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Last revised: 22 September 2012

The Physical Plane

Its History

New life (1) is perpetually being born into your world, animal life which enshrines the soul. (Spirit leader Imperator in MSTTT, n.p.)

(1) Beings entering the incarnational cycle rather than beings in mid-recincarnational cycle simply being born again.

Your finite world is divided into kingdoms: the mineral kingdom, the vegetable, the animal and the human kingdoms. To learn how our multiple bodies react to each of these, we will have to begin at the beginning. The finite world in which you now exist, along with all the other worlds in this galaxy, was made of tangible energy: in other words, vibration. /

God, in the very beginning, was alone in a vast sea of thought. Nothing tangible had as yet been created. ...

Let us assume that God is omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipresent. Seeing that he did not exist, why did He want to get an idea of Himself, apart from Himself? Yet He did. He split off from Himself sixty-three thousand million sparks. Then, by a mighty effort of will, He ripped a rent in the primeval void and forcibly widened two points of tension until they created a gap in that void. A magnetic interplay sprang up between them, through which the universes and galaxies were able to manifest.

As they solidified, those millions of sparks were also able to manifest as concrete matter. They will never be able to reverse the process and return to the source from whence they came until they are self-reliant enough to undergo the process themselves.

Rest assured that then, and only then, will they be able to comprehend that they exist. In other words, only God knows and sees and understands just who and why He is. (Mike Swain, FMW, 80-1.)

[Therefore] we have this force, God, creating sixty-three [thousand] million sparks out of His own energy and then plunging them into the world of matter ... a world, remember, that only came into being when two magnetic poles were forced apart: a positive pole and a negative pole. In the magnetic field between these two poles, the vibration slowed down until it congealed into searing hot gases. As more energy escaped, so did it solidify into the planetary system as it exists today. This new energy field attracted the myriad sparks of divinity dragging them to the bottom of the slowest, thickest matter. (Mike Swain, FMW, 82.)

As mortal life is locked in at the very dense level of matter, it will have to work its way back to its divine source.

This is what I really meant when I talked about the steep mountain pathway back to God. (Mike Swain, FMW, 83.)

Spirit Patterns are Reflected on Earth

On earth your temples are but a very faint model of these in our realms. But they are, in [essence], of the same purpose and use. In Israel the cloud showed the communion between the two spheres of earth and Jehovah's abode. In Egypt the cloud was also used in early days. In Greek colonies the temples were of less vitality in response, but not without vibrations. Islam seems to lend itself least of all to this special aspect of help and uplifting from these Realms. I have visited the spheres of Islam here and find this particular work of communion and grace is administered in other ways principally. So is it in the / Churches of the Christ, but in great diversity of degree. In some of the temples consecrated to the Christ His Presence and that of His Servants is all but visible, and I think will shortly become visible to those who will.

So on earth you have the principle at work, and it has been for long ages past. But here it is much more powerful in effect and more visible in operation, and very beautiful and fraught with much blessing to those who are climbing the steps of the Heavenly Highlands from sphere to sphere. (Arnel in G. Vale Owen, LBV3, 63-4.)

The Planetary Spirit of Earth

- See The Possibility of "Gods"

Matter is Vibration, Energy

All matter is vibration. Water is a liquid; you can hold it in a glass in front of you and look at it; you can see it, you can touch it, sometimes you can even smell it. If you apply heat to that water, you speed up the vibration and it turns into steam. If you slow down the vibration, you turn the water into solid ice. Ice and water and steam all consist of the same components; but as the vibration speeds up or slows down, they take on three entirely different attributes. The rate of vibration of the molecules of hydrogen [dioxide], which comprise water, is the sole differentiating factor.

Ice, the solid; water, the fluid; and steam, the gas; all are quite independent of each other at the physical level; all are still one and the same thing; all are differentiated solely by the rate of molecular vibration. The whole of this universe is based on this principle. Everything is vibration.

The oriental philosophers hold that everything is light. Jesus himself said that everything is light. And this interpretation of light simply refers to its rate of molecular / vibration, which, in its highest form, we cannot perceive. (Mike Swain, FMW, 81-2.)

You must also bear in mind that while you are a mortal spirit in an animal body, your only contact with the world around you is via your five senses: feeling, touch, sight, hearing and taste. If none of those senses were available to you, good brother, if you couldn't see or hear, you would be a non-organic vegetable! We perceive the world around us only through those five senses. (Mike Swain, FMW, 82.)

