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The Cosmic Drama Proceeds on Other Planets and Stars

Beyond Us There are More Worlds

Beyond us, there's more and more Light and somewhere are other 'worlds,' reflected like the earth, nourished by the magnetic rays of their suns. (Philip Gilbert in PTW, 117.)

The other planets have their own spirit-spheres round them. (Claude Kelway-Bamber in CB, 69.)

The Life Force is not expanded on only one terrestrial globe. (Pierre Curie in TOL, 54.)

There are ... intelligent beings on other planets, including planets unknown to science. There are several other planets in this system as well as planets in other solar systems. ... Of course, some of these planets do not have a physical basis. ...

A planet can be made of astral matter or mental matter, rather than physical matter. Or it can have an etheric body but no dense physical planet to go with it. ... Yes, [they would be fourth-dimensional planets], although a lot of planets which exist on the fourth dimension also have a dense physical planet with it. There are also planets where the civilization exists only in the fifth dimension. (Nikola Tesla, NTR, 79-80.)

The grades of spiritual evolution are infinite in number. We will begin with life on the plane next above our own, where higher science is taught, and where many are trying to find answers to problems that confront intelligence there. Life on other planets, with their varying conditions, is one of these problems. ...

The higher plane expresses love /and service still, but in higher degree and in more spiritualized activities. These activities may extend to other planets or to other universes. (Unnamed spirit communicator to Charlotte Dresser, SWSL, 172-3.)

There are other universes which you do not know of, intermingled with yours at a different rate of vibration. Millions of planets, throughout the cosmos, have life and death cycles equivalent to your earth plane life cycles. (Unnamed spirit teacher through Betty Bethards, TIND, 19.)

I had learnt of the existence of other lands besides this island, (1) and at one time it seemed as incredible as the possible existence of this land does to many now on earth; but eventually the time came when I was taken to these other spheres. I cannot tell where they are, but it was like traveling amongst the stars. It seems as if we left our world and traveled through space until we reached another star, another land.

There are several of these other lands, and they are inhabited by former earth people who have progressed sufficiently to qualify for entry into this or that land. These other lands are nearly all inhabited by a higher form of life, a happier form and, individually, a more powerful form, but there are one or two other lands of not so high an order, where happiness is less or not at all, according to whether life on earth was a well, or lightly-ordered thing. In these lands the people who are there fail and fail again to find the spirit in themselves to desire to rise, to improve and control themselves, although the necessary strength is offered and offered and even thrust at them. (W.T. Stead, BI, 114-5.)

(1) Stead is probably speaking of the Borderlands, which he called the "Blue Island," but from the vantage point of the Mental Plane, looking backwards.

Your friend has not left the neighbourhood, the immediate neighbourhood, of the earth. But there are similar planes, in other localities, near other planets. Spheres are conditions, and similar conditions may and do exist in many places. Space, as ye call it, is full of spirit dwellings. (Spirit leader Imperator in Moses, MST, 50.)

Stainton Moses: Return to earth is not the only method of progression.

No: nor even the usual one. We have with us many schools of instruction: and we do not employ a second time one that has proved a failure. (Spirit leader Imperator in Moses, ST, 34.)

A: There are a few universes which have planets identical to earth. But, within your own universe, there is no other planet with the same rate of vibration or people inhabiting them with the same type of bodies as you have. They are a different frequency, a different rate of energy. (Unnamed spirit teacher through Betty Bethards, TIND, 19.)

Q: And that's why we would not see them?

A: There are some, yes, that you would see, and some have been sighted. These people are often described as having a blue light or something emitting from them. This is due to the higher energy or lighter-than-physical matter which allows more light to show through. (Unnamed spirit teacher through Betty Bethards, TIND, 19.)

The Plane of Matter consists of all experiences in physical form, in matter as known to man. These experiences are not confined to the earth life. There are experiences of a similar character in numerous starry regions. Sometimes the body vibrates faster or slower than the body of man in such starry places. But the term "physical" expresses its character and nature. (F.W.H. Myers, RTI, n.p.)

Human beings exist on certain planets, but their material bodies are subject to a different time from the earth time, and travel, therefore, within the rhythm of that time. Consequently their physical parts are either vibrating slower or faster than yours and may not be discovered through the medium of man's senses. I call them human beings because the conditions of their lives, the construction of their physical parts, are similar to those of man. (F.W.H. Myers, RTI, n.p.)

If you belong to the primitive type [of human], you will make a corresponding choice. You will desire to go downwards, that is to say, you will choose to be an inhabitant of matter as dense as the physical body you discarded when you passed into Hades. Usually you return to earth. But I am told that the [primitive human] occasionally prefers to enter a material existence on some other planet in which matter may be even denser than any earthly substance. (Frederick W.H. Myers, RTI, n.p.)

I wish I could take you out with us sometime when we are far away in the study of astronomy. We can see far more with spirit sight than even the perfected instruments of human wisdom and learning can discern. Then we can travel, as no mortal can conceive, and we can study at first hand some of the problems of other planets and other lives. This is one more activity. But do not think that our studies stop / here. The history of life on the other planets, for instance, is very absorbing. (Unnamed teacher in SWSL, 81-2.)

We see the soul of the stars, not their outer crust. (Philemon [Archdeacon Wilberforce], LFOS, 19.)

I know that the heavenly bodies have souls and are spirits as men have and are. These are the great planetary spirits. The star-beings are really spirits of the nature of the sun-spirit - celestial beings. There are also inter-planetary beings and inter-stellar spirits. The macrocosm, no less than the microcosm, is infinite - infinitely great, infinitely minute. (Philemon [Archdeacon Wilberforce], LFOS, 19-20.)

Q. In your world are there only earth souls?

P. There are spirits who have never been on earth, in this world. There are beings from all parts of our solar system, but I am not aware that there are any extra-solar-system beings within our radius. Our learned spirits deny its possibility, as your astronomers deny that beings from other planets dwell upon earth. (Spirit communicator Philemon, LFOS, 27-8.)

I have met spirits from all these [other] worlds. The moral and spiritual attributes of those beyond the earth orbit are in advance of our own. Those within the earth orbit are inferior in spiritual evolution to man.

Q. Why is this? What is the controlling factor?

P. The conditions are better or less advanced, as the case may be. Crude spirit is like other crudities - spirit not at its best: this is a paradox. The Sun, the Christ sphere, the centre whose Light is Jesus Christ - that is spirit at its purest and best. It would follow that the worlds nearest that radiant centre would be the most Christ-like. Not so. Their inhabitants are crude spirits, lacking experience, lacking maturity, lacking all the training necessary to evolve wisdom and goodness. Life is too easy on those worlds, just as existence in the tropics fails to develop a sturdy humanity. (1) The planets further from the centre are the homes of the more developed and ripened spirits.

Q. Surely this world is the hardest school of all?

P. It would seem that, in a sense, our little earth is really the centre of the Spiritual Universe, for souls that pass through it, having learned its lessons, become leaders and teachers. Joy is their portion, and sorrow is theirs no longer, because they have become co-workers with God and joint-heirs with Jesus Christ. They understand, and bitterness and disillusionment can never touch them again.

