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Individual Events

Looking Ahead to 2017

From 2017

So you have everything to look forward to even if you are in the latter stages of your life. This year alone will be full of action that will lead you ever onward to the end of wars and achieve permanent world peace.

Enjoy the promises of the future knowing that all will manifest for you, and conditions will change to your liking and pleasure. Each of you has contributed to the formation of gifts that are waiting for you, and many friends from many lifetimes will also come to greet you with open arms and blessings. What a joyful and happy time is coming when celebrations will commence as you return home. (Mike Quinsey's Message from My Higher Self, Jan. 8, 2017.)

Yes, this is “Sananda”. Wonderful to be with you in this way, as always. We always enjoy these times when we can share with you. And of course we look forward to when we can share with you in a more physical fashion.

That time is not far off now. You have now moved into this next year, this 2017. The one that is spoken of as being the fulfillment of the one previous to this. This is the fulfillment year, the year where all comes together. Where all will be understood. Where truth will be revealed from many different sources. All will come to understand the full truth of all that has happened on this planet. Of all that has happened on this planet and prior to the Solar System and the Galaxy itself.

You are in the moment, as “St. Germain” has spoken and as many of us have been speaking of for some time. I have said many times you have come to the finish line and you have! The finish line is right in front of you now. It takes only a small effort on your parts to move across this finish line. Know that before you cross the finish line there are many lagging behind you. Many who are trudging along and not sure where the future is taking them. Seeing very little hope for the future. This is where you come in with your mission. Those missions that you came here for. To assist them in many different ways in any way you can. You will be our arms and our legs. You will be out voices. Where we can work through you to bring this about.

You are on the verge now of many various announcements. Many things that are coming together. The energies are coming together now. The various timelines have come together. They are merging into one timeline. They have begun the process of merging into one timeline. One timeline that will take you into the new Golden Age, into these higher vibrations, the higher dimensions. The 4th and 5th and 6th and 7th dimensions. All of this is coming.

This 2017 is THE year. It is the year that everything you have known in the life previous to this has shifted, will have shifted greatly so there is no misunderstanding. This is that time, this is that moment, this is the “Event”. Whether that will be in days or weeks or months, we cannot yet say. But there have been many, many events that have been spoken of, many levels of energy that will move into the planet, move into you and bring you further along this Ascension Process. Ascension as you, an individual and you as entire planet who can move along with these energies as the time comes and as the frequencies raise enough. These are the moments when the energies are raising into a much higher vibration even as we speak now. Consciousness is increasing. We are moving toward those domino events that have been spoken of.

There will be announcements. There will be announcements of global currency re-sets. There will be announcements of NESARA. There will be announcements of the many changes that will happen. They are too numerous to peak of but truth will be the norm of the day. Where today many have come forward to deceive the masses. But there will be those who come forward only to report the truth. This is what is coming for you. You are looking forward to this today.

As these days and weeks come to pass through January into the next month. The next month will bring even more fulfillment and the next one after this and so on and so on. Until you come to the fall of this year, the end of the year, where there will be a marked change to all that you have known to this point. Your lives, at that moment, have shifted dramatically. You will not even recognize your lives that have come previous to this.

We know it is difficult to believe this can happen but in a moment everything can shift. Look at how much has changed since 9/11. All changed in that time. Consciousness dropped tremendously in that time. There was so much consternation. So much ill health that developed from the result of this. So much happened from that moment, that event that happened.

But “The Event” that we speak of now is so much more than that. It is “The Event” of the Light. It has been spoken of for eons of time that you have been preparing for. You are in those moments where that which you have been preparing for, for so many lifetimes previous to this. For so many thousands of years you have been preparing for this. (
"Sananda via James McConnell for Jan. 8, 2017, at

Please have no fear that Russia or China will start an armed conflict with the United States that could burgeon into a nuclear war. Despite the rhetorical posturing that some of your analysts consider worrisome, none of those countries’ leaders wants to become embroiled in a war that could imperil the world.

And, if any other country or rogue group were to send up a missile with a nuclear warhead, ever-diligent crews in spacecraft surrounding Earth will prevent its detonation. This is a good place to answer another question: No, Iran is not secretly developing nuclear weaponry. (Matthew's Message, Jan. 8, 2017.)

Realise that the challenge to be released from the evil plan of the dark Ones to permanently imprison you has been met and has finally delivered opportunities to be completely free from their control. Those of you who work for the Light can now go forwards with confidence, knowing that this New Year will see the outward evidence that all is well, and that real progress can no longer be held up. (Mike Quinsey, Jan. 6, 2017.)

From 2016

But let us start with this very point of you asking what lies ahead for 2017. Your sense of inter-dimensional slippage that many of you have been experiencing, of spaciness, forgetfulness, the “I don’t know where I am or what I’m doing feeling” has been growing. However, remember that the clarity of the Mother is always and constantly being infused into you. It was part of Her Tsunami of Love and it is part of the Tsunami of One that is continuing to this very moment.

This sense of clarity of being inter-dimensional, of being fluid, in the flow of dimensions is becoming your normal state of being in 2017. This is particularly true for you who are light-holders, love beings, because you are slightly ahead of the wave, you have already brought into your being that heart consciousness. This is an enormous expansion, yes, what the channel has referred to as explosion. You are the light! (Jesus through Linda Dillon, Dec. 25, 2016, at

Now then, some time ago we told you that 2017 ends the decade of delay in society’s conscious and spiritual attainment that Earth’s Golden Age master planners had anticipated would be reached by 2007. Next year begins a grand new chapter in your world’s history as powerful energy waves undergird areas of high vibrations and start manifesting significant changes on your near horizon.

But please do not expect the unfolding to be smooth sailing all the way. There will be trial-and-error detours along the lighted pathway, foot-dragging on the part of still slumbering souls, and the Illuminati still have remnants of power. They will mount resistance by causing upheavals wherever they can and using scare tactics—a number of ominous speculations, including an invasion from space, already are circulating. Souls from advanced civilizations living among you and in your skies will continue to prevent anything that could endanger you, and soon the Illuminati will have to accept the truth: Their long dark ages of controlling life on Earth have come to an end.

Lightworkers, you are the vanguard of the growing numbers moving toward a world where love prevails overall. In numerous messages we have told you that love and light are one and the same energy, the most powerful force in the cosmos and the key to transforming your world, that love is the composition of the soul and the bond that reunites people and animals who are dear to each other. Maybe we haven’t told you often enough, though, that growing spiritually and consciously includes loving self. You could say that soul evolvement starts with loving self—you have to know how love feels to you before you can feel love for others and be open to receiving it. Dear brothers and sisters, self-love is NOT self-centeredness, egotism, vanity, pridefulness or any other third density trait—loving self is honoring your divinity as a part of God.

Awakening souls need to understand what love is, and long-time readers may appreciate a reminder of what I told my mother when she asked about love and how it applies to “everyday life.”

In simplest terms, love is God’s sharing of Himself with all of His creations. Love is the healing force of the universe. Love is within the soul and needs only your allowance of those innate sensations of loving others and receiving their love for you. Love has no limitations, no boundaries to its capacity.

In expression, love is treating others with kindness, fairness, honesty, compassion, helpfulness, caring, respect. If love can be said to have “ingredients,” then those are some of the ingredients of godly expression in action.

Knowing that you and God and every other of God’s creations are inseparable is love. Knowing that Earth is a sentient, conscious life herself and respecting all of her life forms is love. Realizing that no one can know others at soul level and therefore does not judge them, but rather does not condone an action seen as injurious, is love.

Listening to one’s godself is love. Living the kind of life that engenders loving self is love. Feeling joy yourself when you see it in others is love. Doing something that brings joy to another is love. Forgiveness of self and others is love. Sharing your resources with full heart is love. Doing good deeds without attaching expectations is love. Feeling peace of heart and mind is love. The quiet thrill of seeing a sunset or hearing a songbird is love, and a smile is one of the simplest and most radiating expressions of love.

In any or all of these instances and many others that you may encounter that instinctively you know are love in action, you are manifesting your love for and of God. Mother, I don’t think I’ve told you anything at all surprising. But perhaps it is good to have some references as a guiding light in these times when darkness may seem to be overshadowing the magnificent abundance of love in your world. [That excerpt from “Love in Everyday Life” chapter of Illuminations for a New Era was transmitted soon after Matthew and I started communicating telepathically in January 1994.]

As you celebrate this season, please keep in mind the bounty of goodness in the love that you and countless others are radiating. Never underestimate the power of love to change lives and your world—love is the doorway to Earth’s Golden Age in full bloom.(Matthew's Message, Dec. 9, 2016.)

From 2015

A number of messages some time ago explained what caused the 10-year delay in your society’s attaining the consciousness level anticipated by the Highest Universal Council when they formulated Earth’s Golden Age master plan. In a more recent message we told you that by the end of your year 2017, that decade of delay will be over—a fact that meant no more than that, yet it elicited a flood of emails.

The questions can be summed up as follows: Do you mean that no important developments can happen until the end of 2017? Is that when spacecraft crews will land and ETs living here will identify themselves? Will Earth reach her ascension destination in 2017? Can Earth really be restored to her original health and beauty in that short time? Does this mean all wars will continue until 2017?

Especially erroneous is the idea that our statement meant, or implied, that no significant developments can happen until the end of 2017. Beloved Earth family, with every passing day you are moving forward in transforming your world, an undertaking of unprecedented magnitude that is being achieved with unprecedented speed! We wish—as you do!—that everything this entails would happen in the blink of an eye, and it could if enough souls there believed it could. But few know they have this innate power, so progress in ways the populace can see goes according to what they think is possible in linear time, and they have no idea about major developments “off stage.” (Matthew's Message, June 24, 2015.)

From 2014

The master plan for Earth’s Golden Age was predicated upon your world’s readiness for international reconciliation and cooperation by your year 2007. It’s not that the cause of the delay began then, but rather that the council had expected your society to have reached that stage of spiritual and conscious preparedness by that time. As we continue, you shall see why the expectations were logical, why they were not met, and why that year on your calendar was pivotal in the council’s timeline. Everything took place beyond your concept of time, but we shall do our best to explain it within a sequential frame of reference.

The plan came about because Gaia, the soul that eons ago embodied in what now is your homeland planet, sent out a call for help. The negativity that had accumulated due to civilizations’ relentless blood-shedding had so diminished Earth’s light that her ability to remain in orbit was severely imperiled. The two previous episodes when the planet’s very life was at stake, the release of amassed negativity happened with such cataclysmic force that all life forms perished. Gaia loved them all, even the people who contributed to the negativity, and each time of departure sorrowed her deeply. This time she wanted her residents not only to survive, but physically ascend with her planetary body, which would be restored to its original pristine health and beauty so all of her life forms could flourish and live together joyously and harmoniously. Her clear vision of that Earth became manifest in the universal continuum.

Accommodating Gaia’s desire and her body’s immediate need to start ridding itself of negativity required a massive amount of light, and God authorized powerful civilizations to provide it. The initial infusion stabilized Earth’s orbit, jarred her loose from deep third density’s entrenched negativity and enabled her to begin ascending. Naturally, that light and all forthcoming from those far distant sources would be available to all of her life forms, too, but how to motivate humankind to peer through the darkness that shrouded the planet so they could “see the light” was quite another matter.

It was at that point the council entered the picture. They accepted the task of inspiring the peoples to take charge of their personal ascension by receptivity to the incoming light so they could start generating their own with forcefulness. This was essential for two reasons of equal importance to ascension: Light transforms bodies’ carbon-based cells into the crystalline structure that can survive in vibratory levels that eventually Earth would reach; and by dissolving the “veil” between third density consciousness and soul-level knowledge, the light opens hearts and minds to the spiritual enlightenment that engenders soul growth.

After discussing all the intricacies, complexities and requirements involved—first and foremost that everyone’s free will must be honored in accordance with Creator’s edict to rulers of all the universes—the council came up with a plan. It had to be put into a linear timeframe for your understanding, and since it is your world, it could only be what you want it to be. Therefore, all aspects of the plan had to become part of the collective consciousness, that energy mass of countless thoughts, feelings and deeds that steers activity in Earth’s field of potential and determines what happens in your world.

So a major consideration was how to present the plan in a format that would start people thinking about it. At that time in your history, the United States was considered to be the most globally influential of all countries, making it practical to start there, and so it did—members of that government were inspired to form the National Economic Security and Reformation Act that is commonly known by its acronym NESARA. This legislation has been the dark ones’ target of manifold lies and sabotage, which led to denial of its existence by some who heard of it and to serious misconceptions by others. If you don’t know what NESARA actually encompasses—it is no less than the basis of world transformation and spiritual renewal!—and its evolution through both light and dark passages, please read previous messages that give detailed accounts. [Special NESARA edition, August 13, 2006, provides background information; a number of other messages include additional coverage.] (Matthew's Message, Oct. 19, 2014.)

Now then, just as there was no evidence of a dramatic event when Earth entered fourth density, nothing profound will be evident as 2017 nears its end and the planet enters the density’s higher “layers.” There is no demarcation between those just as there is none between the densities themselves, which we number only to indicate advancement in location or spiritual and conscious awareness. Energy simply flows hither and yon in accordance with the vibrations emitted by its attachments that include all the thoughts and feelings constantly shooting up from Earth, and ascension is moving into areas where the vibrations are higher, or faster, than where you were previously. However, at times celestial alignments produce energy surges that rapidly propel orbiting bodies into higher astral planes, and such will be the case the latter part of your year 2017, which coincides with the decade of delay reaching its end. During the interim Earth will be traveling through increasingly high vibrations that will birth new changes and add impetus to all underway.

Our beloved Earth family, if we knew when the major changes you asked about will come to pass, we would rejoice in telling you—our last message explained why we don’t know. Even God doesn’t know. Let me speak for myself for a moment to give you a little illustration about foreknowledge of free will choices. Several years ago, when two men were courting my sister, my mother asked God which she would choose or neither. God said, “I don’t know.” My mother asked how He could not know since she is a part of Him, and God replied, “Yes, and as soon as she knows, so will I.” (Matthew's Message, Oct. 19, 2014.)

Steve Beckow: Matthew [Ward] seemed to imply [Ascension] was going to happen in 2017. That is not the case, right?

Archangel Michael: That will be what you can think of as phase two, when the full awareness is anchored within everybody.

SB: So, now, the full awareness is Sahaja Samadhi.

AAM: Well, it won’t be that extreme. But it will be a full… it will be what you think of as your Golden Age.

SB: Right. Is it an enlightenment?

AAM: Yes.

SB: So is it Brahmajnana?

AAM: Yes.

SB: Oh! 2017 will be Brahmajnana. When will Sahaja occur?

AAM: Shortly thereafter. (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Sept. 28, 2014.)

We have been asked time and again why some off-planet sources give a timeframe for the occurrence of one thing or another and we do not. First, we urge you to be very discerning about channeled information, particularly announcements of NESARA or sudden wealth. And be aware that some information that purportedly is channeled actually is written and disseminated by individuals to intentionally misinform, discourage or frighten readers.

Now then, one reason we aren’t comfortable giving a time is the difficulty of putting into your linear construct something that exists in the continuum. We shall come back to that, but first we want to speak about our other reason because it is by far the more important. Your expectation of a specific happening sends forth positive energy that is tied to a certain time; if nothing significant is evident then, the energy turns into disillusionment, discouragement or even anger, and that vibratory downturn further delays the projected happening.

That said, we happily tell you that the decade of delay in your society’s advancement will end in your year 2017, a most propitious timeframe indeed with a celestial window similar to the one during the December 2012 solstice that eased Earth into fourth density. Your concept of time actually is energy in motion, and since Earth’s ascension route is into successively higher, or lighter, energy planes, the few interim years will pass with increasing speed. And, ever-heightening vibrations along the way will enable expanding realization of soul-level knowingness and powers of manifestation that you will heartily welcome.

This departure from our usual reluctance to mention a time is only in small part because the planetary alignment in 2017 is a given. Much more so, beloved family, it’s because your optimism and enthusiasm about Earth’s future will counterbalance the negativity of mainstream media’s reports on the Ebola epidemic, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Iraq’s tenuous new government, the long-running Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and especially at this time, efforts to halt the advancement of ISIS forces in Syria...

Energy streamers influencing a situation may have strengthened and turned a possible outcome into a probable outcome. A situation that was developing into a probability may have reverted to a possibility because its streamers weakened. A surge of energy may have entered an area where movement had been barely perceptible. The intensifying momentum behind what had appeared to be a highly likely outcome may have fizzled completely because a strong burst of energy sideswiped it. Absolute certainties—predestined outcomes—are extremely rare, and Earth’s ascension out of third density and continuing to her destination in fifth is among the very few exceptions to energy’s vagaries. (Matthew's Message, September 23, 2014.)

So, are you looking at a date of around 2017 as a time when the glorious golden age is really up and running? That people feel like not only have we ascended, but we actually have gotten things organized, and we are operating in the new, and our star brothers and sisters are our next door neighbors? It is commonplace to see the angels hovering above the house? Yes. Are you waiting for 2017 for the shift in heart consciousness? No. In our terms and yours, that is immediate. (The Divine Mother: My Desire is that Every Being on the Planet Falls in Love," channeled by Linda Dillon, Sep. 26, 2014,

An acceleration is occurring regardless of our choice. Evolution is evolution. We are receiving a third wave of photonic light in September, the third in a series of waves intended to prepare us for the global intense shift in 2017. The first wave was in December/January, the second in April/May, and the third arrives in September. All of these waves are focused on amplifying the shift in consciousness and Ascension. This is a natural force of evolution in progress. (“Acceleration and the Solar Eclipse: Making the Choice,” by Sandra Walter, August 29, 2016, at

Steve Beckow: ...It’s been intimated, not very clearly, but vaguely, by a very credible channeled source, that ascension won’t happen ’til 2017. You, Archangel Michael, Jesus and Saul through John Smallman and others have all said that it’s coming very soon. What is the correct information, Mother?

Divine Mother: Is that not in itself an interesting question? And yes, I will answer it. But note what I say, please, in the sweetest of ways. Do not make, please, one answer right and one answer wrong.

Now, think of this issue, this conflict of years. Now, part of your new environment, as explained in a very casual aside by Sanat Kumara, is how you as part of the Ascension multidimensionality are moving out of what you would think of as sequential experience.

Now, does that mean that you are free floating in time and space? No. Because you still have need of your reference points. If all of a sudden I were simply to open the floodgates and all human beings were in the infinity of eternity, it would be enough to make you insane. It would be overload to the quantum degree.

Now, your channels have pure hearts. So let us leave it at that, as well. So I do not wish to say one son or daughter is right and another is not. All are coming. No, not all channels are clear and not all channels are pure, but the ones that we are speaking of this day come with pure hearts and delightful essences. Ascension is upon you. It is sooner rather than later. Most of you are already there. You are simply integrating and anchoring.

Now, because there hasn’t been this collective whoosh, not all of you are fully aware of it. Now, let me explain. And let me explain in a practical way.

Yes, I am your Mother, and I can be very practical. I lift up. You jump up, and I take you to a completely beautiful but foreign territory. Now, some of you, the wayshowers, the gatekeepers, have visited this territory before, but the bulk of humanity has not. And this is what we have termed — and we have spoken of — as the transition process or the transition time (let me be very clear) post-ascension.

Now, you have asked this over the years in a variety of ways: After Ascension, will there be money? And we have said yes, because human beings love to play with currency, and we cannot wait until you fully understand what it is to play with your spiritual currency, the currency of creation.

But let us talk about that. S, is there currency? Yes, because there are many upon the planet who would be completely confused if all of a sudden there was no money. They like it. So it will be there. But it will have different, can we say, different significance, different abundance. Things that you choose to do with money will be different, post-ascension, which is very close, closer than you think.

There are billions whose heart, whose soul declaration says yes to ascension. But they are still in an learning phase. Does this exclude them? Of course not. But perhaps they have never meditated or prayed, or listened to my voice or the voice of their guides. Perhaps they have never been in unity consciousness. Perhaps they are overwhelmed that all of a sudden limitation is gone and that love is the formation of society. You are building new cities of light. You are actually anchoring them. You are building a few new constructs, but that is beside the point. Your cities, your politics, your institutions, everything is shifting.

So, are you looking at a date of around 2017 as a time when the glorious golden age is really up and running? That people feel like not only have we ascended, but we actually have gotten things organized, and we are operating in the new, and our star brothers and sisters are our next door neighbors? It is commonplace to see the angels hovering above the house? Yes. Are you waiting for 2017 for the shift in heart consciousness? No. In our terms and yours, that is immediate. (The Divine Mother: My Desire is that Every Being on the Planet Falls in Love," channeled by Linda Dillon, Sep. 26, 2014,

The Origin of the Pyramids

From 2013

You will be able to levitate… this is how the pyramids of Egypt were built by the way, is that the beings from other star systems who lived on the earth at that time had the ability to levitate objects. The pyramids were transmitters of higher dimensional energy and powered many many cities. Their energy collapsed during the fall of man. ("Council of Angels, Archangel Michael and Source Creator: Upgrading to a Multidimensional Operating System," channeled by Goldenlight, October 4, 2013 at

The Connection between the U.S. Military and Anonymous

From 2013

On February 28th, we released insider testimony that "Anonymous" was working with the US military and an international alliance -- to defeat financial tyranny.

There is overwhelming evidence that the Federal Reserve banking cartel is responsible for the majority of all the problems in the world at this time.

The Federal Reserve financed both sides of World Wars I and II, and used them to plunder most of the world's gold supply -- in exchange for worthless bonds. ...

On February 4th, Anonymous hacked into over four thousand, six hundred different 'executives' accounts at the 'Federal Reserve -- and openly posted all the juicy details.

This was on Super Bowl Sunday -- and included account log-in codes, leading capable hackers straight to the beating heart of the Fed. (David Wilcock, "CONFIRMED: US Military Alliance Defeating Federal Reserve," Aug. 24, 2013, at

The previous year's Super Bowl featured an incredibly blatant series of "Illuminati" symbols -- as I revealed in Section Seven of Financial Tyranny.

This seemingly deliberate, well-timed attack appears to have been a "payback" from the Alliance -- to let the Cabal know they are no longer running the show.

The power outage caused a huge bloodletting -- as advertisers spent up to 133,000 dollars per second to be seen in this greatest of all American sports events.


That very same night, the Super Bowl itself was "hacked" with a mysterious, unprecedented power failure -- for almost exactly 33 minutes.

Anonymous did not claim responsibility for the outage, but the connection between these two events did seem to be far more than a coincidence.

The number 33 is central to the Cabal -- and for many years was the highest rank anyone could attain in Freemasonry.

This outage occurred almost immediately after Beyonce finished her set during the halftime show -- and caused most viewers to abandon the second half entirely. ...

The Federal Reserve hack is discussed on page 116 of The Synchronicity Key, though I did not mention the Super Bowl outage at the time.

I did, however, reveal "leaked" insider testimony that US military personnel were heavily involved with Anonymous:

Then on February 4, 2013, the mysterious hacker group Anonymous posted private data from four thousand different Federal Reserve executives' accounts -- including private contact information, mobile phone numbers, account log-ins, IP addresses, and credentials. [200]

A Reddit user started calling the numbers, confirmed they were Federal Reserve executives, and said, "The ramifications of that kind of loss of control are severe." [201]

A few weeks later, a key insider revealed that Anonymous was collaborating with patriotic computer experts within the US military, and this was all part of their coordinated effort to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

The publisher did allow me to put provocative statements like this in the book, even though no proof had surfaced -- yet -- to back them up.

I have multiple emails that prove I was not permitted to make any changes to the book after May 5, 2013.


Stunning evidence of the US military's involvement in Anonymous arrived on August 9th -- just eleven days before the book debuted. ...

Two days after these 4,600 different Federal Reserve executives' accounts were hacked, ZDNet revealed how vast in scope this operation really was.

At the time, no one had any idea that an alliance of patriotic oath-keepers within the US military might be involved in this unprecedented event:

After Anonymous posted sensitive credentials of over 4,600 banking executives to a government Web site on Super Bowl Sunday, the Federal Reserve acknowledged the attack in a Tuesday morning statement to affected individuals and press.

However, while a spokesperson from the Federal Reserve told The Huffington Post that Anonymous' claim to the hack's importance was "overstated," information security professionals that serve financial institutions are saying the exact opposite—and are not best pleased with the Federal Reserve.

ZDNet has now learned that the compromised and exposed database belongs to The St. Louis Fed Emergency Communications System.

Update February 6, 1:45pm PST: Chris Wysopal, CTO and co-founder at Veracode, unpacked the hack and calls it "a spearphishing bonanza" and "the most valuable account dump by quality I have seen in a while" in the post Stolen Data Headers From The Federal Reserve Hack. (David Wilcock, "CONFIRMED: US Military Alliance Defeating Federal Reserve," Aug. 24, 2013, at

I believe this alliance is a critical part of how we will go from the "here" of our current world to the "there" of the Golden Age -- predicted in many ancient cultures.


In this groundbreaking August 9th article from BuzzFeed, a military insider revealed that many non-commissioned officers (NCOs) are working within Anonymous.

As we will see, these include many high-level officers with access to extremely classified information. (David Wilcock, "CONFIRMED: US Military Alliance Defeating Federal Reserve," Aug. 24, 2013, at


Admittedly, there are certain differences between the whistleblower testimony in BuzzFeed about Anonymous and what I've heard from my own insiders.

The whistleblower appears to discuss Anonymous as if it arose fairly spontaneously, has remained loose, and has no central command.

However, what I've heard is that this group is very organized -- and is now finalizing a plan that has been evolving for many years.

Insider info dating back to 1995 reveals a horrible secret. Several early leaders of this patriotic alliance were tragically murdered -- in a single event.

As is so often the case, the murders were covered up, blamed on a random accident, and all investigation of the disastrous event was suppressed.

However, this attack did not destroy the alliance. Other key members survived -- and moved on to France and Europe to continue building a coalition.

Their work has now paid off handsomely -- as the alliance has since become truly international, and highly effective. (David Wilcock, "CONFIRMED: US Military Alliance Defeating Federal Reserve," Aug. 24, 2013, at


Edward Snowden has almost certainly been in direct contact with the Alliance the whole time -- and was brave enough to take on a dangerous mission.

I published the article excerpt you just read on June 8, 2013 -- right as the NSA documents started leaking, but before Snowden had identified himself.

Since he was never successfully apprehended, no one in the Cabal has been able to torture him and try to find out more about who he is working with.

Very soon after Snowden became a public figure, he ended up in Russia. This was no accident. I highly doubt he ever intended to go anywhere else.

As I wrote on June 8th, before Snowden was even identified, "Vladimir Putin is the most visible coordinating member of this alliance today." (David Wilcock, "CONFIRMED: US Military Alliance Defeating Federal Reserve," Aug. 24, 2013, at

Election of Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe

From 2013

Steve Beckow: Many African listeners were dismayed to see that Robert Mugabe was returned to power in Zimbabwe, and they’d like to know what they can expect to see there for those who are waiting to see freedom return to that country. ...

St. Germaine: Yes, Mugabe has been returned to his position, but it was not as manipulated as some would make out. There has been significant progress in this country, and there has been a fullness not only of my flame but of a great deal of white light that has been embedded not only within this leader but within this cadre that is in control.

But let us speak of the person — because, yes, he comes across as dictatorial, as manipulative, and as a person that wishes to simply die in office. But he is also being worked with to implement changes that are in favor of greater freedom.

So this is what I say not only to those who have written this query, but to all my friends, but particularly my friends in Africa — for you know me well. Freedom, the expression of joyous freedom, which is the expression of your divinity in form, begins within you. Yes, you say, “Oh, but our movements, our freedoms are restricted.”

What I am asking you — and it is very similar to what Michael has asked you last week — is to let go, eradicate, transmute, torch the idea that any being, and particularly any human being, can control you. It is not possible.

Now, you may work in ways that you feel are a work-around or even subversive. So be it. Do not allow anyone — any government, any parent, any friend, any partner, any neighbor, any idea — to restrict your freedom.

Yes, it rests within you, but the expression of that freedom is your movement in the world, on Gaia, and being the spearhead of change.

So, take faith, my friends. No, not a fool’s belief, but faith in your powers, not only in ours. For do not forget, we are in full partnership. You are creating the change — in Zimbabwe, in Uganda, in Mozambique, in Botswana. You are doing it.

SB: All right. Now, can you just confirm for listeners, St. Germaine, that Robert Mugabe is not in fact in containment?

St. G.: No, he is not in containment. Mugabe is not in containment. Let us say he is in school. And he has a few things that his soul and his sacred purpose on the planet need to learn and complete before he leaves. And he has agreed to this. So let us also say the Mugabe that you are dealing with today is not the same person you were dealing with, oh, even as short a period as five years ago. ("St. Germaine: Rivers of Gold Will Flow Freely – Part 1/2," Aug. 15, 2013, at

Rumors of Another Asteroid

From 2013

Steve Beckow: There is a rumor that a large asteroid will approach the Earth and be destroyed by the galactics in a very public display. Is that a true report? And if it is, can you just briefly give us some details on that event, please?

St. Germaine.: It’s not true.

SB: Not true.

St. G.: Understand. There are asteroids, comets, planetary debris, interplanetary debris that is passing through your area, your sector, all the time. And yes, your star brothers and sisters are very active in making sure that nothing harms their beloved Gaia, let alone the human race.

Now, there have been recent impacts, as you know, of the asteroids. And there have been some demonstrations of how your star brothers and sisters have intervened. But this particular one is not… this is not — let me put it this way — this is not how your star brothers and sisters are going to introduce themselves. ("St. Germaine: Rivers of Gold Will Flow Freely – Part 1/2," Aug. 15, 2013, at

Russian Meteor

From 2013

Steve Beckow: Well, before we turn to our main subject, which is the full restoration of consciousness, may I ask you to comment on the meteor that hit Russia? You said to me in a private reading on March 8 that it would have caused a new ice age. Can you confirm that for our listeners, and perhaps give us a few more details on the process by which an ice age would have resulted and how it was prevented?

Archangel Michael: No, what I have said to you is that the only reference point you would have for the catastrophe and damage that this meteorite would have caused would be the occurrence of a new ice age.

Now, this occurrence of the meteor was very close to Earth, obviously, and it was through the generosity and intervention, the ever-present vigilance of your star brothers and sisters that this occurrence has not taken place in the, shall we say, fullness of its potential. So, while there was some damage and some injury, it certainly was not of the level that was possible.

It was also the opportunity to look up and to see very clearly the intervention and the protection in so many ways. But you are always asking for visible signs, and this was one of the more visible signs of intervention by your star brothers and sisters. It is an element of Disclosure whether you choose to think of it that way or not. It simply is.

What would have happened if there had been full impact on the planet? The damage would have caused catastrophic changes and climatic changes. So that is what I am referring to. And, yes, it would have been similar to the shift and the wobble of the axis of the planet. It would have changed the center point of Gaia.

And the climate changes would have been very, very dramatic and destructive to the populace of the human race, which is already in the process of change. So it truly would have altered the progression of what you are already in the middle of.

Let me also say this. The physical impact of this meteorite would have been geologically and physically what you would think of as a disaster and catastrophe. But the bigger catastrophe, the bigger setback would most definitely have been that it would have caused the greater portion of humanity, of the collective, to go into not only a place of fear and survival, but of bringing their attention back to matters of migration, of change in geological topography.

And it would have taken away the attention from what they are currently undergoing, and so the shift in the consciousness of humanity would have been sidetracked. And from our perspective that would have been an even greater catastrophe.

So what happened is that the intervention that has taken place by your star brothers and sisters has prevented catastrophe on many, many levels. And there are not very many upon the planet that we have observed that have said thank you, or expressed gratitude to the forces that have intervened. Which is curious, is it not?

SB: Yes, Lord. Let me say thank you for them. And we're becoming familiar enough with the galactics that perhaps we could know now which ships did what. Was it Pleiadian, Sirian, Arcturian? How did they do what they did? It looks as if they went right through the middle of the meteor. Is that correct?

AAM: Yes, that is accurate. You know that it was primarily a Pleiadian effort, but there was certainly support from the Arcturians as well. And what you think of as technology, you know that the ships are very organic, they are living, sentient, cooperative beings, but they also have the ability to create forcefields, what you would think of as shields, that can withstand not only pressure but temperature, fire, anything you can think of. And the only way to dispel this was to go right through the meteor itself.

Well, it was the most effective measure. Because one of the things that they did not want to be seen doing is using what you would think of as their laser technology to explode/implode the meteor, because it would look and be trackable as a beam of energy. And that could be construed as a weapon.

So that would not do in terms of a strategy at all. Because whether you say that the humans are ready or not, there are still powers that be and individuals that would think that this would put them in a danger zone.

So that is also why this strategy was used.

It also gives a very clear message to the human beings. Because from their point of view, their perspective of understanding, to witness or to see a video of a ship going through a meteor, to them, on the subconscious level, translates as, "Our star brothers and sisters are willing to sacrifice themselves and die for us if necessary in order to protect us." And that is a powerful message. And a very true one, by the way.

