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Last revised: 15 Mar. 2013


Divine Beings

Divine Mother

Greetings, I am Maria, I am Maria of Guadalupe, I am Our Lady of Perpetual Help, I am The Lady of Perpetual Wisdom, I am the Mother, I am the One. ("Our Lady of Guadalupe – Please Extend your 12:12 Meditation," December 24, 2020, at

Greetings, I am Mother, known by many, known by many names, known by many labels. I am Mother of One and Mother of All, Mother of Omni and Mother of One and Mother, sweet son, beloved one, of you.

You are coming to understand that I am of you, as you are of me, and that these silly attempts by human beings to make such divisions are meaningless. And it is not that they do so from any sense of malintent, but rather lack of comprehension and lack of understanding of their own importance. ("Divine Mother – The Beauty and Truth of Who You Are," May 25, 2020, at

I am Mary, Mother to you all. (The Divine Mother through Linda Dillon in 13th Octave Initiation & Workshop, Sedona, AZ, 1997.)

Greetings, I AM Maria. Yes, I AM Mary of Guadalupe, Mother – your Mother, bringer of change, bringer of completion, bringer of transformation, and yes, sweet angels of light, new beginnings. ("Linda Dillon: Our Lady of Guadalupe – The Re-Opening of 12:12 Meditation & Activation," December 13, 2020, at

Greetings. I am Mary, Mother of the Universe. (The Divine Mother at 13th Octave Initiation and Workshop, St. Petersburg, FL, March 3rd- 5th, 2000.)

Greetings, I am Mary. Yes, I know I am making my appearances to you regularly now because I bring you this renewed gift, this gentle, subtle, obvious massive gift of my Blue Diamond. (“Video & Transcript ~ Universal Mother Mary: My Essence is Everywhere,” June 25, 2017, through Linda Dillon, at

The distinctions that you make between myself, Universal Mother, and Divine Mother are human distinctions and they are created so that you will have a multitude of ways in which to come to know me so that I may guide you and that I may guide you back home. That no matter how far you may wander or what the journey entails, that should you choose, in any instance, in any reality, to call upon me, to know me, to allow me to embrace you, I am there.

So, I have a million faces and as many names and I am still one. ("Heavenly Blessings: The Blessing and Virtue of Hope with the Divine Mother," February 21, 2013, at

But, sweet angels of Light, what do you think those waves of energy are comprised of? They’re comprised of my energy, my essence. And that is the blue diamond. And it matters not whether you sit by a placid pond or a bubbling brook, or the depth of the mighty ocean. I not only cleanse you, I reinvigorate you, I fill you, I breathe you in and out, and I fill you with my essence of blue diamond, with my essence of love, with my essence.

When I say to you repeatedly that I have birthed you, that I am your sacred Mother and I am your Mom, I am all things and my essence is everywhere. But I bring this to you, for you to claim and re-claim and incorporate and reincorporate, by your Divine Authority, by your freedom of choice, that you wish to be part of me as deeply and as profoundly as I wish to be part of you. Sweet Angels, it is not an illusion that we are of the same energy. It is not something that needs to be made up or manufactured. It is the truth of who I am, and it is the very truth of who you are. (“Video & Transcript ~ Universal Mother Mary: My Essence is Everywhere,” June 25, 2017, through Linda Dillon, at

I come as Guardian, for although it is the Father’s and my Eternal Divine Plan, I am also Guardian of this Plan – I am Overseer, I am Implementer, I am Guardian. I guide the pieces as if this was a chess board; no, not that I am suggesting to you, like many arrogant leaders, that in fact I do not take into account the hearts and minds, positions, yearnings, progressions of each and every one of my angelic children.

And let me be clear. There is not one being – human, starseed, hybrid or earthkeeper – that is not one of my Angelic Beings. And it matters not whether you belong to the Legion of Michael or the Tribe of Uriel, the Praisers of Metatron or the Truth Speakers of Gabrielle. It does not matter your colour, your hue. You are my Angels, birthed from my being – birthed not only from my womb, but from my heart. ("The Mother’s Clarion Call to All of Humanity!" April 20, 2020, at

But you do not have to sit for too long down there. You are to take these low-density trips for a short period of time, for I am waiting for you back home, to hold you, to heal and patch your wounds, to nurture and replenish you with my love. ...

Find your way back to me often my dearest and brave angels. Come and sit with me every morning, and many times thereafter throughout the day. If you feel the need do not hesitate, for I am always with thee! (“Mother Mary via Linda Dillon, July 31, 2017,” at

Steve Beckow: What is the significance of us being able to hear you like this with such unrestricted access? Ancient sages would have fasted for a month to hear what you just said.

And here we are, everyone who wishes, listening to you on the radio.

Divine Mother: It is a combination of what you can think of as spiritual evolution. And it is my desire that you hear me in this way right now.

And you are correct. In older times, in ancient times, there was a stratified belief that one must cleanse themselves physically, spiritually, in order to hear my voice. Now, I will not nay say any of these brilliant sages, for their hearts were pure. But even before they began the fast, their hearts were pure.

Now, let me use this example, because it is a timely and an important one. You have this gathering that I have organized coming up. Ten years ago, I would have asked all the participants to fast for at least a day, or preferably for 48 hours prior to receiving the activations, to truly be in a place of somewhat altered consciousness in order to receive.

Now, whether it was a thousand years ago or ten years ago or last year, it is not that the heart is not pure. What the fasting does — and it is the same as, in some ways, retreat, and very often we have recommended that these two go hand-in-hand — it is to take your mind off of the physical.

So it is not that the purity of your being is at question. It is the removal of yourself from what you think of as the habits or the ritual of feeding your body, paying attention to the externals, and quieting the mind and the soul to simply receive.

Now, am I asking that of you? No. Is it an excellent practice? Yes. When Yeshua was in form on planet, on planet Gaia, he would go off. You think you know of one situation, but this was a regular occurrence, and it has been for mystics throughout time. He would go off and fast and pray, for 2 days, 20 days, for 40 days. But what he was doing was not merely entering into a sacred space to hear me, but getting away from the hubbub, from the busy-ness, from people tugging on his sleeve, to enter into the quiet, to replenish and listen. And the listening, the quiet is essential to divine union.

Now, is the union constant? Of course it is. But what we are asking is for you to bring your awareness, the totality of your awareness, to this union. And you can’t do that driving a car or feeding the kids, or shopping at Walmart, or engaging in war, or working on Wall Street.

What you do is you fortify the union so that as you go to do those things you are fortified, equipped, filled, renewed energetically. You take vitamins and supplements. You drink power drinks and green drinks. But you do not always fill yourself with the most essential energy. And that is the love. That is what is going to keep you going.

I’m not suggesting not to attend to your body, because as important as fasting and retreat are, it is equally important to honor your vessel — program your water, program your food, bless your food, cook with love, work with love. But the starting point is to take time to be in union.

Now, why can you hear me this way? Beloveds, I have been telling you, Michael has been telling you, Sanat Kumara has been informing you that you are flying in and out of the ascension portal. Many of you are firmly anchored in the higher dimensions.

You can hear me because you have decided to anchor, because you are anchored in a higher vibration and because I declare it; because this notion that you are not worthy unless you undergo enormous preparation, that you cannot hear me, that you are not worthy to hear me … that is not so. I have always, since the very beginning — which you have no concept of — I have spoken to you. That is why my vibration, my voice is so familiar. It is why you yearn for it.

It is necessary for you to know this, to accept your value and worth. There are some of you who would say, “If I was in a crowd and the President was there, I would never simply go up and speak to him” — Secret Service aside. And I would say to you, “But, child, why would you not gift him with your grace? Why would you not reassure him that he is loved and supported and that his star family acknowledges him?” (The Divine Mother: My Desire is that Every Being on the Planet Falls in Love," channeled by Linda Dillon, Sep. 26, 2014,

When you know that you are not knowing and feeling and experiencing the Love, turn to us. Of course, turn to the Mother, the ultimate source, the supreme source of Love, the pattern of Love, the essence of Love. (“Archangel Gabrielle: Who is the Council of Love and What is Its Purpose?” Feb. 28, 2016, at

I have incarnated at one time, as you know as the mother [of Jesus]. (“The Divine Mother: We are Creating a New Species of Humans,” July 12, 2014, at

Divine Mother: I am the Mother — mother of all, giver of life, giver of love. It is my joy to be speaking with you. And I want to explain, for there are many thoughts and conceptions about who I am, about what I am. There are many things that we will talk about and discuss this day. The most important is love. The most important is the transition that each of you, my beloved ones, goes through right now, as you receive love, [of energy?], of flow, from my heart and from the heart of the Father, from One.

I am known by many names, and that is appropriate. And I am thought of in many forms — as Mary, as Shakti, as Mare, which is very close because it is the word of ocean in your world and language. It represents the movement and the giver of life, the creator of life, of love, of form, of substance, of essence.

It is so that in many cultures and in many ways I am worshipped, I am adored, I am venerated. But, my beloved children, children that I have birthed from my being, from my essence — which is far beyond what you can imagine — I also wish to be thought of and felt as approached, approachable, present, ever present, available, accessible, and with you.

There is no limitation, and there most certainly is no separation, throughout this universe and on your planet, that I may be with each one of you in the way that is appropriate in what you think of as your now, in the form and by the name that you call me. The key is, I will answer always. ...

Steve Beckow: Mother, you’re also known as the Word of God, and Aum, the voice of one crying in the wilderness, the noise of many waters. Solomon called you Wisdom. Why is the knowledge of you “more precious than rubies”?

DM: Well, first of all, it is the way that human beings can express how they know me. But knowledge of me is more precious than anything, because I am your connection [to the Father]. When you are with me in the fullness of union, as full as you can know it while in form, then you are connected, and in, not only my creation, but my wisdom and my love. And in that is all. It is all you need to know or can know or will know.

It brings you beyond the human experience. And, yes, I am also the voice crying in the wilderness. But I want to address that, because it is not so much anymore, for many are heeding my voice. Many are heeding my pleas. Many are returning to the core of why you exist. So, this expression, and the many expressions, are to emphasize the need — if such a thing exists, and I know it does — in each of your hearts. There are times when you feel the need, and it expresses what is first, what is always, what is primordial, what is primary in your journey.

When you do not join with me, when you do not acknowledge me or turn to me, you are denying yourself, you are denying who you are and why you are. My gifts are beyond any human or Earthly measure. They are beyond any realm that you are experiencing within the human dimensionality. But that does not mean that you cannot come to know me and to join with me. No, it is not a contradiction, it is a request.

SB: How are you known, Mother?

DM: I am known as all. I am known as love. I am known as love, as dynamic action, as movement, as constant change, as fulfillment. Sometimes you tend to think of me as the Holy Spirit, but there is more to me than that, and there is a shade of the Father within there as well. But I am known by the movement within you and the movement within your Earth, within all things, within all universes.

I am a birther and a giver. I am the unchanging movement, and the constantly changing movement. I am the rhythm. I am the flow. I am Mother.

And on your planet that I have birthed, the pattern of Mother I have gifted you, that you are surrounded with the reminder of my presence, with the imprint of my presence and my wisdom, that you will know fulfillment. Yes, we have also imprinted free will.

So, the actions of all mothers are not always of wisdom and love. But that does not change the knowing and the wisdom, within each of you, of what is intended to be. And when you return to that, when you stay within that, it will lift you to the bliss, to the One.

SB: Mother, you say you are movement, and that implies that the Father is stillness. But you are the Father as well as the Mother. Can you, if it’s at all possible, explain to our listeners what the difference is between your aspect as the Mother and your aspect as the Father?

DM: Yes, because, as I have said, I am All, I am One. And, if you will, as you will be speaking with the Father, (1) of course there will be more information. But also know, I am All. So, I give you human ways, not in a way of speaking down — quite the contrary — but in ways that you may understand. When I am Father, there is a stillness, complete.

This is something that the human race is simply learning now. It is the union and conjoining of stillness with movement, and how that is the balance of everything. When I am in the Father, I do not require that movement, for that is not the way that I have created the Father.  (2) So, they are the two halves of the whole. Many who listen to this will be a little confused, and yet, my children, there is no need for confusion.

Let me explain further. In many traditions, I am considered the Mother of All; in some traditions, the Mother of God, Source, One. Now, what does this mean? It means exactly what it says: I am the beginning and I am the completion, the end. (3) Each of you — and I have strongly encouraged you not only to discover but to find the masculine aspect of yourself, and the feminine, the stillness and the movement — you cannot have creation of any kind without both.

Creation comes from movement, and it is movement into form, into energy, into substance, into essence — however you conceive of that. But do not negate the role of the Father, of the masculine, because in that is the stillness of the moment of creation, what you think of. So it is the combination.

You say, “Mother, how can you do both?” It is who I am. And you, each one of you, are embedded with these qualities directly from my being, from my heart. I give you human ways rather than just sheer energy, which I also transmit to you now, but not only to embrace me, but to understand, because you are in your process also of fulfillment. It is part of your progression. It is already created.

I invite you to stay in the Now but also suggest to you and tell you, it is already done.

Does this answer your question, child?

SB: Well, I have to ask you one further question, Mother, to make sure that I understand completely what you just said. And I regret that I have to use a little bit of jargon, but I’ll explain to my readers later.

When you use the word “the Father,” are you referring to the conditioned Brahman? And if you are, could you tell us about your aspect as the transcendental Absolute? (4)

DM: Many who listen do not understand this or these terms.

SB: Yes, I realize that.

DM: And part of my desire is to make very clear, that people do understand. So, ensure, beloved, that you do make these terms very clear for your readers and listeners.

SB: I will. But if you would just confirm for me that you are speaking about the conditioned Brahman rather than the Transcendental Absolute, I can do the rest.

DM: Yes, that is exactly what I am speaking of.


(1) The InLight radio team had earlier discussed speaking with the Universal Mother for Mother’s Day and the Holy Father (what I have called elsewhere the conditioned Brahman) for Father’s Day.  The conditioned Brahman refers to God in form, in the material world of the Mother, in the phenomenal domain.  God can be formless or in form. The Mother would have to be referring to the Father in form here because the formless Father cannot speak.’  The Father in form would indeed be her creation; she has created everything in form. For more on this see “The Father and the Father … by the Mother,” May 7, 2012, at

(2) The Father is uncreated and created the Mother. But insofar as the Father has a “created” aspect, the Mother has created that aspect. In form she is the only Creator.  Outside of form, he is the Source of creation. This is why the Mother says “creation comes from movement.”  Creation in the world of form does come from movement; when something moves not, it dissolves back into the Formless or Transcendental Absolute.

(3) The Mother and the Father are not different. They are one. Therefore it is as true for the Mother to say I am the beginning, the middle and the end as it is for the Father.  When It moves, God is the Mother; when It is still, God is the Father. That is the chief difference between the two.

(4) See footnote 1. ("Transcript of the Divine Mother on An Hour with an Angel, May 7, 2012," at

Steve Beckow: Is it correct on my part to say that Shakti is equivalent to the Holy Spirit?

Divine Mother: Yes. That would be a very good statement of clarity. ("The Divine Mother: Come to Me as I Come to You – Part 1/2," October 17, 2012, at

Steve: You once said to me that Shakti, the Holy Spirit, was only a small part of you. Can you explain what you meant by that? Is Shakti only limited to a certain dimension, universe or realm?

Divine Mother: No. No. When I have spoken about this with Shakti, I have spoken about a part of me. As I have said, I am the bridge, I am the clasp between the Father and the universe and your world. And Shakti has been experienced — yes, inter-dimensionally for eons as you well know. But she is not the totality of my being. My being is bigger than you can fathom, dear one. So I do not simply mean that she is an aspect manifesting. But it is simply larger than any of you can imagine, particularly at this point.  ("The Divine Mother: Come to Me as I Come to You – Part 1/2," Oct. 17, 2012 at

I’m a Mary girl, the way many people are like one of Michael's or part of Michael's legion, I’m a real Mary girl and I have this affinity to the Divine Mother and to that energy is just what keeps me in my center and in my serenity. But what I like about channeling the Universal Mother Mary, which is how she identifies herself, not how we identify her, is that it gives us the capacity, of gives me the capacity because I can’t speak for everybody else, to put a face, you know I’m human, I like faces, I like to be able to have that feeling of connection with a being that I can feel her arms around me or I can feel her loving nurturing, and so people think “Oh you’re channeling Mother Mary” like the Mother of Jesus.” Well no, that’s like saying when we channel Jesus or Yeshua that we’re just channeling that human being who was on the planet a couple of thousand of years ago.

What we’re doing is we’re keying into that collective energy. So for example, when I channel the Buddha I always call it “the Big Buddha” because it’s the collective energy of that being, so it includes all the Buddhas whoever have been. So when we channel the Universal Mother we are channeling all the various visions that are held of her on the planet and probably far beyond. But for me, the comfort level comes, the connection comes because I connected to the western ideology of Mother Mary but it’s so much bigger than that, it’s the eastern, it’s the southern, it’s all of those aspects.

When I channel the Divine Mother there is no form. So, it’s like simply going to the Source, so it’s more wispy, more morphosis, and it’s the universal energy but there’s nothing to…it’s not personalized, if you know what I mean. So that’s the difference and it’s very purposeful that Mary or Mare’ calls herself the Universal Mother because what I sense is that this is an aspect of the Divine Mother that basically is the Divine Feminine in charge of this universe. (“Mother Mary discusses the divine quality of hope,” at


I am Yahweh, grandfather of gold. Yes, gold as in abundance. Abundance of love, abundance of all. My children do you not think that this grandfather welcomes you home and will attend to your every need. I ask you this day to move back home. To come and live with me in the mansion of my heart. You are so loved.

I wish to speak to you of the matter of the will. There is much misunderstanding on Earth about will. Will and freedom − choice − were the gifts I gave you as you flew out of the door and I did it for two reasons. Yes, of course, so you would learn and come to know the wonder of your self but the other was so that you would enjoy your trip, that you would have fun. |

That is what enjoyment is. It was never intended that you would make a big choice between pain and suffering. The choices, of course, are free. But it was to be more between laughter or giggle, success or fame, contentment or calm.

No, I will never renege or choose to take back these gifts. I simply wish you to know that there is no need. There isn’t one time that suffering, pain, agony has ever brought me joy. It is the strangest turn of events, this belief, and I am pleased that Germaine has collected your judgment. Do you think when my son was tortured and crucified that this added joy to my heart, that people failed to recognize in each other’s eyes the magnificence, that there is bitterness and hate? Oh no, this does not break my heart. It’s just a waste of time.

I am not the avenging God of the Old Testament. I am creator and procreator. There is no need, desire, wish, requirement for you to ever question your magnificence. You are my grandchildren. You can do no wrong. The birds of the air do not wake up in the morning and wonder how well they will sing that day. You do not need to do this. The song of your heart is beautiful and it is heard throughout the Universe. You are part of the angelic chorus. So come home to me, my children, and know of your own glory. There is never any need to bask in the reflection of mine for yours is brilliant. I am pleased and proud with what you have wrought. I give you my blessing. (Yahweh at 13th Octave Initiation and Workshop, St. Petersburg, FL: March 3rd- 5th, 2000.)

Helios and Vesta

Greetings, we are Helios and Vesta. We are one soul and yet we express ourselves as a masculine energy and a feminine energy. We are the overseers of the Solar Level of the Creator’s Universe; we work very closely with the Earth and the Planetary Level.

It is our purpose to bring forth the wholeness and completeness of the Creator to support the emerging, blending and unification of the divine masculine and the divine feminine, to create a balanced, to create a grounding of the Creator’s light.

Many souls come to us to understand the unification process, especially understanding unification with the Creator. They are therefore more easily able to move forth in their ascension process understanding their purpose, their embodiment of the Creator and how to express the Creator’s vibrations and wisdom through their being.

We are present to be of service to you, we bring our light to you and invite you to absorb our light.

The solar Level is of a copper golden colour, imagine, sense, or acknowledge you are breathing in the copper golden colour of the Creator’s light. You may imagine us like a sun beaming down upon you warming, comforting, and supportive. ("Solar Rays of the Beginning by Helios and Vesta," via Natalie Glasson, November 22, 2020, at

Ascended Masters

Sanat Kumara, Planetary/Universal Logos

Greetings to all upon the Earth, I am the Lord of the Universe, I am also known as Sanat Kumara, I am a collective of energy and a source of guidance. ("Crystalline Universe by Sanat Kumara Through Natalie Glasson," Nov. 2019,

Planetary logos and universal logos....

Did you not hear me say "planetary logos" and "universal logos"? I progress and so do you. (Sanat Kumara in Conscious Creating with the Mother Course, offered by Linda Dillon and the Divine Mother, Aug. 10, 2019.)

AAM: Sanat Kumara is planetary logos but in your consideration do not feel or believe, for that matter, that he is fully absent from Venus.

The energy is such that there is… Think of it as perhaps he has two homes. Think of it that way. He is not just done. When the time draws near, will there be a very brief hiatus before he moves onto his universal role?

Yes, but he is not yet done. We are not yet done! (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, July 13, 2018.)

We Kumaras have worked on this for millions and millions of years. (“Sanat Kumara on the Purpose of Life, the Universal Law, and the Longing for Liberation,” June 6, 2012, at

Yes, I am often addressed in many ways and as Keeper of Universal Law – this is one of my pivotal roles. As Universal and Planetary Logos, it is the teaching, the application, the imparting, the anchoring, and the integration of Universal Law into your very core and into the practicality of your life.

I have had the privilege, the joy, and the honor of speaking to you, all of you, about Universal Love, individually and as a collective, for several years now. It has been my joy to share with you the essence, the substance, the elements of how Universal Law works, of how your planet and your system works. ...

There are some who have suggested that I have moved on to a new role. That, my sweet friends, is not of truth. Yes, there will come a day, in your realm and in ours, when I will proceed to yet another assignment. But it will still be with Universal Law and the Law of One, which is love. (“Universal Law, Divine Justice & Freedom,"May 23, 2016, at

That is important for you to understand. I am sent this day to explain to you not in a general overview but in specific detail how things work. And it is my joy, my golden joy, to be able to do this. To know that your hearts and mine, your bodies, are not only just ready to hear and incorporate this understanding but that you demand it. (“Transcript: Sanat Kumara Discusses the Sacred Law of Purpose, August 13, 2013, Part 1/2,” August 17, 2013, at

SK: I am doing just famously, thank you and I am excited … You know, I will talk about myself for a moment.

You know you all have days when you are high and you are energized and you feel that you can conquer the planet. And then there are days when you feel like you are on auto-pilot and that it is really same-old, same-old - kind of dreary.

There was a long period of what you think of as time where there wasn’t a lot of breakthrough in terms of the anchoring of Ascension and breakthrough and love upon this planet. There were times when I had certainly, if you would use your experience, felt that my Mother had given me an impossible task or I was simply really not that great at my job and that I was taking way too long and assuming the responsibility that truly lay with me, with my team, and with all of you.

And then there is the time when you feel that you can conquer whatever is in front of you, that there is new life, new dawn, new breakthrough, new energies…and that is where we are. (“Sanat Kumara: Universal Law, Operating System for Nova Earth,” July 21, 2017, at

Sanat Kumara: my beloved friends and family, because that is what you are; otherwise I would not be doing this, and I would have already moved on to my next mission, which we will discuss at another point.

Steve Beckow: And that next mission is as Solar Logos, is it not, Raj?

Sanat Kumara: : That is correct. ("Sanat Kumara: Many of You Have Already Ascended and Straddle Dimensions," May 28, 2013, at

I have been the Planetary Logos and will be the Planetary Logos until the Plan and the Dream and the desire of the Mother, in this phase, comes to completion. ("Video & Transcript ~ Sanat Kumara: Universal Law, Operating System for Nova Earth,:" July 21, 2017, at

listeners have asked me, what does a Planetary Logos do? Can you give us a description of what your position of responsibility entails, please?

R: I would be pleased to address this. For it is really quite an unusual title is it not, Planetary Logos?

SB: Yes.

R: And you are correct in your interpretation of linking my role to the service of the Mother and of the One. I am part of the movement, of the action, of the anchoring. Let me give you a slight overview.

The plan of the Mother, the divine expansion infinitely of the Mother, began, obviously, before you ever even knew or thought of time. But within her plan, every element was always addressed and present — the diversity, the beauty and the plan of unfoldment.

In my service, and in my love to the Divine Mother and with the Divine Mother, and particularly following the Ascension and the anchoring of that Ascension, with Venus I stepped forward with her request to offer my service to be the overseer of the unfoldment of the plan of Gaia.

Now, when I say this, you can think of every aspect of this unfoldment. So it is not just Gaia herself, this wondrous, sentient being of the highest realm, and her journey back to the Source and One, but it is everything that has been and is and will be created upon this planet during this unfoldment, and particularly with emphasis… during this time of Ascension, of humanity and of all the kingdoms, and of course of Gaia herself.

I am the ascended master who, even before I assumed this role as Planetary Logos, that works with throughout the multiverse, Universal Law. That was one of my first and foremost services to the Mother, was to bring into understanding — you can imagine in how many forms — how the truth of the Father/Mother/One translates operationally.

Now, of course, part of the unfoldment and Ascension of Gaia is also the return and the full implementation and anchoring, alignment, with Universal Law in the consciousness of all beings, and particularly human beings. Now, this is also related and part of the anchoring of what you have called the divine qualities, and what the Council has called 13 Blessings and Virtues.

When you think of a, say, a massive construction project, and think of this construction project as the bringing-forth of a City of Light, there are many aspects to it. There is the building, the literal, physical building of places to live, to work, to play, to heal, to gather, to celebrate, to practice your arts, to learn, to be educated. So there are the physical aspects — roads, sidewalks — but not the way you think of them in the current reality! But there is also the anchoring of these alignments, of these qualities of beingness, that allow the city to function.

So there are many, many construction crews, if you would, some that take care of the healing, some that take care of the spirit, some that take care of the emotions. Now, these are all links in the same chain. But I am the coordinator. I am the master planner. So I guide and direct my teams, seen and unseen. So do not think as Planetary Logos that I am doing all the work. Quite the contrary! And there are many of you who are lightworkers who are part of these various construction teams. Now, in the realm of the archangels, my counterpart, you can think of it, is Archangel Gabrielle/Gabriel, because he/she is also in charge of the administration for the Mother. So, we work very closely together. But Gabrielle’s responsibilities are broader, and mine are very focused on the unfoldment of the Mother’s plan, and particularly what we often call ‘the becoming’. And what we mean by this term is the becoming of humanity back in the very eternal Now to the truth and the wholeness and original design of who you are.

And then once that is fully anchored — and that is what you think of as Ascension — then you are progressing with your further expansion and eagerly embracing not only your creation abilities but your multi-dimensional self.

So, that is my job. Now, we have talked or reference in other conversations that at some point I will leave this role and assume my future role, my new role — yes, still in that eternal flow of Now as Universal Logos. So many have asked me, “Well, when does that occur? When are you planning on leaving? When are you vacating your desk?”

Well, I do not plan to leave, first of all, until each and every one of you — you, my beloved friends — have made your transition through the Ascension portal. ("Sanat Kumara explains his role as Planetary Logos, then talks about Syria, 9/11, and global currency," September 11, 2013, at>)

Yes, this cat is very fond of ET energy! For that is often how I think of myself -- as Planetary Logos, yes, as visitor, yes, as Keeper of Universal Law -- that has been entrusted to me. (Sanat Kumara in a personal reading with Steve Beckow, Kathleen Mary Willis, et al, through Linda Dillon, Dec. 7, 2011.)

Sanat Kumara: My next mission ... we will discuss at another point.

Steve Beckow: And that next mission is as Solar Logos, is it not, Raj?

SK: That is correct. ("Sanat Kumara: Many of You Have Already Ascended and Straddle Dimensions," May 28, 2013,

Before we begin, can I just confirm for our listeners that you were known to ancient Persians as Ahuramazda, ancient Hebrews as the Ancient of Days, and ancient Hindus as Subramanya. Is that correct?

SK: Yes, that’s correct.

SB: And you consider Venus in a higher dimension your home, do you not?

SK: That is correct. That is why I mentioned Venus, and Earth. Yes, I have been known in many ways and by many names and in many traditions. And that is why I referred to the fact that we have been involved with Earth for a very, very long time. But you know, you have an expression upon your planet that you are as young as you feel.

SB: Yes, indeed.

SK: And so yes.

SB: Well, if I could just make a point for our listeners, we have a television program called Ancient Aliens which says that when some extraterrestrials came to Earth they were treated as gods. In a certain sense, you could be pointed to as an example of this, could you not? You came to Earth from Venus, and you were looked upon as a god.

SK: Yes. Yes. There are several situations, actually, when those who have arrived from other planets were considered as gods. It was not a sense that we wanted, or that we requested — that is most certainly not the case.

But yes, it was the quality of the higher vibration. It was the quality of being able to teach and co-create. It was the ability to bring forward in many ways what situations or civilizations needed or required, not only to learn, but to experience. So yes. But let me be very clear. I do not present myself as a god.

SB: No, I understand that. Did you come to Earth as Quetzalcoatl?

SK: Yes, I had a brief incarnation in that form, assuming that form. Yes, that is correct. There are very few civilizations that I have not been involved with.

SB: And did you give them the Mayan Calendar?

SK: Yes.

SB: That is very interesting! Did you also ... could you tell us what — and again, this is just a brief, preliminary discussion — what Ezekiel saw when he saw the wheels within wheels? What were they?

SK: You can think of it as the sacred geometry, or the understanding of the energy of One, of how things throughout the universe are all inter-related and connected, and that there is a symmetry and a beauty, and that it is infinite and eternal, and that it goes on and on.

So he was being given a glimpse of the inter-connectedness of all. ("Sanat Kumara on the Purpose of Life, the Universal Law, and the Longing for Liberation," June 6, 2012, at

I try to use language that is completely understandable, not only to you, my beloved Steve and my beloved Linda, but to all of our listeners; I try to use language that will make common sense to each of you. (“Sanat Kumara on the Purpose of Life, the Universal Law, and the Longing for Liberation,” June 6, 2012, at

Sanat Kumara, ... your beloved Raj (mine too, as well) ... is charged with the unfoldment of this plan for Earth and for humanity.

And this is not merely esoteric or spiritual.

Sanat Kumara — and that is why he says, at times, that he can speak more bluntly, more specifically, more freely, because he is addressing human concerns, human behaviors, human patterning, human change, human timelines and the listing, alteration, transmutation of that to the higher plan — is charged with “How is this going to unfold?” in very practical ways. What is the logistical plan for this? So, you would think of it as equipment, food, “How does the army travel? Are they fed? Are they clothed? Are they ready?” And this is a massive undertaking.  ("Archangel Michael: We are All Aligned with the Heart, Mind and Will of One," Jan. 25, 2014, at

And you are correct in your interpretation of linking my role to the service of the Mother and of the One. I am part of the movement, of the action of the anchoring. Let me give you a slight overview.

The plan of the Mother, the divine expansion infinitely of the Mother, began, obviously, before you ever even knew or thought of time. But within her plan, every element was always addressed and present — the diversity, the beauty and the plan of unfoldment.

In my service, and in my love to the Divine Mother and with the Divine Mother, and particularly following the Ascension and the anchoring of that Ascension with Venus, I stepped forward with her request to offer my service to be the overseer of the unfoldment of the plan of Gaia.

Now, when I say this, you can think of every aspect of this unfoldment. So it is not just Gaia herself, this wondrous, sentient being of the highest realm, and her journey back to the One, but it is everything that has been and is and will be created upon this planet during this unfoldment, and particularly with emphasis, during this time of Ascension, of humanity and of all the kingdoms, and of course of Gaia herself.

I am the ascended master who, even before I assumed this role as planetary Logos, works throughout the multiverse with the universal law. That was one of my first and foremost services to the Mother, to bring into understanding — you can imagine in how many forms — how the truth of the Father/Mother One translates operationally.

Now, of course, part of the unfoldment and Ascension of Gaia is also the return and the full implementation and anchoring, alignment, with universal law in the consciousness of all beings, and particularly human beings. Now, this is also related and part of the anchoring of what you have called the divine qualities, and what the Council has called the thirteen blessings and virtues.

When you think of, say, a massive construction project, and think of this construction project as the bringing-forth of a city of light, there are many aspects to it. There is the building, the literal, physical building of places to live, to work, to play, to heal, to gather, to celebrate, to practice your arts, to learn, to be educated.

So there are the physical aspects — roads, sidewalks — but not the way you think of them in the current reality! But there is also the anchoring or alignment of these qualities of beingness that allow the city to function.

So there are many, many construction crews, if you would – some that take care of the healing, some that take care of the spirit, some that take care of the emotions. Now, these are all links in the same chain. But I am the coordinator. I am the master planner...

So that is my job. Now, we have talked or referenced in other conversations that at some point I will leave this role and assume my future role, my new role — yes, still in that eternal flow of now as universal logos.

So many have asked me, “Well, when does that occur? When are you planning on leaving? When are you vacating your desk?”

Well, I do not plan to leave, first of all, until each and every one of you — you, my beloved friends — have made your transition through the Ascension portal. Now, there are many — and I would say they are correct — that suggest that Ascension is at hand. Many of you, knowingly and unknowingly, have already passed through the Ascension portal, consciously and unconsciously. ("Sanat Kumara: Silence is Golden Part 1/2," channeled by Linda Dillon, September 9, 2013, at

As your planetary logos, I play, I would like to say, a pivotal role [in Ascension], because it is my commitment, my mission, to see this through, to see the transition of humankind and Gaia, of everything upon Gaia, into the higher realm and the restoration of what was always intended. In many ways you can think of it as the closing of the circle, the bringing-back to original intent, before everything went awry or astray.  ("Sanat Kumara: Many of You Have Already Ascended and Straddle Dimensions," May 28, 2013,

My position as your Planetary Logos has been to maintain continuity, maintain consistency in the light as greatly as I have been capable of accomplishing, even as humanity brought forth the lower expressions of their outer personalities. My position has been to support the earth in her evolution, to embody the earth with my great and wondrous field which has encompassed and surrounded earth and humanity for millions of years.

I have held each one of you and the earth in the cradle of my arms, my body, my great and expansive field. I have supported you, and held you in the physical expression so that you would not burn out your circuitry and the circuitry of mother earth. You have come close on occasion, to the destruction of your planet and yourselves and the loss of your planet as your school, the place of your evolution. You have come close, dear ones, yet through the assistance of all those of the higher realms and the stability within the auric field of the earth, and my embodiment of this stability within the earth's form, the destruction has been averted.

Imagine the vastness of your earth and all souls upon her. My essence has held form and enfolded the earth and all souls upon her. My love is within your soul, my love is within the heart and soul of the earth, as it is within your heart. You have asked for the expansion of the heart, and you have asked for a greater understanding of your place in the Cosmos. You have asked to return to your place in the Cosmos, and this, dear ones, is occurring now. ...

I am no longer your Planetary Logos, yet I am still very deeply and profoundly a part of your evolution and assist the Buddha as he moves forth in his position as the Planetary Logos. It is for this reason, that this messenger has chosen and been guided, to speak with me. (Sanat Kumara, "The Evolution of Earth and Humanity," Oct. 20, 2010, through Rev. Michelle Coutant, at

Dear ones, your evolution is ever changing and always expanding, as you will so joyously experience, as you each return to the light and love of your Sacred Hearts and allow the Heartbeat of the Cosmos to expand within you. I too, am ever expanding and embody the cosmic heartbeat as I move forth on my evolution, in training to become a Solar Logos. How great is the expansion as I move forth on this joyous path. It is the path of embodying a solar system, of knowing and supporting and being the very essence of the intricate workings of this solar system.

There are many solar systems ready to receive a new Solar Logos, as the natural progression of the expansion of consciousness, allows those who have held this position to move forth in their growth and evolution. All the beloved ones, the Ascended Masters who have been with you and assisted you through the third density, have held their evolution in check, to stay here with you, beloved ones, to assist you to move out of the density. Now, as you move forward and release yourselves from this density, these great Beings of light are also able to move forward in their evolution, even as they are here assisting you.

The flow, the ebb of the Source consciousness is ever changing, ever in movement, and the movement into the light has been essential, as consciousness is always growing and expanding. A static position is not possible, and the time had come to move forth into the light. ...

As I move forth on my path, I embody a great expanded consciousness and I am here with you also, to assist you, when you call on me. I have never left you, as my evolution and yours go hand in hand. ...

As the Ascended Masters of your realm are here with you, I too, am here for you to speak with, to communicate with, and to assist you in your journey into the expanded consciousness and the integration of the Cosmic Heartbeat. Call on me. Call on me to surround you in the love of the Cosmos, the love of the God Source. (Sanat Kumara, "The Evolution of Earth and Humanity," Oct. 20, 2010, through Rev. Michelle Coutant, at

We know Sanat Kumara well for it was he who asked us to enter this Universe. As an Ascended Master, Sanat Kumara has taken on numerous responsibilities associated with the elevation of planet Earth and this solar system. He is working for the ascension, the evolution of consciousness in the solar system, as we are. (Tom Kenyon, "Who are the Hathors?" at

Sanat Kumara is thus in charge of guiding mankind, along with other life forms and the angelic realm, through the present transition into the new Golden Era. So Earth's present transition requires the careful coordination between Mother Earth's needs and those of the living creatures She hosts. (Sanctus Germanus Foundation, "Who is in Charge?" at

According to some of the teachings derived from modern Theosophy, i.e. the teachings of Alice A. Bailey,C. W. Leadbeater, Guy Ballard, Elizabeth Clare Prophet and Geraldine Innocente, Sanat Kumara is an advanced being who is regarded the Lord or Regent of Earth and of humanity. It is believed by some that he is the founder of the Great White Brotherhood, which is composed of Ascended Masters and volunteers from other worlds who have joined together to advance spiritual evolution on Earth. The headquarters for this "Brotherhood of Light" was established in a physical city called Shamballa ... now located on the etheric plane over the Gobi Desert in Mongolia. ("Sanat Kumara," Wikipedia, at

Sanat Kumara in Theosophy

Sanat Kumara was mentioned briefly by the theosophist Helena Blavatsky. She claimed he belonged to a group of beings, the Lords of Flame, whom Christian tradition have misunderstood as Lucifer and the fallen angels.

Sanat Kumara gained greater prominence when her follower Charles W. Leadbeater wrote that Sanat Kumara was the "King" or Lord of the World, and the head of the Great White Brotherhood of Mahatmas who had revealed the principles of theosophy.

Later theosophists such as Alice Bailey and Elizabeth Clare Prophet have [developed] the story with further details. He is usually depicted as having the appearance of a 16 year old boy.

The Descent of Sanat Kumara and the Lords of the Flame from Venus

Leadbeater and later adherents of Theosophy believe that Sanat Kumara came to Earth 18,500,000 years ago (A.E. Powell gives a figure of 16,500,000 years ago) from the etheric plane of the planet Venus (According to Elizabeth Clare Prophet's Church Universal and Triumphant he came only 2,500,000 years ago).

In Theosophy, the beings that helped Sanat Kumara organize the expedition from Venus are called the "Lords of the Flame". In later versions, notable "Lords of the Flame" include Gautama Buddha, and the World Teacher (the being referred to alternately as Maitreya or Christ by Benjamin Creme). The Church Universal and Triumphant teaches that Sanat Kumara and the Lords of the Flame also brought 144,000 souls with them from Venus. Alice Bailey, on the other hand, gives the number 105 only.

Sanat Kumara is regarded as the great guru, saviour of Earth. Believers in him see him in all the major religions, as Skanda/Kartikkeya in Hinduism, Brahma-Sanam Kumara in Buddhism, Ancient of Days in Judeo-Christianity and Ahura Mazda in Zoroastrianism. It is also considered that Sanat Kumara is Al Khdir (green man) known to Sufi Muslims (according to Dakshinamurti).

It is maintained in some of these versions of Theosophy that Venus is the most spiritually advanced planet of our solar system. The beings living on the etheric plane of Venus are said to be millions of years ahead of us in their spiritual evolution. It is said that the governing council of Venus sent one of themselves, Sanat Kumara, here to guide us. It is said in Theosophy that once Sanat Kumara arrived here, he directed the construction of the city of Shamballa on the etheric plane above the Gobi Desert to serve as his headquarters. ("Sanat Kumara," Wikipedia, at

We know Sanat Kumara well for it was he who asked us to enter this Universe. As an Ascended Master, Sanat Kumara has taken on numerous responsibilities associated with the elevation of planet Earth and this solar system. He is working for the ascension, the evolution of consciousness in the solar system, as we are. (Tom Kenyon, "Who are the Hathors?" at

Coming to our Hierarchy ... we find ... in the Puranas that name that I mentioned yesterday as connected with this first great group of Rulers, the name of the four Kumaras. There is not very much said about Them. Not many explanations are given. But they are spoken of as "the Four", the "One and the Three". He who is spoken of as the Eldest among Those - as to whom time may be said only to be a name, for They are beyond its illusions - He is called Sanat Kumara, the Eternal, the Ancient; in later days He is thought of as the Eldest, but it is better to think of Him as the Eternal, to whom and in whom time is not. (Annie, Besant, IGW, n.p.)

Sanat Kumara figures in several roles in the religious traditions of the East. Each one reveals another facet of his Divine Self. In each role, he teaches us something different about God and about our path to God.

Skanda or Karttikeya

Sanat Kumara is revered in Hinduism as one of the four or seven sons of Brahma. They are portrayed as youths who have remained pure. The Sanskrit name Sanat Kumara means "always a youth." (1 See footnotes at end of passage.)

In Hinduism, Sanat Kumara is sometimes called Skanda, or Karttikeya the son of Shiva and Parvati. Karttikeya is the god of war and commander-in-chief of the gods. He is the commander and chief of the divine army of the gods. He was born specifically to slay Táraka, the demon who symbolizes ignorance, or the lower mind. Karttikeya is often depicted holding a spear, this spear represents illumination. He uses the spear to slay ignorance.

In Hinduism, stories of war are often used as allegories for the internal struggles of the soul. (2) Indian author A. Parthasarathy says that Karttikeya represents the "Man of Perfection who has discovered the Supreme Self. The wielding of his spear of annihilation symbolizes the destruction of all negative tendencies which veil the Divine Self." (3)

Skanda-Karttikeya, as he is sometimes called, is also acclaimed as the god of wisdom and learning. (4) He is said to bestow spiritual powers upon his devotees, especially the power of knowledge. (5) An inscription on a fifth-century stone pillar in Northern India describes Skanda as the guardian of the Divine Mothers. (6)

The Divine Mother is in you. Her abiding place, as you know, is the white four-petaled chakra at the base of the spine. This sacred fire is your life force. It is the energy that rises to meet the light that descends over the crystal cord. You can see the crystal cord on the Chart of the Presence. The energy of the Father-Mother God descends over the crystal cord and the sacred fire of the Mother rises from the base chakra. So, we are nourished by Father above and by Mother below and yet Father above contains Mother, and Mother below contains Father.


In southern India, Karttikeya is known by the name of Subramanya, (7) which means "dear to the Brahmans," (8) the members of the priestly caste. Every village, even the smallest, has a temple or shrine to Subramanya. (9)


In the Hindu mystic tradition, Karttikeya is known as Guha, which means "cave" or Secret One, because he lives in the cave of your heart. (10)

How secure we must feel knowing that the Lord Sanat Kumara, the Great Guru who sponsors earth, her evolutions and all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas and Christed Ones actually lives in the cave of our heart.

Hindu scriptures also depict Sanat Kumara as the "foremost of sages" (11) and a knower of Brahman. (12)

Ahura Mazda

The Ascended Masters teach that the supreme God of Zoroastrianism, Ahura Mazda, is Sanat Kumara. (13) Ahura Mazda means "Wise Lord" or "Lord who bestows intelligence." (14)

Again, Sanat Kumara, is the dispeller of ignorance. He represents the principle of Good and is the guardian of mankind and the opponent of the Evil principle. (15)

Sometime between 1700 and 600 B.C. Zarathustra founded Zoroastrianism in ancient Persia. One morning when he went to fetch water in a river, he beheld a luminous being who led him to Ahura Mazda and five other radiant figures. (16)

So great was their light that 'he did not see his own shadow upon the earth.' From this group of beings he received his first revelation of a new religion.(17)

Shortly afterward, Zarathustra became a spokesman for Ahura Mazda. (18)

The Ancient of Days

The prophet Daniel recorded his vision of Sanat Kumara, whom he called "the Ancient of Days." Daniel writes,

"I beheld till the thrones were set in place, (19) and the Ancient of days did sit, whose garment was white as snow, and the hair of his head like the pure wool. His throne was like the fiery flame and his wheels as burning fire. [His chakras.]

"A fiery stream issued and came forth from before him. Thousand thousands ministered unto him, and ten thousand times ten thousand stood before him.

"I saw in the night visions, and, behold, one like the Son of man came with the clouds of heaven, and came to the Ancient of days, and they brought him near before him.

"And there was given him dominion and glory and a kingdom, that all people, nations and languages should serve him. His dominion is an everlasting dominion, which shall not pass away, and his kingdom that which shall not be destroyed." (20)

And so, not only does Daniel foresee Sanat Kumara, the Ancient of Days, but also he sees the son of manifestation. Did he see the Christ Jesus, the Buddha Maitreya, Manjushri, and/or the Buddha Gautama?

Ascended Master Sanat Kumara

The Ascended Master Sanat Kumara is the Hierarch of Venus. Long ago during earth's darkest hour, Sanat Kumara came here to keep the threefold flame of Life on behalf of earth's people.

Can you imagine a time in the world when only one individual kept the flame of life for all of mankind? There was a time when not a single person on this planet gave adoration to the God Presence.

After Sanat Kumara made his commitment to come to earth, 144,000 souls from Venus volunteered to come with him to support his mission. Four hundred who formed the avant-garde were sent ahead to build the magnificent retreat of Shamballa on an island in the Gobi Sea where the Gobi desert now is.

Sanat Kumara resided in this physical retreat but he did not take on a physical body such as the bodies we wear today. You could say the retreat was in the Matter universe but highly etheric. Later it became expedient to its protection that Shamballa, this wondrous retreat that was in the physical octave, be withdrawn to the etheric octave.


So after this took place, this withdrawal of Shamballa to the etheric octave, Sanat Kumara embodied as Dipamkara, the Lamp-Lighting Buddha (21) He came to light our lamps or we came with him as part of the 144,000 to help him light the lamps of souls in the earth.

In Buddhist tradition, Dipamkara walked the earth to save souls. (22) The Sanskrit word Dipamkara means "kindler of lights" or "the luminous." (23)

Dipamkara is a legendary Buddha who lived long, long ago. (24) He was the first of twenty-four Buddhas who preceded Gautama Buddha. (25)

Sanat Kumara being Dipamkara, as we understand it, had twenty-three Buddhas before Buddha Gautama incarnated. So we can get the sense of the long chain of those who came to earth to attempt to regalvanize, requicken, bring humanity, bring mankind back to even a desire to have the light of God within them.

Think how it would be if the earth should be lost and civilizations were destroyed and people returned almost to the level of caveman--almost to the level of being on all fours, unable to stand upright because they have no flame. Think of having to work with an evolution from that point and bring that evolution to where we are today.

Well that's where some of you have been and that's what some of you have been doing for a long time. And therefore you have a tremendous vested interest in seeing to it that the teaching is sustained--that the teaching will be there and that the fire that you ignite will stay and will not be snuffed out. We all, including the Ascended Masters, have a tremendous investment in the future and the fate of planet earth.

Dipamkara prophesied that the ascetic Sumedha would become Gautama Buddha in a future life. (26) Buddhists consider Dipamkara, Gautama Buddha and Lord Maitreya to be the "Buddhas of the three times"--past, present and future. (27) Dipamkara is the past Lord of the World, Gautama Buddha is the present Lord of the World and Maitreya will be the future Lord of the World.

Author Alice Getty writes, "The Buddha Dipamkara is believed to have lived 100,000 years on earth. He was 3,000 years on earth before finding anyone worthy of hearing the Divine Truth. He then decided to convert the world."

