix, and out from this, will rise a literal army of advanced beings, clad in a human body that no one has seen the likes of before. For you will finally be able to step into a physical vehicle that is capable of making miracles come true, and that is why we say that these oh so important inner changes will have far reaching effects on the outside as well. For you are not simply here to liberate that hidden potential within yourself, you are here to assist the rest of the world to do the same. But you are the pioneers, and so you have to do this job for YOU first, and then, all the rest will follow. ("The Greatness Within," channeled by Aisha North, December 10, 2013 at

Your forthcoming human awakening or Ascension is different because it will be a mass awakening in which you retain your bodies which are then restored to full vitality and perfection, with an age or physical appearance and abilities appropriate to it that suits your wishes. (Jesus via John Smallman, December 7, 2013.)

However, at this point in your evolution you have chosen to withdraw yourselves en-mass from the illusion while retaining your physical bodies, and in so doing you will move from a world of suffering, distrust, and betrayal into an environment of peace, beauty, and abundance for all. You have been making your way towards this moment through many crises, disappointments, and catastrophes as you have struggled with the concept of releasing your fears and returning to and sharing the loving embrace that God offers you in every moment. (Jesus via John Smallman, November 27, 2013.)

The present time is one of transitions. Your current reality is fading and is in dire need of change. Those in Heaven who oversee this reality know this and are moving it toward one where your consciousness expands and you encounter your Inner Earth neighbors and us. This set of major changes to your concept of reality will accelerate you toward full consciousness. The present lack of disclosure cannot go on much longer. In fact, Heaven has set a timeline for how this is to happen. This is why we know that your immediate future will bring the changes we discuss, as well as first contact. This realm of yours is living on borrowed time. The moment for our official entry into this reality is very close. Your Ascended Masters and their associates are ready to reveal new financial and governmental systems. We leave you with this good news. Be in joy and feel just how close this new reality is to manifesting. Your future is to be filled with freedom, wondrous happenings and a grand reunion with all of us!.. Right now, you are in the midst of changes that are the precursors to full consciousness. These subtle alterations are doing what it took us many lifetimes to achieve. You are safely on the road to a new reality that requires your full participation. Thus, Heaven has forged a special partnership between the Agarthans, the Galactic Federation and us. (Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation Update via Sheldan Nidle – November 26, 2013 at

There is an element of excitement and anticipation in the air around you and the activation of knowledge long hidden within your DNA now lights up your spinal column. The switches are turned on and you can actually visualize these internal switches along your spine and chakra centers, seeing your hand turn on the light switch all the way to the crown. Find suitable mantras to repeat often to help stay focused in your intent to raise the vibration of your thoughts, words, deeds and ultimately, your body. Let the joy of each moment bless you constantly as you move about your day. (Hilarion, November 10, 2013.)

Full consciousness will open up a greatly enlarged reality – a reality you will easily be able to hear, smell, taste and sense. This reality includes not only your normal 3D scope but a number of other dimensions as well. This increased set of possibilities opens up a world that you cannot yet fully imagine! Our mentors’ prime task is to prepare you for what is to come. This will include a large number of “hands-on” sessions where you can temporarily experience what is to come. Further, we intend to help this process when you tour our many motherships. ("Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation Update," as received by Sheldan Nidle, November 5, 2013 at

Suzanne Maresca: Well, that’s true. So, thank you for that. That’s very exciting really. We’ve all been getting downloads of information and it feels to me like a steady stream of Light in the form of sound. When I perceive that taking place, I wonder at what point all the new data will be activated, comprehended and used. Is it all new information, remembered information, or a combination of both?

Sanat Kumara: It is a combination of both. And it is not something that is downloaded, activated. It is pretty much simultaneous or instantaneous, so what you are finding is that your capacity to think, to understand, to comprehend certain things is more readily available to you than it has been in the past. So the scope of your understanding, the lens of your understanding and of your capacity to create has opened. Now will it continue to open? Yes.

SM: I really get that because it’s a very subtle thing. We have such expectations about what these things are going to be like, like a popping instantly open so we really notice it, but sometimes these new things just get integrated into ourselves so seamlessly that we kind of lose sight of the fact that we can do these new things.

Raj: Yes, and you are quite correct in so far as are not using what you would refer to as the “pop” method. Because it would be abrupt and startling. That is not to say that some of you – in fact many of you – are having experiences or situations that are abrupt and startling. And the reason that happens is to give yourself confirmation. We are really not needing confirmation at this point. What is truly happening with the downloads and the higher frequencies is that it is increasing seamlessly as you’ve put it. And therefore it seems like a dim memory to you when you think, “Oh I did not used to be able to do this.” But it is forgotten basically. SM: And we just become our beautiful mighty Light-being selves and we don’t even remember what we used to be like. And that’s okay with me. Raj: It is okay throughout the Universe, actually. ("Transcript: Sanat Kumara on the Sacred Law of Dispensation," channeled by Linda Dillon, October 29, 2013, at

And let me be clear: yes, there is expansion going on in your head, in your brain but there is not one of you who has a tumor or who is looking at premature departure. There is not one of you whose hearts will not heal. There is not one of you whose bodies will not heal. There is not one of you whose financial situation will not heal. You did not come to live on my planet, Gaia, this planet of such diversity and abundance to live in lack … of any kind. ("The Divine Mother: You are the Holy Grail," channeled by Linda Dillon, October 19, 2013, at

And it is not easy right now dear ones, for as we have warned you, or as we have prepared you – would be a better way of putting it – many things do seem to you to be in chaos and unexplainable premise. But as you trust your inner guidance, you are leading yourselves out of the fog and into blue skies of clarity, replete with new shining bodies of crystalline nature and complete with new wiring that will enable you to proceed into a new scenario of abundance and love-filled experiences. ("Yeshua: You Are The Strongest of the Strong,," channeled by Fran Zepeda, October 15, 2013 at

Many of you are starseeds from higher dimensional star systems who came here to this planet at this time to to assist with this transition of the human body into resonating with the higher frequencies so that you could create a higher frequency world on this planet earth.. As this channel has spoken of before, this process will coincide with a coming together of the Inner and the Outer Earth at a time that your brains and bodies have upgraded to be fully functioning in the higher dimensions. Your higher dimensional abilities – things like telepathy, instant manifestation, bilocation, levitation etc.– these abilities will be awakened in your brains and bodies. Your higher dimensional awareness already knows that you are capable of these things; it is just a matter of training your old carbon-based brain and body to accept these things as being part of its new operating system. It’s like the channel, when she upgraded the operating system on her computer recently she had a difficult time… her brain had a difficult time first accepting the new operating system, but after a short period of time it became very easy to use and like second nature. This will be happening now for your brains and bodies …they will begin to accept the new operating system that you are existing in. You can help this process along with your intentional awareness, telling your brain and body that it’s okay to adjust. It may sound silly but really it will help speed along the process for all of you. ("Council of Angels, Archangel Michael and Source Creator: Upgrading to a Multidimensional Operating System," channeled by Goldenlight, October 4, 2013 at

By now, most of you have gotten used to being knocked about by these interrupting rounds of energetic upheavals, and hopefully, you have even gotten to understand the benevolent nature of this barrage. We know fully well that to many of you, the barrages themselves are nothing to be pleased about, as they seem to misbehave as soon as they connect with your body. But still, the unpleasantness they may cause will never outweigh all of the beneficial value these messengers of light come laden with, and as such, we gather that most of you have quietly acquiesced to these rounds by now... That is, you might have gotten a glimpse, but even if that made an indelible mark on you, it was just a tiny little glimpse of the magnitude that this somewhat puny human body of yours now contain. For that fleshy container now harbours an endless list of what many will call ”otherworldly traits”, and what do we mean by that? Well, let us just say that the limitations previously placed upon your being are no longer in place, and even if you will need some time to really start to explore these areas that has hitherto been deemed as unexplorable, or perhaps to be more precise, nonexistent, now the time has come to take those first tentative steps into those blank spaces on the maps as it were, and start to explore the new you. For you are truly new, in every way that you care to describe, and then some. For these are not superficial adornments, these are indeed some extremely far reaching and far encompassing changes that will literally lift you up and beyond that small box marked with the caption ”homo sapiens”. Perhaps we should give you all a new name, for in many ways, you are a brand new species setting foot on this sacred ground, this planet so many call their Mother. And what would a more fitting name be? Well, let us suggest ”homo libertus”, the liberated one, the limitless one, the one that will step forth and take her whole world with her into the brand new future. ("The Manuscript of Survival – Part 361," channeled by Aisha North, October 1, 2013 at

Heaven has asked us to elucidate all things and prepare you for the wondrous event that is approaching. Returning to full consciousness is quite a serious matter: it will change everything drastically and hugely for the better. All your feelings and interactions with self, others, and your wonderfully alive environment will be different! And we are very aware that this may at first be rather confusing for you. ("Update for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation," as received by Sheldan Nidle, October 1, 2013 at