The body you now wear and the trees and rivers and other things of material substance, which you call real, are not so enduring, nor so real, as their counterparts in these spheres. For here is / found the energy which comes to your systems and is as the electric dynamo to the single lamp as to its power and intensity. (G. Vale Owen in SRE, 57-8.)

The physical universe in which you live, and of which you are aware through your senses, comprises the lower, denser levels of manifestation. This is the universe or 'world' of primary self-consciousness. It is the plane of farthest divergence or differentiation among entities. Here you are aware of Self as distinct and separate - the Ego sense. You contact your environment by means of physical senses which interpret to the inner consciousness the modes of manifestation which surrounds you and in which you function.

And in your functioning on this plane and these levels of manifestation, you gain wider and wider experience, express more and more potentiality inherent in your particular individualization of the Underlying Reality, and thus by your specialized activity, you enrich the Whole and participate in its unfoldment. (Spirit communicator known as the Master speaking through medium George Wright in OD, 120.)

Life is Spirit; Matter is Dead

Nothing has a "real" existence unless it is vitalized by and in harmony with the creative source and not merely caused to move by entities who are misusing such creative force as they still possess. (Philip Gilbert in PTS, 54.)

Man thinks only of himself, but he is only one among the many chains of life that encircle our earthly creation. ("The great Spirits who guard Iona" in AL, 189.)

I was allowed to leave earth and penetrate the stratosphere. I stayed there for a long time. When I say stratosphere, I mean the etheric and astral part as well as the material part; I became quite aligned with the vibs in this strange country of the air.

I began to live as though at sea, without grass or trees or flowers and instead of the actual plant life which I adore I was among the vibs which go towards the creation of this wonderful multiple vegetable kingdom. And in this forcing house there exist all the tiny entities which deal with early growth. They are all of all shapes and sizes; they are like little drops of love, each on caring and giving the life essence of love to every embryo seedling before it becomes airborne towards earth.

On a further belt of this life-and-love giving area I came upon the embryo birds and animals and fishes and last of all I cam upon the embryo man. The seeds of baby life were all packed away with the divine essences of this sphere. All life appertaining to earth was created and fostered within this belt of all-knowing Divinity. (Rosamund Lehmann's' daughter Sally in AL, 187.)

Pat said: "Now I am going to show you the world of minerals. They have their birth in the planets and far away in distant stars." / ...

[Minerals,] above all entities, have the durability for distant travel and upon those tiny pinpricks lights from a thousand thousand stars our minerals were born. The first seeds were born in the nebulae and they acted like magnets as the nebulae gradually solidified and the tiny seeds within germinated to become a magnetic field and called to their brother and sister minerals in the distant spheres to grow and replenish them. And so the earth formed itself from the outside help of countless tiny rays borne through space. ...

Here, wrapped within the strata of earth, I felt myself back in the stage of metal formation. I became coal and iron; I saw and felt all the memories of growth that they held within their grasp; the sunlit forests, the peat bogs, finally the black coal glistening round me" all this had to become mine. I had to live within the consciousness of every different living thing, moving down through animals and fishes to the very rocks beneath my feet. Each had a whole book of memories awaiting my intake brain and, once we accept a truth here, it remains. There is no forgetting on these planes or in these bodies. (Rosamund Lehmann's daughter Sally in AL, 188.)

The air is full of spirit-life.

The elements swarm with various phases of spirit. The world, the universe, man, God Himself, is spirit.

Man conceives of spirit as his disembodied self. We found in your mind a conception of spirit no wider than this. Spirit to you, meant human spirit, disembodied, living in some far-off sphere, where it was placed on emerging from incarnation. Spirit-land, to you, was far away, and the new phase of your life meant no more than the setting up of a telegraphic communication between your sphere and ours.

Men know nothing, can picture nothing of the true state of spiritual surroundings amid which we exist. To them, spirit is man, only in another state. Did they know the universe is one vast home of spirit, in all its multiform phases of progression, from the formless germ up to the brightest angel, that man is but one of myriads of manifestations of spirit, and that below him are countless kinds of spirit growth, infinitely divergent in kind and degree, various as the forms of animal creation - nay, ten thousand times more various - they would find themselves unable to credit it.