Q. But surely very few of us do learn that lesson?

P. The majority learn the lesson of earth in proportion to their opportunities; or rather, learn it so far that the borderland life finishes the education begun on earth. For the advanced soul this earth is hell; for the less evolved the borderland is the place of reaping and consequent repentance. (Spirit communicator Philemon, LFOS, 29-30.)

(1) Philemon (Archdeacon Wilberforce) here may be expressing a racist theory popular until WWII, that Anglo-Saxons are hardy and superior because they had to struggle to survive in the rugged North whereas equatorial humans are effete and inferior because no struggle is needed in their warmer climates. This use of fallacious race theory should warn us that spirits are not infallible.

It is the great mass of us as well as the great masses of other created worlds and suns which comprise the Whole and it seems the battle must go on to banish the vacuum (1) or else the Law would never function. I am told that some of the other solar systems have banished negation and others have been overpowered and, losing the light of the source, have crumbled into emptiness. (Philip Gilbert in PTS, 59.)

(1) "The vacuum" is one of Philip's names for evil.

God has many worlds... A soul can go to many places other than Earth. (Thavis, TIH, 35.)

God ... has created life on many worlds. (Thavis, TIH, 87.)

The reason a soul chooses to go to Earth or any of God's other worlds ... is for the purpose of learning, of obtaining new knowledge. We spend our time here learning as well. We learn God's Will, His Way. But each of us - each individual soul - is given the privilege of choosing its own learning process. Each soul can choose how it wants to develop. (Thavis, TIH, 76.)

Earth is a good place to learn. It is one of God's newer experiments. (Thavis, TIH, 76.)

I do not know [what life looks like on those other worlds]. I have never been to one. ... That information is not necessary to me at this point in my learning. Later it may become essential and then I will know about it. (Thavis, TIH, 87-8.)

There are worlds which cannot be counted in numbers, for they are more numerous than can be imagined. We can help in worlds other than our own, which is only a very tiny part of the plan. ... I am full of amazement and wonder when I begin to contemplate the glories of God's creation. (Gordon Burdick to Grace Rosher in TR, 50.)

We had a short trip to a nearby asteroid, for one thing: - life only at its beginning, the vegetation not yet ready for animal life. But we found it interesting. But we were not gone a great while - at least it did not seem long to us. (Spirit Control Mary Bosworth to Charlotte E. Dresser, LHH, 98.)

'Where are Mary and Dee?'

"Out in space somewhere. I do not know their particular interest today, but there is always interest." (Unnamed spirit watcher, while the controls and the spirit group are off traveling, to Charlotte E. Dresser in LHH, 127.)

Think what it means to study any of the great sciences from this side! To study the stars and suns, for instance, the homes of multitudes of spirits. For each planet has a spirit zone surrounding it to which their own spirits go. There is, of course, intercommunication between the planets, and we are made happy by visitors from far away zones. They tell us of a spirit life the same as ours, but of differing conditions in each planet; and that their bodies are made to conform to the conditions.

Eyes can be made which penetrate darkness; bodies there are which delight in intense cold; ears may be attuned to the "music of the spheres," a poetic expression of mortal mind, but which means more than mortal mind has ever guessed." (Unnamed spirit in LHH, 103.)

The heavenly universe is limitless, and millions of spirits are creating new homes and new surroundings out in space. And the beauty grows and grows, and a 'change of scene' can be had in an instant's time by a journey into space. Spirit is the only thing that persists. Then why cannot you conceive of its permanence?"

'If you have so many vast territories, I should think it might interfere with movement to other planets and universes?'

"Not at all. Remember we are not confined to the ground. We are not hindered by obstacles, for we move over, as easily as in a straight line. Vast spaces are given to beauty of scene or of landscape, but remember the ease and quickness with which we move. What would a hundred miles be, for instance, for light to travel?" (Mary Bosworth to Charlotte Dresser, SWSL, 63-4.)

On the other planets of your system are beings not unlike men. On planets of other systems are beings not unlike men also. In other constellations there be those who are related reasonably to God and His Christ (1) and can commune with their Creator, as do also men. But they are not of human form or not human method of thought-communication which you call speech. And yet to them the Creator and His Christ stand in the same relation as they do to you. (Zabdiel in G. Vale Owens, LBV3, as quoted in MM, 77.)

(1) In Hinduism, God the Father and God the Son or Christ are called Brahman and Atman. I do not believe that Zabdiel is here referring to the person of Jesus but to the divine spark said to reside in every creature, a portion of the Father and called in Christian terminology the Christ or Son of God, the Pearl of great price, treasure buried in a field, etc. Of course, this is only my guess.

Other Planetary and Star Systems Have Their Zones and Spheres

But as you progress outward you come into a more complicated state of affairs. For not the Earth only but every planet in this Solar system has its like complement of spiritual zones or spheres. So, as you go farther and farther from the Earth, you come to a realm where the spheres of Earth and the nearest planet interweave with each other. As every planet is served with like attendance, so the complication is multiplied, and you will begin to see that the study / of these spheres is not so simple as some good people among you evidently think it to be, who demand from us information as to the meaning of this thing.

Draw a diagram of the Solar system, with the Sun at its centre, and the planets roughly in their respective places around him. Then begin with Earth and encircle him with, say, a hundred circles. Do the same with Jupiter, Mars, Venus and the others, and treat the Sun in like manner; and you will have a faint idea of our work and its absorbing interest, but profound depths of meaning, who include in our studies that of the Spheres of God.

Nor have we yet reached the limit of our problem. For what applies to the Solar system must be applied also to that of every other star and its planets. Then each system having been separately considered, each and all must be studied in their correlation to the others. Think of it a while and you will acknowledge, I think, that there will be no lack of employment for your mental energies when you come over here. (Astriel in G. Vale Owens, LBV1, 217-8.)

Still concerning the Solar system, we say that, on considering what we have already said, you will see that we have not yet mentioned all the complications which enter into the study of these spheres. For not alone do the concentric circles of zones about all the planets and the sun commingle with all the rest, but also the relative combination is continually changing with the changing positions of these bodies and their / consequent proximity to, or distance from, one another. So that it is quite literally correct to say that during no two seconds of time is the influence from them impinging on the surface of the earth the same.

Nor is any combination of their influences identical in its effect or intensity all over the earth at the same time, but differs in different localities. There must further be taken into our calculations the stream of radiation coming to this Solar system from the systems of the other stars. All these things have to be reckoned in, for bear still in mind that we are speaking of zones and spheres of spiritual beings whose powers are energizing continuously, and whose wakefulness never fails.

This, then, is a rough outline of the conditions which obtain among the planetary systems whose outer manifestation is visible to the eye and telescope of the astronomer. But what is thus observed is but a very little mite when compared with the whole. It is but as a small shower of spray which besprinkles the voyager, as he stands in the prow of the vessel, and scatters itself in globules of mist around him. He sees the miniature globes of water where they float reflecting the light around them, and says they, are innumerable. But if this be so, then what of the ocean itself from whence they came, and of which they are, and to which they will return?