So you can think of October as simply a further unfoldment of what has already begun. But these months of September, October, some of November are very significant in terms of what you think of as tangible events... What do I mean by this? Now, what is the litmus test for you to know, you, my brothers and sisters, my legion of blue, all rays, all colors? Your spiritual quest is not simply done in spirit form. And you know this, and you have, many of you have been at this, well, for your entire lives, consciously or not. But your physical reality, what you think of as your waking mode (certainly that is not the perception throughout the universe; but what you think of as your waking mode, your physical sense of reality, of your physical environment and your body) is beginning to anchor the energies so deeply and so clearly, along with, of course, the shift from carbon to crystalline, along with the activation of various flags, markers of your DNA. So what you have been seeking in terms of what you call tangible evidence is coming to be with you more clearly. So what has been taking place in hat you think of as the unseen realms — which is just a matter of your perception, by the way — but what has been taking place in the outer realms is coming to rest more clearly within your physical experience. ("Archangel Michael: Welcome to This Time of Re-Awakening - Part 1," channeled by Linda Dillon, September 30, 2013, at

Your carbon-based body is very gradually returning to the silicon/crystalline based form of your perfected Light Body. At one level or another, all human Beings are striving for a Soul-infused personality and unity with his/her Soul Self and OverSoul-Higher Self. Whether conscious of it or not, a memory Seed Atom is buried deep within the Diamond Core God Cell of every Soul on Earth – an inner desire to seek and attain cosmic attunement. ("Archangel Michael: Love is a Natural State of Being, channelled through Ronna Herman, September 29, 2013, at

The new governance is to bring an end to a long series of cover-ups which hid the truth from you about a variety of new, liberating technologies; about our benevolent existence; and the fact that Gaia is hollow and supports an advanced, 5-D society within her sacred living interior. Ultimately, full consciousness is our common goal. The aim is to return Gaia and indeed the entire solar system to their former pristine, higher-consciousness state. Once achieved, you are to complete what the ancient Lemurians nearly accomplished. Then you can turn your attention to the matter of ensuring a permanent galactic peace... ...We come to comment on what is happing to Gaia and to you. You are transitioning from limited to full consciousness. You are being prepared to move into the spiritual wonders which is full consciousness, by integrating your full spiritual essences and learning about who you really are. This blessed process is somewhat painful and opens you up to experiencing subtle intimations of what you are to be in the very near future. There is so much to learn and very little time in which to absorb it into your Being. To help you to complete this process, you will need some very special hands-on guidance. Our mission is to assist you by presenting information in large but very digestible chunks. We Ascended Masters have all had to do this over the course of several lifetimes, but you have only this one in which to become enlightened. We welcome you with open arms and fully intend to take you over the finish line! As Ascended Masters of surface humanity, Spirit has assigned us a most wondrous and grace-filled task. Each of you is a grand spiritual essence that was born into a reduced capacity of mind in which it is hard for you to grasp what we are trying to describe. Full consciousness is when the entirety of physicality and of Heaven merge into coherence within you. Then, each thought you have is reflective of this coherence, allowing you to be cognizant of and at one with the Creator and an amazing divine plan. You can then confidently use your abilities and talents to unfold physicality and to know the whys and wherefores of any event in your past, present, or future. This happens because these illusory linear-time constructs of the third dimension are now merged into the one eternal now moment of 5-D where they can easily be read. To realize this ability, and many, many others, you need to learn about the physics of physicality and Spirit. The attainment of this essential wisdom took us many lifetimes of very spiritually dedicated lives to accomplish. Now Heaven desires you to likewise integrate this wisdom, but you are to do it with a great deal of spiritual and physical assistance. This assistance will begin with the essential foundation of new governance and a great liberating prosperity for each one of you. ("Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation Update," as received by Sheldan Nidle: September 24, 2013 at

The future is truly boundless, and as your knowledge base continues to grow exponentially the creative possibilities with which all are born will be far more fully recognized and encouraged to develop in the ways that are best suited to each individual’s needs. In very recent years it has been found that children with autism have amazing gifts to offer when they are not twisted, manipulated, and forced to fit into severely restricted academic curricula that are totally at odds with their true needs. Some enlightened ones among you have been doing amazing pioneering work in areas like these, and you are greatly honored for the Light that you are bringing to bear on what had previously seemed to be hopeless situations. (Jesus via John Smallman, September 20, 2013.)

Until recently the dark cabal’s power was all but omnipotent, but now the point has been reached where it can no longer deny you your sacred destiny! A great prosperity linked to a global revaluation of your various national currencies is ready to happen. This grand event is the clarion call which will expel the old governance from power and influence. It will liberate you from your many illegal debt obligations by instigating universal debt forgiveness and this includes your release from any incurred indebtedness to this old governance. You are about to inherit not only this divine gift of freedom but also a never-ending supply of prosperity. This is a sacred process founded upon the divine decrees of Lord Surea. These proclaim your freedom and a return to your innate sovereignty and right to full consciousness. The dark repeatedly placed illegal blocks before you and even invented outright lies to continue to deny you these sacred rights. Their unholy obstacles are being removed, and you are once again to be on a path which includes not only prosperity but also a return to full consciousness. You are to have your state of amnesia removed and to be given the sacred truths which will prepare you for what now lies ahead. We have come to teach you; you will be afforded a new discipleship which will wash away all the lies and misconceptions administered by the dark to control and manipulate you. You will also learn about the true nature of this solar system and the divine nature of your grand guardianship role. We, the Ascended Masters, are honored to serve you selflessly and teach you about the nature of this universe. We will guide you Lovingly and supervise you while you learn about and use your new universal Truths. Each of you possesses a special life contract which at the proper moment needs to be explained to you. Moreover, as you gain access to your Akashic records you will learn how you, as a fully conscious Being, can put this knowledge to use in a sagacious and constructive way. In short, you are to be prepared to join a universal community which includes every human that exists throughout this universe. You will also discover how extensive and varied are the life forms created in physicality by the Creator. You are to find joy in interacting widely with this vast and wonderful parade of sentient Beings. Can you begin to see what an incredible array of divine experiences awaits you? ("Update for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation," as received by Sheldan Nidle – September 10, 2013 at

It might not seem like it for some of you at the moment, but you are indeed already starting to step into your new shoes as it were. Or rather, you are starting to step into your old shoes, the ones that show your real imprint, and who will take you far, far into the future. For what you truly are, is so much more than what you have already seen. And even if some of you have already gotten more than a few short glimpses of the real you that is still very much hidden behind this veil of forgetfulness, know that this too is simply a tiny little taste of what you have in store. For what you have in store, is of such a magnitude you will not even be able to wrap your head around it at this stage. But soon you will, and it will blow away all of the cobwebs still clinging on to that old and worn human frame you still consider as the ”real you”. ("The Manuscript of Survival – Part 352," channeled by Aisha North, September 10, 2013 at

And you shall have the opportunity, dear ones. For the energies are being prepared to offer you more such opportunities and are increasing day-by-day and minute-by-minute. You are up to the task. You are readied in your physical bodies for much more Light and Love to enter and to be utilized for the spread of Love and Peace to all mankind. You are doing splendidly. And it shall be that soon you will look back and see your progress and feel wonder at the changes within your heart and soul as you blossom into the Divine template you carry within you. The one you are destined to fully realize. ("Sananda: Walk Forward Into this New Mist of Love That You Have Built Within You and Share It With The World Now," channeled by Fran Zepeda, September 2, 2013 at

Dear scribe, we note the “thousands of tiny personal revolutions” as you’ve termed them, that you’ve been receiving in the past few days of your time. We ask you to expect many more unfolding aspects of yourselves to be made known, and the overhaul many of you are experiencing will continue until you find yourselves glimmering examples of spiritual beings who’ve done the most difficult Life-path work. ("The Hathors: Karmic Acceleration, Exposure of Tyranny and Understanding Channels," channeled by Wes Annac, August 30, 2013 at

This movement into the higher dimensional realms act on the timelines from 2013 to 2015, which will tend to be tumultuous from one aspect but are also a tremendously creative time. There are many ways you can allow it to be more graceful. New Life Awakening is a moment to moment choice. The encoded light particles embedded in the waves of Light moving like a Tsunami of Change over your planet, hold the most Divine Frequencies and are activating the codes of Awakening that you hold within your DNA. Your being is responding in ways you have never experienced as these new levels of Light-encoded energies move though you. ("Archangel Gabriel: The Codes for New Life Awakening on Earth," channeled by Shanta Gabriel, August 29, 2013 at

And even that choice [unawareness] has a sell-by date at which point awareness, full consciousness must and will be re-established. When that happens, infinite joy will replace all emotions, feelings, and sensations that are not in alignment with it. In the end, only eternal joy is possible, because that is the Will of God for all of creation, and you are rapidly approaching that end, that inviolate sell-by date. You are surrounded and enveloped in the field of Divine Love, which is to dissolve back into nothingness the illusion in which it seems you have been trapped and imprisoned for so long. Focus on that truth whenever you go to your quiet inner space. Intend that all become aware of it, and relax in the certainty of your coming awakening. (Jesus via John Smallman, August 25, 2013.)