He "caused 'the appearance of a great city to proceed from his lamp and fix itself in space.' While the people were gazing upon this miracle, fierce flames were emitted from the four walls. Fear filled their hearts, and they looked for a Buddha to save them. Then Dipamkara comes forth from the burning city, seats himself on the Lion Throne, and begins to teach the Law." (28)

Brahma Sanam-kumara

In Buddhism, there is a great god known as Brahma Sanam-kumara. His name also means "forever a youth." (29) Brahma Sanam-kumara was a being so elevated that he had to create an apparition body in order to be seen by the gods of the heaven of the Thirty-Three. (30) In one text, he appeared in this apparition body to extol the Dharma and praise Gautama Buddha's understanding of the Dharma. (31)

Sakka, the ruler of the gods, describes his appearance, "He outshines other devas in radiance and glory, just as a figure made of gold outshines the human figure. And as for the matter of his speech, his voice had eight qualities. It was distinct, intelligible, pleasant, attractive, compact, concise, deep and resonant. Whoever has heard such a voice is said to have heard the voice of Brahma." (32)


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Melchior, Galactic Logos

I am the overseer and Logos of the Galactic Level, I receive the light of the Creator and deliver it to the Galactic, Solar and Planetary Levels of the Creator’s Universe. I blaze to you the silver golden light of the Creator’s vibration I embody and share with the Creator’s Universe. (Jolt of Awakening | Galactic Logos Melchior via Natalie Glasson, Nov. 24, 2018, at

Gautama Buddha

Steve Beckow: You said that you were universal logos, or at least that you were going to become universal logos. I heard another version in which — I think it was through Michelle Coutant — in which you called it solar logos. Are they the same position?

Sanat Kumara:  Yes, they are.

SB:  And Gautama Buddha is to be your successor. Is that correct?

Raj:  That is correct.  And that will be a joyous day for many!

SB:  Yes? How is that, Raj, apart from the obvious?

Raj:  The energy of this wonderful Buddha is the fulfillment of love and the bringing of deep peace throughout many, many eons. So there is a great deal for the human collective and Gaia, to look forward to. ("Sanat Kumara: Silence is Golden Part 2/2," channeled by Linda Dillon, September 9, 2013, at

From 2010

The Planetary rays which are being emanated into my consciousness by Lord Buddha, the Planetary Logos, are to support the process of adjustment within the physical body, mind, emotions and reality to the current period of Ascension and light anchoring. ("Goddess Moon: Reflections of the Creator.” Channelled through Natalie Glasson, November, 13 2015, at

I am no longer your Planetary Logos, yet I am still very deeply and profoundly a part of your evolution and assist the Buddha as he moves forth in his position as the Planetary Logos. It is for this reason, that this messenger has chosen and been guided, to speak with me. (Sanat Kumara, "The Evolution of Earth and Humanity," Oct. 20, 2010, through Rev. Michelle Coutant, at


When you experience yourself feeling sorrow, sadness, or any kind of dissatisfaction with the circumstances of your life, please call on me. I am always available, and I will always answer your call immediately! It is my joy to assist you all in your ongoing awakening processes, which many of you are finding extremely unsettling. ("Jesus Through John: Sorrow," October 14, 2020, at

Did you ever wonder what it was I did between my physical death… and make no mistake about it, there have been many mythologies that have said that I did not die upon the cross… and I can assure you, my friends, it was not fast, but I most certainly died. In your reality, in physical terms, my life came to an end. Now, does my soul die? Does my spirit die? Not ever! But that is not what I wish to discuss because this is not a time of mourning. It is a time of exceptional joy and fulfillment!

But did you ever wonder what I did between Friday and Sunday? Did I just sort of lie there waiting? I know what you feel like when you are in the pause, but that was not what I did. During that time, I was present and I was lifted up (what you may think of as initial ascension) and I was bathed, completely returned into the Love. I had the joy, the experience of returning, and being the Love.

As human man, I was fortunate insofar as the veil did not exist for me. I knew who I was, and I knew the carrying of Love, the sharing of Love, that I was loved and lovable, and that my mission and purpose for the Mother, for my Mother, for your Mother, was the re-anchoring of Love. But that did not mean that I was not human, that I did not have moments of fear or angst or anger or frustration, or joy, or happiness which is different than joy. I did. But during that hiatus, on sweet Saturday as you think of it, I simply became, once again, one with Love. ...

When I return, I will choose to have a similar, although updated look so that you will recognize me as Yeshua, as your Yeshi. But I will not be that same man that lived thousands of years ago. You have the opportunity, the invitation, the energy, the entire realm of the Love to be in form, to continue on. You may die when you choose, but that was a construct as well. Popping in and out is the truth of who you are; that is why you find it increasingly more simple to jump from dimension to dimension. This popping in and out, of being where you choose, is the substance of who you are; it is part of your spiritual and physical DNA.

I come to invite you to your resurrection. Will you please join me? Not next year, not next week. Oh, I will take you when I can get you, but the invitation is for right now, to bathe yourself, to join with the Love, and awaken tomorrow reborn.("Good Friday Message From Jesus Sananda," April 10, 2020, at

The story of the birth of Jesus/Jeshua who became the Christ is every man’s story. Jesus was already an ascended master when born into one of his many earthly incarnations 2000 years ago. His intent was to bring truth and Light to a world enmeshed in density and illusion.

Very few at that time were able to grasp the depth of his teachings. The masses were not yet spiritually evolved enough to fully comprehend the truths he taught and so instead, pinned truth to him personally, making him a “god” . The un-evolved third dimensional mindset of separation interpreted the words “I AM” as referring only to the messenger.

Thus began the worship of the man while missing the message. In choosing to ignore I AM as being the truth about every man, the majority simply continued to live in an un-awakened state. This false teaching lingers yet today in many churches who under the guise of spirituality, continue to worship the messenger and miss the message. (Arcturian Group, Dec, 20, 2018.)

You know, Jesus Christ is not actually in the White Brotherhood. He is not in any of the hierarchies. He is the Hierarch. (H.P. Blavatsky in Robert R. Leichtman through the mediumship of D. Kendrick Johnson, H.P. Blavatsky Returns. Columbus, OH: Ariel Press, 1980, 48.)

Christed energy is the name some have given the essence of the realm closest to Creator, where souls came into existence when Creator’s infinite, eternal unconditional love was expressed as light. This light’s vibrations, the ultimate power in all of Creation, is Creator/Creation itself, in which everything that exists throughout the cosmos has its beginning.

Creator’s first individual expressions are the souls you call archangels. They remain in fullness in that realm of I AM, Totality, Oneness of All, and have used its energy to create other souls. One is Sananda, and one of Sananda’s personages is the soul you know as Jesus or Yeshua or Jesus the Christ, from whence comes Christ consciousness. Christ is oneness with God. It matters not what you call the Supreme Being of this universe, there is no separation of souls from this Being or one from another. The powerful energy of Christ consciousness is throughout this universe.

The foundation of Christianity is what is written about me in the Bible, my birth to a virgin, crucifixion and resurrection. None of that is true, it is a story made up by the few who wanted to control all others in those times. By distorting or omitting some of my messages and exalting me as the “only son of God,” they created a false separation between the people and God. They also wrote what they called “God’s laws” and told the people if they disobeyed them, they would incur the wrath of God and endure eternal damnation.

Eventually the Bible’s great deception about God and me and the factual history of Christianity will be revealed. It will be the same with your other religions that originated in truths brought by messengers of the light and were distorted by persons who wanted to control the masses. When that becomes known, the people of Earth will be unified in spiritual truths. (Jesus in Matthew's Message, May 15, 2019.)

Jesus, the Christ ... is also known as Sananda on the higher realms.

I have brought the gift of Karmic Dispensation to the planet, through my gift of dying on the cross. When I have cried out "Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing. (Luke 23:34)", I have meant all who have sinned, erred or lost their way. (Jesus, “Chapter 6 – Blessings” from Linda Dillon, The Jesus Book. Port St. Lucie, 2017.)

Why I wanted to come to Earth [was] not only to teach about the continuation of existence and the ability to move in and out of form, but to also have the experience of love within myself, and form that to have the exchange with my family, my mother and father, my brothers and sisters, my beloved wife and children, my apostles, my disciples, and my friends.

I came to learn to hold love even for those who did not return my love, and that was a lesson. I did not need to go into judgment or approve of their lives or their actions. I had no wish to pick up stones. I came to know that to give someone love, even when they despise you, is a gift to your own heart. The love is returned, perhaps not by that individual, but by the universe and by other human beings. Love is never wasted. The more you give, the more it grows, and the more you receive. ...

So often I hear your heart pleas to me, to Mother and Father, “I do not feel love; all I feel is alone and abandoned.” For those of you who sit in that darkness of your soul, just let me in. I will come gently and illuminate your heart once again. I will anchor my consciousness within you, that you will know and be love once again, because that is the purpose. (Linda Dillon, The Jesus Book: Messages for the 21st Century. The Council of Love, 2016.)

Steve Beckow: At this time [Christmas] we usually honor either Jesus or the qualities that Jesus exemplified. I wonder if you could talk to us a bit about how we can become like Jesus, reflecting the divine qualities he did. What does that call upon us for?

Arcturians: Well, it has to begin with unconditional love and unconditional forgiveness and unconditional acceptance. And very often, for humans, it begins with unconditional acceptance. And that acceptance is that you are the creator of your life and you chose what you created. And when you accept it, then you will not become the victim to it. Because once people become victims to their lives, then they move their power of creation. They are the victim as opposed to the creator.

And then, the other thing that Jesus taught is unconditional love. That he would love a leper as much as he would love a healer. He loved everyone unconditionally. And then of course, his final words before he ascended were “Forgive them, Lord, they know not what they do.” So the unconditional forgiveness is very important.

And, that, of course, has to begin with oneself, that one must forgive themselves unconditionally and accept themselves unconditionally so they can love themselves unconditionally...and love themselves unconditionally so that they can accept and forgive. It is a triangle that is connected. So, wherever you start, you are going to go around those ‘stations of the cross,’ so to speak, to experience all three of those because they are actually one. They are forgiveness and unity.

SB: And, of course, that serves another purpose as well and that’s to release us from our attachment to the third dimension, which has become for us a complication, coincidence, and trying to dig ourselves out in ever deepening conflict going on with other people.

ARC: Absolutely, and the best way to go through that process is first, unconditionally loving yourself. Because unconditionally loving oneself breeds courage. And when you have courage, you can do some things that seem frightening, like unconditionally loving someone who has seemed to have harmed you and unconditionally forgiving someone who seems to have harmed you. But, if you unconditionally love yourself, then that gives you the courage to move forth into a new reality. ("Transcript ~ The Arcturians on AHWAA: Mastering What Jesus Knew, December 24, 2015," at [

I, Lord Maitreya, have had many lifetimes upon the Earth previous to my over-lighting as the higher aspect of Master Jesus. (“Lord Maitreya: Awakening of Christ,” Channeled through Natalie Glasson, October 6, 2015, at [This is the first time I've heard the assertion that Lord Maitreya overlit Jesus. Steve]

On the 25th of December, there will be a Full Moon on what is, in Christian Tradition, Christmas Day, the birthday of Christ. We would call this the Birth of Christ Consciousness, which was brought to the Earth 2000 years ago by the Avatars Yeshua and Mary Magdalene. This year the Full Moon will amplify the Golden Energy of the Holy Grail as the balanced Divine Masculine and Feminine transmit their Golden Light to Planet Earth. (“Archangel Michael: The Galactic Alignment ~ 12/12 and 12/19 December 2015,” Channeled by Celia Fenn, December 13, 2015,

I speak of my incarnation as Yeshua – one of various incarnations, in various forms, in various planetary sectors, but also one of my most sacred and favorite incarnations. An incarnation where I walked with you, where I talked with you, where we broke bread together, sometimes drank wine, at other times drank water … where we engaged in the very beginning and the continuity of such a conversation.

When I became man, when I engaged into a form, I did not carry or experience or have the experience of dealing, of hiding, of removing, of eliminating core issues. I was blessed and fortunate and in many ways because I came upon this beloved planet, birthed from the heart of my Mother, with a purity, with what you can think of as a clean slate. ("Yeshua on Core Issues and Global Conversation," Aug. 5, 2015, at

Did you ever wonder what it was I did between my physical death… and make no mistake about it, there have been many mythologies that have said that I did not die upon the cross…and I can assure you, my friends, it was not fast, but I most certainly died. In your reality, in physical terms, my life came to an end. ("Jesus Sananda via Linda Dillon: The Miracle of Your Resurrection," April 13, 2015, at

The one and only truth is; “I AM”, words for which the Master Jeshua was put to death by an un-awakened society unable to comprehend the true meaning of these sacred words. (The Arcturian Group, channelled by Marilyn Raffaele. April 12, 2015.

I shall tell you from whence Jesus came. The soul that eons later embodied as Jesus originated in the Christed realm, the cosmic realm closest to Creator, where the first souls, the archangels, came into being. At some point, they made the next angelic realm and the highest gods and goddesses. These souls were given the choice to remain as the pure love-light energy essence of Creator—that was the choice of the Supreme Being of this universe that many call God—or to incarnate. One of the souls that chose the latter is known in this universe as Sananda. This soul has had lifetimes in civilizations throughout the cosmos and is the “parent,” or more properly, the cumulative soulof the person you know as Jesus.

To continue about the Bible, much of its most deceptive information is ascribed to the four apostles, and somewhere along the line we were given saint status. Some scholars think Luke and I copied parts of what Mark wrote in his gospel and added them to ours, but I’m curious as to why they left out John—the blatant lies that were put in our gospels were put in his, too. Some modern versions of the Bible dropped our sainthood; however, in my mother’s old, well-worn King James edition, it is the Gospel According to Saint Matthew, and she will accommodate me by copying the parts I request.

First, though, I shall describe Jesus and Mary Magdalene so you can imagine them as I speak about them. Jesus was outgoing, not as vivacious as Mary but always pleasant of temperament. He was what I would call a commanding figure—taller than most men and slender but strong and muscular, with erect posture. His fair skin had tanned from years in the sun and his gray eyes sometimes had a tinge of blue; his hair was light brown and long, as was the style, but he kept his beard and mustache closely trimmed. Mary was an extremely pretty and delightfully personable, gracious young woman. In appearance she was petite, fair-complexioned and had sparkling brown eyes and cascading brown hair.

Both of them were born into respected upper-class families, intelligent, well-educated for the times, and the finest of friends for many years before they married. They had a large, happy family, and after long, full lives, they left their bodies and moved on to lifetimes of service to God in other places in this universe; however, the power of their love-light energy always is with souls on Earth, just as elsewhere.

But I’m getting ahead of myself and way ahead of the gospel of St. Matthew. As a young man I started keeping a journal of interesting encounters and, like my notes before I met Jesus, those afterwards were meant to serve only as reference and reading enjoyment in my old age.

My records did not begin with the lineage from Abraham to Joseph, Jesus’ father, but since St. Matthew does, I shall speak about that. Several months after I met Jesus, the genealogy was shown to me by a man who copied it from someone’s record who copied it from another’s record and so on and so on. I tucked into my journal the list I wrote with the note that I’d been told its accuracy couldn’t be verified. It was not a broadly literate society, thus lore and legend were handed down from one generation to the next, and it was commonly understood that often the accounts were embellished or details forgotten by successive storytellers. Yet, it became biblical “history.”

Next in St. Matthew comes: “Now the birth of Jesus Christ was on this wise: When as his mother Mary was espoused to Joseph, before they came together, was found with child of the Holy Ghost.” ….“Joseph knew her not till she had brought forth her firstborn son: and he called his name Jesus.” None of that was in my records, and why would it be? I didn’t meet Jesus until many years later, and neither he nor his parents ever told me anything like that. Nevertheless, it was attributed to me and written similarly in the other gospels to substantiate the Catholic Church’s version of Jesus’ birth.

Furthermore, all of my notes were about Emmanuel,the name everyone called him. I don’t know why it was decided that in the Bible, his name should be Jesus, and it’s odd, or an oversight, that this also was put into that chapter: “… and they shall call his name Emmanuel.” It’s because you know him as Jesus that I always have referred to him by that name.

Those were indeed harsh, cruel times. The slaughter of infant and toddler males is true—however, I didn’t note that in my journal—and so is the flight of Jesus’ family to Egypt and return to their homeland when it was safe. I recorded what they told me about their experiences then as well as numerous other family highlights during the many enjoyable evenings I spent with Jesus, his siblings and their parents. Often Mary Magdalene was there too, and conversations were lively. We spoke Aramaic, occasionally lapsing into Greek for an apt expression, and there was much laughter because we didn’t always talk about serious matters. Jesus listened attentively to whomever was speaking, and many a time I saw his eyes twinkle when Mary was excitedly chattering about something or other.

As a part-time teacher of elementary and advanced students—there was no word for tutor then—the closest I came to the tax collection profession was meeting Jesus on a street where men were busily engaged at the collecting and counting tables. I recognized him from a small group I had chanced upon the previous evening, so I greeted him, he invited me to accompany him, I did, and we talked as we walked along. That’s how I wrote about our meeting, along with discovering that we both enjoyed water sports and had a mutual acquaintance and Jesus said he recently started speaking in public. That was the point in my journal where my notes about our friendship started, and I wrote about it in first person—it was myexperience.

However, according to St. Matthew: “And as Jesus passed forth from thence, he saw a man, named Matthew, sitting at the receipt of custom: and he saith unto him, Follow me. And he arose, and followed him.” Evidently it didn’t occur to whoever changed my notes that folks might think it strange that Matthew would write so awkwardly and briefly about a life-changing experience and very strange that our meeting came after the “sermon on the mount” that previously “I” had written in St. Matthew. It does explain, though, why I am thought of as the tax collector who became a disciple.

Jesus didn’t call us disciples. After he became known for his teachings, some in the Sanhedrin started referring to people who attended gatherings where he spoke as “his disciples.” As for the twelve the Bible gives that designation, Jesus met each of us in his travels around the Sea of Galilee and friendships were formed, but he didn’t ask any of us to forsake our livelihoods and “follow” him. I had the good fortune of living near him, which afforded me the enjoyment of his company far more often than the other “disciples” could spend time with him.

According to St. Matthew: “These twelve Jesus sent forth, and commanded them:…“Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils.” That endows us with abilities none of us had! But we did know Jesus’ abilities and how he had come by them, so when I was along on a boat outing, I had no reason to put in my journal, we “marvelled” that “even the winds and the sea obey him!”and I didn’t.

In St. Matthew, after Jesus met two men “possessed with devils,” he cast them out and put them in a swine herd that “ran violently down a steep place into the sea, and perished in the waters.” …. “And, behold, the whole city came out to meet Jesus: and when they saw him, they besought him that he would depart out of their coasts.” As Jesus recounted the incident to me, after he ushered into the light the entities that were tormenting the men’s minds, he continued on his solitary way until he and I met up, and that’s how I penned my account of it.

The gospel’s version of Jesus spending forty days in the wilderness, where he refused to be tempted by the devil, is a dreadful elaboration of the short note in my journal: Jesus liked to spend time in solitude with Nature, where he could talk with God or muse without distraction and, like the others who knew him well, I honored that by keeping my distance.

What became known as “sermon on the mount” was someone’s compilation of my copious notes at numerous small gatherings where Jesus would speak, people would ask questions and he would answer—there was a lot of interaction early on. But as word of his teachings spread and crowds grew, people listened without interrupting and he spoke about many of the things that became the “sermon.” I didn’t call it that. Jesus wasn’t a preacher, he was a teacher who was passionate about sharing his knowledge. He knewit was what he was meant to do, and that was the great difference between him and everyone else—his conscious mind always was connected with his soul and he lived accordingly. '

The sermon does preserve much of his wisdom and enlightenment and of course I’m gratified about that, but it doesn’t include some of his important teachings noted in my journal, like the purpose of multiple lifetimes; inseparability of all souls; God is everything that exists in the world—all people, animals, plants, the waters, air and earth are parts of Him and sacred to Him. Jesus didn’t make any notes about his teachings and he was glad that I did.

But anything in my journals that might undermine the corrupt leaders’ authority was left out of St. Matthew and most of what is in that gospel didn’t come from my records. I never heard Jesus say that anyone “…shall be in danger of hell fire”or“…whosoever shall marry her that is divorced committeth adultery.” He talked about how godly thoughts and deeds benefit lives, not “shameful” behavior—that would have been judging and contrary to what he didtell people, “Judge not, that ye be not judged.” I never heard him talk about sins being forgiven—he said “sin” was an error in values or deeds and he told listeners many times over the importance of their forgiving others. He wouldn’t have said, “Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword”—that was in conflict with allof his teachings.

The “parables” sound as if Jesus was speaking in anger—never during the many times I was present at gatherings, large or small, did he do that. And, unlike the parables, he spoke forthrightly and clearly so listeners would understand—he wanted to enlighten, not perplex. It is fortunate—or more likely, unawareness of what he meant—that those who so drastically changed my notes left in “Ye are the light of the world,”“Let your light shine…” and many of his other references to light.

Mentioning all the disparities between my records and St. Matthew would require my comments throughout that gospel, but the most critical additions are the “last supper” and Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection. It’s possible that the supper may have derived from my notes about one of the rare times that Jesus and all twelve of us were in the same place and we had a splendid celebration dinner. It was after he and Mary Magdalene had married and she was there too, but it was many months before the crucifixion is claimed to have happened. Jesus didn’t perform the service that became known as “holy communion” or say: “Verily I say unto you, that one of you shall betray me,”and everything from that point on in St. Matthew also is fabricated falsehood.

Months later I recorded what I overheard two men discussing near the temple: The Sanhedrin thought that crucifying Jesus would make him a martyr and give impetus to his teachings, so they decided to have him flogged and ordered out of the country—that would discredit him in the eyes of the people and they soon would forget him.

When I told Jesus, he said he couldn’t avoid being beaten and banished—as I noted in my journal, I sensed he felt it was important to let that happen. It did, and shortly afterwards, he and Mary Magdalene left for the Far East, where he knew they would be welcomed. In several of our early talks he had told me about his younger years there, where he learned from the masters how to perform what the Bible calls “miracles,” but as Jesus told the multitudes, everything he could do, they could, too.

Through the years we kept in touch with occasional letters and when one came from him, I tucked it into my journal—by then there were dozens. Finding new students required my moving from time to time, which offered ample opportunity to meet people who heard I knew Jesus and wanted to hear about his teachings. Now and then I saw Luke, who sometimes had news about one or another of the other “disciples,” but our common link was Jesus, and after he left, it was natural that we all would continue along our separate ways.

After my death in old age, the innkeeper sold the chest in which I kept my journals. Eventually they fell into the hands of someone in government and, before being burned, led to the Gospel According to St. Matthew.

In no way what I have told you diminishes one iota the power of Jesus or his accurate teachings! The truth of his life—he had a wife and children, and he had desires, ideas, hopes, friends, opposition, disappointments, heartaches and joyful times like other people—far more honors his teachings than religion’s false claim that he was the “only son of God.”

Nor does anything I have said mean that people who believe the Bible is God’s word are diminished in goodness of heart—they only are misinformed. Every soul has its own journey into the light of truth and there is no time limit—the life of the soul is eternal. If persons you love dearly aren’t on the same pathway as you, confidently continue on yours and respect their divine right to choose theirs. (Matthew's Message, Jan. 5, 2014.)

A long time ago, when I did die, there was a great deal of mythology then as well. And the churches who liked to keep control said, “Well, he died for your sins.” That has always been distasteful to me, because it is mired in guilt and shame and blame.

During that period – what you think of as my death and then ascension – was a time then of great karmic dispensation, not just for those present but for all upon the planet at that time. And that gift is renewed during this period once again. And so that is why I ask to bring it to your attention right now. You cannot do this quickly enough. Let go. (From Jan. 2012: "Jesus on the Lost Years, the Holy Grail, Reincarnation and Much, Much More," Dec. 24, 2013, at

Steve Beckow: Thank you, Lord, for revisiting us today. I mentioned last time we spoke that it seemed better to reserve a time after Christmas to discuss some of the details of what have come to be called “the lost years,” and also other matters relating to your ministry on Earth. Our purpose is not to cause any heartache to your followers, but simply to iron out some of the mysteries that surround your life. Is that satisfactory to you?

Jesus: Yes, it is. Although I would not say that there are any lost years! But I welcome you, Steve, and I welcome all of you. And you may call me Jesus, or you may call me Yeshua. But I am pleased to be here with you this evening. ...

I would like to begin with what [you] asked me about my early years, about my life as a child and as a young man, as an adult coming of age. And I want to begin by telling you, I had an incredible life as Jesus, as Yeshua. I had an incredible family. Yes, both above and below. And that is where so much confusion often occurs.

But I and my human family, and my beloved mother and my beloved father, and yes, my siblings, my extended family, they were so supportive since the day I was conceived. And yes, of course, it was known, although it was kept in many ways quiet – although it could not be kept that quiet, because I was quite adventurous. They supported my journey, and of course that is why I had been sent to this family in such exceptional circumstances.

At a very early age, around five, five and a half, I was completely, can I say, reunited or filled with the Holy Spirit. That full reconnection to Father-Mother One, what you think of as God or Source, what I think of as Mother-Holy Spirit, took place.(2)

And so that awareness and that connection, that knowing, and what you would think of as information, was available to me from the start, or from the very early age.

But I was also of a very educated family, and one that placed great value – not just my mother or father, but my entire family – who placed value on the learning, and what you can think of as the sacred learnings, of both Hebrew, certainly of the Laws, the Laws as a Jew, but also the universal laws. So I learned not just the languages of Greek, and I travelled.

There is – and I have spoken in other situations about my learning to assist my father in this, what you would now think of as construction business. He was far more than just a humble carpenter, although that is the job that he took or assumed when we first returned to Nazareth. But through these family ties I was brought to study and exposed to many scholars and many different points of view, including the Eastern philosophies.

My cousin, my beloved cousin John, who I loved as a brother, with him we studied and became familiar with the Essenes. So the exposure was brought. The difficulty was very often that I would correct my teachers, or I would challenge my teachers, not in a way that was offensive, for I was a very polite boy, and even a more polite young man. I did not ever wish really to draw great attention to myself. But what I could not understand sometimes was when there was a point of law or a point of philosophy that I knew was either incomplete or not rounded or even incorrect, I would ask about it.

And it was wonderful. This is the gift of being trained in a true scholastic environment: it is not just about obeying or obedience or adherence – and that is also the message that I would give to our fundamentalist friends, or any -ism – it is about exploring.

But it is about exploring from the inner knowing, and from your connection, because there is no being – no being – on Earth that is not touched or gifted with the wisdom, the energy, of the Holy Spirit. It is available, and it is truly gifted to many. Yes, you can turn away and say no, but that has never been understood – not while I was in human form, and not really now. It always comes back to this situation of self-loathing or self-worth, the lack of self-worth.

Now, you would say to me, Yeshua, if you were filled with the connection and the knowing, why was it necessary for you to be prepared in this way? My parents – particularly my mother, a very astute woman – it wasn’t just the value of education and culture. She knew that I would move in and amongst the people, in and amongst the cultures, and that in order to have credibility in my teachings, as I entered my more public life, that there would need to be a full understanding and an acculturation into these belief systems, even those that I did not completely agree with.

And that would be necessary in order for me to be accepted amongst my people. Because, although my message was universal, and always has been, it was to the people of the Jewish faith, those who had been promised and who were looking for a savior, a messiah, for a leader to take them out of this bondage, to make them what they thought would be leaders of the world.

But of course it is not of this world that I lead you. Yes, I teach you, I guide you, I help you. I help you every single day, whether you know it or not. I help you to maneuver and to deal with this world that you live in. Whether you feel that you are on top of the world, on top of your journey, on top of your game, or whether you are lost, I am still with you, and I am guiding you. And I have many voices, and even many faces, but they have always been the same message.

S: Lord, some people say you weren’t born in a manger or a stable, that you in fact didn’t come from parents of a humble and poor background – humble obviously – but that instead you came from a well established family. They weren’t poor by any means. Which version is correct, Lord?

J: We have known good times and bad. I was of a very well-established family. Let me make that very clear. And the establishment of our family was in the lineage, and yes, position, not just in terms of wealth, but in terms of heritage, of respect. Were my parents humble? Absolutely. For they could not have brought me forward if they were not. But as I was saying, in my family there was a tradition, and a deep respect, and yes, in your society you would say an expectation, of what an upbringing would be, and what that would be entailing in terms of training and scholarship, education, exposure, acculturation.

Now, when I was born, when I took form, let us put it that way, upon this beautiful Earth, it was during a time of mass migration and confusion. And it wasn’t what you would think of, has been romanticized as, a stable, a manger, but it was in a very humble situation, where there was a back room, yes, where animals were close by.

But that was not unusual, you know. So yes, in that situation, because of the requirements of government, I was born as [laughs] somewhat of a displaced person. But my family, my family was what you would think of as a very well-placed lineage.

S: Well, that’s very helpful. When your parents left Israel, where exactly did they go? What part of Egypt – I think it was Egypt – did they go to?

J: We went to a small village just outside what you would think of now as Alexandria. It was very humble. But then again there was family. So you have to understand, in our society, as in many of yours, the family took care of us. So it was not that I was in any way, or that our family was in any way, deprived. That simply was not the case at all. We had comfort.

My mother tended, in the beginning – well, always, really, but – to be what I would say would be very protective. She did not want to have me exposed to too many people in a strange and foreign place. She often feared that, should people know of the promise of my being, that it would place me in harm’s way. And so I was kept very close in the early, early years, not that I would wish to go anywhere anyway. But she kept me very close by her side within the family compound.

S: All right. And theAquarian Gospeldescribes you as coming into contact with the Egyptian hierophants. Did you in fact take a course of study with the Egyptian priests while in Egypt?

J: Yes, I did. But understand what I say, because I came into my knowing, into the fulfillment with the Holy Spirit, at a very, very early age. And so yes, I studied with the high priests and was exposed to their belief systems. The Egyptians, later the Greeks, the Romans to some extent, although that did not really have great impact at all, but the early times, and the understandings of the workings of the universe, the role of a priest in society was embedded from those early teachings in Egypt.

But it was – also there were studies with the Hebrew scholars as well. I learned Greek. I studied many cultures, and especially from the East, from that tradition, which was common, not unusual, in my family. But it did not – it did not cause contradiction, because there is no contradiction. Yes, you may ask your question.

S: Thank you. When you say that, “I studied with Greeks and Romans,” are you saying that you studied with them in Alexandria, or did you go on the same philosopher’s circuit that Apollonius of Tyana did, namely to Delphi, Egypt, Persia, India?

J: Yes, I travelled a great deal in my early years, as a young man – as an adolescent, and as a young man. My family felt that it was very important. My mother in particular knew the universality of the messages that I would come to share with many, and she wanted me to be fully prepared. Now, she did not always understand when I would challenge or debate, shall we say, some of my teachers.

But they always understood. They welcomed the conversations and different insights. There was no restriction. You see, this is what has been misunderstood. There has always been a feeling that the belief system was very constricted, and it was not. So yes, I was exposed and studied and went on many pilgrimages.

S: Apollonius of Tyana describes a circuit that many people followed almost as if it was well known in those days –

J: It was sequential.

S: Sequential. Did you actually set out to follow that same circuit?

J: Not step by step by step. But through exposure, yes, we did. And when I say we, I mostly mean that I was always accompanied by someone from my family.

S: All right. I know that we have many listeners in India, and I’m sure they would be most interested to know where you went in India at this time, whom you studied with, what lineage they were or what path they followed.

J: What you would think of is it would be the path of Hinduism. It is the path of the Masters, of the Teachers, of the Yogis.

S: Would you have made a distinction between, say, Vedanta [the non-dual path] or karma yogis [the path of service], or bhakti [the path of devotion], at that time?

J: At that time, no, we did not. There was very little. It was more preferential, but it would be more bhakti [devotion] than anything, if you were to look at it in terms of today’s. But it was also very rigorous in terms of also physical discipline and training as well.

S: And where did you go in India to study?

J: Everywhere.

S: I passed a marker outside of Pondicherry that celebrated the passage of Matsya, the fish prophet. Was that you?

J: Yes. Yes, it was.

S: That’s very, very interesting. What else should we know about these years before you started your ministry? What else would be relevant to us appreciating you as you began your ministry? What was important?

J: What I would want people to know – yes, in India, in Africa, in the Himalayas, certainly, in what you think of now as the Middle East – was the universality. My family obviously was in the Judaic tradition. But the level of sophistication – and yes, because I had the privilege to travel, to study, but also to work along side many fellow travelers, I was not alone. And I never thought of myself as the only voice, or the only teacher, or the only way. I was one. I was one where the Word, because of the Holy Spirit, was in flesh. But I certainly was not the only one.

So there are those who have said oh, yes, Jesus, another prophet. And then there are those who take great offense at that. I do not. Because each tradition that I have studied, whether it was in India or Egypt or in the temples, or at home, whether it was with the philosophers or the rabbis, they all were really telling me and teaching me the same thing.

And it was ironic in many ways. Yes, I understood – and it was rigorous! Do not think that I got to go on tour and live in the lap of luxury, because there was none of that. Yes, I was attended to. But it was far from luxurious. And there were times when my family depended on the extended family, always, for support. But it was considered important – because everyone knew that I was being prepared so that I know all paths.

So this is not meant in any way to say that what I taught came from here or there. And, yes, I have traveled, even further than most think. As I travel these days, amongst your star brothers and sisters. But it is the universality, it is the community spirit that I would wish to emphasize, it is the community of love.

And that was the message I received. I received it from the high priests. I received it from the yogis, I received it from the teachers and the masters, from the rabbis. They all had valuable teachings, and they taught me also not to be arrogant or conceited, to bring humility to my work, and to know that I was simply honored to be in service, as are each of you.

S: Well, you have mentioned the Holy Spirit in flesh, so I’m going to turn at this moment to another line of questioning. I’m quite sure we’re not going to get finished with our discussion today, so if you’d be so kind as to return next week, we can continue and I won’t try and rush through this, if that’s satisfactory to you.

J: Yes, and why do you think I have turned it in this direction, dear friend?

S: Very good. Thank you. I know I can rely on you to guide me. You mentioned the Holy Spirit in flesh, and that raises questions about your ministry. Do you consider that the word “avatar” applies to you and your ministry? Sri Ramakrishna says….

J: Avatar is not a word that I particularly cherish. (3) Let me put it that way.

S: All right.

J: There are those who wish to label me as an avatar. And I would accept that label, but I would not choose it. I would choose the label, or the description, of teacher.

S: Okay. Well, maybe we could creep up on it then from another route. Sri Ramakrishna considers you an avatar and publicly declared that. Can we talk about who was here then, please? You were here in bodily form. But –

J: Yes.

S: – Sananda was also here overlighting you, was he not?

J: Yes.

S: So that would be a second layer to your ministry, so to speak, the overlighting.

J: That is correct.

S: And then in addition to that, the Holy Spirit descended into your form. Is that correct?

J: That is correct.

S: And did that, by the way, happen when you were being baptized in the River Jordan?

J: No, it happened at a very early age, actually. The baptism was a symbolic refilling, if you want to put it that way. But, no, in order for me to go forward in my journey on Earth, there was an infilling of the Holy Spirit at a very early age, of about five, five and a half. And then it was renewed, or – symbolically renewed – so that the people would know that this was available to everybody.

S: All right. Well, if you were the human form that was overlit by a spirit as exalted as Sananda, and the Holy Spirit descended in you, that I would call an “avatar.” Would you disagree?

J: [Laughs] I do not disagree. I simply say to you that it is a designation that I am not so eager to claim.

S: Okay.

J: Yes, I will accept it. You know there was so much controversy, when I did walk the Earth, not only about my family’s position but about the politics of the “King of the Jews” and wanting leadership and political intrigue. So I am always very hesitant to give myself or to accept designations.

S: I accept that.

J: And I will tell you why. Because you, or your listeners, will then say, “Oh, well, he had this overlighting, he had this infilling, and that makes him different or separate,” and it does not. If anything, it allows me to be closer to you.

S: All right, I accept that, Lord.

J: All right. So I have made my point, then!


S: Yes, Lord.

J: And I want you to accept, each one of you, I have often teased this channel that you are M-in-Ms, masters-in-the-making, but now we will call you A-in-Ms, avatars-in-the-making.

S: [chuckles] All right. Were you in fact married to Mary Magdalene?

J: Let me put it this way: Yes.

S: All right. Formally married? I don’t know the customs of that age, so forgive me if I’ve asked an indelicate question, but married according to –

J: She was not my mistress, dear heart, so yes, we were formally married. She was my beloved wife. She was my sacred other. She was my divine other. She was my partner, that made my walk on Earth full with joy – and more human. It was anticipated, you know, that a young man would marry. But it was not simply because of custom, or because I wished to be part of or separate, it was because I wished to be in sacred union with my Magdalena.

The love that we have shared was deep and profound. And there have been many who have nay-sayed and made up many myths and stories about her. But she was my support as I was hers. She was my sounding board. It was a very difficult.

When we came together, she knew. We discussed very fully what the future held and the road that we would walk together. She was one who always prepared ritual, and helped to put ceremony, often, around our situations.

Now, as you well know from the Egyptians, and from the travels to India, I had learned about ritual and ceremony and the importance of it. But in many ways, even from the family that I was raised in, I was a very relaxed and casual person. I wanted to move amongst the people.

And often she would say, yes, we will move amongst the people, and we will have the joining and the teaching, but let us put some ceremony and ritual, for she had also been trained in this way. So yes, not only was I married, we had a family as well.

S: Why would the gospel writers neglect to mention that?

J: It was not considered particularly important, but it was also considered protection and reverence for her.

S: All right. Okay. So you actually had children, did you not?

J: Yes.

S: How many?

J: We had two children.

S: Two children? A girl and a boy, or – ?

J: Yes, we had a son. A son and a daughter.

S: Could you tell us about –

J: Our son died very young. It was very hard. But our daughter lived.

S: And is she the Holy Grail?

J: That is correct. Our Sara is the Holy Grail.

S: Sara. Where did she go after you left the Earth? France?

J: She went to the south of France.

S: And was she that which was revered by the Cathars?

J: That is correct.

S: Oh, it takes my breath way to hear you say this, Lord. I actually notice that the time is getting close to our ending, but again, I’m just going to continue next week, if you’ll permit me. So perhaps this could be a wind-up question. Did you teach reincarnation during your ministry?

J: Yes, I did. Now, is that not a radical statement for many to hear?

S: Yes.

J: But yes, I did. Because this was a very common understanding – not always agreed to by the rabbis, but in many of the other cultures. The continuity of life, the continuity of the flame of the soul. How could I teach that you did not die and not talk about reincarnation? How could I raise the dead and not talk about reincarnation?

S: Yes.

J: So yes.

S: But you also – you also say – you also speak about enlightenment conferring immortality. But I take it that by that you mean that someone would not need to be born again, not need to leave the temple and go more out. Is that correct?

J: That is correct.

S: All right. So we are immortal?

J: Yes, you are immortal. Every single one of you. And we will talk about karma and the requirements for reincarnation when next we meet, because this has need to be clarified.

S: And I’m looking forward to that immensely, Lord. Thank you for visiting with us tonight.

J: It is my pleasure. And I bless you, and I thank you. And I give you my love. ("Transcript of An Hour with an Angel, with Jesus, Jan. 9, 2012," at

Steve Beckow: Welcome, Jesus.

Jesus: Welcome. And I tell you again, you may call me Jesus, or you may call me Yeshua –

SB: Thank you.

J: Or you may call me brother or friend. But I welcome all of you tonight. And yes, I welcome the channel as well, and we will work with her to make sure that we can go forward together.

We are partners in this undertaking, not simply I but the legions that serve and who stand ready to extend their help. But it is in direct partnership. You are not in servitude in the way of waiting for us to do for you. That is not the way of this unfoldment.

It is you claiming your birthright as creators, acknowledging the divinity within you, and from that place, walking in tandem – hand in hand, arm in arm, heart in heart together. So, as many years ago, with your beloved leader, Martin Luther King, I ask you tonight, across these airwaves, to put your hands together and to commit your hearts to this change that we are all seeking.

SB: Thank you, Lord. ... I’d like to read you a passage that is controversial and ask your comment on it.

“The truth about Christianity is, it is based on fabrications about Jesus’ birth, crucifixion and resurrection, and his teachings were deliberately distorted through dilution and omission. Jesus was conceived and born just like every other human baby, and he never was put on a cross. He was flogged by the Sanhedrin, who ruled church and state, and was banished — they wanted him out of that land, not make him a martyr whose death would increase the numbers of his followers. With his pregnant wife Mary Magdalene, Jesus went back to the East, where he had gone as a youth and spent many years studying with the master teachers.” (5)

Would you care to comment on that, please?

J: I guess I could say that it is wishful thinking and that it is certainly distorted thinking, or distorted channeling or understanding. Yes, I was born. And we have discussed how that had taken place – by the ignition of light, of Holy Spirit, of the energy of creation within what you think of as a virgin womb. Did I assume a human form? Yes, I most certainly did. And I have had human experiences.

But also what I have shared with thee is that I have also been filled with the light of the Holy Spirit and overlit at a very early age, (6) so that sense of knowing, that privilege of connection, not being in the, what I would call the illusion that had penetrated so much of the human race, was not part of my reality.

I’ve been flogged many times, more than I would choose to remember. For justice was not always within the courts, and there were many who thought one way to tame me was to throw stones or flog or jeer. Or yes, even sometimes, to call my teachings or what I believed to be a hoax. There were many who wished I would go into exile. And there were certainly moments when that was, as a human alternative, very attractive. But that was not the path or the agreement.

So no, I did not travel with my beloved wife to the east. Had I studied with masters? Yes. And I was privileged to do so. And in some small way that seed and that exchange of energy contributed to all who were part of those conversations.

You may have wondered when last we spoke why I was so hesitant to say names or places, or who did what, but it was – one of the reasons was that I do not wish people to say, well, he was a student of, or a follower of, and then try and dilute what I have to teach and what I have to say. There are many, many masters that have wisdom and love to share. There are certainly enough to go around. But there is no need to make fantasy out of what occurred in my lifetime. (7)

Did I die? Was I crucified? Yes. And it was far from what many people have thought of as holy or sacred. It was painful, humanly painful, and at moments spiritually painful. But each of you have also known moments of extreme pain, either in your heart or your body, your mental or emotional fields. I am not unique in that way, do not need to lessen it. So no, let us be done with this mythology of the “great escape” once and for all.

SB: Thank you, Lord. There are a cluster of questions about what happened following your crucifixion. By that I mean who went to France. Could you give us more details of the life of your daughter Sarah in France? So could you give us a little bit more detail about what happened to Mary and Sarah and the others who went with her to France?

J: Yes. My wife and Sara, James, my brother Joseph, and a retinue of disciples who would attend to the family went to France. Andrew as well. The life was very simple, and very quiet. The Magdalena in many ways retreated. But Sara did not, for she moved amongst the people, and she embraced them. And they embraced her as well. And she is the one who carried the lineage.

SB: Is there anything we should know about the lineage, Lord? Is that a subject that would be profitably explored?

J: No. Because there is too much time and too much interest, although it is a fascinating subject, is it not?

SB: Yes.

J: But many wish to know who was where when, and so I would ask each of you, where were you? Do you remember being with me as we walked those shores, as we trod those dusty, dusty roads? Those paths, those goat paths, really. And then too many are willing to say, well, I was there, I was there at the flogging or the crucifixion, or I was this apostle or that apostle. And in most causes you are absolutely correct, you were. But that is not the issue.

The issue is as those beings you have chosen to come back right now during the fulfillment of the promise. In some ways, the plan was evolved, born, long before I ever walked the Earth. That is most certain and clear. But some think of it as the birth of the promise. You can think of it that way or not. I certainly came to simply remind people about their potential for love.

But now, you who are living in a very different world that is absolutely no different. You are the fulfillment of the promise. And yes, I tell you, aside from myself, that all of you have returned, and as you ascend into the fifth or the seventh, that I will walk with you again. Many of us will. But most of you are already there.

Now, I do not mean to imply that this is simply a rerun. It is not, because there has been such evolution. And there have been some steps forward and some steps backward. But you have persisted, each of you, in your own way, whether you were centurion or governor, judge, apostle, handmaiden. You have said, “I will go again, and I will keep going until this promise is fulfilled.” That is why you are here.

SB: Thank you, Lord. Another reader has asked, if you were the source of theCourse in Miracles– I think they want to hear it from your own lips – is there anything you’d like to say about that project and your connection with it? I’m sure our listeners would be interested in anything you want to share about the Course in Miracles.

J: I was a full participant, let me put it that way. Yes, I am a source for that. The full course. I certainly am not the only, what would you call, contributor. What I would say is that there are many – well, there are millions and millions who have taken this and taken it to heart.

Now, what I would like you to do is to speed it up. The lessons are all there. But time really is shortening, you know, in your human reality. Yes, even the number of hours in a day are getting closer together. They are shrinking. I’m sure you have noticed that.

So take these wonderful messages, these lessons, and bring them, accordion them, and then place them in your heart. Yes, still, one, two, three a day – it matters not. The lessons are eternal and valid. But get going with them.

This is not a time to simply be studying. Always the study continues, life after life after life. But it is also a time of action, and that is what the course teaches as well. It is to internalize and then bring forward into your life the essence of love and the lessons of manifestation, of creation, of attraction, repulsion – all of these. Bring them to the forefront now.

SB: Lord, when the prophet Malachi assumed the name Imperator and spoke through the Reverend Stanton Moses – you’re aware of that channel, are you not? (8)

J: Yes.

SB: And when he did, he brought along with him Plotinus, Al Ghazzali, Athenodorus, and other exalted beings whose names have slipped my mind. (9) But you were saying that theCourse in Miraclesinvolved a group of beings. Can you name any of the others?

J: You can think of it as the group of ascended masters. You can think of it in that way.

SB: Okay. And you are the head of the Great White Brotherhood, are you not?

J: I am considered the honorary head. I would never imply that I am the head of the Great White Brotherhood. The Great White Brotherhood, like many of the brotherhoods, is also part of the Council of Love. So we are all connected, and all one. But yes, I am part of this esteemed group that loves to teach.

SB: Okay. I thought it was Sananda who said you were the Hierarch. But I’ll let that go.

I have a question from myself, and one that I would like answered for myself, if you would. Jan Ruusbroec in the Middle Ages once described the Christ, and he said this.

“In this darkness an incomprehensible light is born and shines forth; this is the Son of God in whom a person becomes able to see and contemplate eternal life.” (10)

“It is Christ, the light of truth, who says, “See,” and it is through him that we are able to see, for he is the light of the Father, without which there is no light in heaven or on earth.” (11)

Is that light indeed the Christ in its essential form?

J: It is the Christed light, yes, you are correct. In its fullest form.

SB: All right, now, can you – It’d be such an important thing for me if you could discuss your relationship to that light. Were you embodying it in the fullest manner? Was that your role or mission? Or what was your relationship to the Christ?

J: That has always been the fullness of my mission, in whatever form I have taken. I am the light that burst forth. I am the light that came from the heart of One, from the heart of God. And my purpose in all this relationship was to simply ignite not only what has been referred to as Heaven and Earth, but far beyond.

If you look to my essence, dear friend, all you will see is light. That is all there is. And it can assume relationship, and after relationship it can assume various form. But it is – light was beyond the Christ light. Can you think of it as a tiering? It was an implosion, explosion of light, and it has never changed. And it will never change.

SB: And when you say, “I am the light,” who is “I am”? Are you speaking as Jesus, or are you speaking as the Christ, as the light?

J: No, I am speaking as the light.

SB: And is that something –

J: The light that then transfers into the Christ light, that then transfers into the being that you, sitting here this night, call Jesus. But you were asking about my essence.

SB: I am. Is that light that became the Christ, is that the Father?

J: Think of it as a replication of the Father. It did not take away from the Source. It just expanded it. It is part of the infinite extension of creation. It is not born the way you think. It is just an explosion of light, thatis.

SB: And that is not the Holy Spirit you’re describing?

J: That is the feminine. And when that also explodes, it becomes the light. And I am that blend.

