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[[Further Reading]]
[[Further Reading]]

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"Heaven summoned us and we came."

-Spiritual Hierarchy and Galactic Federation Update, June 25, 2002, through Sheldan Nidle, Galactic Federation of Light: Updates Archive 1997-2007



The Golden Age of Gaia

The Plan and Process of Ascension

On to Full Restoration

Lightworkers and Starseeds

The Angelic Realm

Spiritual Counsel

Advice on Enlightenment and Ascension

How to Contact the Company of Heaven

Our Situation in the Golden Age of Gaia

The New Paradigm is the Divine Qualities

After the Midpoint (21/12/12)

The 2012 Scenario

Disclosure, Sightings, and Contact

The Near Victory of the Dark

The Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

The Promise of Ascension

The Work of Ascension

The Process of Ascension

The Victory of the Light

What is Our Situation Now?


What is Our Role in These Events?


From First Sightings to First Contact

From First Contact to Ascension

After Ascension: A Golden Age

The Nature of Life 1

The Nature of Life 2

History of First Contact in 2011

History of First Contact in 2010

History of First Contact in 2009

History of First Contact in 2008

History of First Contact Prior to 2008

History of the Earth



Further Reading