Each of you will return to self-mastery where no code delineates your outward behavior, but where you follow the Will of the Creator because it is your will to do so. No longer forced to become anything that you are not, you will blossom into your true potential and be all that you can be. Perhaps this will occur for you in a couple of months, a couple of years or in an upcoming lifetime. Your path is set out before you by the dictates of your soul and soul family. ("The Great Divine Director: The Shift Continues…," channeled through Tazjima, August 23, 2013 at

Our mission is to reestablish the hallowed link between this reality and Heaven. Each one of us has taken the sacred ascension path in order to be able to teach and guide you at this time, and we are ready to assist you in your massive transformation. The process of returning you to full consciousness is not only a sacred Ascension in itself but it also exposes you to huge amounts of information concerning the ways of Heaven. As a new fully conscious Being you will be able to draw on prodigious levels of dedication and focus within yourselves and you will find this easy to acquire with the specialist training you are to receive. Heaven has created a full-consciousness-etiquette school that all will attend when you leave your Light Chambers. All who gain full consciousness pass through its halls and are filled with awe and delight at the marvels to be discovered there. All this awaits you! ("Update for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation", as received by Sheldan Nidle, August 20, 2013 at

So what you feel now, are the first signs of the teetering and tottering that heralds the end of the world of illusion. A world build on no more than loose soil, soil that is indeed incredibly fertile, but up until now has been covered by a thick layer of concrete and stone. In other words, the old foundations have been laid in place in order to hinder any unwanted growth. But as these old roots are pulled loose, the rigid structures above ground will collapse as their foundations come apart, and then, the dormant seeds waiting below ground will have excellent conditions to finally sprout. We know that to many of you, this will sound like a process that will take forever, something not you nor even your grandchildren will be able to savour. But trust us when we say that this is indeed why you have come here, to witness this process come about. And not just the destructive phase of it. For you are indeed here to see the new world not only sprout, but take root and form a whole and complex and beautiful new structure, one you will be able to play an important part in too. ("The Manuscript of Survival – Part 345," channeled by Aisha North, August 19, 2013 at

We are all enlightened beings; some of you have just forgotten that. Never mind . . . you will awaken and a most wonderful realization will dawn on you as Reality fills your awareness and your natural state of being fully conscious blossoms. It is as though your natural state of existence had been resting, asleep, and a reduced state had been on standby during that moment. Its abilities were severely limited because it was only there to keep things ticking over; it did not have to do anything. And you, in order to awaken, do not have to do anything. (Saul, August 14, 2013.)

In all perpetuity it is written that you shall awaken. And shall it be so. And so it is. And this is what you are in the process of and this is what you are destined to do and this is what you are made of. In all intents and purposes you have already done so. The pieces of the puzzle have been laid and you are containing the fabric of your awakening within your consciousness. It hasn’t totally materialized in many ways, but in many ways it has. Think of it as all the light cells in your body being prepared for a flick of the switch when all conditions are right. You are illuminated so much now, and in a short while all will be readied for that higher beam to be prompted and switched on. You are not used to having that higher illumination yet in your physical bodies and you are being conditioned and readied through all these processes of late to be able to hold the deeper brighter light and sustain it in your bodies. You have gradually been readied and you are so much stronger and able to hold it within you. And to show it to the world. Oneness is a state of pure, unadulterated joy, and nothing can interfere with it, change it, remove it, or hide it. It is constantly aware, alive, and loving, but You chose to pretend that this was not so, and have endured seemingly interminable suffering as a result. Finally, as the depths of separation were experienced in Your ongoing nightmare, You made the choice to awaken and thereby to return to Love. That decision was made the instant You chose to imagine separation, but in that instant the whole history of the illusion was contained... Yes, it is a little like culture shock to many of you, but be assured that it is your natural state. It is only a little like taking off a comfortable suit of clothing that you have worn so long you are so used to it, and being exposed to the elements at first feels a little unsettling. Allow the uncomfortableness, dear ones, and you shall be glad you did. For the emergence of your true selves, with your new suit of clothing, so to speak, will suit you and fit you so much better. And you will remember what it felt like so many eons ago before you set out on this journey of enlightenment through years of scenarios built by you to experience separateness and confusion, only to know you would be emerging from it with the understanding necessary to be so sure of your divine nature. Well, that knowing is coming to the surface now and it is becoming clearer and you shall not be disappointed. Allow these energies that are bombarding you to do their work and all the while be assured that it is leading you to your final awakening and purpose, to your true selves, your Divine Selves, and to your collaboration with Oneness. ("Yeshua: You Will Emerge With Your True Selves Intact And Ready To Shine Even Brighter In Your Divinity," channeled by Fran Zepeda, August 12, 2013 at

God is completed in You, and You in God, and that completeness is indissoluble, permanent, everlasting. It is the only state, or condition, although You have for a short while, an extremely short while, refused to acknowledge it by hunkering down into an imaginary environment that you constructed within a very small section of your collective Mind, and then lowering the curtain behind You, closing out the Light of God’s Love, Reality. Without His Love, which is impossible, all would be extremely dark, and that is what You chose to experience. Now You are preparing to raise the curtain and let in the Light of His eternal Love for You, and all in the spiritual realms are rejoicing, because we have missed You. You and you, Us and You, Us and you are confusing terms for a very confusing situation. We are all eternally present to one another; many faces, many minds, and yet only One Mind, the Mind of God. All these terms of separation, pronouns – I, he, she, we, you, they, in upper case and lower case – are confusions of the illusion, and in Reality are absolutely meaningless. And yet we, all the infinite aspects of God, our Source, do play and interact within the One. It is a state of infinite joy to which you are returning after what seems to you like an extremely long sojourn overseas, or in a totally different universe. It has been but momentary, because Our Father would not allow His beloved to suffer, but your experience of it, by Your own choice, has seemed interminable. And because of that it gives us great joy to know that your “ungodly” experience is almost over for you. In truth we have not been concerned because of course we fully understand the unreality of it. Nevertheless it has grieved us to see you apparently suffering severely and grimly, even though, and also because, it has been by Your own choice. As the moment for your awakening approaches our joy intensifies. (Saul, August 11, 2013.)

Galactic Federation of Light WE KNOW YOU HAVE COMPLETED THE OLD GAME AND ARE SO VERY READY TO BEGIN THE NEW. IT IS SOONER THAN YOU THINK. Blossom Goodchild: Ok … here we go … No offence to your TRUTH … for I KNOW you are of it … yet I no longer get excited when you say such things. I KNOW you speak TRUTH … I KNOW IT … I KNOW IT … What YOU DON’T KNOW … is that when you say such things as you just have … I and many take it with a pinch of salt … because ALTHOUGH IT IS TRUTH and I KNOW YOU ARE COMING ONE DAY … it is the ‘WHEN’ that puts this whole thing out of whack! Year after year we get told of THE CHANGE … the BIG CHANGE … not this gradual one we are experiencing … only to be told the same things again next year and the next! Don’t misunderstand me. I am ok with this. I am fine with this … I just feel it is better not to talk of these things until such a time when ‘the time’ is near. We accept that which you are saying and we too have learned from your/our experience not to ‘leap ahead’ due to your time zones which we do not have. Therefore … we say to you … BE AWARE … for when THE CHANGE arrives it will most likely take your BEINGS by total surprise … and you will say ‘YOU COULD HAVE GIVEN US THE HEADS UP’ and we shall say ‘WE DID … BUT YOU DIDN’T BELIEVE US.’ (The Galactic Federation of Light channeled by Blossom Goodchild, August 11, 2013 at

As you all continue to release and let go of all that has hindered your movement into the higher dimensions, there will come a time when the polarities which held humanity in conflict for many ages will begin to gradually disappear. The growth process takes time and patience in order that each person’s soul lessons and insights are gathered and experienced in the completion of their physical life embodiment in the lower dimensions and a new journey of physical embodiment in the higher dimensions begins to take precedence. This will be a joyous moment for all when it occurs. (Hilarion, August 11, 2013.)

As with any regular practice, the more you practise the easier it becomes and the more you want to do it as your skill and enjoyment increases. When you allow Love to guide you, life flows far more smoothly, and any upsets or disappointments you experience are more easily dealt with. They seem somehow much less important, as of course they are! Remember you are confined within an illusion, where nothing that occurs is truly Real, and the bubble that is the illusion is about to burst. Reality, your true Home, is about to be revealed after being hidden from your view, your awareness, your knowledge by your choice to lurk in the illusion among all that gloom and fear. The clouds are lifting, the Light is brightening as you change the focus of your attention from the unreal to Love, the all-embracing field of Divine energy in which you have your eternal existence. As the Light intensifies it will be impossible for you to keep your eyes closed, let alone remain asleep. (Jesus via John Smallman, August 11, 2013.)