Did they know that these forms of spirit-life, infinitely more various than your mind can understand, act on their own state, influence their lives, modify their actions, and are very real factors in their development, they would not credit the statement. 'Let us see them,' they would say. As though the material eye were the final channel of intelligence. Spiritual things are spiritually discerned. Let men of science take such facts as fall within their province, and leave the rest. If they wish to know, tell them they are surrounded by embryonic forms of spirit-life; by the formless growths; by the more developed elemental spirits; by the higher forms who are themselves minus their souls and their conscience; you may say, without their conscious vices too. (Spirit leader Imperator in Moses, MSTSW, n.p.)

How New Forms are Created

New creations of spirits are formed by condensation of the atmosphere, which is the connecting link between us and you. (Spirit leader Imperator in MSTTT, n.p.)

Matter on your globe has gone through divers stages from crystallisation - the rudest form of organisation to man. The rock and earth yield to the plants. Vegetable life supersedes mineral. Sensation added, a nervous system given, and another form of more highly organised life is found progressively, being developed from the lowest zoophyte up to man. Each step is an advance from the last, and man crowns the labour of creation. Man differs in kind, as well as in degree, by virtue of his divine soul. (Spirit leader Imperator in Moses, MSTSW, n.p.)

Mind is not an Attribute of the Brain

Mind is no attribute of matter, but is a separate birth and creation in each case. (Spirit leader Imperator in MSTTT, n.p.)

What Spirits Can and Cannot See

How do I know that it is Christmas day? Because I have been looking in at houses which I used to frequent, and have seen trees laden with tinsel and gifts. Do you wonder that I could see them? If so, you forget that we light our own place. When we know how to look, we can see behind the veil. (Judge David P. Hatch, LLDM, Letter XLVIII.)

You appear to us like a double man. We see the physical body precisely the same as you see yourself, only instead of being solid and material it is transparent and shadowy to our eyes and we see you seated on a transparent and shadowy chair, surrounded by shadowy furniture; in fact, you present the appearance of a ghost to us. (Unnamed spirit communicator in SRE, 59.)

You present to us the appearance of a deaf, dumb and blind man, because, though we may address you, you cannot hear us, neither can you see nor talk to us. You can speak to us if you like to do so, but or course you cannot be aware of our presence and hence, virtually, you are dumb also. When you are passive, we can, however, talk to you and often we enter your brain slowly as thoughts and you think they are your own. (Unnamed spirit communicator in SRE, 61.)

To us the spirit-body is clear and plain. Our view is not hindered, nor are our movements impeded, by matter as it exists on your plane. What seems to you solid is to us pervious. The atoms which the spirit-body attracts to itself, and which it keeps in a state of perpetual change around it, are no real part of the personality. They are not even permanent for the time of existence in this sphere, and when they are replaced by others no change is perceptible to you. We see otherwise. To our eyes those atoms, accidents of earth existence, are no bar. We see the spirit-body. (Spirit leader Imperator in Moses, MSTSW, n.p.)

We do see you, but with other eyes than yours. Our eyes are not accustomed to the effect of light as you / have it on earth. Our light is of a different kind, a sort of interpenetrating element by which we are able to discern your inmost mind, and that is it to which we speak - to you yourself and not, of course, to your outward ears. So it is yourself we see, and not your material body, which is but an enveloping robe. (Unidentified spirit communicator in LBV1, 57-8.)

Intimations of at Least One Plane Below the Physical

Matter is on its way to becoming something even more dense in another physical plane, strangely enough. This is not the bottommost plane any more, you know. (Stewart Edward White in PP, 215.)

Just below the level of the physical plane there is a sub-material world in which Cosmic Consciousness first individualizes in elemental degrees of manifestation under conditions that are difficult for you to comprehend, since they involve manipulation of space-time, matter-form, and fore-motion in an extrasensory environment and in dimensions outside the scope of your experience. You have no mechanism to respond to stimuli arising in the sub-universe and so are unconscious of it. (Spirit communicator known as the Master speaking through medium George Wright in OD, 120.)

Night Visits to the Spirit World

Waiting for the Loved One

I know a man here (let's call him "Charles") who came over fourteen years ago, leaving his wife (we never speak of widows here), to whom he was devoted. They were true affinities and spiritually developed people, and though not spiritualists professedly she was so conscious of her husband's continued existence that she lived as far as she could as she knew he would wish.

She neglected no duties, made no parade of her great grief, and studied in every way in order to be his mental and spiritual equal when she should rejoin him. She came over recently, and on this account looks as young as he does.