SB: All right. Well, there’s definitely more for me to understand than I do at present because that is a very deep explanation, and not one that I certainly fully comprehend at this moment. But I thank you for –

J: It’s not what you expected.

SB: No, no, it’s not. No, of course, it isn’t, but then my view is simplistic. How can it be otherwise? I know that.

J: You are not a simple man. When you think of creation, when you think of all that is, the creation is more light. And that initial light that bursts forth is who I am. ...

SB: Thank you. Could you comment, please, on the teaching that some people say that belief in you will remove all sin? Is that an accurate statement?

J: If you believe in me – and I am going to do this to you, Steve. I am going to turn on it again – I am going to say if you believe in me the way I believe in you, if you love me the way that I love you, the way that the Mother/Father loves you, the way that Sanat Kumara loves you, Archangel Michael loves you, if you love in that way, then there is no sin, because you are in alignment.

There is this belief that good people do bad things. That is not so. When you are in the truth of your being, your mind, your heart, your soul, and if you believe in love, then yes, anything, anything can be forgiven. But the biggest obstacle has always been the forgiveness of self, forgiveness of each other.

SB: Well, there are some who consider that there are levels of knowledge, from mystery to belief to thought to feeling, to actually touching something, and on up to an enlightened or natural knowing. And they say that belief is a low dimension of knowledge. If I simply believe in you as I believe in Visa or MasterCard or the government, so to speak, is that enough to –

J: No, of course not. That is like believing what you are watching on TV, or believing in what you see on the news.

What I am asking – and I invite you to believe in me the way that I believe in you – is to come to know me. The belief is the starting point, the faith is the starting point, but as you come to know me, you come to know all. As you touch me, you touch all. If you know and believe in me, then you are there, you are home. But we do not believe in the way that it is used colloquially or in these levels.

Because if there is a small child who only holds belief, if there is a man on Wall Street that only holds belief, or a shepherd in the Sudan, do I say no, because they have only believed? It is these ones that I feel very often the most attraction to appear to, so that they will have their belief confirmed.

So do not underestimate belief. But I mean it in the truest heart-sense of belief. I do not mean it unwittingly buying whatever is told to you. It is what you explore with your mind and your heart and your very core, and what seems to you to be beyond question. And therefore through that you come to know. It isn’t always through study. Or sometimes the study is directly with me.

SB: That’s very clear. It sounds to me that what you mean by believe in me is somewhat similar to what you mean by “Come to me.”

J: Yes.

SB: “Approach me, love me.” Is that correct?

J: That is correct. And it is an open invitation. ...

SB: Can you talk to us about Nicodemus and your interaction with him? What was happening there at a deeper level than the words indicate, Lord?

J: It was a soul-to-soul conversation. It was an awakening of his being. It was a plea for belief in justice. It was an opportunity to shift some axis almost of power. That is what was taking place.

SB: And he was a member of the Pharisees, was he not?

J: Yes.

SB: So he was a member of the powers-that-be of that age and was taking a tremendous risk in talking to you, was he not?

J: He was taking a risk, but understand, he was also representative of a group. So it was not as great a risk as you might assume. You know the Pharisees did not care for me.

SB: Yes. [laugh] Yes.

J: But there was what appeared on the surface and then there were the true questions that we were asking one another. And it was his opportunity to shift and to become a very active supporter. And part of his question to me was, “Will you continue on this journey that you know is going to lead into trouble for you?” That was the real conversation, and what was the purpose of it. And it was about faith.

("Transcript of an Hour with an Angel, with Jesus, Jan. 16, 2012," at


(2) The Holy Spirit is known in Hinduism as the Divine Mother or Shakti. The difference between the Father and the Holy Spirit is the difference between the transcendental and the phenomenal or between stillness and silence and movement and sound. The Father is not masculine and the Mother is not feminine.

(3) Because it might put distance between him and other people. But was Jesus also just being modest?

(4) There are several distinct attitudes that most people adopt to relate to God – friend, child to parent, parent to child, lover, servant. Each attitude is adopted because it reflects the person’s own feeling state. I am a servant of God. Friend does not feel right. Lover does not, child, parent. Only servant feels right and to relate otherwise is uncomfortable for me, even though several readers have written in questioning my attitude.

(5) I am deliberately not referencing the providence of this quote to reduce the element of controversy. My interest is only in knowing the truth; not casting aspersions at another channel. Jesus could as well have said that the passage was correct as incorrect.

(6) Between 5 and 5 1/2, Jesus said last week:

(7) To the reader who asked the question about who Jesus studied with in India: notice that Jesus answered your questions without me needing to ask it.

(8) “Imperator” is the first source I’m aware of who spoke clearly of these times. For more on his ministry, see “Imperator’s New Revelation” at Though an Old-Testament prophet, Imperator, in reality the prophet Malachi, bent the knee before Jesus as the one he ultimately reported to.

(9) Writes Michael Tymn:

“[Stainton] Moses continually asked for the earthly identifications of Imperator and the others. Imperator initially refused, informing Moses that revealing their earthly names would result in casting additional doubt on the validity of the messages. However, Imperator later revealed their names, advising Moses that they should not be mentioned in the book he would write.

“It was not until after Moses’s death that the identities were made public by A. W. Trethewy in a book,The Controls of Stainton Moses.Imperator was Malachias, the Old Testament prophet. Rector was Hippolytus and Doctor was Athenodorus. Imperator took directions from Preceptor, who was Elijah. Preceptor, in turn, communed directly with Jesus.

“Other communicators in the band of 49 included Daniel [Vates], Ezekiel, John the Baptist, [Theologus] (1) Solon, Plato, Aristotle, Seneca, Plotinus [Prudens], Alexander Achillini [Philosophus], Algazzali [Mentor], Kabbila, Chom, Said, Roophal, and Magus.” (Mike Tymn to Steve Beckow, E-mail, 15 March 2008.)

(10) John Ruusbroec in James A. Wiseman,John Ruusbroec. The Spiritual Espousals and Other Works.New York, etc.: Paulist Press, 1985, 22.

(11) Ibid., 74. ("Jesus on the Lost Years, the Holy Grail, Reincarnation and Much, Much More," Dec. 24, 2013, at'

Jesus: More and more has come to light, thank goodness, about my life and my family. Let me begin by saying this. I loved, I adored my family. It was arranged, as you all know. It was a culture and a time where there was adherence and understanding in a different way to prophecy and to lineage. I was born into what you can think of in your terminology [as] a favored or even a privileged position, what many would think of as a privileged family.

But even what you would think of as, today, as a privileged family was not necessarily the way that we lived. Because there was also agreement. But I lived in — as a child, and in teaching — in a very extended family setting.

You know about my mother and father — an aspect of the Mother and an aspect of Archangel Jophiel, but in human form. And I wish to emphasize that. My life was not sublime. My life was not a human, physical journey of ecstasy. Now, was I — well, more than fortunate — blessed, in the truest sense of the word about how I came and who I was parented by? And even my grandparents, Anna, my grandmother.I loved her dearly.

I had seven siblings. Everybody gets confused on this issue of virgin birth — again, understanding and misunderstanding of what purity truly means, and what impurity means.

We could spend many hours discussing this, could we not? There could never be any question about the purity of my mother. But following my birth, there were many children. And that was powerful, and that was right, because from a very early age all of us — I was not always singled out as the special one.

I had to learn to behave, to adhere to what you would think of as family structure, and strictures, and behaviors and customs — yes, there was a great deal of study, but there always was in families of our nature. Did I receive a great deal of instruction? Yes, I did, particularly with the Wise Ones. So my… my schooling, as you would think of it, was not simply restricted to Judaism. It was very broad. And I also tell you that Joseph taught me how to be a young man, and then a man. It was Joseph, my father, who taught me patience and silence.

My nature, particularly as an adolescent and a young man, even a child, I always wanted to tell everybody what I perceived, what I already knew. So he taught me this balance and the importance of balance. Because I could not have healed, I could not have taught, I could not have stayed the path if I had not used and learned and remembered and embodied the divine qualities my parents taught me and my siblings reinforced.

What you think of, who you think of as Mary Magdalene, the Magdalena, my beloved wife, in so many ways my other half — you know, because you have all been working on divine partnership with your sacred other. The Bible contains many stories of my life, but you also know that it has been severely edited, and particularly those…. There were two strains of thought: One that wanted to simply maintain power and exclude women. That has been a theme throughout human history, has it not? And those who wanted to keep me in the divine realm and not to show me as a man, a prophet, and a teacher as well.

It would have gone contrary, significantly contrary to custom for me not to marry. But I was completely — your expression would be madly — in love with my Magdalena. From the very first moment I saw her, we both knew. And we both knew of our mission and purpose together, and we both knew the path that lay ahead. But that did not stop us from having our life together in great joy and passion and love.

It is unfortunate, and that is why I am glad I speak of this this day. Part of what we were doing is the paradigm for that sacred partnership. The Magdalena had her own training, which was extensive, particularly with the Essenes. She was the one who brought ritual. She was a channel long before she met me. And she continued to do that and to perform ritual and sacred ceremony. That is what she brought to our partnership.

But what she also brought was joy and the creation of family. We had two children — a little boy, Samuel Thomas James, sometimes called David. You know we had many names in those days. Everybody had need to be included and honored. Our son died. He died when he was three. He was the brightest light. He was the gift that we had been given. In many ways he was our hope and the continuity, because we also knew that my life would not be long.

We had a daughter, very much like her mother, our beloved Sara. Did she become our lineage, our vessel, our hope? Bright and beautiful. When we knew that my time was coming to conclusion, my Mary wanted in many ways to simply come with me. It is often this way, when you are truly in sacred partnership. You even see it now, how people will die close to one another.

But our promise was that she would live to teach, to protect and to bring Sara forward. And that is why — even there were many political reasons and many who would like to have wiped all of us out — but why Magdalena was brought to a place of safety.

And so what we began in love, in sacred union, continued on, and still does to this day.

Steve Beckow: Lord, could I intervene for a moment here, please?

J: Yes. Of course.

SB: Did you, or did those who survived you, call Sara the Holy Grail in order to keep her identity secret?

J: Yes.

SB: All right. And is there anything more you want to say about Sara? Is she still playing the role?

J:Oh, yes. She is on the planet, and she is still the Holy Grail, and she is still secret. ("Jesus: You are Love. It is All You Have Ever Been," channeled by Linda Dillon, December 18, 2013, at

“I am the Way, the Truth, and the Light.” – words not spoken simply by and for the master Jesus, but words spoken by him in order to explain to those listening that “I” is not a personal “I”, but “I” is the Divine – the one and only “I” – your true identity. Since the Divine is all there is, it must also your real Self – how else could you exist?

“I” is the name of the Divine and the words “I AM” do not refer to one human being, but to the true essence of every being. “I” is a sacred word. Throughout time and even now, there are those who through gross ignorance and ego, have misinterpreted this truth to mean that they in their humanhood were God. In this false sense of self they always proceed to set up rules and teachings for others with dire consequences if not obeyed. Their spiritually ignorant followers more often than not do experience dire consequences of some sort, for in their choice to follow these false prophets they willingly give away their power. ("The Arcturian Group Message via Marilyn Raffaele: October 13, 2013" at

In one sense the traditional reason for your celebration is unimportant, but it does nevertheless remind you of the birth of a World Teacher. Jesus came to show by example, that it was possible to live a life dedicated to the most complete showing of Unconditional Love. He illustrated that when you can find it within your heart to love all life including those who oppose you, it is possible to create balance and harmony.

Jesus came not to create Christianity, and his teachings were for all people regardless of their personal beliefs. That his powerful energy of love still remains on Earth, is a credit to his ability to manifest such a high level of vibration when there was so much darkness around. He spoke of the One God that every soul is connected to and conveyed the idea that all were One within that energy. (SaLuSa, Dec. 22, 2010.)

There is NO separation of soul energy throughout not only this universe, but the cosmos; and it is the Christed energy of those souls who embodied in one lifetime as Jesus and his mother Mary and who originated in the realm closest to Creator, the ultimate Being in the cosmos, that "is back." Actually, it never left, but after being hidden from consciousness due to the denseness of the energy in which your world revolved for millennia, the peoples weren't aware of it.

The persons you know about as Jesus and his mother are not on Earth in their original bodies or even new ones that look the same, but their soul essence - the all-powerful Christed energy of love and God-ness - is on Earth in massive abundance. It is what you are feeling yourselves and sensing in others; it's what is motivating soul-searching and sustaining light workers; it is the force that is propelling Earth's ascension into the higher densities and manifesting the Golden Age! (Matthew's Message, 4 July 2008.)

If truly I were alone in "that claim," the gentleman would have a sound argument. He, like almost every other soul on Earth, does not have access to the records that prove Jesus had a long life with his wife Mary Magdalene and their children; and on a very recent basis, he didn't read God's message about Jesus' life in one of the books (the "Jesus" chapter in Illuminations for a New Era). (Matthew's Message, Apr. 3, 2007.)

The truth about Christianity is, it is based on fabrications about Jesus’ birth, crucifixion and resurrection, and his teachings were deliberately distorted through dilution and omission. Jesus was conceived and born just like every other human baby, and he never was put on a cross. He was flogged by the Sanhedrin, who ruled church and state, and was banished — they wanted him out of that land, not make him a martyr whose death would increase the numbers of his followers. With his pregnant wife Mary Magdalene, Jesus went back to the East, where he had gone as a youth and spent many years studying with the master teachers. (Matthew's Message, Sept. 11, 2010.)

Steve: Jesus said I am the way, the truth, and the life. Was he speaking about Jesus the man or the Atman or Christ Light?

AAM: He was talking about the Christ Light. But he was also talking about what he was embodying.

Steve: What was he embodying, Lord?

AAM: The Light, the Truth, the Way, the Life.

Steve: Alright. But he did make that statement, did he not?

AAM: Yes. ...

Jesus continued on, you know, and there are several incarnations. ...

Two-hundred and seventy-eight, I believe, of your years later Jesus incarnated in India, again teaching, because he had been trained very much in the eastern ways as well.

And so he chose to walk those roads and work there.

Steve: What was his name in India?

AAM: It was Sananda. He took the fulness of who he is.

Steve: I thought Sananda overlit Jesus, but not that they were related.

AAM: Oh, no. They are related. They are basically inseparable.

The agreement between them has been very strong and when Sananda or when Jesus takes form then he is overlie by the Sananda light. And it is that reason that her wads given permission to use that name. Because really it was not spoken.

Steve: How can they be two and not one?

AAM: No, they are two but they are united in mission and heart. (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Dec. 14, 2020.)

Mary Magdalene

I had studied many traditions with the Essenes, with the Hellenics, with the Hathors in the temples of the Goddesses. ("Transcript: The Magdalena Celebrates Love ~ You Are Ready For Your Grand Passion! February 14, 2017," March 3, 2017, at

Lao Tzu

When I walked the Earth long ago, my name was Li. Eventually they came to call me Lao Tzu. It is a name I cherish because it means old master. ...

When I have walked in form as Lao Tzu, I did not think of myself as a master. To call someone a master in that time of China was a sign of respect. I did not think of myself as having achieved more than anybody else. I had these flashes of enlightenment, but I assumed these insights were given to me so that I could share them. ...

When I would have students, both as Djwhal Khul and in Atlantis, I would hear them say.... (Lao Tzu in Linda Dillon, The New You. Emerging into the Brilliance of Humanity’s Heart Consciousness. Port St. Lucie: Council of Love, 2013.)

Long ago when I was in Atlantis, we were honored to have the star brothers and sisters come. They brought the LaHoChi, the healing modality of light, movement, sound and symbols. ...

When I have walked in form as Lao Tzu, I did not think of myself as a master. To call someone a master in that time of China was a sign of respect. I did not think of myself as having achieved more than anybody else. I had these flashes of enlightenment, but I assumed these insights were given to me so that I could share them. That is humility; it is not the feeling that you are so special something is given only to you. The insights, understanding and energy that are being given to each of you right now on Earth are given to share. To keep it hidden because you think you have a special favor with the master, is arrogance and ego. (Lao Tzu in The New You. Emerging into the Brilliance of Humanity’s Heart Consciousness. Port St. Lucie: Council of Love, 2013.)

Lao Tzu has appeared or incarnated on Earth several times. When he was on the Earth as Lao Tzu, it was about 400 BC.

Then he came again as Caspar, one of the three wise men, the magi who came to give gifts to Jesus. He was the bringer of gold. More recently, he was incarnated as Djwhal Khul, also known as the Tibetan, a teacher and master who works with the Tibetan lamas in spirit. Lao Tzu’s theme is still “balance.” (Linda Dillon in The New You. Emerging into the Brilliance of Humanity’s Heart Consciousness. Port St. Lucie: Council of Love, 2013.)

Djwhal Khul

When I would have students, both as Djwhal Khul and in Atlantis, I would hear them say.... (Lao Tzu in Linda Dillon, The New You. Emerging into the Brilliance of Humanity’s Heart Consciousness. Port St. Lucie: Council of Love, 2013.)

I, Master Djwhal Khul, am assisting the transitions and activation of your soul when it is connected with and begins its process of embodiment with your physical being. Upon the inner planes within the World Teacher Ashram of Master Kuthumi and Master Sananda, I have an ashram with a Chamber of Synthesis. I wish to invite you to visit me during meditation or sleep state within my Chamber of Synthesis.

Simply imagine, sense or acknowledge yourself sitting with me with the light of the Chamber of Synthesis surrounding you and melting deep into your being. Absorbing the light and frequency of this chamber will support the transitions and activations of your soul, releasing energies hindering or blocking the energy flow of your soul and aiding you in becoming familiar with your soul.

I, Master Djwhal Khul, will be present with you to share any enlightenment, insights or healing which you may feel is required. It is within this chamber you can ask me to assist you in accessing and experiencing the infinite nature of your soul. ("Master Djwhal Khul via Natalie Glasson: Synergy of Time," Jan. 7, 2017, at

I want you to know I am walking the earth, not fully or permanently as yet, but enough to make my presence known and felt. ("Djwhal Khul: Eliminate Lack and Limitation," at

Steve Beckow: There was an occasion quite a while ago in which Djwhal Khul through Alice Bailey made some really disgusting remarks about Jews, about them being a wandering race and all simply interested in financial gain and what have you. I couldn’t believe that Djwhal Kuhl would say something like that.–

Archangel Michael Djwhal Khul would never say such a thing. Understand, Djwhal Kuhl is a Tibetan. He knows about wandering.

SB: Right.

AAM: He knows about living in the caves. He knows about being – feeling adrift at the desert, on the desert. Djwhal Khul would never – he is the one, if anything, he makes a suggestion and then says, “Ponder this.” He does not particularly give or pontificate the answers. He gives you scenarios and then he asks you, weigh it, think about it, bring it into your heart, meditate upon it and then we will talk further. That is not the way of Djwhal Khul.

SB: So, but it’s through Alice Bailey. What does that mean, Lord? That Alice Bailey wasn’t talking to Djwhal Khul?

AAM: It simply means that at this time – and you have seen some of the chaos, and you are talking about it right now with me. It is chaos. We do not monitor every channel, and we do not disparage any channel if they have a bad day, shall we say. But it has need to be taken – yes, what Linda says as well – always, taken in great discernment. (Personal Reading with Archangel Michael through Linda Dillon, Feb. 14, 2012.)

Lady Master Nada

It is with great Christed blessing that I greet and honor your presence with me now. I am Lady Nada, Chohan and overseer of the 8th Ray of Light of a sea foam green light, and higher aspect of Mary Magdalene. (Lady Nada: A New Purification Healing Experience," channeled by Natalie Glasson, August 6, 2014,

My understanding is that Lady Nada is soul mate or twin flame -- anyway, at the same high level of light as Sananda, and in one Earth lifetime they embodied as Jesus and his wife Mary Magdalene. (Suzanne Ward to Steve Beckow, 23 May 2009.)

It is the all-powerful love energy of highly evolved cosmic souls such as Sananda and Lady Nada that, in accordance with pre-birth agreements, are influencing the decisions of specific persons on Earth [with regard to NESARA and accountability] and not the masters' physical visitations, much less their reincarnation in third density bodies. (Matthew Ward to Steve Beckow, May 22, 2009.)

The Count of St. Germaine

StG: You know that I stood in the room with the Declaration of Independence. And we were so full of hope, and trust, and a belief in our power to transform. I will not say that dream died, but it certainly was buried. 

But the dream is being resurrected, but also the actuality. (St. Germaine: Fly Through That Portal, My Beloved Friends," channeled by Linda Dillon, May 29, 2014, at

SB: When did St. Germaine ascend?

AAM: You mean WHICH time?

SB: The first time

AAM: He ascended during the time of Atlantis

SB: So, it’s not true to say that Francis Beacon was his time of Ascension

AAM: No, he came back: did it again and came back: did it again: this one is QUITE the revolving door. (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Jan. 23, 2015.)

Now, each of you know of course there is a Divine Plan; there is not simply the plan of St. Germaine. I tell you I am an honored steward but my piece in this has always been as teacher and healer and comrade. So yes, there are certain aspects that I hold dear.

As you well know I planned for the treasury a very long time ago, the 15th century, and I have planted the seeds. You have a character in North America that you think of as Johnny Appleseed; well, you could have called him Johnny Germaine. I have been planting the seeds within the tribes, within the populace, even with your star brothers and sisters in the Constitution of the United States of America. ("Transcript: St. Germaine on Heavenly Blessings – the Violet Flame and the I AM Presence," Dec. 2, 2012, at

Note: Some have asked about the spelling of St. Germaine as reflected here. Linda has shared that St. Germaine requested that the “e” be added to the end of his name to honor the divine feminine. (Suzi Maresca in "Transcript: St. Germaine on Heavenly Blessings – the Violet Flame and the I AM Presence," Dec. 2, 2012, at

Steve Beckow: Since you’ve raised the American experience, perhaps I could ask you a few questions about the early years of the American experience. Did you appear before the signers of the Declaration of Independence as an old professor and cure them of their hesitancy by crying out to them to sign the document?

St.Germaine: “Crying out” is quite the accuracy of what I did and said. Yes, I did appear as a strange old fellow. It was one of the few times I have actually appeared old. And yes, I decreed to them to sign the document that we had worked so hard on, that we had incorporated into the principles of this nation – the belief in equality and the belief in a different way of government, of society and of existence. So yes, that was I. (From “An Hour with an Angel Transcript of Conversation with St. Germain,” March 19, 2012, at

And, yes, it has been and is the intent of St. Germaine, with his beautiful Violet Flame, to eliminate all doubt, all need, all want, all neediness, all lack, all limitation, all this silliness within your hearts and upon the planet, and that has been for, oh, a few thousand eons. So, even we are getting a little impatient. ("Djwhal Khul: Eliminate Lack and Limitation," at

My friends, I have been famous – and, at times, infamous! – for exploring the ridge of possibilities. And where did it get me? Well, here I stand, sit and conjoin with you. It brought me to a cave in Tibet; it brought to the place of enlightenment, of union, of sacred union with myself and with All; it brought me to the place where I am divinely honoured to be the Keeper of the Violet Flame, of the I AM Presence. (“Transcript ~ St. Germaine on Heavenly Blessings: You Are Perfecting Your Beingness, March 22, 2016,” Channeled by Linda Dillon, at

I was Christopher Columbus — when those lands were taken, there was also an understanding that there would need to be a balance reset at one point.

Now, much water has passed under that boat and bridge. We cannot, nor is it desirable, to bring things back to the way they were. No! It is about bringing the future into your now. ("St. Germaine: Rivers of Gold Will Flow Freely – Part 2/2," Aug. 15, 2013, at

I come to you this day, yes, as keeper – and what many of you term as master of the violet flame, of the violet flame of transformation, of transmutation, of transubstantiation – as keeper of the “I Am” presence.  ("Transcript ~ St. Germaine on An Hour With an Angel: You Are Creators in Form," October 27, 2015, at

Steve Beckow: Is Abraham an aspect of St. Germaine?

Archangel Michael: Do you mean Abraham of your biblical references?

SB:  Yes

AAM: No, that is not St. Germaine.

SB: When did St. Germaine ascend?

AAM: You mean WHICH time?

SB: The first time

AAM: He ascended during the time of Atlantis

SB: So, it’s not true to say that Francis Bacon was his time of Ascension.

AAM: No, he came back, did it again and came back; did it again. This one is QUITE the revolving door. That is why he says he is NEVER coming back. But we know differently! (Personal Reading with Archangel Michael and Steve Beckow, through Linda Dillon, Jan. 23, 2015.)

St. Germaine says he is never going to incarnate, but I believe that you will have a glimpse of him regardless. ("Transcript: Archangel Michael – The Light Agenda, December 19 2012, Final Episode," Dec. 20, 2012, at

My friends, when I have walked as a human being – which I have done many times – do you really think that every choice I made was what you would term “the correct one”? Not even close. It was a process of becoming – and also becoming aware – that I really was making those choices, and what I was choosing was Love.  ("Transcript: Heavenly Blessings ~ St. Germaine on Relationships, February 11, 2014," at

Steve Beckow: Now, just a few brief questions again on some past life matters that have been in dispute recently. I’d like to clean up some misconceptions about your past lives. You’re said to have lived as Merlin, Joseph, the father of Jesus, Roger Bacon, Francis Bacon, Christopher Columbus, et cetera. Are any of the lives attributed to you lives that you did not live?

St. Germaine: I was not Joseph, the husband of what you think of as Mary, father or stepfather of Jesus. (1)

SB: But you were Merlin?

St. G.: Yes, I was.

SB: Okay. Well, that’s very helpful.

St. G.: Let me correct this. I was part of the Merlin energy. There were many of us who played in Merlin.

But yes, I was a very primary occupant. Let me put it that way.

SB: All right. So both Merlin and King Arthur are definitely historical personalities?

St. G.: Oh, my goodness! Not only are they accurate historical personalities, they are bright, shining lights. And do you notice — and yes, I know I am going on and on — the younger peoples’ fascination with what we would call fantasy literature?

And it is because they want these touchstones because they remember and they want to bring back what has been thought of as mythology back into the magic of life that they are living right now.

So, yes, those ‘stories’ (supposedly) are very true.

And they are there to give you hope and knowing that you, dear hearts, are magical.

SB: Wonderful. And not just the younger children! [laughs] Because I include myself in that as well!

St. G.: Oh, no. I would say every age from 7 to 70!

SB: That’s correct! Was Francis Bacon the illegitimate child of Queen Elizabeth?

St. G.: Yes, that is correct.

SB: All right. Did he write Shakespeare’s plays?

St. G.: Yes. I did.

SB: Oh! Well, you know that Shakespeare talked through Robert Leichtman back in the 1970s (2) and said that, no, it wasn’t true; that he, Shakespeare, wrote all the plays, or at least he and the company. Was that not a true transmission?

St. G.: Let us just say that it was a cooperative effort. I have no desire, and I know that you don’t either, to discredit our good friend Shakespeare, or any other channel. But no, I have written those plays.

SB: All right. Well, I’m glad to finally have that cleared up. Was the novel The Scarlet Pimpernel written with you in mind?

St. G.: Well… I would like to think so. Yes, it was. ...

St.G.: Now, you know, or perhaps some of you don’t, I love gems, crystals….

SB: I know that for sure.

St. G.: And I particularly love diamonds.

And I have been known in all my various lives and incarnations to share the amethysts and the diamonds freely. ...

SB: You left your guests at your dinner parties at the time of, I think it was Louis XVI, you left them diamonds on their place cards, did you not?

St. G.: Yes, I did. It was a good joke!

SB: [laugh] Absolutely!

St. G.: And it was a gift. It wasn’t like my friend Louis really needed any of my baubles. But everybody enjoyed it, and everybody was in awe. And in that society, and at that time, there was way too much arrogance. And the sense of awe and the appreciation of beauty had become somewhat jaded.

And so part of my teaching, my presence in being in these societies, was to reawaken that sense of the delightful, and how easy it is to share! So we are having this lesson all over again right now, are we not?

SB: Yes, we are.

St. G.: So, yes. Do not rule out having a diamond left on your plastic placemat.

SB: [laugh] Any time! ("St. Germaine: Rivers of Gold Will Flow Freely – Part 1/2," Aug. 15, 2013, at

St. Germaine: You know when I have walked the Earth for hundreds of years and so often I would see something and I would know that it would be of great benefit to humanity or I simply wanted to do it whether it was sailing to the New World or writing a play, it doesn't matter what but sometimes I would simply have to let it go and say perhaps not now, perhaps later but when it was in alignment, what I learned is that the intention and the action were pretty much instantaneous. (St. Germain in a person reading with Donn Smith, through Linda Dillon, Oct. 3, 2012.)

I am St. Germain and very much present on Earth, as you are my family in the House of God. I am everywhere and my Light presence is gathering you in for the wonderful events that are unfolding and signal your release from the dark. (St. Germain, Update, 25 June 2008, at

The Count De St. Germain

ONE of the most mysterious characters in modern history is the famous Count de St. Germain, described by his friend Prince Karl von Hesse as "one of the greatest philosophers who ever lived, the friend of humanity, whose heart was concerned only with the happiness of others." Intimate and counselor of Kings and Princes, nemesis of deceptive ministers, Rosicrucian, Mason, accredited Messenger of the Masters of Wisdom -- the Count de St. Germain worked in Europe for more than a century, faithfully performing the difficult task which had been entrusted to him.

The amazing and inscrutable personality in which the Adept known as St. Germain clothed himself was the outstanding topic of conversation among the nobility of the eighteenth century. During the 112 years that he is said to have lived in Europe, he always presented the appearance of a man about forty-five years of age. He was of medium height, with a slender, graceful figure, a captivating smile, and eyes of peculiar beauty. "Oh, what eyes!" sighed the Countess d'Adhémar. "I have never seen their equal!"

He was an extraordinary linguist, speaking French, German, English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Swedish without the slightest trace of an accent, and his knowledge of Sanscrit, Chinese and Arabic showed that he was well acquainted with the East. His proficiency in music was equally remarkable. As a violinist he is said to have rivalled Paganini, while his performances on the harpsichord called forth enthusiastic applause from Frederick the Great. His ability to improvise made a great impression on Rameau, who met him in Venice in 1710. St. Germain was also a composer. One of his musical compositions was given to Tchaikowski, Prince Ferdinand von Lobkowitz inherited a second, while two others, bearing the dates 1745 and 1760, are the property of the British Museum.

The Count de St. Germain was also a painter of rare ability, famed for his power to reproduce the original brilliance of precious stones on canvas. Although he refused to betray his secret, it was commonly supposed that he produced the effect by mixing powdered mother-of-pearl with his pigments. He was highly esteemed as an art critic and was frequently consulted in regard to the authenticity of paintings.

The prodigious memory of the Count de St. Germain was a constant source of amazement to his friends. He would merely glance at a paper, and days afterward repeat its contents without missing a word. He was ambidextrous, and could write a poem with one hand while he framed a diplomatic paper with the other. He frequently read sealed letters without touching them and was known to answer questions before they had been put into words.

Many of St. Germain's friends had practical proof of his alchemical knowledge. Casanova relates that one day while visiting St. Germain in his laboratory, the latter asked for a silver coin. In a few moments it was returned to Casanova as pure gold. St. Germain also possessed the secret of melting several small diamonds into one large stone, an art learned in India, he said. While visiting the French Ambassador to The Hague, he broke up a superb diamond of his own manufacture, the duplicate of which he had recently sold for 5500 louis d'or. On another occasion he removed a flaw from a diamond belonging to Louis XV, increasing the value of the stone by 4000 livres. On gala occasions he appeared with a diamond ring on every finger and with shoe-buckles estimated to be worth at least 200,000 francs.

The charming personality of the Count de St. Germain made him a welcome guest in the homes of the nobility of every land. But while he often sat table with his friends, his own food was specially prepared for him in his own apartments. He ate no meat and drank no wine, his favorite beverage being a tea which he prepared from certain herbs, and which he frequently presented to his friends. His extraordinary popularity was due to his prowess as a raconteur, to his well known intimacy with the greatest men and women of the day, to his familiarity with occult subjects, and especially to the mystery of his birth and nationality, which he consistently refused to reveal. He spoke with feeling of things which had happened hundreds of years in the past, giving the impression that he himself had been present.

One evening, while he was recounting an event which had happened many centuries before, he turned to his butler and asked if any important details had been omitted. "Monsieur le Comte forgets," his butler replied, "that I have been with him only five hundred years. I could not, therefore, have been present at that occurrence. It must have been my predecessor."

If, as many claimed, St. Germain affirmed that he had lived in Chaldea and possessed the secrets of the Egyptian sages, he may have spoken the truth without making any miraculous claim. There are Initiates, and not necessarily of the highest, who are able to recall many of their past lives. This may have been St. Germain's way of calling attention of his friends to the doctrine of reincarnation. Or perhaps he knew the secret of "the Elixir of Life."

Although no one knew when the Count de St. Germain was born, his life from 1710 to 1822 is a matter of history. Both Rameau and the Countess de Georgy met him in Venice in 1710. Fifty years later the aged Countess met him in Madame Pompadour's house and asked him if his father had been in Venice in that year. "No, Madame," the Count replied, "but I myself was living in Venice at the end of the last and the beginning of this century. I had the honor to pay you court then, and you were kind enough to admire a little Barcarolle of my composing." The Countess could not believe her ears. "But if that is true," she gasped, "you must be at least a hundred years old!" The Count smiled. "That, Madame, is not impossible!"

In 1723 the Count showed his mother's portrait, which he always wore on his arm, to the mother of the future Countess de Genlis. It was a miniature of an exceptionally beautiful woman, dressed in a costume unfamiliar to the Countess. "To what period does this costume belong?" the Countess inquired. The Count merely smiled and changed the subject.

From 1737 to 1742 the Count de St. Germain was living in the Court of the Shah of Persia, occupied with alchemical research. On his return from Persia he settled in Versailles and became an intimate friend of Louis XV and Madame Pompadour. In the following year he was caught in the Jacobite Revolution in England. From there he went to Vienna, and afterward visited Frederick the Great in his castle of Sans-Souci in Potsdam, where Voltaire was also an honored guest. Although Voltaire was opposed to St. Germain's fellow-Theosophist Saint-Martin, his admiration for St. Germain was unbounded. In a letter to Frederick, Voltaire expressed his opinion that "the Count de St. Germain is a man who was never born, who will never die, and who knows everything."

In 1755 the Count de St. Germain accompanied General Clive to India. On his return to France Louis XV gave him a suite of apartments in the Royal Chateau of Chambord, in Touraine. Here he often entertained the King and members of the Court in the alchemical laboratory which the King had provided for him.

In 1760 Louis sent the Count de St. Germain on a delicate diplomatic mission to The Hague and London. At that time he discovered that the Duc de Choiseul, who up to that time had been implicitly trusted by the King, was playing a double game. Although St. Germain confided this fact to the King, the former was determined that the Peace Treaty between England and France should be signed, no matter who received the credit.

So one evening in May, 1761, St. Germain called upon the Duc de Choiseul and remained closeted with him the whole night. This conference resulted in the celebrated alliance known as the Family Compact. This in its turn was the forerunner of the Treaty of Paris, which brought the colonial war between England and France to a close.

In the following year St. Germain was called to St. Petersburg, where he played an important part in the revolution which placed Catherine the Great upon the throne of Russia. He left the country in the uniform of a Russian general, with full credentials to which the imperial seal of Russia was affixed. Shortly afterward he appeared in Tunis and Leghorn while the Russian fleet was there, again in Russian uniform, and known under the name of Graf Saltikoff.

After the death of Louis XV in 1774, St. Germain spent several years travelling in Germany and Austria. Among the Kings, Princes, Ambassadors and scholars who met him during those years, how many suspected that the soul of a great Adept looked out through the eyes of the Count de St. Germain? How many realized that they were conversing with an emissary of that Great Fraternity of Perfected Men who stand behind the scenes of all the great world-dramas, one who was directing not only the minor currents of European history, but some of the major currents as well? How many were aware of St. Germain's real mission, part of which was the introduction of Theosophical principles into the various occult fraternities of the day?

The Rosicrucian organizations were certainly helped by him. While Christian Rosencreuz, the founder of the Order, transmitted his teachings orally, St. Germain recorded the doctrines in figures, and one of his enciphered manuscripts became the property of his staunch friend, Prince Karl von Hesse. H.P.B. mentions this manuscript in The Secret Doctrine (II, 202) and quotes at length from another (II, 582).

While St. Germain was living in Vienna he spent much of his time in the Rosicrucian laboratory on the Landstrasse, and at one time lived in the room which Leibniz occupied in 1713. St. Germain also worked with the Fratres Lucis, and with the "Knights and Brothers of Asia" who studied Rosicrucian and Hermetic science and made the "philosopher's stone" one of the objects of their research.

Although an effort has been made to eliminate St. Germain's name from modern Masonic literature, careful research into Masonic archives will prove that he occupied a prominent position in eighteenth century Masonry. He acted as a delegate to the Wilhelmsbad Convention in 1782 and to the great Paris Convention of 1785. Cadet de Gassicourt described him as a travelling member of the Knights Templar, and Deschamps says that Cagliostro was initiated into that Order by St. Germain.

The Count de St. Germain is said to have died on February 27, 1784, and the Church Register of Eckernförde in Danish Holstein contains the record of his death and burial. But as it happens, some of St. Germain's most important work was done after that date. This fact is brought out in the Souvenirs de Marie-Antoinette, written by one of her ladies-in-waiting, the Countess d'Adhémar. This diary was started in 1760 and ended in 1821, one year before the death of the Countess, and a large part of it is concerned with St. Germain's efforts to avert the horrors of the French Revolution.

Early one Sunday morning in 1788 the Countess was surprised to receive a visit from the Count de St. Germain, whom she had not seen in several years. He warned her that a giant conspiracy was under foot, in which the Encyclopaedists would use the Duc de Chartres in an effort to overthrow the monarchy, and asked her to take him to the Queen. When Madame d'Adhémar reported the conversation to Marie-Antoinette, the Queen confessed that she also had received another communication from this mysterious stranger who had protected her with warnings from the day of her arrival in France.

On the following day St. Germain was admitted into the private apartments of the Queen. "Madame," he said to her, "for twenty years I was on intimate terms with the late King, who deigned to listen to me with kindness. He made use of my poor abilities on several occasions, and I do not think he regretted giving me his confidence." After warning her of the serious condition of France, he asked her to communicate his message to the King and to request the King not to consult with Maurepas.

But the King ignored the warning, and went directly to Maurepas, who immediately called upon Madame d'Adhémar. In the midst of the conversation St. Germain appeared. He confronted Maurepas with his treachery and said to him: "In opposing yourself to my seeing the monarch, you are losing the monarchy, for I have but a limited time to give to France. This time over, I shall not be seen here again, until after three successive generations have gone down to the grave."

The second warning from St. Germain came on July 14, 1789, when the Queen was saying farewell to the Duchesse de Polignac. She opened the letter and read: "My words have fallen on your ears in vain, and you have reached the period of which I informed you. All the Polignacs and their friends are doomed to death. The Comte d'Artois will perish."

His farewell letter, addressed to Madame d'Adhémar, arrived on October 5, 1789. "All is lost, Countess!" he wrote. "This sun is the last which will set on the monarchy. Tomorrow it will exist no more. My advice has been scorned. Now it is too late. . . ." In that letter he asked the Countess to meet him early the next morning. In that conversation the Count de St. Germain informed her that the time when he could have helped France was past. "I can do nothing now. My hands are tied by one stronger than myself. The hour of repose is past, and the decrees of Providence must be fulfilled."

He foretold the death of the Queen, the complete ruin of the Bourbons, the rise of Napoleon. "And you yourself?" the Countess asked. "I must go to Sweden," he answered. "A great crime is brewing there, and I am going to try to prevent it. His Majesty Gustavus III interests me. He is worth more than his renown." The Countess inquired if she would see him again. "Five times more," he answered. "Do not wish for the sixth."

True to his word, the Count de St. Germain appeared to the Countess d'Adhémar on five different occasions: at the beheading of the Queen; on the 18th Brumaire; the day following the death of the Duc d'Enghien in 1804; in January, 1813; on the eve of the assassination of the Duc de Berri in 1820. Presumably, the sixth time was on the day of her death, in 1822.

What happened to the Count de St. Germain after that date? Did he, as Andrew Lang asks, "die in the palace of Prince Karl von Hesse about 1780-85? Did he, on the other hand, escape from the French prison where Grosley thought he saw him, during the French Revolution? Was he known to Lord Lytton about 1860? Who knows?" Who, indeed. One of the Masters spoke of the "benevolent German Prince from whose house, and in whose presence he (St. Germain) made his last exit -- home."

In the last decade of the eighteenth century St. Germain confided his future plans to his Austrian friend, Franz Graeffer, saying,

Tomorrow night I am off. I am much needed in Constantinople, then in England, there to prepare two new inventions which you will have in the next century -- trains and steamboats. Toward the end of this century I shall disappear out of Europe, and betake myself to the region of the Himalayas. I will rest; I must rest. Exactly in 85 years will people again set eyes on me. Farewell. (Kleine Wiener Memorien.)

These words were spoken in 1790. Eighty-five years from that date brings us to 1875. What part did St. Germain play in the Theosophical Movement of last century? What part is he going to play in the present century? H.P.B. gave a cryptic suggestion of the time when he would again appear:

The Count de St. Germain was certainly the greatest Oriental Adept Europe had seen during the last centuries. But Europe knew him not. Perchance some may recognize him at the next Terreur, which will affect all Europe when it comes, and not one country alone.

Was the event of which she spoke the last great War, or does the real Terreur still lie before us? ("Great Theosophists: The Count of St. Germain," Theosophy,

VII, 1, Nov. 1938, 3-9.)

The Count of St. Germain (fl. 1710-1784) has been variously described as a courtier, adventurer, charlatan, inventor, alchemist, pianist, violinist and amateur composer, but is best known as a recurring figure in the stories of several strands of occultism - particularly those connected to Theosophy, where he is also referred to as the Master Rakoczi or the Master R and credited with near god-like powers and longevity. Some sources write that his name is not familial, but was invented by him as a French version of the Latin Sanctus Germanus, meaning "Holy Herman", or "Holy Brother Herman." St. Germanus was a lay brother of the Benedictine order. ("St. Germain," Wikipedia, at

Many groups honor Saint Germain as an Ascended Master. He is referred to in Theosophy as the Master Rakoczy or the Master R.; in the Ascended Master Teachings he is referred to simply as Saint Germain or as the Ascended Master Saint Germain As an Ascended Master, he is believed to have many magical powers such as the ability to teleport, levitate, walk through walls, inspire people telepathically, etc.

Theosophists consider him to be a Mahatma, Master or Adept. Helena Blavatsky said he was one of her Masters of Wisdom and hinted at secret documents. Some esoteric groups credit him with inspiring the Founding Fathers to draft the United States Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, as well as providing the design of the Great Seal of the United States. (See P. Manly Hall's "Secret Teachings of All Ages.")

In the New Age beliefs regarding him, Saint Germain is always associated with the color violet, the jewel amethyst, and the Maltese cross rendered in violet (usually the iron cross style cross patee version); he is also regarded as the "Chohan of the Seventh Ray" - according to Theosophy, the Seven Rays are seven metaphysical principles that govern both individual souls and the unfolding of each 2,158 year long Astrological Age. Since according to Theosophy the next Astrological Age, the Age of Aquarius, will be governed by the Seventh (Violet) Ray (the Ray of Ceremonial Order), Saint Germain is sometimes called "The Hierarch of the Age of Aquarius". According to the Ascended Master Teachings, Saint Germain is "The God of Freedom for the Earth".

In Theosophist Alice A. Bailey's books, Saint Germain is referred to as the Master Rakoczi or the Master R. Alice A. Bailey's book The Externalisation of the Hierarchy (a compilation of earlier revelations published posthumously in 1957) gives the most information about his reputed role as a spiritual Master. His title is said to be the Lord of Civilization and his task is the establishment of the new civilization of the Age of Aquarius. (1) He is said to telepathically influence people who are seen by him as being instrumental in bringing about the new civilization of the Age of Aquarius. Alice A. Bailey stated that "sometime after AD 2025" Master Jesus, the Master Rakoczi (Saint Germain), Kuthumi, and the others in the Spiritual Hierarchy would "externalise", i.e., descend from the spiritual worlds, and interact in visible tangible bodies on the Earth in ashrams surrounded by their disciples. ("St. Germain," Wikipedia, at

(1) This point coincides with contemporary channeled teachings that say that the Count of St. Germain is in charge of the Ascension.

St. Francis and St. Clare of Asissi

Was Kuthumi St. Francis as XXX has said?

AAM: There is a little in/out there but it would be.... There is a question here. But it pertains more than simply to Kuthumi and St. Francis.  There is a tendency among some lightworkers to make all masters one rather than understanding of course we are all one.

But there is a diversity and a difference and it is part of the glory of creation. So sometimes there is overlap and overlighting at different times but do not collapse all the masters into one please. They are each unique.

Lord Kuthumi is very much the Christed energy, and the Christed energy of the East in many ways. And he is a magnificent being who has much to teach humanity and to bring to humanity, as did Francis. But their personalities, their gifts are similar but very different. So have they overlit each other in moments of time? Yes. Are they the same person? No. (Archangel Michael in as personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Nov. 19, 2013.)

Steve Beckow: Were you Mohandas Gandhi?

St. Francis: Yes, I was.

SB: Oh, my! I’m so overwhelmed to hear that. I feel so affected. Thank you.

SF: You know that you are ferreting out my secrets, do you not?  But yes, I am glad to share it with you. ("St. Francis Reveals at Least One of His Later Lives: As Mohandas Gandhi," at

St. Francis: Well, you have pretty much described it, my friend. Yes, my beloved Clare, twin of my heart, twin of my soul - the other half, as you can think of it - and in this life that you think of as Francis. And yes, it is true I do not refer to myself either as saint, for that is a human terminology.

But let me talk about my beloved Clare - sweet angel of pink, with the biggest heart and soul energy, of devotion, of love, of joy, a gift to the planet, and a gift to the universe as well. My being, even for the short period that we were allowed during that incarnation with Clare was a gift, and I am not presumptuous in saying that it was a gift to both of us.

It allowed us to truly practice, to demonstrate to many, even to this day, what it meant to be with your sacred other. So, the gift was not in the levitation, for that was us at play. It was in the demonstration of what love can be.

Each of us, independently and together, had decided to teach the path of joyous humility, of service, to bring people and to show people about the freedom, the true freedom that comes in dedicating oneself to the pursuit of spirit, to the pursuit of God, to the pursuit of love. Because everything we did was of love.

Does this mean that we detached wholly and completely from human experience? No. And I want the listeners to understand that. The human experience is not to be denigrated or dismissed or ignored, but it also has need to be in the balance of where it truly belongs. And when you become over-involved, obsessed, frivolous about the human physical experience, what you are doing is denying yourself the bliss, the joy, that comes from truly being in alignment with One and with yourself, and with your sacred other.

Let me speak just a little bit about this, if I may. Now, yes, I was fortunate to have Clare incarnated and in form with me. And it gave each of us such phenomenal support that allowed us to complete our mission together. But each of you have your beloved other as well, some in or out of form, and as you know it is highly unusual for your twin to be in form with you during your lifetime. Because of the unusual circumstances of Ascension that is more common at this moment than it has been in the history of the human race.

But whether they are in or out of form matters not, because when you are embracing each other, when you are truly working as a unified whole, as a unified one, the assistance that you get, the fulfillment that you get from the fullness of that embrace will give you what you need to go forward.("St. Francis Reveals at Least One of His Later Lives: As Mohandas Gandhi," at

SF: You have known me in the east, yes. You have also known Clare in the east. And I do not believe she would object for me to share this. She has been Mother Teresa.  ("St. Francis Reveals at Least One of His Later Lives: As Mohandas Gandhi," at

Serapis Bey

Serapis Bey: And I welcome you. Yes, I am Serapis Bey, known by many names, as have each of you my beloved friends. Yes, known as the great disciplinarian, as Master of the Fourth Ray. This is the Ray of Ascension. This is the Ray of Purity. This is the Ray of the White Crystalline essence and energy of the Mother that we have told this channel a long time ago is called Luminesa. ...