This last phase of your journey to full consciousness requires you to wholly transform the way you think and feel, and to totally reconceive how you view yourselves, both spiritually and emotionally. It is to be a great challenge that we know you can rise to, as you dig deep within you to bring out the Love that is your essence. Once you harness this Love source within, it will propel you collectively toward your many coming triumphs, and when the moment comes, you will be more than ready and willing to embrace your metamorphosis into full consciousness as you step into your individual Living Light Chamber. Then, as a Being of Light you will join us to happily take on your divine service to physicality and, most of all, to the Creator. ("Update for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation," as received by Sheldan Nidle, August 6, 2013, at

While this may be a little mind-boggling, go with it. Step into the tunnel from your heart that leads to your Christed Self that is always there and always waiting. The expansion is evident. The expansion is emerging. The expansion is such a part of you now that you cannot deny it. Go with it, dear ones. Play with it, and be within this expanded heart space that you have allowed and are allowing with the recent energy surges. Push out the boundaries ever more. Be light within it – Be The Light within it. Take it one step further each day, as your capacity to expand increases... You are being lit up like beacons now, for all to see and follow, and it is in the peace of that, that you are sustained. The glory of your essence is emerging and has so many possibilities of illumination and creation right now. Sit with that and allow that, dear ones. For the time is nigh to be completely immersed in the habit of always coming back to your center and embracing it. Many of you have cleared so much and cleared others as well. You are entering into a new phase of actualization now, that which your new DNA encodements allow you to be. You feel new and strange all at the same time, and for that, please be grateful. For it brings even more alignment thus in that gratitude. For now you sail along with your newfound energy, speeding along to even more completeness and wholeness within yourself. Finding your true self is your job. And the exploring is just beginning for many of you. And the exploring continues for the others. You are all at different stages at discovering yourselves. And the stage is set for each one of you to move forward in the path you have chosen, all the while fitting into the whole to complete a bigger picture designed for the greater good of all. ("Lady Nada: You Have Reached a Turning Point for Yourselves in This Ascension Process," channeled by Fran Zepeda, August 5, 2013 at

When you do so, your joy and delight will be infinitely greater than that of the child. To come Home to God is your reason for awakening, for removing your hands from your eyes, and the joy that you will then experience is beyond description. You have yearned for this for eons, and yet you have avoided taking the necessary steps to achieve it until now. Only now is the realization that Love is your nature breaking into your awareness. The illusion would persuade you that Love comes from another, or from God, but, as is now finally breaking into your awareness, God is Love and you are all aspects of God Consciousness created from Love, and therefore, of yourselves, you are Love incarnate. Your bodies, and their apparent unending needs have hidden the truth from you, but now you are no longer able to keep that truth at bay. You have chosen to awaken, and that choice has intensified the power of the Divine energy field in which you are securely and eternally enveloped, so that you can no longer deny or ignore it. You see loving behavior and loving actions occurring all around you as never before, as your choice is lived, shared, and demonstrated with increasing fervor. You are rediscovering your power to be yourselves, instead of slavishly following the crowd as it attempts to please the egoic dictator of ever-changing moods and emotions. To Love is to awaken, and to awaken is to Love. It is that simple, and that is what is happening on Earth at this moment. You are about to start rubbing your eyes and splashing water on your faces as the new day dawns – the eternal Day that the illusion hid from you and which is not new but is brilliant and unchanging, just as it was created. You are Love, you have always been Love, you always will be Love, and that truth is finally breaking into your collective awareness, leading to enormous changes all across the planet. (Jesus via John Smallman, August 4, 2013.)

When your move into fully conscious living replaces your present illusory state of existence, as it very soon will, you will be so engrossed with the new environment you are busy adapting to that your interest in “what is to come” will have evaporated, because you will experience it as being no longer pertinent or of interest. In this new “now moment,” there is no future, nothing to look forward to, because there is only the eternal, joy-filled now moment. You truly have absolutely no idea of the wonders to which you will soon be gloriously re-exposed, when you awaken into your natural and divine state as fully conscious entities at One with God. Your lives are about to change, drastically and forever! And the changes that are about to occur would absolutely blow your minds if you had to negotiate your way through them while still operating within your present, unbelievably restricted and literally disabled human intelligence, rather than those divinely created and infinitely talented minds with which your Father endowed you. What has been your experience until now – the state of conscious awareness that in your collective human experience has been considered normal and acceptable to you – is about to disintegrate, be blown away, and replaced with a state which, in comparison to what you have come to accept as normal, is utterly beyond ecstasy. The joy that is about to envelop and embrace you can be neither described nor anticipated because it is completely beyond the ability of humanity’s limited intelligence to even conceive of. Imagine a small child being taken for the first time to the most magnificent amusement park on the planet and on arrival there, being given an unlimited supply of tickets for all the rides. Can you put yourselves in its shoes? Even if you can, you have not even started to conceive of the joys that await you when you awaken, shortly, into your natural and fully conscious state. (Saul, July 31, 2013.)

Steve Beckow: Ashtar said that he believes that the final stage could be in September. Archangel Michael has said, no, it’s probably more likely between February 2014 to February 2015. But then there are other channels — I won’t mention their names — but they are saying just what you’re saying, that it’s quite close. First of all, can you give us, not a date, but a kind of an approximation of just how close we are? And then I have a couple of other questions as well.

White Cloud: I would say to you — and if you were to see your Blossom at this time, all the time you have been speaking I have a huge grin on her face, because there is this… the word I am giving is ‘desperation’ for people upon the planet that are so eager for things to really begin to transpire, if you like. But I would say to you, because Blossom knows this, and many know, that we do not give of dates anymore.

SB: Yes.

WC: Because it is too… when it cannot work in the way we had, perhaps, planned, et cetera, it is too detrimental, in the long term. What I would say to all about this is, if you are to live your life in the way that is desired — and that is by living every moment that you can in joy — working with that, concentrating only that, focusing only on the joy of your life, then it is that you are raising the vibration. And the more the vibration is raised, the more quickly these things shall come about, that you are desiring. But when so many of you — and we, to a certain degree, understand why — are saying, “Please,” when Blossom looks up at the sky and says, “Please, will you show yourselves?” it is not because she does not believe that such a thing can happen. It is not that she needs proof, it is that, when that takes place, in the deepest part of her she knows then that the plan is well underway, so to speak. And that is what so many are yearning for. But what I wish to say again is that it will happen by you concentrating on the joy of your life. When you stop wondering when, with all due respect, and take the focus away from that and focus on the moment of “Do I feel happy right now?” I spoke yesterday as well of ‘the Event’ that many speak of; and many thought it was to be after December last year. But I am saying to you, this Event has not gone away. This Event will be taking place. And it is a showering of love that will descend, if you like, upon your planet in a way that has not been done before. But that Event can take place, for simple terms, depending upon the happiness of those souls on Earth. ... I would say the Event that is coming, yes, that is joyful, it is indescribably joyful. But the soul self knows before it came, in the great knowledge of itself, that this Event shall take place. ...this Event shall have will affect everything, but regarding souls on Earth, for instance, and, well, I would say everything else as well, it is depending on the vibration that that living aspect of something resonates upon. Because the energy that will be coming through has to be at degrees to suit everything that is alive. It… if somebody is incredibly evolved, and aware and awake with their soul, they will get, if you like, a less diluted version of that energy, whereas somebody who is still asleep, it would have to filter into their being in a much more diluted fashion, so as not to — and I say — not to literally kill them!

SB: Right.

WC: Because the intensity of that energy will be adjusted naturally to every living thing. And yet I say to you that this Event will bring about an energy…. You know that an energy came in on December 21st of last year, and it is affecting many. But nonetheless that energy is there in a more subtle sense to each soul. Whereas this will be, I would simply say, far less subtle. SB: I guess what I was wanting to clarify was whether this Event that you’re talking about was what Archangel Michael has talked about as early waves, or whether this is the Event. And you have answered that. You have said that it is “the Event”. ("White Cloud: A Showering of Love Upon Your Planet is Close," July 31, 2013, at

This NOW moment is truly an intensive time period. There are many things in store for you which will bring you the confirmations you desire. The currency revaluation – as well as the transformation of your financial systems – are but two important things to come very shortly. To use one of your expressions, we would tell you “All systems are GO!” The necessary preparatory work has been completed and we are awaiting the right moment for implementation – and this moment is imminent. The changes will gather speed in earnest and you will pleasantly be surprised at what will come to you blow by blow. All is going as planned and as communicated by us. The veil at the end of this trimester will not suddenly lift – your return back home to full consciousness is a process. But there shall come a point in your journey where you will take a big step forward to enable you to build upon this step, to integrate all that you have achieved so far in every cell of your Being, and to allow you to go ahead with your journey back home to where you belong. And the moment for you to take this step is just around the corner. You will make great progress and be pleasantly surprised with your achievements. ("Ashtar: Update on your Current Timeline," channeled by Phillip July 31, 2013 at

Humanity’s arduous journey home to Reality is almost done as the energies that are assisting you approach their peak intensity. They will then move you onwards into an energy realm that will sustain you in a totally new and inspiring way. You have been in the process of preparing to integrate with this new (to you) realm for the last several decades, and a part of that preparation has been to encourage and enable an enormous increase in your awareness of the interconnectedness – in fact, the Oneness of all that exists. (Jesus via John Smallman, July 31, 2013.)

Because all is going forwards exactly as God intends, and as humanity also desires, when you take your regular daily quiet times, holding the intent that the divine Will be done, and that Love, the infinite power of life, of creation dissolve all earthly dissonance, remind yourselves that humanity’s collective intent to awaken has been made and is irreversible. In other words, remind yourselves that you are divine beings about to awaken from a long and nauseating dream into the glory of your eternal and natural state. . . fully conscious, fully aware, and joyous in the Presence of and at one with God, your ever-loving Father. (Saul, July 28, 2013.)