As that small cloud of spray-mist is to the ocean, so is the star-bemisted heaven, as seen from the surface of the earth, to the whole. And as the depths of the ocean are to the eye of him who gazes over the / vessel's side, so are the depths of space and all that it holds to the human intelligence. (Astriel in G. Vale Owens, LBV1, 221-3.)

All these zones of which we have spoken are inhabited by beings according to their degree, who progress from one sphere to a higher as they accumulate knowledge within themselves. You will see from what we already have written that, as we advance from the lowest - to the higher spheres, there comes a region of spheres which are interplanetary, inasmuch as they embrace within their circumference more planets than one. Still advancing, we come to a state where the spheres are of such a diameter that they / are interstellar; that is, they embrace within their circumference not only more planets than one, but more stars, or suns, than one. All these are filled with beings, according to their degree of sublimity, of holiness and of power, whose influence extends to all, both spiritual and material, within the sphere to which they have attained. We have but advanced, you see, from planet to star, and from star to stars in their grouping. Beyond are spheres more awful still and more tremendous. But of these we in this Tenth Sphere know but little indeed, and nothing certain. (Astriel in G. Vale Owens, LBV1, 223-4.)

Astrological Influences

Referring to your mental diagram of the Solar system [you] will see that Earth is, of necessity, acted on by a large number of spheres, and that the greater number of these are they which are those of the Sun and other planets. Yes, friend, there is, after all, something in the astrological idea, and perhaps your scientists do well to give it a wide berth, for it may not be much understood by, and would probably be fraught with danger to, such as they who do not understand that spiritual power is spiritual power. It is real and tremendous, and every sphere of all these is reinforced or modified by the others.

The study of these things should be approached with the utmost reverence and prayer, for these are realms where Angels of high estate go softly, and we of lesser estate look on and wonder after the Sublimity of that Being Who unifies all this in Himself, and Who has no Name that can be transmitted to us who only can reach out after Him a little way and then our arm is shortened; who only can see a little way and then the light beyond is darkness by reason of its intensity. (Astriel in G. Vale Owens, LBV1, 220.)

Travelling to Other Planets

You can look into fathomless space here as well as there. You can see infinite distance, and the evidences of infinite power. And you can see the wonderlands of strange planets. (Spirit Control Mary Bosworth in SW, 97.)

'Is it more of a task to go to another universe than to one of our own planets?'

"I have not yet tried other universes. Higher education is needed for such wanderings. We do not arrive at all power at once, but labor for it, as earth people labor for higher gifts." ...

I think it was Dee with whom we were talking when the following was written:

'You seem to have no trouble in passing back and forth to the planets?'

"No. You need never worry about accidents. Souls are not subject to them. I can go as easily as I can come here to you, but it takes longer. Spirit does not move quite as quickly as thought, but moves in a way beyond the comparison of mortals. There is a little space of time, as you call it, while we are crossing the millions upon millions of miles of space. We can move faster than light at times, but that is a matter of study. Law is in control as certainly here as there, but we can attain / greater speed by studying the laws of speed and motion and vibration."

'Have you any idea how long you were on the way to Mars? '

"We probably were several hours, though we have no exact way of measuring time. All was so beautiful, and we saw so many wonders of the outer universe that I took no note of time."

'Did we get the right idea when you said you used vibrations in traveling?'

"We travel by vibrating motion through the ether. We move in vibrating action when going to distant worlds."

"We can control our speed perfectly and can move with a swiftness incomprehensible to mortals, or we can remain almost inactive in the ether."

"We have teachers who can go with the speed of spirit motion to far away spaces. And when they return they entrance us all with descriptions of the journey and conditions that are strange even to us. Speed is through vibrations far more rapid than light, or they would be many years in making the trip. The vibrations we use, and the training we receive in using them, permit a velocity unthinkable by earth computations." (Dee and another unnamed spirit communicator to Charlotte Dresser, SWSL, 188-9.)

Sis ... asked why [the unnamed spirit communicator, once a teacher of astronomy on earth] did not go to the sun and study it at first hand.

"Have you learned that we do not grasp things here without study? Travel must be prepared for by necessary study and experience of vibration force. I have not taken that yet. Many go to the planets who do not visit / the sun; for the sun is not so easily approached as you might think.

"There are electrical and magnetic conditions that must be studied before we could venture into that blaze of heat and light. Mary says she could go into a volcano without suffering from the heat, but that does not express even in a feeble way the heat that can be intense many millions of miles away." (Unnamed spirit communicator to Charlotte Dresser, SWSL, 192-3.)

"He was right in saying that visits to the sun are not for us of this plane. That belongs to higher study and experience."

'I thought you said spirit was superior to all conditions?'

"Mary says yes to that. But spirit even must learn the laws of the universe. I do not know what would happen if some overventuresome spirit should attempt to reach the sun. But probably it would or could not reach that point unprepared. Spirit cannot be annihilated; that I know. But there are some conditions that are still beyond our knowledge. (Mary Bosworth to Charlotte Dresser, SWSL, 193.)

We'll make up a party and go planet-hunting one of these days. (Mary Bosworth to Charlotte Dresser, SWSL, 194.)

I want to go back to my trip to the moon. Once outside the orbital pull of the earth I was free and what excited me among other things was that we were not in darkness, as I had imagined. That is what one experienced by the physical eye, which cannot take in these other rays of superb light. This is real light. That as my first exciting discovery.

Light becomes an element with texture that laps round one. I felt myself going out towards this light, embracing it with all my delight and human welcome for something so utterly outside my experience and yet something which responded to a built-in longing deep inside me. I know this all sounds very extravagant and not at all me, but it is. I'm changing, I can't help it. I don't want to help it. It's magical and beyond all words to describe. In the wonder and beauty of space we find complete freedom.

I had no desire to move out of the element, but I was drawn on into the orbital magnetic currents of the moon. Not the moon as we saw it from the astronauts' photographs, perhaps something remotely resembling it, but infinitely more lovely. Instead of the hard, cold desert landscape, here was something covered with a gossamer texture of many colours. What had been seen physically might have been the skeleton of a dead world, while we were being shown the body of flesh covering, etheric and complete. (Sir Alvary Gascoigne in AL, 136-7.)

I am going on journeys and expeditions into the outer space and on to various planets and other places. I am frantically interested in the different forms of development and how we can help and be helped by them. I have been a long way outside our solar system, but it was on the next plane and I can give very few details. Words do not convey what we are able to accept mentally, through vibration. ...