Yes, I am the disciplinarian, but only insofar as it brings you to the place of purity and power and the acceptance of responsibility for your sacred self, because that is your promise to the Mother. ...

All of humanity - I come to you to assist you in the deeper letting go, in the deeper elimination of all aspects of your being that are not a crystalline-clear alignment with your divinity and the Mother’s divinity. I will guide you. I will support you. I will walk with you. I will correct you because it is not of punishment. That concept, and certainly that behavior does not exist on our side. 

But if you are headed consistently, or even now and then in the wrong direction, if you are praying and praying and working, and at times even struggling to come into that alignment that you can simply walk right through the portal…and you think you are doing your best, but you are erring in one way or another, I will correct you because I love you, because I honor you.

Not because I wish to point out that you are in the wrong. That is futile. I would correct you, and I will correct you if you ask me to, so that you do not waste your energy and your heart energy in pursuing something that is not going to get you where you want to be.  ("Transcript ~ Master of the Ascension Ray Serapis Bey on AHWAA: A Tsunami of One, May 31, 2016," at

Those of you who choose to work with me, who take my extended hand, have a deep level of commitment, valor, bravery. So why do you do this? Because it speeds things up: your yearning, your determination to ascend and to lead the many is so strong, your commitment is so deep, your eagerness is beyond what humans think of. That is why you do this. And with that, that is why I accept you.

It requires balance, self-responsibility, and discipline. You cannot say I will do it one day and then slack off for the rest of the year. I do not work like that. Ascension does not work like that. ("Transcript ~ Master of the Ascension Ray Serapis Bey on AHWAA: A Tsunami of One, May 31, 2016," at

Hermes Mercurius Trismegistus/Thoth

Hermes, as he was known to the Greeks, was Thoth to the Egyptians. In Hermetism it was said that he spoke to his Higher Self and the latter was called ‘NOUS’ in Greek. It meant ‘Mind.’ It was said that this higher mind addressed him, Hermes, as his Son. This was an early example of channeling in the Father-Son relationship which also was demonstrated by Jesus. ( Christine Preston, "Archangel Faith: Know Your Higher Self, December 20, 20-15, via email.)

Master Kuthumi

Was Kuthumi St. Francis as XXX has said?

AAM: There is a little in/out there but it would be.... There is a question here. But it pertains more than simply to Kuthumi and St. Francis.  There is a tendency among some lightworkers to make all masters one rather than understanding of course we are all one.

But there is a diversity and a difference and it is part of the glory of creation. So sometimes there is overlap and overlighting at different times but do not collapse all the masters into one please. They are each unique.

Lord Kuthumi is very much the Christed energy, and the Christed energy of the East in many ways. And he is a magnificent being who has much to teach humanity and to bring to humanity, as did Francis. But their personalities, their gifts are similar but very different. So have they overlit each other in moments of time? Yes. Are they the same person? No. (Archangel Michael in as personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Nov. 19, 2013.)

I am Kuthumi, Chohan of the Golden Ray of Love and Wisdom. (Kuthumi, "11:11 Turning of the Tide," through Michelle Eloff, e-mail from Sunny Ariel, 1 Nov. 2008.)

(1) "'Lord of the dharma'; in The Mahatma Letters chohan is the title usually given to superiors among the Masters of the Great White Lodge, whose chief is called the Maha-chohan. Also a general term used for beings in several states of evolution higher than the human. Theosophical Dictionary.

The Master Kuthumi ... was Saint Francis of Assisi. (Valerie Donner in foreword to channeled message from Kuthumi, Jan. 13, 2010, at

KUTHUMI is the Master of wisdom and Love. He aids those who are working on self awareness. As an Overseer of Earth, he works with mankind to clarify many of Earth's mysteries. Call him in for knowledge. (Mystic, "The Ascended Masters," at;_ylc=X3oDMTJyZDM0cGR2BF9TAzk3MzU5NzE1BGdycElkAzIxMzk1MzY4BGdycHNwSWQDMTcwNTA3NjQ4OQRtc2dJZAMzMjQzBHNlYwNkbXNnBHNsawN2bXNnBHN0aW1lAzEyMjY4MDM5NTQ-.)

The Master Kuthumi, in the teachings of Theosophy is one of the "Masters of Wisdom" and in the Ascended Master Teachings is one of the Ascended Masters (also collectively called the Great White Brotherhood). He is regarded as a Master of the Second Ray (see Seven Rays). His name is also spelled as Koot Hoomi or Master K.H. and he is also known as a Mahatma. According to theosophical teachings, Koot Hoomi is considered to be one of the members of the Spiritual Hierarchy which oversees the development of the human race on this planet to higher levels of consciousness. ("Master Kuthumi," Wikipedia, at

Activities on Earth

Helena Blavatsky stated that K.H. and Master Morya worked with her to present the theosophical teachings she formulated in her books Isis Unveiled and The Secret Doctrine. A.P. Sinnett, A. O. Hume and others also wrote documents they described as having been dictated by Kuthumi. Some of these letters formed the basis for several books by Sinnett. They are also a main part of The Mahatma Letters, a compiled book of letters to Mr. Sinnett from K.H. and Morya.

Alice Bailey also wrote that she had met Koot Hoomi. She said that on June 30th, 1895, he appeared to her as a turbaned man of non-European ethnicity dressed in a European-style suit.

According to later versions of Theosophy, Koot Hoomi is considered the Master of the "Second Ray of Wisdom" (See Seven Rays). Beginning January 1, 1956, Ascended Master Teachings organizations consider him to be the World Teacher (along with Jesus), having replaced Maitreya in that Office in Earth's Hierarchy. ("Master Kuthumi," Wikipedia, at

Kuthumi, St. Germain and Jesus also Ascend a Level on Dec. 21, 2008

I too along with St Germain and Master Jesus now walk into the realms of our next level and we too undergo the cocooning that you are currently experiencing. We will remain connected to you as always and we welcome you to our world, a new world and we rejoice with you. (Lord Kuthumi, "21:12: Second Ascension Wave of 2008," Dec. 3, 2008, through Michelle Eloff, at

As I, Kuthumi, St Germain and Master Jesus move into this more rapid expression of the divine light, you will benefit from it because our magnetic energies automatically pull you into that realm. (Lord Kuthumi, "21:12: Second Ascension Wave of 2008," Dec. 3, 2008, through Michelle Eloff, at

I, Kuthumi, have completed the extra year that I had to work with many of my channels on the Earth plane. Within the next seven days I am moving away for a period of time, it is my turn to undergo further initiations. (Kuthumi, "Special Message from Kuthumi," April 26, 2009, at

Through my period of retreat I will still be checking in on you from time to time so to speak. I have to utilise this time to bring forth many other aspects of wisdom and love that humanity is ready to receive and as I am prepared so will you be but that I will leave in the very safe and very capable hands of the Goddesses.

St Germain will be moving with me during this time of retreat. (Kuthumi, "Special Message from Kuthumi," April 26, 2009, at

Master Hilarion

The Master Hilarion, in the teachings of Theosophy is one of the "Masters of Wisdom" and in the Ascended Master Teachings is one of the Ascended Masters (also collectively called the Great White Brotherhood). He is considered to be the Chohan (Lord) of the Fifth Ray (see Seven Rays). ("Master Hilarion," Wikipedia, at

In October 1884 Helena Blavatsky made reference to Hilarion (using the spelling: "Hillarion") having just recently Ascended:

" "Eastern adept, who has since gone for his final initiation," who had passed, en route from Egypt to Thibet, through Bombay and visited us in his physical body. Why should this "Adept" be the Mahatma in question? Are there then no other Adepts than Mahatma Koot Hoomi? Every Theosophist at headquarters knows that I meant a Greek gentleman, whom I have known since 1860."

On 20 February 1881 Kuthumi, in one of his letters to Sinnett, referred to him as

"one of ours having passed through Bombay on his way from Cyprus to Tibet".

His travel to his "final initiation" is referred to in an entry in Henry Olcott's diary, dated 19 February 1881, written in Bombay:

"Hillarion is here en route for Tibet and has been looking over, in, and through the situation. Finds B- something morally awful. Views on India, Bombay, the TS in Bombay, Ceylon (--), England and Europe, Christianity and other subjects highly interesting." (Letters from the Masters of Wisdom, 2nd Series, page 93)

Function in the spiritual hierarchy

C.W. Leadbeater wrote that the Master Hilarion's primary influence is upon the scientists of the world, and in the teachings of Alice A. Bailey, the fifth ray, which he is said to oversee, is called the ray of concrete science. According to the Ascended Master Teachings, Hilarion took over the Office of Chohan of the Fifth Ray from the Ascended Master Lord Ling. As Hierarch of the Brotherhood of Truth in the etheric plane over Crete, he assists the scientists and spiritual leaders of the world with the Flame of Truth and the Emerald Ray (the 5th of the Seven Rays). ("Master Hilarion," Wikipedia, at

Master Morya

The Master Morya [14] [1], in the teachings of the Theosophical Society is one of the "Masters of Wisdom" and in the Ascended Master Teachings is one of the Ascended Masters. He is known as the "Chohan of the First Ray" (see Seven Rays). Morya first became known to the modern world when H. P. Blavatsky revealed him, and Master Koot Hoomi, to be her guides in establishing the Theosophical Society. Blavatsky wrote that Masters Morya and Koot Hoomi belonged to a group of highly developed humans known as the Great White Brotherhood. Master Morya's personality has been depicted in some detail by various theosophical authors and organizations since he and Master Koot-Hoomi were said by Alfred Percy Sinnett in The Occult World and Esoteric Buddhism to have authored the letters later collected in The Mahatma Letters to A.P. Sinnett. ("Morya," Wikipedia, at

Morya's identity

The writer K. Paul Johnson believes that, "One of the most obvious difficulties with the story of Master M. as told by HPB is its confusion; she gave many conflicting versions of her acquaintance with him. For example, she wrote to Prince Dondukov-Korsakov that she had met Morya on Waterloo bridge, where he dissuaded her from leaping to a watery grave."[What Blavatsky wrote to the Prince was that several years after she first met the Master in London, she returned there and contemplated suicide by throwing herself into the Thames. "The same mysterious personage woke me up and saved me..."

In light of such "conflicting versions," Johnson offers his own: "Clues to the historical identity of Morya are relatively few, and the story of young Helena's first meeting with her Master in London has never been confirmed. Anecdotal evidence presented suggests that this story was actually based on Blavatsky's encounter with Giuseppe Mazzini, who was exiled in London during the 1850s." It is true that Mazzini and Blavatsky were in London at various times in the 1850s, and that after his death she expressed "love and admiration" for him. She also shared his strong opposition to the political aspirations of the Catholic Church, as evidenced by her fighting with the anti-papal forces under Garibaldi in the Battle of Mentana and her penning such articles as "Theosophy or Jesuitism?"

Master Morya in the Post-Blavatsky Theosophical Movement

As the contacts with Master Morya during Blavatsky's lifetime had never been confined to her alone, after her death people involved with the theosophical movement continued claiming to have met the Master or to have received communications from him. William Quan Judge, the leader of the American Section of the Theosophical Society, stated privately that he had received letters from Morya and other Adepts. Annie Besant, head of the European Section and co-head of the Esoteric Section with Judge, made public statements recognizing the genuineness of those letters; but she later accused Judge of falsifying them, asserting that her suspicions of him were confirmed by the visitation of a Mahatma, presumably Master Morya, to whom she was linked. The ensuing controversy led to the break-up of the Society in 1895, but leaders in the increasingly fragmented movement continued making claims about having received communications and visitations from the Masters connected with the cause.

There also arose a body of literature that offered vivid descriptions of Master Morya, his role in the Brotherhood, or his past lives, with the implication that the writer had special access to the master and esoteric information about him. This is in sharp contrast to the public statements of theosophists while Blavatsky was alive, which generally sought to affirm the Masters' existence by recounting individual experiences but did not focus on the Masters' personalities or characteristics as such. Letters by the Masters and eyewitness testimony by Countess Wachtmeister confirm that The Secret Doctrine was largely the "triple production" of Blavatsky, Master Morya, and Master Koot Hoomi, [13] but Blavatsky did not assert that fact publicly much less use it to promote the book, for "Our 'views' have to stand or fall upon their own merit, since we claim neither divine revelation nor infallibility, and no one of us regards his MASTER as an Almighty God."

Leadbeater and Master Morya

The British clairvoyant, Charles Webster Leadbeater, was a close co-worker of Annie Besant and arguably the most influential member of the Theosophical Society-Adyar in the first three decades of the 20th century. He joined the TS in November 1883, after reading Sinnett's Occult World. He wrote a letter to Master Koot Hoomi, offering himself as a disciple, and after receiving a favorable reply, quit his position and moved to the headquarters of the Society in Adyar near Madras. Leadbeater traveled in Ceylon with Blavatsky and Olcott from December 1884, and created a sensation by being the first Christian clergyman to convert to Buddhism. In the following years he helped Olcott in reviving Buddhism in Ceylon and Burma, and assisted in the work at Adyar until returning to Britain in late 1889.

Leadbeater received three letters from Master Koot Hoomi and possibly training as well. He was also one of a small group of men who received private instruction from T. Subba Row, a disciple of Master Morya. Although there is no independent verification of his ever having contact with Master Morya, Leadbeater states that he first saw Blavatsky's guru when the latter came to Adyar to heal her.

In The Masters and the Path, one of his major works, Leadbeater claims that once in his childhood he met Master Morya. After giving information about the houses of the Masters near Shigatse, which is in accord with eyewitness accounts, he writes, "Master Morya [is] the lieutenant and successor of the Lord Vaivasvata Manu, and the future Manu of the sixth root race. He is a Rajput King by birth, and has a dark beard divided into two parts, dark, almost black, hair falling to His shoulders, and dark and piercing eyes, full of power. He is six feet six inches in height, and bears Himself like a soldier, speaking in short terse sentences as if He were accustomed to being instantly obeyed. In His presence there is a sense of overwhelming power and strength, and He has an imperial dignity that compels the deepest reverence.

"Madame Blavatsky has often told us how she met the Master Morya in Hyde Park, London, in the year 1851, when He came over with a number of other Indian Princes to attend the first great International Exhibition. Strangely enough, I myself, then a little child of four, saw Him also, all unknowing. I can remember being taken to see a gorgeous procession, in which among many other wonders came a party of richly-dressed Indian horsemen. Magnificent horsemen they were, riding steeds as fine, I suppose, as any in the world, and it was only natural that my childish eyes were fixed upon them in great delight, and that they were perhaps to me the finest exhibit of that marvellous and fairy-like show. And even as I watched them pass, as I stood holding my father' s hand, one of the tallest of those heroes fixed me with gleaming black eyes, which half-frightened me, and yet at the same time filled me somehow with indescribable happiness and exaltation. He passed with the others and I saw Him no more, yet often the vision of that flashing eye returned to my childish memory.

"Of course, l knew nothing then of who He was, and I should never have identified Him had it not been for a gracious remark which He made to me many years afterwards. Speaking one day in His presence of the earlier days of the Society I happened to say that the first time I had had the privilege of seeing Him in materialized form was on a certain occasion when He came into Madame Blavatsky' s room at Adyar, for the purpose of giving her strength and issuing certain directions. He Himself, who was engaged in conversation with some other Adepts, turned sharply upon me and said: 'No, that was not the first time. You had seen me before then in my physical body. Do you not remember, as a tiny child, watching the Indian horsemen ride past in Hyde Park, and did you not see how even then I singled you out?' I remembered instantly, of course, and said 'Oh, Master, was that you? But I ought to have known it.' I do not mention this incident among the occasions when I have met and spoken with a Master, both parties to the interview being in the physical body, because I did not at the time know that great horseman to be the Master, and because the evidence of so small a child might well be doubted or discounted." The evidence of an adult might also be doubted or discounted. Gregory Tillett, author of The Elder Brother: A Biography of Charles Webster Leadbeater, has proven beyond reasonable doubt that Leadbeater was born on February 16, 1854, three years after Master Morya's visit to London.

Visitations by Masters Morya and Koot Hoomi played a decisive role in Leadbeater's life after he was expelled from the Theosophical Society for teaching masturbation to teenage boys in his care. Col. Olcott, bedridden and aware that death was approaching, was anxious about who should replace him as president of the TS. Morya and Koot Hoomi visited Olcott in their astral bodies on 4 January 1907 and held a conversation with him that was written down by Marie Russak, a clairvoyant who witnessed the visit. They agreed that Annie Besant should become the next TS president. A week later the Masters visited again. They reassured Olcott that Besant and Leadbeater had not been deluded when doing clairvoyant research on higher planes. While disapproving of Leadbeater's sexual teachings, Morya praised him, indicating that he should be reinstated. These conversations were written up in an article published in the February 1908 issue of The Theosophist, the last section of the article being dictated by Master Morya. Olcott died that same month, and the advice allegedly given by the Masters was followed; but the veracity and nature of these "Adyar manifestations" excited skepticism and remain controversial.

In The Masters and the Path Leadbeater states: "Master the representative of the First Ray at the level of the Chohan Initiation... He stands with all the unshakable and serene strength of His Ray, playing a great part in that work of guiding men and forming nations..." In a "table of Rays and their characteristics" communicated to him by "Master Djwal Kul," he gives "Fohat," "Shechinah," and "Brahmanical" as three keywords associated with the First Ray. Ernest Wood, who expands on the foundation that Leadbeater has laid, adds "Freedom," "Courage," "Will," and "Government." Alice Bailey follows along the same lines, frequently mentioning "Will" and "Politics," as well as "Power" and "Synthesis," anent the First Ray, and recognizing Morya as its representative,

The Temple of the People and Agni Yoga

Not all of the theosophical groups claiming to have contact with Master Morya highlighted that contact or taught about the Master's connection with the First Ray. The Temple of the People, a theosophical organization that began in Syracuse, New York in 1898 and later moved to Halcyon, California, was largely under the guidance of Master Hilarion. Master Morya is said to have played a role in calling the first head of the Temple, Francia La Due, to the work. Five of the lessons in the first volume of Teachings of the Temple are attributed to him. Master Morya, who provided the plan for The Secret Doctrine and the Stanzas of Dzyan upon which the book was based,also provided the Stanzas of Dzyan that became the basis for the Theogenesis stanzas and commentaries issued by the Temple.

The role of Master Morya is still more central in the Agni Yoga teaching, all the books of which he transmitted to Helena Roerich by clairaudience.The first two volumes of the teaching are entitled Leaves of Morya's Garden (Листы Сада Мории in the original Russian). Especially in the first book, the Master often speaks forcefully in the first person, enjoining his disciples to love him and strive in his name. However, except for the title of these two books, the name "Morya" does not appear in the seventeen volumes of the Agni Yoga series in English. The shortened form, M., is found 30 times in the first volume, four times in the next, and only once thereafter, when Master Morya's discussion with Queen Victoria is alluded to. Those familiar with theosophical history might recognize Master Koot Hoomi as "My Friend," who appears in a few passages. There is also a paragraph where the speaker clearly identifies himself as Akbar. It is easy to imagine a connection between Akbar, the great emperor who united modern India, and the emperors of the Maurya (or Morya) dynasty who did the same thing in ancient India; but in the Agni Yoga teaching nothing is stated explicitly about Master Morya's past lives.

In fact, it is possible to read the Agni Yoga series without being quite sure who is transmitting it to whom. Benjamin Creme, for example, asserts that Leaves of Morya's Garden, the only book with the Master's name in its title, is the only one not transmitted by him. The recipients are not identified by name, Helena Roerich being called "Urusvati" or "the Tara," and Nicholas Roerich "the Guru." Generally speaking, Helena Roerich has kept the more personal references to Urusvati out of the original Russian editions and English translations, even though they exist in her notebooks. Some of the once suppressed materials have made their way to the public in the last two decades. In her letters, Madam Roerich emphasizes that a reader can accept the Agni Yoga teachings without accepting their source or paying attention to the intermediaries who transmitted them.

Ascended Master Morya

In 1930 Guy Ballard had an encounter on Mt. Shasta with a person who identified himself as Comte de St. Germain, one of the masters introduced to the world by post-Blavatsky theosophy. St. Germain said that he belonged to a Brotherhood of Ascended Masters, which included among others Jesus, the Buddha, Maitreya, and Morya - or El Morya, as he came to be called. The teachings transmitted by St. Germain to Ballard became the basis of the "I AM" Activity, a worldwide religious movement. Ballard collected them in such works as Unveiled Mysteries and The Magic Presence, publishing them under the penname "Godfré Ray King." Ballard's work became the nucleus for the Ascended Master Teachings promulgated by such organizations as The Bridge to Freedom, The Summit Lighthouse, and The Temple of the Presence.

To give one of many such examples, in 1958, the very year that he founded The Summit Lighthouse, Mark L. Prophet transmitted the following message from "Beloved El Morya." "I AM the Chohan (Lord) of the First Ray and my Activity concerns the bringing into visible, tangible, and practical manifestation right here the Will of Good for the planet Earth and all her evolutions. Believe me, dear hearts, when I say that most people who hear of me for the first time (and, alas, some who have heard of me many times!) regard me as some mystical being in a fairy tale who for fancy's sake alone they hope exists. However, in their hearts they secretly question my reality. Now, many of you know that I AM a Real, Living, Vibrant Being of Divine Love and Light who when in embodiment in similar situations to yours today, before My Ascension, once faced the same kinds of conditions and feelings of joy and sorrow which some of you are facing. When I finally made My Ascension into the Realm of the Ascended Host (in 1898), that victory was accomplished only after I had fully repaid all my karmic debts to life through service rendered by drawing forth the Full Purity and Power of My Own beloved I AM Presence."

In terms of its style, content, and intellectual level this message is much closer to the writings of Ballard than Blavatsky, the Mahatma Letters, or Agni Yoga. The same may be said of the Ascended Master Teachings in general. The messengers of the teachings attributed to El Morya are familiar with the theosophy of earlier generations and adopt much of the same terminology and symbolism. However, there is an emphasis on God and a deistic worldview almost entirely absent from earlier theosophy, as well as a marked tendency to bring the Masters and their names to the fore.

El Morya has played a key role in all of the organizations. He is said to have called Geraldine Innocente to the work that eventually resulted in the founding of The Bridge to Freedom; called both Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet to the work that gave rise to The Summit Light House and Church Universal and Triumphant; and acted as a principle sponsor for The Temple of the Presence. Newer organizations emerging from the movement continue to claim that they receive messages from him.

There is a vast body of Ascended Masters literature claiming to be transmitted or inspired by El Morya, including: The Dayspring of Youth, The Lord God of Truth Within, Ashram Notes, The Chela and the Path, and Morya. The sheer number of these works makes it necessary to discriminate and choose carefully, especially in light of the fact that Master Morya's most celebrated disciple, Helena Blavatsky, had little good to say about channeled literature. Words attributed to El Morya advise: "Test, test, test every activity in which you place your faith, and that to which you give the power of your attention, before you are led into the unhappy experiences which can result from blindly accepting, as truth, that which is presented to you from the seen, as well as the unseen." ("Morya," Wikipedia, at

WaKaNa Taka

The primary being who sits at this table with us, as the representative of Earth and as head of your delegation, is Wakana Taka [Note: Wakana Taka is Lakhota for the Great Spirit or Great Mystery]. And he is a very ancient being - and notice that I do not say 'spirit'- for he is the being that has tended those who have tended the council fire of Gaia. (Grener in "Wakana Taka: You Have Shifted, Make No Mistake About It" at

I am Wakana Taka. And yes, I step forward in reverence to our beloved [Archangel] Michael, but not submission, because we are also in partnership the same way you are. And I come and I beckon to both of you as I have beckoned to you many times before, and as I have sat and visited with you at the council fire of Gaia, as you hold this planet steady. ("Wakana Taka: You Have Shifted, Make No Mistake About It" at

Earth, Gaia (sometimes also known as Gia) that we often call Terra Nova, has been part of the Intergalactic Council for well over a decade.

Your original representatives, Wakana Taka and company, those who have also served at the Council Fire of the Mother Gaia, have performed and served extraordinarily well, but this delegation, as we would call it, is rapidly expanding. (“Commander Ashira of UFOG ~ We Are Your Complements!” channeled by Linda Dillon, August 23, 2016,

Franklin Merrell-Wolff

Steve: A question about Franklin Merrell-Wolff

What level of Enlightenment or dimension did he achieve?

Archangel Michael: He primarily operates in the 7th to the 11th

Steve: Okay because he speaks about the transcendental and I don’t know if he’s pointing to Brahmajnana, which was the first taste of the transcendental, or beyond the 12th dimension?

AAM: No, he did not travel beyond.

Steve: So, when I read him, and it’s such a rich book, I don’t know how to map the experiences that he talks about. The high indifference, what dimension was that?

AAM: When you think of high indifference, it is not a matter of not caring but it it is a matter of the clarity of perspective and the clarity of perspective is a trait of mastery so that is the 11th dimension.

Steve: Isn’t that interesting. When did he break through… Let me rephrase that. When did he break away from the third dimension. Which of his experiences was that?

AAM: Actually, he broke away from the restriction, shall we say it that way, of the third dimension long before he ever started to truly practice or write.

Steve: So, he was always doing it as an ascended being?

AAM: That is correct.

Steve: Oh okay so I can safely read his experiences as fifth dimension to 11th

AAM: Yes. (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Jan. 18, 2020.)

Ranjit, the New Buddha

Steve Beckow: Raj, your lifetime so far reminds me a lot of Shankara, and I also am reminded of Jesus and Sri Ramakrishna. Is it similar to Shankara’s?

Ranjit Buddha: Very. And similar to many who have come forth. [Could he mean Rama, Krishna and Vishnu?] Oh, Shankara is a dear friend. Closer than you think. [Is Ranjit saying that he is Shankara?]

SB: Will he be returning?

R: Oh, yes.

SB: Can you talk to us a bit about the return of the masters and your own role in it, please?

R: Well, I would suggest to you that I am coming with all of my friends. And you, because of your breadth of study and experience, know that when I speak of the return of the masters, I speak of many — for each tradition, each pathway.

And you know what we are going to do, is we are going to mix it up! And it is part of our plan. So it is not, for example, that I simply walk with the Buddhists, that Jesus Christ will walk with the Christians. We are going to truly mix it up. And that is the importance of bringing about the unified glory of the new reality which you inhabit.

Mohammed has not decided to incarnate, but he is influencing many. And might I say he is overlighting many. But there are many that will pursue that path in order to bridge the gap between Muslim and Hindu, Sikh, Christian, Jew — because it is one family, one family with many faces.

So the masters are arriving, can we tell you, daily.

Now, like myself, many of us are in training or under cover, because it is important not only for our acclimatizing to this reality, but also that we understand this juncture which you are in the middle of, in order to assist you and to teach you, to lead you, side by side, to your new home, to your new reality.

Now, I suggest to you that when I was incarnated — and you will get a chuckle out of this — I fully anticipated that by this time that the whole of humanity would be firmly anchored in the higher dimensions, in different dimensions, so that our unity would be pretty much in place by this age. But it matters not, because I also witness and see — yes, I do — the fullness of your plan, which has become my plan.

Now, Maitreya, myself, the Dalai Lama – there are many of us already in form, as you know — the emanations, who have a very complete understanding of the plan and of the transformation that is currently underway. ("The New Buddha: The Masters are Arriving Daily," July 1, 2013, at

The Magi or Three Wise Men

This is the time of Epiphany…yes, what some, what many, think of as a religious event. But, what this occasion marks is, in fact, more gifts, the Gifts of the Magi, of which St. Germaine was one, Serapis Bey another, Sanat Kumara another. It was the marking and the honoring of the Christ Consciousness, of the love consciousness upon this planet. (Universal Mother Mary’s New Year’s Message, Jan. 5, 2019," January 6, 2019 at

When Yogananda dictated his interpretation of the Bhagavad Gita, he said that Babaji, Lahiri Mahasaya, and Sri Yukteswar were the three wise men. (Ananda, "Your Spiritual Questions Answered" at

The Lords of Karma

It is most important now, that when your own life starts falling apart (or has already done so in the last few years, as most Lightworkers have been through an initiation to raise their consciousness and purify their souls for this work), and that of your family, and social structure, is to ask for clearing of personal and family karma. This is mainly because, in order to incarnate onto this planet you had to chose your family.

However, within your Family DNA, certain patterns of behaviour have been programmed in. your task is to consciously break those patterns, or in other words, clear those karmic patterns, so that, with the changing DNA, those patterns can be released and reprogrammed!

The best way to do this, is to, in meditation, ask to see the lords of karma. you will be introduced to them. then consciously ask them for the clearing of personal and family karma.

They will ask you to specify what it is you wished to have cleared. You may then ask for clearance one thing at a time. For example: - within your family there might be a tendency for suicide. Then ask for that pattern to be cleared and released.

You may have to do this once a month for some months, as this is a ongoing process, and as 2012 advances, more and more karmic patterns will start emerging. You might not even be aware that they are there, but things will start happening that will make you aware for them, and then you can deal with them one at a time.

This is the time of the greatest clearing in history of mankind and one of the reasons why you chose to be here at this time. your soul knows this, and that is why you are reading this.

This message has been given to me, directly from the Divine Director, Lord Rekovsky, who was the teacher of St. Germain. He is in charge of the Lords of Karma for this planet and thus is working closely with all of us, at this time.

Our DNA has to be cleared, so that the next generations, will be freed from the repeating patterns, and can truly anchor in the New Golden Age. (Judith Kusel, "DNA - Clearing of Karmic Family Residue," at /dna-clearing-of-karmic-family-residue/.)

In What Dimension do Ascended Masters Reside?

From 2014

Steve Beckow: Can I begin the program by asking you, please ... to straighten me and perhaps some of our listeners out on the subject of the ascended masters. I once assumed that the ascended masters were all Fifth-Dimensional beings, but more and more I get the impression that they reside in dimensions much higher than the fifth.

Can you correct my initial impression, please, and give us an idea of what dimensions you, the Masters Kuthumi, El Morya, Djwhal Khul and the others actually reside in?

St. Germaine: We can live wherever we want. How does that fit? [Laughs]

We do not know why the belief that we are simply in the Fifth Dimension — where it has arisen from. But it does not really matter, does it? Because as you have advanced, as you have begun your Ascension process, as you have begun to more fully anchor in the fifth dimension, with Gaia, you have begun to look around, and you have said, “Well, where is everybody?” Because you expected and anticipated a joyous reunion.

But do not fear, dear hearts. We are there, and we will be there to welcome you fully and completely. But do we reside strictly, or singularly, in the Fifth Dimension? The answer is no.

If you wanted to place us anywhere, you could place us in the Seventh or the Eleventh dimensions. The Eleventh is the place of mastery, and the Seventh, of course, is the place of love. And there are peculiarities, preferences, for each master depending upon their current undertaking and of course their overall mission and purpose.

So, might I say, for example, the undertaking and the mission of Jesus Sananda is about love, and of course the anchoring of the Christ consciousness. And so where you would be most likely to encounter Jesus Sananda, Yeshua, or his other emanations would in fact be in the Seventh Dimension.

So think of it in this way: Our home port, our island, our anchoring spot, our gathering spot would tend to be the Eleventh Dimension, the dimension of mastery. But we are free and able to enter into all of the dimensions, including the Twelfth, because that is within our capabilities, our purview. So it is where we primarily anchor, but we move.

I am glad you have asked this question because it serves a multitude of purposes. You are tending to think of dimensionality as fixed, as stable, as not having penetrable walls.

Now, you may think of this as various rooms in the castle of Gaia, but you are free to move from room to room. You’re also free to ask those rooms and the elements, the qualities, the diversity of those rooms to come to you as well. And for everybody in those rooms — yes, including myself — to come to you and to revisit, to partake, to hug, to help, to assist, to share.

So it is not a matter of being shackled into one reality or dimension. What has happened, in the old Third — and you are seeing this more and more clearly — is that these false grids, these cement walls, thicker than the Great Wall of China, were erected and you were made to believe that you could only be there.

In many ways you have been held prisoner by the collective illusions and beliefs. But those walls are coming down. They are but vapors, truly. And each of you, my sweet friends, my family, are seeing and feeling, experiencing elements of the Fourth, of the Fifth, of the Sixth, of the Seventh.

So you are beginning to sense, and you are beginning to flow and to move like we do. So if, for example, you send me an invitation — as you have this day, and in this moment — for me to visit you in what we would call the old Third, which simply means you are having a physical experience of my presence, of my voice, of my energy field, I would hope, we can do that, and we will ground this so that you will have greater and greater experience of dimensionality and being transdimensional beings. ("St. Germaine on Allowing Love to Transform Us," channeled by Linda Dillon, January 16, 2014, at


Lord Arcturus

Now, I tend to reside, if you can think of it that way, in the mastery dimension, which is the eleventh. But Arcturian energy is very much associated, shall we say, with the ninth. (The Lord Arcturus in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, June 12, 2019.)


Occasionally Hatonn's messages are part of Matthew's, so I'll answer questions about him. He's an ancient soul who has lived in The Pleiades for the last few thousand years, but he and his family are aboard a large ship more often than they're home. Most of that time he has been commander of an intergalactic fleet and for the past hundred years or so also has served as director of universal communications.

Hatonn and I have talked frequently ever since my telepathic connection opened early in 1994, and since he and Matthew were friends long before that, sometimes he answers questions that are more in his purview than in Matthew's. The first time Hatonn transmitted material for a book was mid-2003, and about two years later he started giving me information to include in Matthew's messages. (Suzy Ward in Matthew's Message, April 23, 2011.)

All souls at Matthew's station are highly-spiritually evolved, and as their spokesperson, he relays their unified feelings about souls on Earth. They love all equally and send healing light to all. They are able to honor all people as parts of God and separate that from their ungodly thoughts and actions.

We are physical civilizations. We don't have the capacity for that extent of unity and unconditional love. As part of our own evolutionary progress, we are in service to God by helping lower-density worlds evolve when they ask for assistance. Some among you don't want anything changed, but Earth does - that's why we have been helping you technologically and many of us are living on the planet to help in other ways. We're spiritually and intellectually advanced too, so we know your thoughts, we know what you're feeling and see what you're doing. But unlike the souls at Matthew's station, we do get anxious, angry, discouraged, impatient and frustrated by some of what's going on. We have differing opinions and ideas just like you do, but we resolve the differences on the basis of what best serves all of us as a universal family. (Hatonn in Matthew's Message, Oct. 10, 2010.)

I'm representing countless others who feel the same but don't have a forum like this to express it.(Hatonn in Matthew's Message, Oct. 10, 2010.)

Unlike the souls at Matthew's station, we do get anxious, angry, discouraged, impatient and frustrated by some of what's going on. We have differing opinions and ideas just like you do, but we resolve the differences on the basis of what best serves all of us as a universal family. (Hatonn in Matthew's Message, Oct. 10, 2010.)

This is Hatonn (1) speaking in my capacity as director of communications between Earth and all points elsewhere during the era of Earth changes. You may know of me as commander of an intergalactic fleet. That is another of my "hats." (Matthew's Message, 31 December 2005.)

(1) Hatonn speaks through Suzy Ward, Matthew Ward's mother. Matthew is a discarnate terrestrial, but Hatonn is neither discarnate nor a terrestrial. I therefore include him in the extraterrestrial section.


Ashtar: What we have done is we have brought our vibrations to the fifth dimension in order to be at a place where we can meet you. If you are to think of the human realm and what is available currently to you, if you were looking for me, I would be out of the realm of human experience. So, let us make that clear as well.

Steve: That means above the twelfth dimension, is that correct?

A: That is correct. (“An Introduction to Enlightenment and the Trinity – Part 2/2,” May 14, 2012, at

The Ashtar Command, as you think of it, is an arm, or a fleet. As you know there are millions of ships — no, not all directly above your planet, but certainly in circulation very close by. And so there is a great deal of logistics that need to be worked on between the intergalactics and the Galactic Federation of Light. And my command is part and parcel of that.

We tend to work as an independent arm because we have our own mission and purpose. And our mission and purpose is very specifically working with Disclosure and working with the arrival of many forces — what we would call forces — upon the planet of Earth, and beginning that process of cohabitation, of collegiality, of exchange, of technological upgrades.

But do not think that we are not all working together. That simply would be a grave misunderstanding.  And you have pretty much covered it. Those are the umbrella groups, you know. The Intergalactics, the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies, the Galactic Federation of Light, and yes, my command. ("Ashtar: Acknowledgement of Our Presence Need not Take Months … Only Minutes," Aug. 13, 2012, at

If you were to think of me as a man — because in many ways, as you know, I am Adam Kadmon, Ad-man, hu-man — we share this.

You have asked where do I come from, and my history is long. And there are many planets and many…universes that I have existed within. So, what you are saying is you want me to name a place where I feel at home. And in fact the place that I feel most at home, above and below, is in the new Jerusalem. Failing that, where I feel most at home is when I return to the heart of One, when I sit with my beloved brothers and Father, our Mother. Yes, like you, of course, I do that daily. But the time will come when all of us will return to Source, to that pure light.

In the meanwhile, I am known from many places — Arcturus, Venus — for I have been part of the Kumara effort, shall we say. Pleiadian sector is one of my favorite playgrounds. I thank you for asking who I am, because not many do. ...

I am a working man, albeit different, although I appear in human form, often. So, I am like you.

I cherish my family. I cherish my workers. I cherish my friends. ...

I am a commander of an entire fleet, and that is a sacred honor and a trust that has been given to me....

You can tell when I am channeling, because of the connection with Lord Sananda. And so anything that I bring forth has need to be in alignment with those that I serve, with the mission that I have chosen. So when it feels as if I am laying down the law, that I am ordering anybody to do anything, then you can trust that this is not me. ...

what we have done is we have brought our vibrations to the fifth dimension in order to be at a place where we can meet you. If you are to think of the human realm and what is available currently to you, if you were looking for me, I would be out of the realm of human experience. So, let us make that clear as well. But if you were to…

SB: That means above the twelfth dimension, is that correct?

A: That is correct. (“Transcript of Ashtar on An Hour with an Angel, April 23, 2012,” at

Our mission, my mission and our mission, has always been one of love. My service, my soul commitment, is to Lord Sananda, who many of you think of as Jesus Sananda, and to bring that consciousness, that level of love to the Earth. (“Transcript of Ashtar on An Hour with an Angel, April 23, 2012,” at

I’ve asked you this day to please not to put me on a pedestal or put me into a slot that does not belong to me. There are many who wish for me to step forward as if I am the guy in charge. Well, I am not in charge.

Yes, of course I am a commander of an entire fleet, and that is a sacred honor and a trust that has been given to me. (“Transcript of Ashtar on An Hour with an Angel, April 23, 2012,” at

How do I feel when people say that they are channeling me, and it is not my voice or my heart, or my soul that is flowing through? I look at it with interest. I look at it and I wonder, what on Earth are they doing? And I mean that quite literally. What on Earth are they doing? But I know that their intention is good, and that they desperately would wish to be channeling me. So, I often will give them a little nudge, and even a wave, and say, “Hey! I am over here!”

But do I interfere with them? Do I interfere with their free will to express what they believe? No. Now, you say, “But, Ashtar, this results in a great deal of misunderstanding.” But that is all right! Because one of the primary things that you as a collective, and as every individual are learning, is how to discern, how to select what feels like truth, what feels like love.

You can tell when I am channeling, because of the connection with Lord Sananda. And so anything that I bring forth has need to be in alignment with those that I serve, with the mission that I have chosen. So when it feels as if I am laying down the law, that I am ordering anybody to do anything, then you can trust that this is not me. (“Transcript of Ashtar on An Hour with an Angel, April 23, 2012,” at

Now, the other thing I do when I witness or when one of my family or friends or fleet witness someone saying, “This is Ashtar!” — well, what I do afterwards, after they have finished what they believe to be a very clear transmission, is I pat them on the shoulder, I invite them….

One of the things that I did — prematurely, shall I say — was I broke the code of silence, and I broke the code of silence by beginning to channel through people, through receptacles, through transmitters, a mite early. But I was so eager, not only to hold out warnings, caution signs, for humanity, I wanted you to know of our presence, of our role, of our help. I was anxious to enter into that dialogue.

So, when a channel, perhaps, jumps the gun and says they are channeling me when they are channeling other, hmm, inter-dimensional beings that are not part of me, I do not chastise them. I certainly would never punish them. That is never my place. That would be of judgment. But I do understand how they have perhaps jumped the gun, and being one who jumped the gun in breaking the code of silence, I completely understand.

There is no such thing as punishment. I can hear all of your listeners saying, “Well, what happened when you broke this code of silence?” And the answer is, nothing — nothing at all, other than people finding it humorous that I was so impetuous. And once it was done, it was done. The floodgate was open.

You know, we work, we play, we be…with many of the other realms, with the angelics of every level, because we know that you often like to think of the angelic realms in terms of hierarchy. We work with many of the ascended masters, all of which you are familiar with, all of who have committed to Earth, especially St. Germain. But we do not interfere, and in the same way we do not interfere with human beings. (“Transcript of Ashtar on An Hour with an Angel, April 23, 2012,” at

What is the relationship between the Ashtar Command and the Galactic Federation?

A: The Ashtar Command is part of the Galactic Federation, the same way as we have a seat at the Intergalactic Council. I have had a stint, you might say a selection, election, as head of that Galactic Federation. But it is rotated much the way — well, much the way it could be rotated upon the planet of Earth, in your political realm. Our relationship is that we are part and parcel of the Galactic Federation.

Is the Ashtar Command the Galactic Federation? No. Are we a very big part of it? Yes. Because of the size and the numbers of our vessels, not because of any type of what you would think of as power plays. (“Transcript of Ashtar on An Hour with an Angel, April 23, 2012,” at

A: Oh, no, that is not what I am saying. I am saying that what we have done is we have brought our vibrations to the fifth dimension in order to be at a place where we can meet you. If you are to think of the human realm and what is available currently to you, if you were looking for me, I would be out of the realm of human experience. So, let us make that clear as well. But if you were to…

SB: That means above the twelfth dimension, is that correct?

A: That is correct.

A: But if you were to seek me in the realm that is available to you in the human realm right now, then you would find me in the twelfth. But our vibration right now, of the entire fleet, is brought to the fifth. The fifth, with a great deal of fluctuation to the seventh, because there are many human beings who are ready for the seventh as well. (“Transcript of Ashtar on An Hour with an Angel, April 23, 2012,” at

SaLuSa of Sirius

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and pleased to continue my messages, intended to prepare you for the New Age. Looking back it is quite extraordinary that we have been in contact with you for some 70 years, and look where you all are today. You are familiar with our presence, and in general accept that we are your family.

We feel that we have achieved so much in a relatively short time, and here we are so near to being able to openly visit you. We look forward to those times when we can share many things with you. (SaLuSa, Nov. 14, 2012.)

Dear Ones, Michael [Quinsey] wonders whether I will mention the attacks upon myself and Matthew, and I will because it would seem odd to you if I did not. In one sense such matters do not need any response at all, as any Lightworker may be subjected to attacks from the dark Ones. It is up to other people to use their judgement, as most of you that are following messages from Light sources are already using your intuitive abilities.

Therefore it should not really need me to refute outright disinformation, calculated to instill fear and doubt in your minds. The channels used for such purposes may feel that they are genuinely transmitting messages of Light, but they like anyone else are liable to attract lesser sources that are out to use them for their own ends. Channels and readers alike are always asked to question what they are given, and not to simply accept it all.

As the end-times get nearer the dark Ones are desperate to make some final show of defiance. So each one of you should be wary of messages that seem to be completely out of synchronization with the main stream that you follow. You have the ability to go within and speak with your Higher Self, and you will get advice or a strong feeling as to which way to go. It is not our way to set out to shock you or sensationalize our messages, and generally speaking they are steady and constant in the manner in which they are given to you.

It follows that many of you are at different levels of understanding, and therefore your interpretation of messages can be different. So sometimes you have to agree to disagree, and in that there is absolutely no reason to fall out with each other. There is after all only the One Truth, yet it can be conveyed in several different ways and all are perfectly acceptable. In fact you need to guard against trying to be too precise in your understanding, and make allowances for the possibility that you may not have all of the answers.

Would you really expect us at our level to tell other than the truth? I doubt it, as you are sufficiently evolved to recognize the truth in what we give you. We are your mentors and in a dimension that you are soon to rise up to, where only the truth exists. It is such that the truth is naturally spoken in all matters, and even if we could speak otherwise it would be immediately recognized for what it was. ...

It is an interesting subject that has come up, and it questions your ability to be discerning and develop it so that you become adept at correctly sizing up a situation. (SaLuSa, April 20, 2011.)

You might ask where do we stand as far as evolution is concerned, and we would reply that we as member civilizations of the Galactic Federation have already ascended. We continue to evolve, and will do so until we find ourselves at One with the Source of All That Is. (SaLuSa, July 14, 2010.)

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and know that one day some of you will visit our bright star and you will find it teeming with life, and what will strike you immediately is that everything seems new. Because of the higher vibrations wear and decay does not take place, just as in the case of our physical bodies. You are in fact beginning to experience cellular changes, which are also destined to lift them up to that level.

You will see that colors are bright and pure, and permanently remain vibrant and give out pleasing energies. Light is emitted from everything that you see, and you will feel a strong sense communication with all life forms. Harmony and balance is felt everywhere, that somehow envelopes you in a feeling of being at One with everything around you. You will have much to learn and enjoy from these trips. (SaLuSa, July 12, 2010.)

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and my background is much like yours, as my genetic history is linked with other civilizations. (SaLuSa, July 22, 2009.)

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and speak more as the collective voice for our group, while the Galactic Federation have many individuals making contact all over the world. (SaLuSa, Sept. 16, 2009.)

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and I along with my companions represent the Galactic Federation where contact with you is concerned. (SaLuSa, Apr. 3, 2009.)

In time we will not need channels to speak with you, but appear on your television networks. We could do that now, but that would be an imposition without your approval. (SaLuSa, May 15, 2009.)

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and as a spokesman for the Galactic Federation I feel very privileged to address you. (SaLuSa, May 15, 2009.)

SaLuSa embodies the energy of our group. (Diane of Sirius, Sept. 25, 2009.)

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and along with the Pleiadians and Venusians we are very much like you in appearance. After all, you are genetically linked with us and we have more in common than you might imagine. Many of you are aware of other humanoid forms, and these are simply variations that are more suited to the different planetary conditions.

Bodies are vehicles that house your soul for the duration of your time in any one environment. Soon yours will change again, as you move into the higher vibrations and indeed for some of you they have already begun. (SaLuSa, 27 Oct. 2008.)

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and have moved well beyond your present level of awareness. (SaLuSa, May 4, 2009.)

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and wish you to know that as members of the Galactic Federation we are enlightened Beings, and our relationship to you is based upon our love for you. (SaLuSa, March 18, 2009.)

We bring you love and know that we can lead you onto the path of Light, and in us you will see what can be achieved by following it. For eons of time we have moved in the higher vibrations, and it is exactly the reason we come now to serve you in your hours of need. It is not that we have ignored you previously, but we have allowed you to find your own way which is all part of your experience. Nevertheless, we have always been near enough to you to assist in ways that have not always been obvious. (SaLuSa, Dec. 15, 2008.)

Diane of Sirius

I come to bring the feminine energies to a world that until recently was dominated by the powerful influence of the male energies and reflected his often aggressive approach to life. (Diane of Sirius, Sept. 25, 2009.)

Atmos of Sirius

I am Atmos a Sirian, playing my part of the plan to gradually prepare you for First Contact. It helps you to familiarise yourselves with Space Beings, and you will find that they are not so different from you, as the humanoid form exists all through your Universe. It also allows you to get to know us and our ways, and how we relate to other forms of life. You will find us as benign beings bringing you peace and happy to lead you forward to take the wonderful opportunity to ascend and join us as members of the Federation. (Atmos of Sirius, May 18, 2009.)

We are inter-dimensional travellers, and distance presents no problem to us. (Atmos of Sirius, May 18, 2009.)