SB: Well, it certainly deserves our thanks. And I can't help remarking on the irony of it. We've seen movies like Deep Impact which have tried to get us afraid of this end-of-cycle period, and in that spaceships [like the Messiah in the movie] bring down the meteor.

And here we have an event that could have been a catastrophe at the end of the cycle, and the star brothers and sisters have protected us from that catastrophe. So it's deeply ironic.

AAM: There is no irony in this, dear heart!

Many of these ideas that your various forms of media or entertainment, so-called entertainment, comes up are planted.

SB: Yes. And in [these movies] often the extraterrestrial beings are represented as predators. And here they have in fact saved the Earth in a very real way.

AAM: Yes, the star beings of all the various stripes, colors, nationalities, lineages, forms, are not predatory. That desire to create the external enemy, still, as you well know, is done continually in a very real and terrible sense upon the planet, between nations and belief systems. And so there is this human desire - which is being worked on and shifted, both by you and by us - to feel that you have need to have an external enemy to prove that you are the king or the queen, that you are victorious, that somehow that is a measure, and a somewhat valued measure, of power is very sad.

There are increasingly films and various forms of entertainment that show the unity and the family and the community of, again, various nations and of your star brothers and sisters, but by and large, that old paradigm is still in the process of dissolution. ("An Hour with an Angel, March 11, 2013, with Archangel Michael - Part 1," at

Archangel Michael: [The Russian meteor] could have triggered what you would think of as ... the only comparison you would have would be... another Ice Age."

Steve Beckow: Wow. You're kidding.

AAM: No.

S: So the galactics prevented another Ice Age. That's what you're saying, right?

AAM: That is what I'm saying. ... Your star brothers and sisters intervened. That is why it was not more dramatic and damaging. And they intervened not only on behalf of the people of Earth and of Russia, but on behalf of Gaia herself.

S: And was this heavenly body, so to speak, sent here by the dark forces?

AAM: No. It is just what is moving about. It is part of the movement of energy, of debris, throughout the universe. So no, there was no negative force behind it, not the way you think of it.

S: Alright, if the galactics had not been around at this time, for the purposes of Ascension, would they still have provided this service?

AAM: Yes. (Steve Beckow, Personal Reading with Archangel Michael through Linda Dillon, March 8, 2013.)

Indigo Revolution in Turkey

From 2013

You are evolving quickly and the Light on earth is rising although you do not hear much of this on your news. Many are awakening and feeling a need to be free of the tyranny and bondage that up to now they have taken for granted. This inner journey is being reflected in the outer which is why you see world wide resistance to authority taking place. In general, most do not understand what is happening, but are being driven by an inner knowing that they are entitled to the freedom of having their voices heard and to lives lived free from manipulation and strife.

Many are and will die in this effort to awaken the world but this was their soul purpose and choice. For some it has been their chosen means of atoning for past lives lived in dominance over others, taking upon themselves the yoke of the freedom fighter to help mankind move into a new awareness of what freedom really is. We do not condone killing and violence, but we say that there are those who only learn at this level and many places on earth still resonate with this dense energy. (The Arcturian Group, June 16, 2013.)

Turmoil in Turkey, ostensibly to protect a park, was instigated by the CIA’s “black ops” to stoke the fire between the Sunnis and Shi’ites and lead to a blazing war. Just as all other countries in your world, Turkey has policies that are not satisfying every citizen, but it is economically sound and progressive—and that’s what the Illuminati want to destroy.

Although their global network has come apart at the seams, a few peak individuals are stuck in their delusion that they will take over the entire Mideast and move on to control the rest of the world too. Most assuredly, that will not happen, and when the unrest in Turkey subsides, and it shall soon, some reforms will emerge and further strengthen the country’s progressive path. (Matthew's Message, June 11, 2013.)

Steve Beckow: Let’s turn to Turkey. What can we expect to see happen in Turkey in the immediate future, and what is the significance of calling it an indigo revolution?

Archangel Michael:  It is the desperation for freedom. It is the desperation to throw off the yoke of oppression, however that is perceived. It is the feeling of all beings, everywhere, that they must proceed as independent agents.

So what looks like violence, and is — and many of you have been with me for weeks now in Turkey, and do not forget, as you call back your aspects, to make sure that you do not bring back the wounds of war — but it is a symbol for clearing up human oppression.

What you don’t fully understand, and yet you do, is how much each of you is helping in these struggles for human equality; that you think perhaps that you are anchored in Norway or Sweden or France, or Vancouver, or the United States, but your energy is so large, and your commitment with me is so large, that you are not.

In a virtual way, but in an actual way that you will come more and more to understand, you are as much on the battle line as are those in human form. And this has been a significant shift in the last, oh, six months to a year; is that you are as deeply involved in these struggles and in these requirements for freedom as are those who are physically present. And that is why you care so much.

So whether it is Egypt or Turkey or Africa or Washington, D.C., China or Korea, you are there with your brothers and sisters of Earth, but you are also there with me.

You know, Steve, that when we have formed this platform [the Golden Age of Gaia and InLight Radio] , which I will not allow to disintegrate, that the purpose was the communication of love and peace, not simply with your star brothers and sisters, although that is increasingly important, but with each other as well.

And this has been accomplished in many ways, that there is an understanding, a deep heart understanding, a heart consciousness, that there is but one human community.

What you can expect in Turkey is victory and a cessation of violence. ("Archangel Michael: It is Time to Awaken Fully Now – Part 2/2," June 11, 2013, at

There is no going back for the people of Turkey; the protests have spread throughout the country. Through this one example, it is becoming evident that the attitudes of people are changing at an unprecedented rate. What was true for these people the day before the first protest in Istanbul is no longer true. Collectively, they have decided not to obey or listen to what their government decides is best for them. Increasingly, they want freedom and the right to self-determination, as individuals and as a collective. As a result of their courage in facing the police lines and enduring the brutality reprisals, they are suddenly realizing the real power that they hold as a collective presence. Change is in the air and it is coming to a neighborhood near you. ("A Message from the Angels: Embrace Your Real Self," channeled through Tazjima, June 9, 2013 at


From 2013

In addition to beaming light to the planet, which will continue until it is well within fourth density, various civilizations are using their technologies in a number of ways in accordance with Earth’s desires. For instance, when the Illuminati cause a geophysical event, the crews lay down an electromagnetic grid that distributes earthquake or volcanic activity and lessens destruction and death toll without reducing the amount of negativity released by those events.

In the case of Illuminati-created weather, the crews decrease the wind velocity of violent storms and steer them away from heavily populated areas along coastlines. [Note: That information was transmitted prior to the removal of weather-manipulating scientists by space family members living among you. Mother Nature is back in control of storms, earthquakes and wildfires, her means of releasing negativity.] (Matthew's Message, Nov. 22, 2013.)

Steve Beckow: XX would like to know if HAARP has been deactivated.

Archangel Michael: Yes, it has. (Archangel Michael through Linda Dillon, personal reading for Steve Beckow, August 6, 2013, at

Steve Beckow: if I could get you to comment, please, on the recent tornadoes in Oklahoma, whether they were a HAARP phenomenon, or whether HAARP has been decommissioned or neutralized.

Sanat Kumara: HAARP has been decommissioned, as you would think of it. We are not saying that the suffering and tragedy that has occurred in Oklahoma has not been devastating, but it has also opened so many hearts, and it has cleansed. So no, it was not a human-manufactured phenomenon. It was a cleansing phenomenon. ("Sanat Kumara: Many of You Have Already Ascended and Straddle Dimensions," May 28, 2013,

The Beheading in London

From 2013

Steve Beckow: If I could get you to comment, please, on ... the beheading in London, whether that was a cabal staging, or perhaps you could give us some explanation of what that was about as well please. ...

Sanat Kumara: There has been much erratic energy in various parts of your planet. And I will never, never say that it is a good thing for someone to be beheaded, because it is amongst the most brutal of acts conceivable, on any planetary system. It is beyond [brutal]. But is it not curious, in a country where there is a history of beheading, that this cleansing takes place?

SB: Was it a real event, Raj? Was the person already dead, as so many people are saying, or not dead?

SK: The soul was not present. That is correct. But even So it is a dishonoring of the most base kind. It is an act of darkness.

SB: Was it a cabal-inspired act?

SK:  There are people who associate themselves with the cabal who have never been involved with the cabal. You know what I am talking about. It is simply that that is who they identify themselves with. And so in that way you can say that it was a related event to the cabal.

SB: And was its intent to spread fear among the population?

SK: Yes.

SB: Okay.

SK:  But it cannot succeed. Do not let fear into your hearts. Call on Michael. ("Sanat Kumara: Many of You Have Already Ascended and Straddle Dimensions," May 28, 2013,

NSA Data Mining

From 2013

No serious repercussions in foreign relations will result from the National Security Agency’s intelligence gathering—any indignant, surprised reaction is simply a public performance. Not only is it well known that spying is ubiquitous, but nations that are allies share the intelligence they’ve gleaned, and no national leaders are naïve enough to think that they personally are exempt from surveillance. The energy around this brouhaha is strengthening the energy set in motion by all the whistleblowing everywhere and ultimately will lead to multinational trust in harmonious cooperation. (Matthew's Message, November 1, 2013.)

Archangel Michael: The purpose of what you think of as spying has been, yes, targeted to Illuminati or those who are not acting in the best interests of the collective, whether it is the United States, Israel, Botswana, Switzerland, Germany, Russia — it does not matter. (Transcript - "Archangel Michael: Expect Miracles - Part 3 The Reval, NESARA, President Obama, and Containment," channeled by Linda Dillon, August 5, 2013, at

Events progress significantly in favor of your collective understanding of everything that’s been hidden from you, and the activities of the cabals in spying on their citizens will continue to be exposed while their ability to use such intricate and advanced spying methods will indeed be turned on them, so to speak.

The advanced ability on the part of the Company of Heaven to always know what your Earthly cabals are doing or what their plans are, sees our utilization of the technology within the American NSA unneeded.

Nonetheless, the “Earth Allies” as they’ve been termed on the ground can use such technology for very positive purposes, as it’s subsequently exposed and seen as the injustice it is and has always been.

Some would think the perceived freewill of the cabals or the cabal heads to be in violation because of this, or would think the Company of Heaven or our Earth Allies hypocrites for choosing to use a method that’s been used against the people, to further expose the cabals.

This wouldn’t come about if it weren’t a perfect fit for the exposure related karma of the cabals, as they’ve Created a vast infrastructure bent on spying on benevolent citizens of the Earth and it’s only fit for their own house of cards to not only come falling down on them, but to be used to further expose what they’ve been doing. ("The Ascended Masters and the Pleiadians: Ascension is Being Pioneered by Each of You," channeled by Wes Annac, August 2, 2013 at

This is an appropriate place to address questions that many readers have asked: How can US President Obama defend the National Security Agency’s collection of data from citizens’ private telephone conversations and Internet records? Why did he sign the Monsanto Protection Act? Congressional actions are public knowledge, but what goes on behind closed doors is not known, and we shall tell you what is relevant to these two situations.

President Obama defended NSA’s data gathering, which was authorized in the Patriot Act passed during George W. Bush’s administration, on the authentic basis that it has led to discovering and thwarting numerous terrorist plans. What the president cannot say—and Bush never would—is that the most extensive terrorist acts that met failure and most of the lesser plots that also got shot down were those devised by the CIA faction under Illuminati control.

Neither can Obama disclose that ETs are working in the NSA and other agencies in that country and in several others. They are collecting and analyzing information on all Illuminati activities around the globe and using it to weaken their operations and obtain evidence for prosecution. When this has served its purpose—bringing to its final moment the Illuminati reign—the Patriot Act and also Homeland Security will come to an end. (Matthew's Message, June 11, 2013.)

Monsanto Protection Act

From 2013

As for the Monsanto Protection Act, Illuminati spokespersons told the president that if he vetoed it, Congress would override it. Furthermore, they would intensify their efforts to overturn the Affordable Healthcare Act, block legislation that could relieve some immigration issues, and doom attempts to resolve international conflicts by rational discussions instead of belligerent confrontation.

That is the “down-to-Earth” reason, you could say, that Obama signed the bill, but there is another facet of this that the Illuminati bloc doesn’t know. Despite their threats, the president was not going to sign the Act—he did so because ETs close to him advised it. Their higher perspective was that citizens’ outrage at this insidious bill needs to motivate them to force its nullification.

The people must exercise their right and responsibility to demand that their elected officials end stubborn partisanship, stop letting lobbyists’ money dictate their votes on legislation, and start serving the best interests of the country.

By no means does this apply only to the United States! Governments in every country must start serving the needs of their people because this goes to the very heart of Earth’s Golden Age and soul evolvement! (Matthew's Message, June 11, 2013.)

Boston Marathon Bombings

From 2013

Steve Beckow: A lot of people are feeling very confused about the Boston bombings. They don’t know, for instance, if the Tsarnaev brothers— well, I think Matthew has said the two brothers were involved in some way. You have said they have some involvement. But then it’s been said that the people responsible for the Boston bombings are on the far right, and they’re domestic.

So there’s a lot of confusion about whether the authorities have the right suspects in custody, the wrong suspects, people who are partly responsible…. Can you help us clarify the situation with the investigation?

Archangel Michael: The fullness of this action has not truly come to light as yet. And yes, there are many factors, shall we say, that are being, mmm, kept under cover while those in authority, as you put it, take care of what they believe they need to in terms of discerning the truth of this matter.

The boys were somewhat involved. We do not deny that. But it is not as it appears. Stand back. You know this what I am teaching you today.

SB: Yes.

AAM: …to stand back and watch the unfoldment. But do not — in the United States or Canada, Yugoslavia, Russia — do not become involved in the drama. ("Archangel Michael Reviews Current Events," May 6, 2013, at

However, not everything is as it may seem. The Illuminati-controlled faction of the CIA still is active in terrorism, at times in conjunction with law enforcement personnel who unwittingly are abetting rather than capturing the perpetrators. In addition to using the few remaining mind-controlled individuals whom they have programmed, the faction has a list of “likely” persons to blame for their terrorist activities. They fabricate a plausible foundation around selective facts about those individuals and feed that story to the media.

The bombing at the Boston marathon was their handiwork. The two brothers “alleged” to be the bombers fit very well what the faction needed for that occasion. They had learned about the young men’s interest in simple bomb construction and, tying that to their “radical” religious convictions and the older brother’s months in Chechnya and Dagestan, they created “suspects” that the public would find believable.

It is sad for you and for us that any violent incidents still are part of life on Earth. They are tragic indeed for all who experience the loss of beloved persons or sustain severe injuries. We devoutly wish the grieving families could know that their members were greeted by “departed” family and dear friends upon entry into Nirvana, where life is filled with activity, diversity and joyful awareness that each is part of the Oneness of All. (Matthew's Message, May 12, 2013.)

Steve Beckow:  Did the Tsarnaev brothers have anything to do with the Boston bombings?

Archangel Michael:  There was some involvement, yes.

SB:  Can you say more about that, please?

AAM:  No, we do not choose to engage in this drama, because that is what it is. It is becoming a melodrama of half-truths and half lies.

Well, more lies than truth, actually. And so what we are suggesting is to stand back. Now, this, the purpose of all of this is to let truth reign.

So I am not sitting here telling you all the ins and outs of this drama. What I am saying is, my friends, first of all it is triggering many of you, and that is a good thing, particularly given the nature of the discussion we have just had. But go within and simply allow the truth and the knowing to emerge, and know, even the most dramatic situation that you can construe has nothing in terms of what has taken place in this construction to eliminate violence on your planet and within your societies.

SB:  I was going to ask you two other questions about the… whether the authorities were covering up, or what agencies were aware of the bombing. But I think you want me to let it go. Is that correct?

AAM:  That is correct. Everybody is very aware of what has transpired. So it is not this agency or that agency, or this individual or that individual. But what I am not wanting you to do, where I am not pointing you to go is again into a place where you are pointing fingers and saying who is to blame and who is at fault. ("Archangel Michael Reviews Current Events," May 6, 2013, at

Now, the totality of the back story of what has occurred with the Boston Marathon - and that tragedy has not fully come to light - but we have been clear with you, previously, when we have said that this is what you think of as domestic terrorism. Putting it on those who are Muslim would be like saying, “Well, their grandfather came from Germany 40 years ago, so they must be a Nazi.” This is absurd.

When people lose their way and believe that violence is an answer, it is an indicator not only to you but to all of us of how awry things have gone. Now, we also encourage you — yes, we are not Pollyannas, as you would put it — but we encourage you to look at the positive outcome of such violence, because violence in your society, whether it is a war, man against women, rape, has to cease. It cannot continue to exist.  ("Archangel Michael on Revaluation, Islamophobia, Boston, and the 9/11 Wheels," May 1, 2013, at

Steve Beckow: Who was behind the Boston Bombings?

Archangel Michael: What we would call disillusionaries.


AAM: What you would think of as … no, it was not a planned government action, if that is what you are asking.

SB: How then could it be that pages appear on Facebook before the fact talking about the bombing?

AAM: Oh, there was a lot of planning implementation and the bombing was known about and not prevented. So we are not saying that there was not a form of collusion but the bombing itself was in fact perpetrated by two … well, originally two and then it grew … by a group of individuals that are very disenchanted, shall we say, by the existing regime of government.

SB: Now I would like to confirm that they were not Saudi nationals.

AAM: No.

SB: American citizens?

AAM: Yes.

SB: Alright. Will their identities become known? Will they be arrested or will this be covered up?

AAM: No, eventually it will come to the surface. And, as you well know, things are moving much more rapidly these days.  And so it will come to the surface. We are not talking about years. We are talking about a brief period of time.

SB: So the FBI will not cover this up?

AAM: The FBI will not be in a position to cover it up.

SB: Alright. Now, why did the galactics not intervene?

AAM: Because it is part of the bringing to the forefront [of] the violence. Now let us tell you something about the galactics. Just like us [the celestials] they do not intervene in acts of free will where there is a grander unfoldment – for example, the exposure of the violence in your society – that will make people denounce and change their behaviors.

So they do not intervene in that kind of a situation. Where they will intervene is more of a greater chance for, shall we say, global disaster.

SB: OK. Lots of people are saying that President Obama is complicit in this. Is he complicit.

AAM: No, he is not.

SB: Alright. So anything more you can tell us. Is it useful to know if this a right-wing group?

AAM: It is an extreme right-wing group that would like to see the elimination of what you think of as the federal government.

If you took the Tea Party and put them on the left and then put this group on the right, you would have the positioning.

SB: And you don’t want to say exactly who it is, I take it?

AAM: No, we do not.  ("Archangel Michael on Who Was Behind the Boston Bombings: It Was an Extreme Right-Wing Group of Disaffected Americans," April 17, 2013, at

The 9/11 Landing gear

From 2013

Steve Beckow:  What about the landing gear in New York?

Archangal Michael:  That is not real…

SB:  It is not real.

AAM:  That is not real.

SB:  All right. Was it just an attempt to blame Muslims?

AAM:  It is a distraction. It is an attempt to distract people from the real issues at hand. So there are many attempts to discredit and to, yes, to use the old vasana of blame, fault, guilt, shame. But understand, that is the vasana of the perpetrator, not the recipient of the behavior. So, yes, there is a great deal of prejudice.

And it has need to be let go of. ("Archangel Michael on Who Was Behind the Boston Bombings: It Was an Extreme Right-Wing Group of Disaffected Americans," April 17, 2013, at

The Passing of Poof

From 2013

Poof has been welcomed with great fanfare. Celebration. Now, this is not unusual, for this is the way in which this process is undergone. But as you well know, this has been a trusted and faithful communicator and servant, and one that has completed the mission — or at least as it was perceived, let us put it that way.

There are no immediate plans, for this one, as I have said to you before, or Michael has, he deserves a good rest. And besides which, he is quite confident that he can affect and do a great deal of work from what you think of as this side as well. It is amazing, in many ways, what can be accomplished when you do not have the confines of a mortal body.

Now, I am not suggesting to any of you that it’s a good idea to leave your body, for that is all in divine order and your timing. But it is incorrect thinking if you decide to leave your body because you think that you can do better work or more fulfilling work from this side.

But Poof has literally been true to his name, and he has gone up in smoke. And he has arrived home, at peace, in joy and love, and he will be in constant communication with his beloved wife.  ("Sanat Kumara: Many of You Have Already Ascended and Straddle Dimensions," May 28, 2013,

New Channeler for SaLuSa?

From 2013

Archangel Michael:  SaLuSa continues to speak and whisper in the ears of many. What you are asking is has SaLuSa chosen a brand new channel to be her vehicle — his vehicle. And the answer is not as yet. Shortly you will be speaking to SaLuSa directly. (Transcript - "Archangel Michael: Expect Miracles - Part 3 The Reval, NESARA, President Obama, and Containment," channeled by Linda Dillon, August 5, 2013, at

"Event" Document

From 2013

Steve Beckow: There has been a document published recently that says that the members of the cabal will be taken to prisons with zero contact with the outer world whatsoever and be isolated from each other, and that eventually most of the cabal’s leaders will be taken to the central sun to be recycled. Is that true, Lord?

Archangel Michael:  No. Now, I do not wish to be ever harsh, or be perceived as harsh in my discussions and conversation with you, but I have need to be exceedingly clear.

Now, all things, all communication serves a purpose. So what is the purpose of such articles that you are referring to? Well, first of all, it is a mirror to be held up that is a very clear reflection of the old third  — of punishment, of hatred, of getting even.

And that is why I have said, in regard to the financial situation, send love. Do you really think that we go around beheading or slaying beings? Where in the Mother’s design could that be, and how could it ever be considered of love?

No, this is a mirror to look at and say, “No, that would be a return and a continuation of the old and the old way of doing things, and that is not where I desire to live. It is not where I choose to live. It is not where I will live.”

It is an opportunity for you to declare your intent, as Nova beings, and it is an opportunity for each of you, my beloved ones, to practice discernment, to see through the illusion to the choices that you are making that are open fully and made fully from your heart, not from history of oppression. ("Archangel Michael: It is Time to Awaken Fully Now – Part 2/2," June 11, 2013, at

George Zimmerman Trial

From 2013

The [Zimmerman] trial and its outcome are forcibly “bringing to light” that racial bigotry, which long has been a stain and a strain on humankind, has no place in your world today. Education may shift a mental outlook on race, but it is only when hearts are deeply touched that real change is effected in a society— this is why Trayvon and George and their families agreed to their respective roles in this personal tragedy. (Matthew's Message, July 21, 2013.)

Malala Yousafzai

From 2013

One whois well known and greatly respected is Malala Yousafzai, the young Pakistani girl who, even after being shot because she was fighting for the right of girls to be educated, is continuing her efforts toward that goal. It is not only because of expert medical attention and myriad prayers that she recovered from a life-threatening head wound. In her soul contract, she chose to devote her life to this valuable service that ultimately will benefit girls wherever they are being denied the same education as boys. (Matthew's Message, July 21, 2013.)

Conflict In Syria

From 2014

In issues where divisiveness in perceptions and attitudes runs deep, discussions to bridge the extremes will zigzag until there is such a profusion of light on the planet that cooperation comes naturally to the negotiators on both sides. All countries in the Mideast, several in Africa, North Korea, Ukraine, Chechnya and Hong Kong are most often mentioned, and citizens elsewhere also have asked when they will see beneficial changes in their countries. If we knew when unrest anywhere will end, it would be our joy to tell you—in previous messages we have explained why it isn’t possible for us to know. What we can tell you with complete assurance is, every kind of oppressiveness and corruption in your world will cease incrementally. In the meantime, a multitude of souls are experiencing what they chose to complete karmic lessons and evolve into fourth density spiritually and consciously. (Matthew Ward’s Message, as received by Suzy Ward, December 14, 2014, at

From 2013

It is true that the prevailing vibrations were favorable for reasoned discussions to calm the situation in Syria, but it was equally the power of countless prayers that led to the easing of tenseness. Prayer isn’t what is commonly thought, thanking or asking God—by whatever name you call the Supreme Being of this universe—for something or other. Like everything else in the cosmos, prayer is energy, the energy of your every single thought and feeling lifelong. Many millions were directing a profusion of energy toward negotiations, and the universe responded in kind...

Are the Illuminati behind the massacre of the Syrian people?

While it is so that for two centuries or so Illuminati agents have initiated uprisings in numerous countries specifically to start a civil war, the vibratory levels in the energy planes through which Earth has been moving have empowered citizens en masse to rise up against intolerable conditions. And, once a rebellion is underway, there is no need for further Illuminati involvement. One side’s deeply-rooted sense of obligation to avenge what was done to their ancestors or to defend their religious or cultural beliefs is reason enough to fight passionately for what they feel is a vital cause...

Did US President Obama threaten Syria with a strike because he’s in collusion with Big Oil?      

No. President Obama needed leverage to persuade the Assad regime to stop the use of chemical weapons, but he never wanted the situation to reach “strike” point. Contrary to the publicity about the frosty relationship between him and Vladimir Putin—as one reader wrote, “the new cold war”—behind-the-scenes talks about Syria were underway between US and Russian diplomats well before the highly publicized negotiations started. Neither of the countries’ leaders wants to be militarily involved, neither wants chemical weapons to be available to any group, and both are sensitive to the humanitarian aspect of Syria’s war.  (Matthew's Message, September 30, 2013.)

Though this isn’t as much of a spiritually nourishing or refreshing subject to discuss, your cabal has intended to use Syria to expand upon their plans of a third world war that they could then use to bring about an escalation of chemical and nuclear attacks.

Again, we reiterate with Love that this will never be allowed by the Company of Heaven. ("The Hathors: Dissipated Veils, Finding Compassion and Understanding your Worth," channeled by Wes Annac, September 18, 2013 at

They are all together. So, for example, when last we spoke, or when you spoke to us as a collective, and you asked about Barack Obama and his desire to go to war in Syria, and we said, “Instead of just listening to the words, watch the energy. He is practicing a strategy of stalling.”

Now, has this been looking like a defeat for Obama? Does it look like an embarrassment for Obama? Yes, in your world it certainly does. And do you think a star brother who has been put in this position to ensure certain things come to pass cares if he is embarrassed? Not one iota. ("Archangel Michael: A Global Reset of Values, Part 1/2, " channeled by Linda Dillon, September 16, 2013, at

And with it, so much is already getting into gear, as we just mentioned. You will see many examples of this on all sides, and even amongst the highest echelons of your governments, the sense that the tide has turned will in many ways become apparent now. Not neccessarily in outwardly noticeable actions, but more as a sense of impending change that will make many a heart flutter.

And as you have already seen, the much prophesied armageddon in that hot spot you prefer to refer to as the Middle East has not come about either. Is it not interesting to see how they are all frantically scampering about trying to find a peaceful solution there?

The defusing of the situation in that current hotspot has nothing to do with chance, and everything to do with the massive injection of light that has been pouring into that area for quite some time now. And if some of you start to think that perhaps you had something to do with this process, the answer is simply a resounding YES. For you are all working oh so hard on behalf of All of creation in all sorts of ways, and so in addition to all of the personal issues you have been clearing out lately, you have been true multitaskers in every sense of the word. ("The Manuscript of Survival – Part 353," channeled by Aisha North, September 13, 2013 at

What we would say about Barack Obama is, he is being worked with. Now, as Michael has said, does he always listen to guidance? No, but primarily he does. And he has been positioned in this nation for a reason.

Now, what I would say to you is we would suggest that you look at history. And we mean even the history of this individual. Barack Obama is not usually an individual that waffles. He is a person who makes clear, quick, and decisive decisions and has the capacity to move into action.

So, our question to all of you is, why do you think that he is waffling so much? And why are the actions of the military not completely aligning with the words?

He is a strategist, and the strategy at the moment is stall, stretch, wait. So we would suggest that you look more clearly at what is taking place rather than just what is being said.

The public — and we do not simply mean the American public; we mean the public of the world — is very actively and vociferously coming together on two platforms. One is saying — and we have spoken to this as well — the information about this entire situation regarding Syria is incomplete. There are factors that have not come to the surface as yet. But the second collective opinion and movement is that, regardless, people do not want war. Finally, the human collective is tired of war.

So, even in the United States, for example, where you have the leadership speaking of war or strategic strikes, you have the populace saying, “No.” And that is significant and has not occurred since the time of Vietnam at this level. So this is an important shift.

Now, sometimes the words of threatening war makes everybody sit up and pay attention and take a position, including those who are being threatened, and in this case it is the Syrians. But the threat is not simply about the Syrians. The threat is to say that certain forms of aggression, of warfare, are completely unacceptable, that you cannot with invisible weapons kill children in their beds.

But we say to you, many are working, above and below, in the White House with Barack Obama. But I would ask all of you, each and every one of you — and we do not care what your political affiliation is; this has nothing to do with it — we ask you to send energy — love, prayers, meditation; however you conceive of this — to Barack Obama and to the people of Syria. ("Sanat Kumara: Silence is Golden Part 2/2," channeled by Linda Dillon, September 9, 2013, at

Suzi Maresca: If I may, I would I would like to ask a current-events question. Primarily what I would like to know is if there's any truth in the stories being fed to us by the mass media or if the stories are in the category of false flags, specifically in terms of Syria at this time?

Raj: You have some expressions that you use on Earth – slow news day? And when there is no news, they make up news. Now I am not suggesting that the violence and the conflict that rages in Syria is not true and real. It is a combination of things, so let me explain. And, it works very well with our understanding and conversation today about above and below, within and without.

Why are the people in Syria – all factions – we do not favor factions – why are they not holding peace in their heart? Because when peace is in the heart, there cannot be outward aggression.

Are people fleeing? Yes. Now let us also say that there are two categories of people fleeing and we do not mean political categories. There are people who are fleeing because they are fearful. And I am not talking about the fear that freezes. For some of them it is fight or flight. For others it is nervous fear.

So there is that category. And then there are those who are fleeing who are saying this is a time of turmoil and upheaval and this is my chance to move elsewhere. And because the borders will be open and refugees will be accepted, it is a chance to start a new life. So that is part of it.

But the key to Syria is every person on the planet – yes, with Archangel Michael and with us -  to send the peace, the consideration and the love to Syria. There is a collective energy that is coming to the surface, not just in Syria, but we are speaking of this, of inadequacy, a belief in the lack of self worth or in righteousness. But it is misplaced righteousness.

It is not righteousness that is in accordance and alignment with the divine, which is love. It is a manipulated understanding. So is it a power struggle? Absolutely. Is it violent? Absolutely. Does it need to come to the surface to be eradicated rapidly, not by the invasion with more violence, but with peace? Yes, it does.

Because – let us use this example and this is where a practical application of this law comes into form and I would ask all of you to do this with me - there is no war above. Period. It is a place of harmony. It is not a place of turmoil. It is not a place of anger and frustration. That does not exist. Therefore there is no room for it below. So what you see is the alignment, as if there is a cloud of Heaven above Syria, and the light is pouring down, and that light is filled with Michael’s blue flame of truth, of justice and of peace. And from each of your hearts, you have the capacity to send right to the heart of Egypt, Iraq or Iran, that sense of peace.

When you become outraged at atrocity – and you are correct it is outrageous – but when you join into that energy of drama, then you are contributing to it. So you have need to align with the divine qualities and with divine law. And in that way do not underestimate your strength.

Collectively you have the power to stop these factions fighting in this very moment. You send the energy of peace and you hold that vision and you do not tolerate and engage in any other vision. SM: May I ask specifically if the news that’s being given to the world on what’s going on there is embellished, so to speak, in order to foment fear and negative reaction from people. I mean, I understand our work is to hear the news and understand what’s going on and to send love and light to the area. At the same time it feels like a possibility that the news coming out is enhanced, embellished, made to seem worse than it really is.

Raj: Let me suggest to you two things. There are very few news organizations on your planet that do not embellish, that do not dramatize, that do not try to get the worst pictures and scenarios and go with that - because that is what they think people want but it is also what lines their coffers and I mean their coffers of power as well.

So is it embellished? Of course. You may take that as a given.

SM: Specifically gas attacks? Is that what’s going on?

Raj: There are some gas attacks. Now the second piece of what I say is the realization that any atrocity is horrendous. So we do not wish to minimize the atrocity. What we wish to be very clear about is that news organizations look for the worst and promote the worst.

SM: Right. I’m just wondering at what point the heavenly agenda becomes part and parcel of our news.

Raj: We’re not interfering with the free will. But there was something that went unnoticed when Gabrielle told you that the new grid is in place. And that new grid, dear heart, is part of the heavenly agenda and it is also going to influence the collective behaviors enormously. You cannot stand and be part of the new golden grid and be dirty. (“Transcript: Sanat Kumara on the Law of Above and Below, August 27, 2013, Part 2/2,” September 3, 2013, at

As dispassionate as this may sound, this war is a result of energy set in motion long ago and breaking into that flow was essential — however unconscionable, the use of chemical weapons did that. We are NOT condoning that madness! We are telling you that the intense energy invested by both sides in this war had to be interrupted, its forward momentum broken, so that battling could start to subside and run out its energetic course.