At first I was led by a party of old friends and people I've known both in Poland and here and they took me with them. I was not able to travel alone and the effort of leaving the earth was intense. I love earth and she does not part easily with her children. Then a magnetic pull is very strong. I thought I should never make it. ... and then suddenly I was free. I am Andrew in outer space, outside the gravitational area which extends in the etheric much further than it does in the physical. Once outside, one is free on such a vast scale it is almost frightening and, from having been the large expanded Andrew, I suddenly became a very small being,l so tiny I hardly existed at all, but what was there was intense, frightened, but very full of curiosity. My friends also seemed small, but I was glad of their company and together we swung on through this delightful area of planets and suns.

We seemed to pass an immense number of worlds in all types of development and different grades of vibration. There were colours such as I have never seen before. I have no names for them, but they each had a different effect upon me and I began to grow / again. It was like Alice in Wonderland. The colour was growing into the corresponding vibration to the worlds we were meeting on our way. I do not know what our destination was, but it was beautiful. It was not like Earth, hard and formed, but full of misty colours and the most beautiful beings.

I know all this sounds like a fairy tale and so it is - one scene after another of such breathtaking beauty that I began to feel I had reached the zenith of my power to accept. I pleaded for a pause, a rest, and then a homecoming. Suddenly I was Andrew again in my old personality, wanting only simple pleasures and acceptable beauty. This was beyond me. I seemed to rest and sleep - and, when I woke, I had been carried home to my old pastures. (Father Andrew Glazewski in AL, 88-9.) For travelling under particular conditions we have to learn to control the forces and powers within ourselves so as to be able to go through certain experiences. A novice is only allowed to walk about here as if he were on the earth; if he has to go on a journey guides go with in order to protect him - in fact they have to work and concentrate on him to keep him "intact" during his voyage through space! (Yes, what I am saying is literally a fact.) (Claude Kelway-Bamber in CSB, 58.)

My friend, I am going to leave you for a while - perhaps for a long time.

It seems to me that my immediate work with the earth is done. I want still further to lighten my load, to soar out upon the waves of ether - far - far - and to forget, in the thrill of exploration, that I shall some day have to make my way painfully back to the world through the narrow straits of birth.

I am going out with the Beautiful Being (1) on a voyage of discovery. My companion has taken this journey before, and can show me the way to many wonders. (Judge David P. Hatch, LLDM, Letter LIV.)

(1) An Angel who has taken Judge Hatch on as a protege. See here.

I cannot write much to-night, for there is a sadness in leaving the earth. But I am - or shall be - all a-thrill with the interest of the coming voyage. Think of it! I shall see far-away planets and meet their inhabitants. Shall I find the "square-faced men"? Perhaps so.

In Jupiter, they say, there is a race of beings wonderful to behold. I shall see them. Will they be fairer than our own Beautiful Being, who loves the little earth and usually stays near it, because there are such struggles here? (Judge David P. Hatch, LLDM, Letter LIV.)

Working for or on Other Planets

Millions of worlds are needing help, and our higher spirits are sent in as many directions as the needs require. Millions of needs require millions of activities, and teachers are coming and going constantly from world to world, from universe to universe, with helpful forces of thought and spirit control. For in many of / the outlying planets mind is not so dense as upon the earth, and the spiritual impression can be sent to the thought to manifest outwardly in action. (Unnamed spirit teacher in SWSL, 85-6.)

To tell you anything of our occupations, you must know first that we are taught to work for others, which is the joy of life here. Then we are taught various sciences and the methods of spirit thought. ... We can see all the life on the different planets and work there if we choose. We are free to choose our work; ... some study the other planets, and many will go to distant worlds to learn such new conditions as may be understood. (Unnamed spirit communicator in SWSL, 106.)

I have been among the planets and sized them up in my own way, and realized that we are / a very small solar system, but it is ours, and we have been given a leading role in the development and growth of this system: no mean project and extremely exciting. (Lord Dowding in AL, 179.)

These other planets are composed so differently; that is the amazing part; it remains for us to help construct thought bodies and perhaps psychic bodies which are able to live and to work and grow under quite different conditions.

Some of the bigger planets are almost unformed, where we can grow the etheric or astral forms who evolve with the planet. Neptune and Uranus come into this category, while on earth we are creating the minds with which to fashion these advancing worlds.

It's a great project, when our earth seems to be in such turmoil, but the output of advanced souls from these conflicting areas is enormous. They seem to conclude their physical evolution here and then go on to the astral and the etheric work on the next planet of their choice.

Very many have been chosen from India because of their advanced astral and etheric bodies. Here in Europe we are so practical and down to earth that to us is given the power to enter the auras of Mars and Venus. (Lord Dowding in AL, 180.)

Life on Earth's Moon

Why yes, there are most certainly beings who inhabit your moon and they are what we would translate to be ‘Moonvaders’ in your language.

They are not what you would consider to be native inhabitants of the moon, but rather they have come from other civilizations to form the current civilization known as ‘Moonvaders’. Because of the vast temperature swings that are germane to the surface of the moon, most inhabitants remain within the moon, approximately 50 miles below the surface.

There are many different species that are apart of the ‘Moonvader’ civilization. You could use the analogy of ‘Earthlings’ which simply means that you are of a physical origin of Earth. Some of these races or species are humanoid and look relatively close to what you would consider to be human. Others would appear vastly different to you and do not share a humanoid makeup.

Your Moon is kept within Earth’s orbit magnetically, which does not allow for you to ever see the ‘dark side of the moon’. You can only see the front-facing or ‘bright’ side of the moon. This ‘fixed’ orbit allows for a balanced terrain to be kept deep below the surface. The temperature is held at a constant 87 degrees F, which seems a bit hot; but the inhabitants are well-adjusted and live within a tropical terrain...

Though there are some structures on the surface of the moon. They are not visible from Earth. In order to see the other side, you would need to orbit the moon from space. This would allow you to see some of these structures, though it doesn’t look like the structures on your planet.

As we said, most of the inhabitants remain within the moon, as life upon the surface is nearly non-existent due to the lack of atmosphere, water and constant sunlight. There is, however, a large body of fresh water within the moon that sustains the inhabitants who dwell within.

There are also large openings that are light receptacles, which magnify the sunlight and allow for a large amount of natural light to penetrate deep within the moon.

There are observatories, which are located on the surface of the moon that can view many different civilizations, including Earth. There are landing bases which allow for other space ships to land and to transport passengers to other planets.

The civilization is relatively vast and holds a wide variety of species deep within its caverns. The moon tends to be a transitory location for most travelers, and many civilizations use the Earth’s moon as a place to rest. Though there are still some who choose to stay, these are who we have referred to as the ‘Moonvaders’. ("Angelic Guides: Moonvaders," channeled by Taryn Crimi, August 11, 2014, at http://www.angelic-guides.com.)

Life on Mars

Paramahansa Yogananda: It's even possible to contact other planets - not exactly people on other planets but the divine force coming through a planet. For example, right now I am quietly contacting the force of God's love and devotion coming through Mars.

Robert Leichtman: There's love and devotion on Mars?

Yogananda: There's love and devotion on all the planets. (Paramahansa Yogananda in POG, 118.)