You’re growing to understand the spirituality of your existence and the realms of full consciousness you’ve come from, and as you open up and maintain an active link to your home-realms, a great sense of happiness and satisfaction with your personal experience begins to emerge. When this sense of wholeness with oneself and one’s Life emerges, they too are able to emerge and greet those around them with the warmth of the Creator, and with the glimmering happiness of a soul who’s discovered themselves in every facet... Simply put; you’re coming to understand greater higher-dimensional, spiritual and scientific concepts as you open yourselves up to the purer energies helping you to unlock such understandings. They’ve always been within you, dear souls, waiting to be uncovered and utilized once again. ("The Ascended Masters and the Hathors: You’re Steadily and Constantly Evolving," channeled by Wes Annac, July 26, 2013 at

Then there is the matter of your coming transformation into full consciousness, and indeed, the Ascended Masters intend to start off their key lessons to you on the sublime nature of this crucial state of consciousness. After all, these times are all about this massive shift in consciousness. We intend to discuss in depth with you the sacred decrees given to us by Heaven. Then we can take you on tours of our ships and visits to Inner Earth. You will be put fully in the picture about why and how you are to return to full consciousness... The vast chasm forged within you by the Atlanteans and their dark allies rendered you mostly impotent to pierce the veil of limited consciousness. Those few who did succeed did so only because a clear pathway had been forged in their genetics to enable them to do so. These genetic and neural pathways allowed the Ascended Masters to eventually attain this wondrous, lofty goal. In the circumstances that you collectively face, the task requires a special living cocoon, specifically designed to sunder the genetic chains that so strongly bind you to limited consciousness. Heaven has given us the job of returning each of you to this most noble, natural condition of the human soul, and this sacred and glorious soul needs to reside in an equally fully conscious physique. With this balanced integration achieved, each soul can then wonderfully fulfill each lifetime’s numerous goals. We come, therefore, to restore and welcome this very special star-nation to the Galactic Federation fold, at which point you can take up your roles assigned by your divine superiors to cement a permanent galactic peace! ("Update for the Galactic Federation of Light and Spiritual Hierarchy," channeled by Sheldan Nidle, July 23, 2013 at

Expansion, dear ones; that is the name of the game: Expansion of your Golden Christed Self, your Ascended Self, your connection with the deeper parts of you, that connection with your Higher Self and higher. You are learning to live and survive and be within a much more enlightened place of indwelling and this is the point of center that you will emerge from and merge with forever more; see if you can push out from that point to infinity, to encompass All-That-Is. Dwell there, dear ones. That is your rightful place. From there you can explore now much deeper realms of existence. For your Heart will lead the way. It is only within your Heart that you dwell now and it opens the path for you now to dwell in many levels of being – without boundaries, without judgment, without limits. It is freedom. And for you, dear ones, it is not a new place to be. You are rediscovering it, on so many levels, as you surrender and Be with your Christed Self, your Ascended Self, touching the realms you once thought were separated from you but were always there waiting for you to reconnect with... We welcome you, dear ones. We applaud you, and we congratulate you. For you are arriving, you are becoming, and you are returning to your natural way of Being – out of the muck and dross of the old third dimensional experiences you once designed for your growth. Allow them to completely shed from you as dead petals fall from a beautiful rose to reveal the center, the core, the potential for more growth of an even more perfect rose of full bloom and glory. ("Lady Nada: You Are the Roses of Love, Spreading Throughout the Garden of the Universes," channeled Through Fran Zepeda, July 21, 2013 at

While your perception of the realms of spirit are growing enormously even in this very moment, there’s still so very much for you to learn regarding these realms. There’s so very much for you to feel before fully and purely understanding the experience of existing in the higher dimensions. In existing in the higher dimensions, one becomes them. One understands their Divinity and where they originate on the deepest level imaginable, and one spreads the Love they constantly feel to every facet of consciousness around them. This is why we in the higher dimensions seek to help uplift you in the lower realms back to the states of consciousness we’re blessed to exist in; because even feeling these realms is so very joyful and blissful, that we seek to see as many souls as possible able to feel this. You truly deserve to feel the blissful states of consciousness you’re growing back into as a collective, and this is why we’re stationed in the purer echelons of your Earth, helping you to evolve by decreasing the distorted nature of the energies Creating and sustaining your realities, before we send them on down for you to absorb and utilize. ("The Hathors: Dreamtime Assemblies, Fourth-Dimensional Consciousness and Heaven’s Tangibility," channeled by Wes Annac, July 16, 2013 at

You are making tremendous progress, and it is not about percentages of who is ready or who is not. It is the quiet awakening of the heart and the heart consciousness, and the willingness not only to embrace love, but to be love. And within that comes the anchoring and the embrace of the fullness of peace within each and every heart. (“Archangel Michael: Back to the One with the Speed of Love,” July 15, 2013, at

Thus this Awareness says that come September 21, it will mark a new birth for all. Those who have actively been pursuing the inner work may find that they awaken into a new level of reality but are still very incompetent in walking in that new reality, in functioning in that new reality. That there will still be need for ones who are their guardians, their caretakers. That they must see and understand that to believe, to expect that one will automatically reach an advanced state, be a fully evolved and grown-up adult being, is not that which will likely occur for the majority. Indeed if one does see now and understand now that the process will continue but a new level will have been reached, will have been achieved that allows new growth and the formulation of new belief patterns, new programming, that it will enhance the journey after the ending of this nine-month period. For those who expect on September 21 that they will be fully formed, functioning at the highest level and have not prepared themselves sufficiently – there may be disappointment as their expectations are not met. For those who expect a similar event they expected for December 21, 2012 and an immediate shift, events occurring on the day that will change all – there will again be great disappointment, for September 22 will dawn as it did nine months previously when December 22 dawned and many were disappointed that the world had not changed to their expectations. Hold rather the expectations, the open state of mind and consciousness that now the next part of the journey begins, the developmental stage of the young infant learning how to cope in the new reality it has emerged into, that it has been born into. An infant does not display great anger and frustration upon its birth when it cannot walk, it cannot move beyond elementary movement. It simply goes through the process day by day, acquiring new skills and new capacity That the first year of life is extraordinary in nature, for that which is the newborn infant grows and learns many things, including how to move, how to talk, how to walk. By talking, this Awareness must state It is not referring to full conversations but the making of noises that elicit response from those around and the developmental process of speech begins and develops in this timeframe and beyond. What this Awareness is saying is: do be patient, do understand that it is still a developmental process that one is going through, although it is not that of the actual infant being born but rather the spiritually aware infant that is emerging into the new reality that is opening, that is commencing. That this Awareness would say to many that this is still a vulnerable state of being, when one has expectations that exceed the reality of spiritual process. That there are many wonders and miracles that will be available to all but if one is impatient and demanding of events occurring now because their intellectual capacity determines it should be so but their emotional and mental levels have not yet progressed far enough, there will be disappointment. But this Awareness must also say that there will be many rewards, many experiences of profound wonder and rapture. That new energies are much more available and that as one grows in their understanding and appreciation of the new reality they are finding themselves in, the examples of miracles and wonders will also increase. Remember also that this will be a period of accelerated growth and development after this nine-month period is complete, when one is in the new reality, but it will still be governed by the beliefs and attitudes that one holds. If one is able during this period of nine-month gestation in the spiritual process to truly comprehend that one is working in accordance to one’s higher spiritual plan, and has the patience, has the trust, has the faith to continue on the journey, they will see the evidence all around them even if they cannot completely or totally control how this evidence appears, even if they cannot completely manifest their wishes when they have them. Still it will be much different to what was before December 21, 2012, will be different to what it has been during the last six months and the next three months of the nine-month period. That this Awareness says to one, to all: that which awaits you is still that which is of a truly amazing proportion to what one once knew to be so. That this Awareness says it is the start of the new beginning, the new threshold of experience of that which this Awareness has called planet A/B, and that having reached this birth, this new emergence into the new reality, to have the trust, faith and patience to continue on the journey. (Cosmic Awareness through Will Berlinghof, "The Hourglass Experience," June 29, 2013, at

There will be a merging, there will be a whole solar system; you were seeing the whole solar system ascending. And the whole solar system ascends, the galaxy ascends; there is a flashpoint that goes on and on. And, Gaia who has taken on this deep clarity and this great challenge of separation and limitation, she is a key factor; and, that is why so many beings are here to assist her and to assist the brave ones who have stood in line and written petitions to incarnate during this particular time on the body of Gaia. (“Suzanne Lie and the Arcturians on Heavenly Blessings,” July 2, 2013, Part 2/3 at

As you continue to remember your true nature, your true divinity, you will also regain your ability to manifest all that you truly desire to experience. We are watching as many begin to stir from their self-induced slumber. You have regained the knowledge that you are in fact responsible for every experience in your lives; however you have not yet regained the knowledge of how to consciously direct all of your creative abilities. This is the hardest part of the shift, just as a toddler finds it to be frustrating that their mind comprehends the task, but they have not yet mastered the physical skills required to achieve their desired outcome. ("Angelic Guides: Your Miraculous Transformation Continues," channeled through Taryn Crimi, July 1, 2013 at