I know another case of a different kind (let's call the husband "Tom "), of a young couple married at the beginning of the war. He was killed at the Front a year after. /

His wife made a great parade of her grief, wore elaborate, expensive, and becoming mourning, and even contemplated suicide, but decided it was too painful! She then found she could get into communication with Tom. Eventually he was not permitted to return to speak to her, for she only wanted him to help her in various material ways, and made him unhappy with continual reproaches and grumbling. Being out of the physical world he was no longer in a position to help her there, but she had no interest in spiritual or even intellectual things. Under these circumstances her soul will not of course develop properly, and so will "age" for lack of care.

She has married again, but "Tom" does not grieve; he quite understands they were unsuited to one another, and had they lived on earth longer together would soon have discovered it. (Claude Kelway-Bamber in CB, 56-7.)

Night Visits to Spirit Planes Console and Prepare the Mortal

We come together in sleep and help each other. (Sigwart, BOTR, 4.)

Many people's souls leave their bodies in sleep habitually, or under anaesthetics, and travel to various places; some, on awaking, are able to remember the scenes they have visited - and this memory can be cultivated. So you see the difference between sleep and death for some people is not very great after all, nor the passing painful nor difficult. It only means on one occasion they leave their bodies to return no more. (Claude Kelway-Bamber in CB, 30.)

People who are already advancing on earth, find in sleep that they can get away from earth conditions and travel, so when they finally come, they soon drop into their new life. (Philip Gilbert in PTS, 81.)

I mentioned earlier that I now teach at a kind of Electrical College on the inner planes. Well, when I was in the physical, I was a student there myself, and that, too, was part of my preparation. Every night for a long period of time I would leave my body while I was asleep and go to classes on the inner planes. I would participate in experiments in actual laboratories, attend lectures which would add to my understanding of the phenomena and principles of electricity, and the come back to earth and wake up.

I often did not have an immediate recollection of what I had done, but I knew even then that I had an enriched ability to make sense of problems. I had answers to questions that had been on my mind the previous day. I had new perspectives, new solutions, and new projects to work on.

The inner planes activity is not just ordinary dreaming. There's a different quality to it. I suppose it's enriched intuition which is invoked and registered by your need to know something for use here on the physical plane. I would describe it as a rather intensive set of activities that I experienced when my consciousness was separated from my body and working on the inner planes during the hours of physical sleep.

[Carl] Japikse: It is said that you only slept two or three hours a night. Would that be sufficient to do what you've just been describing?

Tesla: It wasn't always necessary for me to be asleep during this process. I had the capacity to subdivide my consciousness, and a part of me could actually stay on the inner planes, even while I was awake.

My form of concentration was unusual. During my moments of intense concentration, part of me could be here on earth and part of me could be on the inner planes - simultaneously. That is not the common phenomenon known as bilocation, by the way. It's something else and requires a well-developed mind.

I did not do this on the astral plane - I did this work in the realm of the mind. The plane of thoughts is much more refined and powerful than the astral plane. It's free of the emotional, sentimental swill most people thrive on, but which must be transcended if you are going to develop clear thought. (Nikola Tesla, NTR, 58-60.)

Except for the occultist trained over long years, it is rare to bring over memories of the real spheres (1) (as apart from the astral). (Philip Gilbert in PTS, 82.)

(1) What Philip calls "the real spheres," which he places above the Astral, are the subplanes of the Mental Plane.

It is in the deep, travelling sleep life that people like you have, that we renew their spiritual force and vitality. (Philip Gilbert in PTS, 80.)

We had a long trip last night (1) - a trip of healing for you. We went into the Empyrean, to the wide plains of Light you used to speak of. We held each other's fingers - finger-tip to finger-tip - so that the current of Power flowed through us both. This is how spirits unite to achieve extra Force. Tuning ourselves into the Chief, and with a joint effort of will, we soared and the fluid ecstacy poured through us both and a ray of healing was directed on you via me. The atmosphere seemed to be a velvety violet with flakes of power like sparkles and bubbles seething around us. (Philip to his mother, Alice Gilbert, in PTW, 136.)

(1) It should be noted that the psychic Alice Gilbert and her son, Philip, who has recently transitioned at this time, remain connected in a mission to report on conditions of life after death. Both are developed souls. The sort of trip that Philip described may not be a common kind of dream experience.

Visits to the spirit world [during sleep] are ... usually made by people who are conversant with spirit truths and who are eager to add to their knowledge. While these visitations are in progress, they can meet and converse with such of their relatives and friends who have passed into spirit lands before them.