If it can be said that even in a situation as grievous as this, there can be a silver lining, it is this: Your world is so appalled by chemical weaponry killing innocent people, never again will that happen on Earth.

Because energy moves in the direction it is “fed,” it is counterproductive to expend energy analyzing Syria’s situation day by day or speculating on what was done to whom by this group or that. What willfar better serve the Syrian people and your world is the energy of prayers for the healing of sorrowing souls, for peace to come through negotiations, and for reconciliation of the disparate groups that have played their part. (Matthew's Message, September 2, 2013.)

...It would also appear that other factors are at work here which no one is talking about, even at governmental levels, because they concern secret agendas that cannot be admitted to. Those who wish to intervene militarily are not too seriously concerned with what is best for the Syrian people....

...The old order – the power elite: those who have always held the reins of power and influence on Earth for eons, mainly through inheritance – is losing it and do not like it. In fact, the thought of it terrifies them. Consequently, their efforts to retain what they consider to be their “divine right” to power and control become increasingly insane and inept as that power slips from their grasp. It is from the intense fear that this is causing them that the motivation to intervene militarily in Syria is driven: the fight-or-flight syndrome writ VERY large!...

Apart from any other considerations, a military intervention in Syria will distract attention from their ongoing efforts to undo the changes that have been occurring...

Changes of enormous significance are in progress, as you can clearly and suddenly see, now that the mainstream news media is no longer able to dismiss or ignore them. The changes have been planned very carefully and wisely by the upcoming leaders – men and women from all over the world, who incarnated at this moment in your human history to take on this great task. (Saul, September 1, 2013.)

The apparently escalating conflicts at the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea will not result in a full-scale multinational war. The nations there in disharmony and disarray are going through a necessary cleansing, an eruption of conflicting interests and agendas which they themselves have to address honestly and transparently, and through calm and wise negotiation resolve to the satisfaction of all parties involved. Military action from within, or outside intervention would only aggravate an already tense and angry situation, and will not occur. (Saul, August 28, 2013.)

Steve Beckow: Could you confirm for us please whether the gas attacks were a false flag or whether Bashar al Assad actually did this?

Archangel Michael: There have been attacks that have been using not what you would think of as chemical weapons or chemical warfare or poison gas. But there have been substances that have been, can we say homemade, created, that are noxious fumes that make those who inhale them very sick and if they are impaired that they would be sick enough to die.

But it is not what you have thought of as “normal” weapons of poisonous gas or chemical weapons.

In many ways this information is falling under the same category as what occurred in Iraq [ie., Saddam bombing Kurdish villages with poison gas] with weapons of nuclear destruction.

SB: Is this an American thing that’s being done or a Syrian thing?

AAM: No, it is a Syrian thing that’s being done.

SB: So we’re talking about Bashar al Assad. OK, so now you’re referring to the Kurdish poisoning.

So Bashar al Assad has manufactured these weapons and used them but the scenes of all the dead, the hundreds of dead, are they true or is this a false flag.

AAM: That is not completely true. No.

SB: It would be very helpful if you could give us any details you can, like “not completely true.” Are they dead bodies or are they actors?

AAM: No, they are not actors. They are people who are unconscious.

SB: Unconscious. OK.

AAM: What we do not wish to do is to build on this drama.

SB: Right. But we as lightworkers need to know whether we should be calling for intervention in Syrira in Syria or not.

AAM: The intervention that we are asking the lightworkers to send to Syria is the energy that we have already sent which is energy of peace, healing, love and unity. It would create devastation, greater massacre, greater disharmony, more dissolution if other nations become involved. Let us put it that way.

SB: Is President Obama intending to become involved?

AAM: No.

SB: So the very stories that say, oh, he’s gonna do it are not correct, is that so?

AAM: He is being pressured to do it. But in many ways he is very aware … let us say that we would be very surprised. He is not being guided to take any action with regard to Syria. he has people on the ground investigating the truth, the veracity of the level of this poison gas, where and when it has been manufactured, the quantities and qualities of how it was manufactured.
He does not want to put himself in the position where he is again engaging in a war that is in fact based on lies.

SB: OK. So there have been a few deaths by this homemade gas but there haven’t been the large number of deaths that is being represented. Who is making these videos?

AAM: It is a combination of the regime of those who would profit from the scare tactics and the mass media that is more than eager to have this drama represented. So it is not just one team...

Suzi Maresca: I would like to ask a currents-events question. Primarily what I would like to know if there is any truth in the stories being fed us by the mass media or if the stories are in the category of false flags, specifically in terms of Syria at this time?

Sanat Kumara: You have some expressions that you use on Earth – slow news day? And when there is no news, they make up news. Now I am not suggesting that the violence and the conflict that rages in Syria is not true and real. It is a combination of things so let me explain and it works very well with our understanding and conversation today about above and below, within and without.

Why are the people in Syria – all factions – we do not favor factions – why are they not holding peace in their heart? Because when peace is in the heart, there cannot be outward aggression.

Are people fleeing? yes. Now let us also say that there are two categories of people fleeing and we do  not mean political categories. There are people who are fleeing because they are fearful. And I am not talking about the fear that freezes. For some of them it is fight or flight. For others it is nervous fear.

So there is that category. And then there are those who are fleeing who are saying this is a time of turmoil and upheaval and this is my chance to move elsewhere. And because the borders will be open and refugees will be accepted, it is a chance to start a new life. So that is part of it.

But the key to Syria is every person on the planet – yes, with Archangel Michael and with us -  to send the peace, the consideration and the love to Syria. There is a collective energy that is coming to surface, not just in Syria, but we are speaking of this, of inadequacy, a belief in the lack of self worth or in righteousness. But it is misplaced righteousness.

It is not righteousness that is in accordance and alignment with the divine, which is love. It is a manipulated understanding. So is it a power struggle? Absolutely. Is it violent? Absolutely.  Does it need to come to the surface to be eradicated rapidly, not by the invasion with more violence but with peace? Yes, it does.

Because – let us use this example and this is where a practical application of this law comes into form and I would ask all of you to do this with me -  there is no war above. Period. It is a place of harmony. It is not a place of turmoil. It is not a place of anger and frustration. That does not exist.

Therefore there is no room for it below. So what you see is the alignment, as if there is a cloud of Heaven above Syria, and the light is pouring down, and that light is filled with Michael’s blue flame of truth, of justice and of peace. And from each of your hearts, you have the capacity to send right to the heart of Eqypt, Iraq or Iran that sense of peace.

When you become outraged at atrocity – and you are correct it is outrageous – but when you join into that energy of drama then you are contributing to it. So you have need to align with the divine qualities and with divine law. And in that way do not underestimate your strength. Collectively you have the power to stop these factions fighting in this very moment. You send the energy of peace and you hold that vision and you do not tolerate and engage in any other vision.

SW: May I ask specifically if the news that’s being given to the world on what’s going on there is embellished, so to speak, in order to foment fear and negative reaction from people. I mean I understand our work is to hear the news and understand what’s going and send love and light to the area. At the same it feels like a possibility that the news coming out is enhanced, embellished, and made seem worse than it really is.

SK; Let me suggest to you two things. There are very few news organizations on your planet that do not embellish, that do not dramatize, that do not try to get the worst pictures and scenarios and go with that because that is what they think people want but it is also what lines their coffers and I mean their coffers as well.

So is it embellished? of course. You may take that as a given.

SW: Specifically gas attacks? Is that what’s going?

SK: There are some gas attacks. Now the second piece of what I say is the realization that any atrocity is horrendous. So we do not mean to minimize the atrocity. What we wish to be very clear about is that news organizations look for the worst and promote the worst.

SW: Right. I’m just wondering at what point the heavenly agenda becomes part and parcel of our news.

SK: We’re not interfering with the free will. But there was something that went unnoticed when Gabrielle told you that the new grid is in place. And that new grid,. dear heart, is part of the heavenly agenda and it is also going to influence the collective behaviors enormously. You cannot stand and be part of the new golden grid and be dirty. ("Archangel Michael and Sanat Kumara Comment on the Truth of the Syrian Gas Attacks," channeled by Linda Dillon, August 27, 2013, at

Suzanne Maresca: Beautiful. Thank you. If I may, I would I would like to ask a current-events question. Primarily what I would like to know is if there’s any truth in the stories being fed to us by the mass media or if the stories are in the category of false flags, specifically in terms of Syria at this time?

Sanat Kumara: You have some expressions that you use on Earth – slow news day? And when there is no news, they make up news. Now I am not suggesting that the violence and the conflict that rages in Syria is not true and real. It is a combination of things, so let me explain. And, it works very well with our understanding and conversation today about above and below, within and without.

Why are the people in Syria – all factions – we do not favor factions – why are they not holding peace in their heart? Because when peace is in the heart, there cannot be outward aggression.

Are people fleeing? Yes. Now let us also say that there are two categories of people fleeing and we do not mean political categories. There are people who are fleeing because they are fearful. And I am not talking about the fear that freezes. For some of them it is fight or flight. For others it is nervous fear.

So there is that category. And then there are those who are fleeing who are saying this is a time of turmoil and upheaval and this is my chance to move elsewhere. And because the borders will be open and refugees will be accepted, it is a chance to start a new life. So that is part of it.

But the key to Syria is every person on the planet – yes, with Archangel Michael and with us -  to send the peace, the consideration and the love to Syria. There is a collective energy that is coming to the surface, not just in Syria, but we are speaking of this, of inadequacy, a belief in the lack of self worth or in righteousness. But it is misplaced righteousness.

It is not righteousness that is in accordance and alignment with the divine, which is love. It is a manipulated understanding. So is it a power struggle? Absolutely. Is it violent? Absolutely. Does it need to come to the surface to be eradicated rapidly, not by the invasion with more violence, but with peace? Yes, it does.

Because – let us use this example and this is where a practical application of this law comes into form and I would ask all of you to do this with me – there is no war above. Period. It is a place of harmony. It is not a place of turmoil. It is not a place of anger and frustration. That does not exist.

Therefore there is no room for it below. So what you see is the alignment, as if there is a cloud of Heaven above Syria, and the light is pouring down, and that light is filled with Michael’s blue flame of truth, of justice and of peace. And from each of your hearts, you have the capacity to send right to the heart of Egypt, Iraq or Iran, that sense of peace.

When you become outraged at atrocity – and you are correct it is outrageous – but when you join into that energy of drama, then you are contributing to it. So you have need to align with the divine qualities and with divine law. And in that way do not underestimate your strength. Collectively you have the power to stop these factions fighting in this very moment. You send the energy of peace and you hold that vision and you do not tolerate and engage in any other vision...

SM: May I ask specifically if the news that’s being given to the world on what’s going on there is embellished, so to speak, in order to foment fear and negative reaction from people. I mean, I understand our work is to hear the news and understand what’s going on and to send love and light to the area. At the same time it feels like a possibility that the news coming out is enhanced, embellished, made to seem worse than it really is.

Raj: Let me suggest to you two things. There are very few news organizations on your planet that do not embellish, that do not dramatize, that do not try to get the worst pictures and scenarios and go with that – because that is what they think people want but it is also what lines their coffers and I mean their coffers of power as well.

So is it embellished? of course. You may take that as a given.

SM: Specifically gas attacks? Is that what’s going on?

Raj: There are some gas attacks. Now the second piece of what I say is the realization that any atrocity is horrendous. So we do not wish to minimize the atrocity. What we wish to be very clear about is that news organizations look for the worst and promote the worst. ("Trascript: Sanat Kumara Discusses the Law of Above and Below, Part 2/2," channeled by Linda Dillon, August 27, 2013 at

Rumors of a U.S. Military Coup

From 2013

Very simply, first of all, go into your heart. Yes, I know, I am being repetitive. But nevertheless, you are saying to me, “Michael, I do not have discernment,” and there is not one of you out there who does not have enormous capacity of discernment.

So you go into your heart and you say, “Does this feel real?” Or, “Does this feel like a distraction?” Because that is what it was. It is a distraction. You see, it is part of that behavior that is trying to keep the old paradigms and illusions in place.

Because what would a military coup in America entail? It would entail massive chaos. And it would entail a set-back in the unfoldment of the collective Ascension.

So when you see something like that — and I am not saying that there are not such actions taking place; there are — but when you see something like that and you know immediately, “Well, this can be a false flag, because it is a distraction,” then discern in your heart. Simply call me. I will give you a yes or no. ("Archangel Michael: A Global Reset of Values, Part 2/2, " channeled by Linda Dillon, September 16, 2013, at


From 2013

Steve Beckow: No, I’m not going to pre-guess you. He’s concerned that the Mexican president is taking them back into corruption, fascism, etc. Could you give listeners in Mexico a short rundown of what’s happening in Mexico at those levels and what they can expect in the future, please?

AAM:  They are experiencing the breakdown of the old, much the same as you will see in many places in the Middle East, or in Africa, or more subtly in North America or in Europe.

So what you are seeing in Mexico is the grabbing — and I do mean grabbing, lusting — after power. Because there is a sensation — and it is a correct sensation — of that level of power/abuse dissipating, that the military and the higher, what we would call secret police and the leadership are losing control.

So what they are doing, it is the same as when you see someone stocking up because they believe there is going to be a snowstorm and they are going to be caught in the house for several days. So they are trying to stock up power.

So, be the observer of this. Stay out of their way. This is the death knell. Mexico has a very violent history, but it also has a very rich and sacred history, and a history of divine intervention, particularly by the Divine Mother.

There is a very special place in her overwhelmingly big heart for the people — the people! — of Mexico, for the purity and wisdom of the people. Now, that is not to say that they are not sophisticated, because they are. But sometimes the most sophisticated population is also the clearest about how above and below interact, interface, come together and co-create.

And that knowingness is still very present in Mexico in the people. And the people will rise up — no, not in armed revolt or revolution. It will be the turning point, and the corruption and the terrible violence that have plagued this nation will be disappearing. ("Archangel Michael: A Global Reset of Values, Part 2/2, " channeled by Linda Dillon, September 16, 2013, at

Chinese Elders and Chinese Government

From 2013

SB:   Thank you, Lord. I’d like to direct your attention to China now for a moment. In analyses of what is happening to push forward the baseline of light, the front edge, the leading edge of light, people talk about what China is doing.

But I think in many conversations they confuse what the Chinese elders are doing with what the Chinese government, the Chinese Communist Party is doing.

So, they’ll say that, “China owns this,” or “China is doing this,” or “China wants this.” Could you please just give us a short typification that separates out the two and says what each is doing?

You may not be able to talk much about the elders, and I understand that. But could you separate out what the Chinese government is doing so that we can understand who’s leading what, please? If it’s possible.

AAM:  There are several divisions in China. So there is the government of the day – which is the apparent power — and then there is the true power, which is very similar in many ways to Mexico. No, there isn’t… well, there isn’t obviously the same level of corruption and violence, but make no mistake that it is there.

Now, the elders have been in place for thousands and thousands and thousands of years. And if there is something that is to be said about the elders and the Chinese people, and even the current government, it’s that in terms of that long-view vision that I spoke of earlier, the Chinese and the culture of the Chinese think in terms of future.

They think in terms of, oh, hundred-year spans or fifty-year spans, whereas much of the world tends to think in terms of one year, five years, ten years. So there is a longer view that exists in this part of the world. That is also true to some extent of Japan and Korea, but not the same extent as China.

One of the things that the Chinese government is doing is they are acting very much in a very strategic way, but like a steamroller. And they are just rolling along. And one of the most evident signs of this is if you look to the pollution, the terrible pollution that they are putting on Gaia and on their people that is causing very severe health problems.

And that is not acceptable. And it is not acceptable even with the different value on what we would call human life, because there is a sense that there are always more people — we’re talking to you about the governments now — there are always more people to fill the spaces to keep the steamroller going. But the elders and the people do not feel this way.

And so what you are seeing in China — well, there is this new wealth and this new experience of wealth and worldly goods I guess you would say. There is also this feeling that they are losing their soul. And this is very much in some ways what occurred during the Cultural Revolution.

And it will be a different kind of revolution, but it will be the people rising up and wanting not to lose their spirit, what is valuable in this culture, which has always been, by the way, a very strong attachment to Gaia, a very strong attachment to family and community and to history.

So, the pendulum has gone about as far as it’s going to go in terms of this steamroller effect. And it is going to come back to this place of balance. So it will require some intervention, not only on the part of Gaia, but also you will see some very dramatic clean-up efforts by your star brothers and sisters where China is concerned.

And so that is where China is headed. They have pushed about as far as they can go. Now, do they believe that in terms of the current government leadership? No. They believe that they will be the world dominant force.

Now, what is also occurring is this reset of values, not just money, but values. And as you well know, the Chinese money — the old money — is very significant in this restructuring of financial situations across the globe.

You will be rather surprised, delightfully surprised, when you fully understand — and it will be after the fact — about who the major players are in this reorganization. Because there are many who cannot, for reasons of safety and fluidity, step forward and make their presence fully known. ("Archangel Michael: A Global Reset of Values, Part 2/2, " channeled by Linda Dillon, September 16, 2013, at

Government Shutdown

From 2013

The citizenry’s anger about the hardships many incurred due to the government “shutdown” shows growing intolerance of elected officials’ inaction due to stubborn divisiveness. Individuals within that government and all other democratically-elected bodies will be changing from self-service to working in unison for the wellbeing of their country’s peoples. This won’t happen in one fell swoop, but officials who stubbornly resist the love-light energy will lose out by one means or another and eventually all elected public servants will be acting within that energy. Ending the reign of tyrants will come more slowly, but that also is predestined. (Matthew's Message, November 1, 2013.)

Archangel Michael: I have placed emphasis on spiritual revaluation and to examine and re-examine particularly in light of the Mother’s gifts of your own spiritual valuation. So what is occurring is a series of events, what you are going to think of and recognize. First it looks like chaos. Let us use the example of the current situation in the United States of America with government shutdown. It looks, it tastes, it feels like gridlock, does it not?..  

But really what is appearing as chaos is a breakthrough. They are using power — and let us suggest to you that it is an abuse of power — on some very basic social justice questions. And it doesn’t matter. This is not about who is right, who is wrong. And that kind of fission and division has need to stop right now.

So, what occurs? And I bring you back, I reflect back to the gridlock that had occurred, not at the peace tables, but during the intergalactic wars. If it continued on, there would be annihilation. And in this case, basically, what you are talking about is the annihilation of a country’s — not power, but status and position in the world.

Now, I do not say this in an offhanded manner. This is a pivotal event. So understand what I say. You’ve reached the point in this chaos and turmoil, this gridlock, where people say, “this is ridiculous!”

It is not a matter of who is right and who is wrong, and who is holding whom  hostage. There has need to be a solution that is based on principles of fairness, of equality, of trust and of love that works for the people. And we are not simply speaking about the people of the United States, we are talking about the people of the world.

So, out of a situation that looks like chaos comes the new ideas, the new approach. So, what looks like crisis, and ultimate confusion, and power struggle in the worst sense of the word, births the new.

Does that new simply come from what you think of as the leadership involved? All who are playing their roles beautifully know: It also comes from the heart of each of you sending the gift of clarity, expanding it, loving more freely, more openly, and allowing your inspiration for the new to be implanted in the leadership as well as them being open to the divine partnership and the inspiration that is being implanted within each and every one of them. ("The Divine Mother and Archangel Michael: Work with and Expand This Energy of Clarity," channeled by Linda Dillon, October 14, 2013, at

Comet ISON

From 2014

From the September Equinox through the December Solstice in 2013, we were Gifted with accelerated shifts within our physical, etheric, mental, and emotional bodies that, according to the Company of Heaven, had never been attempted by the I AM Presences of Humanity in any system of worlds. The end result was God Victorious in ways that even the Company of Heaven said they did not anticipate. This unprecedented shift was accomplished at an atomic cellular level in large part because of the events that took place involving the Comet ISON.

Many people have asked me if the Comet ISON caused the unusual shifts that we are experiencing with the birth 2014, so I will briefly reiterate what I previously shared about this comet. Since the initial impulse of our fall from Grace, the Company of Heaven has been assisting Humanity with our journey back to Christ Consciousness.

The Comet ISON has been a factor in this Divine Intervention from the very beginning. I know that astronomers consider comets to be nothing more than dirty snowballs, but that is inaccurate. Even the most minuscule subatomic particle or wave of life pulsates with energy, vibration, and consciousness. In other words, everything that exists in the Divine Matrix of our Father-Mother God has intelligence and a purpose and reason for being.

Comets are actually forcefields of consolidated Light that pass through the atmosphere shaking the ethers and breaking down crystallized patterns and thoughtforms that no longer serve the highest good of the particular Solar System they enter. In their wake, they leave a fluid field of unmanifest Divine Potential upon which new patterns and sacred knowledge can be encoded from On High.

Since its inception, the Comet ISON was destined for this moment in the evolution and Ascension of our Solar System. Astronomers have stated that the Comet ISON is 4,500,000,000 years old, but this was the very first time it entered our Solar System. Four and one-half billion years is also the time line that coincides with the creation of our Central Sun and the Suns and Planets in our Solar System.

The Company of Heaven revealed that the Comet ISON had been preparing for its service to Earth and our Solar System since “the beginning of time.” It is not by chance that this comet completed its 4,500,000,000 year sojourn through the Divine Matrix of our Father-Mother God during this auspicious moment in the evolution of Planet Earth.

The Divine Mission of the Comet ISON was very complex, but this is what the Company of Heaven shared with us. 4,500,000,000 years ago, the Comet ISON was breathed forth from the Core of Creation simultaneously with our Solar System. At the moment of our inception, every particle and wave of Life associated with our Solar System was encoded with the full Divine Potential of our Father-Mother God and the Divine Plan for this system of worlds.

Comet ISON likewise was encoded with the Divine Potential destined for our Solar System. When the Earth and Humanity fell into the chaos of separation and duality, the Comet ISON maintained the activation codes for the Divine Potential of our Solar System and Humanity’s return to Christ Consciousness as Sons and Daughters of God.

For millions of years, since our fall from Grace, the Company of Heaven has been working diligently with the I AM Presences of Humanity. The intent of this Divine Intervention was to help the Sons and Daughters of God return to the path of Divine Love and Christ Consciousness. The hope was that we would awaken in time to reclaim our position in the Solar System and to Ascend with the Earth and the rest of our Solar System into the 5th-Dimensional Realms of Light during the Cosmic Moment known as The Shift of the Ages. No one knew if the masses of Humanity would awaken in time to pull this off or not, but no one was willing to give up on us.

After decades of dedication and thousands of activities of Light that were co-created by people around the world who were working in unison with the Company of Heaven, it became crystal clear in 2012 that indeed Humanity and the Earth were going to make it through the Shift of the Ages. That is when the Comet ISON was summoned by the Mighty Elohim, the Builders of Form, to fulfill its unique facet of the Divine Plan for Planet Earth and our Solar System.

In September 2012, astronomers discovered the Comet ISON. They were astonished by the size of this rare comet that was traveling toward our Solar System. They surmised that ISON had the potential of being the “Comet of the century.” Because this comet was as old as our Solar System, scientists were looking forward to studying its properties after it completed its journey around our Sun, but that was not ISON’s Divine Plan.

On November 28, 2013, the day when the United States of America was celebrating Thanksgiving and focusing on everything we were grateful for, the mission of the Comet ISON was brought to fruition. As ISON completed the final phase of its 4,500,000,000 billion year journey, it was pulled into our Sun. In an awesome explosion of Light, Comet ISON exponentially expanded the activation codes for the Divine Potential pulsating within the core of purity in every atomic and subatomic particle and wave of Life associated with our entire Solar System.

On Earth, the activation of the codes for our Divine Potential meant a monumental acceleration in Humanity’s awakening process and our shift into Christ Consciousness. This incredible expansion of Light is now entering our newly activated pineal glands and assisting our I AM Presence to heal the short circuits that occurred within our original 12 Solar Strands of DNA during our fall from Grace.

The double-helix DNA containing the genetic codes that our scientists acknowledge is but a minuscule fraction of our Divine Potential. Scientists actually call 98 percent of our DNA “junk DNA,” which of course is absurd. The Divine Potential codes that were activated within each and every one of us by the Comet ISON, are now daily and hourly enhancing our ability to empower and control what we are thinking, feeling, saying, doing, believing, and remembering.

After assimilating the expansion of Light from the Comet ISON, Humanity experienced another convergence of Light from December 12th thru the Solstice on December 21st. That Light was grounded in our physical, etheric, mental, and emotional bodies at a cellular level by our I AM Presence.

That activity of Light cleared the way for Humanity to receive the full benefit of several Celestial events which took place during the closing days of 2013. Those events included a Grand Cross alignment, several enormous Solar Flares, a total reversal of polarity within our Sun’s magnetic field, and an unusually powerful New Moon. All of those powerful expansions of Light contributed to an unprecedented shift within the mass consciousness of Humanity.

Now, with the shift that has taken place within the mass consciousness of Humanity, everything has changed. In 2014, as we focus on the patterns of perfection for the New Earth, our Planetary CAUSE of Divine Love, and our newly birthed Renaissance of Divine Love, our physical, etheric, mental, and emotional bodies will be lifted into higher 5th-Dimensional frequencies of God’s Infinite Light. Our I AM Presence will then help us to place BOTH of our feet firmly on the New Earth; this will increase our ability to transform our lives in miraculous ways. ("2014 Will Be A Year Like No Other," by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles. January 2014 at

From 2013

Even Comet ISON is a great flotilla of ships attached to a large mothership; this mothership can change its appearance at any time, disappearing and reappearing at will. This we can do with all of our ships; they are controlled with our consciousness not with simple electronics; they are highly advanced craft which operate on some of our most advanced technologies. ("Council of Angels, Archangel Michael and the Pleiadian Council via Goldenlight: Higher Dimensional Technologies Part I – Pleiadian Healing Technologies," channeled by Goldenlight, December 29, 2013 at

Q Did (Comet) ISON really break up into many small pieces when it got close to the Sun as many are saying? If so, what happened to the Galactic Federation craft that were with it? How does this affect its mission regarding the planet Earth? Was the breakup known and planned for or was this the result of an attack from the Orion/Reptilian forces?” Your thoughts please?

Cosmic Awareness: Things are not always what they seem. Also, do not always believe the reports of ones who seem to be there to tell you what happened, but who have in actuality a hidden agenda. In this case there are those who would wish those who have been following ISON to believe that it has broken up and thus is destroyed, is no longer a comet of any significance but rather simply a scattering of particles and pieces. However, as this Awareness has said, things are not always what they seem.

That there are certain vessels that are still there, that are still part of the comet that was known as ISON. That this Awareness upon looking at this situation sees the situation before the breakup of that which was the central mass, that which was considered to be the comet ISON. That this central mass was also surrounded by that which was known as the coma of the comet and that a solar flare hit the coma and seemingly blew it away, exposing the central core which was immense in nature. That this central core kept diving towards the Sun and at that point of perihelion suddenly broke up and disintegrated.

Certain ones, even ones well respected in the UFO circles came forward and announced that ISON was no more, that it was only a clustering of particles and pieces, that it had been destroyed by solar activity and proximity to the Sun. It was also convenient that many of the satellites that were trained on the object ceased to be operational to the public exactly at the time of perihelion and indeed for several hours, days afterwards.

What was eventually shown after perihelion was reached and the comet started its back-swing towards Earth and outwards again was the cluster of pieces and particles that are now being shown. But they are still not being shown accurately. That this Awareness has for many weeks maintained that there were vessels in the coma and in that comet itself. That which was seemingly the hard mass in the middle, the comet/asteroid that was left after the coma was blown away was again not what it seemed to be.

That the forces that were using the comet have the technology to bring around them a mass that can disguise and hide what lies within. That there were within the hollow core of the comet, the mass at the core, several ships within the core itself. There were also ships outside of the core, some of which were clearly identified when photos of ISON were filtered on previous occasions. These ships are still there, although they are cloaked. The ships that were within the comet’s core are still there, they too are cloaked. What did occur was a release of the mass that is interpreted as the comet’s core into the clusters that are now being photographed and being claimed to be the destroyed comet core.

That in effect the mass of the pieces is still that which has an energy to it, but more importantly the vessels that were in and around the comet core and hidden in the coma are also still available and have swung around and are heading for this planet, this planet Earth at this time. Furthermore the debris field that trailed the comet is immense in its size and span and that the Earth will be going through this tail field of debris on and around the 26th, 27th, 28th of December, and that there are still many things to be played out. This story is by far not over or ended.

That the major purpose of the disinformers upon announcing the destruction of ISON was to shut down conjecture that this comet had any significance or importance. It has been the illusionists’ trick all along of allowing certain things to be seen and other things to be hidden. This illusionist trick has been played on both sides, both those of the Galactic Federation, who for their own reasons chose not to be obvious in the approach of these craft as well as the Powers That Be who do not wish humanity to be aware that there is a flotilla approaching the Earth, that had connections to comet ISON that were sending out rays and beams of frequency, that are sending these rays now towards Earth to affect the electromagnetic fields that will bring Earth through a debris field, to plant on the planet certain minerals and jewels and objects.

This is still to come, this is still to unfold, but this Awareness will say categorically that which was ISON, although may no longer be what it was, that which was the core no longer massed and intact, is still a recognizable object that is heading towards this planet and that this object is composed of various vessels as well as much debris that will have impact on the planet.

That this is that which is seen in the weeks and months ahead but in particular, just after that occasion known as Christmas, December 25th. In particular, December 28th is when the planet is fully in the tail of the comet, the debris tail of that which is comet ISON even if it is not what many thought it was. It is of great significance, greater than any other event that has ever been reported, for it is proof that there is indeed an extraterrestrial force that is coming towards the planet. ("Cosmic Awareness: Ison Approching Earth," as channeled by Will Berlinhof, December 4, 2013 at

Greetings we are the Pleaidian Council and Archangel Michael and we wish to speak to you tonight of our large intergalactic mothership in your sky which is being referred to as COMET ISON, but is indeed one our our largest motherships as has been spoken of in other messages recently.

The reason this “comet” has been apparently “disappearing”, “disintegrating”, or otherwise vanishing or changing is because we have the ability to change the form of our ship at will. We can appear as a comet, many stars, a planet, or any other type of apparition/hologram that we wish. The reason we have chosen the form of a comet is so that the people of planet earth would take notice of our ship for indeed we are crossing the threshold of the time when our intergalactic relations are beginning to form…first in your minds, hearts, and awareness, then in individual visitations, then on a larger scale as your awareness, consciousness, vibration, and frequency continue to raise as your civilization on earth enters into the Golden Age...

This mothership is one of the ships on which we have blended our intergalactic societies. We are made up of many different star nations, all living harmoniously together in a higher vibrational atmosphere of love, cooperation, unity consciousness, and most importantly with great care, love and concern for the birthing of Mother Earth/Gaia and her inhabitants into the new Golden Age on Earth...

We are glad, too, that there are those that can bring in the messages of truth that we are a mothership. For indeed we are. Our intergalactic ship has a consciousness that responds to a council and commander that steers the ship. As mentioned, we can change the form of our ship at any time. We have sometimes shown ourselves as a ship so that you would learn the truth. It is a fine line we must walk on during this time as we cannot show ourselves fully as it is not completely safe to do so. ("Pleiadian Council, Archangel Michael, and Source Creator via Goldenlight: COMET ISON is an Intergalactic Mothership and A Gift from Source Creator," channeled by Goldenlight, December 3, 2013 at

Suzanne Maresca: Yes. Okay. Is it all right if I ask a question about the comet?

Divine Mother: Yes, of course. The Blue Star Comet, Dear Heart.

SM: The Blue Star Comet! I’m so excited about this comet and I’ve been making some brief connections with it in meditation. And yesterday I felt like I merged with the comet and allowed myself to be seeded with the things that are coming off it, and if that’s myself as a portal, what does this comet mean to humanity? It’s come around the sun; it’s not been destroyed; it’s on its way back to Earth. Is it going to pass by us again?

DM: Yes, it is. That is the Law of Continuity. So what it brings to you is a shower of new energy, an intergalactic shower of potential. It is a catalyst for greater unity because it is present equally to all upon my beloved Gaia. So, yes, it shows you in a very concrete – might we say pure 3rd dimensional way – that that circle of life, that you can all go circle the sun and come back full of energy. ("Transcript: Universal Mother Mary Discusses the Law of Completion and Continuity on Heavenly Blessings," channeled by Linda Dillon, December 3, 2013 at

If comet Ison explodes, will any large fragments be pulled by Earth’s gravity into a position that can endanger us?  No. Spacecraft roaming the skies are on the lookout for comets like Ison and other large celestial bodies that could pose danger to Earth, and when one might, they use their technology to detour its route. In the case of smaller objects, they maneuver them to an area where no heavy damage can result or they smash them to smithereens, whichever is safer for you and the planet. (Matthew's Message, November 23, 2013.)