I see you for what you are, for who you are. It is time for you to know it and see it and realize it as well. You are not your physical bodies. You are not your personalities built from years of conditioning and experiences and lessons. You are a pristine ball of brilliant light endowed with all the knowledge and beauty of the universes just waiting below the surface to be uncovered. And that, my friends, is the secret of the ages. Don’t you feel it as palpable as I feel it? Allow yourselves to feel it and know it, my dear warriors of Love and Truth and Peace. Claim your birthright and march forward into enduring enlightenment communing with Source once again. ("Pallas Athena: You are a Pristine Ball of Brilliant Light," channeled by Fran Zepeda, July 1, 2013 at

Shake loose any resistance to this new feeling of wholeness, of balance, of expanded awareness of who you really are. And learn to live with it in conjunction with your awareness of Self, which is becoming more loosely defined and more encompassing of parts of yourself that you were not aware of yesterday but are beginning to meet today. Open up to them, dear ones, and rejoice. Allow the matrix of your Being to weave and expand out to its capacity each moment, and take it in stride. Allow it and embrace it, for you are embarking on a new vista of your transformation and it will take your complete surrender and allowance to visit it more wholly. And yes, I also mean Holy with an “h” as you embrace those parts that connect you more completely back to Source. This is no time for trepidation, dear ones, if you want to go forward. Open up the doors to your Soul and your Higher Self with abandon and walk into that arena with open arms and heart to what is hiding there waiting to be discovered. You have loosened the ties to your old reality. Keep welcoming this new vista, this new perception of yourself, and relax into it, my dear sisters and brothers. In your further awakening comes further truth for others to grasp and hold to their hearts as truth and substance. ("Yeshua: Embrace Your Multidimensionality," Channeled by Fran Zepeda, June 20, 2013 at

What you call innovations and what I call twists and turns, requiring in some situations dispensations? But let me suggest to you, I am fully aware of the outcome of this process. Do I share everything? I do not simply because there are things that you would say, “Mother, could you please speak English,” or Latin or Greek, because you would not understand the reference points. Is there latitude in the becoming? Yes, because I will not interfere with your free will. But within that, it is not predestination, it is just that my memory and my knowing goes everywhere — backwards, forwards, what you think of as time. So let me tell you and share with you, and I hope this gives you comfort — the outcome is assured. And it is the return to love. And that is why your heart consciousness has been awakened. It is done. Now, accept it. Explore it. Expand it. And allow. ("The Divine Mother: Each and Every One of You Carries Divine Might, Part 2/2," June 17, 2013, at

Your return to your True Selves has been an arduous journey at times, pray tell, but my gifted ones – my lighted ones, you are thoroughly prepared and “wired” for this illustrious journey all the way to fruition... You are the peacemakers of the world and it is seeping out from every one of your “pores” of your lighted presence and Being. Enjoy the view and enjoy the scenery and get used to it. It is becoming your True Reality, dear ones. ("Sananda: Feel and “See” Yourself Walking Always In The Golden Light and Consider It Your New Home," Channeled by Fran Zepeda, June 16, 2013 at:

Steve Beckow: Perhaps we could spend, then, the next half-hour reviewing where we are at the present moment with full restoration of consciousness. Could you start with where our bodies are at in their transition from carbon-based to crystalline-based, please?

Archangel Michael: Well, it is not a standard for all beings. Understand that.

SB: Yes.

AAM: And also understand, as I say this, that it is not that some are ahead of others. It is simply a process that you are undergoing of shifting your essence from one form to another. Some are more speedy. For example, when you get up in the morning there are some of you who dress in five minutes and there are some of you who take an hour. It is not that one form is right or wrong; it is simply different. But having said that, you, as a collective, and particularly within the lightworker community, are almost complete in what you would think of as this transition. Now, it is not so for the general populace, but it is well underway, certainly well above what you would think of as the fiftieth percentile. Now, let me talk to you, if I might, about this. You have come – and notice that I am using past tense – you have come from a place, an old dimensional reality of polarization, of duality. So there has been a tendency to think, “Carbon is undesirable; crystalline is my goal. And that is what will tell me that I am bright and shiny.” Do not make this differentiation. The carbon structure of humanity, of your frameworks, of these wondrous vessels that you have inhabited, have served you very, very well. And it was appropriate, and useful, for where you were in your journey. And as an aside, dear friend, in the future we wish to continue this discussion on evolution. (3) It needs clarification. But I digress. So but the crystalline format, rather than the carbon format, is simply because it contains and has the capacity to contain, emit, transmit, and receive greater information, transmission and connectedness. It puts you in a greater position of receptivity and transmission, of sending, of transmitting throughout the multiverse the clarity of who you are. It is the diamond structure that is really known throughout the universe and the multiverse, and it is the return in many ways to the original form that the Mother had designed. But with this shift in form to crystalline — and those of you who are listening are about, hmm, 86 to 90 percent there — what you are able to do is to receive greater clarity. That is the primary gift. But you are also able to hold more energy. You are also able to truly be your multidimensional self, your transdimensional self. It is a vibratory situation where you are able to communicate telepathically and physically, more clearly with your star brothers and sisters and those far beyond, and certainly with us, as well. One of the primary essentials of shifting into a crystalline format is that you are able to have your chakra system amplified to full measure. And so in that, the restoration of your chakras, of your energy system — because that is what your chakra systems are — is at full operational strength while still being in a human form. So that is the only reason why the shift is taking place to this, can we say, a different… yes, many of you think of it as an upgrade. And of course in practical terms it is, because it allows you to operate more fully as yourself. But it is not that the old was not useful and should not be appreciated and honored, because it performed its function in your journey. Now, there have been many, many different forms of discussion about this shift to crystalline. But truly, this is part of the collective process into Ascension. Now, what you are going to say to me, “Lord, does that mean that if you are still mostly carbon-based that you cannot ascend?” Understand this, my beloved friends: transformation can take place in a moment. So all of you will be crystalline, one way or the other. But it has been mostly an evolutionary process. But that does not mean in the final moments that there will not be some last-minute renovation...

SB: It’s my understanding that the chakra system relates to third dimensionality. Will there be a chakra system in fifth dimensionality? And if so what are the differences going to be in that system, and how will it perform and operate?

AAM: The chakra system that you have been working with was already altered years ago. And yes, there will be a chakra system, simply because… think of it as energy centers. Now, what you have thought of as your chakra system in the old third dimension has been a system of separation. And traditionally you have worked with seven, although you know that there are hundreds of chakras, even in the third dimensional reality. But you have thought of these, even when you have adjusted them and attuned them and had them open and operating, you have thought of them as separate centers, and that each center was defined and, might I say, limited to certain functionalities. Now, of course that is not so. So you are thinking of a system of chakras that is completely interlinked. And it is, within your body, certainly 13 above; many below, many. So and throughout your quadrants, many. And all of it is activated and harmonious. You are still going to have a physical form so your chakra system is akin to your spiritual generators, and in your crystalline form they are all humming, spinning, receiving, sending, activated, at once. Now some of you have had this experience. You feel quite literally like you are humming, like your body is humming, that you are filled with more electricity than magnetic energy, that you feel that you are highly charged. And, my friend, you are. So yes, there will be a chakra system. Now, this was given to you and introduced a while ago. Some of you are working with the expanded chakra system; some of you are not. That does not mean that it is not activated. It is...

SB: Perhaps we could turn to the subject of our DNA now. And can you tell us, when you say we’re 86 to 90 percent done, does that apply to the DNA as well? And what can we expect to see or know or feel as result of the extra DNA strands coming on line?

AAM: Now, be very clear. You are talking about the activation of the DNA, not that somehow you are being re-braided, or re-gridded, although there is a sense of re-gridding. And there are many of you who have gone to the 13th octave, at which the activation of your 13 strands of DNA, 12 woven into one, which is the thirteenth was a potential gift, which you could receive. What happens with the recalibration of the DNA is that you are able to be active within your physical, mental, emotional — all of your bodies, your capacities — to bring forth what you desire, not only in terms of rejuvenation, but also in terms of mental capacities, mental understandings, expansion of your mental capacity, health. ("Archangel Michael: It is Time to Awaken Fully Now – Part 1/2," June 11, 2013, at

The choices are coming fast and furious now, it seems, because you are looking at many timelines. You have the opportunity to choose the best one for you based on your deeply felt sense of purpose and mission and we see many of you putting your hearts and souls into the circumstances presented before you, examining them with refined discernment and knowing, and choosing the right one for you. And yes, each attention paid to what is your deeply held desire and purpose will be rewarded with a flow and swiftness of completion speeding you along to more opportunities to realize your true selves, purpose and mission. ("Mary Magdalene via Fran Zepeda: Becoming Aglow With Your Natural Divine Essence," June 9, 2913 at

Now the cycle is turning, from a dark age into one of light. The planet is returning permanently to its original blueprint, as one of the twelve sacred planets, a lighted water planet and ark containing an astonishing abundance and diversity of life. ... Go forth, dear ones, and discover the steps that will carry you Home. We eagerly await your return and the celebration of our reunion with those who volunteered to come to assist in bringing a darkened world back into the higher planes of existence. ("The Great Divine Director: Be True to One’s Self," channeled through Tazjima, 1 June, 2013 at

Sanat Kumara: [There may be some early ascensions] but there is also a very strong possibility that you will all go as one. It is not decided as yet. What is decided, and has always been decided, is that this Ascension and this shift in consciousness, this awakening of your being to restoration, will take place. And I am not talking about the distant future, my friend. And yes, the channel will chastise me because of our agreement. But I will just say I am not speaking of the distant future. So there are those of you that are at home listening this night, and shaking your head and saying, “Oh, it’s going to take 10 years, 20 years; not in my lifetime!” And I say to you, my dear hearts, you are incorrect. Adjust your thinking. Adjust your heart. And go to the knowing where what is possible lies. ("Sanat Kumara: Many of You Have Already Ascended and Straddle Dimensions," May 28, 2013,

Humanity’s journey towards awakening is almost complete! Because so many of you are intending to engage with the divine field of Love enveloping you – and it is your intentions that make it happen – its influence has now intensified to such an extent that all on Earth are now in communion with it. True, many are not conscious of this engagement, but it is a little like dropping some dye into a jug of water, stir the water and it all assumes the color of the dye. (Saul via John Smallman, May 27, 2013.)