Old relationships are renewed; indeed, it would be more accurate to say that they are continued since they have not been interrupted. The visitor can gain useful help and guidance upon his earthly affairs from people who, from their superior position in the spirit world, are able to offer assistance. ...

Hundreds of individuals ... come to us here when they retire to rest upon earth and with their knowledge of the laws of the spirit world, they can give us material help of no small consideration in a variety of ways. They become temporarily one of our community of friends, enjoy the delights of these realms, enter into our affairs as one of us - as they will be permanently one day - work with us, indulge in our recreations, and so forward their own spiritual progression in a score of different ways.

Imagine the rejoicing when regular visitors to our realms at length come to take up their permanent abode with us. The information and knowledge that they have been accumulating during the years, but which, during their waking hours on earth, they will scarcely recollect, will now take their place in their minds and memories as useful experiences. These experiences will establish the continuity of their existence since their birth on earth, instead of transplanting them into the spirit world with the feeling that they must start anew. (Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson, HH, 25.)

In rare cases the spirit-body is endued with separate vitality for a time. In such cases the spirit may be conducted to the spheres; may be permitted to see somewhat of its future home, and learn its duties. It may even drink in draughts of the higher wisdom, and bring them down to earth. (Spirit leader Imperator in Moses, MSTSW, n.p.)

Some Spend Their Nights Working on Spirit Planes

When you possess occult power, your guides can bear your [sleep-]released body into higher realms for spiritual refreshment. It is ever hampering to this psychic body to be held in the flesh and it gladly floats away with ministering spirits to one of the beautiful spheres of light and love.

Through the communicating cord which connects the two bodies it returns to the physical portion, which is always guarded by watchful spirits who can warn the absent one of the necessity to return. Then in a flash it can re-enter its prison of flesh for the physical body would be in great danger if left unprotected at such times.

As psychic development proceeds you become conscious of these journeys into space, and the memory of what you have seen and heard is a priceless possession, a foretaste of the glory of the life to come. But it is not always wise for these spirit journeys to be too well remembered by one who must still linger in the flesh: the contrast would make his life unendurable, so in mercy it is often veiled from your minds.

When times of great stress come, as in the present war, we call upon you to help us in our work for those newly passed to this side. And you come in the night and aid us greatly while your physical frames are asleep.

We dare not take you to the battle-fields for the suffering you see there saddens and depresses you too much, causing lassitude and exhaustion when you awake, which might unfit you for the day's work. But when any of you are willing to help us, we greatly value it. (John Heslop, FMABL, 66-7.)

The more you have functioned in these heavenly spheres while still on earth, the more familiar will they seem when that glad day comes, and you float away from your own worn-out body and join your loved ones in this Land of Peace. (John Heslop, FMABL, 67.)

You know, for I have often told you, how when your body sleeps your soul comes over here and we spend hours together, you have sometimes dimly remembered things that happened as in a dream. Thousands of people come over in this way every night, and are more awake and alive while here than on earth in their mortal bodies. To do this, people must be spiritually evolved to a certain degree. Well, we go together to various places; sometimes we work on the third sphere among those who have just wakened in the spirit-world, and are bewildered, and puzzled, and strange in their new surroundings. We explain to them where they are and bring their friends to see them.

I know it seems curious to you that you should be able to do this even better than I, as you are still / in a mortal body; but that is the very reason. You see, you are the "half-way house," as it were, for along that little cord that connects your soul and body are travelling thoughts and desires of the world in which you live. You are therefore more in touch with the earth and bring its atmosphere with you, and so feel more familiar to one who has just come over. You are still controlled and limited by your earth-body while connected with it. Night before last we were helping a boy whom we could not make realize his new condition, when his mother came, to whom he had been devoted (she had been in the spirit-world two years). He burst into tears and said, "I know now I am dreaming, for my mother is dead and I shall never see her again." His mother put her arms round him and kissed him, and we left them together.

The meetings and reconciliations here are wonderful and touching; you and I often hug each other for very joy and sympathy....

On other occasions I take you to see one of the beautiful scenes in the higher spheres which I have described to you. We have been together to the "Blue" country, where there are a series of wonderful mountains which impress one by their curiously / calm grandeur: no rugged rocks, nor jagged outlines; the heights are majestic but smooth and rounded, and surround one on every side. As far as eye can see the color everywhere is blue of varying shades, from almost grey on the mountain-tops to purple in the valleys, and every intermediate shade wonderfully blended in between. (Claude Kelway-Bamber in CB, 45-7.)

