The Mental Plane – The Third Heaven

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Last revised: 17 September 2008

The Third Subplane of the Mental Plane

Ed. Also known as the Plane of Light or the Third Heaven.

"Pure Reason Reigns Supreme"

The Plane of Pure Light. Within its borders the soul obtains an intellectual conception of all the previous existences within its group-soul. Further, he realizes all emotional life within the body of the world or earth soul. (1) (F.W.H. Myers in RTI, n.p.)

(1) It may be that Myers is describing the Third Heaven, or it may be that he is describing the Buddhic Plane. His descriptions are echoed in some ways by those of Paramahansa Yogananda and Steward Edward White here.

Sixthly, a conscious existence within and without time; the measure of time being all those lives that are passed in form. It embraces existence in the most tenuous shapes; it embraces experience in matter whatever its character or degree. (F.W.H. Myers in RTI, n.p.)

Light, though composed of many colors, is colorless. The spirit, though composed of many souls, is above and beyond pleasurable and painful moods of the mind. It belongs, therefore, to the Sixth plane, which is suitably described by the symbol of white light.

Now, on this level of consciousness pure reason reigns supreme. Emotion and passion, as known to men, are absent. White light represents the perfect equanimity of pure thought. Such equanimity becomes the possession of the souls who enter this last rich kingdom of experience. They bear with them the wisdom of form, the incalculable secret wisdom, gathered only through limitation, harvested from numberless years, garnered from lives passed in myriad forms. Knowledge of good and evil and of what lies beyond good and evil now belongs to them. They are lords of life, for they have conquered. They are capable of living now without form, of existing as white light, as the pure thought of their Creator. They have joined the Immortals.

The purpose of the Sixth plane of being might be described as "the assimilation of the many-in-one," the unifying of all those mind-units I have called souls, within the spirit. When this aim has been achieved, the spirit which contains this strange individualized life passes out Yonder and enters into the Mystery, thereby fulfilling the final purpose, the evolution of the Supreme Mind. (1) (F.W.H. Myers in RTI, n.p.)

(1) Other, more elevated beings than Myers maintain that evolution goes on many, many levels of reality higher than the Sixth Plane. Just logically, the angel kingdom above the human comprises nine orders hierarchically arranged and yet still does not end in "out Yonder" or Formlessness; that is, it still features individuality. These planes of existence lie a long way past the Sixth Plane. For an example of a Seraph, a member of the highest order of angels, still speaking of itself as "I," see here