Life is forever exhilarating, but due to your immersion within the illusion it seems to have lost its shine, its newness, its appeal. The new beginning that is approaching – humanity’s awakening into full consciousness – will restore the brilliance to your lives that has been lacking as you have plodded wearily through the environment of conflict and confusion you are presently experiencing. We in the spiritual realms have been offering you information through numerous channels over the eons to assist you to prepare for the momentous event that is now approaching very rapidly indeed. We have been offering you insights and guidance, and suggesting methods by which you can access your inner space, that place within every one of you where the eternal flame of divine Love burns continuously. Many have gladly accepted our assistance and found comfort and peace that has helped them to release fear and engage with Love. (Saul, May 19, 2013.)

There are still several potential timelines in play, which are to inevitably become one, at some point. ("Archangel Indriel via Bella Capozzi: A Mother’s Day Message," May 11,2013 at

LADIES AND GENTLEMAN … YOU ARE VERY MUCH CLOSER TO THAT WHICH YOU LONG FOR THAN YOU THINK It is wise to do your very best to resume a state of peace and Love within you. Hold it within you … it shall be of great credibility to your soul … when the games begin! (The Galactic Fdderation through Blossom Goodchild, May 10, 2013.)

Yes, in terms of the collective, there will also come a point of what you will think of as snap. Where the tidal wave - no, the Earth will not shift because everybody moves to one side of it - but it will be as if the energy has shifted so significantly with the totality, or enough of the totality, that the change is unmistakable, so that you will look at each other and say, "We have done it." We are not talking about some distant future. And I will tell you why. First of all, the plan of the Mother for the anchoring of this energy, the return of love to Earth, the Ascension of Gaia has been planned for a long time. Now, does she work on longer timeframes? Yes, as you well know. But nevertheless, humans, and the human collective, and the human soul decision did not work on an indefinite timeline. Your nature, whether you live in Africa, Istanbul, Paris, Texas, New York City or Vancouver, is, "We want it now." So you, in this redesign, also placed what we would say, and which I am pleased with, a rather limited timeframe for this to occur. That is why you all feel so excited! You are working flat out! To accommodate these shortened timeframes for the collective to be as one, as a whole, with all of the kingdoms and Gaia in the Fifth. So, this was not only our plan, it is your plan. ("It Is a New Day: Sanat Kumara on Pope Francis, the Process of Ascension, the Earth's Place in Ascension, Etc.," March 13, 2013, at

As we make our final impressions for this communication, we ask you all to brace yourselves for the bursting open of a millennia of secrets. The revelations will indeed be pouring in one after another, and we are confident in stating that those of you who have already prepared yourselves and learned so much about the very subjects humanity is to be taught in the time ahead, will be able to both calm and inform those around you who may initially wish to panic or retreat back into the paradigm they feel comfortable within. This paradigm is to truly burst open, which is why your Light and your knowledge will be more needed than ever. And you will be prepared for the time coming in the not too far off future as has been spoken of through other sources now, speaking in terms of nine months, in terms of September of this year there will be those who are prepared to move into that higher frequency vibration en mass, as a world, as a planet. And those times are very soon approaching. (The Pleiadian Council of Nine through Wes Annac, April 29, 2013 at

As you continue your process of returning to your Multidimensional SELF, you will be releasing the components of your self that are no longer needed. For example, as a child you needed someone outside of you to tell you what to do. However, now that you are an adult, you are able to listen to your own inner voice. Since you are returning to your Multidimensional SELF, the choices and actions of your ego are no longer necessary or enjoyable. Therefore, you will be placing more and more of your attention and intention on the SELF to whom you are returning. This shift of focus so expands your consciousness that you are beginning to remember your innate Multidimensional thinking and expanded perceptions. As you continue this metamorphosis the small voice of the Divine Child calls out, "Take me with you." We remind you to welcome your Divine Child and realize that he/she has always been within your High Heart. Your Divine Child became the one you identified as yourself before you began your process of Ascension. Now that "Child" can lead you into your SELF. (Suzanne Lie, "Arcturian Message on The Return," March 5, 2013, at

This is the time of prophecy in which Heaven reigns supreme! The Light comes, and a new way is born. Divine grace has formed us and bestowed the divine path to our Souls. Be in wonder at what the edicts of AEON bring! You are no longer to be denied true knowledge and will learn of the lies and manipulations long used by the dark. These discoveries will bring you the Truths you have long sought. You are to be graciously freed from the clutches of those whose hubris and stupidity will be fully revealed to you. In this light you will merge with new allies who come from within this sacred orb and whom Heaven has sent to you. We are those who have learned through many lifetimes to ascend, and whose knowledge is to guide you along the final stretch of the journey whose sacred goal is to resurrect your full consciousness. (Sheldan Nidle, March 5, 2013.)

This process of physical and spiritual resurrection has been contemplated with awe for generations. It is indeed a most complex and arduous operation that each of us is capable of. At this point in your history, what is to happen instead is a unique, very special, massive collective ascension that has been mandated by Heaven. To this end, your space and Inner Earth families will use a wondrous, advanced technology in the form of a living bio-machine, designed to transform each of you back into full consciousness. This will take three days. Heaven will attune and monitor these special miracle-devices and carry out the various calibrations that are specific to each individual. In this way, an entire human population can be raised into an Angel-like state that normally would take many lifetimes to attain. Consider well the divine grace that is to enable us all to return to the miraculous state of Oneness with our Mighty Creator! (Sheldan Nidle, March 5, 2013.)

By bringing the light into your body, you are making it possible for your world to ascend, again, into the Christed frequency from which she descended long ago. Your planet is becoming a sacred planet, one of twelve in the Universe, a very special place, and you are here to assist in this birthing process. It is a sacred trust and right now, it is a work in progress. ("Metaphorosis - All is in a State of Flux," 26 Feb 2013, by Tazjima at

And so we say to you, 'HOLD STEADY, BELOVEDS.' This is the time to seek your truth, to once again take control and dominion over your world, to remember you are a representative of the Creator on an important mission called "the evolution of humanity and the planet Earth." Accept your power as a master of co-creation. Accept and activate the gifts you were endowed with that lie dormant within. ("Archangel Michael - Assuming Your New Galactic Mission," transmitted through Ronna Herman, Sacred Scribe - December 28, 2012, at

Archangel Michael: So you say to me - well Michael, Lord, what happens if some of those beings are slower than others don't hurry along. And what I am telling you is that not only we, because we have not stopped doing what we do. But you, each of you, in your own way, as builders and determiners of Nova Earth have stepped up your activity. You have moved it from a point in time to a completion. So you have moved it from a simple event to something you are creating and doing with us. So you have entered into a much stronger form of partnership and you may see this - you see it in your energy fields, you see it in how you feel, you see it in what you are experiencing, you see it in your level of exhaustion, your ascension symptoms and in what is happening. And yes, I know, you will say to me - Lord, it is still not fast enough. And my brother, I could not agree more with you, but it is still happening. Does this help?

Steve Beckow: Yes, it does, Lord, and I think it would help us too, and I'm very much cognizant of the channel's agreement with you around dates, but the problem that I am having is that earlier you said months. Is that as in less than one year, or is it in more than one year?

AAM: It is around a year.

SB: Around a year, is it under 2 years?

AAM: We would say yes.

SB: All right, because light workers may get very, very testy, touchy, if we passed a year and something has not happened. We need to try to give them as much certainty as is possible given all of the other factors that are at play. AAM: We understand this. SB: All right. So just to clarify. We're aiming for less than one year, it may take longer, but it won't be two years. Is that correct? AAM: Now we are not saying that this is ironclad, but that is the 99% percent likelihood, yes. SB: All right, then to clarify again, the 99% likelihood is that it's under 2 years?

AAM: That is correct.

