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"Leadership and Logistics""Sri Ramakrishna - Part 2 "A
A Call to End Gender Persecution by Jan 1, 2020AccountabilityAdvice on Enlightenment and Ascension
After Ascension A Golden AgeAfter The MidpointAndrew Cohen
Angels and OthersBBibliography
Building Nova EarthCComing Home
Coming Home – As Seen by Incarnate ObserversCorroborationCountry Reports on Human Rights Practices
Country reportsCreating Ending the Global Persecution of Women (2007)D
Disclosure Sightings and ContactDisclosure of Our Star FamilyE
Earth TeachingsEnding Gender PersecutionEnding Gender Persecution by Jan. 1, 2015
Ending the Global Persecution of Women (2007)Eradicating World PovertyEst Dictionary
FFDL BibliographyFirst Contact
First Contact IntroductionFootnote to HistoryFrom Darkness to Light
From Darkness to Light - WFrom Darkness to Light BibliographyFrom First Contact to Ascension
From First Sightings to First ContactFurther ReadingG
Gender PersecutionHHannibal
HierarchyHistory of First Contact Prior to 2008History of First Contact in 2008
History of First Contact in 2009History of First Contact in 2010History of First Contact in 2011
History of the EarthHow to Contact the Company of HeavenHuman Planes Beyond the Christ Sphere
IIndependent Decision-Making for Financial StewardsIndividual Events
Lao-Tzu, The Way of LifeLao Tzu, The Way of LifeLeadership, Plans, and Logistics
Lightworkers and StarseedsMMain Page
NNESARANew Maps of Heaven
New Maps of Heaven BibliographyNew Maps of Heaven IntroductionO
On LoveOn to Full RestorationOther Dictionaries of Enlightenment
Other PlanetsOur Situation in the Golden Age of GaiaP
RReincarnation and the Purpose of LifeReligion
Resurgence of the Divine FeminineSSacred Union
Selections from the Teachings of Franklin Merrell-WolffSelections from the Teachings of Jiddu KrishnamurtiSpiritual Advice
Spiritual CounselSri Ramakrishna - Part 1Sri Ramakrishna - Part 2
Sri Ramana Maharshi on Self-EnquiryTThe Angelic Realm
The Angelic SphereThe Animal KingdomThe Animal Kingdom – As Seen by Incarnate Observers
The Astral PlaneThe Astral Plane - ArrivalThe Astral Plane – Common Summerland Elements
The Astral Plane – OrientationThe Astral Plane – The Dark PlaneThe Astral Plane – The Higher Summerlands
The Astral Plane – The Stony PlaneThe Astral Planes – The Lower SummerlandsThe Bhagavad-Gita
The BorderlandsThe Borderlands - AwakeningThe Buddhic Plane
The Buddhic Plane – As Seen by Incarnate ObserversThe Children’s SphereThe Christ Sphere
The Dark PlaneThe Earth PlaneThe Gender Guidelines, IRB, Canada
The JudgmentThe Judgment – As Seen by Incarnate ObserversThe Mental Plane
The Mental Plane - The Fifth HeavenThe Mental Plane - The Fourth HeavenThe Mental Plane - The Second Heaven
The Mental Plane - The Seventh HeavenThe Mental Plane - The Sixth HeavenThe Mental Plane - The Third Heaven
The Mental Plane – The First HeavenThe Mental Plane – The First Heaven – As Seen by Incarnate ObserversThe Mental Plane – The Second Heaven
The Mental Plane – The Third HeavenThe Nature of Life 1The Nature of Life 2
The Near Victory of the DarkThe New Paradigm is the Divine QualitiesThe Nirvanic Plane
The Physical PlaneThe Plan and Process of AscensionThe Planes, the Bodies, and Spiritual Evolution
The Planes of LifeThe Process of AscensionThe Promise of Ascension
The Second DeathThe Second Death – As Seen by Incarnate ObserversThe Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
The Victory of the LightThe Work of AscensionThe Zen Teachings of Master Lin-Chi
The Zen Teachings of Master Lin-Chi (Rinzai)TravelU
VWhat is Our Role in These EventsWhat is Our Situation Now