"The immensity of heaven is beyond your comprehension. We here occupy the space around the universe in which the earth is situated. But with education and training we can go to other universes when we wish. I do not know how many there are for I have never visited one, but their number is like the sands of the desert.

"There are many worlds like our own; many others not yet well prepared for human life; still others that have grown too old to support life. When fitted, we journey to these worlds as we please; now here, now there, seeing much, learning much, making life full of the joy of new experience and greater knowledge.

"We wish you to get a definite idea of our life here and its activities. To show you one phase, let me tell you that we have teachers from other planets with us who tell us of many strange and wonderful things. "For instance, we learn that the planet Mars is inhabited by people who are different in many ways from those of earth. We cannot communicate with them in the same way, but teachers from there learn our language and tell us of their life and their surroundings.

"We learn that they are far more spiritual than earth people. They wonder at our ignorance of heavenly things, and they can scarcely understand the indifference of earth people to spiritual ideas. They have no / fear of death, which to them is as beautiful as the opening of a flower. They are beautiful in appearance and in character, and their teachers here lead us up to higher thoughts. Their learning is so great that we seem like children to them. They love beauty, are gifted in music and art, and are skilled in all sciences. Because of their spiritual natures they derive much knowledge from their spirit planes.

"Mars has some problems to meet that are different from any on earth. Their water supply is obtained from subterraneans sources and from the melting of polar snows. The thin atmosphere does not provide much protection, but heat and light are obtained by special electric devices. The plant life is such as is adapted to arctic regions. But so great is the care taken, and such love of the beautiful exists, that the colors and forms are varied and wonderful.

"Because of its distance from the sun the winters of Mars are long and cold. When the snow melts, the water is carried into great reservoirs and distributed through canals.

"Now you have been thinking of these canals, but you have been thinking correctly, for they really exist, though not to the extent that some have described. What is really seen from earth are the canals, bordered by roadways and a growth of forest trees. The roadways are for their marvelous system of electric travel, for they are far in advance of earth in the use of electric power.

"There is not a great variety of food, for the Martians do not eat meat. They have fruits and vegetables, but there are very few animals and none that are killed for food.

"As stated before, the people of Mars are highly educated, and cultivated in the various arts. But art is / expressed differently there. Pictures are not so much in demand, because the artistic sense is developed more along architectural lines. There are many exquisite types of buildings, with ornamentation equal to the interiors of our palaces or cathedrals. Their homes are wondrously beautiful, with the rooms finished in carved picture effects."

Mary tried several times to describe this more definitely, but seemed unable to find words to express what she wished to say.

Finally she wrote:

"I will ask a manufacturer from Mars to come."

Then came a long pause. Finally the pencil began to write again, but in a different handwriting from Mary's peculiar back-hand.

"I am a manufacturer from Mars trying to tell you through Mary about some of the things we do out there in space. We have every kind of manufactured article that can minister to the comfort of the people. We travel on earth, on water, through the air and under the earth when necessary; all devices for travel being electric, and moving with a speed and safety unknown to you.

"Mary was telling you of the houses and the intricate carvings on the walls. These are sometimes portraits, sometimes a complete story, sometimes a picture of the landscape outside. All done with great delicacy and expressing much beauty, as our artists feel the influence of beauty on the mind.

"Our climate is different from yours. We do not have the violence of nature such as you know, for everything there, material or spiritual, expresses order and symmetry. We have electricity, but it is created for our use / by scientists, and does not run wild as with you in thunderstorms.

"I cannot express myself as I wish, but I can say that our manufactures include all forms of clothing for protection and adornment, made from fibres of various plants. We have no leather from animals, but use a composition designed by scientists. For choicer articles of ornamentation we make use of the precious metals as you do. I wish you could see all the beautiful things that fill our homes. I am at a loss for words to tell you of them.

"We have much literature and fine libraries. In place of newspapers the news is distributed by electricity and posted in public places. But such news is all of peaceful character, having to do with the daily lives and industries of the people.

"In the home life people are drawn together by mutual sympathies and tastes, and divorces are unknown. And under such circumstances the children develop fine and intelligent characters.

"I suppose you think this is monotonously good. If so, it is because of my lack of power to describe. Pleasures are of so many kinds and industries so varied and the love of learning so universal, that monotony is unknown." (Mary Bosworth and Martian manufacturer to Charlotte Dresser, SWSL, 194-8.)

Life on Venus

"Other planets are also inhabited by people formed as we are, although quite different in appearance. On Venus they do not live to what we call old age. I do not mean that they never grow old, but that they mature in a shorter time. As their years are shorter than ours, they live as many as we do, but not so long a time. /

"Far from being behind us in civilization, they are much superior. They have all the best things we have and many more. They have finer organized brains, and the manner of life there creates greater development. The people are better looking than those of earth, and are more intelligent and more inventive.

"The heat on Venus is much greater than on earth, and life would be difficult if not for cooling devices. Cities there are built with many covered highways, and air forced through them by electric power. This power is created by new methods, which I am not allowed to explain.

"Life is far older and more advanced than on earth, but in some things they are yet quite deficient. In astronomy they are little interested. They are too near the sun for good observation. Venus has more moons than have been discovered from the earth, because the light from the sun interferes. There are many little asteroids revolving about the planet, too small to be seen from earth, but they create light at night and furnish one reason for the indifference to astronomy.

"The inhabitants of all worlds are of the same general form, but different as conditions differ. On Mars and Venus they are similar to earth people, - except the Martians are larger and those of Venus smaller.

"Venus revolves around the sun as the earth does, giving the same changes of season. The surrounding atmosphere is very dense, furnishing some protection from too great heat. Many inventions exist to temper the heat, but the people are inured to the high temperatures by long habit and are rarely overcome by it.

"Venus is densely inhabited, and the occupants vary as on earth. On Mars disease is almost unknown, their / passing into the spiritual life is painless and without fear. Venus also has less disease than have earth people; for there is less of the material and more of the spiritual, and it is the spirit that makes for health." (Mary Bosworth to Charlotte Dresser, SWSL, 198-200.)

Earth a Relatively Undeveloped Planet

You are on this planet in nearly the lowest stage of being; many worlds are in a much higher state of development; and some are in process of formation. Mercury is on the lowest plane, Jupiter the highest. (Spirit leader Imperator in Moses, ST, 14.)

Q: So any other life in our solar system is more advanced than we are?

A: Yes, your form is the lowest. (Unnamed spirit teacher through Betty Bethards, TIND, 19.)

The soul that was not satisfied with its Earth experience might want to go back again or it might choose to go to one of God's other worlds. (Thavis, TIH, 76.)

We of mortal birth move along in smaller circles than the spirits of other planes or universes. (Spirit control Mary Bosworth to Charlotte E. Dresser in SWSL, 160.)

If you only knew it, you could, and probably will, see things projected from another planet.... Oh! they are watching you all, you precocious children! (Arthur, Lord Sandys, in AL, 44.)