The effects of such stellar environments are greatly ignored by your media and cabal, as they defy their current sciences and doctrines. For example, there are vast crystal caverns underground in your planet. These greatly affect your perceptions of both space and time. Stellar and cosmic events can alter these crystalline caverns under you, as above, so below. ("Sirian Archangel Hermes: Comet ISON and Timeline Shifts," channeled by Sirian Archangel Hermes, November 22, 2013 at

There is much Love and excitement still within and around your planet … which we should also care to address. Yet to comment on the comet. You are quite correct Blossom in your replies to these souls who inquire. If indeed there was to be an up and coming ‘mishap’ with this travelling object … do you not think we would have addressed if before now?

For in this circumstance we can categorically state that there shall be no harm ‘sent’ toward your planet as it draws closer to your sacred sun. If one chooses to be of concern we ask them to let go of the fear around the matter. Again … what does one choose to focus upon? And we would care to comment also … that along with so many ‘proposals’ of Earth’s Eventualities  … the idea that it shall cause a great deal of destruction to your Mother Earth is simply another fear mongering tactic. ("The Federation of Light," channeled by Blossom Goodchild: October 19, 2013 at

A great celestial event is shortly to occur in your heavens. This event is the last one in a series of phenomena which signals the end of a sacred agreement made between the Light and the Anunnaki long ago. It is part of a divine plan to prepare your ancestors as well as you for a return to full consciousness.

Pursuant to this, we are providing the dark ones on your world with documents which state that the time has come when we can officially intervene in your reality on your behalf. This intercession is simply to assist your sacred secret societies and their allies to complete a legal takeover of a number of your major governments. (Sheldan Nidle, March 5, 2013.)

High-Ranking Military Officials Relieved of Duty

From 2013

For two reasons high-ranking military officers were relieved of duty. The down-to-Earth reason is, they had been acting under Illuminati orders, which included massive-scale terrorism using missiles with nuclear warheads. Thanks to our universal family’s technology, all of those attempts were futile; in keeping with Creator’s stipulation that there will be no more nuclear detonations in space, God authorized that intervention. Energetically speaking, the officers’ removal was a natural step toward demilitarizing your world—this immense undertaking cannot be accomplished quickly, but that step is a welcome beginning. (Matthew's Message, November 1, 2013.)

Typhoon Haiyan - Phillipines

From 2013

First we shall speak about a matter that has touched hearts everywhere. Typhoon Haiyan is profoundly tragic for everyone who lost dear family and friends, homes and businesses—they don’t know that at soul level they agreed to be part of this major act of planetary cleansing. Because releasing accruing negativity was essential to keep Earth progressing toward balance, all the people whose physical lives ended and the millions who are struggling in the storm’s aftermath embraced the opportunity to evolve by participating as they did.

This kind of enthusiastic mass agreement doesn’t seem even possible in your concept of time, but in the eternal life of the soul and the timelessness of the continuum, opportunities to leap forward in soul growth are eagerly sought, and universe-wide they happen with some frequency. 

Please do not think that our explanation of a devastating situation is dispassionate or that we are unaffected by the grieving souls and their massive reconstruction ahead. We are among the myriad souls who showered light on the Philippines during and after the storm to assist all who made transition and to fortify the inner strength of survivors.  We feel their heartbreak and fright and confusion about how to start rebuilding their lives, their villages and farms and cities.

How we wish they could know that their loved ones were greeted by name and “Thank you!” as they entered Nirvana. Just as fervently we wish they could know that all who died and they themselves collectively agreed to give Earth that vital lift she needed to stay her course toward balance. If Gaia’s gratitude could be seen, your world would be ablaze with the radiance of its light.

Widespread compassion is adding light to the lives that in this moment are bleak and sorrowing, and the generosity of spirit in which assistance is being given is adding light, too. We see the overview of medical teams, suppliers of food and water, and clearing crews as they persevere in efforts to maneuver through areas where roads were washed out or are filled with destroyed buildings. We see the panic of hungry people looking for food, and we see those who take items that have nothing to do with survival but will be needed when a semblance of normalcy is restored. Light beings throughout this universe are streaming love-light energy to all of those souls. (Matthew's Message, November 23, 2013.)

In the wake of the great typhoon, Haiyan, the island nation of the Philippines lies shattered and in ruins. Great is the sorrow felt for these people, for those who have died and especially for those who remain behind, left bereft in a world now unrecognizable. Many of the islands inhabitants have left the planet, their energies withdrawn from their body vehicles, in fulfillment of soul contracts agreed upon before birth.

The purpose of their dying, in making this seeming sacrifice, was to wake up the rest of humanity to the compassion that exists within all hearts. Feel this compassion rise within your own breast, although you may live in an area yet untouched by disaster. Recognize that this feeling is an indication of just how connected you are to the whole of the collective that is called humanity.

You are capable of feeling the emotions of others although separated by thousands of miles. There is no time or space within the higher dimensions which you and your world are entering into and this newly sensed ability to feel is just an indication of just how interconnected you are with all of Creation.

With each catastrophe, compassion for others will open hearts that were once closed off by fear. With each cleansing, whether storm, water, fire, flood, earthquake or volcanic eruption, more hearts will open in the survivors. Can you not see that you are the designers of this process? As a collective, you have decided who was to play what role and when each would enter and leave the world stage. It is done with a purpose, one that may not be understood by your appalled human personality, but your heart knows.

Compassion is the key to transforming your world. These “disasters” have been designed and agreed upon by those involved, as the means to move the frequency levels of the survivors higher, so ultimately, the entire planet and its remaining population, can exist freely in the higher, refined energies of the fifth dimension...

With this great disaster, the extreme fragility of your “modern” world has been brought into sharp focus. It only took a few hours of strong lashing winds and high waters to completely strip cities, towns and villages of their entire infrastructure. What you count on every day, electricity, hot water, sewers, transportation and communication was completely stripped away within hours. These modern conveniences have served to cut you off from nature, giving strength to your current fears and continued belief in separation. And these “conveniences” have allowed your erstwhile controllers to contain your consciousness within their web of blatant deceit and illusion. The barriers are going down at your insistence, whether or not you are consciously aware of making that decision...

In approaching the subject of death or transition, this new perspective brings a fresh attitude about the doorway that has been so feared through the centuries. Death has been used as the ultimate threat to control the lives of the many for the benefit of a few service-to-self individuals dedicated to utilizing their knowledge of universal law and denying that knowledge to others. Now that the great rotten web of conspiracy and control is being unraveled and revealed, it is time to release the need to fear and cringe at the mention of death...

Feel your grief, dear ones, if you are able to feel any. Move through this and realize that you grieve for yourselves, not for the departed ones. They are being taken care of in the Summerlands by specialists in the healing arts. No, you grieve and moan as those pockets of resistance to change come to the surface and are revealed. Do not turn away in disbelief at your weakness, but understand that this portion of yourself needs to be accepted, loved and integrated through compassion into the wholeness of your being. All experience is worthy. All experience that each soul undergoes is for the benefit of the whole of humanity. Honor those who have departed and assist those who remain. Through your mercy and compassion, many will be able to move through their fears and move into compassion for others, as well.  ("The Light Collective and Mother Gaia: In the Wake of Typhoon Haiyan," channeled through Tazjima, November 10, 2013 at

Fukushima Nuclear Plant

From 2017

As a side note, a friend recently visited Fukushima with a Geiger counter and was unable to detect anything other than normal background radiation. (Ben Fulford Weekly Geo-Political Newws and Analysis," April 24, 201, at

From 2014

Today we would like to take this time to address the growing concerns about the state of your planets water. As many of you know there was a powerful nuclear meltdown which allowed toxic waste and extreme amounts of radiation to enter your Pacific Ocean. The widespread disaster has many long lasting effects of which your world is beginning to realize. Your Earth’s oceans have been greatly damaged and as a result many of its creatures have been severely impacted.

We will first share with you our perspective and then we will step aside and allow the collectives of Dolphins, Mermaids and Water Elementals to share their own messages with you. From our perspective though this experience has had a tremendous impact on your oceans and wildlife, it has also served a great purpose.

Certainly this experience has not manifested in vain, rather it has granted you a wonderful gift. How so, you ask. It has once again drawn your attention upon the extreme dangers and hazards that these unnatural forms of energy are having on your planet. With out experiences such as these, there would likely be very little motivation to exchange these forms of energy for a far more effective, cleaner and renewable form of energy. As we so very often say, you cannot change what you do not know.

Though it may appear that this experience has been a very negative one, there are always opportunities in every experience that you have. All souls, both human and animal alike who have lost their physical lives have agreed on a soul level to the experience, so that they could assist in the awakening of humanity to the devastating affects that nuclear power has on your planet. This experience will and has drawn much attention to displaying just how powerful the destruction can be. The devastation has not been limited to only the surrounding areas of Japan, but you will see that it has impacted all who live upon your planet in some way or another.

Many of you are left feeling helpless, not really sure what you can do to assist the water, animals, and people upon your planet. We can assure you that the purpose of this message is not to simply point out the devastation that has occurred nor is it only to share with you our perspective of what greater purpose this event has served; our intention is to help you learn more about what you can do to assist in healing your waters upon your planet. ("Conversation with Dolphins, Mermaids and Water Elementals – What Can We Do to Help Heal the Water?," channeled through Taryn Crimi, February 9, 2014 at

Also we want to ease your minds about the situation at the Fukushima nuclear power facility. The technology aboard spacecraft surrounding the planet is diluting the toxicity in radioactive soil and water, and the diligent crews are doing everything possible to prevent further damage to the deteriorating reactors. What is happening at that facility is a persuasive reason to end that source of energy everywhere on the planet, and you can greatly aid Earth in her healing process by moving away from nuclear power and fossil fuels and advancing toward renewable and free energy sources. (Matthew's Message, February 3, 2014.)

Steve Beckow: Good, okay.  That’s very helpful. The second question is actually from two listeners. There are many people who continue to fear the impact of leaked radiation from Fukushima. Some people wish to know if it’s safe for their children to go into the waters off North America, for fear of radiation. And there was a big article posted today in a local newspaper saying that we should avoid eating sushi because of Fukushima radiation.

Are these fears justified?

Archangel Michael: Well, let me put it this way to you. And we have talked about Fukushima a fair bit.

What you are asking me is a riddle. Because what you are asking me is is fear justified? And I can never say yes.

Now, is there need — always! — for caution? Have there been some radiation leakages that Gaia is taking care of, that Pacifica is taking care of, that their star brothers and sisters are taking care of? Yes.

Parents, by their very nature, by the sweetness of what has been entrusted to them, are prudent; they are also strong; they practice patience and fortitude and stamina. So practice prudence.

The children are safe to go into the waters. Stop worrying about it. But I wish to take advantage of this opportunity. When your child — and whether the child is 5 or 50 — goes into such a powerful body of water, or whether they are just getting into the bathtub, do you not wrap them and ensure that they are in their bubble of protection?

I have not declared, nor has the Mother declared, that Gaia and everything that has transpired and continues to transpire on Gaia is completely safe. Human beings, the collective, is not fully anchored as yet in the Fifth Dimension. So there is still a great deal of engagement, can we say, with chaos...

So, discernment, prudence. Be careful.

Now, the same is true of the food. And right now, quite frankly, we would say sushi is probably not your best choice, but also, in addition to that, you are forgetting — and yes, I know; you are being prudent for your families; I understand; but I am taking this opportunity to be on my platform and to say, you, sweet angels, are master transmuters...

So be careful of the fish and work on the water...

There are some fish that have been irradiated who have chosen as part of their mission and purpose to absorb the radiation and to sacrifice themselves. Now, they are not generally offering themselves up to be caught in the factory ships or the nets for sushi, but what we are saying is that there are some that have offered this service, and so you have need to be prudent. So during this time simply avoid the ships from the east. ("Archangel Michael: We are All Aligned with the Heart, Mind and Will of One," channeled by Linda Dillon, January 23, 2014, at

At the present there is a lot of chaos and that makes a matching need for peace and calm. We monitor these energies constantly. For some reason humans constantly surprise us with how they can get into trouble. The emergence of radiation from the country of Japan is an additional problem. We are there and have been there since before it happened. The situation continues to require the utmost diligence and care.

Our scientists are experts in this issue, however we cannot intervene and undo everything that humans created. They must participate in this need for cleanup. Unfortunately, it is affecting marine life and all of life.

Humanity is learning some important lessons about the use of this type of energy. There are alternatives that are far superior and less dangerous. These must be brought to the forefront. The technology is already there. In the meantime, there is great sadness about what is happening to marine life, the people in Japan as well as other places where this is reaching. Humanity must learn that greed and lack of respect for the Earth and life will not create a sustainable future. ("A Message from Mira of the Pleiadian High Council," channelled by Valerie Donner, January 2014 at

From 2013

Archangel Michael: Now, there are many things, some more dramatic — such as Fukushima — that are coming forth to clear some of the imbalance and the damage that has been done and created, not only to Gaia, but also to humanity and to the kingdoms as well.

Steve Beckow: Can I ask a question about Fukushima? It appears that a group of engineers are risking their lives to remove the reactor rods. And it has been said by some sources that there will be a meltdown at Fukushima which will then be followed by the closing down of all nuclear reactors on Earth.

Are these true statements? Are the engineers in danger for their lives? Will there be a meltdown? Will all nuclear reactors be shut down?

AAM: There is a group of engineers, and technicians, so it is not simply a small contingent that have, in recognition of the serious nature and the further serious potential damage of these rods to exposure, who are taking it upon themselves — and when I say that, we mean that it is a volunteer exercise — that they will do this, complete this undertaking.

But before we even go further than that, let us also insert — because this is a perfect place for you to understand how we work with you, because you often ask, “Where are you?” — how we work with you in unseen ways. This group of volunteers is mightily assisted.

And that is particularly under the auspices not only of myself but particularly of Archangels Jophiel and Uriel, with Archangel Raphael conducting much of the healing, not only of this landmass, of this site, but of the waters, working in tandem with the kingdoms and with Gaia herself.

Simply because we are not seen does not mean that we are not present. And in fact is radiation not one of the better examples to explain this? Because you do not see radiation in the air, and yet, even in natural occurrences it is all around you. So, yes, these courageous brave hearts are undertaking this assignment, but also know that they are attended to.

There will not be a meltdown…

First of all because not only in terms of the unseen, but perhaps what you would think of as “the glimpsed,” but your star brothers and sisters are well positioned and on full alert not to allow such a disaster, an abomination of Gaia, to take place...

So, the shutdown of all nuclear facilities would cause greater trepidation, greater fear, greater chaos. So that is not about to happen.

Now, will there, over the next, oh, two to three years, be a complete switch in terms of how energy is generated and collected and dispersed upon the planet? Yes. But in terms of feeling that the switch has been turned off in this manner because of disaster? No, it will not take place.

("Archangel Michael: John F. Kennedy Will Return as an Intergalactic Peacekeeper," channeled by Linda Dillon, November 21, 2013, at

Other health-related questions are about the “radioactive water” flowing from Japan’s Fukushima nuclear facility and the safety of food grown in the vicinity. Our space family’s few teams of four or five members each who are near the facility are working in tandem with crews in ships hovering overhead to reduce the water’s toxicity to the greatest extent possible. Their technologies are far advanced from your own, but they aren’t designed to eliminate every bit of toxicity in fruits and vegetables from areas of radioactivity, so it is sensible not to eat produce grown near the nuclear plant. (Matthew's Message, Nov. 2, 2013.)

From 2011

Although we hope that none of you is apprehensive about the recent predictions of cataclysms, we shall tell you that there will be no 1000-foot tsunami; no celestial bodies will collide with Earth; radiation from Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant will not cause population extinction; no plague will annihilate most of the world’s peoples; living underground will not be necessary; the fight for freedom in Arab countries will not ignite WWIII. Your desires that none of those will occur are added to Earth’s intention that they will not, and the energy produced in the collective consciousness assures that none of those devastating events can be manifested. (Matthew Ward, June 11, 2011.)

Be assured that even if you do not have the details, we are achieving our aims to get matters really moving along. When it commences there cannot be any other outcome, as the Divine Plan will manifest regardless of any outer happenings. It is why we occasionally remind you that the Light has already achieved the victory that you have been promised. There is absolutely no reason to be fearful, and whatever you planned for yourself to go through the end–times will come to be. (SaLuSa, May 23, 2011.)

Hatonn here to set your minds at ease. I assure you, the situation can and will be safely resolved and there will be NO long-term damage! At the moment, however, it’s a matter of containment. Our scientists are filtering into the minds of workers at the facility and off-site personnel what actions to take to prevent meltdown of the damaged reactors—they would call that filtration process their “ideas” or “inspirations.” Our small crew near the facility in conjunction with off-planet crews are reducing radiation to the extent possible and the technology on the ships is helping to minimize the reactors’ activity.

There is other widespread lack of knowledge about what is going on. Your scientists don’t know that Earth is orbiting in frequencies where radiation is fractured and less potent than registered by your instruments.

Naturally they aren’t calibrated to include factors not known there. Furthermore, differences in their precision are causing a range of readings and that’s creating confusion about what the radiation levels really are. The lowest readings are more reliable by our instruments, which do take into account that fracturing I mentioned. Also, most people who know we are around because our small ships often are visible do not know that when our technological gear is on the ground, we can dematerialize the reactors and nuclear waste and purify your polluted air, soil and water. Earth’s own phenomenal healing powers aren’t recognized either, so that isn’t in your scientific projections of the possible outcomes of this nuclear situation.

This collective unawareness is causing a great deal of fear, and that fear is the only worrisome part to us about this whole matter. Like attracts like, and the negative make-up of the dark ones is attracting the negative energy attachments of your fear. They’re using that to reinforce their strength and determination to keep fighting the light forces that you lightworkers are part of. Do not fall into that fear trap yourselves and dispel fear in others wherever you can!

Some of you are discouraged or disappointed because we haven’t landed to clean up the nuclear facility for once and for all. Yes, we could do that if we were on the ground, and the dark ones among you know this. They also know that once we land in numbers, all dark activity will come to an abrupt end. That’s why mercenaries and other troops under their control around the planet are on alert for “alien attack” and ready to take heavy retaliatory measures. We can’t risk your safety or our crews’ by making public landings until that risk is over. We don’t know when that will be because it’s that fear thing again—as long as fear keeps refueling the darkness, that risk will remain.

Your continued demands for safer sources of energy will end the reign of nuclear power. It always has been dangerous in lower density worlds and it isn’t needed in higher densities. Safe, dependable and clean energy technology has been suppressed by the people who make fortunes from nuclear power and fossil fuels—demand that those “new” energy sources be put to use. (Hatonn in Matthew’s Message, April 24, 2011.)

Hatonn here.  Hello, Steve!  Yes, radiation is worrisome to you, and to us too because of the fear this is creating. Remember, the dark ones are feeding on your fear! We understand that right now the situation to many of you seems too serious to be corrected, but we assure you, it is not! The direst reports coming from the United States are with instruments that aren’t perfected to our standards and are registering higher levels than the actual.

It doesn’t make sense that the level of radiation that has blown across the ocean is the same level as near the reactors.  And yes, we are containing those as much as possible from our ships and also we’re reducing the radiation as much as possible in conjunction with the small crew near the facility. Of course our efforts would be much more effective if the ships’ technology could be used on site, but mercenary troops under dark control are being alerted for readiness “for alien attack” and we can’t risk your safety or the ships’ crews’ by public landings.

I want to mention the positive effect of this situation that’s especially sad for Japan, and for your entire world. The reign of nuclear power there is over. In the hands of third density minds it always has been dangerous and it has no place whatsoever in higher densities.  But it is not our prerogative to shut down your facilities or prevent construction of new ones. It is yours, and only your collective demand for that could make it happen. Replacement energy sources already are there, they’ve just been suppressed because they aren’t money-makers like nuclear and fossil fuels are. You will see those “hidden” technologies starting to emerge, again by your intention.

Another factor in the fearful projections is that the scientists aren’t aware of our assistance or that when we are able to be on the ground in numbers that our technology can dematerialize the reactors and nuclear waste as well as purify the air, soil and water.  Also, it’s not known that Earth is orbiting in frequencies where radioactivity is fractured, and  her phenomenal healing abilities aren’t recognized either.

With the help of our technological assistance, she can restore her health in months rather than the centuries you calculate as ‘half lives’ of radioactive elements. So look forward with positive attitude — don’t underestimate the power of your thoughts, or call them prayers, for Earth to be in full radiance in the near term.  A great deal has to be and WILL be accomplished in the time remaining before the end of next year. (Hatonn to Steve Beckow through Suzy Ward, April 6, 2011.)

There will be rumours of catastrophic events as the dark Ones play upon people’s fears, but assure them that they are intended to distract them from the truth. Everything has been foreseen, and ordained in such a way that the effects will be limited. If there is doubt remember that Man could have destroyed the Earth on more than one occasion in the last century, yet it did not take place. (SaLuSa, March 21, 2011.)

We monitor all major events on Earth, and as far as we are allowed are always looking for ways of lessening the impact upon you. Over a long period of time we have substantially reduced radiation levels, which have

inevitably followed the testing of nuclear weapons.
Without such help you would by now have been a nation of very sick people, and as you know the affects continue from one generation to another. If and when the decision is made to stop using nuclear power, we will help remove the dangerous plant and prevent it from posing a threat to you. We cannot help you unless you are prepared to help yourselves, as we must only re-act to requests from you rather than be seen to ‘interfere.’

We would love to deal with all of your problems, but there are lessons to be learnt that mean there is a proper time for us to show up. However, we are working hard to get Disclosure acknowledged, and then we can really help you and would not delay coming amongst you.
As the full effects of the earthquake are being felt in Japan, so it is focussing people’s attention upon it due to the vast damage, loss of life and potential for even more after shocks. It is a situation that is making people world-wide; question the sense in continuing with nuclear energy as a source of power. The more the dangers are publicised and the longer it goes on, there will undoubtedly be a groundswell against its further use.

Do you see Dear Ones how eventually the truth must come out, yet regrettably it is not until a serious condition arises. There are already calls for an alternative source of power, and our allies will be pushing for free energy devices that are already available. It is sad that Man does not wake up until faced with a disaster, but if it can be a stepping stone to a new approach it might be looked upon as at least having a beneficial outcome.” (SaLuSa, Mar. 18, 2011.)

Transition of Nelson Mandela

From 2013

Archangel Michael: Of course the angels were in attendance! [at Nelson Mandela's Funeral] How could we not be? The only difference is that you, my beloved friends and family, those who are awake and those who are awakening, are beginning to see us.

Does that answer your question, dear Steve?

Steve Beckow:  Well, yes. So you’re saying that the sign language interpreter did see angels…

AAM:  Yes.

SB:  Really? Is that what you’re saying?

AAM:  That is correct.

SB:  Yes. That’s very helpful, Lord. Thank you. You mentioned just very briefly, but perhaps give us a little more detail, what is next for Nelson Mandela?

AAM:  He will not be at rest very long. Now, when one returns, regardless, there is always the initial welcome home party, shall we say, the incredible galactic heavenly celebration. And there are many also, at various levels, intergalactics, that are having a celebration also, because Nelson represented them in many ways as well.

But there will not be a long period of reflection. There will not be a long period of rest. You know that this one would not rest in human form.

SB:  Yes.

AAM:  Well, it is even more so as he joins the angelic realm. (5) He is a warrior of peace, and he will be working very actively in … can we call it the liberation movement, the freedom movement?

SB:  I know you choose your words carefully, Lord. Are you implying that Nelson came from the angelic realm?

AAM:  Oh, yes. I am.

SB:  All right. I ask that question with hesitation because I know you’re not wanting to detract from his mission or what he went through. But thank you for answering that.

So, John Kennedy will be returning to the peace councils. Nelson Mandela will also be back at work? Has he a role to play in Ascension?

AAM:  He will be back with work very shortly. You have heard of a revolving door…

SB:  Yes.

AAM:  … and Nelson is slated very much for somewhat of a revolving door. (6) He wanted to — and he will — witness the transformation and the anchoring of peace and equality on Earth.

SB:  Well, he’s made a tremendous contribution to all of us. That’s for certain. ("Nelson Mandela: I am Pleased to Have This Opportunity to Speak to You This Way," channeled by Linda Dillon, December 12, 2013, at

Talk of Terrorism at Olympics in Sochi

From 2014

There is a great deal of talk about fear of terrorism in connection with the winter Olympic games in Sochi, and it is needless—always fear not only is needless, it is counterproductive because it creates negativity for Earth to deal with. Universal family in ships and on the ground are in constant communication about active and potential “hot spots,” and in accordance with Gaia’s wishes, they are authorized to prevent serious terrorist attempts. If any small-scale efforts result in injury or death, just as in all other such cases, they would be a matter of contract provisions of the souls involved. (Matthew's Message, February 3, 2014.)

Trans-Pacific Partnership

From 2014

Steve Beckow: Can you tell us, can you interpret for us, for us, what the Trans-Pacific Partnership is all about and whether President Obama is, as they say, trying to undo nations’ autonomies, etc.

Archangel Michael: This one, your brother of the stars and of our allegiance, Barack Obama, has had a very difficult time in this position.

Now, we are not, nor should any of you ever be, judge and jury of any being. But it is very hard, when one assumes a position of such, can we say, exalted leadership to not have actions or inactions which have been, even more sorely in this case, assessed and examined.

And yes, this one has been stymied at many turns, but that does not mean that there are not areas that he can not go forward on.

Have there been errors of judgment? Have there been errors of influence? Yes. Yes, there have.

This situation, the Trans-Pacific Partnership that you are speaking of, is an attempt — and we emphasize attempt — to have people of many nations begin to think in transnational terms, to think of a world that does not have borders.

Now, is that perhaps a premature leap, when there are so many issues related to peace? Because what you think of as economic interests, sovereignty interests, need to be addressed, and rather than resolved, simply eliminated prior to that idea of being one world, and a world that has been totally restructured — which is part of the underlying agenda — totally restructured in terms of tariffs and trade, economies, taxation and currencies.

There is a realization at the root of this that the United States of America is no longer truly the ascendant power. And it is an attempt to secure a foothold in a very different world. Is he going about it in the most effective manner possible? No. Because it is premature, and it frightens and scares too many people. And there are too many holes between here and there.

So he is looking many years hence and not taking into account the current climate within which he is operating. And in many ways he is thinking — or reflecting, shall I say — the way in which cooperation, cultural, trade, what you think of as goods and services, operate elsewhere. But you are not at a point of that level of ethical behavior and integrity. So that is why we suggest that is an erroneous step.

Is it a step of the dark cabal? No. It is a step by an individual that is trying to leave the imprint of tomorrow upon his presidency. Now, whether it is this leader or any leader … because when you look at your planet, you will note that there are far more beings in leadership positions, Obama included, in this moment — and we need to emphasize “in this moment” — who are in a place of chaos or confusion or incompletion.

Then there are those who are actually judicially balanced in integrity, in love and fairness.

So what I ask of you — and this refers back to our sacred partnership, and it truly speaks to the question that you all posed to me — is, “Michael, how can we stop this madness?” Just take my blue flame, take the torch of St. Germain, all of you, daily, hourly, weekly, and, as one, torch these leaders! Eradicate and help to eliminate what they believe are obstacles and what are obstacles to their truly fulfilling their divine mission and purpose.

You know you can take my sword, right now, and cut through the illusion, cut through the illusion that power, that position, for its on sake, is desirable or worthwhile. Cut through those illusions that make you believe that any action is pro-action, because it is not. Even those in containment — and yes, there are some — can be helped, assisted, by sending this energy to them, and by you, each of you, and you collectively, demanding and commanding right action.

Now, I know what your next question is. It is, “Michael, how can this be, that this being, this man, Obama, who is guided by you, who you who have many, many beings in the White House, who is one of the star brothers and sisters, how can this occur, that there is a misstep?”

This is part of the human experience. And what you are doing, what you are witnessing — not punishing, not judging — but what you are witnessing is how any being is caught, enmeshed, in that illusion, particularly when surrounded by those who are deemed, and who intend to be, trustworthy and ethical and honest and visionary, but who simply do not have the scope of vision that is necessary to give adequate support and advice.

Now, how many times have you turned to me — and I speak to you, my brothers and sisters, this night — how many times do you turn to me and say, “Michael, I need greater support. I need to have a helpmate, not merely a sacred partner, a beloved. But I need help in the very practical sense that I may proceed, bravely, clearly, immediately, with my mission.”

Do not put Obama or anybody else in a different category. Use my sword. Cut away the dross. And use my flame to light the way to truth. And in this, whether you are awake or asleep, traveling with me to the far reaches and corners of this planet, or simply to Washington, you assist me. ("Archangel Michael on Obama, Valentine's day, and the Clean-up in the Human Realm," channeled by Linda Dillon, February 13, 2014, at

Russia-Ukraine Conflict

From 2015

What is occurring in the European front, yes, in the Ukraine, with the Russians, this is not merely a cease fire, not merely just an economic, political move. It is an olive branch and it is delivered by the sweet dove of Peace. (An Hour with an Angel with Archangel Michael, Feb. 14, 2015, Part 1/2Channeled by Linda Dillon,

From 2014

In issues where divisiveness in perceptions and attitudes runs deep, discussions to bridge the extremes will zigzag until there is such a profusion of light on the planet that cooperation comes naturally to the negotiators on both sides. All countries in the Mideast, several in Africa, North Korea, Ukraine, Chechnya and Hong Kong are most often mentioned, and citizens elsewhere also have asked when they will see beneficial changes in their countries. If we knew when unrest anywhere will end, it would be our joy to tell you—in previous messages we have explained why it isn’t possible for us to know. What we can tell you with complete assurance is, every kind of oppressiveness and corruption in your world will cease incrementally. In the meantime, a multitude of souls are experiencing what they chose to complete karmic lessons and evolve into fourth density spiritually and consciously. (Matthew Ward’s Message, as received by Suzy Ward, December 14, 2014, at

Do we know the nature of all the forces at play in the Ukraine? In other words, from what we get in the mainstream media, or even elsewhere, do we actually know the nature of the forces that are instigating events there?

AAM: Let us suggest to you that you do not know the full range of players who are involved in the discordance in the Ukraine. Now, if you are looking for cabals or secret missions behind all of this, what we would suggest is that it is not so much that as a very complicated, complex strategy, both above and below, to bring this idea of military interference, invasion, conflict, absorption of other people’s freedoms, to the forefront.

But within that mix your star brothers and sisters are involved, we are involved; there is what we can only call a very unbalanced group, not just unbalanced politically but spiritually and emotionally unbalanced on both sides of this undertaking.

And then there are the various layers of one-upmanship that are being played out in this reality. In many ways what you are seeing, to even make it more simple, you are seeing a replay, a coming to the surface of all the issues of what you have termed the cold war that were never resolved. ("Archangel Michael: It is Time to Relinquish Any Feeling Less Than Love - Part 2/2," channeled by Linda Dillon, Sept 2, 2014, at

Now, we happily address the major issues of expressed interest. What do Vladimir Putin’s actions in Ukraine portend for that region? For the short term, general confusion and in some quarters, fighting. Putin wants the same that other national leaders want: a strong economy, a stable government and a calm citizenry. He didn’t realize the breadth of discontentment among Ukrainians or anticipate the outcry after those living in Crimea voted to join Russia, where the majority of voters feel a comfortable familiarity.

Actually, this is a case of rejoining. Throughout your recorded history national borders have swayed to and fro in accordance with the victors of wars, ensuing gain or loss of control, and need for natural resources. Never have the few in power considered how this affected the populace, whose lot was to endure the results of a culture split into different national allegiances or the combining of different cultures under one flag.

That ages-old system has been coming apart at the seams side by side with tyrannical regimes falling as voices have risen to crescendos with demands for change. Disagreement as to exactly what direction those changes should take is due to the lingering duality within individuals at the extremes of the spectrum—progressive, futuristic ideas at one end, intent to hold onto or return to the past at the other. As the light continues intensifying, the extremes will fade away as the desire to live together harmoniously becomes ever stronger. (Matthew's Message, June 2, 2014.)

Let us quell concerns about Russia’s aggressiveness in Ukraine—it will not lead to all-out war. Vladimir Putin doesn’t want a war and he’s not all wrong by attributing the turmoil in part to interference by the United States. It’s not the country’s government, it’s that the US is the home of the CIA, and it is the Illuminati-controlled faction of that agency that stirs the pot globally. Oh yes, their “black ops” still has enough viability to step in where people are dissatisfied and exacerbate the situation.

However, the time for new warfronts is past, the vibrations will not support much longer war temperament and combative divisiveness. The era for negotiating conflicts has arrived and ultimately, all serious differences within and between nations will be resolved by this means. Discussions will go in fits and starts, so please don’t expect a smooth transition or prompt results especially where fighting still rages and in the numerous circumstances where high emotions still run roughshod over reason. (Matthew's Message, May 2, 2014.)