When it is time for you to return I take you back and then go home for a rest. (Claude Kelway-Bamber in CB, 48.)

What to Do with Knowledge Gained

Your spiritual experiences, which can be compared only with dim, vague emotions, will be changed later to strong, consciously-experienced realities. (Sigwart, BOTR, 75.)

A friend with us asked them to tell us the best way to do our part in making the truth known.

"You may find many things to do. It is thought here that most people on earth are too afraid of adopting the idea of a spiritual life. We think that this fear is not warranted. It is not necessary to parade such virtues. If one will only live a life of helpfulness, of thought for others, of kindness wherever possible, he has made a great beginning. And if many could do this, the world would soon notice the result; and the attention then attracted would not be annoying. From this would come the publicity that is necessary for the spread of any new thought or idea. It should not be a very disagreeable task to experiment. When a few can be near enough to each other to bring the sense of support to the actions of each, then the greatest difficulty is overcome.

"We do not look for great things to be accomplished in a short time. We do feel that a beginning should be made, with a definite object in view; and we are willing to await results. We believe that each truehearted believer in the nearness of spirit life, and who comprehends the beauty of this life, may become a center from which may radiate a power for good that will be far greater than you at present realize." (Spirit control Mary to Charlotte E. Dresser, LHH, 134.)

"So-called religion has failed to convert the world. Many saint-like souls are within the church, but the great multitudes outside are an opposing influence."

'Many outside are also pure and wise.'

"Yes, we know this and we depend upon them. But how to reach the thoughtless, the criminal, or the foolish ones of earth is the serious question here. Each must help, we here and you there."

'How can [we] best help here?'

"Make your thoughts known; try for influence; tell others of our presence." 'But when we do they do not believe.'

"Use your influence and do not be discouraged if the results are not as great as you wish. Each can do something. Only the kindness taught by loving spirits, only the wisdom which can make kindness a living power, only the constant reiteration of the fact that life on earth is only a school, and only the beginning of the spirit education, only the truth, the almost tragic truth, that the soul arrives here just as it left the earth - no better, no wiser - and that true happiness here is in their own power, and must come from their own adaptation to the laws of spirit life. These things must be the foundations of the teachings from here. Mary and Dee are doing much good, but they must depend on mortal power and influence after all." (Unnamed spirit to Charlotte E. Dresser in LHH, 78.)

The Materially-Minded Cannot Travel Far Astrally

That chord that you told me of - that 'rope' of ductile and elastic etheric 'matter' (I can always see it stretching away from you when you are asleep, like a long, thin string) is affected curiously by the pre-occupation of your body. If your spirit is centred on your body, its needs, wishes, and surroundings, it affects, in some queer way, the elasticity of the chord. You cannot escape far, astrally - you remain, in a way of speaking, in your own zone - and, by this, I don't mean space zone. You know it is difficult to explain because it is all to do with what you used to call the fourth dimension. (Philip to his mother, Alice Gilbert, in PTW, 146.)

Sacred Venues


[Sir Alvary Gascoigne] has fallen in love with Everest. The magnetic pull of this great mountain has entirely captured him for the time being and he has been used to help others to see and enjoy and draw from this great power reservoir. (Lord Dowding in AL, 181.)

Owing to his love for these peaks, and with Gandhi's help, [Sir Alvary Gascoigne] is now persona grata in those highlands which encompass human thought. (Lord Dowding in AL, 181.)

So far as I can see the Himalayas are the greatest force for good in the whole geographical world and their psycho-spiritual output is colossal. (Sir Alvary Gascoigne in AL, 159.


I want you to feel that [at Glastonbury] and at Iona, we are the lighthouses for this planet. There are lesser one, but here the great ones from all the divine planes keep in touch. (Wellesley Tudor-Pole in AL, 73.)


My present work is to help in sifting and dispersing the power which issues both from Chartres and the Himalayas. (Sir Ronald Fraser in AL, 175.)

I want to tell you how we are developing Chartres - no, not like planning committees, but on our plane, using and fusing the water, the air and the earth around the building into one mass of greater edifices which you will see one day. Chartres is now a city of cathedrals and each one is there for a separate purpose. (Sir Ronald Fraser in AL, 176.)