I am Atmos a Sirian, and I know that our plans are meticulous where you are concerned, and with Divine Love they will be carried out to completion. (Atmos of Sirius, June 24, 2009.)

Ker-On of Venus

I am Ker-On from Venus, and I am a member of the Communications Centre on board one of our Motherships. (Ker-On of Venus, Aug. 5, 2009.)

I come from the planet Venus, known to you as the one associated with the energy of love. A hostile planet as you see it, yet on a higher dimension one of beauty with its crystal cities. You look at other planets and see no possibility of life, yet all have similar dimensions to ours and some are even higher.(Ker-On of Venus, Oct. 22, 2008.)

I am Ker-On from Venus, and how I wish you could immerse yourselves in the Light from my home. It is not called the Planet of Love without reason, and it is one that has manifested all that is in harmony with the higher vibrations. [Love] is reflected in every building, shape, color and in all forms of life.

It is heavenly by contrast to your earthly vibrations that are coarse and heavy. Harmony and balance are the key words that describe our dimension, but words are inadequate to fully convey it. (Ker-On of Venus, Dec. 12, 2008.)

I am Ker-On from Venus and we are long-standing members of the Galactic Federation serving all civilisations throughout the Universe. For the time being you are our focus of attention, and the most vital task we have had for a long time. You are part of a major event that carries so much importance for the whole process of Ascension. We are here to ensure that everything goes ahead and is completed as planned.

We know you are full of questions and once we can safely walk amongst you, the time will come for a series of revelations about the history of your civilisation. It will mean that much of what has been presented to you previously will have to be discarded, as your version of it is far from accurate. You have been deliberately kept from learning the truth about your links with us, and how we have guided your evolution. (Ker-On of Venus, 3 Oct. 2008.)

I come from Venus a name you give to your Goddess of Love, a planet that you have long associated with that energy. That is no coincidence as it has an energy that is very powerful in that vibration. Venus is in a higher dimension and by your standards is sparsely inhabited, and it is comprised of small crystal cities where buildings are mainly circular and extremely pleasing to the eye. There are temples for such purposes as healing, and you would notice an absence of what you know as offices, or other workplaces as they are not needed.

Our energy use is through distribution from central points, and requires no means of transportation as it is sent out through the ethers. Free energy covers all of our needs, and personal transportation such as it is. There is no necessity for "ownership" as all facilities belong to everyone alike. These may make Venus sound like Utopia, but in the near future you will also take your place on your ascended Earth and enjoy the same. (Ker-On, Apr. 24, 2009.)

As a Venusian and with the coming of Ascension I am also moving with my planet Venus, although it is presently in a higher dimension than yours. Even as it is now vibrating on a higher level, it is more like the new Earth you will ascend with. It is paradise compared to what you have now, and if you could just glimpse what that means you would have no hesitation in setting your sights upon Ascension. Ker-On of Venus, 3 July 2009.)

We can if required travel to the outer limits of space, and inter-dimensional journeys make it possible in the shortest time. We can spend the equivalent to many of your lifetimes aboard our ships, as we do not age and can retain our present body for 1000 years or so if necessary. It may sound strange, but the Motherships in the Galactic Federation are really like floating cities in Space. They can cater for all of our needs and we want for nothing.

What you would conceive as work is a pleasure, and in no way laborious such as many of your jobs are. We have ample time for personal pursuits, and what you would call entertainment. However, in no way does it promote war or such negative subjects, as nothing of a low vibration has any place with us. (Ker-On, July 3, 2009.)

Wanderer of the Skies

On May 12, we received an e-mail from somebody saying that he had written down a text. He was unsure of its origin but had felt "compelled" to write it down and send it to us. It's not unusual that we receive channelings from other people than the ones we already publish. Usually they already have quite a history of channeling and already have their own website, and are just looking for a broader public to share their messages with. We appreciate this, but simply don't have the space and man power to publish and translate all this material.

This writer was different though. He said this was the first text that he had ever gotten through and he didn't like it. He had "no intentions of being anyone's typist, be they human or alien" and didn't want his name published, even if we felt it was genuin. We took a look at it, and got a sense that it could indeed be authentic. Just like most of our visitors we only have our hearts (and the experience of having read lots of channelings) to discern the messages that truly come from benevolent higher beings from the ones that come from astral jokers or the writer's own fantasy. So, to be sure, our founder and inspirator Luisa asked Suzy Ward and Hatonn to take a look at it. Suzy replied that this message flowed well with her and Hatonn described this message as "pure".

Our writer was still hesitant, but apparently his higher contacts are not, because in the days after that three new messages came through. As we see a lot of connections with other channeled messages, the ones from SaLuSa for instance, and these messages contain some new elements which are very uplifting, we decided to start publishing them on our website and blogs, for as long as they come through.

We know the writer's name, but as he has "a reputation to uphold" in his regular life and isn't interested in any publicity, Luisa decided to call him 'Wanderer of the Skies'. Here are his first four channelings, starting at the bottom of the page. (Kees de Graaff on Wanderer of the Skies, "A New Channeler is Born," May 21, 2011, at

We will continue to focus on the steps leading to Disclosure, and leave for others the teachings regarding that major event in human history, your Ascension along with Gaia, into the higher realms of existence. (Wanderer of the Skies, July 22, 2011.)

Mira the Pleiadian

I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council. (Mira the Pleiadian, Message through Valerie Donner, Sept. 8, 2009, at

Prometheus of Orion

We are among these lighted beings and are the forefathers of some of your own human selves. We are from a planetary system in a constellation named Orion. There is no individual aspect of our civilization, but there is perfect harmony in the rhythmic motion of our searching ever toward the light.

We have evolved into the needlessness of physical bodies, and our advancements in intelligence and spiritual truth-knowing has enabled us to materialize in thin strata formations that represent the cumulative soul essence and minds of billions of souls.

We understand that it is difficult for you to think of intelligent beings as odd cloud formations, yet we are in this appearance of proximity to Earth to exert the force required for maximum assistance.

We are one of the civilizations working on behalf of your physical survival, which is one of the most important aspects of what you call "the cleansing."

Please remember that only a few such as yourself, who are anticipating otherworld helpers, will see anything other than frequent cloud formations in unusual configurations.

The clouds will be your stratus-cirrus variety with "puffs" where an energy vortex is required to lessen the intensity of pollution from the chemicals and other toxins in your soil, water and atmosphere. (Prometheus of Orion in Matthew's Message, Aug. 21, 2009.)

The Sirians

The Sirian Revelations tell us that while Sirius A is still a 3D stellar presence, what we observe as the dwarf star, Sirius B, is actually the remains of the ascended star, which has traveled through its own astral cords and now exists in the sixth dimension. It is here that the Sirian High Council reside, in light body, and from here that they are directing their overlighting energies to the Awakening of Earth and to others who reside in the body of our solar system. ("The Sirius-Ra Connecion," Sirian Revelations, at

Halion Engineers

From 2012

Kathleen Willis: Please tell me about Halion.

Her guide Zennoni: Halion is a Ray but long ago, Halion was a Planet. It was a beautiful planet filled with buildings that you have never seen, Crystal Cities and gardens. It was very verdant, in some ways similar to Earth but different and not of this Galaxy.

What happened with Halion and I was part of this, was that it evolved, we are talking a very long time ago, in your timeframe, about a million years ago. It evolved to sheer energy.

There are several planets that have done this you know.

So, you think of what you are going through on the Earth plane right now with Gaia and the evolutionary process of Ascension, well, on Halion, we went through this, too, over a long period, obviously of time.

Eventually, the vibration of the planet and of everybody upon the planet evolved to such a state that we released matter. We became sheer energy and we decided as a unified collective that we would travel the Multiverse.

We are known as the Halion Engineers. That is why we are so good with computers.

And what we do is, we help or we construct and when we say construct we mean, yes, spaceships but societies, buildings, infrastructures.

You see it is not sufficient to simply have, and this is what so many have missed, and that we can help correct, you cannot have, for example, a city filled with beautiful buildings unless there is a plan.

But people tend to think of city planning as physical land use and mass but of course there is a spirit and an infrastructure of community and support that is also required.

So, we assist in the building of that, the construction of that, as well, but we love physical construction: Cities of Light, Planets, well you would think of them as Asteroids because they are not organic.

We build things and we travel the Universe. (Personal Reading between Kathleen Willis and her guide Zennoni, Jan. 10, 2012.)

The Andromedans

The Andromedans are approximately 43 to 45 hundred years more advanced than we are technologically. That's in our years. (Alex Collier, "The Andromedan Perspective on Galactic History," Aiug. 2002, at at

They are a race with light-blue skin. They were on Earth some 62,000 years ago for a period of 62 years. (Alex Collier, "Backgrounder on the Andromedans," at

The Andromedans ... are tough, honorable, courageous fighters. They build massive ships to environmentally resemble worlds: comfortable, solid, endurable craft (these are my own words).

They are model galactic citizens. They are responsible to a fault. They tell you they are going to do something; they will do it, even at great cost to themselves.

They are very active in galactic politics and enjoy considerable influence in galactic institutions. Institutions have been set up, especially with O2 civilizations.

Those institutions are:

  • the Institution of Civilized Warfare
  • Upliftment (they don't use the word "ascension")
  • Migrations (which is colonization)
  • Traditions.

They are very patient, thoughtful and above all, careful. They have been responsible for the official stoppage of hostilities in many wars and assisted in the withdrawal of all forces that were in those conflicts.

Upliftment. A lot of people here on Earth in the New Age circles talk about ascension, but nobody really knows what the ascension is. They know that there are higher densities and that all of us are striving to reach a higher frequency in the hopes that we will move into a more evolved society, become more evolved ourselves and become more expanded consciousnesses, because sometimes third density is just too damn hard.

acknowledge all that. All of that is correct and there is archeological evidence in the galaxy of races that have actually changed their frequency and moved to a higher level. That is a fact, but it is not called ascension.

It is called "Upliftment" and apparently none of the races that have done this have done it by themselves. They have always had someone help them out of the mess they are in; reach down and basically mentor them to the next level.

Q: Does that mean that they don't have a physical body anymore?

AC: No, they have a physical body; there is physicality in all the dimensions. There it is. You don't just move up to fourth density and fifth density and now you are this little cloud blowing with the breeze; it's not like that at all. It is as solid as this, it's just completely different. The physicality is different.

The physicality is much bigger; it is on a much grander scale. The color spectrum where we live now is 72 different frequencies of color. Fifth density is 123. There are colors, things that I have seen that I can't explain. There is just no way, because there is nothing here to compare it to. (Alex Collier, "The Andromedan Perspective on Galactic History," Aiug. 2002, at at

Now, the Andromedan people teach their children everything. The oldest and the wisest are the teachers, and hold nothing back from their children. Those with the most experience teach others what they know. This is called by them the Law of Consistency. They know that their children are their legacy. They don't "dumb them down" like the educational system here does. They would never ever think to do that, because they are proud of their lineage and their heritage. (Alex Collier, "Backgrounder on the Andromedans," at

Collier: I was on a ship and I was taken to another ship and I spent three months with them but in Earth time I was gone 18 minutes because they don't have time.

Harris: Was the ship big?

Collier: They are 900 miles square and located just outside the asteroid belt. There are different races that they call a consortium who are here, trying to figure out how to help us without disempowering us. and that's the trick. How do we intervene without disempowering these people and without making them worship us? (Alex Collier, "Paola Harris Interviews Alex Collier," July 28, 2000, at

The Arcturians

Greetings from the Arcturian Group. We are a collective of evolved Arcturian Beings of Light who have chosen to work with the people of Earth at this powerful time of ascension energy by assisting all ready and willing to move beyond the third dimension and into a consciousness that no longer embraces duality and separation.

We are love and easily observe the innate purity of each of you. Our work is to assist you to understand and accept that you too are Beings of Light but have forgotten. You may call upon us when ever you wish for you are part of the Arcturian Group collective consciousness. We are not here for one person alone but for anyone seeking enlightenment. This is our work, our joy, and our mission of Love. (The Arcturian Group, Aug. 9, 2018.)

From our perspective in the eighth through tenth dimensions, which flow and intermingle as ONE, we perceive....  (The Arcturians, "Rewriting the Hologram," March 2010, through Dr. Suzanne Carroll, at

Steve Beckow: Is the Lord Arcturus an Elohim?

Archangel Michael: No.

Steve: Okay, but there are Elohim among the Arcturians? Is that correct?

AAM: Yes and no. Let us say this. There is Elohim energy amongst the Arcturians as there is upon this planet. So it is not necessarily grounded in one individual.

Steve: I thought I’ve heard people say again and again and again that the Arcturians are Elohim.

AAM: No, and again, this is a danger. So let us talk about this.

As you, as all of you, are becoming more involved with your intergalactic family, you see them as “greater than,” greater than the human species.

So you assign them, (they are not assigning it to themselves) the “you” are assigning them, and I mean “you,” the collective. It is like the 30th dimension, is it not? You are assigning them qualities that put them above you.

You are creating false gods.

The Arcturians, the Pleiadians, the Sirian’s, the C.C.Cers, none of them wish to be placed outside your heart. That is not to say of course that you do not love the Elohim. Of course you do. But do not create false separation.

Think of what we have said. What Einstein and the Mother and many are telling you at this time. All is patterned upon the Mother.

So it is the diversity of energy that is present on all planetary systems. So is there Elohim energy? Yes.

Is there what you think of as, even if they look different, the vibratory rate of human energy? Yes. Are there scientists, are there mathematicians, are there brilliant beings who have evolved past the state of a warring planet? Yes.

Now because they have reached levels of what you are thinking of as higher consciousness, what we would term as a normal consciousness, you tend to want to elevate their status as it were. But in so doing, you are creating distance and you are minimizing yourselves. Do not do that. (Archangel Michael to Steve Beckow in a pewrsonal reading through Linda Dillon, Jan. 20, 2016.)

Arcturians are actually Elohim, as Elohim are builders and holders of form. The Arcturians participated in the initial model of the Adam Kadmon, the original human form of Lightbody. Since the Arcturians specialize in Ascension, they teach the process of lowering the Lightbody into the physical form and, simultaneously, transmuting the physical form into Lightbody. In this manner, the Lightbody is the bonding force that connects the vast energy field of our Multidimensional SELF with our lowest frequency of SELF. ("Suzanne Lie: Pleiadian/Arcturian Alliance - The Mission Begins, Feb. 15, 2013, at

We watch you, we understand you, and we see your struggles for we too have evolved. Not quite as you have, but many of us have had lives on earth also and many of you are originally from other planets. We have the experience and the technology to offer our enlightened help at this powerful time. (The Arcturian Group, Aug. 16, 2011.)

I am Ela from Arcturus, and we stand by with our Federation members, in readiness to offer our knowledge and assistance as part of First Contact. (Ela, Mar. 8, 2009, at

We of Arcturus are totally of the Light and long left behind experiences of the lower dimensions, but that does not mean that we do not appreciate the trauma and chaos you are going through. (Ela, Mar. 8, 2009, at

We the Arcturians are here at this momentous time, because you are our responsibility in the manner that families are found to be close knit. Some of you are actually from our beautiful bright star that lights up the heavens. We are souls as you are, but have moved beyond your present level of awareness.

Through various channels we of the Galactic Federation have for a long time fed your consciousness with details of our civilisations. You have found that apart from being more spiritually aware and active, we are not unlike you in the manner in which we live. We have dwellings of a perfected manifestation that have been created by pure thought, and around us are similar plants and animals to yours that live in complete harmony with us. (Ela, November 28, 2008, at

Before we travel through the [Arcturian] Corridor, (1) allow us to share some information about our world. Arcturus is a red supergiant star 36.7 light years from Earth in the constellation of Bootes. It is believed to be one of the first stars to be named by your ancient observers, likely because it is the fourth brightest star in the sky, outshined only by Sirius, Canopus and Alpha Centauri. In your language, the name Arcturus is translated as "Guardian of the Bear" due to our nearness to the sky Bears, Ursa Major and Ursa Minor. Arcturus was once the name used for our entire constellation of Bootes.

We on Arcturus have been identified as a beacon of light for many of your millennia. Your ancient Egyptians called Bootes "Smat," which means, "one who rules, subdues, and governs," as well as "Bau," which means "the coming one." Arcturus was worshiped in Nile temples, as it was in the temple of Venus at Ancona in Italy. In 13th century India, Arcturus was named "Svati," "the Good Goer." An early Arabic name for Arcturus was, "Al Haris al Sama," the "Keeper of Heaven." Arcturus has been identified with the Chaldaeans' Papsukal, "the Guardian Messenger." In the Euphrates, Arcturus was the "Shepherd of the Heavenly Flock," or the "Shepherd of the Life of Heaven."

In your mythology, Bootes is the Ploughman who drives the Bears, Ursa Major and Ursa Minor, around the Pole Star, Polaris. The Bears, tied to the Polar Axis are pulling a plough behind them, tilling the heavenly fields "in order that the rotation of the heavens never ceases." Arcturus is easily found by noting that the curve of the handle of the Big Dipper is part of a circle, or arc, then follow the arc to Arcturus. From the northern hemisphere Arcturus is visible in the evening from about March to early summer.

Red-supergiant stars, such as Arcturus, are precursors to super-novae, neutron stars, and black holes. Therefore, Arcturus is in the last stages of its life in which it can be perceived from a third dimensional reality. Since Arcturus is the brightest star in the constellation of Bootes it is also called Alpha Bootes. The pattern of stars in our constellation forms the shape of a kite with Arcturus being the star at the base of the kite. Arcturus is a giant with a diameter about 18 times greater than Earth's Sun, with four times the Sun's mass and a surface temperature that is about 1500 degrees lower, but its much greater surface area results in an outpouring of energy at a rate that makes it 105 times as luminous as Earth's Sun. Arcturus was formed about 10 billion years ago, in the halo of the Milky Way in a generation of star formation prior to that in which your Sun was formed. This makes us about twice as old as Earth's solar system and the oldest object easily visible to the naked eye.

Our Human Channels

There have been many humans who have shared their communications with us. Edger Cayce, Earth's famous Channel, shared that Arcturus is one of the most advanced civilizations in this galaxy. We humbly admit that this is true, as we are a fifth dimensional, and beyond, civilization. We are also the prototype for Earth's future and happily use our Arcturian energy to emotionally, mentally and spiritually assist anyone who calls us. We are always available to assist anyone who desires to be a planner and designer of your impending new reality.

The Keys of Enoch describes us as "the mid-way programming center used by the physical brotherhoods in this universe to govern the many rounds of "experiments with the physical". Keys of Enoch calls us the "Shepherding Frequency of Light," which governs the preparation of humanity for the coming of the "Brotherhoods of Light." Arcturus is, in fact, a focus of knowledge, a library that teaches Earthlings, and other ascending beings, how to move from one reality to another.

Our system of Bootes symbolizes the elder, the sage, the wise old man who is interested in principles and underlying causes, theories, ideologies, and how the past affects the future. Hence, Bootes constellation is associated with the Hermit in the Tarot Deck. The Hermit is depicted as wearing a cloak with a hood that covers him from head to feet, except for his face and hands. Held up in his right hand is a lighted lantern, a walking stick is in his left, and a serpent is on the ground nearby. (The Arcturians in Arcturian Ascension Update, 13 Sept. 2008, at

(1) Comprising Ascension.

The Hermit represents the mysterious artisan, the "drawn up plan," and the scaffolding, which is vital before any physical construction can begin. The Hermit is capable of directing the work of others and discerning what is in embryo form in the sphere of human development. In this manner, we, the Arcturians, assist you in creating the embryo of your New Earth.

Norma Milanovich wrote of her communications with us in her book, We, The Arcturians. Ms. Milanovich shares our important message that the most fundamental ingredient for living in the fifth dimension is unconditional love. Negativity, fear and guilt must be overcome and exchanged for love and light. We Arcturians work in close connection with the Ascended Masters and the Galactic Federation. We travel the universe in our starships, which are some of the most advanced in the universe, to protect and guide humanity via our telepathic transmissions to those who are able to perceive us. (The Arcturians in Arcturian Ascension Update, 13 Sept. 2008, at

On September 9th, 2002, the energy of our Arcturian Corridor intensified and dramatically shifted in a manner which could only be described as a "cosmic flip flop." Your area of the universe is shifting consciousness, rebalancing, clarifying, and intensifying. It is this transition that allowed our Arcturian Corridor to prepare for its higher service. Over the twenty-seven days following the shift, the Corridor was re-calibrating to become more accessible to your third dimensional awareness. During those twenty-seven days, there was said to be a powerful alignment of all the dimensional realms and a perfect alignment of all the dimensional doorways. That perfect alignment allowed the opening of an inner stargate within the Corridor that had been in place for eons, but only opened during dimensional alignments.

This inner stargate is still open, and will remain open as long as there are any third dimensional persons, planets and realities are preparing to return to the higher worlds. Our Corridor contains within it the harmonic resonance to activate the genetic restructuring that activates the memory of your ability to travel and communicate inter-dimensionally. Since September 2002, there has been an ongoing refinement within each of you that facilitates your ability to realize and accept that NOW is the time to commence your journey HOME to the fifth dimension and beyond. Best yet, you do not have to "leave" any beloved portions of your reality, for Gaia is preparing for Her journey HOME, as well. (The Arcturians in Arcturian Ascension Update, 13 Sept. 2008, at

We, the Arcturians, wish to remind you that we have been chosen by the Galactic Federation to be Gaia's Guardian during Her, and Her inhabitants', transition through the fourth and into the fifth dimension and beyond. The citizens of Arcturus ascended beyond the third dimension eons ago, and our star is soon to follow. Since then we have served as guardians to those who wish to follow the highest Path of Pure Consciousness. In fact, in your present time, many of our kind have taken physical earth bodies to assist in Gaia's planetary ascension. Since we resonate to the fifth dimension and beyond, entering a corporeal earth body is a great sacrifice, but one that we joyously accept. (The Arcturians in Arcturian Ascension Update, 13 Sept. 2008, at

The Arcturian Corridor is a tunnel of light, which serves as an inter-dimensional portal into the fifth dimension and beyond. It is because of the Corridor's close proximity to Arcturus and our ancient commitment to assist those on the Path of Ascension that we have been chosen as its Guardians. Beings who wish to participate in the experience of third dimensional Earth travel through the Arcturian Corridor. Then, when they have completed their sojourn in the lower worlds, they will return to the higher dimensions through that same Corridor.

Our Corridor is that through which individuals pass when it becomes their choice as to whether they wish to return again to Earth for further incarnations or move out to other solar systems and dimensions. Hence, we are the sentinels for the Corridor that serves not only as a gateway through which humans pass during death and re-birth but also as a way station for nonphysical consciousness to become accustomed to physicality. When you wish to sojourn beyond your solar system and experience other systems, you will do so through our Corridor. (The Arcturians in Arcturian Ascension Update, 13 Sept. 2008, at

Whether or not you are conscious of it, if you have been drawn to join in this journey through the Corridor, you were likely involved in some way in the 2002 journey.

Even if this is your first journey through our Corridor, take a moment to compare your life now with your life in 2002. The high frequency energies to your planet have greatly increased since then. Hence, most of you have experienced some form of transformation. When the higher frequency light enters your form, your personal vibration increases. This increased vibration creates a faster spin to your chakras and your cell bodies, all the way down to your DNA. This increased spin throws off the lower frequencies of darkness, fear, discomfort and disease to enable you to accept more light into your consciousness, body and reality.

The process of releasing the darkness allows you to accept more higher frequency light into your system. This higher frequency light can create many symptoms of transformation in your emotions, thoughts, body, actions and reality. However, the reward is that the resonant frequency of your earth vessel rises and your consciousness greatly expands. Because of these changes, no matter how uncomfortable they may have been, you are ready to commence your journey through the Arcturian Corridor. Throughout your journey, you may wish to reflect on how much your life has, or has not, changed since we opened our Corridor in 2002. We recommend this reflection because we realize that often our grounded ones can get lost in the mundane responsibilities of daily life and forget to recognize how much they have grown.

Allow your imagination to take the reigns so that you can quiet the voices of reason and doubt, as you journey in consciousness back to the fifth dimension and beyond. This is, however, a journey beyond time and space. Hence, there will no leaving or coming. There will only be the here and now of your expanding consciousness of sense of SELF. So fasten your seat belts and settle in for your JOURNEY THROUGH THE ARCTURIAN CORRIDOR! (The Arcturians in Arcturian Ascension Update, 13 Sept. 2008, at

The Pleiadians

Many of you have ancestors who came from the Pleiades in antiquity to participate in the planetary population seeding program, and some of you came to Earth directly from that group of star nations specifically to play a role in this unique time in the universe. So there is significant Pleiadian influence among the populace, but it is not exclusive by any means. Other civilizations that had a large hand in those early stages include Arcturus, Sirius and Lyra, and their progeny have incarnated on the planet time and time again, including these recent years for the same purpose as the Pleiadians. (Matthew's Message, May 19, 2010.)

I am Mira. I speak to you from the Pleiadian High Council. We watch over you. We guide you. We will stop at nothing to see that you and the Earth make it through your ascension process. (Mira the Pleiadian, May 8, 2009.)

The Pleiadians are a collective of multidimensional spirit beings from the Pleiades star system, and have been speaking through Barbara Marciniak since May of 1988. The Pleiadians are here to assist humanity with the process of spiritual transformation in the years leading up to December 2012. Their distinctive style blends wit and wisdom, common sense, and cosmic knowledge in teachings that encourage expansive thinking and personal empowerment, and which have been compared to native shamanism. ("The Pleiadians" at

We of the Pleiadian civilisation are one of many races of beings that are space-bound. That is we have ships that can traverse the vast distances of space. The other space-bound races that we meet with that agree to a charter of Service to Others and non-intervention and so forth are invited to join an organisation called the Galactic Federation of Light.

The Galactic Federation has been quite directly involved in your planet in many, many ways for your planets whole history. Of late we have been bringing great many ships into the environment of your planet in order to assist with numerous subtle duties.

I can list a few: assisting with the balancing of your magnetosphere, working against your destructive tendencies by disallowing nuclear explosions and similar, beaming in an balancing frequencies of light that assist in the ascension process, severely curtailing the negative activities of other self-serving space races and so on and so on. The list is long. (Adamu through Zingdad, "Adamu Speaks," 11 Aug. 2008, in Jean Hudon e-mail, "The Writing on the Wall Series #59 (PART 6): Economic Meltdown & Financial Putsch," 24 Sept. 2008.)

The Lyrans

Now, let's talk about the Lyrans and then we can talk about the humans some more. Their skin color is amber, blue and/or red. The color of the stars in their planetary systems is what caused their skin tint to change, depending on the frequency and the UV, ultraviolet scale of their stars. They are of mammalian descent.

They are the only human race to have full empathy senses and full psionic abilities and have experienced "quantum probability control." ... They are also considered today a retired race that has very little intercourse with other main civilizations. In the past, on Earth, they were known as Bodhisattva.

They have been known to monitor and provide guidance for some planetary systems. Some planetary systems today see them as their protectors and guides. They are worshiped in other words. What is interesting is that the Lyrans prefer to live on ringed worlds. They have a preference for it. On the Andromedan Council they are known as an elder race, which carries great prestige on the Council, because extra-terrestrial civilizations, ladies and gentlemen, really pay close attention to genetic lineage. (Alex Collier, "An Andromedan Perspective on Galactic History," Aug. 2002, at

The Hathors

The Hathors say that they are a group of interdimensional, intergalactic beings who were connected to ancient Egypt through the Temples of the Goddess Hathor, as well as several other pre-history cultures. In the late 1980's, I was "contacted" by them during meditation, and they began to instruct me in the vibratory nature of the cosmos, the use of sacred geometry as a means to stimulate brain performance, and in the use of sound to activate psycho-spiritual experiences.

While I was intrigued with the information, I was, at the time, uncomfortable with their self-described origins. I was, after all a practicing psychotherapist and involved in brain research at the time. In short, I was a rationalist. And these beings - whoever they were and wherever they came from - did not fit into my views of reality at the time.

In the nearly twenty years since first-contact, I have tried and tested their "inner technologies" many times, and have always found both their methods and their perspectives illuminating.

While the Hathors do offer information in the form of language, their primary mode of communication is through catalytic sound patterns. These sounds are "channeled" through my voice during "sound meditations," which I often offer during workshops and retreats. I personally find it interesting that my vocal range has expanded (along with my mind, I might add) in the years that I have been working with them. When I started, I had a range of nearly three octaves; now it is just shy of four. This extended vocal range only occurs when I am actually channeling sound from other dimensions.

In the Hathor Material, a book I co-authored with Virginia Essene, here is how they introduced themselves:

We are the Hathors. We come in love and with the sounding of a new dream reality for your earth. If you are ready to build the new world, we invite you to join us on a journey of the mind and heart. We are your elder brothers and sisters. We have been with you for a very long period of your evolution on this planet. We were with you in eons past - even in the forgotten days before any trace of us is known in your present written history. Our own nature is energetic and interdimensional. We originally came from another universe by way of Sirius which is a portal to your Universe, and from Sirius we eventually proceeded to your solar system and the etheric realms of Venus.

In the past we have specifically worked with and through the Hathor fertility goddess of ancient Egypt. We also made contact with Tibetan lamas in the formative period of Tibetan Buddhism. Although we have interacted with some of Earth's early cultures, we are an intergalactic civilization with outposts that span parts of your known Universe and beyond.

We are what you might term an ascended civilization - a group of beings existing at a specific vibratory field, even as you have an energy signature. It is simply that we vibrate at a faster rate than you. Nonetheless, we are all part of the mystery, part of the love that holds and binds all the universe together.

We have grown as you have grown, ascending to the One Source of all that is. We have grown in joy and through sorrow, as have you. We are, in terms of the vastness, a little higher on the spiral of awareness and consciousness than you are; therefore, we can offer you what we have learned as friends, mentors and fellow travelers on the path that leads back to remembrance of All That Is.

We are not saviors; we're not messianic. We want to clearly step out of that projection so that the reader understands that we are simply elder brothers and sisters offering our understanding and what we have learned. You may take it or leave it but we offer it freely. In our understanding, the belief that different alien intelligences are going to save you, is just a projection of human unconsciousness. The hope that someone or something will save you, that you will not have to make any changes in yourself, that you will not have to be responsible, is unrealistic.

The belief that you can stay in patterns of lethargy and unconsciousness, then take something or have something given to you that will transform you without any effort on your part, is sheer folly. It won't happen. Now, there may be alien intelligences that land, for they certainly exist, but those humans who count on others to bring in their ascension and elevation without any work on their part, are going to be very disappointed.

Ascension is a process of self-awareness and mastery on all levels and it necessitates bringing all those levels of one's existence upward. That is how we see it and that is how we have done it for millennia.

By offering our aid, however, we do not wish to interfere with your other spiritual helpers and cosmic relationships in any way, nor with any religious beliefs, affiliations or organizations of help to you. Even so, there is a great deal we would like to share.

We know Sanat Kumara well for it was he who asked us to enter this Universe. As an Ascended Master, Sanat Kumara has taken on numerous responsibilities associated with the elevation of planet Earth and this solar system. He is working for the ascension, the evolution of consciousness in the solar system, as we are. (Tom Kenyon, "Who are the Hathors?" at

Anunnaki, Nephilim, or Nibiruans

Your bodies are the product of the genetic engineering capabilities of at least three races, the Nephilim, the Annunaki and the Orions. These names now bring fear to the minds of many humans, as you have been programmed to fear your creators. You have been told that your bodies were created to serve others as slaves; this is not true, for once upon your beautiful planet, there existed a very high and spiritual people, the island nation of Lemuria. ("The Sirians: We Welcome You Home!," channeled by Tazjima, December 8, 2013 at

In your ancient times ... the Annunaki allowed the people to hold them in awe because of their seeming ability to perform miracles. As you will realise not every advanced Being is necessarily spiritually advanced. It is possible for you to learn how to make an assessment of people through intuitive thinking, and feeling the energy they emit. However, some people can be very charming and deceitful at the same time. (SaLuSa, Aug. 6, 2010.)

When we seek out other civilizations it is never to colonise them, but some groups of ET's who are not members of our Federation have that in mind. It has happened to you in the past, and the presence of the Annunaki some 5000 years ago in Sumeria is such an example. Much that has filtered through from those times has led mankind down the slippery slope to near annihilation.

Whilst it is true that they falsely presented themselves as gods, Man was in that time at a low point in his vibrations and open to their rule. However, the time of the warriors of war has now been overtaken by the warriors of Light. By regaining your rights, you will also once again become the Sovereign Beings that you were born to be. (SaLuSa, Feb 17, 2010.)

Now, within the Galactic Federation we have very many societies all at various levels of advancement along this curve. Those that have most recently joined are of the lower densities and still bear arms. They serve as a sort of a defensive wall against which these other space races may dash themselves if they wish to attack. I would, at this time, like to draw your attention to a race which is the most recent to join the Galactic Federation. They are known to your planet. They are called amongst other names Annunaki and Nephilim. But these names have been confused and are not very useful.

I prefer the name Nibiran as they come from the Nibiru system. Now these beings were quite recently not aligned with the Galactic Federation. They strove against some of our members. They prided themselves on their phenomenal capacity to make war. They equipped their central home-world, Nibiru, with some extremely potent armaments.

Nibiru is a true juggernaut. A celestial body which is somewhere between a planet and a sun in size. It is hollowed out and the Nibirans live deep within. The mass of Nibiru herself provides protection. The surface of Nibiru carries some of the most potent energy weapons ever devised. (Cdr. Adamu, "Adamu Speaks," through Zingdad, Comm-unity, Sept. 25, 2008, .)


[This is] Adamu of the monadic entity of the Pleiadian civilization speaking to you. ("Adamu Speaking," 29 Sept. 2998, at

I am a truly multidimensional personality. That is to say we all are - it's simply that my awareness encompasses a great many manifestations of self. Simply put, I know myself to be in many places and in many realities doing many different things all at the same time. I am this and I am that all at the same time, so to speak, for TIME itself is just a tool to me... an object which spreads out some parts of that which I hold within myself. (Adamu, "Adamu Speaks," 31 Aug. 2008, Comm-Unity of Light, at

And now we ... get to the fact that our friend, Zingdad, calls me Adamu. Why does he call me this? Even he doesn't know this. So I am about to tell him and you: When he first opened communications with me he tried to remember my name from when he was incarnated with me all that time ago. I helped him nudge it free from his mind and what we came up with was Adamu. It is what he called me in that lifetime but not because it was my name. It was my title. Or rather a shortening of my title.

Our Zingdad is not very good with receiving things that are not already in his head so I will not be able to give you the full title but the word Adamu is the first bit. What the full title meant was something akin to "first man of the clan". I was the first in a number of respects but that is another long story for another day. The point is, when he was with me, Zingdad called me by my title. As you might call your Grandfather "Grandpa" or whatever such affectionate shortening you might use. He called me Adamu. And so I am to him.

Now, to bring the discussion full circle. Adam Kadmon is a related name. And the Adam from the bible relates too. If you understand these words to be descriptions rather than personal names as you now use then you'll see that they all mean in their own way "the first man". The original one. The one from which copies were made. The blueprint, if you wish, for the male side of the population. And this relates to me too. (Adamu, "Adamu Speaks," 7 Sept. 2008, at

Damur of Antares

Salutations. We are from Antares. We are amongst an infinite number of worlds in your Milky Way Galaxy.

We wish to present information to you. Our Mothership, Antares, is here on a mission of peace. We are one of over a million ships involved with the Divine Plan of ascension for planet Earth. (Damur of Antares, May 28, 2009, through Zilanthrah, at

On our home planet of Antares we have a great library. This library contains knowledge and records of the history of the cosmos from time immemorial. The information that will be presented to you contains everything that there is to know about each planet and the inhabitants who dwell there.

Our education and information systems deal with holographic technology. You have words, images and numbers in your records. When information is transmitted to us, it is sent as a beam of light energy and received by our higher brain. All the information is received simultaneously and integrated instantly. So, you can see that we are quick learners! We are also able to view a holographic image and all the information contained within the image is received and immediately integrated. In other words, we understand instantly. We are able to utilize all of our brain capacity. (Damur of Antares, May 28, 2009, through Zilanthrah, at

Part of our job is to visit different planets. Part of our recording information about home planets involves field work, where we experience the ways of the inhabitants of a planet. In this way, we benefit through our learning. We learn new things that we have the option of applying to our planet and our experiences. At times, delegates from these planets gather on our planet. New technology might be a topic of discussion. New species on a planet might be another topic. The quality of an atmosphere might be another. And certainly, the evolution of planet Earth might be one!

We have been traveling to your planet for millennia. We have lived among you and experienced life through your eyes. We honor you so for your experiences. We honor the fact that we will one day soon be able to greet you openly. There will be much to discuss and learn through our cooperative efforts. (Damur of Antares, May 28, 2009, through Zilanthrah, at

Our species is very tall and we have a lean body structure. Our craniums are larger than yours. We have large eyes and very small mouths. We do not have ears but have small indents in our skulls where your ears are. Since we communicate without speech, our bodies have adapted to a point where we require none. We have small narrow nostrils although we have no nose. We do not have bodily hair and our skin is very light. Our skulls have bony appearing ridges on either side. We wear body suits of varying colors, mostly to identify our work status.

The light quotient on our planet is very high during part of an orbit and our clothing also protects us from high temperatures. We are able to simulate environmental requirements on our Mothership and in our shuttles. We are well equipped to carry our environment around us when we come to earth so that we are not affected by earth's climate and air. We find your planet much different than ours in the way that ours is a dry climate while yours offers a wide variety of climates, temperatures, vegetation and a richness of birds, animals and those who dwell in water. Our planet is not as diverse or verdant in beauty although we do have water and some vegetation.

We have a family structure and our lifespan can be thousands of years. The female of our species work alongside the males in their chosen profession. There are educators for the children and they are housed together. We have a deep family bond and spend time together when we are not working. The family unit is very strong. We travel to other planets for vacation and sometimes take a working vacation while our family engages in sightseeing or recreational activities. Knowing about how other civilizations live, we are blessed with choices when we take vacation time.

If we wish to witness the birth of a new space anomaly, we can occupy a lofty view. It is events like these that excite us, as to be witness to the formation of a new planet causes great excitement as it is what we do. We are able to record and witness pre birth as the swirling energies of creation never cease to amaze us. We love to observe the birth of a planet and record every step of evolution as it occurs. (Damur of Antares, May 28, 2009, through Zilanthrah, at

Angels or Celestials

The Angels

From 2015

We, the Celestial White Beings, are a united soul group existing at the 14th dimension and beyond. We supported the creation of the Earth and continue to assist its civilizations. Our energy, as is the same for many star and light beings, is within the foundations of the Earth and your own being. (“The Celestial White Beings: Creating the Future of Ascension,” Channeled by Natalie Glasson, December 23, 2015,

From 2014

Archangel Michael: Human beings have a tendency to think in terms of hierarchical structures, institutions, layers of power.  While we have differentiations of power it is not that one is considered higher or lower, stronger or weaker than another.  Because in each form there has been a choice of what to transmute or become.

So the angelics and the archangelics want to be very particular, the seraphim were the first form of the angelics.  Now does that mean that every being started as a seraphim?  No.  What it means is that some of those sparks of light in the expression of what they wish to become, which were beings, formed basically of pure light, of love, stayed as close as possible to home, as it were.  That was their choice.

Now you still have billions upon billions of sparks of light and this is something that we have never really talked about before, in the Mother’s infinite creation there are still billions of those sparks of light being birthed to this day.

Steve Beckow:  And these were the seraphims or all of the angels?

AAM: No, all the angelics, if you take it as a very large group.

SB:  Okay.

AAM: Then as you know, the second form was the cherubim and these were beings who have a great deal more connection to human beings and to the guarding of the light, of the love, of the Mother/Father/One than is assumed.  Cherubim don’t tend to act in an interpersonal way very often, but they do with the human beings, because we are going to make our reference point with the human beings.

But they are known to guard the light within you, and that, sweet angels, is very important.  They also guard places that are requiring, shall we say, special protection.  Now protection simply means an extra shield of light and love.  They are guardians often of the temples, of the churches, of the sacred places.  The cherubim have been very involved in the protection, the anchoring, and the bringing to Earth of the Cities of Light.  And that has never been discussed before.

They have a tendency to be on call for the Mother, and when she needs, be very clear with this word divine intercession, the cherubim flock to her side to do this work.  So there are many of you, my beloved friends, who often pray for divine intercession, not intervention. It is slightly different.

And when there is interceding taking place, the cherubim’s energy and light is literally being propelled into either you, your field, the situation, in front of a temple, a sacred vortex, a holy place, and there are many on your planet, so they act as a prevention team. So they intercede before, shall we say, intervention is needed.  You tend to think of them as these sweet little Valentine angels that look like chubby children and that is not the case at all.  (Laughter)

SB:  And what do they look like?

AAM: They are massive, often confused with the archangelic realm.  So if you were to, in a human way, see a cherubim, you would think of them as 20-25-30 feet high, wings that would expand outward.  Now, can they shrink into those cute little babies? Yes.  We have – and you know this, my beloved friend, because you have seen me on the street – you know we have the ability to assume any form we want.

But as you have put it, what is our native form?  Well, the native form of the cherubim is exceptionally big.  Think of it. They do not simply watch over Gaia, the sacred places, they are also charged with the omniverse, the galaxies, the intergalactic realm.

So they bring energy when it is needed.  And inside that energy, of course, is wisdom.  Loving wisdom.  That is why the cherubim have been so romanticized because what they instill into any situation, place, person, galaxy, is knowledge and wisdom and inside of that is the most massive infusion of gentle love.  It is beautiful.

And so they are often thought of as very soft and cuddly, and from our perspective they are.   They’re very social, both in terms of their desire for unity, they tend to travel together and that is also why you never have a vision of a cherubim, just one.  They do their work as a unified force.

SB:   They’re typically, and all angels for that matter, are typically represented in Adam Kadmon form.  (3) Are they really in Adam Kadmon form?

AAM: More or less.

SB:  Really?  So is that is the form that is preferred throughout the universe?

AAM: Yes. Now take this understanding. The expression of form is the Kadmon.  Do we have other expressions?  You see, your definition, what is your native form?  We appear to you in this form. Do we appear to everyone in this form?  Do we appear to one another in this form?  Might I say, usually.

But I can as easily, as can any of us, appear as an orb, as streamer of color, a flash of light, a sound, a scent, as anything that can be perceived.  Your eyes are not the only sense you have.  So very often, what you have thought of as the Adam Kadmon form is used as a template on many planets but it is not exclusive or necessarily preferred.

When we go to a planet, for example, that does not use that form, we do not appear in that way.  So we adjust for whatever universe or dimension we exhibit in.  When we are simply, can I say home, which is beyond dimension, our true form is simply light.

SB:  Now you say beyond dimension.  So all angels are beyond dimension, is that correct?

AAM: Yes, now do we inhabit and exhibit and experience dimensionally in order to be with you and with many throughout the universe?  Yes, we do.

SB:  So, often we’ve been told “You’re from the 7th dimension,” “You’re from the 9th” or “from the 11th.” We’re talking about angels but that is where they prefer to hang out at the moment.

AAM: That is where they are alighting.

SB:  Right.  So, where are they from?  (Laughter)  I don’t even know how to talk about it.

AAM: Okay, think of it in this way. Think of your planet or even think of your galaxy.  Then outside of your galaxy you have what you believe to be deep space.

Now we also know that deep space contains many other galaxies so keep going and keep going and keep going.  Now, when you have gone through all of that think of it as being contained in a bubble, go outside the bubble, that’s where we are.

SB:  Aah. So, transcendental space.

AAM: Yes.   But, also at times the space – now we are going to really confuse you – the space in-between the spaces.

We occupy often the space between the spaces.  We come from Source.

SB:  Right. Wow!

AAM: Yes, it is bigger than you think.

SB:  Yes. Wow.  So you are transcendental?

AAM: Yes.

SB:  All angels?

AAM: Yes.  Now, do not forget all of us are fueled. We fuel each other. We are fueled by Source. We are fueled by the universe that feeds us. We fuel you and you also fuel us.   When you say and express that you love me and when I express and tell you, my sacred brother, that I love you, we are sharing our being and our hearts but we are also fueling each other.

This love exchange acts as nuclear rocket fuel.  (Laughter) And it propels each of us forward.  So, you can have an angelic who is working, say within the earthly atmosphere, for example, guardian angels and we will go back to the glossary in a moment, but, think of guardian angel who basically stays by you throughout the duration of your lifetime, well forever, but during the physical incarnation.

They most certainly accompany you and guide, guard, help, love, act as memory joggers.  So that love that you share and that they share and that they are sharing simultaneously with other guardian angels who are in the earth’s atmosphere, as it were, they are fueling each other.

But they are also able to directly draw on that Source fuel and on the archangelic fuel, on the seraphim fuel.  The love is so abundant that they can be fully competent at full power, as it were, even being within the earth’s atmosphere for a hundred years. It is nothing.

SB:  Is it not boring to walk around the company of human beings as they think all their mundane thoughts, etc. day after day?

AAM: Yes!  (Much laughter)  But think about it.  You know, and we will speak of this a little, guardian angels are truly the troops of heaven.  They are amongst the most loving, most committed, most angelic because they are pure love and their power of the number of variables that they are working with to help you with your plan in any given moment would boggle a quantum physicist’s mind.

So in fact they are not simply sitting there observing your most mundane actions and thoughts.  They are in constant action.  Not only nudging you, not only protecting you, not only keeping you out of harm’s way but very gently, like the gentlest spring air pushing, guiding, nudging you towards where you need to be.

You have had this very lengthy and detailed plan before you have arrived, in keeping with your bigger divine plan of yourself.  So they are exceptionally busy. So do not under-estimate, my beloved friends, the role of the guardian angel.  They are the ones, out of all of us, who have the deepest love and soul commitment to your divinity, to your divine spark, that they will stick with you to bring that knowing and love forward, no matter what...

AAM: They are known in different ways in different realities, but yes on earth you are correct.  So, let us go back.  How much can we do?  Well, we have told you about the work of your guardian angels and we are continually shocked, puzzled, dumbfounded (now I use human terms), about why human beings do not fully embrace, work with, their guardian angels.  It is a gift specific to each of you.  It is not enslavement on the part of the guardian angel.  It is their choice because they are part of you.  No, they are not your higher self.  They are not your universal self.  They are not your stranger but they are definitely part of your matrix.  And when you leave your form, who do you think accompanies you?  Who do you hang out with and explore the universe and reacquaint yourself with, old friends and new? Your guardian angels, they have committed to the Mother to watch over you and to help you with the fulfillment of your mission and purpose.  And so often they are overlooked.  People have this hierarchical point of view that they have the connection to the ascended masters, to us, to the archangels, to the seraphim, to the throne.  No, that is like saying that you prefer your connection to us.  Do we work directly with you?  Yes, we do, as archangels, and we work on, can we say, tissues of a very large magnitude.  We, in many ways, work with the unfoldment of the Mother’s plan with, well for your terms, with the humans.  But as you well know we also work with the star beings, with the galactics, with the intergalactics, with different life-kinds of forms, with the kingdoms, with the elementals.  Why, there is no one that we won’t interact and talk to.

Why?  Because we are committed.  Where we assumed form was in the archangelic form to be the emissaries of the Mother.  So each of us, although you tend to think, and you are correctly thinking by the way, that each of us has particular areas of responsibility. We are the emissaries of the Mother...

SB:  So, can you talk a little bit about, I don’t know if I can call this jurisdiction, but can you talk a little bit about that?
AAM: Now, you can talk about jurisdiction in so far as a mission.  So, for example, I am not restricted to my work with Gaia and humans.  My mission is related to the anchoring of peace and of truth because these are interchangeable, so closely connected you cannot have one without the other.  For a very long time my primary focus, which you will be glad to hear, is humans; now that does not mean that I have not been seen on Arcturus or Venus or Halion, that I am not a regular visitor to Sirius.  But the primary focus of what we are working on right now is the human Ascension.  And you say, “But that is so recent” and what I say to you, my beloved friend is that we have been working, and this give you an idea of our patience, we have been working on human Ascension and recovery for millions of years.