At present we are working hard to ease the tensions upon Earth caused by the events in the Ukraine. We will ensure matters do not get out of hand, and you are assured that peace shall be maintained. The time of major world wars has ceased, and we try to direct wayward negative energies in such a way that no harm is caused. (SaLuSa, April 4, 2014.)

Suzanne Maresca: ...So the next pressing current event thing is the situation in the Ukraine – it’s also captured the attention of the world, and of course there’s a huge amount of speculation as to the significance and truth of what’s really going on there. Of course, you may be restricted about what you can say about that too, but have the Russians been providing the open door for contact between the people of Earth and extraterrestrials?

Ashira: The Russian people have been given, historically and currently, enormous openings and opportunity to be a point of contact and a point of opening between the various Fleets and humanity.

You are speaking to me now as Commander, what you would call Commander in Chief.  We have intervened as much as we possibly can, not because we are acting in ways that are making contact with the Russian people but in ways to prevent brutality. What is going with Russia, the Ukraine, the Crimea, and we cannot leave China out of this mix, and the United States of America for that matter, what is going on is ego, and it is the flexing of ego muscles, national ego muscles. There is not a sacred cause behind this.

Now one of the things we keep saying and one of the reasons why we have not, as you would put it, landed on the White House lawn is that we are not going to engage in drama – there will be enough drama! We will not engage in warlike behavior.

And so we are not going to make what you have termed Disclosure, or arrival, or our presence known other than in ways of protection and intervention, we are not going to do that as a reward for war. So this is not about Russia making way for us – we are quite capable of making way for ourselves! Russia has been offered this opportunity time and time and time again, and we are still very optimistic that they will take us up on it. But this situation that is going on right now is a clearing of old, very old, almost archetypal behaviours on the part of human beings...

You see, one of the things that we foresee, and one of the things that was pivotal – and is pivotal – about Gaia becoming a full member of the InterGalactic Council, which is not made up of this Nation State or that Nation State, they are Planetary, they are Galactic. So this behaviour and this warring allegiance to a Nation State is very foreign to us.

So while we honour, and on board ship and throughout the Fleet we have hundreds of what you would think of as cultures, heritages, nationalities, planetary shapes, biological systems, but it would never dawn on us not to honour the culture or the customs, or the way of communication. But the attachment, in the most positive sense of the word, the loyalty is to the Galaxy, to the One, not to this or that power structure – that is truly the oldest, most archaic paradigm there is. You might as well be talking about monarchies!

SM: OK, alright. Can you say anything about the cigar-shaped craft that was filmed?

Ashira: That’s us! That is one of our ships. And as we say, we are intervening and we are making our presence known. We have been very clear that we will not allow violence to escalate beyond a certain level. Now we know that humanity is working out collectively many issues, many false grids, paradigms, false belief systems, vasanas, you have a million terms for one thing. But that is good and that is fine. That is like a rebellious teenager trying to find their centre and their sense of self.

But we are simply giving a very gentle reminder that there is a greater force to be reckoned with and we do not mean in any way, shape or form, of violence. We don’t use violence. What we have found over thousands and thousands of years – violence doesn’t work. It only begets violence.

SM: Indeed. And I will say thank you from my heart and the collective heart of humanity if I may for all the work that you’ve done once again – it’s just so appreciated, and there’s so much that we don’t know about what you do. It’s all this Love and I just really appreciate it.

Could you tell me if there’s a pyramid there?

Ashira: Yes, there is.

SM: How does it figure into the current situation? Or does it?

Ashira: It has been there for a long time! There are pyramids, more pyramids than you know, all over your planet. And then there are also what we would call generators. Generator crystals, points of convergence. What the pyramids are for, they are … think of them as points or co-ordinates on the Grid, and they are energy generators. Now, there is a trend that we have noted amongst many of our beloved Lightworkers to talk about free energy. Energy has always been free. It is only part of the old paradigm that people are actually charging – and paying – for the resources of Gaia. It is quite peculiar!

But what these pyramids – people tend to think of pyramids as sacred places, and they are, but they are not very old places – they are not necessarily places of riches, they are energy generators. So that’s what it is there for, and one of the ‘back stories’ as you would call it, for the pyramid in the Crimea is simply that there is a misunderstanding that perhaps they can harness that energy and use it, and sell it! That is not the point. ("Transcript: Heavenly Blessings ~ Commander Ashira with an Update," channeled by Linda Dillon, March 11, 2014, at

This is not going to deteriorate into what you think of as a global war, conflict, situation. Let us call it what it is, and of course what all war has been about, and that is a power struggle.

It is a power struggle where the wills of people are being tested, and the demand for freedom is being tested. You say, “Well, yes, Gabrielle, that is all very well and good. But when you have a small Volkswagen or Fiat against a monster truck or a tank, there really is no competition.”

Do not forget not merely the story or the myth but the power of David and Goliath. It is not always so that those with the larger power are those that end up in control. This will not be permitted to deteriorate into a European war or a global war.

Now, are there many players flexing their muscles? We would be hard put to find any that are not flexing their muscles. But in a way this is beneficial, because everybody who is not at the table, but in the room, is showing their particular level of interest and wanting to remain a global power.

This is not about riches buried under the Black Sea. Is this a factor? Yes. Is the access to other waterways a factor? Yes. Is this about oil and petrodollars? Yes. But it is primarily about several powers who wish to obtain and maintain global dominance, flexing their muscles.

At what point does the global community simply turn and say no, and declare that those at the table or in the room hiding in the corners, that you may have an interest, but you do not have decision-making authority.

Is this creating a situation? Because it is in Europe that makes many nervous. Because of the memories of recent war, of recent mayhem? Of course it does, and in a perverse way that is one of the benefits of having this situation arise on, what you think of as, the European continent. Because people are aware of what it can lead to.

It is ironic in the saddest meaning of the word that you have had war, devastation, mutilation, killing, subjugation in its worst sense of the word, in the Middle East for decades upon decades. And it has been observed, there have been billions and billions of dollars spent upon these wars, and yet still there has been no resolution, and no one, no superpower or other power, has been sufficiently concerned to, in a higher-dimensional, love-dimensional, star-dimensional way, truly negotiate peace.

This is abhorrent, and continues to this day. It continues in Africa. It continues in Latin America. And yet because it is in an area of primary interest, monetarily and otherwise, this gains status. So, let us use this. You, my beloved lightworkers, and we, the Company of Heaven, your star brothers and sisters, let us use this situation and see the power mongering, the positioning, the greed and jealousy, the desire for control and manipulation — let us see it for what it is and call a halt to it, once and for all.

There is much discussion especially in the lightworker community that this is a situation where Obama and Putin are working behind the scenes to arrest the cabal.

Let me assure you, my beloved ones, that is not so. They are all working in self interest. And if it should defeat the cabal, isn’t that even better? But that is not the purpose of this. It is national interest and an ego that demands that their status be recognized. It is working for self-interest that is against the will of some people and against the will of others...

There is a process to achieve peace within and without. And it requires setting aside what one would think of as self-interest. And that self can be a nation or a group or an individual, because it is an acknowledgment that war and devastation, conflict, mayhem only lead to self-destruction. In the end, and I’m talking very short end here, it accomplishes nothing.

How can anything be accomplished when there is blood running in the streets? And you’re — “Yes,” you say, “well, there is this faction and that faction, and there has been some controversy about who is doing what.” Raise the vibration. The Mother herself has given not merely you but all upon the planet her gift of clarity, of purity.

You can see through this! This is a ploy for power and nothing more. And this is a ploy with many players of the old third dimension trying to maintain their position and reality. And it is not permissible. It is not allowable, not in any dimension or scenario, and certainly not in the scenario of the Mother. As her central administrator, I tell you this simply will not be permitted, to degenerate to this level...

Now, does it take away attention from what many are focused on in this moment? Which is, shall I call it abundance program, or financial equality? Yes, it does. And why does it do that? Again because much of the impetus behind financial institutions, governmental and inter-governmental, international institutions wanting to have revaluation of various currencies has to do with the value of goods. Do not delude yourself that where they are concerned it is of a higher purpose.

Their focus is on the value of goods and particularly the value and the need for oil and gas.

So Russia believes that they are in a perfect position not only to claim territory, not only to stand strong for what they call their people, but also for the access to the Black Sea. And they can hold the rest of Europe hostage because they have the oil and gas.

Now, there is manipulation here, with China, with Iraq, with Iran, with much of the Middle East, and the United States. Now, you say to me, “Gabrielle, you paint such a dismal picture! I wish I had asked to speak to Michael!”

I do not paint a dismal picture. I am simply pointing out the shenanigans that are going on behind the scenes and the manipulations that have been kept from the populace, from the collective, for far too long. War, any form of war, in any place upon the planet, whether it is fought with aircraft or submarines or tanks or machetes, is no longer acceptable.

Now, you know, my beloved ones, we always say to thee, we do not interfere with free will. But the free will of your collective that is being heard on high and throughout the galaxies is that you desire peace, that you are tired of this type of conflict that ravages your hearts, that gives you sleepless nights. You are becoming — and we are proud of you! — more and more balanced, but in that balance you are also becoming more and more unified upon the grid of Gaia, upon the central grid, upon the universal grid. And in that you feel the pain, you feel the discord upon that grid. And it hurts you. It upsets you. And I know that is why you have turned to me this day.

So I am asking you, as Michael would ask you, to hold the vision of peace, of negotiated settlement that honors the freedom of choice that every person, hybrid or human, is entitled to. If you are to look — and I invite you to do so right now with me — at this area called the Ukraine. But we have spread it far wider, into Europe, towards China and Russia, centered over the Crimea; we have placed the golden grid like a netting, like a netting of protection your star brothers and sisters who have been bathing the entire planet with pink, have intensified. ("Archangel Gabrielle: The Conflict in the Ukraine is a Ploy for Power, Nothing More,” channeled by Linda Dillon, March 6, 2014, at

Archangel Michael: The Russia Ukraine debacle … is also truly about oil and gas and so there is a struggle about who is going to control what we would refer to as oil dollars. So there is this loose alignment which has been unusual between Russia and China – and we are talking about the power regime of China and not the [Chinese] Elders – so there is a reticence [on the part of Americans] to give all the oil buying power to that alliance – Russia, China.

Steve Beckow: Is Russia colluding with China to turn a blind eye to what China is doing in Zimbabwe? [China is building a military airbase.] (1)

AAM: Yes, but it is coming to an end because human beings are quite fed up.

There is significant … we can’t call it intervention … but can we call it attention? … that your star brothers and sisters are bringing to this entire situation. ("Archangel Michael: This Desperation is Forcing Many People to Seek Peace," channeled by Linda Dillon, March 5, 2014, at

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

From 2015

A number of you have written about the discovery of a part from Malaysian Airline flight MH370. I didn’t know at the time Ashtar explained “When the plane’s problems developed like dominoes falling and wiped out all systems required to keep the plane under control…” that problems included the loss of any of the plane’s movable parts. When the piece afloat was identified as from the plane, the investigators logically concluded that the rest of it is at the bottom of the sea. Not in their wildest imagining would they think that it was stabilized within the powerful energy field of another civilization’s large spaceship, which kept the bulk of the plane intact until it was safely put down on a planet similar to Earth and all aboard disembarked after a rescue mission in accordance with their collective soul-level choice. (Matthew's Message, Sept. 20, 2015.)

From 2014

We have been asked about the speculation that the United States government had a hand in downing the Malaysian plane in Ukraine and the accusations that the Russian government did. Our colleagues in Nirvana say neither is responsible—it was the work of the “black ops” arm of the Illuminati-controlled faction of the CIA, the same force that is egging on the pro-Russian separatist movement in Ukraine.

That faction, which operates independently of all governments’ oversight, respects no national borders. Wherever some citizens are dissatisfied with their elected leaders, the agents either instigate or exacerbate uprisings to heighten tension, implicate whatever national leaders would be appropriate and help the dissidents obtain weaponry and supplies. “Black ops” personnel, like the rest of the Illuminati, feed on negativity, and their means of refueling themselves is creating negativity-laden chaos, fear, death, injury, sorrow and destruction. (Matthew's Message, Aug. 3, 2014.)

The Illuminati themselves at the highest levels ordered the destruction of both Malaysian Airlines planes, according to channel and source, not the Russians, and not even the Illuminati wing of the CIA, which exists at a lower level.

Channel: We are in a war zone. You can look around and see all the innocent people that die every day.

[The Illuminati] are stepping it up. I mean big time. Two major airliners? They are scared and are stepping it up blatantly, every day. There were many people on those airplanes.

Steve: Was it the Illuminati wing of the CIA that did this?

C: It was no country. It was the Illuminati themselves. And they have their representatives in different countries. Just like the [source], the Illuminati have their representatives.

And as the beings of light are gathering in unity, say the [source], so the beings of darkness are gathering in unity as well.

As long as any lightworker has one shred of darkness, they have a place to live.

S: Is that the same as saying one iota of fear?

C: Yes, they are the same. ("Did the Illuminati Bring Down Both Malaysian Planes?" July 24, 2014, at

[Ashtar]: It is extremely rare that neither rescue and relocation nor death at the time is part of any contract when such a large number of individuals are in the same situation anywhere in this universe, but that is the case of the people on that Malaysian plane. In my experience, this isn’t just rare, it is unique [More in his message]. (Matthew's Message, April 2, 2014.)

These can lead to tragedies. We understand what her elementals are expressing. It is at times difficult to keep an ever-changing surface world totally isolated from a much higher dimensional reality. This interference can cause effects that forge odd environmental catastrophes. Major areas for these anomalous inter-dimensional events are found off the shores of Southeast Asia, off the coasts of southern Africa, North America and Western Australia.

Such an event happened around a passenger plane just off the coast of Malaysia. This passenger craft was caught in a suddenly open portal which caused many electrical devices to either fail or behave strangely. The crew did not know what to do or even where to go. The craft was swept literally out to sea. It finally returned to “normal” and found itself in Agartha. You can probably guess the rest. We only mention this since this particular flight was kept a mystery for a long time.

We say this because these various points of dimensional intersection are shortly to become more active. We have been watching this closely and wish to make you aware that your home world needs to reunify itself. The forces led by the dark cabal need to be defeated and the pressures to drastically transform your reality need to be victorious. We have therefore instructed our liaisons to use whatever force is required to bring in a new reality on Gaia’s surface. (Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation via Sheldon Nidle, March 26, 2014.)

Yes, the ship went down due to an explosion on board. There was no suffering. All passengers are dead and the souls returned home – with a big, big, very big welcome party on the other side. Spirit will not allow those behind the explosion to take advantage of the incident – for example, no new martial law, restrictions of travel procedures etc.

You know that we are living simultaneously in different timelines. Around this incident there are many timelines. The message you receive when you are asking for explanations depends on which timeline are you aligned with...

There are some channels who tell us that the incident was staged by our Star family – that our Star family has abducted the airplane and now holds the passengers as hostages to put pressure on some governance to go ahead with Disclosure, NESARA etc. We know that this could never be the case. Never ever would our Star family act in such an unloving manner. ("Ashtar Speaks: On the Ebola Virus Outbreak and Malaysian Flight MH370," channelled by Philipp. March 25, 2014, at

Steve Beckow: Ashira said that Flight 370 had exploded, but he didn’t say what the cause of the explosion was. Others have said that a secret naval weapon was used to cause it to disintegrate. And recently a prominent channel said the plane was suffering from hydraulic failure, was in an uncontrolled state, at risk of imminent destruction; whisked out of the air in mid-flight, was taken aboard an enormous spaceship from Sirius claimed to be part of the Federation fleet under the Ashtar Command whose full report is available from a certain website.

Now, Ashira said they took a few people up who still wanted to remain in form, but the rest — they passed on. What is the truth, Lord?

Archangel Michael: This is not an action — let us put it this way — this is not an action that your star brothers and sisters have been deeply involved in. This is an action of what we would refer to, or Gabrielle would refer to, as of violence, of sabotage, of subterfuge. And it has continued.

So there are lies upon lies upon lies. And what is occurring … this is a terrible situation. And it is painful to so many. But what it is also doing for humanity, it is bringing up what we would call shared compassion and grief. Because if you were to look at the grief and the confusion and the compassion component of what is being felt and emanating from the hearts of the collective, individuals all over the planet, it is out of alignment with the situation even including those who have been on the plane and who have suffered and the families that are left suffering the loss of their loved ones.

So it has amplified and shown the global community, in a time when there has been much strife and conflict on the ground, the other side of the scale, where you are seeing the global community coming together in compassion and sending healing for many. It is also bringing together the global community in saying, “We require, we demand truth.” Because there have been such significant untruths, every step of the way. And now what is occurring, among what you think are responsible agencies of many countries, is that they are looking for scapegoats. They are looking for situations to hang this on.

The truth will come out, but the function of this act of violence has been hijacked in many ways not by your star brothers and sisters but by the Company of Heaven to teach several very important, critical, timely lessons. The ship has not been taken on board a mothership elsewhere. That is false hope.

SB: Where is the ship, Lord? Is it blown to smithereens, or is it at the bottom of the ocean?

AAM: For all intents and purposes, it is not intact. We cannot give you the totality because that would be breaking our agreement.

SB: And then of course you couldn’t tell us what nation did it, either?

AAM: It is not so much a nation as individuals acting independently.

SB: All right. I’m not sure whether I should go further in trying to get more details, or…. whether….

AAM: Please do not. (“Archangel Michael: Spring Means the Time of Rebirth and Awakening,” March 22, 2014, at

Suzy: Ashtar, hello!  Matthew said you have information about the missing plane. He would like me to receive it directly from you instead of his paraphrasing what you told him.  

Ashtar: Yes, Suzy, I know, and hello!  It’s been quite a while since we talked, and I’m glad for this opportunity to be together again. After Matthew asked me to tell you what I know, I put together a little presentation of sorts and I’ll get right to it.

All persons aboard the missing airliner were relocated to a small planet that approximates your atmosphere and to some extent the topography, and the inhabitants are fairly similar to your population in appearance.

When the plane developed serious malfunctions that couldn’t be remedied, we shifted it into a higher dimension and set course for that planet. None of the soul contracts of the crew and passengers included such an adventure, but neither did they include death at that time. In cases like that, we are authorized to step in.

The unexpected experience was real to them because all witnessed the plane’s abrupt turn, yet surreal because they were flying through space unlike anything they had ever seen. There was no panic because immediately the rescuers used our communication system to tell them what was transpiring, and the energy of the loving explanation created a peaceful acceptance within those people whose future was being redirected.

The plane was dematerialized after all had disembarked. They were met by some of our crew members, who had taken on Earth body appearances and garb to ease the newcomers’ first moments in their new land, and taken to what you would call an exclusive resort. It is the “starting-over” point for all Earth souls who are rescued by other civilizations, and there have been many of those occasions in your past centuries.

During the first days the group received a “downloading” of the only language spoken in that world and basic knowledge of the population. It is a simple procedure, like the workings of your computers. After an orientation briefing and photographic overview of what the region offers, each person was given the choice of various types of living quarters, individual transportation mode, and employment or schooling. Each was given a paper that functions like a ticket to attend all events desired and plenty of the “tokens” that are used to obtain articles or services.

From the resort, all were taken to the quarters they chose and given their chosen mode of private transportation, and food and all other basic necessities were provided for housekeeping. You could think of this as an unusually elaborate “welcome wagon” service. The newcomers’ knowledge, talents and interests will be well used and appreciated in that world, and, just as on Earth, life there is as fulfilling and meaningful as each chooses to make it.

Now, Suzy, I’ll answer the questions running around in your head. No, we couldn’t put those people back on Earth. We had to act fast, but every possible factor was considered and going to that world was their best option—it was the only option that could assure their survival.

We couldn’t put the plane on a runway at its destination airport – without landing clearance, it would have created chaos and danger to incoming and departing air traffic. And who could explain how that disabled craft suddenly showed up on the ground hours ahead of schedule? How could its sudden public appearance anywhere be explained? Well, it couldn’t, but that wasn’t the decisive factor. There weren’t sufficient provisions in the plane, most essentially water, for all on board to live very long without replenishments, and there is no secluded place on your planet where we could put it down and guarantee those people’s survival until they were found.

We wish everyone in your world could know that they are alive and well on a planet much like Earth, but who would make such a statement? Who would believe it? Especially we wish the families and friends of the people who disappeared could know that their dear ones are living comfortably and happily in a world that is far better than yours is at the moment.

Any more questions, Suzy?

S: Thank you for answering the ones I had in mind, Ashtar. It’s amazing how those people were so wonderfully treated and their living needs accommodated! Do you know if they and the people who love them can be reunited during this lifetime?

A: No, I don’t know, but I think it’s very unlikely. The energy of love bonds assures reunion in spirit, but most of Earth’s residents have a long way to go in raising their consciousness level before meeting up physically is within their reality.

S: Could mediums, or readers, here contact the “plane” people and get information for their families?

A: Telepathic communication is universe-wide, but making those connections would be difficult. Only exceptional intermediaries are clearly attuned to the vibrations of souls very far beyond Nirvana—the world they’d need to reach is outside your solar system—and here again you’re dealing with lack of awareness. Most people on Earth believe only what they’ve personally experienced or have been taught, and telepathic communication isn’t widespread in either category.

S: Well, OK, but can the facts about what happened be told after lots of your spaceships land and ETs who are living here become known?   

A: Yes, definitely! (Matthew's Message, March 20, 2014.)

Suzi Maresca: I’m sure you’re well aware how acutely many humans are seeking information about the missing Malaysia Airlines flight – can you offer any insight on where it may be, and if its maintained its integrity, and then we could just move on.

Ashira: This particular situation of the Malaysian aircraft, and more importantly of everybody upon it, is functioning at many levels. First of all, let us be clear that this is not one of our operations. We do not operate in a way that would cause such pain and suffering, and our hearts and our healing goes out – not merely to the friends and family of those involved in this mystery – but to everybody, and this is one of the interesting aspects of this situation is that it is awakening so many of you to what is truly going on and what is possible. But it is also acting as a catalyst for compassion – a catalyst for global awareness.

Now, who would have thought that Malaysia, or a craft out of Malaysia, would be the catalyst for global awakening? And yet it is. We are not holding out hope – false hope – for a happy resolution to this situation. But this is something that the human beings, through their own acts, wills and deviations have contrived, so we are observing, we are helping, but we will not interfere in your process of discovery – because it is important – it is acting as a catalyst for many.  (“Transcript: Heavenly Blessings ~ Commander Ashira on Galactic Life, March 18, 2014," at

Suzanne Maresca: And there’s so many things I would like to get to, but first I would like to get these pressing things out of the way. There’s a great deal going on currently that we are aware of, but the most interesting things seem to be the ones that are beyond our understanding. It occurs to me that you may have limitations about what you can reveal to us at this time, but I would love to hear what you can say about the missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370.

Ashira: It was not interdimensional slippage, and they were not taken by us. So let us be very clear. We would not do that. Not at this point because from our perspective that would be seen as an act of war or terrorism. We would not break that many hearts.

So what happened was that there was an explosion and the ship went down. Could we have saved it? There are certain things that we are not permitted to interfere with. But let us also – now this is what we can say – on that ship everyone was taken care of...

But there were many upon that ship who as a collective – and this is something that often happens – is there is a Group Soul, whether you realize it or not, who have agreed to leave together. Now those who did not want to pass from their form were beamed up. ("Transcript: Heavenly Blessings ~ Commander Ashira with an Update," channeled by Linda Dillon, March 11, 2014, at

Ebola Virus Outbreak

From 2014

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. For the most part, mainstream media coverage of Ebola is straightforward; but like most major world issues, it is marked by political finger-pointing, particularly regarding the few cases in Spain and the United States.

Given your mobile world, the appearance of symptoms several days after onset of the disease and their similarity to symptoms of other maladies, the sickness popping up outside of the heavily-stricken western African countries was inevitable. The heartening aspect is that the medical community has been given a forum to allay fear that the disease can spread out of control. Of course, no one can report that once again the light is insuring that the Illuminati’s intention to create a pandemic and worldwide fear is a failure. (Matthew's Message, Oct. 19, 2014.)

Several of the numerous readers who are asking about the Ebola outbreak referred to it as the “Ebola scare”—and rightly so, as scare is one of the reasons the virus was recently released again. When it was developed in a laboratory by Illuminati scientists almost 40 years ago, the intentions were twofold: to create a pandemic and to instill in peoples the fear that accompanies a virulent, contagious disease.

We are not minimizing Ebola’s severity today by saying that it was indeed then a sickness to dread. It spread rapidly and claimed many lives before it was brought under control; and the outbreak resulted in rampant negativity due to the large death toll, grief, chaos and fear. Now, healthy persons who contract the disease and receive appropriate treatment can recover, and, just as happens with any serious illness, persons who die had weak immune systems before exposure to Ebola or their systems became severely stressed by the fatigue of caring for patients.

This time around the Illuminati will not achieve anywhere near the measure of negativity intended, nor did their other relatively recent attempts to devastate Earth’s population produce it.

You may recall that only a few years ago SARS, avian flu, swine flu and its reissue as N1H1 happened in turn, with global publicity about “a feared pandemic” after the first diagnosis of each disease; and, ever so handily, vaccines were at the ready. The intense publicity and clamoring for vaccinations lasted only briefly because it became obvious that since only a few deaths occurred, no pandemic had befallen your world. Scientists in the light-worker ranks neutralized the viruses in the vaccines that were designed to spread, not prevent those diseases, and all were total failures insofar as achieving their purpose: eliminating billions of humankind whom Henry Kissinger, the peak of the Illuminati, referred to as “useless eaters.”

AIDS, which was developed in laboratories about five years after the Ebola virus, has been much more successful in the eyes of the Illuminati. Whereas symptoms are nearly immediate in Ebola and the more recent four diseases we mentioned, AIDS, which is spread partly by contact and partly by the so-called “treatment” for HIV, develops very slowly and is transmitted by apparently healthy individuals. Thus, ever since it was introduced into the population, it has been running its natural course throughout the years.  In so doing, it has enabled the millions who succumbed to it and everyone who loved and cared for them to experience choices in their soul contracts.

Still, it is logical to wonder why that disease and the deadly Ebola siege mushroomed out of control and viruses developed much later for the same purpose didn’t. There are two reasons. The AIDs and Ebola viruses were fabricated and released before Gaia’s free will choice that her human population would not be eliminated en masse by any means whatsoever; in God’s granting her request, inspiration was given to lighted souls to doom the Illuminati’s plans. And, because there was much less light on the planet and within the populace 30-some years ago, bodies were more vulnerable to disease. ("Matthew's Message, August 12, 2014.)

All souls involved in this breakout have agreed to act as a ‘catalytic converter’. Our Star family is working on the containment of the virus. The good news is that the virus will not reach a stage of epidemic proportion. It will NOT delay our progress, especially not the Tsunami of Love. The Divine Plan has reached a stage where the ‘full steam’ cannot be hindered nor reduced. And that causes much frustration to our brothers and sisters with bad intentions…

Some issues have to play out. April especially will require from us Lightworkers a lot of ‘balanced support’ of our fellow human sisters and brothers. ("Ashtar Speaks: On the Ebola Virus Outbreak and Malaysian Flight MH370," channelled by Philipp. March 25, 2014, at

China-Russia Natural Gas Deal

From 2014

Will the natural gas deal between Russia and China be severely detrimental to the United States economically? Will those countries try to overtake the US militarily?

“No” to both questions, and we view that alliance as positive. Attaining energy sufficiency via a mutually beneficial arrangement engenders a sounder economy, more stability in governance and more satisfied citizens—that is what the Chinese and Russian leaders need and want.  From an environmental view, extracting the planet’s natural gas is not good, but it doesn’t pose the same potential for destructiveness that oil has caused time and again, it doesn’t pollute your air as coal does, and it has none of the dangers inherent in nuclear energy. Gradually you will forsake fossil fuels as renewable energy sources expand, and when Earth is within energy planes where photons are more numerous than electrons, you will be using “free energy” only. (Matthew's Message, June 2, 2014.)

The Newtown Shootings

From 2012

there is one question that I have to ask you because I know our listeners and readers want me to. I think they would like to know something about the Newtown tragedy. Was it mind control? Was it the cabal trying to take attention away from Ascension? Was it simply a deranged individual?

Why was it permitted to happen, Lord? It shocked a lot of people.

AAM: It was a tragedy in Newtown, and it was a sacrifice of innocents, both children and adults. And yes, there is divine purpose that comes out of this. Was it a planned action on our part? Absolutely not, that is not the way we operate. It was the action, yes, of a very deranged, ill, dis-eased individual. It was not the act of the cabal. They are in far too deep containment to ever effect such a strike.

Let us talk about the meaning. And the Mother has talked about this also. It is time for all of humanity, east, west, north, south, to come together as one community. And this atrocity, this killing of children needlessly, brings to the forefront what is taking place on your planet.

The beings of Newtown, Connecticut, and this emotional energy, have acted and do act as a surrogate and a catalyst for the human race to come together and say, “No more,” that the slaughter of innocents is not acceptable in any realm.

And what that means, dear ones, is it is not acceptable through missile or drone strikes, in neighborhoods, in marketplaces and schools, or anywhere else. It is not acceptable for children to be hit by stray bullets, by gang wars or by drug lords, in any country, in any nation, in any civilization. It is not acceptable for children to die of disease, poverty, hunger, and starvation.

So these bright angels, this soul group has sacrificed and acted as a surrogate. Now, I wish to tell you that all of these angels were well out of their body and already in the arms of the Mother prior to their death. She had already gathered them up.

So it is not just for them that you weep. It is for each other. Because what you are seeing, what you are witnessing, is the pain and suffering that violence does to humanity, to families, to friends, to siblings, to parents, to communities, to neighbors, to nations. And it is all of you saying, “No more!” ("Archangel Michael: Let Us Ease This Flight to Freedom," Dec. 19, 2012, at

The Aurora Borealis

From 2012

Stephen Cook: Good. Now, we were just talking about moments in time. The other week on An Hour with an Angel you mentioned to Geoffrey West, who was hosting that week, that you created the Aurora Borealis. And what I’d like to know is, firstly, how you did it and why you did it.

Archangel Michael: I did it for fun. You’ve heard of fun?

SC: Yes. [laughing] And so have you!

AAM: You know, I love to play! That is why I love to gallop around the universe with my galactic friends. I love to play! Now, let me tell you, at heart I am an artist and a musician. And in concert with Gaia — because I would never do anything that was not in agreement with her — we wanted to pretty up things!

And what is more beautiful than painting with light? And having the painting constantly change and challenge and morph? It is a visual. It is your earliest movie. And it is your earliest light movie. So that you could look at it and say, “Look how the energy can morph and transform! This is the coolest planet to be on! This is the best place in the universe to hang out. Look at this beauty! I will never hurt her, or maybe she’ll stop the show.”

So I did it as a gift to humans, but also to Gaia. Not that she is not magnificent enough, but her field is quite magnificent, you know. And it is radiant. But there are times when you want just a little more. And so I painted it for her.

I added a little color to the Grand Canyon as well. ("Transcript: Archangel Michael – The Light Agenda, December 19 2012, Final Episode," Dec. 20, 2012, at

I am an artist. I am a musician. I’m very much involved in peace in the true sense. I’m joyful. I’m a creator. … I spend time in play. … I love a good adventure.

I’m the one that is always up for whatever is going on. I’m the one that is always saying ‘Yes’ and trying to figure it out later.

Because it always turns out, sometimes in the longer run, that it’s joyful, that it’s exciting. And yes, there is this part of me that loves to create and collect creation codes, to bring greater beauty to the heavenly hosts, to show the Mother/Father/One, to share with the humans, the star beings, the galaxies far beyond. So there is this both sides to me, the part that you would think of as the quiet, pensive, but even when I am creating something it is going to be something that is going to make you laugh and smile.” (1)

Think of the Aurora Borealis. That’s mine. (Archangel Michael on An Hour with an Angel, Nov. 26, 2012, in "Think of the Aurora Borealis. That's Mine" at

Malaysia Flight 17

From 2014

We have been asked about the speculation that the United States government had a hand in downing the Malaysian plane in Ukraine and the accusations that the Russian government did. Our colleagues in Nirvana say neither is responsible—it was the work of the “black ops” arm of the Illuminati-controlled faction of the CIA, the same force that is egging on the pro-Russian separatist movement in Ukraine.

That faction, which operates independently of all governments’ oversight, respects no national borders. Wherever some citizens are dissatisfied with their elected leaders, the agents either instigate or exacerbate uprisings to heighten tension, implicate whatever national leaders would be appropriate and help the dissidents obtain weaponry and supplies. “Black ops” personnel, like the rest of the Illuminati, feed on negativity, and their means of refueling themselves is creating negativity-laden chaos, fear, death, injury, sorrow and destruction. (Matthew's Message, Aug. 3, 2014.)