Julia Ames and Her Angelic Guide Travel Through Space

We went through space at a great speed. I did not feel the speed so much while in motion as when we stayed and discovered how fast and how far we had come. When we stayed it was not in this world at all. We had left your planet and were now speeding through space. I was hardly conscious of movement. We went as we think. Only the things we saw at first disappeared and there was nothing to check or time our flight. We were together, my Guide and I. We went to a place at a great distance from your earth. The distance I cannot measure. Nor do we take account of distance when you have only to think to be anywhere. The stars and the worlds, of which you see gleaming twinklings at night, are to us all as familiar as the village-home to the villager, We can go where we please and we do please very often. (Julia Ames, AD, 75)

The journey which my Guide took me [on] was a long one, how long I did not know. He led, I only willed to follow him. The motion was not flying. It was thought-transference of yourself. When I look back I see that it was made slower and simpler to give me the sense of distance. Now the movement is instantaneous. But then at first it was gradual. From walking we seemed to glide into the air without effort. The world simply sank away from us as when you are in a balloon; then it slid away behind and we went through the air or through space in ether without landmarks. He went a little before me. I was at first a little frightened. But he was with me and there was besides such an exhilarating sense of liberty and power. You don't know what a prison the body is until you leave it. I exulted, I was so well, so free, so happy.

What oppresses, if we may use the word, always and everywhere is the illimitableness of the universe. Up and down we see it unfolding always and ever. When we make the most effort to exhaust the subject, the more inexhaustible it appears. (Julia Ames, AD, 76)

John Heslop from the Christ Sphere Visits Other Worlds

Let me try ... to tell you something more of our life here. We often go in bands to other worlds and spheres to learn of the lives being lived there and they are very interesting experiences.

We float away on the sea of ether as you do on the waters of the ocean, and, as we gain more control, we can so manipulate the spirit-body that it helps us to navigate these ether seas and then, when needed, instantly assume our normal form. In happy companies we start forth to see other lands and may I emphasize the word "happy," for, oh, the joy and happiness here, where nothing jars, where not one impure act or though can enter in, and where each spends his life in service for others!

After our air voyage we alight on some star or planet and hover over the homes and villages of the inhabitants. If they are people of high development, they instantly see and receive us joyfully, refreshing us after our journey with fruits and essences. Then they take us up to the Churches or Temples, and should our Leader be one of the Higher Spirits, they beg him to teach them; or, if a sweet singer from the Temple be with us, he will delight them with his beautiful anthems and psalms, and so we unite in the worship of God and His Christ. Then these spirit-people show us their homes, which differ greatly according to their nature and advancement, but are always full of beauty and interest. (John Heslop, FMABL, 57-8.)

Sometimes our Guides take us to states of low development, so that we may help by suggestions and impressions the peoples who see us not, just as we walk unseen on your earth. The animal and vegetable life on these lower spheres has not the beauty of your world, but all forms of life are so knit up in one, that when the day comes [that] every man shall know and love the Lord, the material worlds will advance in beauty and wonder as man advances. (John Heslop, FMABL, 58.)

Your earth is but a speck, being amongst the smallest of unfolded worlds. (John Heslop, SABL, 141.)

Periodically we visit one or the other of the stars or planets under the care of a spirit-astronomer. There are worlds in existence nearer to your earth than Mars, but invisible to you because of celestial transparency. Such is the Christ Sphere of which I have written you. (John Heslop to his wife, F. Heslop, SABL, 137.)

I want to tell you about the stars. In our colleges and schools here, the fundamental laws of all sciences are taught and I have been studying the birth and development of stars and planets. They are cast forth, as tiny atoms, from the womb of the suns. A collection of such stars comprises what you call the Milky Way. Immediately they begin to revolve in space and attract to themselves from the atmosphere the substances they need. (John Heslop to his wife, F. Heslop, SABL, 136.)

I will try and tell you a little about a star quite beyond the power of any telescope to perceive, called Leden. It is difficult for you to picture the inhabitants, who float rather than walk, and who are not nourished by material food, but by indrawn breaths of the ether. You would not consider them beautiful, but they have an ethereal appearance as they float about in their atmosphere. Their earth possesses no solidity like yours, but emits luminous colours and they have neither cold nor heat as you experience them. They are, however, an advanced world in that disease does not touch them and they have neither sin nor pain. (John Heslop to his wife, F. Heslop, SABL, 137-8.)

Recently, after a great deal of development, I entered the atmosphere of the planet Mars, but found it very difficult to reach the surface. At last I succeeded by the help of one of the Higher Spirits. Its atmosphere is so charged with electricity that it had a very curious effect upon me, quite different from what I have experienced when visiting other planets. (1)

The scenery in some parts is wild and grand, but chiefly barren. The rocks in many places appear all tumbled about, forming fantastic shapes. There are many volcanoes, with vast craters, vomiting forth flames into the heavy, lowering atmosphere. I saw little water on Mars and one misses the streams and lakes and the green verdure they create.

The inhabitants are in form more like those of your earth, but the strenuous life they lead, and the lack of beauty around them, causes many of them to be mis-shapen and grotesque. Still, we met and conversed with some fine specimens of mankind, full of intellectual power, and possessing great purity of life and heart.

They are as interested in your world as you are in theirs. After great development on their part, with practises much resembling those of the Yogi, they have been enabled to ho to you and mix with the earth inhabitants. They do this constantly after they have passed to higher forms of life by a process much like your death. Your earth is easy for spirits to enter and seems very green and beautiful to the after Mars. (John Heslop to his wife, F. Heslop, SABL, 138-9.)

(1) Cf. this curious passage in Leadbeater's Devachanic Plane: "A person can no more pass from planet to planet even of our own chain in his astral body or his mind-body, than he can in his physical body. In the causal body, when very highly developed, this achievement is possible, though even then by no means with the ease and rapidity with which it can be done upon the buddhic plane by those who have succeeded in raising their consciousness to that level." (DP, 5-6.)

No star [sic] is easier of access than Venus, the lovely queen of your world's planetary system. It is full of light, colour, warmth, and brilliancy. The inhabitants are tall and graceful in form and wear long flowing hair and raiment of every hue. They are full of wisdom and spirituality and their bodies are of a finer substance than that of mortals.

No sin or disease defiles them, no sorrow nor death mar their beautiful countenances. As the older inhabitants advance in years, they become further ethereralized and pass gradually into spirit states. Intercourse with spirits is natural to them and they tell us of the ideal lives they lead. They live in communities where the good of one is shared by all and the law of all their government is love.

For food they rely on fruits and vegetables, for to kill even the smallest creature would be accounted as murder in their eyes. Birds with lovely plumage, gorgeous moths, and butterflies are to be seen everywhere and animals of graceful form roam unmolested the hills and vales of the planet. Here there are no reptiles nor pests, nature's scavengers. Through the profess of mental and spiritual purification, the grosser elements of the people fell away from them and they became pure.