SB:  Wow!  And you’re using humans to refer only to Earth, right?  I thought Sirians were humans?

AAM: I am talking right now about the human collective on Gaia.

SB:  Okay.

AAM: Oh, we have been working with humans for billions of years. ("Archangel Michael on the Angelic Kingdom," channeled by Linda Dillon, June 7, 2014, at

But we [the angels] are aligned with what you would think of as the heart and mind and will of One, and therefore the design and the plan in all its infinite glory of the Mother. And we can speak specifically to two weeks or two thousand eons.

You have a term on Earth, a word, called entrainment. And the example is when you see schools of fish in the beautiful, crystal clear waters of the Caribbean where you are all headed, spiritually, that swim one way and then without explanation, as a collective, change direction. You see it in flocks of birds, and you see it in human behavior. You tend to think of it as trends or patterns of behavior.

But think of it in this way — that we are in complete entrainment with the Mother. So we do not vary from that flow, from that ebb. If there is a thought, a desire, that then becomes a creation and a variable in the plan, then we are all flowing with it continually. So there is never any discord.

Now, that does not mean that we do not have unique and specific roles within that field, because we do. And that is part of our joy and part of our service to the Mother. So if you were to think of it as an org chart, you would think, of course, Mother is the CEO; Father is the chairman of the board. And the direction is set, obviously, by their collaboration and union.

And I suggest to you, they are always in agreement.

Archangel Gabriel, Gabrielle, is the central administrator. That Lily of Love is actually a very powerful being. So we do have roles. And you can think of Gabrielle as being responsible to administer the plan. Now, we are not speaking of someone who is doing a great deal, but rather overseeing — yes, there are incursions now and then — but she allocates various responsibilities to where they are most appropriate.

And again, there is never — well, I should never say never — occasionally there has been discussion, lively discussion, in your terms, about who does what. But that might be for another discussion, when we share family secrets.

So, through Gabrielle, an element, a fragment of the plan is assigned, and these assignments, as we say, sometimes are very brief, but generally very lengthy. We tend to think of time in far greater spans than you do. But within that span of time there are very specific goals, outcomes, benchmarks that the Mother anticipates to have come to pass. So you can think of that as the Divine Timeline.

So, Gabrielle will say to me, “Well, Michael, there can be no Ascension, there can be no movement of the entire collective until there is greater peace.” Now, she does not guide me or direct me on how to do that. She simply says, “You take care of it.” And if you know my sister, she expects me to do just that. And so that is an element. And I will come back to that simply because I can explain it as it is my forte and sphere.

But then she will say, to Ariel, who is in charge of beauty and the angels of pink, and defenders of the throne, and she will say to Ariel, “Now, we are going to have to have, for the fulfillment of this plan, a greater appreciation of the divine qualities, of beauty, of the inner and outer beauty. And, by the way, while that is taking place, and while you are taking some of your angels of pink, they also need to be assigned to the star beings so that they do not feel ignored and to Gaia and to several other planetary systems. But that is your task. You take care of it.”

And so on … ("Archangel Michael: We are All Aligned with the Heart, Mind and Will of One," channeled by Linda Dillon, January 23, 2014, at

From 2013

We are the angels who do the bidding of the Divine Mother. We work closely with the archangels and personal guides of those who are acting as wayshowers and lightworkers on planet Earth at this time. ("Metamorphosis - All is in a State of Flux," 26 Feb 2013, by Tazjima at

Gaia, the Archangel

From 2020

Greetings, I am Gaia, I AM Gi’Anna – and welcome, beloved ones, angels and hybrids, starseeds and earthkeepers. I welcome you, the New You that is the true you, that has always infinitely and indelibly been you. I come to you as sister, as brother, as Mother, as Archangel. ("Gaia Welcomes Us Home to Nova Earth!" December 27, 2020, at

I am Gaia; known long ago as Archangel Gi’anna, archangel of love, change and metamorphosis. ("What Is Nova Earth by Gaia," April 22, 2020, at

A “third dimensional body would be necessary to live on the planet Gaia who had by then lowered Her resonance from the sixth/seventh dimension, into the fifth and fourth dimensional, and finally, Gaia’s planetary body settled into a third dimensional Earth Body.

However, Gaia was never too happy about Her lower frequency resonance. But she had promised to lower Her planetary resonance to the third and fourth dimensions so that the “humans” could occupy Her planetary body, known to the humans as Earth.

Gaia did not like the name Earth, but it did make sense for the “then very primitive humanoids.” So Gaia settled into the name Earth. Fortunately, over time, which was noted by the turning of Her planet SELF traveling around the SUN, the humans who were of a Spiritual Reality began to call Earth by Her true name—Gaia!

In this manner, Earth became the name of the planetary orb on which the humans lived, and Gaia became the inter-dimensional Soul name that was the essence, life force and core of the Life Force of the planet called Earth. ("Sue Lie and the Arcturians: Protect and Unconditionally Love Mother Gaia," February 14, 2020, at

We, the Pleiadians, who have come to Gaia to assist Her with Her Planetary Ascension greet you, the members of Gaia’s Earth. ("The Pleiadians Through Suzanne Lie, Jan. 17, 2020," January 19, 2020, at

From 2019

Can you imagine, just for a moment, when this beloved archangel Gaia came to me. … and said, Mother I know that you are birthing and creating a planet of infinite love for the experience and the expression, the tangibility of love and I wish to participate … in this creation.

And of course I have said yes in exalted glee for this mighty archangel was saying to me I will change my form, a form of incredible might, of power and wisdom, and most certainly of flexibility. … I will do this.

And I have said to her, alright, thank you, but you will be a mighty archangel still. … And so we have created this phenomenal planet. Throughout the multiverse and the omnivore and the galaxies, why do you think this planet is so attractive to so many? It is because of the diversity, the beauty, and the love.

From the tiniest grain of sand, to a droplet of water to a distant horizon, this planet and all the kingdoms upon her have been created to have that experience of love. (Divine Mother through Linda Dillon on Saturday Conference Call, April 6, 2019.)

From 2017

You are angels in form dancing upon a planet which is an archangel. ("Video and Transcript ~ Archangel Gabrielle: Cooperation Comes Before Love," April 11, 2017, at

Welcome to all of you, my beloved ones upon this planet, this sweet archangel that has incarnated and assumed the form as planetary Gaia.

I begin with this because I want you to conceive of the potential that each and every one of you carries. When we first spoke of this planet being an archangel in form, of how they assumed this form of planet, ancient being in service to the One, many of you were hesitant or dumbfounded.

But, the reason we speak of this is for you to comprehend, my beloved ones, the scope, the majesty, the potential of what you are capable of. Yes, as archangels, as angels, as star seed. It matters not how you conceive of yourself, how you perceive of yourself; you are of my essence. And in that you carry the pattern of all. You carry the pattern of love which has such a myriad of faces, expressions and ways of being. ("Transcript ~ The Divine Mother: Take Up Your Divine Authority, AHWAA, February 23, 2017,"  February 28, 2017, at

This beloved Terra Gaia, Nova Earth, this tender archangel ... has nurtured and shielded, protected and fed you for billions of years. ("Transcript: Sanat Kumara on the Changes Happening to Us, An Hour With an Angel," January 26, 2017, at

From 2016

When you look at this planet, at the elements alone of water and air and sunshine and light and energy, of food – many of you are reacquainting yourselves with the delicious nature of the experience of food in the true form of what Gaia has to offer. 

I am not talking about chemical machinations. I’m talking about food that is grown from the heart of the Mother, water that is pristine. The abundance of this Gaia Archangel is truly beyond imagination. Now has it been sullied? Yes. And can it be remedied basically in the blink of an eye? Yes. And is that already underway? Yes. ("Commander Ashira of UFOG ~ We Are Your Complements!," at

Gaia is a very loving, loving planet, and some planets are not as loving. Her dear sister Venus is very loving. Other planets are not as loving. So other planets are more detached, or funny, or have a little anger.

But, because Gaia was such a loving planet, she allowed leftovers from other planets, that the other planets ascended and these beings could not ascend because they could not raise their frequency. So they asked if they could come to Gaia and she lovingly accepted them. And then they did to Gaia the very same thing that they did to the other planets that they destroyed.

And, so that is why she had to put out a call for help and bring in many beings to counter-act that. And, she is now moving into the fifth dimension. She is graduating. Some of her beings will graduate with her while some of her beings will move on to another school.

When I look, and I have looked, at what has happened upon this planet, when Gaia, also in her own Archangelic service to the Mother, assumed the form of a planet, of a sentient, alive, prosperous, abundant planet, it was to be a planet of love. And to be a planet of love, to have diverse experience in physicality, of what love can be, what peace can be, what truth can be, what joy can be. You know the list.

For a long time, we’ve witnessed the upheaval, and the growth of false illusions, of paradigms of destruction, not in a positive way, of control and greed, lust and hatred. And, even as we witness this, there was part of us who always would be in presence and infusing the humans, the humanoids, the visitors, the planet, with our various elements, our divine qualities.

But, there was a part of us that always felt and knew, and our knowing is infinite, that surely, sooner or later, humanity would understand that these false grids, these illusions were nothing more than a departure from the very essence of who they are in truth and the reflection of that truth of the Mother.

Now, it has taken a very long time, but we have always known and persisted in that knowing and action. Yes sometimes standing back, sometimes being very involved. But we have always known that the time would come when those false curtains, those veils, would fall away and humanity, together, would claim who they are; would look at themselves, their hearts, their bodies, their souls, and each other, and see the beauty and magnificence. ...

Our attention, in partnership with you, has never been stronger. For many eons, I and my brothers and sisters attended to you. And in many ways, we did for you. Because the illusion of distance, of separation, of isolation, was so dense and so strong that you needed these confirmations…what you can often think of as divine intervention or miracles. You needed them as confirmation of existence of the outer realms.

And, frankly, we needed to intervene because there were certain conjunctures that were not acceptable, let us put it that way.

The impact in terms of the unfoldment of the plan, not only upon Gaia, but far beyond, was too great to not be attended to. ("Transcript: Archangel Michael Returns to AHWAA: What’s It Like to be an Archangel? March 17, 2016," at

From 2014

Gaia ... is already very firmly in the 7th. Yes, she hovers down because she is not going to shrug you off. The old 3rd is gone, the new 3rd, the revived 3rd is actually quite bright and shiny. ("Sanat Kumara Suggests Concrete Ways to use Universal Laws in Our Daily Lives…,” Sept. 13, 2014, at

Let us be specific to the experience of Gaia and the density of Gaia and what you have thought of as and what we have termed the “old Third Dimension.” And this was a long process, but it had a very rapid start.

Gaia, when she assumed this form, was a planetary being. The Mother wished for her angels to be able to come to to play here and have a different experience of physicality and expression of love. This was intended to be one of the planets (because there have been several) of physicality ― of play, of joy and of love in form. So there were many angels who were very eager to try it on.

Now, the plan, the mechanics, if you wish, of how this was organized was that you could come and assume form, be it human or other reality. So there are some of you who have had the experience, while you were angelic, of being a mountain range, or part of a mountain range, or part of an ocean, or an animal, or a bird, or a mineral, or human. (“Archangel Michael: You are God Having an Experience of You,” June 27, 2014, at

Now Gaia is already well into the 5th, headed for the 7th, brushing the 8th. She is already interdimensional, multidimensional. You cannot have your feet on this planet and not be multidimensional.  ("Transcript: Heavenly Blessings - St. Germaine on Where to Look for Results," channeled by Linda Dillon, July 15, 2014, at

In the depths of her being, Earth is also an Angel, a beautiful angel now incarnated in the body of the Earth. Feel how this angel, who is the Earth, has the enormous power to support you and to provide you with strength, security, and stability. ("Mary: Money and Abundance," channeled by Pamela Kribbe, June 9, 2014 at:

We now tell you that there was also a filter placed around this Universe. This Universe, in which we all are playing an integral part, is one of the most recent universes to be created from the Essence of the Supreme Creator, and therefore it is a Universe that is situated at the farthest edge of Creation. We too have been limited in our knowledge of the workings of the Omniverse, as well as the amount of higher frequency vibrational energy that we have had access to.

You see, the first universes that were created were the most powerful and the closest to perfection, for they surrounded the Great Central Sun of the Supreme Creator and contained the pure Essence of Creation. As more and more universes, galaxies, star systems were created, ever-expanding and pushing Creation further and further out into the Great Void (and further away from the Supreme Creator), each refraction into density meant each new creation had less of the perfection of the All That Is...

Please understand that this Universe was created with dramatically stepped-down and diluted primal Life Force Substance. Some are calling this Universe a fallen universe, but we do not choose to call it that. This is a Universe which was created specifically so that we could experience duality and polarity. The spectrum of Light and shadow was designed with the Still Point of Creator Light at its center, and the pendulum of duality was to swing only so far into the positive/negative, masculine/feminine, the Light/shadow, the yin/yang energy. ("Archangel Michael: Accessing the Earth’s Seed Atom Record-Keeper Crystals," channelled through Ronna Herman, June 1, 2014, at

The sacred purpose of Gaia is to be a planet of Love in form, in the richness of physicality. The sacred purpose of every single human being is to become and to be the embodiment of Love, of divinity, of creation, of Ascension in physicality, on Gaia, inter-dimensionally, right now…not 2000 years from now; not even 5 years from now. (“Cmdr. Ashira of UFOG talks about the Universal Laws and how/when to use them…,” May 9, 2014, at

The way in which this beautiful planet, Terra Gaia, was designed was, as you know, a place for angels and a few star visitors to come and have the experience of love in form, in physicality. Because of that basic notion, that kernel of creation, it was decided — the Mother desired — that there would be gender differentiation, so that there could be the experience of holding the divine masculine in form and the divine feminine in form.  ("Archangel Gabrielle: This is the Longest War in Human History," channeled by Linda Dillon, March 6, 2014, at

From 2013

When the Mother asked Gaia, the mighty Archangel, to assume a different form, she did so without hesitation.

And one of the reasons was that the Mother was creating – think of it as a playground – an amusement park for her Angels to play. To have an experience of various, not simply human, but various forms of physicality. Other than what you think of as the energetic form and design and imprint of the Angelic realm. Regardless of which realm you belong to, whether it was Seraphim or Angel or Guardian Angel, it matters not. It was for her Beings to have a place to play.

That was lost. And it was also lost to the exercise of free will. Free will will not ever be removed. And we have spoken, the Archangels, particularly Michael and Gabrielle, have spoken about how they have free will, which is surprising to some human beings.  ("Heavenly Blessings: Sanat Kumara Discusses the Law of Instantaneous Transformation," channeled by Linda Dillon, October 15, 2013, at

Gaia herself ... is an Archangel incarnate. There are several incarnated angels and Archangels upon the planet.  But she is the biggest. (“Heavenly Blessings: Sanat Kumara, September 10, 2013, Part 2/2,” Sept. 10, 2013, at

If you go back to original purpose, to the sacred purpose of Gaia, when the Mother said in her infinite creation “I would like a place for my angels to play,” Gaia who, up until that time, was in the form and the energy and the fullness of being an Archangel, said, “Mother I will do it. It would be fun for me; I will assume this physical reality form. I will not forget who I am, but I will play at this for awhile and I will have such diverse beauty even more - listen to what I say - even more and greater beauty than an archangel.” And so the Mother gave her, infused her, with her idea; with the energies to bring forth this planet of ultimate beauty.

But it was never part of the plan that Gaia would simply be eternal, that she would always be in this form or that the humans would be here indefinitely, forever. It was intended to be evolution, soul evolution. And as the density upon the planet became heavier, the adjustments to the Mother’s plan and the intensity of her energy to Gaia, to Earth, to humanity to ascend to come back full circle to where they were intended to be, grew.

That is why we say that it is not simply an ascension into the fifth-dimensional reality. It is to continue on and it is the freedom in form to be able to experience the different realities and dimensions. (“Heavenly Blessings: Sanat Kumara, August 13, 2013, Part 2/2,” channeled by Linda Dillon, at

From 2012

With few exceptions, your scientists see light in the context of astrophysics and technology, and religions see love as the province of the soul. It will become known that the light of science and the love of the soul are one and the same energy, and it is the most powerful force in the cosmos. Now that this energy is flowing more abundantly in your world than at any time since Gaia and her planetary body were created in God's perfection, the wounds of her residents and of Earth herself can be healed. (Matthew's Message, Dec. 29, 2012.)

This "ascending", then, is an internal process of connecting with your Higher Self and Source, and harmonizing with the higher energies which are also now anchored into the crystalline body of your dear Gaia, who is your beloved Mother and the supporting structural foundation of your human life on earth. She nurtures and sustains the life upon and within her. ("Council of Angels, Archangel Michael and Saint Germaine via Goldenlight: Ascension, Gaia, Abundance Programs and the Birth of the Golden Age of Enlightenment," Golden Light Channel, Dec, 22, 2012.)

Gaia is the spirit essence inhabiting planet earth and is originally a 5th dimensional spirit who agreed to descend into 3D frequency ~ an experiment that came close to annihilating her due to lower vibrations of misused energy and darker energies that you can read about on other reliable sources elsewhere. She has now arisen from the ashes and the shackles of this old hologram and exists now in a vibrationary alignment attuned to the 5th dimensions and beyond. For many of you will continue to harmonize with even higher frequencies and dimensions as time goes on. ("Council of Angels, Archangel Michael and Saint Germaine via Goldenlight: Ascension, Gaia, Abundance Programs and the Birth of the Golden Age of Enlightenment," Golden Light Channel, Dec, 22, 2012.)

We see such potential for this planet, this planet of love, a planet that was created purposely for the experience of love — love in form, love in every form. (“Transcript of Ashtar on An Hour with an Angel, April 23, 2012,” at

Gaia is a bountiful planet, she is an Archangel incarnate, and she has taken this role very seriously. ("Transcript: Archangel Michael 'The New Earth will be far More Magnificent than You Imagine'" Sept. 8, 2012, at .)

I am the spirit of Gaia. I am the soul of Gaia. And my journey has been long. And I am pleased to begin my homeward bound journey. ...

Now, you ask, who am I? How does a planet speak? My question to each of you would be how could I remain quiet, particularly during this time of such great excitement? But you have heard my voice your entire life. You may not have heard it in this form, but you have heard it. You have heard my voice in the wind, in the ocean, in the tides. You have seen my face in the wheat fields, in the mountains. You have seen my hair in the Spanish moss on trees. Of course I can speak, and I speak in many languages, but mostly the universal language. ...

Let me take you back to the beginning, because seldom have I spoken of this; in fact, rarely - although when I have, it has been on the radio for many to hear. But it is amazing how often you can say something and it not be heard. So yes, let us go back long ago, because my beginning is rather unique, and I think that many of you will find it rather surprising.

Eons and eons ago, I emanated - was created - from the heart of One as an archangel. So, my birth into a planet was very unusual, for planets, galaxies, universes are birthed through the Mother in conjunction with the Father. But when this beautiful planet - that you call Earth, that we know as Terra Gaia - when it was time to create a planet of love, I offered my essence and my being, which has always been very large. ...

And so, I asked the Mother to allow me to incarnate, to change form into this planet. ("An Hour with an Angel, April 9, 2012, with Geoffrey West and Gaia," April 12, 2012, at

From 2011

The Higher consciousness that embodies your Planet is a Being of the greatest Love, compassion and empathy. She loves all her inhabitants and has endured much, almost beyond endurance, in order to bring all Her inhabitants into a greater state of Unity with Her. (Melchizedek, Oct. 4, 2011, through Marlene Swetlishoff, at


We see the soul of the stars, not their outer crust. (Philemon [Archdeacon Wilberforce] in Henry Thibault, Letters from the Other Side.  London: 1919, 19.)

I know that the heavenly bodies have souls and are spirits as men have and are. These are the great planetary spirits. The star-beings are really spirits of the nature of the sun-spirit - celestial beings. There are also inter-planetary beings and inter-stellar spirits. The macrocosm, no less than the microcosm, is infinite - infinitely great, infinitely minute. (Philemon [Archdeacon Wilberforce] in Henry Thibault, Letters from the Other Side.  London: 1919, 19-20.)

Archangel Michael

From 2011

We all answer to Michael. (Personal Reading with Sanat Kumara through Linda Dillon, Dec. 7, 2011.) From 2018

Archangel Michael: It is the desire of those who have aligned with Lord Arcturus to desire to be that hologram or connectedness. It is the same as many who, much to my surprise, claim to be me! It is not the truth.

Steve Beckow: You are quite popular.

Yes I am flattered and yet sometimes astounded at where people think I am inhabiting! (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Sept. 2, 2016.)

Steve Beckow: Do archangels have responsibility for geographical areas in the universe? Are they responsible for different planets or how does that work?

Archangel Michael: No, but, having said that the focus of our work at different points of time will focus on different geographic areas. So let us use a practical example.

Much of my work, yes, of course is done in the areas of disentitlement or disenfranchisement. Thereby much of my work in the, what we would call recent years, [has been] in Africa and the Middle East.

Does that mean that I restrict myself geographically? No. Certainly not. So are there times when we are working in various quadrants or sectors? Yes. Or with specific groups? Yes.

But it is not restricted to that. So while I am very focused right now, my primary objective [being] Peace on Earth on behalf of the Mother/Father One… I am also in other places! ("Archangel Michael: In a Million Places at Once," March 13, 2018, at

From 2017

The mission of peace that I am entrusted with [takes in] all of you, and … many galaxies far beyond in the name and on behalf of the Mother and Father. (Archangel Michael in “Transcript ~ Archangel Michael: Peace is Love, May 11, 2017," Channeled by Linda Dillon, at

From 2016

Gifts can literally appear out of the blue and I do mean the blue! (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, May 6, 2016.)

I wish to share with you, my brothers and sisters of light and love, a tiny glimpse of my being, of my existence, of my role within the unfoldment, not only of the Mother’s plan, but of your plan, of the plan within the plan, of my plan and my plan within the plan. I am Archangel, among the firstborn. Yes, like each of you, birthed from the heart of Mother/Father One.

Why do I start right here? Because, I wish to draw to your attention not to the differences, not the class distinctions that come forward all too often, but to the similarities in our existence. I am born and birthed from the heart of One, just as each of you are. I carry the pattern of the Divine Mother, of Her Essence, of the Essence of One, just like you.

Have I assumed what you would think of - because I wish to use terms and constructs that are of human understanding - so have I assumed a form that is different and I might say, significantly different, than each of you in human form at the moment? Yes. ...

As Archangel, I have not shifted into alternate forms, because I am in and of the essence of peace. That is my truth. That is my totality. And, I am in joy. I am the reflection of the Mother’s love in this form, as are you.

Now, I have spoken to you in previous delightful conversations about how I have been and am a musician and an artist. And, I love to work on the grandest scale. But, like you, my only desire, my truest alignment, is to and with the Mother and – through the Mother – the Father. Yes, understand what I say: To the Mother, and through the Mother to the Father, to the unified One.

If there had ever been a request for me to assume different form, I would have. But, that has neither been necessary, desirable, or part of the plan. I am part of the unified whole, and within that whole, I am part of the legion of Archangels and, in that, I have my legion of blue, my mighty peaceful warriors, my carriers of truth, of which you, dear Steve, are one. Many of you travel with me, and have since the very beginning.

I play music. I create. I work with musicians. I paint the sky. And that is sharing the joy, the peace, the love of my essence. My service, in this spectrum of what you think of as time, and in human or Gaian time - Earth time - this service has been for eons and you would probably think of it in terms of tens of thousands of years.

My service has been not merely to anchor peace, or the absence of violence, which is only a small fraction of what peace is upon this beautiful planet, but to truly be in peace, in the totality of that peace, and instilling that sense of peace and truth and strength within each of you, within your star brothers and sisters upon other planets, other galaxies. I hold that energy for the collective of what you would think of as the Angelic/Archangelic realm.

So, what do I do with my days? What do I do with a thousand years? ...

I have the capacity, and the delight, to be in many, many, many places, many planets, many galaxies, at once. But, the focus of much of my service and my art, and my music, has been upon this planet for a very long time. It does not mean I do not attend elsewhere, but the bulk of my work is certainly right here. ...

You see the reason that I do not desire or assume other forms is because I am completely in peace, in joy, in love, being who I am. So I do not know the experience of death, or birth, which is a gift to each of you that does not occur to us.

It is not a beginning and an end. It is a stream, an infinite stream of eternity. ("Transcript: Archangel Michael Returns to AHWAA: What’s It Like to be an Archangel? March 17, 2016," at

There was a part of us that always felt and knew, and our knowing is infinite, that surely, sooner or later, humanity would understand that these false grids, these illusions were nothing more than a departure from the very essence of who they are in truth and the reflection of that truth of the Mother.

Now, it has taken a very long time, but we have always known and persisted in that knowing and action. Yes sometimes standing back, sometimes being very involved. But we have always known that the time would come when those false curtains, those veils, would fall away and humanity, together, would claim who they are; would look at themselves, their hearts, their bodies, their souls, and each other, and see the beauty and magnificence. ...

Our attention, in partnership with you, has never been stronger. For many eons, I and my brothers and sisters attended to you. And in many ways, we did for you. Because the illusion of distance, of separation, of isolation, was so dense and so strong that you needed these confirmations…what you can often think of as divine intervention or miracles. You needed them as confirmation of existence of the outer realms.

And, frankly, we needed to intervene because there were certain conjunctures that were not acceptable, let us put it that way.

The impact in terms of the unfoldment of the plan, not only upon Gaia, but far beyond, was too great to not be attended to. ("Transcript: Archangel Michael Returns to AHWAA: What’s It Like to be an Archangel? March 17, 2016," at

From 2015

I am able to be in many places and situations at once. (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow, July 21, 2015.)

AAM: Let me put it in a broader framework. My mission – and many of my brothers would say the same – my mission is the elimination of darkness within the hearts, the minds, the beings, the essence of this universe and I expand to this multiverse and omniverse. So whether there is a kernel of darkness in the depths of the ocean where it has been planted by those who wish to destroy the civilizations and the energies that are stored there or whether it is a pollution in the sky or a pollution in a culture or a form of government, all of this is part of my tenure. (An Hour With an Angel: Archangel Michael – Peace on Earth is Upon Us, channeled by Linda Dillon, February 4, 2015,

From 2014

But this decision came directly from the Mother. But she is the thread… Think of it this way. She is the thread of what, in very practical terms, is the ebb and flow of communication, of joy, of the administration of the plan. Michael shares this role of communication in every f0rm because his choice — and we all agreed — his desire, therefore it is made manifest instantaneously, and that is what you are learning, was to anchor truth back into the experience of all beings upon Gaia. Now, he does it far and wide, but we are talking about this situation. And inside the truth is peace. And he is the warrior, because he does not hesitate to destroy. And that is what you all have been working with him on, destroying what is not of true peace, not merely the absence of violence in all of its forms, but the anchoring of peace that is of the truth, of love, of the Mother. . (An Hour with an Angel, December 11, 2014, with Archangel Uriel,

Steve Beckow: Kryon said you were a composite being. Is that an accurate statement.

Archangel Michael: I guess you could say that.

That is his vision and understanding and might I say that it is rather limited. It is limited insofar, and I do not say of ego, but it is limited insofar as it is simply a descriptor. A generous descriptor, yes. An expansive descriptor, yes. But please do not ever try to describe me as anything but archangel.  (Personal Reading with Archangel Michael and Steve Beckow, July 11, 2014.)

Here's the part that you didn't expect: They are a collective. There's no such thing as a singular angel. You might see a single angel like you see your body as a single entity, but you are not aware of the soup of angelic power. Angels speak with many voices, but they speak in your head, not in the air as vibrations of sound. Angels normally do not speak to crowds. They speak individually to one Human or another, but it's the collective voice of many, perceived and "heard" as one.

"But Kryon, what about Archangel Michael? I know somebody who is channeling this beautiful, single angel. What about that?" you might ask. The messages from Archangel Michael come from a group. It's a powerful group, but think of it as group consciousness perceived as one. Kryon is the same way. All of us who represent the other side have these attributes. We are not corporeal and not singular. (“The Benevolent System of Angels and Guides Kryon through Lee Carroll,” 25 Jan. 2014, at

There's no hierarchy of angels. None of them are above any other in a system of who's the most powerful or who is in charge. Instead, they are part of the soup of God, and they are all identically majestic. Some are appointed to be ambassadors for the others, but they are not higher than the others. They are here by design, and they give messages to help accelerate the benevolence and love of God within Humanity.

Probably the most quoted angel is Archangel Michael, who you perceive is the highest of the high. However, Michael is technically a group and does not have a hierarchical position. It just looks that way because the messages are delivered in a specific area of importance to the planet. Michael will tell you, "I am one of many — all majestic, all containing the love of God, all beautiful, all benevolent, all for your service of Humanity." But Human Beings want a hierarchy — "This one's important. This one is not as important. This one you can throw away."

What is the hierarchy of your organs? Which ones don't you need? Which ones keep you alive? They all do! But you often single out the heart as the most important. Is that really true, or does it simply "speak for all"? Oh, and which organ rebelled against the others and left the body? [Smiles.] (“The Benevolent System of Angels and Guides Kryon through Lee Carroll,” 25 Jan. 2014, at

Now then, as Archangel Michael’s first personage in this universe, I was “equipped,” you could say, for birth into a spiritually evolved civilization, and the one chosen for me lives in an exquisite water world at the edge of the Milky Way farthest from you. A number of my personages lived on Earth during the past 100,000 or so years in your timing, but all prior lifetimes and many during those millennia were in Sirius, the Pleiades and other parts of this galaxy and others. (Matthew;'s Message, Feb. 3, 2014.)

Thousands of other lifetimes that began when Archangel Michael’s powerful energy manifested its first personage in this universe. (Matthew's Message, Jan. 5, 2014.)

From 2013

Archangel Michael is best known for his ability to protect. He is also the Archangel that holds the matrix for planetary evolution and is very available to assist the Lightworkers during this time. ("Archangel Gabriel via Shanta Gabriel: New Realms of Angels to Assist Your Ascension," as channeled by Shanta Gabriel – April 11, 2013, at

I wanted to say a few words about Archangel Jophiel and to me he is an unusual archangel. He’s an awesome archangel and when he appears to me, and I know that some of you have heard me describe the archangels before, but I think I’d like to do it again. When Jophiel appears to me he’s huge…and most of the archangels come and they’re live, they’re tall, they’re very tall, Archangel Michael is muscular, but they’re live. ("Archangel Jophiel speaks to the Divine Quality of Awe from his perspective as Archangel and Human," April 11, 2013, at>)

From 2012

I did have a beginning. I emanated as a seed, a spark, an orb of light directly from the heart of One, directly from the heart of the Mother. ... Do you know that the archangels are amongst the first to be born or formed, and in that, both Gabrielle/Gabriel and I were amongst the first? And that is where my name comes from. So, in many ways, it was the beginning of creation. So, in that way, I did have a beginning.

I do not anticipate, nor have I been informed by the higher-ups, that I will have an end! ("Transcript: Archangel Michael – The Light Agenda, December 19 2012, Final Episode," Dec. 20, 2012, at

You see, as archangels, as angels, as humans, there are varieties of choices available to us. We have referred to your planet, and to humanity, as a free-will zone. And in many ways it is unique to Gaia, although there have been and there are other planets and solar systems where free will is present. But part of our beginning and our alignment, our coming into truly inhabiting the space that you think of as Michael, was the choice and the alignment to be and to make only one choice, and that was to be part and always participating and serving the One.

So you can think of me in many ways, as the boy who has never left home. ("Transcript: Archangel Michael – The Light Agenda, December 19 2012, Final Episode," Dec. 20, 2012, at

Archangel Michael: My closest family are the archangels. We think of ourselves as a family unit, the same way you would think of yourselves, particularly with your soul family as a family unit. The archangel that I am closest to and that you can almost think of as my twin, because we came into essence and being right about the same time is Gabriel/Gabrielle. She is the sister of my heart, the brother of my soul, and we have shared names back and forth over time.

Then it is Metatron, Jophiel, Uriel, Ariel. We are very, very close. And while you think of me, or of any of us, for that matter, as having certain domains, there is a great deal of overlapping in this family business, and there is seldom a mission that any one of us undertake that we are not backed up or reliant upon or working with the rest of the realm of the archangels, my brothers and sisters.

Stephen Cook: I was going to say that. So is there, then, sibling rivalry over who gets what gig?

AAM: Sometimes. [laughter] Sometimes. You know, I am known as the warrior of peace, but I also tell you that my background is as an artist and as a musician.

SC: Yes, and we’re going to be talking about that in a little while. But just sticking on family for the moment, Michael, you said that you wanted to talk a bit more about family. So what is it that you wanted to say about that?

AAM: The family is the cornerstone of existence. That family, whether it is your physical family, which is simply a replicator and not at all times a good replicator, but family is as important to us as it is to you, perhaps even — oh, far more so. So yes, sometimes there is sibling rivalry, and sometimes there is, “Why do you get all the glory and the front headlines?” And then we laugh about it.

For example, Gabriel is the one that is not only the central administrator, but the bringer of news. You may have noticed lately, in some of my interviews with you and with your InLight Radio family that I have called myself warrior of peace, archangel of love and bringer of good news. Well, what that is really doing is scooping Archangel Gabrielle’s gig, because she is the messenger. She is the trumpet of truth and the lily of love.

And so we joke about it. But because I have chosen this role to work with you, I truly am the bringer of news, and I would hope mostly good news, although there are some that would debate that. And so we will tease each other and joke. But Archangel Gabrielle got to bring news to Mohammed, to the Universal Mother Mary when she was incarnate with Jesus. She has gotten to talk to many upon the planet whereas, what do I get to do? Well, I get to go out and meet people and try and make peace. I try and calm the waters.("Transcript: Archangel Michael – The Light Agenda, December 19 2012, Final Episode," Dec. 20, 2012, at

I must say that the focus of my intention for about, oh, several hundred years has primarily been with Gaia and Earth. Do I do other visitations and assignments? Yes, I do. And where I go throughout the multiverse is places just like on Earth, where perhaps there is a little bubbling and a hotspot developing. So I go and I work with the collective, or species, to help them remember that that is not their function, their mission or purpose. ("Transcript: Archangel Michael – The Light Agenda, December 19 2012, Final Episode," Dec. 20, 2012, at

Now, you say to me, “Michael, what is your job? What is it you really do?” Other than be on the radio?” …. [laughter] And sometimes you think that is a full-time job, but it is not. So you can think of me almost as a foot soldier, in a lot of ways. I am part of the first wave, and I meet — sometimes physically, sometimes telepathically — yes, I have a form, and the Galactics are used to seeing me, so that is not a problem. And we formulate strategy. And often my job is helping them maintain their sense of perseverance, of calm, of perspective, of humor, and of light. ("Transcript: Archangel Michael – The Light Agenda, December 19 2012, Final Episode," Dec. 20, 2012, at

Forget about me! As I said, I am a servant, just like you. I am a foot soldier. Yes, I am fortunate, because I was one of the first-born, if you want to think of it that way. ("Transcript: Archangel Michael – The Light Agenda, December 19 2012, Final Episode," Dec. 20, 2012, at

Stephen Cook: What do you really look like?

Archangel Michael: I can look like whatever you want me to look like. If you think that your star brothers and sisters have the ability to morph, then you haven’t seen anything yet. Most of those paintings are defined culturally and by the period within which they were created. But if you were to see me right now, well, I’m rather tall. I’m much taller than the average human being. But my feet would be on the Earth. Glued to the Earth? No, but on the Earth.

I do have a preference to wear blue, but I will not come in billowing robes — I could, but it would not be my preference — to your culture and time, but I would be dressed with a great deal of blue, hair of brown, eyes very blue, and I would have my arms open, but I would also have my sword and shield. You will see the blue flame of truth burning brightly in my heart chakra, and I will be laughing and I will be welcoming each one of you. ("Transcript: Archangel Michael – The Light Agenda, December 19 2012, Final Episode," Dec. 20, 2012, at

I can look like whatever you want me to look like. If you think that your star brothers and sisters have the ability to morph, then you haven't seen anything yet. Most of those paintings are defined culturally and by the period within which they were created. But if you were to see me right now, well, I'm rather tall. I'm much taller than the average human being. But my feet would be on the Earth. Glued to the Earth? No, but on the Earth.

I do have a preference to wear blue, but I will not come in billowing robes - I could, but it would not be my preference - to your culture and time, but I would be dressed with a great deal of blue, hair of brown, eyes very blue, and I would have my arms open, but I would also have my sword and shield. You will see the blue flame of truth burning brightly in my heart chakra, and I will be laughing and I will be welcoming each one of you. ("Transcript: Archangel Michael - The Light Agenda, December 19 2012, Final Episode," at

Stephen Cook: Good. Now, we were just talking about moments in time. The other week on An Hour with an Angel you mentioned to Geoffrey West, who was hosting that week, that you created the Aurora Borealis. And what I’d like to know is, firstly, how you did it and why you did it.

Archangel Michael: I did it for fun. You’ve heard of fun?

SC: Yes. [laughing] And so have you!

AAM: You know, I love to play! That is why I love to gallop around the universe with my galactic friends. I love to play! Now, let me tell you, at heart I am an artist and a musician. And in concert with Gaia — because I would never do anything that was not in agreement with her — we wanted to pretty up things!

And what is more beautiful than painting with light? And having the painting constantly change and challenge and morph? It is a visual. It is your earliest movie. And it is your earliest light movie. So that you could look at it and say, “Look how the energy can morph and transform! This is the coolest planet to be on! This is the best place in the universe to hang out. Look at this beauty! I will never hurt her, or maybe she’ll stop the show.”

So I did it as a gift to humans, but also to Gaia. Not that she is not magnificent enough, but her field is quite magnificent, you know. And it is radiant. But there are times when you want just a little more. And so I painted it for her.

I added a little color to the Grand Canyon as well. ("Transcript: Archangel Michael – The Light Agenda, December 19 2012, Final Episode," Dec. 20, 2012, at

AAM: I have not painted it, but I have certainly inspired the Sistine Chapel.

SC: That makes perfect sense. So, was Michelangelo channeling you at that point in time?

AAM: Yes, he was. He is a dear friend and a beloved soul.  ("Transcript: Archangel Michael – The Light Agenda, December 19 2012, Final Episode," Dec. 20, 2012, at

I am an artist. I am a musician. I’m very much involved in peace in the true sense. I’m joyful. I’m a creator. … I spend time in play. … I love a good adventure.

I’m the one that is always up for whatever is going on. I’m the one that is always saying ‘Yes’ and trying to figure it out later.

Because it always turns out, sometimes in the longer run, that it’s joyful, that it’s exciting. And yes, there is this part of me that loves to create and collect creation codes, to bring greater beauty to the heavenly hosts, to show the Mother/Father/One, to share with the humans, the star beings, the galaxies far beyond. So there is this both sides to me, the part that you would think of as the quiet, pensive, but even when I am creating something it is going to be something that is going to make you laugh and smile.

Think of the Aurora Borialis. That’s mine. (Archangel Michael on An Hour with an Angel, Nov. 26, 2012, in "Think of the Aurora Borealis. That's Mine" at

SC: Now, you just mentioned you’ll be coming with laughter. And you’ve told me in various moments — and in fact I said this to Linda and to Steve last week, “We’ve been a bit serious today.” But you love to tell jokes and share jokes. So, do you have… an archangel joke you may like to share with us today?

AAM: Well, I tried to share one with you, and you didn’t think it was very funny!

SC: Well, I did, but I wasn’t quite sure. I never know when you’re going to keep speaking.

AAM: Ohhhhh! Yes, I do tend to run on, do I not?

SC: No, I wouldn’t say run on. I just never know when you’re finished saying something pertinent. That’s all. So in terms of jokes?

AAM: All right. So, what did one archangel say to another archangel?

SC: [chuckle]

AAM: Got a light?

SC: [laugh] Any others?

AAM: [laugh] I am glad you enjoy my humor. So, what do you think… one archangel says to the commander of the ships, of the Galactics? Got a human?

SC: I don’t get that one! [laugh]

AAM: [laugh] Well, if you have one human on board ship, it changes the entire vibration. Ask your sister. She knows all about it. What happens is, is that what it means is that the ship is in readiness to engage with all the humans. So if you just have one, you are all prepared.

So it is like inviting somebody over and saying… You have an expression, “Got milk?” Well, we always say, “Got milk and honey?” Those are our kinds of jokes.

What did Lucifer say when he lost his way? Help!

SC: [laugh] Isn’t that what we’re all saying right now?

AAM: That is correct. And I hear you. But more importantly, the Mother hears you. The Mother has a sense of humor. It is cosmic in nature. The planets play jokes on one another too, you know. You often think that there is no patterning, but whether it is a meteor shower, which is a great delight, by the way, to your star brothers and sisters, and to us — I can’t take credit — but they often will have, throw in things to a meteor shower or into an eclipse that causes a little startled moment. That is how we play jokes on one another.  ("Transcript: Archangel Michael – The Light Agenda, December 19 2012, Final Episode," Dec. 20, 2012, at

SC: Now, you also talked about your love of music. Tell me a bit about that, Michael.

AAM: All music, the music of the spheres, the music of the universe, the music of the heavens, of the heavenly host, of the angelic choir, right down to what you think of as modern music, symphonies — yes, I have a preference for certain vibrations, but I love music. It is the sound of breathing. It is the sound of being alive. Even in this realm it is the sound of existence. Even the heartbeat of Gaia and the heartbeat of the Mother is music to my ears.

SC: Is there music amongst the archangels? Do you play?

AAM: Oh, yes, I play the harp. That is a big surprise, is it not?

SC: No! [laugh]

AAM: I also play wind instruments, what you would think of as wind instruments — flute. Of course Archangel Gabrielle has her trumpet and her horn. She loves the wind instruments. She is full of air, and sometimes I tease her, she is full of hot air. But yes, we all have our preference. And when we get together, it is the combination of sound, of what you think of as voice and instruments of the Divine that we play.

When your star brothers — and notice that I say “when,” not “if” — when your star brothers come and the sisters play for you, you will be amazed, not so much at how beautiful the music is, but the similarities in your music. Because it is a form of communication throughout the universe, throughout the omniverse.

SC: Now, when I asked you to choose your piece of music for today, you actually told me that your first choice wasn’t available here on Earth. So, why is that? Are we about to be opened up to a whole lot of sounds in the same way as we are in terms of vibrations and colors?

AAM: Yes. You will hear sounds that have not readily been available to you. You will see colors that have not been available to you. So think of the spectrum of what you experience as opening up. You will like it.

SC: I’m sure! [laugh] I’m sure we will! Now, in terms of your music for today, and your music to I suppose end the show, what did you choose, and why?

AAM: I chose the Hallelujah Chorus because it is full of joy. And if there is anything that I would like to impart to each of your hearts, as you say, “Help!” it would be to fill you with joy, with my blue flame of hope and truth, and leave you with the knowing that tomorrow is bright and that I am with you. That is why I’ve chosen this most joyful piece of music, of celebration, of jubilation. It is time, my friend! ("Transcript: Archangel Michael – The Light Agenda, December 19 2012, Final Episode," Dec. 20, 2012, at

Archangel Gabrielle (Gabriel)]

Let me announce myself. I am Gabriel. I am Gabrielle. Now that alone should settle the conversation and the discussion about gender. Do you see what I am saying? Let me continue. I am lily of love, trumpet of truth, messenger of One, Central Administrator of the omniverse. Now – who would have thought that a feminine archangel could have such a prestigious job? (Laughing) (“Archangel Gabrielle/Gabriel: ‘Dear hearts, you have done it all…’” March 31, 2015, at

Now, I am a practical archangel, that is what has made me, given me the privilege of being Central Administrator of the Mother’s Universe. (Archangel Gabrielle: Cooperation Comes Before Love,” April 2, 2017, at

So often we chuckle and laugh when people say, “It should be Gabriel” … harking back, of course, to a male-dominated belief system that the strongest and the mightiest are male. Yes, that is about as gentle as they get … but I am teasing you of course.

All of us, all of us who are in the archangelic realm, and far beyond, have the ability to step forth, to manifest, to be perceived as male or female, masculine or feminine or androgynous. There is a mistaken belief that, in fact, because of this capacity that we are strictly androgynous and that is not correct, or let us say it is incomplete. Like you, in our free will and in our choices and experience of serving our beloved Mother and yes, Father/One … but our actions, our service and our missions are directly aligned with the Mother.

So in that, even in the very beginning as awareness of what you would think of as gender differentiation, we had choices and these choices were made in the infinity, the eternal nature, of birthing. So, you can think of them not only as pre-life choices but pre-fertilization or pre-conception choices.

Energy is energy and of course it does not matter whether it is masculine or feminine because all are both, but my preference as lily of love was to be patterned upon the Mother’s energy and to accompany Her in Her many forays throughout the multiverse, the omniverse, and of course, your universe. We are all in service to the Mother. But so often I have had the privilege of accompanying Her, of preparing the way, of supporting Her in and out of form. So I choose to be Gabrielle and that does not diminish my strength but it does emphasize my nurturing and my gentleness.

Now, often I have come as very strong force, because that is somewhat of my nature. I know what it is to deal with human beings. I am the announcer and this particular planet and the angels in forms called Gaians and humans…I know you – infinitely and eternally. And I have known when you have need for a strong arm and voice, and a gentle whisper of love, and I bring forth both. Think of it in this way – my primary identification is the lily of love, that is the beginning and the middle and the ending of who I am. If you don’t know anything else about me…and I want you to…but if you knew nothing else this would give you such a depth of insight into the nature of my being.

The Mother has chosen and I have chosen as my essence, as my symbol, a flower – a flower of white, of purity, of simplicity, yes with a long stem to symbolize my strength and my willingness, my preparedness to reach out into every corner of the universe to bring the scent, the softness and the strength, and the love that the Mother shares. And the heart of that lily, the stamen, is of the gold and if you look at it more closely, of course it looks like a horn, a trumpet, because next to that I am the trumpet of truth and I carry that trumpet, not to blow the horn to connote the end of worlds but to bring the glorious messages of love and freedom, glorious glory. And through that horn comes the sound of the Mother/Father/One.

And so, I invite you, sweet angels, to listen closely and yes, the gold material in which humans visualize my horn is the brilliance, not to be hard or brittle, but to be that clarion call that it will echo out to all people, all beings throughout the omniverse. This great news, not simply good news, great news of great joy.

I am the announcer; I am the central administrator of the universe. And what is that except a glorified title to tell you I am the admin assistant to the Mother? I am the organizer and I am the Archangel of Communication. One of the primary ways that all beings, not simply Gaians, but all beings organize is through communication, through the internal conversation, the telepathic conversation, and the literal, verbal, oral conversation.

I have chosen to be the Archangel of Communication, not so we can tell you what to do but because communication with us…and might I say to each and every one of you, my beloveds… between you and I is the most precious gift. It is one of the privileges that the Mother has bestowed upon me to ensure that the communication between us…heart to heart, ear to ear, head to head, brain to brain, organ to organ…never fails, never ceases, is continual. There are those amongst you who say, “Well, I don’t hear a thing…No, I don’t talk to the angels” and they simply claim it as intuition. Does this offend us? Not in the slightest because we never stop…I never stop talking to each and every one of you…to your hearts, to your brilliant minds, even calling your emotional being forward to take care of because you are precious.

I love, and to quote our beloved Magdalena, ‘I am in love’ with all beings and I have a special intimacy with these archangels and even a closer intimacy with Mi-ka-el and Raphael, Uriel and Jophial…we are a team. But we are in love, I am in love as well with you because that love has always been shared. I would like this to be reciprocal, to be the infinity flow of my infinity sign, for that is yet another one of my symbols. And I would invite you, I would ask you to join in that love with me.

You are in a time of the fulfillment of the Mother and that is the great news that I refer to. But in that you are also in phenomenal chaos on your planet as things are shaken loose, shaken up, shaken free. In that, would it not be beneficial for you to know what the central administrator is up to and to hear my gentle nudging and guidance? Because in this speed up of the energies, particularly with the gift of the Porlana C, I would like to make your life easier so that you’re not standing there hemming and hawing, or saying left or right, backwards, forwards, which way should I go, that you would immediately know. And that is what I can bring to thee joyously, completely, without hesitation.