The Illuminati themselves at the highest levels ordered the destruction of both Malaysian Airlines planes, according to channel and source, not the Russians, and not even the Illuminati wing of the CIA, which exists at a lower level.

Channel: We are in a war zone. You can look around and see all the innocent people that die every day.

[The Illuminati] are stepping it up. I mean big time. Two major airliners? They are scared and are stepping it up blatantly, every day. There were many people on those airplanes.

Steve: Was it the Illuminati wing of the CIA that did this?

C: It was no country. It was the Illuminati themselves. And they have their representatives in different countries. Just like the [source], the Illuminati have their representatives.

And as the beings of light are gathering in unity, say the [source], so the beings of darkness are gathering in unity as well.

As long as any lightworker has one shred of darkness, they have a place to live.

S: Is that the same as saying one iota of fear?

C: Yes, they are the same. ("Did the Illuminati Bring Down Both Malaysian Planes?" July 24, 2014, at

It is at times difficult to keep an ever-changing surface world totally isolated from a much higher dimensional reality. This interference can cause effects that forge odd environmental catastrophes. Major areas for these anomalous inter-dimensional events are found off the shores of Southeast Asia, off the coasts of southern Africa, North America and Western Australia.

Such an event happened around a passenger plane just off the coast of Malaysia. This passenger craft was caught in a suddenly open portal which caused many electrical devices to either fail or behave strangely. The crew did not know what to do or even where to go. The craft was swept literally out to sea. It finally returned to “normal” and found itself in Agartha. You can probably guess the rest. We only mention this since this particular flight was kept a mystery for a long time. (Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation via Sheldon Nidle, March 26, 2014.)

Republican Party Lawsuit Against Obama

From 2014

As for the lawsuit against President Obama, we see it as a neon arrow pointing to the country’s serious issue that the Republican party’s most conservative contingent—“The Tea Party”—also limits the government’s responsiveness to the needs of the people. This doesn’t mean that those individuals are in the Illuminati ranks; simply, they want the country run according to their wishes and philosophies. The other Republicans, eager to sweep the party to election victories in all the states, join with Tea Party members to vote as a bloc, and their voting record shows that often it doesn’t coincide with what would benefit the majority of citizens. (Matthew's Message, Aug 3, 2014.)


From 2015

Concerns most often expressed have to do with ISIS, whose actions are keeping this group in the global spotlight. This is where it mustbe, where the weight of the world is against barbaric behavior and your society can see the need to eradicate the roots from whence it springs—foreign invasions, vengeance, bigotry, poverty and ignorance.

Do not be misled by those who misguidedly point fingers at Islam as the cause—ISIS’ atrocities violate the most basic tenets of that faith. Just as one can cite passages of the Koran that call for killing “the infidels,” so can one cite passages of the Bible that justify the killing of people who don’t embrace Christian precepts; and, despite all omissions and distortions of the original records that became those holy books, they still contain passages advocating love and respect. The dawn of belief in one supreme deity quickly was perverted by the darkness, and religious dogmas devised by power-hungry, greedy individuals, NOT by persons “inspired” by God or Allah, became the most divisive force within your civilization and the grounds for centuries of unspeakable persecution.

Now then, your universal family cannot halt ISIS’ path of death and destruction because they are not permitted to interfere in the free will choices of any individuals except those who attempt to send nuclear warheads into space. Yes, eventually heightening vibrations would topple the Islamic State, but in the interim, ISIS would continue exemplifying the basest of third density behavior. Never do we favor, much less suggest combat, but we understand that stopping that group’s progress requires a coalition of troops from directly-affected countries and their neighbors, with other kinds of assistance from other nations. We are not underestimating ISIS’ military strength, funds, recruiting success or determination to keep expanding their territory, but with dissension emerging within the leadership and the rank and file, they are not as indomitable as they want your world to believe. (Matthew Message, March 25, 2015, via Suzy Ward,

Your star brothers and sisters have used a great deal of technology and have mingled – yes, boots on the ground – in that group. Oh, you think that they [ISIS] are so tight in terms of who is involved in their armies. Dearest, it is so grassroot and expanded that the star beings have no difficulty moving amongst them. (An Hour with an Angel with Archangel Michael, Feb. 14, 2015, Part 1/2Channeled by Linda Dillon,

We sense the frustration that you feel at the continuing troubles in the Middle East. However, be assured that we are doing as much as we are allowed to, and have prevented the escalation of the war that is taking place. People ask why we do not step in and stop it, but that would be interfering with the karmic path that has been set in place.

Until lessons are learnt we can only try to limit the loss of life and damage that is taking place. (SaLuSa, Feb. 6, 2015.)

Do not be concerned about the group known as Isis, as their success is soon to be brought to a sudden halt when they shall be unable to continue with their war against the people of Earth. Many ask why we do not stop them now, but certain karmic issues have to be played out. There are many lessons being learnt that will well serve the souls involved very well, and help them to evolve. It may seem to you that many innocent souls are involved in the atrocities that are taking place. However, please understand that they are working off karma from previous lives that can only be to their advantage. (SaLuSa, Jan. 23, 2015.)

Many ask why we do not stop them now, but certain karmic issues have to be played out. There are many lessons being learnt that will serve the souls involved very well and help them to evolve.(SaLuSa, Jan. 23, 2015.)

When the time is right we shall put a stop to warlike activities, and all that is associated with such intentions. We are here to bring lasting peace to Earth and her people, and to assist you to take your place alongside us. (SaLuSa, Jan. 23, 2015.)

From 2014

The political penchant for assigning blame is hotter and heavier [than for Ebola] about ISIS, which isn’t faring at all well insofar reports to allay fear about their intentions, and justifiably so. Those forces will continue to make headway until an allied regional effort stops them, and that will come. The underlying factor, ever-increasing light, will be construed as self-serving interests of neighboring nations, and indeed pragmatism will enter the stage. As leaders who are refraining from active involvement realize that ISIS forces could carry their terror-based “Islam state” across whatever borders they wish, vulnerable countries will jump into the fray.

We know that as those two situations run their respective courses, they are providing many souls the opportunity to work through chosen karmic lessons. Still, it is a sadness for us that some of our Earth family are treating others without a shred of mercy. (Matthew's Message, Oct. 19, 2014.)

Steve Beckow: If we could switch over to ISIS and Al Qaeda, for a moment. Now, people… Al Qaeda was started by the CIA, but I think you told me recently that Al Qaeda is no longer a CIA organization, and I think a lot…

Archangel Michael: That is correct.

SB: That is correct. So it is now operating on its own, correct?

AAM: And has for some time.

SB: And has for some time. Okay. Even though it didn’t cause 9/11. That was a CIA and other organization’s false flag operation. Now, ISIS, there still are people who think that it’s the CIA that’s driving ISIS. So could you tell us a little bit about — repeating yourself, I know — ISIS and a little bit of how the battle is going to subdue them?

AAM: First of all, all the truths regarding 9/11 have not yet come to the forefront. Will they? Yes.

But let us leave that aside for the moment. ISIS is not an operation, either sanctioned or part of the American military or intelligence community. It is born of a group that claims religious and geographic loyalties, shall we say, but that are also very enmeshed in the old paradigms of power for power’s sake in terms of control, and in terms of money.

Now, you know that I do not very often speak of money other than spiritual currency, and that is something entirely different that I would encourage each of you to look at. But ISIS is a group whose allegiance is primarily to itself. Can we use the term “to the Founding Fathers”?

Now, there is a desire, and a very well-funded desire, on their part to re-establish a regime of the old that was also based on power and control. So it is not an ancient dream of the glories of Persia. Let us be very clear about that.

It is about control of resources, particularly oil fields, of which they control and receive substantial revenues every day. It is about the money they hold that they have captured from the Iraqi treasury. It is about their control of the people through torture, murder, death and fear, so that the populace does not agree with them; they simply move out of their way so they will not be killed.

There is a very big substantial difference in this. Now, on our side, and with your star brothers and sisters, we are doing a great deal to work with ISIS. The full extent of which we cannot tell you. But let us say that many of our resources are focusing on this area at this time because it is critical to many other events, what you think of as physical and spiritual events unfolding.

There is a great deal of jockeying on the part of the United States of America and the powers that be in Syria and Iraq, and although it has been quiet, Afghanistan, and to some extent Pakistan. So there is a power jockeying in that front, but let us also be clear, peace can not be won by the exchange of gunfire, of missiles, of hand-to-hand combat, of people cowering in caves or basements to stay safe!

None of this results in lasting peace. It is exactly the same game. It is power trying to wrench control, because it believes it can, because it has the force and the money to do so. That is not in alignment, not with the human plan, not with the plan of Gaia, and not with the plan of the Universal Mother.

So this cannot continue. ("Archangel Michael: It is Time to Relinquish Any Feeling Less Than Love - Part 2/2," channeled by Linda Dillon, Sept 2, 2014, at

The Passing of Robin Williams

From 2016

Steve: Was Robin Williams assassinated?

AAM: No. (AAM, Aug. 12, 2016.)

From 2014

Occasionally a person’s passing touches the heart of the world, and so it is with Robin Williams. Our colleagues in Nirvana told us that a throng of thousands gathered to greet this soul who had given pleasure to so many during his Earth lifetime, and we hasten to assure readers who wrote that they prayed he wouldn’t be “penalized” for ending his life—he will not be.

Let us speak first about entry into Nirvana. The soul is liberated from the etheric body and the psyche, which arrive in the same condition as when the person left physical lifetime. Robin’s psyche was beset with such pervasive, painful depression that eventually it took control; he thought that only by ending his life could he escape the intolerable agony. His traumatized psyche needed to be healed, and this came with customized care and constant attention in one of Nirvana’s specialty areas that can be likened to your hospitals’ ICUs.

Our colleagues report that Robin’s psychic healing was swift due to cellular patterning of lifetimes in advanced civilizations, he had completed all major contract provisions and depression was not a contract choice. He is in the company of friends and family from his immediate past and previous lives, and he is joyously experiencing other wondrous aspects of life in Earth’s spirit world. We add our own knowledge, that lighted beings throughout the universe honor this highly-evolved soul who had chosen to be generous in spirit, energy and resources and by far exceeded even that extraordinarily grand measure. (Matthew's Message, September 23, 2014.)


From 2014

What do Vladimir Putin’s actions in Ukraine portend for that region? For the short term, general confusion and in some quarters, fighting. Putin wants the same that other national leaders want: a strong economy, a stable government and a calm citizenry. He didn’t realize the breadth of discontentment among Ukrainians or anticipate the outcry after those living in Crimea voted to join Russia, where the majority of voters feel a comfortable familiarity. Throughout your recorded history national borders have swayed to and fro in accordance with the victors of wars, ensuing gain or loss of control, and need for natural resources. Never have the few in power considered how this affected the populace, whose lot was to endure the results of a culture split into different national allegiances or the combining of different cultures under one flag.  [June 2, 2014]

It is quite a different matter in the United States, which of all large countries has the most extensive blend of races, religions, ancestral nationalities, ethnicity and cultures, a richness that can splendidly enhance a nation with wise governance. Souls at this station are apolitical and impartial, and it is without judgment that we see this country’s mid-term election making little if any dent in the status quo that economically and legally disenfranchises the majority of the “minority” populations. We agree with your analysts who foresee more partisan finger-pointing, obstructionism and legislative action favoring the interests of the wealthy.

But this is only for the short term and not cause for discouragement. It is discussions going on behind the scenes that will serve the greater good of all. Leaders in various governments, industries and the sciences are addressing issues such as peace accords, global economic stability, the environment, nuclear disarmament, refugees, impoverishment, renewable energy, pollution reduction, healthcare and new technologies, and some talks include members of your extraterrestrial family. Effects of these efforts toward international collaboration will be seen incrementally, and Earth’s steady course into planes of increasingly high vibrations assures that ultimately wise leaders, justness and harmonious cooperation will reign within and among all governments. (Matthew's Message, November 14, 2014.)

Our replying at this point to the numerous readers who have expressed interest in the political future of the United States may seem strange, but you shall see that it is purposeful. The two cited questions are representative of the others: “Will the November elections give Republicans control of Congress?” and “You predicted correctly that Barack Obama would be elected US president in 2008. Will Hillary Clinton become that country’s first female president in 2016?”

We won’t know which candidates will be elected in November until that nation’s voters decide. Since we often have said that the outcome of everything transpiring on Earth is known because it isfait accompli in the continuum, it is natural to wonder why we don’t know who the winners will be. The election results won’t affect planetary ascension one whit and will have little impact on the collective consciousness, which comprises the energy put forth not only by humans, but also every other life form on the planet. Because the winners aren’t significant in those contexts and there is no clarity in Earth’s field of potential, there is no way for us to know who they will be. As for the 2016 presidential election, so much will take place during the next two years that even hazarding a guess about who will want to run for the office would be senseless and futile.

We did not predict, we stated with certainty that Barack Obama would be elected, and this brings us back to why 2007 was a pivotal year: That is when thoughts about his being a potential US presidential candidate entered the collective consciousness. The soul that embodied as Barack Obama was chosen to lead your world into Gaia’s long-awaited era of peace, so it was essential that thoughts and feelings favoring him as president emerge, then keep increasing until the energy momentum was unstoppable. The voters’ decision to elect him the following year was as predestined as surely as was Earth’s ascension. (Matthew's Message, October 19, 2014.)

The Need for Rain

From 2015

When we have begun our work of co-creation with the rain, did it occur immediately? No. But, did it occur enough to encourage you to keep going? Yes. (An Hour with an Angel with Archangel Michael, Feb. 14, 2015, Part 1/2Channeled by Linda Dillon, From 2014

St. Germaine: California needs rain. It needs moisture. It needs to have the water to sustain itself, the very Earth, the trees, the plants, so it is a practical thing.

Now, you do not need to apologize to your comrades all over the Earth because as you do for California you are doing for everywhere else that is drought-ridden. That is how it works: if you do it for one, you do it for all. So take that into account. You are focusing on the person receiving the healing on the bed. On the altar, as it were, is California, but it is for all drought-ridden places...

California is a golden place. It is a city of light and it is one of the most creative places on the planet. If I were to incarnate this day, I think I would go and live in California.

Let me be practical now. You are learning and you are applying how you can, through your very thoughts. The belief in your thoughts creates energy, because thought and love are sheer energy. It is creation of a new belief system. You are a powerful creator, and you, in the embrace of the elements, Earth, wind, fire, water, you are embracing the elements in community, and you are talking to the element of water all over the planet.

And as human beings, in partnership with the elements, you are saying, “Will you come with me, and will you rain in perfect harmony and proportion in California?” You are learning to work with Gaia and the elements themselves. You are learning that you are part of a citizenry that is not isolated but that is breaking through these old barriers.

So every day you are talking to every molecule of water and saying, “Will you come with me and rain, and create a lush California yet again? And will you share this bounty all over Gaia in perfect balance and harmony?” When you do this, you are going to see proof positive of how powerful you are, not just in bringing forward a dollar here or a dollar there, but creating the beauty of harmony in partnership, not just with us, but with Gaia herself and with your community around the globe.

Now, that is doing what you are capable of.

Steve Beckow: You’ve talked about sacred partnership with the Company of Heaven, and you’ve just talked about our meditation event. But is this not an illustration of that partnership? The galactics, for instance, are infusing plants with chlorophyll and moisture and keeping them alive even in the midst of this drought. Is that not an example of what the Company of Heaven is doing from its side? And then you’ve talked about what we might do from our side. Is that correct?

StG: Well, do not forget, you are part of the Company of Heaven. The division of this Company that you think of as the galactics and the inter-galactics have been holding the chlorophyll and a modicum of moisture to keep the plants alive while the human beings, in harmony with the elementals, learn this lesson: they are working to preserve and sustain Gaia.

Many of us, led by Archangel Raphael, who is the essence of the green emerald ray in itself, are also working with the trees, with the plants, with the waters, even with the fire, with the humans, to sustain Gaia through these droughts so that Gaia herself, the plants, the kingdoms, do not have to die.

So we are patiently holding the space, holding the life force, the frequency that can sustain life while this [correction of belief systems] is taking place. We are doing our job, and we are asking your cooperation in doing yours. ("St. Germaine: You are Ready to Go Through the Ascension Portal - Part 2/2," channeled by Linda Dillon, November 10, 2014, at

Philae Comet Lander

From 2014

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. We are happy to address questions about our last message as well as requests for our views on recent events, and we begin with the robot satellite landing on a comet. Maneuvering an object so it can meet up with one whizzing through space is no small feat, and we say, Good show! Clearly, this merits celebration as a technological triumph, but we also see its greater significance: Your civilization is looking toward the stars peaceably—not all that long ago the intention of a few on Earth was to wage war in space. In time, your civilization will have the desire and capability to visit the distant homelands of universal brothers and sisters. (Matthew's Message, November 14, 2014.)

Deaths of African-American Males Due to Excessive Police Tactics

From 2014

Reforms will come sooner than the end of racist feelings, which are instilled by one generation into the next; this venomous chain of orientation will be broken by youngsters who resist or overcome it. Yes, everyone involved in the incidents volunteered at soul level to play their respective roles, as many others have before them, to keep a global spotlight on the cruel injustices of racism and all other prejudices not only in that country, but wherever they are factors of life. Eventually these aspects of your civilization will exist only as sad chapters in your historical records. (Matthew Ward’s Message, as received by Suzy Ward, December 14, 2014, at

Celebrity Figures

From 2014

As for abusive behavior by some celebrity figures, all individuals agreed at soul level to participate in the various situations for two reasons: to further publicize the pain and anguish of all persons subjected to those kinds of treatment, and to show the folly of elevating popular sports figures and entertainers to idol status. The larger importance that will emerge is recognizing that every person in your society has equal value in the family of souls; and a byproduct, so to say, will be sufficient remuneration for workers in all fields of endeavor so everyone can share in Earth’s abundance. (Matthew Ward’s Message, as received by Suzy Ward, December 14, 2014, at

Vaccinations Again

From 2015

Several readers expressed concerns about vaccines and the ongoing controversy about their safety vs risks, and one wrote: Why did just a few cases of measles become an urgent vaccination situation? This isn’t a deadly disease! As far as we know, none of your doctors has explained why they were urging vaccinations for such a mild disease or how a disease that purportedly had been eradicated in the US suddenly popped up. Your medical establishment is “in bed with” the companies that manufacture vaccines; and, a few children were inoculated with potent doses to “give” them measles, from them a few children with low immunity systems “caught” it, and some passed it on to a few others who also had compromised immune defenses.

The earliest vaccines were developed by scientists whose purposes were benevolent, and the use of vaccinations was too. However, the Illuminati saw that vaccines could achieve one of their major goals—eliminating most of Earth’s population—thus they were used to cause the diseases that the public was told they would prevent. During the past half century or so, a variety of viruses developed in Illuminati laboratories have been released to initiate a pandemic, and in previous messages we have explained why in recent years all of those attempts failed. [The August 12, 2014 message has the most comprehensive information.]

For readers who asked if vaccines cause or contribute to autism, I asked my mother to copy our reply to this question in a prior message.

Is the sizable increase in autism related to the shift in consciousness? Not at all. The growing numbers of children who have symptoms that are similar to autism is due to toxins in inoculations, and the symptoms are exacerbated by pollutants in air, water and soil, and chemicals in food preservatives and prescribed drugs. True autism, which is far rarer, is the soul’s choice of experience, to which all others sharing that lifetime agreed. And neither autism nor its look-alike condition will prevent those persons from physically ascending with Earth unless a short lifetime is part of the soul contract. [February 13, 2011] (Matthew Message, March 25, 2015, via Suzy Ward,

The question of vaccination is coming forward again and that there is a push in recent days to make the masses believe that it is irresponsible not to be vaccinated. Therefore attention is being drawn to the measles epidemic and how dangerous it is and how the vaccination against measles must be taken and that if one does not take this vaccination or sanction their children to have such vaccinations that they are irresponsible, that they are criminals even and ones who need to be punished. The most ready form of punishment at this time is the threat that if you do not vaccinate your children, you cannot have them attend local schools for they will not be allowed to go to school if they are not vaccinated.

Many are dithering about this even if they have information that clearly shows the truth of this matter: that vaccinations are not only dangerous, they are intended to subjugate the masses to biological toxins and agents that can destroy the health and not enhance it.

That can enslave the mind due to nanotechnology that is contained within the vaccinations. There is great pressure on individuals who know about vaccinations but have not yet decided to take a stand and therefore can be manipulated by others, especially family and friends, who totally believe the lies that are being presented, who see this matter as a matter of the irresponsibility not to vaccinate, to put others in danger. This pressure is often extreme and many do not wish to be considered aberrant, to not be seen by their friends and families as normal. Indeed the need to seem normal still outweighs that which is the interior knowing of matters. (Cosmic Awareness, Feb. 6, 2015, at

Germanwings Plane Crash

From 2015

We want to speak about another aspect of the plane crash. The consensus of your analysts is that the co-pilot, Andreas Lubitz, planned to commit suicide by deliberately crashing the plane, disregarding the lives of all others on board. That is not so, according to the medical team giving personalized care to treat Andreas’ traumatized psyche, which is recovering slowly due to his depth of despair when he learned what had happened.

What was used as evidence to substantiate the consensus was the young man’s determined efforts to overcome his emotional fragility, including Internet information he felt he could use in positive ways to fortify healthy thought processes especially during flights. Moments after the pilot left the cockpit, Andreas’ consciousness snapped—he has no memory of that instant or what transpired afterwards. If this could be known, although it would not console those who love the people who went down with the plane, it could give some peace of mind and heart to Andreas’ family and friends. We should add that he was not one of the three persons who had completed their contracts. (Matthew's Message, April 22, 2015.)

That this Awareness says there is something indeed in this matter. That this factor is not one that will readily be admitted by any of the officials, for to do so would of course raise questions about the official reason that is being given out as to why this aircraft crashed, the blame being put now on the German co-pilot. That he somehow was depressed, suicidal and locked the door against the pilot, while he took over the aircraft, crashing it into the mountain.

This is the official story that has been given out. Not that there were two aircraft, military aircraft, and this Awareness would actually state that while the story runs that it was military craft, that it is not seen by this Awareness that they were truly military aircraft at all, but rather two craft that were used by certain ones who have this technology and are using it covertly. That these similar aircraft and vessels have been involved in other events, such as the Malaysian airliner that went missing one year ago. That they are not strictly speaking military aircraft jets that are flying for a nation’s military, but rather these advanced craft that have been used before.

Yet this Awareness is getting distracted in this matter, for It wished to go on about the excuse that has been publicly released, and that this Awareness would say of this: that it is rather curious that this story was brought out less than 48 hours after the crash, being released to the New York paper and then being proclaimed by the French Official Prosecutor within a very short timeframe of the accident occurring.

This is unprecedented. It is not seen by this Awareness that it is normally so that an actual reason for such a crash would be given so quickly. Therefore, one must ask oneself “why has this story come out so quickly, blaming the German co-pilot Lubitz for this crash, putting it on his shoulders, stating that he was deranged and suicidal”? It certainly has taken the world’s attention and now all know the excuse that is being given as the “official story” that the German co-pilot was suicidal, should never have been flying, that he took a break six years ago during his training, which of course must indicate that there is something psychologically wrong with him. This man is being used as a scapegoat, Andreas Lubitz, the final name, the surname not seen clearly, that the German co-pilot is being used as a scapegoat, one who is being blamed on this accident, so one does not need to look any further, it was the German co-pilot that did this.

Many will not be open to any alternative explanation, for the official story that is being given out states that it is so. But again, this Awareness states that this is unprecedented, the speed by which the reason for the crash being released publicly. In normal investigation, even if there is suspicion of what was the cause of the action, it is not normally the case that the suspicion is made official so quickly, and then distributed to the public so quickly. In light of this, in light of how quickly this story came out in an official version, one must ask oneself: why is this so, why have they released such a story so quickly?

That this Awareness says it is a “false flag” event and it is being manipulated, as most false flags are manipulated, to seem that this is the reason and there is no need then to look deeper, there is no need to ask any further questions. It is clear-cut that Andreas Lubitz was the one who crashed the plane on purpose, taking himself and 149 others out of the picture.

That this incident has much more behind it than at first seems. There have of course been the stories of the 16 school children and their teachers, the two opera singers, the sportscasters from Croatia, wherever they were from, different passengers being brought to attention for the sympathetic effect of such tragedy. But this Awareness will say that there was one on the plane who was a figure that was….. this Awareness is choosing Its words carefully, that was important, one who had certain information, one who could have released this information causing great damage to certain of the elites and certain nations such as America.

That this person was the true target. That it is not unknown that aircraft are destroyed in crashes, to kill, to assassinate one or two or even several onboard, that may prove difficult to the Powers That Be, to a nation such as America or the UK, and it is seen that there is a passenger on board that had certain information that could have been released and it is seen that there was suspicion this one was ready to release this information that could have been very embarrassing for the Powers That Be, for America, and for its plans and for its covert operations. Therefore it was necessary to eliminate this one, one whose name has not been released officially, in that it is not that which has taken public interest, such as those who have been announced, such as the children, the 16 school children from Germany and the opera singers, etc.

That this Awareness would also say that when such an event occurs, there are often multiple reasons why such an action is taken. That this Awareness has divulged, has shared, that it is seen that there was at least one who was posing a threat to certain officials, certain of the powers that needed to be eliminated, but there was also another reason for targeting this German airliner, this subsidiary of Lufthansa, this company known as Germanwings. That it was a message to Chancellor Merkel, the German leader.

That in recent times Germany has been looking into leaving that which is the Western nations, the power group of America and the UK, that it has been looking to Russia. It has been looking to joining the BRICS Bank that is in formation, of realigning itself away from the oligarchy of power that exists, that has so long been in control, and realigning itself with these new emerging nations, Russia and China in particular.

That this Awareness does state here that crashing the German airliner was a shot across the bow of Merkel’s ship. It was meant to send a very clear message that “we can indeed take over, we can indeed crash your planes even ones you may be flying in if you do not conform, if you do not cooperate”. This message was not lost at all upon Merkel or any of the other EU leaders that are considering, as France is also considering, moving towards stronger connection with Russia and China. Thus again that this was a warning to the leaders of France and Germany, Germany in particular.

That in terms of the actual event itself, in terms of the accusation that the German co-pilot was solely responsible for this event, that he was deranged, that he was suicidal, that he  thought he would take out the whole plane to satisfy his need to end his life– when looked at is an absurdity. This man showed no indication that he was so deranged, so suicidal and of course, the impression that is being given through the news reporting, is that he was indeed in such a state. But if this was so, why was it so that he was allowed to fly? There are indicators, yet it is supposed to be assumed, because the official reports say it is so, that he showed nothing, no indication whatsoever that he was in such a mental state.

Yet now much information is being quickly released that seems to indicate it was so. It has even been reported that in investigating his home, that certain evidence has been found including a letter that he wrote, that was torn up and thrown into the wastepaper basket. This Awareness would ask one and all who hear such reports that they do not just jump to the conviction that it is so because it was reported on CNN, or on any other news line; to ask questions.

This is, as this Awareness stated already, a false flag event. That the goal and purpose of those in power, aside from sending their messages to Merkel, for controlling this plane in the first place and crashing it, showing that they can take over a flight, is to also further create in the mind of the public, the manipulated mind of the public, the belief that when news is reported, it is correct, 100% correct. This Awareness is stating it is not 100%. It is about manipulation, it is about propaganda, it is about control of the mind of the masses towards that which is given on the news versus questioning these reports, being neutral, being an observer to these events so that one can make up their own mind.

Be aware of this in the next several days as more reports come out about the co-pilot. Be aware there are hidden agendas here and that simply to believe the reports that are on the television or in the newspapers because it is there and after all, “they” would not lie to one is not good enough.

There are many false flag events that are being carried out at this time. It is especially important at this time to be neutral, to be the observer, to ask questions, so that one can start to see that which is presented as not jiving, not adding up, not making sense at certain levels.

If one develops this capacity to ask the questions, to be neutral and to be the observer, then other false flags as they happen become more obvious. This particular false flag is not as obvious because it does not contain the element of jihadist terrorism. It seems to be the actions of one lone man who was mentally unsound and of course there is that element of the shock of such an action by one man, the mass murder of 149 others, babies and children included. This staggers the mind, this staggers the compassionate heart of most human beings, and most want to find answers, know why this happened, and they are then force-fed the reason why: it was the action of one deranged individual. This is a time-honored ploy of the Powers That Be: the one single solitary gunman, the one single solitary individual who has carried out this attack, thus not needing to look any further, if one accepts this as the truth. But in this case it is not entirely the truth.

At that time of the events that are being called the deranged actions of this one individual, there were others that were engaged in actions against this aircraft, against the pilot. This Awareness did start by confirming that there were two aircraft, two vessels that were flying with the plane. That these ones had technology that caused the co-pilot to act in the manner he did. That this Awareness will say it quite clearly: it was a case of mind-control from technology and through technology, launched from the two aircraft that were flying in tandem with the German airliner. That technology was used on the co-pilot that neutralized him, if you will, did not kill him but took away his capacity to think clearly on matters, made him into a mind-drone, mind-controlled drone of those whose intent it was to crash the plane, to eliminate the individual on board that was problematic and a danger to them, to send Merkel and the other EU leaders clear messages of not messing with the Powers That Be and to create a reaction in the mass mind of humanity against such an event, such an action as this.

That in the technology that was used, what occurred was that when the pilot left the cockpit, the device if you will, that made the co-pilot into a mindless drone to be used was applied. That he, the co-pilot got up, locked the cabin door. He did not actually need to get up, it is seen he pressed the button that locked the cabin door, so the pilot could not get in and then proceeded to disengage the altitude control that would keep the plane at the level it was flying so that it began a descent, that he sat there. That report has been made of hearing his breath, but no commentary, no words did he speak. This is because, in a manner of speaking, he was being controlled, he was being held in check. He had been cancelled out as a thinking rational human being, becoming simply one who thought he was still flying the plane, not  realizing, even though the cabin door was being banged against and shouts were occurring from the pilot, that he was doing anything wrong. This Awareness says here that Andreas Lubitz, the German co-pilot thought he was flying the plane correctly, did not see that he had disengaged the controls and had activated a descent protocol at an inappropriate time.

That he was simply non-aware, not aware, that this is what he had done and in his perception in this what could be called a hypnotized-type state, was under the illusion and in the belief that he was flying the plane correctly. He was further blocked from hearing the sound of another trying to get into the cabin. He simply was in this hypnotized trancelike state where he thought he was flying the plane. It is not seen by this Awareness that this was a deliberate act by the co-pilot to crash the plane deliberately into the mountainside, killing himself and the entire planeload of passengers.

Of course, this Awareness is aware that what It is saying here is controversial and contradicts that evidence that is being presented at this time, as to the guilt of this individual. It is the choice of each and every individual to make up their own minds as to what might have occurred. One can indeed believe the reports that were given so quickly, that blaming of the co-pilot that was so quick to occur as being the truth, and there is no reason to question it, for after all why would the public officials lie to the public itself? It must be so that it is as reported that this man was suicidal, thus making judgment on a man unknown to them and to each individual who may have heard this report.

Therein lies the danger of course to simply accept the reports that are given, the pronouncements that are made by those authorities that we are taught, that humans are taught to believe are honest, that they would never do such a thing, would never lie to the people. Yet in recent times, due to the many false flag events that have happened since the beginning of this year 2015, it is obvious that much lying is occurring, much cover-up is happening and that this is yet another case of cover-up and deception and a false flag event. But it is up to each individual to make their own decision.

More information over the various Internet sources will be presented in the next days and weeks. It is again the responsibility of any who is looking into this matter to decide who is  telling the truth, what the truth even is.

All this Awareness can say is this air crash and the explanation of it, the laying of blame on the shoulders of the scapegoat/co-pilot are classic deception techniques that are meant to take one’s attention off of a possible truth, to believe in that which is the illusion and the cover-up. It has been done so many times in the past and this is yet another example, a tragic example to those who have lost their lives, tragic to this innocent co-pilot who is being made a scapegoat to be blamed for this. And again, many will not believe that which this Awareness has spoken today, that they would rather believe CNN and the public officials who are proclaiming the reason for this accident.

But this Awareness would ask one and all to ask a simple question: why is it so this information came out so quickly which is totally against normal policy of collecting evidence and not making such public announcements so quickly? Look at the information that is being presented and ask: who is best served? who does this advantage? Remember always that there are those who will benefit from such events, and it is normally those who control the event and the reporting of this event or these events; the reporting of that which is the evidence, which is in actuality but a cover-up.

That this event as tragic as it is, is a cover-up, is a false flag event with different motives behind it than that which the public press, the media, will be putting out and it is therefore the responsibility of one who is viewing this information, taking this information in, to be neutral, to be the observer, to ask questions and to be willing to look at things differently than what one is told they are.