Venus is a world that has passed its first resurrection. The inhabitants at one time devoured animal food with the same relish as mankind does now and they had similar sins and vices. Let me try to explain how this change came about. The atmosphere of Venus is differently composed from that of the earth; it is more refined in quality and is highly charged with an ethereal element. This "etherization" has been effected by legions of spirit bands who have built into the atmosphere ethereal abodes.

Thus they set up harmonious conditions with higher and purer spheres. This process is in existence in your world at the present time and, as the air around you is thus purified, a flesh diet will also become impossible to you. As civilization proceeds, with a corresponding spiritual progress, your world, like Venus, will become transformed and the millennium will have begun. (John Heslop, SABL, 140-1.)

Stella from the Christ Sphere Visits the Stars

I want to tell you ... of a journey which I made with my cousin shortly after I came into the Spirit World.

We passed together from the Christ Sphere into deep regions of space, flying swiftly on the wings of a rushing wind. It seemed to carry us into a vast silence, out and out, beneath a deep blue vault, lighted only by the stars, which gave forth lights of intense brilliancy, melting into the silence as we flew past. How long our journey lasted I know not and I should have been in great fear but for the encouraging words of my cousin, and his hand which upheld me.

Gradually, a far distant light grew in intensity and he said, "Behold,Stella, the end of our journey is nigh!" And as he spoke, a crimson light enveloped us and immediately we alighted upon a high mountain. Wonderful colours surged about us, many I had never seen before, but all blended into exquisite effects. Here and there other mountain peaks appeared out of these colours, which were far more wonderful than the most glorious dawn or sunset you have ever seen.

Then we beheld lovely angel-forms approaching and they came and bowed themselves before us and as we gazed in wonder at their exquisite faces, they sang, "All hail! Ye who have suffered and died in the sorrowful star; we greet you, conquerors over death to this Land of Peace." So they lifted us up and bore us along on their wings, which interlaced to support us and we passed out into the crimson glow.

Rainbows arched around us and we were wafted swiftly to a city of great size and splendour, beyond anything you can picture on earth, and, in the midst thereof, a Temple to "The Most High God." Then we were robed in glittering garments and were thus enabled to enter and bow ourselves in the presence of the most exalted Brings I had yet seen and we cried, "Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty," and covered our faces, for the Glory of God filled the Temple, till it trembled, and all the stones - precious stones - of which it was composed, cried out and joined in adoration and praise.

Unfortunately, no words of mine can convey to you its radiant beauty, nor the loveliness of the inhabitants of this star; so much in these heavenly spheres transcends even your highest thought. There is no day or night there, only a soft luminous light, quite perfect, for the light gives everything to the inhabitants of this star. The atmosphere is filled with Perfect Love and, as they breathe it, it sustains and nourishes the soul, giving it complete fulfillment and joy.

I can only suggest a faint parallel on earth - that of a lover's condition in the presence of his twin-soul, when he cares nothing for material food, and is upheld by the delight of the loved one's nearness to him. So do these people dwell in Spiritual health sustained by this Divine Love.

Their children are truly little angels and come direct through pure and holy desire of the parents. Their lives are singularly happy. There is no trace of suffering or poverty anywhere and they are always busy. Of course, music and all forms of art take a first place with them and we conversed together through mind-contact, in silence. This is the universal language of the spheres and of many stars and planets and will be increasingly used on earth as the psychic faculties become unfolded. Like most Spirit-People, they move quickly on the wings of the wind and they can dart instantly to any given spot.

We lingered a long time on this star. It was my first visit of the kind and I was so deeply interested that my cousin was reluctant to take me away. When at last we took our leave, bearing with us great garlands of their choicest flowers, they accompanied us a great distance into the depths of silence, which separated them from our spheres.

It was a wonderful experience and I am promised many more when I need mental and spiritual rest from the work which I am doing on earth for the Master. ("Stella" in FMABL, 105-9.)

I feel sure you want to know what I have been doing here since I last wrote you some months ago. I told you then of my visit to a distant star. Well, I have been to several others since, each more lovely than the last, but they have special characteristics, which I fear I could hardly make you understand. The glory of these lands is wonderful and, oh, the joy of those who dwell there. Well, you will see it all one day your self. ("Stella," FMABL, 112.)

Life and Death on Other Worlds

Q: Is there life and death on the other planets?

A: Not as you know it, but there is a transition on the other planets. This transition does not hold the fear that death holds for you on earth. (Unnamed spirit teacher through Betty Bethards, TIND, 19.)

Our Lives on Other Planets

Q: Have any of us attached to the earth plane either in the body or in the astral realm lived lives on these other planets?

A: On the other planets within your solar system, yes, all of you have. You go back intermittently between lives and study on these different planets.

Q: For what purpose? Couldn't we just study in the Astral realm?

The Astral region covers all of these places; there are special vibrations associated with each planet and each level is dependent, again, on your level of perception and what you are learning. (Unnamed spirit teacher through Betty Bethards, TIND, 20.)

It is possible ... to live a life on other planets, if desired. But the bodies required for life on other planets would be composed of the elements consistent with life there. (Gordon Burdick to Grace Rosher, TR, 44.)

Astronomers claim that Uranus is sixty-four times the size of the earth. They regard Mercury as a dead, cold sphere without an atmosphere. Sunlight blazes down continuously out of an almost black sky sprinkled with scarce stars, and the blessing of night seems withheld from this orb. Saturn is lighter than water and the least dense of all the planets. They note about Neptune an enveloping cloud of unknown gases and, with true intuition, suspect the presence of a planet beyond this apparently outermost planet. Then Jupiter, with its eight satellites, staggers their imagination. For this heavenly body exceeds in mass and volume the sum of all the other planets in our solar system.

We have already discussed Venus and Mars and played with the fringe of their mystery. But in the presence of Jupiter we are confounded and may well feel as awed as classical man when he listened to Jovian thunders and watched the lightning as it darted across the summer skies.

To the finite human mind with its sense of futility, and its desire to prove that nothing is wasted and that there is purpose in the existence of every fragment of the universe, Jupiter, because of its enormous bulk, presents a problem in comparison with which all the lesser planets with their armies of planetoids, comets, satellites and asteroids are negligible.

Whence, whither and why? These three questions haunt the astronomer as he works untiringly at his observations and calculations. And always behind these queries lurks the personal equation, the desire to know whether these heavenly bodies are and always will be, from the human point of view, deserted and dead, mere collections of particles from which individualized mentalities are absent, over which materialised life holds no sway.

I think I may reply with a certain assurance that, during some period in the history of the universe, incarnate beings live and evolve on the planets of our solar system. It is far more difficult to speak with certainty as to the character of the intelligence, and the way in which it expresses itself. Bear in mind only that this type of animated intelligent existence associates with the first order of disguise, and so knows some of the limitations which so cruelly confine us when we live on earth. The heroic deeds, and long painful efforts, the hard-wrung joys, the sensuous, physical pleasures, and the evil and the good which are inseparable from human existence, belong also to the incarnate life whenever it appears and evolves on Mars, Venus, Mercury, Uranus, Neptune, Saturn, Jupiter and on that wanderer which lies beyond the telescopic vision of the astronomer.