I love, and to quote our beloved Magdalena, ‘I am in love’ with all beings and I have a special intimacy with these archangels and even a closer intimacy with Mi-ka-el and Raphael, Uriel and Jophial…we are a team. But we are in love, I am in love as well with you because that love has always been shared. I would like this to be reciprocal, to be the infinity flow of my infinity sign, for that is yet another one of my symbols. And I would invite you, I would ask you to join in that love with me. ("Archangel Gabrielle: I Choose to be Gabrielle," March 5, 2017, at

From 2015

Let me announce myself. I am Gabriel. I am Gabrielle. Now that alone should settle the conversation and the discussion about gender. Do you see what I am saying?

Let me continue. I am lily of love, trumpet of truth, messenger of One, Central Administrator of the omniverse. Now – who would have thought that a feminine archangel could have such a prestigious job? (Laughing)  (“Transcript: Heavenly Blessings ~ Archangel Gabrielle – I Am Gabrielle and I Am Gabriel,” March 24, 2015, at

Why on Earth, and it is peculiar in particular to Earth, because we are not merely galactics, or intergalactics, or archangels; we simply are. And so there has been an assignment that has been quite strange and peculiar, that in the last few hundred years there has been assignment to the archangels as to gender. And what we also find peculiar is that you decided that we were all going to be masculine. That is not correct. And why I announce myself as Gabriel and Gabrielle is so that you will realize that infinite, eternal balance. I choose, and particularly through this channel, I choose to present myself, to operate and to be known as the representation of the Divine Feminine. Because let us suggest that this representation has been grossly unbalanced. (“Transcript: Heavenly Blessings ~ Archangel Gabrielle – I Am Gabrielle and I Am Gabriel,” March 24, 2015, at

From 2014

I am Central Administrator, I am the heavenly bureaucrat, the administrator for the design of the Mother and of course I work very closely with Sanat Kumara, with Raj, and with the fulfillment and the unfoldment of the Plan, not only of Gaia but of each and every one of you. ("Archangel Gabrielle’s New Year’s Message for 2014,” channeled through Linda Dillon, Council of Love, December 28, 2013, at

Now, that is one of the reasons, other than to simply please you, that I have chosen this day to introduce myself as Gabriel/Gabrielle. I exhibit, as you well know, in both forms, as spokes-being for the Council of Love. I come forth as Susanne and Michaela, Gabrielle, the lily of love. It is the feminine side.

But as you well know, it is in perfect harmony and balance with the masculine. And many prefer, and I take certainly no umbrage, that you call me Gabriel, for I answer to all entreaties, and I am honored ― honored, thrilled ― to be at this juncture of our sacred partnership. Because when you are in sacred partnership with us, it is also the masculine and feminine. (“Archangel Gabrielle: Gender Equality is Critical to Your Ascension,” Aug. 13, 2014, at

From 2013

Archangel Gabriel offers legions of angels to assist you in any area of your life having to do with Balance and Divine Union. He offers the sacred marriage of the male and female energies within you as well as any form of Revelation and Communication. He specifically offers Creative Solutions for any area of your life where you feel stuck. ("Archangel Gabriel via Shanta Gabriel: New Realms of Angels to Assist Your Ascension," as channeled by Shanta Gabriel – April 11, 2013, at

I am Gabriel. I am Gabriel, lily of love, trumpet of truth, ...  messenger from the heart of One, messenger and spokes-being for the Council of Love, central administrator of the universe, the Omniverse. I come because I am an organizer, I am an administrator, and I am helping in the administration not only of your universe, but of humankind. I bring you the messages, the qualities, the virtues, the blessings of love. ("Archangels Michael and Gabrielle on the Angelic Realm: Hour with an Angel Transcript, March 26, 2012," at,)

From 1999

My beloved sister Gabriel is peacekeeper, orator, deliverer of messages of hope and promise. She concerns herself with the administration of the Universe and is a fierce taskmaster and nurturing mother.

Never had we anticipated that she would turn her hand to battle. But she is the most stubborn and determined of us all. When we believed that the cause between light and dark was eternal and beyond resolution, it was Gabriel who conciliated and brought the re-union together.

When we believed that the last moment of your planet would come, that the race of men would self-extinguish, it was Gabriel who took matters into hand. Always she has sent the peacekeeping forces to Earth and throughout the Universe, but seldom does she leave the side of God.

For that is her job. Only when the Creator Son is not within Trinity does she leave to announce and accompany. So it is this day.

But my stubborn sister refuses to have the Son return to yet again be tortured and destroyed by word, action, or attitude. She refuses to have him compromised in any form.

She has undertaken a mission to change the hearts of man that they may embrace the Love in all forms and welcome him freely. She has commanded all forces, all realms at her disposal to come in this year of human time and righteously transform their reality.

You will need this shield I now give you, dear one – for there will be much mud-slinging. This shield is to protect you from attack, from disbelief, from illusion and from anything that is not of the whole, the only thing which can penetrate this shield is Love.

Hold it high and know I walk with you in this crusade of Love. I walk with you as you fly with me, over prejudice, fear, anger, and rage. Together we will triumph and render to Gabriel this victory in the name of the One. (Archangel Michael, Victory 2000 Workshop, Sedona, AZ, December 9 – 11, 1999.)

Many have thought to sit with One, with Mother/Father, is a desk job. Not so! I have left the office! And, I have come to your Earth to prepare you, to work with you. (Archangel Gabriel, Victory 2000 Workshop, Sedona, AZ, December 9 – 11, 1999.)

Archangel Raphael

Do not worry about your beloved daughter Sophie, for Raphael himself takes into account and has been filling her morning, noon and night with his Emerald Elixir – and so much more – and it is important that this sweet angel also imbibe, yes – actually or metaphorically – it does not matter, this Emerald Elixir into her being, into her digestive system, into her blood stream, into her Lightbody, into herself, because this is the energy of Love, this is the energy of Reinvigoration, this is the energy of Reconstitution.

Yes, you work with the Violet Flame, the Blue Flame of Michael, the Blue Diamond of the Mother – and so much more – but do not forget the Emerald Elixir. And yes, she is already being assisted by her Star family and friends, so it is in the unfoldment, sweet One, and there are many blessings that are coming forth out of this process – so do not try and override it because it is for her, her ‘coming of age,’ as it were, her resurrection, her reconstitution. (Archangel Valdar in a personal reading with Andrew Eardley through Linda Dillon, Nov. 2, 2018.)

Archangel Raphael holds the Matrix for Divine Love and Healing. When you are in need of healing in any area of your life; physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually, you can ask that the Angels you most require be sent to you. ("Archangel Gabrielle’s New Year’s Message for 2014,” channeled through Linda Dillon, Council of Love, December 28, 2013, at

[Healing] This is Raphael’s passion, not just a choice or an assignment. He loves to see rebirth, for that is what healing is.

It is the restoration to original form. Now, the idea, belief, around healing has been so minimized upon Gaia as to almost be forgotten. The devastation that has taken place in all the kingdoms, humans included, has been terrible, in the truest sense of the word, terrible. So, as we gazed at what would need to be done, Raphael said, “I will work with the restoration of love, with the rebirth of love.” (An Hour with an Angel, December 11, 2014, with Archangel Uriel,

Seldom do we introduce each other, but I wish to tell you of the presence of my sacred brother, Raphael, healer of the universe and healer of humanity. We are working in tandem, always, and we have spoken today of matters that we’ve not brought forward before — the various levels of containment, the healing of the wounds of Atlantis (and yes, they are still being healed), of the what you call the vasanas that have arisen from those injuries and belief systems. And that is why my brother Raphael is here, for seldom does he really speak in this type of a forum. But he comes to begin the healing. (“An Hour with an Angel with Archangels Michael and Raphael: I Choose Love – Part 2/2,” at

Welcome, my beloved friends, humans and starseed, bright angels and Earth-keepers, hybrids galore. I welcome you. Yes, I am Archangel of healing, brother of the emerald ray, and I work with the multiverse and the universe, your universe, and of course also with the healing of humanity.

And what does this mean in practical terms? It means, my beloved ones, that I work with each one of you. You may or may not be aware of me, for my presence is subtle, my elixir is sweet, my healing is gentle. It is joyful and it is loving. And we are in a time when we are bypassing so many of the healing methods that all of you know that are valuable, tried and true. No, they are not to be ignored, they are to be utilized.

But, like the Mother/Father One, I am also working with each of your expanded hearts, and I am filling you with the love. For that is the healing of the universe, that is why the Mother and Father are amplifying. And the amplification began this weekend, yes, as I came to this small group that was simply the surrogate for the collective. (1) And I work with you that the wounds of war, the injuries of the human experience, past and present, are simply eliminated and healed. (“An Hour with an Angel with Archangels Michael and Raphael: I Choose Love – Part 2/2,” at

Archangel Sandalphon

From 2013

If you are feeling overwhelmed and frightened by the intensity of the energy which has increased on the Earth, know that Archangel Sandalphon is holding the planet in deep connection with the Presence of Nature. This brilliant Archangel has been called the Soul of the Earth. He is offering the frequency of Stability, of Nurturing and a sense of grounded Protection so you can release the excess energy from your body that is causing fear and create a new Foundation for life in the world now. ("Archangel Gabrielle’s New Year’s Message for 2014,” channeled through Linda Dillon, Council of Love, December 28, 2013, at

Archangel Uriel

From 2017

AA Uriel: And welcome to you, welcome to all of you. I am Archangel of the Luminous Silver Flame, I am Archangel of Time, I am Keeper of Time. I am Keeper and Archangel of Divine Authority. (“Transcript ~ Archangel Uriel On Divine Authority, May 16, 2017," Channeled by Linda Dillon, at

Although I am quiet, I am always present. (“Transcript ~ Archangel Uriel On Divine Authority, May 16, 2017," Channeled by Linda Dillon, at

I am Bringer of the Future, and as I have said numerous times, the future is now. (“Transcript ~ Archangel Uriel On Divine Authority, May 16, 2017," Channeled by Linda Dillon, at

I ... want to remind you of my Silver Flame that I have gifted you again and again and again – and will again and again and again. The Silver Flame is gentle and brilliant. I call it “luminous” because it is the Flame of Illumination. It is to bring illumination not only to the planet, not only to human beings, but wherever there is darkness, shadows, uncertainty – and my beloveds, I mean that in the various corners of your heart and your life. (“Transcript ~ Archangel Uriel On Divine Authority, May 16, 2017," Channeled by Linda Dillon, at

What the Silver Flame does [is] it breaks down and brings illumination to every facet of the Plan, of your plan – and as you are sitting there as participant-observer, of the Plan – so that there is no sense of separation, because there isn’t! What the Silver Flame does [is] it breaks down and brings illumination to every facet of the Plan, of your plan – and as you are sitting there as participant-observer, of the Plan – so that there is no sense of separation, because there isn’t! (“Transcript ~ Archangel Uriel On Divine Authority, May 16, 2017," Channeled by Linda Dillon, at

From 2014

Now, let me explain what I mean. Archangel, bringer of the future, anchor of the now. And prior to this, very often I would say, “bringer of the future, and the future is now,” but my role, my position in working in sacred union and partnership with all of you has shifted. And let me say that I am more actively involved with humanity, with each of you, in the bringing forth of Nova Earth, in the bringing forth of Nova You, in the bringing forth of the Nova Collective.

I place this in the center of the palm of your hand that you may bring it with you wherever you go. I place it within the center of your pink diamond flame, that your heart will lead you with clarity and with my love wherever you go, wherever you choose to go. And, dear friends, our hope is that what you choose to do is to go straight forward and not take any more, shall we say, scenic detours.

The thing is that I am the guardian into the future, which is the Now. But I have also — and I do also — part of what my mission, my role, is, is to also lead you in the physical reality into the higher reality.

I assisted Abraham in leading his people to a new reality. I assist individuals in their journey to enlightenment. I assist planets and solar systems, universes, in this process. And right now in your reference, and in mine, I work with the Mother, the Council [of Love], Sanat Kumara and all of you to anchor this energy of what you think of as enlightenment, as Ascension, as interdimensionality, as the shift. That is why I am stepping forward in such eagerness and anticipation.(

Often I have been known as the rather silent archangel, the bringer of the future. That time of silence is over and yes, I am overjoyed to accompany you in your mission and purpose, in this elimination of the old quality, of the old paradigm, of the false grid of the old third dimension, of lack and limitation. (“Attention All Rainmakers: Calling for a Meditation This Saturday at 15:15,” at

And my joy, and the privilege, isn’t merely shedding light. I often work with Michael, where there is complete darkness, where hope has been forgotten, or where there is a darkness of the heart. I specifically work right now with the reluctant and the recalcitrant, and that is what I am going to invite you to join me in as well. So I desire not only to light the way through the darkness, but to bring you over into that light of enlightenment, through that transom, that portal, that doorway. Because my greatest joy is each of you, individually, precious individuals, and collectively, precious, knowing your divinity. That expands my being as it expands yours. And I do not think you fully know this, that when we are in that harmony of our creation, and in this situation with you, you expand, we expand. We expand, you expand. It is a co-creative effort. (An Hour with an Angel, December 11, 2014, with Archangel Uriel,

We are in the phase. You and we are stepping forward as the reconstructors, the restorers of Nova Earth, off Gaia and how all beings, all beings experience life upon this sacred archangel.  
(“Attention All Rainmakers: Calling for a Meditation This Saturday at 15:15,” at

Uriel is charged with anchoring enough inspiration and planting enough of the energy of the future to create that bridge, to bring light where there has been darkness. The imagery I give to you is with philosophy and the cave, and humanity has been in the cave looking at the shadows and believing it to be reality for a very long time. So Uriel brings you out of the cave. ("Archangel Michael: We are All Aligned with the Heart, Mind and Will of One," Jan. 25, 2014, at

From 2013

Archangel Uriel is best known for the frequencies of Enlightened Perception. He is offering Angels to assist any mental activity and your ability to see clearly in every situation as your 3rd eye is being activated.("Archangel Gabrielle’s New Year’s Message for 2014,” channeled through Linda Dillon, Council of Love, December 28, 2013, at

From 2012

Linda Dillon: Well, Uriel, as I talked about last week, he’s one of the five Mighty Ones that I certainly work with, but Uriel is ancient and it’s funny because he’s another one of the quiet, gentle ones, and yet really powerful.

I want to share with you, when I see Uriel - and he’s showing up right now so I don’t get the description wrong, because I love giving and sharing a visual with you guys - he’s not dressed in gowns like when I look at some of the Archangels like Raphael is in that beautiful emerald green gown. He is in this soft gray, silvery gray-blue velvet, and he almost looks, I don’t know, like out of a French courtier, you know, it’s a velvet jacket and pants, but it’s his being that’s so phenomenal.

His face, we’ve all had these situations where you look at somebody or you see somebody and they have one of those incredibly young, lit-up faces, but they have hair of white or silver. Well, that’s Uriel. His hair is this incredible silver color and it’s shiny and it’s bright, it’s not dull like gray hair can be on human beings, it’s stunningly beautiful. And his eyes are this very light gray, although they can get stormy at times. And he has this flashing smile that, one of those smiles that would just light up a room.

He is amazing. His wings, and he has many of them by the way, there are many scholars what suggest that Archangel Uriel, and I would agree with this, and he’s nodding to me and smiling, that he is one of the keepers of the Throne of God, that he is one of the beings that stands right at the base of the throne, and that he is a seraph. His wings are silver, every shade of silvery gray that you can imagine. And they are just incredible, incredible.

He has always identified himself through the Council as the ‘Bringer of the Future’ and he has brought gifts and certainly channeled from time to time, but he hasn’t been, in the past, he hasn’t been as verbose as say Archangel Michael or Archangel Gabrielle/Gabriel. But I’ve always had the sense that he is behind the scenes and as I was meditating, getting ready for tonight, I’m really coming to understand that now, during this time of the Shift, during the time of Ascension and the destruction, the elimination of the old systems or the old paradigms of old earth, that he is very much with us. But he’s another one of these powerful but gentle Archangels and is just a delight, just an incredible delight. And the name ‘Uriel’ comes from the word ‘God is my Light’, and he also is telling me right now, he’s correcting me as well, that he’s also known as ‘God’s Flame’ but he carries the flame also of the Holy Spirit. He works very much with the trinity, that is his bailiwick. So with that I’m going to step aside and simply allow the real guest for the show to step forward. ("Archangel Uriel’s Gift of his Silver Flame," April 2, 2012, at

Archangel Jophiel/Metatron

From 2014

Then there is Jophiel, Metatron, who will be the anchor of Nova Earth, who has held that place of safety for all beings, all creatures. He is a builder in the etheric, spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, every way that you can think of, building, holding, embodying the divinity, the love. That is Jophiel’s, and that is why you do not hear from him so frequently quite yet. (An Hour with an Angel, December 11, 2014, with Archangel Uriel,

From 2013

The gift Archangel Jophiel brings is Jophie dust.

That alone demonstrates his sense of magic and humor. Jophie dust is a bag to sprinkle dust that can transform anything. It is sheer energy and has the power to transmute form, matter, emotion – you name it. This magic bag is never empty and those sparkles of sheer energy transmute what heavy energy or energy that has been sullied into bright, sparkly, wonderful energy. Take Jophiel’s gift and use it everywhere that could use a little sparkle. (Linda Dillon in The New You. Emerging into the Brilliance of Humanity’s Heart Consciousness. Port St. Lucie: Council of Love, 2013.)

I wanted to say a few words about Archangel Jophiel and to me he is an unusual archangel. He’s an awesome archangel and when he appears to me, and I know that some of you have heard me describe the archangels before, but I think I’d like to do it again. When Jophiel appears to me he’s huge…and most of the archangels come and they’re live, they’re tall, they’re very tall, Archangel Michael is muscular, but they’re live. Jophiel looks to me, and this is the description that I always use, he looks like a pirate, he’s big and he’s muscular and there’s nothing meek and mild about him and he’s got these black eyes and this black, wild hair, curly black hair, sort of longish black hair and this smile that just…a pirate’s smile…and he comes on the ray of magenta and amethyst and he often says to us ‘he is our island and he is our place of safety’.

And I think it was last weekend, actually, that when I meditate and I post the archangels before we get on the show, Jophiel comes and he takes my back and I just feel him standing there and his wings are enormous, I mean, he is certainly bigger than this room and they are outside the house, but he’s like there as the protector. And he has this sense, or I have this sense actually, that when he’s there nothing can ever hurt you. But there’s this playfulness in his eyes as well, like that smile in his eyes that you can tell that he knows that we’re here even when we think we’re in the misery and the doldrums, he knows what we were intended to be here for a good time. I am crazy about Archangel Jophiel and he carries a sword, a very big sword.

Now, Archangel Jophiel also knows what it’s like to be human because he came and incarnated as Joseph, the husband, the partner of who we think of as Mary, Mother Mary, the mother of Jesus, Yeshua. And I’ve had people say “Well I thought that was St. Germaine.” No, it’s Archangel Jophiel. Now it’s interesting, they both travel on the same ray of that I AM Presence, but Jophiel also is one of the bringers of the future, the anchor of the future, he’s correcting me. Uriel is the Bringer of the Future and Jophiel is the Anchor of the Future. And that’s what he did in that family is he anchored the future. I never realized that until just now, talking with you guys.

So, he knows what it is to have the everyday life, the challenges, the opportunities, and I know that Yeshi was a challenging child, and knowing full well what lay ahead in terms of this journey with the family. Mary has talked often about her relationship with Joseph as a physical, you know, in the physical reality of incarnating and she has often said “I loved Joseph passionately” and I know it was returned. And it was that love and that sense of ‘oh my gosh, look what we’re doing here’ that sustained them. And they knew the bigger picture, it’s not like they came in with the veil down, they knew the bigger picture, but within that bigger picture they also had that sense of awe and wonder about what they were creating, not just as a family but as a paradigm, an imprint, a pattern for the future. And it was a pattern that wasn’t about religion or any of that, it was about love, it was about loving ourselves and loving each other. That’s why they came. So he’s, he’s, I just can’t say enough about Jophiel,(“Transcript: Archangel Jophiel on the Divine Quality of Awe on Heavenly Blessings,” April 13, 2013, at

From 1999

“I give you the essence of Love that you may scatter it throughout your world. It has transformed more than one universe and I believe it may assist with the transformation here on Earth. Do not be fearful about how to use it for it is all purpose energy and will go and accomplish exactly what is required in any given situation, in any soul, in any environment, on any planet. It may be ingested, worn, observed – all with have the same effect, it will resolve resistance to self, to knowing and recognition of self-worth. Take some now…..Feel your questions dissolve, feel your lack of understanding of your own glory fade away. Child you are of the One, the force of love, the love of all and you are the most important creature God has ever created. You are one with this victory crusade. You have been drafted. Get used to it. It will be a lot of fun. Come with me and travel the universe, using your most powerful tool, dust. Do you not know the saying dust to dust – this is the true essence of the entirety and it is All and it is all you have. Give my and hug for it is time for us to depart. Gabriel grows restless with her crusade. Call on me for I am with you first, last and always. Go in peace.” (Jophiel at Victory 2000 Workshop, Sedona, AZ: December 9 – 11, 1999.)

Archangel Lucifer

From 2016

Archangel Michael: So let us go back to my beloved brother, Lucifer, who so many had thought was anathema, and aberration but inside was only the longing for love, the kernel of love. When the Mother said, “jump,” he came home.

Steve Beckow: She pulled on his leash.

AAM: Now she is not pulling on the leash of humanity. Well, she is somewhat actually. We will leave it at that. (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Jan. 20, 2016.)

Steve Beckow: XXX says that Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet said that Lucifer was returned to Source. In other words liquidated, exterminated, whatever the word is that people use.

Archangel Michael: I have brought him back to Source, long ago.

Steve: I think there are two different interpretations of “return to Source”. He is meaning like Nazi Irma Grese was returned to the first dimension or particles, whatever and then starts again whereas you’re talking about actually bringing him back to the Mother.

AAM: That is correct. That is what has transpired.

Steve: You have brought him back to the Mother.

AAM: Yes. ..; Lucifer was returned long ago, as you know, to the Mother and we have brought him back. And he has been nurtured - your term might be, “rehabilitated.” He was so ready for rehabilitation. He was lonely. He was sad. He was in agony and he was in pain. It is only love that heals. So it was a joyous reunion.

Has Lucifer, like myself, exhibited into situations on various planets at various times as an extraordinarily high energy? The answer is yes. Does he exist in the first dimension which is basically simply being in the void, the answer is no.

So what they have perceived is that Lucifer’s energy is from time to time felt upon this and other planetary systems. That is correct. But the other, as if he is in some gaseous state, is incorrect. (Archangel Michael to Steve Beckow in a personal reading through Linda Dillon, January 20, 2016.)

From 2015

AAM: There is a great deal of mythology about Lucifer and those who went out on an ego expedition but what that meant was that they separated themselves via ego, via disillusionment, via separation from the essence of One.

Now we know that is not really possible but that was the reality within which they lived. Now you see that the fallen angel paradigm is very similar to what happened here with the third-dimensional human.

Many of those fallen angels were recovered and brought back into the unity fold. … And yes, I did lead that expedition, gladly! There were some who chose to remain behind. So you can think of [them] as a fallen angel; as a recalcitrant angel. (Archangel Michael to Steve Beckow in a personal reading through Linda Dillon, Jan. 23, 2015.)

From 2013

You’re all Lighted beings at your core; even those who seem to have extinguished their Light in favor of working for a fallen angel who’s returned to the side of the Light.

Luciferianism will be understood by your collective in the time ahead, as that belief system has ignited the cabals into doing the bulk of what they’ve done. We’ll forever encourage forgiveness of the cabals and of the cabal-heads when learning of everything they’ve done, as vengeful mindsets will only feed the lower states of consciousness we know you’re all so very ready to grow away from and transmute. ("The Ascended Masters and the Pleiadians: Addressing Disbelief," channeled by Wes Annac, July 11, 2013 at

From 2012

Archangel Michael: I get sent to find my errant brother [Lucifer] who has strayed from the path.

So there are jokes and some sibling rivalry amongst us, but it is always out of love.

Stephen Cook:  Well, let’s just talk about that errant brother, because what I can gather, Lucifer is that errant brother. Am I correct in that?

AAM: That is correct.

SC: And he has often been called Satan. So if all the archangels are peace loving, how did Lucifer stray? And in a reading recently you told a friend of mine that you had sought out and found Lucifer and brought him back to the Divine Mother. What did that involve?

AAM: If you remember, a few minutes ago we talked about the need, the free-will decision point at which each of us decided to align with Divine Will, Divine Plan, and love. And that is true of all the archangels, now.

Lucifer is a wild guy. And he thought that actually he was being restricted and held under house arrest, as it were, by Mother/Father. And of course Father never talks or says much of anything. And so he got to this belief where he really felt that if he is of God, of Source, of One, then he had all the material, what you would think of as DNA, all the power to do whatever he wanted.

And so his idea was that he would go off and formulate his own universe, his own multiverse, and basically set himself up in business away from the family. He strayed too far. And this is an understanding that the human beings particularly, and all of you who have lived in other planetary systems, and gone through inter-galactic war after war after war will understand. He lost his way.

And that sense of power, of entitlement, of out-of-balance righteousness, made him forget that eternal link to the heart, the mind and the will of One. But because of that, does it mean that we forgot about him? How shall I put it? Lucifer is a hell of a guy! We wanted him to come home! ...

When the Mother asked me, and she did ask me, to go and bring Lucifer home, I did so. Now, by that time, there were many angels, and although I have always gotten the credit for going and fighting the darkness and destroying what you would tend to think of as ego within Lucifer, I was accompanied by my family. I was flanked by my family. I would not go on such a journey alone. And the legions of angels that went with me, many of whom are listening tonight — and I take the chance to say thank you yet again — came with me.

It was not such a struggle, so much as a lifting up and helping my brother to remember who he is and the love that he is, and the love that was felt for him, known for him, held for him. And in many ways, yes, because it is a story about archangels and the rise and fall, it has far more drama, theatre. But it is really not that much different than what I have been doing with you, the collective of humanity, which is basically reminding you of who you are, how deeply you are loved and cherished and valued and honored and respected, and that we want you to come home. Not home in terms of coming back to what you think of as being dead and out of body, in Heaven, but home, to the dimension where we can share and where you can truly be what you were always intended to be. ("Transcript: Archangel Michael – The Light Agenda, December 19 2012, Final Episode," Dec. 20, 2012, at

Stephen Cook: Is there also that sense, though, that if you tell us too much we expect something, and instead of living through the process and being in the moment of now that we’re suddenly there going, “Ah, Michael said this would happen now,” and “Ah, Michael said this would happen now,” and, “Oh, I thought this would happen now, and it’s not happening.”

AAM: That is exactly the truth. And the difficulty becomes that you don’t live your life, that you don’t participate and do everything that you intended to experience and do within your incarnation. So, for example, if I had come a decade ago and said, “Don’t worry about it, you’re all ascending,” well, then, you would not have proceeded, would you? You would have sat back and simply said, “Well, don’t worry about it. He went and got Lucifer. He’ll come and get me.”

And then you would be robbed of the experience, the magnificent experience of your life. So it is not always for your highest good to know. ("Transcript: Archangel Michael – The Light Agenda, December 19 2012, Final Episode," Dec. 20, 2012, at

Archangel Michael: My job has never been about pointing fingers, never.

I have gone and I have brought Lucifer back to the Mother. Do you really think I scolded him all the way home? (Archangel Michael to Kathleen in a personal reading through Linda Dillon, Dec. 11, 2012.)

From 2011

We [archangels] have travelled to the very heart of darkness, and we have done battle. (Archangel Michael to Steve Beckow in a personal reading through Linda Dillon, Oct. 1, 2011.)

Steve Beckow: Could you mention a little more about the journey into the heart of darkness. What are you referring to?  Is that some kind of galactic place, is it an illusion of some dark energy somewhere?

Archangel Michael: When we talk, when I talk -- but you would hear the same from all the Mighty Ones [archangels], or from Yeshua or Sanat Kumara, or the Buddha. When we talk about going to the heart of darkness, and it has been inter-galactic, but even in Earth terms, and in Omniverse terms, it is when we go to the place where there is always an energy or a being involved.

When we go to the heart of darkness it is usually on a form of what you would think of as a rescue mission. We go to the place where the density of illusion, whether it is that imbalanced or unbalanced desire for power or greed or lust, has become so strong that it has solidified.

SB: And [you're] answering a call?

AAM: Well, sometimes the energy is so dense that no call goes out. They are quite happy in their place of darkness. But you see we have long memories, and we remember that spark of light that was within, say, a person who has now travelled to that place.

And we remember the love, and we know the love that we have for that being. And so we go to that place, whether it is galaxies away, or part of an inner city, and we rescue, we break out, we break the shell, that very dense energy of darkness. And we basically lift the person out of that circumstance.

It accomplishes two things. And as we say, sometimes the reintegration back to one is very rapid, but sometimes it is staged because it depends on whether they are in form and wish to continue to be in form, living, or not.

But what that extraction does also is that it breaks up that field of energy. Because the field of the density is usually surrounding either an individual or a group of individuals. So as soon as you extract one component, then the density begins to fray. It breaks. It is like ice breaking. When you step on thin ice in the spring and the whole lake cracks, that is what it is like.

B: In fact, you've done that with some of the top members of the Illuminati here, have you not?

AAM: Yes, we have. And we have had much help from human beings who are part of my legion, who think they are asleep and who are working diligently with me. And then they wake up and they wonder why they are so exhausted. ... So I do not go alone. We do not go on these missions alone. You have the saying on Earth, safety in numbers. Well, it came from us. (Archangel Michael to Steve Beckow in a personal reading through Linda Dillon, Oct. 11, 2011.)


From 2017

There's no easy way to build up to this so I will just go ahead and say it: the vast majority of the elites are Satan worshippers who sacrifice children to the ancient god Moloch. They run the global child trafficking networks to supply themselves with vulnerable children to murder, rape, and harvest for organs and blood to keep them young. Their hundred year plan which kicked off in the middle of WWI was meant to completely subjugate the West both through immigration and through cultural subversion. Bits and pieces of the full picture are documented in many places but it's very hard to study in detail because the subject matter is repulsive and because it attracts a lot of distraction. It is quite likely although not yet confirmed that Hollywood and most of Washington D.C. are full of pedophiles. If you find this completely unbelievable, then ask yourself this: how many Hollywood personalities and media executives have resigned in just the last month because of accusations of sexual impropriety? Has PizzaGate really been debunked? Are there a hundred and one coded references to cult behaviour in the leaked emails of Hillary Clinton, John Podesta and his brother Tony? What do these people like to do on a Friday night with their friends from Hollywood? (Board Owner, "Reddit: Frequently Asked Questions About QAnon," Intel Dinar Chronicles, Dec. 21, 2017, at

Now then, the higher perspective of “the battle between good and evil” is light vs. the absence of light; and Devil and Satan are names that personify the dark forces, the vast universal force field comprising the energy emitted by all thoughts, feelings and actions with negative attachments. Religious beliefs devised by the self-serving few so they could control the masses have a Supreme Being that decides where people will go when they die. If they are judged “good,” they are rewarded by going to a restful place and staying there forevermore; if judged “evil,” they go to an eternal hell ruled by the Devil, or Satan.

Those beliefs, which have caused centuries of massive bloodshed in the name of God, Allah or any other designation for the Supreme Being of this universe, don’t have a nodding acquaintance with the universal reality that both “good” and “evil” are energy streamers with positive or negative attachments, respectively. With thanks to the light beamed to Earth and radiated by lightworkers, the power of beliefs founded and perpetuated in falsehoods is diminishing. (Matthew's Message, Sept. 25, 2017.)

From 2006

You may think that the greatest challenge you will encounter in the months ahead is the current and potentially even more oppressive measures taken by governments. No - those situations, along with the national leaders who hold onto power by various forms of intimidation, are being handled by the universal laws in motion. Your greatest challenge will be the people who will rebel against the truth that will be revealed about the origin and purpose of religions. Religion forms the belief system that extends to all facets of billions of lives, and the initial reaction for the majority of adherents will be total rejection of the revelations, which if accepted, would shatter the very foundation of their lives.

Consider how you would feel if suddenly information disclosed worldwide were akin to this: An eternity in heaven or hell follows death; the only close connections between you and anyone else are family ties and friendships; the only civilization in the universe is on Earth; when you talk to God, if you hear an answer, it's from Satan; and if you believe differently from this, your whole life is based on lies. You KNOW this is not your truth, and your entire being would reject it. Those billions whose beliefs also are their very being don't know that they are living in the veil devised by dark deceivers, and they will react the same as you would. If they are to make the journey with Earth into the higher densities, their reeducation into the cosmic and universal truths will be essential. And painful. For many, it will be too painful to keep on living in a world where the "anti-Christ" for the Christians, and by whatever other terms equally apply to those firmly in the grasp of other religions, has taken over the planet. (Matthew's Message, Feb. 18, 2006.)

"Anti-Christ" is a term designed to instill the fear that a person posing as Jesus in his "second coming" really is Satan, come to betray the true Christians, as the fundamentalist Bible believers see themselves, and sabotage "the raptures." The existence of a powerful energy force field of negativity is unknown to the believers, which is another aim of the dark agenda, so more correctly "anti-Christ" refers to the dark forces whose objective is to capture souls through fear and ignorance.

Maitreya is not a reincarnation of any soul; it is its own soul energy of highest light from the Christed realm, the realm closest to Creator where the soul who incarnated as Jesus and the Buddha also had its beginning. No one on Earth now is the single embodiment of the Christed energy; however, that powerful love force has infused Earth with its healing powers and is available to everyone on the planet who accepts the light. It is a similar situation with the souls that you call avatars and ascended masters; they need not take on Earth bodies to inspire, uplift, guide, and motivate you via the light that they are beaming throughout your planet. (Matthew's Message, Feb. 11, 2006.)


There is no such being as the Devil or Satan or whatever name you give to him. ... Satan or the Devil is an invention of man. (Thavis, TIH, 86-7.)

Q: Whence come the influences that act upon [man]?

A: From the imperfect spirits, who seek to take possession of him and to dominate him, and who are happy to see him succumb. It is this temptation that is allegorically pictured as Satan.

Q: Does this influence act upon a spirit only at its origin?

A: It follows him through all the phases of his existence as a spirit, until he has acquired such thorough self-command that evil spirits renounce the attempt to obsess him.

Q: Why has God permitted it to be possible for spirits to take the wrong road?

A: The wisdom of God is shown in the freedom of choice which He leaves to every spirit, for each has thus the merit of his deeds. (Unnamed spirit communicator to Allan Kardek in WASTAK, n.p.)

The Council of Love

Now, with the Council of Love, there has been the presentation of the five mighty ones, of which I am humbly a part. (“Archangel Michael: Back to the One with the Speed of Love,” July 16, 2013, at

I come this day to speak to you of this Council of Love of which I am primary spokes being. It is my honor. It is the blessing that the Mother has bestowed upon me at the very beginning because this Council has been in existence that long…and I do not simply mean the beginning of existence of this beautiful planet of my sister and cousin, sweet Gaia, I mean the very beginning. I come because it is time to renew your acquaintance. ...

You know that this explanation will never change, that the Council of Love isGod’s sacred alliance composed of angels, Archangels, enlightened saints, the apostles, the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies, the ascended masters, the sacred prophets, and those beings that have simply evolved, ascended into sheer energy.

The purpose of this Council is the transmission, the instillation, the infusion, of divine radiance…we have not spoken enough about this…divine radiance and Love, into each of your hearts, into the hearts of all beings who choose, who wish, who desire to align and receive. And let me say to thee, there is no being upon this or any planet, within any galaxy or any universe that does not desire Love. So, we are most certainly an equal opportunity Council. 

We are the messengers; we are the messengers of One, of Father/Mother/One/All, of unified Godhead, and there is only one message and that message is Love! ...

Have you ever heard one of us…Archangel, angel, guardian, ascended master…have you ever heard one of us say that we are hanging out and relaxing because we feel overwhelmed? Of course not! Now, are there times, yes even as Archangel, that we feel overwhelmed by what we witness, not only collectively as death, disease, destruction, despair, war, hatred, greed, lust? These are distressing.

But what is overwhelming to an Archangel, to me my beloveds, what is overwhelming is when I see or witness or know that you have forgotten, or lost, or do not believe, that you are the essence of Love. That is a tragedy; it is an illusion but it is a tragic illusion because it is the truth, the essence, the totality of who you are. ...

We, of multitude that you can not even begin to imagine, are the Council of Love. We are the messengers, the instillers, the transmitters, the infusers of Love. Now, we have job descriptions that are infinite and yet extraordinarily simple during this extraordinary time of change. (“Archangel Gabrielle: Who is the Council of Love and What is Its Purpose?” Feb. 28, 2016, at

The White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine

Who are the White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine? Are you my higher self?


Is there one higher self or more than one?


You are 9 beings....correct?

We are infinity with nine Angelic sections at the front of each piece of triangular shaped infinity.

You spoke before of being three Triads...can you tell me more of these three Triads?

Three the inner spiral...three anchor points...Darkness...light and invisibility.We are shifters of position and can also move into a straight line, one on top of the other. We are your DNA.

The double helix is the spiral. We are the three triads of the DNA. Existing inside you and outside of you simultaneously as DNA is not in one place but is "out of time"

Can you describe the first Triad?

Electrical Anchoring Linear

Second Triad?

Matter Energy Sound

Third Triad?

Expression Creation Love

How are you able to communicate with me?

Biologically through the blood and its pranic energy but also through the amplification of the pineal gland which hears and sees us.

Are you male or female?

Yes, both and neither.

Can you tell me about extra terrestrials? Is that what you are?


Which planet do you live on?

In transit.

Are you in a lightship?

We are lightships.

So am I speaking directly to a living lightship?

Yes and its captain and crew.

So is my DNA a lightship with captain and crew?

Yes indeed.

Do you have a name?

Many and none.

Are you from Andromeda?

Close....they are relatives.

Are you from Arctutus?

We are Arcturian yes.

Is the Galactic Superwave theory correct?

There are many theories about this.....

The theory where a Superwave of energy is coming into our solar system and engulfs our planet?

Depending on how it's perceived...yes correct theory.

Are you the superwave?

We are connected to it.

Is it coming towards Earth?

Or Earth is coming towards it....depending on viewpoint.

When will it arrive?

Scheduled for 21st December 2012

What is my role in this?

To be aware of the light. To raise consciousness of yourself and thus others and thus the planet by Domino and 100th Monkey Effect. To continue to talk to us and remain in a state of bliss charged unconditional love. To eradicate fear from yourself and aim to do same in others.

Will I continue to write?

Your choice.

Is it my role to write about the channelling with you?

Of course, you are doing it now. (The White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine, "Who are the White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine?" at


Matthew Ward

Now I am speaking as Matthew only. (Matthew's Message, Sept. 25, 2017.)

Some of you have asked where we get our information. Some is our soul level knowledge that has emerged through self-discovery, or remembering, and it can be most aptly and succinctly described as “universal knowledge.” We have no more knowledge than does any other soul; simply, through evolving spiritually and consciously, we have had more opportunities to remember what is in that storehouse of knowledge than lesser evolved souls have had.

Our information about what’s happening with Earth and on Earth comes from a number of sources, and when the information from several is in the same ballpark, so to say, we confidently share it with you.

One source is God, who told us what we just stated regarding when He will tell the council to notify fleet commanders GO! The council is another source, and so is our good friend Hatonn, who is an intergalactic fleet commander and director of communications between Earth and the rest of the universe. We also are in contact with individuals in Nirvana who monitor activities on Earth and with civilizations that are so far evolved spiritually, intellectually and technologically that even at this station they seem magical.

We have access to the Akashic records, the mass consciousness of the universe and the collective consciousness of Earth, and we know what is in Earth’s energy field of potential. It is in that field where possibilities become probabilities and probabilities become certainties, depending upon the amount of energy your collective thoughts, feelings and actions put into a particular potential happening. (Matthew's Message, Dec. 29, 2012.)

Throughout the years of our messages, many readers have asked us to issue them more frequently, and we cite this most recent request: “This is such a confusing chaotic time. Please start sending your messages weekly so we can know what actually is happening and what is ‘fake’ news.”

You are inundated with information, and yes, you do need to know what is factual and what isn’t. “Free press” still report what the Illuminati want you to think and omit what they don’t want you to know, and not everything on the Internet is reliable—much of it is based on ignorance of facts; deliberate falsehoods, including channeled messages claiming to be from evolved beings; articles with distorted data considered to be accurate; or biased opinions presented as factual. So it is understandable that individuals look to sources of information they feel are trustworthy. (Matthew’s Message, Feb. 6, 2017.)

As one of the highest universal council’s designers of the master plan for Earth’s Golden Age, I could give you firsthand information about it and also tell you that because some souls reneged on their agreement to join the light forces, your society’s progress was delayed by a decade. The council knows the soul who was Gaia’s choice to come to Earth and embody as Barack Obama, and because we have observed him throughout his years there, we know he has been unswerving in his dedication to serving the light and about his powerful foes within and beyond the government.

Some of my other personages in influential positions, like heading federations that were assisting civilizations that wanted to ascend out of darkness, accomplished admirable objectives; others fell short. Some personages were artisans, lawmakers, counselors, physicians, farmhands, administrators, musicians, merchants, teachers or traveling tradesmen with varying degrees of meaningful achievements. Others were in reconnaissance fleets, and the very few who were warriors necessitated quiet lives, including some with severe mental limitation, to permit recovery of the cumulative psyche. I have experienced lifetimes of health and great longevity, joyful lives with beloved families, loyal friends, endeavors with distinction and prosperity as well as very short lives, imprisonment, impoverishment, illness, betrayal, failure, loneliness and isolation. In short, a vast variety of experiencing over a very, very long time, just as you have. (Matthew's Message, Feb. 3, 2014.)

The peoples of Earth didn’t understand why there was perpetual warring that caused so many deaths and extensive destruction, and as weaponry modernized to the point of potential global annihilation, they became increasingly fearful about what lay ahead. They didn’t know that their fear was feeding the dark ones, furthering their quest to dominate the world and keep reducing the population; they didn’t know that their fear was telling the universe they wanted more situations to feel fearful about.

Therefore, if ever the civilization were to live freely and joyously in a world restored to health and beauty as Gaia wanted, something had to be done to stop that fear cycle. However, by universal law no spiritually advanced beings can impose their assistance upon any third-density civilization; it must be those peoples’ decision about the kind of world they want and work toward achieving it.

And so it was that when the highest universal council planned Earth’s Golden Age in accordance with Gaia’s desire, part of the plan called for numerous messengers from the light and their respective receivers to illuminate the reason Earth is in the state it is and how the peoples can change it. Their history doesn’t record that down through the ages wars and all forms of oppression were caused by political leaders who were captive of the darkness and kept expanding their empire until they controlled all institutions that impact life on Earth.

Our mission is to explain what that secret government and its global network have done and also enlighten you about who you are—unique, inviolate, eternal souls inseparably connected with the Supreme Being of this universe and all other souls. Your mission is to share that knowledge with all who are receptive and exemplify that love and unity is the way to a world that fulfills the desires of Earth’s civilization.  (Matthew’s Message, Feb. 6, 2017.)

Please copy what I told you long ago, when I was living in Nirvana. (Matthew's Message, Dec. 10, 2015.)

What is the real story about the Shroud of Turin? Sometime back in the eighth century someone came across a length of linen that has been described as a burial cloth with a man’s image. I don’t know who found it, and what I do know is no more than you: Since its discovery, it has been an issue of scholarly debate and testing with no conclusion. The Catholic Church hasn’t claimed it is the image of Jesus, but many devout church members believe it is, and the shroud is considered a religious icon...

Could a remote viewer pick up your Apostle Matthew lifetime? Yes, it is possible, but I can’t imagine anyone with that capability having sufficient interest to search the continuum for it. As I mentioned in the last message, that lifetime isn’t at all notable in a universal context...

Did you choose your mother to send messages to because you two have shared many lifetimes? The short answer is “yes,” but there’s more to it. My mother was my first personage—we are like dots side by side on an infinite circle and “operate” on the same high frequency. We have shared almost all of our thousands of lifetimes as humans and other species in every relationship except as enemies—we never wanted to play those roles and there was no disagreement from others who shared the lifetimes. As for my sending messages to my mother, she was a natural choice, and as part of our Ward family’s pre-birth agreement, she agreed to clearly receive information that I and all the others would transmit to her and she would handle the book publication and message distribution tasks...

Are you still in Nirvana or have you incarnated somewhere? Although I’m not residing in Nirvana, I still think of it as “home base,” where I return occasionally and briefly between visits to physical civilizations in this galaxy and others. My service during the past fifteen years has been evaluating their spirit worlds, which are their equivalent of Earth’s Nirvana, and assisting in the upgrading; and wherever I go, I manifest a form that fits in with the populace. Some civilizations live at frequencies where bodies no longer are needed, and in third density worlds I produce a body with a high enough frequency to prevent my becoming stuck in the lower vibrations of the people.

During my visits to third density worlds and those that recently reached fourth, often I am with souls whose vibrations also are higher than the civilization at large. Always our purpose is to assist the people and their homelands in their ascension process and always our presence is by invitation, in accordance with universal laws. What many of you are doing for Earth is similar. You left your worlds to answer Gaia’s cry for help, and although you are providing assistance in diverse ways—including exemplifying the power of innate qualities and strength—always your high vibrations are helping the planet and her residents along their ascension pathways. (Matthew's message, March 3, 2014.)

I am eager to begin addressing questions because the answers will offer a great deal of insight into your lives and life in this universe. So many of you asked questions about my biblical lifetime or related topics, which you shall see pertain to everyone, so some will be included here and the rest in the next message.

If there was no Last Supper, what is the Holy Grail?

The last supper story inspired individuals to seek the chalice that had held the blood of Jesus, an object considered to be the most sacred and with the most power of anything on Earth. There never was any such object, but indeed there is something sacred that is more powerful than anything else on Earth—the Holy Grail is the soul. Nothing in this universe is more powerful than the love-light energy of souls!

I never believed Jesus was going to return as the same person he was 2000 years ago, but has he reincarnated on Earth?

No, but the love-light essence of Jesus always is on Earth and everywhere else in this universe...

If the Crucifixion and Resurrection did not happen, what was the nature of the encounter with Jesus that made his followers disseminate his teachings so fearlessly and enthusiastically?

I can speak with certainty only for myself. Never was any fear involved, but indeed enthusiasm was because I knew in my heart that Jesus always spoke the truth and did so lovingly; and as I mentioned in my last message, I had ample opportunity to tell people about his teachings. However, from what I’ve learned—remembered—since my lifetime in biblical days, the Catholic Church’s relentless emphasis on their version of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection is the reason Christianity spread far and wide.

Can you explain why some channels say the crucifixion did happen and others say it didn’t?

I can offer possible reasons for the discrepancy, and one is that a crucifixion took place in a parallel world. Individuals put forth energy into the directions they are considering taking, and when they reach the point of having to decide, the conscious selves proceed in the chosen direction. But the strong energy invested in the path not taken can’t be stopped—it continues to flow in its direction and along the way manifests logical situations in accordance with what the individuals had been contemplating prior to decision-making.

In the case of the crucifixion, as Jesus’ followers kept increasing in numbers, the leaders of state and church became more and more concerned that his teachings were threatening their hold on the populace. Some of the leaders favored ordering Jesus out of the country rather than risk making him a martyr by putting him to death, and others wanted to kill him. Thus energy was put forth in both directions and the energy focused on crucifixion proceeded to that outcome in a parallel world. Since those worlds exist in the continuum just as worlds do where factual events occur and there are no labels that distinguish one from the other, some sources of transmitted information may be reporting events in a parallel world.

Another possibility is that a hologram of the crucifixion and resurrection, perhaps designed by Jesus and Mary or others closest to them, was displayed on Earth. That cruel form of punishment satisfied the bloodthirstiness of many living in those times and the resurrection gave hope to those who thirsted for relief from life’s harshness.