That at this time that this completes the answering of this question about Germanwings, the aircraft that so tragically was used to achieve other goals than those suggested goals, that are so far removed to how normal individuals think, how the public understand such matters that it is inconceivable to most that a craft such as this aircraft could be used this way, that 150 people would be slaughtered this way, simply to suit the priorities and needs of a few.

But looking back, is this not how it always is? It is time to free yourself in that way of  questioning, in that way of being the observer, in that way of understanding that which is alleged to be the truth is not always the truth of the situation and of the matter.

This Awareness sends Its energies to those who have lost their lives in this situation. It sends Its energies to the many who are suffering because of this event, and It sends Its energies to the many who are trying to understand this event, who have feelings it is not quite what it seems, but do not quite understand what is really up here. That this completes the answering of this question.

Thank you Awareness. There is an observation, it is really sad and pitiful that they would have to trash the co-pilot and the pilot’s reputations by what they are saying on the news on CNN and elsewhere. It’s really sad. You know their families have enough to cope with without something like this also happening.

It is not only sad, it is criminal. But it is also the way these ones work. That having a scapegoat is standard technique, that there must be someone to blame so that the focus and attention is taken off of the real reasons or possible real reasons, it is classic. The stage illusionists do this all the time, misdirect attention to the left hand while the right hand is doing what it needs to do to make the trick work, to con the minds of the observers in the audience who think they are seeing the actions of the left hand but in fact they are being distracted from seeing what the right hand is doing.

This is classic and fundamental to false flag operations, to events that are meant to misguide and fool ones who are not honored or respected at all. In this case this Awareness is speaking of humanity itself, of the people of the planet, who are considered to be fools and not worthy of any compassion or consideration, but only to be used to suit the needs and means of those in power, the elites, the cabal, the ones that are Archonic, those who feel they are the most important and everyone else is not. This includes pilots whose reputations are destroyed, who become scapegoats because of the accusations made against them that they cannot defend. The co-pilot cannot defend himself, the world will think he was this deranged individual who committed mass murder. But this is again very typical of these ones who use these events and these scapegoats and these victims to achieve their own goals and their purpose.

This Awareness has provided information of some of the things not understood, not reported. It is up to each individual to see clearly, how these ones play the game, how they can take reputations and trash them, how they can take lives, destroying hundreds, thousands along the way and it matters not in the least. If it did then of course these events would never occur.

In their way of thinking, the chattel, the peons that are humanity, are owned by them, to be done with as they wish. There is no consideration about the sanctity and sacredness of human life. They see humans as cattle to be led to the slaughter whenever they wish, to use as they wish. The trashing of a few is meaningless to them, just as the taking of lives, thousands of lives, is also meaningless. The only meaning it does have to these ones, is “does it promote and advance the agendas? does it distract and take away attention towards this or that? does it send a message to those they wish to send a message to?”

These are the considerations of ones who would sacrifice so many lives, but these ones have been doing this for thousands and thousands of years. Why should the reputation of one or two individuals matter in the least to them?

This Awareness asks if there are any further questions from the presenter.

No, the two questions I had about mind-control and was the pilot in fact locked out of the cockpit, as has been said – and I am not sure if you covered that last one.

It was covered somewhat in that the pilot was indeed locked out. That the co-pilot once he had been triggered and taken over, if you will, once he had been hypnotized and put into this trancelike situation, locked the pilot out. There is the mechanism in the cockpit, the button that can lock the door to the cockpit that was depressed, that was used by this automated individual, this entranced co-pilot. But he was not consciously aware that he had been programmed to do this or that he did this at all. It is as if his mind was seeing some other reality to that which was actually playing itself out.

In this it is not unlike the stage hypnotists who can hypnotize their subjects so that they, the  subjects, think they are doing this or are seeing that. Others who are not hypnotized, who understand that it is simply a command that was given to them that they are interpreting as their reality, that they can view this, witness this. They can laugh at this, for it is used in an entertaining way, but in a much darker and more serious way, that when the subconscious mind is hypnotized, when the technology, the advanced technology that was used here in this case, is turned on, that the individual in this entranced state, in this state of hypnotism will believe that they are doing exactly the right thing.

The co-pilot believed he was flying the plane normally and correctly, but of course the commands that he was being given, and these were beamed at him if you will through the technology aboard the aircraft that were flying in tandem with the plane, was not verbal. It was at a deep mental state and indeed Andreas, the co-pilot, felt and thought and believed he was flying the plane in its normal way, as he was instructed to do. By this, this Awareness must make this clear, as he was taught to do in his instructions of flying.

The instructions he received at that time from the aircraft that were flying in tandem, was contrary to his flying instructions, the training that he received, and it was only because he had been taken over if you will that he did what he did, not in realization or understanding that he was doing this, but rather seeing that he was simply flying the plane and making adjustments. In his mind, in his consciousness, he was flying the plane correctly. The fact that he could not hear the pilot outside of the door banging on the cockpit door to get in, was not a factor for him. It was blocked out so he could not hear it and he was simply carrying on as he had been taught to do. He was not committing an act mass murder, he was simply flying the aircraft as he had been taught to do and that he thought indeed that was what he was doing. The fact that he did not do that which he thought he was doing and instead started to cause the plane to descend was not perceived by him, nor was it understood that he was doing such a thing.

Exactly. If this ever comes out in the wash, big apologies should be made to both families, that it was definitely not their fault.

But what about indeed the apologies to every victim upon that plane, aboard that plane?

Yes, but they would be included of course.

What about the apologies to the ones killed in Paris recently in that false flag event, or in Australia or Canada, what about the victims of 911? What about the victims of all the wars that have ever been fought for the few with the hidden agenda?

That of course those families who now see their loved ones being accused in a way, especially the co-pilot, that this is tragic, but it is how these ones have acted for hundreds, even thousands of years towards their scapegoats, their victims, the ones that they have used thousands, millions of times over.

Indeed it is sad that the family of the German co-pilot will have to bear this weight that their son could have done such a thing when they know that their son was incapable of doing such a thing. Yet it is simply yet another example of how those in power use humanity, how willing they are to sacrifice for their own purpose, their own agendas; not one, not several, not hundreds but literally thousands, even millions, to achieve their goals. (“Cosmic Awareness: Germanwings Crash,” channeled by Will Berlinghof, March 28, 2015, at

That this Awareness would indeed choose to discuss further that which was discussed yesterday, the message presented yesterday regarding the crash of the German airliner. That information from other sources is available that can be looked at, that will substantiate some of the claims that this Awareness made yesterday.

That through that website Veterans Today, through the contributions of one Gordon Duff, information has been released that suggests that according to the manuals of the airliner of the company that produced the aircraft, the matter of not being able to get into the cockpit is discussed and that the actual manuals given by the airliner company that has produced the Airbus, clearly states that in actuality it is possible to override the lockdown command from the cockpit thus achieving entry into the cockpit.

Yet for some reason, despite having codes that could override the lockdown procedure implemented from within the cockpit, the door still would not open. That this is discussed in Duff’s article in Veterans Today, also it had been reported on the news viewed by the voice of this Awareness, the Interpreter, on the local news.

That those claims that were made and are being made, that the co-pilot Andreas Lubitz, that he was depressed, are inaccurate. That the clinic that allegedly has treated him has stated that he was not in a depressed mood or a suicidal frame of mind, yet the common reporting is that he was suicidal and that even an ex-girlfriend who has come forward has alleged that he made to her comments saying, years ago, months ago, that he would leave his mark. These are fabrications.

The alleged comments from an alleged girlfriend while they are taken by the public as gospel truth, are seen to not be truthful at all, part of the deception, part of the cover-up. Therefore this Awareness, by presenting this information at this time is again suggesting that things are not what they seem.

That there is an agenda by certain ones to present an erroneous picture of the co-pilot in the cockpit, who allegedly was intentional in his efforts to crash the plane. That these cover-up pieces of truth, which are not truth at all, but presented as such, have an ulterior motive, are presented to shift one’s attention away from other factors.

Another piece of information that was in Veterans Today is the information that most modern airliners, particularly the Airbus line and other modern planes, are now able to be flown by exterior ones, this similar to the drones that are now being used, that an airliner can even be landed from afar if there is urgency, if there is need. This measure has long been available on these aircraft so that these aircraft can never be used as weapons against nuclear plants, for example, or against the Pentagon, the White House, hospitals, other important targets.

This ability to take over of plane, superseding the pilots of that plane and flying it, even landing it in a safe location– why did this not occur if it was noted and known that the co-pilot was about to crash the airliner? One might ask then or suggest then, that the pilot being locked out of the cabin could not get in to make a call to the authorities to ask for the plane to be remotely flown.

But there is another factor, that again is not being reported: that on modern airliners there are those phones known as sat phones or satellite phones, that can be used to place calls directly through satellites to those ones that need to be informed. Therefore it is not simply a matter of radio contact of the pilots to the towers on the ground, but that these satellite phones are available in modern aircraft, to be used in the event that communications perhaps go down in the cabin.

But these satellite phones were not used or if they were used it has not been reported. This Awareness sees that there was an attempt from the pilot locked out of the cabin to use the satellite phone to ask for intervention, to ask for the plane being taken over and flown remotely. This of course would not have been picked up on the cabin flight recorder, but it is seen that efforts were made to use the satellite phone but they were unsuccessful.

This device could not do what it was supposed to do, make such a call directly through the satellite system. Again this Awareness states that there were two aircraft flying in tandem with the airliner. When this Awareness says aircraft, It does not mean two military jet airplanes or even other airliners but rather advanced flying craft, that which would be normally called UFOs or extraterrestrial vessels.

That it has long been asserted that there are those agencies of the United States government and other governments of the world that have such craft and that many of the reported UFO sightings are not extraterrestrial craft but rather the craft of the ones who have this technology, who are secretive and hidden and are engaging in flights that are not meant to be known about.

These craft can fly silently, for part of that which seemed to be a mystery in regard to claims that two other aircraft were seen to be flying with the plane, or are alleged to have been playing beside the plane on either side, that it was not reported by people on the ground that they heard three aircraft. This is of course advanced technology that could allow these craft, these advanced craft to fly silently.

Also it is maintained by this Awareness that these ones were the ones that overrode certain fail-safes that were aboard the plane, such as an overriding code that could open the door, such as the sat telephones that did not work. That if you will it is seen that these two aircraft, these secretive aircraft, these extraterrestrially based aircraft were used here to dampen down the communications field to divert and prevent fail-safes from working.

Further to this, as already stipulated, it is seen that again through advanced technology the ones in the craft were able to mind control the copilot, to put him in a hypnotic trance-like condition wherein this one thought he was flying the plane correctly, not realizing, because he was in an induced state, that in actuality he had engaged the protocol that would cause the plane to descend straight into a mountain. That it was planned this way. Thus this attack was preconceived.

That it was a plan that was not ad hoc at all but one that had intent and purpose, the purpose of bringing down this plane, the purpose of killing 150 people, the purpose of killing a certain one who was on the plane, the purpose of sending warning messages to Hollande, the president of France and to Merkel the Chancellor of Germany, for these two and others have recently been changing their economic alliances. That they have both recently announced their intent and design to cooperate with the Chinese banking system and also an interest in the BRICS world bank that Russia, India, Brazil, China and South Africa are forming.

That those ones in power from that which this Awareness would call the old regime are intensely unhappy about this shift in the power structure, the economic power structure. That ones like Germany and France are openly declaring their intent and, as already stated by this Awareness, that part of the reason for shooting down, bringing down this plane, for it was not shot down in a literal sense, but the bringing down of the Germanwings aircraft was indeed to deliver a message to ones such as Merkel and Hollande that they better be careful, for if they do that which the Powers That Be of the old regime do not like there will be retaliation.

That they can bring down planes, they can crash trains, they can create dangerous situations, not only for the innocent victims that will be offered up but for the leaders themselves. Both leaders, for example, make many flights to various parts of the world and for them to be shown in such a dramatic matter that their planes too could be brought down is that warning this Awareness is speaking of to these leaders on a most personal level.

Thus it is already seen that there are ulterior and hidden reasons why this plane was brought down, a plane that seems to have been inconsequential, in a manner of speaking, just another of the thousands of flights that are flying every day. Yet there is more to it of course than what is being presented. That this Awareness spoke of the quickness of the response, the quickness of putting out the reason for the crash, the reason being again that the copilot had deliberately crashed the plane so he could kill himself and make a statement.

That while this is that which is being put out for the public to consume, it is shown that this is not necessarily the truth of the matter. That there are the hidden agendas of the power Elites that are seeing their power slipping away, that are seeing their traditional allies jumping ship, that distresses them immensely and that this is all part of the way of response by them to send out their messages. But it is also with the intent of mass manipulation of the human mind, of the human collective consciousness.

It is to be remembered that the intention of the powers are that the masses are kept asleep, that they are controlled and manipulated and kept at high levels of anxiety and fear. A byproduct of the crashing of the Germanwings airliner is that it has put into the human psyche yet another thing to be afraid of, this being of flying, this being of rogue pilots that may crash their planes.

While this is not seen as the most direct reason for crashing this airliner, it is seen that this is thought by these Powers That Be as a benefit to their agenda and to their plan of the mass control and manipulation of human consciousness, of the mass mind, the collective mind of humanity, keeping them at high levels of fear. Everywhere they turn, everywhere they look there is something else to be fearful about, to be concerned over. That the presentation of the news achieves this goal as well.

That therefore here is yet another thing to be concerned about, to be frightened over and it is seen that bookings on the Germanwings aircraft, using that air company will drop just as they dropped with Malaysian Air. This is also part of the agenda against ones who are not toeing the line, who are not doing what the Powers That Be want them to do.

That ultimately this event, as already alleged by this Awareness, is a false flag event with the purpose and intent of creating fearful situations, of being used as a warning against certain leaders, to eliminate one aboard the plane who had information she was willing and ready to divulge. These ones never do anything by half measures or randomly, there is intent and design behind their attacks.

That this is so in the crashing of the German airliner, that this is so in the event of Paris where those who were alleged to be terrorists invaded the magazine. That this too was a false flag event as were so many. It must be remembered that this is a critical and crucial time for the Powers That Be. It has been spoken by this Awareness that 2015 is their last window of opportunity to affect the planet, to affect the collective consciousness of humanity without too much exposure, too much uncovering of the intents and purpose of the plans themselves and the ones who are carrying out these plans, initiating these plans.

By 2016 it is seen that many, many more will become aware that perhaps things are not as they seem. But these ones who are stuck in their own patterns of behavior will continue their actions, it is just that such actions will become more and more transparent. At this time, this time of the year 2015, that they still are acting with impunity with the belief that they will not be discovered.

Yet even this rope is becoming unraveled, the strands of their intent starting to fray and come apart. Thus it is when there is an event such as the deliberate crashing of the Germanwings aircraft that there are many who wonder about this, who question this, even though the presentation of the truth over the airwaves seems to overwhelmingly suggest this was the actions of a lone individual who was not in full control.

Therefore it is also a situation for an individual to look at this matter and to ask questions in regard to the event. That if this if this was indeed a false flag event, then there would be evidence that seems to suggest it was not what it seemed to be. Such evidence is coming forward, evidence such as the manuals of the aircraft stating outright in their manuals produced years ago that the door could be overridden.

There are those who are saying that the copilot, even though there are the allegations that he was mentally unbalanced, that there are those who are saying that he was not, that he was not depressed, that he was being treated medically for certain a certain condition but that he was not depressed. There is other evidence that is also available to those who seek, those who are open to more than that which is the controlled line of deception being presented over the airwaves, over the media, in the press, through the mouths of ones who are in positions of authority.

But what is required is that the individual take a responsibility here, the responsibility of looking deeper, the responsibility of not simply believing, even though it is very alluring and very compulsive to believe what is being presented on the news and in the papers, that one still holds a position of neutrality, the position of the observer asking questions so that one can look at this matter, not in the light that it is being presented, not in the deception that is taking place but rather with a fresh mind willing to look at alternative explanations and understandings, even if they are extreme, even if they push one to the very limit of credibility in terms of what could have happened versus what is alleged to have happened.

The matter of advanced aircraft used by a covert agency that serves the power Elite is for many simply too much to believe. The fact that there are hidden agendas against individuals and that there is even a willingness to sacrifice hundreds and even thousands of lives to achieve the goals of the ones who have the power, who have the agenda, seems ridiculous to the majority of people and they are not willing to entertain such extreme conspiracy theories.

But simply because they are extreme does not mean that they are not correct, does not mean there is not truth behind the allegations of ones who are presenting information contrary to the public presentation of that which is alleged to be the truth by the officials and the authorities. Therefore, as already stated by this Awareness, this horrendous and tragic event, this heinous crime against innocent ones is an event that can also unfortunately or fortunately be used as an opportunity to look deeper, to ask questions, to reserve judgment on this matter until more is brought forward, more is presented.

This does not mean that this type of information will ever be presented over CNN or any of the other controlled media and it does indeed require a degree of responsibility and willingness for the ones who are asking questions to research the matter more, to be open to evidence that is being presented from alternative sources, to be open to suggestions that are being made by ones who are being demonized as conspiracy nutters.

It is a personal responsibility but it is one that has grander and greater application as well, for as more become aware of that which is the truth of the situation and not the alleged truth that is being presented, as more and more share this with others awareness, collective awareness does start to grow.

This year of 2015 is still a timeframe when the Powers That Be have some degree of protection still of the truth of the matter being revealed, that it is not so that means they can work with impunity, that they feel they are still protected as they always have been to carry out their devious plans, their manipulations of human consciousness, the collective human mind. But this is coming to conclusion.

That simply because they think they are safe in their deceptions and their lies does not mean that the rope is not starting to unravel, that the strands are not being pulled apart. It is happening but at this stage it does require that the individual examine the situation for themselves, draw their own conclusions, be open to alternative possibilities in such false flag events.

That this Awareness will at this time leave it at that, but it is again an opportunity to dissect the event and that which is event to be behind the event with information that is available that can broaden the mind, that can help one look through the deception and to reach a new level of awareness as to the intent and purpose of ones who are trying to manipulate events to serve their own purpose. (“Cosmic Awareness: Germanwings Crash Part 2,” channeled by Will Berlinghof, March 29, 2015, at

Nepal Earthquake

From 2015

Let us speak first about the earthquakes in Nepal in the context of planetary and personal ascension. Mother Nature was dispersing negativity produced primarily by bloodshed and the fearful, dire conditions in which vast numbers of your population are living. If negativity were allowed to accumulate, it would upset Earth’s tenuous balance and adversely affect her ascension course; to preclude that, she is using quakes, tremors, volcanic eruptions and severe storms to release negativity as it gathers.

On a personal level, the earthquakes in Nepal enabled thousands of souls to complete their contracts and ascend spiritually and consciously. This is the goal of every soul, and during this unprecedented time in the universe, multitudes leap at the opportunity to complete karmic lessons in only one lifetime instead of many. Knowing that a major quake in that country would cause many deaths, souls who wanted to balance other experiencing by living humbly and dying traumatically chose to embody there; many more chose to experience the grief and extreme hardships inherent in the aftermath of a catastrophic disaster.

It is so that these events ended the lives of some persons whose soul contracts were not completed or didn’t include that kind of ending. They are granted the three options mentioned in our last message and, along with all others who perished, they received tender, personalized care upon arrival in Nirvana. Some who transitioned due to either event are recovering psychically or their etheric bodies still are strengthening in Nirvana’s customized healing centers; others have embarked upon active, fulfilling lives in your spirit world. The plight of grieving families and friends who are living amidst massive destruction is being eased by the light beamed from Nirvana and far distant civilizations and the light within the outpouring of prayers, compassion and direct assistance on Earth. (Matthew's Message, May 23, 2015.)

Jade Helm

From 2015

Numerous readers in the United States have expressed concern that the military training exercise called Jade Helm is a “red flag” so the government can declare martial law, confiscate guns, and put dissenters in FEMA camps to undergo brainwashing. This is no different from the many other instances that also were labeled “red flags”—either outright false information disseminated to create panic or the assumption of individuals who tend to ascribe sinister intentions to whatever the government does. Please do not be drawn into the fear that is the basis of this melodrama from “either/or” source. (Matthew's Message, June 24, 2015.)

Pope Francis' Visit to the United States

From 2015

Also we have been requested to share our thoughts about Pope Francis’ visit to the United States. We think its importance will be global. Throughout his papacy he has urged uplifting struggling peoples everywhere in messages that transcend politics. Because decisions made in the United States affect many other countries, we feel that what Pope Francis says during his visit will help to increase spiritual awareness within that nation’s government and the citizenry, and ultimately result in benefitting people around the world. (Matthew's Message, Sept. 20, 2015.)

Agenda 2030

From 2015

It will start by highlighting that event that has been underway for several months that many are aware of, that which is called “Wave X”. That “Wave X” represents and holds within it the energy of higher consciousness, of that which this Awareness would call Divine Consciousness. It is approaching this planet, Planet Earth, Gaia, for the purpose of shifting consciousness, of breaking the strangle-hold that has been on the planet for so long by a select few, extraterrestrial ones and those that serve them.

That the ones in power know this, and that there have been attempts to divert this “Wave,” notably the firing up of the Cern Hadron Collider, which was meant to send a beam to split this “Wave”, divert this “wave”. This attempt failed. Therefore, those in power are faced with having to take another course of action. That course of action is to rather create the New World Order, that which has been striven for and driven for and towards for so long.

That there will be an attempt in this week coming, through the auspices of the organization known as the United Nations to present an agenda that is allegedly for the benefit of humanity. This agenda will be known by a title such as “Agenda 2030”.

That the Pope will also be arriving to address the UN Council in this time period. Indeed, his will be an address that is meant to fire up humanity so that they come together to assist and help those who are underprivileged, the impoverished, the poor, those who have the greatest needs. He will of course be seen as the Great Spiritual Leader who is trying to spark human responsibility towards this. That this will occur on the 23rd of September, and that this will be followed a few days later on the 25th with this agenda of action that will be presented to the member countries of the United States and the world in the United States, at the UN Council, to create a plan of action.

Needless to say, this plan of action, this agenda is already drawn up, and while it may seem to be a document of great significance, highlighting the need to come together to help those who have the greatest need and to help the environment and the sustainability of the environment, its true purpose is something completely different. It is the public declaration finally and at last of the true purpose of the New World Order. That the many who have so long worked diligently to bring the planet and to bring humanity to this point, must finally declare this publicly, and it will be so. This is the true intent and purpose of this new “Agenda 2030”.

That this is all within this week coming. This is so that the minds and the attention, and the beliefs of humanity can be misdirected. If they could not divert the “Wave” that would hit and cause many to awaken, then it is at least their hope, their intent and their plan to capture the minds and divert them, misdirect them, as is the usual way of things, as they have always done.  (Cosmic Awareness, “WAVE X,” Sept. 20, 2015 at

That this week is a week to be reflective, to listen deeply to those who present the plan of New World Order, One World Governance, One World Government. That this is a week unlike any week ever, and that the potency and power can be used for good or ill, depending on how one looks at things, how one acts or reacts, what one believes in.

This Awareness would ask all to be aware at this time that this extraordinary event is indeed coming, is indeed almost here. That those in power, in their desperation, will try many things to misdirect attention and focus so that they, those who might be affected will not look upward, will not look inward, but rather will follow the calling of those who have so long misled and deceived. That it is a time for choice: to choose the highest and the most positive, or to believe the liars and deceivers and to be misled down a garden path. (Cosmic Awareness, “WAVE X,” Sept. 20, 2015 at

That this Awareness would end by simply saying the week ahead will be unlike any that has yet been. Many will never even understand or recognize this while it is happening, but many will certainly be affected and feel something is different. This something is the arrival of that spiritual consciousness that has ratcheted everything up to the next notch. Know this and work with this, and know also that this is part of that which is the Divine Plan, and that it is time to bring down the pyramid. It is time to dethrone those pretenders who have so long manipulated and controlled humanity. It is time for humanity to really and truly start its long journey back to its own former glory, its own true state of being, that it is the time and the time is now. (Cosmic Awareness, “WAVE X,” Sept. 20, 2015 at

Murder of Homeopathic Physicans

From 2015

The cabal is using its savage concepts of reality and is attempting to secure some way to delay the inevitable. Case in point, the senseless murders of numerous homeopathic physicians. Nonetheless, the dark has failed. It only makes one wonder about this menacing group of now toothless scoundrels. The plans to arrest them continue to move forward. (Sheldan Nidle, Oct. 13, 2015.)

Paris Attacks

From 2015

Steve Beckow: We used to hear from SaLuSa that the light knew what the dark were doing, were one step ahead of them and would foil their plans. We also heard from Matthew Ward that no large-scale 9/11 events would be tolerated, and then we have Paris. How come Paris was not prevented?

Arcturians: There are choices that humans make. We of the fifth dimension and beyond, we send our unconditional love. And we see that it is difficult for humanity to believe that they have that power. The indoctrination is so extreme. And so therefore, they become afraid and that power comes when that fear is mastered. And fearful events are occurring because the dark force is in control within that nowness, and that darkness is in control within that nowness because they have not yet seen that it is a full planet of unconditional love.

And, with that unconditional love…see, so then what happens, the darkness knows if they do something bad and scare people that people are going to get angry and they are going to hate them for doing that and then they have dropped their consciousness out of the unity, oneness, out of unconditional love. So, they know they cannot win, but they want to play the game as long as they can.

So they continue these random acts of violence to spread fear, and then that fear lowers people’s consciousness because they go into fear and they go into anger. And that is why we say to our ascending ones, ‘Send your unconditional love to the darkness.’ ...

Just know that the people that were harmed, they volunteered to come into reality to sacrifice themselves. They have gone to a much greater world.

SB: They’ve ascended, is that correct?

ARC:  If that is their choice. We can’t say that is everyone’s choice, but they have gone to the reality of their choice. Some have chosen to move on to Venus, some have chosen to go back to their homeland, some have chosen to go back to active duty on their starship. Some have chosen to move into higher frequencies. ("Transcript ~ The Arcturians on AHWAA: Mastering What Jesus Knew, December 24, 2015," at [

Predictions of a False-Flag Event around Christmas 2015

From 2015

There are those who are in power whose powers are ebbing now, who are the powers-that-were, would still nonetheless try to curtail this universal expression of good cheer and good wishes upon all human beings.

That this is something that is tolerated to a degree but even there, there are plans to collapse this season and collapse the feeling of hopefulness that so many bear at this time.

That this means that there are plans afoot that may be designed to create another false flag event over that most sacred period, that soul celebration of Christmas and the Solstice time.

That this Awareness does not predict, It is simply saying there are plans afoot and that if it does occur at Christmas or in the Christmas period, for this is an extended period of approximately one week from the 24th of December to the 30th of December where the feelings of good will and positivity are so strong.

That it is in this period that it is seen that there is a planned event to shock humanity and especially to shock those in North America, particularly America, and it is seen also the United Kingdom: England, Scotland, and Wales as well as Ireland, the British Empire, the United Kingdoms.

That this Awareness brings this forward as a way of preparation, not as a prediction, so that if it does occur that they stage some event in one of the Western nations, particularly seen England and/or the United States, that one is not knocked out of that place that Sagittarius brings, that Christmas, Hanukkah, Diwali bring, the energies of the Solstice brings, to remember that this is a crucial period of time both for those who serve the light and those who serve the dark.

Both are at a turning point, both have come to this place at this time with different intent and different purpose. For one group it is about the continual domination and diminishing of humankind, of its continued enslavement and the perpetuation of that into the future, certainly into 2016.

But for the other side, those who are of Spirit, those who are awakening more and more each and every day, there is that intent and purpose of bringing more light, more spiritual awareness into the fabric of the planet, Mother Earth herself, as well as to humanity, to the collective that is humanity.

As this Awareness has spoken so many times before, it all begins within the individual themself, themselves, and because this is so, as you the individual observe whatever events take place during this period, it is also therefore up to you not to fall for the deception, not to be misled by any false flag.

True there may be suffering for many because of these manipulations, these deliberate attacks upon humanity, but you are not to be drawn into it, you are to stay in the pure powers of these times, of this period of the light returning into the darkness, and you are to remember this message.  ...

It is not about denial if something does occur, but it is about transcendence, it is about going beyond the deception, the lie, the corruption, that is being presented. It is about seeing that everyone has a place in this drama, a role to play and that it may be that those of a spiritual nature can bring light into this matter by accepting the light that comes to them.

It is a most crucial decision not to simply believe any lies that are put out, any deception, any false flag event no matter how tragic, how shocking. To remember that those who are involved in this, even to the extent of giving their lives up, have agreements in Spirit with these ones that have brought this forth and have agreements with each other and have agreements mostly with Spirit Itself, Divine Source itself.  ...

That at this time no matter what occurs, this Awareness invites one and all to stay in the energy of the light that is being seeded within them and within humanity. It is not about denial if something does occur, but it is about transcendence, it is about going beyond the deception, the lie, the corruption, that is being presented. ...

It is a most crucial decision not to simply believe any lies that are put out, any deception, any false flag event no matter how tragic, how shocking. To remember that those who are involved in this, even to the extent of giving their lives up, have agreements in Spirit with these ones that have brought this forth and have agreements with each other and have agreements mostly with Spirit Itself, Divine Source Itself.

This Awareness is not saying that one is not affected when tragedies happen and innocent ones are murdered, but to submit to what is the lie and to believe those who have set up the false flag event, is that which is paramount to giving up your own freedom and your own autonomy. It is what they are planning, they who were so in power once who are now losing their power.

It is their desperation that is coming out at this time and it is seen that 2016 itself will be a year of desperate measures and desperate actions.

But despite this, despite such events occurring that you may experience, still stay in the light, call the light in, use this momentous moment to be the turning point for yourselves, and see it then to be the turning point for humanity.

As you hold this concept, as you step into the power of your sovereignty and your autonomy, you will find that you are free and you are in the light. This is an important understanding to have for as you realize your own freedom, your own illumination, it can grow in you, and as it grows it can be seen by others.  ("2015 Christmas Message From Cosmic Awareness," Dec. 26, 2015, at

Brexit: British Exit from the European Union

From 2016

Europe is in a state of turmoil as the after effects of Brexit are being felt. It was the desired outcome and it will open the way for more countries to follow, that will put a stop to the plans of the Illuminati for World control. At present people cannot see the potential for improvement or realize that you have taken a step towards freedom. The changes do not come easily but be assured that every country receives guidance according to their karma. As the barriers are removed, people will come more together, recognizing that they are All One on the pathway to a new World. All will work out perfectly and fulfil every soul's needs, according to their life plan. (Mike Quinsey, Aug. 21, 2016.)

Brexit has grown quickly and so it will continue as others also join, and it has enabled countries to escape from the clutches of the Illuminati. (Mike Quinsey, Aug. 5, 2016.)

“So UK leaves EU. Now what?” The Illuminati’s dominoes will keep falling. It is not that countries cooperating to offer their citizens enhanced trade, employment and educational opportunities is not a grand idea— indeed, it is! But never was the purpose of the European Union to benefit the people. It was to put them squarely under the thumb of the Illuminati. When vibrations reached a rate wherein an organization built on a foundation of dark intent could not much longer stand, it became a matter of when the first domino in the EU would fall.

Let us put this into its larger context. The Illuminati—also now known as the cabal, global elite, shadow government, One World Order, One World Government—began as a group of individuals who felt that they were the most intelligent and learned people in the world. Thus they were entitled to rule everyone else. Over time, others with the same superior attitude were drawn into the fold of this secret society, egos grew, tempers flared, and two competing factions emerged with the same goal, world domination.

Now we fast forward to sixty-some years ago, when the Rockefeller faction that operates out of New York and Washington, DC, was expanding its tentacles far westward and into Latin America. The Rothschild faction, headquartered in London and the Vatican, saw their territorial influence meager in comparison, so they buffed up their Council of Europe by establishing the European Union, European Central Bank and euro currency.

The Union was put under the Council’s flag and shares its anthem—such a duplicitous choice, Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy.” With the first few countries buckled in by their EU belt, so to say, the Rothschilds and their minions set off on their expansion course; they moved into the new state of Israel, then throughout the Mideast, and more recently, northern Africa and some countries formerly within the Soviet Union.

All along both factions have used strategies in the original plan to reach their goal. They infiltrated governments, military forces, intelligence agencies, multinational corporations, law enforcement and justice systems, religious hierarchies, entertainment industry, medical and educational fields. They garnered fortunes by manipulating the global economy through stock markets, banking and lending institutions, usurious interest rates and unfair taxation. They initiated civil wars, wars between adjoining countries, and World Wars I and II; assassinated or imprisoned opposition; formed terrorist groups; suppressed and misused technologies; controlled mainstream media and the illegal drug trade; and took over natural resources wherever they went.

The original plan also included what they have failed to do—reduce the population by several billions via nuclear weaponry, toxic pollution, and pandemics caused by laboratory-designed viruses. All attempts toward that diabolical end have been thwarted by members of your universal family in your skies or living among you. Still, the two factions kept adding to their respective lines of dominoes and each felt that the world was coming within its grasp.