SB: And we are aiming for under one year. Is that correct? AAM: You are all aiming, and so are we. It is the Olympic sprint. ("Archangel Michael on the Pause and Full Restoration," Feb. 28, 2013, at

You are called Star Seed for a reason, for as you return to Self-Mastery, you will initiate the process of integrating highly-developed crystalline, Life-Code Seed Atoms; a new, advanced evolutionary process to be used in the next forthcoming Golden Age. Humanity is ready to take a giant leap in consciousness. ("Archangel Michael - Assuming Your New Galactic Mission," transmitted through Ronna Herman, Sacred Scribe - December 28, 2012, at

Your desire for a beautiful world where all forms of life have their place - a place in which they can live, grow, and evolve spiritually as divinely intended - has intensified over the last few thousand years of earth time. As a result of that intent the momentum was established that would enable you to integrate and meld with the divine field of Love which has been waiting for this moment. Your engagement with it was always divinely planned, and as of the end of last year, 2012, its energy has been flowing and pulsating with an intensity that you can hardly imagine. Some of you are feeling it quite strongly, and all on earth are being heavily influenced by it. Attitudes are changing and will continue to change all across the world because the power of God's field of divine Love is responding to your ongoing calls for His help in bringing in the new Golden Age of which many have dreamed and which many others have prophesied. You are on your way and nothing can stop you. Your spiritual evolution has reached a point at which it becomes apparent to you that it is the only way forward, and you are reaching out and taking a firm grasp on it. You are approaching "lift off!' Your Father and all in the spiritual realms are cheering you on, and your success cannot be prevented. (Jesus through John Smallman, Jan. 23, 2013, at

We don't know how long it will be before Earth is joyfully back home where the planet and its soul, Gaia, originated. It is logical to ask, since we knew when the planet would exit third density, why don't we know when it will reach its destination? (Matthew's Message: January 19, 2013.)

Humanity's journey has been long and arduous, and although most of you have very little sense of it, you are very close to awakening. (Saul, Jan. 16, 2013.)

Now, I have heard, and I hear, you out there saying, "Oh, great. What are we looking at? Ten years? A hundred years? A thousand years?" And I say, no, you are not. The changes are already underway. ("Sanat Kumara: Our Heartfelt Apologies to the Disappointed,” Jan. 7, 2013, at

From 2012

Be assured that no time has been lost because little progress appears to have been made. Behind the scenes our allies continue to be busy, and are close to bringing about the governmental changes. These are so essential in putting the remains of the old 3D politics behind you, and appointing leaders in power that are aware of the need for immense changes to establish the New Age. Y ou will shortly notice a wave of love sweep the Earth, that will show that your civilization has taken a quantum leap forward. That being so it will bring a strong unity of purpose that will help the establishment of world peace. If you continue to focus on areas of the world that are still experiencing conflict, your intent will soon bring a positive result. When world peace has been achieved we will make sure that war will not return, and will enforce that edict if necessary. (SaLuSa, Dec. 28, 2012.)

Dear Ones, consider that you have not lost anything at all by not having your dreams fulfilled, in fact you have gained more than you had before. The way has become clearer and more certain, and our help can begin to be more open. It is why we are eager for disclosure to come as quickly as possible, then we can really get going without any hindrance. The whole outlook has changed for the better, and your efforts will in time be more productive. We are of course close to you most of the time but rarely show ourselves, but that will also change in time. There is to be a coming together, and eventually you will be joined by us, the Masters and your family from the Inner Earth. It will be quite a time of celebration, and the whole world will know we have arrived. Nothing ever happens by chance, but will follow each Divine edict. There are powerful Beings that carry out the word of God without question, but we do understand your doubts and difficulties when things do not seem to go to plan. Yet all events will come to be and fulfill the promises that have been made. (SaLuSa, Dec. 28, 2012.)

Archangel Michael: You ask me for a date. And I do not give you one. Because I do have a terrible track record, do I not?

Steve Beckow: Hah! Ha ha ah ha. Yes, Lord.

AAM: But I am telling you it is not indefinite. It is not years. We are not talking hundreds of years or thousands of years. We are talking a human process that is well underway.

S: Are we talking about weeks? Are we talking about months?

AAM: We are talking about months.

S: Months? Months? Oh, my gosh, that is a long time.

AAM: But it is not because there will be a lot happening in the interim. ("Archangel Michael on 21/12/12 and Other Ascension-Related Matters - Part 2/2," Dec. 26, 2012, at

Most of you have gone through the transition, through the reconstruction, through the disconnection. You have traveled the waves and the troughs. And some of you still are. What you want to know, what you are really asking me, is "How do I know, dear Michael, when I am there? How do I know when I have truly embraced my mastery, which is a reflection of and in alignment with One? Is it a light bulb? Is it an event?" What it is is surrender, when you have reached that point, when you absolutely feel, know and are in the state of being that all you are, all you ever have been, all you ever can be is love. And it is a feeling in your terms of almost overwhelm, of the tide breaking through, of the dam breaking, and the opening of floodgates completely opening, and that you cannot go back and really touch or relate or engage with those old, false paradigms. You may acknowledge them, but they do not and cannot exist within your field. It is like the memory of a country that you traveled to years or eons ago. Now, one of the things in this process - and it is unique to each one of you - one of the things that is happening, just before that letting go, that surrender, is the last vestige of fear. Because you are literally jumping into a sphere... no matter what we say or how much detail we give you, you are moving into a dimensional reality that you do not fully know or understand or embrace. You embrace the concepts, you embrace the idea, but you cannot fully be there until this surrender and this fullness is felt. It is that surrender into the beingness of love, and nothing else. And from that emerges, like the phoenix from the ashes, the master, the co-creator, the catalyst who is ready to assist with the birthing of others. (Archangel Michael, "The Snap to Full Restoration," May 3, 2013, at

Everything is in Alignment

From 2014

Your commitment, not merely your help, but your deep soul commitment, your consistency, your constancy, which is part of the Mother’s grace that she is already infusing you with, is needed right now. She is washing you clean with her Tsunami of Love; she is integrating you, she is lifting you up as never before. But as fellow journeyer, as mentor, as steward, as guardian, on behalf of all of us who are ascended masters, we ask you, with us, to recommit, to hold this alignment because when it is held everything falls into place, the openings are apparent and Nova Earth is born. (“St. Germaine Asks us to Recommit to the Divine Mother’s Plan,” through Linda Dillon, July 25, 2014, at

And the order of the day for all who are what you think of as the troops on the ground, your star brothers. It is the same for them as what I am saying to you: Yes, they are acclimatizing, they are adjusting, but their urgent order is: spread the love.

I have always asked you, I have always encouraged you to be the love, to remember that you are the love and only the love. But I ask you, very specifically right now — not just for today or tomorrow or for next week; but for the months ahead in this divine alignment — please, love. Love yourself, but love humanity. Lift them up and remind them who they really are, because that is what we are doing. (“The Divine Mother: Beloveds, You are at a Critical Juncture – Part 2,” through Linda Dillon, July 25, 2014, at

In our reality time has always had a different meaning. Our time lines at this juncture are in alignment, our energy are in alignment, our grids, our intentions, the divine plan, it is all in alignment so that is why I am here this day, that is why the Mother is flooding you even as I am speaking to you. ("Sanat Kumara answers: How do we shift into the fullness of abundance?,", July 31, 2014, at

All is in alignment, right now. (“The Divine Mother: Beloveds, You are at a Critical Juncture – Part 2,” through Linda Dillon, July 25, 2014, at

And in many forms upon the planet right now, this planet the I love more deeply than I can express and that I will defend and protect forever, there are intersections and think of it as layered intersections in your grid, in the Gaia grid, in the universal grid, benchmarks in the Mother’s plan that are all in alignment at this time.

Now, as you well know, this channel refuses and abhors time-lines. So, I do not speak of time-lines, but I have been known to simply speak of such benchmarks and intersections. The energies of the plan are in alignment at this time, above, below, in-between, and in each dimension.

Now, why am I bothering to speak of this? Why am I telling you this? Because dear heart, your actions, your energy, your creative energy and the absence of what, yes the non-creative dead energy has no place, but we need your creative energy in full force, in this time, in this moment. And let me say that this moment is a period of months, not hours, not days, not weeks, but this intersection, this opening, not for an event but for a multiple blossoming of many events…what you think of…you are always looking for the show.

That is not what the Mother’s plan is about, if anything, it is eliminating the peaks and valleys of the show, of the drama. It is creating a garden of Gaia in which every flower blooms beautifully and equally, including you. (“St. Germaine Asks us to Recommit to the Divine Mother’s Plan,” through Linda Dillon, July 25, 2014, at

Everything is coming into alignment right now. If you can just anchor in your heart you’ll get it. (Linda Dillon in “Transcript: Heavenly Blessings ~ St. Germaine on Where to Look for Results, aired July 15, 2014,” July 30, 2014, at

From 2013

Throughout the cosmos, alignments are taking place which have been anticipated for several thousands of years. These are opening up greater access to the knowledge held within each soul, for each of you hold a vast store of knowledge through many ages that have come and gone. It is a time for spending in stillness and a state of listening within as your world is reconnected to the rest of the galaxy – an event which heralds the understanding that humanity is not alone in the endless sea of other stars, planets and worlds. This means that the Earth is entering a new position in the heavens and that it is a new beginning for all. (Hilarion, May 5, 2013.)


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