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Last revised 3 May 2010

Mike Quinsey's Channelled Messages from SaLuSa, Ker-On, and others

Matthew's Message

Tom Kenyon and the Hathors

Michelle Eloff's Channelled Messages from Kuthumi

The Sirian Council through Meg Benedicte

Arcturian Perspective

Lightworkers' Spiritual Social Network

Spirit Library

Galactic Friends

Jean Hudon's Earth Rainbow Network

Wingmakers' Website

Dr. Neruda's Interviews, whistleblower on the Wingmakers

Spirit of Ma'at - Drunvalo Melchizedek's Website

UFOs: The Greatest Story Ever Denied

UFO Digest

Majestic 12

Dan Burisch, Microbiologist and Secret Operative for Majestic-12

"Henry Deacon," Livermore Labs Physicist and Whistleblower

Dr. Steven Greer and the Disclosure Project

Disclosure Project Whistleblower Carol Rosin

Dr. Richard Hoagland's Website

Retired Command Sgt. Major Bob Dean

ET Interpreter Sgt. Clifford Stone

James Casbolt, ex-MI6 operative

More James Casbolt

Project Camelot

Conscious Media Network

Zeitgeist Addendum, vision of a NESARA-like economy

Progressive News from Keith Olbermann

Progressive News from Rachel Maddow

Dan Rather on Stifling of Media

9/11 Truth.org

Patriots Question 9/11

Huffington Post

Global Research.ca

Information Clearing House