What they hadn’t taken into account is the light. After millennia of being held captive by the darkness that enshrouded the planet, the peoples started responding to the light beamed to Earth by spiritually evolved civilizations. The more enlightened they became, the more determined they were to throw off the yoke of oppression and persecution, and voices for freedom grew in numbers and volume. All the while, the intensifying light also was exposing the Illuminati’s global network of corruption and ruthlessness, and their dominoes started falling.

BREXIT is the most recent. Few individuals who voted to leave know of the Illuminati or the real purpose of the Union; what they knew is that benefits they had been led to believe they would derive had not materialized. Few who voted to remain know of the Illuminati or what the Union really was about, but they were faring well or were leery about what would happen if the United Kingdom set out on its own. Few know that the outcome of BREXIT was more than the vote count—it was influenced by vibrations that are undergirding activities leading toward a world of peace, honest governance, justness, and a fair share of Earth’s abundance for all peoples.

There will be some frayed nerves and bumpy patches as the EU unravels; more truths emerge; the economy fluctuates as the Illuminati—some at the peak of both factions have joined forces—futilely try to hold onto their ill-gotten wealth; and violence runs out its energetic course. Every happening in this moment and forthcoming is moving society closer to that aforementioned world. Beloved family, we know how eager you are for that to come about, and your steadfastness as lightworkers is helping to bring ever closer in linear time that which is fait accompli in the continuum. (Matthews Message, July 29, 2016.)

The break-up of the EU has commenced and will achieve the long term objective of returning power to the people. It is the beginning of the end of the Illuminati plans to control the world, and as their authority diminishes you will see that those who put serving the people first come into their own. There will be no going back despite any attempts of the dark Ones to change the inevitable destiny that is now unfolding.

Many Lightworkers have been waiting for this time to push ahead with their plans for the establishment of a free society. It will take time to get the changes through, but nothing will be allowed to delay them and soon you will see the desired changes take place. Humans tend to be impatient for action so that they have proof of what is promised, and they will be satisfied as circumstances are changing that allow for them to be made more public....

The break-up of the EU is now underway and other countries will seize the opportunity to take back their power. There is no reason why you should not be able to form new alliances that establish a free market that will give you the freedom to follow your own interests.  (Mike Quinsey, July 8, 2016, at

The people of Great Britain have exercised their personal individual power to bring in changes that will one day be looked upon as world changing events. At present the world is rapidly heading for a melt-down, but the consequences will in no way be as bad as some are suggesting. You could view it as the end of the old ways that no longer serve you, and out of it will arise beneficial changes that will firmly place you on the road to a new Earth and your freedom. Many people have already given of themselves working for it and very soon events will enable you to help bring the changes into being. This time has been planned for many, many years and the Forces of Light are well organized to move into action at a minutes notice, to ensure your success.

The result of the voting in Great Britain in respect of their membership of the European Union, has sent shock waves around your world. Although there were indications before the result was known, that there would be a very close vote with “remain” looking successful, but the trend suddenly changed towards the end. The final votes resulted in an unstoppable swing towards “leaving” the EU. Viewed from our higher level it was the most desirable result that will ultimately prove to have released you from control by the Illuminati. The far reaching effects will result in more countries leaving the EU, thus further reducing their hold over you. Be assured that those souls that oversee your future, were encouraging you to leave the EU and are therefore very pleased with the outcome.

You may not yet understand the benefits of leaving the EU but as time passes it will become more evident. The British people are to be commended for their intuitive choice resulting in the right action being taken. Yes, there are tough times ahead but the extent of the problems are in no way as far reaching as some are predicting. Always bear in mind that many souls are working for the Light and are with you all of the time, and those of the Light will be guided in their work. It is now time to get together working where possible as one group, to restore freedom and prepare for the coming Ascension. The more the dark Ones are suppressed and stopped from fulfilling their plans, the more freedom you will have to push forward and take your rightful place in the New Age. (Mike Quinsey, July 1, 2016, at

My friends, this group of people whom we usually call “the Illuminati,” this group who collectively own the world’s banking system and therefore collectively own the world’s money supply and therefore collectively own the world’s resources is not a group who is used to not getting their way.

When they come to internal agreement on something, IT HAPPENS. When they disagree internally there is strife all across the globe as they vie with each other for control, until one group wins out over another and there is once again internal agreement. And then IT HAPPENS.

What I am trying to say is that this group, collectively, is like the emperor of this world. When they decide upon a decree, IT HAPPENS.

Or so it has been for a very long time. Going back to the ages of kings and emperors and to the god-kings before them. Going back, in fact, to the times of Babylon and Sumeria.

Until today.

You see, this group has many internal disagreements over many things right now. They struggle with each other over many things, which is why the world seems to be at a constant pre-World War III simmer. But amongst all their many disagreements, the one thing they all agreed upon was that the EU should remain intact.

You see, the Illuminati’s great plan is to slowly unify the whole planet into one nation, which they would rule and own. They wished to expand the EU. They wished to create other similar multi-national blocs. They wished to provide administrative control over these blocs that ordinary people could not vote for, just as they had with the EU.

This would allow unprecedented power and control over these vast multi-national blocs. And then the final act would be to unify the blocs into one world nation. Their world, belonging politically, economically and religiously to them.

That was the plan. And, though it has not been all plain sailing, their plan has been unfolding in accordance with their will.

Until today.

Today the Emperor declared to Britain that they would remain in the EU and the British people just showed him a rude sign and shuffled off.

This is a massive strategic win for the side of the Light.

A Delicate Operation

The process of obtaining this win against the Illuminati has been quite exciting to observe. I have been privileged to be able to see all the action from behind the scenes as an impartial observer. And what I have seen is the 4D and 5D forces of the Light playing the most nuanced and delicate game. They knew this was a truly pivotal moment for bringing as graceful as possible an end to the Illuminati hegemony. And so the first thing they did is to make it appear as if this was not an issue that they were contesting at all.

Many of the agents of the Light were even encouraged to play for the Remain side. Some were even convinced to believe that Remain served the interests of the Light. A necessary ploy. It permitted the Illuminati to believe that they were not being opposed by a unified Light side on this issue, which allowed them to lower their guard, which reduced their efforts, which allowed for less coercive psychological action upon the public. And less effort to fraudulently control the vote.

And the Illuminati were themselves also played. The agents of the Light convinced them that a near win (rather than a landslide) for Remain was the best option for them. They were shown that most people were aware of the massive support for Exit. So if they were going to win, it would have to be a close one or else it would not be believed.

And these kinds of operations allowed a game to be played in which only at the very last when it was too late to counter did the Illuminati become aware that their will had been thwarted.

The Emperor declared “Remain”. The people flipped him the bird and turned to Exit.

Do you see what this means? There is another good analogy involving emperors but this time without clothes.

Or wizards and curtains. (1)

The bottom line is, friends, when the normal person sees that the super-powerful, world-ruling elite are just a gathering of secretive, obsessively greedy psychopathic old cronies in their twilight years… the whole system begins to dismantle itself.

And THAT is why the world economy hit a wobble with the vote to exit. Every player in the world of high finance and economics KNEW that the biggest players of them all (the ones we call the Illuminati) wanted Britain to stay. They all assumed it would therefore go that way. And then it seemed it might not. And they began to panic. And then it went the other way. And now they are rudderless.

If the emperor’s decrees are not obeyed, then their world has lost all direction. As far as they are concerned, anyway.

But for the rest of you. For those not embroiled in the world of corporate executive leadership, high finance or macro-economics. For the massive majority of you. I wish you to know that this is good news.

I don’t promise that this will not bring any measure of hardship to anyone. When economies wobble people do get hurt. The jobs market shrinks and things get tough. But you have been warned for a very long time that tough times were coming. And we continue to warn you. Because a certain quotient of tough times is necessary to effect the change that is now underway.

And what is underway is the changing of the guard. Because you, ordinary Earth humans, you are changing. You are choosing what is really good for you rather than what you are told is good for you by people who do not have your best interests at heart. You are individually and collectively beginning to find your own truth to be more valid than that which is shovelled down your throats by so-called experts.

And that changes everything. You stand up from your victimhood and begin to claim creatorship.

My friends, it is a very small step in the right direction. But it IS in the right direction. ("Adamu on Brexit: The Significance of the Moment," June 24, 2016, at

Orlando Shootings

From 2016

Readers in the United States have requested that we speak about the series of mass shootings in their country. Some incidents have been in accordance with pre-birth agreements for the purpose of emboldening the leaders and the public to take necessary steps to stop these massacres.

When agreements were not involved, persons whose lives were cut short are completing contract provisions in Nirvana and advancing in soul growth; grieving families and friends have been bolstered by intensified light to strengthen the spirit and facilitate swifter evolvement.

Depending on the mental condition of shooters who died, either they received customized healing in Nirvana and spiritual assistance during their lifeprint review, followed by remedial learning sessions; or they entered Nirvana’s lowest layer, (1) endured a very painful lifeprint review and will experience severe harshness in one or more other lifetimes. The same procedures await perpetrators who were caught.

The heartening aspect of the shooting incidents is that love, not hate or bitterness, has unified the personally-affected people, their communities and the nation. It is so that there is a national anger, too, that efforts to curtail the ease with which individuals can purchase military-style weapons and ammunition have been futile.

The perspective that these incidents are “false flags,” staged events so the government can disarm the citizenry and make them defenseless in a tyrannical takeover, comes from fear rooted in third-density mentality. Forcibly taking over that country was just one part of the Illuminati’s diabolical plan for your entire world, a plan that never could have come to fruition because the destiny of Earth and her humankind is in the light of joy, peace and freedom. The unequaled power of light that has rent the Illuminati’s global network into tattered fragments also is undergirding planetary and personal ascension into the fullness of Earth’s Golden Age.(Matthew’s Message, June 19, 2016.)


(1)  Matthew is probably referring to "the Dark Plane" or "the Winterland." See "The Astral Plane - The Dark Plane" at

Steve: The alternative news is reporting that none of the people in the Orlando club were dead before the SWAT team arrived. Is that correct?

AAM: No, that is incorrect.

Steve: Who is putting that rumour out? Is it also the CIA, NSA?
AAM: No, it is people having fantasies. There is more than adequate room for people mis-stepping and it is not, there is not any room for blame or shame or fault or guilt, etc.

But what many are still persisting in is the placing of blame and stirring the pot of lies. So it is not the authorities that are generating this. It is those that want to find fault with the authorities.

Steve: Again, our lightworker tendency to leave the centre and go out on the extreme.

AAM: Yes, and that is something that they are learning because what it does is first of all it creates a sense of separation during a time when in fact unity is the watchword and the energy that is being sent to everybody, whether they are CIA or the Dalai Lama.

So it is a fissioning and this is something that the light worker community has need to be not only aware of and vigilant about, but also very cautious.
Steve: This is not what we’re supposed to be doing, stirring the pot and stoking the flames. We are supposed to be quieting.
AAM: That is it, and instead there is as you say, feeding the flames and pointing the finger. And, dearest, that is not of love. (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, July 1, 2016.)

Turkish Coup Attempt

From 2016

Steve Beckow: The Turkish coup was a false flag, is that right?

Archangel Michael: No. It was genuine. It is a terrible situation that is turning towards autocracy and dictatorship.

Steve: …and will go further in that direction?

AAM: Yes.

Steve: So it was a real attempt to seize power that failed?
AAM: That is correct. It was an attempt on the part of those who are aware of the direction that that government was heading in, to stop it and it was an unsuccessful attempt and in fact has given the president, the one in authority, greater latitude to be a dictator.

Steve: All Turks hearing this will want to know what the future portends for them. What would you say to them?

AAM: There will be further unrest and further upheaval. The people will not settle or accommodate what they believed was a democratic vote to go in the direction of being a dictatorship. (AAM, July 22, 2016.)

Nice Attack

From 2016

Steve: Nice France; was that a false flag?
AAM: No.

Steve: No… Well, who was it? Isis?

AAM: No, it was an unbalanced individual.

Steve: … Not a false flag!
These things are happening and they aren’t false flags. Like you said, Orlando was not a false flag.

AAM: Understand what we say. Chaos and turmoil are the expressions of what has need to be cleansed from the planet.

So these examples of dire situations are coming to the forefront, not because they are false flags but because they are representative of the situation, the matrix that the human race is finding themselves in so that they may look at it and say, “No more!”

Steve: That’s very interesting. (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow, July 22, 2016.)

Impeachment of Dilma Rousseff of Brazil

From 2016

SK: What you are seeing in Brazil you are also seeing and witnessing and participating in Iraq, Iran, Syria, in the United States of America. So there are two pieces here. But let us talk first about the broader desire on the part of the people, the populace, the Gaians, to change. Now, many who are engaged in this desire to free themselves from the shackles of oppression do not understand the political intrigue and gamesmanship that is going on at the higher levels; so let us first talk about that.

The fact that so many upon the planet are desiring this shift is promising. It is not that they are (and I’m talking about the collective now), that they are seeking power. They are seeking equality, community, and unity. And that is a positive thing.

Now, you may say (or think or feel) that you think that some of these large groups, depending on which side of the coin they are operating on, are being manipulated with half-truths or untruths. And that is true, by the way. But that does not negate this human spirit drive that people are finally, collectively realizing there are some serious mistakes and errors that are not of love on both sides, on all sides, that have more to do with the maintenance or the gaining of control and power than they have to do with sharing and freedom and love. So the wellspring, the wave of change that you are seeing in a variety of expressions, is a very positive move.

Now, how you would work with the law of change is to make sure and invoke that this change is for the highest good of the collective, and that it is in alignment with the Mother’s Plan. That is the practical, two-second exercise.

Now, in Brazil, might I suggest to you – why don’t I just tell you – that neither side is completely clean; that there have been errors and missteps on both sides. And there has been desire for power and the maintenance of power on both sides. In Brazil, by those who are in power, there was a genuine desire to create positive social change, to move in the direction of Nova Earth and Nova Being. But there have been many vested interests – ah, yes, money – money and power. They go hand in hand in many places; not always, not in Nova Earth, but in the old. And they have been displaced and they are feeling it, and therefore there is a great deal of rumor-mongering on the part of what you call the opposition in order to discredit the current ruler.

And it is very likely that she will be impeached because there have been some missteps. But all of this, for the truth to come out – if all the people of Gaia or Brazil were beginning to invoke the law of change for the highest and best, you would see a very different outcome. The truth would emerge; there would be what you think of as a reparation, repentance, reconstitution.

And that would be a good thing because the vision of true governance – not government, governance – would be restored. What is happening is that many of the populace that is desirous of change, instead of truly working for the changes that would be so positive, are buying into one side or the other – into the drama of one is right, one is wrong, one will win, one will be defeated – rather than looking at what is the best solution, what would truly serve the people and the spirit of freedom that moves in Brazil more than many, many places. So [there is an] addiction to drama. ("Transcript ~ Sanat Kumara on AHWAA: Universal Law is Not the Jail Cell, but the Releasing Key, April 28, 2016," May 23, 2016, at

Ancient City Under Alaska Ice

From 2016

You are being allowed to discover more about your past and people are beginning to hear about the astonishing discoveries in the reaches of Alaska. The remains of a vast city that has been under the ice for thousands of years and it is an exciting discovery that can hardly be kept secret, but the big powers will do their best to keep it so. It is a find that the searchers were led to as it is time for Humanity to know more of the truth about your real history. Until now you have been deliberately kept in a time warp, but soon you are to learn of the many different Space Beings that are linked to you, and particularly those who reside within the Inner Earth. The fact that few of you have had any idea of their presence is because until now it was not there time to reveal themselves to Humanity. However, the time quickly approaches when you should be ready to be met your Brothers and Sisters from Space. (Mike Quinsey, Dec. 16, 2016.)

Bernie Sanders

From 2017

Bernie Sanders and the philosophies he espouses are within those parameters, so let us digress a bit and reply to readers’ questions about him. He supported Hillary Clinton because he felt she was the better of the two nominees, and he spoke in her favor only after the Democratic National Committee agreed to include as party planks the issues of importance to his supporters.

Yes, he did discover that vote count in numerous primaries was rigged and in moments regrets not challenging that on behalf of the majority who voted for him. He has no idea that if the cheating had been exposed, vibrations would have carried him to the presidency in a landslide victory. He doesn’t know if he will run for president in 2020; however, he intends to remain in the public eye as a strong advocate and congressional voice for the reforms that gained him so many adherents. (Matthew’s Message, Feb. 6, 2017.)

The American Election of 2016

From 2016

Dear ones, you can have peace of mind if you think about what you know that most people don’t:

The election outcome doomed the Illuminati’s plan to put one of their own back in the White House after eight years of having to fight a president who fought back to the extent he could.

Planetary vibrations will strengthen and advance only endeavors that best serve Earth and all her life forms; anything to the contrary cannot be long-lasting.

Hard-won rights and progress in social justice cannot be dismantled. It is not the destiny of Earth’s peoples to go backward, but to move ever forward toward peace, mutual respect, cooperation and life in harmony with Nature.

The world where life is like that and the planet is restored to health and pristine beauty—the world you are helping to create in linear time—already vibrantly exists in the continuum.

So, while it may seem that the new administration and its direction is set in stone for four years, such is not the case. (Matthew's Message, Dec. 9, 2016.)

As for the energetic scenarios described in our last message about the presidential election in the United States, Hillary Clinton’s withdrawing from the race for health reasons has an edge on the other possibilities that also would put Bernie Sanders in the White House. This doesn’t mean that if the edge widens, the scenarios pertaining to Clinton’s activities will evaporate. The energy of those streamers will run its course to bring that information to light, thus the possibility remains that it will be her disqualification for the presidency that elevates Sanders to the office. (Matthew's Message, Sept. 17, 2016.)

Many speculate as to what may happen in the race for the White House, now that doubts are being expressed about the health of Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump does not seem keen to become President and Bernie Sanders is waiting in the wings. Suddenly the situation looks uncertain, as Trump was closing in on Clinton having recently experienced a sudden surge in support. Certainly the Illuminati must be extremely worried at the way events have turned against them. Be assured that whatever happens the Light will be victorious and nothing will prevent their onward march to victory. (Mike Quinsey, Sept. 16, 2016.)

With nominees for United States president set in stone, or so it would seem, it is understandable that you are asking how it is possible for Bernie Sanders to become that country’s next president.

Our last message didn’t enumerate the scenarios that Earth’s monitors in Nirvana are keeping an eye on because we were waiting to tell you the only one with significance, the one that has gained unstoppable momentum. None has. Therefore, we shall tell you the various possibilities that affect Sanders and the two major parties’ nominees—energy around other contenders is too weak to materialize streamers with development potential.

The universe’s constant balancing act provides ways to resolve a blockage in an energy field, and that is what’s happening here. The preponderance of energy generated around Sanders is positive even though he is not a presidential nominee; the energy generated around Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, who are nominees, is predominantly negative. The overall energy investment, which comprises the thoughts and feelings of the populace, produced countless streamers and they are darting about in the collective consciousness. To bring order out of that chaos, the energy coalesced into various scenarios that represent the total investment and each has the potential to unblock the field and enable the energy around Sanders to flow in the direction it was given, toward the presidency.

Now, the scenarios. Clinton’s private dealings with other nations while she was Secretary of State or her complicity in irregularities in the Democratic party’s primaries could be disclosed. Some of her sworn statements under oath could be shown as the falsehoods they are. The sources and uses of Clinton Foundation funds or her long-time Illuminati affiliation could be revealed. Any one of those would officially disqualify her as a nominee, and her health issue could disqualify her physically. If any of those scenarios attains unbeatable dominance, Sanders will replace Clinton on the ballot and win the election. Or, she could remain in the race, citizens who are dissatisfied with her and Trump could join Sanders’ supporters in electing him via write-in votes. And, since this energetic situation still is unsettled, other possibilities could arise that will put him in the White House.

Any of those departures from the country’s traditional procedures at this stage of the process would be unusual, to be sure. However, few would call the 2016 political campaigns “business as usual,” so Sanders’ return to the presidential arena with the person he wants as vice president may not be all that surprising.

Eventually the populace will understand that this was simply the workings of energy—the vibrations supported Mr. Sanders personally and as the people’s choice. This will be understood as well in its much larger context: It is part and parcel of the ongoing momentous change as corruption and oppression give way to freedom and upliftment of the entire civilization. (Matthew's Message, Aug. 19, 2016.)

Of special interest in the United States and, because of its international influence, in other countries as well, is that nation’s two major political parties’ presidential nominees. We stated in previous messages that prevailing vibrations were not supporting candidates who lack moral and spiritual integrity, but the voters will decide who wins. Each party’s nominee has staunch supporters; however, the energy momentum of the electorate’s widespread dissatisfaction with both has become too strong for either to be elected.

Earth’s monitors in Nirvana tell us that the energy awhirl could manifest any of various possibilities that will put Senator Bernie Sanders in the White House. Souls at this station are apolitical, so it is not on a partisan basis that we will welcome his presidency, but rather that his wisdom, personal qualities and leadership will enable his country and your world to continue progressing toward Gaia’s vision for all life on her planetary body. (Matthew's Message, July 29, 2016.)

President Donald Trump

From 2018

In a sign that the old rulers know the handwriting is on the wall, Henry Kissinger, who just presided over a Bilderberg meeting in Italy, said Trump “may be one of those figures in history who appears from time to time to mark the end of an era and to force it to give up its old pretenses.” (Benjamin Fulford’s Weekly Geopolitical Report for July 23, 2018,, sent by email.)

From 2017

Do not forget that you, each of you that I speak to, are working with 144,000,000 beings!

It is a huge undertaking, but it is not intended to be arduous. Trying to take on Donald Trump for example – that is arduous! And let us tell you, it is distracting. He plays a magnificent role in unveiling what it is in the old 3rd that no one wants and he has many fine qualities, so concentrate on those or simply ignore it and go forward. (“Transcript ~ Archangel Uriel On Divine Authority, May 16, 2017," Channeled by Linda Dillon, at

It was not by predestination that Donald Trump became president and it wasn’t a karmic experience he chose in his soul contract. The contract does include positive assets—intelligence, health, wealth, perseverance, self-confidence, entrepreneurial capability, charisma—and his choices in employing those assets have brought him the fame he sought, but they haven’t engendered the wisdom and conduct a national leader needs to be respected and trusted.

His decision to run for president came from his ambition to succeed in a new kind of venture, and, ironically, it was minions in Hillary Clinton’s Illuminati camp who enabled him to do that. Their vote-rigging in the primaries eliminated Senator Bernie Sanders, whose adherents’ votes would have put him in the Oval Office, and the minions’ error in manipulating the presidential election vote count gave the victory they intended to be Clinton’s to Trump instead. But few people know that, so the finger is officially pointed at Russia for interfering in the US electoral process and it is implied that this was done with the collusion of the Trump campaign.

Putting aside the means that actually led to the election outcome, two universal laws that are in constant motion would affect whomever was in the White House, and we speak first about the law of attraction and how it has been affecting the president’s administration. By acting upon his campaign promises, they are satisfying everyone who wants the country to go in the direction his policies would take it. The greater numbers of citizens want to build on the progress the country has made in civil, legal and environmental reforms.

The law of attraction is neutral—it simply brings back from the collective consciousness what matches the energy of the peoples’ thoughts, feelings and actions, thereby supplying in accordance with demand, so to say. Because the preponderance of energy is being generated by the larger numbers of the citizenry, this impartial law is responding to their resistance to a proportionately greater extent than to the policies favored by the president and his supporters.

The other law at play pertains to vibrations, and it also is contributing to resistance to the administration’s direction. The vibratory fallout includes legal challenges to the travel ban executive orders and inability to bring proposed healthcare legislation to a vote, the intentions of which your analysts rightfully deem are to promote fear and discrimination and to favor the wealthy, respectively.

The low vibrations emitted by those intentions, along with those of the EOs reversing environmental safety measures are clashing with the higher vibrations prevailing on the planet. Like everything else in existence, intentions are energy vibrating at one frequency or another, and the moment of the two opposing vibratory levels “dancing” passed in the blink of an eye. If the ensuing conflict between the levels isn’t ended by a turnaround in the country’s current direction, it will end when unity is achieved in the planes of lighter energy where Earth is heading.

Now then, more is going on in the Trump administration than those effects of the universal laws. Activity by the president and his staff is afoot to publicly identify and bring to justice members of “the cabal”—Illuminati—within and outside the government. Vibrations support this plan that is of worldwide importance; however, reaction to what in all candor can only be called Trump’s lack of sound judgment in numerous instances has brought into question whether individuals whose assistance is needed will work with him, and this has weakened the plan’s chance of succeeding from “probable” to “possible” in Earth’s energy field of potential.

Nevertheless, this is not reason for dismay—success still could come by way of the presidency, but if it doesn’t, it will come via another avenue. The long ages of the Illuminati’s dark reign are ending. (Matthew’s Message, April 2, 2017.)

Now then, dear family, we shall reply to questions, starting with the one most frequently asked: In short, what about the United States presidency? Energy in Earth’s field of potential pertaining to this is in a state the likes of which is so unusual that we know of nothing comparable.

Vibrations around President-elect Donald Trump are even lower than previously, those around most of his choices for top posts are low, and vibrations have remained consistently high around Senator Bernie Sanders. If we knew how this will play out, we would happily tell you, but this unique situation of high and low vibrations wildly in motion, yet coexisting almost in a standoff, gives no indication as to the outcome. What we can tell you is, with vibrations continually rising on the planet, whatever resolution is achieved ultimately will be for the highest good of all. (Matthew's Message, Jan. 8, 2017.)

The Women’s March

From 2017

Emails sent to my mother since the election reflect various concerns of many people in the US and of citizens elsewhere as to how the new administration’s agenda will affect their countries. While we knew that the extraordinary “standoff” of the high and low vibrations in this situation could not long continue, there was no clarity in the energy field of potential as to how it would unfold to serve the highest good of all. Then, lo and behold, it was as if the two vibratory camps said, “Shall we dance?”

The day after the inauguration ceremony, Earth was ablaze with light. Known as the Women’s March, men, young adults and children joined women in hundreds of cities throughout the US and some in several other countries. It was not only the many areas or the millions of marchers who represented the spectrum of societal diversity that so remarkably lit up the planet, it also was their unified purpose.

The media publicized the events as “anti-Trump protests,” but we don’t see it that way. The harmonious marchers weren’t protesting what they don’t want, they were giving their power to what they DO want: peace; equality, respect, healthcare and legal rights for everyone in your world; clean energy to preserve the planet.

A few days later an executive order that imposed a 90-day specific travel ban evoked quite different reactions around the world—anger, fear and confusion. The low-level vibrations emitted by those strong emotions are offset by the light in the protestors’ compassion for all who are personally affected, and a higher purpose is being served as well.

The ban acted like a strobe light to bring to the world’s attention the wrongs in its discrimination, and this is a firm stride toward transmuting the energy of divisiveness into the energy of unity. All of you are inextricably connected at soul level, thus what harms one, harms all; what benefits one, benefits all.

So, not always are things as they seem. You have a saying, “Every cloud has a silver lining,” which suggests that something positive can exist even in a situation that appears to be entirely the opposite. Indeed!

Now then, let us speak about those who feel they are inadequate lightworkers because they can’t participate in marches or be active in progressive organizations or financially support worthy causes. Dear ones, by sending light to those who can be involved, you amplify their effectiveness tenfold. The light you sent to the marchers and the travel ban protestors had that effect, and it also fortified their determination to continue efforts toward fair and just resolutions.

To be sure, many lightworkers were in the crowds those days, but most other participants don’t even know that term, nor is it necessary. The light in their passion for the world to become a better place for all is helping that world bloom into fruition. Never underestimate the power of the light you are radiating out into the world! (Matthew’s Message, Feb. 6, 2017.)

Antarctic Extraterrestrial Finds

From 2017

You hear little or nothing now of activities in Antarctica as a block has been put upon releasing further information.

Many discoveries continue to be made and be assured that they cannot be held back indefinitely. It is your history that is being uncovered and you will learn about it in due course. It is both incredible and exciting and the truth cannot be concealed forever, although some would rather keep you in the dark indefinitely. It is your history and you are entitled to know of it.(Mike Quinsey, Oct. 20, 2017.)

Your Press is restricted on what it can reveal to you which is why you read little about the wondrous and astounding finds in the Antartica. They should be on the top of the list for news, but be assured you will learn of their finds eventually. (Mike Quinsey, July 28, 2017.)


From 2013

Caller 949: I am from Mexico, Raj.  Can you say something about Mexico because you know how it is right now, there’s so much going on, and violence.  I know this is a bit off of giving and receiving.  I really wanted to say something about my nation because I’m kind of, I wouldn’t say concerned, but I want to know when all these situations going on there will stop.

Raj: But the breaking down, dear heart, of false grids and what is going on in Mexico in terms of the violence is no different than what is going on Syria, Afghanistan or any of the other hot spots, shall we say, of conflict.  Whether it is political or drugs or violence, it is one individual thinking that they have the right to be in ascendancy over others.  And that is unacceptable.  That is an illusion. And it is an illusion that is not of love.  So it is coming to the surface and it looks awful, it looks horrendous, but if you don’t see the dirt, how do you clean it?  So peace will reign in Mexico – this is a place that has special favor.  The culture is community, it is sharing, it is rich - and that will return.  Do not worry.  Literally, our Lady is watching over you.

Caller 949: Thank you. (“Heavenly Blessings: Sanat Kumara, September 10, 2013, Part 2/2,” Sept. 10, 2013, at

Nuclear Missiles Launched at Hawaii

From 2018

Steve Beckow: There are reports of submarines launching nuclear missiles; the missiles being intercepted and submarines being blown up, undersea bases being exploded… Are these reports credible?

Archangel Michael: They are incorrect.

Steve: Incorrect… Is there something happening? Did the cabal launch a nuclear missile?

AAM: No. First of all, if the missiles were launched they would be in the purview of your star family and you know that no nuclear war at this time or later will be permitted. No, this was a false alarm quite literally. Now, was it a false alarm with malintent? The answer is “yes.”

Steve: A false alarm with malintent?

AAM: Yes

Steve: So the cabal staged it. Is that what you would say?

AAM: We are saying that that is correct, yes.

Steve: All right but the white hats turned it to their advantage, did they not?

AAM: Yes, that is correct.

Steve: Now, I know the galactics would never blow up anything without removing the people first. That’s a correct statement isn’t it?

AAM: That is absolutely a correct statement and let us be very clear the galactics are not in the habit or in the position to blow anything up. That is outside the realm of their mission.

Steve: I thought they took out the deep military underground bunkers in 2011.

AAM: But they did not take them down with explosions, dear heart.

Steve: Okay. Did the galactics take down any undersea bases?

AAM: No.

Steve: Did anybody else?

AAM: No. (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Jan. 18, 2018.)

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting, Parkland, Fla.

From 2018

We are going to digress a moment to give you pertinent background information. The Illuminati, and before them other puppets of the dark forces, have been in the forefront of producing weapons, ammunitions and all other machinery of war from the outset. To assure a continuing market down through the centuries, they indoctrinated the civilization to believe that the way to peace is through war and following orders to fight for freedom is patriotic.

And, after taking steps to insure the outbreak of civil, international or worldwide wars, they sold arms to both sides. Wars have enriched their manufacturing companies, served their plan to eliminate many millions of the world’s people, and created the low vibrations of fear and violence that the dark ones need for survival.

After the colonies united and fought the British to gain independence from royal empirical rule, the leaders who emerged wrote a constitution to which amendments were added over the years. The Illuminati saw an opportunity and seized it—they distorted the intention of the second amendment, whose “well regulated militia” was about the nascent United States having a defense force to protect its newly won independence if the need arose.

Lest the citizenry start asking, “How well regulated is our civilian population armed with weapons made for warfare?” the Illuminati formed the NRA, sprinkled their minions throughout the organization, and had lobbyists donate handsomely to politicians who cite the Second Amendment as the legal right of the populace to buy weaponry designed for today’s battlefields.

Now then, the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students who are advocating changes in gun laws are not doing so under the auspices of any liberal organization or because of pressure from any government agency “so they can take away guns from law-abiding citizens.” Nor was the shooting a “psy-op.”

Construing that tragedy and others like it as hired actors staging the occurrence for the same aim—confiscation of weapons—is another page out of the Illuminati’s mass-mind programming handbook. It is lamentable, but explainable, that their influence in this respect still is strong—vibrations that are separating wheat from chaff, in a manner of speaking, are bringing to light the wound made by darkness in the national psyche so it can be healed.

We wholeheartedly support the students in Parkland and all who have joined them in a national safety movement that their government cannot keep on discounting. Sensible measures that will be firmly opposed by politicians beholden to the NRA before enactment by public demand will precede the country’s pervasive “gun culture” fading into history. But most assuredly that is coming because the planet is moving toward energy planes where no kind of violence can exist. (Matthew's Message, March 17, 2018.)


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