Rationalistic man need not mourn over the apparently sterile wastes that extend so astonishingly throughout these vast worlds. All have been, or will be, the home of ensouled beings who, during a brief span of existence upon them, are controlled by centers of imagination, who possess imaginal characters, and who, when they enter into another state of consciousness, assume the second disguise, that of the discarnate being.

Now at some time during their journey through eternity, men may experience incarnation on a heavenly body other than the earth they know; and when in Hades (1) all become aware that at some period, either past or to come, they have been or will be linked up through their group-soul with the inhabitants of one or more of the planets rotating in the universe. Of course I must again emphasize the fact that no iron law prevails. The majority of souls belonging to the human order do not know incarnate life on any planet save the earth, but find in their group-memory the harvested knowledge and wisdom gleaned by other members of their tribe from an organized term of years spent on the heavenly bodies while the first disguise is worn.

It is true that there are psychic units who do not rise to Eidos; (2) until they have experienced life on more than one planet. And I am assured that no soul who has known to the fullest degree the creative joys associated with the world of pure form, need fear that it has to face another planetary existence. Yet, if animated by a spirit of curiosity or some half realized longing to resume the first disguise and return to one of the heavenly bodies, in rare cases it may be permitted to do so. But, as a rule, its spiritual nature and its awareness of an ever-expanding vision, lead it towards the heights; calling it to the Flame-world, to that level of consciousness whereon perception, insight and imagination extend mightily, slowly and surely gathering within them knowledge of the interstellar spaces, knowledge of the third disguise, of the starry raiment and of those (to us) blazing fires that light up the heavens when day has died.

Look, therefore, on the world or state beyond Eidos, as the bourne from which no traveller returns to resume his limited human personality. Regard this level of consciousness as the innermost condition of immortality, the commencement of cosmic personality. All who share this spirit of high endeavor may cross that threshold and, pausing on the edge of the Immensities to gaze backwards, perceive the limitations of the crude, dense first disguise, and the perfection of the second and finer disguise. Its perfected form embodies beauty such as the great Greek sculptors dreamed of and by which the great poets, musicians, painters and prophets of all time have been inspired.

Standing thus the individual may feel lonely, deserted or bewildered but inevitably he must face the Immensities, for his own spirit impels and the bond of the Group draws him, and he hesitates no more when he realizes that somewhere in those farther realms there is waiting for him the key to the universe and the solution of the mystery of its being. There, too, he will find the answer to the whence, the whither, and the why of the myriad stars, the distant nebulae, the vast spaces before the riddle of whose conception human imagination reels, and the soul shrinks back in awe and fear.

He goes forward filled with ecstasy at the thought that now he will perceive the universe from within, the gates of knowledge will be flung wide, perception and vision will be limitless. Yet even now he may not realize how terrific will be the struggle and effort or how acute the pain he may have to endure before he is admitted to lordship with the Wise, and mounts the throne of cosmic personality. (Frederic W.H. Myers, BHP, n.p.)

(1) "Hades" is Myers' term for the Borderlands, but here he appears to use it to refer to the Astral Plane generally. (2) "Eidos" is Myers' term for the first subplane of the Mental Plane, but here he appears to use it to apply to the Mental Plane as a whole.

Beings from Other Planets Live on Earth

There are spirits who have never been on earth in this world. There are beings from all parts of our solar system, but I am not aware that there are any extra-solar-system beings within our radius. (Philemon [Archdeacon Wilberforce] in LFOS, 28.)

A spirit that has been incarnated in other spheres of being may afterwards be incarnated on your earth. (Spirit leader Imperator in Moses, MSTTT, n.p.)

Spirits differ according to their plane of progression. Spirits have rarely come to this earth-plane from other planets. (Spirit leader Imperator in Moses, MSTTT, n.p.)

People from Other Planets Help Us

We place great interest in what you call the Saucer Folk. They are very definitely on your side. See them, invite them, and learn from them. They are far more advanced than you are and they may be able to defend the White Islands, which as you know are the British Isles. (Sir Ronald Fraser in AL, 175.)

Those who help us are from all ages and all planes including the Saucer People, as you call them. They give and receive like all of us from this vortex of ineffable power. (Sir Ronald Fraser in AL, 177.)

In the coming century, (1) humans will walk on the planet Mars and eventually discover shocking anthropological evidence that intelligent life has existed there. There will also be the first contact made between human beings and life from a planet other than Earth, but this humanoid life form will not be from Mars. (Arten, DOU, 376.)

(1) This message was given in 1992.

I am here from another plane, (1) and wish to say a few words for earth people to hear. Will you tell them that spirit is the only life; and the nearer they come to spiritualizing the earth life, the nearer they come to us. Will you tell them that the need of the world lies in spiritualizing all earth life, and bringing the Christ love to be the rule of life. (Teacher from another planet in SWSL, 86.)

(1) The implication is also that he is "not of this Earth."

Physical Space Travel

Space Program Being Intentionally Misled

Man is always going to satisfy his curiosity and this is healthy. It is meant, you know, for man to travel in the universe. This is intended. However, at the present time, there are several influences - and it's not just the White Brotherhood - that are keeping man earthbound. The universal community is waiting for man on earth to grow a bit more.

And, yes, there is a universal community of living beings. I don't want the flying saucer enthusiasts to get all excited over this, but there are intelligences on other planets, and it is meant for man to travel. Man has already traveled off this planet eons ago, but you have all forgotten how to do it - intentionally.

Leichtman: Intentionally?

Yes, scientific thinking is being influenced in slightly misleading directions by beings from another planet so that space flight won't be practical at the present time. (Steward Edward White, PP, 222-3.)

Paul Winters: Would [the] restriction on our space travel be because of our stage of evolution?

White: Yes! The universal community has "quarantined" the earth for the time being. This is not a punishment; it is just that man on the earth is not ready to join the universal community. And the universal community does not want to be infected at this time.

And all the flying saucers floating around are not from Mars, nor are they hallucinations. There are some that are from other solar systems. ...

Winters: There was a "space message" sent out recently with two pictures in the human form and various symbols. Was that an inspired thing?

White: Apparently it was. I'm having to ask for some help answering that, because the question is a little bit out of my ken. Part of that design was inspired by an extraterrestrial. That little plaque has an additional meaning to the universal community.

Winters: So mankind will see the purpose of that plaque fulfilled? White: Oh, yes. You may yet see it in your lifetime. Apparently, a lot will depend on what will happen in the scientific community in the next few years. (Steward Edward White in PP, 223-4.)

Q: Are we on earth meant to establish colonies on other planets in our solar system or not to do this?

A: This will cause a great deal of consternation among scientists as well as the general public. We feel that mankind must work on himself in his own planet first rather than trying to contact or to improve relations with someone on a distant planet. It is more essential to change this world at this time than it is to go searching for the stars. Yet mankind has a history of looking everywhere but within himself. (Unnamed spirit teacher through Betty Bethards, TIND, 20.)