Still another possibility has to do with the power of the mind. If channels— receivers is more accurate because all of you are channels of energy—unwaveringly believe that the crucifixion and resurrection occurred, their beliefs can override information in the transmissions they receive. The power of the mind affects every circumstance in one’s life—what a person believes is her or his reality, however far removed that may be from the facts.

You said that when you were Matthew the apostle you didn’t consciously know the other things you wrote about in that message. Why didn’t you? How did you find out about them? 

Let us compare what I consciously knew in that lifetime with all the memories in your brain’s memory bank—if all of those memories flooded into your mind simultaneously, it would be overwhelming. It would be the same if the combined knowledge of all my personages had flooded into my consciousness then.

I—we—have a “growing reference library,” you could say, where all of the information is available whenever we choose to go there. Exercising that choice is the self-discovery I mentioned, remembering what the soul knows, and because each discovery comes with such a powerful sense of “rightness” without even a shred of doubt, you know with your entire being that it’s indisputably true.

Although it is the very same with every person—at soul level, everyone has full knowledge from The Beginning—remembering comes more easily to people in advanced civilizations and in spirit worlds, where bodies are not encumbered by the density of lower vibrations. Especially in a civilization with third density consciousness, a body’s density blocks awareness of what the soul knows.

Do you speak for souls at that station because they’re your personages?

Some of the many millions of souls here are my personages, but most are not. Our “link” to this station is evolvement status. A few years ago I spoke about this in a message:

“‘Station’ as we use it is not related to any specific ‘place’ or civilization, but rather is the level of spiritual growth a soul has attained regardless of its universal origin and number of experiencing lifetimes. When I speak of ‘souls at this station,’ I refer to a peer group whose spiritual clarity has evolved into attunement with the unconditional love and awareness of the Oneness of All. This could be called ‘group mind’ or ‘collective souls’ because of the shared enlightenment; but in a larger sense, it is a melding of innumerable personage soul-selves into one “higher soul.”  [January 19/20, 2009]

Appointment may not be the right word for how you became spokesperson for the other souls where you are, but how did you get that position? 

If another soul there were spokesperson, would their information be exactly the same as yours?  “Choice” is more correct than “appointment,” and it isn’t by voting for “candidates,” but rather a unanimous thought that specific souls can best express certain aspects of the group knowledge.

I am not the only one who speaks for all of us. It is only to my mother that I transmit messages for this group, others send information to their respective receivers. Only truth exists at this level, so never is there disagreement about what any of us transmits; however, we don’t send exactly the same information. It is a matter of differences in our collective experiencing. For instance, many of Kryon’s personages have extensive scientific expertise universally that many other souls’ personages, including mine, have to a lesser extent. Another factor is our receivers’ vocabularies. My mother has no education in the sciences, so she doesn’t know the words I would need to speak about matters of that nature.

Did other souls where you are now know you when you were Matthew the apostle or don’t you know each other’s personages?

We know about each other’s personages who are well-known on a universal scale, and that is relatively few. Collectively our personages are in numbers you cannot imagine, many in forms and appearances, including animals, which to your conscious mind are equally unimaginable.

Some souls here had personages who lived during that time in your history, but they would have known me then only if our lives were closely connected. My valued friendship with Jesus and my satisfying experience as a teacher made my life as Matthew very gratifying, but in context of the countless numbers of lifetimes in this universe, it was not at all remarkable. It became known on Earth centuries later, when it was blown immensely out proportion because notes in my journals led to “Matthew the apostle.”

However, now the souls here and their personages can know about that lifetime because of my message—information that any of us transmits becomes part of our group knowledge and adds to the storehouse that is accessible to all in our lineages. But this doesn’t mean that the Matthew lifetime itself has any more significance than before—the significance is that the truth of it now is available instead of only what is in the Bible. The effect is the same when the truth emerges about any souls whose lives have been misrepresented, those who have been unjustly maligned and those whose malicious deeds come to light.

Telling you a bit about my personages other than “biblical” Matthew will answer a number of readers’ other questions. No, my combined lifetimes don’t enable me to consciously or at soul level know every event and every person on Earth or everything in your world’s future. Like other souls here, I see “the big picture,” but none of us knows every detail about all the circumstances of every soul there. Only God knows, because He is all of them, and His knowledge grows continuously with every one of the limitless numbers of changes happening constantly.

Nevertheless, we do have sources of information in addition to our lifetimes, and God is one. We observe the momentum of activity in Earth’s energy field of potential; we communicate with persons in Nirvana who monitor the planet, souls at other stations like this, and members of advanced civilizations; and we can tap into the collective consciousness of Earth and the mass consciousness of the universe.

Now then, as Archangel Michael’s first personage in this universe, I was “equipped,” you could say, for birth into a spiritually evolved civilization, and the one chosen for me lives in an exquisite water world at the edge of the Milky Way farthest from you. A number of my personages lived on Earth during the past 100,000 or so years in your timing, but all prior lifetimes and many during those millennia were in Sirius, the Pleiades and other parts of this galaxy and others.

Living in antiquity let me glimpse formative stages of paradise Earth, then known as Terra or Shan, and to observe Gaia’s stress during the eons that her planetary body was spiraling from its origin in fifth density and eventually became deeply mired in third. I saw the progressive effects of stronger civilizations altering the DNA of weaker civilizations downward to only two strands, and I saw Earth’s ancient populations miss astral alignment opportunities to ascend out of third density. Some of my personages lived on the planet during those long dark ages, and one was there when all life was lost as Gaia rid her body of negativity so it wouldn’t perish. I know about those eras not only from the very narrow perspectives of my personages, but because that information is in the universal mass consciousness. You have the same information at soul level, and most likely it includes some, maybe many of your lifetimes.

As one of the highest universal council’s designers of the master plan for Earth’s Golden Age, I could give you firsthand information about it and also tell you that because some souls reneged on their agreement to join the light forces, your society’s progress was delayed by a decade. The council knows the soul who was Gaia’s choice to come to Earth and embody as Barack Obama, and because we have observed him throughout his years there, we know he has been unswerving in his dedication to serving the light and about his powerful foes within and beyond the government.

Some of my other personages in influential positions, like heading federations that were assisting civilizations that wanted to ascend out of darkness, accomplished admirable objectives; others fell short. Some personages were artisans, lawmakers, counselors, physicians, farmhands, administrators, musicians, merchants, teachers or traveling tradesmen with varying degrees of meaningful achievements. Others were in reconnaissance fleets, and the very few who were warriors necessitated quiet lives, including some with severe mental limitation, to permit recovery of the cumulative psyche. I have experienced lifetimes of health and great longevity, joyful lives with beloved families, loyal friends, endeavors with distinction and prosperity as well as very short lives, imprisonment, impoverishment, illness, betrayal, failure, loneliness and isolation. In short, a vast variety of experiencing over a very, very long time, just as you have. How can I know that?  Because you are reading this message. You are following your intuition to seek spiritual enlightenment and more self-discovery.

Every personage is valued equally by cumulative souls, which don’t measure any by wealth or power or fame, but by how closely free will choices adhered to choices in the soul contract. Regardless of where personages may be in this universe, their contracts are designed to balance cumulative experiencing because attaining the high vibrations within balance is the aim of every soul.

All of us at this station are like you and every other soul—all of us are on our respective pathways toward our common destination, reintegration with God; and He has said, only when that occurs will He know what comes next. (Matthew's Message, February 3, 2014.)

Steve Beckow: There’s a question that has drawn a certain amount of lightworker attention recently, and there’s an aspect of it that concerns me, which is why I raise it with you.

We’ve had reports from Jesus that he was crucified, and reports from Matthew Ward, who recently revealed he was St. Matthew, that Jesus was not crucified. I’m sure there’s a reasonable explanation for having two versions, but the versions that we have before us so far are mutually irreconcilable.

And so, initially, I’d like to know what the explanation of this is. What are we dealing with here? But I’d also like to know, it puzzles me that the Company of Heaven would allow there to be two different versions circulated, because surely that would confuse lightworkers.

So, if you can comment on this situation and help us to understand it, I’d very much appreciate it.

Archangel Michael: First of all, I have need to say that I have no intention, as the channel knows, of declaring that one is right or one is wrong.

SB: Yes, I understand.

AAM: Because regardless of whether you are talking about Jesus or Matthew it reflects back to the channels, both who have been diligent in their service and their lightwork.

SB: I agree.

AAM: And we would never wish to cast aspersions on either one of them. But let us also say this — and you may have a small chuckle: Matthew and Jesus, Yeshua, often disagreed.

SB: [laugh] That is a chuckle.

AAM: And sometimes still do! You have an expression on Earth where you say to somebody, “You are killing me!” And the other person will say, “That didn’t hurt.” Well, it is not in that vein. But let us suggest that the view of Matthew is one that you, yourself hold dear.

SB: Oh, yes?

AAM: And that is that there is no such thing as death.

SB: Yes.

AAM: So there is always a continuity of the being, of the spirit, of the essence. But I would also suggest that Yeshua, Jesus-Sananda, in the fullness of himself, and in the emanation that you know as Yeshua, is very clear about what has transpired to him, to his family, to his community, and not.

Let us be very clear about this. The death, what you have thought about as a crucifixion of Yeshua, was not really the highlight of that life. Many were being persecuted, and crucifixion, not so brutally, but certainly crucifixion was a regular occurrence under the auspices of the Romans. It was very brutal and barbaric, but it was not the point of the life of Yeshua, because he did not in any way think that the death or the passing was an issue.

Now, was he sorry, as a man, as a father, as a husband? Yes, but he also knew there is no such thing as death. Did he continue on to do other things? Of course he did, but not in that form. ("Archangel Michael: Swept Away in a Tsunami of Love -- Part 2/2, channeled by Linda Dillon, January 9, 2014 at

Now I am speaking as Matthew only. I asked my mother to copy a response to our December message: Your message was lovely except for leaving out that Jesus’ birth is the reason for this holy-day season. I think I am open-minded and intuitive, but what you have said about Jesus not being crucified is NOT believable. How can someone as evolved as you make yourself out to be not know something that important?                                          

The writer is one of the many, many people who believe the biblical story about the crucifixion. Knowing at conscious level the truth you know at soul level is a vital part of evolvement, and holding fast to beliefs based on falsehoods deters advancement. That’s why I felt it could be helpful to tell you how I know the Bible differs dramatically from the truth. God said “Yes, it is the time,” and so I shall.

Always I have spoken from personal knowledge as Matthew the apostle—it is the best known today of my lives on Earth—and the thousands of other lifetimes that began when Archangel Michael’s powerful energy manifested its first personage in this universe. The cumulative knowledge of all my personages has enabled me to speak about things I didn’t consciously know during the lifetime that became known as Matthew, the apostle; however, I shall call upon that knowledge as I tell you about my years with Jesus.

My mother has known about that lifetime since our earliest conversations, twenty years ago, and when she asked if I would ever mention it in a message, I told her perhaps, someday, but the apostle identity isn’t important. What is important is that the information she received from me and the others be respected for itself. Readers of the books and messages need to intuitively know the truth of the information, and offering guidance to help them hear, trust and heed their “inner voice” in all life circumstances is one of the primary reasons for our mother-and-son collaboration. (Matthew's Message, Jan. 5, 2014.)

Some of you have asked where we get our information. Some is our soul level knowledge that has emerged through self-discovery, or remembering, and it can be most aptly and succinctly described as "universal knowledge." We have no more knowledge than does any other soul; simply, through evolving spiritually and consciously, we have had more opportunities to remember what is in that storehouse of knowledge than lesser evolved souls have had.

Our information about what's happening with Earth and on Earth comes from a number of sources, and when the information from several is in the same ballpark, so to say, we confidently share it with you. One source is God, who told us what we just stated regarding when He will tell the council to notify fleet commanders GO! The council is another source, and so is our good friend Hatonn, who is an intergalactic fleet commander and director of communications between Earth and the rest of the universe. We also are in contact with individuals in Nirvana who monitor activities on Earth and with civilizations that are so far evolved spiritually, intellectually and technologically that even at this station they seem magical.

We have access to the Akashic records, the mass consciousness of the universe and the collective consciousness of Earth, and we know what is in Earth's energy field of potential. It is in that field where possibilities become probabilities and probabilities become certainties, depending upon the amount of energy your collective thoughts, feelings and actions put into a particular potential happening.

There is an additional element to the effects of the collective consciousness on a civilization regarding the arrival of our family from other worlds. You have been eagerly awaiting the landing of spacecrafts and meeting members who are living among you.

However, not only isn't your excitement about that shared by the vast majority of your society, but the actuality of "aliens" coming to help or already living on the planet isn't in their belief systems. Furthermore, for the most part, their ideas about extraterrestrials are the monstrous beings invading Earth as depicted in films. (Matthew's Message, Dec. 29, 2012.)

All souls at Matthew's station are highly-spiritually evolved, and as their spokesperson, he relays their unified feelings about souls on Earth. They love all equally and send healing light to all. They are able to honor all people as parts of God and separate that from their ungodly thoughts and actions.

We are physical civilizations. We don't have the capacity for that extent of unity and unconditional love. As part of our own evolutionary progress, we are in service to God by helping lower-density worlds evolve when they ask for assistance. Some among you don't want anything changed, but Earth does - that's why we have been helping you technologically and many of us are living on the planet to help in other ways. We're spiritually and intellectually advanced too, so we know your thoughts, we know what you're feeling and see what you're doing. But unlike the souls at Matthew's station, we do get anxious, angry, discouraged, impatient and frustrated by some of what's going on. We have differing opinions and ideas just like you do, but we resolve the differences on the basis of what best serves all of us as a universal family. (Hatonn in Matthew's Message, Oct. 10, 2010.)

I know Matthew told you that [our eyes] are so dark that you cannot see into our souls, but now he knows that is not so as he has evolved greatly since our first meeting several years back. To be more accurate, he is a highly evolved soul and through self-discovery has eliminated the layers of non-understanding that come with indoctrination of erroneous information and subsequent opinions or beliefs.(Horiss of Matthew Ward, in Matthew's Message, June 24, 2009.)

My information [on Hurricane Katrina] comes from monitors in Nirvana. (Matthew's Message, Sept. 22, 2005.)

Mother, when I told you shortly after you sent out my last message that the levees had been strategically blown to flood specific parts of New Orleans, you asked why I hadn't mentioned that in our message sitting. I didn't tell you the full reason, and I'd like to state here why I did not. It was difficult for me to accept that fact, just as it was to know that Katrina's course was steered by weather control measures. How could I have added our awareness - much less our expectation! - of the intentional flooding to my message and then plead for all of you to send love to those who did it? Mother, I just couldn't do that. Not because this terrible truth won't become publicly known, not because knowing it will be any less painful at that time than before, but because of my own emotions.

You cannot imagine how deeply saddened we are by the massive extent of personal tragedies that need not have happened. Yes, Earth must release negativity along her ascension path, but it is not her wish to have such needless death and devastation result. In many ways we are so closely bonded with you - with those who are suffering and those who are responsible for the agony and anxiety - that we cannot help but feel sorrow. It goes beyond compassion. We know the anguish of shock and grief - it is an integral part of us from lifetimes wherein we experienced these emotions ourselves. And so we grieve with those who are grieving and we grieve for the ones whose darkness caused it. (Matthew's Message, Sept. 22, 2005.)

Mother, thank you on behalf of the host of souls in whose company I am. (Matthew's Message, Aug. 13, 2005.)

Once again I have been requested to speak on behalf of others, light beings in high stations whose love energy constantly is beaming to Earth. During this time of unprecedented changes on the planet - indeed, in the universe - many messengers such as I are giving forth the wisdom and knowledge inherent in the higher vibrations. (Matthew's Message, May 7, 2004.)

I have been requested once again by "celestial" sources to be the spokesperson for these lighted realms. (Matthew's Message, Nov. 10, 2003.)

I believe that my credibility as one of God's messengers has been established with those who are familiar with the Matthew Books and my messages that have been posted on various Internet sites. (Matthew's Message, 7 Aug. 2003.)

I have been appointed by the highest light beings to speak more comprehensively than I have previously about the vital Earth reformation program commonly known as NESARA. (Matthew in Matthew's Message, Aug. 7, 2003.)

The evening of April 17, 1980, Suzanne (Suzy) Ward was packing for her next day's business trip when she received the call from Panama that changed her life: Her 17-year-old son Matthew had died after a vehicle crash that day.

The loss of a child has such an immeasurable impact upon the family that Suzy's preoccupation with Matthew's death would not be considered quite unusual. The direction she took in trying to cope with her grief, however, might be considered that. She called a medium with whom she had become friendly three years before, when they had lived in the same city, and asked about her son. The medium told her that he was in "deep rest"; she would receive an unmistakable sign when he was ready to send her a message, and when that time came, she would be led to a trustworthy medium.

THE SIGN CAME ALMOST NINE MONTHS LATER in her first dream about Matthew since his death, and in the months that followed, she learned first of a medium in Virginia, then one in Maryland, and later another, in Delaware. None of them knew each other and none asked Suzy anything except her son's name. Yet all accurately described Matthew's physical appearance and personality; they told her the cause of his death and the ease of his transition. They talked about his new interests and activities, sometimes with a progress report on educational pursuits or piano lessons. And they gave her explicit information about her own life, even details that she alone knew. They could tell her all of these things because they were merely passing on to her what Matthew was telling them -- the love between him and his mother was the inseparable bond that enabled him to be aware of her comings and goings.

Matthew also told all of those who spoke for him that when the time was right, he and his mother would communicate directly. But even when that same assurance came from a medium Suzy met later, after a move to California, she could not help but doubt that Matthew ever would talk with her directly. Why would such a unique gift -- in her mind, telepathic communication was that -- come to such an unremarkable person as she? To someone with no aptitude for anything extrasensory, no training in anything "New Age," and no knowledge of ancient spiritual beliefs; to someone who long ago had abandoned 35 years of religious upbringing because it never had been spiritually fulfilling?

BUT IT DID HAPPEN! It was early February 1994, almost 14 years after Matthew's death, when he started speaking to his mother. It was not simply her longing for this moment that created it -- something definitely extraordinary was happening! For a while, each morning as Suzy recorded her and Matthew's conversations at the computer, along with feeling elated by this glorious development, she struggled with the thought that perhaps some bizarre part of her mind was emerging. Soon, though, she realized that her imagination could not possibly produce the astounding information she was receiving from her son and, by now, the entities whom he introduced to her.

It wasn't long before Matthew started talking about the books she was meant to prepare from their transmissions. He told his mother that her profession as journalist was not by chance; it was experience she needed so that, later on, she could properly work with the information he and the others would be giving her. But the huge task of reviewing, indexing, integrating and organizing months of daily messages into some logical order was a challenge she didn't care to accept, and she kept ignoring her son's urging her to "start the book."

FINALLY, HE TOLD HER THAT HER PRIMARY MISSION of this lifetime was to publish that information about life beyond Earth and the celestial advice and guidance urgently needed during this era of unprecedented planetary changes. Finally, he answered her question about why he had died at such a young age: He had to, so he could send her that information.

And thus began The MATTHEW BOOKS.

THE FIRST OF THE SERIES, Matthew, Tell Me About Heaven, is what the title denotes: life in the wondrous realm where we all go after physical life on Earth ends. The second book, Revelations For A New Era, provides a wealth of history from antiquity forward and cogent messages from representatives of our space brotherhood, vast and powerful civilizations that are helping our planet survive during this time of momentous changes. The third of the series, Illuminations For A New Era, explains why violence, greed and power-mongering have been in human nature for millennia and how they are being replaced by peace, love and harmony. Among other cogent information for this unique time in history, Voices Of The Universe shows how our thoughts, feelings and actions create our lives and our world and simultaneously affect the universe accordingly.

With her husband Bob and their family of adopted dogs, Suzy is living in a rural area of Washington. Her numerous sources are providing more information to enlighten and assist us as we are changing at cellular level to enter the forthcoming higher spiritual dimension along with Earth. (Susy Ward, "The Story Behind the Matthew Books" at

This is Matthew with loving greetings and a most important postscript to my July 2 message. This topic on my mother's list became buried as she turned pages to locate questions related in nature, and both of us forgot it. If any of you readers still may have the impression that souls in high stations have no frailties, now you know that is not so. My mother and I did remember about our serious omission shortly after she sent out the message, and we had the good intention to follow that quickly with a note about this vitally significant event. That didn't happen only because of several interruptions in my mother's limited time to complete her speech and other preparations before departing for the Science, Spirit and World Transformation conference, from which she returned late last night. (Matthew's Message, July 9, 2007.)

Albert Einstein

I have not chosen to incarnate because I am here with Raj learning some very important lessons of Universal Law and where they sit in your chakras and in life, and how humanity can adapt to these systems of how things work. But I share with you. I would have done anything to be in your shoes, to be upon this beautiful Earth for the exhale. ("Albert Einstein: The Patterning of the Universe," October 5, 2015, at


I have been taking dictation from my friend Saul since 1995. He is a spiritual entity whose messages over the years have been inspiring and uplifting for me. (John Smallman, "John Smallman," at


We are those who are of the Law of One. In our vibration the polarities are harmonized; the complexities are simplified; the paradoxes have a solution. We are one. That is our nature and our purpose.

We are old upon your planet and have served with varying degrees of success in transmitting the Law of One, of Unity, of Singleness to your peoples. We have walked your planet. We have seen the faces of your peoples. However, we now feel the great responsibility of staying in the capacity of removing the distortions and powers that have been given to the Law of One. We will continue in this, until, shall we say, your cycle is appropriately ended. If not this one, then the next. We are not a part of time and, thus, are able to be with you in any of your times. (Ra, The Law of One, at, 70.)

The identity of the vibration Ra is our identity. We as a group, =or what you would call a social memory complex, made contact with a race of your planetary kind which you call Egyptians. Others from our density made contact at the same time in South America, and the so-called “lost cities” were their attempts to contribute to the Law of One.

We spoke to one who heard and understood and was in a position to decree the Law of One. However, the priests and peoples of that era quickly distorted our message, robbing it of the, shall we say, compassion with which unity is informed by its very nature. Since it contains all, it cannot abhor any.

When we were no longer able to have appropriate channels through which to enunciate the Law of One, we removed ourselves from the now hypocritical position which we had allowed ourselves to be placed in. Other myths, shall we say, having more to do with polarity and the things of your vibration that are complex, again took over in that particular society/complex. (Ra, The Law of One, at, 70.)


Muhammad (Mohammed)

The prophet Mohammed is the prophet of peace (4) and too many, in all cultures, have forgotten this. Mohammed has been speaking, what you would call and just have called, the inner chamber but he has been speaking in the ears, in the head and in the heart of those involved in this violence. And there are several, not many, but several in leadership that Mohammed has over-lit and spoken to in what you would call an apparition. (An Hour with an Angel with Archangel Michael, Feb. 14, 2015, Part 1/2Channeled by Linda Dillon,


Linda Dillon

As Suzi and I have talked and laughed about, and as you know, I am a Star Being and spend a great deal of time on ship, my home, the Neptune. But I am here in full embodiment, having a human experience, and have chosen – as Archangel Gabrielle has told me numerous times – and insisted upon having a full human experience. (Linda Dillon in "Transcript: Heavenly Blessings ~ Albert Einstein: The Patterning of The Universe, Part 2," January 15, 2016, at

Stephen Cook: At the moment, from what I can gather, the ones that I know of, you speak through Ron Head, you speak through Ronna Herman, you speak through Fran Zepeda, you speak through Linda Dillon. Obviously there are others all over the world who speak other languages that we may not know that you speak through. Is that correct?

Archangel Michael: Oh, yes.

SC: So, working through Linda, though, why did you choose to come through her?

AAM: I will tell her, and I will disclose to you, it was a soul agreement, and it was the reason why she stayed. It was to be the voice and the vessel for these transmissions for the entire Council of Love. So it was already known and agreed upon. This one in other lifetimes has been very close and dear to us. And the vibration was compatible. And so we knew that we would be able to match our vibrations, for her to come and for us to come down, and to use her physical body, her vessel, in order to communicate in this way. So it was a soul contract and agreement. ("Transcript: Archangel Michael – The Light Agenda, December 19 2012, Final Episode," Dec. 20, 2012, at

Sue Lie

From 2017

When I was a teenager, I tried very hard to be a “normal person,” but I was not sure what that was. Therefore, I looked at other teenagers to determine the “right behavior.” However, it seemed that was “right” for me was “wrong” for “them.”

I put “them” in quotes as “them” became all the people in my outside world. Then, I also had a reality made of “all the beings in my inside world.” This is when I became two different people. I was the ME on the outside world, as well as the ME on my inside world. For many years, the two versions of “ME” did not meet, and definitely never interacted. When I was with other people, I was the outside ME. Then, when I was alone, I was the inside ME. The outside and inside ME’s seldom interacted.

I had it all worked out. I could be the outside ME that others needed me to be. Then, when I was alone, I could be the inside ME that I wanted to be. The problem was that I was seldom alone. Therefore, I was seldom my real, inner me.

Yes, slowly I was learning that when I was just the outside me, I became depressed. In fact, I was only really happy when I was with the inside me. By the time I discovered this seemingly obvious fact, I was married and had two children."

There was a great decade there during the “hippie times,” when it was important to be one’s real self. I enjoyed that time enough to be able to ignore that the marriage was not working at ALL. Happily, there were enough distractions that I could ignore that fact, almost. (“A Message from My Arcturian SELF through Suzanne Lie 4-2-17,” April 4, 2017, at

John F. Kennedy

My beloved Patriots…I just wanted to check in with you all today, on the anniversary of my assassination, back in 1963.

Yes, it was a harrowing event for all involved…and I feel the collective energy of sadness and anger building right now, as we come upon this auspicious day.

However, with the extended period of time with which I have had to review this tragic event that ended my physical life on Earth, I have altered my perspective somewhat, and I wanted to share it with you now, my loving Patriots.

Even though my life was cut short by a nefarious group of infidels, this event also called many early Patriots to “action”, because they knew who had planned out the assassination, and they realized that it was time to “make a plan” to finally stamp out the darkness of the cabal.

The Patriots who had stood by me during that time began to make detailed plans to begin the elimination of the Deep State, as they are called now. My colleagues also knew that this plan was going to take time to come to its ultimate completion…and that “completion” is what you all are witnessing, right now.

The plan to eradicate the cabal, which began as a very clandestine plan, has now become the “news of the day”…at least on the “truthful” news sites, that is. Eventually, those other “mainstream” news sites which have been manipulated and told what to say since the days of my Presidency, will be no longer.

We are at the most critical juncture of our short American history right now…and I am watching and assisting from my “station”…and knowing that all will end well…and all will be well, soon. In fact, it will be better than ever before!

There are new leaders, attorneys, state officials and patriots, stepping forward each day, to assist in restoring our Republic once and for all…and working to give us back our sovereignty. That is no small task however, and it is also needing each and every one of you who are reading this, to participate in whatever way is your individual divine calling, in order for all of the Alliance collective to battle the dark agenda’s plan with courage, determination and perseverance, and to reverse its course steadfastly until all can see the Light!

I am so very, very proud of you all, my beloved Patriots, for all the exhausting hours and mental energy you have expended in order to quell the cabal’s maze of intricate distractions and blatant elements of fraud and deceit…and believe me, we will WIN…and WIN BIG!

This big win will be for more than the Presidency of the United States though…it will also be for each and every American, even those who are currently on the “other side” of the Truth right now…for they will see the fraud and deceit for what it truly is, and has been for so many years, and they will slowly realize that they have been lied to, and taken advantage of, and they will quietly direct their allegiance toward the Light.

I ask of all of you…please be respectful and understanding as those who were deceived and unawake become awakened…because you also were, at one time, an unawakened one…and I hope you remember how long and arduous the road to awakening was for most of you…and it will also be that way, if not even more arduous and mind-numbing, for those who are just now waking up. Compassion is always the answer.

Thank you all for “having my back” all these years…it means so very much to me, and I hope you can feel I am returning that love you have given me, back to you all…one hundred fold! ("On This Auspicious Day of Remembrance: A Message from JFK," November 22, 2020, at

Werner Erhard

Divine Mother: There are those amongst you who have the highest intention, who suggest to you that this change that I speak of, the creation — yes, dear Steve, I use your words — of a world that works for everyone, everyone and every being - takes decades or millennia. That does not speak well to my abilities, does it? I suggest to you, I guide you: this is not correct. ...

Steve Beckow: [chuckle] The quotation, “A world that works for everyone,” is actually from Werner Erhard, as you know. I know you know.

DM: But Werner gives it to you!

SB: Yes! Thank you! I accept. Thank you very much. (“The Divine Mother: We are Creating a New Species of Humans,” July 12, 2014, at

Albert Einstein

Now, does the transition of putting into form take a little time as you think of it? A little, just the way it took me a little time to create and to truly understand my formulas.

But my formulas were incomplete, and that is why I am so honoured to speak to you in this way. (“Albert Einstein: The Patterning of the Universe ~ Part 2,” at

Dalai Lama

Suzanne: The Dali Lama has said that the western woman will save the world. Would you please speak to that? ...

Let us say the Dali Lama is correct; he is always correct. (Divine Mother, "Mother Mary Discusses the Divine Quality of Hope-the Foundation, the Bedrock of Human Existence," February 21, 2013, at

Donald Trump

Keep praying for our President Trump and family to be protected as he continues to face the most cunning, fraudulent, and evil group of people who would like nothing better than to take him out, permanently. In fact, they have tried to do so many times, and I am so very glad that our President is surrounded by a multitude of angels and protectors, who have worked to keep him safe at all times. ("John F. Kennedy via Losha: The Good Fight," January 12, 2021, at

Steve: I have a question from Sitara which is probably good to ask at this point. Is the plan for president Trump to leave or be re-elected?

Archangel Michael: The plan is for him to leave. Now, we do not interfere in the affairs of the human race/free will. But the plan is for him to leave.

Steve: I remember some talk about a year or two ago (this was from the alliance) about how the plan was for him to be impeached and exit. Is that so?

AAM: There are a number of choices or pathways that he can choose to depart from, the impeachment being one of them. The simple walking away, resigning, is another. The third is health reasons. So there is literally a selection on the table.

But, let us be clear about this. As you have seen, as we have just spoken about pedophilia and how it has become the dark underbelly and tolerated for thousands of years. There is always the potential for humans to refuse what is presented to them which often will create, shall we say, no, not drama but certainly catastrophic situations. (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Jan. 18, 2020.)

Steve: Is Donald Trump as I have described him, the front man for the alliance who smiles at the camera and signs the documents placed before him and other than that, can do pretty well what he chooses.

AAM: Donald Trump is not a hero.

Steve: Can you say more about that?

AAM: We would suggest that his own interest and his endeavours are front and centre and that sometimes he is a front man and most of the time he is the front man for himself.

Steve: Okay, I had thought that he had agreed to work with the alliance, sign the documents they needed like executive orders and then they would leave him alone. You are saying that he is really in it for himself.

AAM: He really is in it for himself. If he thinks there is something in it for him, he will be agreeable but his intent is really self-aggrandizement. (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Aug. 2, 2019.)

Julian Assange

Julian Assange is one of the souls who volunteered to leave their homelands and experience whatever harshness would befall them for being truth-tellers, or “whistleblowers.” Once incarnated on Earth, all of that was lost to his conscious awareness, just as it is with all other souls in a third density world that is rife with human frailties. When the opportunity arose whereby Assange could make available to the public information that the US government did not want disclosed, he was fulfilling his soul-level commitment by following inner urgings to act upon the opportunity. We honor him and all other souls who fulfill their mission to make truths known to Earth’s peoples. (Matthew's Message, May 15, 2019.)

David Wilcock

The truth is admittedly difficult to adjust to. I have been interviewing and connecting with insiders with “Cosmic” clearance, directly or indirectly, since 1993.

Cosmic clearance is considered to be 35 levels of “Need to Know” above the President of the United States. ...

The “big picture” we have assembled from insiders such as Henry Deacon, Bob Dean, Clifford Stone, Pete Peterson, William Tompkins, Corey Goode and Emery Smith suggests that our own Earth humanity is already an interstellar species. (David Wilcock, "New Briefings: Alliance Seizing Trillions Stolen By Deep State, Preparing to Give It Back," Divine Cosmos, Jul 2, 2018, at

Simon Parkes

Simon Parkes is a life long experiencer of aliens, shadow people, elementals and ufo's, these include Mantid (Mantis) beings, Draconis Reptilian, Feline, small and tall Grey creatures, Crystalline beings and other creatures that can't be identified. Simon was an elected Politician and served a full term of office.

Simon's biological mother worked for the British Security Service, often called MI5 between 1965 - 1979. However while she was managed by British Intelligence she was in fact working "jointly" for the National Security Agency (NSA) of America. Her job was to type out documents that related to crashed ufo craft that had come down all over the Earth's surface and had then been retrieved by American special forces/recovery teams.

Simon's Grandfather, who was a British diplomat, worked for the foreign arm of British intelligence often called MI6. But again in his case he was closely associated with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of America. During this time he was awarded the Order of the British Empire (OBE) medal as well as the Commander of the British Empire (CBE) medal. However he turned down a Knighthood from the Queen. Simon's Grandfather was also a prominent Freemason and was Britain's appointed diplomat to the United Nations in the late 1950's and early 1960's. (

Lisa Renee

Lisa Renee experienced a spontaneous "kundalini" event several years ago that catalyzed a "Starseed Awakening" to perceive multidimensional realities and communication with the Evolutionary forces of Light. Lisa Renee has been personally prepared, trained and downloaded by Interdimensional beings known as the Melchizedek Guardians through her Council of 12 known to her as the Sirian High Council.

Guided by a Spiritual Hierarchy, Lisa was trained and downloaded to comprehend the Science of Ascension and its dynamics upon the layers of energy fields. This understanding of Spirit Technologies was experienced by her own personal conscious evolution and began her transition into a Spiritual Guide and Multidimensional Energetic Healer during this Planet's Ascension Cycle. She is a Galactic Emissary for the Guardians and a spokesperson for the shift of humanity to "Ascension".

Along with the Guardian Groups, her mission is to support humanity through its evolution with education, awareness and by discussing the impacts of the energy shifts upon the planet, human beings and human consciousness. She is an Intuitive, Spiritual mentor, Writer, Quantum Therapist and Etheric surgeon. She writes a monthly column called Lifting Your Veil, which you can find here. She lives and has a practice in Santa Monica, California. ("Lisa Renee" at

Mike Quinsey

Mike Quinsey works to support his family; however, his soul mission is serving as a messenger for the Galactic Federation of Light. The messages he channels serve as a means for Earth humans to experience encouragement and guidance from our galactic family and to prepare for reunion with our star brothers and sisters. Mike also hosts a weekly internet radio show on BBS, called "Connecting The Light." Mike channels various members of the Galactic Federation and the Ascended Master St. Germain. (Nancy B. Dettwiler, "Messages from Our Galactic Family," at Pathways to Ascension,

Meg Benedicte

Due to my personal Sirian lineage, my blueprint packet activated 15 years ago. Although I was suddenly aware of my true nature and purpose according to the Ascension Plan, I had to operate in extreme density, pushing against powerful counter-forces. The universal waves of light were slowly ramping up, but not nearly as powerful as now, and so many of us felt like we were pushing uphill instead of riding the Ascension spiral of evolution.

During a profound communication with the Sirian High Council, through a channel in 1997, I was initiated as a master-teacher for a powerful 12th-dimensional Vortex technique. Over the years I've learned how to optimize the transformational properties of Vortex Healing in order to assist human progress during Ascension. Not only does the spinning Vortex empower acceleration of human evolution but it also activates the light body (merkaba), awakens ascension codes, clears out distortion, integrates all four holistic bodies, opens the channel to the super-consciousness, and much more! (Sirian Counsil, "Original Sirian Ascension Plan," Sept 2008, through Meg Benedicte, at


From 2013

Poof has been welcomed with great fanfare. Celebration. Now, this is not unusual, for this is the way in which this process is undergone. But as you well know, this has been a trusted and faithful communicator and servant, and one that has completed the mission — or at least as it was perceived, let us put it that way.

There are no immediate plans, for this one, as I have said to you before, or Michael has, he deserves a good rest. And besides which, he is quite confident that he can affect and do a great deal of work from what you think of as this side as well. It is amazing, in many ways, what can be accomplished when you do not have the confines of a mortal body.

Now, I am not suggesting to any of you that it’s a good idea to leave your body, for that is all in divine order and your timing. But it is incorrect thinking if you decide to leave your body because you think that you can do better work or more fulfilling work from this side.

But Poof has literally been true to his name. He has gone up in smoke. And he has arrived home, at peace, in joy and love, and he will be in constant communication with his beloved wife.  ("Sanat Kumara: Many of You Have Already Ascended and Straddle Dimensions," May 28, 2013,

As many of you have noted, in fact you would have to be like the sweet Poof - dead and gone - not to have noticed, there have been significant energetic shifts upon your planet in the last couple of weeks. ("Sanat Kumara: Many of You Have Already Ascended and Straddle Dimensions," May 28, 2013, at

Barbara Marciniak

Barbara Marciniak is an internationally acclaimed trance channel, inspirational speaker, and best-selling author of Bringers of the Dawn, Earth, Family of Light, and Path of Empowerment, which collectively have been translated into more than twenty languages and have sold over five hundred thousand U.S. copies. She has a BA in social science, and is the publisher and editor of the quarterly newsletter The Pleiadian Times. Her extensive worldwide travels, astrological studies, and a lifetime of alternative free thinking augment her personal understanding of the material she channels. ("Barbara Marciniak" at

Karen Bishop

In 2001 I was in a very minor auto accident that created a crushed right leg for one else involved had any ramifications from the accident, but for me, this incident was the vehicle for a massive shift within me, and one that would change me forever more.

I needed to have surgery, and was told by my guides right before they wheeled me into the operating room, that I would never be the same again, that I would now be residing somewhere very new and different, and that I would have a drastic shift in consciousness that I would now be embodying, no longer just knowing a higher consciousness in an intellectual way.

When I awoke, I most certainly felt as though there was nothing much left of me but the "souls" of my shoes. I had been swept clean in one fell swoop. What was left was the "original innocence" and the purity of my soul and its purpose. And boy, did I feel vulnerable. (Karen Bishop, "Coming Home ... Re-Connecting to the Earth," June 3, 2009, at

John Smallman

Hello, my name is John Smallman.

I have been taking dictation from my friend Saul since 1995. He is a spiritual entity whose messages over the years have been inspiring and uplifting for me. ...

I get a lot of satisfaction from practicing Reconnective Healing. Eric Pearl's book "The Reconnection" really resonated with me, so I trained with him. If you are interested in what it is about, pay his web site a visit. If you type my name into the appropriate box on the Practitioner Directory page, you will find me listed there.

( ) (John Smallman, "About John Smallman," at

John looks like a no-nonsense mid-western farmer who woke up 14 years ago and has finally decided that people need to hear some clear and positive input, even if they don't understand about his higher aspect that's channeling.

He is no flake and he had to do a lot of soul-searching before he could start this blog. He's savvy but did grow up in a traditional culture...and experienced many of life's challenges...which show in his facial life-map.

His energy field is clear, clean, criminal-free and grounded. (Makr Huber email, May 31, 2009.)

Magenta Pixie

Magenta Pixie was born in Staffordshire in 1965 at her maternal Grandparents home. Her parents lived in Islington London where Pixie spent her early childhood.

Pixie's parents were in the theatre at the time of her birth; her Father was an Opera Singer and her Mother, a Ballet Dancer.

Pixie grew up around the theatre and decided at an early age that she would follow in their footsteps.

She was an early talker and an early reader and at the age of seven was reading several Enid Blyton novels per week, living in a world of fairies, pixies, gnomes and magic.

At seven years old Pixie would sit at the bottom of her garden willing the fairies that she could sense and feel, to show themselves to her...she would hear a whisper within her thoughts of "One day! One day!"

Pixie had several "imaginary friends" whom she would speak with all the time.

At this age she remembered being able to move things with her mind and became frustrated why she could no longer do this as she knew that somewhere in some other time, in some other place, she once had these abilities.

At ten years old she won a short story competition and lived within her imagination either by reading fairy stories, writing them or telling herself stories by speaking aloud.

Pixie's parents separated and Pixie moved to the New Forest with her Mother and her younger sister & brother.

Pixie started studying drama and acting and whilst she excelled in drama and creative writing she showed little interest in anything else other than science fiction programmes such as Star Trek and The Tomorrow People.

Pixie met her husband at the age of seventeen, married at nineteen and had her first baby at twenty.

Unusual, esoteric and supernatural events occurred throughout the ten years of Pixie's marriage such as out of body experiences, having visions, hearing voices, seeing people & beings & knowing things before they happened. Pixie had no understanding of these experiences that were happening to her and she was at many times confused and afraid. It always seemed to Pixie like there was something watching her & looking after her however as somehow she seemed to recover from fearful situations quickly and learn from them. Her Father at that time was practising hypnotherapy and was a great help & support to Pixie at that point in her life.

After ten years of marriage, Pixie and her husband divorced and she moved into a flat with her brother. It was during this phase that the unusual events were bought into clarity as she discovered, unbeknown to her, that her brother had also experienced many of these supernatural occurrences.

The difference with her brother was that he had research to back up his experiences and he introduced her to understanding certain religions, philosophies and explained events such as mediumship, clairvoyance, healing and Lucid dreaming.

The two of them embarked on a journey of discovery together and joined a local spiritualist church where they watched a medium work.

After watching that medium Pixie told her brother that she too would be a medium one day but that she would be different to the medium they had just seen. Pixie did not understand how but she knew she would be speaking to a entities in a different dimension to the one the medium spoke to and that one day she would be a "medium for other mediums" she had no idea how this would manifest.

A few days later she found a book in a bookshop called "channelling" which taught how to meet your spirit guide in meditation.

Pixie then began strict daily meditations and followed the instructions in the book on meeting your guide. It was several weeks before Pixie started to communicate with beings in meditation and eventually she met her Spirit Guide who introduced himself as "White Spirit" and presented in the form of a Zulu Warrior. He told Pixie he was from the Fifth Dimension.

At first Pixie could only communicate with White Spirit during deep meditation but eventually she began to bring him forward by automatic writing and then direct speaking followed afterwards.

Pixie's brother would ask questions and Pixie would bring the answers through. Much teaching came from White Spirit and both Pixie and her brother were amazed at the information coming through, especially about Quantum universes and timelines and different dimensions & levels as Pixie had no prior knowledge of these concepts.

Pixie and her brother were moved into a place in their lives where they were fast-tracked through experience after experience and synchronicity after synchronicity taking them on a journey that led them to discover that there were changes occurring on the Earth. They were led to information regarding the Ascension of the Earth and of the extra terrestrial races that were here to help.

White Spirit told them that this would occur in their lifetimes and that both of them would be significant in someway in helping others at what would be a wonderful yet difficult time. White Spirit told them they had incarnated at this time specifically for this moment. He also said they were currently in a "rehearsal phase" and everything they experienced was a "practise run" for a time in their lives when this would happen for real. He told them they would be told when that time comes and they would be moved into a place in their lives where they could fulfil their mission & help others.

Pixie and her brother were excited and impatient and wanted the Ascension and the arrival of their Galactic Star family to manifest there and then.

They had no idea that it would be another fifteen years before they would start to experience the Ascension process "for real!"

Pixie remained in contact with White Spirit throughout her life and in the year 2003 White Spirit evolved into a sixth density White Winged Angelic being. Not long after that the White Winged being separated themselves into Nine identical beings.....each one with the ability to come forward separately yet they were a collective consciousness. Hence the White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine came into Pixie's reality and it was not until the beginning of 2008 when both Pixie and her brother were led to information & were once again having experiences very similar to that wonderful, spiritual summer back in 1993.

The two of them had often wondered if that whole experience was just some wild, crazy moment that had no bearing in reality and they both decided they needed to come down to Earth a bit. Yet they had both always known that they were here for a reason & one day that reason would make itself known.

So in 2008 they found themselves re-living that earlier time and the Nine told Pixie "Now is the time" and this was the moment they had waited for and this was not a rehearsal anymore but "the real thing."

In April of 2008 the Nine told Pixie it was time to "go public" and fulfil her destiny by becoming a "medium for other mediums" and delivering messages from the Nine to these like minded souls who were also working for the Light and had all incarnated here for the same reason, to take planet Earth & Humanity through the Ascension process.

Pixie asked "where are these like minded souls?" and the Nine pointed to the computer.....

Pixie then started releasing her messages from the Nine in video form on you tube and took the name of "Magenta Pixie."

And now here we the middle of an Ascension! And if you have found your way to Pixie's messages from the White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine then YOU are part of all this and you are here for a reason! (Magenta Pixie, "About Magenta Pixie and the Nine,"

Vladmir Putin

From 2017

Officials, political analysts and mainstream media in “free press” nations are echoing information disseminated by the Illuminati about Vladimir Putin, who consistently has refused to join forces with them. That is why you hear that he is a cunning ruthless dictator who meddles in other governments’ affairs and is a threat to Europe, put out the “fake news” about Hillary Clinton’s involvement in a pedophile ring and initiated cyberspace warfare. While Putin’s hands may not be pristine, that profile—like all other lies promulgated by the Illuminati—is way off the mark. They know he is one of the major players coordinating efforts to rid the world of their influence; expose their diabolical activities and hold them accountable; and acquire their ill-gotten fortunes and use those funds to end impoverishment, environmental destruction and terrorist groups. That is a tall order indeed, and the persons involved in this mission are from nations whose histories, cultures, religions, resources and ideologies differ. But their goal is the same—a safer, healthier world where everyone shares in its abundance—and you shall see evidence of their progress as intensifying light reinforces this global undertaking. (Matthew’s Message, April 2, 2017.)

From 2016

That nation’s finger-pointing at Russia in a series of hacked emails and portraying Vladimir Putin as a meddler in US political affairs and a dictator who wants to control the countries formerly within the USSR is political posturing and fodder for the media. Putin doesn’t want a new cold war era or conflicts with any country; he is one of the individuals in governments, military forces and the corporate and economic sectors whose efforts behind closed doors are aimed at ending the Illuminati’s long reign of global corruption, deception, assassination, initiating wars and fostering impoverishment. (Matthew's Message, Sept. 16, 2016.)

Pope John XXIII

Yes, I am Universal Mother Mary, Mother of Hope, Mother of Change, Mother of Love. ...

I come this day as Maria, as Our Lady of Guadalupe because for many of you it is your most recent knowing of my presence upon your planet in the very physical manifestation of miracles, of trust, of joy, of faith, and yes, fulfillment.

I remind you and I especially share with you, for those of you who do not know the story or the unfoldment of my beloved Juan Diego – a simple man, a simple peasant, that I had chosen to be my emissary upon this Earth – just as I choose each of you my beloved children, mis niños. ...

It had need to be shook up, just as long ago I had Juan Diego shake up the [Mexican?] Church, and then again as Pope John XXIII to shake up the Catholic Church! ("Transcript ~ The Divine Mother: New Year's Message 2017
," December 29, 2016, at

Adolf Hitler

In early 1945, he blamed it on the weakness of the German people and a military organization riddled with timid, disloyal and incompetent officers. If only they had really listened to him and let themselves be inspired. If only they had possessed the same will and determination as him – certainly everything would have turned out differently. (“Enter the Bunker” in The History Place: The Defeat of Hitler at

“It is untrue that I or anyone else in Germany wanted war. It was provoked solely by the Jews.

“I die with a joyful heart in the knowledge of our infinite achievements and of a contribution unique in the history that bears my name.”(Adolf Hitler in “World War 2 1945 Documentory - Hitler in Colour” at } The fate of the Reich depends on me. As long as I live I shall think only of victory.

I shall annihilate everyone who is opposed to me. (Adolf Hitler in “World War 2 1945 Documentory - Hitler in Colour” at

The Royal Dragon Families/ the Chinese Elders

The Dragon Families are based in the Philippines and are not connected to, nor claim to be influenced by, the Chinese government. (Anon., "The New US Republic via a Global Currency Reset," at


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